Friday, January 07, 2005

Cap'n Nasty

BB confirms to Nicole and Kate he saw a hypo in John's briefcase.

BB says goodbye to the lovebirds, Phillip and Belle. JR wishes Belle happiness. Kate helps JR out, "Is it hot in here," he asks, "or is it the concoction of drugs swimming around in me?"

Mimi says she is going to support Belle always. Shawn is her friend too, and she isn't going to desert him.

Hope gets a call from Bo. Bo squirms. Hope is really, really peeved. She reminds Bo Patrick volunteered to go with Billie. Bo says Patrick isn't Georgia's father. She says this is the second time he's done this, "It's too late now. Something terrible happened tonight."

Jack rummages around a boat. Mr nasty-looking-guy catches him and asks what he is doing. Jack says he's inspecting the cargo. Nasty-guy asks for ID, "Show me some papers or I'm calling the police." Nasty-guy knows what Jack is up to, "You think you're the first guy who ever tried something like this?" Jack's fake mustache droops.

Toady isn't having any luck. He tells the clerk to call him if she sees anything suspicious. He has to go face the music with The Count.

Billie comes in. She goes to a computer. She looks up a phone number. She has the CD. I guess she burned it while none of us were looking. She asks the clerk if she knows anyone by this name. "Yes," the clerk says, "they are such a nice family. They have a teenage daughter."

Hope says if Bo would have been there this wouldn't have happened. Sure, Bo wouldn't have been in the wedding, he would have been outside, standing guard for flying motorcycles.

Mickey tells Shawn, "Out of jail doesn't mean out of trouble." Shawn says he understands. Mickey tells Shawn, "You need to clean up your act, and stay away from Belle and Phillip. Also, contact your insurance man about the motorcycle. Tell him the church darted out in front of you."

Mimi and Rex leave. "Alone at last," says Phillip. Belle is worried about her dad and brother, "BB misses Chloe and Dad misses Mom. He's in so much pain." Phil says this is why they have to appreciate what they have.

JR staggers in. He snaps at BB to leave him alone. BB goes through JR's coat and finds the handy-dandy-junkie-kit. He shows it to Kate and Nicole. They wonder where he got it. Kate says there have been drug thefts at the hospital. BB says, "I think we owe Nicole an apology." Kate says, "What I think is we have to do something about this."

Mr. Nasty rips Jack's mustache off. Jack does some fast talking. He asks to come on as a deck hand. There is one problem says the cap'n.

Cap'n Nasty says if he puts Jack on the payroll, there will be a paper trail. Jack says will work for nothing. Cap'n Nasty hands him the laundry. He can have that job, the last laundry guy left. Jack says he won't regret it. Cap'n Nasty leaves. Jack opens the laundry and smells it. Thai's what I always do, anytime I have a bag of old sour laundry that a bunch of grungy deck hands have worn, the first thing I do is open it up and take a big whiff. Whew! Jack reels. What did he expect, Estee Lauder? "If this is what it takes to get back to Jennifer and my family, so be it."

BB has to get JR into rehab. He picks up the phone to call Lexi.

Mimi says, "we can't turn our backs on Shawn."

"Fine," says Rex, "as long as he stays away from Belle and Phillip." They leave. Shawn comes up and knocks on Belle and Phillip's door. So much for "out of jail doesn't mean out of trouble." Phil answers the door, "Why aren't you in jail?"

Bo will be on the next plane. Hope shouldn't have to deal with this alone, "Leave the light on for me fancy face."

Billie asks about the family's teenage daughter, "exactly how old is she?" The clerk says she's about fifteen. Billie walks away and thinks this could be it. The clerk calls the family and says there is an American asking questions about them. They know what to do. Billie thinks she can find their daughter on her own. FF on Billie.


Phillip toasts Belle, "To all the rest of the Daze Of Our Lives as husband and wife."

Rex tells Shawn, "Accept it, Belle and Philip are married."

"GET OUT OF HERE," JR yells to everybody.


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