Friday, September 29, 2006

Salem Location Revealed

We received this inquiry this week which we never got around to answering.

Q: Vampire Bear said... Prevuze, help! This is driving me nuts now that I am actually seeing it. How can they sail around the world if they are leaving from a port somewhere in the MidWest? Unless they are leaving from a suburb of Chicago which could in theory be connected to Lake Michigan which I think may somehow lead outside of the country somehow.

A: After years of searching, based on information in the show, knowing such things as Salem is near the sea, a convenient drive from New York, a convenient drive from Chicago, near the 32nd parallel, has cold winters, is located in the Midwest and other things, researchers have finally determined the location of Salem...


Lie, Cheat And Manipulate

Bo and Hope wait in the hospital. Bo thinks Hope must be exhausted. He offers to take her home. Hope doesn’t want to go. She can't help remembering they thought Belle would be their daughter-in-law. And now she and Shawn will have two children together, "Things have a strange way of working out, don't they."

"Strange for a normal town, but this is Salem," says Bo, "Put your head on my shoulder and get some rest. Do it for the baby. Your baby." Hope relents.

Belle tells Phillip she's feeling OK. He wants her to take it easy when she gets home. Her health is the most important thing. She thanks him for feeling that way even though the baby isn't his. Phillip thinks he could have done a better job of handling the Claire thing, "My satanic rampage was a little over the top, wasn't it? We have to get past this and move on. I will not abandon my family. We can go back to the way it was. Say you believe that, too."

"I can't," whines Belle.

Shawn stands open jawed and listens to Mimi and Bonnie talk over the baby monitor. Mimi spills the beans. She knew about Claire all along. Bonnie says Shawn won't find out and she and Shawn will live happily ever after. Shawn nukes.

Billie gets home and finds the brat sitting there. The brat has been waiting for Billie to arrive with her phone. She tells Billie she went back into the diner to look for it. Billie says she didn't see her come in. "You were busy," says the brat, "I saw you kissing Steve Johnson."

Kate arrives and asks Bo what has been going on. Bo is upset Kate woke up Hope. He gives the Belle report. Kate starts to go in but Bo tells her Belle and Phillip need time alone.

Belle tells Phillip things can't go back to the way they were. Phillip hems and haws. He presses. He says their commitment to each other won't change. Poor Belle. It's all just too much for her. Her machine goes berserk. The nurse comes in and announces the baby's heart rate is dropping.

Claire has finally conked out. Bonnie tells Mimi she can now get ready for her romantic dinner. Mimi starts to go over to her apartment, but the Shawninator crashes through the door and screams, "YOU KNEW! YOU KNEW ALL THIS TIME! YOU KNEW!"

Mimi plays dumb. It's not much of a stretch, "What are you talking about?"

"I'll give you a clue," screams Shawn, "You left the baby monitor on!"

The blood drains from Mimi and Bonnie's faces as they throw each other a look. Bonnie steps in with damage control, "Whatever you heard is a misunderstanding. Meems, tell him it's not what he thinks." Silence. Bonnie is desperate, "OK! Fine! The big secret was a dinner."

"Stop lying to me," says Shawn, "I know what I heard."

Mimi knows she's busted. She steps in front of Bonnie and yells, "You're right. IT'S A LIE. I have been keeping a secret from you. I did know that Claire was yours."

Shawn contorts, "How did you know?"

"I overheard nurses at the hospital," says Mimi, "Then Mom checked and found out it was true. I'm sorry."

Shawn is totally unhinged, "I can't believe this! YOU'RE SORRY? I have a daughter and you don't even tell me!"

"I have hated myself for not having the guts to tell you," says Mimi.

"Am I supposed to feel better," asks Shawn, "I thought I could trust you. I loved you."

Bonnie tries again, "I put the fear of God in Mimi to make sure she wouldn't tell you. If you want to be angry, be angry with me."

The brat is disgusted. Billie and Patch were doing it out in the open. "We weren't tearing each others clothes off," says Billie.

"Eeeewwwww," says the brat, "I could have gone without hearing that. Are you sleeping with him?"

"No," says Billie.

"But you want to," says the brat, "What is your problem? I thought you were done with married men. You say one thing and then do another."

The nurse files through the waiting room and tells Bo and Hope the baby is in distress.

Dr. Ross is in with Belle. She asks if anything upset her. "Everything upsets me," says Belle.

Dr. Ross thinks stress might have done this. She has to run more tests, "There may be a physiological problem. It could be serious."

Hope thinks Belle has been through so much, "Finding out about Claire and all." Kate wants to know what she found out about Claire. Hope tells her about Claire's parentage, "Shawn is the father."

"Does Phillip know," asks Kate.

"Everyone knows," says Bo, "And you don't seem too surprised."

"I am," insists Kate, "This can't be possible. So what happens now?"

"Everyone will find a way to work through it," says Bo.

Kate wonders how Phillip took the news. "Not very well," says Hope.

"That's pulling it lightly," says Bo.

Dr. Ross leaves to arrange more tests. Belle worries. Phillip promises he will do anything to protect Belle and the baby. Hugs. Phillip drags out his zombie stare.

The brat can't believe Billie was trying to steal aunt Kayla's husband. Billie says, "One thing led to another. He kissed me. It didn't mean anything."

"Oh," says Chelsea, "That's even better. Don't you feel any responsibility?"

"Of course," says Billie, "But it doesn't look like things will work out with them."

"Maybe it would if you weren't in the picture." The brat gets a little faint. She's kind of dizzy standing on the high moral ground for a change.

"Steve told me he's asking her for a divorce," says Billie, "He doesn't have any feelings for her. He's not the same person Kayla fell in love with. If they decide to work things out I won't stand in the way."

"You're never gonna practice what you preach," says the little snot.

The enraged Shawn yells at Bonnie, "What kind of a mother teaches her daughter to lie, cheat and manipulate? Mimi chose to lie to me every day." He aims his howitzer at Mimi, "I saw what you did to Rex. Your lies destroyed what you had together. I should have known you would never change!"

Bonnie begs, "Mimi never new for sure." Seeing that strategy isn't working, she tosses out her trump card, "You slept with Belle."

Shawn brushes it off. He tells Bonnie he and Mimi need to talk in private. They go across the hall. Shawn slams the door. Bonnie opens it, follows and watches. Another slam.

Shawn figures out Mimi was lying before they got married, "Which means the wedding bows were a lie too."

Mimi says, "I love you. I just made a terrible mistake."

Shawn says, "So did I – the biggest mistake of my life."


Billie wants the truth. She wants to know why Chelsea is so concerned. The brat claims she is trying to change, "Hope wanted that divorce."

"So does Steve," says Billie.

The brat rants. She knows how much Steve and Kayla want to be together, "Why can't you just leave them alone?"

Billie is skeptical, "I want to believe you're turned over a new leaf but when you lecture me about principles I know something's up. What is it?"

Phillip waits outside while they take Belle up to her room. He finds Kate. Hugs. He tells her he is fine. "Is it true she might lose the baby," asks Kate hopefully.

Mimi knows there is no excuse. She says she was desperate. She panicked. She's insecure. Lying is her hobby. She convinced herself Shawn would leave her. Shawn says she is wrong, "I told you I wanted us to be together for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Mimi says, "I could feel in my heart there was a part of you that still loved Belle the way you could never love me."

"You were wrong," says Shawn, "It was over. I'm not in love with her now."

"Rreeaallllyyy," says Mimi, "Now who's lying, Shawn?" The referee gives Mimi two points for a reversal, but she's still hopelessly behind.

Billie presses. The brat says she's bothered because Billie is being a hypocrite. Billie made her feel bad for becoming between Bo and Hope but Billie is driving a wedge between Patch and Kayla. Billie reminds her Patch and Kayla are not really married. She thinks Chelsea just can't imagine her with anyone but Bo. Chelsea says, "I'm not nine years old and this isn't the 'Parent Trap.' I'm not plotting to get Mommy and Daddy together."

Billie knows she wants to be part of a family. She understands. The brat snorts, "It's a shame you missed your calling as a therapist."

"I just think I know you better than anyone," says Billie. The brat huffs out to work. Billie says she thought she was going out to have some fun. The brat says she's working a double shift so she can finish her community service.

Phillip and Kate talk in private. Phillip tells Kate he doesn't want her to be that transparent. He assures her Belle is his wife and he will love the new baby. They wheel Belle through. Phillip encourages her. He tells Kate he has a few more things to say.

Bonnie listens at the door. Mimi insists Shawn has never gotten over Belle. She has felt she had to fight to hold on to him from day one, "The desperate pathetic fool that I was thought I could make you forget about her. Belle didn't make that very easy for us. She has never gotten over you. So this is what I have had to live with. It was wrong to deceive you and I am sorry but I'm not the only one who's lied here. The last time she was in the hospital, I saw you kiss her. If you wanted to be with me please tell me you can forgive me." Shawn stares.

Mimi turns away. Shawn says he can understand why she did it. But he can't understand why she only thought about herself. She deprived Claire of her natural father for the first year of her life, "Phillip is going through hell because of what you did. If you think I am gonna forgive you for that, I can tell you it is never gonna happen!"

Phillip tells Kate to back off. He wants her to leave. Kate reminds him it wasn't so long ago he wanted Belle to have an abortion. Phillip rationalizes. He doesn’t think that way any more. He will deal with it. She tells him she knows about Claire, too. She thinks maybe it's time to reconsider. He needs to walk away. She thinks he's fighting an uphill battle, "You deserve a woman who loves you as much as you love her and that's not Belle. It never will be."

The brat runs into Bo and Hope. She asks to talk to Bo. Hope leaves. Chelsea is worried about Bo. She has a feeling Hope hasn't taken him back yet, "If Hope can't forgive you, then maybe you're better off with somebody else."

Bo isn't fooled, "Somebody like Billie?"

"Exactly," says the brat, "And you'd better act quickly. Before it's too late."

"What do you mean," asks Bo.

"I saw her with uncle Steve and they were kissing," says Chelsea.

"Not again!"

That got her interest, "It's happened before?"

"Yeah," says Bo, "I saw them at the Cheatin' Heart and their hearts were cheatin'. Kayla saw them, too."

"You can't fix two problems," says the brat, "Go after her and get her back. You are perfect with each other."

"My future is with Hope," says Bo, "There is nothing I can do about Steve." He leaves.

Phillip wonders how he can walk away. Kate goes through his list of virtues, "You're kind, rich, loving, rich, handsome, rich, smart, rich. You're a Kiriakis. You were born for so much better than this. I can't understand why he you're playing house in a dingy little apartment with a woman who doesn't love you. You need to stand on your own two feet, so to speak, and let Belle go back to Shawn and be done with it."

Hope comes into Belle's room. They talk expectant mom to expectant mom. Belle says, "The embryo switch feels right somehow. Phillip is devastated about Claire."

Hope says, "I know this is none of my business but I'll butt in anyway. Maybe this is a sign you should think about this."

"Thinking isn't my strong suit," says Belle, "I'm not the only one who's married to someone else. Shawn's married to Mimi – it's impossible."

"Nothing's impossible," says Hope, "I'm in a similar situation."

Belle says, "I know it's none of my business but I'll butt in anyway. You and Bo are meant to be together. When two people love each other, nothing should keep them apart."

Hope says, "So maybe you should try taking your own advice."

Shawn contemplates the monitor that ruined his life. Mimi asks, "What are you saying?"

"You betrayed me."

"I will make it up to you," says Mimi, "Our marriage can be stronger. Please just give me a chance."

"It's too late," says Shawn, "Our marriage is over."


"We're over," growls Shawn. Out the door. Slam!

Mimi stands alone and screams, "NOOOOOO! " FF.


Sami says, "Would you stop it!" Lucas says, "He's been after you ever sense he got to Salem. You know that." EJ smiles like a dork.

Bonnie insists, "We are gonna get Shawn back." Mimi yells, "It was one of your plans that got me into this mess in the first place, Mother!"

Mystery girl asks Shawn, "Do you think I'm nice?" Kiss

Bo says, "I will not let you do this to yourself." Hope bawls, "Bo." Hugs.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Interested In Adultery?

Things heat up in the sauna. Max asks if Stephanie is relaxed. "Very," she whispers, "I like it hot."

"So do I," says Max.

Kate, Billie and the brat come up to a restaurant where Kate used to work. Kate says, "This is a chapter in my life I don't wish to revisit."

The brat says, "Come on, Kate, I won't think any less of you. I mean, it beats being a hooker right?"

"Not by much," says Kate as they walk in. Billie sees Patch and decides they should go somewhere else. Patch goes over to them. He asks if they are looking for a table. Billie says they were just leaving. The brat recognizes him and we have introductions all around. Kate encourages Billie to stay, "They have great burgers here and you don't want to pass up the best meat in town, do you?"

Belle insists she is fine as Phillip walks in. Seeing her audience is now bigger, Belle doubles over again. The team goes into action to get her to the hospital.

Shawn and Mimi don't need a hospital. Bo knocks on their apartment door and says there is an emergency with Belle. He apologizes as Mimi repacks her boobs for another day. She will watch Claire while Shawn goes with the group. Mimi throws up her hands in frustration as they leave.

Patch asks why he hasn't seen Billie around anywhere. Billie says she has been spending time at home. He thinks she doesn’t seem like the typical domestic type. Kate says she has other talents. Billie says her mother interferes in her children's affairs. "Or lack thereof," says Kate.

Phillip paces at the hospital. Shawn wonders why this is taking so long. He also wonders how it happened.

Phillip jumps on that one, "How the hell do you think it happened? She started having cramps right after you served us with those legal papers! You went to a lawyer without talking to us. We're supposed to be your friends. How do you think that made us feel? You're dealing with people's lives here!"

Shawn reminds him, "You're the one who ran off with Claire."

Phillip retaliates, "Because of you Belle might lose her baby."

Max says, "We could go someplace where we can get a little..."

"Food," asks Stephanie.

"That, too," says Max, "How about dinner then?"

"And dessert," she asks.


Bonnie arrives at Belle's apartment. Mimi says she is babysitting and fills Bonnie in on the situation.

Bonnie is hopeful, "Miscarriage?"

"That's what they are thinking," says Mimi, "Those of them who can think, anyway."

Bonnie asks, "Didn't they call?"

"Not me," says Mimi, "They know the drill... I don't want anything to happen to Belle's baby."

Bonnie says, "It would be one less tie she has to Shawn, if she were to lose it,"

Mimi says, "Belle lost it a long time ago, Mom."

Shawn and Phillip argue. Hope pulls them apart and reminds them this is what put Belle in the hospital. Shawn reminds everyone Phillip wanted her to have and abortion, "Because you don't want this baby. You wish it had never been conceived and you wish like hell that it never had to be born." Phillip attacks Shawn.

Max and Stephanie have ordered Chinese. Stephanie loves Wu Fong's. They argue about who ate the last egg roll. Max claims the cat ate it. He keeps a cat around there to scare off the rats. To prove he actually has rats in the place, he pulls out a fake rat. Stephanie jumps out of her skin. She claims it would take more than that to scare her, though. "Like the Salem GP," asks Max. He admits he's a little nervous, too, because Shawn has a lot riding on the new engine.

The security guard tells Phillip to take it outside. Supercop Bo flashes his badge and tells the guard he will handle it. Bo tells Phillip if he keeps this up he will lose his family. Shawn stands in the background as Mommy and Daddy fight his battle for him.

Dr. Ross comes out and Shawn asks her if the baby is OK. She stares the stare of death.

Bonnie offers Mimi a beer. Mimi reminds her she is babysitting, "I hate the way I have been acting."

Bonnie rants, "Who could blame you for wanting your husband to yourself? You feel like a bad person because of miss goodie two shoes. You are a better person than she is. A better liar, anyway. Shawn feels that way too." Bonnie asks if the sexy underwear she gave her worked.

Mimi says, "Yes, but Bo interrupted us in the middle of it. I don't know how Belle does it. It's like she has radar. I still think she was faking her pains the last time. If it was just me against Belle I'd win Shawn over, but she has Claire and the new baby on her side."

Dr. Ross is optimistic, but wants to keep Belle for observation. Shawn wants to observe her, too. The doctor says she can have visitors, but no stress. Shawn's Mommy tells Phillip to calm down before he goes in. "I'll be in there soon," says Phillip. He broods as Shawn goes in.

Belle smiles when she sees Shawn and tells him she was scared she was going to lose the baby. Hugs.

Stephanie can't get the hang of the chopsticks. "Let a master show you," says Max. He grabs the sticks and shows her how to use them.

She picks up the egg foo yung but fumbles it. Max catches it. "You're a good teacher," she says as he feeds it to her. He can't believe she's ever learned to use chopsticks. Poor coordination – not one of the best traits of a race driver.

"Others have tried to teach me, but you're better," says Stephanie, "You're not like anyone I've ever met, Max."

"Is that a good thing," he asks.

"Mostly," she says, "When I'm around you, I feel safe."

"Then you're not around me much on the racetrack," he says.

"Even us daredevils get scared."

"A lot of things seem to scare you," says Max, "Chopsticks, rats the GP."

"Mostly I'm afraid of losing my dad again," says Stephanie.

Kate tells the brat to put her napkin on her lap. Billie doesn't like Kate instructing her. She is worried Kate will corrupt Chelsea.

"Maybe she's just trying to teach her some manners," says Patch.

"Maybe I'm a Vestal Virgin," says Billie.

"The Vestal Virgins built their temple in 600 BC," says Patch, "It's probably been that long since you were a virgin."

Kate and Billie bicker. Patch the referee jumps in, "Ding-ding-ding! Ready for round two."

Stephanie says her dad is back in Salem but he feels further away every day. She doesn't know what he's afraid of. The only way he could disappoint them is by leaving again, "It's like something is pulling him away from me and my mom."

The brat makes a decision, "I'm going to go start the fun part of my night."

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do," says Kate.

"Raise your standards just a little," says Billie. Kate decides to walk the brat to the door, "I'll leave dessert to you and Billie."

Bo hands Phillip decaf. He asks Bo how he felt when he was in this position.

"Like you want to kill someone," snarls Bo.

"Or everyone," says Phillip, "This just doesn't seem real."

"You, Belle, Claire and the baby on the way – that's real," says Bo.

"Yeah, and Shawn wants to take it away from me," grumbles Phillip.

Hope says nothing can change what Phillip feels for Claire. Phillip says he doesn't know what he will do if anyone takes Claire away from him.

Shawn and Belle look at the ultrasound. "You can see the fingers and toes," says Shawn, "That's great. She'll be able to count just like me! " He puts his hand on Belle's tummy and yanks it away. Belle gives him permission to touch. Shawn says, "That's my kid."

"It's our kid," says Belle.

"I think he just kicked me," says Shawn.

"SHE can't kick yet," says Belle.

"It's a Brady," says Shawn, "They're very advanced." Choke. Shawn lectures the kid for giving its mom so much trouble. He tells it to grow big and strong. He leans down to listen.

"What did she say," asks Belle.

"We're good," says Shawn.

"He understands who's boss," says Belle.

"Yeah," says Shawn, "His mom."

"Yeah," asks Belle, "No more problems till puberty – from either of you." Belle takes his hand. They admire the picture.

Mimi has talked to Hope on the phone. She tells Bonnie Hope said Belle and the baby are doing fine, "Shawn couldn't talk because he was in with the little mother. I'd like to be a fly on that wall."

Bonnie says, "You should be the spider, not the fly."

"And then what," asks Mimi, "Eat him?"

Bonnie breaks out in a big smile, "Well, yeah! Go back and fix him a nice dinner. Then put on that edible bra and panties."

Mimi asks, "If I go over there to do that, who will watch Claire?"

Bonnie wonders if the baby monitor can work over at Mimi's place. Mimi says it will. Bonnie says, "Let's go then. We've got a web to weave." They grab the monitor and head for Mimi's apartment.

Shawn says he should go, "Phillip's waiting and I should get back to what's her name. We were in the, uh, middle of something when I left."

Belle asks about her mom. Shawn hasn't heard anything. He encourages her. They will find her.

"Her disappearance is one more piece of proof you have to make the most of the time you do have," says Belle, "So go. Give Mimi a hug for me."

Patch and Billie share devil's food cake. "It's so good but so bad," says Billie.

"One of my favorite combos," says Patch.

Billie stops and says she's not hungry. "Don't worry about a couple of pounds," says Patch, "You look good to me."

Billie says, "I told you, we can't do this. I like you a lot..."

"Well," says Patch, "We've found some common ground. I like me, too." Billie is distant. Patch wonders what is wrong, "I showered."

"It's the way you look at me," says Billie, "Like I'm the only woman in the room."

"You are."

"What about Kayla?"

"She's not in the room."

"What if she was?"

"I'd do what I plan to do the next time I see her," says Patch.

"What's that," asks Billie.

"Ask her for a divorce," says Patch.


Stephanie and Max clean up. No fortune cookies. Max doesn't believe in them. He's a realist. She asks what he does when reality sucks. He tells her he changes it. She wonders if that means her mom can fix things with her dad. "Reality doesn’t always work with love," says Max.

Stephanie claims Patch doesn't know what he is missing. Sometimes she wants to go someplace and forget all this. "You can," says Max. Hugs.

The brat looks for something, "Where did I put it?"

Billie says, "We just went from you propositioning me to divorcing your wife. We skipped a few steps."

Patch asks, "You're not interested in adultery are you? You aren't the reason I decided to end things with Kayla."

Billie says, "I know you don't remember her, but shouldn't you try therapy or something?"

"I've been on more couches than I can count," says Patch.

"Me, too," says the Vestal Virgin.

"It's not my life," says Patch, "It belongs to Steve Johnson, who I don't even know. I've woken up to strangers and I don't want to be married to one."

"Why me," asks Billie.

"Why you," he says. He goes over to her side of the booth, "I don't know. You feel familiar."

"Maybe you were a... uh... client," says Billie.

"Look," says Patch, "I just think we're two people who can connect. That's all. Simple." He strokes her cheek, "So Billie, what are we gonna do?" Kiss. The brat walks back in and soaks it in.

Mimi sports a slinky gown.

Bonnie prepares dinner and asks, "Do you have any horny goatweed? I'm making an aphrodisiac stew, which will stand Shawn's hair on end, among other things. What happened to the edible underwear?"

Mimi slaps her butt, "They're underneath."

The baby monitor erupts with the sound of Claire crying. Mimi and Bonnie rush over.

Phillip comes in to see Belle. He says he was worried. He hopes the little one isn't going to make a habit of this.

Belle says, "I think Shawn took care of that." Phillip sighs. Belle says, "Sorry."

"We can't pretend he doesn't exist," says Phillip, "Biology doesn't matter. I will love this baby as much as Claire. You all mean everything to me." He kisses her hand.

Shawn tries Belle's door and calls for Mimi. No answer, so he heads for his apartment.

Mimi can't figure out what's wrong with Claire. Bonnie gives it a try. She finds a tooth coming in. She suggests scotch. Mimi doesn't think that's a good idea. The pacifier doesn't work. Bonnie goes for the scotch. She gives Mimi instructions. She pulls on Mimi's neckline as she says, "Keep the lights and this low."

Shawn stands at the counter and listens to the baby monitor as the girls talk. "I wish I could be as sure about all this as you are," says Mimi."

"Trust your mama," says Bonnie, "Everything's going to work out fine. It has so far, hasn't it?"

Shawn picks up the monitor and gives it exactly the same confused look as the ape gave the stick in '2001, A Space Odyssey.'

Mimi signs her own death warrant, "Yeah, but if Shawn ever found out I've known all along that Claire is his daughter, he would never forgive me." Shawn gives the monitor the same look King Kong gave the dinosaur just before he crushed it. FF.


The brat yells at Billie, "You say one thing and then do another. I saw you kissing Steve Johnson."

Mimi says, "I love you. I just made a terrible mistake." Shawn says, "So did I – the biggest mistake of my life."

The brat tells Bo, "If Hope can't forgive you, then maybe you're better off with somebody else."

Belle says, "When two people love each other, nothing should keep them apart." Hope says, "So maybe you should try taking your own advice."

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

We Could Move To Tibet...

PrevuzeChelsea shuffles through files as she walks through the hospital.

"Owwww," says Max as the Doc examines his broken toe. Stephanie watches. The Doc says he doesn't think a broken toe will kill him. Max insists this is as painful as childbirth. The doctor cautions him about ever saying that around a woman in labor. Stephanie thinks he's embarrassed about how it happened. She beat him in time trials and Max kicked his car. Max pleads fuel injector problems.

Hope joins Bo for lunch. They talk about Marlena's case in Trenton. Bo breaks the news about Claire being Shawn's daughter.

Victor is at Belle and Phillip's apartment, "Brady and Chloe send their regards. I didn't see too much of Chloe, though. All she does is stand in front of a mirror whimpering about how worried she is the scars will come back." He asks Belle if she ever thought she would be part of a racing family. Phillip hasn't heard if Max beat Stephanie in the time trials. Victor asks about Phillip's stunt borrowing Max' car, "And I heard you got arrested for disorderly conduct. Did you ever consider anger management? It's not going to happen again. What did you do to get thrown into jail?" Phillip stares.

Bo tells Hope John asked them to tell Belle about Marlena being missing.

"I always did think John was a coward," says Hope.

Bo says, "And I've got news for you."

Shawn 2.0 works on Max racecar and hurts his hand. Frankie asks if he is OK. Shawn shrugs it off. Frankie sees a dent in the side of the car and asks what that's all about. Shawn says he will let Max tell Frankie about that, "What I am going to ask you to do could get very ugly. It will require all your legal expertise."

"If it requires all of my legal expertise, it must be a small favor," says Frankie.

The brat stares as the nurses behind the counter giggle and talk. She goes over and asks what is going on. They tell her, "A celebrity is here today – Max Brady. He has a broken toe. His girlfriend might not be too unhappy if this affected him in the race."

"His girlfriend," asks the brat.

"Stephanie Johnson – the competition."

The doctor gives Max instructions and gives him a prescription for pain pills, "And be sure to keep the pills away from Chelsea."

"I Hope you have trouble stepping on the gas," says Stephanie.

"The only trouble I will have is with the brake," says Max. He can't get his shoe on, "I can't believe I let you get to me like that."

"It isn't over yet," says Miss Cocky.

Bonnie arrives at Mimi's apartment with shopping bags to help her save her marriage. She pulls out lingerie she got in her buying spree at the Lovely Lady, "Shawn doesn't even remember having sex with Belle and you know you can do better than that."

Mimi says she will probably use the stuff but doesn't need any help in that department, "Last night was as great as it's ever been, "It was so intense I swear it changed the way he looks. Even though Claire is his daughter, my life with Shawn won't change one bit."

Phillip says things were blown out of proportion. Victor presses. Phillip concocts a story about getting into a fight at Dune with some army guys. Claire cries. Victor goes up to see her.

Belle asks why he lied. She thinks he should have told Victor about the results of the DNA test. Phillip says there is nothing to tell, "I'm still her father. End of story."

Shawn tells Frankie he wants to split custody with Belle and Phillip. He has to be named the baby's legal father to do that. Frankie thinks Phillip will put up a fight. "We have to put up a bigger fight," says Shawn.

Max swears Stephanie to secrecy about his broken toe. He doesn't want word to get out about how it happened.

The brat steps up and says, "Too late. The secret's out."

Hope says, "So Chelsea was innocent after all. That's a first. And now Shawn and Belle will have two children." Bo tells Hope about Phillip taking Claire and being arrested. Hope's heart goes out to him. They know first hand what it's like because of everything they went through with JT. Hope thought that would be the toughest thing they would go through until they lost Zack, "Shawn is going to want to be involved in raising Claire, and he should be. I just hope he takes into consideration what Phillip will be going through."

Shawn wants to get the ball rolling. Frankie talks to him as his uncle, not as his attorney, "Before you do this, I want you to think. Oh, sorry. I forgot who I was talking to. Have you discussed this with Phillip?" Shawn can't discuss it with Phillip because he's not thinking rationally right now. Frankie tells him he can't just rip Claire out of Phillip's arms.

Shawn vows, "Nobody is going to stop me from being a father to my child."

Stephanie says hi to the brat. A heavy frost sets in. The brat asks if Max is OK. Max says he stubbed his toe. Stephanie asks if Chelsea is going to the GP.

"I don't know," she says, "Do I have a reason to?"

Bo and Hope can't believe they are about to have two grandchildren. Bo says it seems just like yesterday they were holding Shawn in their arms and starting to sail around the world. Flashback to Patch and Kayla saying goodbye to them. Hope says she doesn't know how she ever let him talk her into that. She says she did it because she loved him. It turned out to be one of the happiest times in her life. Bo agrees. He thinks they can be that happy again.

Victor holds Claire. Phillip takes "Daddy's little girl" as the doorbell rings. A stranger serves Phillip with papers. Frankie may be a shyster, but he's the fastest typist in town.

Phillip opens the envelope, "SOB."

Belle asks, "What is it?"

Phillip says, "It's Shawn. He's trying to take Claire away from us."

Mimi tells Bonnie she won't be wearing the sexy maid ensemble. Bonnie says it's for her. "Eeewwww," says Mimi.

Bonnie drags out just one more thing. A brochure about a townhouse by Salem place, "After the GP, when Shawn makes his money from Titan, you can afford it. You've got to get away from here. You read the girl's diary. You know she still has a thing for Shawn."

Shawn walks in. He says he has good news for Mimi, "I'm suing for custody of Claire." They all barely avoid being crushed by the lead balloon that crashes into the room.

Max tells the brat to come to the race if she's into racing. Stephanie says it won't hurt her feelings if she roots for Max.

"Oh good," says the brat, "I was soooooo worried about that." She asks to talk to Max alone. Stephanie leaves. "I want to talk to you about my case."

"Which one," says Mr. Sarcasm, "You have so many I have trouble keeping track."

"It's about me finding the file with the DNA results."

"I'll pass," says Max, "I've heard so many stories from you I don't want to hear another one." He leaves.

Belle can't believe Shawn has done this. Phillip can. He thinks Shawn will want to bar him from Claire's life for good. They clarify things for Victor. Victor guesses Phillip was jailed for taking Shawn's child. Phillip tells him never to refer to Claire as Shawn's child.

Shawn tells Mimi and Bonnie Phillip has already been served with the papers. Bonnie asks Shawn, "Did you ask for sole custody?"

"No," says Shawn, "I don't want her soul. I just want her part time."

Bonnie shoves Mimi toward Shawn, "Mimi was just saying how she wants to stand behind you."

Mimi says there is nothing she would like more, "I just wish we would have discussed this first."

"I had to act fast," says Shawn, "I'm just glad you understand." Mimi hugs Shawn and stares at Bonnie.

Stephanie tends to Max' toe. She ices it down. Max says, "If I'd have known I would get all this attention I would've broken it before." Stephanie wants him healed so she can beat him fair and square. Max suggests a cure for their aches and pains. He puts on a big slipper and gets down. He tells her to follow him.

Victor understands. He felt the same about Bo. He wishes he could make the pain go away. Phillip thinks his situation is different from the Victor/Bo thing. He tells Victor he needs his help.

The doorbell rings. Bo and Hope arrive. Bo asks how Phillip is holding up.

"I've been better," says Phillip.

Victor tells them about the lawsuit. Oh, the shock! Hope is so sorry.

"Don't feel sorry for me," says Phillip, "When this is said and done Shawn will be the one suffering."

"Especially if he eventually marries Belle," says Hope.

Shawn wants to measure the nursery. He says he was thinking about building a dollhouse for Claire. Mimi thought the room was going to be for their baby, "Are you going to build a doll house for the baby we are having with the surrogate?"

"Not if it's a boy," says Shawn, "I told you – you don't have anything to worry about." Shawn goes into the bedroom.

"Don't worry," repeats Mimi, "Why does he think I would be thrilled about this?"

"Because he knows how much you love him," says Bonnie, "It might not be so bad to have Claire here. Especially if you were going to that new townhome."

"We could move to Tibet and Belle would still come between us," says Mimi, "I don't see how I can compete."

Shawn comes back out and overhears, "You're not competing." He asks Bonnie to leave so they can talk.

The brat comes into the garage looking for Max. She sneaks around calling his name. No Max. She sits on the hood of the car and messes with the engine. Frankie asks what she is doing.

Max and Stephanie are in a sauna. He sees something on her face. Closer... closer...

Phillip walks like a zombie and tosses the lawsuit. Hope tells him they will all suffer from this. Victor says, "Hope is right. You have to understand this is a situation we will grapple with for all the Days Of Our Lives. I hope we don't forget the most important thing – how much we all love and respect each other." Victor says he has to leave for an appointment. As Phillip walks him out, he turns and gives Satan's stare.

Claire cries. Belle picks her up. Hope asks to hold her, "Hi beautiful girl. I just noticed she has Shawn's eyes."

"The old one or the new one," asks Bo.

Hope takes her up for her nap. Belle is sorry everything is such a mess. She says Phillip appreciates his support and she's sorry he's stuck in the middle.

"There is something you need to know," says Bo.

Mimi thanks Bonnie for the lingerie as she leaves. She tells Shawn she wishes he hadn't heard that. Shawn knows things are complicated. He will have two children with no claim to either, "One minute I feel one thing and the next I feel something else. I do know I need my little girl in my life. If you can't handle that..."

Mimi interrupts, "Don't say that."

The brat says she heard a faint hissing sound and was checking it out. Frankie asks where Max is. She doesn't know. She says Stephanie was supposed to bring him back there. He asks if they had time trials.


"Did you go?"


"Then how did you know Stephanie was supposed to bring him back here," asks Frankie.

"He broke his toe," says the brat, "She tells him about the adventure at the hospital. She doesn't know how he broke it. Frankie asks if she had told him she is innocent.

"No," says the brat, "I just want him to know I'm not the monster he thinks I am. I just hope it's not too late."

Sweat drips. Stephanie asks, "Why are you staring at me like that."

Max says, "I was thinking it's too bad you have to wear a helmet. It covers up your face. Kiss.

PrevuzeMimi says she doesn’t need an ultimatum. She can be a loving stepmother to her goddaughter as long as she has Shawn.

"Of course you will always have me," says Shawn, "I have told you, you have nothing to be jealous about. I love you."

"Things are different now," says Mimi, "You and Belle have made love whether you remember it or not.

"What do I have to do," asks Shawn.

"Convince me what we have is stronger than what you have with her." She attacks him. Clothes fly.

"So all we know is your mom is missing," says Bo. That did it. Belle doubles over in pain.

"What is it," asks Hope.

"Something's wrong," she grunts.



Mimi says, "I don't want anything to happen to Belle's baby." Bonnie says, "If she were to lose it, it would be one less tie she has to Shawn."

Shawn lectures Phillip, "Because you don't want this baby. You wish it had never been conceived and you wish like hell that it never had to be born." Phillip attacks Shawn.

Stephanie says, "It's like something is pulling him away from me and my mom."

Billie asks, "What about Kayla." Patch says, "I would ask her for a divorce." Billie drops her jaw.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Anything In Pants

Roman is on the phone with commissioner Jeffrey Taylor and confirms Marlena is missing. He tells Carrie the bad news, “Marlena never showed up for her empowerment group this morning. She is missing.”

Carrie gasps, “What are you saying?”

I am saying she is missing,” says Roman.

Meanwhile Tek watches the heartfelt plea from Sami and Lucas' apartment as Will walks in. He gives the unbelievable play-by play for the cops gathered around as Bo walks in. At Sami's apartment, chaos and joy reigns. Fortunately, Will has returned from being kidnapped unharmed. Unfortunately, he has sustained major injuries as the crowd at the apartment nearly crushes him to death.

EJ relishes the fact that his first big broadcast could become really big news.

John discovers Abe and Lexie having a wonderful family moment with Theo. Abe tells him, “We're having his favorite happy meal and will spend the day in the park, go to the science museum to see the T-Rex exhibit and pretend his mommy isn't the slimebucket we know her to be. The old Theo has left the show to pursue a movie career along with Jason Cook. The new Theo speaks! “I love you, Daddy.”

Bo says he didn't get anything out of Lockhart when he interrogated him. He wonders if Patrick getting arrested gave Will the chance to escape. Tek tells Bo about Patrick's request for Tek to help him. Tek doesn't think Bo set him up, but someone else might have. Bo won't have it. He tells Tek they can't spare the manpower. Tek turns up the heat and tells Bo no one in his family is safe.

Emotions run amok as they ask Will about his kidnapping. “What do you mean,” asks Will, “I wasn't kidnapped.” Sami tries to convince him that he was but Will tells her, “The reason I didn't go back to school is because I... I... I ran away.”

“Mumble, mumble, mumble,” says the crowd.

Roman tells Carrie the Trenton police have retraced Marlena's steps up to the time she disappointed.

“Why couldn't she have stayed at home when there are so many women in Salem who need help, Including me,” asks Carrie.

That would have made too much sense,” says Roman. He calls John and asks him to come over, but doesn't tell him why.

Bo tells Tek not to take anything Lockhart says seriously. Tek protests and Bo explodes, “I don't want you wasting your time. He's guilty. End of story. And if I hear another word about that 'innocent until proven guilty' crap...”

Will might want to start wishing he had been kidnapped. At the moment Sami is considering murder. He reminds Sami she did this when she was pregnant with him. Sami doesn't let him get very far with that angle. Then he reminds her of her absence when she was Stan. Seeing his big story turn to dust, EJ tells the news crew it's time to go.

Lucas takes over. Will says he started thinking about things after Sami's wedding fiasco with Austin. Will knew he would be the joke of Salem High again, “And now with this TV plea, I'm going to be an even bigger joke.”

That did it. The juvenile has successfully turned the tables on the adults. Lucas asks what he did.

“I went to Chicago,” says Will, “I watched the Cubs play the Pirates, and then I went and saw the White Sox play the Cleveland Indians, and... do you guys know who Jessica Simpson is?

Finding out he slept on a park bench Sami freaks, “Haven't I taught you anything? There are crazies out there.”

The understated Will replies, “I didn't have to leave Salem to know that.” He's glad to be back, though. Three meals a day sounds pretty good, not to mention catching up on his favorite soap, Salem Place. Sami is one furious woman. But she's glad he's back.

Kate brings up a good point, “If Will wasn't kidnapped, how did the guy who called Sami know about it?”

Bo tells Tek he's heading to Sami's to get info about Lockhart, “So we can stop hearing this broken record about how he was framed.” Out in the hall he runs into John who tells him Roman wants to see him.

John says he's happy Bo found the missing evidence disc, “Too bad Michaels had to die in the process.”

“Yeah, well, when you're a dirty cop bad things happen,” says Bo.

“Yeah,” says John, “Too bad she was dirty instead of just incompetent like the rest of the force. My going undercover is what got her killed. I always thought Alex North had a plan here at the cop shop. It could have been Michaels. Now we may never find out.”

Bo says he doesn't know about that what with Lockhart's arrest, “Maybe he wanted to be the big boss' inside man... Big boss as in Tony DiMera.” John asks about Hope and says maybe it will speed things up if Bo can make the charges against Lockhart stick. He goes into Roman's office where he gets the Doc shocker.

Lucas thinks whoever made the call is keeping tabs on them. EJ thinks that person may be watching them right now. Sami panics and runs to call Roman and have the place swept for bugs.

Abe and Lexie share a happy moment as the song they danced to on their first anniversary comes on. “We didn't have much back then,” says Lexie, “But it didn't matter since we had each other. Now, I have practically the whole town.”

Abe stands and kisses her as Theo yells from the peanut gallery, “Do it again!” They oblige.

Tek walks into the place and soaks it in, “Hey carvers.” He fills Abe in on the Will Roberts case. He tells them just to pretend he's not there. Easier said than done. Abe scowls. Lexie stares. Theo plays with his food.

Roman gives John the details. John says Marlena called him last night. Roman says lately Marlena hasn't been herself. He's wondering if she did this on her own.

You mean pulled a juvenile stunt like Will and ran away,” asks John, “That fits. Check the ball parks.”

“Maybe she just split for a couple hours to get her head together,” says Roman.

It would take a lot more than a couple of hours.” says John. He thinks it was weird of her to ask him for a separation right after they got back and then to turn around and split for New Jersey.

Carrie says she talked to Marlena. She doesn't think her behavior was at all weird. Her work means a lot to her and Carrie is really worried.

“So what's the plan,” asks John.

Plans are for wimps,” says Roman, “I think you should go to New Jersey and wander around until you find her.”

Carrie thinks someone should tell Belle and Sami but, under the circumstances, it probably shouldn't be her. John makes the big announcement about Will, “I heard it on the radio. Apparently this televised appeal worked.”

Bo arrives at Sami's apartment. Sami fill him in on Will's odyssey.

Did the Sox win,” asks Bo. Bo tells Sami Lockhart made the call, “He is after me and he thinks the way to make me suffer is through my family.”

Your family suffers anyway,” says Sami.

Kate thinks that sounds a little fishy. Bo shuts her up, “Would you like to be put back on the suspect list?” Sami wonders what about Lexie. Bo tells her they are checking every lead.

Will munches on a sub as Sami realizes Lockhart killed Eve and could have killed Will. Will reminds her he wasn't kidnapped. “You are never leaving this house again,” says Sami.

“With Patrick behind bars he's no longer a threat, right,” asks EJ. Bo stares.

Lexie thinks it's a shame about Patrick. Theo announces to the entire restaurant that he needs to go to the bathroom. Lexie gets up to take him as Tek watches.

Once Lexie is gone he makes a beeline for Abe's table and tells him he should have a career in Hollywood.

I wish I could,” says Abe, “But all I can get is DOOL.” Tek tells him he hopes he gives up this bogus investigation soon because Lexie isn't involved in any of this.

Will eats like a school of piranhas. Sami wonders why the cops in Chicago didn't question him about being out of school. He says he did. He told them he was a gifted student, graduated at 14 and was attending the University of Chicago on a biological science scholarship.

“And they believed that,” asks Lucas.


They must be as dumb as the cops in Salem.”

“He must be his mother's son after all,” says Sami. She tells him he was right about her running away when she was pregnant with him. She tells him why and says the only thing in her life she is proud of is him. She thanks him for always managing to forgive her and stick by her. She understands why he's angry for walking out on Austin. She wants to explain and hope he will forgive her.

Bo says hearing all this the first name that comes to mind is Alex North.

“Tony DiMera would have escaped from prison before Alex North came back from the dead,” says John.

Bo says, “Tony's secure. He's not in the Salem Jail. And people on this show come back form the dead faster than you can get a half-caf extra cream latte at the Java Cafe.” Roman confirms he called the prison and Tony is still a guest. An officer sticks her head in the door and tells John his flight to NJ is booked. Bo offers to drive him home. They stop on their way out as Roman gets a call from the Trenton PD. Roman hangs up and tells them, “The police found a bloodstain in Marlena's hotel room.”

Austin, EJ and Kate are having a drink at Dune while the debrief about the news conference. Kate called and said the ratings for the appeal were #1. Austin hopes it doesn't take another kidnapping to keep the ratings up. EJ reminds him they have the upcoming Salem GP. Carrie buts in and congratulates them on their coverage. Kate congratulates her and Austin on their adultery. She points out Will went off the deep end when Sami didn't marry Austin. She wonders what he will do when he finds out about them. She's concerned he'll start up the matchmaking routine with Sami and Lucas.

Will is still angry at Sami. He thought she had changed. He got up in church and told everyone how proud he was of her, and then she walked out on Austin, “You just left him at the altar, standing there like an idiot.”

He's used to that,” says Sami.

“Every time I start to feel happy, Mom does something to screw it up. Austin can never take Dad's place, but I was starting to feel like I was part of a real family. Well, two real families, since you married Aunt Carrie.” Lucas has something to tell Will.

Bo thinks whoever is targeting the Brady's has something to do with Marlena's disappearance. While Bo is taking John to the airport, Roman will have a little talk with Patrick. John reminds him Patrick was behind bars when this happened. Bo says he has a history with the DiMeras, though. He hopes Roman can get some info out of him.

“I'm gonna break this guy,” says Roman.

Carrie thinks Sami and Lucas would be happy together. Austin thinks things will work out, but doesn't think Lucas is ready to jump back into the dating game. Carrie says she talked to Roman and now feels better about her and Austin. She tells him about Marlena's disappearance. Austin is optimistic since Will turned out to be OK.

EJ asks if Kate thinks Sami would make a move on Lucas. “Sami would make a move on anything in pants,” says Kate, “but that is beside the point. I don't think she can get Lucas out of her system.”

EJ says, “Maybe we should see what we can do about that.”

Lucas tells Will he and Carrie split up. Will blows his stack, “What is it with my parents and relationships. I know kids in the 9th grade who stay together longer!” Sami drops the second nuke and tells him Carrie and Austin still love each other. Lucas tells Will they will spend more time together, but ground him for his little stunt. Will appeals to Sami, who backs Lucas up. Lucas says Will is going to need more consistent parenting, so he will move in with Will and Sami, if it's OK with her. Sami reminds him the other bedroom is now an office and there are only two bedrooms.

“I'm sure we can work something out,” says Lucas.

Theo tells Tek they are going to the museum. Tek tells them all to be careful. Abe gives him a look.

John heads out on his mission to slay dragons for Marlena.



Hope tells Bo, “Shawn is going to want to be involved in raising Claire, and he should be. I just hope he takes into consideration what Phillip will be going through.”

Belle asks, “What is it.” Phillip says, “It's Shawn. He's trying to take Claire away from us.”

Mimi tells Bonnie, “Shawn knows that Claire is his daughter now. My life with him isn't going to change.”

Stephanie has her hair up in a towel. Max tells Stephanie, “You're a professional. You have to wear a helmet.” Stephanie asks, “What?” Kiss.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Virtues Of Bad Girls

The screws bring Patrick in to see Hope. He tells her he was starting to believe she wasn't going to come to see him. “I'm here,” says Hope.

“Does that mean you believe I'm innocent,” asks Patrick.

No,”says Hope,”It means I'm here.”

Bo comes into Roman's office and tells him he wants another shot at Lockhart.

Hester, er, I mean, Carrie sits in the pub contemplating her sinful deeds. Austin comes in and sits by her. They start to build the rationalization for their little peccadillo. Well, peccadilloes. They didn't plan on being on the roof together. It just happened. And, OMG, “If Sami knew the night you proposed to her...”

“I know,” says Austin.

“What Sami said is true,” says Carrie, "I'm a slut."

“No way,” says Austin, “That doesn't even begin to describe it.”

“And Lucas said I need to stop being the victim,” she says.”

“That's more like it,” says Austin, “You cheated on Lucas and you're the victim. Now you're talking.” Austin assures her it will be OK, but guilt ridden Carrie thinks she doesn't deserve for it go be OK. Carrie thanks him for letting her stay in his hotel room last night.

It was my pleasure,” says Austin.

“I need to find a home,” says Carrie.

Salem doesn't have a home for wayward girls anymore,” says Austin, “So I hope you will find that home with me.” The innocents kiss. Well, they make out. Holy cow, it's a full-blown tonsillectomy.

Lucas comes into Sami's apartment and asks where her boyfriend is. Sami says, “He's with...”

“Oh,” says Lucas, “Hester... right. Well, we have to focus on getting Will back.” Sami agrees. The doorbell rings. Kate, EJ and the action news team arrives.

Kate barges in and tells Lucas he looks like hell. He appreciates her support. Sami thanks them for coming to help with the search for Will. Kate is happy to do it, “Will is my grandson, for God's sake.” Sami and Kate start to snipe at each other. EJ referees.

Hope is there because she believes people are innocent until proven guilty. “Gee, thanks,” says Patrick.”

“We have shared a lot,” says Hope, “and I want to hear your side of the story. But, please, no legends. The evidence is piling up. It's going to be hard to convince me you're not guilty.”

Roman tells Bo that Sami and Lucas are going on TV to make the appeal this afternoon. Bo vows to break Lockhart before that. “If Patrick is not our man,” says Roman, “We have to do whatever it takes to find Will.”

Kate tells Sami and Lucas the broadcast will air live as a part of the Salem Midday Fluff show. Sami is beside herself but Lucas tells her to calm down. EJ advises them on the best way to talk to the scoundrels who have kidnapped Will. Sami wonders what if they are too late. Lucas reassures her. Kate suggests she say something, and perhaps Austin and Carrie could horn in on the appeal as the aunt and uncle. Oops. She said the magic word. Lucas don' need no stinkin' aunt and uncle around there.

Austin and Carrie reel in their respective tongues. “People are watching,” says Carrie. “Can you blame them,” asks Austin, “You usually have to go to a circus to see a sideshow like us. Besides, we'll be together for all the Days Of Our Lives.”

Until it's Mike's turn again,” says Carrie, “besides, flaunting it is not cool. What's really going to be hard is when all my friends and family find out about this. They will know I am not who they thought I was.”

They already knew you were a person who would leave one husband at the drop of a hat to run off with another guy,” says Austin.

You're right,” says Carrie, “Old habits are hard to break.”

Bo tells Roman he's off to see what he can get out of Lockhart. Roman cautions him whatever he gets out of Patrick, he wants it to hold up in court.”

“You know me,” says Bo, “Strictly by the book.”

I'd feel a whole lot better if you could read,” says Roman.

An officer comes into Roman's office with the report on the murder weapon. Bo stays as Roman looks at it.

Bo asks, "Is Lockhart's gun the murder weapon?"

Roman hands him a file, "See for yourself."

Hope begs Patrick to tell where Will is if he knows. Patrick proclaims his innocence. “I have heard that from every perp I have ever arrested,” says Hope.

“Both of them,” asks Patrick, “Is that all I am to you now, a perp?” Hope runs through the damning litany of evidence against Patrick. He has an excuse for everything and insists he would never have told Tek about the shoes if he had them sitting in his house. He says they aren't sure the gun is actually the murder weapon. He also wonders why Deep Throat wouldn't have wanted Jack and Jennifer to know his identity unless this is some kind of setup.

“Hope,” says Patrick, “We have slept together. We are having a baby together. Do you think I am capable of this?” The guard standing behind Patrick soaks it all in. Patrick continues, “Do you think I could look you in the eyes and tell you I am innocent if I wasn't?” Hope reminds him her track record in that area is pretty shoddy since Bo looked her in the eyes many times and told her he didn't tamper with the evidence. Patrick says, "The truth is there is only one person who could have set me up to take the fall for all of this, and that's Bo."

Austin and Carrie leave the pub. Austin insists she is not a bad person, “How long did you try to make it work?”

“You're right,” she says, “It was at least three or four days, wasn't it? He's better off without me. He's right when he says I'm never satisfied.”

“I know that,” says Austin, “After all, you came running to me five minutes after you slept with him. Jeez... My philosophy is once a king always a king, but once a knight's enough.”

“I don't trust myself to do the right thing,” she says. Translation: there is no cure for chronic nymphomania. “How can you love me?”

Because my philosophy apparently isn't your philosophy,” he says, “It'll be tough, but if I force myself, I can live with that. I was unfaithful to Sami. You're acting like you are the only one to blame here. We are in the same boat.”

“Yeah,” she says, “The Llooooovvee Boat. Maybe I don't know what love is. I wish Marlena was here.”

Austin suggests the call her. Carrie doesn't want to. “Nobody expects you to be perfect,” he says, “You should be happy you can live up to those expectations.” He suggests maybe she should go see her dad at the station. He offers to go with her. She decides she can go alone. Austin will go over to Sami's to help with the TV appeal.

Lucas tells Kate it's over with Carrie. EJ tells Kate he knew about Carrie and Austin's antics last night, “But I thought it would be more fun for you to find out this way.”

Kate tells Lucas she is sorry, “You and Carrie made the perfect couple.” Lucas insists Kate wanted Carrie to be with Austin. Kate says she came to understand his relationship with Carrie was good, “Maybe you can patch things up.”

“Yeah, maybe if I contract a hit on Austin.”

Sami jumps down his throat for even saying something like that even though he claims he was kidding. “I'm sick of the good girls like Carrie who charm you and then stick a knife in your back and leave you in a pool of blood. I'll stick to the bad girls.”

Well, if you think Carrie is a good girl, you're going to have a small problem finding a bad one,” says Kate. She stares at Sami and says, “You are not going to go back to appreciating the non-existent virtues of bad girls. Not if I can help it.” Lucas tells her she doesn't have a say in it. The bickering goes on until EJ calls them over to get started on the appeal.

The technician sits them on the couch, moves them closer... closer... and has them hold hands. Kate hurls.

Carrie arrives at the police station to tell Daddy she's been a bad little girl. Roman figures out right away it's not a social call. “I can never hide anything from you,” says Carrie, “Especially when I come to your office and blurt it out.”

Hope tells Patrick to leave Bo out of this. Patrick insists he has been set up and the most logical candidate is Bo. Hope says Bo would never frame an innocent man for murder, “If I had to make a choice right now, then I'd believe Bo.” Bo stands at the door and listens. He tells Fancy Face she is right. Patrick goes nuts proclaiming his innocence. Hope reminds him of that pesky little detail – all the evidence against him.

Tough guy Bo says, “The evidence says you're guilty as hell.”

Carrie drops the Austin bomb on Roman. After all his years living in Salem, even he couldn't believe this one, if it wasn't Carrie. She insists she loves them both. Frequently. “Lucas and Austin were constantly fighting over me like I'm some kind of prize. I'm no prize, Dad.”

Oh, that's not true,” says Roman, “Booby Prize.”

“Lucas deserves a better wife than me,” she says, “How could I do this to him?”

Kate tells EJ she has a bad feeling about this – abut Sami and Lucas, that is. She thinks Sami will use this to lure Lucas back into her life and her bed, “Lucas is wounded and Sami will swoop in just like a vulture after her prey.”

“Lucas has got his own head on his shoulders,” says EJ, “I hardly think he's going to be ready for a relationship for a long time.”

“It doesn't matter what Lucas wants. If Sami is ready, she'll move in for the kill. And I will lose my son.”

Sami worries about saying the right thing during the broadcast. Lucas assures her they will both do OK.

Austin arrives. He wonders what EJ is doing there. EJ 'splains his role, “If you have a problem with me being here, you need to leave now.” Kate butts in. Since Austin has been so busy with his brother's wife she wonders if it's best that he's there right now.

Lucas stands up, “I didn't know it was garbage day around here.” Sami begs him to back off. Lucas insists Will is their son, and he is the one who will be there to support Sami, not Austin.

“Just like I told you,” says Kate, “This is how it begins.”

Bo tells Patrick the ballistics test proved the bullet that killed Eve came from his gun, “How you gonna explain that away, huh?” Patrick huffs and looks away. He claims the gun isn't his and the registration is fake. Bo moves on to something else. He wonders why Patrick made a call to Sami on the day of Will's disappearance. Patrick claims he didn't.

“You're a liar,” says Bo, “And you're gonna fry.”

Roman asks if Carrie had it to do over, would she choose not to get together with Austin.

“No.” she says adamantly.

So much for the repentance route,” says Roman. She just wishes she had never married Lucas in the first place. He tells her the important thing is to learn from our experiences.

I learned two men are better than one,” says Carrie. She assures him she will try to learn from her mistake and grow from it. She swears she loves Austin.

“Then you grab onto it and hold on,” he says, “because a love like that only comes along once in a lifetime, or, in your case, every other day.”

Lucas begins the appeal. He tells Will thorough the magic of television they love him and want him back. He talks about Will's friends at school, the football team misses him, they are passing out flyers and all that. He breaks down as he tells him he's proud he is his father. He begs whoever is holding him not to take their personal problems with him or Sami out on Will. Sami cries.

Roman made it all better for Carrie. He decides to call Marlena. Jeffrey Taylor answers. He tells Roman Marlena never showed up. Dumb-da-dumb-dumb.

Bo tells Hope he has to talk to Patrick alone. Patrick proclaims his innocence as Hope leaves.

Bo plays tough cop, “We can do this the easy way or the hard way. Where is Will Roberts?”


“That's not the truth. But we will get there eventually,” says Bo.

Sami makes her appeal. She talks about Lucas and Will working on his curve ball. They were going to the World Series this year. She wants Will to know how sorry she is for all the disappointments. She talks about not being able to hold him when he was a newborn. She thinks sometimes Will acts like a grownup while they act like children, but that's not going to happen any more. She wants whoever has him to take it out on her, not her son. As Sami begs, Will walks in the door and says hi to Austin.

“Hi, Will,” He jumps out of his skin, “WILL!” Oh, happy day!



Kate says, “I don't think she can get Lucas out of her system.” EJ says, “Maybe we should see what we can do about that.”

Roman tells John and Bo, “The police found a bloodstain in Marlena's hotel room.”

Lexie tells Abe, “I love you so much.” Kiss. Tek watches.

Will stammers, “The reason I didn't go back to school is because I... I...” Flash to Lucas. Flash to Sami.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Cheating Whore

Lexie looks on as Billie and the brat go over the menu at Dune. The brat says she appreciates Billie coming out in public with the town pariah but wants to know why. She feels like Billie has something bad to tell her. Billie stammers, "It's not bad..." Lexie interrupts. She thanks Billie for encouraging her not to give up on Abe. Billie invites Lexie and Abe to join them for dinner when Abe gets there. The brat scowls. Lexie says she doesn’t really know what happened, but feels their marriage has a chance.

Abe has news for Bo, "The lab ran the DNA report twice. Congratulations, grandpa." Bo can't believe it. Abe says Phillip went off the deep end. Bo asks why no one called him. Abe tells him Shawn asked them not to, "He's pretty shell shocked right now."

"How can you tell," asks Bo.

Roman comes in and asks why Abe is there – He's supposed to have dinner with Lexie. Bo wants to know why Abe has to go through with it now that Patrick has been arrested. Abe tells him Will is still missing and Lexie is a suspect. Abe doesn't want to spend any more time with Lexie than he has to.

Tek walks into the room and overhears, "I knew it! You've been playing Lexie all along!"

Sami bawls as she looks at a picture of Will. EJ comes to the door. Sami says Austin is on the roof. EJ says he saw Carrie heading up.

Lucas stands at the door and watches the hanky-panky. He comes to a slow boil, "Get your hands off my wife."

Tek wants to know what this is all about. "None of your damn business," says Abe.

Tek questions why Lexie is a suspect, "Someday she will realize how lucky she is to have you out of her life."

EJ is sure Austin will be down shortly. Sami says they better not be up there 'comforting' each other, "After I broke up with Austin... OMG, it sounds to crazy to say that. I have never broken up with anyone in my life. But it's true. I was too stubborn to listen to you, but you were right. It was the best thing I could have done. Austin is in love with Carrie and will always love her more than me. I told him if he really loves her he should go for it. And if Carrie has mixed feelings, Lucas deserves better than that. But they seem happy and I know Lucas loves her." For at least the next five seconds.

EJ thinks Sami is being honest with herself and everybody else. Sami knows Lucas really wanted that baby, "He's a great dad and Will means everything to him. He would be a wreck if... You have no idea. When you're a parent having something happen to your child is the worst thing. I just know exactly how Lucas feels right now and I know that he needs Carrie to be there for him, and she had better not let him down."

Carrie says, "I am so sorry."

Lucas screams, "You're sorry? Is that all you can say?"

"We didn't want you to find out this way," says Carrie.

"You wanted me to find out eventually didn't you," yells Lucas, "Don't act like you are upset. We're supposed to be on our honeymoon. My son is missing!"

Austin says they didn't say anything because Will is missing. Lucas freaks. Austin says it's wrong to pretend, "I take full responsibility."

Lucas dumps on Carrie, "I gave you a way out. I said if you didn't want to marry me just tell me. I can't believe this. I thought I didn't have anything to worry about. Thank God for EJ. He told me you were both up here. You obviously don't need me because you've got your brother-in-law to kiss you and make you feel better." Lucas lunges at Austin, "You damn bastard!"

Abe tells Tek, "I'm warning you..." Roman interrupts. He reminds Tek it was his theory in the first place that someone had a vendetta against the Bradys. Tek can't believe Lexie is involved. He thinks Abe is paying her back. Abe tells him he is in no position to lecture anyone, "You cross this line again and I will have your badge." Abe excuses himself.

Sami thinks Austin should be back by now. EJ says, "He probably bumped into Lucas." He tells her he told Lucas. Sami heads upstairs to join the fun.

Carrie separates the boys. Lucas says, "I can't believe I just went to bed with you." Austin about breaks his neck throwing Carrie a dirty look. Lucas rants on, "Were you fanaticizing about Austin? Was it pity sex? I don't need you in my life. You went to bed with me and five minutes later you're up here with Austin!"

Sami comes through the door, "OMG, is that true?" Sami dumps on Carrie, "You are nothing but a cheating whore!"

Roman and Tek are alone in Roman's office. Roman says, "You are off the Eve Michael's case. If you say one more word to Lexie... You are a good detective but if you do something like that you're out of a job."

"I know what you're pulling," says Tek, "Lockhart asked me to help prove his innocence. You can't take me off the case. You need me."

Abe comes into Dune. He and Lexie go over to their table. The brat wants to know what Billie wants to talk to her about. Billie tells her what she said at the hearing, "Hope had a right to know. We are the reason Bo and Hope broke up. We did despicable things."

The brat says, "Keeping your daughter out of prison – That's despicable?"

"I have no desire to get back together with your father at the moment," says Billie, "It took me a long time to tell him because I was afraid of..."

The brat interrupts, "What? Him hating both of us? This time I really could be going to jail."

"My job as your mother is to set a good example," says Billie, "I've done a lousy job of that. You grew up without a mom."

"I had a good mom," says the brat, "I had no clue you existed. I was a mistake. You didn't want me. You didn't even notice you gave birth to a living, breathing child. You just let them take me away from you. Don't get on your moral high horse. If Bo and Hope had as great a marriage as they thought, it wouldn't have taken them months to talk to each other."

Abe tells Lexie she looks great. He asks what she has been up to.

Bo walks in. He goes over to Billie and the brat. He tells the brat, "I told you I didn't want anything to do with you unless you could prove you are a decent person. I'm proud of you." Proud? That' proves it. He and his son are definitely swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool.

Sami says she wanted to be worthy of Austin. Austin reminds her she told him to follow his heart. He says Carrie and he were going to tell but then Will got kidnapped. Sami explodes, "What, you couldn't keep your hands off each other for a couple days while we worked on finding Will?"

Lucas wants to know why Carrie agreed to marry him in the first place, "It had nothing to do with the kid because you accepted before you knew." Lucas asks for a moment alone with her.

Lucas and Carrie stand alone staring at each other. Carrie says, "Lucas, I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything," says Lucas, "But I do want you out of my life. I keep thinking about the night before our wedding when I thought Sami cheated with Brandon. But she didn't. I chose to believe you, but it turns out you're the one I can't trust."

"You're right," she blubbers.

"I'm right... Is that supposed to make me feel better," says Lucas, "Don't bother crying. Don't play the victim. You've been doing that ever since you get back, 'Oh, Austin you stole my company.' You left Austin for Mike and left me for Austin. How much time will it be before you do the same thing again? You both deserve each other."

EJ says he is sorry. If he had known he would never have told Lucas. Sami says he did them a favor. Austin doesn't agree. He tells EJ he is always interfering, "You're always at the wrong place at the wrong time. Get the hell out of here!"

Sami reminds him of one small detail, "This is my apartment. He is more of a friend than you have been. I just want to find my son."

EJ offers to go, "The only important thing is getting Will back."

PrevuzeSami follows him to the door as he leaves. After he's out, Sami slams the door and turns to give Austin a look that could knock him across the room harder than Lucas did. Austin asks, "What is your deal with that guy?"

Sami levels the shotgun and gives him both barrels, "I'm not the cheater here."

"Cheater," asks the cheater.

"Yes," she snorts, "And if Lucas falls off the wagon, it's your fault!"

Billie congratulates grandpa Bo. The brat chimes in, "Hope's baby is going to be younger than her grandbaby. I told you Shawn and Belle did the deed."

"Yes," says Bo, "I owe you an apology."

"I owe you about a million."

Bo turns to Billie, "Hope told me what happened in the courtroom."

Billie says she can't apologize enough. Bo thanks her for coming forward. She hopes it's not too late. Bo hopes it isn't to too late for the brat and him either.

The brat smiles and says, I'm just really glad to have you back in my life." Billie smiles.

Roman gets off the phone. "What have you got," asks Tek.

Rather than kill him on the spot, Roman ignores the question, gives him a cold stare and calls Bo. He tells him they got Patrick's phone records, "And he called Sami the day Will disappeared. It looks like he's involved with the kidnapping."

"Where is Will," asks Bo.

Roman's keen crime fighting mind goes to work, "That's what we have to find out."

Lucas goes back to his apartment and looks at the messed up bed. He seethes as he tugs off his wedding ring.

Austin says he was concerned about Will. Sami screams, "Don't make my son an excuse for your adultery."

Austin insists he did not know Carrie would be up on the roof. Sami says, "Couldn't you have taken a cold shower? You certainly took enough showers when you were living here with me, prancing around in your towel while we were platonic friends or business partners or whatever. I was just fooling myself. You figured if you couldn't get any from Carrie you would just take me because I'm easy."

"It's not like that," says Austin, "What we had meant a lot to me."

"It meant a lot to me," says Sami, "I looked up to you. You have always been my conscience. After all these years I feel like I don't know you. I'm grateful you didn't cheat on me when we were dating."

"When we started dating," says Austin, "I thought Carrie and I could never be together."

"So you settled for Carrie's wicked sister," says Sami.

"Come on, Sami," he says, "You loved Lucas. I will never understand why she chose him. She made a mistake."

"Carrie Brady doesn't make mistakes," says Sami.

"We all do."

"I know."

Austin thinks Carrie and Lucas have been up there a long time. Sami tells him not to go check on them. Austin says, "Things can't get much worse. I'll be right back."

Lucas stuffs Carrie's suitcase outside in the hall. Austin comes out and sees it and stares.

The brat can't believe Bo forgave her. Billie says it's her choice what to do with the clean start.

EJ comes up to their table. Kate introduces Chelsea, but EJ says he met her at the press conference and again at the pier.

The brat says, "Oh, yeah. The press conference. My shining moment." She doesn't remember the pier. She tells him she got her dad back.

"You must be EX-tatic, " says EJ.

Abe and Lexie toast Theo. Lexie is distant. She tells him when she thinks of how close she came to losing custody of Theo... "Thank you for giving our family another chance."

Abe isn't ready to go there, "Lex..."

"I know I'm getting ahead of myself," she says, "I know I have a lot of work ahead of me getting you to trust me again. There's one thing I know for sure. I can always trust you." She stares at Abe across the table and her smile fades.

Abe says it feels like they are on a date and he's a little bit nervous. So is Lexie. She toasts the future, "Whatever it holds may we be happy for all the Days Of Our Lives."

EJ sits with Kate and the brat while he waits for takeout. He hopes the televised appeal works tomorrow. Billie excuses herself.

EJ gives the stoner a knowing stare, "Penny dropped?"

"No," she says, "A dime bag. AHA! You were the one who helped me after I had the ex. I'm sorry. I remember nothing from that night."

"That night, young lady, is probably best forgotten for you," he lectures, "You are lucky I found you."

"Can you do me a favor," she asks, "Things are finally going well with me and my family. I would die if they found out. Can you promise not to say anything?"

"I will say nothing if you promise never to touch that junk again."

"Done," says the brat, "They say that stuff is supposed to make you feel good but it didn't."

Roman tells Bo it looks like his theory is right, "The person who killed Eve is the person who is making the threats against the Brady's."

"That puts more pressure on Lockhart," says Bo.

Roman says, "If we make one slip up that's trouble for Will." Bo insists Will is coming home, in spite of that.

Carrie bawls on the rooftop. She takes off her wedding ring and agonizes. Austin comes up. She says this is exactly what she thought would happen.

Austin says, "Carrie you slept with him!"

"Your point," asks Carrie, "How can we ever face Sami or Lucas again. How could something as wonderful as loving you cause so many people pain? How did everything get so messed up?" Kiss. Hug. Bawl.

Sami looks up from her window. She paces, grabs her phone and leaves. Outside, she sees the luggage. She knocks on Lucas' door.

Lucas opens the door and screams, "I SAID GO... oh, hi Sami. Great."

Sami says she's sorry. He tells her she doesn't have to apologize. She says they are better off without their respective cheats, "You deserve to have a woman who really loves you."

"If I haven't found her by now, I don't think I'm going to," says Lucas.

"Lucas, come on," says Sami, "Finding true love is difficult, but it's worth it in the end"

Lucas says, "I hate to bust your bubble but I wouldn't recognize my soul mate if she was two feet in front of me." Sami sits two feet in front of Lucas and stares.



Patrick tells Hope, "The truth is there is only one person who could have set me up to take the fall for all of this, and that's Bo."

Bo asks, "Is Lockhart's gun the murder weapon?" Roman hands him a file, "See for yourself."

Austin says, "You're acting like you are the only one to blame here." Carrie says, "Because I married a man I didn't love."

Sami and Lucas sit together on a couch. Sami tells Kate, "We're going to do whatever it takes to get our son back, so deal with it."

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Sami and Lucas are playing the waiting game in her apartment. Sami is freaked. She's driving Lucas crazy. Lucas says he is dealing with this in his own way. He's doing everything he can to keep from taking a drink. Sami cautions him not to do that. Lucas vows to stay strong for Will because he needs them.

Sami agrees. She wonders if they are too late. Lucas comforts her and assures her Will is going to be OK. Lucas says Will is lucky that he has the best of both of them. Sami bawls, "Yeah, he is lucky... that he didn't turn out like me." Lucas says he didn't mean it that way.

EJ comes to the door to go over plans for tomorrow. He needs them to plead with Will's captor. The TV crew will do the live feed from Sami's apartment. He tells them Kate and Austin worked hard on putting all this together. This reminds Lucas Carrie and Austin have been gone quite a while.

Meanwhile, Carrie and Austin sit together drinking at Dune. Carrie tells Austin she needed this, after their tough session of poster hanging. Will has told them both about being happy they are a part of his family. They think the poor kid has been through a lot. Carrie thinks he must be so scared right now. Austin reaches for her hand. Carrie yanks it away, "Austin, don't."

Blubbering Belle runs into the police station followed by Mimi and Bonnie. She tells John about Phillip absconding with Claire. John asks, "Why would you worry about Phillip leaving with Claire. He is her father."

"We just found out he's not," whimpers Belle, "Shawn is." John squints so hard his ears bulge out.

Phillip comes into Nikita's office. He wants to talk to whoever is in charge. He tells Nikita to get his boss. Nikita says he is alone. Phillip demands to see the results of the DNA test. Nikita tells him the information is confidential. If he shows Phillip the results he will lose his job.

Phillip spews fire, "If you know what's good for you, you better get those results right now! I don't give a damn about your job!"

Shawn walks into the office, "Show it to him."

Nikita panics, "Ztay away from me – you vant me to lose job?" Shawn convinces Nikita. Wild-eyed Phillip promises to look quick then go. Shawn tells him he won't like what he sees.

Lucas leaves a message for Carrie, "Give me a call when you get this. I haven't heard from you in a while." EJ thinks Carrie's battery probably just ran down.

Carrie's batteries are just fine. Austin asks why she pulled away. Carrie says they can't be together as long as Will is missing. Austin just doesn't know how to stay away from her. Carrie doesn't want to sneak around, "Right now there is no way we can be together."

John wants details. Belle tells him the brat didn't doctor the report. She tells him about the night of forgotten passion in the burning barn.

Bonnie chimes in, "Having sex while you're unconscious? That's quite a trick. I'd put better odds on the test being wrong."

"I don't know," says Belle, "I'm unconscious about most things."

Mimi tells Bonnie she isn't helping. Belle tells John Phillip just snapped and took off. Bonnie says she doesn't blame him.

"Obviously Phillip wasn't in a rational frame of mind," says John.

"Yeah," says Belle, "Other than that, there was nothing normal about his behavior."

Nikita goes over the results, "Shawn Brady is zee fazzer." Phillip disagrees.

Shawn jumps in, "Phillip..."

The demon spews green bile, "I SAID NO! IT'S NOT TRUE!" He turns his head 360° for good measure.

"I know it's a shock," says Shawn, "Right now the best thing you can do is go home to Belle. You are scaring Claire." Two cops come into the room behind Phillip.

Mad Dog Kiriakis turns and sees them, "You stay away from me!"

One of the cops says, "Just let us have the baby."

Lucifer wails, "YOU AREN'T TOUCHING HER!" The cops say if Phillip doesn't cooperate, they will have to turn Claire over to child protective services. Phillip calms down a little and asks, "If I give her to you, will I give her right back?"

"Yes," lies the cop.

"Right back to me," asks the madman.

The cop says in a soothing voice, "Yes. We will give her right back to you." Phillip buys it. He hands Claire over and the cops jump all over him. Phillip is under arrest.

EJ says there is a special 800 number set up for people to call after the TV segment. Will's pictures are on the website. Sami calls Austin. She leaves a message to call her.

Lucas says, "I thought we decided not to call Austin."

"You're right," says Sami, "It made too much sense to call him. They should have been back by now."

"Yeah," says Lucas, "Something isn't right here."

Sami cries, "You think something happened to them?" Lucas doesn't know. He heads out to find them.

Carrie assures Austin she isn't going back to Lucas. She just can't leave him right now. Austin understands. All Carrie wants is to be with Austin, "If I'm gong to break my marriage vows I at least owe it to Lucas... I have to be there for him."

John tries to calm Belle down. He also tries to stop the earth from turning on its axis. He has better luck with the earth. "Phillip will come home when he calms down," says John.

Belle knows Phillip would do anything to keep from losing Claire. Roman says he will tell his officers to be on the lookout for a raving lunatic with a baby.

No need. The officers drag Phillip in kicking and screaming. Belle wonders where Claire is. "She's with her father," says the officer.

"I AM HER FATHER," screams Mad Dog.

Shawn brings Claire in. Belle and Shawn and baby enjoy a family hug as Phillip looks on and seethes.

Roman says Phillip can go as soon as he posts bail. Shawn says he and Mimi will take Claire home. Bonnie thinks that's a bad idea. Shawn convinces Belle to let him take her, "She's hungry and doesn't need to be hanging around a police station for a couple of hours." Belle thanks him as Mimi gives her zombie stare.

Shawn leaves with Claire and tells Belle she will be fine. Mimi offers to help Belle any way she can. Belle thanks her. It's just one big happy family. She follows Shawn.

John says he couldn't reach Victor. Belle tells him about Shawn and Mimi taking Claire home. John asks if she will be OK. Belle doesn't know. Hugs.

EJ gives Sami a cup of his nanny's tea. Sami says nothing will make her feel better as she takes a gulp. She thanks EJ for being her friend. She says she doesn't deserve it, "Will has been kidnapped because of me. If I hadn't blackmailed Lexie..."

EJ says, "Don't do this, Samantha."

Sami cries, "If anything happens to him I will never forgive myself."

"You can't blame yourself," he says.

"I do," says Sami, "I am stupid. I should have gone to the police. If anything happens to Carrie and Austin I will never forgive myself."

Carrie decides she should get home. She looks at her cell phone and discovers Lucas tried to call. Austin tells her he is staying with Sami until Will is found. Carrie says she is pleased he is helping Sami like that.

BUSTED! Lucas walks in and asks, "What the hell is going on here?"

Shawn, Bonnie and Mimi bring Claire into Belle's apartment. Bonnie offers to watch her so he and Mimi can "have some time together." Daddy Shawn takes charge. He goes upstairs with Claire. Bonnie snorts, "He's already starting to act like he's her father."

Mimi rolls her eyes, "Maybe that's because he is, Mother. This is what I knew would happen. This is the beginning of the end for us."

Roman says he is sorry about Phillip.

Belle whines, "Now I'm going to have two children with Shawn and we are married to different people."

John reminds Belle of her MARRIAGE COMMITMENT.

"Jeez, you are so picky," says Belle.

"It won't be easy," says John, "I know better than anyone what it's like to find out the children you raised aren't yours. It hurts. Over time, you find out it doesn't make that much difference. They all turn out to be bums, whether they're yours or not. You love them the same, though."

Roman tries to help, "Claire will wind up with two fathers who love her very much. You don't want her to have just one father do you? She would go through life feeling inferior compared to everyone else it town."

John asks, "Can you tell me what you are thinking right now."

"I try not to think too much," says Belle, "It gives me headaches. I stayed with Phillip because of Claire."

John says, "Then the question you have to ask is this how do you see this playing out in the end? Not just for you but also for Claire."

Mt. Lucas erupts, "You're unbelievable! My son is missing and you're chillin' having cocktails at Dune! I thought you were helping me out!"

Carrie says they passed out flyers. Lucas backs off. He's sorry. When Carrie didn't answer his calls it tripped him out. Austin says it's his fault. He pressured Carrie into stopping for a drink.

Lucas backs off. He tells Carrie he's sorry he overreacted. They have both been great to him, "I love you. You are the best wife and brother anyone could ever ask for." Lucas hugs her and Carrie throws Austin a nasty glance.

That hug squeezed them all right back to Sami's apartment. Sami hugs Carrie. She's so glad they are OK. Carrie tells her about stopping for a drink at Dune, "We were feeling frazzled. It was a bad idea." Sami understands her needing a break. Lucas tells Sami she needs to get some sleep. Sami says she can't.

Lucas vows he isn't leaving her alone tonight. She tells him she won't be alone. Lucas glares at EJ. Sami says it's Austin who will stay with her, not EJ. She encourages Lucas and Carrie to go get some sleep so they will be ready for the TV thing tomorrow. They leave as Austin arrives. Lucas thanks him for staying with Sami.

Bonnie thinks the baby food is disgusting. She brags that she never made her kids eat anything she wouldn't eat herself. Mimi thinks that's why she was a blimp all through high school. Bonnie protests. She thinks she did a pretty good job of raising her kids.

"Yeah," says Mimi, "Is that why Patrick's in jail, Connor has all but disowned our family and my life is going down the tubes as we speak?"

Bonnie says, "First of all, Patrick is innocent. Connor is at that age where all he wants to do is hang out with his friends and SORAS. And you... I'm sorry I let you down. I tried to change the tests."

"But Shawn found out and it's over now," says Mimi, "He knows Claire is his and there is no going back."

Bonnie says, "At least he doesn't know the rest of it."

Mimi says, "If he did, he would hate me for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Belle asks, "Are you asking if I want to leave Phillip?"

"Damn, you're sharp," says John, "I can see how you could consider it."

"No," says Belle, "I love him. I shouldn't..."

Roman jumps in, "There is a big difference between shouldn't and won't."

Belle imagines being married to Shawn and trying to think up baby names. Allison? The baby kicks. Her great Gran will be her namesake. Shawn thinks it's perfect. He loves her so much. Cuddle.

Belle comes back to reality, a place she doesn't visit very often. John asks, "Isabelle, what are you thinking?"

"I try not to think too much," says Belle, "It gives me headaches. Everything is just so complicated."

Sami knows staying with her must be awkward for Austin. He insists he needs to be there for her. He bristles and tells her he forgot his razor. EJ leaves to get him one. Sami asks why he is so uptight. "Everything that is happening," he says.

Sami thought maybe Austin and Carrie were off somewhere talking about getting back together. She is glad Austin didn't take her advice about that. She doesn't think Lucas could get through this without Carrie.

Carrie tells Lucas he's done everything possible. She knows Will is going to be found. He thanks her for her love and support. He doesn't know what he would do with out her. Kiss. "Oh God," says Lucas, "I need you. I need you right now."

Shawn feeds Claire. Mimi watches as Daddy and daughter bond. Phillip and Belle arrive. Belle asks him not to start again. He assures her he won't do anything crazy, "I might take her for a pleasant little drive out at the racetrack, though. Claire is my baby, "Legally, there is nothing Shawn can do about it."

Sami says Lucas needs Carrie right now. Austin says he needs to get out of there. He bolts as Sami's jaw hits the floor, "Austin?"

Austin stops at Carrie's door, but changes his mind and heads for the roof. Lucas lies in and empty bed as Carrie leaves. Outside the apartment she breaks down into tears and heads for the roof. EJ watches and knocks on Lucas' door.

Austin punches his bag. Carrie comes onto the roof. Staredown. Passion. Austin paws her with his boxing gloves. Lucas opens the door and watches. FF.



Lexie tells Abe, "There's one thing I know for sure. I can always trust you."

Bo says, "I don't get you." The brat says, I'm just really glad to have you back in my life." Billie smiles.

Sami tells EJ, "I just know exactly how Lucas feels right now and I know that he needs Carrie to be there for him, and she had better not let him down."

Lucas screams, "You obviously don't need me because you've got your brother-in-law to kiss you and make you feel better." Lucas lunges at Austin, "You damn bastard!"

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