Monday, February 28, 2005

Apocalypse Now

Phillip and the Dirty Dozen are in heavy mortal combat. They’re in a dark, hazy room they decide they can use for a base of operations. OMG! Phillip’s been hit! It’s only his arm, “I’ll be all right. I have to be.”

Shawn lights a candle. Belle comes in and asks what he is doing. He has picked up some of her favorite things at d’Amores, “Now all we need is music.”

“No,” says Belle, “We can’t do this. I’m not going to be unfaithful to my husband.” Shawn rolls his eyes.

John shivers like a jackhammer, “If I can just get through this night.” Kate encourages him. If he can do it, the worst will be over. He huffs, “Thanks for staying with me Kate.” Kate tells him she is not going anywhere. They share a tender glance.

The observant Billie tells Bo she doesn’t think Hope will be happy with her interrupting their romantic dinner. “Aw, shucks,” says the ever clueless Bo, “It’s not like today was our anniv...” GGOOLLLLEEEE, “Would today have been our anniversary?” Billie says she wondered if he would remember.

Hope chokes in the background, “Gee I hope I’m not interrupting anything.”

“Oh, no,” says Billie, “We were just...”

“Reminiscing,” says Hope, as she hands Billie her makeup bag. Billie thanks her and says she has to be going.

Bo tells her, “You’re not going anywhere.” Aw, Gomer, why don’t you just pack up your things and move out to the doghouse permanently? Hope and Billie stare.

Stan the Man reads the letter. He flashes back to the procedure. The phone rings. Tony congratulates him on the completion of the transformation. He asks Stan if he read the letter. Stan says, “Yes, what the hell...”

Tony says, “No questions, just go and do it. Stan isn’t going anywhere until Tony tells him who he is and what this is all about. “That isn’t necessary,” says Tony, “You have everything you need in the letter. Just follow the instructions precisely.”

Stan tells him, “I thought I was bad, but whoever you are, you’re pure evil.”

Tony bursts with pride, “This is your chance. Enjoy.” Stan says there is no way he can do this. Tony purses his lips.

Bo says Billie can’t go because she has no place to stay. They run through the, oh so convenient, litany of places Billie can’t stay for one reason or another. Billie says she will just find someplace. Bo brings up the little matter that Billie would be in violation of the court agreement if she left. Hope repeats over and over, “I can’t believe this.”

Ho and Dope go into the kitchen to argue as Billie listens through the door.

Kate and John caress. John tells Kate he asked her to stay, but, “I wasn’t trying to send you any message.” Kate understands. John tells her, “Brady thinks I need to move on – with you.”

Kate says Billie is giving her similar advice and, “Because my son is married to your daughter and they make a perfect couple, I guess they think we would, too.” Kate assures him she is there for him and is not going anywhere.

Shawn tells Belle, “It’s just dinner.” It’s the dessert Belle is worried about. She doesn’t want anyone to know they are back together until she talks to Phillip. She is worried about Sami since Sami barged in on them, “Now that her wedding got canceled she’s going to want someone to pay, and I think this time it will be worse than ever.”

Stan the Man tells Tony he can’t do this. He breaks down like a little girl. Oh, waitaminute, he is a girl, “I was tempted. But I just lost my job, my son and my fiancée, so I wasn’t (sob) thinking straight when I said I would do this. It’s sick. You’re sick. I can’t do it.”

Tony tries to convince him as Stan the Man bawls into the phone. Tony asks, “Don’t you think your enemies should get what they deserve, beginning with John Black?”

“John,” whimpers Stan the Man. Tony tells him to look in the makeup kit. Stami opens the kit and pulls out a baggie, “Pills,” he asks.

“Yes,” says Tony, “Let the payback begin.”

Belle says Sami will be out of control. She’ll be out to hurt everyone. Shawn tells her she is overreacting. Shawn gives up, “At least I don’t have to go back home to Jan, she’s out of my life.” He flashes back to Jan’s love-den. Belle asks if he is OK. He says he just flashed back again. No problem. This is Salem. Everybody flashes back all the time. He wishes he could remember buying Jan’s engagement ring, “I see you are still wearing Phillip’s ring.”

Belle flashes the 20 karat job on her finger, “Yes, and I’m not taking it off as long as we’re still married. At least I owe him that.”

Phillip’s compadre tries to convince him to go back because of his wound. Phillip won’t do it. It’s just a flesh wound. He’s going to complete the mission. Then he can go to the Pentagon, give his briefing and go see his wife. Jake tells him, “Sorry, buddy, it doesn’t look like that.”

Kate gets a call. Tony, using his Captain Marvel voice disguiser tells her, “This is the bearer of bad news. It seems your son’s lovely wife is spending time with Shawn Brady.” Kate stares.

Belle knows it’s hard for Shawn. Shawn is also worried about Phillip over there. Belle says when he comes home, as hard as it will be, she will tell him. Shawn wonders how he ever got together with Jan and how he ever proposed to her. He gets one of his big headaches. Belle won’t let him leave. She thinks part of the reason he got the headache is he hasn’t eaten all day. She gets one of the take-out packages and starts feeding him. OK. You’ll never guess what happens next. She spills the food all over him. So he has to undress. He asks if she is sure. “We’re adults here, I think we can handle it.” Shawn undresses. Belle STARES.

Kate insists Belle would never cheat on her son. Tony tells her to go find out, “But you’d better do it now, while you have a chance to stop it.” He hangs up and turns to Bart, “So it begins, Phase II”

Kate says to herself, “This can’t be true. Belle wouldn’t do it. But when it comes to Shawn... I have to find out. Tonight. Before it’s too late. I have to do this for Phillip. I have to.” As Kate tries to decide, a stealthy gloved intruder creeps through the house.

Kate leaves. Our intruder, Stan the Man himself, goes into John’s room. John calls for Kate. He sees Stan, “Who’s there?”

“The answer to your prayers,” says Stami.

Ho and Dope argue. Billie listens. Bo says, “We don’t want her to go to jail.”

“Wanna bet,” snaps Hope, “Oh, I forgot, it’s your anniversary.”

Billie storms into the kitchen, “Hope, you’re making a big mistake. If I were you, I’d back off.” Hope’s eyebrows go into sub-orbital flight.

Bart is speechless. Tony’s plan is incredible; “You are now the evil genius to end all evil geniuses – getting Sami Brady to do your dirty work. Even if she gets caught, she takes the rap, not you.” Tony says the best part is Sami’s alter ego Stan could wipe out half of Salem before they know what hit them.

Stan the Man holds up the bag of pills. “So,” says John, “You’re a drug pusher.”

“And you’re a drug user. I’d say that works out perfectly.” John asks him where Kate is. “Kate bailed on you. It’s just you and me and our little friends. Take the drugs. I know you want ‘em.”

John attacks Stan the Man, “GET OUTTA HERE!

Apocalypse Now. As the bullets fly, Jake tells Phillip the wound is deeper than he thought. It will need stitches. Phillip refuses to turn back. Unfortunately, he does not refuse to flash back. Oh, wait, it’s a flash forward. He imagines he is home and in bed with Belle. She notices his arm. He could have been killed, “Hold me Phillip, and don’t ever let me go.”

Back to the mission of death. Phillip stares at Belle’s crumpled picture, “It won’t be long now, sweetheart.”

Shawn stands there in his skivvies as Belle comes in. She gives him Phillip’s robe to wear. There is a knock at the door. Kate comes in, “What the hell is going on here?”

Billie says she won’t stand out there while they argue over her, “I’m the one to blame. I asked for Bo’s help.” Hope wants to know why Billie can’t just go back to Jennifer’s for one night. Billie says that’s what she is going to do. Bo refuses to let her go. He doesn’t want her to go to jail and he is sure Hope would feel the same way if she would just calm down. Hope wants to finish the conversation she was having with her husband.

Billie leaves while Bo attempts to get his foot dislodged from his mouth. Hope strikes below the belt, “Were you thinking of Billie when you bought this dress? Have you noticed I hardly ever wear seafoam-green?” Yeah, upstairs the dress was perfect. I guess it was teal-green in that light.

Billie hears Bo say, “She doesn’t mean anything to me.”

“I don’t mean anything to him. Did you hear that, Billie? Get over it.”

Bo says he isn’t going to push it. He will leave the decision up to Hope, “What’s it gonna be? Does she stay, or does she go?” Hope stares.

Cannons to the left of them,
Cannons to the right of them,
Into the mission of death
Ride the dumbfounded.

Jake hears Phillip’s plan, “This is suicide.”

Belle tries to ‘splain things to Kate. Kate goes berserk. She doesn’t think Phillip would be too happy about that. She accuses Shawn of taking advantage of Belle. Belle tries to defend him. Kate asks, “Have you forgotten he crashed his motorcycle through the stained glass window at your wedding in a drug-induced rage? Maybe he’s on drugs right now because that would be the only reason he could stoop so low.”

John chokes Stan the Man. Stami, of course, overpowers John, “I come into your house to help you, and this is how you thank me?” Stan digs his heel into John’s back. John screams in pain. “OK,” says Stan the Man, “I’ll go, but I’ll leave the drugs here for you. Sooner or later you will want them. And there’s plenty more where that came from.” John asks why he is doing this. “Why else,” says Stami, “For the money.” He takes John’s watch, “And this, should just about cover it.” Stan leaves. John trembles and stares at the drugs.

Belle insists Shawn does not take drugs. Kate says they were found in his system after his motorcycle stunt-driving exhibition, “How could you do this to your husband who is out risking his life right now?” Belle says she made a mistake. There are things Kate doesn’t know. Shawn doesn’t remember how he wound up with Jan. Belle thinks Jan manipulated Shawn so she could be with him and Belle would marry Phillip.

Belle says, “I love Phillip, but I’m not in love with him.” Kate can’t believe she’s hearing this. Belle says she and Shawn realize this was a terrible mistake, but they’re not going to be together as a couple until Belle can talk to Phillip. Kate is amazed they would call Phillip and tell him this while he is over there fighting, “He will end up dead all because of you.”

Jake tells Phillip if they go through the square they would be sitting ducks. “That’s why I have to go alone,” quacks Phillip.”

Hope relents. She doesn’t want Billie to go to Jail. Bo says, “So she can stay, and we can get back to our romantic evening...”

Bo takes one in the chest. “In your dreams, buddy,” says Hope.

John contemplates the stash. His hand creeps out toward the bag.

Stan the Man gets home, “John, you deserve everything you’re going to get and then some.” Sami thinks, “This is gonna be so much fun. He didn’t even know it was me. I am gonna have my REVENGE.”

Tony twirls his cigar in front of the fire, “Well, Sami’s out for REVENGE and I’m out for blood. Together we’ll be Salem’s worst nightmare.” Puff. Smile.


“KATE,” yells John, “I need you, Kate. Help me.”

“I’m sorry,” says Hope, “I can’t do this. Not with your ex-wife in the next room.”

Shawn tells Belle, “I don’t care what Kate says. We all have to move on with the Days Of Our Lives, and that includes Phillip. Otherwise we’ll all end up miserable.”

Phillip moves into battle. SOLDIER DOWN! SOLDIER DOWN!

Sunday, February 27, 2005

The World's Shortest Books

Turn The Other Cheek by Kate Roberts

Live And Let Live by Tony DiMera

The Sanctity Of Marriage by Billie Reed with a foreword by Shawn Brady

One Woman Man by Mickey Horton

Coiffures For The Modern Man by Phillip Kiriakis

Motorcycle Jumping Techniques by Shawn Brady

How To Relax And Enjoy Your Hot Tub by Victor Kiriakis

Commentaries On The Bible by Stefano DiMera

Reality by Celeste

Elegant Decorating Techniques by Bonnie Lockhart

How to Know Exactly What Your Woman Wants by Bo Brady

The Keen Detective Mind by Roman Brady

Truth In Relationships by Mimi Lockhart

How To Raise Your IQ by Belle Black

How To Bring Your Wedding Off Without a Hitch by Samantha Brady

Effective Self Defense by Doug Williams

Buddies Forever by Shawn Brady and Phillip Kiriakis

Trust Your Spouse by Hope Brady

My Record As A Winning Trial Lawyer by Mickey Horton

Normal Family Life by Alice Horton

The Centered Teen by Chelsea

My Favorite Childhood Memories by John Black

Kicking Your Dependency on Cue Cards by Shawn Brady Sr.

Women - How To Pick 'Em by Lucas Roberts

How To Be There For Your Family In Times Of Crisis by Eric Brady

And, the shortest book of them all...

How To Write Fast Paced Fiction by James E. Reilly

Friday, February 25, 2005

A Nip Here, A Tuck There

Kate and John are in bed. Kate says, “I can’t believe how much I am going on about missing Roman. I’m sorry. I’m being selfish. I don’t understand. I thought I was doing so much better.” John says that’s because she had Lucas and Sami’s wedding to focus on. He wonders what will become of Sami. He let her down. Kate says Sami has no one to blame but herself.

“Well, it’s not her fault I didn’t bring Roman and Doc home, is it?”

Kate tells him he has to stop blaming himself, “We have to take care of ourselves and be here for each other.” She strokes the stubble, which, by the way, hasn't grown a centimeter even though he allegedly hasn't shaved for two weeks.

Marlena tells Roman they can’t let Tony get to them. Bart interrupts. He rolls a table in with a cloth covering it. It’s dinner. They don’t want it. “Hey,” says Bart, “You haven’t even seen it yet. I mean, I admit it’s a weird combo, but it’s not half as bad as in the movie Whatever Happened to Baby Jane when she served her sister that dead rat and pet bird. But, I digress. Don’t worry. It isn’t poisoned.”

“Everything Tony touches is poisoned,” snaps Marlena.

Bo and Hope are sharing their romantic dinner. Hope says she’s sorry for spoiling the evening. Bo says she hasn’t spoiled it, “...and, I’ve got plans for you. More wine?” She says she’s glad they have the place alone tonight. Bo says, “I told you Billie would find a place to stay.” The doorbell interrupts their tender kiss. Hope asks, “Who do you think that could be.” Bo grits his teeth.

It’s none other than Ms. Billie Reed. She apologizes as she walks in. Bo says it’s OK. Hope scowls, “No. It’s not OK.”

Sami asks, “OK, who is this?”

“I told you,” says the voice from Hell. “It’s a friend.” Sami says she doesn’t have any friends. The voice says, “I am here to help you. Take the first step. Open your front door.” Skeptical Sami goes to her door and, after a dramatic pause, opens it, “OMG! Who the hell are you?”

“It’s irrelevant,” he says, “I was sent to give you this.” He hands her a bulging envelope.

“What is it,” asks Sami, “Some kind of bomb?” He gives her an evil stare. She looks inside, “OMG! It’s full of money. They’re all hundreds.”

The guy says, “And plane tickets and other things you might find useful.”

“Look,” Sami says into the phone, “This isn’t funny. Tell me who you are. Why are you doing this?”

The scene shifts to the diabolical Tony DiMera with his handy-dandy electronic voice disguiser, “Just do what the man before you says and I promise you will have the revenge you seek.” He hangs up. Sami stares.

Sami asks who is behind this. The mystery guy says he has no idea, “I was contacted anonymously and instructed to do this. May I come in? I am here to do what I do better than anyone on the planet. But I can tell you, this is the strangest assignment I have ever had. Let’s get started”

“Started with what?”

“I was instructed if you asked that to respond like this: I will help you achieve that which you most desire.”

REVENGE,” says Sami.

Billie says when she left she had no intention of returning. Hope says, “Oh, but you left your makeup bag upstairs. Well, I’ll just run up and get it for you.” Hope goes upstairs.

Bo asks if Billie found her mom. She says yes. Bo says they’ll just call the court and tell them Billie will be staying with her mom. “Actually,” says Billie, “things didn’t quite turn out the way we hoped.” Bo wiggles.

Roman tells Bart, “I wouldn’t trust you if you said the earth was round.”

“The earth is round? Hey, I couldn’t come up with this stuff myself. This is from the Count.”

Tony walks in, “That’s enough, Bartholomew.” Bart tells him Roman and Marlena won’t eat. “What,” says Tony, “After I took all that time arranging this special meal?” Tony says he can’t control them. He can just set the stage. He thinks they are afraid of letting their emotions get ahead of them. Bart asks if their mojo is rising. Tony tells him if he really wants to know he should just look them in the eye. Bart gets in Marlena’s face. She belts him.

“Eat or not,” says Tony as he and Bart leave.

Roman is curious. He pulls the tablecloth off. Marlena says, “I don’t believe this.”

John tells Kate she needs to go get some rest. He thinks maybe if he takes a hot shower it will loosen him up. He starts to get up. He can’t move. The shower will have to wait. Kate says she knows something better than a shower, “I’ll be right back.”

Bart asks Tony what was up with the weird meal they just served Marlena and Roman. Tony says, “That meal will conjure up a memory they won’t be able to resist. It will rekindle the passion they once felt for each other.” Bart tells him Roman and Marlena know what he is up to. Tony says, “Whether they know what I am up to and whether they can resist it are two different things. Because they know what I am up to only increases my pleasure because once those emotions are rekindled and take hold, they won’t be able to resist them. Not those temptations.

Roman takes inventory. They’ve got pepperoni and anchovy pizza, beer, Moo Shu pork, Kung Pow chicken, white wine. I hope they have Rolaids, too. “It’s the meal we had every Friday night when we were newlyweds,” says Marlena. No wonder they split up.

Roman wonders, “How did that SOB know about this?” Marlena says it doesn’t matter, “He’s rekindling romantic memories of our past.”

“Yeah,” says Roman, “But now that we know what he’s doing, it can’t work, right?” Not unless he throws in some raw eggs for the beer.

Billie runs through the litany of reasons why there is absolutely no place she can stay except with Bo and Hope. Kate is staying with John, her place is being redecorated, Roman’s place is up for sale, Lucas’ place is too small and the Salem homeless shelter is full.

Hope is on the phone telling the whole sad story to Jennifer.

Kate brings in a tray. Dinner? Moo Shu Pork? No. Sponge bath! John doesn’t think so. Kate promises she won’t take advantage of him. Now he really doesn’t want it. Kate wants to. Helping him makes her feel like a good person. That must be a new feeling for Kate. She says she doesn’t deserve to feel that way.

“Oh, Kate, please don’t tell me this has something to do with what happened to Lucas and Sami.”

Roman is starved. He takes a bite of the pizza, “Do you remember how we came up with this crazy combination of food?” Bad weed? Yeahyeahyeah, they ordered each other’s favorite dinner.

“We had some good times,” says Marlena.

“Yes we did, Doc.”

Bart understands about Roman and Marlena but wants to know what Tony is doing with Sami Brady, “She’s trouble with a capital 'T', a loose cannon, a runaway missile, when she lets go with both barrels, there’s no telling who she will hit.”

Tony tells Bart he couldn’t have said it better himself, “Sami Brady is my secret weapon.”

Sami puts on a garbage sack. He hands her a mirror. “Take a good look Ms. Brady, when I am finished even you won’t recognize yourself.”

A nip here, a tuck there, and Sami’s a man, “OMG! You were right. I don’t’ recognize myself. If my mouth wasn’t moving...”

“But why a man?” He says those were his orders. He gives her shoes that increase her height and clothes to wear, and a body girdle to disguise her figure, designed for comfort, no doubt, “Now there is just one more thing to do.”

Kate tells John he was right, Sami was not the woman she dreamed of Lucas spending his life with, “But I didn’t do anything to break them up. I realized how much Lucas loves Sami. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for the disappointment they are feeling now. There are things in my past I’m not proud of. I did the wrong thing for the right reason and now some people won’t forgive me.”

She tells him to rest while she bathes him. John stares as his Geisha works. He stops her, “I can’t let you do this. I feel so pathetic.” Feelings don’t lie John-boy. “I got myself so addicted I can’t take a shower by myself.”

“No John, you are strong. You are kicking this drug habit so you can be here for everyone who loves you.”

“Come on,” says Roman, “Take a bite.” He tries Moo Shu Pork, “Damn, that’s not bad at all. I used to hate this stuff. It’s good. Now it's your turn.” Marlena takes a bite of the greasy pizza. She loves it.

Bo asks why Billie can’t stay with Lucas. “Because he’s a mess.”

“Did he really think Sami would change?”

“Yes, he did.”

“Go stay with him. Give him some sisterly support.”

“I would but Will is taking it harder than Lucas. Will has moved in with Lucas. There is just no room for me.”

Bo is exasperated, “So what you’re telling me is you have to stay here.”

“No, Hope will go ballistic.”

“Billie, we don’t have a choice.”

“No, I just came over here to talk to you. I’m going to a hotel.”

“No, you’ll be in breach of the judge’s order. I’ll talk to Hope. You’re staying here.”
Billie gets two points for a turnaround. First he was begging her to leave, now he’s begging her to stay.

Hope is on the phone with Jennifer, “Trust me Bo is not going to let Billie ruin this evening.” HA.

Tony tells Bart, “Sami Brady is the long arm of my revenge. Only she doesn’t know it. Stephano thought of this about ten years ago. When he and Sami locked eyes together, something passed between them. It disturbed Sami. I knew one day Sami would be useful. And today is the day.”

"I actually look kind of hot," says Sami. Probably because of the girdle. She decides she would like to be called Stan. Stan the Man. She puts a device in her mouth. Baritone. “With this I’ll be able to get back at everyone. Do we have to go to this extreme?”

“Your benefactor thought so. I am finished.” He hands her an envelope, “This should answer any questions.”

“How do I get in touch?”

“You don’t.”

Stan reads the letter, “OMG this is unbelievable.”

John tells Kate he feels better, “Thank you for administering the sponge bath.”

“My pleasure,” says Kate, “Anything else I can do?”

“Actually...” Dramatic pause. “No... thanks.” She presses him.

“I haven’t really slept for a long time.” She will get medication.

“No,” says John, “It’s not about falling asleep. It’s about sleeping peacefully. I haven’t done that since the island. I just miss holding someone.”

Kate understands. She misses Roman, “It’s not the sex although I miss that too, but it’s the loneliness.”

“Exactly,” says John, “Please lay down beside me.” Kate gets in bed. Pan out on the platonic couple.

Marlena and Roman eat the feast. They talk about Roman wiping Marlena off when she spilled a beer. Roman got other ideas. Right on cue, Marlena spills the beer. Roman starts to dry her, “Here, maybe you better do it.”

“Bo, I am already interrupting,” says Billie. Bo says he will smooth things over with Hope, “It’s not as if it is Hope and My anniv...”

Billie says, “I was wondering if you would remember.”

Bo says, “This would have been our anniversary.” What a coincidence.

“Happy anniversary,” says Billie. Hope steams in the background.

Marlena wipes herself off. The TV comes on. There are Kate and John in bed. The TV goes off, “Damn Tony. He’s trying to throw us together again.”

Roman says, “Yeah, Doc, but he’s not doing it alone. Tony isn’t in control any more. They are and we are. John and Kate have moved on.”

“They think were dead,” insists Marlena.

“What they are feeling is real. Tony is not manipulating that. We have to stop fighting it. That love that we had for each other once is still there.” I think Roman wants to wipe off some more beer.

Stan reads the letter. The phone rings. Stan picks it up but doesn’t say anything. Tony says, “I assume the silence means the transformation is complete.”

“Congratulations,” says Tony, “It’s me, your mysterious benefactor. Very wise of you not to say anything. The call could have been for Sami, and you’re not Sami anymore, are you?”

“No,” s/he says, “My name is Stan.”

He likes the name, “Have you read the letter?”

“Yeah, but...” S/he says.

Tony interrupts, “No questions. Do what you have to do. Take revenge on your first victim.” FFWO on the smiling Stan.


John says, “Thanks for staying here with me, Kate. I couldn’t do this without you.” Kate says, “I’m here to stay.”

Belle tells Shawn, “Take it off.” Shawn asks, “Are you sure?” Belle responds, “We’re adults here. We can handle it.”

Billie says, “Hope, you’re making a big mistake here. If I were you, I’d back off.”

Thursday, February 24, 2005

The Voice From Hell

Tony plays with a snow globe. Tony contemplates. Toady comes in and says it’s cold out there, but Tony shuts him up. He’s concentrating. Bart gets goose bumps when he sees him deep in thought like this, “You’re thinking it’s too long since you’ve created mayhem.”

“Yes, Bart, it’s been too long. It’s time for me to shake up their world again.”

Marlena and Roman sleep as smoke comes in through the nozzle. Marlena dreams about making love with John. Now it’s Roman, “Doc I love you so much. You’re the great love of my life. Doc before I die there is something I want very much. I want to make love to you.” What’s real, What’s not? Who knows, it’s Daze.

Marlena rolls over and she and Roman kiss.

“Hell hath no fury like Sami Brady,” says John. Kate says they will sue if Sami accuses him. John says Sami has harbored so much anger for so long she will do more than sling a little mud. Brady says, “Sami will stop at nothing until she has hurt everyone who she thinks has done her wrong.”

Nancy tells Nicole she can’t go in the room until she signs in. Nicole can’t believe it, but she cooperates. She has to go up to reception to do it. Nicole says, “someone should have told me that when I got here.”

Chloe packs to leave. She tells Nancy, “Thanks to you I can’t stay here anymore.”

Bo and Hope are in bed. Bo has to get up, “We’ve got plans.” He’s going to take a quick shower (without Billie).

Billie tells Lucas not to go over to Sami’s, “She’ll start crying and begging for forgiveness.”

Lucas tells Billie, “Sami’s capable of anything when she is like this. She has no family, no friends, no nothing.”

“Whose fault is that,” asks, Billie, “If she gets herself into trouble, she will just have to find a way to get out of it.”

Sami picks up the paper. She goes through the classifieds. REVENGE. "OMG, first my computer now this!" She gets a fax. Three guesses what it is. REVENGE! “Whoever is doing this, just stop it right now,” shouts Sami.

Lucas has been so caught up in his own life he doesn’t know what’s going on in Billie’s, “What’s going on between you and Bo Brady?”

Bo is dressed in a tux. Hope is in her new dress. “You take my breath away,” says Bo, “and the best part of it is you get your wish. We don’t have to go out tonight.” Henderson has helped Bo set up dinner. “I have a special wine for a special woman. Chateau Margot, from the year we were married. Like this wine, every year with you gets better. To the most beautiful woman in the world, the mother of my children, my heart, my soul, my wife.” She toasts him, “To you, the only man I ever loved.”

“What is this,” asks Sami, “Revenge? Maybe it’s a marketing campaign. Whatever. I have to focus on fixing things and get a new job. OK just relax. Maybe I need a glass of wine. Maybe a hot bath. Maybe some music. This will be perfect.”

REVENGE,” says the voice from Hell.

Nicole picks up a pay phone. She calls Brady. She tells him she hasn’t seen Clara yet, but she ran into Nancy Wesley.

Chloe says Nancy went out of her way to question Nicole about Brady. “Somebody has to,” says Nancy, “You are not ugly although your behavior is starting to be.” Chloe insists she isn’t ready to see Brady, “Why can’t you just accept that?”

Kate thinks Sami will lash out at her first. John says, “Be honest with me, did you set her up?” OMG, THE CROSSED FINGERS TRICK – TWICE IN TWO EPISODES. Kate says, “I hired a PI to follow her. Why she went to Brandon’s hotel and wound up in bed with him is a mystery.”

John says, “Even after Doc and Roman were divorced, they would sit that girl down and talk sense into her. It was times like that you began to realize what an unbreakable bond Doc and Roman had.”

Tony comes in and throws roses onto the sleeping couple. Pard jumps up and says, “You SOB what are you doing here?”

“Three’s a crowd,” says Tony, “Next time I’ll call first. I have some sad news about Sami. Her life as she has known it is over.” Marlena and Roman stare.

Bo has something for Hope. Broken heart necklaces. “It’s perfect says Hope.”

"Just like you," says Bo. Dinner continues. Bo tells Hope Shawn called earlier, “He said he had great news and would tell us later.” They express their undying love.

“I just hope it stays that way,” says Hope. Bo asks why she would say that. “Billie Reed. I just hope she doesn’t destroy our happiness.” Hmmm... Hope may have just destroyed their special evening.

Lucas says Georgia is a strong connection between Billie and Bo. Billie just wants to find Georgia; she’s not plotting to get Bo back. Lucas asks, “You’re still in love with Bo aren’t you?” Billie doesn’t answer.

REVENGE,” says the radio.

“Why is this happening to me,” asks Sami. She starts to leave but the phone rings.

Brady asks what Nancy is doing at the clinic. Nicole says she’s working as a volunteer. Brady will swing by the clinic when he’s done at John’s.

Nancy is sorry if Chloe thinks she has gone against her wishes. She knows how much Chloe misses Brady. Chloe says, “Until I am ready to face him I don’t want Nicole or Brady to know I am here.” Nicole looks in through the blinds, “OMG!”

Brady tells Kate and John he is going to the clinic. He leaves. Kate tells John she was thinking about what John said about Roman and Marlena. Kate was friends with Marlena, “but I was jealous of their relationship.”

“You’re not alone,” says John, “When I was on the island it was obvious Tony was trying to get the two of them back together. Tony poisoned Roman. Roman asked Marlena to make love with him as a dying wish. It never got that far. Tony mysteriously got Roman an antidote.” Kate can’t understand why Tony did all those things.

Toady breaks up Roman and Tony. He pushes Roman back, “PREPARE TO MEET YOUR MAKER!”

“Don’t be melodramatic,” says Tony.

“I always wanted to use that line,” says Toady. Tony tells them about Sami’s wedding disaster, “Shouldn’t you be thanking me for the flowers? Did they stir something in you? When I walked in, the beautiful Marlena was kissing you. But, compared to John and Kate, you two are a picture of restraint. Enjoy the flowers.” Tony leaves.

Billie admits she is still in love With Bo, “But Bo loves Hope,” she repeats it over and over, “Even if I could take him away from her, that’s not who I am anymore.” Lucas reminds her she has a family with Bo too. Lucas says if the Judge thinks she is with Bo, that’s where she should be. Billie smirks.

Bo tells Hope Billie won’t come between them. “This is about Tony DiMera,” says Hope, “He brought Billie to the island to break us up. When that didn’t work, he didn’t give up. I honestly believe the DiMeras are out to destroy everything you and I have.”

Sami answers the phone, “Look, Kate, if that is you cut it out.”

The voice from Hell says, “Don’t be so nasty. Don’t you want to get back at your enemies... Kate, John, Shawn, Belle, the known universe?”

“Who is this?”

“A friend. REVENGE, it’s all about REVENGE.

Nicole says to herself, “That’s the woman who is helping Clara.” Nancy goes to the door and asks what Nicole is doing here. Nicole wants to meet Clara’s friend. Brady walks up, “I’d like to meet her, too.”

“Brady,” says Chloe, “What’s he doing here?”

Roman goes berserk, “I’m sorry if I hadn’t...”

“What,” asks Marlena, “Hadn’t kissed me? I was kissing you back.”

“I just wonder if we’ll ever get home.”

Marlena says, “We will fight to get back even if it kills us.”

Roman says, “I think that’s what Tony is counting on.”

Chloe listens as Brady and Nancy talk. Nancy says Clara’s friend doesn’t want to meet either one of them, “She’s shy and self-conscious about her appearance.”

Chloe pines, “Oh, Brady, I wish I could let you see I’m alive, but I can’t until I look the way I used to.”

John can’t believe Kate has stood by him. Kate will never forget how kind John was to her, “You’re a good man.” She caresses his cheek.

“Look at us,” he chuckles, “We’re pathetic.” Kate says she misses Roman.

“I know. I miss Doc, too.” Kate would like to think they’re together and at peace. John chooses to think they are looking out for each other in heaven.

“If Tony wanted us dead, we’d be dead,” says Marlena.

“Yeah,” says Roman, “He loves tormenting us.” Not to mention the viewers.

Bo says they will find out the truth about Georgia, “When we do, Billie will be part of the Days Of Our Lives, but we can handle that.” Hope says she didn’t mean to ruin the evening. Bo says she didn’t. Hope says it’s nice to have the place to themselves tonight.

“I told you Billie would find a place to stay,” says Bo.

Right on cue, the doorbell rings. Hheerree’s Billie. Hope stares.

Lucas contemplates. He sees the picture of Will, Sami and himself together, “We had it all and you had to ruin everything, Sami. Billie was right. You screwed up. And now you have to suffer the consequences. Unfortunately so do Will and I.”

Sami says she’s calling the police. She hangs up, “OK. Kate’s behind this. Uncle Bo could run a trace on the calls. No dial tone. Oh, God no. What’s going on here?”

“I can help you, Sami,” says the voice from Hell, “You have no money, no job. There’s only one thing for you to do right now. You have to go away.”

“Who are you?”

“I’m a friend.”

“I don’t have any friends.”

“In due time,” says the voice form Hell, “all will be revealed. Take the first step. Open your front door. Your destiny awaits.”

Sami opens the door. “OMG!” FFWO on Sami, with a dramatic smoky background.


Tony tells Bart, “Once those emotions are rekindled and take hold, they won’t be able to resist them. Not those temptations.”

“Ta-da,” says Roman as he pulls the tablecloth back. “I don’t believe this,” says Marlena. Oooo. Maybe it's her collection of SSK knives.

John tells Kate, “Come and lay beside me.”

“This would have been our anniversary,” says Bo. “Happy Anniversary,” says Billie. Hope seethes in the background.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Chloe teaches Clara to sing. On the phone, Craig asks Nancy if he can talk to Chloe. Nancy tells him she’s in there helping Clara with her singing. They are going to form a rock group called “The Mummies.” Nancy tells Craig Chloe decided against contacting Brady, "Craig, I have a great idea. I am going to pay Brady a visit and tell him the truth about our daughter."

Brady contemplates as John sleeps. Brady takes the tray out of the room and gets a cell phone call. It’s Nicole. She’s at the clinic trying to visit Clara but she’s not there. Brady gives Nicole the wedding bombshell, "Lucas caught Sami and Brandon NAKED IN BED together at the Jetway."

Hope comes home. She flashes back to Bo telling her about a spa surprise and something “extra special.”

She asks the door, “What special thing are you planning Brady?” She goes upstairs.

Bo is giving Zack a bath. He tells Zack he’s doing something special for mom because lately he hasn’t made her too happy, “I love you and Shawn and your mom and there is someone else I love a whole lot too.” Hope stares.

Billie shows up at Lucas’ apartment, “Oh my poor little bro. I’m so sorry. You can’t trust Sami Brady. What was she thinking?”

Lucas can’t figure it out. “Sami blames Mom,” says Billie.

“Yeah,” says Lucas, ”And sometimes Sami’s right.” Billie asks if Lucas really believes Kate would set Sami up.

Sami obsesses over Kate’s picture, “You must have drugged Brandon and me. Why didn’t I think of having a blood test last night? You drugged us and then Lucas walked in on Brandon and me NAKED IN BED together. Kate, you are going to pay.”

“And you, John Black, you bastard, you could have forced that slut Kate to tell the truth, because I am your wife’s daughter. You have chosen Kate over your family. It’s not just John it’s my whole freaking family. They all hate me and have all abandoned me. Rot in hell every last one of you.” I don’t get it. Why have they abandoned sweet, loving Sami?

Will comes in. He runs from her, “I hate you, leave me alone.” The sign on his door says, “I HATE YOU! KEEP OUT!”

Kate knocks at the door. Sami sees it’s her, slams the door and locks it. Kate pounds until Sami answers. “I’m here on official business,” says Kate. She sees her own picture in the fire, “Perfect night for a fire. I need to discuss your future at Basic Black. It’s not looking too bright for you, Sami.”

Hope watches as Bo bathes Zack. Bo says, “Your mom’s been there for me but I haven’t been there for her because of this other person. Unless I find a way to have them both in my life, your mom will lose out.” Hope stares.

Lucas doesn’t know if Kate set up Sami or not. Billie is convinced she didn’t. Lucas hopes she’s right, “Every time I close my eyes I see them NAKED IN BED together. How is Will supposed to move on with his life?” He asks Billie, “ Are you all right?”

“Crazy as ever,” says Billie, “You need to focus on getting Will though this mess.” Lucas tells Billie Will is moving in with him.

Sami says she has been an exemplary employee. Kate says Sami promised advertisers they would receive promotion during her wedding and reneged. Sami reminds her John hired her at Basic Black.

“Sorry to say, Sami, your mother is dead and John has taken a leave. He’s left me in charge. You’re fired.” Funny, she doesn’t look like Donald Trump.

“You bitch,” says Sami. She screams and throws the flowers as Kate leaves. After a near brush with the fatal flying flowers, Will says, “I’m outta here.”

Nicole tells the nurse she’s looking for Clara. The nurse gives her the room number. The mummies are in Chloe’s room. “Who do you trust the most,” asks Clara. Chloe flashes back to Brady, "Who made you so smart?" Clara suggests Chloe “call him.”

Nancy says, “OK Craig, I’ll put a lid on it.” Craig makes her promise not to interfere. She hangs up and looks at her crossed fingers, “Sorry, Craig, sometimes mother knows best. If I don’t’ get my rear in gear Chloe will lose Brady.” Ah, those crossed fingers do it every time.

“Time to see Clara and her new friend,” says Nicole.

Hope listens as Bo rambles, “I wish your mom would realize she is the only person I will ever love. The other young woman who's got my heart is named Georgia. What I had with her mom was over a long time ago. I want to find Georgia and have her be a part of the Days Of Our Lives. We’ll be one big happy family.”

Bo asks Zack, “Do you want to hear the surprise?”

“Not unless you want me to hear it, too,” says the tearful Hope.

Billie tells Lucas she would like to stay there for a few days. Lucas says his place is small, but he will sleep on the couch. Billie says no, she doesn’t want to make him do that, “Just worry about Will right now; he needs you.”

Sami says she didn’t mean to throw the flowers at Will. “It’s your fault, Mom.” He sees the photos burning, “Those are my memories, too.” Sami insists she isn’t lying about what happened with Brandon. Will tells Sami Lucas is a wreck. Billie is there.

Sami says, “Billie hates me.”

“Who doesn’t hate you, Mom? You messed this up, Mom, you and nobody else.” Will runs out.

“Please don’t leave me alone,” says Sami, “Now I’m all alone without a job.” She gets on the computer and looks at her bank account. Only $150 in her checking account and nothing in savings, “OMG, I know I had more money than that! How will I take care of Will now?” Her computer starts acting up, “NO, NO! Please don’t do this!" The computer goes black. “R-E-V-E-N-G-E” comes up on the screen.

Kate tells Brady she is fond of John. Brady goes into John’s room. “Stop right there,” says John. Brady says he didn’t know John was awake. John heard Kate and Brady talking, “I know you mean well, but Doc’s the only woman for me.” Brady says John should move on.

John says, “You want me to consider Kate like you consider Nicole -- not the love of your life but she’ll do. What would you do if I said Chloe was alive?”

Nancy tells Chloe she is being really nice to Clara. Nancy knows someone who would make Chloe feel better if she would contact him. Chloe isn’t ready yet. Nancy says, “With you being 'dead' Nicole has the field all to herself. Call him, let him know you’re alive.”

Nicole comes up to the room, “OMG!!”

Bo says Hope looks gorgeous. He suggests they dump Zack and get together. Hope starts downstairs. Bo makes a cell phone call, “Hey, it’s a go.”

Lucas says the Judge wouldn’t like it if he vouched for Billie. He’s been in front of that Judge before and the Judge doesn’t think much of him, “You need a break.”

Billie says, “I already got one, when Mom had you, little bro.”

R-E-V-E-N-G-E. “Dammit,” says Sami, “I can’t afford a virus right now.” Will comes in. Kid virus. Sami apologizes for freaking out. Will tells her, “My whole life has been hard, Mom, because of you.” Mom virus.

Sami says she’s done the best she can. “I quit," says Will.

“You can’t quit being my son.”

“No but I can move out.” He hands her a card, “Here’s my forwarding address, give it to the mailman. No way could Gramma Kate have framed you.”

Sami says, “You’re saying I’m lying.”

“When don’t you lie, Mom?”

Sami asks, “You don’t love me?”

“You’re my mom, of course I love you. I just can’t live with you. See ya around.”

“I LOVE YOU WILL,” she shouts, as he slowly walks away. A real tearjerker.

“What are you doing back here Nancy,” asks Nicole as Chloe hides.

“Volunteering,” says Nancy, “After I came back with Chloe’s ashes I decided to live here with my parents.”

Nancy asks about Brady. Nicole says, “I’m still trying to wrap my brain around this Nancy Nightingale thing.” Must be shrink-wrap. “Brady and I are seeing each other. After my husband died…” Nicole wants to know why Nancy is so interested in her relationship with Brady.

“Chloe is not alive,” says Brady.

John says, “You just proved my point. You don’t really love Nicole, she’s just a substitute for Chloe."

Brady says, “Staying Celibate won’t bring Chloe back.”

Kate comes in. The office is covered. John is worried about Sami. She needs help. Kate doesn’t feel like helping Sami after she broke Lucas’ heart. Brady says, “Sami loves to point out other people’s mistakes. My guess is she’ll start with you, Dad.”

Chloe listens as Nancy and Nicole talk. Nancy says, “With Chloe’s passing we lost our future. With Chloe gone we barely see Brady, how is he doing.” Nicole says he is happier than he’s ever been. They are sponsoring a patient at the hospital. Nicole turns to go into the room. Nancy yells, “No don’t go in there!”

Bo’s going down to check on dinner. He tells Hope, “There’s something for you on the bed.” Hope goes into the bedroom. She opens the present. It’s a dress-thingy. “It’s perfect,” she says.

Bo comes back in, “You’re perfect Mrs. Brady. How about we have dessert first?”

John wants to know what mistakes Sami will use against him. Brady says she made a sarcastic comment about the FLU.

“So,” asks John, “You are suggesting she might try to get back at me by going public about my addiction?”

Will comes into Lucas' apartment. He never wants to go back there again because his mom is freaking nuts. Stop the presses. Sami is nuts.

Sami finds a newspaper at her door, “I don’t’ get the evening edition, what is this, a special promotion?” Since she is unemployed, she decides to look at the classifieds. She opens the paper. Some centerfold – “REVENGE.” Fade out on Sami with REVENGE in big red letters in the background.


Hope tells Bo, “I honestly believe DiMera is out to destroy everything you and I have.”

Tony D mumbles to Roman, “When I walked in, the beautiful Marlena was kissing you.”

Brady says, “You know when Sami is on the warpath, she stops at nothing until she hurts everyone she feels has done her wrong.” John gives his stoner squint. Kate stares.

Billie tells Lucas, “I am really sorry Sami has no friends, but whose fault is that?”

Dramatic lightning flash. Sami is on the phone, “OMG!”

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Kate Roberts Is A Dead Woman

Belle packs her wedding dress. She flashes back to the phone call from Phillip. He says, “I gotta go.” To war, that is. "I couldn't do it,” she says, “Not while he's risking his life.” There is a knock at the door. It’s Shawn. He asks if she is OK. Yeah, she just needed time to think. He asks, “Are we still in limbo?” No, Shawn, this is Salem you’re in full-blown hell. Belle says she can't be together with him until she can explain to Phillip.

Billie is down by the dock. She flashes back to Bo and Hope’s argument about her, then to Jen saying she wouldn't trust Billie, “Don't worry, Jen, I'm not going to be a problem for Bo and Hope ever again. So I suppose we’re supposed to think she’s going to jump in and end her misery – and ours.

Brady brings a tray into John's room. John says, “Thanks for hanging in there with me kid, I know it hasn't been easy.” Brady says it was the drugs talking. Brady will always be there for John. Brady thinks there is room in John’s life for a woman. John doesn't want to talk about it. He found a great love twice. He isn't going to press his luck. Brady says, “Look in my eyes and tell me you don't have feelings for Kate.” John stares.

There are going to be some wedding expenses left even though the wedding didn’t go off, but “Putting and end to Sami and Lucas’ wedding was worth it,” says Kate, “Sami Brady is down for the count.”

Sami is down by the dock talking to herself. That’s what people do at the dock. She says when she gets all this worked out, she will have a wonderful family. She hates asking for his help but she will do anything for the man she loves. She bumps into Billie. Billie asks, “Just how did you ruin your wedding day?”

“Your mother sabotaged it. I’m going after her.”

“Don't make idle threats,” says Billie.

Sami snaps back, “It's not idle, Billie, Kate Roberts is a dead woman.”

Kate will donate the wedding food to the homeless shelter. Kate wonders if John knows about the wedding being canceled. She calls him.

Brady asks if John has feelings for Kate. The call comes in. Saved by the bell. Brady answers. Kate tells Brady the wedding has been canceled.

Billie tells Sami, “Threatening an ISA agent isn't the smartest thing, but no one ever accused you of being smart.” Billie wants to know how Kate sabotaged the wedding. Sami and Billie stand there and slice each other apart, and then Billie offers to help. Sami tells her, “Kate set it up so we wound up NAKED IN BED together and Lucas called off the wedding. Neither of us remembers what happened.”

“Been there done that,” says Billie.

Sami says she's not an alcoholic, “I just want Lucas back.”

Billie doesn't believe Kate would try to break them up. Sami brings up Bo, “I love Lucas and I will do whatever it takes to get him back just like I know you love Bo and will do whatever it takes to be with him. ” Billie stares.

“Whaddya mean we can't be together? We love each other,” says Shawn.

“Phillip's putting his life in danger,” says Belle.

Shawn reminds her there are risks to being in the service, “He's doing this because he wants to.”

Belle says, “We pledged our hearts to each other before God.” In a sacred flying motorcycle ceremony. “I’m not going to be responsible for him dying. Why did I marry him in the first place? I should have told him sooner.” Shawn says we have to admit our mistakes and move on. Belle wants to move on but doesn't want it to be so hard. Shawn promises they will make it through this together.

Kate gives Brady the details on the canceled wedding. Brady finds it amusing. John wants to know what's going on. Brady fills John in, ”Lucas caught Sami and Brandon NAKED IN BED Together. This is the best thing that could happen to Lucas. Spending a life with Sami would be hell.” Sami walks into the room as Brady says this, “Bastard.”

There is a big sign in Kate’s office that says, “Congrats Sami and Lucas.” Kate tears it up. Billie walks in as Kate rips the sign, “OMG! Was Sami right?"

“What are you doing Mom?” She's taking down the decorations (I guess the reception was going to be in her office). She is just heartsick over this. Kate can't believe Sami would sleep with Brandon. Billie says Sami told her Kate set them up, “Did You?”

Kate tells Billie, Lucas found Sami and Brandon NAKED IN BED Together. This girl is self-destructive.” Billie thinks this whole thing is very conveenniieeenntt given Kate's feelings for Sami. She asks how John is doing. “He's in pain and has the flu,” says Kate.

“You've fallen for him, haven't you,” asks Billie.

“How dare you,” screams Sami, “especially when you're dating that slut Nicole.”

Brady tells Sami, “John doesn't need to deal with the likes of you.”

Sami says he's kicking her while she's down and her relationship is in trouble. “It's not in trouble,” says Brady, “it's over. How the hell could you do that to Lucas?” Sami swears she didn't do it, “Kate set me up. I don't know how she did it.” She turns to John, “I need a favor. You are the closest thing to a parent I have left, so if you ever thought of me as a daughter, call Kate and tell her to admit what she did. If she doesn't, then threaten her and I'll get Lucas back.” John stares.

Shawn kisses Belle. Belle pushes away, “This is exactly what we can't do. I love you and want to be with you and that's why you have to go. The temptation is too strong as long as I'm wearing Phillip’s ring.”

“Then take it off,” says Shawn. Belle says it's staying on her finger. “You want it both ways,” says Shawn, “are you still in love with him?”

“Yes I am,” says Belle.

Billie asks if Kate loves John. Kate says they are friends, “Any news about Georgia?” Billie says they found clues, “Maybe Tony D set clues all over the place.” Billie won't give up. She will find Georgia or die trying.

Kate says, “You have Bo to help you search.”

“I don't think I can count on him anymore,” says Billie.

“Of course you can count on Bo,” says Kate.

“I can't work with him anymore,” says Billie. She tells Kate about the arrest, “Bo said I could stay with him. Then there was a huge fight.”

“I'll bet there was,” says Kate.

“Then Hope found Bo and me NAKED IN THE BATHROOM together. It was a mistake.”

“Uhhhhhhh huh,” says Kate, “No one just happens to leave the bathroom door unlocked.”

Billie insists she didn't plan it. “Maybe something or someone did,” says Kate.

“Hope is the mother of his sons,” says Billie.

“And you are the mother of his daughter,” says Kate. Billie says she won't use her child to get Bo back.

Sami says Kate set her up. She didn't sleep with Brandon, "I have changed. I will do anything to get Lucas back."

John goes into pain, “There’s a small jackhammer working on my spine.” Sami begs John to help her. John grunts, “Sami I don't know what happened between you and Brandon, I’m sorry.”

“Nothing happened,” says Sami, “You're not sorry. If this was Belle you would help her.”

Brady says Belle would never get into a situation like this. Yeah, she would just marry some guy she doesn’t want to. Sami insists she is only a stepdaughter to John. John says he just doesn't feel good right now. “Oh yeah, the FLU says Sami.” She storms out.

Brady asks if John is OK, “Why was Sami acting that way about you? She doesn't know about he drugs does she?”

“No way,” says John.

“You are so wrong, John,” says Sami as she walks out the door, “John Black is a junkie and junkies must be punished.” His punishment is Sami as a stepdaughter.

Kate tells Billie Bo chased after her to Europe twice, “You can't stop loving him.” Billie loves him enough to move out.

Kate asks, “Why does Hope have a problem with you staying with him? Maybe their marriage isn't as strong as people think it is. Do you think about Bo sexually?”

Billie wretches. “I'll take that as a yes,” says Kate. Kate says she put Roman's house on the market, so Billie can’t stay there, and her place is being remodeled. Billie will see if she can stay with Lucas. Kate thinks she should stay at Bo and Hope’s, “If he's not after you what's the problem?”

“Do you still love Phillip,” asks Shawn.

“Of course I do,” says Belle, “but not the way I love you.”

“Then why put our love on hold,” asks Shawn.

“Because I have to tell him face to face,” says Belle, “He's coming home sooner than we thought. We've waited this long. Can't we just be patient a little bit longer?” Shawn says he understands. Shawn is angry with himself but thinks Jan is the reason they broke up. When he can collect all his memories Jan will pay.

Sami comes in and wants to know what Shawn is doing there with Belle since she is married to Phillip. “It doesn't mean we can't be friends,” says Belle.

“Friends, right," huffs Sami, “Kate fixed it up so Brandon and I wound up NAKED IN BED together and now Lucas won't marry me. The only way I can get Lucas back is to get Kate to admit what she did, and you're going to help, little sister.”

Brady asks, “Now that Hurricane Sami has passed, you can answer my question. Do you have feelings for Kate?” John can't think about anyone but Doc right now, “She drowned because I got myself injured.” Brady insists the only one to blame is Tony DiMera.

“I miss her, son, every moment of every day. I can't think about Kate right now.”

Brady says, “Promise me you won't lock yourself in a room for the rest of your life.”

John speculates maybe Sami was telling the truth, “Do you think she will do something stupid?”

“Of course, says Brady, she's Sami. The question is which one of us will she come after first.”

Billie leaves. Kate calls Mark. She needs to get her suite redone ASAP. She calls Ryan. She needs to put her late husband's house on the market. “My children's lives couldn't be more perfect,” says Kate.

Belle asks, “How am I supposed to make Kate confess?”

“Go to your father,” says Sami. Shawn asks how Sami wound up NAKED IN BED with Brandon the night before her wedding. Sami tells him to go take a motorcycle ride. Belle says this is not a good time for Dad.

“Oh yeah, says Sami, THE FLU.”

“Do you know something I don't,” asks Belle.

“No,” says Sami, “You won't help because you’re spoiled and selfish." Sami storms out.

“She's right,” says Belle, “I’m selfish.” Shawn hugs her.

Sami comes back in, “I forgot my.... Oh, yeah, you’re at it while Phillip is over doing his duty. You two hypocrites will burn in hell.”

Sami leaves. Outside the door she says, “I hate Kate, I hate Brady, I hate Shawn, I hate Belle, and as God is my witness they will all pay.” Wouldn’t it be easier to name who she doesn’t hate?


Bo tells Zack, "I love you and Shawn and Mom and there is someone else I love very much." Hope listens in horror at the door.

Lucas asks Billie, "Do you really think Mom would set Sami up?"

Kate tells Sami, "Your future at Basic Black isn't looking too bright."

Someone shouts to Nicole, "Don't go in there," as Nicole enters Chloe's room. "OMG," says Nicole.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Easy On The Starch

Mimi tells the doctor, "You know something, don't you? You have news and it's not good." Rex chimes in, "Mimi's going to be all right, isn't she?"

Jennifer comes home. Patrick comes down to greet her. Jennifer tells him, "Billie isn't making life easy for Hope right now, or for you." Patrick tells her, "The judge is being hard-nosed, so Billie and I could be looking at jail time." Jennifer tells him Billie is a walking time bomb, "How many more lives is she going to destroy?"

Bo tells Hope he was forced to tell mean ole Judge Shay Billie would be staying with him. "Not again," says Hope, as she flashes back to the bathroom scene. Billie says she will leave. Bo stops her.

RRIIPP. Lucas tears up the marriage license, "There won't be a wedding today. After finding you and Brandon NAKED IN BED together on our wedding day? It takes a better man than I am to forgive that." Sami says Kate set them up. Lucas says, "My mom is capable of a lot of things, but there is no way she could be responsible for what I saw in that room." Sami says Lucas should believe her. She's telling the truth this time. They pan out revealing a bit of a tummy on the pregnant actress as Will walks into the room, "You really blew it this time, Mom."

Sami tells Will it's not over, they can work it out. Will says, "Not this time, Mom, I heard what happened. I can't believe I got my hopes up again." Sami says, "Will, I'm your mother. I wouldn't lie to you." Will practically chokes and reminds her she lies to him all the time, "There's something wrong with you, Mom." Maybe Will should be a psychologist when he grows up. He could get rich just having his mom as a patient.

Sami begs Kate to tell them the truth, "Do you get some kind of sick pleasure out of seeing your grandson like this?" Lucas pulls her back. "Sami's right," whispers Kate.

Ho and Dope are alone in the kitchen. Hope wants to know why Bo keeps running to Billie time and time again. Bo insists the judge put him in an impossible position. "No," says Hope, "Billie put you in an impossible position and now she's put me in one."

"He was going to put her in Jail," says Bo, "Should I have let that happen?"

"Yes, that's exactly what you should have done."

Patrick insists what happened at the Cheatin' Heart was an accident. Jennifer tells him, "That so-called accident had Billie spending the night at Bo and Hope's. And I suppose it was an accident when Hope walked in on Bo and Billie and found them NAKED IN THE BATHROOM together. Bo said it was innocent, but it never would have happened if Billie wasn't there."

Patrick says they won't be able to agree on Billie Reed. Jennifer goes off the wall, "How does that woman wrap men around her little finger? I don't care if it's you, or Bo or... somebody else that I knew." Patrick asks who. Jennifer says she was talking about Jack, "as far as he was concerned Billie could do no wrong. He had a million excuses for her, too." Patrick asks if this is really about Billie, with Jack being gone. Jennifer stares.

Deck hand Jack suffocates in a cloud of cigar smoke. Cap'n Nasty tells him there was a bad storm in the Northeast and he had to change course. Hmmmm... Salem must be in the Northeast. They are headed for South America. "Can't this tin can handle foul weather?" asks Jack.

"Mother Nature can be a cruel lady," philosophizes Cap'n Nasty, "And since I am in charge of this tin can I'm ordering you to get this laundry back to me pronto and don't forget, easy on the starch and nicely ironed. You know what you need is an attitude transplant." Cap'n Nasty leaves. Jack flashes back to the castle where he saw Patrick and Jennifer walking down the aisle on TV, "I can't let that happen. I gotta figure out a way to get back home before it's too late."

Mimi wiggles her engagement ring, "Dr. Aubrey, what's wrong with me?"

"You have an infection and it's not responding to the antibiotics. I want to do exploratory surgery. It's just a laparoscopy, no big deal." Mimi tells the doc her grandmother died of uterine cancer, "Is that what you're talking about?" She says right now there are no signs of cancer, but they need to know the source of the infection. Dr. Aubrey asks to speak to Mimi in private.

The doctor tells Mimi the infection could be a result of her abortion. Mimi tells her, "Rex has no idea I was even pregnant." The doc says Rex seems to be a very understanding man. "I'm not sure he'll be understanding about this," says Mimi, "but I have to tell him before we get married. I just feel like I'm being punished for having the abortion." That's right, Mimi, this is Days Of Our Lives, you will be punished for this forever. And so will we. "I'm just afraid Rex will freak when he finds out."

"Find out about what," asks Rex, who apparently doesn't know what the word 'private' means.

Jack takes his frustration out on the laundry, "What if I get back to Salem just to find out Jennifer is already involved with that Patrick character? He imagines finally getting home and discovering Patrick and Jennifer in each other's arms, "NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Jennifer insists Billie is as hard as nails but men all fall for her act, "Hope is really smart to be suspicious of Billie and if you were smart, you would keep your distance from her." Patrick accuses Jennifer of being jealous of Billie. Jennifer drops her jaw.

Hope gets in Bo's face. Bo asks, "You really want Billie to go to Jail?"

"No," says Hope as she jams her finger into his kidney, "but I don't want her to stay in this house either." Billie listens outside. Hope says, "If I had to choose between Billie going to jail and saving my husband, I'd choose jail." Billie leaves in a huff and slams the door. Bo runs after her. As he gets to the door we hear the sound of screeching tires. "She must have heard our conversation," says Bo, "If she gets in trouble it will be your fault."

"The truth is," says Kate, "that your mother wants you to believe I set her up. It's lucky for me your father doesn't believe her." Lucas takes Will aside and tells him they will get through this. "It hurts, Dad, knowing our family will always be screwed up." Brilliant kid. Lucas tells Sami to leave. She wants to take Will with her. He wants to stay with Lucas. Sami leaves alone. Brandon tells Lucas he's sorry this happened. Brandon leaves. Lucas and Will go off to watch a game. Kate says, "I'm sorry you're hurting now, but I'm going to make sure Sami Brady never hurts either one of you again."

Brandon takes Sami's arm as she struggles with the door, "Let me help with that."

Mimi tells Rex if she had come in for a checkup sooner, the infection wouldn't be so bad. Rex asks if that is what she thought he would freak out about. "You're always telling me to take better care of myself." She was feeling achy for weeks but thought it would go away. She also didn't go to the doctor because she doesn't have health insurance. The doc says, "A lot of young people don't have health insurance because they don't think anything will happen to them, but that's not always the case." OK, there's our lecture for the day. Rex asks, "Her condition's not life threatening, is it." The doc stares. Mimi stares.

Jack wrestles with the iron, "I have to get off this ship before I go crazy. Jennifer and Patrick Lockhart, no way." His imagination takes over. He walks in on Jennifer and Patrick as the baby says "Da-da," his first word.

"Patrick isn't Jack Jr's father, I am. Jennifer faints. Patrick catches her. "Take your hands off my wife," says Jack. Let her fall in a heap on the floor.

Jennifer insists she is not jealous of Billie, "I just don't understand how she has cast this spell on you." Jennifer wants to know how three smart men keep falling for Billie's 'damsel in distress' routine. Not to mention Bo, Patrick and Jack. If she were Hope, she wouldn't trust Billie either. Billie walks in to the dramatic pounding of tympani drums.

Hope isn't exactly thrilled Bo is going chasing after Billie again. He isn't going to let her stay at Jen's. Hope says Patrick has been nothing but caring. "Because he wants something, Hope. He's an opportunist," says Bo.

"Patrick had no idea Billie was a recovering alcoholic," says Hope, "But Billie knew. And she chose to drink anyway. And why did she allow herself to get picked up by some sleazy guy at the bar?" Bo doesn't know. Poor Bo never knows. "You keep deluding yourself and one day it will be too late," says Hope.

"Whazzat supposed to mean? You really think you're going to lose me to Billie?" Hope stares.

Lucas comes back in. The game must be over. Will is devastated. Kate is sorry. Lucas says, "I know Sami has a history of pulling stunts like this, but there is a part of me that can't help thinking that somehow you're involved."

Sami tells Brandon she's not OK. She's lost everything that matters to her, "Kate won. She got exactly what she wanted. Can you imagine the amount of planning that went into this?" Brandon asks if he can help. Sami says, "I think it's better if I keep my distance." Brandon leaves. Sami hyperventilates. She goes into her apartment and rips up the wedding invitation. She crushes her flowers. She bawls.

Jack struggles with the ironing board. In his imagination he tells Jennifer about the message he left. She says she didn't get a message. He accuses Patrick of erasing it, "Patrick has been lusting after you for a long time. The truth is, I am here now and I want my family back. But it's up to you to decide. Who do you want, him or me?"

Billie says she won't be staying with Bo and Hope long. She wants to know why Jen has a problem with that. "Because I heard about the little mix-up this morning, you and Bo NAKED IN THE BATHROOM. Billie laughs it off. Patrick smirks. Billie insists it was innocent.

Hope relents. Billie can stay if she has no other option. Bo asks his usual question, "Do I have to sleep on the couch tonight?"

The doc finally says Mimi's condition isn't life threatening. Rex is relieved. The doc leaves. Mimi is nervous about the laparoscopy. Rex assures her they will have a wonderful future together. He can't wait to have children with her. Mimi gets an instant visit from Devil-Boy, "Another chance, why should you get another chance?"

Jack imagines Jennifer choosing him. She says Patrick and she got close because she thought she had lost him forever, but he is her one true love. The baby cries. Patrick gets a look on his face like the baby needs changing. Jack leads Patrick out. Patrick isn't going without a fight. Jack reminds him Jennifer chose him. Patrick asks, "Whaddya expect her to says when you show up out of the blue." Jack reminds him it's not out of the blue, he left a message but Patrick erased it. Patrick denies it. He's going to stick around until Jennifer admits her true feelings.

Back to reality, "I've gotta get Lockhart out of Jennifer's life. The only way to do that is to get back to Salem." Cap'n Nasty comes in and announces this is Jack's lucky day. They're back on course. And he likes the way the laundry looks. "So we're both happy," says Jack as Cap'n Nasty leaves, "You hear that Jennifer, I'm on my way home."

Billie goes to get her things out of the guest room. Jennifer tells Patrick she hopes she is wrong, "Because I have a terrible feeling this is going to turn out badly."

Hope says Bo will be sleeping with her with a huge bell around his ankle. No sleepwalking.

Lucas tells Kate if he ever finds out she set him up, "We're finished. If I find out this is your doing, you're dead to me."

"No more wallowing," says Sami, "I'm going to get Lucas back. All I have to do is figure out how Kate pulled this off. Lucas and I will get married and Will is going to have the happy family he's always dreamed of, with one notable exception. And that's you Kate. You will live the life of a lonely old woman who never gets to see her son or grandson again."


Shawn says, "You love me and you're still trying to hold on to your marriage with Phillip. Are you still in love with him?" Belle answers, "Yes I am."

Kate tells Billie, "I am here for whatever you need. Besides, you have Bo to help you search." Billie says, "I don't think I can count on him anymore."

Brady asks John, "She wouldn't happen to know anything about your drug situation, would she?" John says, "No." Sami, coming in the door, says, "You are so wrong, John."

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Salem Located!

After years of searching, based on information in the show, knowing such things as Salem is near the sea, a convenient drive from Chicago, near the 32nd parallel, has cold winters, is located in the Midwest and other clues, researchers have finally pinpointed the exact location of Salem...

Days Of Our Lives

Friday, February 18, 2005

Episode 10,000

Frances Reed's show 10,000 opening statement:

"Hello. I am Frances Reed, but you know me as Alice Horton on Days Of Our Lives. I am so proud and a bit astonished to tell you that this is the 10,000th episode of Days of Our Lives. Our very first show seems like only yesterday."

Fade to the first show...

Alice says, "Lovely Family, isn't it Tom?"

Tom responds, "Think we should quit while we're still ahead?" Well, if they could look about forty years in the future they should. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

"They're all grown up and on their own. Marie will be the last to go."

"And," says Tom, "You'll have the one thing you've yearned for all the Days Of Our Lives."

"What's that," asks Alice.

"Enough closet room."

"A lot has happened since that first day, nearly forty years ago, good times and bad and, my goodness, everything in between. We would like to take a moment to thank you, our loyal and devoted fans who welcome us into their homes; some of you from the very beginning. From our families to yours we're so happy you could join us then and now and all the Days Of Our Lives yet to come."

* * * * *

Billie picks up Bo and Hope's wedding picture. She remembers the scene in the shower. She smirks. Bo and Hope come down. Billie is going to go call her mom to see if she can stay with her. Bo can see why Hope might be a little upset. "A little upset," asks Hope, "With my husband NAKED IN THE BATHROOM with his ex-wife." Bo says it was an accident. Hope isn't buying it. She wants Billie, "out of our lives and out of this house for good." Bo gives her that, "I'm clueless" look where he pinches his lips and bobbles his head.

Mimi says she can't lie to Rex anymore, "The truth is, I was pregnant and I didn't tell you. That's why I'm sick now. I went behind your back and had an abortion. I'm so sorry. I never should have kept it from you. Please say you can forgive me." Rex shakes his head.

White-out explosion and we're back to reality. HA, we've been toyed with again. "Mimi," says Rex. She wakes up. "You said you had something to tell me."

She cops out yet again, "Rex, I love you very much."

Rex says, "I have something to tell you; something which will change our lives forever. I can't hold it in anymore. Mimi Lockhart, will you marry me?" Mimi stares.

Shawn asks Belle if she is really going to tell Phillip. She says yes. The phone rings. It's Phillip. He has something to tell her. She has something to tell him, too. "Maybe," he says, "you can save it and tell me in person. I'll be home before you know it." Belle has a migraine.

Kate remembers Brandon telling her if she set this up it would blow up in her face. Sami tells Lucas she loves him with all her heart. Lucas says, "And I love you and I want to marry you." Sami breaks out in tears and hugs him." Brandon tells Kate, "Looks like your little plan just crashed and burned sooner than I thought, something tells me you're next."

Poor Sami starts making plans for the big wedding. They will call everyone. Or maybe have it next weekend when everyone will be sure to come, "No, I'm not taking any more chances. We have to do it today."

"Stop it," says Lucas, "We can't." Sami gasps, "What?"

"I can't cut Billie out of our lives," says Bo, "we have a daughter together." Hope says the daughter might be a DiMera plot. Bo says it was a mistake to invite Billie into their home without asking Hope. Hope strikes back, "Just like it was a mistake with you and Billie winding up NAKED IN THE BATHROOM together. I wouldn't put it past Billie to deliberately arrange something like that. I don't care how it happened, I just don't want to have that vision in my head for the rest of my life." Hapless Bo backpedals. It won't happen again. Hope wishes she could believe that, but something always happens where Bo goes running off to Billie's rescue. "Not any more," says Bo, "after today she's on her own."

Billie comes in, "Oh, I interrupted again."

"Not at all," says Hope, "I think I've said everything I need to." Bo does the eyebrow thing.

Bo has to take Billie to the hearing. Hope is peeved, "What about Kate?" Billie left messages all over and couldn't reach her. With the wedding called off, Kate probably has her hands full. Billie can't understand what happened. Neither can Hope, "But women like Sami are disasters waiting to happen and whatever punishment they get is well-deserved."

Sami wants to know what's wrong. Lucas still wants to marry her, but he can't. It's killing him, "You blamed my mother for you being NAKED IN BED with your ex-husband the night before the wedding." Sami asks, "What if I can prove Kate set me up?" Lucas stares. Kate reaches for him. He elbows her away.

"You're proposing," asks Mimi, "Here? Now?" Rex gives her a ring, "It's over a hundred years old, and look at the inscription." Mimi reads the inscription, "2-14-05 R and M forever. You mean this belonged to another R and M on February 14, 1905?" Rex says yes, it was supposed to be her Valentine's present, but when she got sick he started thinking about what life would be like without her, "Not-that-anything's-going-to-happen-to-you," so he decided to pop the question. He's sorry there is no diamond on it. She says it's perfect; she doesn't need a diamond. Bonnie would disinherit her. "Yes, I will marry you." He slips the ring on her finger, "Nothing will ever come between us." He hugs her. Mimi scowls.

Phillip won't tell Belle why he is coming home. Shawn asks what's going on. Belle fills him in. Phillip asks, "Belle, is somebody there? Is it Shawn? Belle? Talk to me." Belle stares.

Bo escorts Billie into the courtroom, Mickey tells her, "I'm sorry, Billie, I'm afraid there's bad news."

By the luck of the draw, they just got the toughest judge in the district assigned to Billie's case. "Oh, no, says Bo, NOT JUDGE SHAY!" Yep. This guy is diabolical. He toys with people. Lets them twist in the wind. Loves torturing people. He's so evil he produces a soap opera on the side and really sticks it to the audience. Bo says, "He's very tough on officers of the law who transgress." What a coincidence. Patrick's case will be heard later. Mickey the crack attorney got Billie's case moved up so she can continue the search for her daughter. "What's the point of that," asks Billie, "if he's just going to throw the book at me." She'll get out of prison sooner?

The terrible Judge Shay makes his grand entrance. He tells Billie he will revoke her bail if she can't give a permanent address and someone to vouch for her. His acting is pretty diabolical, too. He should stick to producing. Bo starts to vouch for Billie. Shay cuts him off at the knees. Mickey tries to say something. Shay slices him off at the knees, too, "I am remanding her back into custody."

Hope assures Jennifer Billie is gone, "That woman will not be staying under the same roof as my family." Right. Jennifer gets a call. It's Alice. She's concerned about Lucas. "It's Sami, Gram, we know her track record. It shouldn't come as a surprise to us." OK, that's out of the way, we've worked Alice into episode 10,000. Corday, too.

Sami can prove Kate set her up, "And when I do, you're never going to want to have anything to do with her again." Lucas says, "Let's hear it."

"The proof is, she hates me." Well, that does it. I'm convinced. Lucas isn't. "When are you going to to stop blaming everyone else and take responsibility for your own actions." Sami says she's not responsible.

"What? Did you not drive yourself to Brandon's hotel room?" He's got her there. Yes, she did. "Kate didn't even know where Brandon was staying." Sami insists Kate was in cahoots with the psychic. Sami begs Brandon to tell them this was a setup. Brandon stares.

Mimi can't believe they're officially engaged. She wants to be the perfect wife, no more lies and secrets. Rex trusts her more than he's ever trusted anyone, "I don't care what Jan says." This peaks Mimi's interest, "What does Jan say?"

"She keeps going on and on [and on, and on, and on] about you lying to me. There's nothing Jan could ever do that would change the way I feel about you." Evil music plays. They hug. Mimi contemplates.

"Tell Phillip the marriage is over," says Shawn. Belle tells Phillip she thinks there is something he's not telling her. He will tell her when he gets home. "No, I want to know now and I want to know the truth." OK, he'll tell her. He's going on special assignment, "But remember I'm part of the most well-trained, best equipped force in the world." Yeah, a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Mr. weak-link tells her he'll be OK. He has to go. The mission of death awaits, "What did you have to tell me?"

Brandon wishes he could tell them Kate set them up, "I wish I could, but all I know is I woke up NAKED IN BED with you and I don't know how I got there." Kate says this is pathetic. Not only has Sami broken her son's heart, but now she is trying to turn it against Kate, "I was with John all night." Lucas tells Sami, "I don't know what the truth is, but I do know you decided to go see Brandon the night before our wedding of your own free will." Sami begs him not to throw away their dreams, "Please give me another chance."

Jennifer says, "I know Sami is Bo's niece, but she wreaks havoc everywhere she goes,"

"Sounds like someone else we know," says Hope, "When Bo gets home tonight, it's just going to be the two of us." Jennifer says Bo will be grateful to get Billie out of his hair. She'll get settled and won't even have a chance to call him for help. "That's one telephone call Bo wouldn't even think of answering," says Hope.

Crack attorney Mickey requests a recess to confer with his client. Hanging-judge Shay grants a two minute recess. Mickey asks Billie where Kate is. Billie doesn't know. "I'd take you in myself, says Mickey, "but..." Yeah, a Ménage à trois is enough for Mickey, "There is nothing I can do unless you can make some arrangement like you did last night."

Billie turns to Bo, "You know I wouldn't ask if it weren't for Georgia."

Shay calls the court back into action, "Counsel, do you have anything to add?" Yes, he does. Billie gives Bo the eyes and smiles. Bo sweats.

Phillip says, "I'm sorry we didn't get to talk at the air base. But I love you so much. I think about you every minute. You are the shining light at the end of the tunnel that will get me through whatever I have to do here." Shawn coaxes her to tell him. The commanding officer comes in, "Time to move out."

This is the happiest day of Mimi's life. Rex says, "The happiest day of my life will be when we say I do."

"I just hope you feel that way when you find out what I've done," thinks Mimi.

"I don't want to start out our marriage with any secrets," says Mimi. Of course, the Dr. comes in. Rex tells her she's not interrupting, "We just got engaged. We can't wait to get married and start a family." The Dr. gets that look of death on her face, "That's wonderful..." Mimi picks up on it, "You have news, don't you? And it's not good." Group stare.

Phillip tells Belle he has to go, "I love you Belle, Goodbye." He hangs up. Shawn goes nuts. "I couldn't tell him, I'm sorry," says Belle.

"Where does that leave us," asks Shawn.

Bumbling Bo comes home. Jennifer has to go. She doesn't like being around nuclear explosions. Hope begins to undress Bo as he tells her the sad story. He goes to the door, "Heeerrreee'sss Billie!"

Sami begs for another chance. Lucas won't relent. He dramatically tears up their marriage license.

Fade to Alice.

"Poor Sami. Something tells me her trials and tribulations are just beginning. But you may ask what more can possibly happen to the girl, or to any of us. Well stay tuned and find out, as we begin our next 10,000 episodes tomorrow. Until then goodbye, and bless you." Pan through pictures of Tom & Alice, Abe & Lexi, and other characters as the theme song swells. Alice stares.


Sami bawls, "Please tell them what you did to me." Kate says, "Sami's right."

"Rex will freak when he finds out," says Mimi. "Find out about what," asks Rex.

Bo asks Hope, "You really think you're going to lose me to Billie?"

Jennifer says, "If I were Hope, I wouldn't trust Billie either." Billie walks in.

Please plan to watch Days Of Our Lives episode 20,000, scheduled for May 21, 2045. Please note this day is tentative since it is impossible to know how many times the network will pre-empt the show with a gripping news bulletin about the President's hangnail."

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Biggest Turnaround In Soap Opera History

Mimi tells Belle she knows she's trying to make her feel better. If she had only told Rex when she first got pregnant. Everything would be different. Belle says Mimi wasn't ready to be a parent. Mimi says, "I've tried a hundred times to tell him and I just can't. At least you know you will live happily ever after after you tell Phillip."

"It will break his heart," says Belle, "but he needs to hear it."

Rex tells Jan Shawn hates being pressured. Jan tells Rex he doesn't have a clue about what he and Mimi have got, "Ask Mimi what she did to you."

Shawn answers the phone. "This is Phillip," says the voice, "Why did you think belle was calling you? You're the last person I want around my wife. Copy that? Stay the hell away from her."

"Maybe there's something you should know about Belle," says Shawn.

Hope calls for Bo. She flashes back to Billie in his arms at the station. She remembers last night. She tells Bo she stopped by Doug and Julie's to check on Zack, then drove around for awhile, "How could you leave me to go rescue Billie again?"

Sami knows she has done wicked things which she would take back, "But I didn't do this, Lucas. Any of it." Kate says, "I wouldn't purposely hurt my son, so your accusations don't make sense." Sami asks Brandon to tell them it's not true. Brandon doesn't remember anything. Lucas doesn't want to hear any more about it. Sami whimpers, "You're right. Those are all things I would do." Brandon asks, "Is it true, Samantha?"

"It's all true," says Kate.

Sami says, "Kate set it up to frame me."

Bo backpedals as Hope continues to remember last night, "I got a call after you fell asleep. It was Jenkins saying he arrested Billie and Lockhart."

"And you just had to go running down there to get her off the hook?"

"It's Patrick's fault. He was buying her the drinks."

Hope says, "Billie is manipulating you. What isn't fair is you keep asking me to make the sacrifices. Just once I'd like to hear you say 'no' to Billie Reed. I hope you have an uncomfortable night on the sofa." Hope runs upstairs. She throws a pillow and blanket at Bo.

Now it's morning and she's making up the couch. Bo comes in.

"Explain how I set you up," says Kate.

Sami says, "You knew how to play on my past mistakes. You're busted. You found out where Brandon was. You rigged my horoscope, found out I had the psychic and paid her off." Sami turns to Lucas, "She was at the hotel when I got there disguised as ad maid. Kate drugged us somehow and put us NAKED IN BED together." Lucas says what she is suggesting is impossible.

Sami says, "Marrying you was all I've ever wanted and all Kate ever wanted to do was destroy me." Kate stares.

Mimi tells Belle, "At least you have distance separating you and Phillip when you tell him what happened."

Belle says she has to tell him face to face, "The longer I wait the more depressed he will get. And if he goes into combat he could get killed." Scenes of was flash onto the screen. "I've had nightmares ever since I heard he was going to be deployed. I'm terrified for him when he finds out I want to end our marriage."

Rex grabs the phone form Shawn. Phillip says he's trying to get hold of Belle. Rex tells him she's at the hospital with Mimi. Phillip asks what's wrong with Mimi. Rex says she will be fine and gives a nervous laugh. Phillip says he will call Belle on her cell phone, "Are you keeping Shawn away from her?" Rex says yes. Phillip says he has to leave to go on his mission of death.

Rex asks what the hell Shawn thinks he is doing. Shawn thought that would be the perfect opportunity to tell Phillip. Yeah, it would have been just dandy. Rex tells Shawn it's not his place to tell Phillip.

Sami begs, "Lucas, please tell me you believe . Look at the evidence."

Lucas says, "I know how you operate. You've made my life miserable. Mom has been supportive. I thought the PI was over the line at first but it was worth every penny."

Brandon says, "I know we woke up NAKED IN BED together, but I didn't sleep with her.

Sami says, "I have changed. I am innocent. Kate set this up. OMG for once in my life I am telling the truth and no one believes me."

Lucas says, "you've cried wolf so many times even when you're telling the truth it sounds like a lie. Lucas runs off to think." Brandon asks Kate,o"Yu did this, didn't you?"

Hope says she doesn't want to fight with Bo again. Bo tells her the wedding is off. "I really thought Sami had a chance with the father of her child which, is exactly what Billie thinks." They have a quick make up. They promise never to go to bed mad again. Hope tells Bo, "We're married and this is a 50-50 proposition. Billie and I have a terrible history. She has tried repeatedly to take my husband away from me. I want to believe she has changed, but actions speak louder than words. I promise I will love your daughter, but Billie can't be front and center in our lives." Bo feels the same way, "But There is something I gotta tell you."

"I hope I'm not interrupting anything," interrupts Billie. Hope stares.

Jake tells Phillip Belle will be happy Phillip will be coming home. "If I survive," says Phillip, "I hear this mission is suicide. But if I survive my beautiful bride will welcome me with open arms." He imagines what it will be like. "KIRIAKIS," yells Jake, "Stay in he here and now. Focus."

"I got it," says Phillip.

"Aren't we a pair," asks Mimi.

Belle says, "I made Phillip believe I loved him. What will he do when he finds out?" Mimi says he's brave and smart. He won't let this compromise his ability in combat. Even if he volunteers for a mission of death or two. "Maybe he'll use his anger at Shawn to his advantage and become the Terminator." Giggle.

Belle asks, "How do you think Rex is going to react?"

Mimi says, "He'll be furious. This could be the end for us. But just like you have to tell Phillip, I' have to be the one to tell Rex before Jan does."

Shawn tells Rex he is a hypocrite, "Lies always hurt people more in the end." Shawn leaves.

"Shawn's right," says Jan, "It's a shame Mimi doesn't know that."

Rex says there are no secrets or lies with Mimi. Jan says he is in denial. Jan says Belle wants to have her cake and eat it too. "What the hell does that mean," asks Rex, "I hate that phrase."

Shawn comes back in. Jan was thinking they could spend the entire day in bed. Shawn says, "Not only am I not in love with you but I don't want you living here, so get out." Jan stares.

Bo says, "This is what I tied to tell you last night when you stormed off to bed." Hope counts to ten, "What is she doing here?"

Bo says she needed an address for the arraignment, "And I didn't want to give him Jen's. I don't want her around Lockhart and didn't want them to have the same address. I thought the judge might think they were living together." Hope correctly points out the judge wouldn't give a damn if they were living together.

Billie goes upstairs to get dressed. Hope can't believe Bo didn't tell her about this. Bo says it's just temporary. He assures her, "This is our home. I'm not going to let Billie or anybody disrupt the Days of our lives." Bo goes upstairs to take a shower. Hope counts to ten.

Kate asks Brandon how she could have orchestrated this without being in half dozen places at once. Brandon says, "Maybe they are right for each other. Sami's whole life has been a series of mistakes. Yeah, she's a slow learner, but I believe she was trying to change. I also know Lucas loves Sami."

Kate says she knows what Lucas wants, "Sami can't deliver."

"If you did set this up it will blow up in your face. You will lose your son and grandson and Sami will win."

Jake says, "You'd do anything to get back to your wife. Maybe I shouldn't have told you about this mission."

Phillip says he's glad he did, "I feel like I've been here for a year." A year, a couple hours, whatever. "I just wish I could be there to see her face when she hears."

"We're about to tell the men we love something that will change their lives forever," says Belle.

Mimi says, "I'm so afraid, Belle."

Belle is afraid too, "How can Shawn and I be together if we hurt or kill Phillip?" Rex comes in, "That s a chance you will have to take. I want you and Shawn to be happy. Just not at Phillip's expense. Phillip was there for you and Shawn wasn't. If you're unsure about your feelings for Phillip, how could you marry him? I do think you should tell him the truth. You can do it today. He called me and said he will call you on your cell phone."

Rex will stay with Mimi. Belle leaves. Mimi tells Rex she's nervous about maybe having to have surgery. "Whatever it is we'll get through it together," says Rex.

"We need to talk," says Mimi.

Jan tells Shawn Rex and Mimi are finished, "Wake up and smell the latte. Belle is stringing you along. Belle will never put out for you while she is with Phillip. And I spent the summer with you. I know you like your sex regular and hot. Let me show you how fast you can forget about Belle Kiriakis. That is her name you know."

Rex kisses Mimi, "You don't have to say anything right now, sweetheart." Let's drag it out some more. "I know it's female trouble, and you don't have to talk about it." Mimi knows Rex wouldn't keep anything from her. She's sorry she's kept secrets from him, "It's time I told you everything." Wanna bet.

Shawn says Jan needs to get some help. Belle is at the door. Jan tells her, "Your husband wanted to speak with you. Maybe he found out Shawn started coming on to you." Shawn tells Jan to leave and not come back. Jan stomps out in a huff, "That little witch thinks she won. I don't think so, Tinkerbelle."

Shawn tells Belle, "Rex ripped the phone out of my hand."

"Good, says Belle. I'll tell Phillip on the phone. It won't be so impersonal." Right on cue, the phone rings. Belle picks up. Phillip says, "Belle it's me, it's so good to hear your voice. There is something important I have to tell you."

"There is something I have to tell you, too, Phillip." No biggie, I just want to rip your heart out before you go into mortal combat.

Naked Bo turns on the shower. Naked Billie comes in. Hope comes in, fully dressed. Oops. Open mouths everywhere. Hope counts to ten. Billie smirks. Bo scratches his head.

Kate says, "Sami is behind this and blaming me because that is what she does." Lucas comes into the room. Sami marches in, "Lucas, I'm through trying to defend myself. The only thing that matters is if you don't believe anything else believe this. I love you with all my heart and I want more than anything to marry you, if you still love me."

Lucas, in one of the great turnarounds in soap opera history says, "I do love you, and I do want to marry you."

Sami runs into his arms, "Oh, thank you, Lucas. Thank you."

Kate stares. FFWO on Kate.


Bo protests, "It was an accident." Hope says, "I want her out of our lives for good."

Sami says, "I knew this wedding couldn't be stopped."

Mimi looks at the nurse and says, "You've got news and it's not good, is it?"

Phillip asks Belle, "Is someone there? Is it Shawn?"

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