Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas

Lucas is with Sami at her place... well, Marlena's place. "I guess it's true," he says, "Will left a message and said you adopted a baby. Well... That's bull. Tell me who the baby really is."

Chloe arrives at the cabin calling for Lucas. No Lucas. She reaches in her purse takes out her little pregnancy kit and prays, "Dear God, don't let me be pregnant. And if I am, let it be Lucas' baby."

God shakes his head, "Not another who's-the-daddy story line. I can't take it!"

Kate stands outside the cabin door and hesitates before knocking.

Out in the hospital waiting area, Stefano mourns. He rages at Phillip. Phillip says he's sorry. He insists it was an accident. EJ pulls Stefano away. Stefano announces, "I'm going to go see Tony."

EJ asks, "Is he back from the dead already?"

Hope questions Nicole about what happened. Nicole says she is hesitant to answer because she needs to be sure. Hope asks what kind of a deal she struck with Phillip, "Can you say obstruction of justice?" Brady runs up and asks Nicole what she did.

Sami struts around in her off-color baseball cap with a "C" on it. It might be a Cubs hat, it might be a Cincinnati Reds cap, hell it might be a souvenir from the Calgary Stampede. Even Sami's caps have multiple personalities. Sami tells Lucas the baby is hers, "I lost the other one."

"You can't find most of them," says Lucas, "And I think you are lying." He backs her into a corner, "That baby is yours and EJ's."

Phillip apologizes to EJ. EJ wonders if Phillip is sorry Tony is dead or is sorry because it might hurt Titan. Victor tells EJ to back off.

Hope tells Brady Nicole is just a witness, but not a very cooperative one. Nicole says Tony and Phillip got into a fight. "But was it an accident," asks Hope.

"Yes," says Nicole, "Phillip's fist accidentally slammed into Tony's face."

EJ rants about his brother being dead, "Phillip Kiriakis killed my brother."

Brady says, "It's not true." He turns to Nicole, "Tell Hope that it was an accident."

"It was an accident," says Nicole, "I meant to kill him myself."

Nicole asks EJ if Tony talked. "Yes," says EJ.

"What did he say?"

"He said, 'Gsomphorp isst nbd nimolsss.'" EJ says Tony left a written message, "Unfortunately, he didn't write any better than he talked."

Chloe answers a knock at the cabin door and finds Kate. She invites her in. Kate says she wasn't sure she would be welcome, "After what happened in Vegas I wasn't so sure you'd want me here."

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," says Chloe. Kate wants to talk about Lucas, "I have a proposition."

"Well," says Chloe, "You certainly have a lot of experience making propositions."

Sami continues to insist EJ's baby died. Lucas says he cares and just wants to help.

EJ says Tony left a note. He pulls it out. Nicole pipes up, "EJ, don't do this to yourself, or me." EJ hands Hope the note.

Hope looks at the note and gasps, "Tony is going to have to work on his handwriting."

EJ helps her out, "It's one letter, B."

"That certainly narrows things down," says Hope.

Stefano stands in Tony's room and says to himself... and Tony, of course, "This should never have happened. I would have given my life for yours. People call me arrogant. I laugh at that. Now I call myself that. I toyed with you. I thought I could teach you a lesson and then at the time of my own choosing would bring you back to me. But it is never going to happen now. I will never see you smile again, hear your laughter, hear you call me a pompous jerk."

Kate says she wants to make amends and make sure Lucas and Chloe's marriage works, "But you and I are a lot alike. We can't just be domestic. We need our own achievements. I'm even talking about things we can do standing up. Chloe, I am going to make you a star!"


Chloe and Kate hug. Kate says, "You will make a meteoric rise to the top." Then she thinks, "And even a more rapid descent..."

Sami tells Lucas the baby's name is Grace. She says it was heartbreaking when she lost Junior-Junior, "I had love to give a child and no one can understand that except Rafe."

"Will, Allie and Johnny certainly didn't under stand it," says Lucas. He tees off on Rafe, "You were being chased by an assassin and fell for the bodyguard who was practically holding you hostage. That's Stockholm syndrome!"

"Oh goodie," squeals Sami, "Does that count as another mental illness? I'm collecting them."

Stefano says he will live the rest of his life knowing how he treated Tony and what happened because of that, "But if I will pay, so will the people who did this. Your death will be vindicated, or I will die trying."

Tony looks up and asks, "Die trying? Are they going to fire you, too?"

Kate says she will make Chloe a star of a Hearth and Home TV show, "You will be the 'hostess with the mostest.' Until they hear you speak, anyway. Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak."

Chloe gets a good laugh, "OH, I GET IT! This is April first. You're playing an April fool's joke on me."

"I'm serious," insists Kate. She sings Chloe's praises and tells her she can do it. Suddenly, Chloe comes up with a headache and tells her they can continue this conversation tomorrow. Kate starts to leave, but accidentally spills Chloe's purse as she starts to walk out. Of course, the pregnancy kit goes rolling across the floor. Kate picks it up, "Chloe, tell me you're not pregnant."

Sami tells Lucas Rafe, Grace and her bonded.

"It must have been with Crazy Glue," says Lucas. He asks if Rafe will back her story up if he calls him, "Wanna give me that number now or should I wait?"

EJ says Phillip lured Tony to the pier and whatever happened caused Tony's death. He wants Phillip arrested and charged with murder. He turns to Nicole, "It's your call, sweetheart. Tell us what you saw."

Victor asks Phillip if he wants anything. "A big do-over," says Phillip. He tells Victor it wasn't an accident that Tony was at the dock and wasn't an accident they fought, "I had a hand in his death. Now he's dead. I'm going to have to deal with that for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Stefano bawls, rants and screams. Tony looks up, "Would you please quiet down? You could wake the dead."

Chloe tells Kate she hasn't been feeling well, "I just thought I should take that test before I talk to Lucas."

Kate sneers, "Or Daniel."

Chloe gasps, "What?"

"Oh, I forgot," chirps Kate, "he's not your doctor any more. A pregnancy would ruin everything wouldn't it?"

Sami calls Lucas' bluff. Lucas backs down. Sami goes into one of her patented rants. Grace's crying interrupts the meltdown. The baby settles down when Lucas picks her up. Grace settles down, too. Lucas gazes at Grace, "She doesn't look like you... or EJ."

Sami asks, "So you believe me?" Lucas believes.

Hope continues to badger Nicole.

Victor asks, "What are you thinking about?"

"Not much," says Phillip, "That's about all my brain can handle." Phillip says he is thinking about joining the marines again and running away. Victor says he is proud of him.

He asks if Phillip is on good terms with Nicole, "What she says to Hope will determine if you go to jail tonight."

Hope questions. Nicole tells her Tony went up the stairs and the railing gave way, "Phillip wasn't near him."

Hope asks, "You're saying Tony's death was accidental."

Nicole whines, "Yes."

Stefano walks in and booms, "Wrong answer, Nicole."

Chloe tells Kate a child wouldn't ruin everything. Kate thinks, "If you're pregnant, I'll have to postpone my plans for you." Kate refuses to leave until she finds out how the test comes out.

Lucas Horton, pulling girls to sleep is my specialty. Sami says she is going to try to see the good in Chloe. She says she wants Lucas to be happy. He goes over to Grace and tells her to be good for her mommy. He smooches her cheek and says he'll call tomorrow. Lucas leaves as they say a few words about Will the teenage... teenager.

Lucas leaves. Sami goes over to Grace, "I think we're home free."

Nicole insists the death was an accident. Stefano says it was an accident that was planned. Phillip rushes him but Victor blocks. Stefano taunts, "Hiding behind daddy? You sniveling little son of a..." Kate's been called so many despicable things, Stefano can't think of the right word. Hope steps in and tells Stefano the cops will investigate.

"Save your time," threatens Stefano, "I know what needs to be done." He turns to Nicole, "I will never forget your lies." Stefano leaves.

Brady takes Phillip aside. Phillip tells him just because it was an accident doesn't mean it wasn't his fault. Brady wonders what Nicole was doing at the pier.

Nicole and EJ talk. Nicole insists she told the truth. She asks if he is mad at her. EJ says he isn't, "It's not the truth... It's lies that kill." Nicole wants to go home. EJ asks her to wait and goes off.

Victor catches up with Hope out in the hall. He asks if there is a case against Phillip. Hope says unless new info comes to light she won't press charges.

Brady asks Nicole if she is OK, "Did EJ ask how you happened to be on the pier?"

"I told him it was a coincidence," says Nicole. She insists the death was an accident.

"But," asks Brady, "Did you tell the whole truth?"

Hope butts in, "Something I should know?"

Lucas returns to the cabin. He walks in and finds Kate, "I told you in Vegas you shouldn't crash weddings. Guess what, you shouldn't crash honeymoons, either." Kate tells him Chloe's taking a pregnancy test.

"We don't have to worry about that," says Lucas, "They haven't come up with the test yet that Chloe can pass."

Hope mumbles cop talk and leaves. Nicole decides she really doesn't like Hope.

Phillip thanks Nicole for telling the truth. She says she didn't do it out of the kindness of her heart. Phillip asks, "What do you want?"

Sami sits on the couch and reads to Johnny and Allie, "OK, kids. It's bedtime. I just want you guys to know I'm home."

"Who are you again," asks Johnny.

Kate says she's worried because Chloe might not be strong enough to have a baby. Chloe comes out. Kate asks about the results of the test. Chloe stares.

Nicole says she never wants Phillip to think about blackmailing her again. Phillip says he won't. Stefano comes up and questions why Nicole is talking to Phillip, "My God Nicole I can't believe you."

EJ stands over Tony's well-tanned corpse, "It wasn't supposed to end this way. I promise somehow I will find out the truth about what you were trying to tell me."

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Monday, March 30, 2009

And The Gloves Come Off

Sami is at the pub telling Grace why Will is mad at mommy. Outside, Rafe counsels Will. He tells the goof Grace needs Sami. Will thinks that will last until Sami gets distracted.

Inside, Sami continues to tell Grace how much she loves her. Roman walks up, "Who's baby is it?"

"It's mine, Dad," says Sami, "I added to my collection."

Hope grills a reluctant Nicole.

Tony sucks on his tube and writes. He thinks, "I want to see the look on your face when you realize Nicole never gave birth to your baby."

Phillip demands Nicole tell the truth.

"Leave me alone," says Nicole, "I need to think."

"If you need to be alone to think we'd have to clear the hospital." Bo hauls Phillip off and tells him to cool it. Stefano wants Nicole to tell what Phillip did to his son.

Tony struggles and tries to write. EJ wonders if what he has to say can't wait. Tony grunts and continues to write.

Bo tells Stefano to back off. Hope tells Nicole she wants an answer. Phillip struts up and gets in Nicole's face, "Don't be putting a DiMera slant on it, either!"

Bo pushes him away, "Shut your damn mouth. You got to tell your story, now it's her turn to tell hers."

Victor joins the party and tells Phillip not to say another word.

Moody Will stomps off. Rafe catches him and continues to lecture, "The real reason she adopted Grace was because..."


"It was because of you," says Rafe, "Your mother figured she deserved another chance to raise a normal kid.

Roman asks, "What do you mean this is your baby?" Sami says, "I adopted her."

Sami says, "I adopted her."

Roman is in denial, "No you didn't." Stunned Roman sits, "Sami, where is this coming from?"

Sami asks, "You don't' know where babies come from?" She gives him a cock and bull story about finding Grace at the orphanage. Roman doesn't buy it, "OK, Sami, now tell me the truth."

Tony breaks the lead on his pencil. EJ runs out to get another.

Tony thinks, "You have no idea what's coming to you, brother."


Bo says he thinks Phillip is telling the truth. Stefano insists Nicole tell Bo Phillip pushed Anthony.

Rafe says Sami was in witless protection program and thought she would never see Will again so she adopted Grace. Even Will can see how stupid that is.

Roman gives Sami the third degree as Caroline watches. Roman thinks Sami might have been just a little impulsive. Sami insists she wasn't. She asks Roman to support and help her. Roman realizes he raised a nitwit and refuses to play along. Caroline arranges flowers. I believe they might just be Buttinias.

Stefano tells Nicole if she considers herself a DiMera to tell them Phillip did this. Lexie steps in and tells him to back off. Bo does the same. Hope says she wants that statement. Nicole screams, "I'm too upset to make a statement now. Just leave me alone." As she walks away and reminds Hope the last time they talked she arrested her for a murder she didn't commit.

Victor tells Phillip he thinks he was doing whatever he could to get the blueprints after he was fired. Bo interrupts just to tell Phillip he'd better hope Nicole backs up his story.

Rafe tells Will to cut Sami some slack. Will explodes, "I've been cutting my mom some slack for sixteen years. In fact, I must be pretty good at it because everyone calls me a slacker."

Rafe defends Sami. He says her kids were alls she talked and thought about in the safehouse, "You're sixteen. You're not the only person in the world. When I was sixteen... just forget it."

Sami goes bonkers and rants at Roman for trying to tell her what to do. Caroline comes up and defends Sami.

Victor thinks he should give Phillip hell for going up against Tony, but he knows Phillip did it since he was pushing him. He apologizes.

Stefano says he wants answers and wants them now. Hope wonders why Stefano is more focused on blaming Phillip than he is on Tony's recovery. Stefano insists he is concerned about Tony and leaves.

Lexie tells Nicole not to let Stefano get to her. Nicole asks if Tony will live. Grim Lexie says, "His chances aren't good. With me as his doctor, his fate is practically sealed."

Nicole snaps her fingers, "Drat the bad luck."

As she leaves Lexie tells Nicole Tony is trying to write something for EJ.

EJ tells Tony Anna is on the way. He encourages him to forget about the message as Nicole walks in. Lexie follows, "What the hell is going on here?"

Caroline sits with Roman and Sami. She welcomes Grace to the circus known as the Brady family. She reminds Roman the timing wasn't good when they adopted Max and Frankie, "And they turned out OK. Frankie got out of town as fast as he could and Max ruined his racing career and went on a mission to have sex with every niece he could get his hands on." Roman reminds Caroline she had OMB to help, but Sami is alone.

Sami jumps in, "I am going into this with my eyes open and my mind closed."

Roman asks if Will has seen her. Sami is silent. Score one for Roman, "Ah... I guess that didn't' go so well, huh?"

The Will vs. Rafe smackdown continues. Rafe tells Will if he backed off that would make Sami very happy.

Lexie lectures Nicole and throws her and EJ out. They leave and Lexie tells Tony to calm down. Outside, EJ says Tony is upset, but having difficulty writing about it.

"The inability to write is common on this show," says Nicole. Hope walks up and continues to badger Nicole for a statement. EJ goes back to talk to Tony. Hope stares. Nicole stares.

Caroline sings the praises of having a huge litter of rugrats around. Sami says she has to leave to buy formula. Caroline congratulates her and granddad. Sami thanks her for her support. Roman softens and smiles.

Phillip says, "I was in charge of the computers when the DiMeras sabotaged them. I would have fired me too." Victor wants to make sure Phillip isn't charged with a felony.

Stefano steps up and threatens, "Charges against Phillip are the least of your worries."

Hope asks Nicole what happened at the pier. Bo pulls Hope away. Nicole whispers, "I swear, Tony, you'd better not say anything to EJ."

EJ watches as Lexie forbids Tony to try to write anything else. "That's OK," says Tony, "I was having a major case of writer's block anyway."

Lexie announces she has to go consult with Daniel, "I want to spread the liability for the malpractice lawsuit to as many doctors as I can." On the way out, she gives EJ the look of death.

EJ tells Tony to relax and gives him a pad and pencil. Tony says, "But this is against doctor's orders."

EJ reminds him, "That doctor was Lexie." Tony decides he'd better start writing.

Will agrees to help Sami but says he won't accept Grace as his sister, "I'll bet in six months she'll forget Grace just like she forgot me." Rafe tells him to get with the program, "Wrap your head around it."

"If I'm going to do that, it had better be a small program," says Will. Rafe leaves.

Roman agrees to be all happy-happy about Grace. He says he meant what he said but he's proud of Sami for ruining the life of yet another kid.

Caroline returns and asks Roman if he's on board. He says he is. Caroline leaves. Roman gets all sappy. Sami thanks and hugs him.

Tony struggles to write. Suddenly, his arm drops and dangles over the side of the bed.

Victor says he hopes that wasn't a threat. Stefano rambles, "You know, in the past, we almost joined forces, but then you take over Titan, can't take the pressure and the gloves come off."

Nicole tells Hope she can't tell her what happened.

Tony's machines go berserk. A doctor rushes in and panics.

Sami and Rafe are outside the pub. Sami tells Rafe Roman bought her orphanage story. Will joins them and Rafe walks away. Will saps out and tells her he wants things to be cool. He says he will help out and see how it goes. Sami hugs. Rafe watches. "I'll be home for dinner," says Will, "as long as you're not cooking." He leaves.

Rafe comes back and Sami says she can't believe the turnaround, "I wonder what happened."

"He's your kid," says Rafe, "Maybe he's bipolar too."

The crash cart team comes flying into Tony's room. EJ stands in the hallway and looks at Tony's scribbled message

Victor says he sympathizes about Tony but says he doesn't want any threats. Stefano insists he doesn't make threats, "If your son is responsible for my son's death, then you can expect me to do what any father would do."

"How can you disown and fire him after he's dead," asks Victor.

Nicole says she has to know if Tony is going to be OK before she makes up her story.

Lexie stands behind the doc as she commands the crash cart team.


Dr. Morbid stops the attempt, "I'm calling it."

Bones looks up at Kirk, "He's dead, Jim."

Lexie the consummate professional orders an assistant, "Please note the time of death." Lexie bawls.

EJ comes out to the waiting crowd. Nicole rushes up, "Is Tony..."

"He had a heart attack," says EJ.

Lexie comes out bearing the bad news, "We did everything we could, except get him a competent doctor. He's gone."

Tears, tears, tears.

Nicole breathes a sigh of relief.

Stefano stares at Phillip.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Will and Grace

Grace's McChristening concludes. Father Mac christens her Grace Raphaela Brady. Rafe is stunned.

Daniel assures Stefano he's trying to save Tony. Stefano gets indignant about Tony being treated by a Kiriakis godson.

Bo grills Phillip. He tells Bo Nicole was a witness and will back up his story.

Nicole wanders around Tony's room. She sees Tony is awake, "You and I need to have a little chat."

Stefano says he wants to see Tony immediately. Daniel says he'll arrange that as soon as it's possible, but not right now. Stefano wants Lexie as the doctor. Daniel forbids it since Lexie is Tony's sister, but Stefano insists. Daniel relents and says he'll care for Tony until Lexie comes and kills him off.

Nicole tells Tony he looks awful. She says she knows what Tony was planning to do to her. She's not glad this happened to him, "But I wanna make sure that you never say a word." Tony looks up at her and sucks on his tube.

Father Mack wishes them well. As he leaves, he hands them the complimentary box of Tyson Anytizers the church is giving away with each baptism. Rafe assures Sami things will be fine, "II got your back."

Hilda's ghost leans in and whispers to Sami, "He had my back too. It's the rest of you that you have to be worried about."

Stefano hyperventilates and vows Tony will not die. He goes to get a nurse to take him to see Tony.

Nicole taunts Tony. She tells him she saved his life by calling the ambulance, "You owe me your life. So you'll keep your mouth shut. Agreed?" Say something. Tony stares at her and sucks.

A nurse comes in and says Tony can't talk. Nicole finds that veeery interesting.

Stefano whines around about what he said to Tony and how much he regrets it. EJ reminds Stefano that Tony betrayed him. Stefano the old softie breaks down.

Stefano goes soft on Tony after his fall. The old gray DiMera ain't what he used to be.

EJ wonders where Nicole is as Lexie rushes up. Stefano points to Phillip, "That SOB tried to kill your brother."

Phillip continues to fill Bo in. Bo calls Hope, "I'm gonna need you at the hospital – ICU."

"Hope asks, "How is that possible? There is no camera on this phone."

Rafe lights a candle as Sami tells Grace Rafe will (say it with her) be there for her. Rafe tells Grace he's out of a job. Sami assures him he'll get a great job somewhere. She can't believe Rafe turned down a job for her. She runs to get her coat. Rafe tells Grace he's in charge now.

Hilda's ghost reappears and tells Grace she'd better watch it.

Bo thinks Phillip was tense when he called Hope and thinks he's keeping something from him.

Nicole asks if Tony will be able to speak when he recovers. The nurse says he will. Nicole leaves. Tony sucks.

Lexie says she can't be Tony's doctor because she is his sister. Also because she doesn't know what she is doing, "So where is Anna?"

EJ says, "She's at the home for unemployed actors. I'll go call her." Stefano insists this wasn't an accident, "The person who made it happen is going to pay dearly."

Rafe babbles to Grace. Sami comes back and listens. Rafe goes on, "You are my Princess Grace... No, you are my Amazing Grace. That's what I am going to call you."

"Call me a doctor instead," says Grace, "I think I'm going to hurl."

Rafe and Sami arrive at the pub. Rafe tells her if she handles it right, her adoption scheme will work. He goes to the bar, "Hey, Pete, we'd like a couple of turkey burgers."

"We're out of turkey burgers," says Pete, "But I can rustle you up some Tyson's Anytizers." He holds a box up to the camera, "They're as chewy as cardboard and taste like it, too."

Will comes into the pub and heads for Sami's table, "Who's baby is that?"

Tony sucks. Nicole comes back in and tells him they have to come up with some sort of agreement. She rants as Tony's machines beep faster. Daniel walks in and asks what she is doing there.

Bo continues to give Phillip the third degree. Hope finds them and Bo tells her about the fight. Phillip insists he's innocent. Bo starts to call Victor but Phillip asks him not to, "OK, I'll talk."

Nicole says she came in because she was concerned about Tony. Tony's machines ramp up the beeping, and then he goes flatline.


Lexie suggests Stefano calm down and says she will keep him informed. EJ says he called Anna in Chicago and she's on the way.

The medical team flies into Tony's room with the Shawn Brady Memorial Crash Cart. Daniel has everyone stand back.


Tony yells, "Thank you sir! May I have another sir!"

Nicole walks up to EJ and Stefano and says she went to see Tony, "I don't think I was supposed to be in there... I think he's dying." Grim faces all around.

Sami can't believe Will blew off his dad to play basketball. Will is his usual snotmouth self. Sami can't believe he doesn't want to spend time with his dad. "He's got a weird sense of humor," says Will.

"Go easy on him," says Sami, "Cut him some slack. But keep him away from fire extinguishers and paint cans and always check to make sure the salt shaker cap is on tight if he's been around. But I have some terrific news. I want to introduce you to your new sister."


Will is certain Sami must be joking, "Hi Grace I'm Will we can start a show and call it Will and Grace."

Sami says, "I'm serious Will."

Will is shocked, "Mom are you nutty?"

"As a Stuckey's Pecan Log," says Sami, "But she's still your sister."

Phillip swears Tony's fall was an accident. Hope wants to talk to Nicole. Phillip says Nicole is liable to say anything.

Daniel comes out. Stefano rushes up to him, "How's my son?" Daniel gives everyone his grim look of death.

Sami tries to explain how the adoption happened. Will thinks the whole thing is bogus, "You lie any time you feel like it. You just make stuff up. I heard you talking about Grace on the phone and I asked about her and you told me you said 'great,' not 'Grace.' You lie to my face as usual." Rafe walks up. Will asks if he knew about the baby. Sami says he did. Rafe decides this would be a good time to head for the hills and make a call.

Sami apologizes. Will broods, "What about Johnny and Allie?"


Daniel says Tony is stable, but he's still not out of the woods, "But I have some good news. The hospital is giving out complimentary samples of Tyson's Anytizers with every defibrillation." He passes them out.

Bo and Hope sample them. Hope asks, "What is this? It kind of tastes like chicken, but it's really tough."

"I think they're trying to come up with chicken flavored bubble gum," says Bo.

Nicole tells EJ she knows he and Tony have differences but they also have a lot in common. EJ says he was relieved when Tony said he was leaving town, "He's been tense since father asked me to lead the company. Now I may never see him again."

Hope asks Daniel about Tony, "Do his injuries look like the result of an accident?"

Daniel says, "His injuries look like the result of hitting the ground really hard."

Will says he isn't sure why he is upset, "Things were just screwed up when I was little. There were times I needed you and you just weren't (say it with him) there for me."

Sami says she will never be able to apologize enough for that.

"Now you have a new kid," says Will, "It's just wrong." Sami insists she is Grace's best chance for a good life.

"Wow," says Will, "The kid's only a few weeks old and she's already hit rock bottom."

Daniel tells Hope he can't tell if Tony slipped or was pushed.

Lexie tells Stefano she asked Tony if he was all right and Tony shook his head no. She goes back in.

Back inside, Lexie asks Tony if he can write. She hands him a notepad. Tony scribbles a note and hands it back to her. Lexie reads, "Please get this bedpan out from under me." She goes to get EJ. Tony sucks.

Sami says she's sorry Will feels abandoned, but she loves him, just not enough to keep him around, "Grace will need you to be her big brother."

Will snorts, "You mean just like my mom was (say it with him) there for me?" He tells her he's sleeping at Caroline's tonight and stomps out.

Rafe finds Will outside and says he knows it's a weird situation for him., "There is something about Grace you should know."

Hope wants to talk to Nicole. EJ leaves to see Tony.

EJ and Lexie walk into Tony's room. Lexie fills EJ in and then gets a page saying his test results are in. She leaves. EJ wheels up a stool, "Well, it looks like someone finally found a way to shut you up." Tony writes something on his pad. EJ stares. Tony sucks.

Stefano watches as Hope grills Nicole. She asks if Phillip's story is true.

Tony continues to write. EJ asks, "I'm curious Tony. What's so important that you feel you have to write it."

Tony sucks like a bad episode of DOOL. This one, for example.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hangin' With His Homies

Rafe and Sami are at the safe house. Sami tells him she kind of misses the place, "A lot of special things happened here."

Rafe reminds her, "You hated it here."

"No," says Sami, "That was one of my other personalities."

Daniel congratulates Chloe on the wedding, "I want you to know... I apologize for all the pain I've caused."

A gal from the audience walks up onto the stage and accepts Daniel's apology on behalf of the viewers.

Chloe, on the other hand, tells him there is nothing to forgive. Lucas walks in and contemplates their longing gazes at each other.

Stefano tells EJ Tony is dead to him. EJ thinks there is more to this. He thinks Tony is keeping something from them and it involves Nicole somehow.


Phillip roughs Tony up and demands the project plans. Tony defies him, "You ain't getting a thing from me."


Bo is on the phone barking orders, "He's lucky I don't fire his ass!" Hope finds him and gives him a smooch as Bo hangs up the phone. Hope turns into ice woman because he canceled their date last night. Bo tries to make excuses, but Hope thinks it was because he didn't want to be with her. She lectures and rants, "I need the truth."

Jack Nicholson shoves Bo out of the way and screams, "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!"

Tony and Phillip square off and toss insults back and forth. Phillip attacks again. He rushes Tony, who calmly steps aside and gives him a patented John Black karate chop. Phillip goes flying.

Lucas joins the crowd. Chloe asks where will is. "He's hangin' with his homies and playing b-ball."

"Gosh," says Chloe, "When did you get to be so hip?"

"I didn't," says Lucas, "I have no idea what that means, Thats' just what Will said when he called me to say where he was."

Chloe goes in for her appointment. Lucas says he appreciates everything Daniel has done for him, "If you and I hadn't talked, I don't think we'd be married at all. Thanks for everything you've done for Chloe."

"It was my pleasure."

Sami reminisces about the wonderful times they had in the safe house, "I want to thank you for saving my life."

Hilda's ghost materializes, "Yeah, it'd be nice if I could thank him for the same thing."

EJ and Stefano continue to speculate on what's up with Tony. Stefano thinks Tony is jealous of Elvis and just wants attention. EJ thinks it's more than that because of the Alternative Fuels Project. Stefano agrees, "You're right. He's a traitorous SOB."

Phillip picks himself up and dusts himself off, "Bastard!"

Tony is aloof, "Clumsy clod."

Phillip calls him a string of names, "You're the black sheep of your family... a washed up has been."

"You're wrong," says Tony, "I'm sure I'll be able to find an acting job somewhere."

Tony turns and walks up the steps. He turns to say something, slips and does a double reverse half-gainer with a twist, crashing down onto the ground below below. The people in the front row hold up their signs, 9.9... 9.8... 9.9... 10... 9.9...


Bo tells Hope he's had more visions. Hope figures out Bo now knows who the guy is.

Sami and Rafe are at the convent. Rafe gets a call and goes off to take it. Sami babbles to Grace as Sister Agnes comes in. The Sister knows who Sami is and tells her she was there when Rafe was a kid. Sami asks, "I wondered if I could ask you about his past. I'd like to know more about Rafe. But if he asks about my past, mum's the word."

Stefano rages about Tony. EJ tries to slow down the runaway train. Stefano won't have it. He decides Tony is going to pay. EJ tells Stefano he is the one who created this monster.

Tony lies on the ground gasping and bleeding. Nicole runs up. Phillip panics and screams, "Call 911!" Nicole flashes back to Tony's threat and decides 911 can wait.

Lucas continues to shower praise on Daniel, "I think things really worked out well with us eloping. I'm sorry my mom missed the ceremony, though."

"Yeah," says Daniel, "she was looking forward to a big affair... uh, I mean event."

Lucas gushes on, "I have to tell you, though, it made me feel like a ten year old idiot having my mother there."

Prevuze sits stunned, hardly believing the ten year old idiot left the door open like that.

"A ten year old idiot," repeats Daniel, "When did you get to be that mature?" Daniel gets a page and walks off.

Bo accuses Hope of not trusting him. She apologizes. He apologizes for bailing on their date night, and then changes the subject. They talk about Chelsea moving in with Stephanie. Hope tells him Chelsea will be with Max no matter where she is, "What happened to the guy in the leather jacket?"

"He grew up," says Bo.

"Not that guy," says Hope, "I was asking about you. Chelsea is concerned about you and me... You saw who it was in your vision, didn't you?"

Sister Agnes says Sami is just like Rafe described her. Sami wonders what that means and asks what Rafe was like as a kid. Agnes says he was shy, funny, opinionated, stubborn and had a rebellious streak. Sami asks about his parents. Sister Agnes clams up. Sami presses. Sister Agnes says, "There has been a tragedy in Rafe's life, besides meeting you, that is."

Nicole stands frozen and Phillip screams, "CALL 911!"

Nicole takes out her phone and asks Phillip, "Do you have the number?"

EJ says he doesn't condone what Tony has done, but says Stefano pushed him out of the family and it is obvious Tony would retaliate. Stefano insists he gave Tony every opportunity to get with the program.

"Especially those 20 years on the deserted island," says EJ.

Alas, There will be no compassion from Stefano, "Anthony has crossed the line! He is no longer my son. HE IS DEAD TO ME!"

EJ gets a call. Nicole tells him about Tony's fall. EJ hangs up and tells Stefano what happened, "Apparently, he's dead to everyone."

Phillip says, "The paramedic says Tony has lost a lot of blood, but should be OK."

Nicole says, "Yeah, but the paramedic was from Salem Hospital. I'll start making the funeral arrangements."

Bo tells Hope she's forcing him to talk about the thoughts he's trying to suppress. He says he'll make it up to her for missing last night. Hope gets a call and decides she'd better go. On the way out she asks Bo to pick up Ciara's prescription.

"Sure," says Bo, "Does that mean you know where she is? " Bo heads upstairs to say goodbye to Ma and Hope heads for the station.

Sister Agnes can't tell Sami everything, "But he's a good man with a good heart and I Hope he can find someone who can accept who he is and not try to change him."

Rafe walks in and asks what's going on, "Are you two talking about me?"

EJ and Nicole meet at the hospital. Stefano brings up the rear. Nicole says, "There was a fight."

"Who," asks Stefano.

Phillip rushes in, "It was me."

Chloe and Lucas are at the pub. Chloe broods and whines, "Dr. Van Allen has retired. Now I don't have a doctor and have to find a new one." Loserclueless suggests Daniel. Chloe sloughs that off. She tells him she doesn't feel very well. Lucas Runs to call an ambulance.

Sister Agnes gets up, "Well, I have business to attend to while Sister Teresa is away."

"Sami whines, "Oh, she's not here? I wanted to say goodbye."

"Sister Teresa realized you would want to see her," says Sister Agnes, "so she left town in a hurry. But you both can come again." On her way out, she whispers to Rafe, "You were right about this woman."

After Sister Agnes has left, Sami tells Rafe she heard that and asks what it meant. Rafe says, "It means you're a handful for sticking your little nose in where it doesn't belong." He tells her the call about the job didn't work out.

"That's all right," says Sami, "I'm a sucker for unemployed guys."

EJ wants to know what Tony and Phillip were fighting about. "As if you didn't know," sneers Phillip, "I thought you DiMeras didn't keep secrets."

Stefano has done a complete 180° and gets in Phillip's face, one of them anyway, "IF YOU SO MUCH AS LAID A FINGER ON MY SON..."

All hell breaks loose.

Sami asks Rafe if he would like to attend an instant christening on the way home. Rafe agrees. "I have a favor to ask," says Sami.

Rafe asks, "This doesn't involve laughing penguins, does it?"

Sami hesitates, "I was wondering if you would be Grace's godfather." Rafe gives his Neanderthal stare, and then agrees.

Chloe says, "I'm nauseous."

"You certainly are," says Lucas. He gets a call and leaves to take it before the hurling starts, "What? NO! I said 25 not 250!" He goes back to the table and tells Chloe he's off to fix things, "I swear, sometimes it's like talking to a chimp."

"You mean the guy on the phone," asks Chloe.

"No," says Lucas, "I was referring to my conversation with you."

It's a rumble in the ER. Bo single-handedly breaks up the fight. He takes Phillip aside and asks what's going on, "Were you involved with Tony?" Phillip tells him about the fight. Bo rants, "I have covered your ass too many times!"

"No you haven't," protests Phillip, "That's one of my fake parts."

Daniel walks out and gives everyone the stare of death, "I have some bad news."


Rafe, Grace and Sami are at St. Luke's. Rafe is distracted. Sami asks why. He says he's not sure what to do as a godfather. Sami instructs him, "Just pray for her and (say it with her) be there for her and protect her. You'll do fine."

Father Mac walks in. Sami makes the introductions. She says the real father won't be there. "No family or friends," asks Father Mac.

"Rafe is all Grace needs."

Grim Daniel makes the devastating announcement, "We did everything we could to stop the bleeding...."

The crowd reacts, "GASP! OH, NO! OMG! HE'S DEAD, ISN'T HE?"

"Hell no," says Daniel, "It's just a little scratch."

Meanwhile, back at the pub, Chloe checks her birth control pill dispenser, "OMG! NO! HOW COULD I FORGET? Let's see... Monday... Tuesday... Wednesday... WhosTheDaddy-day..."

The McChristening is in full swing.

Phillip tells Bo what happened at the pier, "Tony stumbled. It was an accident."

"So," asks the top-cop, "That's how it went down?"

"That's how Tony went down," says Phillip, "Ask Nicole. She saw it all. She was a witness."

Nicole sneaks into Tony's room. Tony's eyes pop open. Nicole stares.

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Late Posting 03/26/09

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Very Deadly

Phillip wanders around the mansion and finds Brady. He congratulates him for becoming the new CEO of Titan.

Rafe comes into the pub as Sami makes arrangements to go pick up Grace. She says hi and he says they don't have anything to say to each other.

"You're right about that," grumbles Sami.

EJ finds Jeeves and asks where Nicole went. "She left rather in a hurry, sir," says Jeeves.

Nicole meets Mia in the seedy part of town and confronts her about telling Tony.

Stefano finds Tony packing. Tony tells him he's leaving permanently.

Chloe and Lucas stroll at the docks. Lucas gets all smoochie, "The smell of stagnant river water with oil floating on top really turns me on." He tells her he's glad they eloped but, horror or horrors, senses something is wrong. Chloe says, "Kate wanted us to get an annulment. I can't get that out of my mind."

"Don't worry about it," says Lucas, "If it's in your mind, it'll die of loneliness."

Daniel finds Kate at the hospital.

Tony says he won't stay there just to be dismissed and belittled. He says he realizes EJ is the heir-apparent so he's decided to move out. Stefano protests, "But you and Elvis are equal in my eyes."

"OMG," says Tony, "I had no idea you thought I was that big of an idiot." Tony starts to leave as Stefano forbids him to go. Tony soughs it off and walks out. Stefano tosses a suitcase across the room and then does a little heavy-breathing and chest clutching.

Nicole asks how Mia could be so cruel. Mia says she came back because she felt lonely. She says it was a mistake to go to the mansion, but she wanted to see her baby, "Tony would not hurt an innocent little baby would he?"

"Tony would sell his own mother if he thought it would hurt EJ," says Nicole, "What you did will destroy my life."

Tony comes into the rumpus room to see EJ.

Since Sami and Rafe have already agreed they have nothing to say to each other, Sami decides it's time to talk. She chases after him and tells him she's going to get Grace. Rafe plays it cool, excuses himself and goes to make a call. As he does so, Abe comes up and finds Sami. Big reunion. Abe apologizes for not being able to get Rafe a position with the SPD. "Was he overqualified," asks Sami.

Abe glances over and sees Rafe tying his shoe, "If he can do that, he's overqualified. But you know, he thinks a great deal of you considering what he gave up to stay in Salem."

Phillip tells Brady about Victor disowning him. He says he will do whatever he has to in order to win this one.

Nicole grills Mia about what she said to Tony. Mia says the info about the baby just came out and then she ran. Nicole says if EJ finds out he will throw her out on the street, "This is Tony we're talking about – he could strike at any minute."

"What good would it do if he went on strike," asks Mia, "they already fired him."

EJ asks Tony if he's staying for the wedding. Tony mocks him about thinking only of himself, "Ah, the wedding. Things could change... will change, little brother." Tony gives him his evil laugh.

EJ wonders what's up, "Is something wrong?"

Tony says, "There is something definitely wrong and I think it's time you found out about it. Your fly is open."

Chloe tells Lucas something has changed, "All of a sudden it's like Kate thinks I'm not good enough for you. She's acting all fake."

Lucas is indignant, "Did you just call my mother a phony?" He rants about that and then calms down, "OK. We're cool. Stop worrying so much." Lucas decides something is wrong with Chloe and says he wants to take her to the hospital to have her checked out.

Abe tells Sami about Rafe turning down the NYPD position. He gets a call. Sami rushes after Rafe and catches him outside. She tells him she found out what he did for her, "I guess we're not that different after all."

"No we're not," says Rafe, "except there are a lot less tears when I do stupid things."

Stefano interrupts and tells Tony he's not going anywhere, "If you disobey I will cut you off without a penny." Tony reminds Stefano he has businesses all around the world and doesn't need any of Stefano's stinkin' old pennies, "And not only that, I have a new project worth billions. It's the Alternative Fuels Project, the one you threw away." Stefano forbids him to have anything to do with the project. Tony tells him to shove it.

Kate tells Daniel she was totally wrong. Consider it forgotten says Daniel. Kate forgets it for five seconds and then brings it up again. She tells Daniel how happy Chloe and Lucas were after the ceremony, "Apologies are never easy but you made this quite easy. But you always do the right thing." Daniel gives her an aw shucks as Kate raves about his medical skill. She says she can't believe he knew about that new drug that saved her life, "What was it again?"

Daniel tells her, "Leukosystine."

Brady tells Phillip they can make this right. Phillip tells him to forget it. Brady says, "If you're thinking of stealing the plans from Tony, I've already tried that and it didn't work."

"Maybe it would work if someone with half a brain tried it," says Phillip, "What I'd like to know is why you tried it."

Tony tells EJ he's about to get the surprise of his life.

"I don't know about that," says EJ, "There have been a lot of surprises in the twelve years I've been around. But I'll tell you this: the Alternative Fuels Project will never see the light of day."

Stefano steps in and suggests they be reasonable, "We are family. We must work together. I love you both."

Tony snorts, "You have no use for me and I have no use for you or your latest protégé."

Stefano gets nasty, "You are dead to me."

"That's OK," says Tony, "People come back from the dead on this show all the time." Stefano leaves.

Kate thanks Daniel for being so understanding. Daniel leaves and a nurse walks up to Kate. They make small talk and Kate brings the conversation around to the experimental drug Daniel used on her, "Dr. Jonas told me the drug can't even be detected in a blood test."

"That's right ," says the nurse, "It can be very deadly." She shows Kate a cabinet behind them. Above the cabinet is a blinking neon sign that says, "DEADLY DRUGS KEPT IN THIS UNLOCKED CABINET."

Brady tells Phillip he wanted the blueprints and tried to get them but it was a bust. He suggests they work together. Phillip says he doesn't need anyone's help. He stomps out. Out in the foyer he makes a call, "Is it ready? Do it. Do it now!"

Tony and EJ argue. Tony tells him he's blind. He gets a call and says an associate is coming in from Scotland and their conversation has to wait. He decides he's going to let EJ twist in the wind until he can round up the whole family and have an audience for the big reveal. Tony leaves. EJ stares.

Mia says she understands what Nicole wants her to do. When Tony drops the bomb and Mia will come and tell them Mr. DiMera is lying. Nicole coaches her to be convincing. They practice Mia's big speech. Mia apologizes for doing this to Nicole.

A gal in the audience stands up and shouts, "What about what you're doing to us?"

Nicole worries that EJ will never let go of this.

Rafe wants to know who told Sami. Sami wants to know why Rafe would do something like that. She speculates that he wants to stay in Salem to "help" her, "But I know you care... You DO care, right?"

Rafe consults the Guy Manual, "When in doubt, kiss her." Rafe moves in and plants a big one on her.


Lucas and Chloe walk into the hospital find Kate as she hovers around the open medicine cabinet. Lucas tells her Chloe is tired and stressed, "I want someone to look at her."

"I'm sure Daniel will volunteer for that job," says Kate. Lucas also drops the bomb about Victor firing Phillip.

Sami and Rafe continue. They finally come up for air, but not for long. Sami revs things up again.

Lucas says he'll go get Will and then come back to pick Chloe up. Lucas scoots. Of course, Daniel bumps into her. She thanks him for backing off. "I'm happy if you're happy," says Daniel, "Are you happy."

"I'm happy."

EJ calls Nicole and tells her Tony is up to something, "Tony and Arna are apparently moving to New York. He wants a family gathering to make some kind of horrible announcement. If you bump into him give him a wide berth."

"In case you haven't noticed," says Nicole, "I can't give birth to anything." Nicole plays like the call breaks up. She turns to Mia and says she won't let Tony get away with this, and then runs off.

Brady confronts Victor about firing Phillip. As they argue, Kate storms into the room, "What in God's name is wrong with you? How could you hurt our son like this?"

Sami... Rafe... need to get a room... "We are still completely different says Rafe. You do stuff off the wall."

"I can't help it," says Sami, "You do to."

"I don't, actually," says Rafe, "I usually incorporate logic. Maybe it's a guy thing."

"Not for the guys in this town," says Sami. They sit down on a bench – it's not a park bench, because there is only one of those in town – and go back to groping each other. Sami says she figures this is where the lecture about bringing Grace home comes. Rafe soft pedals it but says now the DiMeras will be watching her. Sami says she has to go get Grace right now. She starts to leave but Rafe says he'll go with her.

Kate lectures. Victor scowls. "I despise you," shouts Kate, "You are out of my life!"

Down in the audience, a vendor walks through the aisles selling scorecards so viewers can keep track of who has disowned whom.

Kate leaves and Brady picks up where she left off, "Phillip is out there planning to do something destructive."

Tony wanders by the pier looking for "Mac." Instead, Phillip walks up, "Mac is still on the plane."

Tony gasps, "You sent that text message."

"Some of my geeks are really good," says Phillip, "They can't figure out how to prevent sabotage on my computer system but they can figure out how to send text messages." Phillip wants to continue their conversation.

"You can beg all you want," says Tony, "but you're not getting those Alternative Fuels Project blueprints."

"I'm not going to beg," says Phillip, "In fact I'm not even asking."

Chloe tells Daniel she's just there for a quick checkup. "I'll rush you in right ahead of that guy over there who's skull is split open," says Daniel. She assures Daniel she'll be fine. As Chloe leaves, we pan to the dreaded medicine cabinet.

Sami and Rafe are in with Grace. Rafe picks her up and HOLY COW! IT'S JABBA THE BABY! Grace has gained about 40 pounds. Rafe hands her to Sami who nearly collapses under the weight, "Wow, kid, we've got to get you on the biggest loser – stat."

EJ tells Stefano Tony went to meet somebody. He says Tony wants a family gathering. Stefano says he doesn't care if he ever sees Tony again. EJ thinks there is more to this, "There's something I don't understand."

"I'd be surprised if there were anything you did understand," says Stefano.

Phillip demands the blueprints. Tony refuses and starts to leave. Nicole watches as Phillip attacks.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

As The Doorknob Turns

Nicole meets up with Brady at the pier and thanks him for coming. She says she just didn't know who else to turn to. Brady asks, "What's wrong?"

Nicole whines, "Everything. What did you expect? This is DOOL. Everything's always wrong."

Phillip gets back to the mansion and Victor crawls all over him for being late, "I want answers about the Alternative Fuels Project!"

"It would be easier if I had the questions first," says Phillip.

Chelsea looks for apartments at Cheatin' Heart as Stephanie comes in and joins her.

Bo has yet another flash-forward and sees Hope in bed with Roman. "Poor guy," thinks Bo.

Hope comes up behind him, "Whats on your mind?"

"Not much," says Bo. Vacuums don't support much.

Nicole babbles, "He just keeps taunting me and mocking. I was dying inside and my heart was beating so fast."

Brady tries to get her to calm down, "Nicole, please, start at the beginning."

Nicole tries to calm down, "Dr. Tom meets Alice in the hospital and says they have to talk..."

"Not that far back," says Brady.

Nicole continues to rant, "He ruined everything."

Brady stops her, "Take a deep breath and tell me in terms a man could understand."

Nicole takes things down to his level, "See Tony. See Tony figure out my secret. Figure, Tony, figure."

Brady asks, "Are you telling me Tony knows you're not Sydney's biological mother? I don't get it."

"Maybe I should have dumbed it down a little more," says Nicole.

Tony looks over blueprints and declares the tide has turned, "Everything is under control..."

Phillip tells Victor there is only one remaining copy of the blueprints and Tony has it. "He's a jackal," says Victor, "And thanks to you he's succeeded." Phillip tells him Melanie sold Tony the blueprints. Victor snorts, "That sneaky little bitch!" Phillip begs for another chance but Victor tells him he's run out of time, "You're fired!" Phillip picks up his things and walks out to a waiting black limousine. He gets in and the car pulls away. Inside, Phillip debriefs, "I thought one of the others should have been fired. I did my part and really thought I could win DOOL Apprentice..."

Stephanie makes an offer, "You could move in with me and we could share the rent. After all, we seem to be doing so well sharing Max." Chelsea says she isn't so sure it would work. Stephanie claims she's over Max.

Chelsea says, "This isn't about Max. It's about your new boyfriend."

Victor gets in Phillip's face, "I want you out before sundown." Do Not Forsake Me, Oh My Darlin' plays in the background.

Phillip begs, "The family business is in my heart."

"I guess you'll have to get that transplanted, too," says Victor.

Nicole rants. She calls Mia a traitor, tells Brady she is back in Salem and blabbed to Tony. Nicole breaks into tears and says she thinks she will lose everything

Tony stands in front of the mirror and chortles, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the nastiest of all? "

Chelsea reminds Stephanie Max and Phillip don't get along, "Max doesn't think Phillip is good enough for you."

"Let me get this straight," says Stephanie, "A bar tender who needs two jobs to survive and who used to be a famous race driver but now serves booze and mops floors for a living thinks a rich, successful tycoon isn't good enough for me?"

"I'm just saying," says Chelsea, "There will be issues if we live together."

Stephanie asks, "Have you ever heard of things like... DOORS?"

"Sure," says Chelsea, "I'm into classic rock. Light My Fire is one of my favorite songs."

Stephanie gets a call. She says she has to go, "But we can talk later and go over the same stuff over and over again and force the audience to go through rehash hell along with us."

Hope begs Bo to believe he has control over his visions. He has another flash-forward and says he will do everything he can to control his thoughts, "But that will be like trying to control a swarm of gnats."

"If they're your thoughts," says Hope, "they'll be dead gnats."

Bo says, "I'm just concerned about my big meeting tomorrow with the higher ups." Hope thinks he needs a distraction. Bo asks, "Does it involve you?" Hope moves in. She kisses him and tells him she thinks the visions are a way of punishing himself. "If this goes much further," says Bo, "That will be real punishment."

Kate just discovered she owes back taxes. Not because she didn't pay, but because that's what she was on when she earned the money.

Brady tells Nicole she knew this could happen. She accuses him of giving her 'I told you so's.' Brady wonders what Nicole plans to do about this. Nicole has an epiphany, "I have a plan. It's foolproof."

"So," asks Brady, "That means it doesn't involve you or me, right?"

"WE will make this happen," says Nicole, "Tony DiMera is going down." Nicole tells them they have to steal the plans. Then she will buy Tony's silence with them. Brady resists. Nicole cajoles, "You are going to help me steal the plans. Please do this for me."

Phillip wonders if Victor will give his job to Brady. Victor says it's none of his business. Phillip asks for a chance to redeem himself. Victor refuses. Phillip begs him not to give his job to Brady. Victor tells him to go look for another job. Phillip insists Victor needs his help. Victor doesn't agree, "I will run this company without your help."

Phillip sneers, "You can get rid of me but if you think I'm to blame you're dead wrong. It's not my fault the DiMeras play dirty."

Victor piles on, "I'm not just firing you, I'm cutting you off, Phillip."

"Are you disowning me?"

Victor asks, "It's all semantics, isn't it?"

Phillip is stunned, "I'm through with you. You're on your own now." Wow. A double disown-a-thon. "I will defeat the DiMeras," vows Phillip, "Do you hear me?"

Victor says, "Goodnight Phillip." Phillip stomps out.

Hope comes out to the bar carrying a bag, "I've got to go for a while. I have to deliver cookies to Ciara."

"How do you know where to find her," asks Bo.

"I'll be back in time for our hot date," she says. Chelsea calls Bo and asks to meet him at the Cheatin' Heart. Bo says he'll be right there.

Nicole begs. Brady says if they do this, Nicole will be the one to steal the plans. Nicole says she thought she could distract Tony while Brady steals them. Brady doesn't think that's feasible, "If we do this, we do it my way." Nicole agrees.

Bo meets the brat at the Cheatin' Heart. She immediately senses that something is off. That would be Bo and his rocker.

Brady calls Tony and tells him they need to talk. Tony resists. Brady asks him to meet at the pier. Nicole sneaks behind Tony and watches as Brady tells him he has an offer for him. Tony finally agrees to meet ask long as it will shut Brady up. He leaves. Nicole sneaks Tony's room and searches.

Bo says he doesn't want to talk about himself, for a change. Chelsea asks, "I guess you're wondering if I'm still dating Max."

Bo erupts, "DATING?"

Chelsea asks, "You think that's the wrong term. So maybe I should be more candid." She picks up a megaphone and asks for everyone's attention, "I'LL BET YOU'RE WONDERING IF UNCLE MAX AND I ARE STILL HAVING SEX."

Bo has a stroke, "WHOA! I'm just wondering if you're happy." Chelsea says she knows he's happy if she's happy even if he disapproves of the relationship. Bo asks her to move back in and promises not to be so overprotective. Chelsea refuses. She tells him she's getting an apartment and has found a roomie.

Phillip packs up his office as a security guy watches. Stephanie bounces in and wonders what's going on. Phillip asks Jimmy the security guy for some privacy. Jimmy says he has no problem with that and leaves the office. With crack security like that, no wonder Titan had its computer system sabotaged. Phillip tells Stephanie Victor fired him, "This isn't close to being over, though."

Nicole searches. Suddenly she stops as she sees the doorknob wiggle. Nicole freezes and stares as the doorknob turns.

Hope meets Roman at the pub. Hope asks where Bo went. "I don't know," says Roman, "but I'm sure he'll be back soon."

"How do you know that," asks Hope.

"He spends a hell of a lot more time here than he does at work," says Roman.
Hope zones out. Roman asks, "Hey, are you OK?"

Chelsea tells Bo she's getting an apartment with Stephanie. Bo thinks that's great. "You think it's great as long as it's not Max I'm sharing the apartment with," says the brat, "How will you react when I tell you were getting married?"

"I'll have Max placed on suicide watch," says Bo, "But if you're happy, I'm happy." Chelsea worms the conversation back to Bo and Hope. Bo avoids the issue and says he has to go. He tells her to keep him up to date on her apartment situation and leaves.

Phillip tells Stephanie he has spent his whole life preparing to take over Titan, "Now I'm out of a job and a father. He disowned me."

Stephanie asks, "Who does he think he is, Lucas? What are you going to do now?"

"I'm not giving up," says Phillip, "That's for sure."

Brady calls and leaves a message for Tony and says he's waiting. Back at the DiMera mansion, the butler stands outside Tony's bedroom door, shouts and says he has dry cleaning, "Perhaps I'll come back later." Nicole continues her search.

Hope says Bo needs help. Roman wonders if that means psychiatric help. "He hasn't been himself lately," says Hope.

"That's nothing," says Roman, "I haven't been myself since we found out I wasn't Chris Kositchek and John wasn't me. But you can count on me anytime." Bo watches from outside as Hope and Roman hug.

Phillip tosses Victor's picture in the wastebasket. "When you hurt I hurt," says Stephanie. She asks Phillip to walk away from this.

Phillip says he's determined to make his own decisions, "This is my life, my future. I won't stop. I can't."

Bo comes inside and tells Hope he has to cancel their date. He stomps out.

Brady paces. Nicole finds him and says she couldn't find the blueprints. She thinks her life is over. Brady assures her they will find a way. She gets a call. Tony taunts, "You and Brady make quite the team. I wanted to settle this peacefully but maybe the truth will set you free." He hangs up and Nicole immediately runs to stop him. Brady calls out for her but Nicole just keeps running.


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Monday, March 23, 2009

Doofuses Of Our Lives

Problems continue behind the scenes at Doofuses Of Our Lives. Everything started out fine with the transmission this morning, but less than ten minutes in, it all went kaput. We'll recap what we got, but it wasn't much. Of course I guess we could say that even if we got the full transmission.

First, here is a recap of what happened in Friday's "lost" episode which also did not feed. Thanks to the DOOL page at The TV Megasite for this information:

Kate shows up in Vegas. She asks Chloe and Lucas to annul their marriage, but they refuse to cooperate.

Tony continues to badger Nicole with the knowledge that Sydney isn't her baby.

Sami announces her intentions to adopt a baby. EJ doesn't think it's a good idea.

Chelsea brings Theo to see Max. She wants Theo to be in a play but Theo doesn't want to out of fear that he might grow up to be an actor and get a job on DOOL.

Rafe and Brady introduce themselves and talk about Sami and the DiMeras.

Daniel asks Maggie to forgive Chloe. He tells her Lucas and Chloe eloped.

Bulletin: Corday Productions regrets to announce that God, who has had such a major role in recent DOOL episodes, has been fired in order to cut production costs.

And with that, here's what we got in the mini-feed today:

Phillip calls Tony and immediately starts tossing insults. He tells Tony they need to talk. They arrange to meet at the pier. Tony doesn't see what will be gained by a meeting, "Whats done is done."

"We'll see," grumbles Phillip.

Brady tells Daniel Kate went to Vargas for Chloe and Lucas' wedding.

The three stooges are on the plane leaving Vegas. Kate and Chloe are with him. Lucas can't believe Kate is flying in coach with them. She explains first class was full, so she is forced to slum it in coach with the lovebirds.

Kate makes ample use of her complimentary barf bag as she watches Chloe and Lucas sit across the aisle from her and play kissie poo. She smiles on the outside and boils on the inside, "You'd better enjoy it now, Chloe, because your rosy future is about to turn very bleak."

Bo meets some weenie-boy in the pub who may be a new recruit. In most police departments it is not customary for the Commissioner to go out and pal around with new dweebs coming into the department but, then again, in most police departments the Commissioner has something to do. "You have to learn not to take things personally," advises Bo. Then he immediately realizes the stupidity of what he just said and continues, "Of course I have never been able to follow that advice. It's part of who I am."

Weenie-boy asks, "And whats it like to be your big brothers boss?"

Before Bo can answer, Hope walks up, "Why don't you forget about his big brother and ask about his wife?"

"It's great being her boss," says Bo, "Especially around the house."

Services for Bo are pending.

We go back to the plane, where Chloe and Lucas sit across from Kate nibbling on each other. That does it. Kate goes postal. She stands up, scoots across the aisle, grabs Chloe by the throat and chokes her.

Lucas screams, "Mom, what are you doing?"

End of fantasy. The attendant snaps Kate out of her daydream and asks if she wants a headset. Kate declines and glances across the aisle where Chloe and Lucas are just about to join the mile-high club. Kate rolls her eyes.

Daniel is stunned. Brady asks, "Uh, you and Kate aren't still..."

"No," says Daniel, "Nor me and her granddaughter, either. I've moved on to her daughter-in-law. I consider myself a real family man. Any word on when Billie's due back in Salem? "

Brady philosophizes, "Like the magazines say, bachelorhood is everything it's cracked up to be... and less."

"True," says Daniel, "But at least it's a lot quieter than being married."

Daniel refuses to talk about the new woman in his life. Brady asks, "You're still not over her, then, huh?"

Daniel says, "No, I have to be, because she is over me. Usually all over me, if you know what I mean."

Lucas and Chloe talk about the dozen or so kids they are going to have, "I want to keep trying," says Lucas, "Until their IQs add up to double digits."


Kate blows a gasket, stands up and screams, "I can't take it any more SHUT UP! This is making me sick."

Chloe is very perceptive, "Something's wrong, isn't it?"

"As if you don't know," sneers Kate, "Why don't you just tell him the truth, you lying little pig? Lucas, she has been cheating on you with Daniel, having sex with him."

Lucas gasps, "What?"

Kate says, "Sex. You know, when two people get together and..."

Chloe denies it, "It's not true."

Kate rants, "Tell him. Don't you dare try to deny it!"

Lucas says, "Chloe, tell me you didn't." Chloe gives Lucas her expressive blank stare. Lucas gets it, "OMG! You did! Why?"

Chloe whines, "Because I'm in love with him." Lucas explodes and stomps out. What an idiot! They're at 36,000 feet and he doesn't even close the door behind him.

Chloe asks why Kate told. Kate explodes, "Because I'm not going to let a lying little slut like you ruin his life. He's a big boy now and can do that on his own."

Kate snaps out of it again and watches Chloe and Lucas make plans for their mansion – the one they're going to buy with the money they don't have.

"One pool or two," asks Chloe.

"Let's have two," says Lucas, "So I can have one to myself. People are always telling me they want me out of the pool."

"They're talking about the gene pool," says Chloe.

Suddenly, everything goes black. The audience breathes a collective sigh of relief.

Note: Since we didn't get any previews today, we clipped Kate's meltdown instead. It is available right now on Prevuze II: CLICK HERE

Th-th th-th th-that's all, folks. Join us tomorrow and we'll see if the dipwads who run this show can beam a full episode.



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Friday, March 20, 2009

Not One Competent Brain Cell

Once again there was no feed this morning. It seems to me this is getting to be an all-too-consistent feature from the nitwits who produce this show. I mean, is it me, or does it seem that from the point this show is written, produced, fed to the networks and oozed into our homes as our daily garbage delivery, there is not one competent brain cell at work? Just askin'.

Whenever this happens instead of showing DOOL, the satellite equipment just shows this picture, which I call the Death Star:


So since there was no episode, I stared at that for 45 minutes and, frankly, found it to be far more exciting than watching any episode of DOOL I have seen in months.

We'll continue to monitor the satellite and see if maybe something comes in. In the meantime, have a great weekend and plan to join us on Monday for more great adventure... or DOOL, in the event that we get a feed.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Collateral Damage

Father Mack conducts the christening ceremony and turns to the godparents, "Godfather, are you prepared to help Elvis and Nicole in their Christian duties as parents? Tony hesitates. Nicole flashes back to Tony's revelation.

After a few centuries pass, Tony asks, "Could you repeat the question? It was such a tough one." Father repeats. Tony says, "I am ready to do whatever is necessary."

Caroline asks Will if he got stood up. "Not exactly," says Will, "Girls are weird."

"They are in Salem."

Mia flashes back to giving Nicole her baby.

Rafe bounces Grace and says she is fussy. "I think the rash must be worse," says Sister Teresa.

"No," says Rafe, "My rash is actually much better."

The christening ceremony continues. Nicole faints. Everyone gathers round but Nicole insists she is fine. Tony thinks she needs a physical. He hands Sydney to Sami. "Am I baptized yet," asks Sydney. Nicole refuses to go to the hospital.

Mia comes into the church and dips her fingers into the holy water. It boils.

Mia prays, "I know I don't really belong here. I haven't been to church in a long time. And I've sinned."

"You may have sinned, my child," says God, "But you're in Salem, you've come to the Right place."

Mia whines, "I can't stop thinking I've made the worse mistake of my life."


EJ soothes Nicole. Nicole wants everyone to stop fussing.

"Lexie doesn't have fusses," says EJ, "Or medical skills either."

Suddenly, Nicole sees Sami with Sydney and nukes, "This is not the red cross, Sami!" Nicole grabs the kid and asks to get the show on the road. Father Mack has to start the ceremony from the beginning. Holy cow, they've moved from flashing back to doing things over. Oh, well, I guess it saves time over in the script-writing department. Father Mack goes on with the ceremony.

Tony sneers, "She'll be safe now won't she, Nicole?"

Sister Teresa thinks this is a dangerous situation. She knows the biological father will have legal clout if he finds out about Grace. "That's why we have to make sure he never does," says Rafe.

Mia finishes her prayer.

Lexie gets a page. She fakes a handoff to to Tony and passes Sydney to Nicole. It was, of course, a hail-mary pass. You saw that one coming, didn't you? Outside, Lexie runs into Mia and tells her about the christening. Mia peeks inside and sees Nicole with the baby. She pulls out a megaphone and shouts, "OMG! It's my baby!"

Will comes back into the pub and announces Mia has flown the coop. He tells Caroline he can't figure her out, "I can't believe she would just leave like that, though. Do you think something happened?"


Will sighs, "I don't even know her name."

Father Mack prays for the lord to Look upon the child. Instead, Mia looks upon the child.

Rafe pines for Sami. He says he thinks the DiMeras are arrogant the way they push people around. He hates that and vows he won't let them ruin Sami or Grace's life, "I can do a good enough job of that myself."

The endless ceremony continues. Sami bolts. Outside, Mia asks if she is OK. Sami asks a more pressing question, "Who are you?"

"I'm nobody," says Mia.

"Keep acting on this show and you will be," says Sami. They talk about Sydney. "I have three beautiful babies myself," says Sami, "Give or take... I've actually lost count."

Ceerreemmoonnyy... Nicole practically bursts into flame as Tony stares at her. She says a silent prayer begging God to help her keep her secret.

"I'm not a very good liar," says God.

Sister Teresa says Rafe reminds her of St. Joseph, "He took care of a woman and her baby too."

"He must have been good lookin'," says Rafe.

"No," says Sister Teresa, "I said you remind me of him. I think you are headed into dangerous waters."

"I think you should pray for Sami," says Rafe, "I wonder where she is and what she's doing."

Sami prays.


Rraaffee aanndd Ggrraaccee...



If it's excitement you're looking for, watch DOOL. Then if excitement ever comes along the contrast will be so great you'll recognize it immediately.

Rafe finally decides he'd better go. He says his goodbyes and leaves. Sister Teresa prays and asks St. Joseph to look after Rafe. After a moment of silence, she picks up her rosary, "No offense, Joseph, but I'm calling in the big guns."

Sister Teresa bows her head, "Our Father..."

Father Mack leads the prayer, "Who art in heaven..."

Sister Teresa picks it up, "Hallowed be Thy name..."

The artistry never ceases, does it?

Sami and Mia watch. They both decide they should never have come and they take off.

The DiMera clan has transported back to the mansion. EJ and Stefano harangue on about how great the ceremony was and what a great job each of them did standing there like bumps on a log. Stefano turns to Nicole and tells her she doesn't look too well. He thinks as feisty as she is she would be all over him and EJ and their blather about the ceremony, "Here EJ and I are pontificating and we haven't heard even the littlest feminist peep out of you."

"You're right," says Nicole, "Maybe I am a little tired."

Tony chimes in, "The ceremony... yes... what was that movie where the bad guys were at the christening and all through the ceremony they kept breaking away to shots of their enemies being brutally killed?"

EJ asks, "Does the word 'GODFATHER' mean anything to you?"

"Not really," says The Godfather.

Lexie thinks Nicole looks pale. Nicole insists, "I feel better."

"That's good," says Lexie, "Because I wouldn't have any idea what to do if you didn't."

Tony roasts Nicole. Uh... I mean, toasts. But, believe me, it was more like a roast.

Lexie tells Nicole about the girl watching the ceremony, "She was a cute little blonde teenager and she was watching as if it was her own baby. Nicole's deodorant fails her and she runs out of the room.

Outside, Nicole tells Tony they need to talk.

Tony gives her his Cheshire Cat grin, "I'm all ears."

"Well, I knew you weren't all brain."

Will tells Caroline he really is glad to be back at the pub, "The food in Switzerland is bad in three languages."

"The drama on DOOL," says Caroline, "is bad in any language." Will tells Caroline his dad is in Vegas getting married again. Caroline asks if that bothers him. Will says he feels like his dad's marriage is none of his business. Caroline disagrees. She asks if Will and Sami had a fight.

"It's hard to fight with someone who is never around," says Will, "I keep feeling like she's in trouble again."

Rafe finds Sami on the Salem park bench. Salem's Director of Financial Services has vowed to get more park benches once the stimulus money rolls in. Sami turns on the waterworks, "You're gonna be mad at me."

"That's never stopped you before," says Rafe. She tells him she went to the christening. He asks if the daddy who tried to have her killed was there. Sami spirals into her black hole of depression and says she thinks it's wrong she's not doing something like that for Grace, "I have to go get her and bring her home."

Mia returns to the pub. Will dangles her car keys in front of her face, "Lookin' for these?"

"Yeah," says Mia, "Strange, isn't it? I can't afford a meal, but I can afford a car."

"The pub is overpriced," says Will.

Caroline defends herself, "But the price of the food includes a free stomach pumping."

Will hands Mia the keys and introduces Caroline. Caroline clears the table and Mia apologizes for taking off. Will introduces himself, "BTW, I'm Will Horton. Or maybe it's still Roberts. Or DiMera... or Brady... or Reed..., I'm not sure."

"I'm Mia," she says, "I'm not big enough on the show to have a last name."

Rafe encourages Sami to wait, "Give it some time, and then you can act impulsively." He gets on her for going to the christening and asks her to consider things before bringing Grace home, "I want you to think."

"Thinking isn't my strong suit," whines Sami.

"People would say you had damaged the child's welfare if you brought her home now," says Rafe, "We have to wait until EJ wouldn't be suspicious. I'm sick of seeing you so unhappy. We'll bring Grace home when we know she can be here for all the Days Of Our Lives." He gets a call and goes off to take it.

Sami gets a call. EJ tells her Johnny has an ear infection, "I'd have Lexie take a look at it, but he's too young to die." Sami, being Sami, panics and runs for the DiMera mansion.

Nicole wants to know what Tony wants from her. She claims EJ won't believe him if he claims she isn't Sydney's mother, "What do you want? How much?"

Tony sneers, "You're sounding a tad delusional."

"Name your price."

Tony smiles, "I don't have one. Your situation is a lot more serious than you think. You don't have anything I want. Anything at all."

Nicole is desperate, "You can have my body."

"I already have a lifetime supply of toothpicks."

Will asks, "So you're like Beyonce, no last name?"

"Her last name is Knowles."

"So," asks Will, "You're a pretty private person?" Caroline brings the burgers. Mia tells her she can't pay. Caroline says she is Will's guest. Mia says she can't take charity and turns to leave.

"I don't know your last name," says Will, "But I know you're kind of a jerk."

Lexie makes her exit. As she goes she turns to Stefano, "I am relieved you were not struck by lightning standing in that church."

EJ piles on, "Having you renounce Satan is like having Keith Richards preach moderation."

Stefano chuckles and says he wants a word about Nicole

Tony says he may want revenge. Nicole whines, "Against me?"

"You're the least of my concerns," says Tony, "Do you think I'm going to sit around while my father attempts to humiliate me?"

"What are you going to do to my family," asks Nicole.

Sami rushes in demanding her son, "Where is EJ?" Nicole directs her.

Sami comes into the rumpus room and Stefano immediately excuses himself.

Nicole tells Tony they aren't finished. She wants to know why Tony hasn't blabbed. "Timing is everything," says tony, "I might as well use it to my advantage."

Will apologizes. Mia says she has to go. Will goes to wrap up the burgers. She thanks him. Gripping stuff.

Tony tells Nicole the truth always comes out. Nicole asks him if he's willing to make the child collateral damage in his war. Tony threatens to spill the beans right now if Nicole doesn't shut up.

Rafe wanders around Salem looking for Sami.

Sami lectures EJ for being so happy while their son is so sick. EJ apologizes for upsetting her. Sami don' wanna talk about it. EJ goes to get Johnny. Sami calls Sister Teresa and asks about Grace.

Sister Teresa says, "I don't want to alarm you, but she's a little fussy."


In true DOOL fashion, EJ walks in and overhears the hysterics, "What do you mean, 'bringing my baby home?'"

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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Godfather

Rafe is on the phone at the convent and tells someone he's rented an apartment in the best part of Salem (the part where TV reception is crummy and he won't be able to watch DOOL). Sister Agnes comes in and recognizes him from way back when he lived there. They talk about old times and she accuses him of being the same old fibber he was before.

Sami holds Sydney as EJ watches.

Tony catches up with Nicole and tells her he knows Sydney isn't her daughter.

Brady and Stephanie talk about why Phillip is going after Tony. "I'm freakin' out, Brady," says Stephanie.

"You're not the only one," says Brady.

The new butler at the DiMera mansion catches up with Phillip, "Why are you running through the mansion yelling for Tony?"

Phillip stammers, "Uh... maybe I'm looking for... I don't know... Tony?"

Nicole denies Tony's accusations. Tony tells her he's obligated to disclose her secret to his brother. Nicole continues to insist Sydney is her daughter.

"She's as much your daughter as she is mine," says Tony, "only I had a tougher pregnancy."

Will tries to comfort Mia. She whimpers, "Go away."

"I hear that from girls a lot," says Will. He starts to leave but she calls him back.

EJ tells Sami he wants her to be a part of Sydney's life just like Nicole is a part of Johnny's. He asks her to see if she and Nicole can put their resentment aside.

Nicole is all indignant. Tony won't let up. Nicole says she doesn't want Tony to be Sydney's godfather and threatens to ask Brandon, "That baby is mine."

Tony says, "The truth will come out, Nicole. I'm sure in your heart Sydney is yours, but in reality, I assume she belongs to Mia. Sweet, young Mia."

Lexie sits in the pub with Theo and talks on the phone. She says she understands and hangs up. Stefano joins them and dotes on Theo. Lexie tells him the sitter just canceled. Stefano suggests taking Theo to the mansion. He turns to Theo, "How would you like that?" Theo is silent. Oh, the drama!

Stephanie and Brady head out on a wild goose chase for Phillip.

Phillip leaves the DiMera mansion mumbling and slams the door.

Mia apologizes and says she is better. She thanks Will for checking on her. He offers to take her to the pub for something to eat. She declines so Will tells her that's where he'll be if she changes her mind.

Nicole denies knowing anyone names Mia. Tony reminds her she brought Mia to the DiMera mansion. He says Mia came by earlier and at first was reticent to talk to him, but then opened up about Nicole and her daughter.

Stefano goes to call Mary and arrange Theo's visit. Lexie tells Theo what's going on and asks him to listen to Mary and not play on the stairs.

Sister Agnes asks Rafe if he cares for "the girl." Rafe says he does. He tells her he wouldn't have passed up the job in New York if he didn't care for her. He also says he's going to hang out in Salem for a while and (say it with him) be there for Sami when she brings Grace home.

Sister Agnes gives us a hint of Rafe's past, "This won't be the first time you have made a sacrifice for a woman."

Sami holds Sydney and tells EJ, "She's so happy. It's like she knows me." She puts her in the baby carriage as EJ tells her in spite of their differences there are a few people in life that have a lasting impact and she is one of them for him.

EJ asks, For the better?"

"Definitely," says EJ, "In fact, you're my favorite victim."

Rafe says Sami isn't like anyone else. The way he feels about her is different. Sister Agnes asks if Rafe shouldn't be certain the young woman wants him to make such a sacrifice for her.

Rafe shrugs it off, "Not at all. No one in Salem thinks things through."

Sami says, "I learned a lot from you, too. I'd like to think I'm a better person for having known you. I'm never gonna trust Nicole, but I Hope you know what will make you happy."

"I do," says EJ, "And apparently you do, too. It seems you have found someone to make you happy."

Phillip sits alone at the Cheatin' Heart, drinks, mumbles and rages.

Nicole tries a different approach, "Unbelievable. You try to help someone and they stab you in the back. You know, that poor little girl is crazy. She blurts things out of nowhere and is bipolar."

Tony acts like he cares, "Oh, the poor thing."

Nicole zones out, "No good deed goes unpunished."

Tony feigns sympathy but says he thinks they should inform Stefano of this shocking new development. Right on cue, Stefano walks in, "Inform me of what?"

"Of the new DOOL pay scale for actors," says Tony, "You're going to have to get over your peanut allergy."

Bo rushes into the pub and has a big reunion with Will. Mia comes in. Bo asks if Will knows her. He tells Bo they just met. "At school," asks Bo.

"Somewhere," says Will.

"That's as good a place as any," says Bo. Bo walks off as Will goes over and talks to Mia. He goes behind the bar to get drinks and tells her his grandma owns the place, "So you can have anything you want."

"I'm not picky," says Mia, "I'll have what you're having."

"Great," says Will. He heads to the kitchen to get two plates of raw anchovies.

Brady and Stephanie find Phillip boozing it up at the Cheatin' Heart. Phillip tells them things are under control, but he wants the two of them to stay out of it, "I will get those damn plans back. If I can't I will crush that bastard. Tony DiMera won't know what hit him."

Stefano asks, "Is there something you want to tell me Nicole?"

Nicole hesitates, "Yes... I am so glad you came. It's a special day for EJ and me and to have all of you here means so much."

Stefano turns to Tony, "Is she all right." Tony mumbles.

Nicole says she wants them all to push their differences aside and make today a new beginning. Stefano says he would like that and thanks her for giving him such a beautiful grandchild. He and Lexie go to say hello to Father Matt.

Tony congratulates Nicole on her performance, "Life is so interesting. It can change on a dime."

"Stop talking in riddles," snorts Nicole, "What are you going to do?"

"The writers haven't figured that out yet," says Tony, "It's too much for them to think very far ahead."

Sami insists Rafe is just her friend.

EJ asks, "Why is it, for every guy you're just friends with, you have a wedding dress stashed in your closet?"

Sami reminds EJ he called Bo and tried to get Rafe in trouble, "But now you're all warm and mushy about wanting to make sure he makes me happy?" She admits she has feelings for Rafe, "But nothing is going on."

"Of course nothing is going on," says EJ, "This is DOOL." He says he really wants her to have a happy life. She thanks him and says she will.

Rafe tells Sister Agnes helping Sami is not a sacrifice, "I know you're looking out for me but this thing with Sami is different. What happened before is never going to happen again."


EJ greets Lexie and Stefano in the vestibule, "Have you seen Nicole?"

Nicole begs Tony not to ruin the day. Tony lectures her and tells her not to continue this charade. Nicole insists she can prove Sydney belongs to EJ and her. EJ comes in to get them for the ceremony. Tony hangs behind, "Enjoy your moment, Nicole. As soon as EJ finds out the truth, the nightmare begins."

A gal in the audience turns to her neighbor, "Just sitting through this is a nightmare."

Will joins Mia at a table with burgers, "They were out of anchovies." He tells her he missed burgers when he was in Switzerland for a year.

Mia asks, "Were you an exchange student?"

"No," says Will, "I was an unwanted child. Where are you from? Are you from out of town?"

Rafe and sister Agnes bounce Grace around and pass her back and forth. Agnes says Rafe was a challenge when he lived there but has become a fine man. She still sees a trace of the rebellious teenager in him. Grace starts to cry just to shut them up. Rafe insists he's not the crazy defiant person he was, "Not since..."

"Since what," asks Sister Agnes.

"Since I met Sami," says Rafe, "She's not just any woman."

Sister Agnes asks, "Are you saying she is the woman?"

"One of her personalities is."

Brady orders Phillip not to go after Tony. "It's not like I want to take a bat to his kneecaps," says Phillip, "I just want to reason with him. And then I'll kneecap him."

Brady asks, "What are you going to do... corner him at the christening?"

"Never thought of that," says Phillip, "What do you suggest I do?"

"I know Tony is on the outs with Stefano and EJ," says Brady, "Why don't we make him an offer he can't refuse?"

"Where do I get a horse's head on short notice," asks Phillip.

Father Mack conducts the ceremony.

Mia says she's from out of town but her life is boring compared to his.


Will says he got homesick when he was in Switzerland, "My home is a place you can get sick of pretty quickly." She asks if he's close with his parents. "Sort of," says Will, "but it's not like we hang out every day." He tells her about his siblings. The ones he knows about, anyway. She notices Bo across the room. Will tells her that's Uncle Bo, the Commish.

Mia says, "I know this is a little premature in our young and budding relationship, but we can't overlook the possibility that Grace is our child and your mother will wind up raising her own grandkid."

"That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard," says Will.

"Don't forget," says Mia, "This is DOOL."

"You're right," says Will, "That means Grace is almost certainly our child... And you are no doubt my long lost sister."

He gets up and goes to get them some fries. Mia flashes back to having the baby. Suddenly, she bolts from the restaurant. Will returns and Bo tells him Mia took off and suggests Will go catch her. Will refuses.

"Give her a call and find out what happened," says Bo.

"No need," says Will, "I'm just like Dad. Women run out on me all the time, too."

Mia sits outside and vows to see her baby again.

Stephanie catches up with Phillip and says she was worried about him, "I'm starved. How about some brain food?"

"That would be the biggest waste of brain food ever," says Phillip. Stephanie heads for the kitchen to cook up something more appropriate, vacuum food.

Phillip stews, "We'll try it your way, Brady, but if Tony doesn't take the bait, it's on to Plan B, fire him and get him off the show for good.

Sister Agnes asks, "Can you tell me about this girl?"

Rafe drones, "She's sweet, impossible, smart, stubborn, tough, fragile... and that just counts six of her personalities. She's... beautiful."

"So," says Sister Agnes, "you've got the hots for her."

"Big time."

Father Mack turns to the Godmother and the Godfather. He asks Lexie if she will fulfill her role as godmother and Lexie agrees. Father Mack turns to Tony, "Are you prepared to help Elvis and Nicole in their duty as Christian parents?" We pan to Tony... pan to Lexie... pan to Nicole... pan to EJ... they run out of film and the cameraman puts in a new reel... We pan back to Nicole... pan back to Tony...

The Godfather is silent.

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