Saturday, November 29, 2008

Trolling In Salem

Hey gang, hope you're hitting the treadmill after your big Thanksgiving blowout. Admit it, you overdid it, didn't you?


Have a great weekend, try not to consume mass quantities of leftovers and don't do too much shopping. See you Monday.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Conspiracy Theory

A ghostly looking Nicole comes downstairs with her white robes flowing. A baby screams in the distance. Nicole opens the front doors and the wind blows her robes for that eerie, other-worldly effect you can only get on a limited budget. She sees nothing so she runs into the rumpus room where EJ is holding a baby wrapped in a blanket in his arms. EJ gives an evil look as Nicole approaches. As she gets closer, EJ snaps the blanket open and lets it dangle. The baby is gone.


Nicole snaps awake. She sits up in the chair she has been sleeping in and stares.

Chloe and Lucas smooch. They decide what they have to be thankful for is each other. But they decide to be thankful anyway. They also decide they're thankful Allie can take care of herself without adult supervision. Lucas asks, "How 'bout we act like it's Christmas. We can pretend. I'll be Santa and you dress up in that cute little elf costume. Can you handle that?"


Lucas pulls out a ring box. Then he decides tease her and wait. Chloe begs him to give it to her now.

Daniel and Kate meet on the Kiriakis terrace. Kate asks him about the rest of her results. Daniel gives her the bad news. "Where do we go from here," asks Kate.

"Acme mortuary."

Brady comes into the pub after his run. Marlena suggests he join her for breakfast "The way you smell I've lost my appetite and won't have to worry about piling on more calories after yesterday's Thanksgiving blowout. " She tells him John will be joining them also, "He made a promise to me last night. I think it's the beginning of getting the old John back."

Mary tells EJ she heard Nicole crying as she slipped out this morning.

Nicole comes into Dr. Baker's office. Dr. Baker rambles about her condition, "It's important after a miscarriage to..."

Nicole blows her stack, "I did not have a miscarriage! Do you understand me?"

Dr. Baker keeps using the m-word. Nicole insists she gave birth to a perfect sleeping little girl who was taken from her. She goes off the deep end, even though that's probably what really happened and the kid will show up years from now.

"Of course, "says Dr. Baker, "I understand." Nicole apologizes and says the word 'miscarriage' is just so ugly. "I'm sorry for your loss," says Dr. Baker, "And for the fact you are standing here right now."

Nicole asks, "I need you to give me something no one else can. My life depends on it."


Lucas toys with Chloe. Chloe threatens bodily harm if he doesn't give her the present. "If that doesn't work, I'll sing. " Lucas immediately hands her the box. Chloe opens it and gasps.

Daniel says more aggressive treatment is in store, "The lung tumor is responding to your treatment, but the cancer has metastasized."

"Where," asks Kate.

"Let's put it this way," says Daniel, "It's not in your fingernails."

"How much time do I have left?"

"That depends on your contract."

Nicole tells Dr. Baker she wants another baby.

"I'm awfully busy, " says Dr. Baker, "But I suppose we can give it a try. The storeroom is empty. But it's unlikely you'll be successful."

Nicole snaps, "Come on. There are all kinds of treatments available these days... IVF... IUI... DUI..." The doctor says even if she got pregnant again the scarring would prevent her from carrying to term, just like it did in this case. Nicole screams, "You're wrong and I'm going to prove it!" She walks out.

Mary tells EJ Nicole came in with Mr. Black. "Mr. Black," repeats EJ, "John? Brady? Clint? "

Marlena says she is grateful for John saving her life, "But he was in mercenary mode. I told him I wasn't comfortable having him around the children and he had to get therapy. He agreed to see Dr. Kenneth Taylor."

John walks up to the table, "Or maybe not. And I'm delighted you have brought my offspring up to speed on my personal business." He lectures her for not keeping her word, "No more Dr. Taylor. No more therapy. No soup for you! Why don't the two of you just continue discussing your little conspiracy theory without me." He turns to leave, but Marlena stops him. John whirls and nukes, "Would you like to broadcast my life to the rest of the family... EJ and old man Stefano?"

Brady asks, "What are you talking about, 'Old Man Stefano?'"

"Didn't she fill you in," asks John, "I'm a DiMera and so are you."

EJ figures out it was Brady who brought Nicole home yesterday. He decides to get to the bottom of this.

The sales clerk shows Nicole maternity clothes, "How far along are you?"

"Twenty weeks," says Nicole.

"Whoa," says the clerk, "I think you look incredible for 20 weeks. "She goes into the next room and comes out with a fake pregnancy tummy, "This is just like the ones they use in the movies, and on DOOL with every-other pregnancy. " Nicole tries it on.

Chloe opens the ring box to find a key. Her face falls like a lead filled barrel going over Niagara, "It's... a key."

Clueless Lucas says, "Gotta get up pretty early in the morning to fool you. It's a key to the dream house. Everything is final. Construction is underway. There is a hot tub and a fireplace in the bedroom. And a brick oven stove."

Chloe asks, "Does that mean I have to learn to cook?"

"I'm buying a house," says Lucas, "I'm not trying to commit suicide."

Lucas pulls out another ring box and adds something to the mix. Chloe opens it up to find the all-important ring. Lucas says, "You've been amazing the last few months. I love you with all my heart and soul."

"I love you, too," says Chloe, "Especially now that you came through with the ring. "

Lucas takes a knee, "Chloe, will you marry me?"

"OK," says Chloe, "I guess I have a couple weeks to spare."

Daniel and Kate talk about her prospects. Daniel vows to keep fighting. Kate doesn't want any pep talks, "I think my bad karma has come back to haunt me."

Daniel gets stern, "Don't you dare blame yourself and don't give up."

EJ comes in to see Dr. Baker. He asks what Nicole's restrictions are, and also asks about her prognosis, and the baby's. Dr. Baker tells him the case is complicated. He looks at the chart. And says he sees EJ is listed as the father, "That means I can tell you everything."

"I'll take the dress," says Nicole, "And the fake pregnancy tummy, too."

Brady says, "I'm trying to wrap my brain around being a DiMera."

"Try wrapping it around something more it's size," says John. He hands him a bread crumb and then beams, "You're a lucky man Brady DiMera!"

"This does not change who you are," says Marlena - Evans - Craig - Bradford - Brady - Black - North - Black - DiMera, "You've got a long way to go to catch up with my list of names. "

"Suck it up and be a man," says John, "This is the hand you were dealt."

"Why don't you try doing the same," says Brady Black DiMera, "You're not my father any more. You're a robot walking around insulting people. Put your family first and get your life together." He storms out. John gives his Mortimer Snerd smile.

Dr. Baker searches through Nicole's chart, looking for the HIPA form. He sees Nicole is listed as single and decides as her doctor he has to protect her privacy, "I was wrong. I can't tell you anything more about her case. Good day, Mr. DiMera."

Baby bump bedecked Nicole sits and talks with Mary. Mary leaves and Nicole zones and paces. She walks by the nativity scene, contemplates the baby Jesus and bawls.

Kate says she needs to be alone. Daniel says that is the last thing she needs. Kate scolds him for wanting her to be brave. Daniel says he won't tolerate her speaking of karma or suggesting she brought this on herself. He tells her they are going back to the hospital and continue the treatment, "And you will have hope and you will be strong and you will be brave. How does that sound?"

"It's the biggest crock I've heard since Abe's last campaign speech, " says Kate, "If I go to the hospital you have to promise me one thing. That I'll come back out of it."

"You will," Daniel promises, "And they'll take you straight to the funeral home. "

Lucas puts the ring on Chloe's finger. A call from Kate interrupts. She gives him the bad news. Lucas says he'll be right there and hangs up. He fills Chloe in.

John and Marlena argue. John rants, "I don't want to go in and see some old coot therapist who will tell me I have to be someone I'm not."

"You've been someone you're not practically your whole life, " says Marlena, "The old John was a man of honor..."

John shuts her up and agrees to see the shrink one time and only one, "After this it is over. No more trying to change me. You'll have to find another way to amuse yourself." Marlena agrees to leave and apologizes for overstepping her bounds with Brady Black DiMera.

"And if this doesn't work," asks John, "Because I can tell you right now it won't."

"One step at a time," says Marlena as she leaves. John scowls and mumbles.

EJ explodes, "I don't care if she told you she was the Duchess of bloody Kent, I want to know the truth! I am a lawyer. I can get an injunction."

"Why would you do that," asks Dr. Baker, "Why wouldn't you just talk to Nicole?"

"Communication," says EJ, "Bold new concept."

Brady arrives at the DiMera mansion. Nicole cracks the front door and hides behind it. She asks why he is there. Brady tells her he just found out he's a DiMera, so he's moving in with the rest of the nuts. He forces his way in and sees Nicole standing there with her tons of tummy.

Daniel arranges Kate's room. He plants a photograph of Kate and Lucas and leaves to give her some privacy. Phillip sticks his head in, sees the picture and turns to Lucas, "Mom always liked you best."

Outside, Daniel runs into Lucas and Chloe. Lucas accuses him of giving Kate false hope. Daniel gives him the plan of action. They are going to kill Kate's immune system and rebuild it from scratch, "She needs a bone marrow transplant."

Lucas volunteers to help with that, "I'll contact Billie, Phillip, Austin and the other members of her litter. I'm sure one of them will be a match. "

Brady wants to know what's up. Among other things, Nicole's tummy. He insists she can't hide this from EJ. Nicole says she isn't in denial. She is painfully aware of what she has lost. She thought if she could hear it were possible to conceive again she would have the courage to tell EJ, but Dr. Baker said there was no hope. Nicole says she can't bear to lose both the baby and EJ at the same time.

Marlena calls Dr. Taylor and leaves a message asking to talk to him after the session to know if John decides to continue.

John looks at his watch and huffs, "He's late. To hell with him." He turns and heads out of the pub, but bumps into a woman carrying a load of file folders. The folders go flying and John bends down to help her pick them up. He sees his name on the folders and asks where she got them. "You're John Black," says the woman, "I'm Dr. Taylor. Dr. Charlotte Taylor."

Chloe comes out of Kate's room and talks to Daniel. He sees her ring. She says she hid the ring from Kate and asks Daniel to keep her secret. Daniel agrees.

Kate tells Lucas the reason she told him about her condition first is that they have been through a lot of hard times together, "And, besides, I like you best. " She hopes he's strong enough to go through this with her.

"Don't worry about me," says Lucas, "I'm (say it with him) here for you. I want to help."

"There is an important way to do that," says Kate, "You can show me how strong you are as this continues. That you can accept the outcome no matter what it is. I need to know you will be all right without me. Promise you will be OK." Hugs. Chloe watches.

Brady says Nicole has to tell EJ. He insists EJ won't leave her because she lost the baby. "Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon" says Nicole, "and for the rest of my life. But we'll always have Paris. " Nicole says she has made her decision and begs Brady not to tell. They hug

EJ walks in, "What the devil is going on here?"


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Turkey Hangover

Gang, we have a serious turkey hangover this morning, and the posting will be late again. I'd suggest looking for it around 9AM EST. You may certainly feel free to look for it before that, but if you want to find it, 9AM EST would be better. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

An Unmitigated Train Wreck

Melanie and Bob struggle. Melanie bobs and weaves. Bob... bobs, "I'm going to teach you a lesson!"

Kate arrives at the pub with Daniel. She finds Lucas and Chloe there and wonders what is going on. They stumble around but tell her they've planned a surprise party for her at Victor's. "Great," says Kate. If it's at Victor's, I can watch Chloe get barbecued."

Brady meets Victor on his patio. Victor asks how things are going. Brady flashes back to telling Nicole the baby didn't make it, "Honestly, it hasn't been what I expected."

"What did you expect," asks Victor, "You're on a second rate soap opera. You thought maybe you'd have to wear armor to protect yourself from the shower of Emmys?"

EJ brings Johnny in to Nicole's room and asks if she is all right. Nicole blubbers, "No EJ , I'm not. The baby..."

Bob rants, "You think you can rob me and just walk away? There are consequences!" Melanie struggles as Bob cops a feel. Phillip grabs Bob and roughs him up.

EJ questions Nicole. Nicole zones.

Daniel, Chloe and Lucas kibitz. Kate says she is ready for a party. Lucas and Chloe book. Kate grabs Daniel and thanks him for all he has done.

Victor tells Brady he is proud of his recovery and then tells him about the party for Kate. He suggests maybe Brady shouldn't come because Chloe will be there.

"That's reason enough for no one to come, " says Brady, "But I've made my peace with Chloe and we've moved on. I wish you would do the same."

Brady brings up Nicole and Victor loses it, "Those two women almost destroyed your life. The best thing to do is just stay away from them.


Brady asks, "Is that an order?"

Victor snorts, "Chloe is an unmitigated train wreck. She's Lucas' problem now. You think just because you are into mending fences I should to. I'm not a recovering drug addict. Did Nicole tell you we were never married? She stole from me for years. You can't believe what that woman says. Especially if it's something like, 'I think your hot tub experience would be better if I turned up the juice.' "

Nicole says Johnny has everything to do with her being distant. EJ wonders what that means. Nicole reminds him it's Johnny's bedtime. EJ says he will be back and goes to get Johnny. Nicole sobs.

Bob tells Phillip, "This is between me and the little thief. Your little bimbo isn't worth defending." Phillip asks if Bob has his money back. Bob says he does, so Phillip sends him packing. He turns and asks Melanie why she did that.

She deflects his questions, "You've saved my life twice, Superman, so thank you."

Phillip corrects her, "I'm not Superman. I'm the Bionic Man."

Melanie snorts, "Can I go now? Get your kicks some other way." They argue. He vows never to rescue her again or question her judgment. Melanie says she is sick and tired of being blamed for everything, "I didn't kill my father. Nick did it, but everyone treats me like I'm guilty." Phillip suggests that might change if she made better choices, like leaving town. Melanie says she took Bob's wallet because she was desperate and no one will help her out. Phillip says he thought maybe she would turn over a new leaf now that she's in Salem. Melanie chuckles.

Chelsea walks up to Brady and they act like they've actually seen each other and maybe even had a conversation before. We hear the doorbell ring as Victor says he is proud of Brady for turning his life around. Chelsea says she is trying to convince herself she isn't responsible for Trent's death, and now she has decided it's Melanie's fault and she hopes Victor doesn't have to meet her. The crowd from the pub arrives. Kate thanks Victor for doing this. Brady and Daniel go off for guy talk.

Kate asks if Chelsea has talked to Nick. She says she did and it shook her up. "It probably shook Nick up worse," says Kate.

Chloe tries to have a conversation with Victor, "What's new?"

"I wouldn't share it with you," he growls, "Why don't you make yourself scarce."

"That would be hard to do," says Chloe, "Cheap things usually aren't scarce."

Daniel slaps Brady's shoulder and says how glad he is to see him. Brady slaps Daniel's shoulder and tells him the feeling is mutual. Daniel slaps Brady's shoulder and asks what's been happening with him. Brady slaps Daniels shoulder and tells him what he's been up to. After a few more shoulder slaps, Brady collapses. Daniel leans down and checks him out, "It's a good thing I'm a doctor and know how to treat blunt force trauma." Once Brady is healed, Daniel leaves.

Brady calls Nicole. She tells him she can't talk. EJ comes back in and Nicole hangs up. Suspicious EJ asks, "Who were you talking to?"

"Does it matter," asks Nicole.

"Let's not play games."

Nicole cowers, "I don't know what you are talking about."

EJ says, "I know all about it. I know what you did."

Melanie tells Phillip he's spoiled. She thinks he's had it too easy. Phillip gets sarcastic and agrees. He says he's never had an unhappy moment, "Except when I was married to Belle. "

Melanie says, "Well, the rest of us have to grow up in the real world."

"True," says Phillip, "I guess you didn't grow up in Salem, did you?" Melanie walks off.

Chloe says, "So let me get this straight. You followed me to tell me to stay away from you. I guess dementia is setting in."

Victor tells her the only reason she is there is because of Lucas, "One false move and there will be hell to pay." Daniel interrupts and tries to mitigate things. Victor doesn't want to hear it. He rants about Chloe.

Daniel says this is about Kate and how much Chloe has helped her. He gets a call, "OK, I'll be right there." He hangs up, asks Victor to cover for him and leaves. Kate watches.

EJ says he called several times trying to reach Nicole. When he couldn't, he called the lodge, "An employee saw you leave with a man. I want to know whom you were with." She tells him it's more important why she wasn't alone. EJ gasps, "Something happened at the lodge? To the baby? I'm off the hook? "

A nurse hands Daniel a large envelope. He opens it, reads and turns to her, "You're sure these are correct... that there's no mixup at all?"


He thanks her as she goes off. Daniel stares.

Lucas thanks Victor for throwing the party. The sarcasm drips from Chloe, "Yes, Victor, I can't thank you enough from making me feel so welcome. Would you like another drink or is ten your limit?"

Victor gives her a look he only gives people when there is no gun around, "I'm drinking ginger ale." Chloe walks off.

Kate asks Brady if everything is OK.

Chelsea tells Chloe not to let Victor get to her.

Kate and Brady talk about John. She asks if he is sure he's OK. Brady says he's just peachy.

Nicole says after EJ called and told her he couldn't make it, she wasn't angry. She says she got her things and went to the parking lot and felt a twinge. It scared her so she asked a guy in the parking lot to take her to the hospital.

EJ gasps, "Is our baby all right?" Nicole scowls.

Melanie has arrived at Maggie's house. Maggie comes into the kitchen and joins her. Melanie asks if Maggie meant it about offering her home as a place to stay, "Is that what you want?" Maggie says what she wants and what she does for family are two different things, so Melanie can stay. Melanie says it's good to have a bed to come home and sleep in. Maggie stops her and says after what has happened to Nick she just doesn't want to hear it.

Kate joins Chelsea and Phillip. Lucas and Chloe walk up. They ask about Daniel. Victor says he got a call from a patient.

The nurse asks Daniel if something is wrong. Daniel gives her the stare of death and she walks away.

Nicole tells EJ she saw a doctor, "His name was Dr. Baker. He treated me for a small hemorrhage." EJ is relieved it's nothing more than that He moves in to hug Nicole. She jumps like Victor playing with her hair dryer in a hot tub, "Please don't touch me!" She says given her history she has to be as careful as possible for the next few hours. EJ understands. He just wants to know the baby is all right.

Kate, Victor and Phillip make small talk. They try to encourage Kate. She goes for a drink. Phillip follows and apologizes for giving her a hard time about Daniel. Hugs.

Lucas tells Chloe to relax. Chloe rants about Victor being rude. "I love you," says Lucas, "That's all that matters." Chloe continues to pout. "Say it with me," says Lucas, "That's the only thing that counts." Chloe half-heartedly follows along, "Say it," says Lucas.

"You love me," whines Chloe, "That's all that counts."

Daniel returns. Phillip joins him and Kate and says he has something for Daniel. He hands him a box. Daniel protests but opens it to find a honkin' big watch. Daniel hands it back to Phillip, "I can't accept this. I was hoping for a Rolex. "

Nicole assures EJ the baby is fine. EJ is relieved. Nicole asks him to leave her alone so she can relax. "The baby is very precious to me," says EJ, "You know that."

"I know," she whispers. He smooches her forehead and leaves. Nicole blubbers.

Melanie goes through her wallet, "Wow, $13.22. I guess that'll last until tomorrow." Maggie comes in with groceries. She hands her a note. Melanie opens it and reads, "Dear Melanie. I decided being a petty thief, a liar and the most disagreeable person I've ever known qualifies you for the job at Titan. Welcome aboard. "

"Phillip is offering me the job," says Melanie, "I don't understand."

Maggie is blunt, "Neither do I, frankly."

Melanie looks at the note again and reads the post script, "Oh, now it get it. It says the job is in Timbuktu."

Daniel refuses to take the gift and excuses himself.

"I feel like an idiot," says Phillip.

"I'd think you'd be used to that by now," says Kate.

"All I care about," says Phillip, "is that you're happy."

"That's pretty much all I care about, too," says Kate.

Phillip gets everyone's attention and makes a toast to Kate. Everyone follows suit except Daniel, who wanders and zones. Kate looks over at Daniel and then joins in on the toast.

Nicole rubs her tummy, "Someday, somehow, I will make this come true. I will give EJ and me a baby."

Downstairs, EJ calls Dr. Baker and asks about Nicole, "I'm the child's father, so I would like to know everything."


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Late Posting 11/27/08

Happy Thanksgiving. If you are reading this message one of the following has happened:

1) I lost the baby.

2) While the guy watching me was out gallivanting for information, I ran to a convent.

3) I downloaded my mind onto a disc and broke the disc.

4) Hot date... elevator... you fill in the blanks.

5) It's Thanksgiving and I decided not to get up at the crack of dawn. If that's the case, you can look for the Prevuze posting a little later. We'll try not to sleep in too late.

If, on the other hand, you are not reading this, then... how do... you know... about it... in the first... place?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

National Dog Show Redux

I guess we're all used to it by now. Every once in a while there is no DOOL feed, yet, somehow, the world keeps spinning on its axis. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and so, once again, NBC will air the National Dog Show. You will find the warped Prevuze take on the National Dog Show if you CLICK HERE.

Since there is a show Friday there will be a feed tomorrow, so we'll see you then with yet another exciting installment of life in Salem. Either that or we'll tell you what's happening on DOOL. In the meantime...



Happy Thanksgiving, everybody.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Walk On The Wild Side

Max flips through an autographed copy of Trent's book on cold fusion, penciling in corrections, of course. He reads the inscription, "Hope this book inspires you."

Max slams the book shut and huffs, "A fine example you set, Dad."


It's a gen-you-wine fist flyin', hair pullin', nail scratchin' donnybrook. They want to kill! Kill! KILL! They wanna, they wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in their teeth! Eat dead burnt bodies. Kill! KILL! KILL!

Phillip stands outside the pub talking on his cell phone and is distracted when he hears crashing inside.

Rafe answers the door. He lets Hilda in. Hilda, now a blonde bombshell, sneezes. She tells Rafe she's just come off of a 24 hour stakeout of a Russian mob boss and his wife. Rafe points out Sami is out like a light and says he has to go somewhere. Hilda asks, "Where exactly are you going, agent Hernandez?"

"Fact checking," says Rafe.

"You'll never make it as a Salem cop," says Hilda. Rafe leaves. Outside, he looks at a picture of EJ and walks on.

Nicole gets a call. She looks at the caller ID and sees it's EJ. She agonizes over whether to pick up. Brady says, "I'll talk to him if you want." Nicole snaps, "No! You can't!"

Hilda sneezes again and reaches in her purse. Predictably, she discovers she brought the nighttime knockout formula instead of the daytime stay-awake stuff, "How sleepy can it make me?" She toasts, "Here's to you — you big beautiful blonde," and guzzles half the bottle. She flops onto the couch and flips on the TV.

Nicole asks Brady to promise not to say anything to EJ, "I have to tell him in person. I shouldn't have let the baby mean so much to me. This was supposed to be different for EJ. He was supposed to be part of this baby's life and now it's over."

Mary tells EJ there is a message from Roman, "Marlena was attacked by the person who killed the mayor. Johnny is in the park with Hope and Ciara."

EJ asks, "Bo and Hope finally found Ciara? How wonderful."

"Not for Ciara," says Mary.

Phillip watches the fight through the window. Melanie and Chelsea roll across the floor scratching and biting as a drunk in the background cheers them on. He turns to a waitress, "This is better than Pay Per View." The waitress makes a move to break up the free-for-all but the drunk stops her.

The girls separate and toss insults back and forth. Melanie hits Chelsea with a verbal tirade about Danny and Granny and then piles on by reminding Chelsea she's a Zackwhacker. Thinking she's delivered the death blow, Melanie turns to go. Chelsea takes a flying leap across the bar and tackles her. Brian Urlacher sits in the corner and takes notes, "If I really work at it, maybe someday I can take someone down like that." Phillip runs in and breaks them up. The audience boos.

Hope watches the kids (who are off camera, of course). Julie surprises her, "I'm so glad to be back in Salem. We did five continents in four months. I just went to see Nick. That boy is confused. He can't string a sentence together."

"How do you think he got an acting job on this show," asks Hope.

"Melanie is the cause of all his troubles," says Julie, "I knew she was trouble."

Melanie and Phillip struggle. He holds her in a death grip as Chelsea storms out. Outside, Stephanie tries to stop her, but she brushes past.

Back inside, Melanie struts and brags, "Somebody needed to put that dumb girl in her place."

Phillip says, "Watch your mouth."

Melanie asks, "You gonna tell me what to say now? Save your CEO crap for somebody that cares. You're not my boss, remember?"

Hilda sits on the couch and watches her show. Unfortunately it's DOOL and she immediately conks out. Her snoring wakes Sami. Sami looks out into the next room and gasps, "OMG! Rafe took off and left me with Hilda the Hun. She's passed out and he's gonna blame me." Suddenly, Sami gets an idea. She decides to go for a little walk, grabs her purse and leaves.

Nicole wants to leave the clinic. Brady protests but they go.

Chelsea comes into the Cheatin' Heart to see Max. Somehow, Max has heard about the fight already. Chelsea blames herself for all of Nick's problems, "I'm the reason Nick snapped and killed your father."

"You're right," says Max, "So how about if we get Nick out of jail and put you away forever instead?"

Phillip comes out of the pub and tells Stephanie about the fight. "I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner," says Stephanie, "I would have pummeled that maniac."

Phillip's eyes light up, "Oooooo, Scary. Sexy!"

"Good," snorts Stephanie, "the next time you let my best friend get in a fight you deal with me!"

Melanie checks her finances and asks the waitress if she can get drinks on a tab. When the waitress tops laughing she says no. So Melanie orders water. The dunk saunters up, "Hey there, you're a little spitfire."

Melanie thinks, "Hmmm... the waitress might not lend me money but I bet the silver fox will. Best part is he won't even know it."

Julie rants about Melanie. EJ finds them. Julie decides to spend some time with the children, but EJ and Hope tell her they'd rather talk in private. Rafe listens over some magic transmission device from somewhere. EJ asks if there is anything he can do to help. "There is something you can do, says Hope."

Sami enters the sanctuary. She genuflects, takes out three pews, goes to the front, kneels and sobs. A nun puts a hand on her shoulder and asks if she is OK. "No sister," bawls Sami, "I'm not."

Rafe listens as Hope asks EJ if Stefano had anything to do with the mayor's murder. EJ says no. She wonders if EJ finds it disconcerting the assassin would go after Marlena. EJ doesn't seem to give a damn, but says a member of his family could be next. He starts to go get Johnny, but Hope stops him, "Think of Allie and Johnny. Do you really want to put their lives at risk?"

Sister Teresa introduces herself. She's not there to judge. Only to help. It doesn't take her long to notice Sami's bigger than the Hindenburg and start to judge.

Brady and Nicole arrive at the mansion. He escorts her into the rumpus room and goes for water. Nicole wants something stronger. Brady tells her booze won't help. She says she wasn't thinking straight. She says she doesn't know what she would have done without him. Brady is, of course, just glad he could help. Nicole says she has to figure out how to tell EJ. She blubbers about her predicament. Brady suggests she just call EJ and tell him. Nicole can't. She just can't.


Brady offers to stay with her and sleep on the floor, even though the place has about 27 bedrooms. Nicole falls apart and says she just wants to be alone. She blames herself. She thought she could turn her life around but it wasn't possible. She staggers upstairs.

Chelsea whines and says if she hadn't broken up with Nick, Trent would still be alive and Nick would be free.

"You're right," says Max, "But look at the bright side. I'm sure he'd rather be in prison than with you."

Chelsea laments the fact that she broke Nick's heart for a stupid little crush on a grannyslammin' doctor. Max insists it's not her fault. That may be true but Chelsea is having too much fun playing the blame game. Max kids around and says if she doesn't cut it out, he won't put up with it.

Stephanie says she came to see Phillip about the "green initiative." She hands him a report but then says there is another reason she is there, "I was wondering who you are interviewing for the administrative assistant position." He tells her he has talked to Melanie about the job. Stephanie chuckles and says she doesn't understand how Melanie could be qualified.

"You'd be surprised."

The drunk moves in on Melanie, "The name's Bob."


Bob scours the Guy Manual for pickup lines that are totally lame but sound great when you're plastered, "That's a pretty name for a pretty girl. Can I buy you a drink?" He orders scotch."

"I'll have a diet soda," says Melanie, "I walk on the wild side. So, what's your story, Bob?"

"How much time you got?"

"Well," sighs Melanie, "I'm all ears."

"Truth be known," says Bob, "You're all teeth."

The nun escorts Sami into a pew. Sami asks about the orphanage. The nun tells her they had 20 children at one time, ranging from infants to teenagers. Sami asks if they take children now. The nun says they do, when there is a need. She asks what her name is. Creative Sami tells sister Teresa her name is Colleen.

Sister Teresa was born at night, but it wasn't last night, "I mean your real name."

Rafe listens as EJ tells Hope Stefano had nothing to do with this. He says he's going to get his son and take him home and put him under lock and key. EJ leaves. We assume he takes Johnny.

Julie comes back and gushes, "How did it go with Mr. Smarmy?"

"He claims his treasured papa knew nothing," says Hope, "And as usual, Sami is caught in the middle."

Nicole plods around in her giant pink slippers. Mary comes in. Nicole gives Mary the look of total satanic possession, "GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE! GET OUT!" Mary heads for the hills. Nicole bawls.

Chelsea says she has to take responsibility. Max tells her the responsibility isn't hers. Chelsea feels if she takes responsibility for this she's a triple murderer and that will move her up a notch on the serial killer scale, "If I had just (say it with her) been there for him..."

"Stop it," orders Max, "Don't forget, Nick's mom was unstable too. You are not responsible. Accept it and move on."

Bob wants to get Melanie liquored up. "Where you from, Bob," she asks.


"We have something in common," says Melanie, "Salem doesn't have a football team either." She tries to leave, but Bob cozies up. He accuses her of being rude. Melanie gets snotty, "I'm sorry, sweetie, did I hurt your feelings. Chow, Bob." She leaves.

Phillip tells Stephanie that Melanie knows web design and programming, "Her resume didn't blow the job for her. Bottom line, she's a troublemaker."

Melanie walks out of the pub and overhears, "Yeah, well, take your stupid job..."

"Great attitude," says Stephanie, "especially from someone who's flat broke." Meanie sashays off.

Rafe listens as Julie and Hope rant. Julie bets EJ is thrilled to see Sami stuck in the witness protection program. Hope agrees. She thinks with Sami out of the way EJ can raise Johnny however he wants. Julie says, "As long as Stefano is in the picture that little boy will be turned into a detestable DiMera."

Sami insists her name is Colleen. The nun asks if the father of her baby is still in the picture. "I don't think I should say," says Sami. The nun tells her they would be happy to help her.

EJ and Johnny arrive home. Mary rushes up to him, "There is something you need to know."

Nicole lies in bed and pouts. She hears a knock at the door, "Go away!"

EJ says, "It's me and Johnny, darling."

Chelsea continues to blame herself. She apologizes for dragging Max into all her craziness. As she goes Max tells her if she's ever feeling blue, he's not gonna take it.

"You got me shakin' in my boots," says Chelsea.

As usual Max knows exactly what to say. And you can say it with him, "I'm here for you."

Phillip thanks Stephanie for letting him know about the fight, "Next time there is a kerfuffle, I'll be there to break it up."


"Yeah," says Phillip, "It's a prohibition term."


"Yeah," says Phillip, "I'm nothing if not fascinating."

"I guess you're nothing, then," says Stephanie.

Melanie wanders and looks over her shoulder, "Sorry Bob, but desperate times call for desperate measures."

Bob swoops in out of nowhere and grabs her, "You bitch! You think you can rip me off?"

Sister Teresa gives Sami a St. Anne's medal, "She's the patron saint of housewives, grandmothers, women in labor, and women who are too stupid to use birth control, especially when they bounce between guys like a tennis ball in a hot match at Wimbledon. Sami says she will treasure it and has a feeling she will be back.

Rafe listens as Julie asks, "Think Sami and EJ will get together?"

"I really don't know," says Hope.

"Ozzie and Harriet they are not," says Julie, "But they share a child. EJ has inherited fierce family loyalty form Stefano."

Hope says, "No one will ever come between EJ and Johnny. Not even Sami." Pan to Rafe.

EJ asks if Nicole is all right. "No, EJ I'm not," blubbers Nicole. Tears and snot fly.


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Monday, November 24, 2008

New Age Metrosexual Navel Gazer

Nicole's machines beep. Nicole shows Brady the locket she was going to show EJ at the Lodge. As she rambles, the machines go nuts and Nicole faints. The crash cart arrives and they throw Brady out.

Phillip reads the Salem spectator with headlines screaming about Nick's arrest. Pete congratulates him for being a hero. Phillip says, "Yeah, a hero that got everything wrong until the last possible moment."

"You got that right," says Pete, "You shoulda let the little snot drop."

Chelsea comes in to see Nick. Nick has a headache... in addition to having Chelsea in the room, that is.

Melanie is on the phone with the front desk. She says she was told she could stay at the hotel for a while. Instead, they throw her out. "Thank you for being so sympathetic." Melanie hangs up, "I have an hour to find a place to live and a way to pay for it."


John asks Marlena, "So I get shrinked or you don't deal with me? That's blackmail." Marlena doesn't care.

John reminds her he just saved her life, "I'm sorry if I was too macho for you when I did that. Just because I'm not some new age metrosexual navel gazer doesn't mean I'm self destructive."

Marlena thinks she made the classic egocentric therapist mistake. She thinks her being in his life enabled him, "You need help. Unless you get it you're out of my life." John vows never to get help.

The medical team runs around Nicole's room screaming and working. The doc says, "We have to stabilize Nicole in order to save the baby."

A stewardess offers EJ a drink, He declines and tells her he's just happy he finished his business early and is headed home to surprise his family. After talking with EJ, the stewardess walks away, grabs her tummy and shrieks, "OMG! I think I'm pregnant!"

Nicole's machines continue to beep. The docs work. Panic sets in, "If we can't stop the contractions she'll lose the baby!" The doc walks up to Brady, "I suggest you get in touch with the father." Nicole wails and begs them to save the baby.

The brat is sorry Nick has a headache. He scolds her for feeling sorry for a mad dog killer like he is. "I loved you once," says Chelsea.

"Not for long," says Nick. He thinks it works better with girls before they get to know him. Chelsea thinks he cares a little too much. Nick thinks going to prison is a good thing for him. He'll go away and won't be able to hurt anyone. Maggie comes in.

Melanie sits at the complimentary computer the hotel evidently has in every room. She surfs the Internet looking for a job, "Hmmm... Titan enterprises. They think big. Just like me. I think big too, only without the thinking part. "

Nicole is better. Things have settled down. The doc says she can help by relaxing and staying calm. Nicole follows his advice for about five seconds and then her machines go berserk. Nicole follows suit and goes berserk herself.

Marlena tells John she has agonized over this. She suggests Dr. Kenneth Taylor, one of her thesis advisors, "He won't be able to help you, but you will be able to write a killer thesis. " John says he will think about it. Marlena says she has sent Dr. Taylor his files, "Until you talk to him I won't have anything to do with you. Here's his card. The ball is yours. I hope you can handle it better than the Kansas City Chiefs' offense.

"A paralyzed quadriplegic could handle a ball better than that," says John.

Nick tells Maggie, "Melanie doesn't have any friends. She doesn't have any family. She doesn't have any money."

Chelsea drones, "She has Max."

Nick sys, "Great. If she ever needs a beer or wants to have her floors mopped, she's home free. But you don't know the things that he said about her. She can't trust him." Nick knows he scared Melanie. He begs Maggie to let Melanie stay with her. Maggie sobs.

Nicole screams for EJ. The nurse goes outside and tells Brady. Brady says he's trying to call EJ right now, "How's it going with Nicole?"

"Things are bad," says the nurse.

"I wasn't talking about the acting," says Brady.


Brady and the nurse run back into Nicole's room. Nicole screams, "The contractions! The baby! I can't stop it." She can't stop the screaming and blubbering either.

John is indignant, "Haven't you just crossed some kind of line handing out my files without speaking with me?"

Marlena rants, "You're trying to deflect things by turning this into an ethical discussion. Nothing disgusts any doctor in Salem more than ethics. You have two choices: You may take the card and leave or you may leave. It's over now." Maggie arrives. She begs Marlena to help her with Nick.

Chelsea knows Nick feels guilty. "If I didn't feel guilty," says Nick, "I'd be a sociopath. Instead I'm just a plain old serial killer. I will never love anyone else. I can't change things. I don't care about what happens to me. It's how Melanie feels about me that's important."

"She hates your guts," says Chelsea.

"True," says Nick, "But she hates me in that cute, little adorable quirky way she has."

Melanie sees Phillip reading the paper but can't see his face. She somehow figures out he's a from Titan or something, "Hello I am Melanie Layton and I am the answer to all..." Phillip lowers the paper and looks at her. Melanie's voice trails off, "...your prayers."

"We'll see about that," says Phillip.

EJ arrives home and Mary tells him Nicole never came home.

Meanwhile, back in Nicole's hospital room... Contracting... Machine beeping... Whimpering...

Marlena tells Maggie John was just leaving. He scoots into the kitchen, "I'll make some coffee and clean my gun."

Maggie is scared Nick will do something to himself. Marlena tries to reassure her. She says she will give Mickey the names of some good psychiatrists who can help Nick, "Obviously, my name won't be on the list. I said I'd give him a list of good psychiatrists. " She thinks Maggie should get help also.

Maggie asks if Marlena thinks it's a good idea for Melanie to stay with her, "I don't like her."

"Hmmm," says Marlena, "Maybe you don't need help after all."

Marlena suggests Maggie tell Melanie she can stay temporarily.

"Dang, " says Maggie, "That's brilliant. How do you come up with this stuff? No wonder you get paid $250 per hour. I admire your clear head."

"It should be clear," says Marlena, "Most vacuums are." Maggie leaves.

Suddenly there is a huge explosion in the kitchen. John staggers out, "Oops... I got the coffee grounds and the gunpowder mixed up again."

Melanie can't believe Phillip owns Titan, has money and still works. Phillip is impressed by her resume. He gets a sarcastic look on his face. One of his faces, anyway, "Look at this. You graduated cum laude from the Sorbonne."

"Let's skip the zingers," says Melanie. She starts to leave but Phillip tells her he hopes things get better for her.

"Then put your money where your mouth is," says Melanie, "and give me a job."

"I can't do that," says Phillip.

EJ calls and leaves a message for Nicole, "Where are you?"

The nurse walks up to Nicole and hands her a perfect little girl. If you're buying this I have a bridge...

Outside, the doc gives Brady the terrible news, "Nicole is fine but the baby is didn't make it."

Poor Nicole stirs, looks up at the nurse and smiles, "Thank you for saving my baby."

Nick thinks this can never be fixed. He says he didn't mean to scare Melanie. He just wanted to make her happy, "Then in the room... I saw myself as she saw me... I saw an animal." He tells Chelsea if she needs to take care of someone, she should take care of her grandma, "She's not a totally lost cause." He tells her to go.

Chelsea looks over at the guard, "Can I give him a hug?"

Nick immediately says no. We have an uncomfortable moment of silence and then Nick says, "If I stand up, my pants will fall down. They took my belt."

Melanie rants because Phillip is being condescending. She starts to stomp out. Maggie stops her and says she can stay with them, "There is one condition..."

EJ calls the cabins and says he's looking for a guest who was there earlier.

The doc punts the job of telling Nicole over to Brady, "It was a baby girl." The doc leaves.

"How am I gonna do this," asks Brady. He goes into Nicole's room.

Nicole is chipper, "Brady, I had the baby then I fell asleep. I was dreaming. The baby hasn't been born, has she? She's still OK isn't she? Why isn't the doctor in here?"

Brady delivers the bad news, "The baby didn't make it. I'm sorry." Tears, tears, tears.

Maggie tells Melanie Mickey will be handling the case, so there could be a conflict of interest, on the other hand, Nick's room will be vacant for a long time... probably about 25 years to life. She says she's only offering the room temporarily, so Melanie will have to look for another place to live. Melanie thinks they think she is the one who led Nick astray. Maggie tells her to stay away from Nick and gives her the key. Melanie thanks her. Maggie leaves.

Chelsea comes into the pub. Melanie bellows, "Well, the hits just keep on comin' don't they?" Chelsea wants to talk about Nick.

The woman on the phone tells EJ Nicole left a couple hours ago with a young man. Confused EJ thanks her. The woman hangs up, grabs her tummy and shrieks, "OMG! I think I'm pregnant!"

Nicole zones. Brady tells her it was a girl. Nicole says she would have done anything for the baby but all she could do was just lie there and she couldn't stop things. Brady is sooooo sorry. The nurse comes in with pills and tells Nicole there shouldn't be any problem with another pregnancy. She leaves.

Nicole wails, "She doesn't know this is a miracle baby. Miracles don't happen twice." Tears.

Marlena says she can't stand by and watch John have something horrible happen in his life. John says he'll see Dr. Taylor but not at the hospital and will only see him one time.

"This is not speed dating, John," she says, "If you're using this as a stall tactic then we're back to square one. And you're out of my life."

"You've disowned me more times in this episode than Lucas has disowned Kate in his life," says John.

Chelsea tells Melanie she is the only thing Nick thinks about. Melanie rants. She doesn't give a damn about how he feels, "And look what you did to him. You're like the training wheels to his craziness. You act like I'm the one who did everything to him... like he was sweet and sane until he met megabitch Melanie."

"He took a bullet for you," says Chelsea.

Melanie starts to leave but can't resist a parting shot, "You and everyone else in this hell hole make me sick. And you! You killed your brother!"

"Stephanie was right," says Chelsea, "You don't have the capability of thinking of anyone but yourself."


Nicole wonders what she will do. Her phone rings. She checks the caller-ID and sees it's EJ. EJ wanders and waits. We fade to a shot of Nicole clutching her phone next to a shot of EJ biting his nails.


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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Top 10 Reasons Why Nicole Walker Is NOT A Slut

Well, we certainly caused a stir earlier this week when we called Nicole Walker a slut. The reaction from some of our readers was direct, swift and very negative. It gave me pause and as I reflected I regretted the way I had put that, but at least was thankful that I had edited out the part about her having greased panties. Anyway, we've thought this over very carefully and feel it's time for a rare Prevuze statement retraction.

I have to say I really shouldn't have used the term "slut" especially when referring to her beautiful relationship with EJ; one which as I fondly remember its tender beginning, always brings the sound of elevator music to mind for some reason.

So we would like to take this entire posting to remind our readers why our original statement in Thursday's edition is neither fair nor correct. To be succinct, and with apologies to David Letterman, we've compiled the following list of the top ten most compelling reasons why Nicole is not a slut:

10, "Slut" is so 'Nineties.' The new term is "slam hog."

9. Being paid $5 Million to marry Lucas was part of the Government Bailout.

8. When will people learn that having sex for money is NOT the definition of "slut?"

7. Her pre-nup with Victor specifically stated electrocution trumped annoying little sexual escapades.

6. The difference between porn and art is a fine line, or at least a Misty Circle.

5. A one-night-stand with Roman Brady doesn't count as sex.

4. Always remember... All porn stars are sluts, but not all sluts are porn stars. Oops... waitaminute... forget that one.

3. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that she lived in a hotel room in order to save time.

2. According to the Penthouse Advisor, having had sex with Trent, Lucas, Victor, EJ, Roman, Colin, Brady, Eric, some schmuck named Jay and countless others in her porn films does not put her over the official "slut" threshold.

And... the number one reason Nicole Walker is NOT a slut...


1. Absolutely nowhere does the Bible specifically ban casual sex in an elevator.

While admitting no wrongdoing, Prevuze has officially released the following public apology:

We would like to formally apologize for calling Nicole Walker a slut. This statement was made in haste and without regard to the legions of sluts everywhere we might have insulted by throwing them into the same category as Nicole. We do, however stand by our characterization of Nicole as a "ho-bag."


So, you see, even Prevuze makes mistakes. We do hope you can manage to have a great weekend in spite of this shocking revelation.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Girl Scout Cookies

John points the gun at Mr. Ski Mask who has Marlena in a death grip. Marlena screams, "John, don't shoot!

Maggie blubbers and bawls, "I promised Jessica I would take care of her little boy. She trusted me with Nick and look what happened. WAH!"

Chelsea asks if Nick can get off with an insanity defense. "Well," says Bo, "He was involved with both Melanie and you. If that's not insanity, I don't know what is."

Brady Brady joins Chloe and Lucas at the pub. Lucas says he heard "Big Brady" was back in town, "Chloe and I share everything so whatever you tell her eventually works it's way around to me."

Brady corrects him, "Whatever you tell Chloe eventually works its way all over town."

"Chloe told me about your good news," says Lucas, "You know... that you got off drugs. Did she tell you about our good news?"

Kate and Daniel are together in the hospital. "I'm dying to get out of here," says Kate, "Oh... Poor choice of words." Daniel doesn't seem to be too thrilled about Kate's good news. Kate says, "I'm being released. That's a good thing."

Daniel says, "I can't let you go."


Nicole huffs, puffs and doubles over in pain. She dials her phone, "Please answer."

A woman answers, "Flatulence hotline." More pain.

Marlena whirls, twirls and grabs the gun from John.


Marlena goes down like DOOL ratings on a bad day.

EJ and Stefano are on the plane. EJ leafs through documents. Stefano relaxes and listens to music through his earphones. EJ reaches over and taps him. He tells Stefano he wants to talk about the documents. Stefano bellows, "For this you interrupt Pavarotti?"

"No," says EJ, "I interrupted you."

Nicole tries to phone EJ. She can't get him and decides he must be on his way to Argentina. We have writhing, whining and gasping. She tires Chloe with no luck, and then finds Brady's number.

Lucas tells Brady he bought a house for Chloe, Allie and him. Chloe announces Kate is joining them to celebrate the fact that she is going to live.

"Who would want to celebrate that," asks Brady. His cell phone interrupts. Nicole fills him in and tells him where she is, "I need your help right now."

Brady says, "I'll be there, OK?"

Nicole cries, "Bring lots of antacids!" Brady rushes out without saying goodbye.

Sami and Rafe bicker like self-absorbed juveniles.

Lucas watches him bolt, "Hey, Brady... nice seeing you... come... again..." Chloe gets on Lucas for being jealous. Lucas admits being slightly jealous.

"Brady is my past," says Chloe, "You are my future. And the past is in the past and the future... "

Chelsea wants to go see Nick. Bo tells her it's not a good idea. Hope says, "What Nick needs most is psychiatric help."

Chelsea whines, "He's not crazy."

"I'll admit he's better," says Hope, "He used to go out with you, but now he's only a two-time killer. Not too long ago you were what he was obsessed with."

"We were in a relationship," says Chelsea, "He loved me. And I loved me, so we had a lot in common. "

So, apparently the bullet missed Marlena and it was just the sound waves that knocked her down. John runs out and finds Mr. Ski Mask has flown the coop. He comes back in and has a meltdown, "What the hell were you thinking, woman?"

Chelsea goes on and on about how sweet Nick was. She blames herself for breaking his heart. Bo backs her off and suggests she join Kate's celebration. Chelsea walks away.

"She has such a soft heart," says Maggie.

"you're confusing her heart with her head," says Bo. Maggie decides she has to leave.

Daniel says he meant he can't let her go if she's going back to her old routine, "You know, 80 hour work weeks, four packs a day. " Kate says she won't sit around her home in her PJs. Daniel tells her she needs rest.

"I'll rest when I'm in Ibiza," says Kate, "I've booked a flight and I want no more medical talk. I'm going to live 'till I die."

"That's true for most of us," says Daniel. Kate goes into a tirade and tells him to back off. Daniel grabs her and plants a hot kiss.

John and Marlena argue. He bashes her for letting Mr. Ski Mask get away. Marlena tells him the guy was after Sami, "And now he's on the loose thanks to you." A referee steps up and awards Marlena two points for a reversal.

Brady to the rescue. He barges into the cabin, "We need to get you to a doctor!" Nicole just wants to sit and sob. She thanks him for coming. She worries about how EJ would feel about this, and asks Brady to stay with her. "No, Nicole," says Brady, "I'm sorry, I can't."

Daniel and Kate pull themselves away from each other. Kate tells him he has no choice but to back off. She says she doesn't want to waste whatever time she has left and part of that is to be with him.

EJ talks about Sami wanting to change him, while Nicole accepts him unconditionally. Stefano says, "The purpose of this journey to Argentina is so you can appreciate our 'hidden assets' in South America."

"I appreciate hidden assets, " says EJ, "You have to if Nicole is your girlfriend. Her assets are really hidden. As long as I don't do anything unsavory I'm happy to be your representative. I was hesitant, but in the interest of my children, I'm happy to accept this new responsibility."

Brady says, "What I meant is WE are not staying here. You are going to the hospital." He stands Nicole up.


Brady carries Nicole out as she panics and blubbers.

Bo and Hope have arrived at Marlena's to investigate. Bo asks, "Did you get a look at the guy's face?"

John rants, "If Blondie had let me shoot him you'd get a damn good look at his face."

"Tell me again," says Bo, "Why are you here?"

"I was selling Girl Scout Cookies," says John, "I rang the doorbell the rest is history. If I had handled this my way your whole case would be history."

Bo is just a bit sarcastic, "Yeah and a dead perp can tell us who he is working for."

Marlena jumps in, "Why did you aim for his head?"

"Because I couldn't get a clean shot at yours."

Kate arrives at the pub. Hugs all around.

Sami and Rafe bicker.

Brady and the nurse bring Nicole into her room at the hospital. Brady wants the nurse to expedite things. Nicole says, "I'll bet we could get right in to see a doctor if we were at Salem Hospital. But then again, I want to live." The nurse checks the baby's heart and gives the look of death. Nicole panics.

Bo tells John and Marlena forensics will show up soon. John asks, "What are you doing here, Commish? Shouldn't you be back in your office with your feet up on your desk?"

Bo asks, "Shouldn't you be out selling Girl Scout Cookies?" John and Bo continue to trade wisecracks. Marlena backs John off. Bo says, "I'll place an officer outside Marlena's door, but she'll probably be safe anyway. "

John asks, "That's all you're going to do? I guess I'll protect this civilian." John continues to taunt.

Marlena lets Bo and Hope out and tells John this has to stop, "You can't be around the babies unless your behavior changes."

"OK," says John, "So, I'm not around them. Bo and Hope are gone."

Stefano wonders if EJ still has feelings for Sami. EJ doesn't want to talk about it. Samantha is my past. Nicole is my future. And the past is in the past and the future... "

Nicole tells Brady why she was at the Lodge alone. Her machines go into meltdown. Nicole screams, "OMG! Am I losing my baby?"

Daniel, Kate, Chelsea, Chloe and Lucas consume high-caloric content at the pub. We are informed Allie has a cold, so she's not there because it would probably kill Kate to look at her. Phillip texts Chelsea and tells her his plane just took off from Chicago. Daniel, Kate and Chelsea all go for another round and leave Kate and Lucas alone. Lucas lectures Kate about working too hard. Kate says she wants to work.

"But," says Lucas, "When you gave me control of your company, I thought you trusted me." Kate stops laughing long enough to point out that laughter is the best medicine.

Daniel and Chelsea talk about Nick. "It's ironic, isn't it," says Chelsea, "I broke his heart to be with you and you turned around and did the same to me."

"Yes I did," says Daniel, "I broke your heart to be with Nick."

Nicole's doctor explains that she is going through pre-term labor. If she has to give birth today she will lose the baby. Nicole vows to give the baby a good life.

As he leaves, the doctor turns to Brady, "Try to calm her down."

Nicole wails, "Tell me this isn't happening."

A gal in the audience wails, "Tell me the same thing."

Brady tries to drag Nicole back from the deep end, "Think about how much you love the baby and how much you love EJ."

Chloe and Daniel are outside the pub. "Don't worry," says Chloe, "Chelsea is just being a drama queen. I should know. I have a history of that myself."

"You," asks Daniel, "A drama queen? Maybe on stage."

"Drama queen, yes. Opera singer, no, " says Chloe, "You don't know me well at all."


"Well," says Chloe, "There is plenty of time for that. We're practically are family right? We'll be in the sack together in no time."

"I'm afraid not," says Daniel, "You're too old. Or too young."

Chelsea tells Kate Bo and Hope don't think it's a good time for her to go see Nick. She apologizes for her reaction to Daniel and Kate's affair and says she thinks Kate is a great person and she respects her a ton. Kate tells Chelsea life is too short to go around blaming people, "But that only applies to you. Not me. "

Hope thinks Bo needs to step back and take a break. She decides to take him for a healthy lunch. Bo says he has to keep working. "You're the boss," says Hope, "You can do anything you want."

Bo gets that gleam in his eye, "Anything?"

"At home," says Hope, "Let's go."

Marlena tells John he needs help. If he doesn't get help she says he will no longer be a part of her life. John vows never to get help.

Stefano offers EJ a drink. EJ tells Stefano he isn't drinking while Nicole is pregnant, "Because I have a better chance of having the baby than she does. " Stefano thinks EJ really must care for her. EJ wonders why Stefano keeps questioning that. Stefano says with Nicole and EJ he has a new chance and thanks him for a new beginning.

Nicole tells Brady Chloe is going to throw her a baby shower. She asks for her purse. He gives it to her and she pulls out a box, "This is my favorite thing. I was going to show EJ at the Lodge. It's a locket. I was going to put the baby's first picture in there." Suddenly she gasps, "God, what's happening?" She faints.

Brady shakes her, "Nicole? Stay with me." The crash cart team barges in. Nicole's hand drops and we pan to the locket.

Sami and Rafe bicker.


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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Kibosh

Nicole and EJ have surprises for each other. "My surprise involves handcuffs," says Nicole, "but not on me." EJ gets interested, but Nicole shoves the newspaper in his face with headlines that Mad Dog Nick Fallon has been arrested, "The handcuffs are on Nick."

Since this means Nicole is completely cleared, EJ says this will make his surprise all that much sweeter. Nicole badgers him, "So what is the surprise?"

"Patience," says EJ.

"I don't think I've met Patience," says Nicole, "Will she be joining us for the evening?"

Sami reads the headline announcing Nick's capture. Rafe tries to cheer her up, "So, your son isn't living with a murderer after all." Sami reminds him, "Stefano is a murderer and I'm still stuck in this hamster cage. How come your guys can catch a low life like Nick Fallon and not the guy who killed the mayor?"

"What if they caught him and you got out today," asks Rafe, "Where would you go in your condition?"

John meets some guy wearing an eye patch. He looks kind of familiar but I don't really recognize him. He may have been a character on the show once, but I'm sure it's been years. The guy wearing the eye patch says, "We're meetin' somebody who says he can identify the mayor's killer."

John says, "Someone killed Abe? We'd better do it soon — before he strikes again."

A guy wearing a ski mask stalks and gets a call, "Yeah, I'm inside but Mama isn't. I'll wait until she gets back. Gotta go." Marlena comes in. Mr. Ski Mask spies.

Nicole and EJ smooch. Nicole insists she's all warmed up and ready for the surprise. EJ stalls. Nicole tries to guess, "What is it? A new car? A credit card with no spending limit? A gift certificate for breast augmentation? " EJ opens a drawer and hands her a box. Nicole opens it and hyperventilates.

The Sami-Rafe idiocy continues. They bicker. Sami wants fresh air. Viewers want fresh drama. Sami goes to open the drapes and Rafe grabs her.

John calls Marlena, "My bounty hunter is on it. I should have news soon." Marlena asks about Brady. Mr. Ski Mask picks up a fireplace poker.

Nicole opens the box and finds a rolled up note. She reads:

"Your bag has been packed for romance and sin.
Go upstairs and your journey will begin."


Nicole blushes, "Elvis, Jr., what are you up to?"

EJ smiles, "Is that a trick question? "

EJ says he's taking her away for a romantic weekend. She goes up to get her things. Stefano soaks it in. He tells EJ this lifts his spirits, seeing EJ and Nicole so happy.

"You'll have to get your kicks elsewhere," says EJ, "We're going away."

"I'm afraid you have to postpone," says Stefano, "Something else has come up."

Kayla bustles up to Patch in the pub. He slams his laptop shut and says he can't share his work with her.

If Rafe and Sami are on the screen just use your zapper. Rafe gets a call and tells Sami the lead they had went cold. Sami blows her stack. Sami bawls. Sami rants.

Mr. Ski Mask Fireplace Poker stalks.

Nicole comes back as EJ protests. EJ breaks the news about the weekend. Stefano is charming, "I hate to put the kibosh on your rendezvous. I'm sorry but I'm sure you understand." EJ takes her outside and apologizes. He says she should go without him and he will join her later today. He gives her the address and says he will be there soon. Nicole makes him promise. "Wild horses could not keep me away," says EJ. Translation: The romantic weekend getaway is doomed.

Sami keeps it up, "All you ever do around here is watch stupid, boring, lame, uninteresting football."

"At least it's not as stupid, boring, lame and uninteresting as watching the two of us bicker like children," says Rafe.

Mr. Ski mask attacks Marlena, "Tell me where your daughter is right now or you're dead." The viewers pray for Marlena to keep her mouth shut.

Kayla agrees not to ask questions. Patch tells her it's for her own protection. He tells her he's working with John. Kayla picks up a megaphone, walks out into the street and bellows, "What! You're working with John Black on a secret case and no one is supposed to know about it?"

Patch tells her to cool it, "I don't need you freakin' out about this right now. You know what I do for a living. I'm not a school teacher, insurance salesman, or an actor. This is what I do. I don't want you second-guessing my choices." Kayla second guesses. She thinks he's taking too big of a risk.

Sami keeps it up. Rafe puts on his headphones. Viewers should do the same. Sami begs for him to think of a way for her to get some fresh air. He tells her the people who are after her won't give up.

Marlena tells Mr. Ski Mask Fireplace Poker she doesn't know where Sami is. Mr. Ski Mask doesn't believe her.

Nicole arrives at the luxurious cabin. The bellhop gives her the rundown and leaves. Nicole pats her tummy and tells Junior-Junior #1, "You have an incredible daddy. She opens her suitcase and hauls out her leopardskin thingie. She finds a note on the table and reads, "For you and the baby. The two of you mean everything to me." Nicole sighs, "How did I get so lucky." Translation: You're luck is about to change, Toots.

EJ calls and leaves a message for Nicole. He tells Stefano he's changed his mind and is going to join Nicole NOW. Stefano tells him his priorities are screwed up. Stefano rants and EJ relents. Stefano says he will fill him in on the details of their mission on the plane. They are headed for Argentina.

Patch and Kayla have developed a serious case of Samirafeitis. They bicker about Patch's job.

Sami and Rafe have developed a serious case of Kaylapatchitis. They bicker about the hit man who is after Sami.

Mr. Ski Mask gives Marlena one last chance. Marlena knees him. Mr. Ski Mask goes down faster than a Detroit quarterback on ice. Marlena runs to the phone and calls John. She screams for help as Ski Mr. Mask comes at her with a cord. Marlena does what all the women of Salem do in an emergency. She freezes and whimpers.

Stefano says when the kids are older EJ will be grateful for the way Stefano's assets are well hidden, "If you want to be petulant and unprofessional go work on that soap opera that has the hourglass at the beginning of every show. Stefano leaves.

Nicole eats bonbons in her leopardskin thingie. EJ calls and breaks the bad news. Nicole whines, "You got me all in the mood for nothing." She decides to head back to the mansion and then they lose the connection. Nicole pouts, "I was gonna say I love you." And then...


Sami. Rafe. Zap.

Kayla gives Patch the silent treatment. Patch takes a few moments to enjoy the peace and quiet, and then figures he will have to do this without her support. She tells him she's so worried because she lost him once and probably can't hope for good luck like that again. He apologizes and says he was wrong and can't do this without her support. Of course Kayla does a 180° and decides she supports him. She seduces him into telling her what's going on. Patch spills the beans about the totally secret caper and shows her the police artist's sketch. Then he opens his computer and shows her a photograph of the guy they are after.

Mr. Ski Mask demands Marlena tell him where Sami is. Marlena tries to reason with him, "If you kill me you won't have any hope of finding my daughter at all."

"If you won't tell me where she is," says Mr. Ski Mask, "then you're a dead end and I might as well kill you."

John to the rescue. He opens the door and points his gun at Mr. Ski Mask, "Not if I kill you first." Mr. Ski Mask whirls, twirls and grabs Marlena.

"Step away," says John. He points his gun at Marlena and Mr. Ski Mask.

Marlena gulps, "Could you boys take this outside?"

More Sami-Rafe nonsense. Rafe finally relents and cracks open the drapes. Sami rushes over and looks at the sunlight. Unfortunately no one blows her head off. Sami notices a church spire. Rafe tells her it's the Church and Convent of the Holy Cross, "The nuns used to run a convent there when I was a kid. I think a few of the sisters are still around."

John says, "Step aside." Mr. Ski Mask says he isn't into negotiations. Neither is John. Marlena begs him not to shoot.

EJ tries to call Nicole on the land line, but Stefano tells him to get a move on.

Nicole pouts, sulks, packs and doubles over in pain, "OH NO! THE BABY!"


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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Hang... Scream... Hang... Scream...

Melanie fights Nick and struggles to jump. Bo kicks down the door and he and Hope rush in.


Melanie goes over the railing.


In a maneuver defying the laws of physics, Melanie grabs the ledge as she falls.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Brady meets Nicole at the gym. Nicole pumps iron as Brady comes up, "Man," says Brady, "I didn't know they even made one-pound dumbbells. Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"What," asks Nicole, "Being pregnant?"

Stefano and EJ talk about all the excitement going on in EJ's life. If he's got exciting things going on, he must be moonlighting somewhere besides acting on DOOL. Stefano says he needs to do research on the future DiMera heir. He says he wants gender and names. EJ tells him they don't know the baby's sex and haven't decided on a name. Stefano says this isn't acceptable.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Her hand slips off the ledge. The audience cheers.

Bo catches her at the last second, "DON'T LOOK DOWN!" He takes five minutes telling her he'll pull her up. Bat-Phillip heads up the steps to help with the rescue. Hope holds a gun on Nick as he yells out to Melanie and tells her he won't let her fall. Hope coaxes Nick back into the room.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Abe thanks people for coming to the pub to support whatever his latest cockamamie scheme is. A woman walks up to Lexie, "Hi! I'm Ferrel... Donna."

Lexie returns the greeting, "We have something in common. I act pretty feral myself sometimes. "

It seems Donna leads the parents support group for autism. She asks Lexie why she never came back after the first time she was there. "Crazy schedule," says Lexie, "Crazy person... crazy schedule." Abe comes up and we find out he knows Donna from all of her civic activities. Lexie is amazed that Donna is such a super mom. Abe talks with her as Lexie sulks away like a skanky old feral cat.

Nicole is perky, "Healthy body healthy baby. Thank God it's not healthy mind healthy baby."

Brady reminds her they are both engaging in abstinence from all things bad. At the thought of abstinence, Nicole gets a pain. Other than Brady.

Stefano and EJ argue about what EJ should be doing for the baby. "I like Nicole," says Stefano, "I like her self-deprecating humor, her earthiness and she's not too bad to look at, but she has a reputation. You're not thinking with your head, Elvis." EJ reads the documents Stefano has drawn up, which say Stefano will have visitation rights in the event of estrangement. EJ flings the papers.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Bat-Phillip finally gets to the balcony. Hope follows to watch. Nick grabs his pills and bolts. Hope sees him heading out and runs back into the room, "FREEZE!"

Nick turns, stares and drools, "Huh?"

"Never mind, " says Hope, "I saw a cop on TV say that once. I thought it sounded cool. You have the right to remain silent..."

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Chelsea comes into the pub and finds Lexie, "I came in for takeout. I've found it's more efficient to take the chowdah to the emergency room at the hospital and eat it there. It saves time. " She gives Lexie a Redbook magazine with autism material in it. Abe comes up. Chelsea leaves. Lexie tells Abe she thinks the gathering went well, "Abe, I've been thinking..."

"God help us all," gasps Abe.

Lexie says, "I don't know how these people do all they do. How am I supposed to do it all?"

"You don't have to do it all," says Abe, "Doing anything except whining would be a good start."

Turns out, Nicole's pain was just Junior-Junior #1 kicking. Brady says he has been hoping she, EJ and him can go out sometime. Nicole asks, "Well, how long are you planning to stay in Salem?"

Brady says, "Maybe permanently." Nicole makes a face. Brady asks, "You don't like that idea?"

Nicole is blunt, "Why would I care?"

EJ and Stefano continue to argue. Stefano says his children are a bunch of ingrates but he is trying to improve his relationship with them. EJ says he and Nicole don't want their child bound to a destructive and dangerous relationship. Stefano decides to have the chef make a feast for the evening's dinner. He tells EJ to cancel his reservations at Chez Rouge.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Melanie hangs.

Melanie screams.

Bo finally pulls her up. Sirens wail in the background.

Hope reads Nick his rights. Nick just wants to know Melanie is OK.

Brady is impressed with Nicole's candor. Nicole backs off and says she wishes him the best. He tells her the talk she had with John didn't do any good.

Stefano has arranged the dinner. He says he wants Nicole to realize she has nothing to fear from the grandfather of her child. EJ mocks and imitates Stefano. Stefano says, "You joke all you want; the fact is you are my son which gives you the insight you have into me. Because we are so deeply connected I will offer you a once in a lifetime opportunity. You get the drumstick tonight at dinner." Stefano says he wants EJ to take the reigns of the family business and be his true heir.

Abe and Lexie sit at a table and he tells her what a great person she is and what a wonderful job she is doing as Theo's mom. All politicians lie. Lexie beats herself up.

Chelsea gets a call from Stephanie, "Where are you?"

Stephanie says, "Police station."

Chelsea asks, "What?"

Stephanie says, "You should come down here, Chelse, now if you can. I know you wanted to go to the hospital with your chowdah, but if you come here, maybe it will save time when you press charges against Caroline for giving you ptomaine poisoning. "

Nick sits in Bo's office and drones. He admits killing Trent, but says he did it to protect Melanie. Hope asks about the phone calls. Nick says he did it because he needed her near him. He says Melanie went to the cemetery with a knife and might have killed Trent if he didn't. Bo lectures, "Did you hear what you just said? You just threw her under the bus."

A gal in the audience yells, "Don't we wish!"

Nick appeals to Hope as family. Hope agrees to help, "But justice has to be served."

Brady says he appreciates Nicole trying to get John to work with him, but that didn't go very well, "As far as the abstinence things goes, if you ever need support give me a call." Brady leaves. Nicole stares.

Stefano offers EJ the position of counsel with DiMera shipping. EJ rejects. Stefano says, "Well then, the party is over. You have been living in the lap of luxury. No more free ride." EJ changes his tune and accepts Stefano's offer. They shake, hug and bond.

Max joins Phillip and Stephanie at the cop shop. Chelsea comes up. The brat whines, "OMG what's happened to Nick? I blame myself!"

Abe and Donna talk. Lexie stares like a feral hyena waiting for the lions to leave her the carcass scraps.

Stefano, EJ and Nicole sit together in the rumpus room. Stefano says, "Nicole, you light up a room. In fact that's not all you do to a room when you come back from your workout and don't shower." He also tells her Elvis has accepted his offer. Nicole tries to act pleased.

Chelsea thinks Nick wound up with Willow because of her. Melanie comes out and stares her patented blank stare.

Inside Bo's office, Nick says he wants his phone call. Bo hands him the phone. Nick calls, "Hi, it's me. I'd like to cancel my pay-per-view order for this evening."

Bo hugs Hope, "My first arrest as police commissioner..."

Hope corrects him, "If I remember right, it's your first arrest, period."

"I'm sorry, Fancy Face."

Lexie zones and bawls. Abe wants to know what's wrong. Lexie tells him about the Redbook article and says it talks about other mothers who were inspired by the diagnosis but all Lexie has done is feel sorry for herself. Donna comes up and asks Lexie if she would join the task force. "Oh, no," says Lexie, "I couldn't possibly do it. I don't have time." Suddenly, Lexie flips like a feral deer getting hit by a Mack Truck, "By golly, I'll do it!"

Nicole tries to put on a happy face. EJ apologizes for not discussing it with her before making the decision. He asks if she has objections. Of course not. Stefano toasts a bright and promising future. He leaves them to have their dessert in private. Nicole tells EJ she knows he will do what is right for their family. EJ decides doing the right thing comes later. Right now he's interested in doing her.

Melanie thanks Phillip for saving her life. Hugs. Tears. The crowd standing around the police station stares daggers at Melanie. Chelsea asks, "Aren't you gonna ask about Nick?"

"What about him," asks Melanie, "I know he's going to jail."

"Because of you," snorts Stephanie.

Inside Bo's office, Nick asks to see Melanie. Bo says no and tells him to get his attorney there. Maggie barges in. Hugs.

Abe gets off the phone and tells Lexie, "They've captured Trent Robbins' killer... Nick Fallon."

Maggie and Nick have a sob-fest. Maggie bawls, "I blame myself. I knew about the pills. I should have (say it with her) been there for you." Maggie completely falls apart and turns to Bo, "They won't convict him will they?"

Bo can't bear to answer. He picks up the phone, "Sam? Make sure the gas chamber is cleaned, polished and ready to go."

Maggie screams, "NOOOOO!"

Nicole and EJ decide to take things upstairs. EJ says he has a surprise for her tomorrow.

Max lectures everyone for blaming Melanie. She reminds them she is the victim. Chelsea says Melanie doesn't get it, "You lied and obstructed justice."

Stephanie chimes in, "You pushed Nick over the edge."

Chelsea takes over, "You used him and ruined his life."

A referee steps in, throws a yellow flag and penalizes the girls team for piling on.


Maggie tells Nick Mickey is on his way. Bo picks up the phone, "Sam? You'd better put a rush order on that gas chamber work."

On the way out Nick tells Melanie he loves her and never meant to hurt her. They haul him off.

Chelsea walks up to Melanie, "Can't even say you're sorry or care for him too? You're pathetic."

Melanie turns to her big brother, "You're not mad at me, are you Max?" Max hugs.

Outside, Mad Dog Fallon stares as Hope takes him away.


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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Dogs, Birds, Varmints And Herds Of Buffalo

Nick and Melanie struggle and wiggle around the hotel room. Melanie screams, "Are you gonna kill me, like you killed my father?"

Daniel comes into Kate's room and stares at sleeping beauty. Kate wakes up, "You were smiling just like that in my dream. I think it's gonna come true. You saved me."

Chloe meets Lucas at the pub. Lucas says, "I have to decide on whether to commit to something... for us." He hands her a folder, "Here, open it."

Bo and Hope decide they are on the same page. "We agree," says Bo, "Nick is the killer."

Stephanie gets a call from Nick. Phillip takes it but there is no one on the other end.

Struggle, struggle, struggle. See Melanie struggle. Struggle, Melanie, struggle. She accuses Nick of killing her father, "It's all coming back to me. The fighting. The knife. The sound of the knife going into his back. His guts gushing out all over the place. There is no going back. I remember. I know the truth."

Nutso Nick goes off the wacko scale, "And I'm sorry you do. You'll never know how sorry I am."

Phillip listens to the argument over the phone. Melanie begs. Heavy-breathing, overacting sweaty Nick quiets her, "If you don't hear what I say there is no hope for the future, is there?"

Kate has decided to hold on to this dream. In it, Daniel came up with a miracle cure, "It was a single pill. I took it and was back to my old self — the Wicked Witch of Salem. "

John sticks his head in the door, "If a single pill can do that, just imagine what a bag of them can do."

Kate asks about the tests that will show how effective the treatment has been, "When do we get the results?"

Daniel says, "Within an hour."

Lucas shows Chloe the plans for their huge new house, "I put a bid on it but wanted to check with you before I commit. It's all taken care of. I've arranged for one of those great sub-prime mortgages that brought the entire financial system of the country down. We'll be able to live there for a couple years making a $200 monthly payment and then everything will come due and we'll be ruined financially. He tells her what an amazing mother she has been with Sami out of the way. As far as he is concerned they are already a family. He brings up the dreaded m-word. He says he has sensed ambivalence about their relationship on her part, "Buying this house is my way of showing I'm committed."

"If you're marrying me," says Chloe, "You should be committed."

"I shine as a husband," says Lucas, "I'm such a fantastic husband two of my marriages actually lasted longer than two weeks. Not much longer, but I'll be great as your husband."

"You will be," says Chloe, "I believe that." She tells him she saw Brady today, "He's really gotten himself together."

Lucas balloon bursts, "Is this where you say you are leaving me?"

"No, not at all," says Chloe, "Seeing him made me realize how lucky I am to have you."

Bo tells Hope not to beat herself up for not seeing this coming. Hope beats herself up anyway, "I should have known. I'm going to (say it with her) be there for him now even if it means..."

A call interrupts Hope's tirade. Bo takes it, hangs up and tells her they have a lead on where Nick and Melanie are.

Phillip and Stephanie listen over the phone as Nick and Melanie struggle. Phillip hears a plane. Melanie tells Nick she can't marry him after he killed her father. She tries to run but he pulls her back in. More struggling. Melanie yells, "I hate you Nick! I hate you!"

Daniel trades his "bedside manner" for his "jump in the sack with her manner." They snuggle. Kate apologizes for putting the pressure of the miracle dream cure on him. Daniel is tender and sensitive and tries to encourage her. Kate says she is prepared not to be saved, "I have lived a full life. I have had love. Or at least the next best thing. That's what I want for you. To have a life filled with love."

Chloe knows without Lucas she might still be pining for Brady. Her little family with him makes her feel safe and warm. She approves the house. Smoochies.

Phillip gets a clue. He says he knows where they might be. "How do you know," asks Melanie.

"De planes! De planes!" Roarke and Tattoo head toward de droning sound of de planes.

Nick and Melanie. More of the same. Blada, blada, yell, yell, yell. Nick apologizes. Melanie whimpers and decides maybe she was too hard on him. She tells him he can still make things right. All he has to do is call the police and confess.

Lucas and Chloe come in to see Kate. Kate zones and boogies to her iPod. She finally figures out someone is in the room and unplugs her ear buds. "What were you listening to," asks Lucas.

"David Bowie," says Kate, "It's so soothing and uplifting. Especially the part where Major Tom dies a slow and excruciating death. "

Daniel comes in. Kate asks, "Was all the pain and nausea worth it?"

"No," says Daniel, "I'll never date Chelsea again."

Phillip and Stephanie bust into Bo's office and tell Bo and Hope they think Nick and Melanie are in a motel near the airport. "Great," says Bo, "I'm glad you told us. I know I'd sure hate to rely on the SPD to figure something out on its own. "

Nick isn't too thrilled about the idea of confessing, "I'll go to prison."

"Look at the upside," says Melanie, "Chelsea won't be in there. And I'll visit you."

Nickenstein is not pleased with the idea of prison. He tosses the phone and roughs her up. He accuses her of playing him, grabs her hair and says, "The only thing you care about is saving yourself. You don't care about what I did or what I'm going through. It's not gonna happen. Not this time."


Daniel says the chemotherapy was as successful as he has ever seen. Oh, the joy! Daniel leaves. Out in the hall he leans against the wall and sinks into depression.

Phillip has Stephanie stand watch wile he sneaks into Bo's computer, "That's it! The Salem Airway Motel." Roarke and Tattoo are on the case.

Grabbing... arguing... whining... Nick goes totally weird, "It was a strange feeling when the knife went in."

Trent's ghost comes up and says, "If you think that was strange, you should have felt it from my point of view."

We have a flashback to the murder scene as Nick tells her about killing Trent. Technical note: The flashback is very difficult to see. This scene has been shown so many times the tape is getting pretty frayed. Nick says seeing Trent hurt her sent him off the deep end. All he could think of was caring for her. He couldn't have confessed or he would have to give her up, "It's not that different from what I did before."

Chloe decides to give Kate and Lucas some time together, "I'm going down to the gift shop to pick out a child's picture book. I think I'll get one for Allie, too. "

After Chloe leaves Lucas says, "It looks like you and Chloe are getting to like each other."

"I wouldn't go that far," says Kate, "But Chloe has been empathetic and my feelings have changed slightly."

"That's what I love about her," says Lucas, "She can be empathetic without having a clue as to what it means."

Daniel wanders in the woods. Chloe runs into him and asks if he is OK. "Long day," says Daniel.

"It's more than that, isn't it," asks Chloe, "You can't be upset about Kate, because you said the tests came out so well. Is there something you didn't tell her?"

Melanie gulps, "You did this before?" Nick tells Melanie about the Willowcide, "I told everyone it was an accident. She died, but it wasn't my fault. Not really. Her name was Willow. The viewers hated her almost as much as they hate you. She was my friend until she started blackmailing me." We flashback to Nick, Willow and the Jan Spears Memorial Rock. "It's all connected," says Nick, "I caused one person to die for Chelsea and now another one for you. Whenever I try to do good people end up dead."

A gal in the audience stands up and yells, "Nick! Why don't you do her some good right now?"

Kate says she doesn't know if she can come to love Chloe even though Lucas does. He pulls out the folder and shows her the new house he plans to buy, "Look at it. It's huge! You can have dogs, birds, varmints and herds of buffalo in there. Kate cautions him to cool it, "What about Sami?"

"Sami's out," says Lucas, "Chloe's in. I'm gonna ask Chloe to marry me." Kate is happy for him if Chloe is the woman he loves. Lucas assures her he's in love with Chloe, "I want you to dance at my wedding. And if you're up to it and still do that kind of thing, maybe you can dance around a pole at my bachelor party, too. "

Daniel tells Chloe Kate's test results were even a little better than he said, "The thing is, doctors have to remain detached and not be emotionally involved. I have a problem with that. Kate isn't just another patient. I've always lacked humility but I need to learn I'm not a God. Doctors lose patients. My wife died. You'd think I'd learn to distance myself but I haven't. Kate still has cancer and it isn't over. It should be over. I'm gonna need a huge favor from you."

Phillip and Stephanie decide they can't go through the front door of the motel because they are interfering with an investigation, so they try to sneak in through the back entrance. It's locked and he asks if Stephanie has a paper clip or a swiss army knife. She gives him a nail file. Phillip gives himself a manicure.

It's more of the obsessive Nick and whiny Melanie show. Melanie tells him she will go anywhere with him. Nick says he can't trust her so they have to stay right there. Melanie makes a break for it and runs toward the balcony. Bo and Hope rush up to the door as Nick and Melanie struggle inside.

Kate chirps, "I'll dance at your wedding whomever you marry."

Lucas tells her she's missing the point. It's Chloe I'm marrying. I love her the way I've never loved anyone before."

Out in the audience, the Lumi crowd drinks cyanide-laced Kool Aid.

Kate gets maudlin, "That's all we have isn't it — Love."

Lucas thinks Kate will find love too, "I've got this funny feeling."

That's just your cell phone vibrating in your pocket," says Kate.

Daniel tells Chloe what the big favor is, "I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't mention anything to Kate or Lucas. I don't want Kate to know I've been anything but objective."

Chloe agrees, "My lips are sealed."

"That would make everyone's dreams come true," says Daniel.

Phillip works on the lock as we hear a scream in the distance.

Melanie fights Nick and struggles to jump. Bo kicks down the door and he and Hope rush in. Melanie goes over the railing.




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