Monday, January 31, 2005

Stick A Fork In Bo, He's Done

Phillip asks Belle what it is she has to tell him, but is interrupted by a phone call. Belle wonders, “How am I ever going to tell him the truth?”

Rex plays with his dolly. It says, “Mama.” Mimi stands along side, probably wanting to say something else. Rex says, “Mimi, I can’t believe it, we’re going to have a baby! You’ve made me the happiest man on earth. Shawn stares. Jan looks exasperated.

Billie and Patrick, Ho and Dope are driving along. Patrick wants to know exactly what went down in there. “It was a trick,” says Hope. “I was so sure,” says Billie. “Don’t worry,” says Bo. “We’ll find her if it’s the last thing I do.” Hope sits there thinking, “It might be, Mr. Faithful.” Hope stares.

Tony D shuffles a deck of cards with all the skill of a riverboat gambler. Well, lets face it; some card shuffling double is doing it. Heck, Tony didn’t have the manual dexterity to get a bucket ‘o blood off his head before he was attacked by the tiger. “Pick a card,” says Tony, “any card.” Today looks them over and asks, “Is this a card trick or are you going to read my fortune?” He picks, Hope Brady, Queen of Hearts. “What’s going to happen to her,” he asks. Tony says, “What’s going to happen to any of them… is in our hands.” He shoots the cards from one hand to the other.

Rex twirls Mimi around, “You’re pregnant.” Mimi says, “I’m not. I’m positive I’m not.” Jan pipes in, “Why don’t you tell Rex what you should have told him a long time ago?” Rex stares. Mimi stares.

“This is all my fault,” thinks Belle, “I have to tell him the truth before he goes. UB gets off the phone, bad news, “The deployment has been moved up. I have to leave right now.”

Patrick wants to know how they are sure this girl isn’t GA. Bo says there was convincing evidence, “but I have some of her hair for a DNA test.” Oh, yeah, now it was Bo’s idea to take the lock of hair. Billie wants to know where they go now. Hope thinks home would be a good place. Billie says every instinct tells her GA is in this part of Europe. Hope says her instincts have all been wrong so far. Billie asks, “Bo would you just tell your wife if she can’t be supportive to stay out of it.” Bo is nowhere to be found for a response to that one. Hope tells Billie GA will be her stepdaughter and a big part of her life, too, “You’d better wise up if you want to be around when we find her.”

Bart is really sorry about the way things turned out. They had ‘em, if Hope and that turncoat Lockhart hadn’t showed up. “Don’t worry,” says Tony, “everything turned out as I expected.” Toady’s game is Texas Hold ‘em. He hopes Hope brings him luck. “You’re going to need it,” sneers Tony. Toady gets a pair of Jack Devearux. Tony says, “This game mimics the larger game of life. I’m not happy Jack escaped, but Jack or any of them, wherever they go, I control their destiny.”

Before Phillip leaves he wants Belle to have some documents to look after. He hands her the symbolically black portfolio containing death benefits. Belle gets shook. Phillip tells her it’s only a precaution. On the other hand, hey, it would solve some problems. Phillip tells her, “Nothing is going to happen. I have the most beautiful wife in the world to come home to and we are going to grow old together, I promise.”

Jan asks, “Cat got your tongue, Meems?” Shawn wants to know what she’s up to. He takes her aside for a little chat. Rex wonders what Jan is up to with the doll, “Obviously she’s crazy, besides we have more important things to talk about, like what happened between Shawn and Belle.” Ordinarily this would be an uncomfortable subject for Mimi. Under the circumstances, though, Mimi says, “We have a lot to deal with.” She thinks, “I have to tell you everything I’ve been keeping from you.”

Shawn asks Jan what she’s up to. Jan says, “Hey, I’m the one who should be mad at you. You asked me to marry you then dumped me for your slutty ex-girlfriend. But someone still loves me,” She says to the doll, “You still love me don’t you sweetie. Your mama loves you.” Shawn says, “Jan, you’re talking to a doll.” Jan can’t help but think of the baby she and Shawn lost. Shawn says, “That was not my baby.” She says, “You made me fall in love with you, then you abandoned me, just like you’re trying to do now. I can’t let you break my heart again.” Shawn doesn’t mean to break her heart, but he thinks she needs help. Jan says he’s the one who needs help if he picked Belle over her. Belle lied to him. “No,” says Shawn, “You’re the one who lied to me.” Jan wants to know what he is talking about. “What do you think,” asks Shawn.”

“You lied to me when you said Belle pushed you down the steps and you said you miscarried,” says Shawn, “And I don’t remember last summer at all.” Jan is hurt Shawn can’t remember how they fell in love.

When Rex thought Mimi was pregnant he realized he wants to be a dad, but he doesn’t feel like he can trust Mimi like he used to. She went behind his back with Shawn and Belle. He wants to know how he can make sure Mimi will never lie about anything to him again. Remove her vocal cords?

Billie thinks she and Bo should walk into the hotel together since they registered as a couple. Hope asks Bo, “Can she possibly think of one more way to get her hooks into you?” Bo says Billie has a point. Hope says the DiMera’s already know they are there, “Can’t you see in case you don’t find GA, Billie is laying the groundwork for the next best thing, a piece of GA forever – you.”

Toady wants to know what the stakes are. “Anything you like,” says Tony. Toady tells Tony he’s a much more generous person than his father, “And a snappier dresser, too.” He’s trying to figure out what it all means. Billie is the Queen of Spades, Bo is the King of Hearts. Tony drops a big bet on the table. Toady asks, “What’s the master plan and what’s in it for you.” Tony asks, “What do you think?” Bart offers his theory that Bo’s sexy-ex causing problems is a bonus, not part of the master plan. “You’re absolutely wrong,” says Tony. Bart goes all-in, he bets the bankroll Tony can’t break up “Bope.” Tony says, “I will succeed where Stefano failed. When I am finished, Bo and Hope will part, never to be reunited again.” The Cheshire cat grins through cigar smoke.

Inside, Hope asks Bo, “Can you at least stop running to her rescue?” Bo says this isn’t about Billie. It’s about him finding his daughter. Hope just wants to stop fighting and get back to their normal lives. “Don’t you remember the last time Billie got involved with our lives, Zack and I almost got killed. Billie has a way of getting in way over her head. Has she thought about the consequences of finding GA, and what about the adoptive family?” Bo says, “What you’re not saying is you don’t want our daughter to be a part of the Daze of our lives.”

Patrick just wishes he could help. Billie thinks with every day, GA is slipping further away, “Who knows what kind of situation she’s in?” Maybe she’s living with a normal family instead of Bo and Billie. What torture that must be. If Billie’s own mother would have only found her sooner, her life would have been different. “I didn’t even know GA was alive. A good mother knows. Now it could be too late. She could be lost to us forever.”

Mimi says this is a conversation they should have had a long time ago. Rex remembers he needs to get to work. Mimi doesn’t want him to go. He’s been working two jobs so they can get married and start a family, he has to go, “Just promise me I can trust you.” Mimi assures him he can. What’s one more lie? Rex also wants Shawn to stay away from Phillip. UB is special forces and there is no telling what he might do to Shawn, “I was Belle and Shawn’s biggest supporter, but there’s been too many lies, and if that’s what love is all about, maybe we’re all better off without it.”

Jan, Shawn and the baby doll. If it weren’t for the baby doll, there wouldn’t be a brain cell in the scene. Jan yells, “You don’t know why you slept with me? HELLO. You are a man and I am a woman and you weren’t getting any. You were calling my name in the hospital, not Belle. Did I make you do that?” Shawn says, “I’m confused.” That wasn’t exactly a news bulletin. “All I know is I love Belle.” Jan begs him to tell her he loves her. She holds up the doll, “Please, don’t make us hate you.”

Phillip rushes out the door. He has to go now. He’s cutting it too close. Belle wants to talk. UB can’t. She’ll drive him to the airport. No, he doesn’t want her driving upset. This is the last memory he wants of her. He Kisses her, promises her he’s coming home. He loves her. Wait. She has something for him upstairs. Maybe she got the ‘Dear Phillip’ letter written already. She flashes back to the story of the Lt, “Phillip could die and it could be all my fault.”

Patrick says, “Hey look at me, my dad split when I was a kid and my mom wasn’t there most of the time and I turned out OK.” Huh? He says maybe GA is living a happy life. That makes Billie sad, too. Yeah, that would be terrible, wouldn’t it? She says, “I want GA to be happy, but happy with ME. Is it so wrong for me to want a little happiness?”

“You think we shouldn’t even try to have GA be a part of our lives,” asks Bo, “Do you remember how we felt when we found out Abe and Lexi were raising our biological child?” Hope says, “I’m surprised you remember we even have a biological child.” Oooooo -- way to slice him to ribbons, Hope. Bo says that’s not fair. Hope says, “What’s not fair is how you’ve been ignoring our boys. Especially Shawn. Did you get his voice mail?” Hope’s got him backpedaling now. “Do something for him. We don’t even know GA is alive, but Shawn is and he’s in trouble. If something happens to him I could never forgive myself, and I will never EVER forgive you.” Checkmate. Stick a fork in Bo. He’s done.

Wacko Jan begs, but Shawn has to go. “Shawn, you can’t go over there now. I love you and Phillip will kill you. I don’t want you to have to die.” Shawn tells Jan it’s over and leaves. Jan says, “No, I-don’t-want-you-to-have-to-die.”

Belle searches in the bureau drawer, “Please God, protect Phillip and keep him safe, but I don’t want to live a lie, and Phillip and Shawn shouldn’t have to either. I know what I have to do, and I can’t put it off any longer. Gotta tell him, now.” She goes downstairs but Phillip is gone. She finds a letter, “Belle, I just couldn’t stand to say goodbye. Just know that I love you and your love has made me happier than I ever thought possible. I’ll be counting the days until I’m back in your arms. Love always, your husband, Phillip.” She drops the letter, “OMG, I’m too late, he’s gone.”

Mimi ponders. Mimi spills the whole agonizing abortion story to Rex, who we know is asleep in the bathtub. If he’s not asleep, he’s drowned. “So that’s it, Rex. I couldn’t stand to hear you tell me you hate me and never want to see me again, so if that’s the case, just don’t say anything and I’ll leave forever.” Of course, the catatonic Rex says nothing. “Goodbye, Rex, goodbye forever.”

Jan says, “Shawn made a very big mistake tonight. Don’t worry baby, I’ll get him back for us and if I can’t, I’ll make sure no one else can have him.”

Belle starts to leave, bumps into Shawn. He wants to know if Belle told Phillip. “I tried,” she says. She ‘splains Phillip had to leave early yada, yada. Shawn is going to the airport to tell Phillip. “Wait, no, Shawn, wait!”

Patrick tells Billie she will find her daughter and be a fantastic mother. They hug.

Bo says, “Shawn is going to be fine…” he checks out the big hug. Hope looks, too. Hope smirks, “Tell me, why does it upset you so much Patrick is with Billie?” Bo says, “Because I don’t trust the creep.” Hope asks, “So I shouldn’t have brought him with me?” Bo answers, “You shouldn’t have come at all.” He just wishes Hope would cut Billie a little slack. Hope doesn’t want to argue. They get up to leave. She can’t find her room key, maybe Patrick has it. They quibble about Hope checking in with Patrick. Bo stops, “What the hell is this?” There is a picture on the wall with Hope and Patrick in the background kissing. Hope smiles.

Toady doesn’t get it. Texas Hold ‘em is his game, “Are you sure you didn’t have any cards up your sleeve, sir?” Tony holds out his arm, “Actually,” a card appears in his hand. “You’re very good,” says Toady, “who is that?” Tony says, “It’s a wild card, one that’s yet truly come into play. It’s sweet Georgia Brady. Not only is she alive, but she is the key to this whole game.” Are we supposed to think Tony is some genius just because he can outwit bumbling Bart?


Sami tells Lucas, “You don’t want to give up your apartment, because you’re afraid we’re actually going to get married.”

Belle says, “If Shawn tells him we’re still in love, Phillip will kill him.” Pan in on Phillip. I can't tell if that's a beret he's wearing or not. If it isn't, he stopped off on the way to the airport and got a Lyle Lovett hair job.

Hope says to Patrick, “It sounds like another manipulation tactic to me.” Hope and Patrick walk in on Bo and Billie hugging.

The fires of Hell flash. Kate says, ”We have to do something definitive, something that will stop Sami from walking down the aisle with Lucas." Maybe Shawn and his motorcycle are available. Freeze in on Kate holding a pistol.

Friday, January 28, 2005

A Beautiful Bipolar Moment

Sami is "perfectly happy and relaxed." The surprise shower and pearls were wonderful. But Lucas thinks they will never replace her mom's precious pearls. No, Sami thinks they are perfect and they will start their own tradition with them. Sami doesn't want to elope and she couldn't be happier. She hugs Lucas and thinks, "The psychic said the only thing that could mess up our wedding is Brandon and he's miles away."

Celeste is on the phone with Lexi, "Yes, that's exactly what you should do. Take your time." The doorbell rings as she hangs up. GASP! It's Brandon. He asks what she is doing there. Celeste says, "What am I doing here? What in God's name are you doing here?" Brandon wanted to be there for Abe with his condition getting worse. She tells him he must get away now. Brandon stares.

Jan lectures Mimi from the closet. Not only is Jan going to tell Rex she deep-sixed Rex Jr., but she helped Shawn and Belle get together again when Rex told her not to. Mimi stares.

The man tells Bo, "You are not takink GA avay. Zhe iss our leakaly adopted daughter." Billie says it was not a legal adoption ad GA screams, "I do not vant to go vith zem." The family has a group hug while Billie screams she is her real mother. Hope stares. Bo wishes he was in Timbuktu.

Shawn slowly takes Belle's hand. She yanks it away. It's still hurting from a small incident with a motorcycle. She cries. "Your love made me a better person," he reiterates, "I want to be that person again but I need your help. I love you, Belle." She cries, "I love you too."

"You have no idea how much I needed to hear that," says Shawn. They kiss. The last couple months have been a total blank to him. He's so sorry for all those things he did to her, "And I am incredibly sorry I ever got involved with Jan. I love you. I have al-ways loved you." On cue, Phillip says, "Belle?" Shawn says, "We have to tell him we love each other." Belle says, "Yes, but you have to get out of here." No, Shawn isn't going to let her do it alone. Phillip's going in, no, saved by the doorbell. It's Rex, "I have some terrible news."

GA yells, "Even eef you deed give beerze to me, you are not my muzzer. I am not goink anyvhere vith you." Bo turns and whispers to Hope and Billie, "We have to take her back to the states and have a DNA test. If that test shows she's a snarly nitwit, I think we've found my daughter." The father says, "You can not chust come over here and take our daughter. For all ve know you are workink for zee DiMeras and zee beerze certificate is forged." Billie shows them the birth certificate, "Here, this is the date GA was born." The mother looks at it and says she can prove GA is not their daughter. Hope, Billie and Bo have a group stare.

Jan continues her tirade. Mimi thinks it over.

Belle and Shawn go back to arguing about whether Shawn should stay. Belle says if Shawn stays, it would be like gloating since he won. OK, he bought that one. He leaves, making her promise to call him after she tells Phillip. "Now I have to break the heart of another man I love," says Belle, "Oh, God, how did this happen." Couldn't have been her own doing, now, could it?

OMG, Phillip can't believe what Rex has told him. Belle comes down, "What is it?" Rex says he'd better let Phillip tell her. That's OK, she has some big news for him, too. Rex says, "You need to be there for him. Thank God he has you Belle." Rex leaves, "I'm sorry, man."

Belle asks what's up. UB says, "It's Paul, our 1st Lieutenant. He was in a car wreck. They don't think he's going to make it." Belle is thinking, yeah, neither are you.

A delivery guy is at the door with a stack of presents for Sami and Lucas. Lucas says they should wait until the reception to open them. Sami digs in.

Brandon assures Celeste he's not there because of Sami. Celeste tells him Lexi is at the hospital with Abe. Brandon won't bother them, then. If he stays in Salem, Celeste doesn't see how he can avoid Sami. He is tempting fate.

The woman shows them her version of GA's birth certificate. The dates are three months apart. Bo says the DiMeras could have altered the dates. "Fifteen yearce ago," says the guy, "Vhy vould zey do zat zen, vhy vould zey chanche zee beerzedate and no ozzer relevant data?" Bo says that's because, "they don't want us to give up." The woman notices there is no doctor or other relevant information on the certificate. Billie says, "That's because GA was born in a small log cabin in the backwoods. Same bed Abe Lincoln was born in." The woman thinks they are good people, but GA isn't their daughter. Billie disagrees. They've got to take her back to the States. Hope chimes in, "I think I know a way to get the proof we need, right here, right now."

Shawn flies in through the window. He hears Jan screaming. Mimi says, "You told me to make sure she didn't interfere." Shawn is amused. He lets Jan out. Rex comes in the normal way, through the front door. Jan spills the beans, "Rex, your meddling little witch here arranged it for Shawn to meet Belle again." Rex goes ballistic, but Shawn steps in, "I forced her to, but it was worth it, Belle and I worked things out." Rex can't believe it. Jan can't believe it. Jan storms out, "When I get back, Measles, you're doomed." Rex is bouncing off the wall. Belle is over there breaking the news to Phillip and he just got some terrible news, "I can't believe this is happening. Phillip's going to be devastated and it's your fault, Mimi!"

Belle and Phillip went to dinner one time with Lt. Paul and his wife Maria. UB says this is all Maria's fault, "Paul has been on the base for six months without leave. When he finally got his leave, he went home and Maria was gone and so were her things. She left him a 'Dear John' letter." Belle is wondering if there is anything like a 'Dear Phillip' letter. And there's more. No coincidence here, but while Paul was on the base, that slut Maria reconnected with an old boyfriend, "You believe that?" Belle stares. Belle believes.

Brandon shows Celeste the clipping. Sami is marrying Lucas. Brandon thinks it will go off without a hitch. "There is a way to find out," says Celeste, "if you're not afraid."

Sami and Lucas open their presents. Grandpa Shawn gave them a trip to Ireland. She opens a crystal. He reads her the "legend of the love birds." She asks if it's from Grandma. No, Brandon. Sami drops the love birds. They are now love particles. Sami cries.

Hope asks GA's blood type. It's AB negative. Bo: O negative. Billie: O positive. O dang. Bo still isn't convinced. The woman pulls an envelope out of the box containing GA's records. They were told to open it if anyone ever came claiming to be GA's parents. Bo opens the envelope, "It's from Anthony DiMera."

Jan comes in with a package, "I've decided to be a gracious loser." Mimi won't open the package. Rex is curious. He opens it. It's a little baby doll, "I saw it in a toy store and couldn't help but think of Mimi," says Jan.

Phillip says, "I can't believe she dropped this on him before he shipped out. No wonder he slid off the road." Belle asks, "Are you saying he tried to commit suicide because his wife left him?" UB stares.

Celeste has the clipping surrounded by white rose petals and candles. She lights the candles. Brandon is skeptical.

Sami has to glue the lovebirds back together or else their marriage is doomed. I don't know what's more cracked. Sami or the lovebirds. They have a big argument, drag Kate into it. Here we go again. "I'm getting married," says Lucas, "as planned, and I hope you're there. It wouldn't be the same without you."

The DiMera letter says, "I wish I knew a way to laugh aloud in print. Sorry, wrong girl, keep looking." Bo and Hope give up but Billie rides the wave of lunacy. She's not going without GA, "Maybe DiMera wants us to get this close and walk away and regret it for the rest of the Days of our lives." GA says, "I am not goink, but I can give you zee proof you need." Group stare.

A rare moment, Sami calms down. They love each other. Thai's all they need. Sami could call the store and tell them the birds were broken when they got there. That's the Sami Lucas knows and loves. Another beautiful bipolar moment.

Brandon keeps one eye open as Celeste asks the spirits for a sign. The clipping bursts into flame. "How the hell did you do that," asks Brandon.

GA gives Billie a lock of her hair, "Have ziz tessted and zee if it comaprez." The fifteen year old outsmarts the adults, but, hey, it's Daze. O, the tender moment. Bo leaves his card. If anyone ever tries to cause them trouble, they should call him. He'll come a runnin' and really mess things up. They leave. "Don't worry," says Bo, "we'll find our daughter and I'll be with you every step of the way." Hope stares.

Rex thinks the widdle baby doll is soooooo cute. Jan says, "It's a shame it's not alive. I know it's a lame substitute for a real baby, isn't it Mimi?"

"OMG," says Rex, "I finally figured out the truth." Jan says, "It took you long enough, braniac."

UB doesn't think Paul tried to kill himself. But some guys aren't that strong. Some guys get those letters and start drinking, doing drugs. "There was a guy in our company last year who was in combat, found out his wife left him, he would charge enemy buildings with no backup." That must have been the time Phillip's company was in combat without him. "Thank God I have you, Belle. I'm thankful you would never do that to me. Anyway, enough about me. What's the little piece of news you said you had?" FF on Belle with a swirling background. What special effects!


Jan says to Mimi, "I'm going to tell your boyfriend what you should have told him a long time ago." Rex listens.

Phillip says, "If I had any suspicion he was trying to worm his way back into your life, it would kill me."

Bo says to Hope, "If you don't want our daughter to be a part of the Days of Our Lives..."

Tony D says, "When I am finished, Bo and Hope will part, never to be reunited again." Cigar smoke curls around him for added effect.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Belle's Answer

Hmmm... All the goons and extras here in Eporue seem to have distinct fake German accents, but Georgia has a distinct fake French accent. I think these people are national origin orientation confused.

Mimi and Jan duke it out. Mimi shoves Jan into the closet and wedges a chair up against the knob, "Now you know how it feels. When I think about you keepings Shawn in that horrible cage, how could you do that?" Jan says "Shawn was my love SLAVE, he loved it." Mimi tells Jan it's all going to come out and Jan's going to jail.

Hope isn't thrilled. She tells Billie and Bo, "this has DiMera written all over it. You both had better start thinking like the cops you are." [No comment. Well, I mean these two couldn't police their way out of a paper bag.] Bo says they will do DNA tests when they get her back to the States. Enter the mom, "You are not goink anyvhere weeth my daughter."

Jan yells for Mimi to let her out. Mimi has no proof Jan did anything to Shawn, but Jan has proof Mimi had an abortion.

Shawn found something on a computer he was making as a present for Belle. He doesn't remember things. It's pictures of them, "We were so happy then," says Shawn. He finds an invitation to the roof he wrote her. "What happened to me," he asks, "why was I out of it this entire summer? I think it was you. You make me want to be a better person. Without you I'm lost. I need your help. You're my compass and I need you to help lead me back to that person I used to be. I need to know that you love me and want to be with me as much as I want to be with you."

Kate hates saying Goodbyes. She hugs UB. He loves her, too. He thinks it's best if they say goodbye there, not at the base. Off he goes to the halls of Montezuma and the Shores of Tripoli.

Kate goes back in and sobs. Euglena asks if she's OK. "Yes I'm just worried about him. Phillip and Belle have such a bright future. I have to hold on to that thought. Meantime I have another child I have to do something for. Brandon is on his way back. Breaking up Sami and Lucas is a done deal."

Brandon stares on the plane. He flashes back to a conversation with Sami, "You still love me don't you Brandon," asks Sami. "Yes I do," says Brandon. Back to reality. The woman next to him says she won't need his card. He's too involved with his ex.

Sami is opening presents. "OMG, Lucas it's so beautiful, but extravagant." Lucas says he can buy his bride a little bauble, even though he hasn't worked in years. He didn't break the bank, just bent it. It's pearls, since she didn't get the ones Belle got instead. She's so happy. Lucas hi-fives Will. Group hug.

Brandon's plane is landing at the Salem Metroplex Airport.

Sami twirls her pearls, "The wedding is really going to happen this time. We're going to break the curse."

Brandon tells the woman he doesn't plan to see Sami while he's in town. The woman says she thinks he should. She can tell he has unfinished business with Sami.

Kate is worried about all her children. Billie has never gotten over Bo. Euglena says Bo's married. "At the moment," says Kate. And Sami is going to be out of Lucas' wife faster than you can say..." Euglena interrupts, "Brandon Walker."

Jan yells to Mimi from the closet, "YOUR WORLD IS GOING TO CRASH AND BURN!"

Billie says, "Think bout how we feel. I did not give my consent. This isn't a Legal adoption." GA is running around bawling, "I don't vant to go viss zem." All in all, this is turning into a rather messy scene.

Shawn mumbles. He wants to be that person again, but he can't do it without her help. Belle bursts out, "I LOVE YOU, TOO." They kiss. In come the Marines, "Hey I'm home, Belle?" Phillip looks upstairs. Phillip stares." FFWO on Phillip. Pan in on the FFWO Phillip for major effect.


Sami opens a crystal doo-dad, "Oh, it's so beautiful, is it from Grandma?" "Yeah," says Lucas, "Grandma Brandon." Sami drops the crystal.

The woman holds up an envelope, "Zey tolt us ve zhoult open zis iff anyone came claiming to be Georgia's parents."

Rex holds a doll. Jan says, "I saw it in a toy store and couldn't help but think of Mimi." Mimi looks on.

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Belle Cries and Stares

Euglena is hacking into the airlines database. She was a travel agent and knows all the codes. [YeahRight] She's checking incoming flights from London to see if Brandon had booked a seat. If he doesn't get back before Sami and Lucas get married Kate's plan is blown. Euglena will set up the computer to notify them. Kate says if the computer can notify them automatically, that frees Euglena up to do something else for her... Kate wants to set it up so Sami calls the psychic and gets an earful of her future.

Celeste tells Brandon he needs to stay away from Salem. The cards say so. Brandon wants to be there for his father who is going blind. Celeste says, "if you come back today you will sorely be tempting fate."

Bo doesn't want to fight. Neither does Hope. [Personally I think Bo doesn't want to fight more than Hope doesn't want to fight.] Bo is really sorry. Each sorry deserves a smooch. They will work things out when they get home. He wants her to go check on Lockhart so he can check on Billie. Hope stares.

Hope meets the fake Georgia. "What is your name?" Her name, of course, is Georgia. Billie stares.

Shawn slams the beer down. Jan tells him Belle and Phillip aren't going to break their marriage vows. Shawn storms out. Jan says, "I have to keep him away from Belle."

Belle tells Phillip she and Mimi were just talking girl stuff. "We have a few hours before I ship out," says UB. Mimi says that's her cue to leave.

Phillip turns on the mood music. One of the memories he will take with him is dancing with his wife. Belle bobbles. They dance. The music from the new Days of our Lives album plays in the background. He's going to listen to this music every night when he leaves. And you can too for a mere $19.95. Also, great product placement for the Bose Wave Radio. The thought of her will get him through this. Belle looks at Phillip, but sees Shawn. He asks what's wrong. "I just don't want you to go," she whines. He would give anything to stay. But since he has to go, "promise me you will stay away from Shawn." Belle cries and stares.

Sami phones the hotline. Should she elope? Euglena signals no. The psychic tells Sami no, she should not elope. There will be no problems unless her ex-husband shows up.

Celeste sees nothing but bad omens all around. Brandon needs to stay away from Sami until she is married. Celeste sees lightning in the card, "wait at least a week until you come back, trust me." Brandon tells her, "I will take your warning under advisement."

Celeste hangs up the phone and draws a card, "GASP. This is not good at all. If Brandon comes back now he could regret it for the rest of his life."

Brandon checks the schedules. Either he leaves today or he waits. Man I figured there would be eight or ten flights a days from London to the Salem metropolis.

Billie says, "Georgia." GA asks where her parents are. Billie says, "I am your birth mother." Georgia asks, "What? You are my real muzzer? Are you sure?" Oh, Billie is sure. Bo comes in. Billie manages the intros. Bo stares. Georgia stares.

Mimi comes in. Shawn needs her help. Belle wants to talk to him. Jan hustles Shawn out and locks the door, "Don't even think about it Meems. You're going to help me keep them apart if you want to keep Rex." Mimi says she is going to stand up for what is right. "Do that and you'll lose your true love," says Jan.

Phillip says "Without me, there is no telling what Shawn will try." Belle says, "he lives right across the hall, what do you want me to do?" Phil wants Belle to go to Rex, "Shawn knows how to push your buttons. Stay strong. He isn't the person you used to love. I know there is a part of you that misses the person he used to be. I miss him too. He was my best friend. Bu he almost killed you at our wedding. So just keep your distance. Please." Belle cries and stares.

Mimi tells Shawn he and Belle are in love and they shouldn't be apart. She will arrange a meeting. Mimi goes to meddle. Jan comes in dressed like a cheap hooker. "Wanna play with our whips and chains?"

"Can you promise me, Belle," asks Phillip. The phone rings. Belle answers [the phone, not Phillip] Mimi says, "Where do you want to meet Shawn?" Belle stares.

Brandon paces, "The hell with the schedule. I need to go home today." He makes the call. He books to Salem, USA. [It's such a major city, it doesn't have a state.] If he hurries he can make it.

Kate stares at the computer. She flashes back to a cop investigating a domestic disturbance with Sami and Lucas. "This is war..." Kate sees something on the computer, "AHA! Brandon made a reservation. Finally Sami is going to get what she deserves -- another dream wedding turned into a nightmare.

Psychic says if Brandon comes back there will be trouble. Sami says he's in London and there is no chance he will come back, so everything will be perfect. "OK have a happy wedding, Sami," says the Psychic. She hi-fives with Euglena. Sami says, "It's going to be a perfect wedding. Kate can't do anything."

Billie says, "It's really GA." Slowly, Bo says, "Hello, GA." Billie hugs the bewildered little twit. Hope runs in. Hope sees the group hug. Hope stares. FFWO on Hope.


Hope tells Bo, "You don't know for sure this girl is your daughter. For all we know this could be a DiMera plot."

Lucas tells Sami, "It might be time for Mom's next surprise."

Shawn tells Belle, "I know you love me, that you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you."

"Out of my way," says Jan as she shoves Mimi. "I don't think so," says Mimi as she shoves back. Jan counter punches with, "Out of my way you miserable bitch!" CAT FIGHT!, MIMI, JAN.

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Georgia reads a book

UB is going up to pack. He wants Belle to stay right there and "Think romantic thoughts about the man she will love for the rest of her life." Predictably, she stands there thinking of a passionate moment with Shawn. As UB goes up the steps he turns around and tells her he loves her. Belle fantasizes more about Shawn. She picks up the phone and calls Mimi, "Meems, I have to see you right away."

Mimi says she will be right there. She tells Shawn she's going out. She wishes there was something she could do for Shawn, but doesn't see any way. Shawn says that's OK. He doesn't want to mess up what she has with Rex. Mimi leaves. Shawn mumbles, "I gotta figure out how to handle this situation with Belle myself, but I'm running out of time. I gotta do this before Phillip leaves." [Why, for God's sake?]

Belle tells Mimi, "I need you like I've never needed you before." This is a new twist. I thought she was after either Phillip or Shawn. Belle needs to talk to Shawn right away. Mimi asks, "Are you finally going to admit you're still in love with Shawn?" Belle does her blonde bobble head doll imitation.

JR agonizes. Oh, it's not the withdrawal, it's the pearls. "I should have known those pearls were for Sami." Kate says Sami is a spoiled brat and didn't deserve them. Kate says JR needs sleep. He says the pain is getting stronger. Kate says she called and asked Lexi to send over a prescription for something stronger, because JR needs something to help him get through this, "I'm going to be here for you." JR hugs Kate. He grits and shows devil-eyes.

Sami starts out the door. Euglena is outside thinking she "can't let Sami find me here." Sami is distracted by the fax machine starting up. She picks up the fax, in spite of Lucas' protests. She reads it and says it's proof JR is a druggie.

Bo tells Hope he kind of figured she was on the way here. He walks up to hug her and she pounds him right in the solar plexus. "We'll talk about this later," says Hope. They all decide they've got to get out of there. But Hope and Billie have to have their little confrontation. Billie tries 'splain things, "Hope, you know we had to come here because Georgia was here..."

"Was she," asks Hope, "was she here?" Billie admits she wasn't there, "It was a trick." No group hug here. Patrick goes to get the car. Hope grabs Bo by the ear and walks him across the room. She smacks him upside the head. She tees off on him for running off on her. Bo tells her she's always forgiven him before. Hope says, "That was then, this is now."

Billie checks her watch, "Wait, did you hear that?"

"Georgia" silently rocks and reads a book. Fade out on Georgia.


"Shawn says, "What Belle is saying and what she is feeling are two totally different things. One way or another we have to get to the truth."

Phillip whispers in Belle's ear, "Would you promise me while I'm away you won't go near Shawn?"

Sami wants Lucas to know how devious Kate can be. She knows she's up to something, she just wishes she knew what it is.

Bo tells Hope he needs to go find out what's taking Patrick so long. Hope says, "Yeah, so you can check on Billie."

Monday, January 24, 2005

Flash-Your-Teeth Day

Kate quickly shuttles Euglena into another room then answers the door. It's Sami and Lucas. Kate asks, "What are you doing here?" Sami says, "Nice to see you, too, Kate, where's John? Oh, upstairs." Kate grabs Sami, "You're not going anywhere."

JR steps out of the shower soaking wet. Oops, no, it's the overdone sweaty junkie makeup. He's ranting that Kate has hidden the whole drug stash. He wheels himself around the room babbling about Doc's emergency bag. He finds it and caresses it like a new born babe.

Hope and Patrick are in a hotel apparently posing as husband and wife looking for "that other lovely couple we met at the airport." The desk clerk excuses himself. Patrick tells Hope not to ask too many questions or they will arouse suspicion. She says if it was Bo, he's already in danger. Apparently the couple couldn't keep their hands off each other, "I'm going to kill him." Patrick reminds Hope if it was Bo and Billie, "they were acting, just like we are. [This is acting?] And if we play our cards right, we'll keep on acting like that newly engaged couple off on a romantic European getaway." Hope hugs him, "Anything you say sweetie pie."

Patrick picks up a map and puts it over the registration book, "Oh look, honey, there's all kinds of things to do around here." When the security camera pans away, he sneaks the register to Hope, who thumbs through it, "OMG, I don't believe it..." The desk clerk comes back, "Vat are you doink vith zee registration book?" Patrick stares. Hope stares.

Bo tells Billie they've got to get out of there now. "Not without our daughter," says Billie. Bo says it was a setup, Georgia was never there. Billie just KNOWS Georgia was there. Bo says "if we stay in this house we are sitting ducks."

"No, she was right here, I spoke to her, so that's why I have to be here so when she gets back we can be sitting ducks together," quacks Billie. Bo says this was a dream, it didn't happen. Billie admits it was a dream but there's such a fine line between dreams and consciousness, fact and fiction, fantasy and reality on this show, who knows, maybe Georgia will show up anyway. "You don't care about Georgia, all you care about is getting out of here and finding Hope." Bo flashes his teeth.

Sami says this is her mother's house and she is going up to see her step-father. Lucas reminds her, "Remember what we talked about, honey." Sami says, "We talked about John, not Cruella De Ville here, who's shacking up with John in my mother's house." Kate says she's not shacking up with John, she's "helping" him. John has the "flu." Lucas tries to calm them down. Sami is going to run up and get her mother's pearls to wear in her wedding. Sami leaves to wash her hands because of all the germs floating around, then get the pearls. Lucas tells Kate Sami needs the pearls as a good luck charm and if she doesn't get them today, Sami's going to call the whole thing off. Kate finds this interesting until Lucas tells her it's just the big wedding they'll call off and they will elope. "NO," squeals Kate."

Sami hears Kate and says, "It sounds like Kate heard about our plans to elope." Sami goes up for the pearls. Euglena comes in and frets.

Sweat cascades from JR like a Texas oil gusher as he rummages through Doc's bag, "Dammit, she must've left her heroin in the other bag." He flings the bag which nearly kills Sami as she walks in the door."

Patrick tells the desk clerk they just moved the registry so he could mark some things on the map. The clerk has him sign in. They go to pick up their bags and Patrick asks if Hope saw anything interesting in the registry. We have a fuzzy flashback to the registry stealing scene, "There was a page torn out, but part of it was there, I saw the letters, R-E-E, Billie must have registered under her own name."

Bo tells Billie of course, he's worried about Hope, she's his wife. And if he didn't care about Georgia and Billie, he wouldn't have gotten on that plane. And Hope could have followed them and if so, she's in just as much danger only doesn't realize it. Billie buys it. Bo has a plan. We're all in trouble now.

Billie stands with a rope yelling for help. The guard starts in. Bo comes up behind him and slugs him. Billie comes out and grabs his gun, "FREEZE YOU GOON!"

Kate tells Lucas they can't elope. Lucas says, they won't as long as Sami gets the pearls. Sami thinks there are people conspiring against the wedding. She's had bad luck at the altar before and Lucas has to deal with that. Kate says that doesn't mean they have to give up their plans and elope. Kate says when Sami comes back she'll talk to Sami and calm her down. Lucas says that won't help since Sami still has the idea Kate and Euglena are trying to stop the wedding. Euglena waves her arms in the background. Kate tries to signal Euglena. Lucas asks her, "What, what's this," and makes a motion like Kate did. Kate says nothing, she's going up to check on JR. She turns and walks the other way, giving Euglena a chance to sneak out. Lucas doesn't believe Kate, "Tell me what's going on here." Kate stares.

Sami says she came to see John. JR says, "It's not a good time. I have the flu." Sami says, "Don't worry I had my flu shot this season. There was a shortage and only those 65 and older could get them, so I creamed some little old lady and got her place in line." JR snaps, "What do you want?" Sami says she came by to get her mom's pearls to wear in her wedding. "What pearls," asks JR.

Hope and Patrick go to Bo and Billie's room. It's empty. Hope wants to know how Billie be so stupid and register in her own name. [Stupidity comes naturally on this show] Patrick says they didn't know DiMera was here and this town isn't even on the ISA's radar. Hope chokes back the laughter as she says, "Billie's a trained cop and ISA agent. She knows she shouldn't ever use her own name." Patrick agrees, "it was sloppy, but nothing here suggests foul play." Hope asks, "Then why was their page torn out of the book? Bo is in danger." Patrick says they will find them. Hope says, "I just hope when we do, it's not too late."

Bo pulls the guard up, who gets the drop on him with his other gun, "Go aheat and zhoot, but my dyink refleks vill kill your lover." Billie tells him to drop the gun. He sneers, "No, vhy vould I do zat. Zee choice is yours, Miss Reed." He flashes his teeth at her. "Do you zave your daughter or your lover? Zee clock iss tickink." Bo says, "Don't let him rattle you, Billie," as he flashes his teeth at her. It's "flash your teeth day" on Daze. "Where is our daughter," screams Billie. "You've heart zat ezprezzion, hite in plain zight, zhe's right up zere." Pan to a window with a shadow combing her hair. "OMG, I was right, Georgia was here all along," FF and whiteout on Billie.


Sami says, "My father and mother are dead and you shack up with my dad's widow. How low can you get?" JR says, "Well, I could be a junkie, too."

Zee guard says, "Put your hants up." Hope draws a bead on him, "Come on Patrick, get out of the way."

Shawn strokes his hair and mumbles something about running out of time.

Mimi asks, "When are you ever going to admit you're still in love with Shawn?" Belle cocks her head and thinks, "I wonder if Hell has frozen over yet?"

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Don't mess with Sami

Kate jumps into bed with JR to warm him up. Right on cue, the TV comes on in Marlena and Roman's room.

Phillip and Belle. Phil says, "He's gone now. Shawn won't bother us anymore. I need to ask you about something. I'm not demanding an explanation. Why did you meet Shawn on the roof tonight? I know when you told him you love me it came from your heart." Belle says, "Its not him it's you."

Shawn wants to know why Belle said she loves Phillip, "She's all upset because Phil got called up for active duty." Shawn tells Mimi she has to help him talk to Belle again tonight. [Why doesn't he just hold his horses until UB is shipped off?]

Lucas tells Sami "It's good to be good." Sami spills the abortion beans. Lucas thinks that's disgusting. Sami thinks they should run right over and tell Rex. It should be Sami's reward for being good lately. Nobody cares when they turn Sami's life upside down, why shouldn't she be able to do it to other people? Sami picks up the phone to call Rex.

Pard and Marlena watch the show. No sound. Marlena can't watch anymore, "I guess you were right. He's trying to get to us. Well, he has. I guess I can't deny it now. I can't keep clinging to the hope that JR believed I was alive. He's given up on me and our love. And Kate's given up on you too."

JR and Kate cuddle, "You know if someone were to walk in right now they might get the wrong idea says JR. I'm getting tired. I could use some sleep." He drifts off. Kate says, "You go to sleep. We're going to get through tonight and I'm going to be here."

The sound comes on. JR says, "Marlena was my strength. I never thought I could get through something like this without her." Kate says, "Go to sleep. We'll talk tomorrow." Pard stares. Marlena stares.

"I love you, Doc says JR, "promise me you'll come back..." Kate says, "It's never going to happen. Marlena's gone, so's Roman. They're never coming back."

"At least Tony has made sure I know JR is alive," says Marlena, "and Belle and BB are OK. You were right. We're never getting out of here. When we were on the raft I told JR if I didn't make it he should move on with Kate. And JR said... if we knew we were never getting off the island, I should hook up with you." Roman says Doc is loved and he will protect her. And if they get back and JR and Kate can't let go, he will understand because he has never let go of his feelings for her. Same with her. They go over to "get some rest." "

I am never going to leave you. You're stuck with me," says Roman. Marlena wouldn't have it any other way. They kiss.

UB asks why he is upsetting Belle. Belle says it's not really him, it's what's happening to him. She can't bear the thought of losing him. This could be their last night together for a long time. Phil wants to make the most of it.

Mimi wishes she could help Shawn. She can't. Jan says Mimi made a mistake tonight. She hopes she won't repeat it. Jan says Belle and Shawn's love is in the past. She tells Shawn they need to get to bed. Shawn isn't tired. He needs to think. [Big job, Shawn, maybe you should get some sleep.]

Rex hopes Mimi has learned a lesson, "Promise me you won't lie to me again."

Jan thinks Belle will never betray her wedding vows, "It's only a matter of time until Shawn comes back to me."

Lucas grabs the phone. They argue. Lucas says, "This is about vengeance, isn't it?" He says as long as she looks for revenge her pain will never heal. He sympathies with Mimi. Sami can't believe it, "Then there is JR and Kate. They deserve each other." Lucas tells her, "take the high road, show some integrity," [Sami grabs a dictionary.] OK as long as they don't mess with her and she's happy.

Euglena calls Kate. She's sorry about what went down at the wedding. Kate says, "all's well that ends well." She tells Euglena Billie is with Bo and she hopes Billie will take advantage of it. Now she just has to stop Sami.

Sami says if anyone tries to mess with her happiness they will pay.

Dual shot of Kate and Sami.


Rex says to Mimi, "One last time, are you keeping anything from me?"

Lexi says, "OMG, you're the one who's been stealing the drugs?"

Rex says to UB, "You've got my word."

Shawn plants a big kiss on Belle.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Four more years of 'nucular.'

Slowly George turns toward the robed figure. The figure removes a book from it's stand. It is apparently a bible. He asks George to place his hand on the book. The robed figure administers an oath to George, "Do you solemnly swear that you will..." George stares.


Four more years of 'nucular.'

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Chloe is back in her hospital bed writing a letter to BB. She was so close to him she could almost feel his breath on her cheek. He could have almost run his hands over the fingerpainted scars. Finally they will be reunited in their love...

Mimi is so sorry, she will never lie to Rex again. Except for the big one hanging onver their heads. He wants her to respect the vows that Belle and Phillip made. Rex leaves. Mimi asks, "Why am I the only one who can see what a big mistake Belle and Shawn are making?" Mimi starts to leave. Sami practically falls through the door as she opens it. Mimi asks, "Don't you have some rock you can crawl under?" Sami says, "If you hadn't gotten caught in all your lies... If I were you I'd be a lot nicer to me."

We are having a happy gathering at the newlywed's place. Rex comes in, Jan comes in, "What's the answer," Shawn asks.

The phone rings. UB picks it up, "Yeah... Uh huh... I'm sorry..." Slowly, slowly he puts the phone... I mean slowly... back in the cradle. Slowly, he turns, "Give me your answer, Belle." Phillip stares.


JR and Kate hug.

Roman tells the aparently blind Marlena, "That's JR and Kate in bed together," as they watch them on their monitor.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Yet one more time...

Rex finds out UB is up on the roof. He says he'd better get up there. I mean, heck, he wouldn't want to miss the action, would he? Jan grabs Mimi by the hair. Mimi is in agony. Jan says, "It hurts, doesn't it, Meems? This is just a sample of what's in store for you. This time you are going to pay, BIG TIME." Sami is slack-jawed.

Belle says UB doesn't have to call the police. He wants to know why Belle is protecting Shawn. Shawn butts in, he says Belle is having second thoughts. That did it, WWIII. Rex breaks it up, "Not tonight," he says, "don't do something you'll regret." Belle snivels. Rex and Shawn start a mumbling duel. Shawn says Belle called before the wedding and he wants to know why. Yet one more time he asks Belle, "If I'd have gotten there in time, would you have called it off?" Yet one more time, Belle stares.

Nancy brings Chloe lunch. Chloe isn't there, she's off somewhere staring at a picture of BB, "Nancy's right, I do need you BB, and you need to know that I'm alive."

BB comes downstairs, hunting for the shirt he's never wearing, "I could have sworn I heard something." Staring into the pitch black he says, "Chloe, is that you, am I dreaming?" Chloe says, "No, Brady, this isn't a dream, I'm alive." She slowly draws the hood back, revealing her new roadkill look.

BB tells Nichole he's not comparing her to Chloe. "Maybe not consciously," whimpers Nicole, "and how could you not? Chloe is perfect and I'm a wretched old hag. What you and I shared could never come close to what you had with her." Nicole storms off, BB follows. BB rolls his eyes.

JR doesn't want Kate to call Lexi even though he admitted he needs help. Kate asks, "Why wouldn't you want me to call the hospital? You're in charge of investigating the drug thefts... OMG, you're the one!" Man, that Kate is one sharpie, isn't she? JR doesn't want to go public with this yet. Kate says the only way he can protect his family is if he beats this. Kate is going to call Lexi for help. "And what if I have a better idea," sneers JR.

Mimi let's Jan go, "This time you have gone too far. I'll deal with you later and it's not going to be good for you and Sexy-Rexy." Jan leaves. Sami wants to know what's going on between Mimi and Jan. Mimi tells Sami to mind her own business. Mimi leaves. Sami says to her imaginary friend, "Sounds like someone's got a secret, wonder what it is?"

Yet one more time, Belle doesn't answer. UB lunges at Shawn, "I'm going to break your neck." Enter Mimi, Jan, Sami and here goes the town brawl. As the others kill themselves, Mimi and Belle go aside for a little chat. Belle is upset Mimi told UB they were up there. Mimi says she didn't tell him. Sami runs up and gives Belle her coat. Mimi says, "I'll give you one guess who told him."

"OMG," says Belle, "Sami, how could you do that to me?" You could drive a semi through Sami's open mouth. Phil tells Belle, "We need to talk." Shawn tells her she isn't leaving. Belle says, "We have nothing left to say." Belle and UB leave. As she goes, Belle shoves the coat into Sami's open mouth.

Jan tries to stop Shawn. Rex tells her not to do that. He will take care of Shawn. Jan tells Mimi, "You have screwed with me the last time. Wait till Rex finds out about the lies you have been keeping from him." Sami soaks it in.

JR can't go on like this. He'll get help, just not from the hospital. He'll get help from the ISA - International Stoners Association. John comes clean. The ISA guy gave him the drugs because "he owed me." JR misses his wife and wishes she were there. Kate says she will be there for him. They hug. This would be a good place for a song to kick in. For example, "If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with."

Nancy finds Chloe's note, "Please don't worry, it's time to tell BB I'm alive." Nancy smiles, "Thank God."

The hooded, disfigured Chloe tells BB, "Now you know why I couldn't tell you I was alive. I wanted to wait until after the surgery." BB says she is the most beautiful thing he's ever seen. She says, "No, I'm hideous." BB says, "Yes, but in a beautiful sort of way, when you were going through chemo and lost your hair, now that was really hideous, but I love you no matter what." He kisses her. The scars melt away. The glass slipper fits. Back to reality. Chloe stares through the scars.

BB catches up to Nichole. They need to talk. He doesn't think she's horrible. Nicole is only trying to help, "I'll bet if this was Chloe trying to warn you, you'd listen." He says Chloe has nothing to do with this. She tells him to fagetaboutit. Chloe hears them coming.

Kate says JR can count on her. JR mumbles, "The first step is to admit you have a problem. At least I've got that one out of the way. You've just saved my life." Kate is going to call BB. JR didn't let BB down if he tells him the truth now.

Chloe runs into a closet. BB and Nicole come in. The phone rings. It's Kate, "BB, you're dad finally admitted it. He's a stoner. You don't have to come over. I'm going to see him through the night." BB tells Nicole, "I need to apologize to you. You were right. Dad's dropping acid like Timothy Leary on steroids." Nicole's peeved. She swings around and flings the closet door open, "CHLOE!"

Jan tells Mimi to keep Belle away from her man or she will spill the beans about the abortion. Sami's overworked jaw hits the ground, "OMG, Mimi had an abortion and didn't tell Rex. That's one juicy secret."

Rex tells Shawn Belle has made her choice. Shawn says it was a big mistake, she loves him and not UB, "She's going to have to admit she married the wrong guy." Belle and UB listen in the background. FF and whiteout on Shawn Belle and Phillip.


Bonnie tells Maggie, "My answer's no." Maggie hands BW a check and says, "Maybe this will turn your 'no' into a 'yes.'"

Mimi tells Sami, "You're accusing me of lying when you're Salem's all time champ." Sami says, "If I were you I'd be a lot nicer to me."

Yet one more time, Shawn asks Belle, "Do you still have feelings for me?" Yet one more time, Belle stares.

BB Yells, "Who was in the closet?" Nicole says, "Chloe, she's alive."

Friday, January 14, 2005

JR Drips

Jennifer sneaks downstairs. She sees Patrick. She thought he left. Patrick said he wouldn't be able to sleep with things the way they were between them. TeenSlut/Georgia sneaks halfway down the stairs and listens. Patrick wants to clear it up. Hope's pretty PO'd at him. Jennifer says he made a bad situation worse.

Hope says, "OMG no. OMG Bo's in trouble I can feel it. If anything should happen to him it's because of one person. Damn you, Billie."

Billie and Bo sit tied up like two bookends. Billie struggles, "If our daughter is still alive where is she?" She goes ballistic, "WHERE IS SHE? WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO KNOW." Man-Woman tells Billie for 16 years she didn't even know Georgia was alive. Bo says, "Hey, girly-man, what do you plan on doing with us." Man-Woman tells him, "Use your imagination, MWAHAHAHAHA!!"

Bo tells Billie, "I warned you this could be a DiMera trap and what do you do? You tell them we're Georgia's parents." Billie says, "That didn't take long for the 'I-told-you-sos' to show up." Bo says she may be a very good agent [on what planet?] but when things get personal she gets emotional.

Mimi says, "If Belle and Shawn don't come down stairs, this could get ugly." [Which means, of course, they will not be coming down.] Sami comes in. She's there to visit Belle. Mimi can't let her do that.

Phillip dreams about the wedding. He conveniently omits the part about the motorcycle. Oops, Belle ain't there.

Belle. Shawn. Rooftop. Belle doesn't know why she is still there. She's married to Phillip. "So," Shawn says, "if I'd have gotten to the church on time would you have called off the wedding?" Belle stares.

Marlena and Pard walk around in chains. "Why isn't Tony showing us anything else on the monitor," asks Marlena. Pard doesn't know why Tony does anything. Marlena is worried about everyone after Shawn crashed the wedding. Pard tells her to stop torturing herself.

Kate comes into JR's bedroom and says she forgot her keys. She sees the drugs. JR comes out sweating like a pig on a spit. Kate says he's been lying. JR resents that. Kate resents the fact JR is treating her like an idiot. [No comment. Well, I mean, she was enough of an idiot to buy his story in the first place so why not treat her like one?] "The saddest part," says Kate, "is that you're lying to yourself." JR drips.

Patrick says Hope shouldn't be worried about Billie trying to steal her husband. Jennifer says that's his opinion. TSG listens as they argue. Patrick says he's just being objective. "Why," asks Jennifer, are you interested in her?" TSG pricks up her ears. Patrick says he can't be interested in anyone. Jen asks, "And why is that?" The doorbell rings. TSG runs back upstairs. Well, whaddya know, it's Hope at the door, "Bo is not coming back to me."

Billie struggles to loosen the ropes. Her first priority is to get out of this, then to find Georgia. Bo says, "Georgia isn't here. DiMera's people wanted us to think that so we would walk into a trap." Billie says Bo is wrong. Georgia lived there, she can feel it. Bo says, even if that's right, Georgia is not there now. She's back home eavesdropping on Hope. Right now they have a problem. The cross-dressing goons are coming back for them.

JR staggers and sweats. He's sick and tired of being accused of this. He told them the drugs were prescribed by an ISA doctor. BB confirmed. Kate wants the truth. Sweat spouts from JR like Old Faithful in action. He tells her to get out. She's not moving. She can't. The sweat has flooded the room and blocked the door.

Sami wants to know why she can't see Belle. Mimi says, "It's Belle's wedding night. If you had an ounce of sensitivity you wouldn't be here." Sami says she is trying to be sensitive, she is there to apologize for giving Belle a hard time about getting married before she did. Belle is going to need a lot of happiness after what her psycho ex-boyfriend did. [Takes one to know one.]

Back on the roof. Belle says Shawn didn't crash the wedding on time so it doesn't matter. Shawn says they have to work this out, "Why did you leave me a message, and who picked up the phone." Belle wishes she knew. Belle says it wouldn't have made a difference, why is he pressuring her? "Because this is important," says Shawn, "If I would have gotten through to you, would you have called off the wedding?" Belle stares.

Bo and Billie can't get the knots undone. Bo hates to admit it, but they are in kind of a tight spot. He's been in worse situations than this. They'll get out somehow. Billie wants to know why he's so worried then. "Hope, when she finds out about this, she will go ballistic."

Hope is back in Salem going ballistic. TSG sneaks back down to listen. Hope says something terrible has happened. She needs a favor. Could Jennifer watch Zack until Hope gets back? Jennifer wants to know, "Back from where?" Hope says, "I'm going to Europe to find my husband."

Pardo says Marlena has to stop thinking the worst. They just saw Belle and Phillip get married. They have to believe they're OK, even though a motorcycle landed on them. Marlena wants to believe they're OK, "Something's wrong. Belle has loved Shawn for years." Pard says she obviously doesn't love him any more. What Pard can't figure is why Shawn would do something so crazy. "Because," says Marlena, "people in love do crazy things." [In Shawn's case, however, being in love is not a prerequisite to being crazy.] Marlena is sorry she caused their breakup, that Belle lied to Shawn to protect Marlena. Pard says that was DiMera's doing. Marlena knows. DiMera's plan is for all the couples in Salem to break up. [And here I thought it was to conquer the world. Man, instead of conquering the world, he wants all the couples in Salem to break up. How evil can you get?] Marlena wonders what if they don't get out of here. [This conversation is just going everywhere.] Pard says she has to stop thinking gloomy thoughts. Marlena feels anxious about what happens next. John and Kate think they are dead. She knows where that leads, "If we don't get home soon, we may just lose the loves of our lives for the Daze Of Our Lives."

JR wants to know what Kate is doing in his wife's bedroom. She would never accuse him of lying like Kate just did. Kate says Marlena would be devastated to see this. Kate says if sweaty wants to convince her he isn't dependent on the drugs, he will let her throw them away. JR drips.

Mimi tells Sami Shawn wasn't trying to kill anyone. Sami says "Oh, yeah, when he was going through the stained glass window it was just his Evil Knievel impression." Sami says she is there to apologize to Belle. Mimi says she is only there because Lucas made her come. Phil opens the door and asks what is going on. Sami says she came to bring Belle her wedding present and talk to her. Phil says, "Belle isn't here. Do either of you know where she is."

Belle wants Shawn to be happy, but they have to move on. Shawn isn't leaving until he gets answers. "Just tell me what you think would have happened if I'd have gotten there before the ceremony. Belle says she still would have married Phillip. Shawn says. "I don't believe you."

Billie says, "We're sitting here waiting to be caved up like a Thanksgiving turkey and all you can think of is 'Hope is going to kill me,'" Bo says Hope might do something impulsive like come and get them.

Jennifer tells hope she can't just up and go to Europe. Hope says she has to go. Jen will take care of Zack. Bo needs her, Hope can feel it. Patrick says he is going with her. TSG watches. Hope says, "Bo's in danger and I'm the only one who can help."

Sweaty says, "OK, Kate you win if you need proof, toss the stuff out." Kate throws the junk in the wastebasket. Oh, that'll do it. Why doesn't she just put them on a silver platter on the dresser for him? "Look, I know how much pain you're in." JR knows. "I want to help you." he knows. JR drips.

Pard and Marlena watch Kate and John on the TV screen. "OMG let me know Belle is OK," says Marlena. Right on cue, Kate says, "No one was seriously hurt and Belle and Phillip are sharing their wedding." Right on cue, JR says he just wishes Doc was there to be with them. Kate says at least they have each other. JR doesn't know what he would do without her. the TV goes blank. Marlena bawls.

Mimi says maybe Belle went out to get something. Sami asks, "On her wedding night?" Mimi says maybe she went out for air. Sami says she would have just gone on onto the balcony. Sami says "Maybe she's on the roof with Shawn." Phil wants to know the truth. He runs out to settle it. Mimi asks Sami, "What is wrong with you?"

Shawn thinks things would have turned out differently if he would have pulled his stunt before the ceremony. "If I would have taken your hand like this, and reminded you of the good times... We swore we would never let anyone come between us." Belle says "Don't do this, Shawn." He kisses her.

Mimi asks why Sami opened her big fat mouth about the roof. Sami says, "I am not clairvoyant, [just psychotic]. Obviously you had something to do with this. Are you trying to ruin their marriage?"

Belle tells Shawn to stop. He comes in for seconds. IN COMES THE MARINES AND THE MARINES AREN'T HAPPY.

Patrick has everything. He's ready. Jen makes them promise they will be careful. Patrick and Hope leave. Jennifer sees TSG. TSG says she overheard. TSG asks if Hope has a thing for Patrick. Jen says, "No, Hope wouldn't even look at another man. Why would you ask?" TSG says, "It's just nice to see a couple like Bo and Hope who can make it." Jennifer goes off and TSG thinks, "Who cares, I just don't need more competition."

Hope says she thinks Bo is in danger. Patrick asks, "physical or emotional?" Hope says, "Both."

Bo thinks Hope will come. Billie says, "That's a good thing, right?" Bo says, "It would complicate things. The next time I say we're leaving, WE'RE LEAVING."

Marlena says it sounds like Belle is OK. Pard thought JR looked like he been run hard and put up wet. But he was still able to walk Belle down the aisle. Marlena says they should be happy about that, "Our life in Salem is slipping away, and I'm afraid if we're gone too long we won't be able to turn back the clock."

"And," says Pard. "that's assuming we will actually be able to make it back." Marlena asks, "Now who's being the pessimist?" Pard says she's right. What they have is each other. He's there for her, "Always will be and you can count on that." Marlena knows. They kiss. Hug. Bawl.

JR says its been a hell of a night. He needs to crash. [Yeah, right into the wastebasket.] Kate says goodnight. She takes the drugs. She's going to put them in the trash downstairs. JR wouldn't want the maid to find them. "JR says, "Just leave it. I need it to get to sleep." He lunges for the drugs and smacks Kate.

FF on Kate's broken and battered body lying in a heap on the floor clutching the drugs. Will JR the strung out junkie go for the drugs or help the wounded and dying Kate...


Nicole tells BB, "I try to show you I care but you'll never love me like you love Chloe." Chloe listens.

Sami asks Mimi if something is going on between her and Jan. Mimi tells Sami to mind her own business.

Shawn asks Belle in front of Phillip, "Mumble, mumble, mumble, gotten there in time, would you have called it off?" Phillip looks at Belle. Belle stares.

Thursday, January 13, 2005

The jig is up

Billie and Bo are talking to the nice couple about Georgia. Man-Woman says Georgia's mother was known to be a prostitute. Billie tells them people can change. Georgia's mom went straight and Georgia was conceived out of love. Man-Woman says, "once a prostitute always a prostitute." Billie explodes and tells the couple she is really Georgia mother. They are here to see their daughter.

Shawn yells for Belle. He needs her. He mumbles. She is the only one who can fill in the blanks in his memory. Belle comes back. He has no choice, he needs her help. Belle says, "After everything you've done to me, I can't believe I'm going to say this, yes I'll help you."

Julie tells Hope Bo did not choose the wrong woman when he chose her. Hope says she and Bo will have a long talk when he gets home -- tonight. He's on a plane right now. He's on his way back to her. That proves he loves her.

Billie yells, "Take us to Georgia right now." The nice couple laughs. Man woman draws a gun and pulls off his wig. What a shock, SHE's a HE. Man-Woman says, "The jig is up."

Man-Woman says, "We've been monitoring you for quite some time." Billie asks if the portrait on the wall is really Georgia. "Yes, but neither of you will see her again where you are going."

BB says there is no proof. Nicole asks, "If JR wasn't going to shoot up why was he so anxious to be alone?" BB rants. JR has had a tough time of it. Yada, yada, yada, "And on top of all those yadas, his daughter was getting married and her former boyfriend crashed his motorcycle through a stained glass window and ruined his daughter's wedding. Not to mention the window. Dad has every right to be stressed out."

"If I wasn't so sure and If I didn't love you I wouldn't be pushing this. I know how hard it is to kick it, says Nicole. BB says JR is too smart to become an addict. Nicole says he can talk his way around anything, "We have to go back and catch him red handed."

Kate tells JR she forgot her keys. She sees drugs on the dresser. JR comes out of the next room drenched in sweat, "Yeah, babe, you forgot your keys, I forgot my deodorant." FF on JR glistening with sweat.


Belle tells Shawn, "Nothing would have changed. I would still be married to Phillip."

Kate tells JR, "If you're not dependent on the drugs, let me take them away.

Billie tells Bo, "You can critique my job performance later. Right now we have to find Georgia.

Hope says, "Bo's in danger. I can feel it. I may be the only one who can help."

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Rooftop Rendezvous

JR continues to deny he has a "habit." Nicole says he will try to blame anyone but himself. JR blames Belle. Belle lost her mom, broke up with Shawn, married Phillip and JR was determined to be there. [Yeah, while they were walking down the aisle, Belle jammed the needle in him.] He had to be there for his little girl. Lexi wouldn't give him the stuff, so he called his ISA doctor friend, so he could walk his baby down the aisle, "You believe me don't you?" Kate stares. BB stares. Nicole really stares.

Rex wants to know about the abortion. Jan tells Rex he might not want to hear the story. It's sad. Jan says she was telling Mimi about a girlfriend of hers who had an abortion without telling her boyfriend. Rex said they should have been able to communicate; her girlfriend was selfish. Rex says, "What's this all about, Mimi?"

Belle says they shouldn't be having this conversation. Shawn wants to explain. It was because Belle called. When he saw the wedding invitation at Alice's it was like a fog was lifted from his head [leaving absolutely nothing in there]. He had to find her. He had no other way to get into the church. It was locked. What else do you do when a church is locked except smash your motorcycle through a stained glass window? He thought she wouldn't have called if she wasn't sure. "We spilt up because you abandoned me," says Belle. She shoves his coat back at him.

Jan says Mimi is upset because it's a sad, sad story. Rex says, "This could never happen to us. The guy had a right to be a part of this decision. I don't blame him for being upset. That decision was unforgivable."

Shawn says he would not abandon Belle. Belle says, "But you did!" Shawn says he still loves her. Belle says, "Don't do this." Shawn knows he treated her horribly. He isn't proud of what he has become. He needs her help. Belle says it is too late. She's married. Shawn says, "You wanted to talk." Belle says "Yes, but it was a huge mistake. I am married. This was supposed to be your ring." Shawn asks, "Tell me before you go, do you still love me?" Belle turns and stares.

Jen can't believe Patrick is taking sides. What he did to Hope was terrible. Patrick says it sounds like Bo is the one interested in Billie. Jen says it sounds like he has fallen under Billie's spell. Patrick sys he won't fall under the spell of any woman. Jan leaves to check on the baby.

Hope walks by the dock and flashes back to being there with Bo. She's telling him somewhere deep inside Bo still loves Billie. Bo says it is Hope that he loves. Blah, blah, blah. Bo says they will be together for the rest of the Daze of Their Lives. Hope stares, "Then why do I feel so alone?"

JR promises the medication was just for today. Nicole wants to know why he is still on it. "Today is not over," says JR. [Tell me about it. It's been "today" for three weeks.] He tells BB he's done after this. He knows what they are thinking. Just because he went behind Lexi's back doesn't mean he's a junkie. BB asks him if he stole the drugs from the hospital. JR changes the subject. He says this intervention isn't necessary. He's sorry for lashing out. BB says, "Aw shucks, it was the drugs talking. You just have to stop." JR tells Kate he's sorry, "Can you forgive me?" Kate says of course. She never really thought he was on dope, just that he was one. Kate hugs JR. Nicole says, "I can't believe this."

FF on JR and Kate hugging.


Shawn tells Belle he would never have returned her ring.

Julie asks Hope, "What did Billie do to trick Bo to go with her?"

Billie says, "I am Georgia's mother this is her father and we are here to see our daughter."

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

John the Junkie

John protests, he told them why he had the drug vial. They can call Lexi to confirm. Even if he needed help he wouldn't get it from BB, he doesn't trust him. Nicole tried to kill his granddad and Colin Murphy. BB's always going to take the word of this slut over his father. Kate asks him to submit to a drug test. "Oh, go to hell," says JR. "You can drop that holier than thou act Kate, I thought you were a classy babe, but you're just a whore too." BB tells JR to listen to himself. He owes Kate and Nicole an apology.

JR says even though this is his house, if they won't leave he will. "You can all go to hell" He smacks the cabinet with his cane on the way out. That'll show the cabinet.

Nicole says, "Well that went well."

JR staggers down the hall and into a room. He gimps over to the dresser. He gets out his handy dandy junkie kit. Come on JR jam it in your leg for us. He stands the syringe and bottle on the their ends. Oh the pain. He stares at the paraphernalia.

Patrick can't believe Billie told Bo about the trip to keep him informed. He tells hope Bo is with Billie because he chose to be.

Billie tells Bo the jet is refueled, he can leave whenever he wants. She knows this could be dangerous. She has to look for Georgia. Bo has to go take care of his family. After Billie walks away, Bo says, "I'm sorry fancy face, I have to do this."

Shawn says either Mimi gets Belle on the roof so he can talk to her or he will break into her place. Mimi agrees. She asks how Shawn will get up there with out them following. He will take the fire escape. He says he has a headache and leaves. Rex goes upstairs to change. Jan goes to get a drink. Mimi sneaks out.

UB and Belle sleep. Belle hears noises. She gets up and puts on her see-through robe. She goes downstairs and finds Mimi. Mimi just wanted to make sure she's OK. Belle is fine. UB and her have had sex before, but tonight was soooo special. Belle says she knows what Mimi is thinking. She wants Mimi to forget what happened in the bridal room before her wedding. Mimi says Shawn won't let it go. He's on the roof. Belle says she can't go up there on her wedding night. Phil would go ballistic. Mimi says if Belle doesn't go up, Shawn will come here and have another fight with Phil. Mimi tells Belle UB turned up the music so Belle wouldn't hear Shawn yelling for her. Belle says she can't go. Mimi asks if that's because she's afraid of how she will feel when she sees him.

Mimi returns. Rex comes in. Jan is going to check on Shawn. Mimi won't let her. Rex asks what's going on.

Phillip sleeps.

Shawn waits. Belle comes through the door, "What do you want?"

Patrick says he didn't mean to upset Hope. He was just being honest. Hope appreciates that. Bo promised he wouldn't leave and he broke his promise. Now he's promised to come home. She hopes that's true.

Bo says another couple hours won't make any difference. He's staying with Billie.

Toady calls Tony. He tells Tony what Billie and Bo are up to, "Yeah, I know what to do boss. They won't know what hit them."

Nicole says JR is strung out. She asks Kate, "He really got under your skin, didn't he?" Kate stares. BB asks, "Oh, Dad, what's it going to take?"

JR eyes the drugs. He stands before the small syringe and bottle. He staggers toward them. Now the small items tower over him. Oh, the metaphor. JR kicks into unprecedented Smell-the-Fart acting. Double scenes. JR plays druggie while BB says, "I have to get dad help before he kills himself."


Patrick says, "It was Bo's choice to go."

JR says, "Ask Kate why..."

Jan says, "Just wait until Rex finds out about the abortion." Rex walks up and says, "What's this about an abortion?"

Shawn says to Belle, "Before you go, just tell me you love me."

Monday, January 10, 2005

Jack Does the Laundry

Abby tells TeenSlut Jennifer is in love with Jack. TeenSlut says Patrick is in her dreams, "You like the way he feels out his jeans just as much as I do. I'm into doing. Like doing Patrick. I'll tell you all about it when it happens."

Jennifer says Jack is always on her mind. Patrick totally respects that. Jennifer is having back pain. Patrick thinks a massage will help. Jennifer objects. Patrick says it's either that or she has to have a doc check her out. He will be gentle. He has her take her jacket off. The girls come down and watch. TeenSlut tells Abby, "I told you, now do you believe me?"

Jack does the laundry. Hand scrubbing. Hand wringing. He stares off into space. We flash forward to Jennifer and him meeting. "No," says Jennifer, "I've imagined this so many times, but it can't be true." He caresses her face. "Oh Jack, you're not dead." He tells her, no, he's not dead. She says, "You're here?" He asks why she is looking at him like a ghost, "Didn't you get my message?" Jennifer cries, "Don't do this to me. This is all a dream and I'll wake up and you'll be dead." They argue about who's dream it is. She realizes it is him. They hug.

UB tells Belle Shawn was handcuffed and taken to jail. Belle thinks the music is too loud. He turned it up so they could hear it up here. He hands her a dishrag. He can't wait to see her in it.

Mimi is getting Shawn ice for his jaw. Rex asks Shawn about his arrest. Shawn says he's leaving to talk to Belle. Mimi and Rex think that is a bad idea.

JR says they are all on drugs, not him. He is in the kind of pain BB can't imagine and he is trying to tough it out. He asks where they got the idea he is on drugs. They say Nicole told them. "Ah," says JR, "Nicky K. Taking the word of some tramp instead of your father. She's trying to play you against me." BB tells JR not to get angry. JR says, "I'm angry because you're taking the word of some bitch who's trying to discredit me." Kate stares.

Jack fanaticizes about being home. Abby comes into the room. Jack hugs her. They crush jack junior, who is in her arms. Group hug.

The girls watch. TeenSlut says it isn't realistic Abby's father is coming home. TeenSlut says Jen is pretty but so old, "Look at her, so gross." They walk on in. Jen explains she tripped and fell and Patrick was "helping." TS asks to stay all night. She asks to use Jennifer's phone so she can call her mom. Jennifer tells her she can use the phone and says, "Oh, there is a message on it. Will you play it for me?" TS puts her finger on the button.

The message won't play. Sluto accidentally hit erase instead of play. Jennifer says, "If it was that important they'll call back."

Jack continues the fantasy. He's going to stay there forever. Back to the laundry. Jack stares, "Jennifer must've gotten my message by now. She knows I'm alive. And on my way home to my family."

Phillip lights a candle. He turns down the lights. Candles burn. The mood is right. Too bad he has to wait for Belle. She walks out in her gown. She notices his knuckles are bruised. He says he just scraped them. Champagne. "Here's to the rest of the Daze of Our Lives as husband and wife.

Rex says it's Belle and Shawn's wedding night, can't Shawn hear the music? Shawn says, "The whole town can hear the music." Rex tells him to accept Belle married Phillip. Shawn should leave them alone.

BB tells JR he loves him. He wouldn't be doing this if JR weren't desperate. Kate understands his pain. BB says he first didn't believe Nicole, but they have noticed changes in him. They just want to help. JR says, "If you want to take the word of this lying whore over mine, you can just get out." They object. He walks over and opens the door, "GET OUT!" FF on JR. Zoom in and FF on JR. Zoom and freeze again. Wow. A triple freeze-frame.


Shawn asks Mimi, "Did Belle want to call off the wedding with Phillip? Is she still in love with me?" Jan watches.

Belle mumbles to Phil in bed.

Patrick tells Hope, "Bo went on this trip with Billie because he wanted to. If you want to be mad at somebody be mad at Bo."

"Billie tells Bo, "You have a problem because I'm not going with you." Bo says, "You are the most stubborn, irrational..." Billie smirks at him.

Friday, January 07, 2005

Cap'n Nasty

BB confirms to Nicole and Kate he saw a hypo in John's briefcase.

BB says goodbye to the lovebirds, Phillip and Belle. JR wishes Belle happiness. Kate helps JR out, "Is it hot in here," he asks, "or is it the concoction of drugs swimming around in me?"

Mimi says she is going to support Belle always. Shawn is her friend too, and she isn't going to desert him.

Hope gets a call from Bo. Bo squirms. Hope is really, really peeved. She reminds Bo Patrick volunteered to go with Billie. Bo says Patrick isn't Georgia's father. She says this is the second time he's done this, "It's too late now. Something terrible happened tonight."

Jack rummages around a boat. Mr nasty-looking-guy catches him and asks what he is doing. Jack says he's inspecting the cargo. Nasty-guy asks for ID, "Show me some papers or I'm calling the police." Nasty-guy knows what Jack is up to, "You think you're the first guy who ever tried something like this?" Jack's fake mustache droops.

Toady isn't having any luck. He tells the clerk to call him if she sees anything suspicious. He has to go face the music with The Count.

Billie comes in. She goes to a computer. She looks up a phone number. She has the CD. I guess she burned it while none of us were looking. She asks the clerk if she knows anyone by this name. "Yes," the clerk says, "they are such a nice family. They have a teenage daughter."

Hope says if Bo would have been there this wouldn't have happened. Sure, Bo wouldn't have been in the wedding, he would have been outside, standing guard for flying motorcycles.

Mickey tells Shawn, "Out of jail doesn't mean out of trouble." Shawn says he understands. Mickey tells Shawn, "You need to clean up your act, and stay away from Belle and Phillip. Also, contact your insurance man about the motorcycle. Tell him the church darted out in front of you."

Mimi and Rex leave. "Alone at last," says Phillip. Belle is worried about her dad and brother, "BB misses Chloe and Dad misses Mom. He's in so much pain." Phil says this is why they have to appreciate what they have.

JR staggers in. He snaps at BB to leave him alone. BB goes through JR's coat and finds the handy-dandy-junkie-kit. He shows it to Kate and Nicole. They wonder where he got it. Kate says there have been drug thefts at the hospital. BB says, "I think we owe Nicole an apology." Kate says, "What I think is we have to do something about this."

Mr. Nasty rips Jack's mustache off. Jack does some fast talking. He asks to come on as a deck hand. There is one problem says the cap'n.

Cap'n Nasty says if he puts Jack on the payroll, there will be a paper trail. Jack says will work for nothing. Cap'n Nasty hands him the laundry. He can have that job, the last laundry guy left. Jack says he won't regret it. Cap'n Nasty leaves. Jack opens the laundry and smells it. Thai's what I always do, anytime I have a bag of old sour laundry that a bunch of grungy deck hands have worn, the first thing I do is open it up and take a big whiff. Whew! Jack reels. What did he expect, Estee Lauder? "If this is what it takes to get back to Jennifer and my family, so be it."

BB has to get JR into rehab. He picks up the phone to call Lexi.

Mimi says, "we can't turn our backs on Shawn."

"Fine," says Rex, "as long as he stays away from Belle and Phillip." They leave. Shawn comes up and knocks on Belle and Phillip's door. So much for "out of jail doesn't mean out of trouble." Phil answers the door, "Why aren't you in jail?"

Bo will be on the next plane. Hope shouldn't have to deal with this alone, "Leave the light on for me fancy face."

Billie asks about the family's teenage daughter, "exactly how old is she?" The clerk says she's about fifteen. Billie walks away and thinks this could be it. The clerk calls the family and says there is an American asking questions about them. They know what to do. Billie thinks she can find their daughter on her own. FF on Billie.


Phillip toasts Belle, "To all the rest of the Daze Of Our Lives as husband and wife."

Rex tells Shawn, "Accept it, Belle and Philip are married."

"GET OUT OF HERE," JR yells to everybody.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Knowledge Is Power

Billie flashes back to a time when cop Bo didn't call. She was worried sick about him. Poor ole Bo just can't win.

JR wants to know why Lexi wants to talk to her about the stolen drugs. They move to a more private place to talk as Sami watches.

Lexi says she hoped JR might look into the drug thefts privately. Sami eavesdrops and can't believe it. JR asks Abe if he is OK with JR doing an end-run around the police department. Abe is OK with it.

Shawn says it's not over yet. Jan tells Mimi if she loses Shawn because of her, Mimi and Rex are history.

Belle says Shawn would never drive drunk. Phillip says he was there and saw the report. He was hammered. He's just messing with Belle with all he has been saying. He got hammered and ruined their special day. But he can't ruin their love. "How could he do this," asks Belle.

Phillip says, "Because he's crazy. He's sick, and now we know why. I am not going to let him hurt you again. He will pay for what he did."

Kate calls the cops and tells them she has new info regarding Shawn.

Hope tells Jennifer she is wrong. Bo wouldn't go off with Billie without telling her. Shawn didn't get to the wedding in time. There is no future for Shawn and Belle, "My son is in terrible trouble. I can't fix it. I need Bo here with me."

Bo says it's not intentional that he makes his women nervous wrecks. Billie says it may not be intentional, but it seems to be unavoidable. We flash back to Bo's incident where he didn't call. He caves. He's sorry he didn't call. Billie will forgive Casanova by morning.

Jack is in a bar in a Cossack hat. Toady walks in. He tells someone one of the guys escaped. He hears Jack talking and walks up behind him, "Hey I had a feeling I'd find you here."

Sami sneaks around and listens. Abe says a private investigation can help keep it out of the headlines. JR will do it. He will keep it discrete. JR leaves "to get some air."

Lexi has to call Hope and give her the results of Shawn's test.

JR staggers around trying locked doors. I think he needs a cup of coffee. No, it's more serious than that. He needs Bawls. He fills the syringe and jams it in his leg. Sami watches, "You have always said knowledge is power, John, and this knowledge is going to make me very powerful."

"Where have you been," asks Toady. He's talking to Helge the waitress. He wants to know what time that apron comes off tonight. Tony calls, "Not yet, sir. The cops have the photo." Toady hangs up, "Sorry frauline duty calls."

Jack drops a quarter to call Jennifer. He leaves a message. He's alive and coming home.

Billie stares. Bo stares. The pilot tells them to buckle up for the landing. Bo needs to reach Hope. Billie says, "Good luck. If I know Hope you're going to need it."

Lexi calls Hope. Hope asks if Bo is there. No, Lexi can't believe Hope hasn't tracked him down. Lexi says Shawn was bombed. OMG says hope. She will be right there.

Lexi and Abe go for coffee.

The group talks. Shawn says he isn't leaving until he talks to Belle.

Kate pulls Mimi aside for an etiquette tip. She should not interfere in other peoples' business. Mimi doesn't mean to dis, but Belle and Shawn belong together. Kate says Belle has moved on. She and Phillip will live happily ever after.

Kate isn't going to let Shawn near Belle. Kate tells Rex to be careful around Shawn because he's plastered. Rex says he will talk to Mimi and she won't interfere.

Belle knows what Shawn did was wrong. Getting drunk and doing drugs -- it's not him. UB says it is since he's been around Jan. Belle wants to talk to Shawn. Phillip can be there if he wants but If he really loves her, he will get Shawn and let her talk to him.

The cops come to arrest Shawn. Shawn asks, "Do you know who my family is." "Yes," says the cop. "We refer to them as the Salem Psychos." The cops say they can do this easy or hard, it's up to Shawn. They cuff him. Kate smirks.

FF on Shawn the criminal.


Jack says, "I vould like zee room." He drops his stuff and we see his nazi-SS patch.

Teen-tramp-Georgia-wannabe says, "I'm going to make Patrick Lockhart fall in love with me."

Bo says, "I have to call and explain what happened." Billie says "OMG, Bo, you're bleeding."

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