Monday, August 31, 2009

Get A Room!

Sami and Rafe are on the plane leaving for home and ostensibly, back in his hotel room, Dr. Baker's finger is still twitching. Rafe turns to Sami, "We go up in the sky like birdies."

"Yes," says Sami, "And have brain like birdies."

Sami wants to know what he was doing in the Dominican Republic. "And I want to know the same thing," says Rafe.

"If you don't know what you were doing here, who does," asks Sami. I came down because of you... And Nicole."

Stefano and Nicole argue about her relationship with Baker and Stefano blows up about the fact she didn't tell him about the letter.

Brady and Arianna heat up the screen.

Lucas says he's going into Chloe's room. Melanie stops him as Nathan takes off. Loserclueless wonders what's up.

Daniel finishes administering the liquid of life and tells Chloe he loves her. Kate turns the latch outside, "Time for the last goodbye, Chloe."

Rafe wonders how Sami knew Baker was in the Dominican Republic. Sami tells him about the call and says she's not even sure why Baker called her, "Maybe he knew something happened that made Grace more susceptible to a virus, like maybe irresponsible parents." Then she tells him about being at the pub and finding out where he was going.

Rafe asks, "And how did you know how to find Dr. Baker's room."

"Some things are best left unanswered," says Sami, "Or else we'll expose the fact that the writers don't think things through very well." She wonders if Rafe has evidence against Dr. Baker that concerns Grace.

Nicole says she didn't tell Stefano about the letter because she thought Baker was out of her life. Stefano erupts, "Forget about it... all your lies! Everything you have done is going to become public knowledge!"

Nicole snaps back, "You're wrong. There isn't enough room for that in the Library of Congress." She wonders if there is a way to stop the letter.

Lucas is suspicious. Melanie makes excuses and Lucas reluctantly buys her line. As she goes, she asks what he decided about pulling the plug on Chloe.

Back in Chloe's room, Daniel assures her they will be together soon, "You're not alone. I'll always (say it with him) be there for you."

Nathan tries to stop Kate. Kate tells him to go pound sand.

Brady and Arianna writhe and pant.


Victor walks in and takes in the show, "GET A ROOM!"

Rafe says he also got a call from Baker.

Stefano gets off the phone and tells Nicole Rafe went to the Dominican Republic to confront Baker. He tells her he "set up an accident" and planted evidence implicating Rafe in Baker's death. Now he's concerned because Rafe left the country before they found the body. Stefano wonders what will happen to him when Elvis finds out, "He will despise me."

"But," whines Nicole, "I'm losing my family."

"Take your pity and shove it," growls Stefano, "We have to stop that letter. Give me the lawyer's name."

"I don't know who he is."

Lucas tells Melanie, "You ask too many questions."

Out in the audience, Gertrude turns to Maude, "He can say that again."

Melanie says this relates to nursing school and dealing with patients. It's still none of your business," says Lucas, "You don't know when to quit." He walks off. Melanie grits her teeth.

Daniel takes Chloe's hand and begs her to squeeze his.

Nathan backpedals and says he's going in for an exam and then Kate can come in. Kate backs off.

Brady tells Arianna he didn't know anyone was home. She has dressed and says she forgives him, "I'm presentable now."

"Not for long," says Brady, "He moves in." She says she ahs to go. He invites her to his room instead.

Rafe says he thinks the bookies killed Baker and made him the fall guy. Sami thinks Rafe is withholding something.

Stefano calls some unnamed woman for help. He asks for Baker's lawyer's name, she gives it to him and says a lovely gift is on its way for her. He makes another call, "I have a job for you. Find a William Hines and bring him to me immediately." He hangs up, "Now we sit and hope Mr. Hines has not heard about Baker's death."

Nathan bustles into Chloe's room. Love-struck Daniel has left. Nathan paces, huffs and puffs.

Melanie hustles Daniel out of the hospital. He leaves. Melanie whines, "Oh, what am I doing?"

Brady and Arianna have jumped into bed. Brady pants, "You're so beautiful. I bet you've heard that a lot."

"It's been a long time," says Arianna.

"You can say that again." says Brady. Body parts fly across the screen.

Rafe says the truth is he doesn't know what Baker was up to and the bad guys framing him was probably a spur of the moment thing. He says he still wants to be Sami's hero who says the right thing and shows up in the Nick of time. Sami says she realizes he was trying to help her. She has William Hines card from Baker's wallet, "Maybe he knows what happened."

Hines shows up at the DiMera mansion. He complains about his full-body search. Stefano shuts him up and says he had to make sure he had no listening devices. He asks about the letter, "Where is it?"

Nicole pipes up, "Have you sent it?"

Melanie meets Daniel in the woods and says there is no change in Chloe's condition, "She's as clueless as ever." Daniel says she will recover when the drug kicks in.

Melanie calls Nathan. He looks at his phone as he discusses the dechloificaiton project with Lucas. Lucas tells Nathan, "I have made my decision. We are doing this. We're doing it now."

"OK," says Nathan, "Let's go see her."

Kate paces in Chloe's room, "It's going to be all over soon and Daniel won't be here to save you. Say goodbye, Chloe."

Chloe opens her eyes and looks up at her, "Goodbye, Chloe."

Gracie Allen pops her head in the door, "Copycat."

Suddenly, Chloe's machines buzz and whirr. Lucas and Nathan barge in.

Brady and Arianna smooch and grab. Arianna says, "I had this fantasy once and it's like everything that's happening right now only with a different guy.

Brady asks, "When?"

"The first time we met."

"No way," says Brady, "I yelled at you that night. I assumed you hated me."

"I did," says Arianna, "but you're so cute."

Who can resist being told someone hated him? That's all it takes for Brady. He dives in.

Rafe leaves a message for Hines and says he was recommended to him.

Hines tells Stefano his information is confidential. Nicole butts in and offers a bribe. Stefano stops her, "I'm sure Mr. Hines isn't interested in money. He's interested in seeing tomorrow morning. Mr. Hines, Do you know who you are dealing with?"

"Well," stammers Hines, "I've heard rumors."

"They are not rumors," says Stefano, "We do not take no for an answer, so tell me, where is the letter?"

Nathan works on Chloe and says there is a definite improvement, "Miracles happen." Kate rolls her eyes.

Arianna is on the phone and Brady is apparently locked in the bathroom crying. Troy tells her she has to come to pier six in ten minutes, "The Big Man is there to see you."

Rafe leaves a message for Arianna telling her Sami showed up and asking her not to tell anyone Nicole is in up to her eyeballs.

Sami comes back to her seat and asks about Hines. Rafe says he's probably a nobody. Sami buys it.

Hines takes the letter from his briefcase. Nicole grabs it and opens it, "It's not from Publisher's Clearinghouse, but it's the next best thing."

"Excellent," says Stefano. He answers the phone, "Very interesting." He hangs up and tells Hines he's been helpful, "But there is one more matter we have to deal with."

Daniel paces. Melanie rambles on. She gets a call from Nathan and hands the phone to Daniel. Nathan tells Daniel Chloe is showing improvement.

We pan down from Chloe's machines. Nathan comes in and says he reached Lexie. Kate wonders if Chloe will remember what people who visited her said. Nathan ignores it.

Brady comes back and Arianna tells him she has to go. Brady protests, "I'm looking forward to round two."

"It would be round three," says Arianna, "But who's counting?"

Stefano says the man who was watching Hines' belongings heard the message from Rafe.

"I don't know a Rafe Hernandez," says Hines.

"Then keep it that way," says Stefano. He tells Hines he needs a vacation – a permanent one, "Pick a state far away and go there. I'll have an associate write a check. It will be very generous and I will never see you again or hear from you. Agreed?"

"Yes... sir."

Stefano tells him it's been a pleasure and Nicole will see him out. He leaves. Hines stares, "There is a small matter I didn't explain to Mr. DiMera."

Sami and Rafe arrive at her place. He says he's happy she showed up when she did. "I guess it was my turn to rescue you," says Sami.

Nathan tells Daniel he got Lucas to back off. Daniel tells him to keep Kate away from Chloe. He hands the phone back to Melanie. She asks how Nathan is holding up. He says he's dong well and thanks her.

"We make a pretty good team, don't we," asks Melanie.

"Kind of like the 1962 Mets," says Nathan.

Daniel rambles, "Chloe, you come back to me."

Lucas stands alone with Chloe.

"I am with you," says Daniel, "I won't let you go. I love you... Chloe."

Back in her room, Chloe gasps, "Daniel..." Lucas pulls the plug.

Arianna and Brady say their goodbyes as Brady gets a call, "I have to take this. The Chinese markets are open."

"I'll have egg-foo-yung," says Arianna. She leaves for her big pow-wow.

Troy tells Mr. Big Arianna is on the way. Mr. Big thinks it over, "I don't know..." He turns to Mr. Bigger, "What do you think?"

"Interesting," says Mr. Bigger. We pan away from Mr. Bigger to see... Victor!

Sami tells Rafe to stay safe. He finally figures out she's not going to invite him in and leaves.

Nicole asks what Hines didn't tell Mr. DiMera. "The letter wasn't the only letter Dr. Baker instructed me to mail," says Hines, "There were two others, so I mailed them. One was for a Mia McCormick and the other for a Samantha Brady."

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Friday, August 28, 2009


Brady comes to Arianna's rescue after Troy takes a hike. Arianna protests that Troy's advances were nothing. Brady wants to know what is going on. "You're overreacting," says Arianna.

Brady overreacts, "I AM NOT OVERREACTING!"

Daniel calls Kate and says he doesn't want things to end the way they did, "Tell me you don't either."

Nicole continues to try to call Stefano, "Stefano, why don't you answer your phone. I've called you ten times. I have to talk to you!" Busybody in training EJ wonders why she's calling Stefano. She says she wants to show him pictures of Sydney. EJ accuses her of hiding things.

Rafe sneaks into Dr. Baker's room and finds him ostensibly asleep in a chair. He tries to wake him up and finds he's been garroted. Bye-bye Baker.

Nicole defends herself and claims she's hiding nothing. EJ blows his brainless stack. Nicole bobs and weaves. EJ insists she tell him what's going on as Stefano watches in the background, "Tell him. You can't hide it forever as much as we would like to."

Rafe tries to rouse the doc. Baker's all choked up. Suddenly...


The attacker, attired in his finest John Black superspy and cat-burglar outfit, complete with mask and do-rag, subdues Rafe. He leaves him unconscious with the incriminating rope in his hand.

Kate says she and Danny boy shouldn't be talking. "Maybe this story doesn't have to end," says Daniel, "Could be we've got a few more dark twists and turns left in it." Kate thinks he may be taping the conversation. Daniel denies that, "Here me out. I want you to know what's been going on with me these past few months and make you understand you can trust me." Kate tells him not to call back and hangs up.

Arianna tells Brady he doesn't need to worry about Troy. She says he apologized to her for his little attack, "He said he was high and couldn't control himself, but he's doing a 12-step and trying to get clean."

"OMG," gasps Brady, "A JUNKIE! How could anyone be crazy enough to get hooked on drugs without being married to Chloe? " Arianna continues to defend Troy. She says Brady has taught her people can change and deserve a second chance. Brady apologies and we have a hug-fest.

Stefano says he should be the one to explain since it's his fault. He tells Elvis they have been planning a surprise birthday party for him. EJ buys it. Apparently he's donated his brain to science before being done with it. He apologizes to Nicole. Sydney's crying interrupts and EJ goes to take care of things. He's going to find the same stuff in Sydney's diaper that Nicole and Stefano are pawning off on him.

Stefano accuses Nicole of losing her touch. Nicole claims everything is going to hell in a hand-basket and tells him about Baker's call. Stefano is smug, "Dr. Baker is not a problem of yours any more."

Rafe lies unconscious. Baker lies dead. Enjoy the quiet while you can because... Sami walks in and finds Rafe. She rushes toward him huffing, puffing and gasping like a drowning rat.

Kate wonders if Daniel is playing her. Her phone rings. Kate picks up and screams, "I TOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME BACK!"

Lucas clears up the case of mistaken identity, "Mom, It's Lucas. I need your help deciding what to do with Chloe."

"Trash day is Monday," says Kate, "Just make sure you don't stick her in with the recyclables."

Daniel rants about Kate, "You're gonna feel what it's like to be played." Nathan and Melanie come up. Melanie says she has been trying to convince Nathan to be an accomplice in their re-Chloification project. Nathan says he isn't sure about this. He wonders if Daniel is just trying to finish the job.

Brady and Arianna suck face. "I wanna be alone with you," says Brady. Translation – never mind. I'm guessing you don't need a translation for that one.

"I want that, too," says Arianna.

So... the stage is set for a little extracurricular activity. Suddenly, Brady remembers, "I have some work to do. I have to go back home."

Two men in dark suits and sunglasses walk up, "Mr. Brady Black?"

"Yes, what is it?"

"We're here to confiscate your guy-card."

Arianna saves the day, "Your home is a mansion. If it's a mansion it ought to have twenty-some odd rooms and maybe we could find a place to be alone."

"Wow," says Brady, "You're beautiful and have great ideas."

Arianna says, "You have to think fast when you're with some guy who's so clueless he can't decide whether to scratch his watch or wind his butt."

"Let's go," says Brady, "and you can tell me about all of your good ideas."

"Maybe," says Arianna, "I could just show you."

Nicole asks, "Did you pay Baker off again?"

Stefano is evasive, "Not exactly."

Sami snivels as she stoops to check out Rafe. Rafe wakes and wonders what she's doing there. Sami sees Baker sprawled out in the chair, gets up and walks over to him...


Daniel claims he did nothing wrong and just wants to save Chloe's life, "You have to help me! Let me remind you of the Hippocratic oath, DR. HORTON!"

"I may be a lot of things," says Nathan, "But I am not a hypocrite."

"If you say no," screams Daniel, "I will find a way. I am going to bring Chloe back. I am going to save her life with or without you."


Kate joins Lucas at the Cheatin' Heart. Lucas shows her Chloe's living will. How many of you thirty-somethings out there have a living will? "Maybe," says Lucas, "it's time we take her off life support."

Kate is blunt, "You just made me so happy."

Stefano says, "Nicole, you are overreacting."

Nicole overreacts, "I AM NOT OVERREACTING!"

He tells her he's having Rafe followed, "Perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone."

Sami blithers and blathers. Rafe has his hand over her mouth as Sami desperately tries to breathe and scream at the same time. Rafe tells her he won't take his hand away until she promises to stop screaming. Sami promises. Rafe removes his hand. Once the blue fades from Sami's face, she wonders what happened. Rafe says he can't tell her but he assures her he did not kill Baker. He wants her trust.

DOOL August 28, 2019: The Chad–Mia–Will triangle finally ends when Mia elopes with SORASed Johnny.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Brady is on the phone working business.

The two men in dark suits watch through the window. "That does it," says one of them, "let's go get that guy-card."

"Give him one more chance," says the other.

Arianna picks up a vase and juggles it. Brady carefully takes it from her and tells her it's a 2400 year old Greek vase, "It has a sentimental value to our family. Kate gave it to dad. She made it when she was in Kindergarten." Arianna is a little uncomfortable with the trappings of wealth. She thinks the differences could make for problems.

"Or, they could make things interesting," says Brady. Brady finally gets a clue and moves in for something interesting.

Outside, the two mysterious men watch, "OK," says one of them, "We'll drop it for now, but he's on double-secret probation."

Nathan tells Daniel he's in on the scheme. Melanie squeals and hugs Nate. He goes for copies of Chloe's medical files, which he left in the car. Daniel says he's happy with Melanie but she reminds him, "You were snarky to me at the hospital."

Daniel doesn't think that's the case, "I don't like snark. That's why I don't read Prevuze."

Melanie says they just have to get things moving because the clock is ticking. She tells him about Chloe's living will, "Lucas is going to pull the plug tonight."

Kate tells Lucas she is happy because this is the best thing to do, "Chloe isn't coming back, her mind is gone."

"She didn't need to go into a coma for us to realize that," says Lucas.

"I can't stand seeing you suffer," says Kate.

Lucas says there is one other consideration, "If Chloe dies, Daniel is looking at murder-one."

"Drat the bad luck," says Kate.

EJ comes back and asks to have a word with Nicole alone. Stefano leaves and EJ asks Nicole's forgiveness. She says she won't forgive him, because he has nothing to apologize for. Smoochies.

Sami, the twelve year old in an adult body, hyperventilates. She says she knows Rafe didn't kill Baker, but a knock interrupts. The twelve year old inside Sami goes to work again as she has another panic-fit.

Melanie tells Daniel about the possibility of taking Chloe off life support. Nathan comes back with Chloe's records. Daniel says he has to get in there. Nathan has an idea.

The knock is housekeeping. Rafe tells her to go away. He tells Sami this is a setup. Sami asks if Baker really is dead. "No one is ever really dead on this show," says Rafe.

Hilda's ghost sticks her head in the door, "You wanna bet?"

Rafe stoops down and inspects Baker's body.

Brady inspects something else. He suggests a swim. Awww. Arianna doesn't have a swimsuit. Awww... Neither does Brady. Whatever will they do?

Kate says they can't be certain Daniel will be convicted, "He put one over on us pretending to be happy for you and Chloe."

"Lying through his teeth," sneers Lucas. Kate thinks they need to concentrate on Lucas' difficult decision. Kate votes for pulling the plug... tonight.

Melanie approaches Dennis the cop. She flirts as Nathan goes into Chloe's room and leaves a hypo. He unlocks the side door. Melanie rambles as Nathan comes out. They both leave the area.

Daniel comes in via the side door that Nathan unlocked. Instead of getting the job done, he sits and obsesses over Chloe. I think he copped one, too.

Daniel finally takes the hypo and administers the antidote.

Lucas and Kate walk into the waiting area. Lucas hesitates, "I can't."

Kate gives him a pep talk, "Where would we be if the Jack-the-Ripper had an attitude like that?" Lucas goes to talk to the nurse. Once he's out of earshot, Kate announces, "I'm going in to see Chloe. For the last time."

Brady and Arianna cavort in a towel. Arianna says she's cold, but Brady is pretty sure he can warm her up.

One of the guys in a suit turns to the other, "If he goes for a cup of hot chocolate, he's through."

Rafe carefully takes the cell phone out of Baker's pocket. He has it covered with a handkerchief to make sure his fingerprints aren't on it, like they are on everything else in the room. He checks Baker's pulse.

Stefano interrupts EJ and Nicole. He says EJ has a call. EJ leaves. Nicole gets back to her tirade. Stefano says, "If you want blunt, I'll give you blunt. Baker is dead."

Nicole gasps, "What?"

"Dead," says Stefano, "D-E-A-D! It's over, Nicole"

Nicole's eyes go wide, "NO! It will never be over."

Brady and Arianna hit the chaise lounge. Brady fakes being a gentleman, "If you don't want this..."

Arianna is direct, "I don't... ... ... ...," time passes, "... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... want to stop."

Lucas finds Nathan and Melanie. He says he'll be in Chloe's room, "My mom is in there now." Nathan and Melanie make faces at each other.

Daniel pumps the liquid of life into Chloe, "I have to go. I can't get caught. I love you so much."

Kate stands outside, smiles at the guard and twists the latch to Chloe's room. And twists... and twists... and twists...

Nicole tells Stefano that Baker wrote a letter to the authorities revealing the switcheroo. "Who has this accursed letter," booms Stefano.

"His lawyer," says Nicole.

"Let's Hope to God it's Mickey."

We hear voices outside Baker's tomb, "This is a police matter." The people outside knock. Sami and Rafe head out the window.

And exactly what would be the cheesiest move the writers could come up with at this point? You got it...

Baker's finger twitches.


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Lips And Thumbs Are Sealed

Lucas sits and broods at Chloe's bedside. Lexie comes in. Chloe immediately takes a turn for the worse. Lexie tells Lucas she knows how hard this is for him, "Because every now and then I go slumming myself and I know how that makes Abe feel. No one ever poisoned me for it, but I once was locked in a tunnel for months. Eventually we all move on and forget things like that. Especially the writers."

Lucas says he keeps wondering what to decide. Right on cue, Craig walks in, "That's why I'm here." He walks over and checks Chloe out.

Kate wanders by the Shawn Brady Sr. Memorial Park Bench. Daniel finds her. He's stewed to the gills and tells her he's just trying to kill the pain. She starts to go but he asks her to stay.

EJ is elsewhere in the park giving Sydney a sports lesson, "Football... involves a foot... and a ball... That's why they call it football."

"Gosh, Daddy," asks Sydney, "How do you figure out such complex things?"

EJ goes on, "In football... real football, you can't touch the ball with your hands. Americans don't play real football."

"Not if they play for the Detroit Lions," says Sydney.

Mia finds EJ and ends today's sports commentary. He asks if she plays soccer. She says she did when she was younger. EJ chuckles, "You make it sound like you're 100 years old."

"I know," says Mia, "I was SORASed." He gets a call and hands Sydney to Mia. Sydney throws a fit. Mia calms her down.

Brady is at the pub. He tells the new Arianna he's coming back later and leaves. Well, that was a meaningful conversation. Arianna goes over to Rafe's table. He sits there with enough electronic equipment in front of him to run the entire SETI project from his table. He tells her he's working on finding out what Nicole and Baker did and if it had anything to do with why Grace died.

Baker wanders around his room, "Nicole... I'm going to take the next little bit of seed money you give me and turn it into a fortune."

Nicole is on the phone with the bank trying to make sure Baker can't get into her account. She rages at the customer service person on the other end about bank's poor phone support. "I think you should calm down and enjoy the beautiful day," says the voice on the phone, "I don't know what it's like there, but it's a beautiful day here in New Delhi."

"Nicole begs, "NO! Don't transfer me! NO!" Too late. Nicole gets transferred and sent back into phone-menu hell. She loses it and screams, "AND WHAT NUMBER SHOULD I PUSH TO SHOVE MY PHONE UP YOUR..."

The doorbell interrupts Nicole's tirade at the critical moment. She heads for the foyer, "What fresh hell is this?"

Sami is at the door, Dr. Baker called me. You won't believe what he told me."

Kate talks. Daniel slurs. He tells her, "You broke my heart and don't even know what you did to me." Sami says Baker asked about Grace and didn't know she had died, "I had to hell him... I just want to hold my baby again. I want her back so much." Sami has one of her patented breakdowns.

EJ comes back and tells Mia she's a natural at holding Sydney. Mia thinks Sydney is lucky to have such wonderful parents. EJ scoops up protesting Sydney and leaves to take her to the hospital.

Mia sits alone for two seconds until Brady finds her, "Everything OK?"

Mia whines, "No, not really." It's just a hunch, but I'm guessing they are going to talk about Mia's problems.

Arianna accuses Rafe of stealing Nicole's phone. Rafe tells her Nicole "misplaced" her phone and he just happened to find it. The phone rings. It's Baker. Rafe picks up. Baker talks to dead air, "Hello, Nicole, are you there?"

Nicole urges Sami to stay strong. Too late. Sami says Baker told her there was something important he had to tell her, but he never did. She tells Nicole he was calling from the Dominican Republic, "He also didn't answer when I asked if the complications from her birth caused the meningitis. He said he was calling all his patients to let them know he had changed locations. Did he call you, Nicole?"

Nicole deflects the question and tells her to stay strong. Sami wails, "There is something wrong and I have to find out what it is." She tries to call Baker.

Craig comes out into the waiting area and says he examined Chloe, "I examined Chloe but... no signs of intelligence." He tells Lucas he shouldn't blame himself for this.

Daniel tells Kate a real man would keep his feelings to himself and never let her know how much she hurt him. Kate is skeptical, but Daniel is convincing. He says he ran to Chloe only after he broke up with Kate, "I found the anti-Kate." He throws the flask and dares her to walk away, "You're good at that – like you're good at being alone."

Rafe the electronic genius claims he has used Baker's call to trace his exact location in the Dominican Republic. He fakes a text from Nicole back to Baker, "With EJ and Stefano. Bad time. What do you want?"

Baker texts back, "Ditch them because we have a lot to talk about."

Nicole tells Sami Dr. Baker is a troubled man and she doesn't need him in her life right now. "I'm used to troubled men," says Sami. But she agrees and leaves. Nicole closes the door behind her and leans against it, "This time you went too far, Dr. Baker, and I'm going to make sure it doesn't happen again."

What a shock, Brady asks Mia about her problems. She tells him she ran into EJ and got to hold Sydney. She's worried she'll get into trouble with Nicole, who told her to stay away from the baby.

Lucas shows Craig Chloe's living will, which says she doesn't want to live like this. He asks Craig what he should do.

Daniel continues to try to convince Kate he still has feelings for her and that Chloe was 'Rebound Girl.' He says he can't just walk away like Kate did. Kate warms up and asks is all this true. "You didn't have to do anything to Chloe," slurs Daniel, "All you had to do was ask me to come back."

"I don't know how I could have been so blind," says Kate, "I just have one question."


She rips open his shirt, "Where's the wire?"

Rafe texts, "We don't have anything to talk about." Arianna tells him if he keeps it up, he'll peeve Baker. "I have to make him think I'm Nicole," says Rafe.

"Why don't you just dress up in a skirt and six-inch stilettos like you do sometimes and send him your picture?"

Baker texts back. "That's not true. Call me when you're alone or else!"

Rafe decides to take the next step. He computes, "Arianna..."

Arianna gasps, "NO!"

"You don't even know what I want," says Rafe. She figures he wants to go to the Dominican Republic but doesn't have enough money to go there. BINGO! Arianna gets her purse and gives him her credit card, "I want you to travel on the cheapest airline you can find. COACH!"

"That's exactly what I'm going to do," says Rafe. He points to the computer, "See I found a cheap flight right here. It's on this airline called Touch The Sky." Rafe leaves.

Arianna sighs, "Dr. Baker, you have tangled with the wrong guy." She gets a mystery call, "I can meet you in the park." She asks Pete to cover for her and leaves.

Nicole starts to call Baker, "What are you doing? You don't have the number. You don't have it because you don't have your phone. You don't have your phone because the guy who has your phone stole it. What are you up to Baker, why did you call Sami. OMG, if she finds out what I did..."

EJ finds Lexie at the hospital and asks for a copy of the McDNA tests. Lexie tells him if he had run those tests on Grace, it wouldn't have changed what happened, "I was her doctor. She was doomed form the start."

Craig says he can't tell Lucas what to do. Lucas leaves to give him time alone with Chloe. Craig sits and babbles, "You didn't deserve this."

Daniel stands there with his shirt ripped open, his glistening chest heaving and we pan in on this episode's gratuitous shirtless scene.


Daniel says he isn't wearing a wire. He finishes the job, takes his shirt completely off and puts on a show, "None of this had to happen." He starts to go but Kate stops him.

Sami finds Pete at the pub and asks if he's seen Arianna. He tells her Arianna's gone and Rafe is on the way to the Dominican Republic. Sami figures Rafe is off to see Baker. A few more brilliant deductions like that and Sami could qualify as a Salem police officer. Pete gives her the brochures and she takes off.

Mia says she was scared and didn't want to give up her life so she gave up the baby instead. Brady insists her baby is OK and Mia can move on with her life. Mia leaves. Brady calls the pub and asks for Arianna. He finds out she left, hangs up, "Where did you go? Brady takes off just as Arianna walks up.

Luke O. Sistine shows up, "I tried to help you but I need something extra for my trouble."

Lexie tells EJ they need to talk about EJ and Sami.

A horn honks as Sami bustles around her place, "Keep your shirt on!" She grabs her bag and leaves.

Nicole answers the phone in the rumpus room. Baker asks if she got his texts. Nicole says someone stole her phone. "Just wire me the money," says Baker, "If you do, my lips and thumbs are sealed." Nicole says she sent him the money and he's not getting any more. Baker threatens, "Then I'll just return Sami Brady's call."

Baker hangs up and Nicole blows up, "Stefano, where the hell are you?"

Arianna says if Luke gets her a meeting with the higher ups, shell get him more money. Luke gives her his best sleazeball look, "I wasn't talking about the money." Brady watches.

Lexie says she's worried about EJ, "I want you to think."

"Thinking gives me headaches," says EJ.

Lexie wonders if he's upset Sami shared her life with another man. EJ insists it's because she kept his daughter form him. He says he's happy in his marriage. If that's true, Lexie wonders why he can't let Sami and Rafe go.

Daniel drinks. He says he thinks his fate is sealed and he's wasted enough of Kate's time. He tells her to go home.

"I think I should go home says Kate. She sashays off. Daniel huffs.

Arianna tells Luke if he gets her a meeting with the higher ups she can work something out. Brady recognizes Luke as the guy who attacked Arianna before and rushes up wanting to know what's going on. Luke takes a powder.

Kate wonders, "What just happened? Is he playing me or not?"

Daniel tells himself, "It makes my skin crawl to touch her, but whatever it takes to bring her down and bring Chloe back."

Lucas comes back. Craig tells him he's checking into the Salem Inn and says whatever Lucas decides Nancy and he stand behind his decision, "This is no life for my daughter." He kisses Chloe and leaves.

Lucas drones, "I know what I have to do." He yanks every plug in the room.

Nicole leaves a message for Stefano as EJ walks in, "Nicole, why do you need to talk to my father?" Geez, the guy's a buttinski.

Baker packs. There is a knock at his door. Baker stares and freezes, "I don't think that's my pizza delivery."

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hot Chocolate And Broccoli

Danny and Granny. Hot to trot. In bed. As things heat up Kate wonders, "What's wrong with me?" Daniel pretty much thinks nothing is wrong with her.

Kate pops back to reality and walks through the woods, "I have to."

Daniel sits at his computer and is distracted as he remembers longing looks with Kate, "You're out of control." He calls Lexie.

Lexie ignores Daniel's call and tells Nathan they can't talk to him and Daniel knows it. She worries about Ciara as she walks out of Chloe's room. Outside, Theo throws a fit begging to see Ciara. Lexie assures him Ciara will be fine as Abe fills her in on the progress of the search.

Stephanie stands in the woods holding a poster with Ciara's picture on it. She prays as Phillip talks to Brady on the phone. He tells him he's not coming home and hangs up. Phillip hears something. He and Stephanie head toward the noise.

Ciara insists Dean isn't the guy who saved her. (Now that Bonnie is gone, Clyde is calling himself Dean. How soon we forget.)

Nathan finds Melanie at the nurses' station, looks over and sees Abe as he makes the announcement that they found Ciara. Hearing the wonderful news, he picks up Melanie, whirls her around, drops her, does a wohoo and a happy dance.

"You have to learn to express your emotions," says Melanie. Nathan runs off to make calls.

Ciara tells Hope it was really her and Daddy who saved her. Bo overhears and tells her they never stopped looking for her.

Brady is back home on the phone getting the good news. Daniel says now that Ciara is safe he was wondering if Brady could help him get to Chloe. Brady says he can't help because he's been doing some research and found out the drug Daniel wants to give her could kill her, "What you're asking me to do..."

Daniel interrupts, "Is to help save a life."

"You're sure of that," says Brady, "I'm not."

Daniel tells him to forget it, "That monster is running around free. Kate did this and set me up for it."

Brady tries to bring Daniel back to earth and suggests getting Chloe's father involved, "There's nothing a father likes to do more than helping his daughter's boytoy wreck her marriage." He says he can't believe the convoluted tale Daniel is making up about Kate, "You sound like some conspiracy theory guy."

"Conspiracy theory," asks Daniel, "That... Ransom... are we going to rip off all the Mel Gibson movies?"

Kate looks into Chloe's room, but hears Nathan on the phone as he walks into the area. Kate skedaddles. Nathan gets to the nurses' station and says he thinks Melanie looks unhappy.

"Unhappy," repeats Melanie, "Why should I be unhappy just because I'm doing inventory before the bedpan fun?" Melanie gets snotty and asks if Nate called Stephanie, then beats herself up for being angry. Nathan says he didn't mean to hurt her feelings. Melanie softens and blabbers about her misconception about the date switcheroo the other night.

Nathan asks, "What about Phillip and Stephanie?"

Melanie says, "They're probably going to get back together."


Melanie insists she's OK with that, though.

Phillip and Stephanie find a cop who tells them about finding Ciara. Joy abounds and they hug. Phillip hugs Stephanie, too.

Roman announces the ambulance is on the way and takes Dean off. Ciara reassures Hope, "Don't cry, Mommy, you don't have to be sad any more." At least there is one adult in the crowd.

We have a family moment. Bo says, "I know... we'll all go home and have some nice hot chocolate and broccoli."

Ciara gags, "NOOOOOO!"

"Of course we won't have that," says Hope, "Instead we'll have hot chocolate and asparagus."

Ciara rolls her eyes, "I knew they were weird, but I never realized how bad it was."

Daniel is on the phone with Justin who also tries to cool Daniel's jets. Daniel hangs up and Brady tries to calm him down. Daniel goes off the deep end. He tells Brady Kate has an Achilles heel.

Brady asks, "And that would be?"


Brady agrees, "You're a heel all right."

Kate goes into Chloe's room and revs up the taunting.

Lexie tells Roman she thinks Dean will be OK. Translation: Plan his funeral.

Roman says the guy that took Ciara was a registered sex offender.

Lexie asks, "You mean Daniel took Ciara?"

They bring Ciara in and everyone goes crazy when they see her. Hope tells Lexie Bo hit his head in the fight and wants him checked out. Bo refuses. His head was a Cash for Clunkers trade-in candidate a long time ago. They walk off and Roman asks if Bo is OK. Bo shrugs it off and says Ciara told him the bad man just gave her candy, "I don't think he touched her. What do I do if he did?"

Daniel tells Brady he knows Kate is obsessed with him and now she wants him to suffer. Brady buys it because of the way Kate reacts around Phillip, "With her if you mess with Phillip, you're in deep trouble." Daniel asks Brady to help and this time Brady agrees.

Kate continues to taunt Chloe. She promises to tell her all about Daniel's journey to death row. Nate walks in and asks what she is doing there.

Lexie comes back and reassures Bo, "I've examined Ciara and found no signs of physical abuse." Relieved, Bo leaves.

Phillip and Stephanie sit at the Cheatin' Heart. Phillip is treating the volunteers but thinks he should curb those impulses since he's unemployed and broke. "No prob," says Stephanie, "We can live on my salary."

Phillip raises his eyebrows, "You said we."

"Well," says Stephanie, ""We don't exactly have the best track record, you know."

Phillip says, "But it's better than your record on the track. And we have each other. That counts for something. Nothing worth a damn, though."

Bo joins Ciara and Hope in a room. Lexie comes in and says they are releasing Dean, and she thought perhaps Bo and Hope might want to talk to him before he leaves. Bo and Hope leave to find Dean.

Roman has decided to talk Dean's statement right now, so Dean the hero can sleep in tomorrow morning. Dean tells them he went to call for backup at the cabin, but saw the male perp put a blanket over Ciara and reach for a gun, so he went right in and took him out.

"Ciara must have been so scared," wails Hope.

Melanie finds Brady in the park. He asks for her help, "Actually, Chloe needs your help."

Stephanie is confused (sorry for the redundancy), "And she told you this... how?"

Kate tells Nathan she's Chloe's mother in law and has every right to be in her room. She bawls him out for talking to her like that. Nathan softens and Kate says Lucas is lost without Chloe, "He's so conflicted."

Nate asks, "Are you sure you even want Chloe to get better?"

Stephanie and Phillip discuss their relationship. "With us," says Stephanie, "It's just the same-o, same-o."

Out in the audience, Gertrude turns to Penelope, "Isn't that what I've been telling you for months?"

Phillip says he had to make a change or he wouldn't have been able to live with himself. He knows things will take time and that's OK with him.

Hope is still angry with Bo for going on TV. She don' wanna talk about it. So, what do they do? They talk about it. Bo says he needs to know what Ciara knows, "Then I'll finally be as smart as a six-year-old. If there is someone else out there who was involved we need to find them for our daughter's safety." He stands up, staggers across the room and catches himself on the counter before falling.

Brady tells Melanie, "Daniel can help Chloe."

"Into the afterlife," asks Melanie, "What do you need me to do?"

Brady answers, "Steer us to a person who has enough medical knowledge to take Daniel's directions, but is low profile. Someone like an intern. Know anyone like that?" Gee. I wonder who she'll pick.

Kate insists Lucas wants Chloe to get better. She tells Nathan he is young, unrealistic and naïve and can't comprehend that someone other than Chloe was hurt by Daniel, "That was Lucas." Young, unrealistic, naïve Nathan thinks maybe Lucas should be making the treatment decisions. "That's none of your business," snaps Kate, "Good night doctor." She leaves.

Stephanie has perhaps had one beer too many, "Send Romeo and Juliet to couples counseling and it still won't make the Montagues like the Capulets." Stephanie thinks Victor (representing the Montagues) would ruin their relationship if they got back together and she knows her family (representing the Capulets) isn't that thrilled with their relationship either.

"I loved that story," says Phillip, "Tony... Maria... the Jets... the Sharks..."

That giant spinning sound you hear is William Shakespeare in his grave.

Dazed Bo insists he's fine. Lexie comes back and Hope tattles about his dizzy spell. Roman wheels Dean in. Hope wonders how she can thank him. Dean says he was just doing his job, "It's a good thing Bonnie was a bad shot," says Hope.

"I know," says Dean, "Although, if she were as bad a shot as you, I'd be OK right now. Of course Kayla would be laying dead somewhere." Dean flashes back as Hope encourages him to get the counseling the department offers.

Roman comes back and says nothing ties either Bonnie or Mr. Sucker to Hope or Bo. Dean stares.

Daniel sits at the pier and swills booze from his flask. Chloe's apparition walks up to him. He grabs her and dives in, "I want you to remember I would never kiss you if I didn't love you so much. Kiss, no... grope, yes."

"I love you too Daniel," pants Chloe, "and I trust you." Munchification ensues.

Daniel pops back to reality, "Whatever it takes. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do." A man's gotta find better dialogue.

Stephanie says if they love each other their families will just have to deal with it. She says she's hopeful about their relationship, however, "If we're honest we can get through anything."

Phillip flashes back to his little peccadillo with Melanie, "You're right. Maybe honesty is the best way to go."

Melanie has dragged Nathan into the woods to beg him to help her. Nathan flashes back to his conversation with Kate and agrees to talk to Daniel.

Kate strolls around the pier. She's retired but still likes to walk the streets on the seedy side of town to keep in shape. She sees Daniel, "YOU!"

"You," says Daniel, "This is perfect. Just the two of us."

Kate accuses, "You've been drinking."

"Just like it was meant to be," says Daniel.

Phillip says, "I need to tell you something. I promise – The past is over."

"That's why they call it the past," says Stephanie.

Lexie says Bo has a concussion. Bo says he will come in tomorrow, but won't stay tonight, and that is non-negotiable. He leaves and Lexie tells Hope "He'll be OK. You might want to have your black dress cleaned, however, so it will look good at the funeral."

Bo comes back with Ciara asleep on his shoulder. Hope strokes her head.

Ciara cries, "Mommy, no!"

"You're having a nightmare," says Hope.

"I know," says Ciara, "You're taking me home to have hot chocolate and broccoli."

Roman wheels Dean in. Dean nervously flicks his Bic as they get him pain killers. Ciara has a combo dream-flashback to her nightmare in the cabin. "It was horrible," she thinks, "But at least they didn't serve no stinkin' broccoli."

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Social Suicide

First Item Of Business – a brief recap of yesterday's lost episode:

Rafe overhears Sami talking on the phone to Nicole and telling her she's been (say it with her) there for her. Rafe doesn't get it (What's new?), but Sami tells him they are friends because of losing Grace. Sami orders Rafe out of her life, remembers Grace's death and goes to the darkside.

Baker continues to call Nicole and threaten her. When that doesn't work, he calls Sami. Double your pleasure, double your fun, get yourself two wackos instead of just one.

Bo and Hope have the same argument about the ransom they've been having for about two weeks.

Will shows up at the Cheatin' Heart and dances with Mia as Chad stews. Kinzie shows up drunk and taunts Chad. Will leaves after one dance. Wham bam thank-ya ma'am.


Chad moves in and reminds Mia of the good times they had. He says he still loves her. Mia accepts a ride with Kinzie, no doubt accepting the responsibility of becoming the evening's designated crash test dummy.

Theo keeps repeating "Angel... angel." Roman takes it as a secret SPD code word, but finally figures it's a tattoo. Theo identifies the tattoo from a book.

Clyde gets creepier. Bonnie and Mr. Sucker want to bail. The perps find out Theo saw the tattoo because of Clyde's SPD connections. They panic but Clyde comes up with a plan. Clyde clears out their hotel room and comes back to kill Ciara.


Hope follows the tattoo lead and finds out Mr. Sucker is a registered sex offender (Well, that angel was kind of young and had no clothes on. You've really got to be careful these days). The trio hit the hotel room and find the clipping about Hope and a map.

Rafe runs to Arianna and tells her what Sami said (Mommy wasn't available, so he ran to sis.) After seeing the Caribbean brochures Rafe thinks Baker took off to the Caribbean (If the guy were any sharper he'd be a butter knife). Arianna suggests he let Sami go. Rafe goes to see Nicole.

EJ tells Nicole about the results of the McDNA tests and she gets all lovey-dovey. EJ suggests a honeymoon to guess where, the Caribbean. Nicole vetoes, and they decide on Paris.

EJ finds Sami brooding in the park. He tells Sami Rafe was a pathetic choice for her (maybe they deserved each other). They argue and oh-so-humble Sami says she knows EJ is glad she's free. EJ denies and tells her about the honeymoon plans.

Second Item Of Business – Norris is due to come today to to work on this infernal satellite system. I'm pretty sure he'll be here, because I'm the one who has promised to post his bail.

Third Item Of Business – Yes, I got a feed today. It won't win any Emmys for cinematography, but here's what I was able to piece together:

Rafe barges into the DiMera mansion wanting some info about Nicole's relationship with Sami and also wondering where Grace fits in.

Dr. Baker calls Sami to talk about Grace.

Chad chases Mia down, begging her not to get into the car with Kinzie. He wants her to go with him instead. Mia screams, "OMG you think if I go with you... No, not again, not after what happened the first time." She doesn't want to talk about it ever again. Translation: They'll talk about it until their lips fall off. Chad wonders what's up.

Bo, Hope and Roman stand in the kidnapper's hotel room and look at the map with the places circled on it. Roman studies the map, "I figure they went to one of these places they've circled." Roman must have fallen out of the tree of stupidity and hit every branch on the way down. Hope broods and lectures Bo about the way he's handling things.

Clyde comes back to the cabin flicking his Bic. He pulls his gun and prepares to kill Ciara. Mr. Sucker and Bonnie beg but...


Rafe wants to know about Nicole's connection with Grace.

Sami says she thought Baker called to offer condolences. Dr. B is confused, "Condolences? Are you telling me that Grace..."

Sami completes his sentence, "Went to soap opera heaven. If you didn't know she died why are you calling?"

Three words: Bo, Hope, mute.

Clyde's bullet hits Mr. Sucker and Bonnie goes off the deep end. Clyde growls, "New plan baby, and Mr. Sucker's death kicks it off."

Bo barks orders into his phone and then the Three Musketeers head for the woods.

Bonnie freaks. Clyde tells her there was no other way out. He cocks his gun again and points it at Bonnie.

Lucas meets Will at the pub. Will tells him Caroline is shook over Ciara's kidnapping and Will thinks he might stay at the pub tonight. Lucas asks about Mia, "She sure has a lot of baggage."

"Compared to Mom," says Will, "It's only carry-on. I like Mia and I'm sure I won't get hurt."

Mia reminds Chad he dumped her as Kinzie pulls up and honks. Chad insists Mia shouldn't get in the car, "Because I love you." He runs for his keys as Kinzie calls. Mia heads for Kinzie's car. Chad comes back and watches the carnage.

She sort of smiled and said goodbye
The tears were beginning to show
As she drove away on that rainy night
I begged her to go slow
But whether she heard, I'll never know...



I felt so helpless, what could I do?
Remembering all the things we'd been through
In school they all stop and stare
I can't hide the tears, but I don't care
I'll never forget her... the leader of the pack

Nicole defends her relationship with Sami. Rafe changes his tune and says he came there to thank her for being a friend to Sami. Nicole isn't kind, "Someone needs to be her friend after what you did to her."

Baker cooks up a story about wanting his patients to get hold of him. He fakes a knock at the door and says he has to go. He hangs up, "The plot has thickened. Why wouldn't you tell me that little tidbit, Mrs. DiMera? What would Sami do if she knew?"

Bonnie figures this was Clyde's plan all along. She panics and offers to help him. Clyde says he doesn't need a partner and will take out Hope on his own, "Too bad you won't be there to see it."

Bo, Hope and Roman stumble through the woods. Roman goes off to see if he can find a tree. Hope finds footprints. She and Bo take off in that direction.

Bonnie gets desperate, "I love you." Clyde wonders what they will do with the kid if they run off together. He thinks Bonnie's plan is too risky.

Lucas thinks Mia is hiding things from Will. Will thinks Lucas is comparing Mia to Chloe. He gets a call and learns about the crash, "Mia's in the hospital. I gotta go."

Nicole lectures Rafe, "Sami trusted you, and what did you do to her? You abandoned her."


Rafe thinks that's none of Nicole's business. Nicole tells him he should get out of town. Baker calls her and Nicole stares at her phone. "You gonna answer that," asks Rafe.

Mia stands at the nurses' station and tells the police about the crash. A cop tells her, "Be thankful you weren't in that car. The passenger side was completely crushed." The cop walks off and Chad and Mia have a staredown.

Nicole gets another call from Baker. Rafe tells her she should probably answer it. Nicole answers. She tells Baker she can't talk. He asks about Grace and tells her he learned about her death from Sami.

Mia tells Chad she knows he saved her life. Will walks in as they hug.

Clyde reconsiders and hands Bonnie the gun to kill Ciara. Bonnie begs, "Let's just go. It'll be just me and you. I love you. Come on." Clyde moves in and kisses her.


Down goes Bonnie!

You've read the story of Jesse James
Of how he lived and died.
It doesn't compare
to this tragic pair
It's the end of Bonnie and Clyde.

                                         – Bonnie Parker, 1934

Bo and Hope hear the shot and go into action.

Lucas looks into the doorway of the kid's room, "No more toys. We won't be able to fit them into your suitcase."

Sami begs, "Let me have just one more toy, please."

So apparently they're shipping the grandkids off to Marlena. God forbid Sami should take care of them for once. Lucas packs the Laughing Penguin as Sami tells him about Baker's call, "I had to tell him Grace... died. It's been two and a half months and she's not back from the dead yet."

Sami tells him she and Nicole have become friends and Lucas goes off the deep end, "Nicole is your friend?"

Sami mumbles, "Yeah."

Lucas asks, "Sami, what are you thinking."

"What are you talking about," asks Sami, "Thinking is for adults."

Baker asks Nicole about Grace, "If you would have told me she died, I could have at least sent flowers TO MIA. By the way, Nicole, my price just went way up." Nicole gets rid of him and tells Rafe the call was about Sydney's pictures. Rafe doesn't buy it.

Bo and Hope rush into the cabin and find the bodies of Bonnie and Mr. Sucker, a wounded Clyde and Ciara. Bo asks Clyde what happened.

Lucas scoffs at Sami's friendship with Nicole. Sami says Nicole is Chloe's friend, too. Lucas hears the word 'Chloe' and goes off the deep end. He says he still loves her, "But sometimes love isn't enough." He says he just had the same conversation with Will, "Mia is a sweetheart, but with a past. I'm trying to protect him. It could end up in heartbreak." Sami zones out and Lucas asks if that's what's happening with her and Rafe.

Rafe badgers and Nicole says it was Sami on the phone. He brings up Johnny. Nicole says she won't intrude on Sami's relationship with her son. Rafe lifts Nicole's phone as she rambles on.

Will thanks Chad for stopping Mia from getting in the car with Kinzie. Chad thinks he should have stopped Kinzie too. Will and Chad, new best buddies, shake. Feel the love.

Clyde says there was no time to call for backup. He concocts a big story about saving Ciara. Bo and Hope are sooooo grateful. We flash back to Clyde preparing the room after the murders. He wraps Bonnie's cold and dead fingers around the gun and shoots himself in the shoulder. We pop back to ahem reality and Hope wonders how they can ever repay Clyde.

Suddenly, Mr. Sucker twitches. I mean, it wouldn't be truly cheesy if Mr. Sucker didn't come back to life at least once, would it?

Sensitive Lucas says he's sorry things didn't work out with Rafe, "We're in the same boat, but I'm still surprised about your friendship with Nicole. It sounds like Rafe cares about you."

"Not enough," drones Sami, "He had secrets and wouldn't share them with me."

"But does he really care like me," asks Lucas, "Did he care enough to let you rot in the death chamber?"

Rafe leaves. Nicole closes the door and notices her phone is gone.

Kinzie moans, "My parents are going to kill me. Chad tells her she's lucky." Kinzie wails, "I just committed social suicide!"

Chad tells her she shouldn't worry about that when she could have died, "You didn't even think what could have happened to Mia."

Oh, Chad said the magic word. Give the man a prize. Instead, Kinzie give him a tongue lashing, "It's always about Mia isn't it? You're dead to her. Move on."

Chad tells her he and Mia aren't over, "Something happened out there between us."

Brooding Mia tells Will she's OK. She says she knew Kinzie was drunk and feels bad she was going to get in the car. Will asks if she wants to talk about it and Mia tells him it's easier to write it in her journal.

Bo checks Mr. Sucker who flails. Bo goes flying and it's Clyde to the rescue. Mr. Sucker gurgles, "I didn't do it alone!" Clyde gets him in a choke-hold. Mr. Sucker's tongue pops out of his mouth and he makes a face like he just had a bowl of day-old chowdah at the pub, then goes limp. Bo checks him out and confirms he's gone. Clyde huffs and puffs. Hope hugs Ciara.

Sami leans out the door and tells the kids to be good for grandma, "And don't come back until you get through college – in a couple of months." She closes the door, sits on the couch and wonders about the situation with Baker, "Why did you really call me."

Nicole figures Rafe may have taken the phone.

Rafe sits in the pub and analyzes the data in Nicole's phone. He finds the call came from the Dominican Republic.

Bo supervises the cleanup in the shack of death, "The last thing this SOB said was he wasn't working alone. Roman, who has shown up after finding that tree in the woods, figures Mr. Sucker meant he was working with Bonnie. Roman and Bo tell Clyde to hang in there. Bo tells him he earned a medal tonight, "You're what we call a hero."

"Thanks," says Clyde, "You're what we call a dimwit."

Outside, Hope thanks Clyde. She turns to Ciara, "He rescued you."

"No he didn't," says the argumentative little brat.

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Monday, August 24, 2009


Hey, Buckaroos, it's Monday and you know what that means. Just like clockwork, our satellite system... which we now affectionately refer to as 'Fritz,' because it's on the... well, you get the idea.

I made an emergency call to Norris who I knew would be at our local drinking establishment, The Beatin' Heart. Norris, unfortunately, couldn't break away. It seems he's the bar's bread and butter, so to speak, and if he leaves, the bar's business goes down the tubes, and if The Beatin' Heart goes down, so do a lot of other businesses in town and... well, gotta support the local economy.

So we have to wait until Norris comes tomorrow to install some new mondo-boffo piece of equipment. He won't guarantee once we have it that we'll be able to pick up DOOL, but it's so powerful he is almost certain we'll be able to monitor all SPD police radio activity. So if we can't bring you DOOL recaps, we'll at least be able to keep you up to date on what's happening at the Salem Donut Hole.


Really sorry gang. Bear with us for a couple more days and maybe we can get this thing back on track.

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Friday, August 21, 2009


Satellite Update: Our satellite problem continues to be intermittent. Norris arrived yesterday, but couldn't fix it. We have ordered equipment which will be able to pick up the signal better and it will be installed next week. In the meantime, with all the messing around on the dish yesterday, we were able to pick up the signal this morning, so this update is for the show that will air in the US on Monday.

In the meantime, here's a brief recap of what we missed yesterday:

Melanie reacts like a woman scorned. Phillip reacts like a guy in a jam. Stephanie joins the party and says she and Phillip will take it step-by-step. She wonders what's going on with Melanie and Phillip. Melanie brings up Nathan.

Melanie runs to Arianna and tells her Stephanie is back with Phillip. Arianna wonders if Melanie will tell the big secret.

Phillip has Melanie come back to talk. He tells her he still loves Stephanie. Melanie threatens to do something about that, but then says she won't tell Stephanie. Unfortunately, Grabowski has a video of Phillip and Melanie's big event.

EJ says he could have done something for Grace. Stefano kind of defends Sami. EJ decides to set up DNA tests for everyone as a precaution. Nicole thinks it's a bad idea. Nicole tells Stefano if she goes down she's taking him with her. Stefano reminds her it can be unhealthy to threaten him. He assures Nicole he will make sure the tests come out in her favor.

Sarah tells Rafe Dr. Baker was a good doctor but became evasive. She figures out Nicole delivered at the clinic. She doesn't remember Nicole but does remember EJ. When Rafe fiddles around and brings up Sami's picture, Sarah says that's the person who was there with EJ.

Theo tells Roman and Abe he saw Ciara.

Nicole and Arianna talk about Rafe. Nicole doesn't like Arianna's attitude. She thinks Rafe is up to something.

The kidnappers make another call. Bo interrupts and blows up. The 5 mil will be for snitches. The kidnappers threaten. Bonnie wants out. Clyde gets rough with her and Mr. Sucker. He says he has a plan to get the money, based on a mother's love.

Bo tries to convince Hope he's right.

Justin advises Hope to let it go. She thought he said let it blow, and does.

And that's where we pick up today's uber-exciting action...

Nicole and Maxine are in one of the hospital rooms with Sydney. Maxine keeps telling Sydney how sweet and cute she as as Nicole keeps protesting the senseless test. Maxine suggests Nicole leave the room while she tests Sydney. Nicole passes Sydney over and Sydney throws a fit. Outside, Nicole buries her face in her hands, "Dammit, Stefano, you'd better come through for me."

Stefano walks up behind her, "Boo! When did I ever let you down?"

Sarah and Rafe are together in the clinic. Sara says she did not see Nicole at the clinic with the "British guy." Dejected Rafe twiddles with his phone and a picture of Sami pops up. "That's her," says Sarah, "That's the woman who came in with the British guy. She gave birth to a baby girl." Rafe scowls. For him, this is definitely overacting.

Hope sits across a table from Bo. They decide to work together and not spring any more surprises on each other. Hope warns, "If anything happens to her...

"Don't think like that," says Bo.

"One of us has to think," says Hope, "And one of these days you have to stop telling me what to think, Brady." Hope reminds Bo his visions don't always come true. They argue about what the kidnappers will do when they get the money.

Mr. Sucker, Bonnie and Clyde discuss a new plan. Clyde says Bo thinks he calling the shots so they should go around him, "His weakness is that bitch he calls his wife."

Ciara chimes in, "At home sometimes, she's his wife he calls that bitch."

"I'll use Hope," says Clyde, "to make him change his mind."

Bo and Hope continue to argue about their situation. The mute button on your remote will come in handy at this point.

Will stands outside. He puts up a sign and talks on his phone (the guy's a real multitasker), "I can't.. I just can't." He flashes back to kissing Mia as T-Boy comes up. Will tells him he can't make the party tonight because his cousin is missing, "My whole family is freaking out."

"I'm glad they're acting normal in the face of this crisis," says 't.

Chad walks up and overhears, "Tell me what you need and you got it." Will thanks him and leaves.

Chad turns to the T-ster. "So Will won't be at the party," he drools, "Wonder what Mia Will do for company?"

Dr. Baker paces in his island retreat and talks on the phone, "I'll get the money. I promise I'll get the mon..." He stares at his dead phone.

Stefano assures Nicole no one will find out she's not Sydney's biological mother. Nicole thinks the DNA test is too big of a rest. Stefano's phone rings, "If you'll excuse me I have to go take a call from a pest." He leaves and answers his phone, "Mr. Hall, how nice to hear from you... wonderful."

Nicole drones, "There is no way I'm going to lose my baby."

In one of those situations that can only happen in Salem, Mia walks up and overhears, "What... Nicole is there something wrong with Sydney?"

Nurse Sarah computes but says there is no patient named Brady listed in the clinic's records. Rafe holds up a picture of Nicole but Sarah confirms that she doesn't remember her. As she leaves she suggests Rafe ask Sami and Nicole what's going on. "I may just have to do that," says Rafe.

Rafe meets Arianna at the pub and tells her about his conversation with Sarah. He thinks it's miraculous Sami and Nicole both gave birth at the same place on the same night. "Something's not adding up," says Arianna.

Nicole tells Mia that Sydney is there for blood work, "We're all getting tested." Mia wonders why. "It's just that EJ is being hyper cautious. Don't worry, I have it covered and the tests will show I'm Sydney's mother."

"Why didn't you just call me and have me give some blood they could have tested instead of yours?"

"That would have been far too simple," says Nicole.

A cop sticks his head into the room with Bo and Hope and announces the TV guys are there. He leaves. Bo turns to Hope, "Are you with me on this?"


"I'll take that as a 'yes,'" says Bo. He leaves.

Justin comes in and asks if Hope is OK. Hope blubbers, "No. Bo going on air is putting Ciara in more danger."

The kidnappers continue to argue. Clyde insists his plan will work.

Hope wails and tells Justin Bo didn't listen, "He is so wrong!"

Bo stands in front of the cameras, "My name is Bo Brady. I am the police commissioner. But I am talking to you as a father. My daughter was kidnapped. I am offering a five million dollar reward for information leading to her release. That's two tanks of gas at the Handy-Mart."

Clyde clicks the keys on his computer like he actually knows what he is doing. The three ne'er-do-well's watch as Bo pops up on the screen and makes his plea.

Bo shows Ciara's picture for those of us in TV-land and asks anyone who has seen her to call the SPD, "Better yet, if you want the five million and want us to get Ciara back, call the FBI." For dramatic effect, Bo walks over to the suitcase which sits closed on the table. He slowly opens it... Geraldo Rivera style. It just sends shivers down your spine, "Five MEEEEEELLLLLIIIIOONNN dollars. This is what the kidnappers thought they would get for a ransom. It's now a reward." Bo "Doesn't-have-enough-sense-to-quit-while-he's-ahead" Brady continues, "My wife is asking for your help, too." He calls Hope over.

Hope staggers in front of the camera and gives them her 'I haven't eaten in a week' look, "Please help us. Help our little girl. Help us."

Arianna speculates, "I wonder if Sami used an alias."

"I don't know about that," says Rafe, "But she might have used a fake name. I wonder if Nicole found out Sami was giving birth and showed up for another reason and hopes no one will ever find out."

Mia says she didn't bond with Sydney because it would make it harder to let go, but that doesn't mean she didn't care about her. Mia breaks down. It's not much of a breakdown but she's still young and hasn't learned the ways of a Salem woman yet. Nicole suggests Mia just stay out of things. Mia walks off and Nicole gets a call.

Baker is cheerful, "Nicole! I'm giving you a courtesy call before I call Sami and tell her what really happened."

Mia sits on the ubiquitous park bench and types in her journal, "Maybe I should just stay away, live my life and be with Will. The last time I thought I had all these stupid feelings for a guy..." If that doesn't call for a flashback I don't know what does. Mia remembers standing by her locker at school. She gets her MP3 and listens as Chad comes up and kisses her neck. They munch around on each other.

Mia continues to type, "Even though he left me all alone to have the baby, I still don't hate Chad. I wish I could, but I don't."

Rafe speculates Nicole was at the clinic to do something to Grace, "To eliminate the competition, so to speak." Arianna reminds him Sami and Nicole are friends. Rafe thinks that's out of guilt to soothe Nicole's conscience. Rafe tells her when Grace died Nicole was a basket case, "When it comes to Nicole I wouldn't put it past her to hurt Grace, though."

Nicole tells Baker Sami trusts her now. Baker gets his first laugh in a long time, "No one trusts you, Nicole. Even baby Sydney knows her mom is a liar. Look... the reason I called... I'm a little, uh, overextended... by about $200,000. So, do I tell Sami?"

Nicole blows her stack, "We had a deal you SOB! Don't forget, if you drop the bomb the whole building comes down on you, too. Do you want to go to prison?"

"Well," says Baker, "Right now, it sounds pretty good... nobody breaking my bones and three squares a day."

"Three squares," says Nicole, "Why would EJ, Lucas and Rafe go to jail with you?" Nicole hangs up, "No, he's not gonna say a word. Not to Sami or anyone."

Arianna says Rafe has no proof against Nicole. Rafe says he's not going to quit until he finds out what is going on, "I have to do this for Grace."

Arianna asks, "And for Sami?"

"For Sami," sighs Rafe, "It may be over but I still love her."

Nicole has Sydney, but Maxine walks up and says, "Sydney wasn't born here so we don't have a palm print or footprint for her. I'd like to take her to do that if you don't mind, but mainly I just want to get the kid off screen." Nicole passes her over. Sydney throws another fit as Maxine takes her off. Stefano comes up to Nicole. He tells her all tests are now complete and she and Elvis are forever connected to Sydney's DNA, "A little thank you would be nice."

Nicole 's voice is monotone, "Thank you."

"What's wrong," asks Stefano. She tells him about the call from Dr. Dick. Stefano grits his teeth, "What does he want?"

"Two hundred grand or he tells Sami everything."

Bo and Hope are alone in the cop shop. Hope has a fit that makes the Mount St. Helen's eruption look like a burp. She bawls him out for making her go on camera, rants, raves and lectures, "You're gonna get her killed, Bo!"

"I'm doing what I think is right," he says, "That money is our leverage..."


Bo takes that as his cue to keep talking about the money, "Ciara's life is tied directly to the money." Hope runs out and Bo chases. He stops when he gets a call, "Yes governor, I appreciate the call. Thank you for the help you've given us through the state police. It's good to have people involved who know what they are doing."

Mia arrives at the Cheatin' Heart for the big party. She bumps into T-Man and asks where Will is. 'T' tells her Will can't make it. Mia leaves to call Will. Chad makes his entrance. 'T' heads to get something in his car. Mia sees Chad and smiles as Will comes in and soaks it all in.

Stefano says this is what happens when they try to appease a chronic gambler.

The kidnappers argue. Clyde pops a cigarette in his mouth, which proves he's a bad guy, "We will get that money one way or another." He nervously opens and closes the top of his Zippo (the special Days Of Our Lives edition, which you may buy on QVC for $39.95) as he talks. Open... close... open... close... open... close... Every time we hear the click of the top, Ciara's head jerks like someone smacks her. Subtle, huh? Too bad she's blindfolded or she'd see the blinking neon sign over Clyde's head, "CLUE TO IDENTITY... CLUE TO IDENTITY." Frankly, I think it would be more fun if the kid grabbed the lighter and burned the shack down.

Justin arrives at the park bench Justin time to give hope Hope. Hope is practically suicidal, "What he's doing is going to get our daughter killed!" Justin tells her not to give up as Bo arrives.

Rafe computes. A message box pops up on the screen, "To continue, press any key."

"Dang," says Rafe, "I can find the 'Esc' key, the 'Ctrl' key and the 'Alt' key, but I can't find the 'Any' key."

Nicole tells Stefano that Dr. Baker is desperate. Stefano tells her he will deal with Baker and says she should remain calm, "Trust me, nothing bad is going to happen. Your secret is safe." Translation: The secret is done for. Just wait till the November sweeps.

Clyde continues to play with his Zippo as Bonnie messes with Ciara. Clyde suggests Bonnie and Mr. Sucker go get food while he watches Ciara. They leave and Clyde pats Ciara's head.

Bo tells Justin it's time for him to step back, "When she blows, she will annihilate everything within a three-mile radius."

Justin leaves. "Let's not make this personal," says Bo.

Let's see, they're married, it's their kid who's been kidnapped. It's kind of personal... only Bo could come up with something like that.

Hope blubbers, "We should have paid the ransom and we'd all be home right now. If something happens to our daughter... if she dies... the blood will be on both of our hands and I will not forgive you for all the Days Of Our Lives."


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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Talking And Venting

Note: This is a recap for the DOOL show which will air in the US today. Our satellite system is still on the blink, but Norris should be here this morning to work on it. Tomorrow's post may be a tad late since Norris charges an arm and a leg. The leg I can do without, but it's really hard to type without the arm.

Rafe sits at a table in the pub, stares at his borrowed computer and wonders what the thing is supposed to be used for. Arianna walks up behind him and says, "I see you're still not back together with Sami."

"What makes you think that," asks Rafe.

"You're registering on," says Arianna, "So, any luck dishing the dirt on Dr. Baker?"

"Not yet," says Rafe. He pounds a few keys, "I'm still looking for a connection between Sami, Nicole, Baker and... Whoa! I got a message... 'Hot girls in Salem want to hook up with you tonight.' And whoa! Another message... It says someone from the clinic wants to meet me and give me information on a Dr. Richard M. Baker."

Nicole is at the pier. She calls Baker and asks if he got the money. Baker says he got it but calling her and letting her know that just slipped his mind. Nicole asks, "Then you and I are done, right?"

EJ is on the phone playing tycoon. Stefano comes in for a drink. EJ reminds him he shouldn't drink and Stefano gets defensive, "We have a problem of major proportions. Our cable company has dropped SoapNET."

Phillip asks Stephanie if she wants to get back together. "I thought you wanted that too," says Stephanie, "did something happen." The something that happened walks in. Stephanie wonders why Melanie is there.

Melanie turns to Phillip, "Do you want to tell her or should I?"

Phillip consults the Guy Manual for advice, "In the event your ex-girlfriend shows up to talk about getting back together and the tramp you slammed last night happens to drop in at the same time, we suggest considering a career with Patch and Kayla as a physician's aide in Bora Bora. The sooner the better."

Hope stands in the woods looking like a lost little girl. She hugs the suitcase full of money and shivers.

Mr. Sucker assures Ciara she'll see her mommy soon. Bonnie pulls him aside and tells him to cut it out since there is the possibility things might go wrong, "Besides, who would ever get excited about seeing Hope Brady?" She heads for the drop-off location to make sure the cops aren't double crossing them.

"Don't worry," says Mr. Sucker, "They don't have enough sense to single cross anyone."

Bo looks at Ciara's picture on the computer and has a vision of her getting shot. Hope picks up her lifeless body and blathers.

Clyde asks if something is wrong. Bo huffs and puffs.

Hope stands, holds the suitcase and shifts her eyes back and forth.

Bo tries to call Hope, who has turned off her cell. He rushes out. Justin watches.

EJ thinks Stefano's news could throw them a setback.

Rafe tells Arianna the clinic is shut down and he got access to the website from a disgruntled former patient, "This person has agreed to meet within the hour."

"Another disgruntled person with contacts to the clinic," asks Arianna.

"No," says Rafe, "I think this person is completely gruntled." He leaves. Arianna stares.

Nicole yells, "You listen to me you SOB! You're not gonna harass me any more." Baker insists he is merely keeping in touch. He asks for her to email pictures of Sami's baby. Nicole reminds him Sydney is her baby, "Damn you, DICK, you swore you would leave me alone if I gave you the money. Go away, for good."

"Why do you always emphasize it like that when you say, 'DICK,'" he asks.

"Lets just say you were appropriately named," says Nicole.

"Nicole," he sighs, "have a pina colada... or four... five. It will soothe your nerves."

She hangs up and fawns over Sydney. She assures her Dr. Baker is out of their lives for good, "Now you are truly mine." Translation: Say your goodbye's, Nicole.

Victor finds Justin at the cop shop. Justin fills him in on Bo and Hope's situation. He says he thinks Bo has new information but doesn't know what it is. Victor thinks this means Bo is refusing to pay the ransom, "How is he ever going to forgive himself if he screws this up?"

"The way he forgives himself every day for screwing things up."

Bonnie hides at the drop-off location, but runs off as Bo rushes up to Hope. Bo shouts, "Hope! You can't pay the ransom. If you do, Ciara will die."

Phillip feels like he's in one of those airline commercials with the tag line, "Ever wish you were somewhere else?" He rambles, shucks and jives, bobs and weaves, "Well... uh... after my big decision to leave the family, I was under a lot of stress and Melanie found a way to relieve that stress."

Melanie chimes in, "It was one of those right place right time kind of things."

"And why are you here now," asks Stephanie, "And where were you all night.

Melanie is only too happy to answer, "He was with me. We spent the night together." We hear the sound of a lead balloon crashing into the room.

Rafe sneaks into the clinic. He turns on the lights and congratulates himself for mastering such a complex maneuver. He finds a computer and tries to figure out how to turn it on. Light switches... yes. Computers... a whole other ball game with Rafe.

EJ says he has a meeting set for later today. "I don't like it," growls Stefano, "What if it's an ambush?" EJ assures him they will take precautions as Nicole interrupts. Stefano leaves.

Nicole asks her usual question, "What is going on?"

"I have bad news," says EJ, "Ciara has been kidnapped."

Victor gets off the phone and tells Justin he can't talk. He has something to do that can't wait. He says he has to make sure the Ciaranapping didn't have anything to do with her being a Kiriakis.

Hope wants to know if Brady had another vision. Bo tells her what he saw. Clyde rushes up. Bo tells him the deal is off. Clyde protests and Bo gets nasty. Clyde volunteers to stick around and look for the kidnappers. He runs off as Bo assures Hope they are doing the right thing.

Stephanie staggers. Phillip attempts a recovery. The news about Ciara comes out. Phillip says he should call Victor. Melanie offers to help, then leaves. Stephanie goes for the jugular, "I need to know what happened between you and Melanie last night."


Rafe finally gets into the computer. Saying Rafe isn't computer literate is like saying a dolphin has trouble strolling down Fifth Avenue. Rafe gives up on the devil-machine and finds a stack of brochures. Rafe is much more of a brochure kinda guy than a computer kinda guy. As he peruses the brochures, he hears a noise outside.

Baker hangs up and grabs the newspaper. He checks the racing results, sees his pick Glue-goo was entered in the fifth race. The good news is Glue-goo came in first. The bad news is he came in first in the sixth race. Baker calls his buddy Walt.

EJ fills Nicole in on the kidnapping. He says he doesn't have many details, but his heart goes out to Bo and Hope even though he hates their guts.

Clyde comes back to the shack and throws a fit. He tells them Bo said the deal is off. He doesn't know what changed Bo's mind, "If I know that pushy Hope she wont stop until she gets her way."

Bonnie asks, "And what if she doesn't... What happens then?"

"Bo usually sleeps in the doghouse," says Clyde.

Bo and Hope arrive back at the cop shop and tell Justin they called things off. Bo says the act of paying the kidnappers would mean they wouldn't get Ciara back... they would kill her.

"How could you know that," asks Justin. Weird music swells.

Stephanie decides she is out of line and this is all none of her business. She says she's jealous, however. She says the only reason she broke up with Phillip is he was committed to being a Kiriakis, but now that he's left that lifestyle she thinks he's smokin' hot. Phillip asks if they should try again.

"Whatever happens between us depends on what happened between you and Melanie," says Stephanie.

Rafe checks out the noise and finds a woman in the clinic. The woman panics and tells him to take what he wants, but begs him not to hurt her. Rafe says he's there to meet someone. The woman asks, "You're the one who was asking about Dr. Baker?"

Rafe asks, "You have some information about Dr. Baker to tell me?"

"I thought you would be a woman," she says.

"The dresses I usually wear are all packed away right now," says Rafe.

"I'm not sure I should say anything," she says.

Nicole zones out, "Someone taking a child is the most tragic thing that could ever happen, unless that child is better off with someone else."

That gets EJ's attention, "What do you mean by that?" Nicole stammers and backpedals. This brings up another maudlin conversation about Grace. "Being denied your own child is tantamount to having her taken from you," says EJ, "Without you and Sydney our life would be meaningless."

"I feel the same way," says Nicole.

Justin presses and wants to know how Bo knows all this stuff. Bo blows up and says he's told him everything he can. Hope steps up and bawls him out for preventing her from getting her daughter back. Hope tells him this is all in his head, "We're back to square one, Brady. Do you have a plan?"

"Plans are for wimps," says Bo.

Hope asks if there is another call and a different drop off point can she pay the kidnappers. "The drop off point is irrelevant," says Bo, "We're not giving them any money. Ever."

Melanie hits the pub. She sits at the bar. Arianna walks up. Melanie squeals, "Are you gonna ask me what's new?"

"Uh... OK. What's new?"

Melanie spews it all, "I ran into Phillip and he needed a shoulder to cry on. Then when the crying was over, we moved on to OTHER THINGS."

Arianna gasps, "Are you telling me you and him... you got..."

Melanie gives Arianna her thousand-tooth smile, "I got..."

Arianna asks, "So you and Phillip are together?"

"Well," says Melanie, "I'm still not exactly sure we are together yet given the family crisis and his situation with Stephanie. But when Stephanie finds out, she won't have anything to do with Phillip."

Phillip does what any self-respecting guy would do. He drops more fiction on Stephanie than Hemingway and Faulkner produced in a lifetime, "Melanie and I spent the night together talking and venting. Melanie knows I still love you. She's just trying to be a better person. She understands what you and I have and that it doesn't go away. I love you. I just want to get back together. Is that a possibility?" Stephanie stares.

Baker is on the phone with Walt, "I heard you. Glue-goo lost. You'll get your money. All of it."

Bo stops Hope from running out and tells her she has to trust him. Hope blows her stack. Justin steps in and tells Bo they have to play the kidnapper's game. Bo insists Ciara's life will be in danger because she knows one of these guys, "She's only safe if we don't pay them." Clyde comes in with an envelope and hands it to Bo. Bo reads and sweats.

Stephanie thinks they can't make decisions about themselves with the Ciara situation hanging. "That's OK," says Phillip, "I'll be cool"

"Don't be too cool," says Stephanie.

Phillip backtracks, "What I meant to say is (say it with him), I'll be here for you." Stephanie wonders if the Ciara situation will pull him back to the fold. "I have to (say it with him) be there for my family," says Phillip, "But once this is over I'm pullin' out."

Stephanie hopes he sticks to his vow. He assures her he wants to be with her. She asks to go up to his bedroom and check for a book she may have left there. She leaves and outside she leans against the door and contemplates.

Rafe says he never said he was a woman. He says he's there for a female friend, "She needs to speak to Baker. It's urgent." The woman says she doesn't know where Baker is.

Melanie comes back to the Kiriakis mansion. She asks Phillip if he told Stephanie they slept together. Phillip bobs and weaves and says he and Stephanie might have a chance of getting back together. Premiere Party Girl don' look happy.

The DiMera and Kiriakis families meet at the docks and talk about Ciara. The DiMeras say they had nothing to do with Ciara being taken.

Clyde tells Bo what he has is a series of reports on similar kidnappings which might have involved the same gang, "These kidnappers have been involved in other cases and have always returned the kid after the money was paid."

Melanie does a slow boil, "So last night meant nothing to you."

"I didn't say that," says Phillip.

The slow boil turns into an explosion of tears, "You got everything you wanted. You got me and your precious Stephanie. Do you remember what you said to me... the way you touched me?"

"You're angry with me," says Phillip. His level of perception is exceeded only by the temperature of the boiling oil he's swimming in.

Melanie goes for the throat, "If I tell Stephanie we slept together, she will tell you to go to hell. I'm not backing you up this time." Stephanie walks in. Thank God she had her hearing aid turned off.

Victor says he doesn't know if he should believe EJ. EJ insists the DiMeras do not harm children, "Anyone who took a child form me would die a slow and painful death."

Nicole comes into the pub and finds Arianna. She says Sami told her about her breakup with Rafe. Arianna wonders why this is any of Nicole's business.

The woman at the clinic says she was the nurse who worked for Baker, "Something terrible happened here at the clinic."

Bo and Hope get the next call. Bonnie tells Hope they are disappointed things didn't go off as planned, and Ciara can't stop crying. Hope says she's not backing out of the deal. Suddenly Bo goes bonkers and grabs the phone, "You're not getting your money! You wanna know what I'm going to do? I'm going to take this five mil and I'm gonna pay off every snitch I can find in Salem. I will hunt you down for all the Days Of Our Lives and make you suffer for the rest of your short miserable lives! Do you hear me?"

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