Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Lexie Sucks More Blood

Lexie’s tests on Jack are inconclusive. She needs to run more tests. Jack objects, but Lexie talks him into it.

Jennifer tells Abby on the phone the tests are in progress. She tells her she and Hope have decided when Shawn gets back they are going to all go on a vacation at the Horton cabin together, where we all can have uncomfortable memories of Madison. Hey, maybe we could drag Billie along. Jennifer reassures Abby Jack will be fine.

Sami decides to stick to her story – she was one of Tony’s prisoners, “Then when I get back to Salem, I’ll focus on getting my life back together, and that means putting my son’s needs first.”

Performing the patented Daze critical maneuver of stepping in just at the right moment, Lucas says, “I couldn’t agree more.”

Nicole comes to visit Chloe. Chloe is overjoyed. She is working on her scrapbook. She has pictures of the beautiful Chloe in Vienna, scraps of gauze and electron microscope shots of flesh eating bacteria to paste in there. Nicole runs across the Brady page. Chloe says, “That was supposed to be for our reunion, but if these scars don’t heal, it will never happen. I might just as well forget it.” So much for scrapbooking.

Tony gives Brady an offer he can’t refuse. If Brady helps Tony, he will bring Chloe back from the grave. Brady asks, “Since when do you bring back the dead, Tony?”

“Ah,” says Tony, “Miss Chloe is very much alive. I’ll be very happy to arrange the reunion, if you’ll allow me to.”

Brady sucker punches Tony, “You lying SOB! You’re finished, Tony and there is not a damn thing you can do about it.”

Shawn phones Belle. She asks if they have found Phillip yet. He tells her they haven’t, “He still hasn’t checked in.”

“OMG,” says Belle, “What if something has happened.” Well, for one thing, we avoid that very awkward moment when everybody gets home.

The war rages, trouble brews.

Jack protests as Lexie sucks more blood.

Sami says, “It’s nice to know after all we’ve been through we can still agree on something.”

Lucas agrees, “Neither of us has ever had a problem putting our son first.”

“How’s he doing,” asks Sami.

“He’s fine. After we called off the wedding he was very upset with you.”

“Upset,” says Sami, “He wouldn’t even speak to me.”

“He just wants us to be a family,” says Lucas, “He’s feeling really guilty now, because he thinks it’s his fault you disappeared. He thinks he was too hard on you. But it’s not your fault. Tony took you prisoner. You didn’t have any choice.”

Sami flashes back to Tony showing her the video of Roman and Marlena and promising her they are alive, giving her the gun, sending her out to capture the boys.

Lucas pulls out equipment, “I think it’s about time, we let our son know we’re OK.”

Shawn tells Belle to stay calm. Phillip is probably just late checking in, “If there is one thing I have learned about Phillip, he isn’t a quitter. He will hang tough, and that’s what you have to do right now.” Shawn interrupts the call to ask the commander if there is any news about Phillip.

The commander says, “There has been no word from PFC Kiriakis, but coincidentally, I am about to radio him now if you would like to listen in.”

Shawn would like that. He tells Belle, who decides to eavesdrop, too. But, of course, the phone goes dead. “Dammit, I lost her,” says Shawn.

After several excruciating attempts, the commander reaches Phillip. Phillip reports, “I am south of coordinate 32. We are under heavy fire. Private Jake is down.”

“Fall back, Private.”

“Negative, we are in the middle of a mine field.”

Tony tells Brady, “You just made a terrible mistake.”

“You’re right,” says Brady, “I should have killed you.”

“Information is power,” says Tony, “and I have much information on the woman you once called the love of your life. And that information is yours, but only if we make a deal.”

Brady says, “I wish I was taping this conversation so I could play it for everyone back in Salem – the great Tony DiMera, desperate. How stupid do you think I am?”

“That’s what we’re about to find out. If you’re smart, you’ll listen to me. Because Miss Chloe is still very much alive.”

“If that’s true,” asks Brady, “why haven’t I heard from her? Why hasn’t she told me she’s alive?”

Fade to Nicole assuring Chloe Dr. Weiss is doing everything he can. Chloe isn’t buying it. Nicole flashes back to her conversation with Dr. Weiss. Miss Sincerity tells Chloe, “Brady would love you no matter what you look like. Look, Chloe, if you decide to tell Brady you’re alive, I meant what I said, I won’t stand in your way with him.”

Chloe says, “I’m not saying anything to Brady.”

“Well,” says Nicole, “there isn’t any need to rush into any decisions. I mean, Brady could get back into the country and...”

“What do you mean,” interrupts Chloe, “where is he?” Nicole tells her about the crackpot rescue mission.

Jack assures Jennifer Lexie is just being cautious. Jennifer hopes that’s all it is. Jennifer’s PDA goes off. Abby is PDA-ing her about the trip to the Horton cabin. She’s looking for Jack’s fishing equipment. Jack tells Jennifer not to let Abby mess with his prize-winning lures. Jennifer kids Jack about never having won any fishing prizes. Jack tells her they will be prize winning as soon as he hauls in the biggest trout in the history of Smith Island. Jennifer tells Lexie she can tell her husband is feeling well because he’s delusional. I, on the other hand, am confused. I thought we were waiting for Shawn to come home for this trip. I guess I missed the part about his plane taking off.

Jennifer leaves. Lexie says, “I’m sorry, Jack, but I am not going to lie to Jennifer.”

“I’m sorry,” says Jack, “but as my doctor, you have no choice.”

Thanks to the miracle of technology, Lucas is setting up a video conference call with Will.

Will gets them on the computer, “OMG, Mom and Dad, it’s you. Grandpa Shawn told me you were OK, but I said I wouldn’t believe it until I could see you. Dad, I know you went over there to rescue Uncle Phillip but, Mom, what are you doing over there?”

The commander tells Shawn Phillip has to stay where he is for right now – he’ can’t risk stepping on a mine.

Belle reconnects. Shawn levels with her. They’ve located Phillip but he’s trapped in the middle of a minefield.

As WWIII rages around him, Phillip tells the commander he has to get to Jake. The commander tells Phillip to stay put. No, that would be the sane thing to do. Phillip will radio the commander when he reaches Jake.

Belle says, “Shawn, there is something I need you to do. I need to see if there is a way I can talk to Phillip. There is something I want to tell him – something that might save his life.”

Chloe can’t believe Tony is still alive, “OMG,” says Chloe, “I just got the strangest feeling Brady’s in trouble.”

Brady’s in trouble. Tony asks, “Why hasn’t Miss Chloe gotten in touch with you? You know that’s an excellent question. One, perhaps, you could ask her yourself.”

“Stop it,” shouts Brady, “I’ve indulged in your sick fantasy long enough.”

“That Chloe’s dead,” asks Tony, “That’s the fantasy. You need some proof.”

Jack reminds Lexie about doctor-patient confidentiality. Aw, man, next he’ll be dragging out that tired old Hippocratic Oath thing.

“Do you seriously believe my dizzy spells could be life threatening?”

“No, but...”

“All right. I’m going to live my life with my family and everything’s going to be just fine.” Jennifer interrupts and asks if they can go.

“Yeah,” says Lexie, “Jennifer your husband is... uh... impossible.” Chuckle, chuckle, happy, happy. Lexie leaves.

Lexie calls the lab. The technician was just about to call her, “I think you should come down right away.” Dum-da-dum-dum.

“Well,” says Sami, “It’s going to sound pretty lame, Will, but that’s because it is. One minute I was going to leave town and do some thinking and the next, I was Tony’s prisoner.” Will asks if they are getting back together. Sami says, “I think that’s a question for your father.”

Lucas says, “Look, Will, we both love you very much, but if I said yes, we’d lose a perfect opportunity to drag this out until the viewers want to run screaming off a cliff, so we’ll have to discuss it another time. Don’t you agree, Sami?” Sami stares.

The war rages. Phillip struggles. They have patched Belle through. As the bombs go off around him, Phillip assures Belle he is OK. This is great comedy.

Brady tells Tony even if he calls Chloe he won’t believe it, “For all I know you’ve programmed some computer voice to sound just like her.”

“There is no way I can replicate such a beautiful and loving soul,” says Tony.”

“What the hell do you know about love,” sneers Brady.

“Like you,” says Tony, “I was in love with such a beautiful woman, and then your father turned her away from me.”

“That’s right,” says Brady, “My dad told me about that. Kristin was her name, right? That was years ago. I think it’s time you got over that.”

Tony explodes, “I will never get over it!” Bipolar Tony settles down, “But that’s beside the point. Do you want to speak to Chloe or not?”

Brady flashes back to tender, zap-worthy, moments with Chloe. He would give anything to hear her voice again, hold her, and see her face. Two out of three ain’t bad.

“If this is one of your sick jokes,” he tells Tony, “You’re dead.”

Nicole doesn’t know why Chloe feels something is very wrong, but she does know on the island, Brady could take care of himself, “Let’s just think good thoughts. He could be on the way back to Salem as we speak.”

Chloe says, “I just wish we knew for sure.” RRIINNGG. “Hello,” says Chloe. Slience. “Hello, is anyone there?”

“OMG,” says Brady.

Jack and Jennifer return home. Jack can’t wait to get up to the cabin. Jennifer wants to make sure he’s OK. He says he is. Everything will be perfect, meaning the cabin will probably be nuked.

Lexie gets down to the lab. The blood-work doesn’t look right, “What is going on with you, Jack?”

Will is disappointed. He was hoping his parents would get back together.

“Chloe,” says Brady, “Is that you?”

“Brady,” she says as Nicole whispers for her not to tell him she is with her.

Nicole takes the phone, “Brady, is that you?”

“Nicole,” he asks, “what the hell are you doing with Chloe? Put her back on the phone.”

“Chloe is dead, Brady.”

Brady turns to Tony, “It’s Nicole.”

Tony says, “It was Chloe. You heard her voice.”

“Brady,” asks Nicole, “why do you think Chloe is alive.”

“Because Tony DiMera told me she is,” says Brady.

Nicole asks, “How can you believe anything that psychopath says?”

“It’s a long story. I’m holding him at gunpoint right now and...” Tony turns the tables on Brady.

“Brady,” says Nicole, “Brady?” She turns to Chloe, “I lost him. I don’t know what Brady believes, but Tony DiMera just told him you’re alive.”

Phillip drags out his tired old script, “I won’t lie to you, sweetie. I’m in a pretty tight spot, but I’m going to get out of this so I can come home to you.”

Belle screams as the nukes hit Phillip.


Jack asks, “What am I going to tell Jennifer?” Lexie says, “You could start with the truth.”

“This is my fault,” whines Belle, “Because of me, Phillip and Shawn could both be dead.”

Nicole says, “Time to put you and everyone else out of your misery... DIE!”

Monday, May 30, 2005

Who Says The Enemy Can't Be Thoughtful?

Bo and Billie wander out of the scene and Hope tells Jen she doesn’t begrudge Bo and Billie their attempt to find their daughter, ‘cause she’s going to get her son back. Jen, “I just know that from now on everything is going to be just fine.” As soon as they say that, you know everything is going to go to hell in a handbasket in about two or three more scenes.

Jack carries champagne into the dining room. Marvels at his palsied hand and faints. In the foyer, Bo and Billie rehash the need to get Tony to talk. Bo cautions Billy not to get her hopes up. Billy refuses to give up hope and leaves.

Outside, she sits on a bench and stews. Inside, Hope tells Jen (and I can’t believe she’s saying this with a straight face) that Bo has learned his lesson after this last scare with Shawn. That as important as finding GA is, Bo knows his priority is with her and the boys. Outside, Bo has followed Billy to tell her that they will find GA one way or another. A tear trickles down Billie’s cheek.

Shawn, Brady, Rex wander the bunker. Shawn wants to talk to Belle. Rex jumps on him about wanting to talk to Belle while Phil is back out with his unit, risking his life. Shawn isn’t going to pressure her, he just wants to talk to her. The other two guys give him the business about wanting to spill the beans to Phil. Shawn pouts and stomps off. Rex & Brady discuss their mutual agreement that Belle is making a huge mistake dumping Phil for Jr. However, they aren’t sure what they could do about it.

Belle gets a call from Shawn. Belle doesn’t want to talk to him, she wants to talk to Phil.

Out in the war zone, lots of dust and noise. Isn’t it ever daylight over there? Phil and a couple other soldiers (probably Tony’s goons without their black masks, saving the number of extras the show has had to hire) are behind some rocks. Phil sees ‘em and is GOING IN. It’s SUICIDE but he is going to get close enough to launch a grenade. The arm he was cradling the entire time he was in the bunker is now strong enough to carry a heavy field piece. What a man!!

Lucas looks for Sami. She’s disappeared. Lucas talks his way into Tony’s cell to ask him where Sami is. Tony, tied to a chair with several lengths of chains, denies knowing anything about where she is. Lucas is afraid that Stan has Sami and may hurt her. Tony breaks into peals of hysterical laughter.

Sami is out in the middle of the war zone too. As she is wont to do, she talks to herself about what the good folks of Salem will do if they find out she is Stan. Namely, burn her at the stake.

Hope just knows that things are going to be better with Bo. Hope has to keep her eyes on Billy. Both ladies discuss how low Billie will go to get her hooks into Bo. Jen assures her that she has nothing to worry about. Meanwhile, Bo assures Billie they’ll get Tony to tell the truth. Yeah, dream on.

Tony assures Lucas that he is no threat to Sami. He says that Stan & Sami have spent a lot of time together. This drives Lucas crazy. If anything happens to Sami, Lucas warns, he’ll kill Tony. (Seeing as how every person in Salem has told Tony this at one time or another, I don’t think Tony is too shaken up at the prospect.)

Sami continues to cower and talk to herself. She thinks that maybe if she tells Lucas first that she’s Stan, before Tony rats her out, then Lucas will forgive her and make everyone else forgive her. She has a fantasy about how that will go. She tells Lucas all. Can he forgive her? He smiles. Cut to commercial.

Brady tells Rex that if Belle decides to dump Phil, he won’t interfere. He’ll just stick his nose in if Jr tries to tell Phil before Belle does. Rex is down with that.

Shawn explains to Belle that Phil isn’t there. Before he can tell her that Phil is back in combat, Belle laces into him about going over to the war and dragging the other guys into it. She’s also mad that he lied to her.

Under cover of his squad’s fire, Phil heads toward the enemy’s mortar position.

Jack lays on the dining room carpet and moans for Jen. He passes out again. Jen tells Hope that tonight has restored her faith. Once the boys get back, Jen suggests everyone go on a family vacation together at the Horton cabin. Jen finally realizes that Jack hasn’t come back yet and goes to look for him.

Bo, “This is the end of the line for Tony DiMera. The ISA ‘has ways’ of getting info out of monsters like that. MWAHAHAHAHA When they do, we’ll get our daughter back.” Hope comes to the door, “I hope you do.”

Jen screams. Everyone runs in. Jack has a gash on his head and claims he just slipped and fell, that he’s fine. Billie rats him out about his earlier fainting spell. Jen insists on taking him to the hospital.

Belle knows that Jr is a hero, but she was worried about him. Shawn was scared he’d never see or hold her again. He asks if she forgives him. (Now don’t peak at the next paragraph yet. I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seat. WILL Belle forgive him??)

Belle forgives him. (Bet that shocks you.) Belle made him promise he won’t tell Phil about “them”. Shawn finally gets around to telling her that it will be longer than they thought before that will happen, since Phil is back out in the combat zone. OH MY GOD, NO!

Between snipers and the mortar, the Happy Warriors are all pinned down. Phil sees where the sniper is and is going to TAKE HIM OUT. The squad leader warns that it is INSANE. He’ll be a perfect target. Phil stands up. He IS the perfect target. POW, and down he goes. Oh, the HORROR! The camera pans in on Phil’s cold, dead body.

Tony suggests that if Lucas wants to find Sami he should go out and look for her. Lucas leaves the cell. He tells the guys that he doesn’t know why Sami is always doing this. She gets into trouble and he has to go and save her.

Sami continues with her fantasy. Despite the typical pre-commercial tease that Lucas will forgive her, it doesn’t go well. Lucas will not only turn her over to the police and to the ISA, he’ll see if they’ll let him administer the lethal injection himself. Sami decides perhaps that isn’t the route to go. She starts to hope that one of the mortar shells will hit her and get it over with.

Bart sneaks into the computer room where Tony is being held. He’s dressed as a Marine and apologizes for taking so long. As soon as he put on the uniform, the soldiers tried to get him to go out on a mission. But, ole Silver Tongue Bart talked his way out of it. Tony finally gets Bart to stop babbling and to use the bolt cutters he’s brought to get him out of the chains.

Lucas tells Rex & Brady that he couldn’t get Tony to spill the beans about why Sami was out there with him. “We’ll see about that,” huffs Brady, pulling his pistol and cocking it. (Oh for Pete’s sake. You telling me that the REAL soldiers have let these civilian idiots walk around with guns??? Give me a break!) The guys burst into the computer room which is conveeeeniently no longer guarded by a Marine. Oops! Tony isn’t there any longer. They rush out the back where the hidden panel is standing open. Lucas spies Sami, hiding behind a dune with shells dropping all round her. He goes to rescue Sami and sends the other two off to chase Tony.

Rex/Brady go back through the computer room and disappear down a hallway. Tony comes out of the computer room behind them and starts down the opposite way. A real Marine shows up and stops him.

Sami starts to recite the “Now I lay me down to sleep” prayer, but stops herself. She figures the Big Sleep is what is in her future. She’s always sworn she’d mend her evil ways so she could go to heaven, but it never seemed like the “right time”. Now look where it’s gotten her. She prays for one more chance and she’ll REALLY REALLY change. Just then Lucas rolls over a sand dune. Sami tells him that she got scared that the bunker was going to be hit when the shelling started, so she ran out. Lucas gets her to run back with her. Gives her a big kiss and wishes her luck.

Belle is stunned that Phil went back into combat. Shawn doesn’t understand why he did it. Belle ‘splains that it’s because Phil took an oath as a soldier. Just like she took an oath to be loyal to him as a wife. She chastises herself for not living up to HER oath. Shawn ain’t happy with this turn of events.

Philips unit keeps calling for him. After a few minutes, the cold, dead soldier gasps a few breaths and comes to. He’s taken one in the flak jacket. He’s broken a rib, but is all right. The unit commander tries to get him to come in. No way, Jose. Phil is TAKING OUT THAT MORTAR.

Belle continues to blather about Phil honoring the vows he made to protect his country while Shawn is trying to get her to dishonor the vows she made to Phil. Jr tries to calm her down. Shawn tells Belle that as soon as this offensive is over, Phil is coming home if Jr has to drag him onto the plane himself. Then Belle can break the bad news and she and Shawn can be together forever. That is what she wants, isn’t it? Belle stares.

Phil pulls the pin on a grenade and throws it. Huge explosion. Phil, once again, lies cold and dead on the ground. (I think he’s just protesting the stupidity of this plot line by having a “lay-in”.)

Ho and Dope discuss how worried they are about Jack. Rehash about what Jack’s been through. Rehash about how happy they are that Tony is finally in custody. IT’S PAYBACK TIME. Rehash about getting GA back. Hope runs the idea about the family vacation by Bo. Sounds good. Kissing and mush. Everyone is happy for a minute or two.

At the hospital, the great doctor Lexi is consulted about Jack’s condition. Jack claims everyone is over-reacting. Lexi is skeptical. She slaps on her rubber gloves and examines him right in the middle of the hallway. She’s going to clean up the cut and then run some tests. Jack heads off with Lexi. Billie & Jen discuss what could be wrong with Jack. Billie postulates that perhaps it’s posttraumatic stress syndrome, given all he’s been through.

Lucas & Sami make it back to the bunker. Lucas tells Sami that she’s a heroine for saving the guys. Sami says she couldn’t let them die. She starts to plant the idea that Tony, the MONSTER, would do anything to get back at someone that crossed him. He’ll do anything to destroy people’s happiness. Lucas says he knows that Sami was a prisoner like everyone else. Sami’s afraid that he’ll make up some story to make sure everyone will keep hating her. Lucas assures her that no one will believe anything that Tony says. Tony would have to have rock-hard evidence before anyone would believe him. Sami flashes back to Tony’s threat that he has evidence that she was Stan. Rex & Brady show up and have to admit that they couldn’t find Tony.

Bart shows up and tells the Marine holding a gun on Tony to “Stand down”. He tells the soldier that he’ll take care of the prisoner. The soldier takes off and Tony congratulates Bart on his quick action.

As counterpoint to all of this drama, they inject some comic relief. Bo comes back in the house with a bouquet of flowers that he’s ripped out of Jen’s garden. Hope has a cow. These were the flowers Jen has been growing for the spring flower show. Clueless Bo utters those fateful words, “Oh man.” Yeah, replies Hope. Oh man, oh man, oh man, oh man. Bo suggests that they replant them. Hope points out that he CUT them, they can’t be replanted. They decide they’ll call Gran to find out what to do. Before picking up the phone, there is more mush.

Billie, Jack, Jen impatiently wait for the test results. (They have one damn fast lab in that hospital!) Right on queue, Lexi pops in with the results and asks the ladies to leave so she can run one more quick test. This, of course, was a ruse. Once the girls are gone, Lexi lays the results on Jack. In the time-honored tradition of all soaps her first words are, “It’s not good.” They both stare.

Rex/Brady head out again to look for Tony. Sami is still pretty shaken up, so Lucas stays with her. She asks him if his feelings have changed since they split. He admits that he’s been doing a lot of thinking and they “have to talk” when they get back to Salem. Sami wants to know if they still have a future. He doesn’t want to talk about it, but he’s glad she didn’t die out there. Lucas hopes they catch Tony and make him pay. Sami thinks to herself that she hopes he gets away and keeps on running. Lucas warns Sami that the ISA will want to speak to her since Tony said she spent a lot of time with Stan. Rather than saying she hardly saw Stan at all, that Tony was lying, Sami stands there and looks guilty.

Bart & Tony split up (for reasons unknown) and Tony manages to run right back into Brady. Brady sticks a gun in his face. Tony tells him that if Brady lets him go, he’ll make it worth his while. The noble Brady declares that there’s nothing Tony could give him to make up for all the misery he’s put the families through. Tony demurs. There is one thing – Chloe. Tony tells Brady that he’ll bring her back from the grave if Brady helps him out.

Belle assures Shawn that she does still want to be with him for all the Days Of Our Lives. But, especially since Phil is back in combat again, if anything happens to him, she and Shawn can never be together. Not ever.

The producers have threaten Phil that if he doesn’t get on with it they’ll drag this war stuff on for another five weeks, so the cold, dead Phil comes to life and starts yelling for his buddies to send up a flare. He’s disoriented and can’t tell where he’s at. He crawls along on his belly. The red flare goes off. Phil stares up at a sign that the enemy has thoughtfully posted to warn people, in English no less. “DANGER!!! MINEFIELD!”

FF on Phil with a skull and crossbones forming behind him.


Still in the bunker, Lucas & Sami are going to use a computer to let Will know they are OK.

Tony sneers, “Chloe is still very much among the living.” Brady, “Why hasn’t she told me she’s still alive?”

Shawn, still on the phone with Belle, “Phil is in trouble. He’s under fire and he’s trapped.” Belle reels in horror at what the roaming charges on this phone call are going to amount to.

Marine commander tells his troops to fall back. “That’s a negatory, commander,” yells Phil. “Private Somebody-or-other and I are trapped in a minefield!”

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Late Posting

Prevuze will be posted late on Monday and Tuesday of this week. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Translating Daze

You’ve heard of English/Spanish, or English/German or English/Whatever translation books? Here is your handy DAZED/REALITY TRANSLATION BOOK.

What they say: He/She is dead!
Translation: He/She is dead until ------ returns from their failed pilot/maternity leave.

What they say: I'm gonna make him/her pay!
Translation: I'm not going to learn from past mistakes and will let him/her do whatever to me again and again.

What they say: I won’t pressure you. I’ll give you all the time you need (to grieve, to get over him/her, to make a decision).
Translation: I’ll give you until the next scene we have together.

What they say: We'll drive there.
Translation: We're going to drive into a snow/rain storm and have a wreck.

What they say: We'll fly to (someplace overseas).
Translation: We'll be there in a few minutes.

What they say: You’re my soul mate.
Translation: We met when we were kids and because the writers haven’t got a clue we are going to be forced to be together whether or not this ever would happen in reality.

What they say: You're pregnant.
Translation: The delivery will be 18 months from now and/or you’ll fall down the stairs and lose the baby.

What they say: You've just graduated from high school.
Translation: You're now qualified to be head of the company.

What they say: If you don’t (fill in the blank), then I’m going to tell your (parents/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other) your terrible secret!
Translation: I’m not going to do a darned thing but have this same stupid conversation and threaten you over and over and over and……

What they say (This applies to Tommy Horton only): I'm going upstairs to get a pack of cigarettes.
Translation: You'll never see or hear of me again.

What they say (This applies to Marie Horton only): I'm going to become a nun."
Translation: You'll never see or hear of me again.

What they say: S/he's going to camp/boarding school for the summer.
Translation: Next time you see himmer, s/he's going to age a decade or two.

What they say: Mickey is your attorney.
Translation: You're going to prison.

What they (the doctors) say: (Or, in this case, what they do when asked for news of a loved one): Just stand there and stare with a stricken look on their face.
Translation: After the commercial break the doctor will break out into a smile and give the good news because absolutely nothing is wrong. But the writers want you to think that something is wrong. However, this old, worn out device is so overused NOBODY falls for it anymore.

What they say: We're never going to be rescued! or We’re going to die!
Translation: Let's have sex!

What they say: Nothing will ever come between us again.
Translation: Maybe the writers will give us at least two or three hours to be happy before the next crisis hits.

There Will Be A Day Of Reconing

Jack and Billie are on the bench outside the house. Jack faints. Billie says, “Jack! Jack!”

Bo is trying to get the satellite feed back. The picture comes in. We watch the standoff in the bunker. The Marines arrive. Phillip takes Tony’s gun and cold cocks him. The crowd at the Devereaux house cheers.

Belle and Mimi get the news. They’re safe and coming home.

“Dad helped a lot,” says Marlena, “and the Marines did the rest.”

Belle is just tickled. They’re all coming home. Mimi wants to know when they will be leaving, “And what then, are you still going to tell Phillip?”

“God, please bring Phillip home safely to Belle,” says Kate.

“Tony is in custody, and our boys are coming home,” says John.

Kate hugs him, “I don’t know what I would have done without you.” Marlena soaks it in.

The leader lectures the boys for being irresponsible. But they couldn’t have done it without them.

Tony tells them Stan is here.

Phillip can give the leader an accurate description of him.

“You’re not going to get away now, DiMera,” says Lucas.

“I have not yet begun to fight,” says Tony, “All the pieces of my plan are in place.”

Shawn tells Rex he needs to call Belle.

Rex asks if Phillip should call her first.

“No,” says Shawn, “We’ve rescued him and now it’s time to tell him the truth about Belle and me.”

“Tell them, Samantha,” says Tony, “Tell them everything you know about Stan. He couldn’t have gotten too far.”

Lucas asks if Sami knows Stan.

“No! I mean, I know him, but I don’t know where he is,” says Sami.

The Marines take the smiling Tony off to his jail cell.

Phillip thanks the leader.

The leader says, “We’re proud of having a man like PFC Kiriakis. We didn’t want to lose him.”

Sami goes to find a phone. Brady wants to know what she is up to. The boys gang up on her. Lucas defends her, “She did rescue us.” He tells her he wants the details when they get back home.

The rest of the boys leave. Lucas says, “Promise me you’ll tell me. I want the truth.”

Sami says, “Lucas, I swear, I will do anything it takes to get your trust back.”

Kate hugs John and thanks him. Marlena watches. The phone rings.

Kate says Roman and Marlena must be worried that Sami was there, “I wouldn’t be surprised if she was working for Tony DiMera. I know you wouldn’t want to believe that about her but I wouldn't put anything past the girl.”

Kate goes over to John, who is on the phone.

Marlena asks, “What was Sami dong in a war zone?”

Brady thanks John on the phone. He asks John to call Nicole then puts Phillip on. Phillip talks to Kate.

Sami wants to talk to her parents.

Kate wants Phillip home as soon as possible. She tells him Belle needs him to be home. Phillip says, “I swear, Mom, nothing will ever separate us again.”

Belle says, “I’m going to tell Phillip when the time is right – when he is home and out of danger.”

Mimi says, “I can’t tell Rex on the phone I’m going to jail. What a nice welcome home surprise that will be.”

The phone rings. It’s Rex, “Mimi, I love you so much and miss you. I’m never leaving you again.”

Mimi goes into shock and Belle takes the phone. She tells Rex, “Mimi is just a little emotional right now.”

Shawn grabs the phone from Rex. He tells Belle, “I love you baby. I’m coming home to you. I’m going to tell Phillip the truth about us.”

Belle snaps back, “No, you can’t! But we are going to have to tell him soon because the ASPCA is all over our case for beating that dead horse.”

Billie tries to wake Jack up.

“Whoa,” says Jack, “that was weird. I’m fine, I’m just tired.”

“You don’t’ look so good,” says Billie.

“No,” protests Jack, “the only thing wrong with me is I’m exhausted after being held hostage. Right now let’s worry about getting your brothers and Sami home. I’m fine.”

“OK,” says Billie, “but maybe I should tell Jennifer.”

“No,” says Jack, “don’t’ worry her.”

Bo gets off the phone with Roman and announces that the boys are safe. Hope hugs him.

Jennifer runs out to tell Jack and Billie.

Bo tells Hope, “Our family comes first no matter what.”

“All right, I’m gong in,” says Jack.

Jennifer comes out and sees Jack, “What’s wrong?”

Kate tells Phillip not to let anyone come between him and Belle, “especially not Shawn Brady.”

Sami yanks the phone from Phillip and tells Kate, “Just quit hogging the phone I want to talk to my parents.”

“OK,” says Kate, “Tell them how you teamed up with Tony, Sami.”

Marlena and Roman share the phone.

“Mom,” says Sami, “it’s really you. Daddy, I can’t believe...”

They have missed each other so much.

“Mom, I just want to make sure you’re OK. I want to get home and see you for real.”

“And maybe,” says Marlena, “you can tell us how you wound up in a war zone.”

John promises Kate he will get to the bottom of this when Sami gets home.

“And when you do,” says Kate, “we will both find out she’s not as innocent as her parents think she is.”

The joyful phone call concludes.

The boys come in. Lucas sticks up for Sami. He’s sure she wasn’t involved with Tony. Lucas is going to go find Stan.

Brady says, “I wish Lucas luck but Stan is long gone by now.”

Phillip wants to call Belle but, conveniently, the phone batteries are dead.

Belle tells Shawn she wants to tell Phillip herself. Shawn asks if she is having second thoughts.

“I have to make sure he’s OK,” she says, “before I tear his life apart.”

“Belle,” says Shawn, “you have to promise me...”

She interrupts, “I will tell him as soon as he gets home.”

Phillip comes up, “What’s going on Shawn? Is that Belle?”

Marlena asks if the boys could still be in danger.

John says, “Well, they are in a war zone.”

They discuss Stan. Kate Hopes they find him and prosecute him and anyone else who's helped Tony.

Roman sticks up for Sami, “She wouldn’t sell her soul to Tony DiMera.”

Marlena jumps on the Sami bandwagon.

Sami asks the guard if she can talk to Tony. The guard says she has to submit to a search. They wand her. Sami goes into Tony’s cell. Tony is chained up.

Sami says, “I wish I had a camera.”

Tony sneers, “You double-crossed me, Samantha, and you will have to pay.”

“You are in no position to make threats,” says Sami.

“Really,” asks Tony, “I know Stan’s true identity. It was you who did all those terrible things. You have caused so much pain. Do you really think you’ll get away scott-free? There will be a day of reckoning and serious repercussions, I assure you.”

Sami says, “Who’s gong to believe I’ve been masquerading as a man? Lucas is starting to trust me again, and I will find the evidence that Kate set me up. So while you are rotting on death row I will get everything I wanted.”

Tony rattles his chains, “Your past as Stan will come back to haunt you.”

“There is no evidence I was Stan.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that.”

Lucas goes into the storeroom, “What the hell?” He finds Stan’s uniform, “Dammit, these are Stan's. I’ll find that SOB if it’s the last thing I ever do.”

Tony says it won't be long before the truth comes out, “In fact there is only one way for you to escape.”

Rex tells Phillip he called Mimi and Belle was there, and that’s why Shawn is talking to her.

Phillip takes the phone. Belle says, “Phillip, it is so good to hear your voice.” They have missed each other. The worst part of the whole ordeal for Phillip has been being separated from her.

The sounds of war swell in the background. Belle wants to know if he's OK. The phone battery dies.

“I don’t’ know how I’m gonna do this,” says Belle as she hugs Mimi.

INCOMING!” The bunker rocks. Bodies lie unconscious on the floor.

Jack says he’s fine, “Billie is upset. And I’m trying to reassure her.”

Jennifer asks, “Are you sure that’s all it is?”

“I got emotional,” says Billie.

Jennifer tells them everyone is safe. Tony is in custody.

Billie says, “And now we can make him tell us where Georgia is.”

Bo tells Hope, “Billie will not be a problem.”

Hope says, “Things are finally falling into place. I just want to pick up the pieces and start living like a family again, OK?”

Bo says, “That’s exactly what we are going to do. Right up until you hear the magic B-word and then all hell will break loose again

Belle ponders pictures of Shawn and Phillip, “I’m not gonna be able to sleep tonight until I know they are home safely.”

Mimi says, “Are you really going to be able to tell Phillip?”

“When I'm sure he's OK,” says Belle, “It won’t be easy.”

Mimi asks, “Are you having second thoughts?” Belle stares.

Brady comes in to help Phillip, Rex and Shawn. He tells them the bunker is under attack. Shawn asks if it was DiMera’s storm troopers that attacked it.

Brady wouldn't put it past him.

Chaos reigns in the bunker.

Phillip requests permission to return to duty. Everybody stares open-mouthed.

Tony tells Sami, “It sounds as if the Marines are on the defensive. This is the perfect chance to escape. If you don’t help me, the truth about Stan will come out.”

“You can go straight to hell,” says Sami as she runs out.

Outside the cell, she says to herself, “I can’t let anyone find out I was Stan.”

Lucas vows he will use the uniform as evidence to nail Stan.

The leader advises Phillip he’s not ready to send him back into combat. Phillip respectfully insists.

The leader caves in, “Permission granted. Report to command post and wait for instructions.”

The boys tell Phillip he is making a big mistake, “I won’t let you,” says Shawn.

Roman tells Kate Sami wouldn’t team up with Tony.

“When this is over,” says Kate, “They will use the word ‘hero’ to describe what the boys did. They won’t use that word to describe Sami.” Flashback to Kate and Sami arguing, and Kate firing Sami.

“I’m afraid I've got some bad news,” says John. Marlena, Kate and Roman turn. “Days Of Our Lives,” he says, “has been renewed for another season.”

Belle says she isn’t having second thoughts she’s just worried about how Phillip will take it.

“No matter what I do, I’ll still hurt Rex,” says Mimi.

Belle wants Mimi to let Mickey defend her.

“Too late for that,” says Mimi, “No matter what we do, Rex and Phillip aren’t going to have a happy homecoming.”

The boys try to convince Phillip not to go out there.

Brady tells Phillip, “I think your dad would be very proud of you.”

Phillip thanks Shawn for organizing the mission, “When you see Belle tell her I love her.” He leaves.

Brady tells Shawn, “You just better Hope nothing happens to him.”

“Look what I found,” says Lucas, as he shows the boys the uniform, “I also fond a long strand of blonde hair with it.”

“I’ve gotta get out of here,” says Sami.

The celebration continues at the Devereaux home.

Billie says to Bo, “We’re gong to get our daughter back. We are finally going to be a family.”

Jack attempts to open a bottle of champagne, but shakes like a jackhammer. “Dammit,” he says, “What’s wrong with me?” Nothing more than a chronic case of Malwriteritis.

Bo tells Billie not to get her Hopes up, “But we will find Georgia one way or another.”

Hope tells Jennifer she wants everyone to have a happy ending.

The blissfully ignorant Jennifer tells her, “I know everything is going to be just fine,” as Jack lies unconscious in the next room.

“This is the best day of our lives and the worst,” says Belle, “When Rex finds out you are going to jail it will break his heart. When Phillip finds out it will break his heart.”

“This really sucks,” says Mimi. I think she means the plot.

Lucas can’t find Sami. “What if she’s out there,” he asks, “she could get killed.”

Sami screams as she stumbles through the desert and the bombs drop, “I’m better off dying than having them find out I was Stan.”

John tells them Phillip has volunteered to go back into combat.

Kate falls apart.

“He’s a trained soldier,” says Roman.

Kate cries, “What if he doesn’t make it? I can’t lose him.”

The Marines sneak around under fire. Phillip has to go in. “It’s suicide,” yells his buddy. Phillip goes in under heavy fire.

FF on Phillip and the rockets' red glare.


Sami says, “When my parents and Lucas find out I’m responsible for those guys being taken hostage, they will burn me at the stake.”

Lucas tells Tony, “If anything happens to Sami, I’ll kill you.”

Shawn asks Belle on the phone, “That is what you want – you still want to be together, right?”

Bo tells Hope, “I love you. Nothing and no one is ever going to change that.” Smooch.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Marines Have Arrived

Ho and Dope are at the Devereaux house. There is a breakthrough in the search for the boys, but Tony DiMera is alive and holding them hostage.

Billie barges in. Hope tells Billie, “You do not belong here, especially since this is your fault.”

Mimi and Belle wait for news. Belle refuses to think about losing any of them. If John can find out where they are he can figure out a way to rescue them.

John is downloading images. Roman can’t figure out how Tony survived. John grits his teeth, “It’s all a game to him – our lives, the kids’ lives. This time he’s not going to win because that sick bastard is in for the shock of his life. He’ll wake up some morning, watch Days Of Our Lives, and find out it’s turned into interesting, fast-paced drama.”

Tony is at his computer. “The fun is just beginning, Bart. I’m sure John is using the ISA satellite to find us. I’m diverting the source signal so we can’t be traced. If they want to see their loved ones one last time I can arrange that for them.”

Bart asks, “Are you really going through with this, boss?”

“Of course I am,” says Tony, “and the great thing is the person who has helped us is Roman and Marlena's daughter.”

Bart says, “I think we got a problem boss.”

The boys hide as Sami comes into their cell.

“Let me explain, OK,” says Sami.

“No,” says Lucas, “I think I know exactly why you’re here.”

Tony tells Bart Sami is under tight security, “She has committed so many crimes on my behalf, I’m not worried about her. It’s John Black I’m worried about. It looks like he’s picking up on a weak signal.”

John says he just about has the satellite feed.

Kate asks if Tony would hurt the boys. Roman says, “That’s why John has to locate the place.”
In times of crisis, Kate knows just what to say, “Shawn is responsible for this.”

Roman says Shawn didn’t have anything to do with Phillip being taken hostage, and he risked his life to go over there.

Marlena says, “We have to pray they come home alive.”

John gives the play-by-play, “I have to alter the encryption, establish a video link and play Tetris at the same time.”

Lucas says, “Tony must have taken Sami prisoner too. DiMera hits people when they are most vulnerable. When the wedding fell through, she was shaken up. Is that it, Sami, is that why you disappeared?”

The others are wwaayy skeptical about Sami.

Sami explains, “I saw the guards loading their weapons and heard Tony’s plan, so I knocked out a guard and stole his keys. Guys you have to believe me. I’m on your side. I wouldn’t let anything happen to you Lucas. Please say you believe me.”

Brady says he has a lot of questions for Sami.

Sami pulls out a gun. The boys give out a collective, “WHOA,” and back off.

“Put it away, Sami,” says Lucas.

Billie wants to know how long Hope is going to harp on this. Hope has a PhD in harping. It could be awhile.

Hope harps, “If you hadn’t dragged Bo off, Shawn would still be here.”

Bo and Hope argue.

Jennifer asks Billie to leave. Jack defends her, “She has three brothers over there.”

Bo steps up. John and Roman are on the case. But we might get the boys home anyway.

Belle is on the phone. Marlena has told her about Tony. They are praying John‘s rescue plan works.

“This is unbelievable,” says Mimi, “What the hell?”

Belle says Tony has made it his mission in life to hurt them. “My dad’s going to stop him. He's going to put an end to this monster once and for all.”

Tony sends a signal to the satellite. That way John won’t be able to locate them, “John still wants to play the hero but I have a few surprises up my sleeve.”

Tony and Bart see the unconscious guard on the monitor.

Sami says she got the gun from the guard. She shows them a bruise the guard gave her, “Now do you believe me?” She hands Phillip the gun, “Phillip get us out of here.” Brady is still skeptical.

John can’t get the location. Tony is blocking him. They see images – thermogographical dots. He thinks he’s seeing the boys. They’re all there and still alive. Marlena sees six dots. They pan in, “What the hell,” says John, “That figure appears to be a female. Mass – 115 pounds.”

“That sounds like Sami,” says Marlena, “It has to be her since she’s the only 115 pound woman in the world.

“Doc,” says Roman, “You don’t think...”

“Of course not. How could it be,” says Marlena.

Mimi wonders if John can do this. Belle assures her he can. Mimi is really scared but this has taken her mind off of spending the rest of her life behind bars.

Belle gets a call. Marlena says the hostages are all still alive. Oh, the joy! Marlena tells her they suspect that Sami is there too.

“How can that be,” asks Belle, “How did she wind up over there?”

Marlena says, “We don’t’ get it either, but when we have answers well get back to you.”

Marlena hangs up, “Oh Sami, what have you gotten into now?”

On the phone Roman tells Bo about Sami. Bo announces this to the crowd, “Roman isn’t sure how she got there.”

Jack gets a link on his computer from John. The Devereaux crowd watches.

Tony looks concerned as he watches the group in the jail cell, “Samantha has made a fatal mistake. She’s going to pay dearly. Bart, double the guards. They will never get out of here.”

The boys dis Stan. They give Phillip back his dog tags. Sami flashes back to her conversation with Tony. When they find out Sami was Stan they will never forgive her.

Brady asks if Sami has a key. They’re ready to bust out. As they leave, Sami pulls Lucas back, “Why did you defend me? Maybe you’re thinking again about us?”

Shawn and Rex sneak through the corridors. Shawn tells him he doesn’t trust Sami. The guards stop them.

Phillip and Brady go down another corridor.

One of the goons says, “Call the boss. Tell him we’ve got a situation, but we’re going to take care of it.” Rex and Shawn stand with their hands up.

Shawn overcomes one of the guards. They fight as the other guard covers Rex.

The Devereaux crowd watches.

“If that is Sami, her presence can only mean trouble,” says Billie. Seems Billie knows how to make trouble herself.

“Can you try not to make things worse,” asks Hope. Jennifer asks Jack to intervene. He takes Billie out for air.

Outside, Billie says, “Nicely done, Jack. Jennifer wanted me out of there. Are you OK?”

“I’m fine,” says Jack, “I’m worried about you. There’s something else isn’t there? Tell me the truth. You followed Bo over here, didn’t you?” Billie stares.

Jennifer is making herb tea and biscuits. That’ll fix everything.

Bo assures Hope everything that can be done is being done.

Hope laces into Bo, “Shawn didn’t have to be there, did he? If something happens to him I’ll never be able to forgive you.”

Belle wonders how Sami got over there. Mimi, like the rest of us, stopped trying to figure out Sami long ago, “The ISA, John Black and the Marines have been searching for the guys, but somehow Sami has managed to get over there. Is it possible she has gotten in with Tony?”

“No way,” says Belle, “She wouldn’t make that mistake again.”

Sami asks Lucas if they could have a future again. He wants answers. He wants to know who Stan is.

Bart tells Tony the prisoners have escaped.

“There is only one thing to do, now,” says Tony, “Blow up the island - I mean bunker.” Tony walks out. Bart says “Bye-bye boys, bye-bye Sami, bye-bye Bart.”

Shawn wrestles the gun away from the guard. The other guard says he will shoot Rex. Standoff!

Phillip and Brady sneak. Shawn turns and fires as Rex drops his jaw.

John still isn’t getting a signal.

Kate wonders how Sami got mixed up in this, “She must be up to no good. If she is there, she isn’t with the Red Cross.”

John stands up for Sami. Sami was on the edge when she disappeared. Roman thinks Sami is in just as much danger as the rest of them.

John may be getting a lock on the bunker.

Kate says, “When the smoke clears, we’ll find out Sami had a hand in all of this. If the boys trust Sami we'll all be sorry.”

Sami asks Lucas if he can see anything. He doesn’t respond. She’s somehow lost him. She sneaks around. Bart comes out into the hall. They both reel as they bump into each other. She asks Bart not to turn her in. He tells her she is in major trouble, but he thinks she did the right thing, “The count is losing it. He’s out for blood. Everybody’s dead meat. When the guys find out you were Stan, you can expect some serious misery.”

The boys all have surrounded the guards. Tony rushes up and grabs Brady. He holds a gun on him and tells Phillip, “You can be the one to see Brady die first.”

Roman asks if John gets the location can a rescue team get there in time.

Billie insists she didn’t come here because of Bo, “I’ll just get out of here. Hope doesn’t want me here and, frankly, for good reason.” She flashes back to the love pit.

Jack asks if she wants to talk about it.

“No, see you later.”

Jack swerves.

Billie asks him, “Jack, what’s wrong.”

Hope is scared. In a gripping turn of events, Jennifer comes in with tea. Bo reassures Hope.

Belle calls Marlena for more news. Marlena gives her the latest. Belle updates Mimi, “they’re getting close to pinpointing the location.”

“What about Sami,” asks Mimi, “I can’t help but think she’s up to no good.”

Sami finds the room with her Stan disguise. She flashes back to her traitorous moment. She takes something out of the pocket and stuffs the uniform into a box.

Lucas finds her and wants to know how she knows so much about his place.

Phillip points a gun at Tony, “Drop it. You’re outnumbered.”

Tony says, “Shoot my colleagues and me but know that Brady dies as well!”

Sami and Lucas join the happy scene. Another standoff. “Thanks to Sami,” says Tony, “I have you all outgunned. Drop the gun, Phillip.”

“I am a United States Marine,” says Phillip, “I don’t take orders form you.”

Tony points his gun, “Semper Fi or Semper Morte, always dead,” asks Tony.

Billie helps Jack to a bench. Jack faints.

The rest are huddled around a computer.

Belle and Mimi pray. “Dear God,” says Mimi, “please protect the men we love.”

Belle adds, “And my sister, bring her home safely.”

John got the satellite feed back. Thermogeographical dots. “What the hell,” John says, “it looks like four of them are armed.” The feed goes out again.

Bo announces, “We lost it again.”

“It didn’t look good,” says Hope.

Kate says, “My sons are going to die.”

“Sami, my little girl,” whimpers Marlena.

“I hope Sami burns in hell,” says Kate.

Bart sets the bomb to go off.

“I am a Marine,” says Phillip, “And I will die before I take orders form you.”

THE MARINES HAVE ARRIVED! “Good work, Kiriakis,” says the commander.

“May I have the honor,” asks Phillip. He takes Tony’s gun and slugs him.

The leader says they had planted tracking devices on the guys, “What you guys did was reckless and irresponsible, but without you, we wouldn’t have found Phillip.”

The guys ask where Stan is.

Tony says, “Stan is here.”

“Where,” they ask in unison.

FF on Sami, known as Stan in some circles.


Lucas says, “Promise me you’ll tell me. I want the truth.” Sami says, “Lucas, I swear, I will do anything it takes to get your trust back.”

On the phone, Shawn tells Belle, “I’m going to tell Phillip the truth about us.” Belle snaps back, “No, you can’t!”

“I’m afraid I've got some bad news,” says John. Marlena, Kate and Roman turn. He has their attention now.

“Dammit,” says Jack as palsy sets in, “What’ s wrong with me?”

Hope says, “I just want to pick up the pieces and start living like a family again, OK,” Bo says, “That’s exactly what we are going to do.”

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Tony Is Alive

Marlena tells Nicole she lucked out, “Your number one rival for Brady is insisting she doesn’t want anyone to tell him she’s alive.”

Nicole says, “She’s doing the right thing. And I’m dong the right thing by not telling her he’s being held hostage.”

Marlena says, “For once I agree with you. That would be too much for her.”

Nicole flashes back to preparing for the surgery, “It’s so awful what happened to her.”

The nurse tells them they can go back in and visit Chloe but see that she doesn’t get agitated.

Chloe asks where Nancy is. They say she is resting. Marlena asks her to reconsider her decision and tell Brady she is alive. She asks Chloe to listen to her side of the story.

John and Roman – Men In Black. John checks his computer, but can’t find anything on the boys. Roman says, “At least we got a good look at the traitor who sold out guys out to the enemy.”

“And we don’t know if Lucas iced him or not.” Men in Black use words like “iced” when they mean “killed.”

Roman says, “You said you recognized him. What exactly do you know about him?”

John flashes back to the drug deal and his junkie-ness with Stan the man, “It’s not important.”

“Of course it is” says Roman, “Finding out who he is could be the key to getting them back safe.”

Chaos in the jail cell.

“You can’t be alive, Tony,” says Brady.

“What are you going to do with us,” asks Shawn.

“I’ll give you one guess,” says nasty ole Tony.

“Don’t try anything stupid,” says Bart, as Sami rushes the door. “But that’s like asking the hot pot on a stove not to whistle.”

“I can’t let Tony hurt those guys,” says Sami who has apparently changed her mind after making the deal with Tony. She and Bart struggle.

Sami promises not to go in. Bart lets her go. Then she slaps him upside the head.

“I need to think,” says Sami.

“Sami,” says Bart, “You need a brain to think. It’s like the boss always tells me, ‘Bart, you have two brains, but one walked away and the other went looking for it.’ OK, think.”

Rex asks Tony what happened to him, “When you took Cassie and me in you were caring.”

Tony says, “Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that you and Cassie turned out to be Bradys.” Ho boy, Shawn’s blood boils. They have to restrain him.

Roman asks John about Stami. John tells Roman Stami was his pusher. He doesn’t know how he got overseas with the boys.

John compares Roman’s captivity to the boys, “But you had Marlena to keep you company. And I have a pretty good idea what happened when you were locked up with each other.”

Marlena tries to convince Chloe to tell Brady she is alive. She thinks Chloe is making a mistake and Nicole is encouraging her, because she wants Brady for herself.

“All right John,” says Roman, “What exactly do you think happened in the castle?”

“I’m sure you did everything you could to protect and reassure Marlena.”

“She helped me get through the ordeal too,” says Roman.

“I owe you a great deal,” says John, “Thanks for taking care of her.” Men In Black shake hands and bond.

John tells Roman, “I knew you’d be a little upset about how close the two of us got.”

With a big grin on his face, Roman says, “I’d say you got a little more than close.”

John tells him, “And I knew it would only be a matter of time before you and I would have a problem with that.”

Phillip asks what this is all about.

“To punish all your families for all the rotten things they did to mine,” says Tony, “I’m going to complete what my father never could. The complete destruction of all my enemies.”

Shawn says, “You’re even crazier than we thought.”

Tony turns to Lucas, “If you don’t understand, Lucas, I suggest you ask Sami.”

“Wait,” says Lucas, “I saw her. She is here isn’t she? Is she a prisoner too?”

Sami watches, “Tony has gone off the deep end. Bart you can’t let this happen.” Bart sighs.

Chloe says Marlena is wrong. This is her decision, not Nicole’s.

A nurse comes in to change Chloe’s bandages. Nicole and Marlena leave.

Marlena can’t believe Nicole is doing this, “You are so desperate to have Brady, and you know you can’t have him if Chloe is alive.”

“And you want to tell him just so I don’t get him,” says Nicole.

Roman says he is grateful to John for all he did for Kate.

John says, “She was there for me too, in more ways than I can say.”

Roman asks about Sami, “Was she as out of control as Kate said she was?”

“The reality is,” says John, “it was probably a whole lot worse.”

Bart says there is a fine line between insanity and criminal genius. Stephano took him in when he needed help, so he can’t help her, “But I couldn't pull the trigger either.”

Sami begs. She loves Lucas. She admits she did bad things but she was obsessed with REVENGE. She flashes back to her conversation with the mysterious voice.

Bart asks why she didn’t just go after Kate.

Sami says, “The only way to get to her is through her children. But now I regret it. I’m stopping Tony no matter what.”

Lucas asks Tony what he knows about Sami.

Tony says, “I thought you never wanted to speak to her again.” He asks all the boys about their girlfriends/wives. They ask how he knows so much about them, “I know everything about my enemies. And do I ever have some incredible secrets for you to hear. I have some beauties for you, Phillip.”

“These past few months Sami’s behavior has been worse than ever,” says John.

Roman can’t believe Sami would sleep with Brandon when she was so close to getting the family she wanted. They speculate it would have been impossible for Kate to set Sami up.

Roman says when they were married Kate promised she would look after Sami, “I believed her and I still believe her.” Who Kate will look after is Kate.

John says, “Actually Roman, I think Kate is capable of harming Sami.”

Bart restrains Sami, “You don’t want to know what’s going on in there.”

Brady says, “There are five of us and three of you.” The boys rush their captors. Brady’s math was a bit off. There are five of them, three of their captors and two big rifles. The artillery comes out and the boys back off.

Tony says, “As I was saying...”

Marlena wants what is best for Chloe and Brady.

“But that’s not your call to make,” says Nicole, “And you have to keep it a secret, but you’re good at that. I think you’re keeping secrets from John.”

“My life with John isn’t any of your business.”

“And,” says Nicole, “my life with Brady is none of yours. When you were locked up all those months with your ex, did you stay true to John or did you rekindle your Romance with Roman?”

Marlena flashes back to her love nest with Roman.

“Well, looks like I struck a nerve,” says Nicole.

“I have to go,” says Marlena, “We’ll talk later.”

Nicole says, “Talk all you want. Chloe won't change her mind. And who would you rather go home to, or does it matter?”

John says Kate is fiercely protective of her children’s happiness. She picked up the wedding tab because of Lucas – she knew he loved Sami.

Roman says, “If Doc and I had been here that might have made a difference with Sami. You know Sami called Will.”

“I hate to say it Roman,” says John, “it’s probably for the best Sami’s gone.”

Tony tells the boys to back off. They do, “Very wise. I’m going to leave now and continue this discussion later when everyone's calmed down, and you can behave like gentlemen.” He leaves.

Sami tells Tony she won’t let him harm the boys.

“We had a deal,” says Tony.

I don’t care.

“What’s more important,” he asks, “those five men or your parents?”

She protests, “That’s not fair.”

“Life’s not fair,” says Tony, “But I kept my end of the bargain.” He shows her a video of her parents. He tells her they are back in Salem, “but John is with Marlena and Roman is with Kate. But if you let me continue with my plan not only do I guarantee your mother and father to be alive, but they will be together forever.”

The nurse leaves Chloe's room. Nicole comes back in. Chloe asks where Marlena is. Nicole says, “She had to leave. Actually, I think it’s best she’s not here. She’s pressuring you. You have to ask yourself, is it right for Brady to live his life with someone who draws attention for the wrong reasons.”

John says Sami refused to take responsibility for her actions. All she can think bout is revenge.

“You’re right,” says Roman, “It’s probably is a good thing she’s not here.”

The computer beeps. John goes over and takes a look, “The spy satellite is picking up chatter. What the hell is that?”

Phillip tries to make a howitzer out of a cot, “We need a weapon.”

Brady asks Phillip who the Marines thought they were fighting. Phillip says they were fighting rebels.

Lucas says at least they know who Stan was working for. He was in Salem to gather information on them for Tony.

Tony assures Sami her parents are really back in Salem.

“Oh, God,” she says, “it’s like a miracle they’re home and they’re OK. Tony you can’t take them away again.”

Tony says, “I won’t do anything unless you force me to. Now, are we on the same track? Do you agree to continue to cooperate?” Sami stares.

Chloe tells Nicole she is right. She doesn’t want to be a burden to Brady. She asks Nicole to promise her to always be true to Brady no matter what, “Don’t do anything to hurt or disappoint him or make him unhappy.” Nicole promises and leaves.

“What the hell, it can’t be,” says John, “Take a look at this.”

‘No,” says Roman, “that’s impossible.”

“It can’t be happening again,” says John.

Marlena slowly comes off the elevator. She flashes back to her conversation with Nicole. Oh, the shame! “I can’t keep living a lie. I have to tell John the truth. He has to know I slept with Roman.”

Marlena comes in, “John, I have to tell you something.”

“Doc,” he says, “I have news you’re not going to believe – Tony is alive. He is holding the boys hostage.”

Sami thinks it over. She remembers good times with Lucas and Will giving her a wedding shower. She says this is so great since her friends didn’t have one for her. Will asks, “What friends?” Who needs friends when she has Lucas and Will?

Sami says nothing is more important to her than her parent’s happiness except her son, “Tony this has to stop now.”

Tony says, “Sami has made the wrong decision. If you’re against me, you’re a prisoner like the rest. Bart, put her in maximum security.”

Bart carries Sami off kicking and screaming.

Tony goes back in with the boys, “Time is running out.” The boys stare.

Pan across the boy’s faces. FF on Shawn and Lucas.


Hope tells Billie, “You do not belong here, especially since this is your fault.”

“My dad’s going to stop him. He's going to put an end to this monster once and for all,” says Belle.

John grits his teeth, “It’s all a game to him – our lives, the kids’ lives. This time he’s not going to win because that sick bastard is in for the shock of his life.”

One of the goons says, “Call the boss. Tell him we’ve got a situation, but we’re going to take care of it.” Rex and Shawn stand with their hands up.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Celeste sees Tek and Lexie kiss in a vision. “No, this can’t be. Alexandra!”

Lexie comes in, “Mom, did you call me?”

Celeste tells her, “Don’t let anything or anyone come between you and Abe.” Lexie runs upstairs.

Abby comes into Chelsea’s room, “I have some good news.”

Chelsea says, “Tell me it was all a dream. Tell me my parents didn’t die.”

“I’m so sorry,” says Abby, “but it’s all true.”

“Well then,” asks Chelsea, “what’s the good news?”

“The doctor said you’re well enough to go home,” says Abby, “You know, we’re both so lucky to have survived that crash and be getting out of here.”

“I don’t feel lucky, just alone,” says Chelsea.

“You’re not alone, you have me,” says Abby.

Billie appears at the door, “You have me too.”

Nancy asks if Nicole knew all along Chloe was alive, “Why am I not surprised and why do I get the feeling you’re up to your usual no good?”

Nicole tells her, “I just came to visit Clara. You know, the girl Brady and I are sponsoring. And what the hell do you mean Chloe is alive?

Marlena tells Chloe she has news about Brady that may change her mind, “This is going to come as a bit of a shock.”

Kate rummages through a drawer at Lucas apartment. Will comes out and asks what she is doing. He’s there to pick up some stuff. Kate has bad news for Will.

The goons cock their rifles and head for the boys’ cell as Sami watches.

Lucas wants to rest up for the big escape.

Brady says, “With any luck we won’t need to escape.”

Sami gets upset with Tony because she heard the guards. She struggles as Bart restrains her. Tony gives his best Cheshire Cat smile.

Will says, “If Mom hadn’t cheated on Dad, we would be a happy family now.”

Kate says, “I know your mother is a walking disaster, but she isn’t responsible for what I am about to tell you. Your father and Uncle Rex and Brady and Shawn decided to do something very courageous, selfless and really dumb. They went to rescue Phillip. We’re just going to have to pray they will come home safely.”

Will asks, “You’re afraid Dad’s going to die over there aren’t you?”

Lucas says, “We gotta get home. Will needs me.” He falls asleep and dreams of getting home and the big reunion with Will.

In his dream, Sami walks in and says, “God sent you home so we can have a second chance.” She begs to be a family again.

Lucas wakes and stares, “Sami.”

Sami struggles. She will stop Tony. Tony tells her with Lucas out of the way she will have custody of Will. Nobody will believe Sami wasn’t involved in taking a US Marine hostage. Sami struggles.

Nancy tells Nicole Chloe didn’t die in the car accident, but doesn't want anyone to know she’s alive until after the surgery. She tells Nicole about the surgical snafu as Nicole remembers masterminding it. Nancy asks, “Nicole, would you like to see Chloe?”

Chloe asks if something happened to Brady.

Marlena says, “Chloe, Brady believed you were dead. Losing you broke his heart, but he accepted it and a moved on with Nicole. They’re getting married. You’re the only one who can stop him.” The mummy stares.

Billie has a teddy bear for Chelsea. Chelsea wants to know why she is doing all this. Billie tells her she promised Chelsea’s mom, “Nothing can bring your parents back but I want to help.”

“My life is over,” says Chelsea.

Billie says, “The last thing your parents would want is for you to give up.”

Abby tells her, “You have me and you can come home with us.”

Chelsea doesn’t want to be a charity case, “Your father just got home. It should be a happy time for you. I’d just be a huge downer. Thanks for the offer, Abs, but I just want to go to my own house.”

A nurse comes in with paperwork for Chelsea. Abby asks Billie, “How are we going to tell her the house won’t be hers for very long?”

Lexie tells Celeste Abe keeps pushing her farther and farther away, “Mom, I’m so sacred. What if he leaves me? Lexie runs out for fresh air and gets more than she bargained for – she bumps into Tek. They embrace as Celeste watches. Celeste sees the picture of Abe and Lexie go up in flames. Such symbolism.

Celeste goes back to the window and sees Lexie and Tek frozen in an embrace. She vows to find out Tek’s secrets before Lexie makes a big mistake. She gets on the computer and uses Jack and Jennifer’s techniques to search.

Lexie cries and pours her heart out about Abe. Tek advises her to give Abe some space. Lexie can’t do that while he’s in this condition.

Tek says, “Lexie, I still care for you. Just because Abe came back doesn’t change anything. If Abe isn’t going to be a loving devoted husband... you deserve so much better.”

Nancy drags Nicole to Chloe’s room. They walk in. “Nicole,” asks Marlena.

Brady sleeps. He dreams of coming home. He runs into John’s apartment and yells for John. He wants to thank him for putting up the ransom. Nicole is there. He keeps his promise and takes a knee. He wants to spend the rest of his life with her, “Marry me, CHLOE.”

Chloe smiles, “I love you Brady.” They kiss. Brady wakes up, “Chloe?”

Lucas calls Sami’s name as he continues to dream. Sami will leave if the answer is no. “The answer is yes,” says Lucas, “I forgive you. I never stopped loving you and I never will.”

Lucas wakes up and calls Sami’s name again.

Tony says, “You will never get Will back unless Lucas is out of the picture. He’s already poisoned him against you.”

Sami squirms, “That’s not true. Will loves me.”

“Let’s see, shall we,” says Tony. He dials a cell phone and hands it to Sami.

Will answers. Sami tells him it’s her. Will asks, “What do you want, Mom?”

“Just to tell you I’m coming back home.”

Will says, “You had your chance, Mom. It’s too late. I don’t want anything to do with you – ever.

Sami says, “Will, I’ll always be your mother. I’ll always love you.”

Kate grabs the phone, “You really don’t get it, do you? Neither Will nor his father want anything to do with you.”

“Kate,” screams Sami, “you deserve anything you’re going to get and more.”

They’re back at Chelsea’s house. Billie tells Chelsea about her parent’s financial condition. They were so broke they could only window-shop at the dollar store. They hired Mickey to file bankruptcy for them. Chelsea really isn’t worried about the money or where she’ll live, it’s losing her parents that is so bad. “At least I have my clothes. They’re paid for and they can’t take those away from me. I’ll be the best dressed homeless person in town.”

You won’t be homeless, Chelsea," says Billie, I want you to stay with me.

Celeste finds something on the Internet, “Well, well, well, what do we have here? Court is in session. Judge Celeste presiding.”

Lexie tells Tek to back off, “Tek, that’s enough. Abe is my husband. You can’t talk like that.”

Tek says, “Lexie, being blind doesn’t give him the right to ignore your feelings.”

“It’s not just the blindness.”

Tek asks, “What is it?”

“He can’t love me the way he used to.”

“Are you saying he’s impotent?”

Lexie stares.

“What is going on,” asks Chloe. Nancy says she slipped and let Nicole know Chloe was alive. Perhaps the two of them should talk.

The shocked Marlena asks if Nancy thinks this is a good idea. “Oh yes,” says Nancy. Marlena asks if Chloe is OK with this.

“Sure,” says Chloe.

Outside, Marlena tells Nancy Chloe is in a fragile emotional state. Nancy thinks this will force Chloe to tell Brady she is alive.

Nicole tells Chloe she can’t believe she is alive.

Chloe says, “Well, I guess now that you know, I should tell Brady the truth myself.”

Brady dreams of Chloe. He wakes with a start. He tells Lucas about the dream.

Dr. Lucas analyzes it. Brady’s sub-conscious is telling him to dump Nicole.

Brady says he heard Lucas talking in his sleep.

“In my dream I forgave her,” says Lucas, “I know Sami can be a handful but deep down she’s the most caring woman I ever met. What if I never see her again?”

Sami seethes, “So help me, Kate, you will be sorry.”

Kate says, “You did this to yourself Sami. Now that you've abandoned your son I will work with my lawyers to get Lucas sole custody and get a restraining order against you. Then I’ll help Lucas find the perfect wife and mother for Will.”

“I will see you burn in hell before I lose my son,” says Sami.

Nancy and Marlena watch through the window as Nicole and Chloe talk. Nancy will make sure Brady finds out Chloe is live.

Nicole says, “You should tell Brady. I’ll stand aside. You are the great love of his life.”

“I won't be any more,” says Chloe.

Nicole says, “He would stick by you anyway. And don’t think because you’re disfigured and grotesque he wouldn’t be proud to be with you anywhere. He’ll take you to corporate functions and you can fill your role as the charming wife of a Titan executive. He’ll be proud to have his picture next to yours in the society columns. Once he knows you’re alive, nothing will keep him away. He would give up everything to be with you. You do know that don’t you?”

“Why are you doing this,” asks Chelsea.

“Because,” says Billie, “I know first hand what it's like to be a kid and on your own. It’s a scary feeling. Nobody should feel that way. You don’t have to be alone or scared. Let me be there for you.”

“I still don’t’ get it,” says Chelsea, “What’s in this for you?”

Tek says, “Abe is angry and frustrated and taking it out on you. You need someone who cares for you.”

“Stop it,” says Lexie, “Abe’s a good man.”

Tek asks, “What kind of life is this for Theo? Two parents who are miserable. How long are you going to let this go on? You need to leave Abe and be with someone willing to give you the happiness you deserve.”

Lexie asks, “You expect me to divorce Abe just because we’re going through a rough time?”

“I don’t want to see you pay any more. Lexie,” says Tek, “I care too much. Think about it. You get hurt, Theo gets hurt too.” Tek leaves. Lexie goes back inside.

Celeste rushes away form the computer. She says she found cases on the Internet, “More than once Tek has been named as co-respondent to divorce proceedings. He has affairs with married women and walks away after the divorce.”

Lexie mumbles.

Celeste advises, “Darling, you’re vulnerable right now. Don’t be his next victim.”

Billie tells Chelsea, “I had a daughter who would be just about your age. They told me she died at birth but lately I’m not so sure. And if she is alive she could be out there alone and scared with no family to turn to, and I hope there is someone who will reach out and take care of her. Maybe I’m just trying to throw good karma out there and hope it makes its way back to my little girl. So what do you say you wanna give this a shot?”

Chelsea answers, “Ok but just until I decide what I’m gonna do.”

Billie says, “Deal.”

Nancy and Marlena come into Chloe's room. Chloe says they have come to an agreement, “Under no circumstances will Nicole tell Brady I’m alive.”

“We’re all sworn to secrecy,” says Nicole. Nancy stares. Can you say, “Backfire?

Sami says, “You wait and see, Kate. You will never see Lucas, Rex or Phillip again. Never.”

Kate hangs up, “She’s bluffing.”

Sami tells Tony, “Do what you want to them.”

“Even Lucas,” he asks.

“Even Lucas,” she says, “He poisoned my son against me.”

“Sami,” he says, “this is something you won’t regret.” Sami works her jaw.

Brady tells Lucas they are a valuable commodity alive, “I can’t think of anyone who would want us dead.”

Tony walks in with the goon squad and says, “Think again, Brady.”

FF on Brady and Lucas.


John tells Roman, “I knew you’d be a little upset about how close the two of us got.” Roman says, “I’d say you got a little more than close.” John tells him, “And I knew it would only be a matter of time before you and I would have a problem with that.”

Nicole asks Marlena, “When you were locked up all those months with your ex, did you stay true to John or did you rekindle your romance with Roman?”

Tony tells Sami, “Not only do I guarantee your mother and father to be alive, but they will be together forever.”

Monday, May 23, 2005

Chicken Feed

Mimi’s in jail.

Bonnie frets. Patrick comes up and Bonnie tells him the sad story. Patrick asks if Mimi really tried to kill Jan. Bonnie says, “No. She takes after me but not that much.” She wants Mimi to change her mind and let Mickey represent her.

They go in to see Mimi. Mimi is upset that Bonnie drug Patrick into this.

Patrick tells Mimi, “You in a jail cell is a problem. I’m getting you out of here.” Bonnie chimes in, “A jail break. That’s it. Now we’re talking.” Hey, it’s not as far-fetched as the keystone cops over in the “war zone” trying to rescue Phillip.

Nancy looks at the picture of the perfect Chloe as the mummy sleeps. She could be scarred for life.

The mummy wakes. Craig asks how she feels.

“Pretty numb.”

No,” he says, “I wasn’t talking about your brain.”

Oblivious to her condition, the poor child plans her future, “I can’t wait until they take the bandages off. I want to begin my future with Brady right now. Don’t cry mom. I’m finally going to be happy.”

“No news yet,” says John, “It’s especially tough on Kate. Now three of her sons are hostage. And what about what Bo and Hope are going through with Billie?”

“Those circumstances in the pit were horrific. They were lucky to get out alive,” says Marlena.

John says, “Yeah, but Bo still slept with Billie.”

Nicole is at the door, “I heard you were back, Marlena, but it is amazing to see you in person. I was wondering if you guys had any news about Brady.”

John says, “The news isn’t good. They have been taken hostage.”

Belle drops in from the sky, “NO!”

Phillip tells Shawn how amazing and selfless he is.

Shawn says, “It wasn’t completely selfless. I wanted to do it for Belle.”

“We almost pulled it off,” says Brady, “if Stan didn’t double cross us.”

Lucas says, “There’s something fishy about that guy.”

Sami stares into the peephole.

Lucas stares back, “Sami,” he says. Sami slams the peephole shut.

Lucas turns to the guys and says, “I just saw Sami. I’d know those eyes anywhere.”

Sami leans against the other side of the door.

“How could this happen,” asks Belle.

“The ISA is doing everything it can,” Says John.

“OMG,” whines Belle, “they could die.”

John says, “Baby, there is no indication the hostages will be harmed.” And what indication do we have they won't be harmed?

Belle freaks, “I should have stopped him. And Will could lose his father.”

Marlena says, “I wish Sami were here for Will.” Yeah, he’s not screwed up enough. He needs Sami back in his life to finish the job. “I wish there were some way to find her and bring her home.”

John says, “Well, maybe there is.”

“Open the door Sami,” yells Lucas. Brady and Phillip try to calm him down.

Brady says, “Maybe you just wanted it to be Sami.”

“No,” says Lucas, “I can’t forgive her for sleeping with Brandon.”

“Dammit Lucas,” thinks Sami as she eavesdrops, “why can’t you see the truth? That’s why I’m here. So Tony will get the goods on Kate and I can get back at her for making you think that.”

Lucas remembers his encounter with Stan. Lucas remembers the eyes in the peephole, “OMG, I know who that was.”

Bonnie tells Mimi Patrick has the right idea, “We’ll bust you outta here.”

Patrick asks Mimi, “How does a clean slate and a fresh start sound? Trust me, if this works you’ll walk out of there a free woman.”

Craig and Nancy tell Chloe the surgery was difficult.

“Dad,” she says, “Tell me. I have to know.”

“Chloe, honey,” he says, “There was a small problem with your operation. One of the nurses didn’t sterilize the instruments. And you got an infection. It’s a rare infection. You were exposed to a very virulent bacteria, which is difficult to treat. One of the possibilities is your scars could become more pronounced. But it might not be as bad as they think.”

“Don’t lie to me,” she whines, “I wanted to tell Brady I was alive. But if I look like some creature from a horror movie I don’t want him to know. OMG, it’s all coming true. My life is over. If I can’t be with Brady then I might as well be dead.” Craig reassures her flesh-eating bacteria won’t attack brain cells, so both of hers are safe.

Chloe’s’ machines go berserk.

The nurse gives Chloe a sedative. Nancy tells Chloe she won’t let her give up.

Chloe says, “I know I was lucky to survive the accident, but my life is over. I’m never going to sing again or have the life I want. The Chloe Brady knew is dead and I’m never coming back.”

Nancy takes Craig aside, “We’ve got to do something.”

Craig says, “I think we should get professional help.”

“You mean therapy?”

“I mean Marlena.”

The heavens open and the sun shines in, “OK,” says Nancy, “let’s do it.”

Chloe asks, “Mom, Dad, did you say something about Marlena? I can’t talk to her. She’s Brady’s stepmother.”

John offers to talk to the ISA about Sami.

Marlena says, “I wish she would call. She doesn’t know Roman and I are alive.”

“Right now I’m more concerned about the hostages,” says Belle, “This has been one of the worst Days Of Our Lives. On top of this Mimi’s in jail.”

“Is there anything I can do,” asks John.

“The bail is a million dollars,” says Belle.

Chicken feed,” says Billionaire John Black.

Nicole wanders. John says, “I know you care about Brady.”

“I love him,” says Nicole, “and now that it’s official Victor is dead I’m free to move on. I know you’re not thrilled, but Brady promised to marry me. What if he doesn’t come back? What if I end up alone?”

“And what have you done,” asks the skeptical John, “to make sure you’ll be with my son?”

Phillip says he would know Belle’s eyes if he saw them.

“They were Stan’s eyes,” says Lucas.

“That was close,” thinks Sami.

“Yeah,” says Lucas, “he could be alive. He was stalking me in Salem. Will and Sami could be in danger right now.”

“I will take care of Will,” thinks Sami.

Lucas tosses a cot, “What if we never make it home?” Well, for one thing, you’ll have to sleep in a broken cot.

“I think we’re being held for ransom,” says Brady, “If that’s true my dad can put up the money.”

“Wrong, Brady,” thinks Sami, “You’re not getting out of here. I’m sorry I got caught up in all this, Lucas. If I can’t have you, it’s nice to know no one else can.” Oh, yeah, Will needs this levelheaded thinker back in his life for guidance.

John asks Nicole, “What have you done?”

Nicole says, “When Brady lost Chloe he fell apart. I was there for him. Kate was there for you and so were Brady and I when you lost Marlena. I discovered your addiction. You might not be here if it wasn’t for me. You got your wife back but that’s never going to happen for Brady with Chloe. When he comes home I’d appreciate it if you’d support us, DAD.”

John says, “I give it to you Nicole. My son is missing but you stick to your own agenda.”

“While you’re busy bringing him home,” thinks Nicole, “I have to make sure Chloe stays dead.”

Belle has to leave. She thanks John for posting Mimi’s bail.

Bonnie says, “Belle went to ask Daddy Warbucks for Mimi’s bail.”

“Good,” says Patrick, “John won’t even miss it.”

“You mean jump bail,” asks Mimi.

Bonnie says it will be great. They’ll be in a foreign country sipping pina coladas together.

“I’m not skipping bail,” says Mimi

Chloe insists, “I don’t want Marlena to know I’m alive.”

“She’s bound by doctor-patient confidentiality,” says Craig, “She’ll keep your secret.”

Nancy begs her to talk to Marlena. Chloe stares.

Nicole leaves. She tells Marlena she loves Brady, “So let me hear if you get any news.”

The phone rings. It’s Nancy. She asks for Marlena.

Nancy asks if Marlena can see her. It’s an emergency. Nancy can’t tell Marlena what it’s about over the phone, and once she does, Marlena has to promise she won’t tell a soul.

Nicole calls the hospital about Chloe’s condition. The hospital won’t tell. “Thanks for nothing,” says Nicole. She thinks, “There’s gotta be some way to find out. With luck she'll be so infected she won’t want to see Brady again and I’ll be Mrs. Brady Black.”

Brady says the first thing he’s going to do when they get back is to marry Nicole.

Lucas says Nicole is despicable.

“She’s changed,” says Brady, “She’s a different person now. I’m going to marry her no matter what.”

Rex says he is going to grab Mimi tell her he loves her and never let her go.

Shawn says he is going to... OOPS... he misses everyone.

Phillip will renew his wedding vows with Belle. Without the motorcycle.

Sami says, “I’m sorry to tell you this, Phillip, but Belle is going to dump you. And as for the rest of you, if you never see your loved ones again, that’s what you deserve.”

Bonnie begs Mimi to listen to Patrick.

Mimi whines, “If I went on the lam it would be all over the news and Rex would find out. I just want this over with.”

Bonnie asks, “Why are you talking like Cruella DeVille?”

Mimi says, “What I did was cruel, Mom. This is how I protect Rex.

Patrick says, “Jail time is ugly. It will change you. You don’t want to put yourself through that, believe me.”

Belle comes in. She announces, “Bail has been posted and now all you have to do is hire Mickey back and fight.”

Mimi says she can’t accept the money.

Belle says she has bad news. The guys weren’t able to rescue Phillip. They are all hostage.

“Rex doesn’t deserve this,” says Mimi, “Why is all this bad stuff happening?” Because you had an abortion and must be punished. That’s the way it is on Daze.

Nancy breaks the news to Marlena, “You know how you and Roman and Jack and Cassie and every member of the Salem Chamber of Commerce all came back form the dead? Well Chloe is alive too!”

Marlena is soooooo happy, “Why didn’t you tell me this earlier?”

“Marlena, says Nancy, “The most tragic thing has happened.”

Chloe tells Craig she knew he would be honest with her, “I’ll never be the same. I’ll frighten people. And so will my face.”

“You’ll always be beautiful,” says Craig.

Marlena walks in. Chloe and Marlena are both so glad each other is back from the dead. Craig and Nancy leave. They’ve had too many resurrections for one day.

Marlena tells Chloe, “Your mother told me everything.”

“And you feel sorry for me,” asks Chloe.

“Is that how you feel,” asks the doctor.

“OK,” says Chloe, “before we get into this shrink stuff, nobody can know that I’m alive, especially not Brady.”

Nancy and Craig talk. Marlena is their best shot. Nancy wishes Craig didn’t have to go. He’s got to get back to the hospital. Nancy wonders about the nurse that ran off. Craig says he holds her responsible. Anyway, he has to book the flight back to New York. Nancy understands.

Nicole sneaks around the hospital. She goes through the files and finds Chloe’s records. “What,” she asks, “Is this written in secret code?” Nancy watches.

Marlena says she will adhere to strict doctor-patient confidentiality. She decides to dump the news about Brady on Chloe, “What I am about to tell you may change your mind.”

“Nicole,” says Nancy, “From clear across the room, I see you’re looking at Chloe’s fie. You don’t’ seem surprised she’s alive. Why is that?” Because anybody who’s anybody in Salem comes back from the dead.

John struggles. He looks at a file. He looks at a bottle of pills. He picks up the picture of Belle and Marlena, “My family needs me,” he says. He walks to the balcony and tosses the pills.

Mimi can’t believe the boys are hostage. “Rex will need you when he comes home,” says Belle.

Mimi says, “I am not a good person. I have done terrible things, and shouldn’t get away with them. If I am behind bars it will prevent me from ever hurting Rex again.”

“This would destroy Rex,” says Belle, “Do this for him.”

“I Hope Mimi is OK,” says Rex.

“I’m thinking about Belle too,” says Shawn.

Rex whispers, “Don’t let Phillip hear you say that.”

Shawn says, “Sooner or later he has to know the truth. Their marriage was a mistake.”

“Will you please shut up,” says Rex.

Phillip says they need a plan to get out of here.

“You guys better get comfortable,” says Sami, “You’ll be calling this place home for a while. I’m just glad Tony promised he won’t hurt you.”

The guards walk in. One of the goons says, “The orders are straight from Tony DiMera. All the hostages will be taken care of tonight.” They cock their guns.

Sami watches.


Chelsea says, “I’ll be the best-dressed homeless person in town.” Billie tells her, “I want you to stay with me.”

Kate tells Sami on the phone, “Neither Lucas nor Will want anything to do with you.” Sami tells Kate, “You deserve everything you’re going to get and more.”

Nicole walks into Chloe’s room. “Nicole,” asks Marlena. Pan in on Chloe.

Sami struggles as the guards restrain her. Tony says, “Imagine if the truth comes out – how you exacted REVENGE on all the good people of Salem, you’ll be branded a monster just like me.”

Friday, May 20, 2005

I Sold My Soul To The Devil

Bonnie runs in and tells Mickey, “This can’t be happening – my baby arrested for attempted murder.”

Mickey says, “Tek had no choice. With Jan’s accusation on tape, he had to arrest her.”

Bonnie pleads, “Mickey please convince her not to plead guilty.”

“I’ll do my best.”

Mimi comes in and Bonnie hugs her, “It’s gonna be all right.”

“Time for a break,” says Marlena, “You’ve been attached to that computer and you’re 48 hours drug free. How do you feel?”

“Shaky,” says John, “but hanging in there. Doc, when I first realized I was hooked I kept telling myself if you were here I could beat it and now that you’re here I will.”

We will,” says Marlena, “We will do this together and get those boys home safe and sound and then start looking for Sami.”

“I’ll track her down,” says John.

Billie is at the door.

“Good news,” says John, “The boys are in Marine protective custody waiting to fly home. No word about Phillip, though.”

“I’m here to ask Marlena a favor,” says Billie.

Bo says nothing is new. Roman says he should call Kate. Bo wants to get a time frame on when the boys will be flown home.

Kate and Hope meet up. Hope says, “If you’re here to talk to Bo about excuses for your daughter’s bad behavior, forget it.”

Kate brushes past. She needs to talk to Roman. They’re getting information on the boys.

Brady tells Phillip Lucas is there, too.

“Right now he’s our only Hope of getting out of here,” says Rex.

Sami only thought there were three musketeers. Tony says there is a fourth. “Who is the other one,” she asks. Tony has her turn and look as they take him by. “Lucas! OMG he saw me without my disguise. Now he knows.”

Tony takes a long drag on his cigar, “Imagine how awkward it will be for you when all of Salem knows.”

Mimi insists she’s fine, “The holding cell smelled like a sewer and when they booked me it was awful.”

“Has that changed your mind about pleading guilty?”

“No,” says Mimi, “There will not be a trial. Rex will never find out.”

Mickey asks her to give him a chance to prove her innocence.

Sami worries, “Lucas has seen me. My cover is blown.” OK, raise your hand if you thought Sami was looking at Lucas through a one-way mirror. Look at that sea of hands. Tony tells Sami she saw him through a one-way mirror.

They guards toss Lucas in the cell. Lucas says he keeps hearing voices. They think it’s a one-way mirror in the cell. They know Stan is working for the enemy. Lucas Hopes he got him good.

“Something’s not right about this,” says Rex.

The brilliant Shawn has an idea. We’re all in trouble. “Let’s break the mirror and take out whoever is on the other side.”

“Why didn’t you tell me Lucas is here,” asks Sami.

“I didn’t think you’d care,” says Tony.

John computes. He’s trying to get an update on the guys.

Billie tells them about the car accident. She wonders if Marlena would do some grief counseling with Chelsea. She promised Chelsea’s mom she would take care of her, “She’s just a teenager. She doesn't have anyone to take care of her.”

“She seems to have you,” says Marlena.

Bo tells Roman Hope blames him for Shawn being over there in the first place. Billie and Kate bust into the office. Reunion between Hope and Roman. Roman assures them Tony is dead. Hope knew about Caroline and Victor. She would have told Bo but he was off gallivanting with Billie. Bo tells Hope the Marines have the boys, but there is no word on Phillip.

Roman and Bo leave the office. Bo tells Roman about the pit, “Hope found me having sex with Billie.”

The prosecutor trashes Mimi. Mickey says he intends to show Mimi did not attack Miss Spears. The judge shuts him up. Mimi is to be bound over for trial

“No,” interrupts Mimi, “I don’t want a trial. I did it.” The audience is in chaos.

Billie says she just feels bad for Chelsea.

“I think you should be careful, says Marlena, “John told me what you have been through trying to find your daughter. You might become overly involved with Chelsea. You may be setting yourself up for disappointment if she doesn’t want your help.”

John says, “Oh, no. This can’t be happening. I got new intel on the boys. It’s not good news.”

Kate and Hope stare at the computer.

Roman wants the juicy details. Bo tells him he thought Billie was Hope. Then Hope and Patrick showed up and got an eyeful.

Roman asks, “Are you telling me Billie knew what she knew what she was doing? And Hope knew Billie knew? Oh, man. Well, as long as we’re not holding back I got a confession to make. Marlena and I turned to each other for comfort.”

“You mean...”

“Oh, yeah.”

Bo asks, “Do John and Kate know about this? This doesn't sound like Marlena. You think she will keep quiet?”

Roman says, “She better, or it’s the end of both of our marriages.”

Shawn wants to act. Phillip tells Shawn he doesn’t think before he acts, “Too bad you don’t have your motorcycle with you. You could just jump it right through that one-way mirror for us.”

The boys jump to Shawn’s defense. They tell Phillip Shawn would have done this alone, if they hadn’t come along.

“Yeah,” says Phillip, “I bet I know why too.” Staredown.

“I am not a fool for loving Lucas, Tony,” says Sami. Flashback. Lucas tells her, “I can’t wait to marry you so we can spend all the Days Of Our Lives together.”

Tony says, “Lucas said he never wanted to see you again. He wouldn’t have said that if he really loved you. We know it’s true Kate gave you and Brandon drugs so it would look like you slept together. If I were you I would never forgive Lucas for believing Kate. Id’ want him to pay dearly.”

Mickey asks for a moment with Mimi. He tells her she is making a huge mistake.

Mimi says, “Don’t you see this is the only way I can protect Rex?”

The judge asks if Mickey is ready to proceed, “Will the defendant please rise? Miriam Lockhart how do you plead?”

“Guilty,” says Mimi.

At the same time, Mickey says, “Not guilty.”

“You’re fired, Mickey,” says Mimi.

Bo rationalizes. Roman and Marlena were shackled together. They should tell John and Kate.

Roman appreciates his advice, “But we know what we’re doing.”

Bo asks Roman, “Did you and Marlena fall in love again at the castle? Is that what you’re afraid will come out?” Falling in love is a rather euphemistic way of putting it.

Kate says the boys’ lives are at risk because of Shawn’s selfish behavior. Hope thinks Shawn is being brave and noble and Kate is a hypocrite. Hope tells Kate, “Bo is my husband and you’re doing everything you can to encourage Billie to break us up.” And Kate is thinking, “Yeah, and who is encouraging Belle to break up with Phillip so she can be with Brain-Drain?

John phones Roman, “There is new intel. You’d better get over here.” So we have Bo and Hope, Roman and Kate on the way over to be with John, Marlena and Billie. The fuse is lit.

Bo, Hope, Roman and Kate are instantly transported to John’s. Hope wants to know what Billie is there for. Personal business.

John announces the boys have escaped Marine custody. He doesn’t know where they went. He has video. He shows them the leading-edge technology on his computer. “Notice the thermogeographicular dots. We can ascertain from their size and shape that we are looking at Brady, Rex and Shawn. Lucas is over here, in the distance. I don’t know who this fourth dot is. It appears the fourth dot has led them into a trap.”

Phillip apologizes. It looks like Shawn came there for him. Shawn is a good friend, “I guess that means you finally accepted my marriage to Belle, huh?”

Shawn says, “Phil, there is something you should know.”

Tony says Lucas took Sami’s son away, “What if Lucas happens to find another woman in his life? Will would have a step mom. How much would you get to see him then? Whose fault is that?”

Sami says, “Kate.”

“Yes, says Tony, “So you should want your REVENGE on her. What you want is her sons to pay and make sure Will gets out of the evil clutches of Kate. Let me take care of it. You’ll have a future with Will. What’s it going to be? Do we have a deal?”

“No,” says Sami, “I can’t do it.” Tony is exasperated.

The judge says she will throw out the next person who disrupts, “Including you, Mrs. Lockhart.”

“That’s Horton,” says Bonnie.

Mimi says she doesn’t want a lawyer. The judge remands her for sentencing. Mickey requests bail. The state requests bail be denied.

John gives the play by play. He sees Lucas take out the thermogeographicular dot he couldn’t ID. John zooms in. Closer. Closer. Closer. “What the hell? I know that guy!”

“Who is he?”

My pusher. He’s some low life punk. I don’t know what he’s doing over there,” says John.

Kate tells Roman Shawn is responsible for this.

Hope jumps to Shawn’s defense. “But,” she says, “you are right this shouldn’t have happened.” Hope laces into Bo.

Billie jumps to Bo’s defense.

Kate offers her opinion, “I don’t think Bo was confused in the pit.”

World War III erupts.

Roman takes charge, “Everybody just shut the hell up!

Belle asks to say something, “Mimi is innocent. She’s pleading guilty because she did something else that’s not against the law. My family will personally guarantee Mimi will not leave town.”

Mimi stands up, “I don’t want bail, a trial or a lawyer.”

The judge sets bail at a million dollars.

“A million bucks? I’d have to rob a bank,” yells Bonnie.

The judge tells the guards to escort Mimi to the kilnk. Mimi says, “Just try to understand mom. I have to do this. When Rex gets back tell him I love him but it’s best if he never tries to see me again.”

Roman says, “We’re all on edge right now. But this sniping isn’t gonna do any good. We need to concentrate on what’s important. And that’s bringing these young men home safely.”

“You don’t’ have the luxury of backing out,” says Tony, “What if the good people of Salem discovered you were Stan, the person responsible for John’s drug addiction, Nicole disfiguring Chloe, tormenting Billie and also the person who led the young men into a trap in the desert? It just goes on and on. Samantha, you don’t have a choice. Your parents would be disappointed, too.”

“My God,” realizes Sami, “I sold my soul to the devil.”

Tony chuckles and says with his cigar in his teeth, “And look what you got in return. So leave the fate of the young men of Salem in my hands and none will be the wiser.”

Sami is resigned, “All right. Fine. But you have to swear you won’t hurt them.”

“Understood,” whispers Tony.

Shawn starts to say something but Rex interrupts, “He just wanted to say Belle was moved by the video.”

Phillip misses her so much, “Shawn, It amazes me you did this. It takes a big man to do what you did.”

Shawn says, “It wasn’t completely selfless. I wanted to do it for Belle. I’m sorry it didn’t work out.”

“It almost did except for Stan messing it up.”

Lucas says, “There is a missing piece to this puzzle.”

Sami says, “No matter what happened to me and Lucas, I still love him. I have to make sure he’s OK.” Sami opens a peephole and stares into the cell.

Lucas sees her eyes, “Sami?”

FF on Sami’s eyes


Patrick tells Mimi, “You in a jail cell is a problem. I’m getting you out of here.” Bonnie chimes in, “A jail break. That’s it. Now we’re talking.”

Chloe snivels, “My life is over. If I can’t be with Brady, the I might as well be dead.”

Marlena says, “I wish Sami were here for Will. I wish there were some way to find her and bring her home.” John says, “Well, maybe there is.”

Sami says to herself, “I’m sorry I got caught up in all this, Lucas. If I can’t have you, it’s nice to know no one else can.”

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