Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Theresa is appalled at the thought of going to work.  She could call in sick: It's a clear case of Jenniferitis.
Abby's about as enthusiastic about moving in with Ben as a turkey is about coming to Thanksgiving dinner. #DAYS
Jennifer: "I could take some time off." How do you take time off when you're always off?" #DAYS
Theresa: "Everyone at the hospital hates my guts." Yet she wants to stay at the Kiriakis mansion where everyone hates her guts. #DAYS

Friday, June 26, 2015

Underhanded Tactics

Will: "I'll never write about my family again." I wish the #DOOL writers wouldn't write about Will or his family. #DAYS
Theresa tells Kimberly she hasn't lost her mind.  That must mean she never had it in the first place. #DAYS
Brady walks in on Nicole and Eric. The NSA doesn't overhear as many conversations as people in Salem. #DAYS
Kate: "I have no problem with underhanded tactics." Kate, in fact has a problem with anything BUT underhanded tactics. #DAYS

An Ode To Eric And Nicole

Gratuitous Nudity

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Kate says good morning to Clyde. Sits down and sees it's Stefano instead. Oops. #DAYS
Victor decrees Xander should die. His last name just went from Cook to Cooked. #DAYS
Just what I want at lunchtime. Flashbacks of Eric and Nicole slobbering over each other while they bake to death. #DAYS
After Nicole says Serena was smuggling diamonds, Daniel figures out what the secret compartment was for. #QuickStudy #DAYS

Xander's Close Shave

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

One Roll In The Hay

Zoe: "Penny for your thoughts?" Chad: "No DiMera will ever sell anything that cheap." They'll just date women that cheap. #DAYS
Since she's suffering from heat stroke Daniel wraps himself around Nicole to keep the heat in. #DAYS
Chad: "The price of DiMera stock went down." So did Abby. #DAYS
Ben is determined one roll in the hay makes Abby is his again. I think Ben's Newton is missing its fig. #DAYS

They Caged Their Bodies


Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A Ball, Chain and Chastity Belt

Ben thinks Abby is perfect. If that's the case, perfection has gone to hell. #DAYS
Baking to death is one of the more creative demises the #DOOL writers have dreamed up. I bet they've read Hansel and Gretel. #DAYS
Ben tracks down Abby on his stalker app. Next he'll upgrade to a ball, chain and chastity belt. #DAYS
Abby says Ben is everything that Chad isn't. I guess that means Chad isn't a possessive stalker. #DAYS

Monday, June 22, 2015

Heavenly View


Salem Sniveling Sissy Syndrome

Anne to Theresa: "You have to shove A into B." Are they assembling a crib or reading a sex manual? #DAYS
Fashion statement: Whatever Abby is wearing, it looks like something that got someone kicked off of Project Runway. #DAYS
Theresa, ask Brady for help in crib assembly. That's what men are good for. Some would say that's the only thing they're good for. #DAYS
Eric kicks the grate while Nicole cowers and whimpers in back of him. All women on this show have SSSS — Salem Sniveling Sissy Syndrome #DAYS

If Ya Gotta Go...

...you might as well have "one for the road."

Theresa's Dream Come True

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Proposition

Paul wonders if Kate will tell him to avoid Will and Sonny. I sure wish I could, but I have to report on this crap. #DAYS
Why does Xander need a silencer with no one in the building? Maybe he just doesn't want to hurt his tender ears. #DAYS
Kate to Paul: "I have a proposition for you." Not the first time she ever said that to a guy. #DAYS
How long does it take Marlena to get Eve water? Maybe she's getting is straight from the Salem River. #DAYS
Kate gives Will marriage advice. Probably based on her experiences on how to ruin marriages. #DAYS

What Rory Studies

Thursday, June 18, 2015


Xander opens the storeroom door: "Ugh! Rats!" Must be the KFC Chicken Nuggets supply room. #DAYS
JJ thinks he did something 10 times worse than Jack ever did. However disgusting, at least JJ's sex was consensual. #DAYS
Uh... are they using the same script as when Kristen's Dr. tried to gas Nicole and Eric in Daniel's basement? #DAYS
Jennifer tells JJ "every relationship is different." Sex with your girlfriend's mom. That's different all right... except in Salem. #DAYS

The Misdemeanor


Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Xander attacking Nicole was a scene from the last Misty Circle movie I saw. #DAYS
Ben wonders where Abby was going. To hell in a hand-basket? #DAYS
Abby wonders why she's so obsessed with Chad. Three words: Nymph-Ho-Maniac. #DAYS
Abby leaves her "diary" out in the open. See... that book with the tiny lock and key you used to have was more secure. #DAYS

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Priest Folderol

Justin tells Rafe he's the go-to guy. Rafe is the goat-two guy. He has the IQ of two goats. Apologies to all goats for that crack. #DAYS
Clyde: Cover Boy! It seemed odd to see a magazine cover without Caitlyn on it, though. #DAYS
Eric: "Am I supposed to turn the other cheek?" Apparently he's forgotten all that priest folderol he used to know about. #DAYS
Justin certainly called upon his inner d*ickhead for his meetings with Rafe and Kate. #DAYS

Monday, June 15, 2015

The Maltese Elephant Caper

Nicole agrees to call Xander when she's done. She gets together with him she won't just be done, she'll could be finished. #DAYS
Daniel wonders how Serena fits into things. I don't know about the Maltese Elephant caper but if he's talking about her dress—barely #DAYS
Nicole is shocked by Xander's light murder sentence. Was it less than Chelsea's 2 weeks community service for killing Zach? #DAYS
Brady's 'fireplace poker' remark would be a disgusting low blow... if it weren't true. #DAYS

Friday, June 12, 2015

Only On DAYS

Mr. Sleazeball chats up Paige. She might as well go with him — I mean, could she do worse than a guy who would sleep with her mom?" #DAYS
Jennifer was afraid she would inherit mental illness. If she didn't inherit it, where did it come form? #DAYS
JJ asks Theresa what it's like having a baby with a guy who hates her. Technically, she didn't have the baby... but it's hers. Only on #DAYS
Abby to Chad: "'Doing it' was a mistake." It's always a mistake after the fact, never before. #DAYS

Thursday, June 11, 2015

It Takes Two To Tango

Abby and JJ. Jennifer sure raised a couple of kids who make great choices, didn't she? #DAYS
Eve: "Jennifer and her skank son have ruined my life." It takes two to tango, Eve. #DAYS
Abby: "God knows we all have screwed up." Interesting that people always discover things like that after the fact. #DAYS
Eve blames Jennifer. Jennifer blames Eve. Anyone ever think of blaming JJ and Eve? #DAYS
I wonder... On the phone with Ben did Abby mean, "I love you, too," or "I love you two" ?? #DAYS

What Paige Needs

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

The Sadder But Wiser Gal

Lucas: "I missed you." Adrienne: "I missed you, too." Translation: Lucas: "I'm horny." Adrienne: "I'm horny, too." #DAYS
Kate blurts out that Adrienne and Lucas are sleeping together.  Well, something had to spice up the party. #DAYS
Kate: "Adrienne & Lucas are like hormonal teenagers." The only difference is their hormones are prescribed by a doctor. #DAYS
Abigail: Oh, the shame! Oh, the remorse! She is definitely the "sadder but wiser" gal. Minus the "wiser" part. #DAYS

Gay, Yes — Happy, No

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Abby's Dilemma

Hope's office: Grand Central (Police) Station. #DAYS
Marlena: "I've heard of Dr. Myers. Can't recommend him." So you reject people based on hearsay?" #DAYS
Clyde: "There are women who would fall all over themselves for Chad." One of them did, last night. #DAYS
Marlena thinks Will wants a silver bullet. To use on himself, I hope. #DAYS
Abby's dilemma: should she name the baby Chad Jr. or honor EJ by naming it Elvis? #DAYS

Promiscuous Little Twerp

Monday, June 08, 2015

A Woman Of Many Talents

Abby: ♫ "Double your pleasure, double your fun ♪ Get yourself two guys instead of just one." ♫ #DAYS
Victor kicks Xander out of family business.  You're slipping, Victor—When Michael Corleone did that, he had his henchmen whack the guy #DAYS
Abigail is a woman of many talents... one of which is to melt in the arms of DiMera guys. #DAYS
Fashion statement: Nicole's diamond ring has a topaz tumor. #DAYS

Friday, June 05, 2015

Abby's Plan


Thursday, June 04, 2015

No Show Today

Sorry, gang... no  today.  

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Abigail's Will Of Iron


A Good Sport

Kayla worries that Abby hasn't taken a break from work. She's a Devereaux. She takes a break from goofing off to go to work. #DAYS
Abby thinks she's being too judgmental about JJ. I'll bet Paige doesn't think she's being judgmental enough. #DAYS
Nicole is insulted Xander wanted her to be a "good sport." Nicole has been a "good sport" so many times she could compete with ESPN. #DAYS
Kayla wonders why Adrienne would cheat with Lucas. Kate tells her because Justin was cheating. In Salem, two wrongs make a right. #DAYS

Size Matters


Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Clyde: "What do lawyers know about cosmetics?" They're always involved in cover-ups. #Rimshot #DAYS
Be careful Daniel, I think Parker is playing with a marked deck. #DAYS
You may  not have noticed Xander is a really sloppy writer while you were staring at his pecs. #DAYS

Monday, June 01, 2015

Is Experience Overrated?



Paige: "I never want to talk to you again." 2 Seconds later: "Let's talk." 2 Seconds later: "I don't want to talk." #Bipolar #DAYS
Melanie: "Yes!" Brady: "No!" Melanie: "Yes!" Brady: "No!" Melanie: "Yes!" Brady: "No!" Deepest conversation they've ever had. #DAYS
After missing therapy with Sonny, Will promises to make it to the next counseling session, "No problem." Translation: Problem. #DAYS
Think it through, Melanie: If you ever come back, Theresa will leave anyway. So throw yourself off a building instead. #DAYS

Saint Adrienne and Saint Lucas


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