Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Self-Absorbed Untrustworthy Bitch

Rafe, get a clue. Stop groveling. Sami's pissed. Cloudy eyes, empty hearts, can't win! #DAYS
Maxine tells Daniel to tell Melanie they all miss her.  Won't do any good.  Melanie knows everyone in Salem lies. #DAYS
Sami says Rafe thinks she's a self-absorbed, untrustworthy bitch. Wear it with pride, Sami. Not every woman can hit the trifecta. #DAYS
EJ is playing things by the book — the Guy Manual. Rafe, on the other hand seems to be playing from the Weenie Manual. #DAYS

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mother Theresa Move Over

Bo says Ciara will be spending more time with Victor while he's gone. God knows Hope doesn't want to take care of her. #DAYS
Marlena says she knows how close Sami is to Caroline. Closer than all her other babysitters put together, I'll bet.  #DAYS
Bo says Caroline is a saint. Yeah, a saint with a son from an adulterous relationship. Mother Theresa move over. #DAYS
Lucas says Will is struggling to accept who he is. Not as much as Lucas is, I'd say. #DAYS
Billie came into the pub to give something to Nick.  As we all recall it won't be the first thing she's ever given him. #DAYS

Friday, October 26, 2012

A Sons of Anarchy Episode

Bo and Caroline look like they're dressed and ready to appear in a Sons of Anarchy episode. #DAYS
Kristin tells Brady she's not a threat to anybody.  Translation: Look out for Kristin. #DAYS
Why wouldn't John tell Marlena about helping the little girl? It's not like he and Kristin threw it down on the bench in the square. #DAYS

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Imbecile Gene

Jennifer and Abby both went to see Nicole. Yep, that family definitely has the imbecile gene. #DAYS
Sami wants one example of when she dropped the ball on the job. Most jobs require you actually to show up at work, for starters. #DAYS
Ann pulls rank on Jennifer. Kayla pulls rank on Ann. That's one characteristic of this show... it's rank. #DAYS
Bo's going to take his motorcycle on the trip? Well, the airlines do allow one piece of carry-on baggage. #DAYS

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Friends With Benefits

Sami's position on Rafe flips faster than an out of control pulsar. #DAYS
Daniel says he wants to be more than friends. Friends with benefits, would be my guess. #DAYS
Lucas says Sami expects all her men to be perfect. It that's true, Sami's an even bigger failure than I had thought. #DAYS
Kristin spews forth a boatload of excuses and then says she's not there to make excuses. #DAYS

Monday, October 22, 2012

Not The Cleanest Slate In Town

Jennifer, Brady might not mind hanging out with an accused murderer, but a ranting, blithering whiner is too much for anyone. #DAYS
Brady thinks Jennifer is lying. Daniel thinks Nicole is lying. Ordinarily I'd say they can't both be right, but this is Salem. #DAYS
So, now T is on board with Sonny and Will being gay. Because people always come around that easily? Yeah, right. #DAYS
John says Kate doesn't have the cleanest slate in town. HA! Kate's slate could be a cesspool liner. #DAYS

Friday, October 19, 2012


John's having trouble working. Perhaps if he used a computer instead of a No. 2 pencil... #DAYS
Bo says Caroline called him Shawn & thought he was his pop. Better than thinking Bo was his idiot son Shawn. #DAYS
Bo refuses to get a babysitter for Caroline. Anyway there are none available. All babysitters in town are busy with the kids. #DAYS
The nurse tells The Virgin Abby Miss Walker is not to be disturbed. If you ask me, she's as disturbed as it gets. #DAYS

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Failure To Launch

It's date night for John and Marlena. They're going to try something new—ride a horseless carriage to the Hippodrome and see a talkie. #DAYS
Poor Rafe: his persistence appears to pay off and then... failure to launch. #DAYS
Nicole tells EJ the truth. Make the best of this now, Rafe. When Sami hears this she'll do things Lorena Bobbitt never thought of. #DAYS
Well-played, EJ. Well-played. #DAYS

Monday, October 15, 2012

Hang... A Poor Choice Of Words

Sami and Rafe rip their clothes off... and Sami doesn't once say, "We can't do this." She lucked out when the phone rang, tho. #DAYS
Hope tells Jennifer to hang in there. "Hang" — poor choice of words around an accused murderer. #DAYS
John and Marlena yuck it up with Sonny and Will and pretend they're at ease being out with a gay couple. #DAYS
Kristin reminds Stefano they're not exactly the Waltons.  Stefano could be. I'll bet he could afford to buy Walmart. #DAYS

Friday, October 12, 2012

A Neurotic, Lying, Vodka Swilling Tramp

If one of them had to fall, why couldn't it be Jennifer? Maybe she would have broken her holier-than-thou-spot. #DAYS
Rafe's not happy with the less-than-fancy coffee shop. Sami knows how to press his buttons. Tell him eating there means they can get home quicker so he can press her buttons. #DAYS
Rafe's on the road to perdition.  In Sami's world, only Sami can lie.  #DAYS
Daniel tells Nicole to hang onto him. I don't think she'll have a problem with that. #DAYS
John says from now on it's smooth sailing for him and Marlena. Translation: Rough seas ahead. #DAYS
The benefits of having original cast members – great flashbacks to the past that don't need to be faked. #DAYS
Jennifer: "If I don't do something I'm going to go crazy." Lady, you hit crazy a week ago.  You are WAY past crazy. #DAYS
John: "Here's to nothing but smooth sailing for us." Jolena need to batten down the hatches. Hurricane Kristen's on the way. #DAYS
Vic: "Nicole is a neurotic, lying, vodka swilling tramp."  Dang, I wish Victor wouldn't pull his punches like that. #DAYS

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Did You Swallow A Victorian Novel?

Hope tells Bo she doesn't want him to feel shut down,,, as she tells him to bag it. #DAYS
Nicole: "You think I'm gonna put Dan in a dog crate, put him on the roof and drive him around?" Don't give Jennifer ideas, Nicole. #DAYS
And yes, I realize that line called for a Mitt Romney snark, but we're bipartisan here at Prevuze. #DAYS
Nicole to Jennifer: "You forbid it? What, did you swallow a Victorian novel?" Great line, Nicole. #DAYS
Nicole: "I lost my baby... ... ... my LAST baby." Cheap shot, Nicole. #DAYS

Monday, October 08, 2012

It Takes One To Call One

Sami: "EJ hasn't changed and never will." Yeah, well, it takes one to call one, Sami. #DAYS
Brilliant plan, Sami. Get close to EJ so he'll trust you. Yeah, he won't read anything into that, will he? #DAYS
Don't know what Nicole had in mind with the scalpel... slit her wrists or a self C-section so she could revive the baby. #DAYS
Commercial note: Now we're giving kids glow-in-the-dark diapers? Radioactive diapers. That'll stop the population explosion. #DAYS

Friday, October 05, 2012

Arrivederci, Baby

Nicole wonders if a baby not having a heartbeat is common. Not for the ones that  are still alive. #DAYS
Daniel says his and Jen's lives are going in different directions. Jen wants to know what that means. It means Arrivederci, baby. #DAYS
People in the town square are likely to drown in all the slobber from that Safe kiss. #DAYS
The only thing more "holier-than-thou" than Jennifer was Bonnie and Clyde's car after they were massacred. #DAYS

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Careening Around Town

Oh, the desperation of Sami & Rafe pounding doors & careening around town looking for each other. Like me looking for lost car keys. #DAYS
Maggie says nothing could be more painful than what Jen is going through.  Unless it would be watching what she's going through. #DAYS
Maggie wonders how she got so lucky to wind up with a man like Victor. If memory serves... Mickey died. #DAYS
For a minute there when EJ was screaming at Chad I thought he would rip out of his clothes and turn green. #DAYS

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

A Cheap, Hateful Tramp

Jennifer says Daniel is still her friend. That must be why she ripped him a new one in her office earlier. #DAYS
Nick challenges Chad. I guess he wants the right half of his face ripped off to match the left half. #DAYS
Jennifer calls Nicole a cheap, hateful tramp. No way. Nicole isn't cheap. #DAYS
Anyone else noticed the annoying din in the background of some scenes? Sounds like they're getting audio bleed from another channel. #DAYS

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

As He Watched Her Bullet Head For His Brain

Sami says she feels awkward being on the couch with EJ like this... "this" meaning clothed. #DAYS
Daniel says losing Jennifer hurt. Probably almost as much as being with her. #DAYS
Daniel says he's none of Jen's business. "None of your business" is a foreign language to Jennifer. #DAYS
Jennifer throws a piece of paper at Daniel. If things get more violent she might even throw a pillow. #DAYS
EJ says he's always loved Sami. I'm sure he was thinking that as he watched her bullet head for his brain. #DAYS

Monday, October 01, 2012

Knowledge Is Power

Yeah, Bo. You forgot the poetry reading because of your "damn job". And your empty brain. #DAYS
Caroline is getting to be so forgetful this is probably going to wind up being Alzheimer's AND a tumor. #DAYS
Bo's problem, on the other hand, is Wisenheimer's disease. #DAYS
Jennifer says knowledge is power. That puts her a few watts shy of dead battery level. #DAYS

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