Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Creepy Stalker

Chloe bites into the dreaded apple as Kate watches and flashes back to poisoning, it as if we didn't know.

Chloe continues to munch, but decides the apple tastes funny and gets up to throw it in the trash.

Maggie bustles around the kitchen gathering up cleaning supplies for the big work session at the Horton cabin. Melanie comes in and acts less than enthusiastic about helping with the chores. Maggie accuses her of trying to back out. "That's not what I'm trying to do," says Melanie, "I actually wonder why you're going out there."

Maggie rolls her eyes, "What are youp to, Melanie? Cut to the chase."

Arianna once again bumps into Brady. They've bumped into each other so many times there is no room for new bruises.

Inside the pub, Rafe rants because Sami keeps asking questions about Emily. Sami thinks it's weird that he's upset about her questions, "I love you and that makes me want to know everything about you and your old girlfriends. Especially the living ones, so I can scratch their eyes out."

Chloe heads for the trash with the apple. Kate turns to Daniel, "Well, it looks like your housewarming gift was a bust." A little reverse psychology goes a long way with Chloe, who's mind doesn't even have a forward gear. She decides the apple is fine and takes another chomp.

Brady and Arianna recover from the near-catastrophe of bumping into each other. "I'm sorry," says Arianna.

"No," says Brady, "I'm sorry. Are you all right?"

"No," says Arianna, "I'm sorry. Are you all right?"

"No," says Brady, "I'm sorry. Are you all right?"

"No," says Arianna, "I'm sorry. Are you all right?"

"No," says Brady, "I'm sorry. Are you all right?"

"No," says Arianna, "I'm sorry. Are you all right?"

You think I'm kidding, don't you?

Sami and Rafe argue about Emily. Rafe yells, "If you're gonna revert to your old habits, then this isn't gonna work, OK? We're done." We should be so lucky.

Chloe continues to munch on the poisoned apple. Allie runs back Kate decides they should hit the Java Café and talk about the show. Daniel backs out. Then Chloe backs out. Kate gets huffy and disappointed, "Guys, I thought your friendship was over."

Maggie guesses Melanie wants to be alone with Nathan. Melanie says she doesn't even want him there. She says she wants to play matchmaker with two friends. She stops and considers what she just said, "Imagine that... I have friends."

Maggie doesn't even hear the last part. The instant she heard the word "matchmaker" her radar antennae popped up so strong her kitchen will now need a ceiling repair, "Tell me, though, Melanie, what's in it for you?"

Arianna turns to leave, but hesitates, "There is something I'd like to ask you. Is there any way you can talk to Sami? Convince her to stop seeing my brother?"


Brady thinks that's a strange request. Arianna backpedals and shuffles. She says she just thinks Sami is wrong for Rafe. "That's not my call," says Brady, "It's not yours either. If they're happy with each other then we should stay out of it."

"I get it," says Arianna, "You're a generous person and I'm just a big downer."

"I'm glad we finally agree on something," says Brady.

Apparently, Rafe has picked up Sami's bickering abilities and they go at it as equals.

Kate sits in the Java Café with Daniel and Chloe. They have, of course, dumped poor Allie. Kate decides they should do a segment about Chloe and Daniel on the show, "I think the audience should know the truth about you."

A gal in the audience stands up and shouts, "We know ALL about them. Move this plot along before the kid they haven't had yet gets into college!"

Scotty screams, "Cap'n! I canno' change the laws of physics!"

"I don't care what it takes," says Kirk, "DO IT NOW!"

Scotty pushes the levers. Dematerialization occurs... On the surface of the planet, Kirk looks around, but doesn't see anyone, "Where is he, Scotty?"

"I told ya so," bellows Scotty, "Instead of transporting him to Aldebaran II in 2614, we've sent him to earth in 2009. He's in some place called the Java Café."

Kate, Daniel and Chloe all about jump out of their socks when Lucas appears out of nowhere, "You're going to tell the audience WHAT truth about Chloe and Daniel?"

Melanie says she wants to prove to Maggie she's on the level, "I know I'm not a saint but I'm really trying."

"You are right about that," says Maggie, "You're definitely not a saint and you're very trying. I'd say you are a work in progress."

Melanie considers that a badge of honor. "I'm a work in progress," she squeals, "Actually, I think I should come clean. I'm doing this because if I set them up and it works then maybe I'll find someone who will love me for who I am." Maggie and Melanie hug as they pass out the barf bags in the audience.

Brady chases Arianna. He says he is worried about her.

Oh, God... more Sami and Rafe. Use the FF button on your remote. Sami gets frustrated and walks out right behind 95% of the viewing public.

Kate says the deal is they're going to do a leukemia segment on Chloe and Daniel, and how Chloe then turned around and saved Kate. Loserclueless says he likes the angle. Kate checks the recording device in her purse to make sure she's getting all the dialogue and thinks, "I'd better make sure this equipment is working because I'm the only person anywhere who would care enough to record this crap." Suddenly Chloe gets sick. Kate smirks.

Arianna accuses Brady of stalking. He starts to leave and then she accuses him of abandoning her. Brady can't win, "Arianna, you seem tense, wired, high strung..."

"I'm sorry," says Arianna, "We can't all be as laid back as you."

"Relax and let things roll off your back," says Brady, "I like what I see in you. I thank that person is cool and interesting."

Arianna softens, "I appreciate what you're trying to do... aside from the creepy stalker thing."

Sami barges into her apartment calling for Will. Rafe chases. Sami says there is nothing to talk or fight about, "because we're done." Rafe says he was angry and overreacted. He wants to work through their issues because he loves her.

"You don't even know me," screams Sami, "I talked to Arianna about Emily because that's the kind of person I am. I thought you were good for me. I thought we were... so just go. I'm not reverting. This is who I am... A child in a woman's body with an IQ that matches room temperature. If you can't handle that then we don't have a future.

Out in the audience the Ejamis and Lumis cheer uncontrollably.

Chloe continues to turn as green as her Granny Smith apple. Dr. Daniel goes for aspirin. Dr. Lucas tells Chloe she looks pale. Dr. Kate tells her she has clammy hands. Chloe insists she is fine. She wants people to stop hovering.

Arianna says she's not ready for a relationship. "That's OK," says Brady, "Casual sex would be fine with me. The thing is, people in this town seem to pounce on singles. If they see two people talking who hardly know each other they will issue a couple alert." Arianna says she prefers being alone. So does Brady. They agree to just be acquaintances. They go their separate ways, but both look back several times.

Smile if you've had sex in an elevator or somewhere just as kinky. (Hey, you don't have to thank me. It's my mission to make you smile).

More Sami and Rafe. He asks if she wants him to walk out and never come back, "Fighting is a part of life. Especially life with you. I love you. I do. I love the impulsive stuff you do. I don't mean to make you feel bad..."

"I love you, too," says Sami, "I love you so much." That's all it takes: Clear the decks for make up...

Chloe continues to insist she's fine. Ali comes up. Now that really makes Chloe sick. Lucas carts Allie off. Chris calls Kate, who rants about color copies and barks orders. Kate hangs up and decides she has to go.

Chloe asks, "How's that for an obnoxious and demanding boss?" Daniel offers to drive her home. Chloe resists.

Brady comes into the pub and finds Melanie. She has summoned him to con him into working on the cabin. Brady asks, "Why do I feel like you're Tom Sawyer getting me to paint the fence?"

Melanie wrinkles her brow, "Huh? Wha... Who?"

"I forgot," says Brady, "The only book you've read all the way through is the 'Lets Go Look And See' Barney book. So, I guess you want me to do all the work at the cabin."

Melanie says that's not true, "I'll be working... on my tan."

Brady agrees to go, "I could use the distraction."

Back at Sami's place, clothes fly... then Sami and Rafe do something really kinky... they head for the bedroom instead of the couch.

Chloe turns green. She gets woozy when she tries to stand and Daniel insists on taking her home.

Kate plays with her new recording. She works with the dialogue until she has Chloe saying something she has never said, "Daniel... don't!"

Brady arrives at Maggie's place. They sit and talk about going to the 12-step meeting. Brady just isn't into the conversation, "I'm distracted. I have a lot on my mind."

"Then you should probably stand up," says Maggie.

"I can't stop thinking about this woman," he says.

Maggie can't believe her luck, "Let me get my notebook."

Arianna meets Melanie in the Java Café and Melanie asks her to help clean the cabin.

Rafe and Sami rest after their ordeal. Rafe whispers, "I would never do anything to hurt you."

Kate packs things up. Lucas joins her. It's hard to tell but it looks like they are on the Kiriakis terrace. Lucas is concerned because he called Chloe and she didn't call back. Kate is proud of him for being a caring husband.

Lucas disagrees, "You're not proud of me. You think I'm whipped. You seem to be disgusted with Chloe lately. You gave her a job but it's a job she doesn't want."

Kate thinks she rescued Chloe and says her offer for a lead in the opera Vancouver was probably just an audition. She insists she has respect for Chloe, "So are we OK?"

Lucas looks at the calendar on his watch, "I guess. I'm not scheduled to disown you for another week."

Daniel and Chloe arrive at her front door. Chloe gets dizzy, but continues to insist she's fine. "I'm not so sure," says Daniel, "I think we should call a doc..."

Chloe faints and falls right into Daniel's arms.

Maggie wonders who the mystery woman is. Brady is reluctant to tell. Maggie grills him. All of a sudden I'm in junior high all over again.

Maggie advises Brady to take his time with this woman. Brady agrees,, "I'll make it a point to keep my distance."

Melanie puts the sales job on. Arianna agrees to help at the cabin.

Sami walks out into the living room. Rafe follows and they pick up the clothes strewn all over the room. If the show weren't on such a tight budget, Will would bust in right now. "I'm hungry," says Rafe.

Sami asks, "Is that your way of asking for dinner?"

"Are you cooking," asks Rafe, "I couldn't handle burned grilled cheese."

"OK," says Sami, "We'll order out. My treat."

"In that case," says Rafe, "Let's get lobster." They decide on Chinese. Rafe goes for a shower while Sami calls to place the order.

She rummages through her purse and discovers she's broke (What a shock – single mom, unemployed with three kids, that she knows of, shacking up with a rookie construction worker who works the night shift. Broke would be my guess.). She decides since Rafe forgot to pay for it, she'll just take the money. She gets into Rafe's wallet and whad'ya know, finds Emily's memorial card, apparently from her funeral – laminated no less. Sami reads, "Emily Hudson... September 15, 1978 – March 28, 2007." Sami stares.


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Monday, June 29, 2009

Difficulty Breeds Character

Chloe stands in Maggie's kitchen and arranges flowers. Daniel comes up behind her, picks one up and hands it to her. Chloe smiles and prepares to move in on him. She looks him in the eyes...


Now, there's a shock no one needs before that first cup o' coffee. Maggie effortlessly goes into busybody mode, "What are you thinking about?"

"You mean besides the fact that a lot of things in my life are none of your business," asks Chloe. Being Chloe, however, her moment of lucidity doesn't last and she comes clean and tells Maggie she's thinking of Daniel. Oh, well, we should consider it a victory that Chloe can do any thinking at all.

Rubber-gloved Kate stands outside Chloe and Lucas' new place and plots against Chloe. She picks up what is either a huge garbage bag or Daniel's fruit basket, which sits by the front door and hauls out the vile vial and a hypo.

Daniel and Phillip are on the Kiriakis terrace. Phillip asks why Stephanie would be taking the pills. "Probably has something to do with that idiot she's dating," says Daniel.

Stephanie announces to Father Matt that her relationship with Phillip has to be over. "I want you to know something," says Father Matt.


EJ walks in, "Keeping secrets, are you?"

Rafe visits Emily Hudson's grave. Sami finds him, "Who's Emily?"

Rafe says, "She's someone I knew."

"How?" Enquiring minds want to know. And, believe me, if Sami had a mind, it would be enquiring.

Daniel tells Phillip to talk to Stephanie himself. Phillip presses and Daniel hides behind doctor-patient confidentially, then leaves.

Father Matt says, "I don't want you to suffer any more. I'm advising you to stop watching DOOL. Also, If you're breaking away, you have to truly mean it." Phillip makes his umpteenth call. So Stephanie has had her phone turned off all morning and now it's somehow magically turned on and Phillip gets through. Father Matt leaves so Stephanie can take the call."

Phillip asks, "Is everything all right."

Stephanie whines, "No."

Rafe don' wanna talk about Emily. Too bad for the big lunk. Sami wants to.

Nicole says, "As a matter of fact, Johnny and I do share a secret. I told him he can have ice cream before dinner if..."

EJ shushes her, "Don't tell me. I'm glad to see the two of you are getting closer." OK enough time with the kid. EJ hauls him off to Mary. He comes back in and tells Nicole about judge Fitzpatrick's visit. Nicole doesn't think getting custody of Johnny would particularly be good news.

Phillip and Stephanie agree to meet. She hangs up. On the way out, Father Matt asks, "Stephanie, are you having second thoughts?"

"It's a miracle if I have any thoughts," says Stephanie.

Maggie pries. Chloe tells her she's still in love with Daniel, "I'm not having second thoughts about Lucas, though. I'm more committed to him than ever. The TV show has taught me Daniel and I need to be apart. From now on I'm avoiding Daniel. I am never gonna leave Lucas. I just Hope there is a way I can get him to leave me. If not, I will be with him for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Kate removes an apple from the fruit basket. She looks at it, looks at the apple and reads "Snow White and the Eight Dwarfs" again just to make sure she's doing things right.

Stephanie comes onto the terrace with Phillip. He questions her about the pills. She says she's not taking them any more.

What changed," asks Phillip.

"You," says Stephanie.

"I'm not talking about body parts," says Phillip.

Maggie meets Daniel at the hospital. Full of advice as always, Maggie has no problem in dishing a heapin' helpin' out to him, "I believe in free will over fate, so maybe you can control the situation with Chloe. Then she will be out of your life for good."

"I don't know about Chloe," says Daniel, "but if you got out of my life, it would be for the good."

Chloe arrives home and finds the fruit basket. Kate says she's there for the grand tour. She admires the basket and Chloe tells her it's from Daniel. Kate pulls the poisoned apple out of the basket and practically shoves it down Chloe's throat, "It's a Granny Smith... Your favorite."

"Granny Kate is my least favorite," says Chloe. Kate knows the basket reminds her of Daniel but thinks she should keep it, "Go ahead... take a bite."

Stephanie rambles about how good Phillip has been to her. Phillip asks, "Where are you going with this?"

"With all your wealth, there is one thing you can't give me," says Stephanie, "Peace of mind."

"There aren't many pieces of my mind left to spare," says Phillip, "We can work this out."

"There is no other way," says Stephanie, "That's why I'm saying goodbye."

Chloe starts to bite the apple but suddenly has a rare thought, "OMG! I have to pick up Allie." Kate offers to go with her. Chloe says she will drive and takes the apple with her, so they can keep showing her almost biting into it for the remainder of the episode.

Sami wants to talk about Emily. Rafe wants to focus on Sami. Sami backs off, "I have to talk to you about something. It's about Nicole."

Nicole tells EJ she can't replace Johnny's mother "I'm better at switching kids than mothers."

"I'm not asking you to replace her," says EJ, "I'm not an idiot."

"I agree," says Nicole, "Someone who can't figure out his wife is pulling off a fake pregnancy falls more in the 'moron' category. But I feel sorry for Johnny. He cries for his mommy at night. EJ says Johnny will become independent and get used to the situation. Difficulty breeds character."

"Tell me you didn't just say that," says Nicole.

"I wish I could," says EJ, "But I don't write this stuff. It's true. Kids who go through life with a silver spoon in their mouths don't learn. Just look at me." EJ softens, tells her she's caring and loving, but wants her to remember he's her husband., "Don't forget, I lost a daughter."

Nicole whines, "I lost a daughter, too."

Phillip says Stephanie is not herself right now, "I know you'll come to your senses."

Stephanie says it's a lost cause, "I'm leaving you for good this time."

Daniel tells Maggie he's busy and doesn't want to continue the conversation, "I have had it with the advice and empty reassurances. I will never forget Chloe or stop loving her. Nothing can take away what's in my heart, not time, not God, nothing."

Maggie and Chloe arrive at the pub. Kate sends Chloe to order cappuccino. Chloe leaves and Kate rummages through her purse, "I have so much to do today." Suddenly Allie comes out of nowhere and grabs the poisoned apple off the table. Kate has a cow, "ALLIE! NO! GIVE ME THE APPLE!"

EJ asks, "what do you mean, you lost a child?"

Nicole says she feels like she lost a daughter because she was so close to Grace, "That's why I feel for Sami now."

EJ growls, "She lied to me. There is no forgiving."

Stefano walks in and asks, "Am I interrupting?"

EJ snorts, "No, we're done." He leaves.

Kate backpedals. She says she didn't mean to startle Allie. Generous Chloe says Allie can have the apple. Kate insists it's too close to dinner. Chloe decides to walk Allie at the pier. Kate decides to go, too. Chloe puts the apple in her purse.

Phillip blames PTSD for Stephanie's strange behavior. Stephanie blows up about the Kiriakis business, "Believe me, Phillip, It's not your fault."

Phillip looks that up in the Guy Manual, "When a woman is leaving you and says, 'It's not your fault,' you can take it to the bank: it's your fault."

Stephanie starts to remove her ring. Phillip begs her not to do this, "I'm not letting you go. Owen's not the only one who can keep someone captive in a morgue drawer."

Stefano asks if Rafe put Nicole up to this, "He was here today. Any idea why?"

Sami tells Rafe that Nicole brought Johnny to see her. Rafe thinks that's great. Sami says Nicole told her Rafe was digging around. Rafe says he didn't go over to the DiMera mansion to upset Nicole. He vows to get Johnny back.

"I don't know what I'd do without you," says Sami.

"Me neither," says Rafe. He leaves. Sami stares at Emily's grave.

Stephanie asks where the money for the ring came from, "We're talking about crimes... murder... arson... theft... writing for DOOL... The worst part is I'm benefiting from people's suffering."

Phillip shouts, "It's us that matter."

Stephanie wails, "Would you listen to yourself."

"I'd rather listen to me than you," says Phillip, "I'm saying I want you to be happy."

"I'm sorry," blubbers Stephanie, "I love you too. I can't hide from the truth any more." She removes the ring, sets it on the table and slobbers.

Kate and Chloe are at the pier. They have let Allie run off. Kate assures her Allie will be fine, "Adult supervision cramps her style."

"That's why she lives with Lucas and me," says Chloe, "No adults in that house."

Kate suggests Chloe is irritable because she's hungry and says she thinks she should eat the apple. Chloe takes it out, opens wide and begins to chomp down. She freezes in that position as she sees Daniel walk up.

Nicole says she doesn't know why Rafe came by, "He's ex FBI. He snoops around out of habit."

Stefano asks, "Are you saying he suspects Sydney is Elvis and Samantha's baby?"

"There is no way he suspects that," says Nicole.

"Not yet," says Stefano.

Sami comes into the pub and asks about Allie. Arianna tells her Kate and Chloe have her. She passes her condolences about Grace. Sami thanks her and tells her Rafe was just at the cemetery. Sami asks about Emily, "Did you know her?"

Rafe walks up behind her and interrupts, "Sami, What the hell are you doing?"

We switch to a closeup of Stephanie's ring on the table, then pan out. Phillip asks, "So that's it? Just like that?"

"No," says Stephanie. She kisses him, "That's it. Take a hike." Stephanie walks off. Phillip picks up the ring, staggers over to the chaise and sits.

Kate says, "What a coincidence. Chloe was just about to eat an apple from your gift basket." Kate goes to check on Allie who is standing on the edge of the pier watching the dead bodies float by.

Chloe says Kate will never stop hating her, "It will never get any easier will it?"

"I can't seem to do anything that doesn't hurt you," says Daniel.

"I can think of a few things you've done that didn't hurt at all," says Chloe.

Chloe insists she will be OK. She thanks him for the basket and takes a huge bite of the poisoned apple. Kate watches and smirks.

Nicole insists Rafe will never find out about the baby switch.

"Hope all you want," says Stefano, "But the fact is, the more you dig, eventually you will hit oil. The man is FBI and he is deeply devoted to Sami."

"OMG," gasps Nicole, "What if he does find out. What are we gonna do?"

"There are options," says Stefano, "but for now, I will take an active interest in Raphael Hernandez."

Arianna leaves. Rafe reminds Sami she promised she wouldn't ask any more questions about Emily. He tells her she should have respected that, "Promise me you will never talk about Emily again. Never."

Chloe chomps on another bite of the poisoned apple. DOWN goes Chloe. Daniel can't revive her. The eight dwarfs rush up to help. They do everything to bring her back, but alas, cannot. The eight dwarfs are inconsolable. They place Chloe in a glass coffin. Tearfully all eight of the dwarfs... Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy and Lucas, stand in front of her coffin and sob.


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Saturday, June 27, 2009

The King Is Dead – Long Live The King

I don't think it's stretching it too far to say we lost three pop-culture icons this week: Ed McMahon on Tuesday, Farrah Fawcett on Thursday morning and, the big shocker, Michael Jackson later that same day. In one way or another, all three have been mentioned in Prevuze, so we thought we would pay tribute in our own warped way by taking a stroll down memory lane.

Ed McMahon

Ed McMahon was clearly TV's top second banana as he played the foil to Johnny Carson for many years. But Ed had a second role we all remember well, too. He was the chief huckster for Publisher's Clearinghouse and its incessant big-dough giveaways. Who among us has not seen the Publisher's Clearinghouse scene where Ed and his crew sneak up to the front door of an unsuspecting winner, balloons and big check in hand, to change that person's life forever? It's that image that prompted our only reference to Ed on March 3, 2008.

EJ was in the early stages of fighting deportation when the following scene took place in our episode entitled Cunning, Conniving And Crafty:

* * * * * * * * * *

Sami fumbles around as EJ asks her to sign the annulment papers. Amidst all the fumbling, EJ's certified letter falls to the floor. Sami makes him open it. EJ reads. His face falls. "What," asks Sami.

"I knew it was bad news when the deliveryman wasn't Ed McMahon," says EJ, "My visa has expired."
* * * * * * * * * *

Farrah Fawcett

I never mentioned Charlie's Angel Farrah in any of our episodes. However, we have had references to her in the reader comments and, without exception, those comments relate to one thing – her hair, and how it compares to one or more of the characters on the show. Poor Farrah had a rough road at the end as we saw in her own documentary just a few weeks ago. It wasn't pretty. That's not the Farrah we want to remember. THIS is the way (guys at least) will want to remember her:


Michael Jackson

Prevuze, like the media and comedians everywhere, was not kind to the "King of Pop." Let's face it, he gave us a lot of material to work with. Given that, I was surprised to find we only had one reference to Jacko in the episode commentaries. That single scenario happened on April 16, 2008 in our posting entitled, A Little Sex And A Lot Of Lies:

* * * * * * * * * *

In this scene a mysterious figure sneaks into Max' bedroom and wakes him up. The mystery person turns out to be Stephanie, who is worried because Kayla is missing. The whole episode happens prior to the time Stephanie had carnal relations with Uncle Max, so he has to coax her to stay...

Stephanie decides they probably shouldn't call the police, "You're gong to hate me when your alarm goes off."

"That's not true," says Max, "Before, I was asleep and alone and now I'm awake and in the best dream of my life. Worst dialogue, best dream." Stephanie kisses him and says she should go. Max convinces her to stay, "Just to sleep. Nothing else."

Stephanie is skeptical, "That's exactly what Michael Jackson told all those little boys. I'll stay but won't be able to sleep much." He tucks her in.

* * * * * * * * * *

So contrary to what I thought, we didn't barbeque Jacko in our Prevuzisms very much. But we did get in a couple of zingers in the pictures. I found three of them (the pictures are harder to search for than the text). The pictures are fairly self-explanatory except for the first which is from the time EJ was allegedly running around town as "The Glove":




There were also a few reader comments. Some alluded to Michael's alleged preference for little boys, but most had a single theme. They compared the similarity of Steve and Kayla giving "Pocket" his ridiculous name to that of Michael naming his kid Blanket.

NOTE: All DOOL episodes will be pre-empted next week for unrelenting coverage of Jackomania. (And you thought only DOOL beats dead horses).

So there you have it. Three icons, all having been a part of Prevuze in one form or another. May they all rest in peace. Ed, Farrah and Michael, you are gone but not forgotten... especially in Prevuze where we don't let something like mere mortality stand in the way of an appearance.

The very dead William Shakespeare steps into the scene, "I can vouch for that. I've been dead for hundreds of years and Prevuze still has me commenting on this dreadful writing. I've turned over in my grave so many times I feel like a flapjack.

And, of course, with all due respect to the dearly departed, (and being the rotten snarker that I am), I can't resist one final parting shot (note: if you are at all sensitive or feel it is too soon to be making wisecracks, do not... DO NOT click on this link):

Goodbye Ed... The #1 second banana.

Goodbye Farrah... more than Charlie's Angel.

And Goodbye Michael, the King of Pop.

The king is dead. Long live the king.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Playing With The Angels

Melanie and Phillip are at the Pub. Melanie sits and says she has to tell him something, "Stephanie..."

"She took a spill," says Phillip, "That's all."

"It's not the spill That's bothering me," says Melanie.

Stephanie is with Father Matt. She says she isn't sure about her fiancée, "I don't know what kind of man he is."

Father Matt knows, "Bionic."

Judge Fitzpatrick comes to the DiMera mansion. Stefano and EJ meet with her in the rumpus room. EJ says they have a problem he hopes she can help fix.

Rafe stands outside the Java Café and calls a teen center. He asks about Nicole. Nobody has heard of her. He hangs up and looks inside the place and sees Brady, "Hmmm... Mia knows Brady and Brady knows Nicole. This could be my lucky day."

Sami paces and waits for Nicole. Nicole knocks and shows up with Johnny. Sami scoops him up and tells him about the plans for the day. She's so happy to see him she dumps him in the next room so she can spend the time talking with Nicole. Sami tells her she doesn't know why she is doing this but she's grateful.

Melanie decides she'll talk to Phillip later and rushes off. Outside she rambles as Phillip walks up and grills her, "What don't you want me to know about Stephanie?"

Stephanie says she used to be so sure of herself but now it's like she's a different person, "My thoughts are everywhere."

"Well," says Father Matt, "It's for sure they aren't in your head. I will keep this meeting in confidence. You are obviously upset."

Stephanie tells him she's conflicted about Phillip, "It's not just him, it's his family and his life. I can't be a part of it the way it is now."

EJ and Stefano gang up on Katherine. "I think you would agree," says Stefano, "Samantha's actions are beyond the pale."

Katherine speaks off the record, "Your case is solid, but as you know, nothing is black and white."

A producer yells from off stage, "If we can't get the budget under control, this show will be in black and white."

Nicole says she is doing this because it's right. Sami says, "I am of course grateful. I don't want to put a negative spin on it, but I've never known you to do something just because it is right. It's one of the few things we have in common. So I know you have another reason."

Bo sleeps. Bo dreams about meeting Zack. He wakes, worries and finds Hope and Ciara beside him. Hope assures him Ciara is OK.

Father Matt says he has known Stephanie's family for a long time and can understand her trepidation with the Kiriakis family. He is worried about how her morguenapping might have affected her. Stephanie says she thinks Phillip cares more about power than he does about her. "I understand your situation," says Father Matt, "You are involved with people who are less moral than you."

"Right," says Stephanie, "And people like that were hard to find. I'm in love with a guy who will never change."

"Only because he's already changed every part he has," says Father Matt.

Phillip grills Melanie as she cowers on the park bench outside the pub. She tells him she has to keep a promise and suggests he ask Stephanie himself.

Hope tells Bo after he fell asleep Ciara crawled in bed with them. She asks if Bo had another vision. "Yes I did," says Bo, "I saw Zack in the cemetery. He said if Ciara loses Tommy Bear, she will be in trouble. I don't know what to make of it."

"It's just a wild guess," says Hope, "but I'd say it means if Ciara loses Tommy Bear, she will be in trouble. We're in this together. We're gonna protect Ciara. Whatever it takes. How about sending her to military school in Borneo? "

EJ disagrees with Fitz, "Everything is black an white. Samantha... is an unfit mother."


Karen tells him Sami can fight this and if she appeals she will get another judge. Stefano reminds her of all their contributions. "I wasn't aware there were strings attached," says Katherine.

Stefano asks, "Katherine, were you born at night?"

"As a matter of fact," she says, "I was."

"It must have been last night," says Stefano.

"I have a career to protect," says Katherine.

EJ is very serious, "That's why it's important you play ball with us on this." Stefano suggests an alternative strategy. EJ steps in, "My son must stay away from Samantha. So I... we... are expecting your help."

Nicole says there isn't an ulterior motive. Sami asks her to talk to EJ and get him to change his mind. Nicole says, "Sneaking Johnny over to you is all I can do and that's only for right now. The problem is Rafe. You have to get him to back off. He came to the mansion to dig dirt. Tell him he has to stop snooping around."

Rafe comes into the Java Café and finds Brady. He asks him about the other day at the church, "You were with Mia. She said she met Nicole through a teen rehabilitation program."

"Right," says Brady, "And I've really been hoping Nicole gets rehabilitated."

Rafe asks, "Do you know the name of the program?"

Coincidentally, Father Matt remembers when a young girl named Kayla came to him for the same advice, "She was in love with your father."

"I know," says Stefano, "He was a bad boy himself."

"What do you mean was," asks Father Matt.

Stephanie says, "I said I would never leave Phillip, so that's why I need to know, is it a sin to be in love with a guy who does bad things?"

"I don't know," says Father Matt, "I've never been in love with a guy who does bad things."

Brady tells Rafe he doesn't know the name of the teen center. He asks Rafe what this is about and Rafe brushes it off. Arianna comes up to the table and Brady leaves. Rafe asks her what's up with her and Brady. Arianna gets a little embarrassed, "You're being obnoxious, just like his ex girlfriend."

Rafe continues to accuse her of being hot for Brady, "Who's his ex girlfriend?"

"Nicole DiMera," Arianna gets tired of it and leaves.

"Nicole DiMera," says Rafe, "That's one busy woman."

Busy Nicole says, If EJ finds out Rafe is playing PI, he will beef up security and I'll be trapped at the mansion for all the Days Of Our Lives and you'll never see Johnny again and there is nothing I can do to help you."

Johnny continues to play alone in the next room and shouts out to them, "Heck, she never sees me even when I'm over here."

Brady is at the pier on the phone. He hangs up and Phillip bumps into him. He tells Brady he's looking for Stephanie. Brady says he hasn't seen her, so Phillip sprints off. Arianna comes down the steps and asks to talk to him about the thing with Nicole. It made Arianna uncomfortable and she doesn't want Brady to think she put Nicole up to that, "I see you more as a friend. I'm not pushy and desperate."

Melanie drops out of the sky and listens, "You're both pushy and desperate, girl, cause you have it bad."

"It's bad for both of us," says Brady, "Now that you're here."

Stephanie tells Father Matt about Phillip's donation to her mom's medical group, "It was very generous, so you see, he has two sides."

"All of us do," says Father Matt, "But Phillip's are artificial. The truth is, my child, I can't help you."

Fitz tells Stefano she hasn't promised anything. Stefano presses, "But Katherine... can we count on you?"

The judge feels the pressure, "I do feel what Samantha did was unconscionable. I'll see you in court." She leaves.

Stefano turns to EJ, "I think you handled her well."

EJ rages about the time he wasted with Sami but Stefano tells him no to look back, "You are now with a woman who is loyal to me and her lies."

Miss loyalty tells Sami she's doing this for Johnny and tells her to go in with him and stop wasting time. Sami rushes in to play. Nicole sighs, "This better be worth it, Nicole."

Hope tries to encourage Bo as Ciara continues to sleep between them. Bo thinks they have to trust his vision, "Zack helped us before. He won't let us down. Whatever he was trying to tell us has to do with Tommy Bear."

"Your ability to figure things like that out amazes me," says Hope.

Arianna insists she does not have it bad. She says she and Melanie are not good enough friends for Melanie to be busting her chops like this. Arianna decides it's time to go back to work. Melanie taunts her as she leaves.

Oops. It seems like Arianna took a little detour on the way to work. She walks into the Java Café. Rafe holds up her purse, "Did you forget this? And, by the way, thanks for the coffee and letting me load up my Java Café Card with a couple hundred bucks. She sits with him and he asks again what's going on.

"Nothing," says Arianna, "Absolutely nothing." Translation: Either Arianna is talking about this boring episode, or she's hot for Brady. She asks, "Is that how people in Salem get their kicks?"

"The ones who aren't on drugs." Rafe tells he he's headed for the cemetery to leave flowers for Grace.

"Just hers?" Enquiring minds want to know.

"Emily's too," says Rafe. Arianna asks if he has told Sami about Emily. "Not yet," says Rafe.

Arianna asks, "You will, won't you?"

"No," he says, "I don't think so."

Sami hugs Johnny and tells him next time they will finish the story. "We could have read the thing about five times if you had spent any time with me," says Johnny. The phantom mommy squeezes him and hands him over to Nicole. We have goodbyes all around and Nicole and Johnny leave.

Sami closes the door, bawls and looks at Grace's picture. She picks it up, hugs it and really turns on the tears, "I lost you but I won't lose my little boy. If Nicole really is on my side in this... blubber-blubber-blubber."

Brady wants Melanie to back off. He leaves. Arianna continues to wander around Salem looking for the pub so she can get back to work. She comes down the stairs and tells Melanie that Brady's ex already tried to set them up and it didn't work out. She leaves. Melanie asks, "Why do I have to do everything myself?"

Phillip comes back into the Kiriakis mansion calling for Stephanie. Henderson comes in and Phillip asks him if he has seen her. He tells Phillip she left some time ago. Phillip hauls out his cell phone and leaves an unpteenth message for her. We pan in on the bottle-o-pills.

Father Matt tells Stephanie he would like to help, but thinks she's already decided about her future with Phillip.

Sami kneels at Grace's grave, "I miss you. Johnny and Allie do to. Johnny asked if he could play with you and I told him you are now... sob... playing with the angels. I'm going to come here a lot and visit you." Suddenly, she looks over and sees Rafe across the way. She heads over there.

Melanie is in the Java Café reading her horrorscope., "What does it say for me today... 'No good deed goes unpunished.' I have to set them up but who's going to set me up? When am I gonna be happy?" She gets up and walks by the stranger reading the paper about Hope. He circles Hope's picture again.

Bo says they have to keep Tommy Bear safe. He thinks they have to find a place to put him. Hope whines, "What do we tell Ciara?"

"We'll tell her Tommy Bear is playing with the angels," says Bo.

"No one would stoop to using dialogue that bad," says Hope.

We pan away from Stephanie's bottle-o-pills as Phillip talks into his phone and repeats, "Pick up... pick up..." He hangs up, sees the pills, picks them up and wonders.

"I don't know if I've made up my mind," says Stephanie, "But... you're right... I've made up my mind."

Father Matt is a bit exasperated, "You can't even make up your mind about making up your mind."

Rafe stoops at Emily's grave as Sami comes up, "Who's Emily?"

Nicole bustles into the rumpus room with Johnny. She picks up the microphone to the DiMera PA system and broadcasts, "Johnny, you have to keep it a secret that we went over to see Mommy." Stern EJ walks up behind her.


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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Village Slut

Stephanie comes onto the Kiriakis mansion terrace. She finds Phillip and tells him she heard him talking to Victor the evening before, "I heard you tell him you wouldn't tell me about the family business." Phillip tells her it's to protect her. As they touch, Stephanie looks down at his hands...


Stephanie wakes up and looks at sleeping Phillip. The ole dream trick. It works every time.

Melanie stands in Maggie's kitchen and contemplates the bottle-o-pills as Nathan walks up and asks what she is doing.

Kate works on a recording of Daniel saying he loves his job at the hospital. She edits everything he says and changes it to "I love Chloe." Then she closes her computer and smiles.

Daniel jogs through the streets of Salem.

Lucas and Chloe walk and talk about all the things they have bought for the new house.

Time and space converge in the streets of Salem. Like two particles in a super-collider, Daniel and Chloe run into each other, and meld into one giant human quark. Lucas watches the phenomenon, "WHOA! WATCH IT, GUYS!"

Rafe shows up at the DiMera mansion. Nicole answers the door and Rafe tells her he's there to say he's sorry.

Stephanie sits up in bed and broods. Phillip wakes and senses something is wrong. He avoids the sage advice in the Guy Manual and asks anyway, "Is something wrong?"

"I had a bad dream," says Stephanie, "I dreamed I had a dream and you didn't ask me about it and I didn't get the chance to bore you to tears telling you every stupid detail."

So, Rafe has said he's sorry, but true to form on DOOL, he'll take the next hour to say it over and over again. Nicole invites him in and the journey over well-trodden ground begins. She escorts Rafe into the rumpus room. He apologizes AGAIN for asking all those questions at the cemetery. Nicole says she was so shook up over Grace dying because Grace was Sydney's half sister, "And, at the moment, you are my half-wit, so are you gonna tell me why you are really here?"

Oops. my error, the sub-atomic particle involved in the collision wasn't a quark. It was Chloe's brain. Daniel and Chloe pry themselves apart. Daniel sees the mule named Lucas carrying a load of shopping bags and Chloe explains they have been shopping for the new house. Lucas chimes in, "You have to check it out sometime."

"No," says Daniel, "I can't do that."

Melanie tells Nathan to mind his own business as Maggie walks in. Melanie stomps out. Nathan turns to Maggie, "Why do you let Melanie live here?"

"Are you kidding," says Mags, "She alone could give me enough material to give my gossi... bridge club something to talk about forever."


On the terrace, Phillip offers to call Lucas and cancel their breakfast appointment if Stephanie isn't OK. She insists she is fine and tells him about the conversation she heard last night. Phillip tells her it's just boring business. Stephanie decides she's peachy-keen and tells him to go to his appointment with Lucas. Phillip smooches her cheek and leaves. Stephanie wipes off his smooch and stares.

Rafe AGAIN insists he's there to apologize. Nicole says he wasn't that bad at the cemetery, but knows he's not there to apologize. Rafe says she's right and produces Johnny's favorite book. "You can't give it to him now," says Nicole, "He's with EJ at day camp. He really gets a loves day camp. So does Johnny." Nicole wonders why Sami is handing over the book if she's fighting for custody.

Rafe explains magnanimous Sami just wants Johnny to be happy, "By the way, I ran into someone you know... Mia."

Nicole thinks, "I Hope he means he ran into her like Chelsea ran into Zack."

Daniel clarifies, "I meant I can't see the house anytime soon. I'm just too busy to break away."

"But not too busy to run through the streets of Salem and wast time talking to us, I see," says Lucas, "Well, I guess the house isn't going anywhere."

"I'm glad you figured that out," says Daniel, "It's pretty obvious to most of us."

"Not me," says Chloe.

"Well," says Loserclueless, "Come over when you can. Chloe will fix dinner."

"And I'll spill it over you," says Chloe. Dang! Chloe beats Prevuze to the punch.

Lucas says he has to run to meet Phillip. He leaves, giving the viewers yet another treasured Chloe-Daniel moment.

Daniel apologizes to Chloe for possibly insulting Lucas. "How did you insult him," asks Chloe.

"I think he knew all along houses really don't go anywhere on their own."

"You're kind, but you give him too much credit," says Chloe.
She gets a call from Kate who wants to discuss the next Hearth and Home show. She says she's at the Java Café and wants Chloe there now.

Nathan says he knows what Melanie did to Nick. He wonders why Maggie is so forgiving. Maggie blows up, "Stop jumping to wrong and stupid conclusions! That's my job."

Melanie joins Stephanie on the terrace. She bounces, squeals and tells her she got into nursing school, "I think I've found my calling!"

"Is annoyance a new nursing specialty," asks Stephanie.

The girls go ga-ga about how well they are now getting along. Concerned Melanie asks, "Are you having any more headaches."

Stephanie says, "Except for the fact that you are here, nothing that the aspirin can't take care of."

Melanie holds up the bottle-o-pills, "Or a few of these?"

Chloe decides she's not going to take Kate's guff any more. She calls Kate back and says she can't make it. Kate is upset. She rolls her eye, "We'll get together when you're free."

"But you're busy," says Chloe, "So how will I know when you are free?"

"I'm never free," says Kate, "I always make them pay for it one way or another."

Chloe hangs up and Daniel congratulates her for having the gumption to stand up to Kate. "Kate is getting more demanding and obnoxious every day," says Chloe.

Now it's Daniel's turn to roll his eyes, "Gee, I hadn't noticed."

Chloe says she has to go by the Kiriakis mansion and pick something up. She says she worries about both Victor and Kate, "Could Victor be any more obvious about how much he hates me?"

"I've come close to calling him on it," says Daniel.

"It wouldn't do any good," says Chloe, "I'm getting used to it. But thank you for (say it with her) being there for me. It makes me feel... yeah." Chloe really knows how to describe her feelings intelligently, doesn't she?

Phillip congratulates Carlo as they talk baseball in the pub, "You're a real star, Carlo."

Lucas comes in. He and Phillip find a table and sit down. Phillip asks Lucas to be his best man at the wedding. "No way in hell," says Lucas.

Maggie gives Nathan the rundown on what made Nick go nuts, "Nick was in the wrong not Melanie. He got a light sentence because Melanie spoke up for him. She was courageous and eloquent. She's smarter and kinder than most people give her credit for."

"She'd have to be," says Nathan, "No human could really be as dumb and nasty as people think she is."

"Maybe you should apologize," says Maggie, "It has been known to work."
Nathan is convinced.

Maggie wraps up another case and turns to her trusted sidekick, "Our job is done here, Tonto. We need to move on to the badlands and do some meddlin' there."

Maggie leaves. Nathan isn't sure exactly what just hit him, "Who was that masked meddler?"

Stephanie brushes off the pills, and then they talk about her new car and her new life with Phillip. Melanie asks if she can do anything for her, "I thought you should have the bottle-o-pills just in case. But if you don't want 'em... Fat chance. Stephanie grabs the pills like a hungry dog goes for a t-bone.

Nicole gives Rafe her "troubled teens volunteer" story.

"She's a drug addict," says Rafe.

"That is not true," insists Nicole.

Melanie says, "If you need 'em you need 'em. There is nothing to be ashamed about." Stephanie tells her Phillip doesn't know she's taking the pills.

"I thought you told each other everything," says Melanie.

"I can't dump this on him," says Stephanie, "With me around, he doesn't need any more problems. I don't want him to think I need these stupid pills to stay sane."

"There isn't a pill powerful enough for that," says Melanie, "But don't worry. I got your back." Translation: worry. Melanie leaves.

Lucas says this is about Victor. Phillip thinks maybe Victor would bury the hatchet for just one day. "I'll be at your wedding," says Lucas, "But I can't stand up at the altar with you. I'm sorry."

"You certainly are," says Phillip.


Maggie finds Kate at the hospital. They talk about Lucas and Chloe's new house. Kate says she hasn't seen it yet. Then they talk about a housewarming gift. Maggie thinks she might give them a piece of art for Allie.

Kate is getting them silverware. Daniel walks up and Kate asks what he is getting them.

Chloe joins Stephanie out on Grand Central Terrace. She asks how Stephanie is doing and Stephanie tells her she's fine.

The gals chitchat. "So," says Chloe, "How are you holding up?"



"Because," says Chloe, "I was hoping maybe this time you weren't fine and would make my day and shrivel up and die a slow and agonizing death right in front of me."

Nicole says she means Mia is recovering. Rafe thinks they can't be sure about that. He says he isn't sure Mia is who she claims to be. He asks for the number of the teen center so he can call and get more information. The blood drains from Nicole's face.

Nathan bumps into Melanie and apologizes for being so rough on her.

Melanie is skeptical, "Why are you doing this? You want my parking spot? Want to use my juicer?"

Nathan asks, "Do you want me to get on my knees?"

He starts to get down but Melanie stops him, "I'm not used to people apologizing to me. It's usually me who has to do the apologizing and then they just want me to go away."

"I'm doing the apologizing," says Nathan, "and I Hope you don't tell me to stay away."

"I don't want that," says forgiving Melanie. Nathan says he has a personal question.

"The last time they were together," says Lucas, "Victor called Chloe the village slut."

"That's not true," gasps Phillip, "Everyone knows Salem is too big to be called a village. I'm sorry you won't be in my wedding, but I wanted to ask. I have to make sure Stephanie is happy. I'm not sure I can really do that."

"I Hope she's OK," says Lucas, "Do you think her unhappiness is more than overdosing on a potent bottle-o-pills could handle? "

Stephanie apologizes for blowing up. Chloe says she knows someone who can be a big help.

Daniel says he will think of something to give Chloe and Lucas, "I know! Perhaps a set of his-and-her clues... Kate gets a call and leaves. Maggie tells Daniel he doesn't have to get them a present, "This must be difficult for you to talk about them all the time. It's gotta be torture."


A calming voice comes over the loudspeaker, "Ladies and gentlemen, there will be a small intermission while the nice men in the white coats attend to our viewer. Please do not be alarmed. This happens frequently and we are well equipped to handle it quickly and efficiently. Thank you for your patience."

Speaking of torture, Rafe and Nicole continue their conversation. Sydney cries. Even she's tortured. Nicole refuses to give Rife the information he wants, claiming it's confidential. Nicole asks if Rafe thinks Mia had something to do with causing Grace's meningitis.

"OK," says Rafe, "I'll tell you the real reason I'm here."

Nathan says he has a personal question for Melanie. "Nathan," she says, "It's too early in our relationship for me to tell you my bra size."

"As a matter of fact, my cell phone has been getting lousy reception lately," says Nathan, "but I never really even thought of that."

"That's insulting."

"The personal question," says Nathan, "is that I want to know what kind of pills you are taking."

I'm not taking them," says Melanie, "They're my friend's pills."

"Riiiggghhhttt," says Nathan, "As if you had a friend."

Melanie says, "The sad thing is my friend really needs them and they're very powerful. They send you into orbit. My friend doesn't want her fiancée to know. Do you think I should tell him?"

Lucas suggests Stephanie should see someone for PTSD.

"Post Traumatic Stress Disorder," asks Phillip.

"No," says Lucas, "On this show it means Post Traumatic Stupidity Disorder. It's much more serious. But I think Stephanie will eventually come around."

Chloe tells Stephanie, I know someone who listens well and never judges."

Stephanie asks, "You mean Max the Dog is coming back on the show?"

Daniel stands at the nurses' station and computes. The nurse just happens to notice he's surfing the web for candy dishes. She finds out he's getting a housewarming gift and makes a suggestion, "Candy dishes never get used. I'd go with a little fruit."

Daniel asks, "Are you suggesting I should take Chris to the housewarming?"

Rafe wants to talk about the custody hearing, "What you say about Sami in court will make the difference. What if someone were trying to take Sydney? I know you would do whatever you could to make sure that did not happen."

Lucas and Chloe meet at the Java Café. She says she went to the Kiriakis mansion and got him something. She gives him an album his dad gave him when he was in Africa. Lucas says he thought it was lost in the Kiriakis fire. He can't believe it. He thinks Alice put it together, "This album was my welcome to the family."

Chloe says, "I want you to have it and add any new pictures... like of kids... that might come along."

Lucas gasps, "Are you telling me that you are..."

Chloe completes his sentence, "...dumb as a doorknob? No. That would be an insult to doorknobs everywhere."

"What did I do to deserve you," asks Lucas, "I just don't have a clue."

"And that's exactly what you did to deserve me," says Chloe.

Daniel orders the fruit basket as Kate watches, "Daniel, you're making this way too easy for me."

Melanie comes into the pub and finds Phillip, "Do you believe in coincidences?"


"Well," says Melanie, "I was just thinking about you. I have to talk about something."

"Lucky me," says Phillip.

Stephanie goes to see father Matt and tells him she needs help.

Nicole tells Rafe she doesn't want to discuss some hypothetical situation. She asks him to leave. Rafe tells her to keep Sydney safe and leaves. Nicole turns to Sydney, "You were safe until Rafe started asking too many questions. He won't find out. He won't." Translation: He will, but it will probably take forever.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Virtue Is Its Own Reward

Brady sees Nicole at the Java Café and joins her. He asks what's wrong. Nicole says nothing. Translation: Everything.

Nicole tells him about the arrangement for Johnny's custody. Brady is indignant and asks if Nicole is on board with this. She tells him she will help Sami see Johnny. Brady thinks this means Nicole is still worried about Mia blabbing.

Rafe finds Mia in the St. Luke's sanctuary. They share a hug.

Phillip makes a deal at the docks with a shady character. He contemplates the Tony DiMera memorial palette as Victor walks up to check on him.

Stephanie wanders onto the Kiriakis terrace, checks a few things and heads over for the chaise. She doesn't make it. Instead she staggers and drops like DOOL ratings during the May sweeps.

Stephanie's cell phone rings. Trooper that she is, she struggles to get up and answer it, but drops into unconsciousness.

Arianna runs out of the pub to bring Tommy Bear to Ciara. It seems Ciara is either becoming very forgetful about Tommy Bear or Tommy is trying to run away from home. Bo has a flashback to his flashforward about Tommy and Ciara.

Daniel discovers Stephanie lying on the terrace, "OMG! Someone call a doctor!"

Bo tells Hope has to run to an important mission and asks her not to let Ciara out of her sight. Hope and Ciara leave. Bo sighs.

Melanie finds Nathan in Maggie's kitchen. He's back from a run and all sweaty. She asks him to hang out after his shower. Nathan agrees and heads upstairs. Maggie bumps into him on his way out. Maggie asks Melanie to help get the Horton Cabin ready for the summer, now that Lucas and Chloe have moved into their own mansion hovel. Melanie moans and whines, "I don't know if I can do it... my plate is full."

"I understand," says Maggie, "And I know your rent here of $0 is such a burden I would never want you to do anything like help out. But I was hoping you could help Nathan and me.

Suddenly, Maid Melanie agrees to do whatever is necessary to get the cabin ready for summer. Maggie just can't believe Melanie's turnaround, "What caused you to change your mind?"

"Virtue is its own reward," says Melanie.

"No wonder your trophy case is empty," says Maggie.

Nicole insists she isn't worried about Mia. Brady says he won't lecture her on telling the truth, right before he launches into his lecture on telling the truth. He says he just wants her to be happy. She thanks him for his sweetness. Brady leaves for a meeting at St. Luke's.

Mia tells Rafe she is OK but was just thinking about Grace. They agree to talk after Rafe runs a few errands. So many kids without laughing penguins... so little time.

Father Matt walks in on Mia. He introduces himself and says he thinks he knows her. He remembers her singing at Grace's funeral and stepping forward at Nicole's wedding.

Daniel calls the paramedics and finds Stephanie's pills. He holds the bottle-o-pills up and asks, "Stephanie, what have you done?"

Melanie is at the pub saying she hopes Max comes back soon. She tells Arianna her home is in Salem now and 'guy' things are looking up for her. Arianna asks, "What's he like?"

Melanie winks, "I'll have to get back to you on that."

Hope and Ciara are with Nathan in Maggie's house, which only has a kitchen. The conversation works its way around to Melanie, and Hope clams up. Nathan wonders why Hope stopped talking, "From what I've heard about her, this is unprecedented."

"Maybe," says Maggie, "she feels uncomfortable because Nick is your cousin."

Nathan gets it, "Oh, that Melanie – the one who got Nick sent to prison."

Mia tells Father Matt Rafe was just looking for him. Matt runs off to find him. Mia takes a parting look at Grace's picture and leaves. Outside, she runs into Brady. He says he's there for an AA meeting. They talk about Grace. Mia, of course feels this mysterious bond with her. She says she is also worried about Sydney. More hugs.

For the numerologists out there, today's DOOL feed is show 11111. For the non-numerologists, well... it's still show 11111.

Phillip tells Victor the deal is almost complete. Victor says he doesn't like him meeting with Korsicoft's alone. Other than that he thinks Phillip is doing well as the Titan tycoon. Phillip wants to talk about Stephanie. Victor would rather join Patch and Kayla in Bora Bora.

Stephanie wakes at the hospital. She looks up to find Daniel and Lexie standing there. At Salem Hospital, the doctors have nothing better to do than to stand around for hours staring at unconscious patients until they wake up. Stephanie asks what happened. The explain and offer to call Patch and Kayla. Stephanie doesn't want her parents called. Lexie leaves, so we begin to get the idea Stephanie might survive. Daniel confronts her about the pills.

Back at Maggie's house, Maggie rushes in and shows Hope the newspaper. The girls bustle out as Maggie says she can't believe they would print that.

Melanie joins Nathan and starts rambling about their big night out and the drudgery they will share cleaning the Horton cabin. The tone of Nathan's voice approaches absolute zero, "I'm not free tonight...or any night." He leaves. Melanie broods.

Phillip informs Victor he has offered Stephanie a position at Titan heading up PR. Even though Phillip is now in charge, he tells Victor he values his opinion and asks if he is OK with doing that.

"I'd rather have root canal without anesthesia," says Victor.

Phillip defends Stephanie, "She doesn't just talk the talk she walks the walk and pops the pills." Bo rushes down the stairs and interrupts their conversation.

Stephanie says the doctor prescribed the pills. Daniel thinks they are potent and says she needs to limit her intake. He can count, and sees she's taking twice the prescribed dose. He gives her a lecture and tells her she fell because she OD'd on them.

Nicole orders a coffee from Arianna. She asks about her relationship with Brady. Not that she would pry or anything.

Brady encourages Mia and tells her Nicole would never let anything happen to Sydney. Rafe walks up.

Bo and the Kiriakis boys have a game of one-upsmanship. Bo tells them when they work outside the law they lose the protection of the law.

"If the law in Salem was competent, that would be significant," says Victor. Lexie calls Phillip and tells him about Stephanie's 'accident.'

Stephanie tells Daniel she's ashamed she abused the drug. She insists she's fine and doesn't want any more pills, "But you can get me the same medication in liquid form, can't you?"

Arianna thinks Nicole has a problem with Brady and her.

Mia explains she and Brady met at a 12-step meeting, "I'm a recovering addict."

Rafe presses, "Are you guys trying to hide something?"

Brady steps in and tells Rafe to back off, "Things are the way they are."

And the dialog remains as inane as ever," says Rafe. Brady books.

Rafe wants to talk about Mia and Brady, "When I got here a little while ago I heard Brady say that she would be glad that you said something. Who is she?"

Nathan marches back into Maggie's kitchen. Melanie wonders why Nathan has done the 180° on her. He brings up Nick. Melanie blows up, "One minute you're looking me up and down and the next minute you're looking through me because you think I hurt Nick." She turns on the afterburners, "DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA THE THINGS THAT NICK..." she runs out. Nathan stares.

Victor growls, "This is family business."

"I thought I was family," says Bo.

Mark the date. Bo gets in a zinger. I thought it would never happen.

Maggie and Hope have arrived at the hospital. They talk with Lexie about the autism contribution Hope made to help kids with autism whose parents did not have insurance.

"I remember it well," says Lexie, "You gave a $500,000 contribution."

Rewind... zerp-zerp-zerp-zerp-zerp. "You gave a $500,000 contribution."

Huh? Zerp-zerp-zerp-zerp-zerp. "You gave a $500,000 contribution."

Hope gave $500,000? A cop, recently off unemployment, married to another cop gave $500,000? All I can say is some cop must've had her hand in the till.

We learn the donation was anonymous. You got that right, because if anyone found out a cop was tossing around $500 Large, there would surely be an investigation. Magnanimous Hope claims she just doesn't want recognition. Lexie vows to find out how this happened. Hope rushes off to take care of a family thing. The light bill is overdue and they don't have enough money to pay it.

Daniel brings Stephanie her test results, which are fine. He goes back over well-trodden ground as he cops a few feels and grills her about why she was taking the pills. Stephanie says she doesn't want to tell Phillip as Phillip rushes in and hugs her.

Stephanie insists she is OK and just slipped and hit her head. Daniel backs her up, "Her tests are normal. Her head isn't, but that doesn't have anything to do with the fall." Daniel leaves so they can talk. They hug and Stephanie looks at the pills, "All I need is you."

Oh, the double meaning!

It's night now and Hope meets Bo at the cemetery. She brings up the newspaper article but says she'll talk to him about it later. We pan in on Zack's gravestone.

Maggie asks Melanie if she could help her at the hospital since none of her volunteers have shown up. Melanie agrees and starts arranging her cart. Phillip walks up and she says it has been a day of people thinking the worst of her. Phillip assures her she has changed as Stephanie walks out insisting she is fine. Melanie observes, "You're a little jumpy, Stephanie."

Nicole says she doesn't mind if Brady gets involved with a great person... Or Arianna either. "Just be nice to him," says Nicole, "Brady and I a long time ago were..."

Arianna interrupts, "An item?"

"Like a couple of adolescent rabbits," says Nicole, "Brady has been burned. If the Right woman comes along she could get him to love again."

Brady walks up and challenges Nicole, "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

Mia says she and Brady were talking about Nicole. She clams up as Father Matt comes in. Mia leaves. Rafe asks if Father Matt knows Mia.

Not really," says Father Matt, "I just know what she did."

Melanie fluffs the pillows in the room Stephanie has just vacated and sees the bottle-o-pills. She picks them up and looks at the label, "Oh, these are pretty heavy duty. Things not working out with Phillip?"

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Stephanie listens as Phillip and Victor stand on the terrace and talk. Victor says, "Stephanie can't know everything about the family business."

Don't worry," says Phillip, "CENSORED."

Bo and Hope stand looking at Zack's tombstone. Hope glances at Bo, "Ciara didn't even know her brother."

"Too bad Zack did know his older sister," says Bo, "But Ciara is keeping his memory alive." Hope says she's thinking about Sami and her predicament. Bo hangs back as Hope and Ciara leave. He he brushes off the grave marker and suddenly...


Zack hands Tommy Bear to Bo, "Give this to Ciara. If she loses it something bad will happen."

A mysterious guy sits at a table in the Java Café and looks at Hope's picture in the newspaper. He circles the picture, "Yep. She's rich and sweet." Zero out of two ain't bad.

Nicole leaves and Arianna and Brady chitchat. Brady tells her to ignore what Nicole has to say.

Nicole watches from outside as Mia walks up. They talk about saying goodbye to Grace. Mia stammers, "I want you to know... Sydney... I don't think about her any more and I know you'll be a good mom." Mia leaves.

Father Matt tells Rafe about Mia standing up in the DiMera wedding. Rafe thanks him for the info as Father Matt goes to lock up the church. It used to be that Father Matt never locked the church, but because of the economy, God has had to cut back on his hours of operation.


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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Thorn In My Heart

Daniel and Chloe wrestle with their ongoing issue, which is the fact that they'd like to be wrestling with each other right about now. Chloe turns to leave and Daniel stops her because her zipper is unzipped in back. Daniel soaks in the view as he zips it up. The door to the room is slightly ajar and Kate soaks it all in.

Meanwhile, Lucas is still down in the kitchen and decides he is starving. He tries to raid the fridge but finds nothing, so he decides he is, after all, the producer and can have one of the deviled eggs which Kate has prepared for the show. He picks up the poisoned egg and eyes it, "Mmmmmmm..."

Ejamis in the audience chant, "Eat! Eat! Eat!" Isn't it wonderful how concerned the Ejamis are about Lucas' getting the proper nourishment?

Rafe meets up with Will and says he wants to talk. Will is your typical defensive teenager, "I think Johnny and the laughing penguin are better off at the DiMera's than with my mom."

Stefano points out that Elvis is grieving is for nothing since Grace really wasn't his daughter. "Right," says Nicole, "And she wasn't Sami's either, but Sami couldn't have loved her more."

Sami is with Phillip and Stephanie on the Kiriakis terrace. She asks Phillip and Stephanie to call the cops and rat out EJ. "I don't know how I can do it," whines Stephanie.

Sami pulls her cell phone out of her purse, "Here... this is a phone. That's how you call people. You'll get the hang of it after you use it a few times. Call uncle Bo and tell him the truth."

As Chloe leaves, she discovers the door was open, "GASP! OMG, Daniel, what if Kate would have walked in?"

Daniel reminds her they didn't do anything, "we have passed a major test."

Rafe can't believe Will just said that. Will calls Rafe on the number of lies he has told since he met Sami. Apparently, he's picking up some of Sami's hobbies.

Phillip tells Sami to back off Stephanie. He gets called off for a phone call and reluctantly leaves Stephanie in Sami's clutches. Sami goes to work on her, "This is about doing what is Right for my son. What would you do if it were L'il Joe?"

"I might not do anything," says Stephanie, "It just could be that he'd be better off at the DiMera mansion than in malaria-infested Bora Bora. But you have to believe me. I want to keep your son from EJ."

Lucas opens his mouth (something he's very experienced at) and prepares to snack on the delectable poison egg. Kate walks into the kitchen and sees him about to commit eggicide. As predicted by thousands of viewers, Kate dives across the room and slaps the egg away from him. The egg goes one way, the tray goes another and the people in the room dive for cover to avoid the shower of garbage. Lucas has a total conniption, but Kate doesn't back off. She stomps on the offending egg and grinds it under her shoe. Daniel and Chloe walk in, all properly zipped up.


Stefano wonders where EJ and Johnny are. Nicole says he's out working on the new custody arrangements. "What new arrangements," asks Stefano.

"Well," says Nicole, "For example, Johnny and Allie go to the same nursery school. Or is it junior high by now? Anyway, think how uncomfortable that would be when they went to pick them up. Sami just can't ignore her own son. That would be terrible to expect her to have to do that."

"Nicole," says Stefano, "I Hope you're not developing a conscience."

Rafe says he understands what Will is going through. He says he is also mad and the situation sucks. He asks Will not to be mad at Sami because she can't take it right now, "Tell her you love her."

Sami puts on a clinic for those of us who have never seen a manic-depressive in action. She flips poles like a circus tumbling act from Krakow, jumps up and down and thanks Stephanie for agreeing to do this. Unfortunately, it seems Sami has misinterpreted what Stephanie meant and Stephanie proceeds to burst her balloon, "I want to help but there is nothing I can do."

Sami's smile fades. She does another emotional 180° flip and asks, "Why not?" Stephanie responds in a manner which is very unusual for her... Silence.

Lucas rants about the egg incident. Kate pulls off the nearly impossible and shuts him up long enough to get a word in, "I'm embarrassed. Lucas was right. The eggs were poisoned. They came from the pub."

Rafe continues to counsel Will. Will continues to play the part of a brooding, morose teenager.

Stephanie contemplates her ring and repeats that there is nothing she can do. Sami suggests she lie, but Stephanie refuses. "Families like EJ's do this all the time," says Sami, "They count on people like you to do the right thing so they can get away with it. Ask your dad what he went through. Ask him about both the DiMeras and the Kiriakis." Stephanie tells her to back off and walks away.


As Sami watches Stephanie fade into the sunset she says, "Not on your life, Stephanie, not on your life."

Kate says, "I poisoned the eggs. I did it without thinking. I put mayonnaise in them and they sat under the hot TV lights."

Lucas echoes what all of us are thinking, "This is lame, Mom."

Chris pops in,
"Hey, how long is this delay going to take? Some of the crew are about ready for retirement." Suddenly he sees the deviled... well, I guess now they're scrambled... eggs all over the kitchen, "WHAT HAPPENED TO THE EGGS? Oh, God, if only I worked for someone sane."

Kate gives him a look and sends him packing. She apologizes for taking Daniel's time and tells everyone she has a headache. Daniel jumps on that and wants to know how long she has had it. "Ever since Lucas was able to talk," says Kate, "Actually it's more of a pain in the neck." She and Daniel agree to meet at the Java Café.

Phillip comes back onto the terrace and asks Sami if she is proud of herself for beating up on Stephanie. Sami accuses him of using her, "She got caught between you and EJ. That's not a very safe place to be, is it?"

Kate sits alone in Maggie's kitchen and plots.

Phillip's is on the terrace with one of his goons, who gets a call, "Talk to me Kenny." He turns and gives Phillip a thumbs up. He hangs up and Phillip congratulates him, "I'll let my right hand man close the deal. Or, at least I would if I had a real right hand." Goono leaves and Stephanie comes back. Phillip tells her Sami is gone and things will be OK. Stephanie is skeptical.

Nicole hauls Sydney into the rumpus room. Stefano wants to finish their talk. He thinks Nicole is feeling guilt, which can lead to bad decisions, "You cannot feel sorry for Samantha."

"I know," says Nicole, "But you have to feel sorry for the people who know her. You're always bossing me around. You can tell me what to do, but not what to feel."

Stefano emphasizes it, "You cannot spare sympathy for Samantha."

Nicole says she knows what a woman who loses her child can do.

And the Emmy for the understatement of the year goes to...

Nicole goes on, "I think that you are underestimating what Sami is capable of doing now."

"What do you mean by that," asks Stefano, "You mean she is now capable of behaving as a mature adult? "

Sami opens her door to find Rafe. We go through a series of about a dozen camera shots looking at Rafe, then Sami, then Rafe, then Sami...

Daniel meets Kate at the Java Café. Kate has a few things to say about him and Chloe, "The two of you are like a thorn in my heart. I still am hurt that my son was betrayed by the two of you." Daniel insists there is nothing going on between them.

"Technically, no," says Kate, "but at the studio Chloe couldn't even handle a plate of appetizers. I want to know... are you still in love with her?" Daniel stares.

Lucas and Chloe arrive at the pub. He is upset because Kate keeps upsetting Chloe. He wonders if she is mad at him because he didn't shut Kate up for her. Chloe says it wasn't Lucas' fault.

Phillip tries to convince Stephanie to calm down and let him handle things.

Mature, responsible Sami cooks up a plan to kidnap Johnny and Allie. Rafe thinks perhaps Sami hasn't completely thought this one through.

Nicole insists she isn't identifying with Sami. Stefano is skeptical.

Phillip suggests taking advantage of the beautiful day and go to the beach. He leaves to get changed. Stephanie digs into her bottle-o-pills and scarfs enough of them to wipe out a herd of buffalo.

Chloe says its her fault because she screwed up the show. She asks Lucas to get along with Kate. She just wants peace. Lucas tells her the rest of the day will be a lot better. Translation: storm clouds on the horizon.

Kate says she is tired of all this. She thinks Chloe is weak.

Stephanie comes back out onto the terrace. Phillip follows. A wonderful day at the beach stands before him. Phillip takes out his Uzi and shoots the hell out of it, "I'm afraid I have to work." They go their separate ways. (A foreboding of things to come?)

Daniel implores Kate to give Lucas a chance to be happy. Kate says, "It's not about you and Chloe. It's about you and me. If the eggs were embarrassing, you can imagine how I feel right now." Daniel tells her doing the show is a big mistake.

Nicole says she loves EJ and doesn't want to change him. Stefano tells her she'd better get with the program, gives her a parting shot and leaves. Nicole walks over to Sydney's crib, "I think grandpa has threatened Mommy one too many times. So Mommy will do what she never does. The right thing."

"I'll believe it when I see it," says Sydney."

Rafe tries to talk Sami out of her kidnapping scheme, "If you take them you are playing right into EJ's hands. You may lose custody permanently."

Sami blubbers and rants about the fact that Stephanie won't testify, "Everybody is scared of the DiMeras."

"Not me," says Rafe, "I'm too dumb to be scared. I will do anything to do what it takes to get Johnny back. Just not kidnapping. I will (say it with him) be there for you."

Hilda's ghost sticks her head in, "Don't worry, kid, he was (say it with her) there for me, too."

Sami does what Sami does best. She collapses into a heap of tears. Rafe tries to comfort her. He goes to get her some water and tells her not to go anywhere. Sami wanders. She gets a call. Nicole tells her she has something to say.

Lucas tells Chloe they are about to start their new life in their new home. He picks her up and she imagines Daniel carrying her over the threshold.

Kate tells Daniel he has to do the show since she already promoted it. Daniel argues. Kate plays her trump card and reminds her of his wife. Daniel leaves.

Phillip is on the phone leaving a message for Stephanie, "I'm going to have to work later than I originally thought, so I won't be able to go with you. I'm sorry. I really am."

Stephanie comes back onto the terrace parading around in her two-piece. She starts gathering things up and suddenly stops, stares into space and hits the deck...


Now what? Do you suppose it's the pills, or perhaps someone stuck a thorn in her heart.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Despite The Rumors, I Am Human

We're back at the program taping in Maggie's kitchen. The director explains what they have to do, "Take an hors o'dourve from the tray and eat it."

"That's way over my head," says Chloe. The director tries to 'splain it to her, gets impatient and yells...


Kate flashes back to preparing the witch's brew and thinks, "This is the beginning of the end, Chloe."

Nicole kneels at Grace's grave and prays, "I would do anything for you Grace." Rafe finds her and asks what she is doing there.

Sami delivers Johnny to the DiMera mansion. EJ scoops him up and turns to Sami who is still standing outside, "Samantha, don't let the door hit you in the butt on the way out."

Sami snorts, "I'm not leaving until we get a few things straight."

Nicole says she's just paying her respects. Rafe suspects it's more than that. He wonders why she is so shook, "You had no real connection with grace."

"I had more of a connection than you realize."

Now that EJ has Johnny the first thing he does is to pawn him off on Harold. Oh, we love our kids on this show. Johnny leaves and Sami gives EJ a tongue lashing that would kill a horse, "You are not gonna get away with this. You are a sociopath not fit to be a parent."

EJ counters with the nasty, evil thing Sami has done to him. She predicts the courts will rule in her favor and then it will be her who gets to decide when he sees Johnny.

Stephanie is out on the Kiriakis terrace talking on the phone with Abby, "It's so nice to hear from you and I Hope you and your family will be able to make it back for my wedding."

Can you say, "Snowball's chance in hell?"

Stephanie hangs up and starts to go for her pills as Henderson walks up with a letter. Stephanie hides the pills and sees the letter is from Kayla. Phillip comes in. Stephanie tells him how much she misses her parents and how rough it was on her when it was L'il Joe's birthday a few weeks ago. So it seems Patch and Kayla have run off to Bora Bora to run a clinic there. Stephanie has elected to stay in Salem, meaning they have something in common, since we are well aware that Salem is Bore-a Bore-a. Phillip thinks maybe they can help with the cause.

Back in Maggie's kitchen Chloe attempts to handle the nearly impossible task of handing Daniel a tray. As she does her mind (I use the term loosely) wanders into another fleshback. Predictable, the tray goes flying. Chloe the klutz apologizes.

The director turns to Kate, "Your daughter-in-law... Martha Stewart she ain't."

Today marks a Prevuze milestone. It's the first time we've had Martha Stewart in a picture and the joke wasn't about her. Congrats, Martha!

Lucas comes back in as they clean up the mess. Chloe tells Kate she isn't cut out for the job.

Not to worry. Chris sashays in with a new tray,
"Solution man strikes again. I found these in Maggie's fridge!"

"They won't work," says Kate.

Nicole says, "Grace was my daughter's sister. Grace will always have a place in my heart." Rafe gets it but suggests Nicole focus on Sydney. Nicole says she feels sorry for both Grace and Sami.

EJ lowers the boom on Sami, "You are irresponsible and duplicitous! And that's just two of your personalities. And then you shack up with your bodyguard!"

Sami says, "If Rafe wants to be Johnny's father then he can be that, too."

EJ says, "I'll kill him before that happens."

Phillip comes back onto the terrace. He announces that his gopher's medical team is sending aid to Patch and Kayla. Stephanie squeals, "How am I gonna repay you."

"I can think of a way."

Sami and EJ toss nasty names back and forth. EJ insists Rafe will never raise his son.

Nicole says, "Despite the rumors, I am human. Sami and I have an understanding. I don't think we'll ever be friends, but life is too short to be petty and vindictive. No parent should ever have to bury a child. And this thing with Johnny, Poor Sami. She must be in hell."

Sami vows never to be cut out of her son's life. EJ insists what she has done is criminal. EJ tells her she doesn't have a say in their son's life any more.

Kate goes into damage control mode. She sends Lucas off to help the troops regroup. With everyone gone, Kate pulls out her vile vial.

Daniel undresses and Chris brings his new shirt. Back out in the hall Chris meets Chloe as she approaches,
"You make THE on-screen couple... Like Brad and Angelina. You two are just oozing chemistry."

Something's oozing, that's for sure.

Chloe goes into Daniel's dressing room and apologizes, "I don't know what got into me."

Do you really need a censored link for that one?

Arianna just happens to walk up and finds Rafe and Nicole. I swear, that woman spends more time strolling through cemeteries than a disoriented zombie. Nicole leaves and Arianna asks what that was all about. "I don't exactly know," says Rafe.

EJ and Sami add threats to the name-calling. Sami reminds him when she got out of the witless protection program, EJ told her Johnny wouldn't go to sleep without kissing her picture and she also reminds him how kind he was to her, "I know you are capable of compassion. Can't you find a way to understand I wasn't doing it to hurt you. I was doing it to protect Grace."

"What you did was unforgivable," says EJ, "Any feelings I may have had for you are gone forever."

Out in the audience, the Lumis cheer as the Ejamis pass out the cyanide laced kool-aid.

"All I want to do," says EJ, "is to protect my family."

"What," asks Sami, "You mean RIPPING YOUR SON FROM HIS MOTHER'S ARMS?"

"Technically," says EJ, "from his babysitter's arms."

Phillip moves in on Stephanie and gets his payback. He can't wait until the balloon payment comes due. He suggests they go to see Patch, Kayla and L'il Joe. Stephanie is thrilled.

Up in Barrow, Alaska, the one remaining Patch and Kayla fan still watching the show let's out a cheer and begins repairing the moth holes in her "STEVE AND KAYLA FOREVER" banner.

Phillip goes to call the guy at the state department to make sure they are cleared to travel to Bora Bora. On his way out, he says, "After the DiMera thing, maybe we can use our money for good."

Rafe rambles about Grace, "When I would go to the convent she always knew I would (say it with him) be there for her and protect her, but now I can (say it with him) be there for Sami and I will. The best way to honor Grace's memory is to help Sami."

More threats and name calling at the DiMera mansion. Sami wants to know what EJ will do when Johnny calls out for her. She tells him he will never be able to make her a distant memory with Johnny. Harold brings Johnny back and EJ tells him to say goodbye to his mommy so he can get rid of him again. Johnny says a quick goodbye to Sami as he and Harold ride off into the sunset. God they love that kid.

Sami vows to fight and stomps off. Nicole comes in. In the distance...


"I guess that didn't go so well," says Nicole.

"No," says EJ, "it went exactly as I thought it would."

Daniel tells Chloe it's obvious what happened, "You were nervous about us. You don't think we can be together without something happening do you?"

"Yes we can," says Chloe, "On this show, nothing ever happens no matter who is in the scene."


Kate pumps poison into her new tray of whores o'dourves, "It's showtime!"

A gal stands up in the audience, "OK, we can all leave. She said a show is coming on, so DOOL must be over."

EJ tells Nicole about his little spat with Sami. Nicole thinks it's cruel never to let Johnny see his mother again. Once more, EJ blows his stack. Nicole asks him to forgive Sami, "If not for yourself, then for Johnny." She walks off.

EJ pounds down a drink, "Forgiveness is for wimps."

Phillip comes back and tells Stephanie they can't go to Bora Bora, but he'll try to pull some strings.

Suddenly, screamin' Sami storms onto the terrace and asks for Phillip's help, "I want to destroy EJ DiMera once and for all."

Daniel tells Chloe he doesn't want to be there either, but reminds her there is a pile o' money involved. It honors Rebbecca and since Chloe is a cancer survivor, he figures they have come full circle, "Maybe this is fate."

Chris finds Kate admiring her poisoned plate,
"Ooooo! Fantastic! I love the way you made them shine."

"I don't know what you are talking about," says Kate, "I have to leave, so please watch them and make sure no one touches them."

Chris holds the plate up admiringly,
"I will guard them with my life. Are you ready for your closeup you little devils?"

Nicole says, "Johnny senses something is going on. He doesn't understand why his penguin is here. Do you really want to do this to your son?"

Sami begs. Phillip tries to calm the waters. Sami tells them EJ took Johnny from her. They can't believe any judge would take Johnny from her but Sami convinces them, "I can't live without my little boy."

"So," thinks Phillip, "If we can figure out a way to keep her little boy from her..."

Rafe wanders in the cemetery and kneels at the grave of the mysterious...


He brushes the leaves off the tombstone, "I'm so sorry."

More leaf brushing reveals additional details:

Born September 15, 1978
Died March 28, 2007

Hey, at least she didn't have to suffer through the trauma of hitting the big 3-0.

Lucas comes in and Chris says he has to go. He leaves Lucas to guard the food.

Chloe helps Daniel put his shirt back on. Daniel says he didn't mean the remark about fate. He says he respects her fighting for her marriage. Chloe starts to leave. "Hang on," says Daniel, "Your zipper." He goes in back of her and zips it up. Chloe flashes back to another the zipper moment at her wedding where eventually, the zipper went the other direction. Kate watches through a cracked door.

Lucas gets impatient, "Come on, Mom, we're burning daylight here. I'm starving." He goes to raid the fridge, but like Mother Hubbard, finds nothing. He eyes the poisoned plate, "Well, after all, I am the producer. They won't miss just one." He picks the deadly deviled egg off the plate and contemplates it.

Nicole wonders how EJ will explain to Johnny that he never gets to see his mom again. EJ stands his ground, "It's none of your business."

"I live here, too," says Nicole, "How is this none of my business?" EJ leaves as Nicole shouts, "Don't underestimate Sami Brady."

Phillip is reluctant to help. Sami reminds them EJ was behind Stephanie's morgueification, "I lost my daughter. Please don't let me lose another child."

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