Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Back And Forth, Back And Forth, Back And Forth

Not unexpectedly, the Wimbledon tournament preempted today's DOOL feed. In the past (for example, HERE or HERE or HERE), I have not been kind to Wimbledon or, as I have been prone to call it, Wimbledumb.

So this year I decided to turn over a new leaf and see if I could figure out what the appeal was. And what better way to do that than to attend the tournament? So I packed things up and headed for the land of strawberries and cream and video cameras on every corner.

It was very exciting and, of course, the talk of the tournament is all about Bulgaria's Tsvetana Pironkova and her incredible upset of Venus Williams. The whole place is abuzz about how a relative unknown could defeat the second-ranked player in the world.

It was a shock to me, too. I was cheering for Venus all the way. Taking a page out of the World Cup Soccer book, I showed my support by tooting my vuvuzela every time she served, because I wanted her to know I was (say it with me) there for her.

Well, she lost in spite of my incredible effort. Actually, I'm back home now. I decided to quietly leave when I heard Venus' post-game interview. Asked why she lost, she replied, "Some nitwit in the stands kept blowing a horn every time I served and it rattled me so much I lost the match."


Anyway, having seen things first hand, I still find it difficult to understand why anyone would want to sit in front of a TV and watch a ball go back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, when instead we all can watch...

Carly go back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, on whether she should tell Daniel about Chloe's (ahem) indiscretion.

Sami go back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, about whether she wants to be with Rafe or EJ.

Melanie go back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, over whether she should have married Phillip or stayed with Nathan.

Brady go back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, about whether he should stick with Arianna or go with Nicole.

Bo and Hope go back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, about who left whom.

Belle and Shawn go back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, trying to find their way out of Salem Harbor.

There are more examples, but I think you catch my drift. Anyway, I guess the upshot of all this is I never realized how much DOOL and tennis have in common.

Make it a great day and join us tomorrow as we see the DOOL writers go back-and-forth, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, trying to decide whether to complete their third grade education.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Slippery Road To Hell

Daniel joins Carly and Chloe in Chloe's hospital room. Chloe says, "Carly was just leaving."

St. Carly says, "The hell I am."

Daniel wants to know what's up, "Does somebody want to clue me in."

"Getting you a clue is a bigger job than the two of us can handle," says Carly, "But there is something I have to tell you about you and Chloe."

Phillip and Melanie are in the pub. Melanie says she overheard his conversation with Kayla and wants to know why Phillip didn't let them keep Pocket.

Shane startles Kimberly in Bo and Hope's living room, "I have something to tell you and you're going to listen."

Rafe advises Arianna to get rid of EJ. He says he will help her, "I'm not much of an attorney, but I can give the judge an advanced algebra demonstration that will knock his socks off."

Arianna asks, "Is this about me or Sami?"

Rafe insists EJ is poison, "I'm not here for Sami. I am (say it with him) here for you."

Arianna says, "You're still in love with her."

Sami is shocked, stunned, flabbergasted. EJ says he really means it, "I love you."

Sami stammers and stutters, "You can't just come out and say something like that. It's overwhelming."

"Well," says EJ, "I notice you're still here. You didn't leave."

Daniel waits for an answer. Carly and Chloe convince him they were just talking about the baby's health. "The fetus is fine," says Daniel.

"That's a relief," says Chloe, "Good feet are very important."

Sami says she's not threatened, "You said you had feelings for me..."

EJ interrupts, "Love. I said I love you." Stammerin' Sami yammers. EJ wants her to admit she's living at the DiMera mansion because she wants to be with him, "Why don't you just admit that?"

The suspense (choke) in Chloe's room continues. A nurse comes in and announces there has been a big accident, "We need all hands on deck." Carly and Daniel rush out.

Chloe obsesses, "Carly just won't quit. She will tell Daniel this baby might not be his and then Daniel won't quit digging."

Nicole rushes into the room babbling, "I'm sliding down a slippery road to hell with nothing left to grab onto. EJ is trying to ruin my life..." She finally notices Chloe isn't listening, "Have you even heard a word I've said?"

Rafe don' wanna talk about Sami. So they talk about Sami. And EJ. Arianna says she likes him better than the public defender she was assigned, "He believes in me." Rafe asks where Brady fits into all this. Arianna gives Rafe the bad news, "We broke up."

"What," asks Rafe, "He said stay away from EJ and you said get the hell out of my life?"

"No," snorts Arianna. Rafe gets even more cynical... if that's possible. Arianna insists EJ is helping her, and reminds Rafe that EJ was a victim. Rafe thinks EJ is doing this to get into Sami's good graces.

Sami continues to recover from the fallout of the hydrogen bomb EJ has dropped, "I'm flattered."

EJ pulls out the Guy Manual and looks at the chapter, "When You Tell Her You Love Her." He reads:

"If you have foolishly ignored our advice and blurted out that you love her and have no way to take it back, you must consider her response carefully."

EJ looks down the series of responses until he comes to Sami's. He reads on:

"I'm flattered – See the section of this manual entitled, 'How To Deal With The Fact That You Are A Schmuck.'"

Sami says, "I think it's great we're getting along."

EJ asks, "Why can't you admit it's more than that?"

Sami says, "When someone... but I don't feel that way about you."

"What are you saying," says EJ, "We're just friends?"

"Yes, we are friends," says Sami, "That's how I think of you. I really care about you... as a friend."

EJ looks back at the Guy Manual's list of responses:

"Friends – A euphemism for 'I really wish I were someplace else and hope I never see you again after today.' You've painted yourself into a corner. Friends are people you get together and play Parcheesi with... not exactly what you've got in mind. You're totally out of options and have to resort to damage control. Tell her she's lying."

"Amazing," chuckles EJ, "That is the biggest lie I've heard yet."

Kimberly doesn't want to talk. Shane does. This is an unusual position for a man and woman... usually it's the other way around. Kim huffs out.

Phillip and Melanie walk at the park bench. She asks him about the Pocket affair. Phillip says he wasn't ready to be a father. He didn't want to be reminded of a part of his life he wanted to forget, so he chucked the kid. What a guy!

Nicole notices Chloe isn't wearing a wedding ring, "OMG, you didn't get married! You didn't tell him about your fling, did you?"

"It wasn't a fling," says Chloe.

"OK, revenge sex," says Nicole.

"It wasn't that," whines Chloe.

"OK, desperation sex," says Nicole, "Whatever it was you didn't tell him, did you?"

Chloe ramps up the whining, "It wasn't a fling, desperation sex or revenge sex or anything like that. And nobody has said anything about it yet. Daniel and Carly got called into emergency surgery before anyone said anything." Nicole thinks this gives them time to make a plan. Chloe takes whining to levels never before seen, "They're probably talking about it in surgery together right now. Carly will open up my veins along with the patient she's working on. I might as well be dead."

"You're already brain-dead," says Nicole.

Outside, Daniel is with Carly. Daniel shrieks, "IF YOU HAD TOLD ME THIS A WEEK AGO I WOULDN'T HAVE BELIEVED IT!"

Carly says, "I know it's terrible, but she will regret this for the rest of her life."

Do you feel appropriately set up? Manipulated? Bamboozled? Are you sitting there thinking Carly has spilled the beans? Of course not. This is DOOL... the place where writers go after they have been rejected by the "Dick and Jane Reader" series.

Daniel has a stroke, "The law says the baby should have been strapped in."

Carly says, "The mother knows that, too. The mother made a mistake. Mothers do that. And children suffer."

Daniel asks, "What... are you talking about the baby in the ER, or you and Melanie."

"Me and Melanie," says Carly, "In a way and Chloe, too."

Lame... Lame...


Rafe says that came out wrong. He says EJ and Sami connected before he came back. Arianna asks where he was. He says he was off chasing Anna and found her. He tells her about Anna's poisoning and his stint in jail, "I got nothing. I did all this for Sami and now we're farther apart than we ever were."

"It's fate," says Arianna, "I don't think you were meant to be together."

Sami has a complete meltdown after EJ calls her a liar. EJ yells, "You are a giant pain in my ass and always will be."

"And I am not changing," snaps Sami. She starts to rush out but EJ grabs her.

Shane knocks on the door of the pub. Kimberly looks through the glass, "We're closed." Shane doesn't care. He threatens to break a window. Kimberly opens the door, "Make it fast."

Shane hands her a folded piece of paper, "Is this fast enough? Read it."

Phillip brings coffee to Melanie and they sit on the bench together. She asks about the people he gave his son to. Phillip says he checked them out and knows they were kind and loving.

Melanie is skeptical about that, "I'm sure my old man would have passed the smell test and look what happened."

Phillip insists, "This kid has a great life. He's doing fine. I've been keeping track of him. His name's Tyler. He's happy. He's..."

Melanie interrupts, "OK, I don't think you're a selfish bastard." Hugs. Barf bags are located in the seat pockets in front of you.

Nicole tells Chloe to stop crying. Chloe whines that Carly will ruin everything. Nicole tells her to concentrate on what she wants, "Don't give up."

"You're right," says bawls Chloe, "That bitch isn't going to take away my happiness. I'm going to end this right now!" Chloe heads for the door but Nicole stops her.

Sami agrees to listen, "But you don't get to tell me how to feel." EJ grins and says he marvels at the fact she doesn't change, "You get backed into a corner and you come out fighting. It's one of the things I don't like about you and one of the things I love about you."

"Stop using that word!"

EJ asks why she kissed him. She says it was a crazy momentary thing. He thinks she should admit it was more. He walks toward her and she backs up as they continue to bicker. "Be honest with me," he demands, "That kiss... that said everything." He gets closer. Sami pants. "It said you need me and want me as much as I need you. You may not be in love with me but I know you have feelings for me. Why not admit that?"

Closer... closer... closer... pant... pant... pant... EJ moves in for the kill, "We belong together. The children are proof of that. This is so real... so deep... so..."

So cell phone.

Lame... Lame...


Sami breaks away and tells him to get it. EJ looks at the screen and says it's Arianna, "Her arraignment has been moved up."

"Saved by the bell," says Sami.

EJ says, "I'd like to continue this conversation." He kisses her and leaves.

Sami stands alone. She chugs a glass of water. Pant... Pant... Pant...

Daniel wants to know what is going on with Carly and Chloe, "Has Chloe made a mistake."

"No," says Carly, "It's my mistake. If there is a problem she has to tell you."

"Tell me what," asks Dr. Clueless.

"Whatever it is," says Carly, "It's for Chloe to say." She goes to check on a patient.

Chloe rants as Nicole tells her not to go after Carly, "I'm in the same place myself. If I don't do things the right way I could be in trouble."

Chloe agrees not to do something stupid – A real challenge for her. Nicole brings up EJ and wonders if he can bring her down. Chloe freaks again, "What am I going to do if Carly tells Daniel I slept with someone else?" And who should walk in...


Phillip says he can't say how much it means to him that Melanie thinks he didn't do something wrong. Melanie smooches him. "What was that for," asks Phillip.

"You complete me," says Melanie.

"I'm glad one of us is complete," says the bionic man.

Hugs. Melanie says she's been meaning to talk to him about something. She asks if he ever wants to have a kid again someday. Phillip consults the Guy Manual, "If she brings up the subject of kids, you'd better hope she's talking about goats."

Daniel asks for a few minutes alone with Chole. Nicole hugs Chloe and leaves. Daniel asks what they were talking about. Chloe evades and says Nicole is upset with EJ, "She's my friend. My special friend who keeps me supplied with flesh-eating bacteria."

Daniel asks, "Did you tell her you were pregnant?"

"No," says Chloe, "We agreed only to tell Melanie and I would never betray your trust. Unless there was hot sex involved. Why do you look so serious? Did you and Carly talk about me?"

"Yeah, we did," says Daniel, "And there is something I need to know. Chloe, you wouldn't lie to me would you?"

"Of course not," she lies.

Kimberly reads, "So you're leaving the ISA."

"They accepted my resignation," says Shane, "I wanted you to know. I wanted you to understand I have finally decided I don't want to spend my life being somewhere my family isn't. My whole life has been about 'the mission.' That's over. From now on my only mission is to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together. I hope you'll let me back in."

Rafe agrees maybe he and Sami aren't meant to be. EJ walks up. He asks for a moment with his client. Rafe chuckles and tells him he's fired, "Maybe you should leave. Mys sister doesn't need you any more. No one does."

EJ tells Rafe he's about as useful to Arianna as he was to Sami when he vowed to find Sydney. That does it. Rafe makes a move toward him, but Arianna calls him off, "I'm due in court soon. I need someone to help." Rafe cools down, tells EJ not to screw it up and leaves.

Phillip says he does want kids. So does Melanie, but not yet, "When the time is right." The walk off.

Chloe asks, "Why would I lie to you? What did Carly say?"

Daniel says, "If there was a problem with the baby you should tell me."

"You're the doctor," Chloe reminds him, "You said there was nothing wrong with the baby, so I assume that's correct."

"So it isn't the baby," says Daniel, "Is it something else?"

"You mean like the third degree you keep giving me," asks Chloe, "I won't keep anything from you."

"Worry," says Daniel, "That's what I do. I love you so much."

"I love you too," says Chloe, "More than you know." Daniel suggests she tell him all about it on the way home since she has been discharged. Smoochies.

Carly watches from out in the hall, "Oh, God, what do I do now?" God should suggest she mind her own business.

Kimberly thinks this is a lot to process. Shane says she doesn't have to answer right away. He turns to go but she calls him back.

EJ consults with Arianna. She wonders what she will do if the judge denies bail. EJ says, "If he does, we will appeal."

Nicole is on the phone with Baker. She says she didn't find out what EJ has on her, "If he stands up in court and says he can prove we planted evidence to frame Arianna, we are dead meat! Understood?" She turns to see...


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Monday, June 28, 2010

In Flagrante!

Sami and Rafe are in the rumpus room arguing. Sami lectures him for walking out. He tells her EJ is the last person she should be hooking up with. Sami accuses him of being jealous, which calls for a big sloppy kiss.

Madeline and Kate are at the pier. Madeline thinks everything from the safe deposit box is back in her possession. Kate assures her it's all there, but says, "I know everything."

"I guess everything isn't what it used to be," says Madeline.

Carly visits Alice's grave. Jennifer finds her. She asks if Carly has been crying. "This isn't about me," says Carly.

"Well," says Jennifer, "I guess there's a first time for everything. I still consider you my friend. Did something happen with Bo?"

"No," says Carly, "It's not about him."

Chloe wakes as Daniel snuggles her in her hospital bed. She says she had a strange dream, "You were there. And I traveled with a tin man and a lion and a wizard gave me a brain."

"It's a miracle," says Daniel, "We're having a baby."

Phillip is in Maggie's kitchen trying to phone Chloe. Melanie walks in and startles him, "I know you're trying to get hold of Chloe and I know why."

Rafe grabs Sami and plants a passionate kiss. Sami kisses back. Panting, heaving and heavy breathing ensues followed by writhing and grabbing. It looks for all the world like they're going to rumpus in the rumpus room when suddenly, but not at all unexpectedly, EJ walks in and catches them... um... as they say... In flagrante! For those of you who don't speak Latin, the literal translation of 'in flagrante' is, "as he's about to bang her lights out."

Chloe has apparently forgotten she's pregnant. Little brains typically forget little details. Daniel re-drops the bombshell, "You're having a baby."

"OMG," gasps Chloe, "That's all I've ever wanted... Well, that and for my scars to heal." Suddenly, however, Chloe's joy turns into stark terror as she has another fleshback. She considers the possibilities and whines, "Oh, no, it can't be!"

"What can't be," asks Daniel. Enquiring minds want to know.

Chloe stammers and stutters, "Oh, uh... how far along am I, exactly?"

Gabi visits Arianna in jail and tells her Rafe is back.

EJ surveys the disgusting scene and asks Rafe to leave.

Kayla and Stephanie are at a table in the pub. Stephanie tells her she's happier than she was a year ago when she was with Phillip. Kayla isn't too excited to hear that, "Great... it seems like his name comes up a lot with you. He's out of your life... I just wish he was completely out of your mind." Everything else is completely out of her mind.

"He isn't," says Stephanie.

Phillip bobs and weaves. He tells Melanie Chloe is a friend of his. He says he's not sure how good Chloe is for Daniel and says he's neutral on their relationship. He also wonders why Chloe and Daniel put off their wedding. Melanie brings up Carly.

Carly tells Jennifer what she's about to say is private – just between the two of them. "I won't tell a soul," says Jennifer. Jennifer realizes she has a big loophole there since no one in Salem has a soul.

Carly says, "I owe Daniel so much, but I found out something concerning him and don't know how to deal with it. He is on cloud nine right now. He thinks the most wonderful thing has happened but it could turn out to be tragic."

Daniel thinks Chloe seems upset. Chloe evades. She shrugs it off and Daniel tells her she's two months along. Although Chloe's math skills aren't on the same level as Rafe's, she does have the capability of subtracting two from now. The blood drains from Chloe's face. Daniel says, "You don't like that answer, do you? And I think I know why."

Rafe and EJ trade wisecracks as Stefano walks in. Rafe says he found Anna and talked to her. "Really," asks Stefano, "What did she tell you?"

Kate says she went through Madeline's papers before returning them, "There was a very unexpected discovery."

Maddie quakes, "Did you tell Stefano?"

Kate smiles like the cat that ate the canary, "Not yet."

Rafe says he got Anna to confess, but also says there are some things he can't divulge. EJ claims this is a farce and says he wants to know everything and deserves to, since Sydney is his daughter. Rafe says"Anna became... incapacitated. She was poisoned and then disappeared from the hospital."

Stefano growls, "You idiot."

"That's Mister Idiot to you, buddy."

Melanie starts to phone Chloe but Phillip stops her and says if Chloe knows something important Daniel would probably rather tell her himself. They make a lunch date and Phillip leaves. Outside, Phillip mumbles, "Phillip, you'd better find out yourself and make sure Chloe will keep our secret."

Carly says, "I hurt Daniel by keeping Melanie away from him all those years."

"I don't know," says Jennifer, "I would think keeping Melanie away from someone would be considered a favor. But whatever you do, just make sure you get it right this time."

Daniel sympathizes, "I know what it is that's worrying you. You think maybe the elevator fall was bad for the baby."

"I don't know much," says Chloe, "But I do know statistics have proven 300 foot drops are unhealthy.".

Daniel assures her the baby will be fine, "You landed on your boobs. The baby had a lot of padding."

Chloe says she realizes she's spent too much time being insecure, "I wish I could go back in time and change things. I would especially like to change an indiscriminate little romp I had."

Daniel says he doesn't want her to change anything, "I love you."

Chloe asks, "Even though I've put you through hell?"

"Yes," says Daniel, "As long as we are together I'll forgive you for everything."

"Are you willing to put that in writing," asks Chloe, "In any event, I have something I need to say to you."

Get your own bedpan," says Daniel.

Carly tells Jennifer she's helped her, "So now I'm gonna go get it right."

Jennifer wishes her luck as Carly leaves. She turns to Alice's headstone, "Well, Gram, I hope I gave her the right advice. But you taught me so I must've."

Phillip rushes into the hospital. A nurse tells him Daniel is in with Chloe, so Phillip leaves.

Daniel stops Chloe in mid-confession. Did you expect anything else? "I don't want another mea culpa," he says, "When you had your moments of insecurity and when you thought you were pregnant, I should have (say it with him) been there for you but I wasn't. I will (say it with him) be there for you always. There is one good thing that came out of finding those clothes that night. I think that was the night we conceived."

Chloe ponders, "Yeah it had to be."

The nurse sticks her head in the door and says she has Chloe's release forms. Amidst a barrage of kisses and "I love you's," Daniel leaves to take care of things.

Once he's gone Chloe stares, "OMG OMG OMG! What am I gonna do?"

Stefano accuses Rafe of failing them. Sami jumps to his defense but EJ tells her to let Rafe defend himself. "I did the best I could," says Rafe, " says Rafe, "If that's not good enough for you, then go to hell." He leaves.

Sami chases him outside, "What was that about?"

Inside, Stefano figures Anna was telling the truth. EJ says he is still worried. Stefano asks, "Elvis, did something happen before I got here, and does it have something to do with that pool of slobber over there on the floor? "

Kate says she feels some responsibility for making Madeline part of the dreadful night with Congressman Andrew, "I just want us to move on." Madeline asks if that means Kate will keep her yap shut. Kate evades, "This situation has put me in a bad position. I don't know if I'm going to tell Stefano. That's the best I can do."

Gabi tells Arianna Rafe was there to visit her, but they wouldn't let him in because visiting hours were over, even though everyone else seems to be able to visit at all hours. Maybe Rafe just forgot to bring donuts to bribe the guards.

EJ insists nothing happened before Stefano got there. Stefano is skeptical. He leaves to make a call.

Rafe and Sami bicker. Rafe reminds Sami she has moved into the DiMera mansion. Sami wants to know if he's so upset with her why he kissed her. "That was goodbye," he says.

Stephanie says she and Phillip are still involved, but not romantically. Kayla says she doesn't want her wasting time on him. Stephanie says she's still worried about him, "He's hurt a lot of people. Things backfire on him."

"What things," asks Kayla.

"Land mines, for one thing." says Stephanie, "He hurt you and dad with the Pocket thing. Things haven't changed even though he's married. I think he's done something destructive to Melanie and I'm not sitting by and watching that happen."

Daniel comes to Maggie's house and joins Melanie in the kitchen. Melanie asks if he got married. Daniel says no, "But I have something to tell you and I want you to keep it secret. You're gong to be a big sister." Melanie completely freaks out... which for her, means she acts like she normally does.

Carly comes into Chloe's room.

"It didn't feel like goodbye to me," says Sami, "It felt more like, 'let's find a vacant room upstairs.'" Rafe leaves to see Arianna.

Sami goes inside to find EJ's cold stare.

Jennifer kneels at the graveside and talks to Alice, "I feel your presence in my heart and always will. I know you live on in your children and grandchildren. You have helped me so much. I don't want that to stop. I will still be consulting you, OK? I need you to keep showing me how to be strong. I'm not saying goodbye because I love you... right here... in my heart... always."

Stephanie is concerned, "If Phillip hurts Melanie it will bring her right back to Nathan." What a gal! Always thinking of others.

Kayla starts to spew advice but gets a call, "Hold that thought." Stephanie's mind couldn't hold a helium molecule, let alone a thought.

Kayla leaves as Phillip comes in. Stephanie tells him she thinks he's done something wrong, "It will come out just like that Internet video."

Melanie continues to freak out, "Now I'm going to act like a big baby and I know this will sound selfish."

"Coming from you," says Daniel, "I wouldn't expect anything else."

Melanie says, "I'm not sure I'm ready to share you."

"No one will take your place," says Daniel. Melanie gets over it and says it's cool that this time he will be a dad from the beginning. Maybe.

Carly wants to talk about what's happening next. She reminds Chloe the kid could be someone else's. "I can't let this happen," says the Lord God All-Carly.

Chloe blows her short and incredibly empty stack, "You ruined Daniel's first chance at raising a child so go ahead and do it all over again."

Phillip rolls his eyes, "Here we go again... More gossip and drama. You have no idea what is going on, so stay out of it."

Stephanie gets a call, "Hold that thought." Phillip's mind couldn't hold a helium molecule, let alone a thought. Kayla walks up and Stephanie tells her it's a crisis at work and leaves.

"Good to see you," says Phillip.

"I doubt that," snorts Kayla. She starts to leave.

Phillip stops her, "I hope whatever Stephanie told you... I hope you don't spread it."

"You do hurt people," says Kayla, "And I'm not talking about Stephanie. I'm talking about Steve and me."

Chloe insists this is Daniel's child but says it's none of Carly's business anyway, "When I was with that other guy, I used protection. Lots of it. I hung two cloves of garlic around my neck." Carly doesn't believe her.

Rafe comes up to Arianna's cell. He and Gabi hug. Rafe says he's missed Arianna and vows to get her out of there. Just like he found Sydney after vowing to do that, or just like he got the truth out of Anna after vowing to do that. Gabi leaves. Rafe asks Arianna for details. Arianna starts in, "EJ says..."

Rafe has a cow, "EJ? What the hell does he have to do with any of this?"

Stefano meets Kate at the pier. She wonders why he wanted to meet her there. "I wanted to meet here for privacy," says Stefano.

A wino looks up from the gutter, "And for a bottle of Mad Dog 20/20 we can keep it private."

Stefano tells Kate Rafe is back in town, "He's driving people insane for his need to know the bloody truth." Kate thinks Stefano looks rattled. "I am rattled because my son is rattled," says Stefano, "Something is bothering him, but he won't tell me. I have to find out what is upsetting him."

Sami asks why EJ is looking at her like that. EJ breathes fire, "So you're back together with him."

"No," insists Sami, "Nothing has changed."

EJ tosses accusations, "You acted like a teenager in there. Which, for you, is a step up. You already have a family. I thought... you know exactly how I feel."

Kayla gives Phillip both barrels, "Your son pocket... Steve and I loved him but you took him away, and then gave him away. If you can be so cavalier with that, one wonders if you would give up on a marriage or something else." She leaves. Melanie comes up to Phillip and stares.

Chloe reminds Carly she kept Melanie from Daniel. Carly snorts, "I will regret that for all the Days Of Our Lives. But Daniel has to know the truth."

Daniel walks in. "Carly was just leaving," says Chloe.

Carly disagrees, "The hell I am."

Arianna tells Rafe EJ is her lawyer. Rafe points out Arianna is still in jail and says he will take care of things.

Arianna asks, "Is this about me or Sami?"

Sami asks, "Your feelings? I don't know what that means."

EJ reminds her of their swimming outing and kiss, "Did it never occur to you that..."

Sami interrupts, "I don't know what you are saying."

EJ clarifies things, "I love you."

Out in the audience, around the nation and across the globe, the Ejamis erupt...


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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Spoilers You Won't Hear Anywhere Else

There are dozens of spoiler sites on the Internet. If you really want to find out what's going to happen on Days Of Our Lives, all you have to do is a little searching. But Prevuze always strives to be a cut above. I want to bring you spoilers that are found nowhere else because I am (say it with me) there for you. Here are a few spoilers for you to mull over as you head into the weekend:

Chloe's baby is born without a leg. Daniel begins to have suspicions.

Chloe's baby is born without a brain, confirming Chloe is the mother.

When one of his associates slashes Lucas' nose with a knife, Lucas discovers for the past several months he's been living in Chinatown, not China.

Nicole seduces Brady. Meanwhile, Arianna gets out of jail and resumes her torrid, lust-filled relationship with him. DOOL ratings soar when we have the first-ever "who's the mommy" storyline.

Rafe and Sami get back together. Then split. Then get back together. Then split. Then get back together. Then split. Rafe finds consolation when he comes in next-to-last in a local elementary school math contest.

EJ and Sami get back together. Then split. Then get back together. Then split. Then get back together. Then split. Viewers trying to follow the storylines are hospitalized for whiplash.

Abe declines to run for a second term as mayor. Instead he runs for congress and wins. During the first six months he skims millions off of government contracts, is indicted for income tax evasion and has an affair with three of his staff members.

Congress censures Abe for not being corrupt enough.

Theo and Ciara are SORASED to 18 and begin a relationship. Ciara gets pregnant in the back seat of his car. Nicole, now married to Brady, helps Ciara deliver the baby, switches it with yet another one of Sami's brood and convinces Brady the baby is his. DOOL writers, having gleaned just a bit of this story from another storyline, hope the viewers have been asleep for months. Which, if they've been watching this show, they have.

Roman's crack investigative team finally discovers EJ was "The Glove." Unfortunately, it took them so long to solve the case the statute of limitations has run out and EJ goes Scott-free. No pun intended.

Kate and Madeline, realizing they're not getting any younger, open a whorehouse for seniors, "The Granny Ranch."

Nicole inadvertently wins the Nobel Prize for Medicine for her cure for obesity. It seems when she goes after Arianna with a vengeance, she stumbles on the fact that flesh-eating bacteria cause significant weight loss as the disease progresses to its most destructive stage.

Hope takes shooting lessons and finally is able to hit the broad side of a barn. Unfortunately, it's the wrong side. More unfortunately Kayla is standing there...

Stefano and EJ have a falling out. Stefano imprisons EJ, puts his brain on a disc and has room enough left over to include the video of the Matrix trilogy. In high-def.

Mia flunks out of dance school in New York, but makes a reasonably comfortable living flipping burgers at the New York union scale wage of $60/hour.

Bo's hallucinations come back. They get so bad he thinks he goes to Oz and marries the Wicked Witch of the West. Later, he finds out he wasn't hallucinating; instead, he discovers he and Hope reconciled.

OK, the "Scott-free" pun was intended. So sue me.

Shawn and Belle return to Salem. It was Belle's idea since Shawn had never figured out he had to raise the sails to make a sailboat move, and Belle got tired of rowing.

In order to relieve overcrowded conditions at Salem Hospital, the administration calls on Nathan and Melanie to perform a few more appendectomies.

And finally, after much research, we have determined the rumors that someone in Salem is gay turn out to be true. Will comes out of the closet. People in town take it in stride except for Kate's secretary, Chris, who is quite upset,
"Damn! I was really hoping the gay guy would be EJ. I mean, hellloooo, people... have you noticed how pretty he is?"

If anything's pretty around your place this weekend I hope it's the weather. Get out and enjoy it and we'll see you Monday morning when all this excitement starts to unfold. Guaranteed.

OK, Maybe not guaranteed. So sue me.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

A Bomb Waiting To Go Off

The doorbell at the DiMera mansion rings. It rings again. Again. The postman may only ring twice, but Rafe, with his advanced algebra skills can keep it up all day. Sami opens the door to find him standing there. "It's good to see you," says the Rafester. Sami stares.

Bo tells Hope he'll be at Alice's house later. Hope is happy to hear that. They both see a flower that has fallen off Alice's casket and reach for it together and...


Bo remembers her warm caress... her tender kiss... but then he stops thinking of Carly.

Kate sticks the incriminating paper in an envelope, "Madeline I would never have put this in a safe deposit box. The question is, do I tell my husband?"

Madeline walks outside the pub and gets off the phone. She pulls out an envelope, "Thank God they didn't get their hands on this." Chad interrupts and tells her he found out something he's not happy about.

Rafe says he wants to see Sami because of the kids. Sami tells him they are OK, "Damned if I know where they are, through." Rafe tells her he came straight there from the plane. Sami gives him a big hug, "I missed you."

The rose... the touch... Hope tells him, "I'll see you back at the house," and leaves. The loneliness... Bo flashes back to Alice talking to him about Victor being in a coma. She stuffed him with donuts and he opened up to her. That's all it takes with a cop. "Anytime you need someone to talk to," says Alice, "I'll (say it with her) be here for you. For all the Days Of Our Lives."

"The crew back at Alice's place looks at an album. They reminisce about a benefit where Alice played the part of Groucho. Roman pulls Kayla away and asks if she saw Shane, "Do you know where Kim is?"

Kimberly huffs into Bo and Hope's house ranting about Shane. She remembers Alice talking to her about him and then snorts, "Don't you even think about it, Mister!"

Mister Knocks. I guess he's thinking about it. Kimberly answers. Stares.

Sami and Rafe break off the hug. She asks where he's been. Rafe evades. He asks if Stefano and EJ are there.

"No," says Sami, "Why?"

"I need to be alone with you," says Rafe. Translation... Oh, heck, you don't need a translation.

More family album stuff. Hope remembers Alice saving Bo and her — on many occasions, "She always looked out for us." Ciara asks for details. Hope says it was a long time ago but Ciara insists. We flashback to Bo and Hope running out of a wax museum in New Orleans. Alice lets them into an attraction for free. Wow. She saved them all right. I'll bet that attraction cost as much as five bucks. Ciara says she wishes Great Grandma could save them now. Bo and Hope stare at each other. Bo remembers that loving look... their bond... their love... But then he stops thinking about Carly.

Madeline chases Chad into the pub. He says he got a text from Mia, who has left for school. Madeline plays dumb. It's not a stretch. Chad tells her about the dance school. He says he's is upset she left without saying anything. Madeline flashes back to giving Mia the ticket. Chad says he wants to find out what happened. "No," says Maddie.

Kate stands at Alice's grave. She says she didn't think it was her place to come to the service, but Alice is her son's grandmother and she's sorry about a lot of things, "I have a lot of regrets but came to say I'm sorry and to say goodbye sweet lady." Bill joins her.

Back in the kitchen, Laura and Lucas join Maggie and Marie. Laura asks about Bill, but no one has seen him. They take the food outside. Lucas hangs back and Carrie finds him. She tells him she's leaving and he offers his best to Austin. "I mean that, honestly. I Hope he falls off one of the taller Alps so he doesn't linger crushed and broken at the bottom of the abyss suffering in pain."

Carrie says she's sorry the way things turned out for them, "Gran used to say there are no endings."

"Only beginnings," says Lucas, "Except our marriage. That had an ending, for sure... the minute I discovered you and Austin doing the horizontal hula on that rooftop." They hug and say goodbye. So, that conversation lasted longer than their marriage.

Bo watches Kayla and Hope talk. Kayla tells her she can tell Bo and Hope still love each other, and thinks they should get back together.

Hope says, "It's complicated."

"Complicated," asks Kayla.

"Yes," says Hope, "I am right and Bo is wrong. He doesn't get that and that's what complicates it."

Kayla reminds her, "Bo is here and he didn't bring... her."

"I can't think of a better reason to get back together," says Hope, "He comes to one function without bringing his personal sperm bank."

Nathan comes in and announces he found a tape entitled 'Special Day.' The crowd gathers to watch.

Jennifer comes in and says she called Mike at the hospital but there was no answer.

We all watch the 'Special Day' tape. It's Tom and Alice renewing their vows. Tom looks in her eyes and says, “Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go..."

"Cool," says Lucas, "Shakespeare always brings a little class to any family gathering."

"It's from the Bible," says Julie.

Doug says, "For Lucas, that's close enough."

Kimberly says she doesn't want to see Shane. "I need to see you," says Shane. Translation... Oh, heck, you don't need a translation.

Kim totally blows a gasket because he was not (say it with her) there for her when she was sick. She rants on until she practically has a stroke and Shane is able to get a word in. He says he would have (say it with her) been there for her but he was in jail. He tells her the story and Kim softens. He apologizes for letting her down, "But I am here now."

Rafe brings Sami up to date on his adventures with Calliope and Anna, the poisoning and his arrest. He tells her about the escape and says he never found out who was working with Anna, "I came home empty handed."

Sami realizes, "So when you were gone, it was for me."

Carrie invites Bo to come to Switzerland sometime, "Bring Hope."

"I don't think so," says Bo, "She would ruin the trip for Carly." Roman and Bo see her out.

Ciara and Theo sit together coloring. The budding group of Thiaras in the audience just love it, "SQUEEEEEEE!"

Ciara tells him she can't find her treasures, "They were wallets. Maybe mommy took them back. They disappeared the night Mommy was hugging that strange man."

Mommie dearest walks up and lectures Ciara for making things up again.

Baker reads the story of Alice's death and figures out Hope is Alice's granddaughter. He flashes back to their tender moment, "I wonder if we're going back into the mugging business or if she's going after her ex?"

Will helps Maggie in the kitchen and asks about Mia. Maggie says Mia got to New York all right and it was sad talking to her about leaving. "There was no warning," says Will, "She didn't explain why she just up and left."

"You mean beside the explanation she came to the DiMera mansion and specifically gave you?"

"Right," says Will, "Beside that one."

Madeline says she doesn't want to see Chad making a mistake. She insists she wouldn't come between him and Mia and suggests Chad give her some space, "If you were meant to be together she will come back. She's made bad decisions and you were on the top of that list. Don't chase after her." Chad drags himself out.

Maddie drones, "I had to do it." She pulls the incriminating envelope out of her purse and looks at it.

Bill and Kate talk at Alice's grave site. He says he heard her say something about regrets, "Do you want to talk?"

"Thanks," says Kate, "But no one can help me." She leaves.

Hope lectures Ciara. She says she doesn't want her making up more stories. Ciara yells, "I'm not — you never believe me!"

Baker remembers talking to Hopeless about leaving her husband. "No," says Hopeless, "He left me. Bo left me."

"BO," asks Baker, "As in Bo Brady?"

"No," says Hope, "Bo Jackson. He's making a comeback."

"It's not much of a comeback if he's with you," says Baker.

Baker tosses the paper, "The woman is a bomb waiting to go off. Her next victim will be her husband."

Maggie tells everyone they seem to have made it through the day, "It was a good day. A new beginning." Most of the bunch leave. Julie and Jennifer remain and talk about Maggie and Alice.

Roman is with Bo claiming Arianna couldn't be involved in the attacks. "Right," says Bo, "Now that I'm back I'll take a close look at the case."

Mt. St. Hope erupts, "You're not taking this case away from me!"

Kimberly says she didn't realize Shane was in prison. Shane says he couldn't stop thinking about her, "I came back to see if there is a chance for us."

Kimberly ejects herself from the game of stability...


Rafe pulls a line out of one of his scripts from six months ago, "I'm not giving up."

"Good luck with that," says Sami. She asks if he knows about Arianna. Rafe knows. He says he's headed over there later. He says he knows the charges are bogus, "Except EJ deserved the bash in the head."

Sami doesn't appreciate that at all, "EJ was really hurt. He could have died."

Rafe asks the critical question, "What's going on with you and EJ, anyway?"

Hope runs off the rails, "You think I'm a screw up, don't you? You think I don't have the chops to solve the case! You don't trust me!"

Bo throws a little gasoline on the fire, "I didn't say that. But you obviously need some help."

Hope becomes totally unglued. "You're overreacting," says Bo. Hope overreacts as Bo explains things. He relates it all to their problems, Mrs. H and the stress Hope is under.

Doug and Julie walk in with Ciara, helping her look for her coloring book. Bo says he has to go, asks Ciara to be good and tells Hope he will talk to her later. Bo goes.

Doug says he and Julie will drive Ciara home and let Hope hang out. Doug bends down, "Ciara Bomberra... I'll race you to the car." The pair head outside, leaving Hope and Julie alone. Julie asks if Hope is OK. Hope insists she's OK and hasn't been taking the pills while she was with Alice, "But I do need sleep."

To sleep... perchance to commit mayhem...

Marie and Maggie say goodbye. Melissa leaves to take Marie to the airport. Maggie picks up a picture of Mickey, "I'll be all right as long as I have you and Alice in my heart."

A nurse discovers Mike missing.

Kate and Madeline meet. Madeline tells her everything from her safe deposit box seems to be in the things Kate returned to her. Kate says, "I'm not really happy, though... after all that's happened."

Sami tells Rafe about the townhouse flood. She says it's fixed, but Sami likes the scenery there at the DiMera mansion, "Everyone seems happy here."

Rafe asks, "You weren't happy at your place?"

"It got kind of lonely."

"So you turned to EJ?"

Sami insists, "Nothing happened!"

"That's what you say," he accuses. Trust... one of the cornerstones of a good relationship.

Hope comes downstairs at Alice's house. She touches things and contemplates. She picks up a picture of Alice, sighs, hugs it and cries. We pan to a picture of Tom and Alice. Hope takes one last look and leaves.

Mike is dressed and looks at a plaque, "'Dedicated to the faithful service of Mrs. Alice Horton.' I'm sorry I messed saying goodbye but I know you are still with me. You haven't left us. you never will. Because this episode seems like it will never end."

Shane says he doesn't understand. Kim augments his understanding with a complete meltdown. Shane begs, "Don't do this."

"You did this," says Kimberly, "You made your choices. I want you out of here. Get out. Get out..."

"GET OUT!!!!!"

"So," asks Shane, "I gather you're asking me to leave?" On his way out, he gives her a parting shot, "This isn't over."

Once the door shuts, Kimberly drones, "Yes it is."

I guess today is National Meltdown Day. It's Sami's turn to have one, "You haven't been here five minutes and you're calling me a liar!"

"You're lying to yourself," says Rafe.

"That's not as bad as spewing cliches," says Sami, "You walked out on me. You don't have a say any more."

"You made your choices," says Rafe, "EJ is the last guy you should be hooking up with."

I AM NOT HOOKING... OMG you're jealous!"

"EJ is just going to hurt you again. I'm not gonna let this happen," he yells. He takes her in his arms and plants a hot kiss on her. Sami plants back. So, Rafe may have come home empty handed, but he seems to have his hands full now.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Fair And Very Great Lady

Have your box of tissue ready, folks...

The G-Man and the super-spy sit side-by-side as they travel back home to their respective families and loved ones.

Rafe and Shane are on a plane.
They're headed back to Salem.
Once again they're coming home
Dragging their tails behind them.

Shane wonders how he could have let a wonderful woman slip away. Rafe reminds him, "I heard you tell her you thought her price was too high." Rafe decides he's going to go home and fix things with Sami.

Carrie and Sami are in the pub. Carrie wonders about Sami's double boy-toy arrangement.

Nathan and Stephanie are on the park bench. He thanks her for going to the funeral with him.

Maggie is in her kitchen. Melissa comforts her.

Bo is with Kayla in his living room. They argue about the dubious choices Bo has made lately. Hope shows up. Stares.

Bill and Jennifer come in to see Mike in the hospital. Mike announces he has a burst spleen, but wants to get out and see his grandmother. Jennifer and Bill give him the bad news.

Roman and Kimberly join the crowd in Bo and Hope's living room. Kayla, Kimberly and Roman get uncomfortable and leave. Hope wonders where Carly is and Bo tells her she's at the hospital. Hope says she's there to see Bo before she says goodbye to Alice.

Rafe says, "Things have never been easy with Sami. There were several occasions I would like to have wrung her neck."

"Why didn't you," asks Shane.

"Because," says Rafe, "Things may not be easy, but Sami sure is."

"Her behavior is not your problem," says Shane, "Your problem is you can't stop thinking about her."

"When it comes to us," says Rafe, "she has a habit of making the wrong choice."

"Like what," asks Shane.

"Like... she chose me."

Sami tells Carrie nothing is going on between her and EJ, "I have my own bedroom."

Carrie reminds her, "You got pregnant with him when you didn't have any bedroom. You can't keep this up. If you have feelings for Rafe and EJ, you have to decide."

Melissa and Maggie talk about Alice and Mike. Maggie assures Melissa Alice isn't gone, "She lives on in our hearts and we have to carry on her legacy — Courage... love... dignity... Christmas bulbs...

Justin finds Adrienne outside. They share an uncomfortable moment renewing their rocky relationship. Adrienne asks if he's seen Hope.

Hope asks, "Will you please say a few words at Alice's funeral? Very few."

Bo agrees and asks why she came over, "Are you all right."

Hope is never all right, "No."

Bo says something he has never said to her before, "Talk to me."

Hope whines, "I just don't think I can make it through this day without all of my family."

Angst in room 207. Mike can't believe he came all this way and missed Alice. Bill tells him the services are today. Lexie comes in and says she can't let him out of the hospital to go to the funeral.

Justin says he hasn't seen much of Hope lately. Kayla butts in Justin time for Justin to leave for a meeting. Kayla and Adrienne talk about Stephanie and Nathan. Kayla says, "She's crazy about him."

"She's crazy with or without him," says Adrienne, "But you don't know the half of it."

Nathan joins Stephanie Maggie and Melissa in the kitchen as they prepare food for the wake. Nathan and Maggie leave each with a load of goodies. Melissa and Stephanie stay behind and decide to get acquainted. Then they head out with their own loads of food.

Bo says Hope isn't alone today. She has her family and that includes him. Hope stammers, "Would you sit with Ciara and me today."

Since it's a funeral, Bo decides things can't get much worse, so he agrees. Hope leaves. Bo stares.

Kayla wonders if something is going on. Adrienne flashes back to listening to Stephawhine's admission that she stopped taking her birth control pills, "Uh... Things have been... intense."

Kayla freaks, "What did Stephanie do? Do you know something?" Adrienne insists she doesn't and leaves

Mike has a meltdown. He grabs the bed rails and shakes himself back and forth insisting he feels just fine. If he had another spleen it would have exploded by now along with the first one, "I CAN'T BE TRAPPED IN THIS BED!"

Lexie agrees and gets a straight jacket to keep him trapped. Mike reels Jennifer in, hugs her and apologizes for his tantrum. She assures him Alice was at peace, but wouldn't have been if she had seen that little juvenile display.

Hope comes into the living room and announces it's time. Maggie, Melissa, Laura and Marie all leave with her. Lucas finds himself alone, but that's OK, since he's used to having women walk out on him. He picks up a picture of Tom and takes it as he starts to leave the room. At the door, he turns and takes one last look at the empty room.

Sami says she wants and loves Rafe, but EJ is the father of two of her children. Carrie asks, "Lucas is also the father of two of your children. Are you living with him?"

"I may be a whack-job," says Sami, "But I'm not stupid."

Caroline interrupts with Allie, "It's time to go say goodbye to precious Alice."

Allie chimes in, "My name is Alice."

"You were named after a great lady," says Caroline.

Shane says he's seen Sami in action. Rafe rants about her and EJ, "The SOB is a DiMera just as slimy and crooked as his old man."

Shane has some advice, "Watch your back and get Sami away from the DiMeras — that includes EJ.

The crowd from the funeral gathers in the cemetery. Bo says, "Pastor McMartin led a nice service." Hope and Justin make eyes at each other.

Abe tells Kayla Theo would love to have seen her.

Carrie greets Lucas. Julie and Doug join them and say hi to Allie. They all talk about remembering Alice.

Justin joins Hope and asks how she is doing. Hope says she's keeping it together. Big hug. Caroline scowls and pokes Bo, "She should be in your arms Bo... your arms."

"You're right," says Bo, "But I guess I caught a break today."

Shane and Rafe DE PLANE, DE PLANE. Shane suggests Anna might do the right thing. Rafe wishes him luck with his family. He wishes Rafe good luck with Sami.

Sami rushes into the rumpus room. Kate is with Johnny who has a fever. Sami thanks Kate for taking care of him. Kate says she knows they have their issues, but she loves children, "I guess you must be doing something right."

The crowd gathers around Alice's casket. Caroline speaks. She says Alice was a dear friend whom she could turn to.

Julie says Alice didn't approve of all her life choices, but she never stopped loving her.

Doug says "Alice was a fair and very great lady who convinced me to be the man I needed to be."

Maggie says Alice encouraged her to step up and try harder.

Lucas says he wouldn't be alive today without her. He talks about finding out he was a Horton, "She was like royalty and to find out I was part of her very own flesh and blood was intimidating, exciting and rewarding."

Melissa steps up, "It was rewarding just to be in her kitchen and have her tell you what you were thinking before you even knew."

Nathan says Alice had the best advice about girls, "She always made me feel at home." Fade to a picture of Alice.

Sami joins Kate back in the rumpus room. She says Johnny took his meds and conked out. Unconscious — just the way Sami likes them. She tells Kate the funeral was beautiful. Kate asks if Sami saw Lucas. She yes she did, but didn't get to talk to him.

Back at the graveside, Bo tells the crowd Mrs. H was an example of how they should live their lives. He remembers her humor, "She always let me know when I wasn't right. Just the other day she... she always advised me to follow my heart."

Jennifer takes over, "That's just the kind of thing she would say. I never could imagine the day she wouldn't be here. She never said goodbye. It was always... 'Until we meet again.' Here's to your next adventure, Gran."We pan out to see the entire crowd and then back to the picture of Alice.

Mike sits in bed and stares. He remembers telling Alice about Carrie being married to Austin. He says he still loves her. Alice thinks being Chief of Staph would keep him busy, "I know you will do the right thing."

In turn, people put yellow roses on Alice's casket. Hope speaks, "I'm at a loss for words. There are so many amazing things to say. We all shared great memories today. To me she was the woman I wanted to be." Pan to Ciara. Hope continues, "She wasn't just the matriarch. She was a friend. We loved her and she loved us back unconditionally. I love you. Gran, and I know that you'll look out for us for the rest of the Days Of Our Lives.

Flashbacks cascade onto the screen. Alice and Tom hugging. Alice and Melissa... Julie... Alice and Tom dancing... Julie again... Christmas bulbs... Alice in her wedding dress... Lucas... a family hug... Jennifer... Alice turns to a picture of Tom, "Goodbye my darling, till we meet again."

Hope cries, "Goodbye, Gran."

Lucas puts the picture of Tom with her picture. We pan through the crowd and then back to the picture.

Sami opes the door at the DiMera mansion to find Rafe. Heavy breathing ensues.

People fie past putting more roses on Alice's coffin. We pan back to the picture of Alice and Tom.

Bo tells Ciara how pretty she was today. He sends her off with Doug and Julie and stares at Hope. Hope zones out.

Shane finds Kimberly, "Hey..."

Kimberly tees off on him, "Oh, no. you don't just sneak up and say 'Hey.'" She runs off.

Bo and Shane shake hands and Shane expresses his condolences. He hugs Hope and walks off leaving...

Bo and Hope...

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Throwing In The Romantic Towel

Kayla shows up at Bo and Hope's house. They talk about Alice and then Kayla says she has a surprise for Bo. She drags him outside to meet Kimberly, who thanks Bo for all he did to for her during her recent illness.

Rafe sits on a plane. Shane joins him. Rafe looks up, "Shane Donovan. What the hell are you doing here?"

"I'm on a mission," says Shane, "The ISA wants to know why the hell every question on this show has the word 'hell' in it."

"That's a hell of a good question," says Rafe.

Roman finds Carrie in the pub. He tells her the FBI folks are in town because her mommy has been a bad girl, "It's better if I find her because if someone else does..."

Sami interrupts, "She will answer to me."

Hope is in the kitchen. Her dad comes in for a Doug-hug.

Bill is with Maggie in her kitchen. Maggie gets upset because she thinks he's there for "Maggie maintenance."

Allie sits on the counter holding a bag of MSG-laced granola that you're supposed to think is good for you. Sami comes up to her and the sleazy product placement pitch gets into full swing, "Natural Valley Twigs and Nuts. Tastes like cardboard and only 800 calories per serving." Sami sends Allie up to her grandmother, "But first throw that bag of candy disguised as a health snack in the garbage."

Carrie tells Roman she and Sami have patched things up. "Wow," says Roman, "A lifetime of animosity wiped out in a five-minute conversation. I'm sure that'll last."

Sami jumps in and goes on a one-woman nuclear meltdown over Anna, "When I find her I'm gonna make sure she pays for what she did."

Lucas joins Kate in the rumpus room. They decide the family won't be the same without Alice. Kate says, "She never seemed to have a need for some of the things others do, like money and power. Or love... she had plenty of that. All she ever lacked was a family with half an ounce of sense."

Jennifer gets off the phone with the reverend. She says the rev and gran planned her service together. Julie cries, "Good for her. She never backed off a difficult subject."

Julie remembers Alice telling her the court might decide against her in her custody battle with Scott Banning. If he wins custody, Julie says she isn't sure she could go on without her son.

Julie thinks heaven is a brighter happier place today, "It's certainly cleaner and better organized."

Hope and Doug continue to hug. Doug wishes he could comfort her like her mother used to. He tells her Alice told him when Addie died that death was only a transition. In Salem it's only a little delay before you come back. They decide Alice will live on in their hearts. Hope just wishes she had told her how sorry she is she let her down. More hugs and tears.

Rafe asks what the future holds for Shane. Shane says the ISA told him something has happened to his family. He has to investigate that before he decides what to do next.

Kimberly says things have been tough since her divorce. Bo asks, "So you haven't heard form him?"

Kimberly says, "He dropped off the face of the earth."

"Well then," says Bo, "Maybe he's in Salem. It's not the face of the earth. It's more like the armpit."

Kate tells Lucas he's doing a good job for Hearth and Home in Hong Kong. Lucas says he isn't sure he should be trucking Allie all over the world. Kate thinks it's a great opportunity for her. She thinks Sami and EJ living there together are overcompensating and completely focused on Sydney and Johnny.

Lucas asks, "What about Will?"

Will walks in, "Yeah, what about me?"

Roman leaves the pub to go talk to Bo. Sami apologizes for teeing off about Anna. Carrie says she deserves it. Sami says, "I'm no paragon of virtue but..."

Carrie interrupts, "We talked about that last night."

Carrie says she and Austin are happy and then Sami tells her about Rafe, "I drove him away."

"Are you sure," asks Carrie, "There is no hope?"

"No," says Sami, "I have no one to blame but myself. But I'll keep looking until I find someone."

Maggie thinks Bill, Laura and Marie are hovering, "Yesterday, Marie took out the garbage for me and while she was out there, she washed my car."

"Marie is a nun," says Bill, "That's what nuns do." Well, we can see it's been a while since Bill has been to church.

Maggie says, "Losing Mickey was like losing a part of myself... the part that's never home. I'm making it and it bother me that all of you show up and act like I'm disabled. You and Marie lost your mother. You should be taking care of yourselves. I'm fine."

Bill asks, "If you are, how come you didn't tell anyone your Myasthenia Gravis came back."

"I was saving it as a surprise."

Doug and Hope are on the park bench. She talks about losing Bo. Doug says Alice told him she felt eventually Hope and Bo would get back together. Hope reminds him Bo is shacking up with Carly.

"Alice said her money was on you and Bo," says Doug.

That perks her up, "Money? You mean there was a will?"

Lucas says they were talking about business. Kate pipes in, "He's thinking about running Hearth and Home (into the ground) form Hong Kong." Lucas says he wants to stay in Hong Kong for good but will come back and visit from time to time.

Will explodes, "How could you make the decision to move away without talking to any of us?"

Lucas asks, "Didn't you make the decision to move into the DiMera mansion without talking to anyone?"

Carrie says, "I can't believe Sami Brady is throwing in the romantic towel."

Sami says it's out of her hands now, "Rafe didn't want to be nailed down. He just wanted to nail me. I lied to him after all he had done for me." Carrie thinks Rafe sounds like a guy who would be understanding. Sami thinks he's not coming back.

Rafe wonders what happened to Shane's family. Shane says he can't tell until he's sure it's true. He opes he's not too late.

Kimberly is worried about Shane, "He has children. Who the hell does he think he is."

Roman pops in, "That's a good question." Roman has a keen ability to recognize good questions. It's the answers that seem to evade him.

Bill is still on the "let's take care of Maggie" train. He says they are worried about her. Maggie insists she's fine. Bill plays the 'Alice' card, "Mom didn't think so."

Maggie gasps, "What?"

"The last time I spoke with her she begged me to look after you," says Bill.

"She was always worried about everyone," says Maggie.

Bill double-trumps her with the 'Mickey' card, "Mickey asked me to do the same thing."

Abe shows up at the Hortons and expresses his condolences. He, Jennifer and Julie share a group hug. Abe remembers how Alice took the Carvers under her wing, even when they tried to arrest her. That calls for a flashback... Abe has Alice in custody for a suspected felony. Alice says, "If you have proof, arrest me."

"She was one tough lady," says Abe.

"She had to be," says Julie, "She lived with us."

Doug and Hope are back in the kitchen. Doug wonders if she's giving up on Bo. He's not above playing the 'Alice' card himself, "She always thought you and Bo belonged together." Doug leaves.

Hope has a flashback to Alice giving her earrings for her wedding. One of them anyway. Alice tells her she saved them for her marriage with Bo, not that scoundrel Larry Welsh. Hope picks up a "Best Grandma Ever" cup and cries.

Will backpedals and says he came off too strong. Lucas understands. He tells Will the door is always open in Hong Kong, "You can stay as long as you want, as long as it's not with me. I mean, would you rather live with Stefano?"

"Let's see," says Will, "A mansion with servants, a swimming pool and everything you could ever want vs. a Hong Kong hovel. That's a tough decision, but I don't want to leave school, and I have my mom, my friends and Sydney here." Kate clears her throat. "And Grandma," says Will. Kate leaves.

Lucas apologizes for twisting Will's arm, but says he thinks the living arrangements in the DiMera mansion are strange. Will says everyone has been nice and they have even been polite to Sami, "EJ has been really decent to her."

"Now I'm really scared," says Lucas.

Sami thinks Rafe is gone for good, "We probably had one of those knock your socks off passionate connections that can't last."

"Maybe if you would have let him take something off besides your socks, he would still be with you," says Carrie.

Sami says the feelings are not gone, and when Rafe realized she lied, she expected him to get angry, but he was calm instead, "The lie changed everything and I don't think we can ever get it back."

Rafe says he isn't sure what he will find when he gets back to Salem. Shane informs him Alice died. The big questions is who informed Shane? Rafe says he didn't know her, but feels like he did. "She was no pushover," says Shane.

Bo says he was just about to call Carly. Kayla gasps, "She's not going to the funeral is she?"

"No," says Bo, "You don't approve of the relationship, do you?"

"Let's see," says Kayla, "A married man living with a woman who popped a kid after a drunken one-night-stand and later killed her husband. It doesn't exactly sound like a match made in heaven."

Maggie thinks Mickey asking Bill to look after her is sweet, but she says she can take care of herself. "He said you would say that," says Bill, "He had your number." Maggie continues to insist she's OK. Bill says he made a promise to his brother and he has to live up to it. Maggie hugs him and says she can deal with that. "You're stuck with me," says Bill, "Until I leave town in a couple days and never see you again."

Jennifer finds Hope looking at the Grandma cup. They talk about Alice and how much they miss her. Hope also can't believe she's going to the funeral today without Bo by her side.

Bo tells Kayla to suspend judgment. Kayla judges and yells at him. Bo recaps the situation, "I fell in love and that changed everything."

"You mean Carly went down as easy as a two-foot putt and that changed everything," says Kayla.

Carrie asks how EJ fits into all this. "He's been great," says Sami, "He's (say it with her) been there for me. Let's not talk about it any more."

Carrie says, "I know why you want to change the subject."

"Right," says Sami, "We're talking about Rafe and talking bout EJ is uncomfortable."

"Exactly," says Carrie, "Is it possible you love both these guys?" Sami chokes.

Julie joins Doug. She gives him a Bible Alice had with her when she died. Maggie and Jennifer join them and Doug finds something Alice has written inside. He reads...

"And as long as this family gathers together to touch and share and laugh and remember, and as long as our hearts and arms are open to new friends, new loves, then we have everything a human being can hope for in this life. Everything. And it never ends."

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Queen Of Bad Choices

Brady paces in the Kiriakis mansion den talking on the phone with Fred. He says it will feel great to get justice for Arianna. Nicole listens. As Brady ends the call, Nicole walks in, "I hate to ask for payback for what I did for you, but..."

"No problem," says Brady, "What you did for me was worth it. You scraped me off a pier."

EJ is with Arianna in her cell. Arianna says she's a wreck and EJ tells her he's there to help. Arianna is near panic, "I need to get out of here!"

Will answers the door at the DiMera mansion to find Carrie standing there, "Aunt Carrie! Or should I call you 'Mom' since you were my step mom for about five minutes? "

Sami walks into the foyer, "Carrie!"


At least they recognize each other. That's a start.

Carly busts into the wedding in Chloe's room. Daniel asks why she is there. "This time," says Chloe, "I'm going to say what I came to say."

Chloe revs up the whine-o-matic, "No, please don't."

Carrie meets Sydney . Sami asks why Carrie is there. She tells Sami she's there because Alice isn't doing well. Sami says she meant she wanted to know why Carrie is at the DiMera mansion. Carrie turns to Will and asks to speak to Sami alone. Will leaves and Carrie turns back to Sami. Carrie brought the smaller travel version of the whine-o-matic, "I'm sorry."

Chloe begs Carly to keep her yap shut.

"I have to say this now," says Carly. Chloe tries to but in again.

Daniel interrupts Chloe's interruption, "Let her speak."

"Stop defending her," screams Chloe, "You have no idea." In Daniel's case, Idea = Clue.

"No idea about what," asks Daniel. Anything.

EJ tells Arianna the arraignment has been rescheduled for tomorrow. Arianna is somewhat relieved and asks if he thinks the judge will grant bail. EJ isn't sure, "But Nicole is behind this and I am definitely going to prove it."

Arianna asks, "How? "

"Traces of foam rubber have been found at the scene of the muggings," says EJ."

Nicole tells Brady she thinks she's going to lose her job. She says she missed a broadcast when Brady was in the hospital, and begs him to give her some kind of story about Titan. Brady suggests a piece on the muggings, "You know Arianna is innocent."

Jennifer and Maggie are in the Horton kitchen. Jennifer worries because she hasn't heard from Mike.

Carrie says, "My mother kidnapped your daughter. Can you forgive me?"

"No," says Sami.

Crestfallen Carrie sighs, "I understand."

"I can't forgive you," says Sami, "Because there is nothing to forgive. If anyone is responsible besides Anna it's me."

Chloe insists Carly never wanted them to get married.

Daniel asks, "What makes you think that?"

Daniel's question prompts Chloe to have yet another fleshback to her romp with Phillip, "Carly doesn't think I'm good enough for you."

"That's ridiculous," says Daniel, "A promiscuous slut like you is exactly what an indiscriminate horn-dog like me deserves." He turns to Carly, "You didn't say something that insane did you?"

Lexie walks into a room at the hospital and finds Mike in bed there. Mike sees her come in and asks, "What am I doing here?"

Nicole says the producer put a moratorium on covering muggings.

"That's news," says Brady, "Why would a producer put a moratorium on that?"

"So the local news anchor team can do what the rest of them do, which is giggle and talk about the weather between the never-ending commercials."

Brady says he'll talk to people and get all the manpower Nicole needs to exonerate Arianna.

Madeline is in Maggie's kitchen with Mia. Madeline says, "I'm disappointed in Chad, and I'm worried you might ruin his life — again."

Sami beats herself up, "I'm the queen of bad choices. I had sex with EJ and lied about his child and that's why Nicole could take her. Carrie says she knows family is what it's all about. Sami says too much has happened between them to mend fences, "You'll never be able to forgive me."

Carrie asks, "You mean for what's happened between us or for this hackneyed dialogue?"

Carly asks to speak to Chloe and Daniel in private. Phillip wants to know if ruining one marriage isn't enough for her. Daniel says they can speak privately, but, by gum, then there will be a wedding.

Lexie tells Mike he was in an accident. Mike says he has to go see Alice, now.

EJ tells Arianna he needs more time, "Nicole is feeling the pressure and will make a mistake."

Nicole says she can't work miracles. She's not sure more manpower will do the trick. Brady vows not to give up on Arianna. Nicole wonders, "Why is it that Arianna doesn't realize you are a wonderful person."

"Because she knows how I really am," says Brady, "So you might as well know Arianna and I are through."

Nicole snaps her fingers, "Drat the bad luck!"

Mia reminds Madeline Chad and her had a baby together, "He will go to college and be fine so don't threaten me."

Madeline pulls out a piece of paper, "You think I'm threatening you? Read this. It's a letter from the High School for the Performing Arts."

"As in Fame," asks Mia.

"That's right," says Madeline, "Being in the movie Fame really helped its reputation. Being on DOOL will kill it." Madeline says she knows a friend on the board and recommended Mia, "Classes begin in July. Your housing has been arranged as well as a generous living stipend."

Let's see, the opportunity of a lifetime vs. staying in Salem to chase after a dimwitted adolescent... Mia, of course, turns it down.

Carrie says she's done some pretty horrible things herself, "There were the tings I did to Austin, Mike, Lucas... and you."

Sami continues to beat up on herself, "But I deserved it." Carrie remembers Horton Christmases and that greatest of all rites of passage, getting her Horton Christmas bulb. She remembers how Alice would correct Sami and her when they did something wrong, but only because she loved them. We have a flashback to Carrie talking to Alice about skin grafts for her face. Alice reassures her, "It's a radical new procedure Dr. Tom developed to treat acne."

Carrie whines, "Sami, I'm sorry for everything that has gone wrong between us."

Sami recawhineulates, "I'm sorry, too." The girls cry and hug. The audience reaches for the barf bags.

Carly says she got the results from the panel of tests they ran on Chloe after her accident, "Chloe, you're pregnant."

Show note: Subtitles now appear on your screen to translate Chloe's Whine-Latin into English.

Chloe protests, "But I can't get pregnant. How did this happen?"

"Apparently," says Carly, "Elevators are all about reproduction."

Daniel turns to Chloe, "If you are carrying our baby this is truly a miracle."

"It's a miracle if it's not Phillip's baby," says Chloe.

Brady suggests Nicole do a tribute to Alice Horton as her feature.

Nicole turns on the cynicism, "Ah, yes the Hortons. The family that lived the dream life we never had."


Nicole is like a St. Louis Rams running back. She wouldn't recognize an opening if they rolled out the red carpet and provided a limousine to drive through it, "Ah yes, someday. See you soon." She leaves.

Madeline gives Mia a plane ticket for tonight. Mia says she promised Maggie she would stay until she graduates. Madeline encourages Mia to follow her dreams.

Jennifer and Maggie continue to worry about Mike. Lexie calls Jennifer.

Daniel says he will call Dr. White for a sonogram. He apologizes to Carly for getting upset because of her interruption, and goes to track down the justice of the peace.

Carly says she's sorry about the timing. Chloe says Carly knows she isn't pregnant, "Just when I thought I couldn't hate you more... you are pure evil. If I have another hysterical pregnancy it's because you've driven me into a state of hysteria." You wouldn't need a GPS for that short little drive. "When things fall apart, Daniel will crash and and you will be there to comfort him."

Madeline suggests Mia tell Maggie she has to go live her dream. Mia agrees to go to New York.

Carrie comes in to see Mike. Mike tells her about the wreck — now he knows all about everything that happened when he couldn't even remember it before. "Ironic, isn't it" asks Mike, "Here I am trying to get to Alice, and now I'm here in bed talking to you."

Carrie smiles, "Ironic. And awkward."

"Let's try again," says Mike, "It's nice to see you, Carrie."

Phillip and Melanie are at the pub. Phillip wonders what Carly is up to.

Hank points his video camera at Nicole outside the pub. Nicole starts her piece on Alice. She talks about the family matriarch whom everyone loves and she considers a friend.

EJ walks up, "Alice Horton didn't love you."

Nicole goes apoplectic. She swipes her hand across her neck...


Chloe tells Daniel she knows she's not pregnant. Daniel assures her they will find out for sure and everything will be OK, "Just think, if this is true, it would be the most amazing thing ever."

"Figuring out who the father is would be even more amazing," says Chloe.

Brady comes to see Arianna. She says she should have believed him. He asks what changed her mind. "Thinking," says Arianna.

"No," says Brady, "I meant what changed your mind that you are capable of?" Arianna says she could never doubt him again. Until tomorrow's thrilling episode.

Mia shows up at the DiMera mansion. She tells Will she's going to New York to study dance. He congratulates her. She says it was hard saying goodbye to Maggie and now she has to thank both Will and Sami, who stands there with Sydney and listens in.

Jennifer rushes into Mike's room. Carrie says it was good to see him and leaves. Mike tells Jennifer he's fine. Jennifer says this is his fault because she told him to hurry. He asks her to get him out of there. She says she'll try but first leaves to inform Bill and Laura.

Nicole tells Hank to take five. EJ says Alice isn't dead yet.

"I'm celebrating her life," says Nicole, "Who made you the decency police?" They argue. Nicole gets sarcastic, "What? Things with Sami not working out? I can't imagine. A platonic living situation with a woman you hate. You seem a little tense. I can tell when you're not getting any... let's call it... satisfaction."

"Oh," says EJ, "I'm quite sure I haven't had as many lovers as you. And now you have your beady little eyes on Brady Black. It's not going to happen. Emasculating a man you love isn't a good idea."

Nicole gets defensive, "I didn't attack him. What about 'innocent until proven guilty?'"

"The SPD outlawed it," says EJ, "Arianna is innocent and I will prove it by sending you up the river."

"Really," snaps Nicole, "So put up or shut up."

Carly performs the sonogram. Unless Chloe has been pregnant longer than we think, I hope she's using an electron microscope. Daniel thanks her for doing this.

Mia and Will talk about old times. She's grateful to Will for his help. She tells Sami she's happy she found Sydney and says she'll miss them all, "Even if you won't miss me." She certainly has the confidence to make it in the Big Apple, doesn't she?

Sami tells Mia about having a kid when she was a kid, "Will was the only thing I ever did right." She says Mia is doing what she has to do to get her life back on track. Tracks — isn't that where train wrecks happen? Mia says goodbye and leaves.

Sami asks if Will is going to miss her. Will grunts, "Yeah..." hugs.

Brady says he's glad Arianna finally decided to believe him, "I'm not counting on EJ to get you out of here. When I find out who is responsible they're going down."

EJ asks if Nicole is covering the arraignment, "I think shortly the person in the news won't be Arianna."

Melanie worries because Daniel hasn't called yet, "Back in the hospital room, Chloe seemed freaked out and you didn't look happy either."

Phillip says, "I was just hoping the wedding would happen without any problems." He decides his salad needs more dressing and gets up to get it. That's what I love about this show... the complex plot twists.

Lexie comes into Mike's room and tells him he can't leave yet. Mike argues, "If I don't get out of here it may be too late to see Alice."

Jennifer walks into the Horton home yelling for people. As she passes out of camera range, Maggie comes down the stairs crying. Jennifer see her and says, "Something has happened I need to go..."

Maggie interrupts, "Yes, something has happened. Alice just died."

Tears. We pan in on a picture of Alice and Tom.

Carly flips the switches on the machine in front of her, "I'm a little rusty, but we have our answer."

Daniel looks at the screen and turns to Chloe, "Look! In a few months, we're going to have a baby. You and me and baby makes three. And Phillip makes four."

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Monday, June 21, 2010

PDAs, Piercings And Illegal Substances

Chloe is in the hospital talking to Nicole on the phone. She tells her things are working out between Daniel and her. Melanie comes in and clears her throat. Chloe hangs up Melanie spews, "What kind of games are you playing with my dad? What do you think your last name is Kardashian?"

"No," says Chloe, "It's about to become Lane-Black-Horton-Jonas. Your father is my life. Your husband is my fall-back position."

Daniel is outside the room arranging the ceremony with JP Kevin. He ends the conversation and Maxine asks if she's invited. Daniel tells her she's invited to the church affair, "We're keeping this one low key."

Maxine asks, "But this is the happiest day of your life, right."

Daniel stammers, "Um... yeah." The man just oozes with commitment.

Jennifer and Laura are in Maggie's kitchen looking at pictures. Jennifer pouts because she didn't get the scrapbook she's working on done for Alice, "I just am not ready to say goodbye."

"That's too bad," says Laura, "Because I think everyone's ready for you to leave."

Kate goes through the debris from Madeline's safe deposit box. She opens an envelope and stares.

Stefano and Madeline are at the pier. Stefano tells her she can have her stuff back. He swears he will return all the items untouched.

Back in the rumpus room, Kate touches.

"OH — MY — GOD!"

Kate looks at the document, "Stefano cannot possibly know about this... can he?"

Kayla and Caroline hug at the pub. Kayla wishes her visit could have been for a happier occasion. She looks directly at Nathan and Stephanie, "Maybe the next time will be." Nathan overhears, figures out what Kayla meant and runs out of the pub screaming.

Jennifer walks into the living room with Marie and Bill. Laura follows. Jennifer announces Mike is on his way, but delayed. Laura thinks Alice is hanging on for Mike's arrival. Jennifer says she told Alice they all feel her love for them, "After I said that she opened her eyes and said, 'More than you know.'"

The crowd goes back to the kitchen with Allie and start to make donuts using Alice's recipe. They wonder if they can even come close to making the little bits of confectionery heaven like Alice does.

Phillip and Lucas are outside. Phillip wonders if Lucas can stick around for a while. Lucas evades. He says he owes Phillip an apology for being a downer at his wedding, "Things are going great for you." Phillip flashes back to some of the great things he's done with Chloe and remembers telling her things will work out if they keep quiet. He tells Lucas everything is peachy keen.

Melanie tees off on Chloe, "It's not that I don't like you, but I hate the way you're jerking my dad around."

"That's what jerks are for," says Chloe. She says she knows she has waffled about a lot of things, "But my love for your father will never change. Unless I get a hangnail and go to Phillip for 'comfort.'" Your father is the only man for me and I want to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together."

Daniel tells Maxine Chloe is fragile right now so he will do whatever it takes to make her happy. "In other words," says Maxine, "You're totally..."

"Right," says Daniel, "As PW'd as a guy can get."

Stefano says, "You may have the other items from your safe deposit box, unread and untouched. I have no interest in your family debacles."

"My family is boring," says Madeline.

"Yes they are," says Stefano, "That's why they're on DOOL." Madeline walks off.

Kate wonders what she will do with the information she now has. She puts the document back in the envelope and takes it out of the room.

Chloe says she knows people tried to tell Melanie marrying Phillip was a mistake and they were rushing into things. But she points out Melanie and Phillip are now as happy as can be.

Lucas predicts Chloe and Daniel will never tie the knot. Phillip discovers he left his phone off. He turns it on and gets the message that the wedding is about to take place. You know that old saying about even a broken clock being right twice a day? That doesn't apply to Lucas.

Melanie thinks it's weird Chloe and Phillip used to date and now he will be her step son-in-law. Chloe says she's happy about Melanie and Phillip being together and also that Melanie found Daniel, "I understand what you've been through. It wasn't as bad as Trent, but I also had the step parents from hell. So I wouldn't stand in the way of you and Daniel having a relationship." Melanie hopes Chloe will be as happy as she and Phillip.

She gives Chloe the heirloom necklace Daniel gave her, "It's your something old and borrowed." Chloe thanks her and promises her she will treat Daniel like gold.

"If you hurt him," threatens Melanie, "I will treat you like gum on the bottom of my shoe, so don't make me crush you." Oh, bring it on, please. Chloe vs. Melanie... the Whine-a-paloosa Smackdown.

Chad arrives at Maggie's. Mia is there and Maggie introduces Melissa. Since they are leaving and Chad and Mia will be there alone Maggie reminds Mia, "House rules are in effect."

Maggie and Melissa leave. Chad asks, "What house rules?"

Mia lays them out, "No PDAs, piercings and illegal substances."

"OK," says Chad, "We can do all that in the back seat of my car." Chad tells her he's going to Salem U so he can be near his friends and her. Mia kisses him and says he just made her really happy.

Back at the Horton house Will comes in and smells the food. He thinks it smells terrific, which means the clods trying to cook must have ordered out. Jen announces Mike will arrive in a couple hours. Bill is happy the whole family is together again. He wishes he could have seen more of Alice and is happy for her long life.

They talk about how much Alice loved getting flowers and we flash back to Alice getting a bouquet from Mike.

Phillip jogs into the waiting area. Melanie comes up and kisses him. Daniel comes in. Phillip congratulates Daniel. Melanie tells him about loaning the necklace to Chloe. Daniel is touched, "How did I get such an incredible daughter?"

Melanie refreshes his memory, "You had mindless monkey-sex in a cheap, meaningless one-night-stand with a disgusting slut named Carly."

Phillip goes in to see Chloe. The crowd follows with JP Kevin. Daniel sits on the bed and asks Chloe if she's absolutely sure she wants to do this, "I know how much you like having extramarital sex and if we're married we won't be doing that any more."

Chloe is sure, " but are you sure? OMG! Do you not want to marry me?"

Bill joins Maggie in the living room. Marie and Laura are up with Alice. Bill thinks this must be especially difficult for Maggie after just losing Mickey.

"Mickey was always lost," says Maggie. They reminisce about Alice.

"It's good everyone is here for this," says Bill, "We're all family." The man has only slightly more insight than a dead paramecium.

Back at the pub, Kayla, Caroline and Stephanie sit at a table and talk about Alice. We have the perfunctory "It's all about family" scene and a group hug. As if the food there wasn't enough to make the customers ill...

Jennifer and Melissa work on the scrapbook. They find one of Tom's poems.

Roses are red
violets are blue
With a family like this,
What's a guy to do?

We have another flashback, this time with Alice advising Jennifer to have as many friends as she can. "I will," says Jennifer, "Just as soon as they invent Facebook."

Jennifer decides Alice always knew the right thing to say. "She passed that a long to you," says Melissa, "Too bad she didn't also pass along the ability to know when to shut up."

Daniel confirms he wants to marry Chloe. Chloe asks for a moment alone with Daniel and the crowd moves outside. Chloe promises Daniel this is what she wants but wants his promise this is what he wants, and wants to confirm he's marrying her for love. "I love you with my whole heart," says Daniel, "It's the rest of me that isn't sure."

Kate is back in the rumpus room. Stefano arrives and tells her to pack the things up and send them back to Madeline. Kate wonders if he's sure he wants to do that.

Madeline finds Chad by the pier. She reminds him tomorrow is the deadline for his dorm deposit. He informs her he's staying in Salem.

Will and Lucas are together having an uncomfortable father-son moment. Daddy says he doesn't want him living at the DiMera mansion. Lucas plays the great-grandmother card and says Alice doesn't want Will living there either.

Nathan is with Bill. He thinks Bill should have Tom's doctor bag instead of himself. They talk about all the family has given them to live up to. Flashback to Alice telling Mike it's good to have a family with a doctor in it. She gives him Tom's watch.

Jennifer comes in and they talk about Mike coming in from Boston.

Melanie and Phillip talk about the wedding, decide Chloe loves Daniel and Melanie wonders why the wedding is happening so fast. She asks Phillip if he knows why. Phillip stares.

Madeline decides there is no point in arguing with Chad, "Oh, by the way, have fun paying for college yourself."

Kate tells Stefano she went through the things from the safe deposit box and saw nothing more that could incriminate them. Stefano senses something is wrong. Kate says she didn't realize how much the situation with Alice would bother her and she's also upset she can't see Lucas. She takes the remaining safe deposit box items and leaves.

Madeline arrives at Maggie's. She says she's there to see Mia, "We need to talk about the past and the future."

Carly finds Maxine and asks for Chloe's chart. Maxine tells her Chloe is getting married. Carly's head explodes, "She lied to me again!"

The JP conducts the ceremony. Maxine busts in and says there is an urgent call for Kevin. Kevin leaves to take it, "Don't go away."

Chloe whines, "Is this really happening? We're halfway married."

"In another five minutes we'll go all the way," says Daniel.

"Let's at least ask Phillip and Melanie to leave first," says Chloe.

Will joins Stefano in the rumpus room. Stefano expresses condolences about Alice. Will says he is there for CD's to play for Alice.

"There is nothing better for the soul than music," says Stefano.

"I sure hope she likes heavy metal," says Will. He tells Stefano Alice hates it that he lives at the DiMera mansion. Stefano says Alice is wise, but she hardly knows him any more.

Stefano insists he's changed, "I am not the man I used to be. Viagra changed that."

Kate looks inside the pub window and sees Jennifer's table. Lucas comes out and they hug. He announces Kate is officially undisowned for the duration. Lucas tells her Alice's condition is the same. He invites her in to hang out with the crowd, but Kate declines.

Inside, Jennifer and Allie finish the scrapbook. I guess it took some adult supervision to get Jennifer in gear. Marie thanks Jennifer and they decide to take it to Alice. Mike calls and says he's in town. Jennifer tells him they are all at the pub. Jennifer gets off the phone and says it's great Alice will have her whole family there, "That will finish her off."

Daniel tries to settle Chloe down and tells her the ceremony will start again in just a few minutes. The door opens. "There," says Daniel, "You see, here's Kevin now." He turns to see...


"Deja vu all over again," says Phillip.

Daniel asks why Carly is there. "This time," says Carly, "I'm going to say what I came to say."

I'm guessing that won't be, "Mozeltoff."

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