Monday, November 30, 2009

Flying Rodents

Hope is at the Cheatin' Heart talking on the phone with Mrs. Harriman. She thanks her for helping with a project at the hospital as Carly comes up to the table. Hope hangs up and cold front moves in. "There are plenty of empty tables."

Carly sits anyway, "We have to deal with each other honestly."

"OK," says Hope, "I honestly hate your guts."

Roman is on the phone barking orders. He hangs up as Bo joins him. Bo offers to drop his meeting to help Roman with his search. "What I want you to drop," says Roman, "is your obsession with Carly Manning."

Vivian looks through her binoculars and squeals, "Oh! An American Goldfinch! It's awfully late in the season for it to be here." Victor rolls his eyes. "Oh," says Vivian, "I must be boring you you to death."

"I'm so bored," says Victor, "I feel like one of the viewers. To me these birds are just flying rodents. Vivian thinks Victor is jealous about Kate's marriage, but assures him he will have the last laugh.

Phillip is on the phone with Melanie trying to talk his way into her pant... uh, life. He hangs up and Kate busts in.

It must be phone day on DOOL. Nicole calls EJ. She tells him Sydney is with her and is safe, "I'm sorry things ended badly for us. Fact is, you were nothing but abusive and selfish and all I was trying to do was protect you and Sydney from Sami. Now I am out of your life and so is Sydney. This is a goodbye call."

EJ asks if she understands what will happen to her, "You have to know how this will end." Nicole tells him this wasn't supposed to happen. She says when she came to the mansion she heard EJ and Sami yelling and decided she has to protect Sydney from a lifetime of that.

Out in the audience, the gals wonder who will protect them from a lifetime of this.

Roman tells Bo his involvement in Carly's case is getting Abe in political trouble with the DA. Bo says, "Relax... Carly is moving out."

Carly tells Hope it never was her intention to steal Bo. Hope snorts, "I have a hard time figuring out just what your intentions are. And what's Vivian up to with first accusing you of murder and then having a miraculous change of heart?"

Gabi and Will snipe at each other at the Java Café. Arianna comes in and attempts to referee. "No point defending him," says Gabi, "he's a total jerk." She turns to Will, "Stay out of my life." She turns on her heel and leaves.

EJ insists Nicole has to come back with Sydney. Nicole refuses. She reminds EJ he threw Sydney out. EJ reminds her that's because he thought she was someone else's child. "You threw away any claim you had to her," says Nicole, "So this is goodbye."

Arianna tells Will Gabi didn't help Nicole on purpose. She leaves. Will stares.

Gabi walks at the pier and decides she should just go back home. Arianna finds her and softens. She apologizes for butting in but Gabi isn't in the mood to reconcile with her druggie sister. She thinks Arianna intervened because she's afraid Gabi will spill the beans about her drug habit.

Vivian continues to bird watch and says Kate will be jealous of her being with Victor, "Oh, an indigo bunting! I never would have believed it!"

Kate tells Phillip Vivian is back in town and has attached herself to Victor. Phillip wonders if Victor is looking to get married again. Kate gasps, "Dear God not to that old hag!"

Carly tries to get through to Hope. She tells her she's moving out. Hope ain' impressed. Carly goes on and tells her she doesn't want to cause problems between Bo and Hope.

Bo tells Roman he has to help Carly iron out a few issues. You can help Carly out," says Roman, "But you'd better get your marriage back on track fast."

Bo snarls, "Nice having this conversation with you. I'm outta here." He storms out.

Phillip says he was just pulling Kate's chain. He accuses her of jealousy. Kate denies it but says she didn't want to see Vivian come back to town ever, "I don't want to think Vivian could drive a wedge between them." Phillip reminds her there is already a wedge between them and tells her to get out.

Kate turns and there stands Vivian, "OMG! It's him! Phillip! My son! My baby!" Hugs. Kate huffs. Victor pops some corn and enjoys the show.

EJ tells Nicole her little scheme won't work, "If the police don't my men will find you and they will punish you." He hears Sydney in the background.

Nicole tells him Sydney is fine, "But we are done." She hangs up. EJ goes to his desk and picks up another phone, "Did you get the trace?" Of course not. The Salem cops couldn't trace a call with Caller-ID, a GPS and a map with a big red "X" marked on it. EJ slams the phone as Stefano walks in and offers to call his men. EJ says he's going with the cops on this one, "So you just go to hell."

"I'm not headed there yet," says Stefano, "But don't worry... I have a reservation."

Arianna says she wasn't worried Gabi was going to gab about the drugs, "It's true. The drugs are mine but I am not dealing or using. I can't tell you everything but you need to trust me. And you can't say anything about the drugs, do you hear me? I will tell you all about it when I can."

That doesn't work for Gabi. She walks off in a snit. Arianna calls Roman and asks to see him.

Fay comes back to see Nicole. Actually it's Nicole who has asked to see her again, "I need fake passports. I can't leave town without them, please think of something." Fay says she knows a guy at the diner who might be able to help. Nicole begs her to call him now. Fay tells Nicole to stay strong for her daughter and agrees to make the call.

Stefano insists Roman will bungle this case like he always does. EJ wants to do things by the book, "You will respect my decision. If you don't you will never see your grandchildren again."

"Big deal," says Stefano, "No one around here has seen Giovanni in months as it is."

Carly hopes by getting herself out of the picture it will help Bo and Hope. Hope doesn't know what to make of Carly, "Let's face it, just because you aren't living with Bo doesn't mean he will walk away from you."

Bo's timing is impeccable. He walks up to the table, "That's right. I won't walk away."

"By the time I'm finished with you," says Hope, "You won't be able to walk."

Vivian gushes about Phillip. Victor turns to Kate, "She's overwhelmed."

"OMG," says Vivian, "I just want to know everything that's happened to you."

"Interesting," says Phillip, "That I have a whole new face, but you recognized me immediately."

"The writers forget little details," says Vivian, "Don't be too hard on them. They're already punished enough by having to work at the bottom of the literary barrel."

Out in the foyer Victor says he finds Vivian to be a breath of fresh air. Kate says she has brought nothing but misery into their lives.

"Did you know," asks Victor, "Your friends can make you fat?" Kate can't wait to find out where Victor is going with this one. "I read an article about it," says Victor, "People you surround yourself with can affect your habits. Having Vivian around makes me happy. You're not welcome at our little family reunion. Out."

Arianna tells roman she has a new boss as the drug dealer, "I'm back to square one. I need money fast. I will find this guy and hand him to you on a platter."

"I always wondered what came on those platters of chowdah here," says Roman, "I'm glad you want to bring him down, but where is all this enthusiasm coming from all of a sudden?"

Vivian asks about Phillip's love life, "Is there someone special?"

"So," says Phillip, "I see you don't get out on the Internet much. Well not everyone thinks she's perfect but..."

Vivian interrupts, "Well, if they ever give you any problems about her, just call me."

EJ tells Stefano he doesn't trust either the Brady's or Stefano, "The only one I can trust is me. Unless I'm trying to figure out if a woman is pregnant. Then I need a little help."

In the next exciting episode of Days Of Our Lives, EJ smells the foam rubber in his new couch and suspects it may be pregnant.

Gabi and Will meet again at the Java Café. They make introductions and Will apologizes for being a jerk earlier. Gabi tells him one time she thought she lost her sister too, so she kind of empathizes with Will. He thanks her and leaves. My head is swimming with all this excitement.

Roman wonders what lit a fire under Arianna. "I want my life back," says Arianna, "I just want to get past this, and fast."

Roman warns her to watch her back "You know this guy is dangerous."

Stefano thinks EJ is being disrespectful. EJ reminds Stefano he drove another son away. Stefano is indignant that EJ is discussing Tony. EJ tells him he's doing what Tony did and breaking away from Stefano. Stefano says he understands that, "But let me have the last gesture of love. Let me bring Sydney and Nicole home to you."

EJ gets nasty, "One final warning... stay away."

Kate comes in as EJ leaves. Stefano tells her EJ is making a terrible mistake, "The way things are going I could lose my son and grandchildren. God only knows."

God booms, "How can I know, when the writers don't even have a clue what's going to happen?"

Kate says, "Brace yourself. I have some news."

Fay gets back and says things happened fast, but the passport will cost almost as much as she gave to Nicole. Nicole gets the money, "Whatever it takes." Fay doesn't want her to do this. Nicole begs.

Carly tells Bo and Hope, "The two of you need your space." There isn't enough space in the Salem Superdome for that, but they settle for the cramped table at the Cheatin' Heart. Carly zips out.

Hope tells Bo she thinks he will keep helping Carly even though she's moving out. She thinks that's a bad thing for their relationship. She also tells him she can't move back in the way things are now, "You are still attached to her. The more things change the more they stay the same." She gets up to leave.

Bo intercepts her and kisses her, "I love you." Hope stomps out. Bo stares.

Kate tells Stefano his ex wife is back in town.

"Ah," says Stefano, "Lawrence is dead and Carly is back in town. I should have predicted Vivian would follow soon. Did she say anything about me or her plans?"

"Certainly not to me," says Kate, "but she's trying to make cozy with Victor."

"Poor bastard."

Vivian apologizes for gushing over Phillip. He asks Victor for a few moments alone with her. Victor leaves. Phillip growls, "Lose the smile. We are going to get a few things straight right now."

Arianna tells Roman she wants to get the job done. Roman tells her getting caught is not an option. "I know these dirt bags would just as soon drop you as say hello," says Arianna, "but this guy is going down." EJ walks in.

Fay gets back and tells Nicole they're working on the fake passports and they will be ready soon, "He wants to meet you at the bus station. It's on a walkway or an alley or something. He says you won't have any trouble finding it."

"With directions that specific, how could I have trouble," says Nicole.

Fay gives Nicole what's left of her money. Nicole takes the paltry amount out and stares at it. Vivian hugs her, "After what you're been through, I'd do anything to help you escape. Anything."

Sydney sits off to the side, "Who's going to help me escape?"

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Sleep Is For Girls

Rafe paces around the pub talking on the phone as Arianna lectures Gabi for letting Nicole con her, "You don't listen to me... but a stranger?" Suddenly Arianna stops short and asks, "She was there at the pier hiding when I asked you about the bracelet, wasn't she?"

Gabi is busted. She whines, "She begged me not to tell anyone."

Rafe gets off the phone and joins them, "Where is Sami."

Sami knocks at the DiMera mansion door. EJ answers and Sami hands him the bracelet, "Nicole sold it to some woman for $70." (Hey... $7... $70... in this economy, what's the difference?) Sami goes on to tell him the story of Gabi and Nicole at the pier. She tells him Gabi is Rafe's sister but says she didn't know who Nicole was when she gave her the money. Sami asks if he got any sleep. EJ says no and thanks her. He starts to shut the door but Sami says she has something else to say, "We have to set aside our problems. We have to work together if we're going to find Sydney."

Brady is outside the pub leaving yet another message for Nicole. He hangs up, "Help me get Sami her baby back."

Nicole is in her shabby hotel room. She hears a knock at the door. Through it a voice says, "Nicky? Honey, it's me."

Nicole opens the door, "Mom... hey."

"I'm here, honey," says Fay, "I'm here."

Sami has worked her way into the DiMera mansion. She wants EJ to start by being honest with her, "Is Stefano behind this?"

Fay meets her "granddaughter." She asks, "You're in big trouble, aren't you?"

Nicole whimpers, "They all turned against me. I need you to do something for me. I have to take Sydney and get out of the country, and you're the only one who can help me."

Phillip and Stephanie sit together in the hospital waiting area and work on a project for the board meeting. "Now," says Phillip, "we just need something to liven up the presentation."

"How about strippers," asks Stephanie, "Or this hot Internet porn video I saw..."

Doormat and Pegleg decide they have each moved on. "The only difference," says Stephanie, "is that I am single."

Phillip smirks, "Not for long, Johnson. Not for long."

Stephanie gasps, "CENSORED."

Meanwhile Melanie and Nathan are together at the Java Café. He thanks her for helping the night before. "I had ulterior motives," says Melanie, "I wanted to be around you and certainly didn't want to miss Stephanie swooning into your arms. You know, I always wanted to be the type of girl who faints, but no one would buy it."

"Nathan bobs and weaves, "Look... Stephanie just fainted and..."

Melanie gets pouty, "It doesn't change the fact she's not super into you."

Nathan stops her, "Melanie, you have nothing to worry about."

She flashes back to kissing Phillip, "It's not Stephanie I'm worried about."

Rafe lectures Arianna and Gabi for not keeping an eye on Sami. Gabi plays poor-me, "everything I do is wrong."

Rafe backs off, shifts gears and tells her Nicole cons everyone and she had no way of knowing that. He tries to put a timeline of Nicole's activities together. Gabi and Arianna help and they all figure when Gabi was at the pier with Nicole. "So," says Rafe, "I think I know where to start looking."

"Would that be the pier," asks Arianna, "Geez... how do you figure these things out?"

EJ tells Sami he doesn't think Stefano is involved in Nicole's disappearance. Sami asks if EJ is still moving out. EJ hems and haws and finally says he's staying there because it's the last place he saw Sydney.

Fay figures Nicole won't ever come back once she leaves the country. Nicole says that's the way things have to be. She begs for help, "It's a matter of life and death."

AMBER ALERT – Female infant last seen at DiMera Mansion yesterday. Thought to be headed for Cleveland. Not mature enough to be on her own. Note: Sydney DiMera is thought to be with her.

Rafe and Roman sit at a table at the pub with a computer and work on their Tetris strategy. They try to figure where Nicole may have gone, "I think she can blend in better in a big city," says Rafe... Cincinnati... Cleveland... Chicago... I don't think she planned this. She had no way of knowing she would be bailed out. She can con just about anyone out of anything."

"She conned me into spending the night with her once," says Roman, "I've been looking for someone else to con me like that ever since."

Roman has been around so long he shops at EXTREMELY Old Navy.

Sami beats herself up for letting Sydney slip away from her. EJ steps in and takes the blame bullet for himself.

Nicole tells Fay EJ was a controlling husband, "He hurt me. I don't wanna talk about it. I couldn't tell the cops. It doesn't do any good to call the cops to the DiMera house."

"From what I've heard of the Salem cops," says Fay, "It doesn't do any good to call them at all."

"I had to think about my daughter," whines Nicole, "I had a dream. I dreamed I was a little girl again. My father... I couldn't let Sydney grow up like that. I had to get her out of that house. I couldn't ignore what was happening."

"Like I did," says Fay.

Melanie decides to be honest with Nathan, "It's a good-news, bad-news situation. The good news is... about Phillip... all those feelings are gone. I am over him. The bad news... I kissed him last night."

Stephanie insists Melanie and Nathan are happy together. Phillip asks, "Then why..." He stops short and flashes back to the big kiss, "Nathan doesn't appreciate Melanie for what she really is... Premiere Party Girl, the Queen of Internet Porn. But he does appreciate you and you appreciate him back."

Arianna and Gabi sit at a table and bicker. Gabi brings up Arianna's drug stash. Brady walks up and asks if Gabi is sure that's what is going on.

Will overhears Rafe and Roman talking, "What... Sydney is missing?"

Sami thinks Nicole may have left town, "She won't get far on the $70 Gabi gave her for the bracelet. We have to figure out who is helping her."

Fay blames herself for Nicole's miserable childhood. She figures this may be her second chance to make things right for Nicole.

Nathan is just shocked that Melanie kissed Phillip. Melanie says she wanted to be honest with him and now wants him to be honest with her, "Did I just ruin everything."

"Well," says Nathan, "Cavorting around with Phillip in the filthiest porn video to hit the Internet since Al Gore invented it I can handle. But KISSING him... OMG!"

Phillip thinks Stephanie and Nathan would make a terrific couple. Stephanie thinks that has something to do with Phillip's desire for Melanie. Phillip suggests they help each other get what they want.

Arianna introduces Brady as her ex-boyfriend. Gabi gets huffy, "I'm going to go help pass out flyers."

Out in the audience, Fern Snodgrass whispers to her neighbor, "If this thing doesn't pick up, I'm going to pass out and I won't need any help at all."

Brady sits with Arianna. She says he didn't have to stick up for her. He says he wanted to.

Rafe tells Will that Sami is handling the situation, "Once she had the total breakdown she ran out of steam and doesn't have the strength to throw another fit."

Roman levels with Will, "You know... sometimes kids have a hard time talking to cops."

"Yeah," says Will, "Like right now."

"I was wondering if you could ask around and see what you can come up with," says Roman.

"Let me get this straight," says Will, "What you're asking is for some bumbling teenage kid to do the job the Salem cops are supposed to do."

"Exactly," says Roman.

"Sure," says Will, "I'll be glad to help. Do I get paid? "

"No," says Roman, "But you can look for that Wii shuffleboard game under the Christmas tree."

Will leaves. Roman sits down again as Rafe computes, "I wonder if Nicole has relatives in nearby cities."

"There is Brandon, her brother," says Roman, "He's also an old flame of Sami's."

"Damn," says Rafe, "That woman has sure been around."

Sami thinks Brandon wouldn't help Nicole, "But Fay might... Fay Taylor." She sees EJ has been looking at an album of Sydney's pictures.

"I was looking at it earlier," says EJ, "I feel so stupid. I don't know how I couldn't have known."

"I think it goes back to that thing you just said about being stupid," says Sami.

Brady and Arianna walk outside. Brady apologizes for all the things he said the other night, "I was mad at Nicole not you." He asks what's up between Arianna and Gabi.

Arianna tells him Gabi found the cocaine in her room, "I can't tell her. I can't put my fate in her hands."

"She'll know the truth soon enough."

"I Hope so."

Rafe tells Roman he convinced the FBI this is not custodial interference and it is on the case. "Great," says Roman, "That means the Salem cops don't have to do anything. Let's have another cup of coffee."

Rafe decides to head for the DiMera mansion, "And just for the record... If EJ is yelling at Sami when I get there I'm gonna knock him out."

"Then you'll both be unconscious," says Roman.

Sydney fusses. Fay gets back with a stroller and some money — $1,200. She offers to send more once Nicole gets settled, but Nicole says she can't risk contacting her later, "If the DiMeras think you know where I am they won't be too nice getting it out of you."

Fay smooches Sydney and starts to leave. Nicole stops her, "Wait. There is one more thing."

Sami and EJ go through the album together. Sami wails about the time she lost with Sydney when she kept EJ from knowing about Grace. But she says she would never give up the time she had with Grace, "What if we don't get Sydney back?"

EJ swears they will get her back, "We will do it together." Two thirds of the audience boos, while one third cheers. Rafe walks in.

Phillip tells Stephanie working together they could speed up the "inevitable."

Stephanie says, "I can't play dirty tricks like that. That's the kind of thing Melanie does... or did. I think she's changed."

"Melanie may think she's changed, but she hasn't," says Phillip, "And that's good. I like her just the way she is."

Melanie thinks she should give Nathan details. She tells him about Mark, "Phillip got me out of the situation with him and I was grateful and I kissed him. But Phillip said he wouldn't tell you. I really am trying to change."

Nathan smiles, "I know what you're really like."

"You are really sweet," says Melanie, "But... I don't know if Mark is going to be the last piece of Euro-trash to show up." Melanie says she wants Phillip to stay away from her. Nathan vows to make sure Phillip never touches her again.

Brady and Arianna sit on the park bench. Brady says he thinks she's doing a hell of a job hanging in there. She goes to call Rafe but finds her phone is dead. Brady loans her his. Arianna the klutz tries to figure out the complex piece of technology, "Oops, I just pressed the wrong button! What th... There is six calls to Nicole since last night. Are you really glad she's out of your life?"

Nicole tells Fay she will never forget what she has done for her. Fay smooches her and tells Sydney she is a lucky daughter. They express their mutual love and hug.

Rafe clears his throat. EJ and Sami jump out of their stupor. Rafe tells EJ Gabi had no idea she was talking to Nicole. EJ says that's OK and asks Sami if she wants to keep the album.

"No," says Sami, "You keep it. But thanks." She and Rafe leave.

Gabi puts up a poster at the Java Café as Will walks in. He thanks her and tells her that's his little sister. The Gabster introduces herself.

"Oh," says Mr. Tact, "you're the one who let Nicole get away."


"Gee," says Brady, "Thanks for the vote of confidence."

"I know I'm in no position to judge," says Arianna.

"No," says Brady, "But you're damn good at it." Arianna says she doesn't think they stand a chance to get back together with the way Brady is hung up on Nicole.

"Yeah," says Brady, "I sure Hope the prison she goes to has conjugal visits."

Rafe and Sami get home. Rafe suggests Sami get some sleep, "I'll wake you up in a while."

A gal in the audience turns to her neighbor, "He might wake her, but he's sure putting me to sleep."

"You need sleep too," says Sami.

"I don't need sleep," says Brainiac, "Sleep is for girls."

Rafe vows to get Sydney back. "When you say it I believe it," says Sami. Hugs. "I'm so glad I have you. Poor EJ. He's by himself with his book of pictures."

EJ sits and goes through the book. His phone rings. He picks up, "Who is this?"

Nicole says, "EJ..."

EJ gasps, "Nicole... where are you?"

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Turning Tricks For Jewelry

Ladies and gentlemen, to commemorate today's Thanksgiving episode, the part of the turkey will be played by Roman Brady.

Bo and Carly talk in Bo and Hope's living room. Bo thinks it's interesting Carly has decided to move in with her daughter, who doesn't know she's her daughter, "You'll be putting your daughter's life in danger."

"Of what?"

"Of boredom."

EJ screams into the phone telling his boys to find Sydney. Stefano comes in and is very calm, uber-calm. He urges restraint, "You are not going to find Nicole.

When we last left Larry, Moe and Blondie in the woods, they had decided the best strategy was to split up, which would triple their chances of finding Nicole. We now find Sami and Rafe together. Apparently "split up" is too tough a concept for them to grasp. Rafe announces he has bad news. We aren't certain exactly how he got the bad news but we do see a carrier pigeon flying off in the distance.

Over at the dock, Arianna confronts Gabby about the her new bracelet as Nicole watches. Gabby throws accusations back at her. "How did you get this," screams Arianna, "I want to know!"

"I got it turning tricks for jewelry," says Gabby.

Arianna yells, "Not funny!"

"Don't worry," says Gabby, "It may not be funny now but Prevuze will think of something to put some humor into it."

Rafe says, "Sydney is fine, but they haven't found Nicole."

"So how do you know Sydney is fine," asks Sami.

"The carrier pigeon saw her on a flyover," says Rafe, "But the FBI says it won't be involved in the case because it sees this as a local matter."

"But kidnapping is a federal offense," says Sami.

"Right," says Rafe, "But it hasn't been officially proven that you are the mother. So the FBI tells me it can't issue kidnapping charges yet and it doesn't get involved in custodial interference." Sami spews and heads off.

Nicole watches Gabby and Arianna argue.

Arianna isn't buying what Gabby is selling, "You may be able to snow mom but you can't snow me."

Abe Lincoln joins the crew, "It's true, Gabriela. You can snow some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not snow all of the people all of the time."

Carly tells Bo Vivian doesn't even know she has a daughter, so she isn't really putting her daughter in danger. "You don't know that," says Bo.

Carly says she is sure. Maybe I can't tell my daughter who I am but I can (say it with her) be there for her. Lawrence is not going to run my life from the grave and he will not keep me from my daughter."

Stefano is sure they won't find Nicole, "She has been three steps ahead of you all year why should things change."

"You mean pulling off a fake pregnancy right in front of my face doesn't count for more than three steps," asks EJ. He is peeved because Stefano is cheering for the kidnapper.

Stefano thinks its more that he understands her, "She's like a DiMera."

"I thought she was smarter than that," says EJ.

"I meant a DiMera like me," says Stefano, "Not a DiMera like you." Kate interrupts and tells them to stop arguing.

We're just missing a lot in this woods scene. Rafe tends to Sami's injured ankle. So apparently, she has run off, sprained her ankle and fallen, which allowed Rafe to catch up with her. We didn't see all that but, don't worry, I'll (say it with me) be there for you to fill in the details. Rafe rubs Sami's ankle and tells her the cops are looking and there is nothing more they can do. He assures her they are going to find Sydney. "At least we know she's safe and happy," says Sami, "because Sydney thinks Nicole is her mother." The tears flow.

Nicole continues to watch the Arianna–Gabby smackdown. Arianna backs off, "Gabby, I just want you to be my friend."

"Then get clean," snorts Gabby. She runs off. Arianna chases.

Nicole comes out of her hole, "Well, it looks like I'm not the only one with a secret here. I don't think I will miss this place." She carts Sydney off.

Kate referees the action between EJ and Stefano. Roman arrives, so that pretty much ends any Hope for more action. EJ turns his wrath from Stefano to Roman, but Roman says he is there to ask permission to search the grounds.

Kate chimes in, "Oh gee, EJ, Roman came to help so why don't you slug him?"

"Because that would be a sucker punch," says EJ, "That's Lucas' department." He gives Roman permission to search.

Sami and Rafe continue their woodsie. Rafe says, "Sami, you are Sydney's mother."

"What sucks," says Sami, "is after all I have pulled I don't even get to be judgmental." If Sami can't be judgmental, Sami ain't happy.

Sami decides they should go. "I love you," says Rafe, "Sydney has the best mother in the world waiting for her. And a bevy of babysitters.

Carly says she dreams about waking up in the same house with her daughter. Bo asks, "Are you scared?"

"Terrified," says Carly, "I think things could have been different if Lawrence hadn't gotten sick. My theory... men and women are different."


"Yeah," says Carly, "When he got better I was just concerned about him being all right. But when he found out he couldn't have children it was like something inside him did die because he was never the same man again. And it wasn't because the baby wasn't his. I really believe the man I knew before could have forgiven me for what I did and he certainly would never have gone after a child. But he just hated her and hated the idea she even existed. He was so cruel. He enjoyed watching me go through so much pain. He made me take my baby and watched me put it in that man's arms. And he smiled."

"I'm sure there is a special place in hell for him," says Bo, "Right next to Hope."

"I knew she would be OK," says Carly, "until he wanted her dead."

Carly and Bo look at a picture of the mystery daughter, carefully concealing her face from the patsys in the audience. "How could he hate her," asks Carly, "I guess he just wasn't the man I married."

"He wasn't a man at all," says Bo.

"At the end he wasn't even human," says Carly. Maybe Sami can't be judgmental, but Bo and Carly are making up for it.

Carly has a flashback. She is standing there with Lawrence as he hands her a picture of the mystery daughter and rants, "There she is... all grown up. She has your eyes... Lying eyes, slut eyes."

"I've lived without her because it's what you want."

"It's not what I wanted," bellows Lawrence, "I didn't want to be a cuckold! I didn't want that bitch out there as living proof of what you did to me! But everything will be fine. The screaming in my head will stop... when she is dead." He wads up the picture.

Carly cries. Bo hugs. Time for Hope to walk in.

Roman and EJ trade smarty-pants remarks. Stefano gives Roman 24 hours to find Nicole before his mob takes over. Roman asks EJ to call Nicole, "Tell her you love her. Tell her you won't press charges."

"She won't believe that," says Stefano.

"It doesn't matter," says Roman, "Just keep her on the line so we can trace the call."

Dear Lord, On this Thanksgiving day, I am thankful for DOOL... because I ran out of Ambien.

Arianna chases Gabby into the pub where they continue arguing. Arianna begs, "Gabby, just let me explain."

Gabby snaps back, "What's the point? All you do is lie."

Gabby runs off and Rafe comes in. He tells Arianna Nicole has taken Sydney. "It's my fault," whines Arianna.

Sami stands outside by the park bench. She paces back and forth (indicating her ankle has had a miracle recovery). She calls Nicole and leaves a message begging her to bring Sydney back. Brady listens. When Sami ends the call he walks up to her, "Is it true? Did Nicole take Sydney?"

"It's true."

"OMG," says Brady, "It's my fault. I'm the one who posted her bail."

Carly sobs. Bo hugs. Carly slobbers, "I had to do it. He was gonna kill my baby." Bo comforts. That calls for another flashback. Carly begs Lawrence not to kill her daughter, but he says it has already been decided.

Then we flash to something grainy. It's very difficult to tell what it is. It must be the time when Carly stabbed him. You know, these videos don't last forever and since they've shown this one 87,423 times, you can hardly see it any more.

"I had to do it," says Carly, "It was the only thing that was going to save my daughter."

The cops arrive at the DiMera mansion. They hand Roman Nicole's mug shot.

Kate looks over Roman's shoulder, "My God, she looks like Ma Barker."

EJ takes that remark well...


Roman asks for a recent picture of Sydney. EJ gets the picture and walks over to Roman with it. He acts like it's super-glued to his hand, but Roman finally wrests it from him.

Out in the foyer Kate supports Stefano as he gets a call. "Keep me posted," says barks Stefano. He hangs up and tells Kate he's not really giving Roman 24 hours, "Roman is gullible."

"I know," says Kate, "He married me, didn't he?"

"The last thing I need is a Brady in charge," says Stefano.

Arianna tells Rafe Brady posted Nicole's bail.

"OMG," says Rafe, "What an idiot." Ordinarily, this would call for a snide remark, but we're celebrating a holiday today and I'll let it slide.

"What if Brady is the one who is helping her run," says Arianna, "He's still in love with her."

Brady tries to 'splain things to Sami, "I was there when Nicole lost her baby but I did not know she..."


"How dare you!"

Stefano says his first concern is Sydney and first and foremost he will do what is right for her.

Kate asks, "And EJ will have no say?"

Guess who pops his head into the foyer just as Kate says that. "I have no say in what?"

Remember that small asteroid that they speculate slammed into the earth and made the dinosaurs go extinct? It's impact was a pebble in a pond compared to Sami's reaction against Brady. He insists he will call Nicole and get her to bring Sydney back. Sami says she doesn't trust Brady, "You are still addicted to Nicole." She runs off. More proof that ankle healed a little too quickly.

Kate weaves a tale. She says she just told Stefano she should leave the mansion for a while and that's what EJ doesn't have any say about. Kate promises to be more sensitive.

The sarcasm flows. "I can't wait," says EJ, "You're so good at that." Kate softens and apologizes for not stopping Nicole when she was at the mansion. "It's OK," whispers EJ, "It's not your fault." He slinks off.

Stefano is delighted with her performance, "Katherine, you are a very good, no, magnificent liar." Kate insists she would never think of lying to Stefano. She urges him to work together with EJ. Stefano says, "I just want to get my granddaughter back... and spend some time alone with Nicole."

Arianna stops Rafe from calling Roman. She says she doesn't want Brady to get into trouble. Rafe makes the call anyway.

Nicole stands in the hallway with the landlady from hell. The landlady growls, "Keep her quiet."

"It's a him," lies Nicole.

Landlady Lucinda lays down the law, "I run a quiet place here. No running the TV after ten PM... unless the Cavs go into overtime."

"The Cavs," asks Nicole.

"The Cleveland Cavaliers," says Lucinda, "LeBron... The reason for Cleveland's existence." Nicole vows to keep quiet and Lucinda leaves.

Nicole turns to Sydney, "OK... time to get to work." They head for the nearest apothecary.

Bo finds Carly staring like a zombie at one of Ciara's dolls. It seems neither of them can sleep. He asks if she's having second thoughts about moving into Maggie's place. Carly says she's not. Bo figures Vivian will wonder why Carly moved over there. Carly doesn't think it will be a problem. Bo is skeptical. He says he'll keep an eye on her. "You shouldn't be too involved in my screwed up life," says Carly.

"Why," asks Bo, "Because I have one of my own?" Carly says she gave a dolly like this to her daughter long, long ago. Pay attention, kiddies. That will be our clue later. Not that the goofs who write this stuff are transparent or anything. Of course, there is always the possibility there has been a dolly switch to compliment the baby switch. Or that Melanie and Mia both have the same kind of doll they keep as a memento from their childhood. Oh, the possibilities are so exciting I'll hardly be able to eat my Thanksgiving dinner.

Sami puts up missing child posters and then goes into the pub. Rafe tells her there is no news, "No one has spotted Nicole at the train or bus station. So I figure she walked to Cleveland."

Gabby brushes by and Rafe asks where she is going.


Rafe asks, "Did you two have another fight?" Move over Sherlock Holmes. Rafe introduces Sami to his sister.

Gabby says, "I'm leaving because of her." She points at Arianna and her newly-acquired bracelet comes into full view.

Sami grabs her wrist, "Where did you get this bracelet?"

Gabby pulls away, "Hey, don't get grabby with Gabby."

Brady leaves a message and tells Nicole she is making a big mistake. He urges her to call him.

Nicole and Sydney arrive back in their room. We find out she got a ride to Cleveland from some nice old couple. No real details, though. Nicole leaves Sydney to tinker with her toys while she pulls bric-a-brac from a sack, "Mommy has to make sure no one knows who she is."

Bo is on the phone telling Chelsea Ciara misses her, "Say hello to Max and your mom. In fact, tell your mom I'd like a visit soon. If Hope walked in and both Billie and Carly were here, she might just have a heart attack and die on the spot." He hangs up and fills Carly in on the brat's activities.

"I'll never have that kind of love with my daughter," says Carly.

"That may be right," says Bo, "Daughters who try to drive a wedge between you and your spouse, steal from you, lie to you, hook up with your adopted brother and kill one of your kids are hard to find."

EJ asks how Samantha is holding up. "She's running on auto pilot," says Roman.

"That's probably good," says EJ, "When it's not on auto pilot, her plane has a fool at the controls." roman asks if EJ thinks Stefano helped Nicole.

"It's just he thinks she can get away with this," says EJ.

Kate tells Stefano she thinks he and EJ should work together. Stefano isn't sure. He doesn't need a dimwit on his team, "Elvis doesn't need a father. What he needs is someone to hate."

"You show unsuspected depth," says Kate. Translation: "That was a pretty shallow remark."

Stefano tosses out a threat, "I will show Nicole what it means to interfere with my family."

Sami and Brady want to know about the bracelet. Gabby tells the story of Nicolaura.

Meanwhile, Nicole has her head wrapped in a towel. She removes it to reveal her new sultry brunette look. She rambles on about her change in appearance and asks Sydney what she thinks of the new color as if Sydney actually cares, "No one will ever find us. Ever."

"Quiet," orders Sydney, "I'm watching the Cavs."

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

It's All About MEEEEEEEE...

There was no DOOL Feed today because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and NBC will preempt DOOL and show the National Dog Show instead.

So... instead of a recap... by popular demand, here it is. All about...


By the time you get to the end of this thing, you may not know much more about me, but the demand won't be so popular. Just rambling here... those of you familiar with the likes of Nicole, Sami, Lucas, EJ, Chloe... I could go on... are familiar with rambling. Those of you familiar with Rafe, not so much. Rambling actually requires a stream of thought, however slight and disconnected.

Most of this, by the way, is true. Maybe.

The first DOOL scene I remember seeing was Maggie Horton on crutches. Yes, way back then. As a child, of course. Me, not Maggie. My Mommy was watching the show and I was attempting to help her keep hold of reality, but she had been watching DOOL for years and was too far gone.

The Prevuze blog started almost as a joke and didn't take long to catch on. I'm certain it's one of the larger blogs on Blogger. In fact, right after Google purchased Blogger, they "sandboxed" Prevuze because it was getting so many hits and producing so much material they thought we had to be up to something. Given our content, it should have been obvious we were up to no good, but the Google guys didn't figure it out. For three grueling days I had to word-verify everything I did until they decided Prevuze was legitimate.

There are multiple members to the Prevuze team, but I write the blog myself. I consider anyone who is a regular contributor or commenter to be an integral part of the blog. I'd start naming them but I'd for sure leave someone out. Y'all know who you are.

The first "Prevuze" featured one of the characters being impaled by a runaway flagpole on the 4th of July. I think I've lost that manuscript. If I ever find it, I'll publish it. It was never posted on the Internet. Internet posting of Prevuze didn’t start until long after that.

I live in the Midwest US — Midwest being defined as an area bordered by Ohio, Minnesota, Colorado, Arkansas, and points in-between. That may not be your definition of the Midwest, but it's mine.

The Prevuze Compound really is a compound.

I have a dog, Killer, and a cat, She Who Will Not Be Named. The cat just showed up one day.

I am a total technophile. I honestly believe one would have to be, in order to publish a blog like this, especially to keep it consistently going when I'm on the road. The fact that I can start with a satellite signal and hop-skip and jump it to the Prevuzemobile no matter where I am sometimes amazes even me. I invented the contraption I use to do this and call it the Sat-o-saurus®. Electronic stores nationwide will be marketing them soon.

The Prevuzemobile is either a huge camper or a small motor home. Take your pick.

I have a master's degree from a large Midwestern (see previous definition) university. It's known for its academic excellence in my field(s). I did my best to drag that down. More importantly, however, it has multiple NCAA basketball championship banners hanging in its fieldhouse. Let's get our priorities straight, people.

Committed relationship? Yes.

Committed? Probably should be.

I play an active and fairly significant role in one of the world's largest charitable organizations. No brag, just fact.

I've written scads of magazine articles and regularly contribute to two.

I've been working on a book for four years. It will take at least another two to complete. It doesn't matter what it's about, it would bore you to tears. No, sorry, although it sounds like it would be, it isn’t about DOOL. Yes, thank you, I do have a publisher.

This past summer, I won a charity golf tournament.

I have been to every state in the US except one and plan to go there this coming summer. Yes, that will affect Internet reception so stay tuned.

I never miss the Indianapolis 500. If you want to meet me, that's the place. I trek to Indy every year and always have a blast. You can find me easily. I'm the one wearing the "Indy 500" cap surrounded by 300,000 of my closest friends... All Prevuze readers, no doubt. (And I think Sarah is a better driver than Danica, given equal equipment.)

OK. That golf thing. Not totally true. This past summer I played on a team that won a charity golf tournament. The team contained a player who was, in sports parlance, a "ringer." The "ringer" won the tournament. I was along for the ride.

Carefully avoiding discussion of religion and politics...

Also carefully avoiding anything of substance...

I exercise daily and usually read your Prevuze comments, tweets and such while I'm on my treadmill. It helps kill the boredom.

Obscure movie I really like: The Great Race.

I think the most overrated thing in the universe is: HDTV. Here's a thought: how about improving the quality of the content rather than the quality of the picture?


Lightning Round (from one of those lame Internet quizzes)...

Are you male or female: Yes.

Beatles or 'Stones: 'Stones.

Favorite Food: Mexican

Last Movie Watched: Revolutionary Road

Last Book Read: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

Summer or winter: Summer

Favorite sound: 33 cars screaming past me at the start of the Indy 500

Where were you born: In one of those small towns on Sarah Palin's book tour

Favorite color: Bright Orange

Most famous person you know: A US Senator

Red or pink: Red

Have kids: No

Favorite Cereal: Some kind of granola

Lumi, Ejami or Safe: Nice try

Favorite TV show: I'm abstaining from this one

How fast can you type: Faster than most people on DOOL can talk. Except for Lucas.

Favorite Ice Cream: Baskin Robins Mandarin Chocolate

Boxers or briefs: Pink panties. With lace.

What Is The Least Favorite Thing About You: You mean there's Something not to like about Moi?

What Are You Listening To Right Now? A Tech show.

What Did You Watch On TV Last Night? Nova

Do You Use Sarcasm a lot? Ask my readers.

And... A blast from the past from the "I Felta Thigh" sorority story two years ago. Yes, sometimes we come close to crossing the line.


And the biggie: Why do I do this? I suppose a bevy of shrinks could work on that for a long time and either never come up with an answer or come up with one so complex none of us could understand it. On the other hand, I often ask myself why I do it. I could also come up with a pretty complex answer as to why. Suffice it to say this. I do it because you like it. At least most of you tell me you do. So you're collectively either pulling the biggest con-job in history or you like it. I prefer to think it's the latter. When you stop liking it, I'll stop doing it.

So there you have it. That's not exactly ALL about me, but it's as far as I'm willing to go. And now you know... not much more than you knew before.

But what we do know is tomorrow is Thanksgiving, so after you get that turkey in the oven take a minute or two to read Prevuze. Tell me if you like it. And then go stuff yourselves silly and start that diet on Friday. Or Monday. We'll be here tomorrow to start your day off right.

P.S. Of the four pro teams playing tomorrow, I used to live in (well, technically near) one of those cities. Thought you might like another meaningless tidbit.

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Katie, Viv and Vic

Sami and EJ stand in the rumpus room and argue about Sydney's custody. They take it into the foyer so Sydney can sleep. As if anyone could sleep in that house. In fact, a couple blocks down at the Salem Cemetery, the dead begin to stir when they hear the racket. Nicole comes up to the window and stares at Sydney.

Bo asks what Hope is doing going through Carly's purse. Hope doesn't miss a beat. She continues to rummage through the purse and says, "If you think I'm embarrassed you caught me going through her purse and want an apology, don't hold your breath."

Carly tells Maggie she would like to live there. Maggie wants to know if there is a reason. "Yes," says Carly, "there is." Oooooo... I can't wait to find out. If things get any more suspenseful, I think I'll explode.

Kate finds Vivian and Victor at the Java Café. Vivian sees her and gushes, "Katie DiMera! As I live and breathe! You haven't aged... very much. Katie, Viv and Vic... Together again, just like old times!"

Arianna returns to her room and finds Gabby and Rafe, mouths agape. "What are you guys doing here," asks Arianna.

Rafe holds up the bag of drugs and asks, "Why don't you tell us what you're doing with this?"

Sami and EJ continue to argue. Sami screams at the top of her lungs. Back at the cemetery, Dr. Tom Horton turns to Bob Anderson and asks, "What the hell is all that commotion?"

Suddenly, Sami stops, "What's that sound?" EJ and Sami bustle around the foyer like a couple of prairie dogs who have just popped out of their holes.

Nicole shifts her eyes.

Sami and EJ discover the mysterious sound was Stefano coming in. Stefano says he doesn't want to leave things the way they were. Sami takes the screaming to new levels, "YOU BASTARD!"

"That does it," says Bob Anderson, "I'm moving to the cemetery across town. This neighborhood has gone to hell."

Nicole has worked her way into the rumpus room and she checks on Sydney.

Arianna wants to know how they found the coke. Gabby tells her she was looking for towels, "You said you were done with all this."

Arianna is busted, "I'm not."

Kate wants to know why Vivian is in Salem. Vivian congratulates her on taking over her old role as Mrs. Stefano DiMera. Kate ignores that, snipes and says, "I can't stay, but we can talk before you jet off to your next stop."

"I'm not going anywhere," says Vivian, "I'm going to be living here from now on." Victor, totally enjoying the show, looks up at Kate, smiles and waits for her reaction.

Kate says, "Well, I like the coffee at the Java Café, but I certainly would want to live somewhere else."

Carly tells Maggie she has to get out of Bo's house ASAP, so she continues to make her play to move in. So, waitaminute. The big, suspenseful reason Carly wants to move in with Maggie is she has to get out of Bo's house and needs a place to live. Damn! I wet myself for nothing. Maggie needs to know everything that's going on with her. What a surprise. She also says she has to run this by Mickey if she can ever find him, and reminds Carly there are two young women living there. Mia walks in and Carly tells Maggie they have already met. Maggie tells Mia Carly might be moving in. Carly asks if that's OK with Mia.

Bo and Hope bicker. Hope says obviously Carly has a secret. Bo reminds Hope she also has privacy. Hope nukes about Carly living with her husband. Bo says Carly isn't the source of the problems. Hope is. Hope says she still thinks Carly is a liar.

Sydney sleeps. Nicole whines, "I just want to hold you one last time and then I will leave you because that's what's best for you. You are all I care about."

Sami nukes at Stefano for keeping Nicole's secret, "How can you live with yourself?"

"After just a few months of marriage," says Stefano, "I've found it's better than living with Kate."

EJ jumps on the Stef-bashing train.

Stefano bellows, Oh, cry me a bloody river! I did what I did because this woman is a rotten influence and whenever you are around her you turn into a quivering statue! I am not the villain! It was her treachery that started this."

Out in the audience, an Ejami fan turns to her neighbor, "Did you hear that? Stefano said whenever EJ is around Sami he turns into a quivering statue. I'm starting to quiver myself."

A Lumi fan overhears and shouts, "Quiver away, honey, the only thing EJ has that resembles a statue is his IQ."

Nicole holds Sydney and wonders how she can leave her with all the fighting and yelling.

Mia OK's Carly staying. Maggie and Carly decide they need to talk another time. Carly leaves. Maggie turns to Mia and says she wishes she could help. Mia insists Maggie has helped her, but whenever she thinks about Grace she gets despondent. Maggie urges her not to blame herself. Mia blubbers, "I just want to bring my baby back."

"On this show," says Maggie, "There's a good chance that will happen."

Rafe wants answers. Arianna says she wants to speak to Rafe alone. Gabby plays the 'just-a-kid' card but they kick her out anyway. She leaves and Rafe blows his empty stack. Arianna whoas him up, "Before I tell you what's going on it's your turn to stay quiet. I kept your secret, now you keep mine.

Nicole is conflicted about whether or not to take Grace.

Outside in the foyer, Sami, EJ and Stefano keep up the cacophony. Suddenly everything stops, "What... what is it," asks Sami.

"I thought I heard a nanosecond of silence," says EJ.

Vivian announces, "I'm staying in town... much to Victor's delight."

Victor gives a goofy smile, "I'm tickled pink."

"Go where you want," says Kate, "but stay away from me and stay away from Phillip or you will be very sorry." She leaves.

Victor has a chuckle fit. "I had forgotten how stimulating it is to be around a woman like you."

"The party doesn't have to end now," purrs Vivian.

Hope says she doesn't trust Carly. Bo tells her only Carly knows what happened with Lawrence. Hope thinks it should bother him that she may not be being truthful, "You are willing to throw everything away just to protect her. She is playing a mind game with you."

"She wouldn't do that," says Bo, "That would take a mind."

Hope thinks his involvement with Carly also puts Bo in danger, "That I will not forgive. If I lost you I wouldn't have anyone to treat like garbage." She storms out. Bo stares.

Arianna tells Rafe about her undercover operation. The one with the cops, that is... Not the one with Brady. Rafe figures Brady knows also. Arianna whines and makes excuses about telling him. She says she doesn't know where she stands with Brady anymore because of Nicole.

EJ thinks things are too quiet. They rush into the rumpus room and find Sydney's empty crib. EJ freaks. Sami freaks. Stefano watches the freak show.

Victor is back at the Kiriakis mansion as Hope arrives. Victor takes her in with Vivian. Apparently Victor and Vivian did take the party elsewhere. Hope starts to leave but Vivian stops her and asks why Hope is there.

Carly is back at Bo and Hope's house. She tells him she has been at Maggie's and has made a big decision.

Maggie wants Mia to open up, "I'll get my notebook." She invites Mia to help her bake pies for the Thanksgiving charity.

Mia says she isn't in the holiday spirit, "You want someone to count her blessings, go ask Sami."

Sami isn't exactly counting her blessings at the moment. The DiMera crowd panics as Kate comes in through the balcony doors. They ask her in unison if she has seen Sydney. Kate says she saw a figure out in the mist moving away form the house.

"It's Nicole," screams Sami, "She has taken my daughter!" Over at Salem labs, the Richter Scale registers its highest reading ever.

Nicole and Sydney slink through the woods. "This is our one last chance," says Nicole. Off they go.

Rafe insists Arianna make things right with Gabby. He gets a call and Sami tells him Nicole has stolen Sydney, "I need your help."

Rafe rolls his eyes, "When it rains it pours."

Maggie rambles on about how lost she was when she was drinking. She says she went to meetings and learned to be thankful for what she still had, "You can go upstairs and be sad and lonely or you can help me bake these pies. It's up to you, so what will it be?" Mia smiles. Quick, get me a hanky.

Rafe, EJ and Sami bumble their way through the woods. Rafe asks EJ, "How did you let this happen?"

Nicole wanders at the pier, "I don't have any money. What are we gonna do?"

"I don't know about you," says Sydney, but I could use a few rounds at the Cheatin' Heart."

Arianna calls Gabby. Gabby looks at her caller-ID, sees it's Arianna and refuses to pick up. Nicole sees Gabby wandering around and asks for help.

Victor gets a call and leaves. Vivian says, "I don't want to intrude, but..." She intrudes. She brings up Lawrence's murder and says it haunts her, "I don't want him forgotten."

"How will you make sure of that," asks Hope, "It wouldn't have anything to do with Carly Manning would it?"

Carly tells Bo she wants to move to Maggie's place.

Maggie and Mia finish building their concoction. Mia says Maggie has made her feel like she has a family, "Now that Grace is gone... family is everything."

"In other words," says Maggie, "What you're saying is you have nothing."

Stefano is on the phone barking orders, telling his henchmen to find Sydney, "If you fail to do this I will fire your asses — all of them!"

"Please don't do that," begs the flunky, "It's hard for donkeys to find work these days."

Kate suggests, "Maybe you should call EJ."

Stefano don' wanna. He thinks EJ has made a terrible mistake, "I'm going to do what I should have done from the start."

Nicole introduces herself as Laura. Gabby is Gabby. Nicolaura tells Gabby her husband has been abusive and she's trying to get out of town, so she needs money. She also says her husband is a cop so the cops can't help her. She just wants money for a bus ticket. She offers to trade her diamond bracelet for $7. Gabby gives her what money she has. Nicolaura thanks her. Gabby doesn't want the bracelet but Nicolaura insists, "I have no other way to repay you. I will never, ever bring my child back to this place."

Larry, Moe and Blondie stand in the woods and argue instead of looking for the kid.

Nicolaura and Gabby bid each other a fond goodbye. Nicolaura starts off but sees someone coming.

Vivian says Carly has been proven innocent, "Case closed."

"That's not accurate," says Hope, "Someone confessed." She thinks Vivian has a casual attitude about it all, "So drop the act."

"Maybe you should drop yours," says Vivian, "This concern over your husband's ex lover. I think you are the one who is unhappy she is free."

Bo gasps, "You are planning to move into the same house as your daughter?" Carly nods.

Maggie and Mia stick the pie in the oven. Mia says she's happy now, "Maybe some Thanksgiving I'll be as happy as Sami is now. As for this year, don't worry. I'll mope around here and make it the best Whinesgiving you've ever had."

The Three Stooges split up. This will enable them to bumble in three different directions at once.

Arianna finds Gabby as Nicole cowers. She asks who Gabby was talking to. Right now Gabby ain' talkin' to nobody. She starts to leave. Arianna grabs her arm to stop her and sees the bracelet, "Where did you get this? What's going on?"

Nicole frets. Sydney tries to decide whether she would be better off calling for help or just running off.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Lady Macbeth Had Less Blood On Her Hands

Vivian asks to join Victor at the Java Café. Victor looks up at her standing there and rolls his eyes, "Good God! Just when I thought things couldn't get worse!"

Carly picks up a piece of paper and stares at it. Bo comes up behind her, "What are you looking at?"

"You need to ask?"

"Carly... don't."

"No," says Carly, "Today is the day I make contact with my past. And my future."

"What about the present," he asks.

"Oh, Bo," she gushes, "You shouldn't have."
She puts the paper in her purse.

Abe meets Hope at the pub.

EJ meets Arianna at the Cheatin' Heart. He reminds her of the last time they talked and says he now knows Arianna knew back then that Rafe was in town. Arianna says she couldn't have said anything. "For what it's worth," says Arianna, "I'm sorry your wife turned out to be a psychopath."

EJ thinks that's humorous and says Nicole is where she needs to be — behind bars.

Arianna drops the big news, "She's been released on bail." A note of overly dramatic music plays to remind us that's supposed to be a shock to EJ, because the writers must think we are too dumb to figure it out ourselves.

Sami and Rafe stare at sleeping Sydney. That calls for smooching. Sami decides she should call Caroline to check on the twins and walks over. Both of their phones are laying side-by-side on the counter. Sami picks up both of them and sees that they both have messages. Sami looks at her message from Brady as Rafe looks at his message from Arianna.

Sami gasps, "Nicole has been released..."

Rafe takes over, "On bail..." They synchronize their hyperventilation.

Brady rants at Nicole for conning him into getting her out of jail, "Who are you? I don't even know who you are?"

EJ goes off to make a call. Arianna stares. She looks into her purse, gets up and leaves.

Sami can't believe Nicole is out of jail. This, of course, calls for a rant. Rafe tries to reassure her as EJ calls to deliver the bad news. Sami tells him she already knows about it. EJ suggests they keep an eye on Sydney and says he'll see if he can come up with more charges and get Nicole back in jail.

EJ wants to discuss Sydney. They agree to meet. EJ wants her to bring Sydney. Sami doesn't think that's a good idea so they argue about that. EJ insists, "When I comes to my daughter I don't roll over and play dead. I fight for what is mine."

Nicole rambles and makes excuses for what she did. Brady attacks and mocks, "Look at you. Now you're got no EJ, no baby no friends."

Nicole asks, "Are you saying I've lost you too?"

Brady says, "Yep."

Chad and Mia are at Grace's grave. Chad is holding a bouquet of flowers, "This is all they had."

"Why don't you try a florist next time," asks Mia, "Instead of the local gas station?" Mia takes them and places them on Grace's headstone, "Our poor baby."

Chad comforts her, "We'll get through this. Together. In the back seat of my car."

Will interrupts the tender moment. He says he heard the news, "I just wanted to say I'm sorry. I never should have judged you."

Hope says she wants to get back to work. Abe wonders why she's coming to him for that. Hope says she wants a new job, "My old job comes with a lot of baggage. Sometimes you actually have to work."

She tells Abe she's living with Victor. Abe thinks that's, well, interesting, "While you're at the Kiriakis mansion, we're not talking."

Victor wonders why Vivian is there. He wonders if it's because it's because Carly is in town, "She killed your nephew, you know."

Vivian gets sarcastic, "Carly is a doctor. She saves lives. She doesn't snuff them out."

"I guess that's why she hasn't been able to land a job at Salem Hospital," says Victor.

Carly rushes off. Bo tells her to be careful.

Mia asks Chad to let her and Will talk alone. Chad leaves. Will gets on the apology train. Mia gets on the 'I lied' train. We all see a train wreck coming. Will tells her it's not too late for them to get together. She tells him he's wrong.

Arianna gets back to her apartment and grabs the stash out of her purse. A knock interrupts. She stashes the stash and opens the door to find sis. Gabby asks about her boyfriend. Arianna describes, "He's funny, handsome, smart..." That stops her in her tracks as she remembers Gabby wanted her to describe Brady instead of her fantasy, "He's in love with someone else."

Sami and Rafe plan to go talk to EJ. She wants him to help control her temper. "I got your back," says Rafe.

"Well get your hands off it," says Sami, "We don't have time for that."

Nicole says if Brady turns his back on her she will have nothing left. "What's wrong with you," asks Brady, "Better yet, I should ask what's wrong with me that I can love someone like you."

"It probably has something to do with the lack of brain cells," says Nicole.

Gabby thinks Arianna should break up with her two-timing boyfriend. Arianna whines, "I just want to be alone." Gabby apologizes for butting in and leaves. Arianna decides she has to talk to Brady and takes off, too.

Gabby comes back, "I meant to asks if I could borrow..." She finds Arianna missing, so she goes over to the counter and picks up the stack of towels sitting on top. She finds the stash, "OMG!"

Nicole asks, "You love me?"

"Loved," snorts Brady, "Past tense."

"You can't just stop loving someone," whines Nicole.

"What," asks Brady, "are you an expert on love?"

"Sydney taught me love never dies," cries Nicole.

"Did she teach you any other stupid clichés," asks Brady.

Sami, Rafe and Sydney show up at the DiMera mansion. They meet in the rumpus room and Sami immediately tries to get Sydney to go back to sleep. EJ says he thinks it's best if Sydney lives with him.

Will and Mia wrap things up and Chad rejoins them. Mia stoops and says goodbye to Grace.

Hope defends Victor, "To Ciara, Victor is family."

"That's no surprise," says Abe, "As little as she's around your house, she probably thought her kidnappers were family, too. I heard Carly was exonerated, so that means she doesn't have to live with Bo any more. Why is she still there?"

"That's a good question."

"There are lots of good questions on this show," says Abe, "What there is a lack of is good answers."

Vivian says Carly is innocent. "Innocent," snarls Victor, "Lady Macbeth had less blood on her hands. I get it — you don't want Carly behind bars. You want her out in the open so you can exercise your own creative torture. You'd better hurry — you're not getting any younger."

"You probably just want Carly out of your son's house," says Vivian, "If your own son won't listen to you, you have to take a different approach."

Carly shows up at Maggie's house. They renew acquaintances. Carly tells her she's decided to stay in Salem, but needs Maggie's help to do that.

Chad finds Will at the pub. He joins him and asks to talk, "I want to thank you. Mia got to know Grace and you made that happen. I was hoping maybe you could tell me a little more about her."

"It will be hard," says Will, "but you deserve to know."

A mushroom cloud drifts over Salem as the aftermath of EJ telling Sami Sydney should stay with him. Apparently it was a dirty nuke as bombmeister Sami continues to spread the radioactive fallout. She can't believe EJ thinks it would be good for Sydney to live at the DiMera mansion.

Rafe gets a call and leaves the blast site. Out in the foyer he talks to Gabby. She blithers, "I need to see you. It's an emergency."

"This would be a lot easier," says Rafe, "if the town council hadn't passed that ordinance that in Salem it's illegal to tell anybody anything over the phone." He agrees to meet her at the pub, and then rejoins the mess in the rumpus room. He tells Sami he has to go. Sami insists she can handle things. They do a 'smooch and go.' For you racing fans, that's like a 'splash and go' only without the flammable liquid involved. Sami is already volatile enough.

With Rafe out of the picture, EJ announces he's moving out, "I should have done it a long time ago." Sami asks why. "Father knew about the switch and didn't say anything," says EJ, "I'm not going to be like my father. I do not want Johnny and Sydney to see Stefano DiMera ever again."

Out in the audience, the Ejami fans are all-abuzz, "That paves the way for them to get back together. You wait and see. In the next scene they'll be planning the wedding."

Nicole tries to paint a rosy picture of herself. Brady only sees the thorns, "You need to take the next hour to make amends." He says he's going to revoke her bail. She begs him not to. Brady tells her to do the right thing and leaves. "OK," says Nicole, "I will."

Chad asks for a picture of Grace. Will gives him one to keep. He offers to email more. Chad stammers and stumbles out of the pub staring intently at Grace's picture. We figure it's too bad he wasn't staring more intently at the traffic in the street when a bus runs him over.

Brady is at home talking on the phone asking for Nicole's bail to be revoked. Arianna comes in. He tells her he's trying to fix the situation with Nicole and yells at her for keeping the truth from him. Arianna turns the tables and gets on him for running after Nicole because he loved her, "I can live with that, but I can't live with the fact you are still in love with her. You are, aren't you?"

BULLETIN: Shawn & Belle are sailing home for Thanksgiving. When Shawn can find the Mayflower he plans to follow it back to the US.

Vivian counsels Victor that Bo needs to hear the facts from someone who doesn't loathe Carly. She suggests Kate. Victor drops the bomb about her marriage to Stefano. Sympathetic Viv wonders if that makes Victor feel lonely.

"No," growls Victor, "Now that you're here my life is so much brighter."

"I know you're being sardonic," says Vivian, "We've had our hills and valleys, but I'm on your side." She touches his hand, "Always."

Maggie gets a call and bustles off. Mia comes in. Carly is surprised to see Mia there. Mia is surprised to see Carly. We, however, are not surprised at all since these stupid little coincidences happen all the time in Salem. Carly tells her she and Maggie are old friends and she's catching up. Mia tells her things have gotten worse. She tells her about the switcheroo and the fact that Grace is dead. Carly hugs her and the tears flow.

Hope has come to see Bo, or rather to drop Ciara off so she can go gallivanting. They immediately ditch Ciara. Bo asks if Hope can stay a while. Hope gets nasty and at the same time Ciara calls for Bo. He goes upstairs. Hope zones out and starts to leave, but sees Carly's purse on the coffee table. She picks it up and flashes back to an argument with Bo.

Victor says there is nothing he and Vivian can build a relationship on, "There is nothing. Zero. Zip. Zilch."

"I was talking about what we have had in the past," says Vivian, "Not the collective IQ of your heirs." She suggests they start with their mutual hatred for Carly.

Carly says she wishes there were someone who could help Mia. Mia says Maggie is helping, "It's just amazing. She wants to know everything in detail and always makes sure I don't leave a thing out." They finally make introductions and Mia heads back upstairs.

Maggie comes back in. Carly wants a letter of recommendation from Maggie, who agrees to do it. She also asks if Maggie has a room she could rent.

Conflicted Hope stands holding Carly's purse, "I can't do this. I can't invade her privacy. On the other hand, she invaded my house." Hope digs in. Bo comes back and stands behind her, "What are you doing?"

Rafe meets Gabby in Arianna's room. Gabby shows him the bag o' drugs, "It looks like our sister is dealing again."

Arianna presses, "Do you still love Nicole?"

"Yes I do," admits Brady, "I know I should hate her and part of me does."

"Thank you for being honest," snaps Arianna. She leaves. Brady stares.

Nicole arrives at the DiMera mansion and practices her apology as she stands at the door. Inside, she hears EJ and Sami arguing. She heads for the rumpus room window.

EJ and Sami continue to bicker. They go into the foyer so as not to disturb Sydney. Nicole stares in at Sydney. Sydney sleeps. Sydney dreams. She dreams of being in some place far, far away and much more pleasant, like a dentist's office having a root canal in her first baby tooth. Without anesthesia.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Brain Cell Loss

In a moment of brain cell loss to rival something on a scale only Brady Black is capable of, sometime last week I said something about maybe I'd write about myself today. Uh, that didn't work for me. So maybe another time.

In the meantime, it's a busy weekend here at the Prevuze compound as we all get ready for Turkey Day which, as we all know, is the day everyone celebrates the achievements of the turkeys who write DOOL.

And we can also celebrate the fact that pretty much everyone has a short week coming up. Friday is known as "Black Friday" to commemorate the fact that after a DOOL-free day on Thursday, it comes back on the air and I'll (say it with me) be there for you to cover it and help you through the black cloud of despair.

Make it a good weekend and we'll see you on the flip-side, otherwise known as Monday.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Brainless Vixens And Promiscuous Ill-Educated Gold Diggers

Arianna and Brady are together in the pub. Arianna has a fit when she finds out Brady has posted Nicole's bail, "Did you tell Sami about this? Don't you think she ought to know you have helped the one person who has destroyed her life?" Brady finds himself in a familiar situation — clueless. Arianna fills him in, "Nicole switched the babies. Grace was Mia's and Sydney is Sami and EJ's."

Nicole strolls at the pier and remembers her intense discussion with Sami, "I can't leave without you Sydney." In pops Chad.

Roman, Caroline, Rafe and Sami are all at Sami's apartment with the kids. Will arrives and we have a screaming, yelling, cacophonous family moment. Laughter abounds. They all party like it's 1999, which it might as well be for all the movement we get in this show.


Stefano defends himself, "If I hadn't done those things, you would have run to that Brady bitch — you still love her."

EJ hyperventilates, "It's my life. You can't do this. I love you, but you can't do this."


Phillip and Melanie suck face. Melanie, who started it, calls it off. Phillip wants to know how she really feels about him. He moves back in.


Nathan finds Stephanie at the nurses' station. He says he has a personal favor to ask.

Back at the DiMera mansion...


Brady just can't believe the news about the switcheroo. Arianna takes him through the scenario step-by-step. He insists she is wrong. She tells him Rafe and Sami are celebrating right now. Brady has a rare moment of consciousness and finally gets it, "OMG, what have I done?" Whatever it was, it didn't involve his brain.

Chad thinks Nicole is gloating over the DNA results. He asks where Sydney is. Nicole stares.

Will realizes Sydney is his sister. It's just amazing how the kid can put two and two together. He zones and then hugs Sami. They remember Grace. "We'll always love Grace," says Sami, "but now we have our beautiful Sydney. It's kind of like getting a new dog when Fido dies."

Caroline thanks Rafe for bringing Sydney back to them, "In this economy, I need all the babysitting money I can get."

Roman takes Sami aside and tells her the hit man accused EJ. Sami can't believe it, "Come on. EJ didn't have anything to do with trying to kill Rafe."

Roman says, "I wouldn't be so sure about that."

EJ DiMera - Proof that the term "Criminal Lawyer" is redundant.

Back at the DiMera mansion...


Kate rushes in and stops EJ. EJ backs off but continues to rant. Meanwhile, Stefano's new hobby is breathing. Ross Perot was wrong. That sucking sound you hear is Stefano reacquainting himself with oxygen.

Phillip wants to know why Melanie slapped him. Melanie rants about the fact that she is attracted to him, "I'm screwed up."

Well, stop the presses, who'd a thought that!

"The only person more screwed up than me is you," says Melanie. Phillip moves in and things settle down. Melanie backs him off and asks him to leave her alone. She runs out. Phillip stares. He shakes his head, "Looks like it's going to be a Triple N*."

*NNN — No Nookie Night.

Nathan asks Stephanie to give blood. She agrees and Nathan bustles off. Stephanie watches him leave and nearly swoons. Is it the thought of giving blood or the view...

Rafe and Sami are so happy to have all the kids they send Johnny and Allie packing to the next room. Will worries about Mia.

Mia walks in on Chad and Nicole, "Why are you here, Nicole? Why are you out of jail?"

Nicole says, "Because I know the biggest idiot in town and his name is Brady Black."

Chad is out of the loop, "I'm sorry... jail?"

"Yeah," says Mia, "You know... a place they put criminals."

Mia says she's been looking for Chad to tell him the whole sordid story, "Nicole lied to me. She lied to everyone."

Brady wonders how he let Nicole pull one over on him. The irony is, you have to have a mind to figure out how someone put something over on a mindless person. He asks Arianna how long she has known. Arianna says she has known for a while. Brady is upset she never told him.

EJ tells Kate Stefano destroys everything he touches. He turns to Stefano, "You are dead to me."



Stefano tells Kate he remembers the last time those words were spoken, "I said them to Anthony and to my eternal regret they became a reality."

Brady and Arianna argue. Arianna reminds Brady he kept the secret about Nicole's miscarriage. Brady explodes, "Yes, and then she stole my sister's baby. I could have saved Sami from all that grief."

Mia fills Chad in, "Nicole lied to me and then I lied to you."

Chad gets a bit sarcastic, "YOU? LIED? No way. About what?"

"There was never any other guy than you," says Mia, "We wanted you to think you weren't the father of my baby." Chad doesn't get it. Mia tells him Sydney isn't their girl and that's why his DNA didn't match, "Nicole switched babies. Our baby is dead. Our little girl, Grace... she's in heaven now. Where there is no DOOL."

Sami says she hopes Mia finds comfort in the fact that she was able to know her baby. She wants Will to tell Mia thanks for the gift of Grace. Will tells her he and Mia aren't exactly on speaking terms.

EJ pounds down a drink. He says he understands why Tony disowned Stefano, "You are the reason Samantha didn't want her child living in this house. You caused it all. How does that make you feel? Proud?"

Stefano thinks EJ should take responsibility for his mistakes. EJ says he will reconcile those issues if it's the last thing he does.

Out in the audience, a Lumi fan stands up and shouts, "Let's hope it is!"

From the other side of the room a Safe fan yells, "You go, girl!"

Brady and Arianna sit at a table. Brady reconstructs the events of the night at the clinic.

Arianna tries to comfort him, "You were (say it with her) there for her."

"She begged me to let her tell EJ about losing the baby," says Brady, "But that never happened because she wanted to keep EJ, and she convinced me to keep the truth from her husband and now I find out it wasn't the truth at all."

Rafe thinks this Thanksgiving won't be the same as last year, "I won't have to endure any safehouse whining." Sami punches him in the gut. We all have happy Thanksgiving thoughts.

EJ announces, "I'm leaving... immediately. I can find my own home and family absent you."

Stefano asks, "Can you find your own money?" EJ leaves. Kate consoles Stefano.

Sami anticipates the happiest Thanksgiving ever. Nicole stands outside her door.

Arianna thinks Brady is blaming himself and her for the crazy things Nicole has done, "You wouldn't have done those things if you still didn't love her." Arianna's phone rings. Brady explodes and leaves. Arianna picks up. She tells Troy to give her five minutes and she will be there.

Victor sits at a table in the Java Café. He calls Brady and leaves a gruff message. Phillip finds him. Victor says he thinks Phillip looks a little flushed, "Who is it this time? Stephanie... Melanie... someone new?" Phillip decides to look for another table. Victor asks if he's closed the Gatson deal.


"Too busy trying to bed Melanie," asks Victor, "I mean, why should you date a woman with class when there are brainless vixens out there trying to get to you?" Phillip defends Melanie. "You will eventually drop her like a bad habit," growls Victor.

Melanie shows up at the hospital and tells Maxine she's there to see if she can help with the bus situation.

"No," says Maxine, "You really can't help. They already had the accident."

"Do you know where Dr. Horton is?"

"In the waiting room." Melanie heads for the waiting room. Maxine smirks.

Stephanie and Nathan share that ugly stuff you get after giving blood. In some places it resembles coffee and donuts. Suddenly, Stephanie gets flushed.

Unfortunately, the toilet can't take it and spits her back up.

Stephanie decides she needs a little air. I can't imagine why. Her dead brain cells certainly don't need to be fed. She stands up and immediately crashes down in a heap on top of Nathan. Of course, Melanie walks in.

Nicole stands outside Sami's door and gives herself a pep talk, "Just go in there. Sydney needs to know her mommy will always (say it with her) be there for her. I will always love her."

Inside, Sami says she hopes Will can make things right with Mia. Will says he will try. Sami's glad he is a forgiving person. She rants about how she will never forgive Nicole. Hugs. Will frees himself, hugs the rest of the clan, opens the door and leaves. Nicole lurks.

Stephanie and Nathan straighten up. Nathan tells Melanie Stephanie just gave blood and that's why she's weak. He asks Melanie to keep an eye on her and leaves. Stephanie tells her how she hurt her ankle.

Phillip thinks he can't win with Victor, You mock any woman I have ever liked."

"Well," grunts Victor, "If you ever run into one that isn't a promiscuous ill-educated gold digger let me know."

"What's wrong with promiscuous," asks Phillip, "I think you just don't like Melanie. You want me to end up a bitter old man — just like you." Vivian sits across the room.

Kate and Stefano play chess. She assures him EJ will come around, "Let me remind you I've been disowned by my children so many times I can't count them."

"Even I can count my children," says Stefano.

Kate says she realizes Stefano is devoted to his family. He thanks her for her support.

Chad and Mia stand at Grace's grave. Chad scratches out "Brady," scratches out "DiMera" and scratches in "Peterson-Woods."

"I think she's going to need a new headstone with more room," says Mia.
She says she is soooo sorry Chad never got to know their little girl. Hugs.

Arianna texts, "Nicole is out of jail. She would do anything to keep Sydney, so be careful."

Everyone leaves Sami's place. To Sami's great relief, Roman takes Johnny and Allie. During all the goodbyes, we pan in to Sami's buzzing phone. Rafe and Sami go back inside. Rafe works on getting the baby to say "Mommie."

The baby babbles, "Ma-ma." Sydney says it too.

Nicole stands outside. Just as she starts in, Brady grabs her, "How did I know I'd find you here?"

Melanie rambles about the date with Nathan that didn't happen. Stephanie says, "So, how are things otherwise. The last time I talked to you, you were conflicted."

"Oh, no," says Melanie, "I'm on track now. Nathan is the only guy for me."

Victor lectures and mocks, "Poor Phillip. He has a father who's only goal in life is to make him miserable. No wonder he's such an insolent little bastard and a colossal screw up." Phillip explodes and leaves.

Vivian replaces him, "Is this seat taken?"

Troy and Arianna do a drug deal at the Cheatin' Heart. "We have to talk," says Troy, "I don't like your attitude. Brushing me off won't fly. We've got a new boss now and he wants you to be productive."

"I will be."

"You damn well better." Troy leaves. Arianna gets up to go, but bumps into EJ on her way out.

Sami and Rafe watch Sydney sleep.

Brady asks Nicole what she is doing there. Nicole says she just wants to see her baby one more time. "Forget it," says Brady, "You're not going to see her or Sami. You're coming with me." He yanks her.

"Where are you taking me?" They zoom off.

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Thursday, November 19, 2009


EJ bustles into the rumpus room talking on the phone, leaving a message for Stefano and griping about the fact that Mattaeo fingered him. As he rants he turns around...


Rafe comes into the pub and tells Arianna he found Sydney and got her back to Sami. Arianna bounces around the bar and hugs him. Rafe then tells her Nicole is under arrest. He thinks Brady will be shocked at what Nicole did, but thinks it's great Sydney is where she belongs.

Brady is at Nicole's cell and tells her he is (say it with me) there for her. Nicole wonders how Brady can forgive her after what she has done.

Nathan binds Stephanie's wounded ankle. He thinks she's being a brave little girl in the face of everything she's been through. "No big deal," says Stephanie, "it's just a dumb shoe."

"That's why it's a perfect match for you," says Nathan.

Stephanie rambles on, "I think the world of you. You are a really Terrific guy."

"I didn't know you felt that way," says Nathan, "Maybe if I had..."


"Things would be different."

"Different how," she asks, full of anticipation. Nathan moves in and shows her how different things could be.

Stephanie pops out of her little daydream and Nathan starts to leave. She stops him and tells him he's making a huge mistake.

Melanie tries to remember where Mark is from, "Where was it we had so much fun... Marseilles? Monaco? Milan?"

"Berlin," says Mark, "You left me in the middle of the night." He grabs her, "You're not getting away this time until I get what I came for."

Brady says he should have stopped Nicole a long time ago but saw her pain and knew how much she wanted to be with EJ. He says he doesn't hate her, "Look at me. We're going to get through this."

"OMG," wails Nicole, "Why couldn't I try and build a life with you?"

"I don't know," says Brady, "But now you'll be able to build a life with the bitch-ho'z in Statesville instead."

EJ asks, "Are you back for good?"

"No," says Stefano, "I'm back for evil." EJ says he thinks Stefano set him up.

Stephanie flashes back to seeing Melanie and Nathan's disgusting PDA. She cops out and tells him he wrapped her ankle too tight.

"I'll do it over," says Nathan, "I've always thought you were wrapped a little too tight anyway. And while I'm re-wrapping it, you'll have more than enough time to tell me what's REALLY on your mind."

Mark roughs Melanie up, "You owe me money and I'm here for payback.

Mark starts to drag her upstairs as Phillip walks in singing that old refrain, "What's gong on?"

Arianna showers praise on Rafe for solving the big switcheroo mystery, but he reminds her EJ saved his life. A mysterious person reading a newspaper eavesdrops as Rafe wonders, "Why would the DiMeras want to kill me."

"Maybe they've started a pest extermination business," says Arianna.

Stefano brushes things off, "Mattaeo is wishy-washy. Tomorrow he'll finger someone else." EJ thinks Stefano is playing games. Stefano assures him, "I'm sure you will be exonerated."

"My God," gasps EJ, "I didn't even realize attempted murder was a capital offense."

Stephanie finds Nathan in the hall and they talk hospital business. Nathan wonders why she got away from him so quickly when he asked again what was on her mind. Stephanie assures him it's all OK, "You and I are doing fine." Nathan is skeptical about that. He thinks there is a distance between them.

Macho Mark tells Phillip to leave. Peg-leg moves in on him, "So Melanie, I'm guessing this is one of your friends from back in the day."

Mark ramps up the attitude, "When people don't do what they are supposed to do, they get hurt."

Phillip stands his ground, "I figure you owe this guy some money."

EJ thinks there is indeed something to worry about. Stefano says they will buy a judge and everything will be copacetic. EJ wonders why Stefano put out a hit on Rafe. "Insects annoy me," says Stefano. EJ asks if Rafe's life is still in danger.

The eavesdropper eavesdrops. Rafe smacks down the newspaper and finds his sister Gabriela. He asks why she is there, "Mom told me to come," says Gabby, "She was worried about you guys."

Brady just uber-empathizes with Nicole's situation. He tries to be upbeat and says a jury will understand why she did what she did. The dim bulb thinks the charge against her is illegal adoption. He senses something more is going on and asks, "Is there another reason you were arrested?"

Rafe and Arianna grill Gabby about what she's up to. Gabby tells them Mommy wonders why they haven't been in touch and she's Mommy's spy.

Brady digs. Nicole evades. Brady digs deeper, "There is something you're not telling me, Nicole. What the hell is going on here?"

Stefano says Rafe is off the hook and assures EJ he will be exonerated. EJ tells Stefano when he bungled the hit on Rafe, he had DNA evidence in his hand, "I know you know. The DNA evidence showed Samantha and I are Sydney's parents. Nicole switched babies."

Stefano plays it cool and acts like this is a big surprise, "Nicole should be in prison. How did she think she would get away with it?"

"She's been arrested," says EJ, "Look at me. Are you telling me you had nothing to do with this?"

"How could I," asks Stefano, "I was in seclusion. The important thing is Nicole is in jail and we will have our beautiful little girl back."

EJ isn't so sure, "I think if the hit on Rafe had been a success no one would have ever known about the switch. That is why you ordered it, isn't it? That means you knew her secret and you knew from day one."

Stephanie stands at the nurses station with a generic nurse. Genny gets a call. She hangs up and tells Stephanie, "There has been a major bus accident. It seems a couple of toddlers named Johnny and Allie that no one has seen for weeks showed up on the bus, hijacked it and went careening down Main Street. No one was killed, but there were a lot of injuries. It's going to be an all-nighter for some poor soul."

Rusty as they might be, the wheels start turning inside Stephanie's head, "Dr. Horton is here." The generic nurse pages him.

Phillip starts to leave, "Just out of curiosity, how much does Melanie owe you?" Mark tells him she owes $10,000. Phillip takes off his watch and hands it to Mark.

"This watch is only worth about $5,000," says Mark.

Phillip asks, "Over in Europe, have you ever heard of the Kiriakis family?"

"Yes," says Mark, "They are well known."

"My name is Phillip Kiriakis."

The blood drains from Mark's face. Melanie takes a shot, "Oops you really stepped in it, didn't you?"

Phillip tells him to keep the watch, "Half payment is better than none."

Nervous Mark is only too happy to accept. He kisses everyone on his way out, "Gracias. Bon soir." He may be a creep, but at least he's multilingual.

Melanie babbles, "Thank you. I owe you."

Phillip takes off his coat, "You do... and I know how you can repay me."

Rafe tells Gabby to lose the attitude. Gabby tells Rafe to get one... or at least a personality. She apologizes and we have a Hernandez family moment. Arianna says she knows she let everyone down. Rafe decides they will call Mommy tomorrow and then go see her next week. Gabby has decided to stay and look after them. "No way," yells Arianna.

Nicole insists nothing else is going on. Brady wants her to focus on what he can do for her. "There is something you can do," says Nicole.

Stefano insists he is shocked about all this. He says he thought Rafe was investigating the family so he decided to have him whacked. EJ reminds him people investigate the DiMeras all the time but Stefano doesn't put hits out on them. He runs through all the switcheroo scenarios as Stefano dodges. EJ puts it all together and accuses Stefano of knowing about this the whole time.

Melanie asks, "So I repay you by kneeling and kissing your ring and taking you to the bedroom. Is that how it works."

"Actually," says Phillip, "I'd like some answers. Then we can head for the bedroom. What kind of a scam did you pull on him?"

Melanie says, "I told him I could get him an Arabian horse for $10,000."

Phillip asks the big question, "How many more 'Marks' are out there waiting to get even?"

Speaking of big questions, Nicole asks Brady if he can post bail for her. She plays the 'I-lost-my-daughter' card. Clueless Brady tells her she'll have to accept that fact but agrees to post her bail.

Stefano continues to insist he didn't know. EJ continues to insist Stefano is lying, "If Samantha hadn't pissed you off so much you wouldn't have sided with Nicole." Stefano insists he would never do anything to hurt EJ. EJ says that's what Nicole just said to him.

Stefano explodes, "Elvis THINK!"

"Thinking isn't my strong suit."

Stefano shouts, "Because of the switch Nicole made it possible for you to raise your own daughter. Is that so terrible?"

Nathan tells Stephanie he's been chosen to work in the ER all night. So that means his date with Melanie is kaput.

"Drat the bad luck," says Stephanie.

Nathan goes to call Melanie and give her the bad news. Stephanie ponders, "I hated doing that, but Melanie just doesn't deserve Nathan."

Melanie's phone rings. She answers and Nathan drops the bad news. Melanie gives Phillip a look, "Drat the bad luck." She is soooo understanding.

Melanie hangs up and Phillip jumps in, "Let me guess... Nathan chose duty over pleasure and you're out of luck."

"He's saving lives," whines Melanie.

"I wonder what's he'd think about all your scams," says Phillip. A referee stands by and considers giving Phillip a warning for hitting below the belt, but decides against it since Phillip is right on the money.

Arianna thinks Gabby should be with Mom. She and Rafe go off to discuss the situation. Rafe thinks it's OK for the Gabster to stay. Arianna wonders where she will stay. Rafe thinks there is a place upstairs that is vacant. Arianna insists it won't work. Gabby joins them for a family hug.

Patsy... uh, I mean Brady comes back to Nicole's cell and says he's posted bail. Nicole is soooo grateful. Brady says he will set her up in the Graymore Hotel and will bankroll her. Ha! From the Graybar Hotel to the Graymore Hotel.

That faint scream you hear in the background is Brady's last brain cell dying.

Nicole just can't understand why she deserves a friend like Brady. "When everything comes out I Hope you still understand anything I did because I loved EJ and Sydney."

Brady already understands, "I am your friend. Nothing will change that." He leaves.

Nicole mumbles, "You wanna bet?"

Nathan comes to the nursing station and finds Stephanie. She offers to help. He kids about her stitching an open wound and starts to leave. He stops, turns and says, "What you're doing, Stephanie, is a really nice thing." Whatever the hell that means.

Q: Why is Stephanie not more of an 'outdoor' kind of girl? A: Because nature abhors a vacuum.

Melanie says, "I wasn't a scam artist I was just..."

"Scamming guys..."

"That's not it," says Melanie.

"Well," says Phillip, "I was trying to avoid the word 'hooker' but if you insist..."

"I care about Nathan," says Melanie.

"If you want to keep telling yourself that do it," says Phillip, "but things would work out better if you would just be honest with yourself." She moves in for some Philliplicious honesty.

Rafe and Gabby are outside. He says it's good to see her and he's glad she's there for Thanksgiving. Gabby asks if Arianna's new boyfriend knows she's a jailbird. Rafe says no one in town does, "But her boyfriend is a pretty nice guy even though he's a few pecans short of a fruitcake."

The nice guy comes into the pub to see Arianna. He says he took off because Nicole has been arrested. He announces proudly, "I paid her bail."

Arianna is shocked, "After everything she did? Are you out of your mind?"

"Of course," says Brady, "but I make up for it by being loaded."

Officer Matilda lets Nicole out of jail. Nicole looks at a picture of Sydney, "I have to find my baby and do what has to be done."

EJ rants. Stefano assures him he can still trust him. EJ grabs him by the lapels and has a conniption, "You lied to me!"

Stefano says, "If you had known the truth you would have run to that lowlife Brady bitch because you still love her!"

Fern Snodgrass from Wapakoneta, Ohio, a dyed-in-the-wool Ejami fan, stands up in the audience and shouts, "Listen to your father, EJ!"

Tearful EJ whispers, "I love you, but you can't do this." He grabs Stefano by the throat and squeezes. Stefano chokes, turns blue and his tongue rolls out across the floor.

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