Saturday, October 31, 2009

A Halloween Blast From The Past

Hey, great news, gang. I dug through our archives and found some photos to help celebrate Halloween, so here's our special Halloween edition of Prevuze. Translation: I was too lazy to do a Saturday edition so I rummaged around and found some stale pictures.

Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives

Zeke — One of my favorites:

Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives

Days Of Our Lives

And last, but not least, a new one for the collection:

Days Of Our Lives

Well, we've probably had more Halloween pictures, but that will do for now. I'm sure you're too busy to be inside looking at pictures on Halloween anyway, so go out there and scare 'em to death. Translation: I'm bored with this. Time to go out and beg for the neighbors' Halloween goodies before all those greedy little kids beat me to it.

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Friday, October 30, 2009

She Had A Bit Of A Problem Keeping Her Knickers On

Nicole is with Stefano in his hospital room. She remains skeptical about his ability to make things all-better. He counsels her to go to EJ and tell him about Mia's cadre of lovers.

Mia tells Chad she didn't tell him about all her running around before this, so Chad wouldn't tell Will she's a total slut. Will walks up and wants to know what's going on.

Chad asks, "Are you gonna tell him or not?"

Mia blubbers, "I can't."

Sami and Brady pace around the Java Café on their cell phones. Apparently they've had too much caffeine to sit. Sami calls Mia — no answer. Brady calls Nicole — no answer. Brady tells Sami he didn't reach Arianna either. "I have a bad feeling," says Sami.

"For you, That's pretty good," says Brady, "You're usually mired in your black hole of despair."

EJ calls one of his henchmen and says he's faxing him Arianna's photo, "I need to know if her brother knows she's dealing drugs."

Arianna tells Rafe everyone knows Nicole bought her baby from Mia. "That's it," says Rafe, "You just gave me the last piece of the puzzle."

Nicole worries that Mia might not lie. Stefano is certain she will, "Gossip is like bacteria. Once it gets out the whole world becomes infected."

"DOOL writers are like bacteria," says Nicole, "They have very tiny brains and usually don't know what direction they're going."

Stefano says, "If Chad has the DNA test he will believe the lie and things will work."

Rafe is amazed. Arianna is lost. Apparently Rafe is amazed because for the first time in his life he finds himself in the position of being the only person in the room with a clue. He says he doesn't think all the truth has come out, "It goes back to Dr. Baker." Arianna asks him to share. "The baby that Sami carried wasn't Grace," says Rafe, "It was Sydney. Nicole switched them."

Brady and Sami stop pacing and land at a table. Brady tells her things are good between him and Arianna. Sami worries about Mia, because Chad is making things hard for her. Brady asks if Mia is turning to Sami for help. "Actually," says Sami, "She turns to Will first."

Will pries. Mia tells him when Chad left she was upset so her cousin took her to that hell-hole of iniquity, Chicago. She weaves a tale of debauchery that would embarrass Larry Flynt. She says she wishes she hadn't done such nasty things but that's the way it was, so she doesn't know if Sydney is Chad's baby. She whimpers, "I don't know who the father is."

Mia says she doesn't know who the father is. In Salem, that's about as common as forgetting where you left your car keys.

Nicole leaves Stefano's room and Kate sees her come out. She rags Nicole for being in with Stefano. Nicole tells her not to upset him when she goes in. Kate turns on her heel. She goes in and asks Stefano why Nicole was there.

Rafe speculates, "Baker was an illegal baby buggy bumper baby broker. He tells Arianna how things must have happened leading up to the switcheroo.

Arianna asks, "And now you have to prove this. How are you gonna prove Nicole switched babies?"

Rafe says, "I believe a court order for a legitimate DNA test of all parties involved by an independent third party would do the trick, except in Salem, something that responsible and intelligent would be ludicrous."

Rafe says he might have to bend the rules a little — starting with bending Nicole's restraining order rule. He decides he has to talk to Mia.

Will is stunned, "You're saying you're some kind of tramp? That you go down faster than Nicole or Chloe in an express elevator? How come I didn't get any? " Mia insists her slutscapades are all true.

Chad announces, "I'm leaving. I have to wrap my head around this."

Will tells Mia he thinks she's saying this because she doesn't want Chad to get custody.

Stefano tells Kate he's been released and can leave when the paperwork is done. Kate scolds him for avoiding her question. Stefano tells her it's possible Nicole will move back to the mansion and wants Kate to welcome her.

"I would prefer to see her hit by a bus," says Kate, "but as your dutiful wife I will welcome her — and you will owe me.

Stefano lets out a belly laugh, "I did not doubt that for a minute." Victor steps in and watches the young lovers smooch. OK. That was a bit much. He watches the lovers smooch. OK. That was a bit much. He watches Kate and Stefano smooch. OK. That was a bit much. He watches Kate and Stefano avoid killing each other.

EJ sits in the rumpus room and hears a baby crying. He checks it out and finds Nicole in the foyer with Sydney. Coincidentally, Sydney is crying, too. EJ asks, "What are you doing here?"

Sheepish Nicole asks, "Giving you your life back?"

Victor walks up to Stefano's bed. He and Stefano exchange pleasantries. Kate says she is very happy Stefano is coming home, "For the first time in a long time, I feel secure and loved."

Victor advises Stefano, "Just don't eat her brownies."

Will and Mia sit on the park bench. Will says he's sorry she has to go through this, but he knows she's lying just to get Chad off her case. Mia insists everything is true. She apologizes for hurting him. Will just can't believe it, "So what else am I going to find out was lies. How about when you said you love me?"

Chad shows up as Sami's door, "I'm not sure why I'm here but I need to talk."

"You came to the right place," says Sami, "I can blabber until your ears fall off." She says she's trying to reach Mia and asks what's going on.

Arianna thinks going to Mia is not a smart move, "She will go to Nicole and Nicole will do what she has to in order to make you come up empty handed." Rafe agrees. He decides he needs a shower and clean clothes. Arianna says, "I have the shower, but no clothes."

The girls in the audience shout, "No problem!"

Rafe asks her to go to his place, I need you to get clothes, cash, a spare phone and my teddy bear." Arianna leaves. Rafe staggers over to the desk, picks up his phone and calls, "Hey it's Rafe... Hernandez. I need your help."

Nicole says she's there to bring EJ up to speed. EJ don need no stinkin' help coming up to speed. "If you could manage it yourself," says Nicole, "You might still be a race driver." She says she ran into Mia, "Mia came clean by telling us how dirty she has been." Nicole tells EJ Mia's tale of sin in that immoral abyss Chicago, "Chad probably isn't the father."

EJ says, "Mia doesn't seem like that type of girl."

"Sometimes people can fool you."


Sydney cries, Nicole picks her up and tells EJ Sydney already has a father, "The one and only man that Sydney needs and wants in her life is you."

Chad tells Sami Mia told him he might not be Sydney's father, "She slept with random guys." Sami can't believe it. Chad tells her the DNA test might say he's not the father. Sami, wonder of wonders, is speechless.

Chad breaks down and sobs, "I'm sorry... I just..."

"That's OK," says Sami, "Crying just happens spontaneously at my place. I know your heart is breaking because you still love her." Chad nods.

Mia insists the lies are done now. Will thinks that's a lie, "I won't be around to hear your lies. I don't want to see you ever again." He leaves. Mia collapses into a heap o' tears.

Nicole chases EJ into the rumpus room and tells him she knows he doesn't want to turn his back on Sydney. EJ says he knows this isn't about taking Sydney back, it's about taking both of them back. Nicole says she knows she hurt him and asks him to find it in his heart to tell her there is a chance for all of them to be together. EJ does a slow boil. Nicole moves in, "I know you still care." Closer... closer...

Rafe comes out wrapped in a towel. Arianna comes back in with a duffel bag. She says she's glad the stinky river smell is gone. "I used a different cologne this time," says Rafe. He says he has news about Meredith, "She lost her mind getting off a plane in Orlando and went bonkers. They took her to some Mickey Mouse psych ward. There is no word on when she will get out."

Victor walks into the study and finds Brady contemplating things at his desk. Victor asks if he's brooding because of Arianna. Brady insists not. He tells Victor they got back together. "I'm very sorry to hear that," says Victor.

EJ and Nicole kiss. EJ softens, "I was never happier than when I had you in my life. But my life is over now."

The gals in the Lumi section shout, "We should be so lucky!"

Nicole begs and whines. She says now that Chad can't prove paternity, this is EJ's chance to show Sydney how he feels.

Sami serves iced tea. Chad says he's feeling better. He asks if Sami thinks Mia did all the playing around she claims. "It's hard to think she's that kind of girl," says Sami, "and believe me, I'm an expert. When I get pregnant, I have a better chance of winning the lottery than knowing who the father is. You could still be the father no matter how many guys she's slept with. OMG! What if Will finds out?"

Chad drops the bomb, "He knows. She just told him." Sami worries Will may be suicidal or something.

They rush out to find Will with Sami babbling, "We have to find out what is going on."

Nicole finds Mia sitting in a fetal position on the park bench crying. She sits with her, "What's wrong?"

And the Emmy for the dumbest question ever in a show full of dumb questions is...

Mia whines, "What do you think?"

"You told Chad." Nicole's level of perception is rivaled only by the dandelion gowning beneath the bench.

"I told him all the lies," says Mia, "I guess he believed me. And then I told Will and he broke up with me. "

"He'll be back," says Nicole, "Give him time. He has feelings for you."

Mia is sarcastic, "Yeah everybody has deep feelings for the town slut."

"That's been my experience," says Nicole, "especially the guys."

Nicole tries to make her feel better, "He'll take you back. Will is solid — a brain like concrete. You'll have your happy ending." Mia sobs.

EJ welcomes Stefano home. Kate says she'll make sure the kitchen staff keeps him on a strict diet. She leaves to make sure the kitchen is well stocked with sugar. Stefano and EJ banter about his diet. Stefano says he hopes EJ can bring some happiness back into his life, too. EJ tells him Nicole was just there, "She told me about Mia. Apparently she had a bit of a problem keeping her knickers on. And evidently, so did Mia."

Stefano shakes his head, "That's terrible. A young girl like that disgracing herself."

EJ sighs, "So Nicole wants me to accept Sydney again."

"Will you?"

Victor tells Brady he's in an awkward position, "I have information which has been give to me by people you might not want to associate with."

Brady asks, "The DOOL writers gave you some information?"

"Remember," says Victor, "I'm just the messenger here."

Brady asks, "What does this have to do with Arianna?"

Rafe puts on his leather jacket. It looks pretty good with that towel. He says all he has to do now is get the DNA samples. Arianna speculates about the pain of telling Mia her baby died. Rafe says he can't let that stand in his way.

"When Nicole finds out what you're up to she'll blow up," says Arianna, "She'll leave town and you may never find out the truth."

Victor clams up. Brady wants to know what's going on. Victor says, "Some people I know saw Arianna in a compromising position. She's a drug dealer, Brady."

Arianna wonders what will happen if it turns out Sydney is Mia's baby after all. Rafe says that will prove his theory is bogus but doesn't think things will play out that way.

Stefano insists Elvis loves Sydney. He thinks perhaps it's time to admit he's really Sydney's father. "I'm not taking her back," says EJ.

Chad sits in the Java Café and computes. He Googles "Chicago" and comes up with a list of some of the filthiest porn sites anywhere on the Internet. "I'm still going through with the test," he mumbles, "I will find out if Sydney is mine."

Mia whines and beats herself up, "I knew I didn't deserve to have a baby and that's why I gave Sydney up. I also know I didn't deserve Will. Why did I lie to him?"

Nicole reassures her, "You did the right thing."

Sami watches walks up and watches the conversation. Nicole repeats, "You did the right thing." Sami scowls.

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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Town Slut

Sami and EJ bicker like second graders, which is a compliment. Rafe knocks. Sami turns to answer.

Carly has morphed into a full-blown basket case. Bo assures her things will be OK. Carly thinks she will have to pay for what she did, "I had an extra piece of carry-on baggage when I flew to Salem and they forgot to charge me."

Goono brings Master Lawrence's ashes to the mystery person. SHE gets up and fondles the container, "It seems odd that you would put beloved Lawrence's ashes in a Folger's can."

"Right," says the goon, "But this show is all about product placement."

Stefano assures Nicole he will take care of everything.

OK, guys, we have been bamboozled, hornswaggled and hoodwinked. Sami opens the door and finds Mia. "What," you may ask, "I thought it was Rafe at her door. They showed Rafe knocking and then cut to Sami talking inside and..."

Oh, no, gullible one, read on.

Rafe continues to knock. Arianna opens her door. Oh, the trickery! What will those crafty writers think of next? Oh, did I say 'crafty?' I meant 'crappy.'

Brady is at the Java Café leaving a message begging Arianna to call him, "I'd climb back up to your apartment again, but my Spider-Man costume is at the cleaners."

Arianna nurses Rafe. She wants to call an ambulance, but Rafe stops her, "Everything depends on keeping the secret."

"What secret?"

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a secret, would it?" Rafe tells her Meredith did all this, "She held me in the basement and dumped me in the river."

Arianna gasps, "How did you survive?"

"No one could sink in that sludge," says Rafe, "I think Stefano was involved in this so we can't call the police." Arianna insists they have to. Rafe says she can't tell Sami either. Arianna says they will. She goes for her first aid kit.

T-Man and Chad are walking outside and typical teen guy Chad tells unbelieving T-Man all about his manly conquest. Will comes up. T-Man tells Will what Chad has been saying about Mia. Will confirms it. T goes wide eyed and turns back to Chad, "She had your baby? That's only the second virgin-birth I've ever heard of."

Chad vows to get his kid and keep her a long way away from lawyers.

Stefano tells Nicole doesn't want anyone to know Sami is Sydney's mother. He says he wants Chad to find out he's not the father. "That will get him out of the picture, so do exactly what I say..."

Mia turns on the waterworks as she walks into Sami's bawlatorium. EJ confirms he's going to let Chad have Sydney, "And if you'll excuse me, I have business to attend to."

"BUSINESS," screams Mia, "Sydney's life is ruined and all you can think of is business?"

"I'm lucky to be thinking at all," says EJ. He leaves and Mia goes off the deep end. Sami reminds her Chad has rights, but vows to figure something out. She runs into the other room. Mia's phone rings. Nicole asks her to come to the hospital, "I know how to make everything right."

Mystery Woman sets the Folger's can on a shrine of sorts and looks at pictures of Lawrence and Carly.

Bo insists he can protect Carly, "Now that I know the whole story I understand why you brutally and mercilessly murdered him." Carly insists people are coming for her, "I took a life. They're going to want mine in return."

Bo asks, "Would they settle for Hope? "

EJ arrives back at the mansion and walks into the empty rumpus room remembering a tender moment with Sydney. He sits at his desk and makes a call, "This is EJ DiMera. I want to see you... now."

Sami finds Brady at the pub. She says she's disappointed in him for letting Nicole down.

Mia meets Nicole at the hospital. Nicole tells her about Chad's demand for a paternity test. "But you called and said you can fix things," says Mia.

"I can't fix anything," says Nicole, "but you can."

Bo continues to tell Carly she is safe with him and can trust him. Since they have a little time on their hands, he reads her a few other fairy tales, too.

Rafe wakes. Arianna asks how he feels. Rafe stutters, "I feel better thanks to... the woman on the boat. She probably saved my life. I don't know who she was. When I woke up I found no one on the boat and went up and saw we were docked in Salem, so I left." They argue again about the police. "No one can know," says Rafe, "And Sami and Sydney are the reasons that no one can know."

Sami says Nicole told her everything about asking Brady for help. Brady says what Nicole wanted to do was kidnapping, "The girl's not thinking straight. I offered to get her an attorney, but didn't want to turn her into a fugitive."

Sami tells him about giving Nicole the money, but also tells him Nicole didn't leave town. "She will have to learn to let go," says Brady.

Mia and Nicole are in Stefano's room. Mia is way intimidated. Stefano is gracious and tries to put her at ease. He says he has grown to love Sydney as if she were his own flesh and blood. He vows undying love for Sydney for a lifetime and says he will handle EJ. Mia warms up to him as Stefano says Chad must never have Sydney, "But, Mia, for me to do my part... you must do yours."

"What do I have to do?"


"At least that's something I have experience with," says Mia.

Stefano tells her she has to lie to everyone, "No one outside of this room must ever know the real truth."

Mia says, "At the rate this story is moving, no one ever will."

"So," says Stefano, "My question to you is, can you do it? If you say yes, you can never turn back." Mia stares.

Troy, a.k.a. Luke O. Sistine, joins EJ in the rumpus room, "Nice crib you have here. I'm glad the org I was working for sold out to you." EJ says he thought they should get to know each other. He says from now on Troy should consider that they never met and he was never at the mansion, "Secondly, you work only for me, and not my father. So tell me about all the dealers you have working for you on the north side. Troy hands him a list.

Will and Chad are alone. Chad rants, "You and Mia lied to everyone about everything."

Will insists Mia is better off without Chad, "So go ahead. Text the whole school and show them the sleazebag you really are. At least I'll have Mia."

Stefano tells Mia, "I have 'abilities.'"

Nicole steps in, "Stefano will make sure the tests show Chad isn't Sydney's father. But you will have to admit to certain... activities."

"Activities," asks Mia, "I participate in a lot of activities... like being on the cheerleading squad, the debate team and the school newspaper."

Nicole lays it on the line, "Mia, you will have to tell people you have had multiple partners."

"I have," says Mia, "I'm one of the most popular girls in my ballroom dancing class."

Nicole clarifies, "Multiple sex partners.".

Mia can't handle it, "ACK! There has to be some other way!"

Stefano says she has to do this, "And you have to say you just don't know who the father is."

Nicole piles on, "You have to tell them you don't know some of their names."


Nicole gets persuasive. She plays her trump card, "If you don't, you will ruin Sydney's life. Is that what you want?"

Arianna hands Rafe a concoction in a cup the size of Massachusetts. He sees her blinking message light and asks her to check to make sure he wasn't followed. She checks the message and finds out it's Brady. Rafe hopes Brady knows how lucky he is to have Arianna. Arianna says, "I think he knows it and I hope he always will."

EJ finds Arianna's name on the dealer's list. "She's the best," says Troy, "She's a pretty good dealer, too."

Sami tells Brady it would break Nicole's heart if she couldn't keep Sydney, "I have to support her. She has (say it with her) been there for me. She helped me with Johnny. She is my friend and I think she will be for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Sami's friend continues to try to convince Mia to play the role of town slut, even though it pains Nicole greatly to have to give up that honor. Mia gives in, calls Chad and says she has to tell him something that changes everything. They agree to meet at pier 40. She hangs up and Stefano compliments her wise decision. Mia knows she will regret this but is doing it because it's best for Sydney. Nicole thanks her. Hugs.

Bo and Carly agree she didn't have a choice other than to kill Lawrence. He was going to kill her. Carly says her marriage was over years ago but she was weak, didn't leave and has no one to blame but herself. Bo assures her she's not alone, "My marriage was over years ago, but I'm weak, didn't leave and have no one to blame but myself."

Mystery Woman tears a picture of Carly and Lawrence apart. She rips up the Carly half. That'll teach Carly a lesson or two.

Brady brings up Rafe and tells Sami his people can't find him, but they are still trying. Sami insists her relationship with Rafe is over. She says she cares about him, but it's definitely over. Translation: hurry back, Rafe. Brady wonders if Rafe feels that way.

Arianna tells Rafe everyone already knows the truth about Sydney — That she isn't Nicole's baby.

In an effort to promote a more realistic description, from now on "Soap Operas" will be called "Feminine Hygiene Product Farces."

Mia meets Chad at Pier 40, which bears an uncanny resemblance to Pier 39, which looks a lot like Pier 38, which... She asks Chad to call off the paternity test, "You'll come off looking like a total idiot."

"I'm used to that," says Chad.

Mia lies, "I don't think you're the father."

Chad scoffs, "Of course I am."

"I'm serious."

"You are also lying," says Chad, "Why?"

Bo continues to reassure Carly. Carly is skeptical.

Mystery Woman continues to tear up pictures. Either that, or she's trying to corner the confetti market. She rings a bell and summons her Boy Friday. He comes in. Mystery Woman hands him one of the pictures and barks, "Find Carly Manning Allemain."

We zoom in on mystery woman's hands lying on her lap. Then we pan up... up... up... hey, she's pretty tall. Up... up... up...


"Bring her to me and then I'll deal with her personally."

Mia whines, "Chad, the baby isn't yours. When you went away without calling I was really upset for weeks. And my cousin felt bad for me. She took me to Chicago..."


"That's right," says Mia, "and my cousin is into the party scene. And I was in the mood... Different places... New guys... Booze... Gino's Pizza... I liked being anonymous. Guys would hit on me and I'd feel like... why not? I'm almost positive that's when I got pregnant. It couldn't have been you."

Chad isn't buying it, "This is total crap."

"That's what you get on this show," says Mia, "You can yell but it won't change things. When you take the paternity test, you'll find out you're not the father."

Chad asks, "Why didn't you tell me this before?"

"I didn't want you to tell Will I was a total slut."

Well, of course, Will just happens to be strolling down the steps at that moment. "You can tell him yourself," says Chad.

Nicole paces. Stefano assures her Mia will do fine, "She knows how to lie. She is, after all a Salem female."

Nicole scoffs, "Oh, yeah like the the males in Salem don't lie."

"No," says Stefano, "They don't. It's their job to believe the lies."

EJ wonders if Rafe knows Arianna is the top dealer on the north side.

Arianna tells Rafe everyone knows Nicole bought her baby from Mia. Rafe smirks, which is the most emotion he's shown in the last six months.

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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Angry Villagers, Torches And Pitchforks

Carly stands in the living room and looks at a picture of the Bo and Hope clan. Bo scolds her for being out where people can see her. Carly wants to go back to the boat. Bo tells her she's safe there and if she doesn't cut it out he'll turn her in himself. Carly takes that as a threat and says she's got to get back to the boat.

Rafe wakes to see Sami caressing him. He smiles and asks, "You're not really here are you?"

"I think at least one of my personalities is," says Sami. She disappears as Rafe calls for her.

Sami stands in Stefano's room and continues her rant. Stefano finally forces a word in edgewise, "Sydney should be with her mother. Her real mother."

EJ finds Lexie at the nurses station. Lexie says Stefano is asleep, so EJ will have to wait to see him.

"I don't get it," says EJ, "He called and told me it was important for me to come here... that he had something to tell me and then I get here and he's asleep. What's going on?"

"He was watching DOOL and that'll put you out every time," says Lexie.

Chad and Nicole are at the pier. He hands her a court order to have a DNA test, "There is no point in fighting me."

Nicole drones, "No, Chad, there is not."

Chad can't believe she gave in so easily, "What, no crazy hysterics?"

"No," says Nicole, who just happens to know a few things Chad doesn't.

Now that Sami has beat around the bush, Stefano decides to do the same. This leads to another one of Sami's famous diatribes. Stefano insists he's Sydney's grandfather.

Melanie stands in Maggie's kitchen with Phillip and accuses him of being arrogant for saying they belong together. Phillip gives it another try, "We are perfect for each other."


Phillip's entire face falls off. That's what happens when you use a cut-rate plastic surgeon. Melanie goes bonkers, "Don't ever say something like that to me again."

Stephanie finds Nathan at the nurses station and tells him he was a hit at the Halloween party. She sticks a ghoulish cupcake in his face (maybe it's one of Kate's leftovers) and tells him it's a peace offering. "Sorry," says Nathan, "I can't accept it."

Sami takes verbal callisthenics to a new level, "Mia is just a confused little imp who..."

"What," asks Stefano, "Doesn't know her own mind?"

Sami's reaction makes the Big Bang look like a wet firecracker, "You and your son are pig-headed idiots and for you to do this to a little girl is unconscionable." Stefano retaliates by having another stroke.

Carly tells Bo she has to check up on things at the boat. Bo offers to drive her but dimwitted Carly wants to walk. Bo vetoes and orders her to get upstairs. He leaves her in the living room and goes into the kitchen for coffee. Carly fakes going upstairs and then scoots out. What did he expect her to do? Man, it's a good thing this guy isn't on the police force or we'd all be in trou... never mind. Bo comes out and finds Carly's coat missing. He grabs his gun and the posse heads for Dry Gulch.

Omar nurses Rafe. Rafe wakes up and asks where he is. Omar explains, "You've been out for quite a while. You're on a boat."


"On the water."

Stefano's henchman watches as Nicole and Chad bicker. Nicole insists she's not playing games. Chad koochie-koos Sydney and tells her pretty soon they will be hanging out all the time. Sydney, proving she really is Sami's child, explodes into a hissy-fit.

Like her daughter, Sami runs right off the rails. Stefano reminds us this kind of behavior can extend over several generations, "You really are your mother's daughter. You have her fire and spunk, but no class."

Lou grant steps in, "Spunk! I like spunk."

Stefano challenges Sami to own up to her own stupid actions. Sami spirals into a verbal black hole. Suddenly, Stefano screams,


EJ sticks his head in, "What the devil is going on here?"

Satan sneers, "Leave me out of this. And whoever that loudmouth woman is, I Hope she has the spiritual conversion of the ages, because I know I don't want to have to deal with her."

Phillip apologizes for being a fool. For most of us, an apology would be adequate. For Melanie, it's a signal to start throwing things. Seeing as how there are no RPGs around, Melanie tosses Maggie's muffins at him. Hey, they're heavier and harder than most artillery anyway. Phillip dodges as Melanie takes potshots. Well, muffin-shots, "Every time you needed a shoulder to cry on I was (say it with her) there for you, but what happened when I needed you? You were nowhere. Now I have this cute little guy interested in me and you come sniffing around again!"

Phillip begs, "Can you stop lobbing those blueberry muffins at me, so I can say something?"


Uh, is this National PMS Day or something?

Phillip tries again, "If you'll stop, I will tell you I have feelings for you."

Melanie is out of energy, "Stop it and leave me alone."

Stephanie apologizes for outing Melanie and Nathan. Nathan says she has nothing to apologize for, "You are a good friend."

"Actually," says Stephanie, "I haven't been."

Chad apologizes for scaring Sydney.

Nicole takes advantage of the situation, "You want her? Take her."

Chad bulks, "What are you doing?"

"Giving you a taste of your future."

"What do I do," says Chad.

"Be a parent," says Nicole, "Find a babysitter."

Sydney gets restless and Chad panics. He shoves poor Sydney back at Nicole. Sydney calms down. Nicole says this is the way it will be if he takes her, "You won't have time for things like parties and video games and sleep. She will depend on you. Are you truly ready for that?" Chad stares.

EJ wants to know what's going on, "Father's condition is precarious."

Sami spews, "Not precarious enough!"

EJ kicks Sami out but Stefano stops her from leaving, "There is something she needs to know." Yeahright.

Phillip figures maybe Melanie's upset. "What gave you that idea," barks Melanie, "the third muffin or the fourth?"

"You got a great arm," quips Phillip, "And you are all worked up. But you understand me. you wouldn't change me and I wouldn't change you. I wouldn't be pushing this if I didn't feel sparks. You feel it too. Admit it."

Stephanie says she had doubts about Nathan and Melanie making it as a couple, "Not only that — I wished it."

Carly comes into the stateroom and finds it empty. She stands there assessing things when all of a sudden Bo pops up out of nowhere, "What the hell do you think you are doing?"

Carly says, "Chasing down a man with no personality and being chased by a man with a dysfunctional personality."

Rafe sneaks around the dock and listens to Nicole lecturing Chad. Chad demands his kid back.

Nicole hits him with, "She's not your baby, Chad."

Stefano waxes eloquent, "The hand that rocks the cradle may rule the world but what cradle do you rock?"

Sami asks, "What does that mean?"

Stefano says, "You don't even know who fathered your children." Sami turns into the Incredible Hulk. She lunges at Stefano's bed.

EJ stops her as Stefano continues, "It's only right you go home to an empty crib." Sami wiggles away from EJ and chaos reigns as Lexie comes in. Sami runs out. Seeing Stefano is having an apoplexy Lexie decides to go check on another patient.

Stefano tells EJ, "That slut gets under my skin." EJ tells him it's only because Stefano allows it. Stefano insists Sami means nothing to them. EJ reminds him she does. Stefano snorts, "Between Samantha's stupid behavior and your love for her — it changes everything. I made a hideous mistake."

Phillip backs Melanie across the room as she tells him she's not used to having two guys fighting for her, "When faced with a decision I always make the wrong one. You know, like trying to choose between the safe, comfortable sneaker and the dangerous high heel. Every time I choose the heel."

The heel moves in on her. Melanie backs off and says she wants to be treated right for once. She kicks him out. Phillip leaves. Melanie stands with her back to the door and does her heavy breathing exercises.

Stephanie admits to being jealous. She says she doesn't want Phillip back and asks Nathan not to tell Melanie about this. Nathan tells her she's a great person.

Bo scolds Carly for leaving. Carly says she came back to help a guy she was nursing. Bo asks where the guy is now. "Good question," says Carly. Good answers are harder to come by.

Rafe watches. Hench watches. I'm surprised they don't fall asleep like the audience. Nicole and Chad keep it up until Nicole finally storms off.

Sami is back at her apartment. Rafe stumbles in.


Sami guides him to the couch. Rafe staggers and says he has to talk to her about Sydney, "This will sound crazy..."

"It's DOOL," says Sami, "If it didn't sound crazy, I wouldn't believe it."

So, of course, it was a dream. Rafe wakes up in the gutter. Coincidentally, it's the same gutter where they go looking for their supply of DOOL writers.

Carly introduces Bo to Omar. Omar says he owes his life to Carly. Bo offers to check with the station to see if he can get some information on the guy they dredged out of the water. Omar tells Carly he'll do anything for her as she and Bo leave.

Sami arrives back at her apartment and yells for Nicole. Finding it empty, she picks up a picture of Grace and goes to that dark place way back in the recesses of what we euphemistically call her mind.

Sami Brady — a brain so powerful no thought can penetrate it.

Stefano says he is just too tired to tell all, of course. EJ backs off, tells him to get some rest and leaves.

Outside, EJ finds Lexie and rants about Stefano changing his mind.

Back inside, Stefano calls and summons Nicole to the hospital. She's at the Java Café and Marco watches. Stefano tells her, "Don't do anything you'll regret."

"Why not," says Nicole, "I have nothing to lose."

"Oh," smirks Stefano, "You'd be surprised."

Melanie finds Nathan at the hospital, "Why, Dr. Horton fancy meeting you here." She asks when he gets off.

"An hour."

"I can't wait that long," whines Melanie, "I never get to see you. I want to show you how I feel."

Nathan plays doctor, "How do you feel?"

"Slightly feverish."

Nathan offers, "I can get Dr. Carver."

"No," says Melanie, "This requires a young male physician with strong hands."

Nathan is taken aback, "I love this side of you... really love it... but where is this coming from?"

Phillip meets Stephanie at the Java Café. He says things went well with Melanie, as he brushes muffin-crumbs from his jacket. He tells her when he heard Nathan moved out he thought they had broken up. Stephanie informs him that he is incorrectamundo.

"If there is one thing I learned from us," says Phillip, "Things change."

Bo and Carly are back at Bo's house. She apologizes for bugging out and says she's worried about her patient.

Her patient stirs. He stands up and staggers.

EJ shows up at Sami's place. She opens the door and without a hello or anything EJ starts lecturing her for what she did in Stefano's room.

"Just shoot me now," says Sami.

Gertrude Fenster from Cut And Shoot, Texas, runs out of the audience up onto the stage and hands EJ a gun, just in case he doesn't have one on him.

Nicole asks, "Where are Sami and EJ — out mobilizing the angry villagers to light torches and come after me with pitchforks?" Stefano tells Nicole things didn't go as he planned. Nicole tees off on him.

"It is amazing," says Stefano, "how you and that bitch Samantha are alike. At least you know how to keep quiet. I didn't tell them about Sydney. I decided Sydney's true parentage should remain a secret for all the Days Of Our Lives.

Stephanie warns Phillip to leave Melanie and Nathan alone. Phillip warns her to do the same. Stephanie leaves. Phillip stares.

Melanie drags Nathan into a room and attacks him. She suggests going back to his place. Instead, Nathan dives in right there.

Carly flashes back to a time when she loved Lawrence and then to the killing. She breaks down. Bo finds her wailing.

Stefano says he changed his mind because Sami's visit reminded him Nicole is the lesser of two evils, "I know Elvis is still embroiled with that bitch. You should remain Sydney's mother as well as Elvis' wife." Nicole protests and claims that's impossible. Stefano says he will make it all happen.

Nicole insists he can't, "The truth will come out when the DNA tests come back." Stefano insists when he wants something he gets it.

Rafe stumbles up to Sami's door. Inside, EJ lectures. Sami retaliates with yet another tirade. The knock stops her. Sami turns to open the door, "Hold that thought."

"I've never been able to hold one before," says EJ, "Why should I start now?"

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Singles-Only Crash Pad

ONCE UPON A TIME in a land far, far away, there was a community of sharing, understanding people. These wonderful people would love and support each other and together work through the issues that confronted their lives. It was a place of encouragement, caring and passion. Especially passion. Couples found each other, stayed together and shared that love for all the days of their lives.

On the other hand, there was that wretched place called Salem...

Carly finishes telling Bo her tale of woe. The story has taken all night and they are both exhausted. Carly says, "I Hope I didn't bore you or tell you too much."

"No," says Bo, "Although I do know if a guy had been telling the same story it would have taken about two minutes." Carly asks if she was wrong to come and ask for help. Bo tells her she wasn't.

Hope wishes Justin a good morning and Phillip joins them in the Kiriakis mansion study. Phillip is surprised to see Hope there, and she tells him she and Bo are taking a little break. "I guess we've become a singles only crash pad," says Phillip.

Melanie and Nathan meet at the hospital, but maintain their distance and act uber-professional. Across the way, Stephanie asks Maxine if they had a fight, "They're acting like they barely know each other when they've been..."

That gets Maxine's attention. Her new set of busybody antennae (purchased, of course from pops up, "Are Melanie and Dr. Horton an item?"

Stefano calls EJ and summons him to the hospital. EJ hangs up and heads out. On the way, he opens the door and Chad blasts in, "Where is she? Where is my daughter?" Staredown.

Nicole stands at Sami's door with Sydney, ready to tell all, "It's time to let go." She knocks.

Sami answers and is shocked to see Nicole there, "Nicole? I thought you were leaving the country. Hey could I borrow a twenty. I'll pay you back — with interest."

If a fool and her money are soon parted, then Sami can't get any more foolish 'cause she has nothing left to part with.

Mia joins Will at the Java Café and asks if he has seen Chad, "I have to find him before he takes Sydney form Nicole."

EJ tells Chad he doesn't know where Nicole is. Chad makes himself at home. He runs around the mansion yelling for Nicole, "Hey, Nicole, where are you — you crazy bitch! EJ grabs sonny by the ear. Chad yelps, "What, are you gonna fight me on this, or are you going to back off and let me have what's rightfully mine?"

Nicole is surprised no one has talked to Sami yet. She says Sami needs to hear this from her and no one else. Sami offers to take Sydney. Nicole recoils and then changes her mind, "Take my baby. I have no choice."

Phillip admits what he said was tactless. He's sure Bo and Hope are just "working through a few things." Hope takes off to take care of some things she has to do.

"Is one of those things going to work," says Phillip.

Hope looks down at the piece of paper in her hand, "Nope. Not on my list."

"Mine neither," says Phillip.

"Hey," says Justin, "That makes three of us."

Hope leaves. Phillip turns to Justin, "I really put my foot in it didn't I? If Bo and Hope start having problems what does that mean for the rest of us?"

"It means the guys are in trouble because Hope would be available," says Justin. Phillip decides he has to go do a few things himself.

Carly checks in with Omar and tells Bo she has to Bo back to the boat. Bo forces her to stay. She's cold. Bo flashes back to putting a blanket on Hope as he puts the same blanket around Carly. She asks, "Bo, where did you go right now?" Bo doesn't answer, but says he wants to focus on the present. He insists she should stay. A knock interrupts.

Melanie insists she and Nathan are not an item. "Gossip," growls Nathan. Maxine hauls Nathan off to sign some papers.

Melanie jumps all over Stephanie for shooting off her mouth. She accuses her of thinking she's not good enough for Nathan. Stephanie insists that's not what she thinks. She says she thinks Melanie and Nathan are a nice couple, "Does someone else have a problem with you and Nathan as a couple?"

"Yeah," says Melanie, "Maggie does. Can't blame her after the Internet porno."

"Everyone else is over that, except for the millions of pervs out there who are still watching." says Stephanie, "Are you over it?"

Sami has stuffed Sydney in the other room. Nicole tries to give Sami the money back. Sami don' wan no stinkin' $50,000. She encourages Nicole to keep fighting. Nicole says she can't because it's not up to her. "What happened," asks Sami.

"Stefano happened."

Maxine checks out Stefano and says his pulse is racing, "Do you have a crush on me?" She tells him to chill out or he will be a fixture around there. Stefano gripes and shouts. He insists the only way to get any peace is to use the call button. He presses it, "This will guarantee I'll be ignored for the rest of the day!" Maxine leaves. I guess that proves Stefano is right.

Stefano envisions telling EJ about the baby switch. In the vision, EJ asks how Stefano knows all this this. Nicole walks in behind EJ and says Stefano knew all along. EJ says he doesn't believe her. The cops come and haul Nicole away. Stefano tells EJ they can breathe again. He pops back to reality, "No one will ever take your daughter away from you again."

Nicole tells Sami Stefano dragged her off the plane and back to the hospital. Sami wonders why Stefano did that to her. In the background, Sydney cries. "Damn," says Sami, "I must not have put enough duct tape over her mouth." She tells Nicole to go take care of Sydney, "I'll deal with things." Nicole makes her promise not to go anywhere and heads for Sydney.

Will comforts Mia as she rambles on about Sydney and Nicole. Brainchild Will has an idea, "Come with me." They leave.

Bo hustles Carly into the another room. He opens the door to find Maggie. She says she's there to discuss the scholarship fund with Hope. Bo tells her Hope isn't there. Maggie tells him she thought she saw Hope through the window. Bo stammers around and says it's a friend visiting. Carly cowers as Maggie leaves. After Maggie is gone, Carly comes out and says she's certain she has to leave now. Bo tells her she has to stay put.

Nicole comes out of Sydney's room to find Sami missing. The $50,000 is in the waste basket. Nicole frets, "OMG, she's gone to Stefano. Poor Stefano."

Sami storms into Stefano's room, "I have something I want to say to you."

Stefano shoots back, "I have a few things I want to say to you, too, Samantha Brady."

Relentless Maggie finds Hope in the Java Café, "I stopped by your house earlier. Bo was there and your house guest. Is SHE staying for a while?"

Hope simmers, "I don't know. I haven't met her myself. I moved out."

"Wow," says Maggie the Mouth, "Bo works fast."

Hope asks if the woman looked familiar. Maggie says she was wrapped in a blanket and she only saw her from the back. Hope's simmer turns into a full boil and she heads for the old homestead.

Stephanie interrupts Dr. Nathan. She wants to obsess over what happened earlier. Phillip stumbles in and gives Nathan an envelope, "This is for your part in helping save Chloe's life."

"You mean it's some kind of award," asks Nathan.

"No," says Phillip, "Technically it's a 'cease and desist' order warning you never to do anything like that again."

Phil asks where Melanie is. Nathan says she has a test. Phillip asks if he will deliver Melanie's copy. Nathan says he moved out, "There was some tension." Phillip decides to deliver it himself. He leaves.

Chad asks EJ if he's going to fight for custody. EJ says Sydney is not his daughter. Chad demands to see Nicole. EJ says, "I don't know where Nicole and Sydney are and I don't care. I can't care. If I do... I want her back." The doorbell interrupts. EJ screams for Harold and continues to toss threats as Mia and Will come in.

Mia sees Chad, "I knew you'd be here. Mr. DiMera you can't let him take Sydney."

Sami rambles on with her rant. Stefano says, "You are as constant as the tides. Rude as ever." He insists whatever Nicole has told her is a lie.

Sami accuses him of trying to get revenge. She lectures him for calling the plane back, "Why would you do that? Hasn't she suffered enough?"

"She will never suffer enough," says Stefano, "For what she has done to my family and what she has done to you as well."

Back at Sami's place, Nicole suffers. The audience suffers right along with her.

Carly tells Bo Maggie's visit proves someone will find her there. Right on schedule, they hear a car door. Bo hides Carly again and the Salem Shrew comes in claiming she's looking for Ciara's Halloween activity book. Hurricane Hope rushes around the place and finds the book. Bo, not recognizing a situation where he should keep his mouth shut, asks, "Is there something else you wanted?"

"Yes." Hope gives him a look that makes Bo thankful there are no loaded weapons within reach, "I hear we have a guest. Where is she?"

Mia begs EJ not to turn his back on Sydney. Chad chimes in and EJ shuts him up.

Nicole bawls and rants as she carries poor Sydney around the room, "What will I do. I'll never see you again."

"OK by me," says Sydney.

Sami tells Stefano he can't turn her against Nicole. She tells him about giving her the money, "And I stood by her when no one else would." Sami puts her mouth on autopilot and Stefano can't get a word in.

Finally Stefano just yells over her, "Will this rant ever stop? Maybe I can call the nurse and she can increase my morphine. If you only knew!"

Bo asks who told Hope she had a house guest. Hope reveals the obvious, that it was Maggie who blabbed. Bo says the "person" was visiting but is gone.

Rather than killing him outright, Hope decides to toy with her prey, "Anyone I know?"

Bo digs his grave a little deeper, "Don't you think I'd tell you if you did?"

Hope looks over on the couch and sees her blankie all wadded up, "Was SHE just hanging around wrapped in my blanket?" She storms out.

Carly comes back out and apologizes for causing all this trouble, "You are just lost without her aren't you?"

"Yes," says Bo, "Like a drowning man without his ocean."

Phillip joins Melanie in Maggie's kitchen. He hands her the envelope with the citation of heroism in it. Melanie asks if he wants to stay for a while. "Sure," says Phillip, "I heard Nathan moved out. Did something happen."

"No," says Melanie, "We're doing good. In fact that's why he moved out. Out of respect for Maggie."

On his way out, Phillip stops, turns and says, "I just want you to know... All I want is for you to be happy." He starts to go but hesitates.

Melanie asks, "So... did you decide to amend that?"

"Yes," says Phillip, "I'm going to amend it. I think you'd be happier with me, a camera and our own Internet site."

EJ says he won't stand in the way of a father uniting with his child. He turns to Chad and points two fingers at his own eyes, "But I will be watching..."

He points the same two fingers at Chad's eyes, "you."

Robert De Niro watches, "That was very well done."

Chad thanks EJ and leaves. Will asks, "How could you do that? How could you give up your daughter."

"Maybe you should ask your mother," says EJ, "Your mother is the reason I am giving up Sydney."

Stefano bellows, "Sydney is more a part of my family than you realize."

Sami is in overdrive. She launches into another rant, "Chad is untrustworthy. A child deserves to be with its mother."

Stefano says, "I could not agree with you more. At this point, I would agree you are the Queen of England if it would shut you up."

Carly insists she can't stay. Bo refuses to let her leave, "I will keep you hidden until you are out of danger if it takes all the Days Of Our Lives."

Stefano's henchman watches as Nicole sits outside and tells Sydney her grandfather is having them followed, "I don't know when they will take you away from me but..."

Chad rushes in, "Now. I'm taking her now." He slaps an envelope in her face, "Nicole DiMera. You have been served."

EJ says he feels a certain kinship with Chad. He asks Mia and Will to leave. They sulk out. Outside, Mia vows not to let Chad take Sydney. Will hugs.

EJ calls Lexie and asks about Stefano. He says he's on the way over to see him, hangs up and says, "We'll see what you have to say that is so important."

Sami asks why Stefano is trying to keep Sydney from Nicole. Stefano smiles, "I have been trying to say this and you won't shut your mouth. Sydney should be with her mother. Her real mother." Sami scowls.

As of October 1, 2009, the Library of Congress had 5,867 books that started "Once upon a time"

* * * * *

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Monday, October 26, 2009

Agent 99

Carly stands on Bo's front porch. She contemplates the doorbell, but decides breaking the glass would be a lot more fun. She smashes the window and opens the door as Bo hides and watches. Carly walks in. Bo stands on the stairs.


Bo lands on Carly and they go careening across the floor. He gets her in a half-nelson and growls, "You just made a really big mistake!"

Carly looks up at him, "Sorry to drop in on you like this."

Bo does a double-take, "What the hell are you doing here?"

Hope, Justin and Ciara sit in the pub. Ciara pouts because she can't get chocolate chip ice cream. Hope is pleased that Ciara is learning these little life lessons, "That's good honey, if you can't get exactly what you want, be unreasonable." Like mother, like daughter. Hope sends her back to make Caroline miserable for a while, "She has chocolate chip cookies. Tell her you can have two."

Ciara runs off and Hope tells Justin she knows Ciara doesn't want to move. Justin thinks Hope may not be too certain about it herself. Hope wonders if she's making a huge mistake.

Lucas is on the phone talking to Nathan. Nathan asks how his rehab is going. "I'm taking it one day at a time," says Lucas, "which is good since I have trouble counting to two."

Nathan says he's happy Lucas might be coming home soon, but thinks he'll move into Lucas' place anyway. That suits Lucas because he doesn't want to come home to an empty place.

There once was a guy named Lucas
who got drunk and fell on his tookus.
He went away.
We all hoped he'd stay.
Soon, he'll be back in the role of town dufus.

Melanie comes in and hears all this coming home, moving out and moving in talk. She wonders when Nathan was going to break the news that he's moving.

Nicole tells Stefano she and Sydney are a package deal. She threatens to tell all as EJ walks in and greets them with the Salem motto, "What the hell is going on here?"

Stefano looks up, "I think we should discuss the truth. The entire truth."

Carly asks Bo to get off of her.

He accuses her of still barking orders and scolds her for breaking the glass, "What are you doing here looking like Agent 99?"

Carly sighs, "I came here because my life is in danger."

EJ shoves Nicole out of the way and rushes over to check on Stefano. Stefano tells him he is the one who brought Nicole back. He also says Sydney is a DiMera and belongs in their house. EJ says he is tired of all this and insists Sydney is not his daughter. Stefano tells him he doesn't know the whole story. He looks up at Nicole, "Are you gonna tell him or will I?"

Nicole says, "Sure, I'll tell him. EJ, not only did I have a miscarriage and fake my pregnancy, but I also switched babies, so Grace was Mia's baby and you and Sami are Sydney's parents. There. I'm glad it's finally out."

"That's not what I meant," says Stefano, "I meant are you going to tell him his fly is open."

Justin is so concerned because poor widdle Hope isn't smiling. That's because she doesn't have Bo around to torture. Justin thinks this arrangement shouldn't be permanent and she should think things over in the morning. He counsels her not to call Bo, "Maybe you both need time alone."

Nathan tells Lucas he has to go and hangs up. Melanie grills him about leaving and wonders if they shouldn't talk about it. Nathan says there is nothing to talk about since Maggie the Mensch wants him to move, "I promised not to fool around with you here and there is no way I could keep up with my end of that deal." Melanie thinks she should be the one to move out.

Kate storms into Stefano's room and tells him she came as soon as she heard he woke up, "You're alive again!"

You can't keep a good man down," says Stefano.

"When you're stronger," says Kate, "I'll do something about that." Kate kicks Nicole and sonny boy out of the room.

Bo brings a couple of brewskis out and hands one to Carly. She looks at the bottle, "When did you start drinking diet beer?"

"When they started paying us to do product placement."

Bo asks about Lawrence's death. Carly lays it on the line, "I was responsible."

"In what way," asks Bo.

"In the way that I'm the one who stabbed him."

Hope wanders around the Kiriakis mansion, "At least Kate isn't here and Ciara's room isn't down the hall from a homicidal maniac."

"Kate didn't like Chloe," says Justin, "What choice did she have?" We Hope he's being sarcastic, but it's hard to tell.

Hope whines, "Kate, Stefano, Dean... they all got away with it."

Justin points out, "Dean is in prison."

"He'll get out," says the ever-optimistic Hope. As they talk, Victor looks in on the happy couple.

Hope says, "Bo just wants this whole thing to be over with, but its not. It's far from over."

Carly says she had good reason to kill Lawrence. "Oh," scoffs Bo, "Who would be upset about a cold blooded murder as long as you had good reason?"

"I never said it was cold blooded," says Carly, "His blood felt pretty warm when I spewed all over me." Bo rants. He thinks killing is a no-no under any circumstances. Carly picks up a picture of Ciara, "Is this your daughter?"

Bo says it is. Carly says she was outside for a while and saw Hope and Ciara leave with Justin. Bo tells her they're at Victor's place. Carly grills him, finds out Hope and Ciara are there for a while and says she thinks that's good.

Kate says Nicole leaving made her day. Stefano reminds her, "That baby is my grandchild."

"Can't we just buy you another one that has no mother attached," asks Kate.

Stefano says Kate's entrance was perfect, "Elvis, Nicole and I sometime have to have a talk, but not quite yet." Stefano tells her the nurses are sure his latest brush with death is Kate's handiwork, "And my insurance company thinks you are a pre-existing condition."

"If I had tried to kill you," says Kate, "You would be dead." Everyone chuckles.

EJ asks Nicole what Stefano was about to tell. Nicole gulps and stares.

Bo says he's happy his wife and kid moving out works out for Carly. Carly tells him Lawrence's men are after her. "Gee," says Bo, "What a shock. He was powerful and connected and you killed him. By the way, it's also frowned upon for police commissioners to harbor fugitives." Carly claims she killed Lawrence in self defense.

Maggie sits at the bar in the pub and talks to Lucas on her phone. Lucas asks about Nathan and Melanie. Maggie tells him about her tough life as a busybody, and Lucas asks if she wants Nathan to move. "No," says Maggie, "I'll miss him."

"Well," says Lucas, "This is off the top of my head, since there is nothing inside it, but why don't you just butt out?"

Nathan figures Melanie has no place to move. Melanie says she could move in with her good friend Monique. "I'm family," says Nathan, "If I move out, Maggie has to forgive me. Besides, it's not cool for a doctor to be living with his grammy."

"You couldn't get any cooler," says Melanie, " and if you move out, you'd have to make your bed."

Nicole suggests Stefano might need a psych evaluation. EJ says Stefano suggested he knew what Nicole was up to before he got sick. Nicole thinks That's ludicrous. "Right," says EJ, "Because he'd tell me... wouldn't he?"

Hope joins Victor in the study. Victor has provided a nanny in case Bo and Hope decide to run off to Barbados for the weekend. "Or to Vegas for a divorce," says Hope, "Isn't it nice we can talk without me having to read you your rights first? I'm not sure why you're doing this."

"Beware of Greeks bearing gifts, eh," asks Victor. Hope decides to head on upstairs, but can't resists a parting shot. She says she's sorry about all this because she knows how much family means to Victor. She leaves.

Victor stares into his drink, "Bo's an idiot."

Carly tells Bo Lawrence got sick right after they got married. Carly says she loved him, but says the man who recovered wasn't Lawrence, "He did things. Evil things. He forced me to watch DOOL day in and day out." Bo's phone interrupts. He answers.

It's Victor. Bo asks, "Is Ciara OK?"

"Do you care," asks Victor, "Get your ass over here and beg your wife to come home."

Nathan looks for a pen that belonged to Grandpa Tom. Melanie helps. She digs into his bag and finds it. Nathan is grateful and starts to hug he but remembers the house rules and sticks out his hand instead. She tells him to get out before Maggie comes home.

Nathan pouts, "I don't want to say goodbye."

"You will if you hang around me long enough," says Melanie.

Speaking of pouting, Stefano accuses Kate of doing that. He declines to tell her what was happening before she came in, "I also apologize for living and spoiling your exit from Chez DiMera."

"Chez DiMera is pretty boring without you," says Kate, "Those thirtysomethings are pretty damn grim." Stefano asks Kate to tell Nicole he wants to see her, "I'm going to go for broke and let the chips fall where they may."

"You've been watching the baseball playoffs since you woke up, haven't you," asks Kate.

"How did you know," asks Stefano.

"I've been watching them, too," says Kate, "And I can't get the clichés out of my head either."

EJ wants to know why Nicole came back. Nicole says Stefano brought her back. Kate comes out and tells Nicole she has been summoned, "Stefano wants to talk to Nicole first, they you, EJ."

Melanie and Nathan are at the pub sharing ice cream. They have a mini food fight. Cutseyness abounds. Melanie splats ice cream in Nathan's face and vice versa. The giggling gets out of control until evil Maggie walks up, "Am I interrupting."

"Not really," says Melanie.

"Damn," says Mags, "Interrupting is one of my favorite pastimes."

Stefano tells Nicole he doesn't like to be blackmailed. He warns her not to leave town, "I went to your wedding. I don't want to go to your funeral." He shoos her off.

Bo tells Victor he did beg Hope to stay home, "But that didn't work, thank God. Anyway, I can't come over now because something has come up."

"What's more important then your wife and child," snorts Victor.

Bo hangs up. Carly thinks she should leave but Bo convinces her to stay and asks for more details about Lawrence. Carly says, "I don't want to go into details, but whatever happened to Lawrence that made him change was degenerative."

"I'll bet it got progressively worse over time, too," says Bo, "Did he do things to you?"

Carly looks away, "He had to be stopped."

"So you killed him?"

Carly flashes back to the killings, "Yeah, I killed him and I'm sorry... sorry I didn't do it sooner."

Maggie promises not to make a scene. Melanie invites her to sit. Maggie says she doesn't want to intrude. She intrudes and tells them she talked to Lucas and thinks she was wrong to make rules for them. She tells Nathan he doesn't have to move out and tells Melanie she doesn't want her resentment. Nathan says him moving out won't change anything between them. Maggie invites him to Sunday dinner. Nathan accepts, "You two can do the dishes."

Maxine gives Stefano a sedative, "This will have you asleep in two minutes."

"What is it if it's that powerful," asks Stefano.

"It's some of the Propofol returned from Neverland," says Maxine, "Michael Jackson didn't get a chance to use all of his last batch."

EJ comes in. once again he asks Stefano what's going on. Stefano says he will tell in due time. He gets sleepy, "Tomorrow..."

Hope finds Justin on the phone with Adrian. Adrian hangs up on him. Justin wonders if Hope will go back to Bo before she's ready because of Ciara.

Bo wants more information if he's going to help Carly. Carly asks, "If I tell you everything will you help me?" Bo stares.

Hope says she will go back to Bo if she thinks Ciara can't cope with this situation at the Kiriakis mansion. They both decide to head upstairs. Justin tells her this is the worst of it and things will get better.

"When you say it," says Hope, "I almost believe it."

Carly checks in with Omar as Bo brings out another round of brews. He asks, "What happened that led to Lawrence's death."

Mainly," says Carly, "It was the knife stuck in his gut."

Nathan and Melanie are outside. Melaniecoly Melanie thinks she won't see much of him since he's moving out. Smooching ensues.

EJ comes out into the hospital waiting area and finds Nicole holding Sydney. She asks if EJ wants to hold her. Cruel EJ stomps off. Nicole bounces Sydney, "Daddy loves you, so much. Your grandfather is going to ruin everything." She takes out her cell phone and calls Sami.

"Poor is the new rich." ─Sami Brady

Sami doesn't answer, so Nicole leaves a message, "Something is going to happen tomorrow and I need to tell you before you hear it form someone else. By the way, you won't believe how quickly a gal can run through $50,000."

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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Lumis, Ejamis and Safes, Oh My!

It's time to dig into the Prevuze mailbag:

Dear Prevuze:

You have been very tough on Sami for giving the $50,000 to Nicole. But don't you think she did it because she knows deep down on some cosmic maternal level that Sydney is really her baby?

Surely it won't be too much longer before this all comes out and Rafe comes back, adopts Sydney like he did Grace, and the rest of Sami's kids, too and Sami and Rafe can be together forever and ever, reunited with their children as one big happy family.

A Safe Fan

Dear Prevuze:

You have been very tough on Sami for giving the $50,000 to Nicole. But don't you think she did it because she knows deep down on some cosmic maternal level that Sydney is really her baby?

Surely it won't be too much longer before this all comes out and Sami and EJ can be together forever and ever, reunited with their children as one big happy family.

An Ejami Fan

Dear Prevuze:

You have been very tough on Sami for giving the $50,000 to Nicole. But don't you think she did it because she knows deep down on some cosmic maternal level that Sydney is really her baby?

And also that Sydney is Lucas' baby, not EJ's, a fact which I am sure will be revealed in the not-too-distant future. Surely it won't be too much longer before this all comes out and Sami and Lucas can be together forever and ever, reunited with their children as one big happy family.

A Lumi Fan

OK, before we wrap this up and all go out and have a great weekend, anyone else want to check in?

How about it? Fans of...

Alan? Franco? Brandon? Austin? Bueller...

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Salem: A Memory Behind Each Tombstone

Carly comes into the stateroom and announces the patient is asleep and she has to go back and contact Bo. Omar is reluctant to play nursemaid, but Carly's oh, so alluring personality convinces him. She tells him Bo is now the commissioner of police. Omar thinks they don't need no stinkin' law enforcement officials involved. Carly thinks Justin can help, too.

Justin helps Hope pack. He carts a few bags downstairs and asks, "So you're taking your anvils with you?" Bo comes in and catches them in the act.

Hope gasps, "I thought you were at work."

"Obviously," sneers Bo, "Justin. Always good to see you." At the moment, Justin can't say the same.

Sami comes into the Java Café mumbling, "It's a good thing you kept a couple bucks for yourself." Sami the financial whiz must've been the president of AIG before she became unemployed. She flashes back to the point where she backed a truck full of money up to the Nicole-hole and pressed the "DUMP" button, "I had to do it, but it will kill EJ – not that he doesn't deserve it."

Sami's big mouth does it again as EJ drops in from the sky and overhears, "Doesn't deserve what?" I thought you'd be with Nicole."

"She's busy tonight. Spending my money."

Stefano is on the phone ordering Nicole to get off the plane and come to the hospital with Sydney. "Sorry, Stefano," smirks Nicole, "I am finally out of your jurisdiction."

Brady and Arianna bask. He wonders if she's still angry about him sneaking up on her, "If this is how you deal with anger I can't wait to see you happy. I like keeping this a secret. It has adventure to it. Something really bothers you about that doesn't it?" Arianna doesn't want to think about that right now. The thinking stops.

Sami pulls everything out of her purse, turns it upside down and shakes it. Moths fly out. EJ watches the comedy, "Are you strapped for cash?" EJ offers to treat her. Sami don' need no stinkin' treat. She digs deeper and finds a buck. Hey, just $49,999 more and she's back where she started. EJ wants to talk about Johnny.

Stefano tells Nicole she is never out of his jurisdiction. An attendant announces over the intercom, "Please secure all electronics. We are about to depart on our flight to Rio de Janeiro." Stefano hears it and chuckles. He reels off a number of places she should visit while she is there. Nicole tells him it's not her final destination.

Stefano hangs up and makes another call, "Too bad you will never see Rio, Nicole."

Carly puts on her suspicious cat-burglar costume. Omar offers to take her anywhere in the world. Carly declines. Why take the world when you can have Salem?

Sarcastic Bo says he appreciates the fact that Justin isn't taking sides. Hope tells him this is between the two of them. Justin decides this would be a good time to haul a few things to the car. "Don't hurt your back," yells Bo. Hope insists Justin is just helping with her luggage. Bo asks if she's staying with Jugs and Doolie.

Unfortunately there is a delay with Nicole's plane. The intercom crackles with a message that they have to go back to the gate to drop off a passenger. Nicole tells Sydney they just shouldn't care about a little delay because they are headed for Rio. Stefano calls, "Nicole, when your plane reaches the gate, there will be someone there to help you." Goodbye Rio.

EJ tells Sami this afternoon was upsetting to him. He warns her to think carefully before aligning herself with Nicole. He insists Johnny is not going to watch his parents tear themselves apart.

Sami screams, "You drive me insane!"

"Believe me," says EJ, "It's a short drive."

Sami blows her stack, "You did not lose Sydney. You threw her away!"

Brady and Arianna smooch. They have now switched sides in the bed. Kinky. Arianna just wants the rest of the world to go away, "I can't believe it. You are never judgmental or angry like I am."

"Take me to a Cubs game and I'll show you a different side of me," says Brady, "I think we have something going on that's really great and pretty soon there won't be any secrets between us." Arianna zones. Brady says, "I want to know what's going on in your mind."

"How much do you know about that right now," asks Arianna.

"Nothing," says Brady.

"Well," says Arianna, "That's what's usually going on in my mind. They don't call me Ari-head for nothing, you know."
Smooches ensue.

Sami thinks EJ is hurting himself as well as others, "How can you be so stupid?"

"I'm not the one who flushed $50,000 down the old poop-chute."

"And I'm not the one who couldn't tell my wife wasn't pregnant," says Sami, "Why are you so miserable? Why is Nicole hurting? Why is Sydney wondering where her daddy is? This is a fiasco. Nicole loved you. Now she's gone."

Nicole arrives in Stefano's room with a warm greeting, "Why aren't you dead? How did you get them to turn the flight around."

"It took a considerable bite out of my frequent flyer miles," quips Stefano. He scolds her for letting EJ kick her out of the house.

Nicole says if the truth comes out Sami would get her baby back in a heartbeat, "I did this for EJ, so he could keep his child."

Stefano tells her he only brought her back for Sydney, "You are insignificant. All that matters is the baby."

Carly strolls at the pier and flashes back to the time when she met Bo, back when he looked like Braveheart with a beard, "I should call Bo but That's too direct. Justin, it's up to you."

Bo and Hope argue. Your zapper will come in very handy at this juncture. You have heard it all before.

EJ wonders what she meant when she said Nicole is gone. He wants clarification. Sami tells him it's too late. "What are you talking about," asks EJ.

"You," says Sami, "and what you drive others to do. Nicole wanted you to be there when she had her miscarriage but was afraid you would kick her out. And that's exactly what you did. She has left the country to keep her baby. She ran. Broke and scared, but holding on to your daughter and my money."

Nicole tells Stefano she got on the plane because Chad is suing and she knows she will lose. Stefano reminds her Chad isn't the father. Nicole reminds him that can't come out, "If EJ finds out he will kill me or Sami will kill me. Maybe they will take turns killing me."

Stefano erupts, "I told you that you don't matter. Period!"

Bo and Hope. The punching bag and the shrew. The pin cushion and the nag. Bo thinks she has him cornered, "We learned in police academy, that's something you should never do in a volatile situation."

"Was that Police Academy V or Police Academy VI," asks Hope. Bo asks where she is going. She drops the Kiriakis mansion bomb on him. "Please tell me you're joking," begs Bo.

Carly flashes back to her time with Victor, "It is over." She knocks on the Kiriakis mansion door. Henderson answers but finds no one there. He closes the door and Carly comes back. Carly says, "Bo, here I come."

Arianna gets a call. Brady asks her not to take it, but Arianna says she has to. "And they say guys aren't romantic," says Brady, "Let me know when you are done yammering." Arianna flashes back to her arrest. Brady yanks the phone form her, suggests turning it off and turning her on.

EJ says Nicole couldn't have left because she had no money. Then he puts two and two together. He gets five, but that's close enough for a guy with EJ's mental prowess, "So that's where all your money went isn't it?"


"Yes... You helped her. She'll be back and five minutes after that she'll have handcuffs on."

Sami erupts, "You are the same pig headed man you have always been, and you will never see Nicole or Sydney again.

If there were a "Mensa" for morons, Sami Brady would be a charter member. Dues: $50,000.

Nicole rants and suggests they both tell EJ everything they know. Lexie comes in and wants to know what all the commotion is about. "Your father," says Nicole, "has finally pushed me too far."

Brady asks, "What's bothering you?"

Arianna asks, "Besides you?" She decides to stick to non-verbal communication and moves in for another heapin' helpin' of Brady.

Carly flashes back to being buried alive, "Salem. A memory behind each tombstone."

Bo and Hope. Sic Transit Gloria Crap.

EJ and Sami. See the previous comment on Bo and Hope. Sami tells him if it weren't for Chad trying to get custody, Nicole would have stayed in town and raised Sydney, "You still love her. You could have been happy, EJ, if you had a different last name."

"I tried 'Wells' and that didn't work," says EJ. Sami thanks him for the coffee and leaves.

Lexie drags Nicole out and reminds her Stefano is still in critical condition, "Go home. Get some rest." Lexie walks off.

Nicole drones, "I'm not gonna rest and neither are you, Stefano."

Bo and Hope. Ho and Dope. Bo suggests selling the house and starting over. Hope says she loves the house. She asks Bo for a little time. If I were Bo I'd give her about 50 years. Bo watches her walk out, "Watch your back over there."

Hope turns, "You're worried about my safety? I'm worried about yours."

Nicole returns to Stefano's room. She wants to finish their little chat. Stefano admires her tenacity, "You are certainly brave. You are just like like the men at the Alamo. Dead but brave."

Nicole wonders what EJ will do when he finds out Stefano knew all along, "If he finds out Sydney is his child, you can kiss both of them goodbye and Johnny too. Maybe I deserve what's coming to me but you'd better protect me or I swear you will die a miserable lonely old man."

Brady says one day Arianna will realize she can trust him.

Sami sits in her apartment, "Wherever you are my friend I Hope you are doing well. You have 50,000 reasons to be very happy. Mark this day, Sami, you actually miss Nicole."

Stefano tells Nicole people who threaten him regret it. Nicole says they don't have the ammo she does.

Hope and Justin arrive at the Kiriakis mansion. Ciara is off bull riding somewhere. Hope tells Justin she thinks she is making a terrible mistake.

We see a flashlight outside Bo's residence. The intruder has a choice... doorbell or smash the window. Well, a doorbell is so passe. We watch as a gloved hand pokes through the window and glass goes flying everywhere. Bo sneaks down the stairs and watches. The mysterious figure comes inside.


Bo growls, "You just made a big mistake!"

Carly looks at him, "Sorry to drop in on you like this."

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Bleached-Blonde Liars

Hope packs. So apparently, she came home, unpacked everything just to repack it. Whatever. She leaves Ciara's sappy drawing of "Our Family" on the table, just to rip Bo's heart out one last time. Victor arrives and asks if she's going somewhere. "Bo didn't tell you," asks Hope, "Ciara and I are moving... Out of the house."

Arianna is on the phone begging Roman to leave her alone about Brady. She pulls out a pistol and slings it around while she talks. She hangs up and we hear a mysterious sound at the window. This one's for all the guys out there who have a "frightened babe in her nightie with a gun" fetish. Arianna stalks around slinging her nightie this way and the gun that way until she finds a nice dark corner to cower in, gun at the ready, of course.

Stefano asks to see his family, "And by all means I want to see Nicole." Elvis stammers around and says he doesn't know where Nicole is.

The aforementioned Nicole arrives at the DiMera mansion. She uses her key, walks in and finds the place empty. She chirps to Sydney, "It's about time the ball bounced our way, sweetheart."

The ball takes a bad hop. Kate surprises her and squeals, "How dare you come in here unannounced. You need to go, now."

Will and Mia are in a waiting room. Mia sighs. Will tells her she doesn't have to be nervous. Apparently Mickey has recommended they see Justin, Justin case Chad follows through on his threat to take Sydney. They wait... and wait... Justin's door opens. Uh oh. It looks like this is the day for a lot of balls taking bad hops. Chad comes out of Justin's office.

EJ tells Stefano about the big revelation while he was in the coma. "So what happened to Nicole," asks Stefano.

"I kicked her to the bloody curb," says EJ.

"Where is Sydney?"

"With her mother."

Stefano gasps, "OMG, she is with Sami?"

Brady slips in through the window and calls for Arianna. Arianna breathes a sight of relief to see who it is and makes him promise he will never do anything like this again. Brady wants to know why she is shaking.

EJ is confused. Lexie asks if Stefano didn't mean Nicole. "Yes," says Stefano, "I must have mixed up the bleached-blonde liars." Stefano orders EJ to find Nicole and bring her home where she belongs.

Nicole tells Kate she is there for some papers. Kate yanks the house keys from her hand and tells her to ring the bell next time. Nicole goes for the papers. Kate follows her into the rumpus room and watches. Nicole pulls something out of a drawer. Kate see it and grabs it, "Sydney's passport... what are you planning to do with that? Will you be leaving a forwarding address for your hate mail?" Kate wonders how EJ will feel about all this. Nicole reminds her EJ kicked them out and wouldn't want her around. Kate picks up a phone, "We'll see about that."

Brady says he snuck in since they have to keep the relationship a secret, "Since I can't take you on a date I brought the date to you." He opens his knapsack to show her.

CENSORED. She thinks maybe getting back together was a bad idea.

Nicole orders Kate to put the phone down, "I would think getting me as far away as possible would be a dream come true for you. Maybe I'll stay and seduce one of your sons."

Kate is disgusted, "OMG, Nicole, get the hell out of here." Kate reminds her Stefano loves Sydney and will be unhappy if Nicole disappears. Nicole explodes, "I will lay down my life for that little girl. I will trample anyone who gets in the way and that includes you, you hateful bitch."

EJ says he can't bring Sydney home. Stefano thinks he is being callous. EJ yells, "She's not my daughter."

Stefano yells back, "She is."

Victor counsels Hope. He wonders if she really wants to leave, "Don't you at least owe Bo a face-to-face goodbye?" Hope says this is the way it has to be done.

Justin tries to moderate a civil discussion between Chad and Mia. Will uncivilizes things. Justin asks Will to leave, but Mia says she wants him to stay. Will and Chad trade insults. Things heat up until Chad blasts out of his chair, runs around the table and attacks Will.

Nicole apologizes for calling Kate names. Kate is not gracious about the apology. Nicole asks her not to tell EJ they are leaving. Kate agrees. She says she's doing that because it benefits Will and his involvement in the custody suit with Mia.

Stefano blows a gasket. His machines go berserk and he blacks out. Lexie runs to get a doctor.

Brady offers to go if that's what Arianna wants. She wants him to stay and talk. Brady wants to stay and do other things. Brady wins.

Chad and Will have a minor smackdown. Justin pulls Chad off and reminds him assault charges wouldn't help his case. Justin says he wants to help them work out an amicable agreement. Chad doesn't want to do things that way, "This is winner take all." Mia tells him there is no winner if Sydney gets taken away. Except Sydney.

"Away from what," says Chad, "an out of work porn star?"

Justin tosses gasoline onto Chad's fire by telling him he can't take his case, "You failed to disclose everything. If you had been up front about the fact you were taking about Sydney DiMera it might have been different."

Will asks if Justin can help them. Justin rejects that idea too.

Nicole finishes picking up what she came for, "We have everything we need."

Kate gets snotty, "Except for the silverware and the family jewels." Nicole changes her tune and says she just thought of a couple more things she needs to look for. Kate continues to gripe at her, "You really don't want to leave do you?"

They roll the crash cart out of Stefano's room. Lexie turns to EJ, "That was a close call. Too close." She says she doesn't know if Stefano will pull through, "The Phoenix can't live forever. What he was trying to tell you might be a mystery for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Hope says she knows she needs to talk to Bo. Victor thinks it's apparent Hope doesn't want to leave. Hope agrees but says that's what she has to do. Victor says he may have an alternative.

Brady and Arianna picnic on her rug. Brady goes for dessert.

Justin says he has privileged information from both parties so it would be a breech of ethics to involve himself in the case.

"Since when does a lawyer in Salem care about ethics," asks Will.

"We don't," says Justin, "but it sounds good to say things like that."

Chad has had enough. He storms out. Whiny Will asks if Justin can't just give them some advice. Justin turns to Mia, "You didn't give your baby up for adoption. Essentially, you sold her, and there isn't anything legal about it. Even I am not stupid enough to take that loser of a case, but you might try Mickey."

Mia goes into whine overload, "What's-wah-going-wah-to-wah-happen-wah-to-wah-my-wah-little-wah-girl?"

Justin says, "You have to know juries favor biological parents. If you've given up your rights, Chad will probably get custody."


Justin says, "Oh, cut it out, Will."

Nicole looks around the mansion for the last time. She wheels Sydney out, "It's you and me against the world kiddo."

Sydney looks up at her, "Do we still have the $50,000 that idiot lady gave us?"


Sydney makes a call, "Hello, Vegas? I'd like to put $50,000 on the world to win in a rout."

EJ tells Lexie he didn't think this would upset Stefano so much. Lexie reminds EJ how much Stefano loves Sydney. EJ thinks the whole thing doesn't add up, "What if... You know, he was having her followed. What if he knew about this?"

"No," says Lexie, "not in a million years. No."

Victor has invited Hope to stay at the Kiriakis mansion. Hope is reluctant. "If you're worried about the DiMera feud," says Victor, "that has passed. A pax-Kiriakis has replaced it. You will never want for anything in my home." Victor insists he won't have Bo and Hope torn apart on his watch. Hope offers her hand and they shake on it. She agrees to try it and see how it goes.

Brady and Arianna sway and smooch. Brady asks, "Are you sure you want to do this?" Arianna is sure. Brady hauls her onto the bed.

Mia and Will are at the Java Café. Mia says she doesn't know what she will do if Chad wins. Ubiquitous Chad comes in and says his parents are helping him. They have hired a new lawyer and it's the last time Mia will ever see Sydney. He leaves and Will tells her not to let Chad get to her. Hugs.

Nicole and Sydney are on a plane. Sami calls. Nicole picks up, "Sami, I want to thank you again for your unselfish and completely moronic gift of $50,000... No, I don't think it's a good idea for us to keep in touch. It's unlikely, but you might have a lucid moment and want your $50K back. Have a nice life. Maybe we'll see each other in the next one. I figure we're both destined for the lowest circle of hell, so I'm sure we'll bump into each other."

Nicole hangs up and turns to Sydney, "Onward and upward. Goodbye EJ. I will always love you."

EJ begs Stefano to open his eyes. Stefano slowly opens them and looks at EJ, "Sydney... I want to see her."

"Sure," says EJ, "OK. If it makes you feel better I'll get her."

"Thank... you."

EJ asks, "Answer me this. You were about to say something... Father?" Stefano blacks out again. Lexie comes in and says they have to let him rest. They leave. Stefano opens his eyes and stares.

Justin shows up at Bo and Hope's place and says he's looking for Bo. "I understand," says Hope, "No one in their right mind would come looking for me."

Justin says he has a police matter. Hope wonders if he's sticking around town. Justin says Adrian and he could use a little break. He thinks it looks like Hope is moving back in. Hope tells him she's moving to the Kiriakis mansion.

Justin asks, "With Uncle Victor."

"No with Henderson."

Justin says he will do his best to make her and Ciara feel at home until they decide to go back to their real home. He helps her carry her things out. As she goes, Hope stops and takes one more look around.

Victor is at the pub trying to reach Brady, but Brady's phone just goes straight to voicemail. As he makes the call a guy talking on a phone walks behind Victor, "Yeah, That's right. Arianna didn't come in today."

Brady and Arianna bask in the afterglow. Arianna turns it into pre-glow and they go in for round two.

Kate stops EJ in the rumpus room and asks what's wrong. He tells her Stefano woke up, then had another setback, "His situation is precarious. He might not make it. Are you happy? This is what you wanted isn't it?"

The nurse makes Stefano comfortable and leaves. Stefano flashes back to the time when he figured things out with Nicole. He picks up the phone and calls her.

Nicole sits on the plane as the attendant makes the announcement that it's time to turn off all electronic devices as they are about to depart for Rio de Janeiro.

Nicole picks up. Stefano barks, "You come to me with my granddaughter now!"

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