Monday, January 24, 2005

Flash-Your-Teeth Day

Kate quickly shuttles Euglena into another room then answers the door. It's Sami and Lucas. Kate asks, "What are you doing here?" Sami says, "Nice to see you, too, Kate, where's John? Oh, upstairs." Kate grabs Sami, "You're not going anywhere."

JR steps out of the shower soaking wet. Oops, no, it's the overdone sweaty junkie makeup. He's ranting that Kate has hidden the whole drug stash. He wheels himself around the room babbling about Doc's emergency bag. He finds it and caresses it like a new born babe.

Hope and Patrick are in a hotel apparently posing as husband and wife looking for "that other lovely couple we met at the airport." The desk clerk excuses himself. Patrick tells Hope not to ask too many questions or they will arouse suspicion. She says if it was Bo, he's already in danger. Apparently the couple couldn't keep their hands off each other, "I'm going to kill him." Patrick reminds Hope if it was Bo and Billie, "they were acting, just like we are. [This is acting?] And if we play our cards right, we'll keep on acting like that newly engaged couple off on a romantic European getaway." Hope hugs him, "Anything you say sweetie pie."

Patrick picks up a map and puts it over the registration book, "Oh look, honey, there's all kinds of things to do around here." When the security camera pans away, he sneaks the register to Hope, who thumbs through it, "OMG, I don't believe it..." The desk clerk comes back, "Vat are you doink vith zee registration book?" Patrick stares. Hope stares.

Bo tells Billie they've got to get out of there now. "Not without our daughter," says Billie. Bo says it was a setup, Georgia was never there. Billie just KNOWS Georgia was there. Bo says "if we stay in this house we are sitting ducks."

"No, she was right here, I spoke to her, so that's why I have to be here so when she gets back we can be sitting ducks together," quacks Billie. Bo says this was a dream, it didn't happen. Billie admits it was a dream but there's such a fine line between dreams and consciousness, fact and fiction, fantasy and reality on this show, who knows, maybe Georgia will show up anyway. "You don't care about Georgia, all you care about is getting out of here and finding Hope." Bo flashes his teeth.

Sami says this is her mother's house and she is going up to see her step-father. Lucas reminds her, "Remember what we talked about, honey." Sami says, "We talked about John, not Cruella De Ville here, who's shacking up with John in my mother's house." Kate says she's not shacking up with John, she's "helping" him. John has the "flu." Lucas tries to calm them down. Sami is going to run up and get her mother's pearls to wear in her wedding. Sami leaves to wash her hands because of all the germs floating around, then get the pearls. Lucas tells Kate Sami needs the pearls as a good luck charm and if she doesn't get them today, Sami's going to call the whole thing off. Kate finds this interesting until Lucas tells her it's just the big wedding they'll call off and they will elope. "NO," squeals Kate."

Sami hears Kate and says, "It sounds like Kate heard about our plans to elope." Sami goes up for the pearls. Euglena comes in and frets.

Sweat cascades from JR like a Texas oil gusher as he rummages through Doc's bag, "Dammit, she must've left her heroin in the other bag." He flings the bag which nearly kills Sami as she walks in the door."

Patrick tells the desk clerk they just moved the registry so he could mark some things on the map. The clerk has him sign in. They go to pick up their bags and Patrick asks if Hope saw anything interesting in the registry. We have a fuzzy flashback to the registry stealing scene, "There was a page torn out, but part of it was there, I saw the letters, R-E-E, Billie must have registered under her own name."

Bo tells Billie of course, he's worried about Hope, she's his wife. And if he didn't care about Georgia and Billie, he wouldn't have gotten on that plane. And Hope could have followed them and if so, she's in just as much danger only doesn't realize it. Billie buys it. Bo has a plan. We're all in trouble now.

Billie stands with a rope yelling for help. The guard starts in. Bo comes up behind him and slugs him. Billie comes out and grabs his gun, "FREEZE YOU GOON!"

Kate tells Lucas they can't elope. Lucas says, they won't as long as Sami gets the pearls. Sami thinks there are people conspiring against the wedding. She's had bad luck at the altar before and Lucas has to deal with that. Kate says that doesn't mean they have to give up their plans and elope. Kate says when Sami comes back she'll talk to Sami and calm her down. Lucas says that won't help since Sami still has the idea Kate and Euglena are trying to stop the wedding. Euglena waves her arms in the background. Kate tries to signal Euglena. Lucas asks her, "What, what's this," and makes a motion like Kate did. Kate says nothing, she's going up to check on JR. She turns and walks the other way, giving Euglena a chance to sneak out. Lucas doesn't believe Kate, "Tell me what's going on here." Kate stares.

Sami says she came to see John. JR says, "It's not a good time. I have the flu." Sami says, "Don't worry I had my flu shot this season. There was a shortage and only those 65 and older could get them, so I creamed some little old lady and got her place in line." JR snaps, "What do you want?" Sami says she came by to get her mom's pearls to wear in her wedding. "What pearls," asks JR.

Hope and Patrick go to Bo and Billie's room. It's empty. Hope wants to know how Billie be so stupid and register in her own name. [Stupidity comes naturally on this show] Patrick says they didn't know DiMera was here and this town isn't even on the ISA's radar. Hope chokes back the laughter as she says, "Billie's a trained cop and ISA agent. She knows she shouldn't ever use her own name." Patrick agrees, "it was sloppy, but nothing here suggests foul play." Hope asks, "Then why was their page torn out of the book? Bo is in danger." Patrick says they will find them. Hope says, "I just hope when we do, it's not too late."

Bo pulls the guard up, who gets the drop on him with his other gun, "Go aheat and zhoot, but my dyink refleks vill kill your lover." Billie tells him to drop the gun. He sneers, "No, vhy vould I do zat. Zee choice is yours, Miss Reed." He flashes his teeth at her. "Do you zave your daughter or your lover? Zee clock iss tickink." Bo says, "Don't let him rattle you, Billie," as he flashes his teeth at her. It's "flash your teeth day" on Daze. "Where is our daughter," screams Billie. "You've heart zat ezprezzion, hite in plain zight, zhe's right up zere." Pan to a window with a shadow combing her hair. "OMG, I was right, Georgia was here all along," FF and whiteout on Billie.


Sami says, "My father and mother are dead and you shack up with my dad's widow. How low can you get?" JR says, "Well, I could be a junkie, too."

Zee guard says, "Put your hants up." Hope draws a bead on him, "Come on Patrick, get out of the way."

Shawn strokes his hair and mumbles something about running out of time.

Mimi asks, "When are you ever going to admit you're still in love with Shawn?" Belle cocks her head and thinks, "I wonder if Hell has frozen over yet?"


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