Friday, April 28, 2006

You've Been Blocked!



Bratslap Redux

Frankie is on the phone with Murray at the Department of Justice asking about SSK XLVIII. He needs to know if the intel on the guy came up. For years, finding a serial killer in Salem has been about the same as playing whackamole at Chuck E. Cheese's... nail one and another pops up. Jennifer remembers talking to Hope about being on the island with Patrick, and of course, asking Jennifer not to tell anyone Patrick is there.

Frankie goes on hold. Jennifer asks him if Patrick matches the profile, "Bo hates Patrick, you know. There is no real evidence."

"He's a con man," says Frankie, "If he did this, not only will he go to prison, but he's also facing the death penalty." Murray comes back. Frankie goes outside for better reception. Jennifer worries about Hope.

Hope waits in her new dress. She opens a drawer and finds a picture of Patrick and Alma, "They look so in love." Jennifer calls. She needs to know something about Patrick.

The brat stands outside Jennifer's house and wonders where Abby is. She listens as Frankie talks to Murray. Frankie asks about aliases. He tells Murray he will snoop around. He hangs up and the brat asks if that was about Patrick. Frankie tells her he fits the description of someone the police are looking for. He asks why the brat is there. She tells him she is waiting for Abby. She didn't want to bother Jennifer so she didn't go inside. Frankie knows she hasn't told her dad the truth. She tells him she has tried but couldn't do it. She wants to do the right thing.

He hands her his phone, "So what's stopping you?"

Lucas thinks someone must have tipped off the cops. Sami remembers doing it. "Hey, I don't know what's going on," she lies. The cop barks orders.

"Neither one of us can afford to be brought in. Let's go," says Lucas.

Austin thinks his investors will freak out if they find out he was involved in this. Carrie says, "And Victor will have Lucas' head and mine on a platter."

Lexie worries about Abe seeing them. Tek says if Abe had treated her right they never would have come there. Abe walks in as they start to bolt.

Austin takes Carrie into the storage room to hide during the drug raid, "I'm sorry I got you into this mess. We'd be in a lot better shape if I didn't have a pocket full of 'ludes, but it's a good thing I swallowed my coke in a plastic bag. It won't be out for a few days."

Carrie thinks they will look everywhere, including the storage room. "Let's pray they don't," he says. He asks if it bothers her when the four of them hang out.

"No," she says, "I want us to be friends. I stayed away from Salem when I thought of seeing you again for the first time."

"I'm glad you didn't," says Austin.

"This is my home," says Carrie, "I don't want to lose you again from my life."

"Me neither."

"Good thing we are still friends," says Carrie, "I wonder if Sami and Lucas got away."

Austin says, "I wouldn't worry about them. Sami would drive Lucas through a sewer to get away. Right now my concern is protecting you."

Sami and Lucas cower as the cops look around. She doesn't want to get caught with Tony's former protégé. He doesn't want to get caught with Stan. He's afraid of losing his job, "Will needs one parent employed since you won't be for long." Sami disagrees about her employment situation, but agrees about Will. She wants to get out of there to save Will any embarrassment.

Tek opens a window and he and Lexie climb out. She drops her bracelet as they go. Blind Abe comes into the room and looks out the window, "I don't believe it."

The brat tells Frankie she can't make the call. She reminds Frankie about that pesky little attorney-client privilege thing.

"That's always tripping me up," says Frankie, "I would have become a doctor, but then I'd have had that stupid Hippocratic oath to deal with." He tells her the truth will come out eventually. She says she needs Bo on her side at the trial. Frankie thinks he can put up a defense that will keep her out of jail.

"OK," says the little snot, "I'll let you make the decision for me. As my lawyer, what's in my best interest? No matter what you say I will do it." Frankie is speechless.

Hope assures Jennifer Patrick is not a fugitive killer, "Bo is always ready to believe the worst about Patrick." Jennifer asks if Patrick has feelings for her. Hope says, "No, all he ever does is to just urge me to give Bo a second chance." Hope tells Jennifer about Alma, "She's dead, but Patrick's heart is taken." Jennifer wants to know why Patrick has blamed himself for her death. Hope dodges the question. Jennifer thinks it seems strange that this awful crime could be committed on that little island. She thinks there must be something Patrick is not telling Hope.

"I am the cop," says Hope, "My intuition tells me he is one of the good guys."

"Jack couldn't stand him and Frankie is suspicious too," says Jennifer.

"Then they are wrong," says Hope, "Patrick deserves better than this."

Jennifer goes for the throat, "So does Bo."

Hope reminds her, "You were with me. You saw him in bed with Billie."

"Can you just talk to him," asks Jennifer.

"It's useless," says Hope, "My marriage is over. Bo has moved on and so have I."

Abe stares, but doesn't see. Oh, the metaphor! . He tells a cop he thought he saw people escape through the window. Abe leaves and the cop finds Lexie's bracelet.

Lexie panics when she finds her bracelet fell off. Tek will identify himself as a cop if the narcs find them. He'll tell them he came to help out, "I'll say I got the call." Meanwhile he gets the urge.

Lucas tells Sami this isn't her fault. He will vouch for her if the cops come. They argue about Will. Sami is worried about how the soccer moms will feel about her. Lucas says, "Well, he's got lacrosse next year. We'll be OK with that as long as he doesn't go to Duke. I don't want to hurt your feelings. Will takes after you in a lot of ways. He's persistent..."

"And if he's told 'no' he is crushed like me," says Sami. A cop walks in. Lucas kisses her as a diversion.

Carrie runs off at the mouth. Austin thinks he hears something outside. He does the world a favor and shuts her up. He thinks the fact they are handcuffed is a sign, "Face it. We really do belong together."

Frankie tells Chelsea this is a moral issue. She tells him she has taken care of that. She has already talked to a priest. She wants to do the right thing, but if that will cost her freedom it might not be best for her, "As my lawyer tell me the truth. Can you promise I won't go to jail if I tell my dad what I have done?"

"No," says Frankie, "I can't."

"Then," she says, "what about your moral issue. You're representing me. You want them to get back together but you're also representing Hope."

"Hope hired Mickey," says Frankie, "I work for Mickey. Our firm has to honor Hope's wishes."

The brat says, "That would help my case if the divorce went through."

Frankie assures her, "I will do the best I can to represent you."

She asks, "As your client, not your niece, what is your advice?"


"No, doofus, you're my lawyer, so I'm asking you for medical advice."

"I would advise you to not say anything," says Frankie.

"That's what I thought," says the brat, "So I will follow your advice."

Sliced to ribbons by a kid, Frankie says, "This doesn't let you off the hook. It's about decency. If they knew they really didn't want to divorce each other, they would work things out."

Frankie calls Bo. He finds out Bo's at the Cheatin' heart. Armed with that piece of information, the brat decides to text her mom and let her know where he is. She tells Frankie, "It wouldn't look good if I went there would it. Just remember I'm following your advice." Frankie storms back into the house.

Hope insists Bo has moved on. Frankie barges in. He picks up a bull horn and yells into the phone, "Bo is at the Cheatin' heart and Billie is on her way to be with him."

Hope soaks it in. She tells Jennifer, "There you go. See, he's moved on. He's drinking and letting Billie pick up the pieces. Tell Frankie to hurry up with the divorce."

Jennifer hangs up. Frankie says, "I didn't mean for Hope to hear that."

"Maybe you shouldn't have screamed it into the phone, then," says Jennifer. Hugs.

The brat types the message into her cell phone. Abby walks up and asks what she is doing. "I'm just letting Mom know how much Dad needs her right now."

Austin sighs, "I can't get you out of my mind."

"Don't go there," says Carrie, "I'm with Lucas right now."

"Sami will never be you," says Austin, "I will never let her come between us again. I will never bring it up again if that's what you want. I just had to be honest."

"I've always wanted you," says Carrie, "If we're being completely honest, what we had is in the past. There is nothing anyone can do to change that."

The cop ignores the kissing couple. Lucas breaks it off, "We can't do that. I didn't mean that." He tells her he did it because the cop came by. "I noticed you weren't pulling away from me."

Sami asks, "Why didn't you just put your hand over my mouth. I still get to you don't I?"

"Yes you do," admits Lucas, "I still care for you. I'd like to know what's going on between you and Lexie."

Sami says, "The question is what do I have on Lexie."

Lexie and Tek. What an appropriate place for a couple of alley cats to go at it.

Abe asks Jada what's going on. Jada says, "You know I don't tolerate dope in my club. Dopes, yes... dope, no. I swear I don't know. Maybe some other club owner is trying to shut us down."

The cop brings Abe the bracelet. He asks, "Is something wrong? Do you know who it belongs to?" Abe stares.

Jennifer thinks Hope has given up on Bo. Frankie says, "Hope is my client and we have to respect her wishes. All I can do is stall and hope they talk. Bo doesn't want an attorney. He says he doesn't want third parties arguing about their lives."

"I'm sorry," says Jennifer, "You have always been so good to me." Kiss.

Frankie says, "I want to carry you upstairs and make love to you."

Jennifer asks, "Then what's stopping you?"

"The thought of carrying you up those stairs," he chuckles. He hauls her up. Pan in on a picture of the Jackster.

The brat tells Abby Bo and Hope aren't getting back together, "That doesn't mean Bo has to be alone forever, just like your mom."

Abby insists Frankie and her mom are just good friends, "My mom loves my dad. She doesn't belong with Frankie."

"I know how you feel," says the brat, "I want my parents to be together, too. The difference is mine aren't gone."

Abby says, "Mom swears her heart only belongs to Dad."

BratSlap!"Denial is not just a river in Egypt," says the brat, "I've seen her look at Frankie. She's dying to have sex with him if she hasn't already." SLAP! That was good. You'll want to replay that one a few times.

Lexie and Tek come up for air. Lexie can't believe she is blaming Sami for her problems.

"You are a woman who needs love," says Tek, "Nothing wrong with that." He goes back for seconds.

Abe says, "This bracelet looks like one I gave my wife. He hands it to Jada, and she remembers admiring it. "It belongs to me," she says, "Thanks."

Abe mumbles, "I don't know why I thought it belonged to my wife. She wouldn't be in a place like this."

Sami can't tell Lucas what she has on Lexie. Lucas asks, "Why can't you say? Because she has something on you? Is that why?"

"Never mind," says Sami, "If she tells everyone what I've done, I will lose everything. Just like you will lose the most important thing in your life after Will."

"You mean Carrie," he says, "If you do anything to ruin my relationship with Carrie..."

"I know how important Carrie is to you," says Sami, "Austin is my last chance. I won't do anything to ruin it."

Austin says he is trying hard to respect the commitments they have made to other people, "Just know there will always be a large place in my heart for you." Carrie knows. Hot kiss.


Hope finds a picture of Bo in her purse. She stuffs it back in and yells to Patrick, "I'm ready if you are."

The brat is reeling, "Abby, that hurt!"

"I don't appreciate your talking that way about my mom and Frankie," she says.

"It's perfectly natural," says the little snot.

"For some," says Abby, "But my mom isn't like that."

The brat insists, "Your dad is gone."

"She would never betray my dad with Frankie," yells Abby as she storms off.

The brat says, "I feel bad for you, Abs. You're in for a really big shock."

Frank and Jen. Together again. Abby walks in on the mattress dance. YIKES!! FF on Abby's distorted face.


Belle says to Phillip, "The only reason he is doing this is for Mimi, because she can't give him his own biological children... What? What are you looking at?" Mimi excuses herself and walks away from Shawn.

Billie lectures Bo, "Drowning your sorrows in alcohol isn't going to bring your wife back."

Mimi tells herself, "Stop all the lies and pretending right now and tell him the truth." She turns and sees Shawn standing there.

Abby asks, "When did you become such a slut?" Jennifer raises her hand, "Abigail! How..."

Thursday, April 27, 2006

GOTHCA, Bitch!

Butter Hunk and the pyromaniac are sitting in the lounge at the Green Mountain Lodge. Mimi says, "I used to dream about being able to afford to stay here at the Green Mountain Lodge. Actually, I dreamed about being able to live in a house and not on the street. I'm the luckiest girl in the world."

Shawn says, "Maybe we should have taken that around the world trip Salem Style Magazine offered us."

"No," says Mimi, "This is perfect. As long as I'm alone with you there is no place I'd rather be."

The Kiriakis room isn't ready, so they go to have a drink.

Patrick has been reading Alma's letter over and over. He was wrong about who murdered her. Hope tells him it wasn't his fault.

He thanks her for finding it. Hope is distant. Patrick asks, "What's wrong?"

"Bo instant messaged me," says Hope, "I blocked it. I don't want to deal with it."

"What if he changed his mind about the divorce," asks Patrick.

Bo broods. He remembers scenes with Hope. There is a knock at the door. He ignores it. Doorbell. He ignores it. Billie yells, "Bo, I know you are in there. Your car and motorcycle are both in the driveway. She comes in, "What's wrong?"

Bo says, "It's over, Billie. Hope has shut me out of her life for good."

"Aw, shucks," says Billie.

Hot times at Dune. Lucas and Carrie dance. He asks if she is OK, "It seems like you were anxious to get away from Austin. Was he bothering you?" Carrie remembers Austin asking why she is marrying his brother. She says, "I just wanted to get back to my handsome fiancée, but had to settle for you."

Lexie rants. Sami says if Lexie blabs, she will tell Abe about her affair with Tek. Lexie... Sami... toe to toe.

Dang! Austin breaks it up. He asks, "What is going on here?"

Lexie turns to Sami and slurs, "Schall you tell 'im or schall I?"

"Nice place," says Phillip. They sit down and look at the menus.

Shawn orders a bottle of their most expensive champagne, and also orders one for the room. Mimi wonders if they can afford it. He wants to max out his credit card. He promises to put in overtime at the garage, which he hasn't even seen for months, until it's paid off. Tonight will be special, "I love you, Mimi Brady."

"Mimi Brady," she repeats, "In high school I filled pages writing that. I'm Mimi Brady." Kiss.

Patrick orders a bottle of their best champagne. Belle doesn't want champagne. Phillip asks why. Belle smirks and remembers their hot evening, "We're trying to make a baby. I don't want to take any chances."

"Are you saying..."


Lucas thinks Lexie looked pretty upset. He thinks Sami had something to do with it, "I can read Sami from 100 miles away. She is up to something. She did something. The question is what."

Lexie bawls as she tells Austin about all the terrible things Sami did to keep him and Carrie apart, "She lied, she schemed, she blackmailed..."

Sami says, "I can't deny it... But Austin knows about all those things I did years ago."

"I've forgiven you," says St. Austin.

Sami asks, "Why are you dredging it up now? You can't stand to see me happy."

Lexie's jaw hits the floor, "You are evil," she slurs.

Austin thinks Lexie should take her own advice and chill out. "Move on," he tells her.

They leave. Lexie seethes, "It ain't over yet." Tek comes up and tells her he has the car waiting. Lexie says, "I won't leave until that little twerp Sami gets what she deserves. She hasn't won."

"I know how to fix everything," says Tek.

Billie tells Bo Hope will come around. "I've been fooling myself," says Bo, "I sent her an instant message. I told her I don't want this divorce. She blocked it."

"So what," says Billie, "You're going to give up?"

"What am I supposed to do," he asks.

"Do you still love her?"


"Then remember you are a detective. Find her and force her to listen," says Billie.

Hope insists it's too late. It's time for her to move on. Patrick tries to mitigate things. Hope won't buy it. Bo has sided with Zack's killer. Patrick thinks Hope should have just read the message Bo sent. Hope says, "All Bo does these days is lie. The message would have been a lie too."

Patrick plays the trump card, "Do you think this is what Zack would want? You owe it to yourself and to your family to give Bo another chance."

Phillip kisses Belle's hand. Belle says, "If there is a new life in here, it's my responsibility to do things right. It breaks my heart to think that Mimi won't experience this. I know her dream is coming true in a different way."

Shawn pours the champagne. He toasts, "Here's to you and happiness for all the Days Of Our Lives. And here's to our children who are out there somewhere, born or unborn, waiting for us to adopt them.

Mimi says, "I'm sorry I can't give you biological children."

"What's bringing this up now," asks Shawn.

Mimi remembers Bonnie telling her she can't tell Shawn about Claire. She dodges the issue. Shawn says he will be a father soon, anyway.

Austin says Carrie and Lucas act like they are having a great time. Lucas asks what's up with Lexie, and why Sami was so nervous at the hospital. She says she's always nervous when someone calls a bunch of people together. Austin and Sami go to dance. Lucas and Carrie sit.

Jada and Tek come up to Lexie. Jada admires Lexie's bracelet. Tek says, "Jada's going to help us make sure Sami gets what she deserves."

Bo says, "The harder I push the harder she pushes back. I don't want to risk hurting her again. He remembers the fight with Patrick at Zack's funeral, "Hope thought I was a raving lunatic. She's wrong. I wasn't raving."

"She knows you so well," says Billie, "She understands how you feel."

"You understand," says Bo, "We're alike. We both act first and think later. In fact, usually the thinking part is optional. Hope knows when to control her temper. She's a trust-fund baby. I was a wrong side of the tracks punk. It was part of the original attraction between us.

"The whole 'opposites' thing," says Billie.

"No," says Bo, "I just happen to like trust-funds."

Flashback to Bo and Hope meeting. Bo claims Hope is a pretty little rich kid who's nothing but a pain. More Hobo scenes...

Bo snaps out of it, "Even though opposites attract, maybe in the long haul that's not enough. Maybe we weren't meant to be together."

"After 20 years," asks Billie, "You don't believe that. You need to do whatever it takes to find Hope and tell her how sorry you are."

Hope says, "I've heard all I want to hear from Bo."

Patrick understands. He knows what it's like to lose someone you love. If he could have Alma back he'd find a way to work anything out. "It's worse than betrayal," says Hope, as she remembers finding Bo and Billie in bed, "I didn't tell you this sooner because I didn't want to hurt you. Jennifer and I found Bo and Billie together in bed in a motel. That's when I knew it was over. When we were supposed to be grieving he slept with Billie. Hopefully he won't be stupid enough contact me again."

Right on cue, Hope's computer beeps. She looks at the screen, "OMG!"

It's a reminder to take Zack to the dentist. The reminder also has a picture, "Look at his sweet little face."

Patrick assures her, "It's all right."

"No it's not," says Hope, "I have to stop wallowing in sadness. This bungalow isn't a safe place any more. These reminders keep popping up." He offers to take her to the world-class hotel and casino on the big island. When they return all her troubles will still be there, though. That's OK. Hope wants to go, "But I have nothing to wear."

"Leave it to me," says Patrick. He leaves.

Hope looks at the computer, "I love you, Zack."

Bo thinks there is no point in trying to contact Hope. Billie asks if he meant it when he said they weren't meant to be together.


"You are like the fairy tale couple," says Billie.

"We always had the kids to keep us together," says Bo, "But JT was taken, and Zack is... and now that Shawn is married, maybe they were the glue in our marriage. Now that they are gone our differences are too much. The house is empty, the kids are gone. Maybe we realize there is nothing left to this relationship, and that we're better off apart."

Mimi asks what Shawn meant when he said he is going to be a father soon. Phillip and Belle come up to their table and ask what they are doing there. Trying to get away. Shawn tells them they didn't take the round the world trip because there is so much going on here. Shawn didn't feel right leaving, what with Zack's death and his parent's divorce, "Without honesty and trust a marriage can't survive, so we won't make the same mistake my parents did." The pyromaniac asks, "What are you guys doing here?"

Phillip says, "We wanted to go somewhere romantic so we could make another baby."

Jada is going to help get Carrie and Austin together again. She makes an announcement. Dune will sponsor a charity handcuff dance. She will 'randomly' select couples to dirty dance together. Tek will use his genu-wine handcuffs to do the cuffing. Jada selects couples. Of course she selects Austin and Carrie. They pass. Jada tells them the prize is a $500 donation to their favorite charity. Carrie can't pass up that kind of money for the American Association for Re-tards and Retreads, so they agree. Tek cuffs 'em.

Sami thinks Lexie set this up. Lucas says she's just annoyed because Austin is handcuffed to Carrie. "I'm not," he says, "because I am secure in my love."

Let the dancing begin. Austin roughs her up a little. Carrie gets into it. Sami and Lucas don't. Show me the way to your heart...

Sami makes a call, "I'm at dune. I need you to come right away."

Patrick comes back in with a garment bag. He hands it to Hope. "The cop in me doesn't want to know where you got this," she says. She hopes the casino takes credit cards.

Not to worry, Patrick just happens to have a wad of cash lying around, "It's not my money."

"Now you're scaring me," says Hope.

"It's money from my previous trip to the casino," he claims. She goes to change. Patrick fans the bills.

Billie asks, "How can you say that?"

Bo says, "A lot of couples break up after their kids are gone or after they had a tragedy. We had both." Bo decides he needs another beer.

Billie doesn't think that's a great idea, "Do you remember what happened the last time you got drunk?"

"Yeah," says Bo, "I shot you and we spent a freezing night on a mountaintop. It's not gonna happen again."

Burnin' LoveShawn didn't realize Belle was planning to turn into a baby-machine. BUT, he has a surprise for Mimi. He hands her a set of papers. Miss Pyromaniac 2006 resists the urge to set them on fire. "OMG," says Mimi, "I don’t believe this. An adoption application. I love you so much!"

What do you get when you cross a liar with a pyromaniac?

a) Liaromaniac
b) Liar, liar, pants on fire
c) Mimi's job in hell
d) All of the above

The correct answer is e)... Someone whose hot lyin' lips can Kiss Shawn goodbye.

Shawn loves her, too, "With any luck we will have a kid before they do."

Belle's dark side emerges. She thinks, "This is wrong. And it has to stop."

Hope asks if the dress was Alma's. No, Patrick just ran out to the all-night McDress store and had it made up.

Hope thinks it's exquisite, "It fits."

"I know a thing or two about women's bodies," says Patrick.

"I'll bet you do," says Hope, "Its' perfect. You clean up rather nicely yourself."

Bo is out of beer. He has to go for more. Billie doesn't want him driving under the influence. Bo claims he's only had two. Billie insists she won't let him go kill himself.

Poor Bo says, "I got no reason to live." Billie chases as he leaves.

Lexie thanks Tek, "Sami's gonna pay. Just look at Carrie and Austin. They belong together. No one should try to stop them."

More dirty dancing. Jada selects a couple to be eliminated. The crowd boos. Lucas wants to know why Sami is so anxious.

She just wants the dance to be over. Suddenly, Salem's finest is on the scene. The cops arrive, too. They got a drug-dealing tip. No one is to leave the area. Once of the cops announces, "Abe carver will take care of this personally."

Lexie tells Tek, "OMG, Abe can't find us here together."

Sami looks over at Lexie and says, "GOTHCA, bitch! No one messes with Sami Brady and gets away with it."



The brat says to Frankie, "Tell me the truth. Can you promise I won't go to jail if I tell my dad what I have done?"

Abe looks across the room at Dune and says, "I don't believe it."

Lumi kiss. 7.5 on a scale of 10.

Frankie says, "I want to take you upstairs and make love to you." Jennifer asks, "Then what's stopping you?"

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

The Truth Schall Sechu Free

The residue of the crowd is gathered at the nurses' station. Carrie thinks it's weird that Lexie called all of them together. Sami remembers her conversation with Lexie.

Austin says, "Sami, You're awfully quiet do you know what's wrong with Lexie?

"We're not friends," says Sami, "Why would I know?" Lucas tells her they thought she just might know. Sami says, "Why are you making this about me? Just get off my case."

Abe tells Lexie he's relieved her results were negative. They decide to celebrate at home. Lexie wants to make new memories. There is nothing Abe wants more, "But I can't."

John snoops. Captain Marvel pulls out his handy dandy hi-powered rifle as Roman comes up, "You really didn't think I would let you kill Alex, did you?"

Alex tells Marlena they are about to board their own private jet. Marlena wants to know where they are going. She doesn't like surprises. All of a sudden she's not sure she wants to leave all those wonderful Salem memories she doesn't have.

Phillip moans. Belle moans. The audience moans. "Whew," says Phillip, "That was amazing. It was like our first time. Even better."

Belle stares like a zombie of the picture of the mentally crippled quartet, "You are my past and future. I am totally committed to you."

"I'm excited about more kids," says Phillip, "I was having doubts about us. If you ever have a problem, tell me." You don't have that kind of time, Phillip. Belle stares at the picture, "I'm not being completely honest with you."

Shawn asks if Mimi is sure she wants him to read the letter. Mimi worries and remembers writing it.

Shawn begins reading, "Dear Shawn..."

Mimi yells, "Shawn, stop! Don't read any more..."

Roman says, "Well, I gotta hand it to you, John, good work ditching all those officers I had tailing you. But you weren't able to ditch me."

"You're a fool," snarls John, "I'm gonna save Doc. If you ever loved her you will look the other way."

Roman looks at John's five-foot long bag. "I assume you have a high powered rifle there," says Sherlock Holmes.

John asks, "What is the matter with you? Don't you know we will never see her again?"

"We couldn't be that lucky," says Roman.

"You don't care about her," snarls John.

Roman resembles that remark, "I had two kids with that woman, and then you took off with her!"

"Sooooo...," says John, "This is your way of getting back at me. You gotta cut me some slack. Her life is on the line."

Marlena tells Alex Salem is her home. He reminds her she doesn't remember Salem. Details, details. They are leaving on her honeymoon and will have lots of time to explore their deepest feelings for each other. Marlena apologizes and goes to freshen up. Alex says, "It will all be over soon..."

Lexie wants Abe to stop pushing her away. He wants her to stop asking him for something he can't give. She insists he isn't less of a man. There are treatments he could get. She says they can still be close. He thinks that would be torturing each other. Better them than the audience. "Don't wait up for me," he says. He wades through a sea of self-pity as he leaves.

Lexie stands exasperated as Tek makes his entrance. Mr. Selfless offers to take her back to his place. She says she can't. She didn't tell the truth because so many people would have been hurt. She can't do this any more. She needs a drink.

Lucas can't believe Sami didn't have anything to do with this. Sami says she identifies with what Lexie is going through – any woman would. She remembers her argument with Alex. She thinks Lexie should have more testing done. On that happy note, she suggests going dancing. Carrie thinks that would be fun. Well, if Carrie thinks that would be fun, how can Lucas disagree? He decides they can work on their wedding plans between dances. Sami and Lucas leave as they all decide to meet at Dune.

Carrie tells Austin she hopes he can be happy for Lucas and her. He says will have to accept it, but not stop loving her, "No matter who I am with, I will always wish it was you."

Mimi yanks the letter from Shawn. She wants him to lie down and be comfortable and she will read it to him. She tells him to close his eyes.

"Dear Shawn," she reads, "You were my first crush, first kiss. I know you as well as I know myself. I am marrying my best friend. You are my dream come true. I want to be the best wife to you. I want to make you happy all the Days Of Our Lives. With you by my side I will be a better person. I want to be worthy of your love. Your devoted wife to be, Mimi."


He kisses her, "That was beautiful." Shawn's standards are obviously pretty low.

"I love you very much," says Mimi.

"I do have a question," says Shawn, "As you were reading, I saw the letter was close. You weren't looking at it. Did you read me what you wrote?" You can't put anything over on ole Shawn.

Belle tells Phillip she remembers feeling if Claire didn't make it, how would they? She was scared of being so sad all the time. She didn't know if she could cope with the loss. Say it together, everyone, Phillip is there for her.

Belle says, "Look at Bo and Hope losing Zack, and now each other. I bet if Shawn was a little kid, I mean physically, not mentally they would still be together. That's why I want to have more children. If anything comes between us we'll have lots of reasons to stay together."

Phillip is stunned, "Huh wha... Is that the reason you want to have more kids?"

Belle says, "Well that and other reasons. I'm so glad we're talking about how we're feeling."

Phillip says, "Well, I have a confession to make."

Lexie tells Tek he shouldn't have followed her to the bar. He tells her she probably shouldn't have another drink. "These drinks are sweet, but strong," he says.

"Like me," asks Lexie.

"Zero out of two ain't bad," Says Tek.

Lexie chuckles as she picks up the bucket o' booze. She sees the tiresome foursome come in. That's Tek's cue. He slithers off. Sami comes up to her and says, "I thought you would have learned your lesson by now."

Lexie says, "Sami, you'd better keep your mouth shut, or Carrie and Austin are going to find out you plotted to keep them from getting married. I see Carrie has two men in love with her and you have none."

Austin brings champagne to the table. Sparkling cider for Doofas, who is engrossed in the wedding magazine. Sami comes back to the table and Carrie asks if she will be matron of honor. Sami says, "Oh, I'm sure you don't want me at the wedding."

"We're grownups now," says Carrie, "Look how supportive you've been. We were close once. I know we want that again. What do you say?"

Sami hesitates, "Yeah, I'd like that. Thanks for asking."

Sami grabs the magazine to look for bridesmaid dresses. Lucas feels left out. Austin says weddings are a girl thing. Lucas asks if Austin will be his best man. Austin takes a slug of booze.

Abe comes up to Roman and John. Roman shows him the gun. Abe says John can't take things into his own hands. They aren't going to let him kill Alex. John tells Abe and Roman, "I'm gonna save her life or, by God, I'm gonna lose mine trying!"

Alex drags out another vial of potion. When he gets her to the destination it will be too late for her to do anything. His phone rings. He asks if they have an offer on the penthouse, "No? Well, we'll sweeten the deal. We'll throw in all the furniture, including the antiques, and all her personal possessions. We don't plan to return to Salem. I agree it's unusual, but we are an unusual couple. So wire the money to that offshore account once you sell the place."

Marlena comes out. Alex tells her that was the pilot on the phone.

As they walk out, John yells at Marlena not to get on the plane, "I love you Doc!" She remembers their wedding night. Alex tells her they need to go. Marlena stands like a statue.

Phillip dresses. He hates seeing Belle go through hard times. They need times for each other. He wants to do something special for her. The doorbell rings. Phillip opens it. Caroline. Belle rushes upstairs and comes back dressed five seconds later. Caroline is there to spend the night while they go to the Green Mountain Lodge. Belle is tickled. Phillip goes to pack.

Belle thanks Caroline for doing this. She tells Caroline she gave her good advice. The poor girl has decided it won't be such a hardship for her to honor her wedding vows.

Mimi says, "I told you to close your eyes while I read the letter."

"I did," says Shawn, "But I wanted to see the look on your face."

"Do you know how many times I read this," she asks, "I rewrote it several times. So I memorized it."

"I'm gonna keep it forever," says Shawn. He goes to put on some music. Mimi sticks the letter over a candle and burns it.

"What are you doing," asks Shawn.

Austin agrees to be best man. He toasts Lucas and Carrie. Sami toasts marriage. Cheers. Lucas and Carrie go to dance.

Sami says, "I guess it's official. I hope we can make each other happy. I think we have a real chance."

Austin drops the reality bomb, "Let's be honest. I want Carrie to be happy, but I still want her. And you're still in love with Lucas. I don't know where that leaves us. But it's not a true love."

Lexie sits down with them. She tells Austin she can help him get back with Carrie. He asks how.

"It'sh all about the truth," she slurs, "The truth schall sechu free. No... her. No... Carrie."

Sami thinks it's inappropriate for Lexie to be drinking while she is on call. She and Lexie go off and argue. Sami tells her to cool it, "Austin and I have a real chance at happiness."

"No way," says Lexie, "You are goin' down, girl. I am gonna to shee to it."

John begs Marlena not to go. Marlena tells Alex she thinks John might do something he will regret. Alex drags her off. John pulls out a device to track the jet. He's going to use that to follow Marlena, and when he catches up with her and Alex, he will be out of their jurisdiction, so Abe and Roman don't have anything to worry about.

Alex picks up a phone and checks in with the pilot, "I want you to take off immediately. Make sure this plane cannot be traced."

Mimi says she burned the letter because she doesn't want to preserve all that mushiness for eternity. Shawn says he likes mushiness once in a while. He mushes her. Shawn's phone rings. He picks it up and says, " We will be there in an hour." He hangs up and tells her they are going to, where else, the Green Mountain Lodge How ccoonnvveenniieenntt.

Mimi muses, "You really are my dream come true, Shawn. How can I keep lying to you?" You'll find a way, toots.

Phillip tells Caroline where Claire's med schedule is, as he and Belle get ready to leave.

Shawn and Mimi head out. They smooch their way down the elevator.

Phillip and Belle come out and wait for the elevator.

Austin cuts in. Carrie thinks it's great they can still be friends. Austin doesn't think anything. Silence. He finally tells her, "Our feelings are not going away."

Sami and Lexie stand in the middle of the dance floor arguing. Lexie says Austin and Carrie belong together. Sami says, "You keep your mouth shut or I will tell Abe and you will lose him and Theo forever." He-man Tek butts in and asks what the problem is. Sami says, "Your girlfriend here can't hold her liquor. I suggest you find a way to keep her occupied before she embarrasses herself." Sami struts off.

"Sami Brady is through ruining lives, and I'm gonna put an end to it," says Lexie.

Austin asks, "Why are you marrying my brother when I am the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?"

Carrie says, "You shouldn't have cut in." She goes back to Lucas.

Lucas asks if she is OK. "I just need you, that's all," says Carrie.

Stuff It!Sami asks what Lexie is still doing there. Lexie tells her Tek is getting the car. Lexie swears she will make sure Austin and Carrie end up together, "For once in my life I am going to do the right thing. So you can take your threats and stuff it." She practically knocks Sami over poking her.

The clueless quartet has converged on the Green Mountain Lodge. Shawn promises Mimi nobody will butt in on their honeymoon now.

The screen has gone blank on John's device. "OMG," says John, "He has had the pilot shut down all ground transmission. You have seen Doc for the last time!"

Alex serves champagne on the flight.

John, Roman and Abe stare. John says, "He's going to kill her. Thanks to you two there is no way I can stop him."

Alex toasts, "To you, Marlena. From now on your life will be indescribably... I promise you will get everything you so richly deserve." FF Marlena.


Austin asks, "What is going on here?" Lexie slurs, "Schall you tell 'im or schall I? Sami drops her jaw.

Bo says, "It's over, Billie, Hope has shut me out of her life for good."

Patrick tells Hope, "You owe it to yourself and to your family to give Bo another chance."

Mimi asks, "What are you guys doing here?" Phillip says, "We wanted to go somewhere romantic so we could make another baby." Mimi says, "You certainly have a way with words."

Lucas tells Carrie, "I can read Sami from 100 miles away. She is up to something."

Lexie tells Tek, "OMG, Abe can't find us here together." Sami says, "GOTHCA, Bitch."

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Let The Chips Fall Where They May

Belle contemplates a picture of her, Phillip, Mimi and Shawn. She remembers Mimi's lecture.

"Bet I know what you're thinking," says Kirinac the Magnificent.

Mimi is on the phone with Bonnie, "Everything is fine. She didn't tell Shawn she wanted to leave Phillip for him. I got Shawn to remind her how he feels about divorce. What if he learns the truth?"

Shawn, of course, walks in the door carrying a grocery sack at that very second and asks, "YO! Truth about what?"

Austin and Carrie attack each other in the hospital. Carrie doesn't think this is right. "What's not right is you're with my brother," says Austin, "It's not too late. You're not married yet, as if that would matter. Lucas and Sami should be together. They have a long past. We should be getting married." Carrie imagines happy moments in the hospital just after she has given birth. Lexie's announcement that the birth defect has shown up breaks up the happiness.

"What's wrong," asks Austin.

John says, "I'm right, you're getting your memory back. We are going to be together." Kiss.

Abe paces. Tek asks if Lexie is back. "No," says Abe, "It's not like her to talk about her health problems in front of everyone."

Alex is still waiting for Lexie's answer. Lucas calls for Sami from outside the door. He moves on. Alex continues to badger Lexie. He reminds her of what Abe said on the tape. Lexie bawls, "I can't do this. I can't let you blackmail me any more. I have to tell the truth. Someday."

Austin works on Carrie, "You know you love me more than Lucas."

"Stop it," says Carrie, "You have to let me go and hope you will be happy with Sami. I have to go back downstairs." She looks back as she leaves.

Austin says, "I have no idea what is going on with you but I won't give up."

Lexie won't let this go on, "If Abe doesn't forgive me I'll get what I deserve." She talks about her conversation with Sami. Alex asks what Sami wanted Lexie to lie about. Lexie tells her about the birth defect lie.

Alex throws an accusing look at Sami.

Sami makes a face at him, "Shut up."

Lexie tells Sami, "I'm going to see to it you lose Lucas and Austin." She turns to Alex, "and that you lose Marlena."

Sami asks Alex what they are going to do now. She remembers their argument in the records room.

Alex tells Lexie, "I'm sure you'll make the right decision."

"I have made my decision," says Lexie, "Let the chips fall where they may." Lexie leaves. Sami tells Alex this is a disaster. He goes to do damage control.

Abe hugs Lexie as she comes back. She says she will explain everything. They are both glad the tumor is benign.

Lucas bumps into Carrie and Austin. She tells Lucas she signed up to be a nursery volunteer. It will be good practice for when they have kids.

Alex assures Sami his plan will work and wonders where Marlena is.

The aforementioned Marlena breaks away from John, "I'm a married woman." She remembers her wedding night with John, "I can't do this." She runs out.

Once again the entire town of Salem has gathered at the nurses' station. Lexie asks for everyone's attention.

Sami asks Alex what he's going to do now. "Just wait and see," he says.

Mimi tells Bonnie she has to go. Shawn asks her again, but pulls his best Phillip act by telling her what she is thinking. He speculates Mimi is upset because the honeymoon got interrupted. He has a surprise for her. He whips out a blindfold and puts it on her.

Belle unloads on Phillip, "Why do you always say you know what I'm thinking? You're not psychic. Most of the time you're not even right."

Phillip asks, "Am I a good husband to you? Since we've been married it's been one thing after another. It's a lot to deal with. And you never dealt with your feelings about Shawn. I feel like you're having second thoughts."

"I have trouble with any thoughts," says Belle, "You're a wonderful husband." She hugs him. "But you're right. I have a lot on my mind lately. It's time for me to be honest with you about how I'm feeling." Phillip does his best bobblehead impression.

Alex says he's bringing in reinforcements. Lexie continues the big announcement but Celeste walks in with Theo. She tells Lexie, "Someone called and told me to bring Theo down here, and of course I just follow the orders of any anonymous Joe on the phone, so here I am."

"That's your plan," asks Sami, "How is that gonna help?"

Alex walks away as Lucas walks up to her. "I know you and I know you're hiding something," he says.

"You're wrong," insists Sami.

Lucas threatens, "If you get in the way of me and Carrie so help me God..."

John tells Marlena to tell him what she remembers. "Just little pieces," says Marlena.

"Soon those flashes will tell you that you don't belong with Alex," says John.

Alex watches and thinks, "Sorry John, you're not going to get what you want."

Lexie says it's as if she's been given a second chance. Abe feels the same way. He takes Theo off. Celeste asks how Lexie is feeling. Lexie says she feels all right. Celeste still feels unsettled about something. Lexie says that's because she hasn't yet told Abe and exposed Sami and Alex. Celeste senses potential for disaster.

Lexie calls them all together, "I just had a brush with a serious illness. I need to get rid of a lot of stress in my life. So this is why I have to tell you all of this even though it will be painful. Hopefully it will change your lives for the better."

Shawn removes Mimi's blindfold. Candle city. She can't believe he did all this. Strawberries and cream. She thanks him. He runs over and puts on music.

Belle and Phillip listen through the magic vent. Phillip says, "It's hard for you to see them married isn't it? It'll get easier." He understands what Belle is going through with her parents. He loves her and doesn't want to lose her.

"This is gonna be hard," says Lexie. Abe tells her she can save it for later.

Alex steps in. He says as a psychiatrist he knows what she wants to say, "Lexie is trying to say you shouldn't let anxieties impinge on your lives. She has been through a difficult time. It made her do what she felt was the right thing."

Abe jumps in his face, "Nobody asked you to speak for Lexie. Let her say it. Nobody here likes or respects you. I can't count the times I have saved your life, but not because I give a damn about you. I should have let John kill you when I had the chance."

Lexie breaks things up with the big confession, "Abe, I hope you find it in your heart to forgive me, but while you were recovering from your blindness and, uh, other... thing... Tek has been a friend. Not only was he not blind, but he didn't have that, uh, other... thing... So it turned into more than friendship. We had an affair."

Abe becomes unhinged. He attacks Tek. DOWN goes Tek. Lexie stoops over Tek's cold and limp body, "He's dead! You killed him," wails Lexie. Fortunately for Tek, Lexie never makes the right diagnosis.

Conveniently, there is a uniformed cop standing there. He immediately arrests Abe.

Alex tells Lexie, "I warned you..."

Of course, Lexie snaps out of her little fantasy. Alex asks what Abe would do if another man came between him and Lexie.

"What are you implying," growls Abe.

Lexie cops out, "He's not implying anything. Alex is right, that is why I called you here today." She leaves. Lucas stares a Sami.

Lexie tells Celeste, "I couldn't do it, Mom."

Abe comes over, "Sweetheart, are you gonna be all right?"

Marlena tells John, "I've never seen Abe behave that way."

John's jaw drops, "You remember Abe."

"Of course..."

"Then you are on the verge of a breakthrough," says John. Alex asks for a moment with Marlena. John responds the way any normal, civilized man would to a sensible question and beats the stuffing out of him.

Alex gets away and says, "You'd better listen or I'll get another restraining order."

Like an idiot, Marlena says she will talk to Alex. He takes her into another room. Marlena says it's time they got something out in the open. She is remembering what he did to her, "You abused me physically and psychologically. And now you're drugging me, aren't you?"

"That's right, Marlena," says Alex, "But after I give you this, you won't remember any of it." He grabs her. Marlena struggles.

Belle has something she needs to tell Phillip, "I want to have another baby with you."

Phillip nearly falls off the couch. Of course he would want that.

"Then why are we just sitting here talking about it," asks Belle.

"You mean right now," he asks.

"Right now," she whispers. Phillip obliges.

Mimi and Shawn wind things up. Shawn remembers the letter. Mimi says she thought he had forgotten about it. Mimi flashes back to writing the letter. Shawn goes off to find it.

Abe tells Lexie he wishes he had just one thing on Alex so he could take him into custody. He takes Theo down to the cafeteria for his favorite... hospital chocolate pudding served in its own petri dish. The kid needs to get out more.

Celeste tells Lexie she can't go on lying.

Austin goes back to work on Carrie. He insists she isn't with the right man, "You still love me, don't you?"

Meanwhile, Lucas grills Sami, "You're about to faint form relief. What's going on? I'll bet Lexie was going to say something pretty bad. You just dodged another bullet, didn't you?"

"Nothing is going on," insists Sami.

John babbles, "I have to keep Alex away form Marlena. He took her away to drug her. I think she's finally ready to confront him. I have to be there before it's too late."

Alex jams the hypo. Marlena gets woozy. He tells her they will be gong on their honeymoon soon, and she will never see John Black again.

John looks for Marlena and Alex. Abe is with him. Out of all the rooms in the hospital, John busts into the one they are in.

Alex is exasperated, "What did you think you'd find in here, John? Marlena hanging?"

Marlena drones, "I'm married to him and I love him."

"Too late," snorts John, "You got to her."

Ales claims, "I didn't get to her with anything. We are about to leave. Abe, I'm taking her someplace where he can't find her. I expect you to keep a collar on him. Say goodbye Marlena."

"Goodbye, Marlena."

John seethes and runs out of the room ranting.

Carrie says she can't be with Austin and thinks he should be with Sami.


Lucas says he saw Sami talking to Alex. Sami insists she isn't up to anything. Lucas tells her things will backfire if she's up to her old tricks.

Lexie tells Celeste she has screwed up so many lives trying to ensure her own happiness.

Phillip, Belle, afterglow. "That was amazing," he says. He tells her he wants a big family, "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine," says Belle, "My family and future are with you. That's where I want it to be." Kiss.

Mimi frets. Butter Hunk says, "I cannot wait to read this letter, finally." Mimi grimaces.

Mimi thinks, "If he reads that letter, it's the end of our marriage."

Shawn opens the letter. He struggles with the big words as Mimi stares. FF Mimi, caught in her web of lies.


Phillip says to Belle, "Well, I have a confession to make."

Lexie tells Sami, "For once in my life I am going to do the right thing. So you can take your threats and stuff them."

Alex is on the phone, "I want you to take off immediately. Make sure this plane cannot be traced."

John tells Abe and Roman, "But I'm gonna save her life or, by God, I'm gonna lose mine trying."

Monday, April 24, 2006

Salem's Biggest Snakes

Hope slings a piece of paper. She can't believe it. How could Bo give up on them? She calls Jennifer. Jennifer bawls her out. She isn't happy about the divorce. She won't let it happen.

Frankie wants to know if Bo has any leads on Lockhart. "No," snarls Bo, "And if I catch him anywhere near my wife again, I'll teach him the legend of the flying fists. You can shred those papers. I am not granting a divorce."

"You know the law in this state," says Frankie, "She doesn't need your consent. My job is to see her wishes are carried out."

Lucas barks instructions to Eugenia as Austin comes up. Lexie left a message to meet with him, Lucas and Carrie. She has invited every one except Sami.

Sami and Lexie argue. Lexie says finding the lump was a wake up call, "I'm eliminating the stress from my life. If that means destroying you, then that's a bonus. Your tears won't work on me."

Sami insists, "Your whole future is at risk."

Lexie says, "There is nothing you can do to hurt me or to stop me."

"Maybe not me," says Sami, "But Alex will. It will be your own damn fault."

Alex bumps into Marlena. He sees she is upset and asks, "What happened?" He sees John in the background, "I should have known."

Lexie interrupts... there is something you all need to know. Austin, Lucas, Carrie and the Salem Tabernacle Choir all walk in. Lexie moves them into the hospital auditorium, so there is room for everyone, "I'm glad you are all here..."

"What is going on," asks the throng.

"That's what I would like to know," says Abe, "Well... Lexie?"

Bo looks over the divorce papers. Frankie says he is sorry. He advises Bo to get his own attorney.

"That would be the smart thing to do," says Bo, "So I can't. You lawyer types will just tear our life apart."

"Unfortunately," says Frankie, "Division of assets is part of any divorce. I suggest you two go through a mediation process."

"That would be the smart thing to do," says Bo, "So I can't. I can't believe we're having this discussion."

"I can't either," says Frankie.

Bo says, "If there was a way I could talk to her. You know, just get through to her somehow."

Frankie says, "Maybe there is."

Abe takes Lexie outside and asks what is going on. Lexie promises to tell him everything in a few minutes. Abe suggests she should tell him in private.

"That would be the smart thing to do," says Lexie, "So I can't. Trust me on this."

Carrie wonders why Lexie wants to talk to them. Lucas thinks Sami knows something since she is acting so tense.

Alex leaves to make some honeymoon arrangements.

Tek advises John to keep his cool and his distance.

"That would be the smart thing to do," says John, "So I can't. I was getting though to her, Tek. I need a little more time with her."

"Just don't try anything stupid," says Tek.

"I don't know any other way," says John.

Lexie comes back in and apologizes for keeping them waiting. She stammers around, "I'm sure you're wondering what this is about. I have something important to tell you and it won't be easy."

Frankie tells Bo to do whatever it takes to find Hope. Maybe he can turn this around. Frankie has to leave. Bo asks how things are going with him and Jennifer. Frankie thought this would never have happened. He knows she will always love Jack. Bo points out Frankie was Jennifer's first love, "Don't let her go. Don't wind up like me."

Hope insists she isn't coming home. She is divorcing Bo. Jennifer can't believe it. Hope says, "It was a difficult decision. I need your support."

"I support you," says Jennifer, "Is there something I can do?"

"Not really," says Hope, "How is it going with Frankie? Maggie told me all about you and him. I think you make a great couple."

"We'll just wait and see what happens," says Jennifer.

"It's what Jack wanted," says Hope.

"I miss him so much," says Jennifer, "Probably like you miss Bo right now."

"I try to keep busy," says Hope.

Jennifer asks, "Isn't it lonely there?"

"Actually," says Hope, "I've been here with Patrick Lockhart."

Jennifer just about swallows the mouthpiece.

Frankie leaves. Bo goes to his desk and contemplates a picture of him and Hope, "I'm gonna get you back, Fancy Face. No matter what it takes."

Hope tells Jennifer she and Patrick didn't come to the island together. She wound up in the same bungalow as him. He insisted she stay.

"That sounds like Patrick," says Jennifer, "When I lost Jack the first time... or was it the second... maybe the third... who can keep track... I couldn’t have gotten along with out him. You should come home, Hope."

"That would be the smart thing to do," says Hope, "So I can't. I probably won't come back for a long while."

"We miss you so much," says Jennifer.

Hope says, "I'm just not ready. I don't know if I ever will be. There are so many sad memories there. I will stay in touch, but please do not tell anyone Patrick is here with me." Translation: Spread the word as quickly as possible.

"OK," says Jennifer, "You have my word."

"The last thing I need is Bo going ballistic."

"He would," says Jennifer, "Take care. Bye." She hangs up, "Oh my gosh, Hope, you hare making a huge mistake. What are you doing?"

Hope wanders over and picks up one of those legendary flowers, "I know you're worried, Jen, but I'm doing what I need to do."

Lexie announces, "The first thing is about my health. I found a lump."

"Mumble, mumble, mumble," says the multitude.

Abe steps up to her. Lexie tells him she is prepared to deal with it. She is going to eliminate unnecessary stress. The nurse comes up with the results. Lexie opens them. Lexie stares. Lexie cries. She hands the papers to Abe.

Abe reads, "Oh... benign."

"Oh! What a relief," exclaims the peanut gallery.

"Why didn't you tell me," asks Abe.

"That would be the smart thing to do," says Lexie, "So I couldn't. Lexie's phone rings, "I have to go, there is an emergency." She asks the group to wait with baited breath until she returns.

Sami sneaks into the emergency room, "Dammit, Alex, where are you? your plan is not working."

Marlena looks for Alex as John grabs her, "You are gonna remember everything and I am gonna help you do it."

Lucas wonders what else Lexie has to tell them. Carrie just wouldn't know. She tells him she is going to go to the nursery. She has decided to volunteer to work there, so she can work with her peers. Lucas thinks that's a good idea. It will be good practice for when she is a mom.

Carrie leaves. Eugenia tells Lucas, "This thing with Lexie doesn't make sense. She might be gearing up for a showdown. I'll give you one guess who's on the receiving end."

"Sami," says Lucas.

Alex was wondering when Sami would show up. Sami asks what is going on. Alex says, "I think it's time that we let Lexie know who's really in charge here, don't you?"

Jennifer picks thins up as she wonders what would happen if Bo found out, "I can't tell anyone."

Frankie's impeccable timing brings him in at that critical moment, "Not even me?"

Bo vows to reach Hope. He turns to the computer, "This may be my last chance. It better work."

Hope stares out the window, "Where are you, Patrick. I know you need time alone. I wish you would let me help you. I know what it's like to lose the love of your life." Hope's computer chimes... EMAIL. Hope stares at the screen, "I don't believe this. Why is he doing this?"

Carrie watches as the nurse hauls out a baby. "I never get tired of looking at them," says Carrie.

"You mean like the audience gets tired of looking at you," asks the nurse, "I think you will be a natural as a volunteer." Austin comes up.

Abe talks to Tek. He doesn't understand it, "Lexie finds a lump and doesn't tell me."

"That would be the smart thing to do," says Tek, "She couldn't."

Abe asks, "Why would she share it with these other people?"

"The only thing I know is she loves you," says Tek, "She would never purposely hurt you."

Abe says, "Thank you for reminding me this is about Lexie, not me. I know we have had our differences, but you've always been there for my family. You looked out for them when I was on the island. You've been a good friend."

"My pleasure," says Tek.

Eugenia wonders what Sami did this time. Lucas remembers talking to Sami about her behavior, "I don't know what she is up to but there is one way to find out."

Sami tells Alex it's over, "We should stop. We're finished."

Guess who walks in. "Yes you are," says Lexie, "I should have known Salem's biggest snakes were working together. I intend on doing what's right from now on. They all will know the truth. You both will lose everything."

Alex smirks, "You will be the biggest loser of all. You stand to lose your whole family."

"We'll see about that," snorts Lexie.

Alex flicks his recorder on. "My relationship has nothing to do with you," says Abe's voice.

Alex' voice asks, "If another man would try to seal Lexie..."

"I would want to kill him," says Abe's voice.

Jennifer says she didn't hear Frankie come in. He wonders what her little secret is. "Hope called," she says. I promised I wouldn't tell. I couldn't talk her out of the divorce. If they would just talk to each other..."

"That would be the smart thing to do," says Frankie, "So they can't. I told Bo the same thing. If I know my brother, he will try, though."

Bo talks to his computer monitor, "Come on, Hope. Answer."

Hope looks at a picture of her and Bo hugging. She wonders why Shawn sent it.

Speaking of Shawn...

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Hope types, "What are you up to?"

Bo gets the email, "YES! IT WORKED!"

Frankie computes. Jennifer says she is off to the mall. She thanks him for watching Jack Junior, and then asks what he is doing.

"Running a profile on someone wanted for murder," says Frankie, "...Patrick Lockhart."

Jennifer flashes back to her conversation with Hope, "Are you serious?"

"I know you and Patrick are friends," says Frankie, "But be glad he is long gone."

Hope types, "Butter Hunk, are you there?"

Bo types, "It's not Shawn, it's Bo, and we need to talk. Please call me." SEND.

Hope reads. "NO," she types, "How dare use our son's screen mane to try to trick me. I want you to leave me alone." SEND.

"I'm sorry Fancy Face," Bo types, "I can't do that. I'm sorry. I had to reach you and tell you how much I love and need you. I can't live without you."

Hope shuts her computer.

Bo types, "I can't lose you." Suddenly his computer has a conniption, "YOU'VE BEEN BLOCKED! "

Hmmm... Whatever happened to, "How could Bo give up on them?"

"Dammit," says Bo.

Hope bawls like a little girl.

Carrie asks Austin what he is doing there. He had to talk to her, "I can't get you out of my mind. I want a family so bad, and I want one with you."

"We can't go back," says Carrie.

Austin says, "The only thing I know is that I love you so much, and that I am never gonna let you go." Kiss. Carrie chokes. Austin is forced to perform the Heimlich maneuver to remove his tongue.


Abe wonders what is keeping Lexie. He goes for coffee.

Marlena says John can't keep her from going with Alex. John says I ain't gonna let you go. We have always come back to each other. We're gonna do it again. Just remember the vows we took.

Marlena flashes back. She says her vows, "Being away from you was worth it. Now we can be together all the Days Of Our Lives. I love you."

There are things John doesn't remember. Amnesia is very contagious. He loves her. It is that simple. She is his life, "You are the reason for me rising in the morning and lying down at night and acting like a child in between."

Marlena snaps out of it. "My God," says John, "You are remembering." Marlena cries.

Lucas sneaks around.

Lexie chokes, "What th'... Where did you get that?"

"I just happened to record a conversation with Abe," says Alex.

He turns the recorder back on. Abe's voice says, "What you are doing is wrong, North. You have manipulated Marlena."

"I never had to manipulate her," says Alex' voice, "The only reason she married John is she had amnesia back then. I don't consider that a betrayal. If your wife ever betrayed you, could you forgive her?"

"She would not cheat," says Abe's voice, "Not now, not ever again, but I couldn't forgive her. Satisfied? If she ever broke our vows again I'd leave her and take our son."

Alex turns if off, "What's it going to be Dr. Carver? Are you going to let Sami and I live happily ever after with the people we love or are you going to risk losing your husband... And your little boy." FF on the adulteress.


Lucas tells Sami, "I'll bet Lexie was going to say something pretty bad. You just dodged another bullet, didn't you?"

Marlena says to Alex, "You abused me physically and psychologically. And now you're drugging me, aren't you?"

Belle tells Phillip, "It's time for me to be honest with you about how I'm feeling." Phillip does his best bobblehead impression.

Shawn says, "I cannot wait to read this letter, finally." Mimi grimaces.

Friday, April 21, 2006

God And The Brat

The brat tries to tell Bo the awful truth, but chokes up. Bo assures her it will be OK. "Oh, God, this is so hard," she whines.

"I can see that," says Bo.

"I just want you to know it's important for you to know the truth," says she says.

Hope thinks she drove Patrick away, "It wasn't his fault Alma died, but now he will never know the truth." Patrick stands behind her. She hugs him. He stands there like a zombie.

Marlena wanders into her office. She remembers Lexie telling her John loves her. "John," she says as she picks up his picture.

John stands in the hallway. The super-sleuth senses something. He hides behind a wall as a figure walks by. John grabs him, "Got you... you...." They struggle.

Sami sees Lexie. She remembers telling Alex Lexie could die if he goes through with his nefarious plan. "I can't do it," says Sami. She runs out.

A nurse asks Lexie how she is doing. She says the biopsy results aren't in yet. The nurse wishes her good luck and leaves. Lexie sighs, "OK. Whatever the results, I can deal with it. It's Sami and Alex who will need good luck."

Alex types and talks about how he needs to medicate Marlena one more time before they leave Salem for good. Sami rushes in and yells, "You can't do it. I'm not gonna let you kill Lexie."

The brat bawls, "I'm the reason you are getting a divorce. I want to make things right. I really mean that. I want you to be proud of me." Bo takes her into his office.

The brat tells him she is responsible. Suddenly there is a ruckus outside Bo's office. Charisse attacks the cops out there with a letter opener. Salem police are no match for letter openers. He-man Bo charges out there and grabs Charisse. The brat remembers Charisse telling her now bad prison is.

Bo cuffs her and they drag her away kicking and screaming. He goes back in and asks the brat if she is OK.

Patrick tells Hope Danny borrowed the boat so couldn't leave the island. Patrick says, "I know you want me to stay. I've made up my mind. You can't change it."

Hope says, "I know I can't but maybe Alma can. She gave me a message for you."

John roughs Tek up, "What are you doing following me."

"I'm under orders," says Tek, "I want to make sure you don't do anything stupid."

"That's a big job," says John. He says he saw Marlena in the hospital and thought it would be a good time to talk to her. He reminds Tek he trained him at the ISA.

Tek promises to give him a little space, "OK, I'll keep my eye on you."

"Of course you will," says John, "You had a good teacher."

Marlena remembers their wedding night. She tells John, "I never want it to end."

"Don't worry," says John, "On DOOL, nothing ever ends."

Marlena looks at pictures of the family, "I know my heart belongs to Alex. I wish we didn't have to leave Salem." She remembers telling Alex she wants to know where they are going. He says as far away from Salem as they can get. She wonders if that's a good idea. Alex says if they stay, John will keep trying to kill him. He wants to give John some cooling off time.

Marlena tells him this isn't a good time for Belle and Sami. Alex says, "Belle and Sami can take care of themselves. They have cell phones, and the Internet is available everywhere in the world."

Marlena says, "That means I can read Prevuze no matter where we go. I guess it's all right to leave, then."

Marlena snaps back to reality, "Alex was right, I don't have to live with my children to be a part of their lives. And we deserve a wonderful honeymoon. She opens a drawer and pulls out her passport and repeats the name printed on it, "Marlena Evans-Craig-Brady-Black."

John steps in and says, "That's who you are, and will be for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Lexie calls Carrie. She asks if she and Lucas would come to the hospital. She crosses Carrie's name off her list and dials again, "Oh Sami, you have no idea what's about to hit you."

Actually, Alex is about to hit her. Alex tells Sami to lower her voice. Sami says, "Maybe Lexie really doesn’t have cancer..." She sees the awful truth in his face, "Oh, God... she does, doesn't she?" Sami runs to the computer.

They struggle. Alex says, "I've heard you've been party to much worse than this, STAN. I'm going to make sure Lexie has paid for what she has done."

Bo is sorry the brat had to see that, "Its' gonna be OK."

"No," she whines, "It's not. She's going off to prison and the same thing will happen to me."

"No," promises Bo, "I'll convince the judge and jury it was an accident."

The brat flashes back to Kate telling her she's going to prison, "I love you, Dad."

"I love you," says Bo, "I'm not gonna lose you now."

"I just want you and Hope to be happy," she whines. Frankie interrupts. The brat says she was just leaving. She goes out and Frankie asks Bo if she finally told him the truth.

"The truth about what," asks clueless.

Hope tells Patrick about finding the letter. She gives it to him. He reads. "Mi amor, if you are reading this then I am dead. I know you, Corazón. You really want to blame yourself, but this was not your fault. There is nothing you could have done to prevent it. You were honest with me about your past. I was less honest with you. I was involved with some very bad men. But I decided to leave the life of crime for a life with you. It isn't always easy to escape, but now I have learned they are coming after me. When they find me... but even knowing what's about to happen, I would do it all over again to share a life with you. Let yourself love again and know I will live in you. Te amo siempre.

"I should have been there to protect her," says Patrick.

Marlena tells John he shouldn't be there. He isn't giving up on her. He asks her to look in the passport at all the places she has been. He was there with her. He shows her a picture of Belle and Claire, "Our past is staring you in the face."

"My life is with Alex now."

"I'm not buying it," says John, "We were soul mates. You don't remember how much you love me."

Marlena says, "But I do." Spare me.

Lexie leaves a message for Abe. She turns and finds Tek standing there drooling.

Sami gets away from Alex. She insists she isn't a killer. "If that's the way you want it," he sneers, "then be the good Samaritan. Be prepared to lose everything, including Austin Reed."

Bo asks what truth Chelsea would tell him. Frankie remembers talking to her about the emails. "Sorry Bo," he says, "Attorney-brat privilege."

"Yeah," says Bo, "I know the drill."

Frankie asks, "Did you sign the divorce papers?"

"No," says Bo, "And I'm not going to. Send them back to Hope. Tell her I'm not giving up."

"I'll do what I can to convince her," says Frankie. Frankie sees the SSK XLVIII rap sheet. He asks about it.

Bo says, "I think there is a good chance that is Patrick Lockhart."

Hope tells Patrick he can't blame himself. Of course he can. Patrick says he should have realized. Hope says Alma was protecting him. It wasn't his fault she died, "This is a gift she sent you from beyond the grave. You have a second chance at life... and love."

The brat prays. She goes into the confessional, "Bless me Father, for I have sinned."

Farther Marques asks, "How long has it been since your last confession?"


"What is troubling you," he asks.

"I've done something very bad," she says.

"That's the definition of a sin," says the perceptive Father, "But you have to be more specific."

She asks, "If I am... You can't tell anybody, right?"

"Right," he says, "I'm bound by the confessional."

"OK," says the brat, "Here goes. I'm sure you know that I ran over my little brother Zack and he died. It was an accident but... my step mom, she wants to see me rot in hell."

"That's a foregone conclusion," he says.

The brat says, "I should have said she wants me to rot in jail. If she gets my dad to testify against me, that's what will happen. She left town, and I sent her an email with an article form the Chronicle which had picture of Mom, Dad and me looking like a happy family, which I knew would make her flip out. Then she sent my dad an email saying she wanted a divorce. I knew if my dad read it he would say no. So I rerouted his messages so they would come to my account first. I changed what he wrote."

"You have been very busy brat," says the Father.

"I had this near-death experience," she says, "I realized everything I've done is a mistake. I tried to tell him the truth."

"You have to tell him," says Father Marques.

Well, that wasn't what she wanted to hear, "I just told you and God. Isn't that enough?"

"I can't help you gain God's forgiveness if you do not tell."

"I didn't lie to God."

"If you don't rectify the situation, you will wind up paying a grave price for all the pain you've inflicted," says the Father.

Bipolar John moves toward the manic side of the scale, "You remember our love."

"Maybe it's the pictures," says Marlena, "I know you were special to me."

"Just like you are special to me," he says, "I remember our wedding day. That day my life was complete." Flashback. "My God you remember, don't you?"

"I've had memories in the past," says Marlena, "But nothing like this."

"I knew it was just a matter of time," says John, "I love you. Always have. Always will." Kiss.

Lexie tells Tek, "I've gotten myself into a situation I need to get out of."

"Why do I assume this involves Alex North," he asks.

"Maybe because you're such a good detective" says Lexie.

"Is that bastard still trying to blackmail you?"

"It's not just Alex," says Lexie, "Sami knows, too. And that's not the worst of it. I also found a lump in my left breast. I had a biopsy."

"Are you OK," he asks, "I am here for you."

"Thanks," says Lexie, "Because the first thing that has to happen is I have to tell Abe about our affair."

Alex starts to leave. "Wait," says Sami, "I can't lose Austin again. But I won't let Lexie die. And I don't want my mom with you."

"Would you rather see her with John Black," says Alex, "I can guarantee your happiness with Austin if you trust me. Can you do that?"

Sami caves in, "OK. I trust you."

Frankie says, "This profile could match a lot of guys besides Lockhart."

Bo says, "If he comes anywhere near my family, I will be the one up on murder charges."

Patrick says he doesn't deserve a second chance. Hope tells him to move on, "You were doing pretty well with Billie."

"You saw how that worked out."

"Maybe she was the wrong woman," says Hope, "Why won't you let me help?"

"Because then I wouldn't be able to pout any more." He leaves.

The priest says, "By keeping the truth from your father, you are hurting yourself even more and putting you soul at risk." The brat runs out. She sits in the sanctuary and tells God she can't tell the truth.

"Tell me something I don't know," says God.

Marlena pushes away, "I'm married to Alex. I'm happy, John, you have to leave."

"Just give me a little time," begs John, "If we can talk we can work through this. I will convince you marrying Alex and going away with him is the biggest mistake of your life."

"I can't do this," she says as she runs out. John chases her.

Sami comes up to Tek and Lexie. Tek walks away. Lexie tells Sami her threats won't work any more. Her marriage will survive this too.

"You won't," says Sami.

Lexie asks, "Are you threatening me? I won't destroy people's lives any more, Sami. Austin and Carrie need to know."

"Austin and I are happy and Lucas and Carrie are engaged," says Sami.

"Finding this lump was a wake up call," says Lexie, "I am telling everyone the truth. If that exposes you, then that is an added bonus."

"You're forcing me to become a monster," says Sami.

"Your tears are wasted on me," says Lexie, "You can't change my mind."

"Your whole future is at risk," says Sami.

"You can't hurt me," says Lexie, "You can't stop me."

Sami turns and says to herself, "Maybe I won't, but Alex will. And it will be your own damn fault."

Alex catches the hysterical Marlena in the hall. Then he sees John, "I shoulda guessed. You'll never stop, will you?"

"Never," sneers John.

Alex tells Marlena, "This is exactly why we need to go on that honeymoon, a guy just can't have a private moment to kill his wife around this place. Come on, let's go."

Lexie stops them, "Before you leave, there is something you all need to know." Pan to Sami. FF.

Thanks, Salemfairy...


Alex says to Sami, "I think it's time that we let Lexie know who's really in charge here, don't you?"

Bo says, "If there was a way I could talk to her. You know, just get through to her somehow." Frankie says, "Maybe there is."

Hope stares at her computer, "I don't believe this. Why is he doing this?"

Austin tells Carrie, "The only thing I know is that I love you so much, and that I am never gonna let you go." Kiss.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Life Sucks, Then You Die

Hester, uh, I mean Lexie, pours coffee, sighs and remembers her conversation with Alex. She values her marriage with Abe, but has decided to come clean. Then she flashes back to her conversation with Sami. She dials her cell phone as Sami comes in. Lexie leaves a message for Austin to call. "I have to stop her," thinks Sami.

Out in the hall, the door to the records office is ajar. Sami accidentally on purpose drops her purse. She stoops to pick it up and hustles herself into the office. She gets on a computer and works as Alex comes in and confronts her. Yes, folks, your medical records are safe, confidential and secure at the Salem hospital.

Mimi remembers Bonnie's mayday call as Belle stands at the door. Mimi rushes up to her and diverts things by telling her about Hope's request for a divorce.

The brat goes in to see Bo. Bo can't believe the divorce is happening. He emailed Hope and told her how much he cares, "She's throwing everything away." The brat remembers telling Frankie she changed the emails. She tells Bo they have to talk right now as John busts in.

"Urgent police business," barks John, "Marlena's life is on the line." Bo asks the brat to give them a minute.

John says Roman has cops tailing him and is doing a lousy job of protecting Marlena. Bo tells John he can't deal with it right now, "Hope just filed for a divorce."

Patrick stares at Alma's grave. Hope tells him she isn't going back to Bo. She also tells him he can't run from his past forever, and from what happened to Alma.

Patrick says, "The guys who killed her were after me. I have to live with that. I gotta get out of here. You're welcome to stay as long as you like. As much as I love this island, there are too many memories here."

Hope grabs Patrick, "I'm not letting you go."

John can't believe Hope has asked for a divorce. Bo shows him the papers. John tells him he understands why Hope feels the way she does.

The cop hauls Charisse in for booking. Charisse looks around and asks the brat what she is looking at. Chelsea apologizes for staring. Charisse asks for a cigarette. Chelsea says she doesn't smoke and Charisse should quit.

"Why," she growls, "So I can live? Life sucks then you die. What are you in for?"

"Nothing," says the brat, "What about you?"

"Solicitation and drugs," says Charisse, "I gotta tell you, as bad as it is on the streets it's a hell of a lot worse inside. Just pray you never do time."

Hope wants to know why Patrick won't let her help. Patrick tells her she belongs in Salem. Hope isn't changing her mind. She doesn't want to face the memories. Just like him and Alma. She asks if Patrick is going back to Salem. No, he's going to set sail and see where it takes him. They decide they will miss each other. Patrick advises, "Don't give up on Bo so fast. You love him. You won't find that love with another man. I know you will go back when you are ready. I want you to have all the peace and happiness you deserve." Hugs. "Goodbye."


After Patrick is gone Hope says, "I wish the same for you too. But until you can forgive yourself for Alma, you will never be at peace."

Belle can't believe Bo and Hope are getting divorced. Shawn can't believe his family is falling apart, "What else can happen next?"

Belle says she will do anything to help. Mimi reminds her she is there for Shawn. Shawn says he hates the idea of divorce. Mimi stares at Belle.

Lexie looks up John Black's cell phone number. The nurse interrupts and tells her she has to take a look at Mr. Harris.

Sami tells Alex she is just checking something. Alex looks at the computer screen and sees Lexie's records are there. Sami claims Lexie's records were already on the screen when she got on the computer. Alex doesn't buy it, "Why would you be so interested in Lexie's health? She has something on you, doesn't she? The question is, what is it?"

The object lesson continues. The brat asks if prison is really that bad. Charisse tells her it's ten times worse than it is on TV.

Bo thinks John is taking Hope's side. "No," says John, "It's just that she lost her son."

"WE lost OUR son," says Bo, "I did everything I could to protect her and she thought I was protecting Chelsea." Bo tells him about the emails and the hang-up. "Shawn won't tell me where she is."

John has his way of doing things, "Oh, you just grab him and make him tell. You gotta get to Hope and get her head right."

Bo tells John he has to back off on trying to get Alex. Unless Alex does something illegal Bo's hands are tied. John asks what Bo would do if North was going after Hope. Bo says luckily the only threat to Hope is Patrick, and no one knows where he is.

Hope runs up to Gabby and asks if he has seen Patrick. Gabby hasn't seen him. He tells Hope about Patrick and Alma, "Alma would be upset if she saw the place now. He hasn't kept it up. The garden is a mess. Alma was trying to get the special flower to grow there. The flower is only a legend. Patrick knows Alma is never coming back."

Patrick remembers Alma tending the garden. Patrick waters the garden. Patrick waters Alma. Alma waters Patrick. Soaking wet and dirty, she is still beautiful. Patrick breaks down.

Sami wants out and threatens to call security. Alex threatens to tell them he found her there. It would be the word of the respected doctor against Stan-the-man. Sami questions how respected he is and says she wants to know what he is doing there.

Lexie heads into the records room.

Belle tells Shawn she feels bad for him. Shawn doesn't blame his mom. He blames his dad, "But divorce... I know they love each other. I'd like to think there is hope for them."

"Sometimes it takes something drastic to bring people together," says Belle.

Mimi encourages her to leave so Shawn can concentrate on getting his parents back together. Shawn can only concentrate on one thing at a time.

Mimi takes Belle aside as Shawn works on an email, "I know what you are trying to do. You have to stop doing this. He's already told you 'no.' How many times do you have to hear it?" With Belle, it takes a few times.

A nurse stops Lexie from going into the records room.

Sami speculates Lexie has something on Alex, "That's it, isn't it. And I hope she uses it to get you away from my mother."

Alex says, "Be careful what you wish for, Sami. If your mother and I should split up, she winds up with John black. You don't want that."

"I want my parents back together," says Sami.

"That isn't going to happen," says Alex, "Get used to the idea of Marlena and I together. If I lose, you lose. But we might both be on the same side with John, Lexie... but what does Lexie have on you? What is it you are most afraid of? I've heard you and your ex just got back together. I'm thinking it has something to do with him. Of course. Lexie knows something that can cause trouble with you and Austin."

Sami vows, "I will do what I have to do to stop her."

"So why were you looking in her medical records," asks Alex.

"Nothing specific," she admits, "I'm desperate. I thought I could find something."

"That's where we are different," says Alex, "I have a plan. I have a very specific course of action in mind. The perfect solution to both our problems. Interested?"

Charisse paints the grizzly picture, "When you are behind bars and the bitch-ho's want to get you, they will. You're a pretty skinny piece of meat, but a pretty thing like you... you'd wish you were dead."

"You're just trying to scare me," whines the brat.

Charisse asks, "Why? You didn't do anything to go to prison did you?"

"No," she lies.

"Then you have nothing to worry about," scowls Charisse.

Bo shows John the description of SSK XLVIII. John thinks it's enough to bring Lockhart in for questioning.

Bo thinks Alex will slip up. John will do what it takes to get Marlena back just like he knows Bo will do what it takes to get Hope back.

"It will be a long painful process," says Bo.

"Then the glass is half full," says the old philosopher, "You two could come out of this stronger. I'm gonna get Marlena away from North."

Bo says, "If I knew where Hope was I'd be on a plane to get her. And I wouldn't come back without her."

Hope runs into the cabin yelling for Patrick. She doesn't find him. She walks out dejected, removes her jacket and rustles around in the garden. She finds a box and whams it with a brick to get it open.

Inside is an envelope, which says, "To Patrick." She opens it. A letter. She reads and stands there in shock. "OMG, Patrick has to see this." She runs off.

Shawn types. Belle tells Mimi she doesn't want to hurt Shawn.

"Then don't," says Mimi.

"I can't just change the way I feel," says the self-centered sniveling little whiner.

"You better figure out a way," warns Mimi, "Shawn just said he doesn't believe in divorce."

"I'm sorry," whines Belle, "I hate doing this to you."

Mimi is exasperated, "Why do you keep acting like you don't have any choice. You chose to leave Shawn... you chose to marry Phillip... you chose to stay married to Phillip when you had the chance to leave him and be with Shawn... The saddest part of all this is that poor Phillip doesn't have a clue you don't love him. Oh, wait, you love both of them. If you don't love Phillip, you should leave him. But you can't have Shawn."

Belle says, "The only reason you and Shawn got together is he doesn't want to break up my family."

"But you do," says Mimi, "Phillip deserves so much better than you. Phillip is the only dad Claire has ever known. I know you are used to getting what you want, but that will change. When will you start putting your daughter first?"

Shawn finishes his email to Hope. He never thought Hope believed in divorce. He has a rare thought, "Ideals are OK but real life is different."

Belle runs with it, "So... What? You're saying that divorce might be OK sometimes?"

Lexie calls John. She tells him she needs to talk about Alex. Mighty Mouse is on the way.

Sami is interested. Alex tells her about the lump. Sami already knows. He plans on making sure the biopsy comes back negative. Sami can't believe it, "Lexie could die."

"The end justifies the means," says Alex, "We both operate on that premise."

Sami is shocked, "I don't know what to say."

"Just let me do everything and it will work out for both of us."

"But not for Lexie," says Sami, "You want me to make another deal with the devil."

"It wouldn't be the first time," says Alex, "I've heard about your escapades as Stan. How anyone could think a pretty girl like you was a man is beyond me... Just put your faith in me and ensure your future with Austin... or rat me out and wind up alone and miserable. All you have to do is just walk out the door and let me do the dirty work. Deal?" Sami stares.

"I don't believe in divorce," says Shawn, "Of course, there are special circumstances, like abuse. But if you're just unhappy you should find a way to work it out."

"What if you get married for the wrong reasons," asks Belle, "Even the church recognizes annulment."

"Yes," says Shawn, "If you get married under false pretenses, like if the husband or life lied about something very important." Belle sees an opening. Mimi sweats.

Alex says Sami will like him a lot more once he makes her dreams come true. And her hands will be clean, "So just run along and let me handle everything."

"I think I will," says Sami as she leaves.

Alex stands alone and says, "It is time to stop Lexie carver dead in her tracks with the emphasis on dead.

Lexie says to herself, "Everything will be out in the open soon."

Sami comes in and sees Lexie with a worried look on her face, "Oh God, look how she is. I can't just let her die. I'm not that selfish. Oh, God, how can I do this?"

Hope asks Gabby if Patrick has left. He thinks so. Hope contemplates the letter, "Oh, Patrick, now you'll never know the truth about Alma's death."

The cop comes to book Charisse. He brat offers words of encouragement as they drag Charisse off.

John tells Bo he has to go talk to Lexie.

Bo goes out with John. John pats the brat on the shoulder as he leaves. Bo asks her, "What's this about?"

The brat says, "It's about what I have done... to you and Hope." FF


Sami yells at Alex, "You can't do it. I'm not gonna let you kill Lexie."

John tells Marlena, "We were soul mates. You don't remember how much you love me." Marlena says, "But I do."

Patrick says, "I know you want me to stay. I made up my mind. You can't change it." Hope says, "I know I can't but maybe Alma can. She gave me a message for you."

Frankie says, "This profile could match a lot of guys besides Lockhart." Bo says, "If he comes anywhere near my family, I will be the one up on murder charges."

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