Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Prevuze 'Fail Wail'

My apologies to those of you who don't use Twitter and don't have a clue about what that picture means. For those of you who do use Twitter... my sympathies. You see a similar picture all to often.

I'd like to write more, but life beckons. I Hope you all make it a great weekend and come back safe (no pun intended)* and sound on Monday for another rollicking adventure from Salem.

*Prevuze veterans understand on this blog that means "pun intended."

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Blow Out The Carbon

Bo sits in his living room. He leans forward and talks to his computer. Hey, it's one step up from talking to himself, "OK... I think you should draw a picture of a snowman." That must be a pretty talented computer, if you ask me.

We shift the scene behind him and look at his computer screen to find Caroline, Maggie and Ciara staring at him. Bo has to cut things short as Carly comes to the door. They share a few smoochies and Carly is all excited. She tells Bo she was able to have a civil conversation with Melanie, "She's ready. I'm gonna tell her I'm her mother."

Vivian sits in the Kiriakis den and reads a little Epicurus. Hope-a-curious stands in the doorway and listens as Vivian calls Melanie and leaves a message. Vivian gets off the phone and sees Hope, "Oh, I didn't hear you waft in." Hope asks why she is so wrapped up in Melanie's life.

Melanie arrives at the nurses' station where she and Maxine trade a few barbs. Maxine wonders why she is there. Melanie tells her about hurting her hand and says she is there for a follow-up with Dr. Manning. "Dr. Manning isn't here right now," says Maxine, "But..." And guess who walks up... It's good ole Nathan on duty.

Justin meets Stephanie at the pub, "May I join you?"

"Sure," says Stephanie, "But I won't be very good company."

"That goes without saying," says Justin, "But I sense it's something more than the fact that you're just your usual repulsive self."

"Wellll...," says Stephanie, "I think I'm in love. The problem is I don't think he loves me back."

Bo advises Carly to cool it. He thinks if Carly blabs it will make it that much easier for Vivian to find out the truth.

Vivian agrees she's wrapped up in Melanie's life. Hope wants to know why. "She completes Phillip and lights up the room," says Vivian.

"Exploding swamp gas lights up a room, too," says Hope, "But that's no reason to have it around."

Bo cradles Carly's face, "We will get through this together." Bo wants to come up with a way to stop Vivian.

Carly jumps in, "Would you like to hear my elaborate plan to bury Vivian alive?"

"Burying alive has been done," says Bo, "It's not very creative." That calls for face sucking.

Vivian says she wants to be a member of the family and so does Melanie so she's sticking with her. She starts bashing Carly and says if Carly hadn't killed Lawrence she would have left well enough alone.

Hope asks, "What would you have left alone Vivian?"

Caroline and Maggie leave the kitchen. Ciara turns to the computer, hits a button and watches the Bo-Carly couch shenanigans on the screen, "This is just like what I saw on the Internet with Uncle Phillip and Miss Melanie. Only a little more gross."

Justin counsels Stephanie, "If you love a guy and he doesn't want you back he's an idiot, which means you have dodged a bullet. He's not good enough for you and has terrible eyesight."

"What if he's just hung up on someone else," asks Stephanie.

"He's a jerk," says Justin.

"It's Nathan," says Stephanie, "and you know he's not a jerk."

"True," says Justin, "But that still leaves 'idiot' on the table. Did he tell you he's into someone else?"

"Poor choice of words," says Stephanie, "He said he was but is over it. I worry that he's lying to himself."

"I'd worry more that he's lying to you."

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Dr. Nathan moves in to examine Melanie. She reels back like she just sat on a hot griddle, "Don't touch me!"

Chad brings a folder into DA daddy's office. Apparently the big cheese DA forgot to bring it to work and Chad has served as his go-fer. Chad thanks him for letting him go to the (Product Placement Alert!) Olympics. Daddy is distracted. Chad starts to leave and Dad softens. He says he just gets jumpy before a trial, "I want you to have fun at the (Product Placement Alert!) Olympics. Have the time of your lives. Blow out the carbon."

"What the hell does that mean," asks Chad.

"Well," explains Daddy, "You know, in a car, over time a carburetor can become..."

"Dad," Chad interrupts, "Cars haven't had carburetors during my lifetime. Say something relevant."

"You'd have to be on another show to hear something relevant."

"You're being pretty easy on a guy with a record," says Chad"

"That was in the past," says Daddy, "And your problems were all Mia's fault."

"Right," says Chad, "I always suspected she somehow got herself pregnant."

Kinzie, T-Man and Gabi are at the Java Café chatting about the trip to Vancouver. Kinzie takes it upon herself to paint the picture for Gabi, "It's cold up there. Chad wants to be with you in front of the fire and warm you up even more." Mia sits at the next table with NuWill, listens and stews.

Vivian admits her original intention in coming to Salem was revenge. She suddenly remembers a hair appointment, "God forbid I keep Joshua waiting."

"You haven't changed one bit," says Hope, "But I'm still curious — where does Melanie fit in?"

Ciara gets an eye-full. And an ear-full. Carly rambles about her beautiful daughter Melanie as Bo turns his attention to other things. Carly also rambles about the problems Vivian is causing.

We break for commercial as things heat up. When we return we find the computer closed and Caroline and Maggie standing there. Caroline says, "Come on, Ciara, honey, we're going to go surprise Daddy."

"You can bet on that," says Ciara, "I think there might even be a little surprise waiting for you, too. Maggie watches as they leave.

Justin offers more advice, "I think you should open up with Nathan."

Please tell me he didn't say that. Censored links are so difficult.

Stephanie asks, "Is that what you and aunt Adrienne do?"

"Not anymore." In one of those all-too-common DOOL coincidences, Justin gets a call form the aforementioned Adrienne. Stephanie takes out her cell phone.

Chad has joined the gang at the Java Café. They talk about the (Product Placement Alert!) Olympics. Skating... Curling... Private naked Twister parties in the unchaperoned ski Lodge...

Mia continues to listen. She tells NuWill she has to go check on Maggie and runs out.

Now that Bo is completely worked up for action, Carly decides she has to go. Bo accompanies her to the door. They munch on each other as Carly opens it and says, "Love you."

Caroline and Ciara stand there soaking in the shock and awe.

Carly straightens herself up, "I was just leaving." Ciara rushes daddy.

"This is a surprise," says Bo.

Caroline ain' happy, "Apparently so." Ciara goes off to draw her picture. Ma stares.

NuWill arrives at Maggie's. He says he's there to check on Mia. Maggie drops the bomb, "Mia isn't here."

Mia comes into the DA's office. He growls, "What do you want?"

"I need to talk to you about something," says Mia.

Vivian is sitting in the Java Café. She calls to cancel her hair appointment and goes through a bride's magazine looking for wedding dresses that cause fatal conditions.

Nathan wonders why Melanie pulled her hand away when he started to examine her. He tells her to go see another doctor if she's going to be that sensitive and walks off. Melanie stares. Carly watches.

Hope is at the pub. She calls Henderson to see if Vivian is there and then bumps into Justin. He says he has a bit of news from Adrian, "She said you called to ask if our marriage was over. And you begged her to give me another chance. You are prolonging the agony."

"If you and I are going to get together, you'll discover I'm delaying the agony," says Hope. She avoids the confrontation and yanks him out the door saying she needs his help with something.

Bo looks in Caroline's eyes and sees the same thing a condemned man sees as he looks at the firing squad, "I know that look. Let me have it."

Caroline is all to happy to oblige, "Do you ever think about anybody but yourself?"

Nathan and Stephanie are at the park bench. She's stepped in a puddle, so Nathan takes her shoe of and performs a medical procedure. He's thinking of specializing in puddleology. Stephanie says she is glad he called and asked her to go for a walk because she was going to call him.

"Well," says Nathan, "We'll have plenty of time to talk. I put in for a break from the hospital. I'm going to Pine Valley." Stephanie — big surprise — says she has always wanted to go there. "I'll have a great time if you come with me," says Nathan.

"That's being a bit presumptuous," says Stephanie.

"No it's not," says Nathan, "I read it on a bathroom wall... 'For a great time, call Stephanie Johnson...'"

Melanie is with Carly. Carly examines her hand and they chat about the wedding, "It's not everyday you get to say 'till death to us part," says Carly, "Are you going to write your own vows?"

"I don't know if I can do it," says Melanie, "Not everyone accuses me of being deep."

"I can tell you are a person of substance," says Carly, "In fact I stepped in some of that substance when I was walking my dog this morning."

"Maybe I can write the vows," says Melanie.

"The important part is to make them meaningful," says Carly, "And the important part of the relationship is if you want to spend the rest of your life with Phillip." Melanie thinks she is stalling to keep her there. Carly asks about Nathan.

"That's none of your business," says Melanie, "Nathan and I had a thing and I think he still has feelings for me. I'm trying to be sensitive."

"Really sensitive," says Carly, "But if you have feelings for Nathan there is nothing wrong with that." And we thought there was no way anyone could make Melanie any more screwed up than she already is. I believe we have underestimated both Melanie and Carly in that regard.

Justin and Hope are at the Kiriakis mansion wondering how long Vivian will be gone. They wonder if they have enough time for another evidence hunt. Hope takes the opportunity to give Carly the hussy a few verbal shots and she apologizes for calling Adrian. Hope and just want each other to be happy.

Hope heads upstairs. Justin zones out, "The solution could be very simple Hope."

Caroline says she came off more intensely than she meant to, "I'm not in a position to throw stones."

"You don't have to remind me about that," says the bastard, "But you always say things like that before you drag out the big guns."

"OK," says Caroline, "Here they are... Ciara hearing that at the door when we got here..."

Bo is ready for that one, "Is that any different than her hearing what Hope says to Justin? Don't forget, Hope is the one who left me."

Caroline gives him both barrels, "So that lets you off the hook? Hope is wrong? Tell that to Ciara."

NuWill tries to phone Mia with no success. Maggie says, "Maybe she bumped into friends."

"She doesn't have any friends," says NuWill, "Since Grace she isn't the same person."

"You're no one to talk about someone not being the same person," says Maggie."

"I try to understand," says NuWill, "but... I saw my mom after Grace died and I see you now that Mickey is gone... you're still you... I'm not sure I still know who Mia is."

Mia says she is there to say thank you. The DA is clueless, "Chad told me you were out of his life."

Mia asks, "He didn't tell you about..."

"About what," growls the DA, "Why are you here?"

"Chad invited me to Vancouver," says the conniving little... uh... Mia, "I just wanted to say thank you."

Stephanie is stunned, "You want me to go away with you? I didn't see that coming."

Nathan backs off, "Too soon right?"

"No," says Stephanie, "I'm always ready to throw myself at anything in a pair of pants. I can't wait. When do we go?"

"Valentines day," says Nathan.

Stephanie grabs the cross hanging around her neck and holds it out toward him, "NO!"

Melanie thinks Carly is butting in again. Carly says she thinks she's onto something, though. She suggests Melanie just be a kid and be glad she's got two good looking guys in the palm of her hand, "If you get married everything is grown up and you could end up unhappy. Or if you're like me, Phillip could wind up with a butcher knife slicing his spleen."

Melanie asks, "Are you saying I should leave Phillip and give Nathan another chance?"

Vivian arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and finds Justin in the den. He attempts to stall her. Hope comes down the stairs carrying a bag and freezes on the steps when she hears them.

Back at the Java Café, Gabi gets the 12th cup of coffee for the gang. Mia finds NuWill and he asks why she never showed up at Maggie's. She fumbles for words and says she just walked for a little while. Will says he would have come with her.

Chad is behind the counter on the phone, "WHAT! But I already asked everybody!" He hangs up and comes over to the table with bad news, "You guys will not believe this. I have to cancel the trip." Fortunately, they are all so wired on coffee it kind of blunts the pain.

"I'll die," says Kinzie, "I've already told everyone I'm going. Even the people I hate."

"I'm getting the 'you act like a child crap' from my old man," says Chad.

Mia watches and smirks. Chad apologizes to the gang and Mia comes over to gloat, "It's not the end of the world you can (Product Placement Alert!) watch the Olympics on TV. It would be really great except it's on NBC."

The kids hurl in unison, "NBC... Eeeuuuwwwww."

Stephanie reminds Nathan Valentine's Day is when Phillip and Melanie are getting married. She suggests they can head for their little rendezvous after the wedding. Smoochies.

Hope watches as Justin stammers and tries to stall Vivian. He asks Vivian to talk to Victor because Victor isn't happy with him. Right," says Vivian, "He tends to get snarky when it comes to coveting thy neighbors wife, except when he's doing the coveting." Hope comes in and Vivian leaves.

Bo defends himself. He says he just can't talk to Hope about anything these days, but he really cares about Ciara. Caroline doesn't think this situation has anything to do with Carly.

Carly advises Melanie to slow down. Melanie insists she loves Phillip and can make him happy. She thinks he can make her happy too, "We'll be happy together for all the Days Of Our Lives... or a week, whichever is shorter." What with their new found mutual admiration, Melanie asks Carly to come to the wedding, "It'll be great... There hasn't been a shooting at a wedding in Salem since Lucas plugged EJ."

Gus meets Vivian at the pub. Vivian plans dastardly deeds for Melanie's wedding day.

Bo opens a drawer to get a crayon. "While you're in there," says Ciara, "get me a crayon, too." Bo finds a family picture in the drawer and poor Ciara asks, "Did you find what I need?"

"No, baby," says Bo, "Not yet." Oh, the symbolism!

Hope and Justin try to get into the mystery box. Hope finally gets it open and pulls out a note... then another. She reads and zones out, "Damn you, Brady. Damn you!"

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

A Card-Carrying Phony

Vivian joins Victor in the Kiriakis den, "I've had an epiphany!"

"What," growls Victor, "You've finally realized you're a thorn in my side? What is this big revelation of yours?"

"Well," snorts Vivian, "I don't want to get all thorny on you but I've figured out what to do with Carly."

Carly and Melanie are outside. Carly has given her diagnosis on Melanie's bashed and and cared for it as much as she can out there. She asks, "Can you keep a secret?"

Melanie gets snotty, "What is this junior high?"

"Obviously not," says Carly, "Or the writing would be better. It's time you knew the truth. Years ago, I had a daughter. It's a long story and in time I want you to know all of it. But for the time being it's enough for you to know... you are that child. You are my daughter."


Rafe walks through Sami's living room with his knapsack, "I'll get the rest of my stuff tomorrow." He opens the door and turns to leave. Sami calls out to him...

Brady rushes up to Roman at the police station and tells him he can't reach Arianna. He says he's worried the drug cartel king knows about her."

"How long have you been trying to reach her," says Roman.

"About five minutes," says Brady, "Listen, her life could be in danger, OK?"

Arianna finds the cell phone ringing in the DiMera foyer. She open the phone and holds it to her ear. Anna starts right in, "Willpower is out the window so bring those chocolates."

"Hello," says Arianna, "Do I know you?" Anna hangs up.

EJ walks out, "What are you doing?"

Carly asks to go someplace less public. Melanie invites her to Maggie's home, "This better be good."

"This is DOOL," says Carly, "It can't be."

Rafe turns back. Sami says, "I have something for you." She goes to a drawer and gets the St. Anne's medal Sister Teresa gave her, "I think it kept Sydney safe when I was carrying her. I think it still is. It just doesn't have much power over people being kidnapped. It gives me hope. So I'm going to abandon hope and give it to you."

Victor mocks, "What? You're going to tell me your plan? No more dithering? Be still my heart." Vivian says she's going back to plan A, eliminating Melanie. "She's my son's fiancée," gasps Victor.

"If I destroy her," says Vivian, "Not only do I hurt Carly but I also make all of Salem happy."

Carly and Melanie walk into Maggie's kitchen. They ignore the hidden microphones and video cameras. Carly stalls and ices Melanie's hand. She says it's not that easy for her to talk about, "...But many years ago I had a daughter."

Arianna says she thought the phone was hers. EJ lectures her for invading his privy-cy. Arianna shows him they have the same phone, "I've been thinking of upgrading but since everyone in Salem has the same phone I don't want to be different." EJ apologizes for being paranoid. Arianna thinks there is more, "Do yo have something to hide?"

Anna tells Sydney she thinks she made a huge mistake, "I Hope I didn't blow it."

Carly tells Melanie not many people in Salem know about her daughter. Melanie isn't surprised. "I know," says Carly, "You haven't had a good impression of me..."

Melanie gets sarcastic, "Really... a murdering adulteress... whats not to like?" Carly says she wants to explain things. Melanie asks, "Where is your daughter now?"

"Let's put it this way," says Carly, "She's not hard to find. A whole lot of people have seen a whole lot of her on the Internet lately."

Rafe says he can't take the medal. Sami begs. She softens, "We're bonded forever because of our love for Grace and Sydney. Please take it."

Rafe agrees, "I'm not gonna rest until I find Sydney." Translation: No rest for the dreary.

"And," says Rafe, "Maybe once I find Sydney things will be different for us."

"No," says Sami, "I'll still be as nutty as a Stucky's Pecan Log and you'll still have the personality of a wet dishrag."

Brady lectures Roman for not doing enough to find Sydney. Roman tells Brady he'll put a whole team on the Syd-napping if Brady wants to pay for it. OK, Roman, here's a tip. That's not a good argument to make when you're talking to a guy who has more money than God. Brady says he will be glad to, "If you can't do the job, I'm gonna find her myself." He walks out.

EJ says, "I'm not hiding anything. I'm just a little on edge. Nicole is in prison and I've been without the... uh.. benefit of female companionship lately."

"Not a big deal," says Arianna, "So... now that we're friends again I want to ask you a question. Who's Anna?"

Sami says she wishes she had gotten Sydney back before any of this happened. Rafe makes inferences, "You mean before I got involved in the ransom exchange. It's not going to do any good to argue."

"You're right," says Sami, "But you can bet your last nickel that we will. I thought I was doing the right thing." Here come the tears, "And I know you thought I was doing the right thing."

Rafe is stoic, "I gotta go." He walks out. OK, NOW come the tears.

EJ bobs and weaves and asks what Anna said. "She said to bring chocolates," says Arianna, "Then she hung up. What are you hiding from me?"

"The chocolates," says EJ, "Actually, Anna is the widow of my late brother, Tony."

"Not the same Tony they've erected the Tony DiMera Memorial Pallet to down at the pier?"

The very same."

"Anna said to come when it's safe," says Arianna, "Why would she say that?"

EJ doesn't think well on his feet... or sitting down. He hems and haws, "Well... um... She's in town for a few days looking after Tony's business and... She doesn't want my father to know."


"DAMMIT WOMAN, CAN YOU OPEN YOUR MOUTH WITHOUT ASKING A QUESTION? So, how long do you have. The fact is, she hates my father."

"I'm really sorry..."

"Why are you staring at me," asks EJ.

"I think there is more going on than you're telling me."

Vivian and Victor argue about Melanie. Victor doesn't buy that Vivian wasn't bonding with her, "You told me she reminded me of yourself — That's the ultimate compliment."

"She reminded me of the unpleasant side of myself."

Victor growls, "You're a card carrying phony. What changed your mind? Who got to you?"


Victor's eyes pop out, "Lawrence? The late Lawrence? Dead Lawrence?"

"Shhhh. He might be listening."

Victor goes hunting poltergeists. He pokes around the room looking under chairs and behind sofas, "Lawrence? Lawrence? I've got news for you. You're aunt's gone bonkers. She's out of her friggin' mind."

Melanie reminds Carly she's spending a lot of her free time with someone else's husband, "But I didn't get to have a mommy. Sometimes I wouldn't care if she were a monster if she were just around. Now I have Maggie. In fact, I have more moms than I know what to do with. Vivian and Kate have been in a weird competition. And don't say a word about Vivian." Carly decides to go. Melanie won't let her, "You dragged me here to tell me something and I want to know what it is."

Carly begins the tale, "After I gave birth I lost my daughter..."

Melanie has a case of cant-keep-her-mouth-shut-itis, "OMG! I know what this is about!"

Rafe comes into the cop-shop and finds Roman. Roman tells him there is no word on where Arianna is, and there is still not much info on whether she will go back to prison. He also says he knows things are rough between Rafe and Sami, "For what it's worth I would have done exactly what you did."

"I guess that's part of the reason you can't get women to come near you," says Rafe.

Sami — here's the news bulletin of the century — broods. Brady shows up. Sami gives him her imitation of Rafe... a blank stare. Brady says, "It looks like you were expecting someone else."

Melanie becomes as animated as a Disney cartoon character, as well as having about the same IQ, "It all makes sense — why you were hovering around here."

Carly misinterprets, "I wasn't sure what you would think."

"OMG," gasps Melanie, "Your daughter died! That's why you connected with Mia. Her daughter died, too. You should talk to her."

"Maybe I should," says Carly, "I'm getting a lot of experience talking to young clueless girls. Having a child taken away... there are just no words."

"Don't worry," says Melanie, "This is DOOL. Words are a dime a dozen. I'm sorry for how I acted. Can you forgive me?"


Victor continues his Ghostbuster act, "You hear that, Allemain? Your aunt's gone bonkers. Not that she had far to go."

I'm perfectly sane," protests Vivian. Victor says all bets are off and forbids Vivian to go anywhere near Melanie. Vivian decides to talk to him when he calms down. Victor says there will be no calming down, "You are not to lay a finger on Melanie Layton, is that clear?"

EJ wants Arianna to get her suspicions out in the open. She says when he said his father betrayed Tony, she could see the pain in his eyes because Stefano has done the thing to him.

"If he had told me the truth," says EJ, "this whole nightmare would never have started. Thanks for your kindness." Arianna decides to go. EJ asks her not to tell anyone Anna is in town or it would put him in a difficult position with his father. Arianna leaves.

Three... two... one...



Brady says he's at Sami's place looking for Rafe because he can't find Arianna.

"Let me get this straight," says Sami, "You can't find Arianna so you're looking for Rafe."


"And I thought I was the only one with just one oar in the water."

Sami tells him Rafe isn't there. Brady asks, "When will he be back?"

"He's not coming back."

Rafe tells Roman he moved out. Daddy is sorry to hear that, "Oh well, Sami hasn't been able to keep a man yet."

EJ calls Anna and rants. She rants back. EJ goes apoplectic, "You identified yourself to Rafe's sister!"

"Stop being mean," says Anna, "and tell me how we will fix this."

Snidley Whiplash twirls his mustache, "Don't worry about Arianna. I'll take care of her."

Sami flops on the couch. Brady asks, "Did you and Rafe have a fight?"

"Fights," says Sami, "Plural." She fills him in on the ransom notes and her belief that if Rafe hadn't brought in the FBI they would have Sydney back. Brady thinks she should put that aside and work together with him. Sami doesn't see how that's possible, "We betrayed each other's trust. How am I supposed to get over that?"

Carly brings on the tears, "It means so much to me that you would want to apologize."

Melanie tells Carly that Maggie and Daniel have been on her case about taking the high road, "Do you think about your daughter a lot?"


"Sometimes," says Melanie, "I hear Mia crying. I don't know what to say to her. Do you think about having other kids."

"I suppose I could have another kid," says Carly, "But at my age it would be like having my own grandchild. I do have a son — Nicolas. We're not getting along right now."

"Why does that not surprise me," asks Melanie, "But at least you're not alone now."

"Not any more," says Carly, "I have my sex-buddy Bo."

"People usually don't call it 'sex-buddy,'" says Melanie.

"I know," says Carly, "but this is a family-friendly blog."

Victor demands Vivian do what he says, "Stay away from my future daughter-in-law or you will answer to me."

"Whatever you want."

"Exactly," booms Victor, "Whatever I want. He leaves.

Vivian huffs and calls Gus. She tells him she wants to meet.

Arianna is with Brady. She tells him where she was, "I thanked EJ for saving my life."

Brady cautions her against getting involved with the DiMeras, "You remember Tony Soprano? He loved his daughter but was the worst criminal in the world."

"But he was a fictional character," says Arianna.

"So are we."

Out in the audience a long-time Days Of Our Lives addict, Gertrude Mindless from Parsippany, NJ, thinks about what she just heard, "DOOL characters... are FICTIONAL? NO! It can't be..." Medics rush her to the hospital and she survives, but just barely.

Arianna asks about Sami. Brady tells her about the breakup.

Carly says she came back to Salem because it's home to her. Melanie says it's home to her now that she has friends and Phillip. Carly asks about France. Melanie says she misses it sometimes, "On a shallow note, which is the only note I know, by the way, I miss the eclairs. Vivian and I were talking about French pastries... uh.. I have to be honest. I really don't like Vivian. She's... uh... sincerity challenged." Carly says she has to be going. She suggests Melanie have someone look at her hand. Melanie says she'll stop by tomorrow when Carly is on duty. Outside, Carly thinks things over and walks off.

Vivian meets up with Gus at the park bench, "I was freezing my derriere off out here."

Gus takes a peek, "Apparently you weren't here long."

She tells Gus they are still going after Melanie, but they have to be more discreet, "Accidents happen and Carly will be there to see it."

Sami tries on the ball cap that Rafe gave her. She lies down and stares.

EJ finds Rafe in front of the pub. He asks about the backpack, "You didn't move out did you?"

"I'm in a rush, EJ."

"I'm sorry," lies EJ, "I know she cares a lot for you. It must be quite a blow... to both of you."

"I said I'm in a rush," says Rafe, "See you around." He walks off. EJ stares.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I'm Thinking Of Checking Into A Rubber Room

Sami putters around her apartment — and broods. She flashes back to one of her thousands of arguments with Rafe — and broods. A knock snaps her out of her stupor. She looks toward the door, "Rafe?"

Maggie contemplates the bottle. She paces. She contemplates. Pace. Contemplate. She picks up a glass and approaches the satanic brew.

Nathan and Stephanie are chirping outside the pub. Chirping and smooching. Melanie calls Stephanie. Nathan makes a face. Note: You'll have to plan to tune in and watch this episode. I simply can't keep up with all the frenetic action.

Chloe is working at the nurses' station. Daniel walks up and cops a feel. They chirp, too. Chirp and grope. Daniel asks her to go on break. Chloe agrees. She leaves and Carly walks up. "We need to talk now, says Daniel.

Sami swings the door open to find Arianna. She asks if Rafe is there.


"Do you know when he will be back?"

"Probably never."

Rafe stands in the rumpus room, gets off the phone and rants because there is no news. EJ walks in and Rafe wonders if he has any news. Nope. EJ asks about the argument Rafe had with Sami, "I think I might be able to help."

Arianna says she hasn't seen Rafe since her adventure at the police station. That gets Sami interested. She asks what that's all about but Arianna is evasive. She says Rafe saved her last night. "I wish I could say the same for Sydney," whines Sami.

EJ says, "I understand Samantha better than you do... in this area anyway... I feel Sydney's loss. I know you do to, but not as a parent. I understand where you're coming from. You are using your FBI training. Intellectually, Rafe, that makes sense, but emotionally... it is when the trail runs cold. In my head I think it's unfair I blame you but in my heart you are the reason I don't have my daughter. And Samantha and I will never change our minds about that."

Rafe is stunned, "That's the first time anyone ever used my name and 'intellectually' in the same sentence."

Stephanie hangs up. She says she thinks Melanie deserves to know they are dating, "Are you open to letting her know that?"

CENSORED. Nathan smooches and leaves. Stephanie stares.

Really, guys, if you want just to skim on through, I'll give you a red-alert if anything happens in this episode. I'm out of red ink, but I doubt that will matter.

Carly tells Daniel she shouldn't have lost her cool in public with Vivian at the Java Café. Daniel thinks Melanie will see right through Vivian, but Carly disagrees, "Why did that woman come back to Salem?"

"I don't know," says Daniel, "People usually don't let things like avenging a brutal murder bother them."

Daniel and Carly reminisce about the good times and Daniel's former wife Rebecca. "I will miss her for all the Days Of Our Lives," says Daniel, "but I think she would be happy for me. I'm a lucky man to have a full-figured woman like Chloe in my life."

Carly asks, "When are you getting married? I'll bet you can't wait to have a family... oh, I shouldn't have said something like that. That was pre-mature."

"No," says Daniel, "There was nothing mature about it. We haven't set a date. And hopefully we will have a family eventually."

Rafe says he don' need no stinkin' EJ to tell him how Sami feels. He leaves.

Anna calls EJ, "I was just calling to check on how things are going."

EJ props his feet up and leans back, "Things are going great!"

Sami gives Arianna the third degree, "You were going to prison? Why? Does my dad know?"

Arianna hems and haws, "Can't Rafe tell you."

AHA! Sami sees ammunition to use against him and digs for more, "No — why don't you tell me why he is keeping a secret from me?"

EJ tells Anna the FBI found nothing on the notes. She asks about Sami. EJ chuckles, "She is absolutely miserable."

Rafe arrives at Sami's place. Arianna decides this would be a good time to get outta Dodge. She thanks Rafe for last night and scoots. Sami aims her verbal Howitzer at Rafe, "SO! It turns out your sister is running drugs out of the pub! AND YOU KEPT THAT SECRET FROM ME?"

"I didn't learn about it until recently," says Rafe, "It wasn't my place to tell you since she was undercover."

Little details like that don't bother Sami when she smells wounded prey, "So you get to keep secrets but I don't? If I hadn't told you my secret I would have my daughter back!"

Melanie and Stephanie are inside the pub together. Melanie rambles about all the problems she's having with the wedding. Stephanie says, "You must be going out of your mind."

"I'm thinking of checking into a rubber room," says Melanie, "but I don't want to put off the wedding." Stephanie tells her not to feel awkward about her former relationship with Phillip. Melanie asks how her life is going, "Nathan... anything new with him?"

Stephanie says, "Actually, yes. CENSORED."

Nathan arrives at Maggie's place. He finds the kitchen empty. He also finds the bottle of scotch open and empty. Nathan thinks the unthinkable as Maggie comes in and looks guilty. We wait for the appropriate pregnant pause to pass, "No, Nathan, I didn't drink the bottle of scotch."

"Of course you didn't," says Nathan, "I was stupid for worrying."

"It doesn't take worry to bring out the stupidity in you," says Maggie, "But I had a battle with myself. I had the feeling I should have gone up earlier to check on Mickey. Maybe I could have saved him. Blada-wah-wah. My life is off track and I wonder if I could have changed things and keep blaming myself. Wada-blah-blah."

Stephanie gets a text and says she has to go to work. Melanie asks her to congratulate Nathan for winning the Dr. Tom Horton Golden Bedpan Award.

"I will," stammers Stephanie, "Uh Melanie... good luck with your wedding."

Daniel comes in as Stephanie walks out. He finds Melanie, "How are you doing?"

"After Carly ruined my wedding dress," asks Melanie, "I guess I'm OK. The dress can be fixed but Carly can't. Can you explain why she is such a crazy person?"

"I really can't," says Daniel, "But state-of-the-art medicine shows craziness is hereditary, especially from mother to daughter."

Sydney babbles on the phone. Anna takes the phone back and asks, "Did you get all that."

"Yes," says EJ, "I've been around Samantha enough that I'm completely fluent in babble. I'll be stopping by in a while and I'm bringing you a big box of chocolates."

"Oh, no," says Anna, "Please stop by, but forget the chocolates. I'm on a diet."

The doorbell rings as EJ hangs up. He answers it to find Arianna standing there.

Sami wonders if they will ever get Sydney back, "Rafe, I love you, but... I can't do this."

Daniel insists Carly isn't crazy. He lectures the young impetuous brat about manners and reminds her Dr. Manning is a trained physician who saves lives. Lawrence's ghost appears, "Not always."

Melanie stops his rambling, "OK. OK. Don't bite my head off."

The audience chants, "BITE! BITE! BITE!"

Melanie tells him she has had words with Carly before the incident at the Java Café. Daniel gets off the 'Dr. Manning Train' and jumps over to her pending marriage, "I have seen you interacting with a certain someone at the hospital. Are you sure getting married is what you want to do?"

Melanie doth protest too much, "Yes. We're getting married. And who asked you, anyway?" She clams down and stands up to leave, "I know what I'm doing."

"There's a first time for everything," says Daniel.

Chloe stares through the blinds at a kid. She and Carly talk about children. Chloe says she wishes she could give Daniel a beautiful daughter like the one they are watching, "But that might be something I'm not able to do. I don't know if Daniel... Look, don't tell Daniel we had this conversation. I'm going to find a way to make it happen. I have to."

Maggie says she's headed over to thank Mrs. Hopkins for the food she brought over. She tells Nathan she's laid out some of Mickey's things upstairs, "I want you to have them." Hugs and tears. Melanie watches as Nathan tells her to stop blaming herself. Maggie leaves.

Melanie comes in and tells him he's a wonderful person. In this case it doesn't take one to know one.

EJ invites Arianna in. She puts her purse on a table in the foyer as they walk into the rumpus room. We pan in on her purse sitting beside a cell phone. If Zack Greinke telegraphed his pitches like the DOOL writers telegraph the plotlines, his ERA would be in the hundreds. Arianna thanks EJ for saving her life. She also comes clean about her undercover operation. EJ is just delighted, "You cracked the drug cartel!"

"No," says Arianna, "The big guy is still out there. I'm worried about that."

"Yes," agrees EJ, "I would be."

Rafe says he's going to have his second in command take over Sydney's case. Apparently, he's gone from being a disgraced and fired failure to a big cheese overnight.

"I wasn't talking about who was in charge of Sydney's case," cries Sami.

"Neither was I," says Rafe, "I guess I should pack my stuff, then." Sami's lip quivers.

Nathan tells Melanie there is nothing to talk about and goes upstairs. Melanie has a fit and storms out.

Chloe arrives at the pub and finds Daniel. She apologizes for being late. Daniel senses something is troubling her, "You'd let me know if something was wrong right?"

"Yeah," says Chloe, "In fact, I have to tell you something."

Melanie wanders outside and remembers kissing Nathan, She beats herself up, "What are you doing? You're getting married!" She slams her hand into a railing and reels back in pain.

The audience cheers.

Of course it's Dr. Mommy to the rescue. Carly sees her writhing in pain and asks to look at the hand.

Arianna insists she can take care of herself. She thanks EJ for his concern.

Sami is devastated, "You're moving out?" Rafe doesn't answer. He goes into the next room. Sami Sami breaks down. The Salem water shortage is over.

Chloe sees an envelope Daniel has put on the table. He tells her to open it. Chloe looks inside and jumps for joy, "OMG! The Opera! In Chicago! The Dogga Who-a Ate-a My Homework-a! . How did you get these? I tired but they've been sold out for months!"

Daniel beams, "You obviously don't understand how amazing I am..." A lead balloon crashes. Daniel wipes the smile off his face, "That was a joke."

"You coulda fooled me," says Chloe, "It must've been written by a DOOL writer. But you really are amazing."

Daniel still thinks something is bothering her and vows they will handle it, whatever it may be, "Remember, I slay dragons."

"Right," agrees Chloe, "Miracles do happen."

Morose Maggie returns home. She picks up the picture of her and Mickey and broods, "Oh my love... I don't know what I'm gonna do without you."

Stephanie finds Nathan at the hospital. They both say they talked to Melanie, but neither told her about their relationship. "She's bound to find out," says Nathan.

"Maybe not," says Stephanie.

Carly begs Melanie to let her look at her hand. Melanie caves in. Carly examines and Melanie settles down. "Where does it hurt," asks Dr. Manning.

Melanie gives the medical description, "The fourth metatarsal behind the anterior fibula."

"Oooo," says Dr. Mommy, "Smart girl. Nothing is broken, but you have a bone bruise. That'll be $450."

"I don't understand," whines Melanie, "I've never been nice to you but you're kind and compassionate to me. Except for a couple of coffee-flinging incidents about which we will not speak."

"I'm a doctor," says Carly, "I'm supposed to be kind and compassionate, except to the people I murder."

"There is more to it than that," says Melanie, "Tell me why."

Stephanie says she thinks they can keep things a secret until Phillip and Melanie are married, "And then they're going on an extended honeymoon." Nathan leaves.

Carly asks, "Can you keep a secret?"

Sami Brady has never seen an emotion she couldn't embrace. She spirals into the black hole of blubbering. Rafe walks through the room carrying his knapsack.

EJ shows Arianna pictures of Sydney. The butler announces a call from Berlin. EJ hands Arianna the album and leaves. Arianna hears a phone ringing out in the foyer. She goes out, finds it sitting beside her purse and picks it up. For the first time in her life, she answers a phone without saying, "Hello."

"Willpower is out the window, EJ," says Anna, "Bring the chocolates."

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Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Hope meets Justin at the pub. He sees the evil Dr. Carly Manning sitting at the bar and suggests going someplace else. Hope refuses, "This is my (former) family's pub. We eat free here."

Maggie comes into the kitchen and sees the ruined wedding dress. She asks Melanie, "What happened?"

"Carly Manning happened."

Vivian sits in the den with Victor thinking out loud and coming up with a laundry list of way she can torture Carly. Victor tells her to shut up and take action. He says he's not interested in Lawrence; he just wants to get Carly out of Bo's life.

Rafe sits in the cop shop and computes, "DUKE NUKEM FOREVER!"

Bo asks him about the kidnapping and he suggests Bo look and see if he missed anything. Bo looks at the screen, "All I see is a picture of Anna DiMera carting off Sydney, a map to the place where she's hiding and a picture of her, EJ and Sydney together at the hideout. Nope. I don't think you missed a thing. There is nothing here. Go home. Be with Sami."

Rafe pouts, "I don't think Sami wants to see me any more."

EJ calls Anna. She tells him Sydney is doing fine and has no fever, "But she has been asking for her Da-Da." He hangs up and Sami shows up.

Sami's in one of her funks, "Remember when you said you didn't remember what Grace looked like. It's happening to me. I can't remember what Sydney looks like. I'm scared I'm going to lose her."

Maggie cleans the soiled wedding dress, "Carbolic acid works wonders." Melanie tells her what happened at the Java Café. Maggie scolds her for being mean to Carly, "I'm sure you regret what you said."

"I don't," says Melanie, "Carly just presses all my buttons." Maggie says she doesn't like Melanie being rude. She suggests she take the high road. Melanie vows to be polite and tolerant, "When I can."

Rafe tells Bo Sami blames him for Sydney's predicament and is leaning on EJ more and more. Bo thinks that's a bad idea after what the DiMeras have done to people.

Sami rants that all her decisions are wrong. EJ is supportive and reminds her she did these things for her daughter. Sami continues to beat herself up. She tells EJ he's a great father and knows he would do anything for Sydney, "And I lied to you about her."

There is a knock at the door as Maggie and Melanie chat. Maggie answers. Earl the delivery guy stands there with a couple boxes. He hauls them in and sets them on the table. Maggie asks if Earl knows what it all is. "It's stuff from a Mr. Mickey Horton's office. The staff cleared it out so they can rent it out."

"But Mickey owned the firm," says Maggie, "And that means I now own it. How can they decide to rent the place out?"

"There has been a coup."
Earl leaves. Maggie, falls apart.

Victor tells Vivian she can't rub out Melanie. The audience boos. "Get rid of Carly and do it soon. No fingerprints. At least not mine."

Carly walks past Hope and Justin and leaves the pub. Justin says, "At least she had the decency to leave. Carly has changed. I hope Bo realizes what he's letting himself in for."

Rafe vows to bring Sydney home as a cop brings the forensics report to him. He leafs through it as Bo watches. Rafe turns red in the face and his brain cell explodes, "That SOB!" He storms out.

EJ shows Sami pictures of Sydney. Sami frets, "I'm worried that Sydney will be scarred for life."

"With you as her mother," says EJ, "You can count on it."

Maggie and Melanie go through the boxes. Every piece of junk is a memory.

Justin gets a call. It turns out to be a small emergency, so he and Hope have to break it up.

Carly is at the pier. Bo calls her and asks to meet at the pub. She suggests the Java Café instead since the pub is tainted with the presence of evil people. Carly hangs up and a mystery person appears.

EJ swears he knows Sydney is safe, "My network goes to places the FBI doesn't even know about. I will find her. I promise."

Sami buys it lock, stock and barrel, "There is one thing I know about you, EJ. you keep your promises."

Maggie reads a card from the Mickster, "Red, if I've figured things right we're in the Aegean Sea off the island of Crete having the time of our lives." She looks at Melanie, "He wanted me to open this on our anniversary..."

"That's right," remembers Melanie, "Your anniversary was on Valentine's Day."

"Yes," says Maggie, "That saved Mickey the trouble of having to shop for two presents." She reads on, "Let's have the happiest Valentine's Day ever." Maggie opens the heart-shaped box and finds tickets for the ballet. She suggests Melanie go instead of her.

Carly watches as Vivian descends the stairs at the pier and asks, "What are you doing here?"

Vivian asks, "What do you think, you disgusting whore? It's time to bury you again. This time I'm not going to bury you alive." Vivian attacks...


Fantasy over. Vivian bustles around the den and worries about her headache. She takes a compress and soothes her brow as someone places a hand on her shoulder.

Now we find Hope on the uncommonly busy pier with Carly, "We need to talk. This isn't a game. You hurt my husband you will answer to me."

Rafe busts into the rumpus room and finds Sami and EJ sharing their Kodak moments. He says he just got the lab results back, "There is one person's DNA and fingerprints all over them — EJ."

We pan up from the hand on Vivian's shoulder to find Lawrence, "Hello aunt Vivian." Vivian hugs him. He tells her this isn't a dream, "It's a warning about Carly." He asks if she loves him. Of course she does. "Then forget about Carly," he orders.

Carly rambles about how much Hope has hurt Bo and wonders why she is worried about Bo getting hurt. "Bo has no idea who you have become," says Hope, "You are a cold-blooded killer."

"You left Bo and you don't have a say," insists Carly.

Hope sneers, "I have a say in Ciara's life and will protect her."

Carly reminds her she had a small part in raising Shawn. At least the two mortal enemies share something in common. The great failure that is Shawn Douglas Brady.

Of course, Bo stumbles onto the scene, "What's going on here?"

EJ says the fact his prints are on the ransom notes is not unusual. Rafe lectures him for smearing his cooties all over the notes and preventing a proper analysis.

Sami drops into panic mode, "What can we do?"

"We can pray," says Reverend Rafe.

"Histrionics are more effective," says Sami.

Lawrence says the last thing he wants is to see Carly dead, "Look at me. If this is dead... not so bad. Where is the suffering in that? OK, I'm not in heaven, so Carly will be joining me. Hell on earth. That's what She deserves. Make her suffer, Auntie."

We're back at the pier. This isn't the three-way Bo has always dreamed of. We share several uncomfortable moments in deodorant-failure limbo. Hope finally speaks up, "Carly, I know you were (say it with her) there for Shawn; too bad you didn't make it official. you could have had Bo then but you chose money and Lawrence over love."

That does it. Bo 'n ho leave.

Hope stands alone and stares. She breaks the unbearable silence, "And I have nothing."

Sami blows her fragile stack, "PRAYER? PRAYER? That's all you can come up with?"

God steps in, "Yes. I am quite aware you are unfamiliar with the concept."

EJ jumps in before Sami hits critical mass and says he had his people analyze the notes and they found nothing, "The FBI may be at a loss but my people are working and will find Sydney." He leaves to avoid the fallout.

Rafe says, "The FBI won't give up either."

Sami achieves the aforementioned critical mass, "WHAT CAN YOU DO? NOTHING!"

Carly and Bo arrive at Bo and Hope's house. Carly tells him Hope is the least of her worries.

Lawrence says he thinks destroying Carly's bastard daughter is a good idea. He tells Vivian to forget Victor, "Do you want that classless, shallow girl flouncing around this house? Please give me the justice I deserve. Take Carly's daughter away from her forever."

Maggie has decided to give the ballet tickets to the hospital charity to sell at an inflated price and provide the hospital with yet another source of funds for much-needed money to pour down the drain. Melanie thinks Maggie is amazing for being so selfless in her time of sorrow. Maggie sends her to the shelter with other things. Melanie leaves and Maggie looks at a box of Christmas gifts. She rummages and finds a... dumb-da-dumb-dumb... bottle of champagne.

Rafe tells Sami there will be more clues and information. Sami is skeptical. She asks why he didn't come home last night. Rafe tells her he was working at the police station. She says that reminds her of how he disappeared before and thought it was happening again.

"Well, it looked like you didn't need me this morning," says Mr. Tact, "What were you two looking at — baby pictures?"


Anna is on the phone with EJ, who is out in the foyer. In spite of the distance and the closed door, the SamiRaferuption comes through loud and clear. Anna wonders what the argument is all about, "It sounds like Armageddon."

Maggie staggers to the sink with the champagne with the intention of pouring it down the drain. She stalls and contemplates. She takes a glass. More contemplation.

Vivian decides Melanie is expendable. "Once she is gone Phillip will find some other unworthy slut to play with," says Lawrence. Vivian is convinced. Melanie must die. Lawrence leaves. The audience cheers.

Hope makes a call, "I need to talk to you."

Carly wonders if all this would be happening if she told Hope and Justin why she really came back to Salem. Bo is pensive. Carly asks, "Are you thinking about Hope?"

"I'm thinking about your tight sweater," says Bo, "I'm right where I want to be." He moves in on the tight sweater.

Sami and Rafe scream at each other. EJ tells Anna, "I don't know about Armageddon but somebody's world is coming to an end." Anna wants to know when she gets her five million. EJ says things are progressing. He hangs up.

Sami and Rafe ramp up the smackdown of the small minds. Sami screams, "If it had been any other FBI agent in that safehouse there wouldn't have been any secrets!"

Rafe asks, "Are you saying you wish you had never met me?"

Sami bawls, "Rafe, I just want her back. You keep telling me it's going to happen but it hasn't."

Rafe says, "But EJ also keeps telling you it will happen and it hasn't."

That does it. Sami makes a bull in a china shop look like a sleeping puppy as she stomps out of the room, huffs past EJ and storms out the front door. EJ walks into the rumpus room. Rafe stares.

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Payback's A Bitch

We open up in Bo and Hope's living room. Carly brings hors o'dourves of some kind to Phillip and Melanie. Phillip goes in to check on Bo in the kitchen while Carly and Melanie share a somewhat uncomfortable moment. Carly wonders if she should have pushed this dinner party. "It's a little weird but it's not bad," says Melanie, "You're my mom and you're in my life and that's good, right?"

"You have no idea what that meas to me," says Carly, "I have never been this happy."

Vivian walks in the front door holding a pistol with a silencer on it.


Melanie hits the floor with blood seeping out her back. The cheering audience nearly drowns out the remainder of the dialogue. Carly whimpers, "No."

Vivian sneers, "Payback's a bitch!" If that's true, I guess I should say... Payback stares at Payback. Carly runs to Melanie's aid.

A knock at the door wakes Carly and ends her nightmare. She gets up and finds Justin at the door, "Bo isn't here."

"I didn't come to see Bo," says Justin, "I came to talk to you." And we can rest assured that they will talk until WE are blue in the face.

Phillip joins Victor in the den. Phillip says he wants to talk about Vivian, "Are you in love with her." Victor chokes and spews his drink across the room.

Vivian stands in Maggie's kitchen and she is on the phone with Gus. He tells her they got the date of birth, "It's the same as Melanie's. She's Dr. Manning's daughter."

Melanie walks in and overhears, "Who are you talking to about me?"

Sami picks thins up in her apartment and — here's the breaking news of the century — broods. She flashes back to her argument with Rafe. Rafe returns. Cold stares ensue.

Stefano discovers the medicine bottle as EJ walks in. Stefano holds it up like it's the Statue of Libery's torch, "What are you doing with a medicine bottle for an infant?"

Vivian stammers and says she is planning a surprise.

"Then why do you look so freaked out," asks Melanie. Vivian immediately changes the subject, says it looks like Melanie's necklace is coming loose and steps behind her to inspect it.

Roman tells Arianna she has to go back to prison tonight. Brady wonders if there isn't something they can do. Roman says it's out of his hands. Brady turns to Arianna, "In that case, how about we run to the back room for your first conjugal visit?"

Rafe says he came by to tell Sami there is no news about Sydney. Sami says she feels terrible about what she said. "It's the truth," says Rafe, "Sydney isn't my kid."

"Maybe not," says Sami, "But you've (say it with her) been there for me and I wouldn't even know she was my daughter if it weren't for you. I lashed out at you when you've (say it with her) been there for me and I'm sorry."

"I think you just told me what is in your heart," says Rafe, "I can't make decisions.. you don't trust me."

"I trust you with my whole heart."

"I think deep down you really don't," says Rafe.

Brady uncorks and lets Roman have both barrels. Roman whoas him up and tells him to back off, "I get that you are mad but this situation could get worse for both of you."

Arianna asks where she is going. Roman grunts, "Statesville."

"I'm gonna be locked up with Nicole," whines Arianna, "At least she can introduce me to her new friends."

Sami sobs at Rafe, "I trust you with my life. I trust you with my kids' lives."

Rafe drones, "But you didn't. Not this time. Not with the ransom note."

"I was scared," whines Sami.

Rafe shoves the knife in deeper and twists it, "Those ransom letters were the best shot the FBI had at getting Sydney. If you had told me we might have her back now. You trust EJ more than me."

Sami turns on the waterworks, "I hear you — if we don't get Sydney back it's my fault."

Gabi shows up at the door and interrupts the festivities, "Rafe I really have to talk to you." Sami invites her in and goes to a back room so they can have some privacy.

Gabi chokes it out, "Arianna... that creepy guy Troy attacked her and she's going back to prison tonight."

Rafe's brain cell goes into action, "Oh, no, she's not." They run out.

Sami comes out and finds the room empty, "Oh, great." She huffs, grabs her coat and runs out the door.

EJ stammers around and claims Stefano is making a mountain out of a molehill.

"This is no molehill," insists Stefano, "This is about Sydney, isn't it?" You know where she is."

"If I knew," lies EJ, "I would be with her and not with you."

Stefano asks, "What the hell is going on?"

EJ says, "That bottle is none of your business."

"I'm afraid you are very wrong about that, Elvis."

Melanie thinks Vivian is acting weird. Vivian says she has something to tell her, "I know I'm calm on the outside but I'm a little emotional. There is a maelstrom inside me." She imagines killing Carly.

Melanie wrinkles her brow, "You look like you want to kill."

"Not you," says Vivian.

"Well, that's good to know."

Justin tells Carly this situation isn't right. Carly reminds him she doesn't live there. Justin says it doesn't matter where she lives, but the fact is she has moved back into Bo's life.

"There was a vacancy," says Carly.

"You came back here to bag Bo and everyone knows that," says Justin, "Most mistresses try at least to cover things up out of respect for the wife."

Carly gets sarcastic, "I didn't know I was talking to the moral police."

"This is about decency," says Justin, "Couldn't you have kept a lid on it?"

"Hope figured it out."

"Because you were at Maggie's house," shouts Justin, "You knew everyone would be there."

"I didn't know Hope would be there."

Carly flashes back to Melanie saying her parents are dead. Justin wants to know why she went to Maggie's house. Carly says it was to offer her condolences.

Justin is skeptical, "I can imagine how bad Lawrence was, but I think living with you had something to do with it."


Phillip helps Victor to a chair as Vic chokes and sputters. Phillip offers to call the doctor. Victor has a laughing fit, "What — do you think I'm walking around with a tinfoil hat on my head? Right... we are in love. In Vivian land, that is, which is way over the rainbow.

"Well," says Phillip, "Melanie said Vivian told her you and her were going to accompany us on our honeymoon."

Victor chuckles, "Think of the bridge games we can have." Phillip has lost his sense of humor. Victor settles down, "I will make it clear to Vivian that we will not be going with you, but she'll be disappointed. Melanie I mean."

Phillip doesn't think that's funny, either. "Lighten up," chortles Victor, "You're getting married. You don't have to worry about Vivian. Having to worry about Melanie is a different story, however."

Justin reels. He shakes his head and puts a hand to his cheek where Carly walloped him, "Well you've at least kept in shape." Carly rants. Justin figures maybe dealing with Lawrence has changed Carly. She spews sarcasm and says she wishes she could be as noble and selfless as Justin, "That county I was in had moral police but the one sin that didn't bother them was hypocrisy. That is the one sin I can't stand."

"That doesn't surprise me," says Justin, "Obviously adultery wasn't the one sin you couldn't stand."

Carly thinks he's being just a bit holier-than-thou, "You were just coiled up in a corner waiting to comfort Hope. Adrienne must be so proud that she married such a decent, caring jerk."

Arianna wonders how it will feel for Brady to have two girlfriends in Statesville. Before Brady can answer, SuperRafe walks in to stave the day.

EJ and Stefano argue. EJ says he no longer trusts Stefano. Stefano says he thinks EJ should, "If you don't cooperate I'll go to Roman and tell him about the medicine." EJ claims the meds are Johnny's. Stefano doesn't believe him. Suddenly, about forty people walk into the room. Oops. Check that, it's just Sami with all of her personalities.

Maggie is in the kitchen with Melanie. Melanie has had a rare thought, "Women are complicated."

"You've been reading the Guy Manual again, haven't you," asks Maggie, "Imagine saying that after talking to Vivian."

"She said she was here to see you, but I think she was here to see me," says Melanie.

"Kate did the same thing to me," says Maggie.

"I guess that's better than trying to poison somebody," says Melanie, "I don't know what Kate is doing but Phillip loves her even though he wishes she didn't." Maggie advises her not to try to fix things for Kate and Phillip. Melanie vows not to. She also says she can't figure out what Vivian is up to.

Gus and Vivian are at the dock. Gus shows her the records on Melanie. "Fate can be so cruel," says Vivian, "I thought Carly's daughter would be someone I would enjoy eliminating. I remember burying her. It was so... satisfying."

"This isn't the time to relive the past, Madame."

"Right," says Vivian, "I have to think of Lawrence and be strong. Melanie is just a pawn and pawns are meant to be sacrificed."

Justin reminds Carly he hasn't acted* on his feelings for Hope. Then he lectures her for acting* on her feelings.

*Webster's lists several definitions for the verb "to act." Even in light of that, the dictionary apparently needs to be updated and expanded to include monkey sex among those definitions.

"Your feelings for Bo aren't real," says Justin, "Hope's are."

Oops. He played right into Carly's hand, "So real she left the house?" Justin gives her a parting shot and starts to leave.

Brady asks Roman if there isn't something he can do. Roman tells him not to use his Kiriakis connections. Brady goes over and tells Arianna this isn't right. He tells her he's going to call Victor. Arianna doesn't want him to.

Rafe storms past Roman, "This isn't over."

EJ tosses the meds at Sami, "He thinks this is for Sydney."

Sami backs him up, "It's Johnny's. He choked on a pill last week and I've been giving his meds through eye droppers." Stefano halfheartedly accepts that and walks out.

EJ sighs, "I'm sorry about you and Rafe."

"I don't want to talk about it," says Sami.

"Did hell freeze over," asks EJ.

Sami asks bout Sydney. EJ tells her he hasn't heard anything. "I just don't want to be alone," whines Sami.

That gets EJ's attention, "Alone?"

"Rafe and I aren't seeing eye to eye." That's like saying the Tunguska event was a loud pop.

"I'm sure he's pretty angry right now," says EJ, "Maybe we should have told him."

"No," says Sami, "You were right. The minute the FBI got involved things went to... we don't know if we'll ever hear from the kidnappers again."

EJ says it's important that they are on the same page working together. Sami wants that too. He says he will talk to Rafe and take the blame. Sami says she doesn't want that. "If you and Rafe break up over this that would be awful," says EJ.

Uh, oh. Trouble in the audience. A crazed Ejami fan stands up and shouts, "SHUT YO' MOUTH!" They haul her out and the show continues.

Roman comes back and tells Arianna it's time to go.

Rafe and Tim walk along the pier. Rafe gives him instructions, "The message should be delivered calmly. It's in his best interest — Arianna gave him Troy and fulfilled her end of the bargain. He should spin this case like it was a success or I will say it was a failure and all his idea."

"Sounds like a threat," says Tim, "He's vindictive and doesn't think twice about throwing his weight around."

In spite of his objections, Tim goes off to do Rafe's bidding, "Life would be so dull if I didn't know you." Wow. It sounds like if Tim's life were any more dull he'd be dead.

Maggie says she's going back to bed. "Knock on my door anytime," says Melanie.

Maggie caresses her cheek, "A young face but an old soul. Thank you for (say it with her) being here for me." Hugs. Maggie leaves. And... continuing the nonstop action... Phillip shows up. He suggests they go get something to eat. Melanie says she can't go because she is worried about Maggie. "We'll go to 'Plan B,'" says Phillip.

Vivian wanders into the den. Jovial Victor asks if she's OK. Vivian hands him the envelope, "Once you read this you won't be laughing for a long time."

Arianna and Gabi hug. Mike the cop comes up and cuffs Arianna. She stares at Brady, "I'm sorry..."

The Funeral March Of The Marionette plays in the background as they haul Arianna off to the Big House...


Roman walks in, "Take the cuffs off, Mike I just got a phone call from an angry DEA agent. You've been given a stay."

"I'll take her home," offers Brady, "Leave the cuffs on. So, what happened?"

"Rafe happened," says Roman. Oh the joy!

Vivian shows Victor the contents of the envelope, "Read it and weep."

Victor reads, "OMG!"

"That's right," says Vivian, "Mia is not Carly's daughter. Melanie is... and Phillip is marrying her."

"Good," says Victor, "He'll be a lot happier with Carly than he would with Melanie."

Phillip and Melanie sit in Maggie's kitchen eat leftovers. They talk about Maggie and Melanie tells him Vivian was there earlier, "She's really interested in my background."

Victor suggests Vivian think about what happened to Kate. He reminds her after she pulled her little stunt with Chloe, Phillip banished her. Vivian thinks Victor might be threatening and tells him she likes Melanie, "Now I have to rethink getting back at Carly."

Justin tells Carly in the past she wasn't the kind of person who hurt people. Carly tells him to run to Hope for comfort.

"I just don't know why you are back," says Justin. He leaves.

Carly drones, "No one can know why I'm back. No one can know about me."

Vivian says, "If I don't kill Melanie, can I just tell Carly I did?"

"You remember when you buried Carly alive," asks Victor.

"Of course."

"How'd that work out for ya," asks Dr. Phil.

"Now I'm back to square one," says Vivian, "Kill Carly — So anticlimactic."

EJ hugs Sami and vows to get Sydney back. Stefano stands in the door of the rumpus room and watches, "What are you really up to, son of mine?"

The Ejamis yell in unison...


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Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Donation Button

I thought I'd bring it up because you probably didn't notice I put the donation button back on the blog. Of course those of you who aren't blind probably noticed it right away. For those readers who have been with Prevuze a while, you probably remember we had the donation button up until about a year ago. I took it down because there were so many problems with the equipment I frankly didn't think we'd be able to continue the blog and I didn't want donations if I wasn't going to be able to publish.

It looks like we are past those technical problems, and I plan to get some new equipment and software, so I can more consistently publish when I am traveling this summer. So I have put the button back up. I've always been hesitant have a donation button since I'm really doing Prevuze for fun. On the other hand, Prevuze has been a bit of an expensive proposition with all the satellite problems.

So here's what I'm asking you to do. If you enjoy Prevuze and would like to help it continue, drop a couple bucks in the donation jar each month. I'll keep a button on the blog and you can donate through PayPal. I can also take credit card payments, but prefer PayPal.

Please understand, I'm not asking for the rent money, money you need for the kids' clothes or anything like that. But if you're in a position to help, please do so.

If you're not in a position to donate to the cause, there is still a way you can help, and that is by clicking on the ads and checking out our sponsors. When you click, Prevuze gets paid. I'm not asking you to do idle clicking, but if you see something you like, check it out. That's all it takes.

We're not in the poorhouse here, but the only reason I have these expesnes is for Prevuze. Anyway, as much DOOL as I watch, rather than being in the poorhouse, they would more likely put me in a mental institution.

Thanks for your support.

Have a great weekend and we'll see you bright and early Monday.

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Friday, January 22, 2010

Rat Bastard

The SPD strongarms drag Troy through the cop shop as Roman and Arianna stand off to the side. They take their megaphones, point them at Troy and talk about her undercover operations. Troy gets it, "NARC!" He turns to EJ, "She's a narc!"

"That's terrible," says EJ, "Narcolepsy is a strange condition, mostly found in people who watch DOOL."

Hope sits in the pub. She takes a sailboat out of her purse.

Readers: "Uh, run that by us again."

Prevuze: "She takes a sailboat out of her purse. Doesn't everyone carry a sailboat in her purse?"

Readers: "Heck no. Sailboats are sooooo 2009. Today, every well-equipped gal has the Queen Mary in there."

Hope stares at the sailboat and flashes back to her trip with Bo, "Those were better times. Carly's not a great swimmer and that was a very effective way to keep them apart." She stands up, turns to leave and runs smack-dab into Bo. The impact crushes the boat and it goes crashing to the floor in pieces. Oh the metaphor!

Maggie is in her kitchen talking about restaurant business on the phone, barely keeping herself together. She hangs up and staggers into the bottomless abyss of despair. Carly arrives and tells Maggie she and Melanie had a little run in.

Vivian is in the Kiriakis mansion foyer talking on the phone. She instructs Gus to see what he can find out on Melanie and then joins her and Phillip in the den. She de-gushes about the wedding dress incident. Then she changes the subject and asks Melanie how many of her people are coming to the wedding.

Stefano stomps around the rumpus room, "Ungrateful swine! Egotistical Judas!" Kate walks in as Stefano rants about EJ's business activities, "He lied to me. Right to my face."

Kate offers her 2¢, "You should be very cynical when it comes to EJ. You don't know the real EJ. No one does anymore."

Roman's boys struggle with Troy as he keeps screaming at EJ, "She's a narc! She's a narc!"

Stefano insists he knows his own son. Kate claims EJ has changed. Stefano tells her about the ransom note, "That's why he was liquidating his assets... so he could pay off that rat bastard. The plan went awry and the FBI get involved and the kidnapper did not show. If only he had told me I could have helped."

Kate reminds him EJ has said he won't let Sydney be part of Stefano's life. Stefano insists they can make amends. Kate says EJ is not the type to forgive and forget.

About a dozen cops have been struggling with l'il ole Troy for about a half hour and they finally manage to drag him out screaming. Brady asks EJ for an explanation. EJ says he doesn't know why Troy was talking to him.

Hope says she had bought the boat for Ciara, because Ciara has been asking so many questions about the trip they took, "I think she's planning to take one herself. She hopes to find Shawn and Belle out there somewhere and escape with them. It's just a toy boat. I can get another one." BUT she wants answers, "How could you lie to me?"

Phillip wants to go. Melanie pulls him aside, "Why are you being a butthead?"

"Because my real brain is out there smeared across the Salem Speedway and my real face is in a bio-disposal somewhere."

"Lets' give her a chance," she insists. Melanie goes back and tells Vivian her brother can't fly back from London because he's in med school. She also says her dad died over a year ago and her mom is dead too.

Phillip steps in, "Game over. The questions have to stop. Melanie's past is none of your business."

Carly and Maggie talk about the kids but Maggie just can't take it. She cuts things off. Carly starts to leave, "If you ever want to talk..."

She-Devil Mia walks in, "SHE DOESN'T. JUST GO!"

Brady grills EJ. Roman comes back and tells Arianna, "Nobody is listening to what that crumball Troy is saying." They call Roman away. Arianna thanks EJ for saving her. Brady asks him why he showed up in her apartment. EJ explains, "Samanther and I received a ransom note and the drop-off didn't go well. Everyone is taking it hard including Rafe. I showed up because I thought Arianna would want to (say it with him) be there for Rafe. Any more questions, Brady?"

Arianna says, "I have no idea why... Troy said..." EJ brushes it off and leaves.

Anna paces with Sydney and gripes about being stuck there. She turns down the thermostat and Sydney's body heats the room. Apparently her fever is getting worse.

Stefano reminds Kate she never gives up when her sons turn their backs on her. Kate says she thinks her sons are more forgiving than EJ.

Stefano hits the roof, "Which is a euphemistic way of saying my son is a pig. I know we have a special bond that will never be broken. Understand?"

EJ gets a call. Anna starts on him in and he hangs up.

Roman says, "So much for our undercover operation. The operation is over."

Arianna frets, "I didn't complete my assignment. So I go back to prison, right?"

Vivian says she didn't mean to dredge up painful memories. Phillip tells her to butt out. Victor comes in, "What's going on?"

Phillip gets sarcastic, "Katie Couric here is interrogating my fiancée."

They stop the show. An NBC Empty-Suit walks up to Phillip. Katie Couric is on CBS. If you mention another non-NBC show or personality again, we'll Conan-ize you."

Victor has a solution. He staggers to the bar, "Anybody want a drink?"

Melanie jumps in, "Uh... I just remembered Mia is at (product placement alert!) Citigroup and I don't want Maggie to be alone too long. I have to go."

Victor jumps in, "What is Mia doing at Citigroup? She doesn't have a dime."

"Neither does anyone else who did business with Citigroup last year," says Melanie, "Besides even if you don't have money, Citigroup wants your soul. But don't worry, all its executives got their big bonuses after we bailed its sorry butt out. I had to mention it, though, just to neutralize the disgusting Katie Couric crack."
Melanie leaves.

Victor fills Vivian in on Melanie's father, "Trent used to pimp out Melanie and wound up with a knife in his back."

Vivian gasps, "The same fate as my Lawrence. I'm beginning to think Melanie and Carly have a connection."

Evil Mia jumps on Carly, "You've caused enough problems."

Maggie tries to reel her in, "Mia... stop it." She gives Mia a tongue lashing and wants to know what she is doing there.

"You mean besides the fact that I live here," asks Mia, "I came back for my science book."

Maggie sees it on the counter, retrieves it and practically throws it at Mia. She tells her to leave. "I'll be back later," says Mia-dusa. She turns to Carly, "You'd better not be here."

Maggie apologizes to Carly. Carly leaves. Maggie looks at a picture of her and Mickey and collapses into a heap o' tears.

Vivian wonders aloud if Melanie might be Carly's daughter, "Isn't that fascinating?"

"Not remotely," grumbles Victor, "It's tiresome and a waste of time."

"Just like DOOL," says Vivian.

Victor rants, "First you think Mia McCormick might be Carly's daughter and now Melanie. Who's next Lexie Carver? I am sick to death of this speculation and procrastination. I want that witch gone now. I'll handle it myself, so I guess I won't need you around here, will I?"

EJ calls Anna. He tells her he didn't get the meds yet. Anna says he sounded stressed before. EJ brushes it off and hangs up as Stefano walks in.

Bo apologizes for not telling Hope about Carly's reason for coming back to the Sleazeopolis of the Midwest. Hope says she doesn't think that was the big secret, "It's something more dire. Am I right?"

Bo says he's already said everything he can, "The secret didn't end our marriage. You did."

Carly walks outside and bumps into Mia.

Vivian pouts, "It's cruel for you to say you don't need me... WAIT! I've got it! I know how to get the truth and they won't even see it coming."

Brady and Arianna hug. Roman tells Arianna there is no news on her status. He leaves and Brady is supportive. Arianna whines, "Even if I don't go back to prison Troy's boss will come after me."

Stefano asks EJ to let him help, "I'm sorry."

EJ softens, "I'm sorry, too. I'm sorry we are estranged. I'm sorry you found out about Nicole's secret and betrayed my trust. I'm sorry I may never see Sydney again because of you and I am disgusted you can stand here and profess love and devotion to me. YOU HAVE RUINED MY LIFE!"

Hope says she understands the fact that Carly never stopped loving him but wonders why things are happening like this now. Bo is silent. "I'll buy her another boat. It's replaceable. Everything is replaceable. Including me." She snaps her fingers, "Just like that."

Carly says she remembers Mia being receptive at one point and wonders what changed. Mia says it was her wanting to move into Maggie's. Carly says she won't bother her any more. She walks off.

Maggie sits in the dark looking at the picture. Melanie comes in, turns on the lights and asks why she was in the dark. Maggie lies and says she just walked in. Melanie asks, "Aren't you supposed to be at work?"

"I have them so well trained they don't need me," says Maggie.

Melanie offers to bring her the tea that helps her fall asleep. The DOOL blend. "I have to care for you," says Melanie, "You're the closest thing I'll ever have to a mommy." Maggie goes upstairs where she can brood in peace.

Kate meets Phillip at the Java Café. She says she wants to do something nice for Melanie, "I'd like to get her a wedding dress."

"Vivian already found her a dress."

"I'm surprised you would allow that," says Kate, "Vivian is dangerous. If you allow her in Melanie's life you're more stupid than I thought."

"I always like to exceed expectations," says Phillip.

Vivian shows up at Maggie's. Melanie is in the kitchen and answers the knock, "Ms. Allemain..."

"Call me Vivian. In fact call me Ma-má. Can I come in?"

Stefano unleashes his verbal flatulence, "YOU SMUG SON OF A..."

EJ interrupts, "Be careful what you say about my mother."

Stefano sneers, "Go to hell..." He leaves.

Troy calls EJ, "Look, I know I messed up, but whatever happens I won't give you up."

"Good," says chirps EJ, "You'll be safe as long as you are loyal."

Brady says he will always (say it with him) be there for Arianna, "I will protect you."

"You can't always protect me," says Arianna, "What about tonight. You didn't protect me tonight." A referee steps in and penalizes Arianna for hitting below the belt.

Carly shows up at Bo and Hope's place. She senses trouble in paradise, "What happened."

Hope broods on a park bench and looks at the broken boat. Flashback to happier times on the open seas. Bo stands in the glistening sunshine and looks into her eyes, "Tell me again, which way is starboard?"

Phillip is aghast, "I'm Even more stupid than you thought?"

"Don't take it the wrong way," says Kate.

"Just curious," says Phillip, "What is the right way to take it when someone calls you stupid?"

"I'm just concerned you're letting Vivian into Melanie and your lives," says Kate.

"If I'm supposed to forgive you," says Phillip, "Then why shouldn't I forgive Vivian?"

"Logic is the last refuge of puny minds," says Kate.

"At least with Vivian," says Phillip, "there are no brownies involved."

Kate gets defensive, "There is no proof of that."

"Melanie is a lot safer with Vivian than with you," says Phillip.

Vivian chatters and Melanie leaves to take the tea up to Maggie. Vivian stands alone and ignored, "Well, if Melanie is a dead end, maybe the blonde barbie doll will come back and I can grill her."

Gus calls, "I have excellent news. There is going to be a public flogging of all Citigroup executives."

Stefano rummages around his desk looking for papers. He brushes EJ's coat and Sydney's empty meds containers roll off the table. He picks them up and stares.

Arianna tells Brady that didn't come out right. "That's OK," says Brady, "It's impossible for me always to (say it with him) be there for you. But I will (say it with him) be there for you whenever I can (say it with him) be there for you."

Roman comes with the bad news. Arianna goes back to prison tonight.

Immediately an Arianole loyalty group starts forming (or maybe we should call it Nicanna).

Hope tosses the boat in the trash. The metaphors just keep rolling in.

Bo and Carly sit on the couch. Carly takes his hand. Bo says he doesn't want to talk. "Whatever it is," says Carly, "we'll get through it together."

Gus tells Vivian they have found more hospital records, "Melanie's birthday is a match."

"OMG," gasps Vivian, "Melanie is..."

There is a word for what happens next. Let's see... Serendipity? No... Coincidence? No... Uh... Contrived. Yeah, that's it, contrived...

Melanie walks through the kitchen door and asks, "Melanie is what? Who are you talking to?"

EJ walks in as Stefano contemplates the empty meds container, "Why do you have an infant's medicine bottle?"

And that's the way it was on day 953 of Roman Brady's involuntary life of celibacy.

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blood On The Floor

Bo is at the hospital. He runs into Daniel and says he wants to talk about Carly.

Melanie and Vivian are at the Java Café. Carly walks in, sees them and ejects herself from the game of stability, "GET YOUR PAWS OFF HER OR I WILL KILL YOU WITH MY BARE HANDS!" Apparently she has run out of butcher knives.

Carly pops out of her little fantasy and stares. Vivian gushes, "We have a visitor. You seem upset. What is the matter?"

Chloe arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady finds her at the door. She tells him Nicole isn't doing so well. "Can you imagine that," asks Brady, "She's in Salem Supermax and is the new playtoy of the hard-core bitch-ho'z and every day isn't Christmas."

Troy stands outside Arianna's room and knocks. Arianna answers and wonders why he's there early. She tells him this isn't a good time, "Days Of Our Lives is on and they're on a commercial break. I like the commercials best." He talks her into letting him in.

Anna says it sounds like EJ isn't going to let Sydney go home. EJ ignores that. Anna presses, "You don't intend to keep her here for all the Days Of Our Lives... do you?"

Bo says he knows Daniel and Carly have a history and he also knows Carly trusts him. He tells Daniel Vivian is a problem, and although he has a restraining order, he's still concerned, "I need your help. Are you up for it?"

Carly is upset, "Melanie, you are talking to a snake. 'Evil' doesn't begin to describe her." Vivian and Carly go toe to toe until Melanie backs Carly off.

Anna says she's getting the feeling EJ doesn't know when this will end. EJ says, "It will end soon. I've taken care of Nicole but now I need to deal with Samantha and Raphael. I have to go. I have things to take care of."

Chloe says Nicole keeps calling and asking about Sydney. She thinks Nicole misses Brady, too. Brady says the last time he saw Nicole she told him she wanted him to stay away. Chloe wonders if that's how Nicole really feels, "She knows it will make it more difficult if you went to see her."

"That's true," says Brady, "I feel responsible in part for her life being so screwed up."

"It would mean the world to her if she knew you were thinking of her," says Chloe, "Just call her and chat."

"No," says Brady, "I won't do it."

Troy tells Arianna the Mr. Big has been having problems. Arianna tells him just to get the shipment and she'll take care of things. Troy shuts her up. Brady calls. He says he's delayed but will be there soon. Oh, goodie. Now Troy has time to kill, so to speak. He gives Arianna a sample of the new primo-product and asks if she has some customers. Arianna takes the bag and as they make the exchange Troy sees to it that it accidentally-on-purpose drops and spills. They go into cleanup mode.

Melanie shouts at Carly, "I think you're being a bit dramatic."

"Hardly," says Carly, "That would be the first drama we've seen on this show in years."

"Are you on any meds," asks Melanie, "And did you forget to take them this morning?"

Vivian, meanwhile, is entertained by all this. She encourages Melanie to listen to whatever Carly has to say, "This should be good." Carly rambles about Vivian's track record of wrecking people's lives but leaves out some important details that might convince her like Vivian's habit of burying people alive.

Melanie nukes, "What IS your problem?"

Bo asks Daniel to keep an eye on Carly. Daniel agrees and Bo leaves. The action on this show is just non-stop, isn't it.

Carly tells Melanie Vivian has done unspeakable things. So unspeakable she unspeaks of them, "She is sadistic, cruel and merciless — a card-carrying sociopath. If you make a wrong decision with her you could wind up buried alive!"

"Well... I have to say being buried alive is not on my 'to do' list, but why are you so invested in this? What am I to you?"

Brady thinks if he calls Nicole they will go into hand holding mode. He says he will let Nicole know news about Sydney but through Chloe, "I told Arianna I had moved on. And I have."

"When I heard you say that in the show previews yesterday I thought it meant you had moved on from Arianna," says Chloe.

"The writers are like Prevuze. They like to toy with people."

Anna says, "Sydney at some point will need a normal life."

"With Samantha?"

"No... with you and... if you should meet a woman... I can't be a nanny forever."

"The way you keep leaving her I'd say you can't be a nanny for five minutes."

As he leaves, Anna reminds EJ to pick up Sydney's meds. Alone with Sydney, Anna chuckles and tells her, "Your daddy is a very complicated man, fortunately he is also very very rich." She is, however, concerned about the lack of medicine they have remaining.

Bo finds Phillip at the pub. Phillip apologizes for being rude to Bo and Carly. Bo agrees to be part of the wedding, but Phillip says Carly can't come.

Carly says she's just looking out for Melanie, "If I see you about to be hit by a train we don't have to be friends for me to try to help you." She tells Vivian she can get a lot tougher, "Let me remind you, I faced the devil and the devil lost."

"Is that a threat," asks Vivian.

"No," says Carly, "It's schlocky dialogue."

Troy rants about Arianna dropping the stuff. "Do you understand how much just that little bag was worth?" He creeps up behind her as he continues to lecture, "You've cost us a fortune."

"I can clean it up," insists Arianna.

Troy winds his muffler (he has the Midas touch), "You won't get it all. The big guy isn't going to like this. He doesn't' like losing money and... and... YOU'RE NOT GONNA TAKE MY PLACE. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO REPLACE ME!"

Arianna asks, "What are you talking about?" She turns and sees him holding the deadly muffler ready to yank it around her neck, "What's going on here?"

Troy goes off the deep end, "You think you're so hot. Big time mover. Gonna take my place. If you meet the big boss... it ain't gonna happen, bitch!" Arianna turns and runs. Troy chases. He tackles her on the bed and pulls his muffler around her neck. Arianna struggles. Her tongue rolls across the room and she turns blue as she struggles. Troy tightens his grip. We hear her (dare I say it) muffled cries.

Brady and Chloe keep having the same conversation. Phillip comes in. Brady leaves and Phillip asks Chloe's opinion on a present he got Melanie. It's a little dangly-thingie-jewelry-gizmo-whatever. Chloe asks if it's for the wedding. Phillip says it's for when they have their first kid. Eeeeuuuwwww. Spawn. "For each kid I'll add another stone," says Phillip, "After ten years or so she'll have a necklace. Keep 'em barefoot and pregnant, I say."

Vivian and Carly argue. "You're scaring Melanie and if you're so concerned about her maybe you could go spew your vicious nonsense elsewhere," says Vivian.

Daniel walks in as Melanie goes berserk. Daniel has her take a deep breath. He reminds Vivian of the restraining order. Vivian says Carly is the one who came up to her and she's going to report this to the hospital board, "She shouldn't practice medicine when she's so unhinged."

"That's one of the primary requirements for getting a job at the hospital in the first place," says Daniel as he drags Carly off.

Carly struggles as Daniel pulls her away. She turns to Melanie, "Remember, she is a viper." As Daniel yanks her toward the door, copping a few feels in the process, Carly's hand scoots across the table, collects the steaming hot cup o' joe and dumps it right onto the precious wedding dress. Oops.

Arianna is breathless. Literally. But just in the nick o' time, EJ busts in and grabs Troy. He drags him out in the hall and lets him go then goes back in. Arianna faints.

Phillip asks about Chloe's wedding. She says she and Daniel are taking things slow, "Well, me more than Daniel."

Phillip encourages her to press on, "I'm sure you want kids."

Chloe says they haven't talked about a family, "It's something to think about. I have to run. As fast as I can."

Carly apologizes for the toxic spill. Melanie blows her stack, "WHAT IS IT WITH YOU AND COFFEE?"

"I'll get you a new dress," says Carly, "There's a thrift shop just down the street."

"You can't get me a new dress," says Melanie, "It was an original. Just leave me alone." Daniel drags the Coffee Monster out. Vivian consoles Melanie and says they'll have another made.

Outside, Carly does a debriefing, "I lost it OK?"

"No," says Daniel, "it's not OK. You have a restraining order and then you wind up harassing her?"

"I can't talk to you about this," says Carly, "You're Victor's godson."

"I am your friend," says Daniel, "Friends share, so what's going on?"

"I have asked you to keep one secret," says Carly, "I can't ask you to keep another."

"Spill it," says Daniel.

"I already did," says Carly, "All over her dress. I saw Vivian and Melanie together and I just blew."

"Why are you so protective of someone you hardly know," says Daniel. Carly says she has to go and leaves.

EJ tends to Arianna. She tells him Troy tried to kill her. Roman busts in and Arianna tells him what happened, "His name is Troy."

"Does he have a last name," asks Roman. Roman has risen through the ranks by asking penetrating questions like that.

Arianna says she doesn't know Troy's last name. Suddenly, Roman notices the mess on the desk, "I'm guessing that's not powdered sugar. It looks more like flour to me." Arianna says it fell out of Troy's pocket.

Roman gets a call, "Read him his rights." He hangs up. "My officers found a guy hiding in a dumpster."

"What were they doing going through a dumpster," asks EJ.

"You can't believe the number of people who will throw away perfectly good half-eaten donuts," says Roman, "Anyway, they pulled him out. His name is Troy Allen Winston."

"Not meaning to be out of line, here," says EJ, "But is it against the law to be inside a dumpster?"

"It is if you're eating our donuts," says Roman.

We cut to the cop shop. Roman, Arianna and EJ are there as they drag Troy in. Roman gets macho, "Hello, Troy, welcome to my world." They haul Troy into the rubber hose room. Arianna assures EJ she's OK and he goes to make a call. Brady shows up and Arianna explains what happened. "I wish I had gotten there sooner," says Brady.

EJ overhears, "I was there."

Melanie thanks Vivian for her help. Vivian effervesces, "Aside from our visitor from the insane asylum this has been a fantastic afternoon. Go back to your prince charming. I talked to Victor and he thought it would be nice if we joined you on the yacht." Vivian watches as the blood drains from Melanie's face, "Uh... It's a large vessel."

Not large enough. "I'll run it by Phillip," chirps Melanie. She leaves.

Vivian flashes back to the confrontation that happened five minutes ago, "I wonder why Carly was so protective of Melanie. It would be unfortunate if... very unfortunate. I have to do some checking."

Bo is at home. Carly comes in ranting about Vivian, "If she thinks she's going to get close to my daughter she can think again."

"Thinking...," says Bo, "That's kind of a new concept to me."

Melanie is back at the Kiriakis mansion having a hissy fit about Carly. Phillip tries to mitigate things, "The dress isn't that important. I'd marry you in the nude."

Melanie blushes, "That would be a first for Salem."

"I wouldn't be so sure as crazy as this place is," says Phillip.

Melanie settles down, " Anyway another dress is already coming."

"See," says Phillip, "The day is getting better."

"It doesn't feel good," says Melanie. Phillip moves in to make it all better.

Carly tells Bo what happened. Bo recaps, "So you saw them together and the mama bear in you came out..."

Carly interrupts, "If Daniel wouldn't have come in there would have been blood on the floor."

Gus is on the phone with Vivian. She tells him she wants him to check out Melanie as well as Mia.

Brady wants to know what EJ was doing at Arianna's place, but EJ gets a call. Anna tells him she's worried about Sydney. She asks him not to forget the meds. EJ gets snippy, "I told you I would handle it."

Roman comes out and tells Arianna Troy is going away for a long time. As they drag Troy through the area, he sees Roman and Arianna talking. He flashes back to Arianna's phone conversation with Caesar and puts two and two together, he gets five, but that's close enough, "OMG! you're a narc!" He turns to EJ, "She's a narc! She's a narc!"

"Impossible," says EJ, "No woman could pull a fast one on me. As long as there wasn't a fake pregnancy involved, that is."

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