Thursday, January 20, 2005

Don't mess with Sami

Kate jumps into bed with JR to warm him up. Right on cue, the TV comes on in Marlena and Roman's room.

Phillip and Belle. Phil says, "He's gone now. Shawn won't bother us anymore. I need to ask you about something. I'm not demanding an explanation. Why did you meet Shawn on the roof tonight? I know when you told him you love me it came from your heart." Belle says, "Its not him it's you."

Shawn wants to know why Belle said she loves Phillip, "She's all upset because Phil got called up for active duty." Shawn tells Mimi she has to help him talk to Belle again tonight. [Why doesn't he just hold his horses until UB is shipped off?]

Lucas tells Sami "It's good to be good." Sami spills the abortion beans. Lucas thinks that's disgusting. Sami thinks they should run right over and tell Rex. It should be Sami's reward for being good lately. Nobody cares when they turn Sami's life upside down, why shouldn't she be able to do it to other people? Sami picks up the phone to call Rex.

Pard and Marlena watch the show. No sound. Marlena can't watch anymore, "I guess you were right. He's trying to get to us. Well, he has. I guess I can't deny it now. I can't keep clinging to the hope that JR believed I was alive. He's given up on me and our love. And Kate's given up on you too."

JR and Kate cuddle, "You know if someone were to walk in right now they might get the wrong idea says JR. I'm getting tired. I could use some sleep." He drifts off. Kate says, "You go to sleep. We're going to get through tonight and I'm going to be here."

The sound comes on. JR says, "Marlena was my strength. I never thought I could get through something like this without her." Kate says, "Go to sleep. We'll talk tomorrow." Pard stares. Marlena stares.

"I love you, Doc says JR, "promise me you'll come back..." Kate says, "It's never going to happen. Marlena's gone, so's Roman. They're never coming back."

"At least Tony has made sure I know JR is alive," says Marlena, "and Belle and BB are OK. You were right. We're never getting out of here. When we were on the raft I told JR if I didn't make it he should move on with Kate. And JR said... if we knew we were never getting off the island, I should hook up with you." Roman says Doc is loved and he will protect her. And if they get back and JR and Kate can't let go, he will understand because he has never let go of his feelings for her. Same with her. They go over to "get some rest." "

I am never going to leave you. You're stuck with me," says Roman. Marlena wouldn't have it any other way. They kiss.

UB asks why he is upsetting Belle. Belle says it's not really him, it's what's happening to him. She can't bear the thought of losing him. This could be their last night together for a long time. Phil wants to make the most of it.

Mimi wishes she could help Shawn. She can't. Jan says Mimi made a mistake tonight. She hopes she won't repeat it. Jan says Belle and Shawn's love is in the past. She tells Shawn they need to get to bed. Shawn isn't tired. He needs to think. [Big job, Shawn, maybe you should get some sleep.]

Rex hopes Mimi has learned a lesson, "Promise me you won't lie to me again."

Jan thinks Belle will never betray her wedding vows, "It's only a matter of time until Shawn comes back to me."

Lucas grabs the phone. They argue. Lucas says, "This is about vengeance, isn't it?" He says as long as she looks for revenge her pain will never heal. He sympathies with Mimi. Sami can't believe it, "Then there is JR and Kate. They deserve each other." Lucas tells her, "take the high road, show some integrity," [Sami grabs a dictionary.] OK as long as they don't mess with her and she's happy.

Euglena calls Kate. She's sorry about what went down at the wedding. Kate says, "all's well that ends well." She tells Euglena Billie is with Bo and she hopes Billie will take advantage of it. Now she just has to stop Sami.

Sami says if anyone tries to mess with her happiness they will pay.

Dual shot of Kate and Sami.


Rex says to Mimi, "One last time, are you keeping anything from me?"

Lexi says, "OMG, you're the one who's been stealing the drugs?"

Rex says to UB, "You've got my word."

Shawn plants a big kiss on Belle.


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