Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mary Poppin' Pills

Vivian finds Carly at the hospital and the taunts roll.

Arianna and Stephanie sit together at the Java Café and discuss "this woman Nathan was hung up on." Stephanie tells her she did something she's not very proud of.

Melanie and Nathan meet at the wharf. Melanie tells him about Daniel's condition. That, of course calls for a big hug as Phillip walks up. Oops. Melanie practically jumps out of her shoes. She bolts over and hugs Phillip. Then she backs up and calls out, "NEXT!"

EJ arrives at his henchman's place. Bennie is surprised to see him there. EJ says Nicole is now running around free because Anna got her a pardon. "And," says Bennie, "Your ex doesn't know you've been paying Anna and me to watch Sydney. And very generously, I might add... double the going rate for a babysitter."

Rafe grills Nicole in the cop-shop torture chamber. He asks the standard question... what she knew and when she knew it. Nicole decides to tell all, "Anna DiMera and I were partners..."

EJ tells Bennie he thinks Anna and Nicole have a connection and doesn't want any of their shenanigans to come back to haunt him. He reaches into his coat pocket, "You've been a liability, Bennie." Bennie thinks EJ is going for a gun and begs for his life.

Nicole is evasive, "The truth is Anna and I were sisters-in-law in a horrible family and we suffered together. That's what I mean by 'partners.'"

Rafe asks, "So Anna felt sorry for you and had you pardoned?"

Nicole gives him a condescending smile, "I see you're figuring it out." She gets up to go but Rafe threatens to handcuff her to the table until she tells the truth.

Carly tells Vivian to get out. Vivian taunts and rambles. She figures Carly has ruined Daniel's medical career by causing him to run out of the pub, fall and perform a self-lobotomy. Justin comes up and tells Vivian to get out.

Phillip holds Melanie, "Nathan, I've got this covered, you can head home." Nathan leaves to check on Daniel.

Melanie lets the excuses fly, "Nathan was just being nice. You're not jealous, are you?"

Phillip asks, "Should I be?"

Back at the Java Café, Stephanie 'splains the letter to Adrienne. Stephanie takes rationalization to new levels. Aunt Adrienne says she can't be supportive.

Instead of a gun, EJ pulls big money out of his jacket pocket and tells Bennie to make himself scarce, "Don't come back to Salem ever."

Bennie is relieved all of his body parts are still in one piece, "You got it Mr. D."

Nicole asks, "What's next water-boarding or just a good beating?"

"That depends on when you start telling me the truth," says Rafe. He says he thinks she started remembering things and finally put a face to the voice, "Then you gave Anna an ultimatum that she gets you out of prison or you rat her out."

"Normally Rafe," says Nicole, "you're a very smart person. Normally being defined as anytime Tuesday falls on a Sunday. Today however, you're dead wrong."

Adrienne thinks Stefano should have given Nathan the letter. Stephanie tells her Nathan found out about the letter but doesn't know what was in it. Oh, well that makes it all better.

Nathan wanders outside the pub and remembers the conversation he had with Melanie when she told him goodbye, "How can I get her out of my head?" Perhaps if he went and soaked it...

Melanie says Phillip doesn't need to be jealous. She tells him about Daddy Dan's condition. She says she was losing it when Nathan shows up and comforted her, but Phillip is the one she wants to be with. Kisses ensue.

Rafe says Sami told him Nicole and Anna hated each other. Nicole says they got along, had a connection and had empathy for each other, so Anna related to her, took pity and got her a pardon. Rafe says he thinks Anna got her out so she would keep her mouth shut, "But now everyone knows Anna was the kidnapper, so what's the harm in telling me where she is?"

Justin reminds Vivian there is a restraining order that says she can't go near Carly. Vivian says her crack attorney had the pesky little restraining order revoked, "And now I'm putting down roots... rich and powerful roots."

Nicole says she doesn't care about Anna, "And I understand Sydney isn't my baby. She belongs with EJ and Sami. I feel sorry for you working your butt off to get Sydney back... but you didn't, and working your butt of to get the kidnapper... but you didn't. It seems you aren't useful to Sami any more. Now, if we're done..."

"One last question," says Elliott Mess, "Why did you come back to a place where everyone hates you?"

Nicole sneers, "I came back to take what's mine... What's always been mine. By the way, tell your sister hi." She leaves.

Rafe scribbles a note, "Don't forget to tell Arianna Nicole says hi."

EJ is at the pub. He phones Bennie, who tells him he's at the airport. EJ reminds him to remember what he said thirty seconds ago, "You understand the consequences if you come back."

Bennie assures him, "This is the last conversation we will have." He gets off the phone and turns around to order a vodka at the bar. He tosses something in a wastebasket, "EJ who?"

Rafe looks at photographs of Nicole and Anna, "One liar, one off the map."

He turns and asks Conway for a file. Conway hands it to him and Rafe leafs through it. He finds surveillance photos from the baby store where Anna was buying supplies for Sydney. He comes across a picture of Bennie at the counter and notices he's carrying a gun. He mentions this to Conway, who says they ran facial recognition on the guy, "We found him in a database of desperate out-of-work actors who would even play a bit part on a second rate soap opera to get work. His name is Benjamin Louis Dorman, a.k.a Bennie Buttons."

Rafe tells Conway to check places out to find him, "If they find him don't do a damn thing. Just keep him in sight." Conway leaves. Rafe mumbles, "Maybe I don't need Nicole at all."

Nicole saunters up to EJ in the pub, "Miss me?" EJ clams up. "I thought so," says Nicole, "My entire world is empty without you, toots."

Justin says, "You'd communicate better if you didn't speak in tongues. What does 'roots' mean?"

Vivian makes the big announcement, "Victor and I are getting married." She bustles off.

Justin wonders, "Why would Victor want to be connected to that old crow?"

"Guess," says Carly.

Adrienne wonders what if Stephanie has just delayed the inevitable, "Things have a way of coming back. Like nieces we thought had gone off to have a big-time racing career, who then came back to make our lives miserable."

Phillip and Melanie lounge on the park bench. She suggests going back to Maggie's and getting under the covers. Vivian walks up, sees them and interrupts their little interlude, "Children! I have wonderful news!"

Bennie orders another. Apparently, the SPD took all of eleven seconds to locate Bennie, because Rafe joins him at the bar and orders a beer. Bennie uses the giant wad-o-cash EJ gave him to pick up Rafe's tab. Rafe looks at the big wad, "Looks like you hit the mother load."

"Something like that," says Bennie. The bartender brings Rafe's beer and Bennie gives him a huge tip. Rafe says he wishes he had cash like that, "If I did, I'd hire a PI to find my lady friend who just took off. I want her back so bad I can taste it. She had the prettiest name."

The lone Ranna fan in the audience cheers.

"I love those pretty names," says Bennie, "Lolita... Doreen... Margarita... Olive Oyl... What was your lady's name?"

"Anna. Anna DiMera."

Nicole sits with EJ, "Aren't you going to say hi or congrats for getting out of prison?" EJ is silent. He finally asks why she's in Salem. "It's my home."

EJ surveys the chopped liver look she's sporting, "Judging by your face I'd say not everyone agrees." Nicole says she's there to make a fresh start. EJ thinks she'll be back to lying and scheming in no time. She reminds him of the crimes he has committed, "I think I may make 'Lucky' my middle name, but you weren't so lucky. Anna had Sydney all that time and then double crossed you."

Phillip objects to Vivian calling them 'children.' Vivian expounds, "When you reach the age of... uh... 40... as I am, you think of younger people as children. But my news is a child's dream... parents reunited. Your father finally popped the question."

Adrienne cautions Stephanie to be careful and leaves. Stephanie buries her face as Nathan walks up. He wants to talk, "Is this a good time?"

Bennie starts to run. Rafe stops him, "I got six men with eyes on you. You're not going anywhere. Sit down, Bennie. I'm special agent Hernandez, FBI."

"Special agent," asks Bennie, "What does that mean?"

"It means it's the job I got after I graduated from special class," says Rafe.

Rafe shows Bennie the picture from the baby supply store, "Let's talk about Anna." Bennie plays dumb. So Dumb and Dumber sit at the counter and Dumber tells him they've done a McDNA test and it proved Bennie handled the stuffed animal Anna left behind, "And we also found one of Sydney's stuffed animals and we know you handled that, too." Bennie decides he wants a lawyer. Rafe says he can offer him a deal. He wants to know whom Anna was working with and where she went.

EJ says he was never close with Anna so she couldn't betray him. Nicole claims EJ and Anna were buds when she lived at the DiMera mansion. Nicole says she was surprised Anna would hurt EJ and take Sydney, "So I know exactly why Anna took her."

EJ gives Nicole the same look a shark gives a photographer in a shark cage, "Tell me what Anna told you, Nicky."

Justin speculates, "Victor hates the fact you and Bo are together, so marrying Vivian is sending you a message that he'll keep the snake around ready to strike.

Adrienne walks up. She says to Carly, "I see you're back at the hospital."

"Still playing doctor," says Carly.

"With Bo from what I've heard," says Adrienne.

Stephanie senses something is wrong. Nathan says he can't go out with her tonight, "It's Melanie..."

Phillip insists Victor would never marry Vivian. "Oh," gushes Vivian, "But he would. He's like you... a man of great passion and virile needs." Phillip reacts to that one...


Vivian asks what Melanie thinks of all this. Melanie chokes, "Uh..."

Adrienne wonders how Ciara is handling the situation with her parents. She reminds Carly Bo and Hope have already made it back together several times, "Don't get too comfortable with Hope around."

"No one's comfortable with Hope around," says Carly.

Nathan says, "This is hard for me, but I owe it to you to be honest. I still have feelings... for her."

Vivian says she hopes she hasn't come on too strong. Melanie wants to go, but Vivian encourages her to stay and invites her and Phillip to move back to the mansion, then she trundles off.

Phillip asks, "She certainly doubled her doses today, didn't she?"

Melanie freaks, "We're not moving back in that place!"

"Not while Mary Poppin' Pills still lives there," says Phillip. Melanie says she just wants Phillip and kisses him.

Rafe wants to make a deal. Bennie reminds him he just asked for a lawyer and Rafe can't question him. Rafe signals Conway, "Let Commander Brady know Bennie here was up to his eyeballs in aiding and abetting."

Nicole thinks EJ is blowing smoke, "You're not paranoid or traumatized. You're not even curious. You're worried as hell what Anna said to me. So spit it out, EJ, what exactly would Anna have said to me?"

Factoid: Cockroaches can live 30 days without a head, but can't match certain Salemites who seem to live their entire lives without one.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


EJ is at Sami's holding Sydney. He shudders, "It isn't supposed to happen." He flashes back to seeing Sami in all her glowing pulchritude, "My God, what have I done? I love her." He strokes Sydney's head, "I love your mother."

Sami bumps into Nicole at the pier. "Long time no see," says Nicole.

Nathan pays for Stephanie's order at the Java Café. Stephanie says it's not necessary, "It's not like you want to forgive and forget, right?"

Chloe is at the hospital in Carly's face. She asks what Carly did to Daniel. Carly says there is a problem. Did you expect anything less?

Melanie is in with Daddy. She's gone totally off the cliff and tells him how much he means to her. Suddenly she stops cold and asks woozy dad, "What's wrong?" Daniel looks straight at her and sees two of her, a sight that would terrify even the most courageous among us.

Double your headaches,
You know you can't run
Get yourself two brats
Instead of just one.

EJ strolls around the room with Sydney and dumps her in her crib. The doorbell rings. It's Lexie.

Rafe is at the pub with Arianna. She has told him Nicole is in town and Rafe wonders where she is.

Sami knows. Sami can't believe Nicole is in town, "I can't believe you have the nerve to come back."

"I'm here," says Nicole, "And I'm not leaving. So get used to it."

Dr. Williams says Daniel's MRI shows blood has moved around the occipital lobe. Carly translates that into Bimboese for Chloe.

Again, Daniel sees double Melanie. Oh, the horror!

Outside, Dr. Williams says Daniel might experience double vision, but it might clear up. Chloe worries. The doc says he's hopeful things will get better. Suddenly, panicked Melanie rushes out and calls for the doctor to come in and look at Daniel, "Something's wrong!"

Nicole says she's happy to be home. "There ain' room enough for you'n me in this h'yar town," says cowgirl Sami, "Get outta Dodge Salem, or I swear I will kick your ass."

The audience chants, "Cat-fight! Cat-fight!"

Lexie senses something is wrong. EJ says he should have listened to her. "You should always listen to me," chirps Lexie, "About what?"

"About Samantha."

"Will wonders never cease," gasps Lexie, "Finally you will quit denying you're in love with Sami."

"It wasn't supposed to be like this," mumbles EJ, "I ruined everything."

"What have you ruined?"

Rafe asks about Arianna's elopement, "You ran off and didn't tell me?"

"You're a hard guy to ditch unless you've committed a crime," says Arianna, "And we went to Santo Domingo and Nicole had to track down Brady and that's why she was there."

Rafe asks, "She's back here now, right?"

Arianna says, "Ready to wreck my life."

Nicole asks about Sydney. Sami says she's safe where she belongs, "Anna took good care of her. And I know you let her get away with it so you could get out of prison. How could you do that? You stay away from my daughter."

"That's over," says Nicole, "Maybe you should be more forgiving. You lied to EJ too. So don't play the victim. Now you're happy with Rafe..." Nicole senses trouble in paradise, "Did I get that wrong? Are you not happy?"

The doc is in Daniel's room, "Daniel, it's Aiden Williams." He asks for a minute. The three gals go outside where Chloe beats up on Carly but Melanie, wonder of wonders, defends her.

Stephanie wonders if Nathan is trying to make peace. Nathan says no.

EJ rambles about Sami, "She hides my daughter and then tells me she's dead, and then I find out I love her. I don't just love her, I LOVE her!"

An announcer comes on, "Sorry, ladies and gentlemen, there will be a slight delay while we provide oxygen to the folks in the Ejami section who seem to have had some sort of mass fainting."

Lexie observes, "You even want to control who you love. You can't do that. Have you told her?"


"Will you?"

"No," he stammers, "I don't know. I don't know how she would react."

"Right," says Lexie, "She's with Rafe."

"No," he says matter-of-factly, "She's not. They broke up."

Sami and Nicole keep taunting each other. "Oh," says Nicole, "Did your happily-ever-after not work out?" Nicole says in prison she realized none of this would have happened if Sami hadn't lied to EJ, "You blew it, Sami! You blew the one good thing you had working in your life. You blew it! You blew..."

That does it, Sami hauls off and... POW!


Melanie clears things up, "I'm the one who was yelling at Carly, not Daniel. I ran out of the pub. Daniel followed and slipped on the ice."

Doc Williams comes out of Daniel's room and says they have to run more tests.

Inside, Daniel contemplates his double hand. Chloe comes back in. Daniel assures her it'll be all right if she tells him she loves him. Chloe hugs.

Carly serves coffee and thanks Melanie for sticking up for her. Melanie brushes it off and asks if Carly will tell her the truth, Melanie whines at Carly, "Tell me... Is my dad gonna be OK?"

Rafe calls and leaves a message for Sami to be on guard since Nicole is back in town. Arianna asks how things are with him and Sami. "About the same," says Rafe. He asks about her elopement, "You're not..."

"NO," says Arianna, "I'd let you know if I was." She tells him the wedding will be in Salem, "FYI, you're in charge of Mom." Rafe thinks she's happy. Arianna says Brady is the best. Rafe can't believe Nicole was able to blackmail Anna. He goes off to find Nicole.

Lexie asks, "So, according to you, Sami and Rafe are finished..."

"Not according to me," says EJ. Lexie wonders if that means EJ is looking to make something happen with her. EJ dunno. Lexie suggests he go for a walk to think things through. That would require thinking, however. EJ leaves.

Sami says she shouldn't have let Nicole provoke her. Translation: "I just figured out you might hit me back." Nicole rubs her face, "I think you broke my jaw." Nicole counter-attacks... POW! "You want a piece of me," sneers Nicole, "I'm right here." Oh, yeah, Sami wants a piece of her...


The girls separate and then slam into each other again. They roll over the bench. Nicole gets Sami down and pounds her against the sidewalk.

Stephanie says she didn't mean to put words in Nathan's mouth. Nathan says it's OK since the letter was meaningless. Stephanie flashes back to the un-meaningless letter. She says she's sorry he got hurt. Nathan decides they should start over, "Hi... I'm Nathan Horton and wondered if you'd like to have dinner Ms. Johnson."

"I'd like that very much."

Daniel zones out. "Any change," asks Chloe. She wonders if the eye problem will get better. Daniel doesn't answer.

Carly tells Melanie she can't say what will happen. Melanie whines about him needing his eyes because he's a doctor, "I shouldn't have run out of the pub like that. It's my fault."

"It made more sense for you to blame me," says Carly.

EJ comes into the gym and finds Arianna having her own little catfight with the stationery bike she's on. "The idea of that bike is not to tear it apart," says EJ.

"I feel like tearing something apart," says Arianna, "Things are frustrating." EJ asks if she wants to talk about it. "It all started when my wedding was ruined," says Arianna.

Sami has pulled a reversal and has Nicole down. They continue to pound on each other. Rafe finds them and pulls them apart. They get around him and we have another round of screaming, rolling, smacking, hair pulling and... OMG... NAME CALLING!"

Melanie does another 180° and says she's changed her mind about being to blame. Carly insists it was an accident. "Yeah," says Melanie, "Now he just has to get better."

Chloe thinks she's a failure at cheering Daniel up. Daniel assures her that's not the case, "Just don't sing."

Melanie comes in. we go through the perfunctory how are ya's. Chloe leaves for the Brady pub to get Daniel chocolate cake. Melanie says she's sorry that he got stuck with her for a daughter.

Arianna says the elopement didn't happen but now they are doing something more formal. EJ asked what happened. Arianna is direct, "Your ex wife."

Rafe and officer Conway drag Sami and Nicole into the cop-shop. The women continue attempting to have their smackdown but Roman pulls them apart, "My house, my rules." He has Conway take Nicole into the rubber hose room. Nicole turns and shouts at Rafe, "Get her out of your life or she'll hurt you every chance she gets."

Daniel tells Melanie not to blame herself. Melanie does yet another 180° and wants to blame herself. Daniel pontificates about getting through things. Melanie says Carly knew exactly what to do while he was laying on the sidewalk with his brains oozing out. Carly joins them and says Melanie was quite professional herself. Melanie gets choked up and leaves after a quick chorus of Kum Bah Ya.

Nathan says he'll pick Stephanie up at 7. Adrienne comes up and Stephanie introduces. Nathan leaves. "Spill it," says Adrienne, "I've been getting emails from your dad and he says you're in love."

Stephanie admits, "I'm pretty crazy about him."

EJ puts two and two together and figures Arianna and Brady eloped to Santo Domingo. He asks if Nicole said anything about the pardon or gave details about the Syd-napping. Arianna says no. "At least she's a long way from Salem," says EJ.

"No she's not."

"Where is she?" Inquiring, not to mention criminal, minds want to know.

Rafe doctor's Sami's eye. "YEOWCH," screams Sami, "That stings! Owwww!"

Rafe is so compassionate and understanding, "Don't be a baby."

"You're the baby," says Sami, "Remember that cold you had last winter? You know, the one where the little viruses had a higher IQ than you? You whined around and complained all the time you had that."

Conway comes out and tells Rafe he can in and question Nicole.

Stephanie and Adrienne have a seat and a load of coffee. Stephanie tells her Nathan was into someone else, "But now she's out of his system."

Melanie is outside on the phone talking to the Dr. Williams about Daniel's vision, "Thank you for being honest." She hangs up and bumps into Nathan. Stares and tears.

Carly apologizes. Daniel can't take any more apologies. He says it's his fault. They talk about Melanie. Carly says it's good to see him smiling again and takes his hand as Chloe comes up, looks in, drops her jaw and stews.

EJ figures Nicole has been back in town for hours and expresses concern. He tells Arianna not to trust her. Arianna leaves. EJ zones, "I have to find Nicole."

Roman says he owes Sami an apology for telling Anna to come and see her. Sami says he would have had no idea Anna kidnapped Sydney. She thinks maybe there was some good in Nicole coming back and fighting her, "I think Rafe still loves me. It's just that he's so closed off. I think we are going to find our way back to each other."

Finally, a lone ray of sunshine beams down into the Safe section of the audience.

Meanwhile, Rafe is in with Nicole, "This is like the good old days. Me questioning and you lying your head off. How did you manage to pull the pardon off?"

Nicole sasses Mr. G-Man, "I guess I'm Anna's favorite."

"Cut the crap," says Rafe, "You knew Anna kidnapped Sydney and blackmailed her. How long did you know?"

Nicole ignores the question, "I was pardoned. Wake up."

Rafe reminds her, "You weren't pardoned from obstructing a federal investigation. I think you would have trouble coming up with a second pardon."

Nicole caves in, "Since you won't quit badgering me, I'll tell you everything."


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Monday, March 29, 2010

A Screwed Up Selfish Woman

Rafe is at the SPD talking on the phone and making arrangements to go to Santo Domingo, "Who cares if there's a hurricane down there? I've been living with Sami Brady. That's a lot worse than flying into some measly hurricane." Hurricane Sami comes up to him and conjures up one of her pouty personalities.

Brady sits on the plane with Nicole in front of him and Arianna's seat is empty. Brady asks, "What am I gonna do with you?" I'm sure Nicole has a few ideas, but probably thinks it would gross out the other passengers.

Chloe is at the Java Café. She calls and leaves a message for Daniel. Victor comes up, listens and butts in, "Maybe he's avoiding you."

Carly and Melanie argue in the pub. Melanie tells her off, turns and bolts. Daddy Dan follows. Outside, Melanie nearly slips as she takes off. Daniel comes out the door after her. He steps onto the icy patch and takes the opportunity to show off his figure skating skills. He executes a triple salchow, followed by a double axel, a heave-ho and a flying leap. The good news is viewers of the female persuasion get a close-up of Dan's choice butt. The bad news is it's positioned directly over his head. His next maneuver is a single pile driver right into the concrete, where brain slime and blood ooze out and commingle in a goopy pool on the sidewalk. In other words, what we now have lying on the ground – great big gobs of greasy grimy groper guts.

Melanie runs back and checks out pancake head as Carly comes out and looks at the injury. "This isn't happening," whines Melanie, "Carly, do something please."

Rafe talks. Sami stares. He gets off the phone and Sami scolds him for not calling her back. EJ rushes in half talking on the phone and half talking to Rafe and Sami. He asks if there is news, gets another call and heads back out. Sami turns to Rafe and whines, "You can't keep shutting me out like this."

Melanie calls EMS as Carly examines Daniel's head and scoops gray matter back into the wound. Carly asks Melanie to run into the pub and get first aid supplies. Melanie goes to get them as Carly tells Daniel to hang in there.

Arianna comes back to her seat and hands Brady a note, "The flight attendant asked me to give this to you. I Hope its not a mash note."

"You never know," says Brady as he reads it and finds out it's from his old buddy Kevin, who used to fly for Titan, "He wants to talk." Brady isn't interested, "I just don't feel chatty."

Arianna tosses accusations, "You're a liar. You're afraid to leave me alone with that." She points to Nicole who is snoozing in the seat in front of them.

Sami whines, "You're shutting me out again." Rafe has work to do. He shuts her out.

Chloe holds a gift-wrapped box. Victor asks what it is. "It's a gift from Daniel," says Chloe, "A person who loves a person gives gifts. You wouldn't know about that."

"I've Loved and lost more than you ever will," says Victor.

Chloe says, "Daniel and I are doing just fine."

Victor snarls, "You won't be for long. Don't blame me when the man you love is lost to Carly Manning."

Carly doctors. Kinzie comes out, "Someone just ran in and got some things and... O... M... G... What happened?"

"He slipped," says Carly, "Go inside."

"Well," says Kinzie, "You don't have to be rude."

Carly shows her what 'rude' really is, "GO INSIDE!"

Meanwhile, Melanie panics, "Daniel... Please, please, don't leave me."

Arianna says, "I'm not stupid." Brady bites his tongue. In this case, silence is not consent. Arianna says, "You think if you leave us alone we'll get in a catfight?"

"I can dream," says Brady.

Arianna insists he go, "I don't need a babysitter. I'm not one of Sami's kids." Brady leaves. Arianna sighs. Nicole sleeps. Arianna joins her in the next row and sits with her., "Rise and shine." Nicole rises, but no shining.

Carly and Melanie are with Daniel in the hospital. A doc comes in and says he's stabilized. Melanie goes to clean up. Outside, she staggers and stares. She remembers Daniel giving her a locket with a picture of her grandmother.

Roman finds Rafe. Rafe tells him there is no news on the kidnapping front and fills him in on the hurricane. Roman puts in a plug for Global warming, "And they say climate change is a myth." Rafe says it looks like Anna has dropped off the radar.

Sami and EJ are back at her place. Sydney is there in her crib, but Johnny and Allie are with poor Caroline. Sami thinks Sydney handled the kidnapping well. "That can happen," says EJ, "when you're a baby and have no clue what's going on." They talk about Anna, then Rafe. EJ senses there is trouble in paradise, "What happened?"

"I totally embarrassed myself," says Sami, "and told him I don't want him to shut me out. I put my heart on my sleeve and then he walked away like he didn't care at all."

"Drat the bad luck."

"Now," she says, "I have to deal with the fact we're not getting back together."

"Maybe that's for the best."

Arianna and Nicole crank it up. Nicole says Arianna has no right to judge her, especially being a convicted drug dealer. That prompts Arianna to bring up baby stealing and kidnapping. "All I wanted was for Brady to be happy. I thought you would be good for Brady in my absence," says Nicole.

Arianna asks, "Was I just filling in?"

"Yes," says Nicole, "He doesn't love you."

Arianna snaps back, "What you think — he's in love with a lying drunk, a screwed up selfish woman who tricked another man into marrying her? Do you think he could have an iota of respect for you?"

Nicole says, "Brady was (say it with her) there for me all the time. He never betrayed my trust."

Arianna gets up and heads back to her seat, "Have a good flight."

Nicole goes on, "He was (say it with her) there for me every step of the way despite every despicable thing I did." She grabs Arianna's arm, "If that isn't love what is?"

"Anything you do in an elevator?"

Rafe beats himself up for having Anna in his clutches and then letting her go. "So did I," says Roman, "Maybe I should call Sami."

"Maybe we should wait until we find Anna," says Rafe. Roman picks up on his moodiness. Rafe asks, "What are you looking at me like that for? If you have something to say, say it." Roman says he thinks Rafe owes Sami an apology for kicking her while she was down.

Sami thinks EJ is gloating. EJ insists he isn't and checks the Guy Manual for the right words, "I'm 100% in your corner and think we are much closer since Sydney is back. I think you are remarkable and only want what's best for her. I don't want to see you hurt."

"I am already hurting," she whines.

EJ speculates, "Let's say you get back together and Rafe gets another case and leaves you alone. How will you feel?"

Sami gets defensive, "You think I can't be by myself? I can handle it."

EJ manipulates, "What if Rafe felt he wasn't capable of letting you in because of a lingering lack of trust?" Stupid, evil, Linda Blair spitting up green bile music plays in the background.

Chloe says Victor can't shake her confidence. Victor says he wants Carly out of Bo's life, but won't sacrifice Daniel, "He loves you so keep Carly away from Daniel so she won't ruin his life."

Chloe gasps, "Are you actually rooting for us?"

Victor gets sarcastic, "Finally she gets the picture. Yes. I'd rather have you than a psychopathic murderess."

Outside Daniel's room at the hospital, we have full blown Melanie-o-drama taking place. Carly comes out and helps Melanie put the locket on. Mark the date and time. It's their first mother-daughter moment. Mark the ensuing nanosecond, too, because that's when it will all fall apart.

Back on the plane, Nicole has followed Arianna back to her seat and Arianna tells her to go away. Nicole reminds her she's the one who came and sat with her, "He still has feelings for me and you can't change that."

Arianna says Nicole is delusional. Nicole insists Arianna is wrong and accuses her of being insecure, "If you were confident of Brady's love you'd ignore me."

"I can't do that with you in my face," says Arianna. Brady comes back. Nicole wishes him a nice flight and leaves. Brady and Arianna stare as more stupid music plays to remind us dumb viewers this is an uncomfortable, yet somewhat amusing situation.

Rafe wonders why Sami lied to him. Roman says, "She was in pain. She doesn't think straight when she's in pain."

"There must be a lot of pain in her life," says Rafe.

Roman asks, "I wonder if she trusts EJ more than she trusts you?"

Sami defends Rafe and says the important thing is she got Sydney back. EJ isn't sure Rafe understands that, "I think this is indicative of the way Rafe feels about you. I think you have already lost him."

"You're right," says Sami, "It's probably over. I should be glad it happened and move on. I just don't know how."

EJ steps up with a few ideas, "Start by concentrating on things that are important — like our kids."

Kinzie cleans up the mess outside the pub as Chloe comes out, "Did somebody spill something?"

Kinzie scoops up brain material into a dust pan and tells her about Daniel's fall.

Melanie says Daniel gave her the locket. Carly says, "I Hope you don't feel responsible for this it wasn't your fault."

Melanie reels, "Who said it was?"

Chloe is back inside the pub in full panic mode. She calls the hospital, "If he wakes up tell him I'm on my way with a dustpan full of brain goo."

Kinzie stops her and tells her what happened, "Daniel followed Melanie out the door and fell. If you ask me it was Dr. Manning's fault. She almost killed him."

Melanie wants to know why Carly thinks this was her fault. She blows up and says it's Carly's fault for showing up.

Brady and Arianna are back at the Kiriakis mansion. Brady don' wanna think about Nicole, "I want you and I to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together." Arianna settles down and suggests they plan a wedding.

Nicole comes into the pub and orders a latte and three shots of espresso.

Kinzie recognizes her, "Aren't you Nicole Walker DiMera? You're the baby switcher!"

Sami says she is jealous of Anna for getting to spend all that time with Sydney, "Just think. Instead, Sydney could have been bonding with so many babysitters." EJ says Sydney knows exactly who her real mother is. "Let's be honest," says Sami, "Sydney hardly knows me."

EJ thinks Sydney would disagree, "This girl knows you and I love her more than anything."

Sami bounces Sydney, "And what matters is you are home now."

Nicole tells Kinzie she doesn't want trouble. Kinzie snaps her picture with her cell phone, "I can't believe it. I actually met the Salem baby snatcher." She sends the picture to the Internet, "Will you sign my shirt."

Nicole turns to go, "Leave me alone."

Kinzie huffs, "What a diva!"

Roman says Anna is either in the country or traveling with a fake passport. He brings Sami up again, "If you can't let go of the fact that Sami didn't trust you, the relationship is dead. Is that what you want?"

EJ lets his hair down and tells Sami how much he loves Johnny, "I didn't want you to see me... like this..."

Sami half giggles, "See you how? Human? I promise not to tell anyone. I have to go to market and I think Sydney would love to spend some time with her dad." She tells Sydney to help her daddy, "He needs you Right now." Sami takes off. Vulnerable EJ stares at her picture.

Melanie sits by Daniel in his hospital room. He stirs, "Melanie?"

She whines, "Are you OK, Dad?"

Outside, the doc tells Carly the MRI wasn't good. Chloe rushes up and asks Carly, "What happened? What did you do to Daniel?" She hands the dustpan full of brain matter to the doc who runs in and fills the gaping hole in Daniel's head.

Brady makes a business call. He hangs up and makes another, "Nicole, it's Brady. Call me. We have to talk."

Arianna comes into the pub and finds Rafe. She tells him Nicole is back in town.

EJ shudders, "It's not supposed to happen. It's not supposed to be like this. No." He stares, "My God, what have I done?" More shuddering and shivering, "I love her."

Wild cheering erupts from the Ejami section. Medics rush in and attend to the stunned gals in the Safe section.

Sami stops at the dock. Nicole finds her. They stare at each other as Nicole slowly approaches. She reaches the point where they attain critical mass and the seeds of Armageddon are planted.

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Artistes And Bummes


Not feeling very creative this morning. That sometimes happens to us artistes.

Hope you guys have a terrific weekend. I know I will. I think I'll just sit around and not do much. That sometimes happens to us lazy bummes.

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Friday, March 26, 2010

A Drunken One Night Stand

Things were pretty much a mess this morning. At the start of the show, I got no feed. Then slowly, the feed came in, so I could see who was talking, but not hear it. Then things came in almost perfectly and I could see the show. Then they gradually faded out again. Then came back in. Then out. Then in. Then... you get the idea. By the end of the show, everything was coming in fine and I got the previews for the show that will air in the US on Tuesday, so I'll post that video on Prevuze II as soon as I can. In the meantime, here's what I got in today's unstable feed:

Hope and Julie have a conversation. Julie probably told her to patch things up with Bo.

Stephanie and Adrienne chat at the Java Café. Justin joins them.

Daniel and Melanie are at the pub. I think he's telling her about Rebecca, "She would have loved you. I think you two would have hit it off."

"I wanna hear more about it," says Melanie, "and the whole family."

Daniel says he'll try to dig up more pictures. He also reminds her he's not her only family, "I'm just trying to see things from her perspective (By 'her,' I think he means Carly, but he could be talking about Melanie's new-found Aunt Lizzie, the ax murderer who the family doesn't talk about much). The Alamains are a ruthless family."

"So," says Melanie, "You've switched to Team Carly?"

"I think you should get to know your mom," says Daniel.

"Why," asks Melanie, "So she can improve her aim? She kept me from having a real dad. I can't forgive her."

Carly and Phillip are having a conversation at the hospital. Carly insists she's not the villain the Kiriakis family makes her out to be. Phillip in turn, insists he has to keep her out of Melanie's life for the sake of family peace and harmony, which no doubt will last about five minutes once the newlyweds get settled in together. Carly says she won't be intimidated and walks off.

Phillip stands there and does the DOOL stare, and then walks off himself. As he does, Chloe finds him. She says she's there for her shrink appointment, "I owe it to Daniel to give it a chance."

Phillip reaches into his bag of clichés and comes up with, "Maybe you owe it to yourself ."

Meanwhile, back in Santo Domingo, we have apparently received the news that a "freak hurricane" is descending on the place and is about to interrupt the "freak show" going on down there. Arianna packs as they prepare to bug out. She gets a phone call from Gabi.

Julie and Hope continue to talk. (By this time the satellite had completely faded out again and I could barely tell who was on the screen but couldn't hear the conversation at all. I consider it a blessing.)

Brady and Nicole keep it up. Nicole insists she has friends but pouts because Brady isn't her friend any more. "I'm starting a new life with Arianna," says Brady.

"So you don't have time for me," whines Nicole.

Before Brady can spit out his snappy comeback to that one, Fay runs up and says they have to get out of there because the "freak hurricane" is about to blow them all to kingdom come.

Phillip says Chloe has a lot going for her, "You're an out of work failure as an opera singer who just found out the love of her life (du jour) sired Satan's Spawn and her mother, (who everyone hates) has now butted into your life and your boyfriend/fiancée/whatever thinks you're loony and has you seeing a shrink. What more could you want?"

Chloe insists she doesn't have a problem with Melanie. "You just haven't gotten to know her well enough," says Phillip, "And what about her mother?"

Daniel says Carly was trying to save Melanie from Lawrence. Melanie says she just can't make up with her. Carly walks into the pub as they talk.

Stephanie remarks about the way Adrienne and Justin were looking at each other, "He had love in his eyes." Adrienne explains she and Justin shared a life together and things fell apart gradually. Stephanie goes for more coffee.

Hope comes in. She starts to say something but Adrienne doesn't want to hear it, "I came here to find out my husband was in love with another woman."

"He's not," insists Hope. She decides she's not wanted and goes to another table, because another planet isn't available at the moment.

Arianna tells Gabi a hurricane is coming and that's why they can't get married and have to leave. She hangs up and Brady comes in, "I'm sorry."

Arianna asks, "About the hurricane or Nicole?"

"Both," says Brady, "I love you and have every intention of finishing what we have started."

Downstairs Fay tells Nicole they have to get out now. "I will leave when Brady leaves," says Nicole, "He still loves me. I can see it in his eyes." Fay says she's wrong. "If you don't believe me, then ask him," says Nicole.

Brady gets off the phone and tells Arianna the boarding passes are at the front desk, "Unfortunately the hurricane blew through and the front desk is now in Puerto Rico." He leaves. Arianna sits and vows no one will take Brady from her.

Downstairs, Brady bumps into Fay. She asks if he still has feelings for Nicole.

Not one ever to leave a dead horse just lie on the floor in peace, Hope tries again with Adrienne.

Brady gives Fay his answer. The satellite has once again faded and we can only assume what it was, but I figure it went something like this, "I'm getting married. That means I love the woman who will be my bride. But Nicole is first runner up. In the event that the winning bride does not work out for some reason, the runner-up, Nicole, may step in and complete her term, before I move on to another unlucky woman."

Hope and Adrienne continue their conversation.

Arianna and Brady are on the plane. Nicole comes in, gives them a quick "hi" and sits in the seat in front of them.

Chloe and Phillip also continue to talk.

Kinzie is now working at the pub. So with Gabi and her working together and all kinds of angst going on between Chad, Mia, Will and Gabi, that pretty much sets the scene for the annual Summer-of-teen-hijinx we get every year. Kinzie and Gabi have a conversation. It grinds to a halt when Kinzie sees Melanie and Carly together there and wonders why Melanie would be with her.

Hope meets Justin at the dock. She says she understands why Justin is upset, "I went about things stupidly I messed up. I messed up big-time."

Justin rants, "Did you do that so you could shoot me down? You want me out of your life? I am gone." He hustles off, but she rushes after him. It ain't over till Hope says it's over. Or, for you opera buffs, it ain't over till the skinny lady sings.

Carly says Melanie's anger doesn't phase her any more. She refers to herself as Melanie's mom and Melanie blows up, "You can NEVER ingratiate yourself to me. Stay out of my life and my father's too! Just leave me alone." Remember yesterday, we mentioned the "Quit While You're Ahead" section of the Guy Manual. Maybe Carly should read that, too.

Hope says she's always been honest with Justin. He scolds her for bringing Adrienne into this, "It's all about you isn't it? I don't give a damn what you meant. You went behind my back and made a fool of me. Friends don't do that."

Nicole sits down in the row in front of Arianna and Brady. Brady asks if she's going back to Salem. "Home is where the heart is," she drones. Then she thinks to herself, "I'm never giving up on you, Brady."

Chloe worries about competition between her and Carly, "Carly is the mother of his child. That I can never be." But, by gum, Chloe the little trooper isn't going to let that get her down. No sir, "But she is only a drunken one night stand to him. I will not allow her to worm her way into Daniel's life."

Carly says, "I will leave you alone for now, but not for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Melanie continues to rant, "I have one parent and that's Daniel. You don't exist. Melanie huffs out. Daniel chases.

Outside, Melanie kind of slips and grabs a rail, which prevents her from falling. She starts to walk on. In back of her, Daddy runs out of the pub like gangbusters and hits the same slippery spot.

Howard Cosell gives the play-by-play, "DOWN GOES DANIEL! DOWN GOES DANIEL!"

Daniel lies on the pavement in a huge pool of...


Carly comes out behind them and sees the disaster. She stoops down and checks him out.

Justin walks by and sees what's happened. He hands Carly his business card, "Give this to him when he comes to. We'll sue the owners of this gin joint for everything they've got."

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Flunky Theory

Rafe is on the phone playing G-man in Sami's living room. He hangs up and EJ comes out from getting Sydney down for a nap. He says Sami is back trying to get Johnny and Allie to sleep, "She's playing reruns of the Syd-napping for them. They'll be asleep in no time." EJ just happens to mention the fact Rafe and Sami are on a break. Rafe says he wants to talk to EJ about Anna, without Sami being there reaching critical mass and interrupting things.

Kate comes into the rumpus room and reminds Stefano to take his meds. "I would not need them so much if Nicole was still behind bars," says Stefano.

Kate says, "Even Nicole can't regulate your blood sugar, but believe me if she has half a brain in her head she will stay far away from Salem and your family."

Stefano pops his pills, grabs Kate and pulls her in, "I feel better already." Well, it is the rumpus room. It looks like Stefano has a little rumpusing in mind.

Brady turns to Nicole, "This is where you zip it." He turns and tells Arianna he wants to marry her. Arianna says Nicole is free and that changes everything.

Brady asks, "Do you want to marry me or not."


Nicole interrupts, "But you know you don't have a prayer, right?"

Brady turns back to Nicole, "If you butt in one more time I will knock you on your butt." And the Emmy for using "butt" twice in one sentence goes to...

Brady turns back to Arianna, "What's it gonna be?"

Arianna rambles. Bottom line, Arianna is worried about Nicole, "I came in here and she was sticking her tongue down your throat."

"She was saying goodbye," says insists Brady.

"It looked more like hello to me," says Arianna, "If we get married, will she be hanging around for all the Days Of Our Lives? If you can't forget her I don't want to marry you today."

Will comes to the DiMera mansion. He announces he's grounded but got out of the house to bring Kate's present back. Stefano thinks it's not right that Will is being punished for letting him see Sydney. Will thinks it's not right he's being punished for being in the middle of things, "My little sister got kidnapped because someone was trying to get even with you. I don't like my family being your poker chip."

Rafe wonders why Anna would kidnap a DiMera baby and make everyone think the baby died. EJ says Tony's death pushed Anna over the edge, "But why would she do it on her own?"

"I guess you haven't heard," says Rafe, "Anna wasn't acting on her own." Caution: The following link is completely tasteless and offensive and has therefore been deemed to be DOUBLE CENSORED.

Brady... Arianna... boredom... Nicole watches and rolls her eyes. Brady says, "I want to be married to you. Not to you and Nicole. I can be your husband and Nicole's friend." OMG. Brady must sit down and read the Guy Manual. Three... two... one...


Arianna blows up, "The next time Nicole calls and wants you to talk her off the ledge, what will you do?"

"Ignore her," promises Brady, "If I can do that can you forgive the fact she called?"

"I can try."

"Then let's get married today," says Brady.


Nicole continues to watch and roll her eyes.

Chad and Mia are both working at the Java Café. Mia tells him she broke things off with Will. Chad asks how Will took it. "He was a wreck," says Mia, "but he'll get over me. You are the only one I want." They grab each other and put on a huge PDA behind the counter. Gabi comes up as they suck face, "I'll have a mocha lava jatte with five sugars. Can you two stop pawing each other long enough to get it for me?"

Kate insists she wasn't trying to bribe Will. He says Sami and EJ are both mad at Stef'n-Ho, "And EJ is mad at me. He called me a 'bloody little bastard.'"

Stefano comes to his defense, "I will not let Elvis be calling you that, even though... technically... you are a bastard."

Rafe says somebody had to be watching the baby when Anna was out. He thinks maybe she had a flunky working for her. "You could be right about that," says the flunky.

Brady and Arianna smooch. Brady decides they've gotten their first fight out of the way. They run off to find the Justice of the Peace.

Nicole turns to the bartender, "Keep 'em coming." The JP comes in and says he was delayed. Nicole says if he has time on his hands maybe they could find a way to fill it.

Stef'n-Ho argue about who gets to tell EJ off. Stefano wins and says he will make it clear EJ can't treat Will like that.

Rafe says there is something that doesn't jive with the 'flunky theory,' "Anna said something about this not being her idea."

EJ says he thinks Anna was just nervous, "Can you imagine she was standing here talking to Sydney's mother?"

Rafe vows, "Don't worry, we'll get Anna AND the person she was working with."

The Justice of the Peace introduces himself to Nicole. Nicole and Gordon get better acquainted. Nicole asks, "What does a JP do when he wants to let off steam?"

"I grab my binoculars and go off bird-watching," says Gordon.

Nicole gets closer, "Do you know what I do?"

With impeccable timing, Fay walks into the bar, "Say no, Gordon, if you have a brain in your head. Nicole, what do you think you are doing?" Nicole gets up and asks her what she is doing there. Fay says she brought the money Nicole asked for. Nicole reminds her she wanted the money wired instead of getting Fay in person.

Gordon overhears them talking about Nicole's stint in the slammer, "Prison? You were in prison?"

Nicole and Fay go on to argue about things and start talking about the Syd-napping. Gordon again gets curious, "Kidnapping? What kidnapping?"

"Nicky," says Fay, "you were safer in that prison. What will the DiMeras do to you now."

Gordon asks, "DiMeras? Who are the DiMeras?" Inquiring minds want to know.

Nicole tells Fay she will soon be on the bottom of Stefano's list of enemies. Fay asks, "Are you saying you know who took the baby? That's the person who sprung you from prison isn't it?"

Kate wants Will to talk to her. He says, "Mia was two-timing me. I dumped her."

Kate is thrilled that he took action, "Yes! That's my boy!"

"I was so clueless," whines Will.

"No," insists Kate, "You are loyal true... and clueless. Someday you will find the right person."

"I don't know," says Will, "I don't have a lot of faith when it comes to true love."

Fay lectures, "You've just gotten out of prison and here you are sitting in a bar making time with this clown."

That's Gordon's cue to excuse himself, "I have a marriage to perform."

"Thanks mom," says Nicole, "That couple he is going to marry is Brady and Arianna and I can't stop it." Fay gets upset at the fact that Nicole would even want to stop Brady's wedding. Nicole defends herself and says she just came there to see Brady, "He's the one for me. He always has been."

Brady and Arianna walk in. Nicole congratulates them on now being married. Brady makes intros, "Arianna, this is Fay. Fay, this is my fiancée Arianna."

Nicole picks up on the 'F-word,' "Fiancée," asks Nicole, "You mean you didn't go through with it?"

Mia and Gabi trade insults. "Will dumped you," says Gabi, "But you still have Chad, so get off my case."

Brady and Arianna announce the wedding garden is completely flooded, "Don't worry," says Brady, "We're still gonna do the deed. And we're going to get married, too. They've found a place to have the ceremony on the beach." Brady and Arianna run off.

Fay thinks Nicole is going to do something stupid again, "You did all those things to EJ, you faked a pregnancy and stole a baby, and he still loved another woman — Sami Brady. Now you're at it again with Brady."

Nicole insists Brady was relieved the garden was flooded, "He doesn't love her. He loves me."

Brady and Arianna get back to the room. She sees the broken string of pearls and her mood does a nosedive. She tells Brady about Paca's warning. Brady brushes it off. Arianna isn't so sure Brady is right to do that. She thinks maybe this isn't the time or place to get married.

Stefano lets Will out as Elvis comes in. Will takes one look at EJ and scoots. EJ comes in, and then Rafe follows. Rafe grills Stefano about Anna's involvement in the kidnapping. Stefano is lost. He turns to EJ, "What the hell is he talking about?"

Mia turns around and pours salt in Gabi's coffee. The old salt in the coffee trick. She must've learned that one from Lucas. Mia turns back and hands Gabi the cup. Gabi walks off.

Mia the meanie snickers . Chad sees the light. He heard Gabi saying Will dumped Mia and challenges her. Mia says Gabi was lying about that. Chad doesn't buy it. He blows up and walks off. Mia chases. Customers can get their own damn coffee.

Stefano asks, "You believe Anna kidnapped Sydney?"

EJ fires back, "So you are going to tell me you have no idea who the kidnapper is? The bureau doesn't think Anna was acting alone."

Rafe butts in, "Any of this sound familiar Mr. DiMera?"

"Sure," says Stefano, "Around here we rehash everything and recycle scripts all the time."

Nicole gets a dig in, "So you're are saying, just like you I should marry a wife-beating rapist? Brady has been (say it with her) there for me all along."

"He is marrying another woman," says Fay, "If you love him you will let him go."

"If you love me," says Nicole, "You'll let the clichés go."

Brady accuses Arianna of getting cold feet. "I've been in this dress all day," says Arianna, "and we're still not married." Brady solves that problem quick enough. He takes her dress off. Arianna asks, "Uh... aren't we doing this a little backwards?" Brady doesn't think so. He reminds her that TECHNICALLY they are SUPPOSED to be married right now. That's close enough for Arianna. Besides, with her dress around her ankles, her feet won't be cold any more.

Kate walks up and Stefano tells her Rafe has accused Anna of kidnapping Sydney and Elvis thinks Stefano may have information about whoever helped her, "Listen to me. Sydney is my granddaughter. Do you think for one moment when they thought she was dead my grief was an act. I have no idea about what Anna was up to. I swear to it on Elvis' life."

Mia catches Chad as he starts out the door, "You can't walk away. We had a baby together."

"Don't ever do that again," says Chad, "Don't use Grace to get at me. You didn't even tell me you were pregnant. Why didn't you take better care of yourself. She might be here right now. You are all about you and that's all you have right now — you." He walks out.

Fay thinks Nicole deserves a brand new start, "It's not too late for you to have a happy life."

Nicole backs off, a little too easily, "You're right. If I love Brady and myself I have to start a new life and I will. Just as soon as hell freezes over."

Brady and Arianna sit in bed and cuddle. Brady gets a call. He tells her the car is downstairs. Brady asks her if she's sure about getting married. Arianna says she is sure. She runs to get ready.

Rafe says he believes Stefano. EJ wonders, "If Father wasn't working with Anna, who was?"

"Well," says Rafe, "I guess I should run down to Santo Domingo and talk to Nicole.

Fay can't believe she got through to Nicole. Neither can we. Nicole insists she's turning over a new leaf.

Rafe gets a call and goes off to take it. Stefano asks what gave Elvis the idea he would kidnap Sydney. EJ says he doesn't know what to think anymore. Being able to think would be the first step. Kate drags Stefano off to talk to him. Rafe comes back and tells EJ he won't be going to Santo Domingo.

The JP meets Brady and Arianna and tells them there has been a shocking turn of events. Arianna shouts, "Nicole, what have you doe now?"

Carlo uses his rippling muscles busting out of his tight shirt to arrange things in Anna's hotel room. Very friendly Anna says, "I came here to get away from everything."

"Then," says Carlo, "you have come to the right place."

Stefano says he is shocked Anna could do something like this. Kate speculates, "Makes you wonder if someone didn't talk her into it."

I'm not sure how this is going to turn out when I post it. Some days you watch this show and just wind up feeling like you've had some sort of video lobotomy.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Greed-Stupidity Cocktail

Bo and Carly stand on the dock sucking on each other like the bottom feeders down there cleaning the bed of the Salem river. Bo comes up for air, "I'll always (say it with him) be here for you."

"I love you so much," says Carly.

Vivian watches and smirks, "Do you drug them, Carly... hypnotize them? How else can you explain the endless supply of intelligent men that fall for a woman like you?"

Carly asks, "Do you want me to explain the why the intelligent men fall for me or why Bo fell for me?"

Hope sits in her office at the cop-shop and pretends to work. She flashes back to an argument with Bo as Justin comes in. Hope looks up at him, "This isn't a good time."

"This can't wait," says Justin, "You played God with my life."

"Who was playing," asks Hope.

Abe is with Sami in her apartment to assure her Nicole can't get anywhere near Sydney and tell her the apartment is being watched.

Here's a real news bulletin. Sami Brady is out of control. She spews. She rants. She erupts, "All I want is five minutes alone with the governor and a a penknife." We'll leave it up to your imagination to figure out what she would do with the penknife, but you probably won't have to think about it too much. I mean, let's face it, you're not going to carve out a guy's bowels with a penknife, so the only thing left would be... never mind. Sami screams, "Did he commit political suicide or what? What made him do it, or who?"

Victor and Rafe are together at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor tells Rafe Anna spent a lot of time alone with the Governor at the fundraiser.

Governor Ford is with EJ in the rumpus room. They sit at the chessboard and EJ rants. The Governor insists Anna gave him no choice and he had to pardon Nicole. EJ threatens, "I'm going to find out what Anna used to blackmail you and make sure a copy of it goes into every newspaper in this state, "When people cross us, they pay."

"Don't threaten me."

"It's not a threat," promises EJ, "So tell me every single word Anna said to you."

Meanwhile, down in Santo Domingo, the Justice of the Peace runs out to get the marriage license and bumps into Nicole, "Ahhh... you must be the beautiful bride!"

Paca the flash-in-the-pan extra helps Arianna dress. She starts to put the pearls on Arianna and we pull the old DOOL stunt of the string of pearls coming apart and the pearls rolling all over the room. The writers are so creative. They just pulled that one with Maggie and it worked so well they just had to drag it out again. This, of course, sends Paca into a voodoo, black magic hissy fit, "Something terrible is happening, madame."

Nicole asks the JP, "Did you say Brady's bride?"

The JP removes his foot from his mouth, "You are not Arianna?"


"I am so sorry," says the JP, "Brady said there would be no friends or relatives, so I thought you had to be the bride. The wedding is this afternoon." He excuses himself to go get the license.

"I got here just in time," says Nicole.

Paca asks if the pearls were a gift from her fiancée. Arianna says they were. Paca blithers, "That makes it even worse. That means this union will not stand!"

Nicole gives herself a pep talk, " Do the right thing. It's over." Brady walks by, stops and stands like a statue as he sees her. Whatever statue he's supposed to be, we know it isn't 'The Thinker.'

Justin is peeved at Hope for bringing Adrienne to Salem. Hope claims she didn't mean to upset things. Justin says he thinks she did that to convince herself that she and Bo have a chance, "You have to move on."

Hope holds up her left hand to show him she's not wearing a ring, "I already have."

Justin asks, "Are you sure?" He apparently hasn't read the 'Quit While You're Ahead' section of the Guy Manual.

Vivian asks "Do you bring all your studs down here?" She turns to Bo, "Yesterday Carly was here with the doctor who knocked her up."

Bo orders Vivian to stop harassing Carly, "Stop now and live, or I will end your life before you end hers."

Victor tells Rafe he thinks Anna got the pardon to get back at EJ for Tony's death. Rafe wonders what deep dark secret Anna knew about Governor Jim that would enable her to blackmail him. "Governor Ford has all the restraint of a drunken frat boy," says Victor, "I'm sure she had the goods on him."

Governor Ford tells EJ Anna never mentioned him, "I suppose this means a political donation is out of the question."

"You are nothing but a corrupt parasite."

"Who else goes into politics," asks the Governor. He leaves. Say what you will about the DOOL writers, they certainly learned their civics lessons.

EJ calls Anna and asks where she is. Anna sits on her plane and chirps, "Somewhere where you can't find me."

"It really is you," asks Brady, "I can't help you."

"It's OK," says Nicole, "I got a pardon."

"How did you know I was here?"

"I didn't know until I got here," says Nicole, "I came to see you. Talk to you."

"You shoulda called."

Nicole says she knows she told him she couldn't deal with him when she was in prison but now she's free, "Everything has changed, Brady. Everything."

Sami continues her breakdown, "I thought Nicole didn't have a friend in the world except Brady and... Tweedledum."

Abe says he doesn't think either Brady or Chloe (a.k.a Tweedledum) could get the Governor to do something like this, "It would take someone with clout."

"Right," says Sami, "And everyone with clout hates her more than we do. It doesn't make sense."

"It's DOOL," says Abe, "Get used to it." He says he's sure Rafe is working on it, "You can ask him about it." The earth shifts on its axis as Sami's mood swings from pyroclastic to the depths of depression. She tells Abe she and Rafe are on a break. Abe tries to be upbeat, "It could be just a rough patch."

Rafe asks if Victor knows of any connection between Anna and Nicole. "They both married into the DiMera family," says Victor, "So there is a kind of a greed-stupidity cocktail at work there." Rafe thinks he's looking at things the wrong way. He starts to go and Victor says, "Well, maybe a little fresh air will clear your head." Fresh air is all Rafe has in his head in the first place.

Arianna is in her room with the hotel manager and Paca complaining about the little vodoo-wonk the manager sent to help her. Paca defends herself as she walks out, "The pearls never lie." The manager leaves also. Arianna flashes back to an argument about Nicole and then tries to reassure herself, "Everything will be just fine. I don't need pearls to get married."

Brady calls the prison to make sure Nicole isn't lying. He congratulates her. "I've lied to you for the last time," says Nicole.

"You just told me you were here on business," says Brady.

"I'm free," says Nicole, "From prison, from EJ, from wanting what's bad and wanting what's right. Like you." Brady reminds her he's there to get married.

Bo tells Vivian he really means what he said. "You'd give up everything," asks Vivian, "You really love her."

"How perceptive," snorts Bo.

"It's not fair," drones Vivian.

Justin says he's really worried about Hope. Instead, he should start worrying about what she's going to do to him. Hope lectures him for his interference. He says he knows she made it clear nothing can happen between them, but that hasn't changed how he feels. He takes the microphone to the cop-shop intercom, presses the button and broadcasts, "I'm in love with you, Hope. I guess that's my problem, isn't it?"

As the echo from the broadcast reverberates through the halls of the SPD, Adrienne walks in, "You're in love with Hope?"

Anna tells EJ he'll never find her. EJ says he just wants to get rid of her, "So, I'm assuming Nicole remembered you. That's why you pulled that stupid stunt with the Governor."

Anna flashes back to scenes with Nicole, "What do you think I was doing? Working on my amnesty international merit badge?" EJ wants to know if she implicated him. "Here's the deal," says Anna, "I covered for you. If you decide to go DiMera on me... hello... hello?" She hangs up, "That went well."

EJ walks out of the rumpus room. The loudspeaker announces, "Ladies and gentlemen, Elvis has left the building."

Nicole accuses, "You're marrying a drug dealer."

"We're in love," insists Brady, "She's not a dealer."

"I don't want you to get hurt," says Nicole.

Brady thrusts the knife into her gut and twists it a few times, "No one has ever hurt me the way you did."

"I know," says Nicole, "And I hate that. Before I go just let me say... I want you to be very happy." She kisses him.

Oh, this is just a day full of coincidences. Arianna walks in, "What the hell are you doing?"

EJ arrives at Sami's place, commonly known as ground zero. He says, "I think Anna blackmailed the governor."

"Why would Anna want Nicole to go free," asks Sami. Rafe joins the party, "Nicole made Anna blackmail the governor. I think Nicole got her memory back and remembered Anna kidnapped Sydney."

Adrienne asks for a minute alone with Hope for some 'girl talk.' Translation: If mud wrestling is one of your favorite sports, stay tuned. Justin protests, "I'm sorry you had to hear it like this."

"It was quick and to the point," says Adrienne, "Just go." Justin leaves.

The fun begins. Adrienne makes the first move, "Bo dumped you and you went for my husband?"

Vivian can't believe Carly killed Lawrence and now she's having the happy ending, "I want justice so bad I could choke on it."

"Then choke," says Bo, "No one would care. Leave Carly alone or you'll be joining Lawrence in hell sooner than you think."

Sami's mood swings back to anger, one of her favorites, "Anna took Sydney? That wacko took Sydney and Nicole wants her to go free? Find her and make her pay."

Rafe says, "When I visited her at the prison, I think Nicole was going to tell me but she got the pardon and clammed up mid sentence."

EJ says he wants Anna brought to trial. Rafe wants to know why Anna would do something like this. EJ insists it was the money. He wants to question Nicole.

It's Arianna's turn to go off the deep end. She unleashes on Nicole, "Sorry to spoil your fun but you need to go back to prison. You should have gone to Brazil instead of Santo Domingo. Brazil doesn't have extradition."

Brady explains Nicole was pardoned. Nicole says she didn't know they were getting married. She says she was kissing Brady goodbye and starts to leave. Arianna ain' through by a longshot, "You're not getting away that easy."

Bo continues to threaten. Vivian reconsiders, "Maybe it's right to stop living in the past and let things go." Carly wants to know if she's trying to convince them she's letting bygones be bygones.

"I won't say au revoir," chirps Vivian, "just goodbye." Vivian leaves.

"She's lying," says Carly. Bo is done talking. His mind has two gears... Neutral and let's-have-sex. He drags her off.

Hope tells Adrienne Justin was reeling from losing her, "He was crushed." Adrienne says she doesn't care what Justin was feeling.

Sami wonders if Nicole and Anna are in it together. Rafe gets a call and leaves. Sami says she can't believe it was Anna. EJ can't believe he was this stupid, "It's my fault. She blames me for Tony's death. She isn't rational."

Sami wonders, "How did she know where Nicole was? How did she know she was in Cleveland?"

EJ beats himself up, "I should have known when she came back. She has to be laughing at us." Sami thinks there is more to this. EJ says he takes full responsibility, "I'll understand if you're never able to forgive me."

Arianna rants. She thinks Nicole is there to break up the wedding, "You came here to get me to overplay my hand. So what do you do? You walk away hoping I will overreact."

Nicole rolls her eyes, "Well, I think that's already happened."

Arianna moves into a dimension where nothing makes sense but people just toss words out, "You wanted to leave and then all we would think of was you when we were getting married. If you don't want to marry me Brady... it's OK. I don't want to get married. I'm fine with that."

Hope thinks Adrienne came because she still has feelings for Justin. Adrienne says she thinks Hope's heart might be in the right place, "You're not really talking about Justin and me. When you say that, you're really thinking of you and Bo."

Well, Hope may be thinking of Bo, but Bo isn't thinking of her. At the moment, he's having a heapin' helpin o' Carly. Carly stops him. Beauregardus interruptus, "Bo, would you really kill Vivian?"

Bo chokes, "Uh... um... this is the time of day when we don't talk."

Carly presses. Bo gets the idea the train has to leave this station before it will move on down the tracks, so he cooperates, "The important thing is what she thinks. She'll go to Victor and he'll tell her I'm serious."

"So it's over," says Carly.

"So is this discussion," says Bo, "We have better things to do."

Vivian is with Victor. She says she's changed her mind, "I'm not going to kill Carly. I'll marry you instead."

Victor is overjoyed, "Oh boy."

"I want our relationship to be based on trust," says Vivian, "I won't harm Carly."

Victor asks, "Moving on to psychological warfare are we?"

Sami takes the bait and tells EJ not to blame himself. Rafe comes back and says he has news.

Brady begs Arianna, "Don't do this. I love you and want to marry you."

"You also love Nicole," says Arianna.

Nicole puts in her two cents worth. She tells Arianna, "I think the only person with doubts is you."

Bonnie... uh, I mean Adrienne says, "The fact is, Bo is with Carly and to save yourself, you have to move on." Adrienne leaves. Hope stares.

Bo and Carly romp, "I love you, princess."

"I love you, too," says Bo.

Vivian says Bo and Carly are together but not for long. "I can live with that," says Victor.

Rafe comes back after his magic phone call and announces Nicole is in Santo Domingo. "What," asks Sami, "Why would she go there?"

Brady turns to Nicole, "All right... this would be where you zip it." He turns and begs Arianna, "Don't do this."

"She's free," says Arianna, "That changes everything."

"Only if you let it," says Brady, "I know what I want, so the ball is in your court. Do you want to marry me or not?" We pan to a closeup of Arianna. Then to a closeup of Nicole. Then to a closeup of all of us sitting on the edge of our seats.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Circus

Bo has come to see Victor and talk about Vivian's revenge fantasy. Victor contends it won't stop until either Carly or Vivian is dead.

Vivian meets Carly at the Java Café.

Nathan and Melanie stand in Maggie's kitchen and discuss guess the letter. Nathan grills her about the contents. Mel will tell. Nathan asks, "What was in it?"

"The truth," says Melanie.

Sami looks at a picture of her and Rafe. EJ takes it from her and tells her Rafe may be out of her life but she isn't alone. He sneaks a peek at the Guy Manual, "Now, put a hand on her shoulder like you actually give a crap." He puts a hand on her shoulder.

Nicole is on a plane dreaming of Brady. In her fantasy, she tells him, "Brady, I'm free. They let me out of prison."

"But that's impossible," gasps Fantasy-Brady.

Back to reality – Nicole sighs, "He's gonna be so happy and surprised. Thank you Anna."

Brady chases Arianna around the tiki-bar in her teeny-weeny bikini. Arianna lets him catch her, "You can put your hands anywhere you want. But no tickling."

"In a couple hours," says Brady, "you'll be Mrs. Brady Black."

Anna sits on a plane, "No more Nicole... No one can touch me now, Unless Governor Jimmy shows up."

Rafe stands at the gov's door. "I'm your man," says Jimbo, "What can I do for the FBI?"

Rafe cuts to the chase, "Why did you pardon Nicole Walker?"

Governor Jim pontificates, "I pardoned her because I had no choice. I am a man of the people and if the people want something I have to do that."

Rafe doesn't get it (a common occurrence), "So the voters wanted you to pardon her?"

"They did," says the gov, "I know hers was a sad story. And I am not the only one who felt this way about her. I think she has suffered enough. The people have spoken."

Rafe growls, "You wanna tell me why you're lying about this?"

The captain comes over the intercom on Anna's plane, "We are experiencing a small engine problem and may have to return to Salem."

"What's wrong," gasps Anna.

"I just told you," says the captain, "We have a small engine problem. We need a bigger one."

Melanie stammers, "I wanted to say I'm sorry for all the problems I have caused you and to say goodbye." Nathan doesn't buy it.

Vivian taunts Carly. Carly gets defensive. Vivian threatens. Carly don' care. Vivian says her threats will come true very soon.

Bo insists Vivian's vendetta ends now. Victor tells him that's great sentiment but he can't change the facts. Bo snarls, "I haven't made myself clear. If Vivian has to be eliminated for the circus to end I will eliminate her."

EJ reminds Sami she has her kids together under the same roof, "Don't be too discouraged. These things tend to work themselves out. You did the right thing and Rafe resents you for that — For taking his pride."

Sami says she appreciates EJ's optimism but doesn't see how she and Rafe will get past this. Pollyanna DiMera tells her to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative and don't mess with Mr. In-Between.

Jimbo gets indignant. Rafe threatens to open an investigation, "I'm gonna give you one chance to tell me why Nicole DiMera was set free."

"It's a little indiscreet," says Jimbo, "But a certain woman who shall remain unnamed suggested if I pardoned Nicole, we could try the starfish position."

"Oh, now I completely understand," says Rafe.

Brady is on the phone. He gets off and says the JP is on his way, "Everything is falling into place. The flowers are ready in the garden, the JP is on the way... All this stuff is happening and all I need is a GIRL who will say I do."

"That would be me," says Arianna.

"And no one will know until the deed is done," says Brady.

Nicole continues to dream on the plane. She flashes forward to telling Brady about learning her lesson, and learning there is only one person for her, "Love me again Brady. Will you give me another chance?"

Fantasy Brady reaches out and touches her cheek, "God, Nicole."

Nicole pops back to reality, "It won't happen that fast but Brady will love me again."

EJ says he meant being there with her and her children is a blessing he treasures every day, "You won't regret it."

"I know I won't."

"So let me help you," says EJ, "Focus on something positive. Our kids."

"You're right," says Sami, "Remind me... which ones are ours?"

Governor Jim says the pardoning of a prisoner is a state matter, "If you open the file your superiors will be on you faster than you can blink. It's over."

Rafe growls, "It's a long way from over." He leaves.

Victor says he doubts Bo would commit murder, "You couldn't get away with it. That would take intelligence."

"I wouldn't try," says Bo, "I would own up to it."

"You could spend your life in prison," says Victor.

"Better than being with Hope," says Bo, "Vivian has to realize this ends now or I will put her away."

Victor asks, "You'd give up your life for a cheap slut?"

"I've made a habit of it," says Bo, "I would do anything to protect Carly and unlike you would not throw people away who I love."

"You mean like you threw away Hope and Ciara," asks Victor. Victor plays the family card, "This could kill your mother."

"Then do something about it before I have to take matters into my own hands," threatens Bo.

Carly asks, "Are you finished?"

"Not until you leave the planet," says Vivian, "Your hands are trembling and well they should."

"That's true," says Carly, "This is my fifth cup of coffee."

Vivian's phone rings. She sees it's Victor and picks up, "Hello my sunshine!"

"Get your ass over to my place," says Sunshine.

Vivian chokes and turns to Carly, "Toodle. I have to go."

Melanie insists she needed closure, "I really fell for you. Like hard. I wanted it to work out but we... I blew it. I made a decision and it was great because Phillip is the best, so let's just get this letter thing taken care of. I wrote it because I wanted us to let go and be friends."

"I can't be friends with someone who acts like that," snorts Nathan, "This is over." He huffs out.

Sami and EJ continue their mutual admiration society as Rafe busts in and announces Nicole is free.

Nicole sleeps and then wakes with a start, "What if someone lets him know I was pardoned. Arianna could call him in Santo Domingo. I have to call." She picks up the seat phone and dials. Brady's phone rings. Nicole chokes.

Stephanie finds Carly at the Java Café and asks if she's OK. Stephanie says she heard about the mother-daughter thing. "There's something you haven't heard," says Carly, "Melanie hates my guts." She walks off.

"Join the club," says Stephanie.

Nicole hangs up and hyperventilates, "He didn't sound upset. Who knows? Maybe Arianna doesn't know he's there and I'll have him all to myself. Yeah."

Brady stares at his phone. Then he goes back to staring at her low low top. Arianna asks, "Can you think how Melanie will feel about this — The little matchmaker?" Brady decides he has to go take care of a few things. He tosses his phone at her and tells her to tel Melanie.

Arianna makes her call, "It's Arianna, with some great news." Melanie gives her patented whine. Arianna asks, "Are you OK?"

"No, I'm a long way from OK," says Melanie.

Sami and EJ have a conniption as Rafe gives them details about the Governor pardoning Nicole, "As of right now no one knows where she is." EJ decides to pay Jimbo a visit.

"Who does Nicole know to get her a pardon," asks Sami.

The captain announces the problem is fixed. William Shatner sits in the aisle across from Anna, "No. It's not fixed. Can't you see him? He's out on the wing! Oh, God! He's... he's... OHMYGODNO!"

Bo meets Carly at the dock, "It's over, done."

"I'm sorry," says Carly, "but she just threatened me."

"She will be stopped one way or the other," threatens Mr. Macho.

Vivian is back with Victor at the Kiriakis mansion. They step into the den and Victor tells her the vendetta ends today, "You are not to touch a hair on Carly's head."

"Even with that awful hairdo?"

"If you keep this up Bo will put you six feet under," says Victor, "He's not bluffing." Vivian protests. Victor puts his foot down.

Vivian whines, "My raison d'etre is to kill that woman."

"Asking you to be merciful is like asking a dog not to bark," says Victor, "I only have one thing to offer you."

"What," asks Vivian, "

Victor makes the ultimate sacrifice, "Me."

Stephanie meets Nathan at the hospital. He says he talked to Melanie, "It turns out what was in the letter wasn't so important."

"What exactly did she tell you," asks Stephanie.

Arianna asks for details. Melanie brushes her off, "What was your good news?"

"You know that guy Brady," asks Arianna, "We're eloping."

Melanie has a cow. A happy cow, "What? Are you? Awesome! Why am I not a bridesmaid?"

"We don't want any gunplay at our wedding," says Arianna.

"When you get back," squeaks Melanie, "I'm throwing you a shower. You tell Brady not to screw this up." Brady busts in, says he can hear the conversation and vows he won't. They hang up.

Melanie sobs and looks at her phone. She makes another call, "Hi, husband. Just want to say how much I love you, so it'll be a short conversation."

Rafe is on the phone with Roman managing security. He gets off, "I'm probably overreacting. No one has seen Nicole. I have to go see why the Governor is really in town." He makes sure she will be OK and starts to go.

Sami stops him, "I know what I said, but I don't want us to be apart tonight or ever."

Brady comes up behind Arianna. Arianna turns and sees him in his cabana-boy outfit, "You are looking sharp."

Brady soaks in her invisible bikini, "And your bikini thing works for me. You don't need a white dress."

"I just bought it," says Arianna, "Besides, I deserve a white dress, since I'm pure as the driven snow."

"I think you drifted a bit," says Brady.
He gives her pearls, "Last minute regrets? Let me hear them."

Arianna asks, "Are you kidding." The JP runs up and apologizes for being late.

Nathan apologizes for blowing up on Stephanie, "Melanie should never have put you in the middle."

"If she hadn't," says Stephanie, "Things wouldn't be over for us."

"Maybe they don't have to be," says the glutton for punishment.

Victor falls on his sword, throws himself under the bus and all those other metaphors for guys who aren't thinking straight, "You always wanted our arrangement to be permanent. Lets get married." Vivie is giddy, but says she's not sure she wants to give up revenge. "Well," says Victor, "That's the deal."

"I'm gonna have to think about this," says Vivian.

Bo rambles on, "So I left it at that. Victor takes care of this or I do." Carly begs him to promise not to do that. Bo stands his ground, "In the end the law couldn't protect you, but I will."

"There has to be another way," says Vivian.

"I love you," says Bo, "And I won't let anyone take you form me. Never." Hugs.

Rafe says he doesn't want them to be apart, but doesn't see how things can be different. He leaves. Sami stares.

Outside Rafe stares.

Governor Jim opens the door to leave but finds EJ. EJ ain' a happy camper, "How dare you!"

Nathan says he thinks he and Stephanie should be back on track. Stephanie thinks this makes her second choice.

"No," protests Nathan, "More like 'bottom of the barrel.'"

Melanie finishes her conversation with Phillip and Nathan's apparition walks up. She continues to see him appear and disappear, "Goodbye, Nathan."

Bo and Carly engage in some preliminary callisthenics on the dock. Bo comes up for air, "I'll always (say it with him) be here for you." Vivian watches.

The JP says he doesn't have the license. Brady tells him it's no problem as the JP goes to get it. On the way out he bumps into Nicole. She asks, " Is Brady Black here?"

"Certainly," says the JP, "And you must be the beautiful bride."

Anna sits on the plane and sighs, "Free at last."

Rafe comes to see Victor. He asks about the Governor being there, "Did his visit have anything to do with him pardoning Nicole?"

Jim says he thought EJ was behind the pardon. EJ wonders, "Why would you think that?"

"Because," says the Governor, "The request came from your family."

Victor wants to know why Rafe would think Jim's visit had something to do with the pardon.

We flip back and forth between scenes of Victor and the Governor. Victor says, "Well, the Governor was here but... OMG!"

EJ asks, "The request came from my family? You mean my father..."

"No," says Jim, "Your sister-in-law..."

Victor puts two and two together, "Anna DiMera!"

Rafe puts two and two together and stomps his foot three times.

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Monday, March 22, 2010

He Dumped Me For Your Wife

Melanie comes downstairs and into Maggie's kitchen. She finds Phillip there sitting at the table, and a strange woman behind him, "Who's that?"

Stephanie finds Nathan at the hospital. They can only talk about one thing... the letter. Melanie tells him he'd better drop it and not talk to Melanie or he'll get hurt.

Hope plays policewoman at the cop-shop. Justin brings her a cup o' joe. Hope thanks him and asks him what it's for. Methinks Justin wants a Cup o' Hope.

Governor Jim is in a bit of a fix. He's handcuffed to the bed as Anna photographs the momentous occasion. Jim scowls, "What the hell is going on here?"

Rafe comes in to see Nicole in the prison visiting area, "This better be good."

"It's about Sydney," says Nicole, "There is something you need to know."

Anna gushes, "Jimmy, you don't remember? We had the most fun two people can have last night. She shows him the pix. As she rolls through the little slide show Jim, gasps, "Oh, oh dear, dear Lord... OHHHHHH!"

Anna smiles, "You got really creative after midnight. I'll be your wife would like to see." Jim demands the camera. Anna makes threats. Jim blows up and demands she unlock the cuffs. "I can't do that until you do me that little favor," chirps Anna.

Nicole asks how Sydney is. Rafe goes into a rage and tells her says is no longer in her life.

Phillip introduces Sophie, the nurse who is there to take care of Melanie and Maggie when he can't. Melanie thinks they shouldn't make a fuss because Maggie wouldn't want that, "Sophie, it was a pleasure and I'm sure you're the best nurse anywhere." She shoves her out the door.

Phillip asks, "What are you doing?"

Melanie asks, "Was I too pushy?"

Maggie comes in and we share an uncomfortable moment, "What's going on?"

Phillip just says he made a bad mistake. His mistake was marrying the little twerp, but we won't dwell on that. He instructs Melanie to leave her phone on and leaves.

Maggie goes right into busybody mode, "No second thoughts?"

"About what," asks Melanie.

"About Nathan?"

Nathan isn't about to drop the conversation about the letter. He and Stephanie go round and round about it. Stephanie agrees she was being selfish and didn't want to get hurt, which is why she didn't show it to him.

Magnanimous Hope tells Justin she's glad the judge dismissed charges against Carly, "I wouldn't want to see her punished for something she didn't do."

Justin asks, "Does that mean you're ready to move on." Subtle, Justin. Really Smooth.

Jim accuses Anna of blackmail. He says it won't work. Anna holds her ground.

Nicole says she has information about the woman who wore the boots. Rafe gets sarcastic. "What, Maybe she wore the boots backwards? I am sick of being jerked around by you. Whatever your plan is, I'm not in."

Melanie insists she loves Phillip. Maggie insists she didn't answer the question. She presses pries and prods, "Do you still have feelings for Nathan?"

Stephanie whines, "You told me you cared for me."

"We had a great time," says Nathan, "This doesn't have anything to do with Melanie."

"You're obsessed," says Stephanie, "Every word out of your mouth is about Melanie and that stupid letter."

Rafe starts to go. Nicole begs him to stay and listen. He rants about what Nicole did to Sami. Nicole flashes back to Anna telling her she didn't get the pardon, "It's about time the woman who stole Sydney got what she deserves."

Melanie says, "I'm new at the commitment and marriage thing and sometimes I think about Nathan. I can tell Nathan still cares a little bit and that brings back... feelings."

Maggie tells her she has to straighten this out if she wants her marriage to work, "It's either Phillip or Nathan. It can't be both."

The ghost of busybodies past appears, "It's either Neil Curtis or Mickey. It can't be both."

Melanie says she realizes that. Maggie suggests she go talk to Nathan.

Nathan says maybe he would have tossed the letter, but there is no way of knowing now. Stephanie says she's sorry and begs his forgiveness.

"We need to take a break," says Nathan, "I'm sorry. He walks off." The fountain of Stephanie erupts.

"You have been the best friend," says Hope.

Justin looks that up in the "Key Words" section of the Guy Manual: "You have been the best friend — there is an old saying that dogs are man's, or woman's, best friend. What she is telling you is you stand about as much chance as Fido."

Hope dumps, "I'm really grateful... BUT nothing will ever happen between you and me." Justin says she has made that very clear. Hope hugs and leaves. Justin stares.

Jim yanks at his handcuffs, but Anna has done a superior job of chaining him up. He refuses to pardon Nicole, "You might as well give it up."

Anna piles on, "Do you remember that little fling we had several years ago? Did I forget to tell you I have photos of that? All of it is going to hit the media."

Jim sweats, "You can't do that. My career... My wife... Oh, God, when I remarried, why did it have to be to Lorena Bobbitt? "

"That's why this is such an important decision," says Anna, "So do you pardon Nicole or watch yourself make it on the Internet? Do me a simple favor, or watch your career go up in flames."

There's not much happening back at the prison. Rafe continues to taunt and mock mainly as a time-wasting measure. Finally Nicole says, "OK, I'm going to tell you who the kidnapper is."

Melanie sits alone in the kitchen and wonders if she should call Nathan. Speak of the devil...

Phillip is at the pier playing tycoon on his phone. He bumps into Stephanie. Phillip tells her Melanie and he are living with Maggie. "As long as you're happy," drones Stephanie.

Phillip senses something is wrong, "You're not. What's wrong?"

"Nathan," says Stephanie, "He dumped me for your wife."

Maggie meets Hope at the pub. She tells her about Phillip and Melanie moving in. Hope thinks that makes a lot of sense given all the drama Melanie has been through, "I Hope everything works out for Phillip and Melanie."

"Why wouldn't it," asks Maggie.

"Why can't love just be simple," asks Hope.

"For one thing," says Maggie, "because the world is full of buttinskis like you and me."

Justin is at the Kiriakis mansion to deliver papers. Henderson tells him he has a visitor. Justin wonders who that could be. He walks into the den to find...


Rafe continues to rant, "How could you possibly know who the kidnapper is. Game over." Nicole breaks in and says this has to do with the voice and the shoes, "I've remembered who it was. It came to me one day."

"Who was she," asks Rafe.

Nicole says, "Rafe this is going to blow your mind." That'll be a small explosion. Nicole continues, "The woman who took Sydney is..." Time passes... A glacier whizzes by...

"The woman is..."

McTavish interrupts, "Nicole... phone. The warden wants to talk to you." Man these writers are clever.

Phillip asks, "Are you saying that cocky little bastard has been daydreaming about my wife?" Stephanie tells him about the letter, and the fact that Nathan hasn't been very forgiving.

Stephanie claims she doesn't know what was in the note, "I'd keep an eye on Nathan. I think he still has a thing for Melanie."

Melanie and Nathan share small talk. She gives him his book and assumes that's what he's there for. He says yes and assumes Melanie is there to see Maggie. She tells him Phillip and her moved in. Nathan finally gets to the point, "There is something I want to ask you... the letter I never got, what did it say?"

Justin wonders why Adrienne is there. "Hope called," says Adrienne, "and said you were in trouble. So what's wrong?"

"Hope called and said I was in trouble and you dropped everything and flew halfway around the world to see me instead of making a simple phone call?"

"What's so strange about that," asks Adrienne , "Isn't that what any normal person would do if they have thousands to blow on a last minute plane flight?"

"Well," says Justin, "Nothing's wrong."

"Then why would Hope say something is wrong," asks Adrienne.

"She wants you and me back together again."

Nicole talks to the warden, "The Governor? Of course. Connect me."

Nicole listens as she's connected to Jimbo, "Miss DiMera, this is Governor Ford. I'm gonna come straight to the point. A mutual friend brought your case to my attention. I have decided your punishment was too harsh. I am granting you a full pardon effective immediately. You will be released today. And hopefully, so will I."

Nicole is overjoyed, "Governor! Thank you!"

"Don't thank me," says Governor Jim, "Thank your friend. And Miss DiMera, don't ever give me cause to regret this."

"Thank you so much," beams Nicole. She hangs up and gives Rafe the good news, "The Governor just pardoned me!"

Nicole turns to McTavish, stands up and they share high fives and butt bumps. Rafe stops the party and asks why the Governor would do that.

Adrienne asks, "I just flew halfway around the world because Hope thinks we're not happy?"

Justin corrects, "Not happy apart."

"What about you," asks Adrienne, "Are you with her on this?"

Hope picks just the right time to walk in. Adrienne gives her both barrels, "You had me fly here to make a fool of myself. Stay out of my life." Adrienne storms out.

Justin turns to Hope, "I wish you hadn't done this." He chases Adrienne.

Melanie stammers. Nathan tells her Stephanie lied and says he would have wanted to read the letter, "What did it say?"

Governor Jim rants, "That lunatic Nicole has been loosed on society. OK. I lived up to my end of the bargain. I want the camera." Anna keeps the camera, but gives him the chip containing the pictures. Jim takes it, "The woman I knew years ago wouldn't have done something like this." Suddenly, the little scoundrel Jim gets a twinkle in his eye, " Tell me something... those toys you brought... you think maybe we could use them again? I would love to remember it this time."

Anna gasps, "Oh, Jim... Oh what the heck, it's been a long time..." Looks like Governor Jimbo doesn't walk away empty handed.

McTavish congratulates Nicole and goes to get a box so she can pack her things.

"I'm still waiting for you to name the kidnapper," says Rafe, "Who was it?"

Nicole bobs and weaves, "It was Kate. I recognized her whispering voice. She has never liked me. She is a heartless loser and didn't care if she was hurting her own husband."

"Wrong," says Rafe, "We already checked out Kate. She's clean."

"Penicillin works wonders," says Nicole, "At least I get to go home." Rafe thinks the pardon came out of the blue and asks about that. "Just lucky I guess," says smiles Nicole.

"Something tells me luck didn't have a thing to do with it," says Mr. Sharpie. Rafe leaves.

Nicole thanks Lois and promises to follow through on her "present" for all her consideration. Lois gets a call and hands Nicole the phone, "It's for you."

Nicole finds Anna on the other end, "Hello, Anna, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine," says Anna, "I know you're fine. I'm pretty sure Jim's fine. I have a friendly little warning, if you ever get an idea you want to turn me in... I taped our conversations."

"Since I'm free, so are you," promises Nicole. She hangs up, "I love second chances." She turns to McTavish, "I need one more favor..."

Phillip plays tycoon again. He gets off the phone and says Stephanie and Nathan can work things out... or not, "Melanie loves me. Nathan is history and that's the way it will stay." Translation: For a microsecond.

Melanie asks if Nathan was mad at her for marrying Phillip. "I just wanted to get out of town," says Nathan.

"With Stephanie," asks Melanie, "OK I'll tell you what was in that letter."

Nicole makes another call, "This is Mr. Michelson's secretary. Mr. Michelson would like to speak to Mr. Brady Black." Brady's secretary tells her Brady is away on business. "He's in Santo Domingo," asks Nicole. Nicole worms Brady's location out of the secretary and hangs up, "Looks like my second chance is away on business. Which gives me an opportunity to start over."

Rafe arrives to see the Governor Jim. The governor lets him in and Rafe asks, "Why did you pardon Nicole DiMera?"

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