Friday, September 30, 2005


Mimi asks Belle if she really wants them to be the godparents. Phillip says she and Shawn would be perfect, “We have named her Claire.” Mimi storms out.

Billie asks Bo if he really thinks he got through to Chelsea. Bo does. He just pulled out that wallet and BULLSEYE!

“Wow,” says Billie, “I guess she just needed to talk to her dad given the fact she hates her mother.”

“She just needed someone who wouldn’t judge her,” says Bo, “Sometimes it’s easier for a daughter to talk to her father. She said she had some plans and she will call later. I don’t think you need to worry about her.”

Billie chuckles, “Don’t worry? Easier said than done.”

Hope tells Billie she’s glad she came by and they got things straightened out. Billie has to go. She’s meeting Patrick at a club. Bo has a conniption. Billie tells him, “I will try not to interfere in Chelsea’s life and you try not to interfere in mine.” Billie leaves.

Hope asks what’s wrong. “What is it with Lockhart,” says Bo, “Why can’t the women in Salem see he is trouble?”

Swingin’ place. Chelsea and Max dance. Chelsea gives him a tonsillectomy.

Kate says, “No! This can’t be true. Austin, tell me this isn’t true.”

“It is,” says Sami, “because he knows what you did to break up me and Lucas.”

“I can’t believe this. You have poisoned yet another son against me,” says Kate.

Shawn starts to go after Mimi. Belle says they didn’t want to upset her. “She was devastated about not being able to have children,” says Shawn, “She is trying to move on but it’s hard.” Belle suggests Shawn should go talk to Mimi. Patrick says he should go since they were the ones who upset her.

Phillip leaves. Belle clears her throat, “The last thing I wanted to do was upset her.”

“I think Mimi knows you didn’t mean to hurt her,” says Shawn.

“I hope so,” says Belle, “For Claire’s sake too.”

“She really is beautiful,” says Shawn.

Belle says, “I can’t believe she is here. It has changed my life in so many ways.”

“I know what you mean,” says Shawn. Huh?

Mimi tells Phillip she really isn’t OK. She is still upset about not being able to have children, “I can’t believe Belle could be so insensitive.”

Sami tells Kate she hates her because of what she has done. Kate ruined her life.

“No,” says Kate, “you did that all by yourself. You destroy everything you touch.”

Austin pulls them apart, “Stop it, both of you.”

“OK,” says Kate, “tell me what you re doing with her.”

“She just lost the man she was going to spend her life with,” says Austin.

“That has happened before without my help,” says Kate, “She deserves what she is getting.”

“I would have made Lucas happy,” says Sami

Kate says, “Austin, she is playing you. Don’t fall for this. She is a hateful person.”

“That is enough. Lay off her,” says Austin.

“Well, there we go,” says Kate, “She has you attacking me. Next she’ll be getting you into her bed!” Sami drops her jaw.

Hope asks Bo why he can’t see Patrick is not a threat. Bo says, “Once you work for the DiMeras you are theirs for life.”

“Have you forgotten he saved all our lives on more than one occasion,” asks Hope.

Or, so it seemed,” says Bo.

Hope says, “On a happier note, I have something for you I think will put a smile on your face.”

Bo moves in, “I know it will.”

“Not that,” says Hope, “I got you one of your favorite desserts. It’s full of carbs and fat and sugar and we can figure out a way to work off the calories later. Does it work if we work them off before?”

“Before, during and after,” says Bo the male nympho.

Break dancing is back at the hot joint. Chelsea says, “This is the hottest place in town. I’m gong to hang out here every night.”

“With what money,” says Max, “It’s pricey.”

“I’ve got more than enough,” says Chelsea, “It’s my allowance.”

“Does Billie know you’re here,” asks Max.

Chelsea says, “Are you kidding? Billie sure can nag. Tonight it was my dress. You’d think I was some big slut. I found out some stuff about her and granny Kate you will never believe. They both used to be hookers. Great family Huh?

“Who told you that,” asks Max.

“My dear cousin Sami,” says Chelsea, “Mom admitted it. This gives me some leverage, though. How can she tell me how to live my life now?”

Billie meets Patrick. She tells him about Chelsea blowing off at her.

“Let me guess,” says Patrick, “Bo took Chelsea’s side.”

“Hope took my side and Bo talked to her.”

“Good,” says Patrick, “As long as he was supportive of you.”

“He wasn’t too supportive when he found out I was going out with you,” says Billie, “Chelsea is over at Abby’s so let’s go in and have some fun.”

Mimi cries. Phillip apologizes.

You wanted to remind me of the most regrettable decision of my life,” says Mimi, “Belle is responsible for me losing Rex. We aren’t best friends any more.” Mimi stomps off.

Belle tells Shawn, “When you’re looking at Claire, you have the exact same expression on your face that Phillip had.”

Shawn fanaticizes about being in bed with Belle cooing over the kid. She hands the kid to him. “It’s amazing,” says Shawn, “She’s beautiful just like her mother.” Belle snaps him out of it and asks if he wants to hold her.

Austin referees. He’s not taking sides or getting in the middle of this. Kate wants to know why he is there with Sami.

“Sami was a mess,” says Austin, “I couldn’t just leave her.”

“Yes you could Austin,” says Kate, “You don’t have any reason to feel sorry for her.”

Austin says, “Mom, you’re not blameless in all this. You had no right to interfere.”

“I’m not just gonna let Lucas throw his life away.”

“You didn’t have to do it the way you did it,” says Austin, “You wanted to inflict as much pain as you could. I can’t believe you drugged Sami and Brandon so Lucas would find them. She did not deserve that. You know that.”

“The hell I do,” says Kate, “Have you forgotten what she did to you? She is the reason you left Salem. You said you never wanted to see her again. Why are you defending her? I am begging you, leave her here. Come home with me. You know that is the right thing to do.”

Bo wants to know what’s in the box.

“Apple pie,” says Hope.

“My favorite,” says Bo, “OK, we skip dinner, have desert, exercise later.”

Hope says, “You are so fickle.”

“What can I say,” says Bo.

Hope says she had to charge things at the bakery. She asks to borrow a few bucks.

Bo is practically flat broke, “I have five bucks in my pocket. Chelsea needed some money.”

Hope asks, “How much did you give her?”

Bo says, “Two hundred fifty bucks.”

Billie and Patrick walk in. “Wow. This place is really... hip,” says Billie.

“OMG,” says Patrick, “Over there. On the dance floor.” He points to Max and Chelsea dirty-dancing.

“OMG, that’s Chelsea,” says Billie, “She lied to me.” It’s Chelsea. Saying she lied is redundant.

Phillip says they didn’t mean to upset Mimi. Belle misses her so much.

“She should have thought of that before,” says Mimi.

“Belle didn’t mean for Rex to overhear,” says Phillip, “Think of it, if something happens to us you were the only one she trusted to have our daughter.”

Mimi whines, “I should have been there for her when she had her baby. I just couldn’t face it. Can we just not talk about this? You need to be back there with your wife.”

“Shawn is looking after her,” says Phillip, “How are things with you and Shawn?”

“We’re just friends,” insists Mimi.

Phillip says, “I just think you two are going to end up as more.”

“Well I don’t,” says Mimi, “You should get back to Belle and her baby.”

“Before I do,” says Phillip, “I want you to say you will be Claire’s godmother.”

“All right. I’ll do it for you,” says Mimi.

Shawn takes a stab at holding the baby. “Shawn,” says Belle, “I hope you don’t mind we asked you to be the godfather. If anything happened to Phillip and me I’d want you to be there for her.”

“Are you sure this is OK with Phillip,” asks Shawn, “Things are OK with us now, but we haven’t always gotten along.”

“I know,” says Belle, “You’ve had a hard time lately. We really hope you’ll say yes.”

“Of course I will,” says Shawn, “For you and Claire.”

“Thank you so much.”

Austin tells Kate he’s not leaving. He promised Sami he would be there for her tonight. He believes people are capable of changing.

“Not her,” says Kate.

“Lucas called me when he was first falling in love with her and said she had changed,” says Austin.

“Well,” says Kate, “you should have told him he was wrong.”

“It’s true,” says Sami, “I had changed I would never have slipped up if it weren’t for Kate.”

Kate reels, “SLIPPED UP?” Kate runs through the litany of Sami’s sins.

“Kate,” says Sami, “You have your own list. Think of the terrible things you have done to your own children.” Austin stares at Mommie Dearest.

Hope is shocked, “You gave Chelsea $250? What does she need all that for?”

“She needs clothes and insurance,” says Bo, “That money won’t go very far.” He’s right about that. It won’t go past the nightclub.

Hope is skeptical, “I just hope that’s what she needed the money for. You should have made it a loan.”

“I haven’t given her anything in 18 years,” says Bo, “I’m not gonna make her pay it back. She won’t waste this.”

Hope asks, “Do you think that cash will last more than a day in her pocket?”

“It doesn’t matter,” says Bo, “I’m here to offer her guidance and support.”

“She’s not open to it,” says Hope, “Chelsea needs boundaries.” And a few good meals.

“What’s wrong with giving her money,” asks Bo.

“Nothing. You need to know what she is spending the money for.”

“What,” he asks, “I should ask for receipts?”


“I’m glad she felt she could turn to me,” says Bo, “She was grateful and appreciative.”

“I’m sure she was,” says Hope, “Billie says she has no concept of what things cost.”

“She said she will use it for necessities. I have no reason to think she’s lying,” says poor Bo.

Billie can’t believe Chelsea lied to her. She starts to go over to Chelsea, but Patrick tells her to wait to talk to her later.

“How can she afford this place,” asks Billie.

“I’m sure Max the big shot race driver is picking up the tab,” says Patrick.

Billie says, “I hope he’s not expecting anything in return.”

“I just hope Chelsea will be smart about that,” says Patrick.

“We have to give her space, but keep her on a short leash,” says Billie. Patrick escorts her onto the dance floor.

Chelsea sees Billie and Patrick, “OMG! No way!”

Max is disgusted, “If you’re running after Lockhart, I’m out of here.”

“I’m with you because I want to be,” says Chelsea, “I’m OK with Billie being with Patrick.”

They sleaze-dance over to Billie and Patrick. “Have a great night,” says Chelsea.

Bo says Chelsea will be fine. He’ll get more cash in the morning. Hope isn’t worried about the cash. She’s worried about Bo’s relationship with Chelsea, “Just don't' let her take advantage of you.” Again.

“We have an understanding,” says Bo, “She can count on me.” She will, if there is more where the $250 came from.

“For more than just cash,” says Hope, “So, um... how was the apple pie.”

“Hated it,” says Bo, as he cleans the plate.

“I can see that,” says Hope, “I guess we’ll just have to forget the workout.”

“Guess again,” says Bo. He picks her up and hauls her toward the bedroom.

“You’re such a cave man,” says Hope. Fortunately for Chelsea, his brain hasn’t evolved beyond that stage.

Phillip comes back and announces Mimi’s decision. Belle tells him Shawn agreed, too. Phillip thanks him.

Belle yawns. She needs her rest so Shawn and Mimi decide to leave. Shawn offers to take the kid to the nursery. They encourage Mimi to hold her goddaughter. Oh, the tender moment. This is the most beautiful thing Mimi has ever seen. Out they go.

Phillip tells Belle he thinks they will be perfect godparents and have their own kids, “And maybe some day we can be their godparents.”

Outside, Mimi bawls.

Max asks Chelsea what’s going on. She was too nice to Billie. “OK,” says Chelsea, “Billie is my mom. There isn’t anything I can do except try to get along with her the best I can.”

Billie says she thought Chelsea would blow a gasket seeing her there.

“She’s trying to make you let your guard down,” says Patrick. Billie thinks she has figured out how to get through to Chelsea. Patrick says, “When it comes to Chelsea, nothing is ever simple.”

Austin doesn’t want to hear any more from Kate and Sami. “OK,” says Kate, “let’s go back to the hotel and talk – just the two of us.”

“I’m not going to ditch Sami,” says Austin, “You have to let your kids make their own decisions. I’m not taking anyone’s side. I’m just trying to help her get through a bad day.”

“Can we just go,” asks Sami.

“Yeah,” says Austin, “Coming here was a big mistake. Mom, I will call you tomorrow.” He kisses her on the cheek and they leave. As they go, Sami turns to look at Kate and Austin cranks her head back around.

Kate says, “You may think you’ve won, Sami, but you should know I would do anything to protect my sons from you. I won’t let you get your hooks into Austin or Lucas again.” FF on Kate with the fires of hell raging in the background.


Marlena holds the baby, “Oh, Isabella, you are perfect in every way.”

Jack tells Frankie, “You’re just waiting for me to kick off so you can take my place because you fell in love with her. You SOB!” Jack slugs him.

Shawn tells Mimi, “You are incredibly worthy of love.” Mimi asks, “Do you really mean that?” Hot kiss.

Lexie is on the phone, “...Information on all the cases Dr. Alex North has consulted on.” Alex cuts her off, “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.”

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Chelsea accuses Bo of taking Billie’s side. Bo gives the standard Dad Lecture. They don’t want her killing herself. Hope asks Chelsea what the problem is.

“It’s Billie,” says Chelsea, “She’s ruining my life.”

Phillip can’t believe the baby is theirs. Belle remembers they don’t even have a crib at home. Hey, a two-month pregnancy doesn’t give you much time to get ready. Belle says Phillip isn’t leaving the room until they decide on a name. They have narrowed the choices down to Claire, Meg and Hillary. Phillip suggests eenie-meenie-miney-mo. Belle suggests each of them write a name down, and then they can compare.

Whaddya know, they wrote down the same name. Phillip leans over to the baby and says, “Hey, sweetheart, you have a name. Claire Kiriakis.”

Belle reels off things they have to do, “And who do we want her godparents to be?”

Shawn and Mimi dance. “Good food, good music, good company,” says Mimi, “And we didn’t have to suffer through another bouquet and garter toss. Could my mom have been any more obvious? She acted like we should get married – to each other.”

Nicole orders another martini. Austin doesn’t think she needs another one, “It’s a crutch.” Nicole says she has had a horrible year. She’ll tell him if he is interested.

Austin says, ““Give me the abridged version.” Translation: not interested.

“You still have to answer my question,” says Nicole, “Do you still have feelings for me?”

Austin says he does but, “I also still have feelings for Sami.”

Sami comes toward Kate with the deadly candlestick. Kate says, “I wouldn’t do that unless you want to spend your wedding night in jail.”

“It would be worth it,” says Sami.

Nicole pries, “OK when you say you have feelings for me, can you elaborate?”

“I forgot how direct you can be,” says Austin, “I did think about calling you from New York”

“Why didn’t you?”

“You married Victor,” he says, “I called you when he died but I didn’t leave a message. But here we are now. So what’s up with you?”

“Absolutely nothing good,” says Nicole, “My life is a catastrophe. Victor came back from the dead and dumped me, Brady married Chloe, I lost my job. No job, no money, no house and nobody cares.”

“Put the glass down,” says Austin, “I’m a better friend. Let’s dance.”

Sami says, “I’m not gonna kill you, Kate. I would have to touch you to do it and that makes my skin crawl. The only thing you will get from me is my eternal hatred.”

Kate rubs it in, “It kills you I’ve beaten you. I win.”

“This isn’t a game,” says Sami, “You’ve lost Lucas too. You will never see Will again, and my father is divorcing you. You are a bitter and miserable woman. And now you will be a lonely, bitter and miserable woman.”

“I have to agree on one thing,” says Kate, “I paid a high price, but I would do it over again because, unlike you, I can put others before myself.” Yeah, Kate’s a real Mother Teresa. “Real love requires sacrifice. Everyone will eventually realize I did this for Will and Lucas.”

Sami says, “We know why I did all those things. You drugged me and Brandon and you made Lucas think I cheated on him. If not for you and your disgusting plot I would be married right now. That is all on your head and everyone knows it. I don't call that a victory.”

Belle and Phillip run through a list of possible godparents. Belle says, “Sami is a good mom but not the example I want for my daughter. What about Billie?”

Phillip asks if he can get her anything.

“I’m hungry,” says Belle, “but I don’t want hospital food. Get me some trail mix from a vending machine.”

Phillip insists, “The mother of my kid isn’t having trail mix for dinner. I’ll be back.”

Shawn tells Mimi they have been friends forever. As a couple they couldn’t be this relaxed. Mimi thinks dating sucks. There are long silences. There was Kevin, Rex. The waiter brings champagne from Mr. Horton. Shawn toasts, “To you and me. Friends for all the Days Of Our Lives.

“Don’t you think you’re being a little harsh,” asks Hope, “Billie is your mother. It’s hard to believe you would be so reckless, especially with what happened to your parents.” The referee rushes in and gives Hope a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct.

“They weren’t speeding,” says Chelsea, “They were hit by a drunk driver. Your husband is my father and you can’t stand the fact he had a child with another woman.”

Hope says, “In this case Billie is right.”

Billie says “We are not ganging up on you.” Chelsea runs out and Bo follows.

Bo finds her on deck, “Chelsea...”

Chelsea says, “I don
t need another lecture.”

“You won’t get one from me. You wanna tell me what’s got you so upset? I can’t help you unless I know what’s wrong,” says Bo.

Hope tells Billie she is sorry if she made things worse. Billie says, “Thanks for backing me up.”

“I backed you up because you were right.”

“I don’t know what’s going on with her,” says Billie, “One minute we have a normal conversation and the next she runs away.”

“Welcome to life with a normal teenager,” says Hope, “It’s tough. What works for one kid doesn’t for another. It must be twice as hard when you’re doing it alone.”

Chelsea whines, “All you and Billie ever do is criticize me. You don’t even know me. We have no history. And to have you in my face all the time is too much.”

“This is quite an adjustment for all of us,” says Bo, “You’re not a kid anymore, but you can still use come guidance now and then.”

“I guess...”

“So what were you and Billie talking bout that got you upset,” asks Bo.

“We were talking about what Sami said at her wedding,” says Chelsea, “She called me a whore. And she said I was following in the family tradition.”

Bo says, “I’m sorry you had to hear that. But you’ve been around enough to know Sami can’t judge anyone.”

“Except she was right,” says Chelsea, “Billie admitted it.”

“That must have been quite a shock,” says Bo.

“After Billie told me I thought maybe it does run in the family,” she says.

“You will make mistakes,” says Bo, “but they will be your own mistakes. It’s good you heard it form Billie.”

“I didn’t,” she says, “Sami told me. I’ll bet Billie never would have.”

“She would have told you when the time was right,” says Bo, “She did a lot of things she’s not proud of. But she doesn’t want you to make the same mistakes she did.”

“What I need is for Billie to stop butting in my life,” says Chelsea.

Kate asks Sami, “How about Chelsea? You’ve talked to her one time and called her a whore.”

“I feel sorry for her,” says Sami, “You’ll probably ruin her life just like you did Lucas and Will. What are you gonna do, Kate, buy Lucas another five million dollar bride. We all know how that deal with Nicole worked out. I was good for Lucas and he was good for me. Our love was the real deal.”

“You really are crazy,” says Kate, “You and Nicole were the worst things that ever happened to Lucas, and if either one of you get near him again I’ll.... Well I won’t have to do anything because he and Will won’t ever have anything to do with you and Nicole again.”

Austin says he doesn’t get out much. He’s become a workaholic. Nicole says, “You must have a bunch of women waiting for you in New York.”

“I wouldn’t say I live like a monk,” says Austin, “but I don’t have someone special. The trouble is, I left my heart here in Salem.”

Mimi feels guilty, “This champagne was meant to be for Sami’s reception. Shouldn’t we toast her or something?”

“You’re forgetting she was Stan,” says Shawn, “She won’t change unless she has a personality transplant.”

“If Sami is a helpless case,” says Mimi, “let’s toast ourselves, that we find happiness.”

Shawn raises his glass, “To second chances, that we find and keep true love.”

Phillip comes in. He sees Austin and Nicole and shakes his head.

Nicole asks Austin, “When you said you left your heart in Salem were you talking about Sami or someone else?”

Phillip interrupts. He wants a minute with his brother. Austin explains he wasn’t at the wedding because his plane was late. He congratulates Phillip on the new kid. He’s sorry about the leg. Phillip tells him to get to the hospital and see the kid. Austin asks if the baby is as Beautiful as Belle.

“Just as beautiful, but less hair,” says Phillip. He advises Austin not to get involved with Nicole, “You told her you left your heart in Salem. What were you talking about?” Long pause. “You’re not gonna tell me are you?”

“No I’m not.” Chuckles and back slapping all around.
Just promise me you’ll call me and we can catch up.

Nicole sneaks around and says, “Who was Austin talking about? And where are Kate and Sami? I wanted fireworks. With my luck they will kill each other and I will miss it.”

“What are you doing here,” asks Kate, “Did you forget the reception was canceled? Do you enjoy dining alone?”

“What makes you think I’m alone,” asks Sami.

Hope tells Billie it must be tough being a single mother. But Bo is willing to be involved. If Billie will let her, Hope will help too. Billie doesn’t want to come down too hard on Chelsea, but she doesn’t want her to run around wild either. Hope says Billie needs to stop Kate from showering presents on Chelsea. “Although,” says Billie, “we would have killed for a dress like that when we were eighteen.”

Hope just about pukes.

“All right,” says Billie, “Maybe just me. We won’t give up on her and that will make all the difference in the world.”

“Women don’t like me very much,” says Chelsea, “but I won’t change just to make them happy. Some days I just want to stay in bed and pull the covers over my face. When I won the car it was the first good thing that happened to me. Now I don't even have enough money for gas.” Neither does Bill Gates.

Bo offers to give her some money to tide her over, “How much do you need?”

“I need a lot,” says Chelsea, “With this new job at Basic Black, I need conservative business clothes.”

Bo hands her a wad, “Do me one favor. Try to get along with your mom. This is all new to her too.” I’ll give you money if you’ll... Oh, the metaphor!

“Thanks, Dad.”

Shawn and Mimi decide to dance again. Shawn’s phone rings, “Yeah, no problem. We’re on our way. That was Phillip. He wants us to come to the hospital right now.”

So much has happened since the last time Austin saw Phillip. “Nothing is dull in Salem,” says Nicole. Or normal. “I’m sure you heard half the people in Salem died and then came back to life.” I rest my case. “I wish some of them had stayed dead.”

Kate can’t believe Sami isn’t there alone, “I’m sure no decent person would want to be with you.”

Kate walks out. Sami says, “Wow, Kate, you’re in for quite a shock.”

“Sami isn’t the only one in town who can’t get it right when it comes to men,” says Nicole.

Kate comes up and hugs Austin, “What are you doing here with her?”

Nicole says, “I just stopped by to say hi.”

“Well,” says Kate, “now that I’m here you can say good-bye.”

Bo comes back. It went good with Chelsea. He thinks things will be better, “Don't take this the wrong way, but I think she has an easier time talking to her dad.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” says Billie, “but what teenage girl wants to talk to her father?” All of them, if Dad has the cash.

Bo says, “She said she had a hard time relating to you guys.”

Chelsea calls Max, “I’ve got plenty of cash and I’m ready to party.”

Mimi and Shawn rush in. “We have a favor to ask you,” says Phillip. Belle says, “It would mean a lot to Phillip and me if you both would do us the honor of being our daughter’s godparents.” Major stare. Also, you'll notice Belle never got her dinner. She should have held out for the trail mix.

Nicole hugs Austin. She says she will be in touch and leaves.

Kate hugs Austin. “It was the day from hell,” says Kate, “but it’s better now. We can have dinner and talk...”

“I’m sorry Mom, I’m here with someone.”

Kate says, “Are you seeing someone in New York? Did you bring her with you? Who is she?”

“It’s me,” says Sami.

Kate has ah heart attack and dies on the spot. Well, almost.


Kate tells Austin, “I am begging you, leave her here. Come home with me. You know that is the right thing to do.”

Belle tells Shawn, “When you’re looking at her, you have the exact same expression on your face that Phillip had.”

“Chelsea needed some money,” says Bo. Hope asks, “How much did you give her?” Bo says, “Two hundred fifty bucks.”

Chelsea dirty-dances with Max. “OMG, that’s Chelsea,” says Billie, “She lied to me.”

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ho’s Я Us

Billie brings Chelsea a TV dinner. The little brat is so grateful, “You expect me to eat this? My real mother made me dinner every night form scratch.”

“Sorry about that,” says Billie, “I’m not much of a cook.”

Miss Congeniality says, “Give it up, Billie. You’re never gonna be my mother and Bo will never be my father.” I don’t know about Billie and Bo, but that would make my day

Bo confides in Hope. He really loves sailing, “but, this is the real reason I bought the Fancy Face III – so we could have a quiet romantic getaway. I’m sure glad Zach cooperated this evening and wanted to stay with your parents. In a strange way, we have Sami to thank for this time together. Of all the crazy things she’s done, getting involved with DiMera is the worst.”

Hope notices, “We forgot to pack the pie.”

“No problem,” says Bo, “You know what I want for dessert.”

Kate goes to the door and finds Nicole. “Come on, get dressed, we’re going out,” says Nicole.

Maggie is calling the regulars to tell them the restaurant will be open. Mickey runs through the litany of Sami’s wedding disasters. “It’s always her fault, this time for sure,” he says.

Maggie says, “What was she thinking, getting involved with Tony like that? She could be tried for treason. What are you going to do when they ask you to defend her?” That’s all Sami needs.

Mimi and Shawn come in. Mimi apologizes for Bonnie’s actions earlier. Shawn tells them Belle had a baby girl. Mimi says they are on a budget so they will just have appetizers. Maggie tells them it’s all on the house, “There is still food left over and Sami paid for it.”

Austin gets a call from his assistant in New York. He walks off to talk.

The valet walks up to Sami and explains, “The restaurant is open tonight as usual. We were supposed to have a wedding reception here but the bride turned out to be some kind of an international terrorist.” He leaves and Austin comes back. Austin asks if she is OK. She isn’t.

Kate says she isn’t going anywhere with Nicole, “We are not friends now and never will be. Get out of my house.”

“I have some information you need to know about,” says Nicole, “I can’t tell you but I can show you.”

Kate says, “All I am going to do right now is call Austin. When I get back I want you out of here.”

As Kate walks away, Nicole says to herself, “If you’d just get your head out of your... this information I have is about Austin.”

Austin tries to encourage Sami, “The valet didn’t know he was talking about you.” Sami says it doesn’t matter if the valet didn’t know who he was talking about. She just feels like garbage.

Shawn tells Mimi he couldn’t have gotten though the day without her. Maggie points out the budding relationship to Mickey. Mickey beams.

Austin asks Sami why she cares what the valet or anyone says. “You are the only one who can make you feel bad about yourself. Only children worry about being called names. When will you grow up and stop being your own worst enemy?”

Hope and Bo are in bed. Life is short; have dessert first. Hope says she could stay in bed with Bo forever. But that won’t get dinner made. And they both worked up an appetite. Bo is thinking about what Sami did, “Shawn could have died because of her.”

“Bo, it’s history,” says Hope, “He came home safe.”

“Sami has done stupid things, but what was she thinking,” wonders Bo.

“She wasn’t,” says Hope, “Only somehow she has managed to avoid jail. I’m sure Roman and Lucas will never trust her again. I feel even worse for Will. Now he’s dealing with another one of his mother’s messes.”

“Speaking of kids,” says Bo, “how do you think Shawn is dealing with Belle and her baby?”

“Not well,” says Hope.

“You still think they belong together don’t you,” asks Bo.


Bo says, “Pushing him to get with her could only wind up bad for everyone, especially Shawn.”

Hope says, “Belle and Phillip have to stay together now. During Sami’s wedding I saw Phillip and Belle looking at each other. They really do love each other. I don’t know if she loves him like she loves Shawn, but in time, with the baby, they will grow closer and closer.”

“Nothing can do that like a child,” says Bo.

“Yeah,” whispers Hope, “you’re right about that.”

Billie says she isn’t trying to replace Chelsea’s parents, “Bo and I love you. We created you. I’m just trying to cook you a hot meal.”

“Even though you don’t know how,” says Chelsea, “You’re always trying too hard for me. It’s driving me crazy.”

“You don’t have a problem with it when Kate is buying you new dresses,” says Billie.

“I’ve never had a grandmother before,” says Chelsea, “I don’t want new parents. I want my old ones back. It’s not fair they were taken away from me. And not fair you and Bo come around and tell me they weren’t my parents.”

“As hard a that is for you to accept they weren’t.”

Chelsea asks, “If they were still alive would you be trying to take me away form them?”

“No,” says Billie, “I’d hope we could share you.”

“Like a hot fudge Sunday?” No, like a disease.

“This is awkward foe me too,” says Billie, “I think you’re worth it.”

“Maybe you’re not,” says Chelsea.

“OK,” says Billie, “How about we aim for being friends.”

“I already have friends.” It’s hard to see how.

Austin didn’t pick up. Kate says she isn’t going anywhere. She thinks Nicole wants money. Nicole says this is about Sami, not money.

Austin says Sami doesn’t have to respond to everything by lashing out. She can empower herself. He’s been watching Dr. Phil again. He tells her she will find another love, “Next time it will be for keeps.”

Shawn shovels it in. On her budget, Mimi says she doesn’t usually eat like this, either. Shawn is distracted about Belle. He has known it’s over, but seeing her with her child makes it real.

“We really are adults now aren’t we,” says Mimi.

“Yeah,” says Shawn. Physically anyway.

Mickey tells Maggie he just asked Pierre to make a special mousse cake for Shawn and Mimi. He’s making one for them, too, because chocolate is an aphrodisiac. Maggie says she doesn’t need it. They kiss. Sami walks up.

Maggie asks, “How are you doing?”

Sami thinks, then tells her, “On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d say about a minus 60.”

They ask Sami if she’s eating alone. Austin barges in and says, “She’s with me.”

Hope is cooking. The sauce is Rosa DiMarco’s recipe. She won’t let Bo taste it. He sneaks one, anyway. Hope is heading for the bakery.

“Are you going dressed like that,” asks Bo. We have Hope wearing only Bo’s shirt, which, of course, leaves Bo shirtless. Something for everyone.

Hope says, “I might get a better deal on the pastry.”

Bo says he is going to call Billie. Hope thinks Billie and Chelsea can’t have a healthy relationship.

“Why,” asks Bo.

“Simple,” says Hope, “Billie and Chelsea are exactly alike.”

Billie tastes the TV dinner. She spits it out, “Oh, Chelsea is right. This is horrible.”

Chelsea walks in dressed in one of her new streetwalker designs. Billie doesn’t like it, “It’s too ‘Sex In The City’ for Salem.”

Chelsea says, “‘Sex In The City’ is sooooo yesterday.” Speaking of streetwalkers, Chelsea tells Billie, “Sami told me I was following in the family tradition because you and Grandma Kate were both whores. Why would she make it sound like you guys were just a couple of prostitutes?” Dead silence. “Why, what’s wrong? Don’t tell me Sami was telling the truth.”

Nicole tries to convince Kate to go with her. She guarantees Kate won’t miss Austin. Kate is skeptical but goes to change. Nicole has a drink, “Poor put upon Kate is going to go berserk when she sees Sami trying to put her life together. Kate, you’re right, we are not friends.”

Sami asks for a secluded table. Mickey smiles as he leaves. He intercepts the waiter and takes the mousse to Mimi and Shawn, “Some of our clientele is pretty stuffy here. So it is nice to see you two kids here on a date. You look terrific together.” Eyes roll.

Sami tells the waiter, “I’ll have a glass... no a bottle of Shiraz.” She pines away, “Lucas and I were gonna be dancing right now. We would be ready to cut the cake and head off on our honeymoon. Instead Will and Lucas will never speak to me again. My father... my mom... so I thought I’d drink a little. If I died right here, nobody would care.”

“That’s not true,” says Austin, “I would care.”

Bo says, “Things can get volatile with Billie and Chelsea but that’s common with a mother and daughter. Maybe they need a referee.” Ho and Dope are going to need a referee in a minute.

Hope lectures Bo, “If you put yourself in the middle and Chelsea thinks you’re siding with Billie instead of her, you could lose your daughter forever. Is that a chance you’re willing to take?” Hope runs off to the bakery while Bo thinks it over.

Chelsea asks, “So you and Grandma Kate both were really hookers?”

“In a manner of speaking,” says Billie, “I told you I was on the wild side when I was younger.”

Chelsea says, “Being a prostitute is more than being a little wild. And you judge me?”

“You think you are more sophisticated than you really are,” says Billie, “It wasn’t until I met Bo that I turned my life around. I will always love him for that.”

“Were you and Grandma Kate in business together?” Yeah, they owned the Ho’s Я Us franchise in Salem.

“No,” says Billie, “she wanted to give Lucas the life she couldn’t give me. So Stephano turned her into a high priced hooker.”

“So I come from a family of hookers?”

“You are going to break the cycle,” says Billie.

“You can’t promise that. I must be cursed,” Chelsea runs outside and gets a call form Bo.

“What’s wrong,” he asks.

“Everything. I need you Daddy.”

Chelsea instantly runs onto the Fancy Face III and Billie chases her. Billie rails about how recklessly Chelsea was driving on the way over here. She had the pedal to the metal in the transporter. Bo tells her to be responsible behind the wheel.

“I should have known you would just take her side,” says Chelsea.

Shawn and Mimi tell Mickey they aren’t dating. Maggie walks up. They thank her for the mousse. Maggie asks a favor. She never canceled the DJ. He has been playing all day. He’s upset no one is dancing. She asks if they would dance. They’re game.

As Shawn and Mimi dance, Maggie says, “It looks like my line about the DJ worked. Look at them. They’re perfect together.”

“They’re not dating,” says Mickey.

“Maybe not now,” says Maggie, “But they will be.”

Sami can’t believe Austin cares about her.

“What happened between us is in the past,” says Austin, “I’m not like everyone else.”

“You never were, were you?”

“I know what it’s like to have your world fall apart,” says Austin, “What makes it worse is not having someone to lean on. Why don
t you go freshen up and we’ll have dinner.” Sami leaves.

Kate and Nicole walk in. Nicole orders a double martini – very dirty. She admires the waiter as he brings the drinks.

Kate heads for the ladies room. Nicole wonders why Austin and Sami aren’t there. She sees Austin and goes over to him. He tells her he is with Sami. “You’ve always been a gentleman,” says Nicole, “You’re still giving Sami a shoulder to cry on even though she almost ruined your life in Vegas”

“That doesn’t mean I don
t have feelings for her.”

Nicole asks, “What about me, Austin? Do you still have feelings for me, too?” Disgust?

Sami bawls in the bathroom, “It’s over, Lucas. It’s really over.” Kate comes in. Sami gasps. Oh, the tension!

“Well, well, well,” says Kate.

“Get out.”

“Sure was a long time coming Sami,” says Kate, “I didn’t think I could stop you but I finally did it. I finally won and, I have to tell you, it was wroth waiting. Not just Lucas and Will, but the entire town of Salem is through with you. Aren’t you going to congratulate me?”

Sami says, “I think I’m gonna kill you.” She picks up a candle and lunges at Kate.

Kate be nimble,
Kate be quick,
Here comes Sami
With a Candlestick


Belle tells Mimi and Shawn, “It would mean a lot to Phillip and me if you both would do us the honor of being our daughter’s godparents.”

Bo tells Hope and Billie, “She said she had a hard time relating to you guys.”

Nicole says, “You must have a bunch of women waiting for you in New York.” Austin says, “The trouble is I left my heart here in Salem.”

Prevuze is pleased to exclusively announce this major DOOL spoiler. An upcoming episode will reveal Chelsea is actually a male. This explains why it seems nearly impossible for her to get laid, as any teenage boy will attest.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Cornucopia Of Wedding Dresses

An attendant comes out of Belle’s room at the hospital. Mimi and Shawn rush up to the door. Mimi tries to convince Shawn they shouldn’t be there. Shawn says, “I just want to make sure she’s all right.”

Mimi says, “Why can’t you just leave that family alone?”

Phillip and Belle talk about the baby with Lucas and Victor in the room. Between the near-wedding and getting to the hospital Lucas stopped off and got a haircut. Bowl Head Part Deux. Victor gives his grandfatherly advice. He promises to keep his mouth shut and enjoy the kid.

Lucas says, “Thank God you guys gave us something to celebrate today.”

“To be honest,” says Phillip, “I’m really angry with Mom. She shouldn’t have shown up like that.”

“She was just trying to humiliate Sami,” says Lucas, “Sami is out of my life for good and so is Mom.”

Nicole sees Kate and congratulates her.

Kate says, “I’m happy about my new granddaughter.”

“Oh,” says Nicole, “I was talking about Sami. I have this feeling what you have done is going to come back and bite you in the ass.”

Sami and Austin are in the hallway of her apartment. An old woman says, “Oh, here comes the bride.” She looks at Austin, “I know you. You’re...”

“Austin Reed.”

“Congratulations Pammy,” says the Alzheimer’s poster girl, “The two of you finally wound up getting married after all.”

Mimi tells Shawn, “You just made yourself a promise to let Belle go. Now you’ve already broken it.”

“I’m not gonna interfere,” says Shawn, “That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop caring about her.”

Lucas doesn’t want to talk about Sami. He just wants to concentrate on baby K.

“There is no bond like the bond between a father and daughter,” says Victor.

Shawn and Mimi come in (Translation: Shawn interferes). Phillip tells them about the tough birth. They almost lost the baby and Belle but, thanks to Marlena, things worked out perfectly. Belle invites them over to say hi to the baby. They take a look, then Mimi suggests they go.

“Before we go,” interferes Shawn, “there is something I’d like to say.”

Nicole tells Kate, “Lucas and Roman will never speak to you again. Getting Sami and revealing she was Stan was brilliant. Sami and Lucas are finally history.”

“You are too,” says Kate, “We were a team for a few seconds, but there is no reason for our relationship to go any further.”

Nicole yells, “You ungrateful bitch!”

“I rest my case,” says Kate.

Austin tells the woman they are not married.

“Oh,” she says to Sami, “I remember. You were going to marry Lucas. Will is your illegitimate son. You’re a disaster when it comes to weddings.” She reels off a litany of Sami’s wedding disasters, “Then there was Brandon. How come I wasn’t invited to this one? It must have been quite a show.”

Them’s fightin’ words. Sami lunges for the hag, but Austin scoops her up and stops her.

The great communicator says, “I just want to say I wish you and your baby a happy health life. You will be great parents.”

Belle and Phillip thank him. Shawn and Mimi decide they should go.

“That was generous of Shawn,” says Victor.

“And Mimi,” says Belle.

Phillip hands out bubble gum and chocolate cigars. They haven’t decided on a name yet. They were going to name it Luke if it was a boy.

Lucas suggests Lucy, then tells them they don't have to name the baby after him. We go through names. Belle can’t believe the baby is theirs. More names. Lucas suggests Kiki. Kiki Kiriakis. Short for Katherine. Phillip thinks that’s a bad idea.

Belle says she didn’t like her name at first,
It rhymed with everything. The kids all made fun of me. Can you imagine geeky Kiki?”

Shawn watches the happy scene from outside, “If I had done things differently, that would be me in there with Belle.”

Mimi says, “If I had done things differently, that would be me with Rex.”

Nicole tells Kate she should be grateful to her, “You said there would be money for me in this.”

“I gave you money,” says Kate, “You sat on the info too long. You weren’t the reason I was able to stop the wedding. And I will never forgive you for the way you treated my son.

“You gave me five million dollars to do it,” says Nicole, “By the way, I haven’t had a chance to see Austin since he got back into town.”

“You had better say away from him,” says Kate.

Kate walks away and Nicole says, “Austin couldn’t have come back to Salem at a better time.”

Sami and the hag continue their fight. Austin drags Sami, kicking and screaming, into her apartment. He sets her down and Sami bolts for the door. Austin stops her.
Honestly,” says Austin, “what she said about you is the truth.”

Phillip says they are down to three names. Kiki didn’t make the final cut. Belle wonders if Marlena will have an opinion.

“I’m glad something good came out of this day,” says Lucas, “I’ll never be able to forget what my mom and Sami did to me.”

Victor excuses himself and goes out to talk to Kate. He suggests Kate not go in there right now.

Mimi and Shawn are home. Seeing Belle with her baby made Mimi want to put things behind her and be there as Belle’s friend. She can’t do that, though, because of what Belle did to Rex and her.

Shawn asks, “If you had Rex back, could you forgive her?”

“He’s never coming back,” says Mimi.

“I think he could,” says Shawn.

There is a knock at the door. Package for Mimi. She wonders what it is, “I didn’t order anything – I’m broke.” Heck, she’s down to wearing bowling shirts.

She looks at the return address. “OMG,” she says, “it’s from Rex.”

Sami says, “If you are going to criticize me, you can get out.”

“OK.” Austin starts to leave.

“Wait, Austin, no,” she cries, “I didn’t mean it.”

“That’s a part of your problem,” says Austin, “You never think before you say something.”

“The old biddy just got to me,” says Sami.

“No,” says Austin, “What you did got to you.”

Austin tells Sami she should get out of her wedding dress. He opens the closet to get a storage bag and finds a cornucopia of wedding dresses.

Lucas tells Phillip he has it all, “Not to be a downer but I lost the most important women in my life, Sami and Mom. It’s really over with Sami now.”

Victor tells Kate Lucas is in the room, “We do share a son and granddaughter. I feel I can speak to you openly and freely.”

Kate says, “I respect you but that doesn’t mean I will agree with you.”

“The way you exposed Sami was a mistake,” says Victor, “I despise Sami too, but do you realize what this will cost you? Lucas was really furious with you.”

“He will come around eventually.”

“That’s not goanna happen,” says Victor, “And as far as Sami goes, I’d watch my back if I were you.”

Austin goes through the pile-o-dresses.

“There’s more says Sami.” She yanks them out of the closet, “This is Franco and this is Brandon and this is the one from the first time I was gonna marry Lucas.” She asks him where he is staying while he is in town.

“Lucas’s,” he says, “while you were on your...”

“Honeymoon,” says Sami, “Anyway, I’m glad you’re here.”

Austin goes to shower while Sami changes. Sami goes through the pile-o-dresses and cries.

Rex has sent all the little things Mimi gave him. Memories. She can’t believe he kept all this stuff.

Shawn says he has a whole trunk of stuff from things he did with Belle. Lots of crayons in that trunk, I’ll bet

Mimi finds the pocket knife she gave to Rex. “He doesn’t want to have anything to do with me again,” she says, “If I had any hope before it’s gone now. Now I know he’s never coming back.”

Kate tells Victor, “Sami’s little escapade will cost her dearly.”

“Escapade,” asks Victor, “She walked around Salem as Stan. You’re lucky she didn’t kill you.”

Kate says, “Eventually Lucas will realize I did this to save his life.”

“Whether you did it for his own good or not,” says Victor, “Lucas will always blame you.”

Phillip parades out into the hallway in his undershirt. Kate congratulates him and tells him he will be a wonderful dad. She wants to see the baby. Lucas comes out, “If you’re here to see your granddaughter, I’ll be leaving. You destroyed my life. I never want to see or speak to you again. In my eyes you’re far worse than Sami ever could be.” Kate is in total shock. It’s not what Lucas said. It’s the haircut.

Sami puts the dresses back in the closet. Doorbell. “Lucas,” she whispers. She opens the door to see Nicole.

“Well there’s the runaway bride,” says Nicole, “Or runaway-from bride, I should say. All of your prospective husbands run away.”

“Just get out,” snorts Sami.

“I just want to say something,” says Nicole, “You’re really screwed up, Sami. Just like I predicted, you lost Lucas. It serves you right for not helping me get Brady away from Chloe.”

Sami tells her to get out, then hesitates, “Just a second... you told Kate about my disguise. You helped to ruin my life. You did, didn’t you?”

Lucas starts to walk out. Kate just wants him to share Phillip and Belle’s happiness.

“I have nothing to say to you – ever,” says Lucas. He leaves.

Phillip says he knows why Kate did it, “I feel bad for you and Lucas but I love you both.”

Phillip goes back into the room and Victor asks Kate if it was worth it. Kate stares.

Nicole says she didn’t tell Kate, “There is no conspiracy except for the fact everyone in Salem hates you. How would I get the makeup and disguise and give it to Kate? She had to have gotten it form Tony. If Kate didn’t get you, someone else would have. You were Stan. Stop blaming everyone else.” Austin walks out in a towel.

Nicole’s eyes pop out, “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to help Sami.”

“The first thing you can do,” says Sami, “is get this drunken bitch out of my apartment.” Sami goes into the bedroom to change.

Nicole repeats, “What are you doing here?”

“She needs a friend,” says Austin.

“I guess we all do,” says Nicole, “How about a hug?”

Austin smells the fumes, “You’ve been drinking.”

“You have no idea what’s going on with me.”

“Alcohol is no answer,” says Austin.

“Still preaching, huh,” asks Nicole.

Sami yells from the back room, “Get her out of here!”

Shawn tells Mimi he’s really sorry.

“I kept telling myself he wasn’t coming back, but he’s definitely gone now. Thanks for being here,” says Mimi.

“Where else would I be,” asks Shawn.

Mimi chuckles, “We’re quite a pair, aren’t we?”

Shawn says, “I refuse to sit here feeling sorry for ourselves. What do you say I take you out to dinner?”

“You don't have to,” says Mimi. She pauses to reconsider, “Yes I’ll go.”

Belle, Phillip, Baby K. Phillip knew his life would be changed when he lost his leg, but not like this, “She may never know me like I used to be.”

“You are the same person you were,” says Belle.

“No,” says Phillip, “I’m better now. I’m going to tell you right now – both of you – I’m going to treasure and protect you for all the Days Of Our Lives. Our focus is on her now. Every decision we make will affect her for the rest of her life. I can’t wait.”

“Yes,” says Kate, “It was worth it. Saving Lucas from Sami’s evil clutches was worth what it cost me. Eventually Lucas will realize I did it out of love and forgive me. He has to.” She walks off. Victor stares in disbelief and disgust.

Lucas is on the phone, “Your mom is who she is, Will. She will never change. She is still your mother. If you still want to see her I will never stop you from doing that. You have to know, there is a good chance she will end up in jail. Grandma Kate won’t go to jail, but she has lost me and Roman forever. I’ll come over and we’ll go to dinner, OK? Just you and me.

Sami yells from the bedroom, “If Nicole isn’t gone I will tear her bloodshot eyes out.”

Nicole says she will go but makes Austin promise to get together. He says yes and asks where she is living these days. Nicole says it will be better if she calls him. He gives her his number and suggests going to Chez Rouge.

“They have the best bloody Mary’s there,” says Nicole.

“Every place does as far as you’re concerned,” says Austin.

“Hey! Stan-the-Man,” shouts Nicole, “I’m outta here. Enjoy your misery.”

Sami comes out of the back room.
Damn her,” she says, “She came over to kick me while I was down.”

“Get ready and we will go out,” says Austin, “We’ll go to Maggie’s new restaurant.”

“Austin,” cries Sami, “that’s where I was going to have my reception. It’s closed.”

“I have a feeling they will have room for us,” he says.

“OK, fine,” says Sami, “but no promises about not whining and complaining.”

Nicole was listening outside the door, “Chez Rouge huh? FF on the conniving Nicole.


Chelsea asks Billie, “Why would she make it sound like you guys were just a couple of prostitutes? Don’t tell me Sami was telling the truth.”

Hope lectures Bo, “If you put yourself in the middle and Chelsea thinks you’re siding with Billie instead of her, you could lose your daughter forever. Is that a chance you’re willing to take?”

Nicole asks, “What about me, Austin? Do you still have feelings for me, too?”

Kate asks, “Aren’t you going to congratulate me?” Sami says, “I think I’m gonna kill you.”

Monday, September 26, 2005

Like A Mouse In A Microwave

Bonnie is at Chez Rouge. She picks up some food at the buffet. She sees Mickey and goes over and sits with him. He asks how she is doing, “I’m good... considering... but misery loves company. I wasn’t there, but I heard Sami’s wedding went to hell in a hand basket. It reminded me of the day I walked up here all gussied up...”

Mickey stops her, “Bonnie...”

“Yeah,” says Bonnie, “That’s water under the bridge.”

Mickey says, “Not to mention a small incident with my credit cards.”

“More water under the bridge,” says Bonnie, “but I do need your help. Obviously there isn’t going to be a wedding reception here, right? The restaurant will be closed and no one has made any reservations. I can take the food off your hands and put it to good use.”

Mickey says, “You have to talk to Maggie.”

“I can’t,” says Bonnie, “Please do it for me.”

“I’ll see what I can do,” says Mickey.

Bonnie says, “Thanks doll face.” She leaves

Maggie walks up to Mickey and asks, “So what does the two bit home wrecker want here?”

Bonnie finds Nicole. She asks what she is doing there.

“I’m crashing Sami’s reception to see Austin.”

“I hate to break it to you,” says Bonnie, “but Sami’s wedding crashed at the altar and if she’s smart she’s crying on Austin’s shoulder right now.”

“Austin,” says Sami, “why does this always happen to me?”

Austin says, “Take a deep breath and tell me what happened.”

Lexie tells Alex he is being unprofessional. Alex says he is just trying to get Marlena’s memory back. If she breathes one negative word, Alex will tell Abe about her adultery. Lexie says she will have him brought up on charges. “Try it and I will see that you lose your son,” says Alex.

Shawn lights a candle. He prays, “I don’t know why things happen the way they do. If there is any way just... Belle is in a lot of pain right now. Keep her, them, safe. She deserves to be happy. Amen.”

Mimi watches. She walks up to Shawn and says, “It’s hard to know what to pray for these days. Are you praying for Belle and her family or a miracle for you and her?”

Phillip gives Belle Lamaze lessons as she writhes in pain. Belle isn’t in the mood for lessons right now.

Outside, Marlena and John hear the commotion. They rush in. Phillip yells, “She’s going in to labor right now. She could lose the baby. Do something.” Yeah, bring Shawn in. once she is certain he has seen her hysteria, she’ll give it a rest. Forget Belle losing the baby. If I was the baby, I’d want to lose Belle.

Shawn just wants Belle and her baby to be happy. That means Belle and Phillip have to be together forever. Shawn says, “I couldn’t break up a family. Look at what happened to Sami and the effect it had on Will. I remember when my dad and me had to deal with my mom being gone. Now I have this half sister. That hurts my mother because my dad has to keep Billie in our lives. Belle and Phillip are a family. I couldn’t come between them.”

“How dare you threaten me,” says Lexie.

“If you want to tip the scales in your favor,” says Alex, “just keep quiet.”

John comes up and tells Lexie Belle needs her help.

Lexie leaves. John tells Alex, “Once Belle has her baby, Marlena will be rocked and it will help get my family back.”

John leaves. Alex ponders, “You could be right...”

Marlena assists. Belle’s water has broken. Lexie comes in. Belle screams.

Nicole says, “Kate told me Austin was coming home for the wedding. Are you sure it imploded?”

“Like a mouse in a microwave,” says Bonnie, “Just as Sami was about to say ‘I do’ in walks Stan.”

“That’s not possible,” says Nicole.

“It was a costume,” says Bonnie, “Kate was wearing it. Then she announced she had DNA evidence Sami was Stan and now Sami is in a world of trouble.”

Nicole snorts as she laughs.

Sami swears she didn’t know she was working for Tony. She tells Austin about the disguise and Stan-the-Man. Now she has lost her family.

“Sami, you made these choices. Now you have to live with the consequences forever,” says Austin, “You can have my shoulder to cry on but you brought this on yourself. Instead of learning from your mistakes you build on them. Like our wedding in Las Vegas.”

Sami says, “I don
t need to be reminded of that.”

Austin says, “It’s pretty much a miracle I’m standing here with you. It’s also a miracle you and Lucas wound up at the altar. If we can forgive and forget why can’t you?”

“I’m not forgiving what Kate has done.”

“This sounds like the same old Sami,” says Austin, “What made you do those things?”

“I know it was a huge mistake. But it’s all Kate’s fault,” says Sami.

Mimi leaves and tells Shawn to steer clear of Belle. Lexie goes by and Shawn asks about Belle. She tells him, “Her husband is with her.”

As Lexie leaves, Alex comes up to Shawn and says he has some advice for him. “Why should I listen to you,” asks Shawn.

“Because,” says Alex, “I’ve been in your shoes. I lost the woman I love. I know what it’s like.” The difference is, of course, Alex actually had a brain which enabled him to better understand and cope with the situation.

Belle is scared, “This kind of pain can’t be normal.”

Marlena asks if she is feeling less movement than before. Belle says yes. Marlena thinks this is a breech birth. She starts to go into action, but then can’t remember what to do next.

“Yes you can,” says John.

“We need to do a caesarian,” says Marlena, “I don’t know what to do. Lexie knows. I don’t.”

Austin asks, “You’re blaming my mother?”

Sami fills him in, “Yes. I’m sure you heard about the last time I tried to marry Lucas. Kate arranged for Brandon to come back to Salem. And she drugged me and Brandon in his hotel room. And she got us naked in bed together . Lucas thought Brandon and I slept together. Kate hates me, and she admitted to the whole thing, but it was too late. It was the lowest I have ever felt in my entire life.”

“Tony offered me the one thing I wanted the most, REVENGE. Some guy showed up at my apartment. He was a professional make up artist. Tony tricked me. He got me in the war zone where Phillip was captured. Brady, Shawn and Rex decided to go after him. Tony made me set the guys up – as Stan – so he could capture them. He said if I didn’t do it I would never see my parents again. But I got us free and no one remembers that.”

“Sami,” says Austin, “you have outdone yourself. You will never top this one.”

“I hope not,” says Sami, “I wish I could take it all back but I can’t. I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

“You never do. You have to start taking responsibility. I’m sorry Sami, but the truth is you only have yourself to blame,” says Austin. That and a room full of idiots we loosely refer to as writers.

Nicole says, “Kate got revenge on Sami and I didn’t even have to...”

“Do what,” asks Bonnie, “I didn’t blow in with the morning fog. I’ve seen you and Sami at Alice's as thick as thieves.”

Nicole says, “We were never tight. She broke Austin’s heart in Vegas. If the timing was better I could have landed him. I always let the good ones get away.”

Bonnie looks over at Mickey, “I know what you mean.”

“Austin deserves more than Sami,” says Nicole.

Bonnie says, “Any girl would be lucky to get her mitts on him. I am determined to marry my kids off to rich spouses.”

Mimi walks up and says, “Trying to mess with you kids lives again, Mom? Why did you call me down here?”

Bonnie says, “I wish you had brought Shawn with you. I could use some help moving this food.”

“You can’t just take the food,” says Mimi.

“Mickey said I could have as much as I want,” says Bonnie.

Maggie walks up and says, “Over my dead body.” CAT FIGHT!

John wants to call an ambulance.

Marlena tries an external cephalic inversion.

Alex advises Shawn. He knows how painful it is to walk away from the woman you love. He flashes back to Marlena, “Sometimes you just have to let go and move on. Sometimes we don’t have a choice. I just wish someone would have given me that advice.”

“Would you have listened,” asks Shawn.

“I doubt it.”

“Well, thanks for trying,” says Shawn.

Alex says, “It makes you hurt like hell and do things you would never do.”

“At least now,” says Shawn, “I can make sure she’s OK. He leaves.”

Alex says, “You’ll never give up on Belle, just like I’ll never give up on Marlena.”

Belle pushes. See Belle push. Push Belle push. Lexie comes in. Marlena fills her in. Lexie says, “The baby’s head is vertex. You may just have saved two lives, Marlena.” The baby’s head may be straight, but the mother’s isn’t.

Belle is in heaven. She can wail all she wants. Shawn listens outside.

“It’s a girl,” says Lexie. Smiles all around.

“The baby is perfect. I feel like I’m dreaming,” says Belle.

Phillip says, “Hi, my little princess. You scared us. I’m your daddy and this pretty lady is your mommy.”

Belle says, “This woman over here who saved our lives is my mommy and that’s my daddy.”

John says, “Get yourself ready cause you’re going to be spoiled rotten for all the Days Of Our Lives.”

Shawn watches. He walks away.

“Good job,” John says to Marlena, “You did it.”

“I don’t know how I did that,” says Marlena.

“You remembered your skills as a physician,” says John, “Your memory is coming back.” They hug. Alex stands at the door and swings the pendant. Marlena flashes back to the hypnotism session with him and remembers Alex saying, “My beautiful, sweet Marlena, from this moment forward you will no longer be concerned with your husband or family.” Marlena brushes at her face and stares.

They drag Maggie and Bonnie apart. Maggie screams she wants Bonnie out of the restaurant. Bonnie says part of the food is for the battered women’s shelter.

“Where is the rest of it going,” asks Maggie, “Oh, just take the food and get the hell out of here.”

Bonnie trips as she leaves. “Watch that first step,” says Maggie, “It’s a bitch.”

Drunken Nicole says, “Here I am in a bar in the middle of the day. My life has hit rock bottom and I’m still digging. I need a guy like Austin to throw me a rope.”

“You can’t blame my mother or anyone else,” says Austin, “I hate seeing you like this. If you keep making theses mistakes you’re gonna get hurt again. Can you use this to turn your life around, or will you be the same old Sami again? It’s time to choose for good. No going back.” Sami cries.

Mickey says this is all his fault. Maggie says, “Don’t tell me you’re feeling sorry for Bonnie.”

Mickey asks, “Why do you let her get to you?”

“You’re right,” says Maggie, “I’m Mrs. Mickey Horton.” They kiss. Maggie says, “Bonnie Lockhart, eat your heart out. That is, after she eats all the food she’s taking form my restaurant.”

Bonnie is on her cell phone, “What, you walk in and the fridge is on the fritz? At least I can bring in food. I’ll take the rest to the middle school.” She leans aside and says, “NOT.” She speaks into her cell phone again, “So at least it wasn’t a total waste.”

Bonnie sees Nicole writing Austin’s name on a napkin. She asks Nicole, “You’re planning to make a move on Austin Reed, aren’t you?” let’s see, he’s male and breathing, so we’ll take that as a ‘yes.’

“I’ll probably spend the rest of my life in jail,” says Sami, “I’ll need a lot of help and support.”

“I’m always here to help,” says Austin.

“Thank you for forgiving me and being nice to me,” says Sami, “I’m so glad you’re back.” She hugs him.

Marlena looks at the pendant as Alex swings it. “I lost her once before,” says Alex, “I won’t lose her again.”

Lexie watches, “I guess it won’t matter. It looks like she’s getting her memory back.”

Lexie walks away. Alex says, “We’ll see about that.”

“Congratulations,” says John, “We have our first grandchild.” Marlena smiles. John says, “We’ll always remember this day. Not only because of the baby, but this is when we started getting Marlena back.”

“John,” says Marlena, “I want you to take me home.”

“That’s a good place to start the journey,” says John. Alex watches and scoffs.

Mimi asks Shawn what’s wrong. “Just mixed emotions I guess,” says Shawn, “This is a new beginning for them and an ending form me.”

“Endings mean new beginnings,” says Mimi, “Let me take you home.”

Belle and Phillip talk about the kid. John and Marlena watch. Belle tells Phillip they have a wonderful life ahead of them. Phillip says they are a family now. Shawn watches.

Belle says, “I love you Phillip, and I love our baby.”

FF Shawn.


Sami asks Nicole, “You told Kate about my disguise? You helped to ruin my life?”

Lucas says to Kate, “You destroyed my life. You are far worse than Sami ever could be.”

Phillip tells Belle, “I’m going to tell you right now – both of you – I’m going to treasure and protect you for the rest of my life.”

Shawn says, “I just want to make sure she’s all right.” Mimi says, “Why can’t you just leave that family alone?”

Friday, September 23, 2005

Nutty Nursery Rhymes by Mother Prevuze

Little Jack D,
Pretended to be,
Full of vigor and vim.
He drummed up a guy
For his honey-pie,
And if I were Jen, I’d boot him.

Chloe, Chloe, quite the whiney
Why do you blubber so?
‘Cause the writers’ nuts,
All in a rut,
Thank God I am leaving the show!’

SAMI & Stan
Stami had a little lie, little lie, little lie
Stami had a little lie,
And left clues in a trail.

And everywhere that Stami went, Stami went, Stami went
Everywhere that Stami went,
Kate stalked her without fail.

One day Kate followed her to jail, her to jail, her to jail
One day she followed her to jail
To try and dig up dirt.

But Roman loved his little girl, little girl, little girl
Yes Pard & Lucas loved the girl
So Kate did not prevail.

Until poor Sami’s wedding day, wedding day, wedding day
Yes on poor Sami’s wedding day
Kate’s stunt made Sami wail.

Belle & Phil
Belle & Phil went to Hollywood Hills
to fetch some decent writers.

But Riley showed up,
Poor Salem is stuck,
And the ratings are tumbling faster.

The Supercouple’s Lament
Oh where, oh where have our couples gone?
Oh where, oh where can they be?
With the love cut short and the “Days” months long
The audience is un-hap-py.


Pan through Jillian’s eat, drink, play bowling alley. Chelsea throws a gutter ball. She tells Patrick she’s never been bowling before. She wants Patrick to show her how to do it. Strike! Patrick gets a turn. Chelsea asks if he needs her help. He thinks he can handle it on his own. She thanks him for taking her out on a fun date.

“Chelsea,” says Patrick, “you have the wrong idea.”

Mimi and Shawn come in. Mimi has bought them bowling shirts. She would have bought the cool bowling shoes, too, but they were too expensive. Shawn says they should just lift the ones they rented. They wouldn’t want to wind up in jail, though. It is, however something they both share – having been in jail.

Belle writhes in pain.

Austin’s plane is landing. He’s thinking he missed the wedding unless it was delayed postponed or canceled, “like all the others.”

Kate says, “The report was delivered with the disguise. Sami’s DNA was all over the disguise. There’s your proof that Sami was Stan, Roman.”

“Kate,” says Roman, “you’re looking awful smug. I guess you think this clinches it. You were the one wearing the disguise. Everyone knows you’d do anything to stop this wedding.”

Lucas says, “Yeah, it’s your life mission, Mom.”

John comes up and says he called the ISA, “The report is legit. Sami, you were Stan”

Sami cries, “You always hated me, John. Lucas, you can’t believe them. I’m innocent.”

Lucas scowls.

Sami tells Lucas how much she loves him and will.

“DNA evidence doesn’t lie Sami,” says Kate, “You almost got our men killed. You didn’t get away with it, but I wasn’t about to let a lying snake like you take our family.”

Roman says, “Lucas, I’m sorry but Kate isn’t lying. Sami was working for Tony.”

Sami protests. Roman shuts her up, “Sami, as Stan, was Tony’s right hand man.” GASPS rumble through the crowd.

Austin gives the driver instructions. He has a wedding to get to.

“This must be my lucky day,” she says. Oh, it’s that really, really famous comedienne... uh... whazzerface. “Keeping the bride waiting, huh? You can change into your tux in the back seat. I won’t watch... much.”

“It’s a long story,” says Austin, “The first time I married her...” Austin flashes back. He lectures Sami “for a lifetime of lying to us all.”

The driver advises him to get back on the plane, “This woman sounds like trouble.”

“She’s marrying my brother,” says Austin.

“I’m in a 12-step program,” says the driver, “Do you know what this conversation is doing to me?”

Austin says, “I will give you a huge tip if you can make it on time.”

“OK,” says Motorouth, “but don’t count on making the ceremony. This chick sounds like she has bad marriage karma.”

Marlena calms Belle down. Major job. Marlena remembers giving birth herself. Lexie tells Caroline to get towels and water.

Belle screams for Shawn. Ho boy. They all stare and play ‘let’s pretend we didn’t hear that.’

Mimi gets a spare. Shawn can’t believe she’s better than him at bowling. Mimi says, “At least you’re not sending them down the gutter like Sami’s wedding. Do you think she was Stan?”

“I don’t know,” says Shawn, “Sami has made a lot of mistakes. Belle and I have made plenty of mistakes, too. We just have to move on.”

Chelsea says she doesn’t have the wrong idea. Patrick says he agreed to go out with her if she’d be nice to her mom, “A deal is a deal, Chelsea.”

Lucas is practically having a stroke, “Who are you? Are you a woman? A monster? A criminal?”

Sami yells, “I’m your son’s mother.”

“An accident of birth,” shouts Lucas. Yelling, screaming, hysterics. “You almost got me, Phillip, Brady and Shawn killed!”

Sami says, “Brady hates me.”

Lucas screams, “Everybody hates you, Sami. Don’t you get that?”

Sami appeals to Will.

“Just because I’m a kid doesn’t mean I’m stupid,” says Will, “You ruined everything again.”

Sami is Dazed, “Why won’t anyone believe me?”

“Because it’s too late,” says Roman, “Take a look at all those people you’ve hurt.”

Phillip takes his turn, “I’m walking now, Sami,” he says, “I worked really hard. You want to see my artificial leg? I face reality every morning when I strap this thing to my stump. You gave me this!”

“That isn’t how it happened,” says Sami

Phillip says, “I will be like this all the Days Of My Life because of you!”

“Tell us the truth,” says Roman.

“All right ,” says Sami, “I was Stan.

Shawn tells Mimi he has to move on. Mimi gets another strike. It’s still her turn. She fidgets. Strike. Shawn likes her wild side.

Patrick sees Mimi and wants to go over and say hello.

After their little conversation with Patrick, Shawn asks Mimi what Patrick is doing there with Chelsea. He wants Mimi to tell her brother to stay away from Chelsea.

Billie calls Chelsea, “Are you with Patrick?”

Alex ponders, “If Marlena starts having involuntary memories, I’ll have to do something to put a stop to that.”

As she helps with Belle, Marlena again remembers childbirth.

Lexie brings a blanket. She checks out Belle, “OMG!”

That got Belle’s attention, “OMG what?”

The cab is stuck in traffic. Austin tells the cabbie to beep her horn.

She lays on the horn. Nothing happens, “Oh, that just cleared traffic right up. Now we’re moving, aren’t we.” Her mouth is moving, that’s for sure. “You don’t tell me how to drive and I won’t tell you to stay away from the lunatic bride of Salem. You don’t marry a woman and then almost marry her again. So how did you guys break up?”

“It’s a long story.”

The crabby cabbie says, “Look out the window, sweetheart, we got nothin’ but time.”

Austin remembers the baby, the wedding, the lies. He remembers telling Sami, “I don’t want to hear it...”

Crabby says, “Let me get this straight. The son you thought was yours... until you come back from NY, so you can watch this woman marry the father of the child you thought was yours but is your own brother. I get it. I watch a lot of soaps. You gotta watch the flashbacks or it gets confusing. We need to make up a 12-step program for you. Exes-of-Sami-Brady Anonymous.

“It’s true,” says Sami, “I’ve been...”

“Working with DiMera,” says Lucas.

Sami’s defense shields pop up, “It's because of that bitch. She set me up. I was angry because everyone believed her. I never felt so alone in my life. I thought my parents were dead. John and Belle turned their backs on me. Kate drove me crazy... literally. All I could think about was revenge. That’s what Tony offered me. At first I didn’t know I was working for him. He has done so much to hurt my family I wouldn’t have helped him, but once you are caught in his web, you are trapped.”

“You’re just trying to say you are another one of his victims,” asks John

“Yes,” says Sami, “That’s exactly what I’m saying. I didn’t care. My life was over. I tired being good and faithful but everybody turned their backs on me anyway. So I’m sorry people got hurt. I just hope someday you will understand and forgive me.”

Abe says, “Being sorry won’t satisfy the state.”

“Criminal charges will be brought,” says Roman.

“Yes,” says Abe, “And the punishment could be quite severe.”

Lexie tells Marlena Phillip should be told he will be a father today.

Shawn calls Caroline. He asks if it’s over yet. She tells him the kid isn't there yet. Shawn says he was asking about the wedding; he didn’t know Belle was in labor. He says he’ll be right over, and hangs up.

“Oh dear,” says Caroline.

Shawn tells Mimi Belle is in labor. Mimi says, “Reality check, Shawn – it isn’t your baby.”

Billie asks if Chelsea is with Patrick but Chelsea fakes a bad connection and hangs up.

Patrick asks who it was. Chelsea says, “I’m not sure. It was a bad connection.”

“Gee,” says Patrick, “that’s strange. My phone works just fine in here. Call Billie back and tell her to join us.”

Sami begs Roman.

“Sami,” says Roman, “I don’t have any control over what happens now. The grand jury will decide that and then you will be prosecuted. I couldn’t help you even if I wanted to. You did this to yourself. You always do. And if you do end up in prison don’t blame me or anyone else. Blame yourself. Answer me – how in the hell could you work for Tony DiMera?”

Sami says, “I didn’t know it was Tony at first. It was too late when I found out.”

Roman says, “The truth will always come out. Wen will you learn that?”

Sami says, “He showed me proof you and Mom were alive. I wanted that more than anything. How could I resist that?”

“You lured us to where Phillip was prisoner,” shouts Lucas, “Don’t you care about anyone but yourself?”

“I care about you and I love you,” says Sami, “When I found out you were there I stopped you from being you executed. Doesn’t that matter?”

Marlena tells Phillip Belle may be in labor. Shawn rushes in. Mimi follows. She tells him, “You knew this would happen.”

Shawn says, “Yeah, you’re right. I guess I just kept pretending it wouldn’t happen. She’s having his baby and they need to be together.” If Shawn gets it, this will be a big breakthrough for him.

Caroline tells Marlena, “Belle really loves Shawn.”

“How do you tell a man you don’t love him when you’re carrying his baby,” says Marlena, “Promise me you won’t tell anyone about this, especially Shawn.”

Phillip rushes in. He asks Belle, “Has it been bad?”

“It hurts,” says Belle, “I really thought I was miscarrying this baby. I don
t want to lose it.”

Patrick says, “Level with me. Why don’t you want Billie to join us? You made a deal.”

“The biggest stress in my life right now is Billie.”

“Point taken,” says Patrick, “So we won’t invite her to go bowling. But we should all get together sometime. Maybe you can bring a date – a guy your own age.”

Billie pushes his buttons, “I could bring Max Brady.”

“No way.”

Alex asks Marlena if she is OK.

“It’s so strange,” she says, “I think I’m having memories. They are vague.”

Alex says, “I think I can help you. Clear your mind.” He whips out the trusty old hypnotic chain, “You trust me. Everything will be all right.”

“I want to forgive you but I can’t,” says Lucas.

“Please,” says Sami, “You love me. We’re going to get married.”

“I can’t believe I ever loved you or wanted you,” says Lucas, “Form now on, you’re dead to me. All I feel for you is hate and disgust.”

Sami runs out. She falls as she hits the steps. Did I see Kate trip her?

Kate cozy’s up to Lucas, “I’m sorry you had to go through all this.”

“You know, Mom,” says Lucas, “you got what you wanted. You always do. Don’t expect me to thank you.”

Kate says, “Look, I did this for you for your happiness.”

Lucas says, “You did this for revenge. You’re worse than Sami is. This whole thing was your fault.”

Shawn watches Belle and Phillip. He asks Caroline if Belle will be OK.


“I hope they will be happy. Every baby deserves a happy home,” he says.

“Shawn, I’m so proud of you,” says Caroline. Shawn and Mimi leave. Caroline closes the door.

Lexie tells Alex, “I know what you are trying to do with Marlena. You want her for yourself.”

Alex says, “The way you want Detective Thomas E. Kramer for yourself?”

Lexie says, “I want to do what I feel is right.”

She walks away. Alex says, “I’m afraid you’ll regret that, Dr. Carver.”

Chelsea finishes her ice cream. “Why not Max,” she asks.

“You can do better,” says Patrick.

“You think I should be saving myself for the right guy,” says Chelsea.

“We shouldn’t be talking about this,” says Patrick.

Chelsea says, “Who else am I going to talk to? You earned my trust. Billie has to do the same thing. I will do better, you’ll see. I’m gonna save myself for the man of my dreams.”

Abe wants to talk to Lexie. “This situation made me do a lot of soul-searching, seeing how much of a mess some people can make of their lives. Lex, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I pushed you away. I’ve been unfair to you. Can we try again? I couldn’t live another day without your love.”

“Oh,” says Lexie, “nothing could make me happier.” Translation: maybe.

“Oh thank God,” says Abe.

Lexie says, “I’m sorry. I have to go check on Belle.”

“I’ll be right here,” Says Abe.

Alex overheard, “I see things are looking up for your marriage. If you want it to stay that way, you won’t say a word to John.”

Phillip wants to take Belle to the hospital. Belle gets up and doubles over in pain. Phillip asks what’s wrong. It ain’t gas, buddy. “OMG,” says Belle, “The baby’s coming.”

Lucas says he will never forgive Sami. But Kate started this with her lies and manipulation. “I loved her. Can’t you see that? That was my chance at true happiness and you pushed her over the edge. Now Will and I have nothing. I swear I never want to see you again.” Lucas storms out.

Caroline tells Roman Kate was right about Sami after all.

“Just because Sami was wrong doesn’t make Kate right,” says Roman, “What Kate did was as bad or worse.”

Billie asks Kate if it was worth it.

“Yes,” says Kate, “It was. Because now my sons are finally rid of Sami. Austin and Lucas – Sami is finally out of their lives.”

Sami bawls in the garden. A figure offers a handkerchief. Sami rejects it, “I hate everyone and I know you all hate me.”

Austin says, “I don’t.”

She looks up and sees him. FF.


Phillip yells, “She’s going in to labor right now. She could lose the baby. Do something.”

“Why should I listen to you,” asks Shawn. “Because,” says Alex, “I’ve been in your shoes. I lost the woman I love. I know what it’s like.”

“I’m sorry Sami, but the truth is you only have yourself to blame,” says Austin.

Bonnie asks Nicole, “You’re planning to make a move on Austin Reed, aren’t you?”

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Undeniable Proof

Jack is ill. He tells Jennifer it’s just a little bug. Frankie assists. Jennifer leaves and Frankie warns Jack this is no bug. Jack reminds Frankie of his promise. Jennifer brings tea. She sends Frankie to the garage for a heating pad. Jennifer calls Lexie even though she thinks it will cause WWIII.

Sami escorts Will out of the sanctuary. Belle isn’t feeling well. She tells Phillip she can’t believe what Kate did. Shawn notices there is something wrong with Belle but Mimi encourages him to let Phillip handle it.

Alex escorts Marlena outside. “It’s awkward,
says Marlena, That dark haired woman keeps trying to stop the wedding. I’m not bothered by it, it’s just strange. You are the only person I trust. Alex, please take me away from here.

John stops them. He tells Marlena if ever Sami needed her it’s right now. “You always know what to say.” He drags her to talk to Sami.

Roman assures Sami Kate won’t hurt her again.

Billie asks what Kate is doing. Kate tells her she is stopping this wedding. Billie asks how Austin will feel about this when he gets here.

On the plane, Austin toasts, “To Sami and my little brother. Hope nothing goes wrong this time around.”

Kate shows Sami the envelope. “You, Sami Brady, are Stan,” says Kate.

Roman tells Kate that’s not possible. Lucas denies it as well. Kate insists it’s true. Sami says Kate is lying. Kate opens the file. She pulls out pictures of Sami dressing as Stan. Sami protests, “They’re not real. None of it is. I’m not Stan, you have to believe me.” People look at the pix and stare at Sami.

John says, “This is your family Marlena that’s your daughter.

She doesn’t feel like my daughter, says Marlena, I’m going to leave.

“Not with him,” says John.

Alex is my psychiatrist. I trust him and I need him. Bye John.”

Phillip tells Belle Sami might just be Stan, “I’ll tell you something else: Stan knew a whole lot about us when he was there. If I had been rescued earlier I would never have been in that minefield.” Belle hyperventilates and leaves. Shawn follows as Mimi protests.

Phillip ponders, “Could Mom be right about Sami?”

Jennifer tells Lexie Jack wouldn’t want her to make this call, but Jack is sick.

Lexie tells Jennifer the wedding isn’t going well. She agrees to come over and look at Jack.

Jack walks up behind Jennifer and says, “Tell me you didn’t do what I think you did.”

“Yes, and I’m glad I did,” says Jennifer.

“Big mistake,” says Jack.

Frankie roots around in the garage. He finds the Horton home remedies box. Inside is an envelope addressed to him with Jennifer’s return address.

Lexie arrives. Jacks temp is a little over 101. Jack is annoyed. Lexie sees the tea sitting there and asks Jennifer for some. Jennifer leaves to make a fresh pot. Jack tells Lexie he’s just tired.

“We knew this was going to happen,
says Lexie, It’s just a matter of time.

“More bad news,” says Jack.

Jennifer wonders what is taking Frankie so long. She remembers the letter in the box and gasps, “OMG, Frankie can’t read that letter.” She runs out and finds Frankie reading it, “Frankie, don’t.”

Frankie asks, “Why didn’t you mail this?”

The crowd passes the pictures around. It’s the most popular photo album in Salem. Sami tells them they are fake. Kate insists she couldn’t have doctored them, “Besides I have more evidence.”

Sami begs, “I wasn’t Stan. You believe me don’t you?” Major group stare.

Alex and Marlena go into a room. Marlena says she can finally breathe. All this is getting to her, “It’s just so upsetting, and I don't know, maybe it was being in there with John and Roman and knowing I loved them at one point, and have no feelings for them at all now. What is going on with me?”

“I think I know,
says Alex, You mentioned being uneasy around them. The two men you loved may now very well be in love with Kate.”

Belle has cramps. One thing we know for sure, though – they are not brain cramps. She tells Shawn and Mimi she just needs to get off her feet for a while. She goes in the bride’s room. Mimi tells Shawn not to follow.

“Is that what you think,
asks Marlena, That John and Roman are in love with the dark haired woman?”

says Alex, Tony DiMera made sure you were aware of John living with Kate. That may have led to your one night stand with Roman.

“That makes sense,” says Marlena.

“You suspect both men may want to be with Kate,
says Alex, For a woman like you that must be difficult to deal with.”

“A woman like me?”

“You’ve developed a dependency on both men that may have contributed to your memory loss,” says Alex.

“You mean I’m afraid I might think they both love her,” asks Marlena.

You’re afraid, says Alex, your love might not be returned.

Marlena says, “That certainly does make sense doesn’t it? You’ve just cleared some things up. I’d like to leave.”

Alex says, “I don't' blame you. It must be uncomfortable here for you.”

“No ,
says Marlena, I think you misunderstood. I’d like to leave Salem, not just the church.”

Lexie tells Jack he is getting worse. She doesn’t think Jack has come to terms with this. She can’t tell him how soon he will die, but he needs to be honest with his family.

Jennifer tells Frankie she wrote the letter a long time ago. She missed him so much.

He asks,
Why didn’t you mail it.

“I was afraid too much time had passed and you’d found a new girlfriend,
says Jennifer, You went to college in New York. There is temptation everywhere. Our lives went different directions.”

Frankie says, “If you had mailed this things could have been different. You were really thinking about coming to NY?”

says Jennifer, but I guess I got cold feet.”

“Do you remember what you wrote,” he asks.

“I wrote I wanted a future with you, and I knew what real love was and I loved you deeply,” says Jennifer.

Frankie asks, “Why didn’t you mail it? We loved each other.”

Sami again swears she wasn’t Stan.

“Why don’t we see bout that,
bellows Kate, Here’s a Bible. Go up on the altar and swear before God you and Stan are not one and the same.”

Marlena paces.

“Leaving Salem is a big decision,” says Alex.

“I realize that.”

“Then I think you should give it more time.”

“I don’t need more time,
says Marlena, it’s obvious now they are both in love with that woman. I would like to go somewhere far away.

Alex says, “Since you don’t want to go back to John’s place, may I suggest we return to my cabin.” Gosh, how did he ever think of that?

“If you can put up with me just a bit longer,” She cries and hugs him.

Mimi tells Shawn he can’t be Belle’s protector. “She is Phillip’s wife. It would increase the stress and that’s what’s causing the cramps.”

Jack pops some pills. Lexie gives him a prescription, “Jack, for the last time, please tell Jennifer you are dying.”

I won’t do it.

“She isn’t stupid,
says Lexie, She suspects something is wrong.

I will not lay this on her, says Jack.

You have no choice.

I always have a choice, he insists.

Lexie says, “What are you talking about? What are you thinking?

I’m gonna disappear.

Alex and Marlena walk up and Mimi asks her to go check on Belle. Alex will wait outside. Mimi tells Shawn, “OK can you stop worrying now.”

Marlena reassures Belle.

Frankie reads the letter. Jennifer says she missed him when he went to NY. Then her grandmother got sick. She was so lonely without him. She got a little perspective on her life when she was with her grandmother.

All you had to do was mail it.

Like sands through the hourglass, Time goes by,
says Jennifer, You never wrote me.”

“I know,
says Frankie, I was miserable. I missed you so much.”

It’s sad neither one of us knew.

This is killing me, says Frankie, We threw our whole future away.

Jennifer says, “I am so sorry you never found anyone special. But...”

You did.

says Jennifer, I thought fate brought Jack and me together. I can’t be unhappy about that.”

says Frankie, Jack is a great guy.”

Jennifer tells him, “You’re a great guy too. I wish I wouldn’t have kept that letter.” She takes it from him. “I wish even more you had never found it.”

“I’m glad I did,
he says, I know you really did love me.”

She asks, “Did you ever doubt that?”

“The way you doubted me,
says Frankie, And, you’re right. What happened is just as much my fault. It just really hurts to realize if I had kept in touch it could have worked. You and I would be married. We would have a family of our own.”

Jack says he means it. He’s not going to let them watch him suffer and die. He’s not committing suicide. Jennifer would kill him. He’s just going to drop out of sight. Lexie says, “You will need medical attention.”

You can’t stop me from dying the way I want to die, says Jack.

“OK let’s say you do this,
says Lexie, What then?”

“I’ll figure out a way to let Jennifer to know I died a quick and painless death.”

And be all by yourself. No firends or family.

“At least,
says Jack, it won’t prolong their suffering.”

“You think they won’t suffer wondering where you went,” asks Lexie.

Jack says,
She will have Frankie and maybe rekindle their old love.

I wish you would think about this some more.

My mind is made up.

Lexie gets a call. Marlena tells her Belle is sick. Lexie begs Jack to think about what she said. She leaves. “I’m sorry Lexie,
says Jack, It’s too late.

“Well Sami,
asks Kate, will you take an oath before God?”

Sami sweats, “I don’t have to. No one believes you.” Will defends her. Roman says, “I stand by Sami.” Caroline says she wants to believe Sami. She hesitates, but decides she believes her.

Sami thanks all of them, “Well Lucas? What about you?” She takes him aside, “Please don’t let your mother ruin our wedding. Lucas, will you marry me?”

Marlena comes out of the room. She tells Alex she can’t leave until she knows Belle and the baby are fine. She asked me to stay. I know you understand.

Alex says, “Of course I do.” Translation, Curses, foiled again! “We will leave when you are ready.”

Belle says, “The cramps are stronger than last time. Please tell me I’m not losing this baby.”

Mimi tells Shawn they need to go somewhere. “Where,” asks Shawn.

“I have an idea,” Says Mimi

says Lucas, I will still marry you.” Roman tells them they are doing the right thing.

Kate says, “So you think this is just Kate crying wolf? I anticipated this reaction. So I brought additional proof. And now I’m going to share it with everyone.”

Jennifer asks where Lexie is. Jack tells her Lexie had an emergency. “She says its just a little bug and will be over in no time.” Jennifer gives him the heating pad. She’s going to make more tea. If the tea helps, he’s had enough to be cured by now.

Jennifer goes into the kitchen. Frankie comes in. She asks him to forget the letter.

It’s kind of hard Jen.

“We have to try,
says Jennifer, Whatever feelings we had have to stay in the past. We can’t have a future Frankie.” Frankie remembers Jack’s words.

Jack takes the prescription ad wads it up, “It's time for you to die, Jack old boy.” It’s time for this lame plot to die, I can tell you that.

Lexie thinks Belle is in labor. Belle ain’t ready. Marlena says, “I’m with you. I’m here. Take it easy.”

John tells Kate to continue. He opens the file. Kate says, “It’s an ISA crime lab report stating your DNA and genetic markers were all over Stan’s disguise. According to the techniques they used, there is no way the DNA could be there unless you wore the clothes. It’s undeniable proof that you, Sami Brady were Stan.”

Murmur, murmur, murmur. Sami stares. FFWO on Sami.


Lexie tells Alex,
I know what you are trying to do with Marlena. You want her for yourself.” Alex says, “The way you want Detective Kramer for yourself.”

Shawn tells Mimi, “She’s having this baby and they need to be together.”

Belle doubles over in pain. Phillip asks what’s wrong. “OMG,
says Belle, The baby’s coming.”

“I hate everyone and I know you all hate me,” screams Sami. Austin says, “I don’t.”

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