Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Operation Lead Balloon

The happy group finishes the pie. Sami questions EJ. This was the first apartment he looked at. He got a good vibe when he saw it. He heard a great jazz record playing when he first came in to look at it. Sami suddenly loves jazz. Lucas is skeptical about that. Sami gives EJ a tour of her CDs.

Lucas asks Carrie if Sami isn't just a little too interested in EJ. Carrie says, "With Sami, the thrill is in the pursuit. Now that she has her hooks into Austin she may not be interested any more." Sami suggests a night on the town.

Phillip and Belle cuddle on the couch. They laugh about listening for Claire even through she isn't there – Marlena is watching her. They want to make tonight extra special. He kisses her. Belle says, "Phillip, I know what you're trying to do and it's not going to work."

Shawn gets the family home – Mimi and the implant. He makes her sit down. She worries that the procedure might not work. "There is something I was gonna tell you," she says, "but the way you kiss me... I need a favor. Just say yes."

Max brings the brat flowers for luck. She doesn't think they will help much. She's pretty worried. He tries to get her to think positive. She says she can only do that if Bo convinces Hope to go easy on her. Max checks the weather report in hell, finds out there are no frost warnings, and figures he'd better think of something else.

Bo and Hope kiss at the grave. Hope can't do this. She starts to leave. Bo stops her, "You and I belong together. I know you feel that."

Shawn says, "Yes! What did I just agree to?"

"Getting the air conditioning fixed," says Mimi. Shawn says he has tried. Mimi suggests going out. He says he will fix something there. Mimi is restless and convinces him to go out. "Read my lips," says Mimi, "Lexie said it was OK."

Shawn says, "But we all know, if your lips are moving, you are lying." He suggests Chez Rouge. Mimi thinks that's a budget buster. She suggests a few other non-nutritious places. Shawn vetoes them. Mimi tells him eventually she will have cravings. No problem... he has filled the freezer with low fat ginger swirl ice cream.

Belle tells Phillip taking her out won't make her any happier about him being a racecar driver. They argue about Phillip's choice of careers. "This is important to me," says Phillip, "I want to prove nothing stops an amputee."

"You lost your leg, not your head," says Belle, "You could run the Salem marathon and win."

"That's already been done," says Phillip.

"What if you crash," she asks, "I can't handle that."

"That's not going to happen," he plays the 'Shawn' card, "Plus I will be part of Shawn's business. It will be just like the old days. Let me take you to dinner and we can talk."

"I'm down for the dinner part," says Belle, "But nothing will make me happy about this."

They hear Shawn and Mimi cavorting in the hallway. They check it out and Shawn tells them about the implant. Happy happy.

Max suggests taking the brat to dinner.

"What," she asks, "Like the condemned woman's last meal? My mom doesn't want me to go anywhere."

"I'll take you someplace nice."

"My God," she whines, "This is going to be like my last night of freedom."

Bo works on Hope, "There is an empty space inside me, besides the one in my head. I wish it would go away but I know it won't. I'll take the blame for everything – just please don't tell me we have to live apart all the Days Of Our Lives. Let's go get something to eat and talk. There is one thing I do know. Zack loved us. If he could whisper in your ear right now, he would say he wants Mommy and Daddy to be together."

Sami suggests places they could go. And guess where it's going to be. EJ goes to change.

Shawn, Mimi, Belle and Phillip arrive. Maggie will send over a bottle of non-alcoholic bubbly to celebrate. Mimi asks for a few moments alone with Belle. The guys go for beers. Belle says, "This will be one of the best times of your life."

Mimi asks, "Will you have the morning sickness for me."

"No," says Belle, "But I'll have the PPD." She says she has looked into her crystal ball and it said everything will go well for Mimi. She can borrow her maternity clothes. Mimi thanks Belle for being there for her. Clink.

The feckless foursome arrives with EJ. Sami tells Maggie he is their new neighbor. EJ looks over at Belle and Mimi. He asks if that is Belle Black Kiriakis. Sami wonders how he knows that. "I saw a photo once. You guys are half sisters aren't you? I saw her profile on a fundraising brochure. Why is it all of the beautiful women in Salem are taken?"

Austin interrupts, "I don't think there is an answer to that."

Sami introduces Mimi and Belle to EJ. Shawn and Phillip come up. More introductions.

EJ says, "One of my favorite opera characters is named Mimi. She was an outrageous flirt."

"What a coincidence," says Mimi, "I'm an outrageous liar."

Carrie asks Mimi about the pregnancy. They salute each other's pregnancy. EJ goes to the bar. The boys join him.

Lucas tells Shawn the turbo will make them a lot of money. Austin asks for time alone with Shawn.

EJ brings Sami her favorite drink.

Max asks if the brat is all right. "No not really," she says.

Max asks, "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing in particular," she drones, "I'm just trying to remember tonight. I may never get to see another night like this again. I may never even see you again."

"Of course you will," says Max, "Even if..."

"I go to jail," she says, "We might never be able to be alone together again. You will get married and I'll get old in jail.

Max says, "I'd do anything to make you feel better right now."

The brat asks, "Aannyytthhiinngg?"

Max says, "Name it."

The little snot says, "Get rid of Hope Brady."

Bo tells Hope Zack would want them to be together. Hope doesn't want him using their son as a tool to manipulate her. She kneels, "Hey sweetheart – I brought you some tulips. Remember the yellow tulips you helped me plant last fall. He was so excited to see them. The yellow ones are just starting to come up." Tears.

Bo begs, "Let me take care of you, Hope. Let's get out of here."

"OK," she agrees, "But I'm doing this for Zack."

Sami asks EJ how he likes Salem. "I like the view from this chair very much," he says, "I hope Austin knows how lucky he is."

Shawn says he has a verbal agreement with Titan. Austin wants a chance to pitch to him. Titan is a fat cat. Austin Reed & Co. is hungry. Translation: Titan has the money to bankroll Shawn. Austin is on a shoestring. Austin says, "I can reach YOUR demographic. And ree-tards have a lot of money these days. Before you sign with Titan, I want to be in the running." He asks for the opportunity to make a formal pitch. Sami walks up and agrees. Bad timing.

Shawn says, "No, I’m going to sign with Titan. I could never work with Sami."

Bo and Hope run into the bushes and change into their eveningwear. They arrive at Chez Rouge. Hope goes on but Maggie tells Bo she will put together a special romantic menu. Bo joins Hope and says, "You're not going to regret coming out with me tonight."

Speaking of regrets... Max and the brat walk in. Max chuckles, "I thought you were serious about getting rid of Hope."

"I saw my dad's car," she says, "Do you think he and Hope are here? OMG THEY ARE!" They argue about getting Bo and Billie together. The brat says, "Maybe I should just skip the trial and go straight to prison. What Hope wants, Hope gets."

Maggie delivers oysters. Bo reaches for Hope's hand. She yanks it away.

Phillip tells Lucas his brilliant racing idea.

Shawn says, "I could never work with Stan. I will never forgive you for what you did." EJ listens as Shawn walks away and Sami apologizes to Austin. Austin forgives her. Sami says, "Austin, I don't deserve you." EJ smirks.

Shawn sees Bo and Hope.

Mimi comes up and tells him that it's a good thing that they are together. Shawn says he doesn't trust Bo. He thinks he is trying to convince Hope to go easy on the brat. They go up to the table and give them the good news – Mimi has an implant.

"Just one," asks Hope, "I thought your breasts were the same size."

Shawn asks Bo what he is doing there with Hope. Mimi drags him away before he can cause any trouble.

Bo and Hope giggle about Shawn being a father. "I can remember changing his diapers," says Hope, "In fact, I still have to wash that last load." Bo tells her they will be very important in the baby's life.

"Don't push it," snorts Hope, "We're just here to talk."

Bo smiles, "As long as we're talking, things are good."

Austin says he won't give up. He asks Sami to give him some time alone to think and make some notes. Sami decides to walk home. She kisses him and leaves. EJ watches and takes off after her.

Mimi and Shawn decide to go home.

Belle stares into space. Phillip comes up kisses her and says she is jealous of Mimi. He knows Belle wants another baby. She agrees. Hugs.

Shawn Belle Phillip and Mimi leave.

Carrie goes to say goodnight to Austin, "I'm sorry we're on opposite sides, but business is business."

"I'm not giving up," says Austin.

"You never were a quitter," says Carrie, "So... are you and Sami OK?"

Austin assures her, "Oh, yeah, she just wanted to walk home, you know." Austin's phone rings. He says he has to go take it. He leaves.

Lucas comes up. Carrie wonders where EJ has gone. Lucas says, "No doubt he will find some beautiful woman to take him home."

Outside, Sami cries and watches Lucas and Carrie go by. EJ comes up to her and offers a hankie. "You shouldn't hang out with me," says Sami, "I ruin everything I touch. No one will let me change."

"I think you are hanging with the wrong people," says EJ, "Not many women look beautiful when they cry. I just want to see what you look like when you are happy. I hope I'll be seeing a lot of you, Sami."

Max suggests, "Rather than worrying about it, you should just go ask Hope what she is going to say at the trial." The brat takes his advice and goes in to talk to Hope.

Max looks over and sees Sami and EJ, "OMG! If he's in town, I'm a dead man!"

Bo says he will do anything to get hope back. The brat comes up behind them. FF Hope. Operation Lead Balloon begins.



Belle says, "Claire deserves to grow up with her own father." Phillip says, "And she will." Mimi says, "No, she won't."

Sami asks, "What's your real story, EJ, and how come you know so much about me?"

The brat tells Max, "I want to have at least one special memory of you and I together before they send me away. Make love to me."

Bo says, "I'll never give up on you." Hope says, "You have to."

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tears And Torment

Bonnie comes to the hospital to hover over Shawn and Mimi while they wait for the procedure, “I'm visiting the mother hen while she waits for her chick to hatch... incubate... whatever. I brought a few things for the little munchkin. HE is going to know his grandma loves him... or her.” Mimi reminds her they don't' even know if the procedure will work.

Shawn chimes in, “No negative thoughts, remember?”

Lexie comes into the room. “Unfortunately,” she says, “Mimi's right.”

Sami stammers. She and EJ introduce themselves. EJ's towel drops. Sami soaks it in as Austin comes out for an uncomfortable moment. He has fixed the shower and all is OK. Lucas and Carrie come out. Austin introduces them to the new naked neighbor.

Carrie asks, “Haven't we met before?”

Bo remembers Hope's words. “Go,” commandeth Hope, “Be ye with them. They are your family.”

He snaps out of it and says, “You are my family, Fancy Face. I only belong with you.”

Hope goes into the house and remembers telling him he can't compare his cavorting with Billie to hers with Patrick. Hope makes the rules.

Jennifer comes in. Hope tells her she is still in love with Bo, “But what good is it. It's not a love I can count on. It's too late. We'll never be together again.

Billie has selected an outfit for the brat to wear to court tomorrow. Big surprise, the little snot doesn't like it. She thinks it would make her look like she is going to a funeral. Billie tells her she has been sulking around since she talked to Frankie yesterday. She asks what's wrong. The brat remembers her conversation with Frankie. The brat don' wanna talk about it. She bumps into Patrick as she storms out.

“Whoa,” says Patrick, “Where's the fire?” The brat leaves.

“What are you doing here,” asks Billie.

Patrick reminds her, “I live here.”

John and Marlena return to the penthouse. Marlena thinks it feels good to be back there. She also thinks it was good to see everyone at Jennifer's. John goes to get tea... the official drink of Salem. Marlena remembers falling down the stairs. John rushes to the phone book to look up the number for 911... She remembers losing the baby and crying in agony, “There goes the record for being the oldest woman ever to give birth!

Roman interrupts, “Marlena, what's wrong.” They hug as John walks in with the tea service.

Lexie cautions Shawn and Mimi not to have those dreaded positive thoughts, “Don't forget,” she says, “There never has been a normal birth in the history of Salem. And the fertility drugs we used weren't as effective as we had hoped.” It's a possibility if Mimi doesn't get pregnant this time, she may not be able to in the future. Who'da thunk it?

EJ asks Carrie if she has been to London recently. “No,” says Carrie, “I have been to other places in Europe. I was in Israel for awhile.”

“Oh,” says the surprised EJ, “When did they move Israel to Europe?

Lucas and Carrie are coming back from the pub. Caroline whipped up one of her famous apple pies for them. They invite everyone over to have some. EJ goes to dress. Carrie swears she knows him from somewhere.

“He doesn't seem to think so,” snorts Lucas. Watch it, boy... you'll get that nose ring yanked.

They all go inside Sami's apartment. Lucas goes straight to the SDB file and picks it up. He asks Austin “What the hell do you think you are doing with this?”

John didn't realize they had company. Roman just had to rush over as soon as he heard the good news that Marlena was back. He says he came in and found Marlena crying. Marlena says she was crying because she remembered this was where she lost Roman's baby.

Jennifer encourages Hope not to give up on Bo. Hope insists it is time for her to move on. “Is this because of what happened between you and Patrick,” asks Jennifer.

Billie asks if this means Patrick is moving back in. “That's the plan,” says Patrick. He offers to have them share the rent again, but Billie says she will look for another place. “There is no hurry,” says Patrick. He hesitates, “Billie, I really don't want you to leave.” Billie wheels around.

Bo stops the brat as she rushes by with a suitcase. He asks what's up with that. She's going on the lam, “Don't try to stop me.”

Mimi asks for a moment alone with Shawn. Bonnie and Lexie leave. Mimi thinks maybe they shouldn't go ahead with this. Shawn tells her if they don't, they will always wonder what might have been. Mimi can't help but think of all the horrible things she has done. Think, yes... speak, no.

Mimi says, “I cannot help it, but God is going to punish me.”

Shawn says, “God does not punish people for making mistakes... the last I heard.” Shawn thinks she is stressed out and her judgment is clouded. That's because it originates in her brain.

Austin tells Lucas the SDB file is none of his business. Lucas wants to know if Austin is trying to get a little bit of the action on Shawn's turbo engine.

“What if I am?”

“You are wasting your time,” says Lucas, “Shawn has already made a deal with Victor.”

“I hear it's not a done-deal,” says Austin.

“Shawn is his grandson. It's pretty much done. I guess Titan's won another round, haven't we?” Sami comes out and interrupts the high-powered discussion.

EJ comes to the door and hones right in on the SDB file. Austin tells him it's just a business deal. “Yeah,” says EJ, “It's Shawn Brady's new turbo engine.” Everyone is eager to find out how EJ knows about that.

“I shoulda seen this one coming,” sneers John.

“Why,” asks Marlena.

It's a superspy thing,” says John, “You wouldn't understand.”

Marlena apologizes for losing the baby. Roman tells her not to blame herself. She isn't sure she can put it behind her.

Hope insists this situation has nothing to do with Patrick. “You were intimate with him,” says Jennifer.

“But I'm not in love with him,” says Hope.

So you're just a tramp,” asks Jennifer.

“He helped me through a difficult time. I do have feelings for him, but they are not love,” says Hope, “Not the kind of love Bo has for Billie.”

“What are you talking about,” asks Jennifer, “I just saw him. He's miserable.”

That's probably because I'm back,” says Hope, “That's not my problem.”

“That sounds so cold.”

Hope says, “If you think that sounds cold, try this: I didn't come back here for Bo. I came back to make sure his daughter goes to jail for killing my son.”

Bo tells the brat running away won't solve anything, “Your family will be there for you tomorrow. There will be someone else looking out for you tomorrow, too.”

“You mean Max?”

“No. I mean your little brother Zack,” says Bo, “And let's hope he does a lot better job for you than you did for him. He loved his big sister. And I'm going to tell that to the courtroom, OK?”

“OK,” she says, “And be sure to let me know how the trial goes. I'll be in Albuquerque.”

Patrick says he and Billie can “coexist.” He tells her, “There is a part of me that will love you for all the Days Of Our Lives, so do you want to give this living situation another shot or what?”

“I'll think about it,” says Billie.

Bo and the brat walk in and interrupt the tender moment. Bo grits his teeth, “What the hell?”

Mimi's procedure is over. Lexie gives her instructions and takes Shawn outside to talk. Bonnie tells her she is proud of her.

“I don't know what you have to be proud of,” says Mimi, “Without that abortion, Shawn and I wouldn't be going down this road.”

“Right,” says Bonnie, “You and Rex would be going down the road together. But the abortion was my fault. I told you to have it. With your genes and Shawn's, you will have the most beautiful baby in the world. Dumb as a rock, but beautiful.”

Mimi is distant. Bonnie asks what is wrong. Mimi says, “I was thinking about something you said. You once said all the Lockhart women are cursed. Did you really mean that?”

EJ says he read about the turbo thingie on Max Brady's blog. He's a big racing fan. Monte Carlo is practically his second home. He rubs shoulders with the jet-set but decided to move into a dumpy apartment as some sort of anthropological experiment. He came to Salem to set up a business. He thought Salem would be a saner choice than new York or LA.

Lucas beats Prevuze to the punch, “SANER? I don't know about that.”

Sami asks what kind of business he's planning on setting up. When he knows them better, he will tell them. She asks for personal details. He's single and planning on staying that way. Went to Oxford and has done some import/export work.

The boys go to fix the drinks. Sami takes Carrie aside and says, “HE IS SO HOT! I wish I had a girlfriend I could set him up with!”

“Who are you trying to kid,” asks Carrie, “You are so into him!”

Marlena can't move on until she comes to grips with loosing the child. She needs some time to recover. She wanted the baby. She and Roman talk about the time they were held captive in the castle. “We were so desperate to be with the people we loved,” says Marlena, “that we hopped into the sack together.” She wins the understatement of the year award when she says, “That pregnancy was not planned.” She thinks it proves that good things do come out of bad situations, though. John comforts her as she bawls and Roman watches.

Jennifer knows Bo hurt Hope, but she also knows Hope can find it in her heart to forgive him. They are interrupted by the doorbell. A delivery man stands there with flowers for Hope. Jennifer tells her they are from Bo and asks what the card says. “That he loves me,” says Hope.

“What are you going to do,” asks Jennifer.

“I know exactly what I am going to do,” says Hope.

Billie shoves Bo outside before he nukes. They argue about Patrick. Billie says she will move out after the trial. Bo can't have them live with him. He's living on the boat. Bo goes for a walk to clear his head. It will be a short walk.

Patrick tells the brat he really hopes everything works out for her. She thaws a bit and thanks him.

Lexie wants Shawn to keep Mimi calm, “If she experiences any medical problems, call Dr. Ross, because I am likely to do more harm than good.

Bonnie says, “If I said the Lockhart women are cursed, I was probably just ticked off at some dumb ass man. If there really was a curse, do you think you'd have reeled in a catch like Shawn Brady?”

Mimi says, “OMG. We really are cursed.”

The girls just go nuts about EJ. They are, of course, not the least bit interested in him.

The boys serve the drinks. They all toast new neighbors and new friends. Sami tastes her beer and asks, “How did you know I like lemonade in my beer?”

EJ says, “Just a lucky guess. Cheers.”

Marlena giggle-cries and apologizes for falling apart. John thinks she needs some sleep right now. Roman agrees and leaves. Marlena thanks John. John thanks Marlena. Thank-you-paloosa.

Roman stands outside looking like a lost puppy. He remembers Marlena telling him the baby was his.

Billie comes back inside and the brat goes to her room. Billie asks what they were talking about. Patrick tells her he was just wishing her luck, “I don't want anything bad to happen to you or your daughter. You have to know that by now.” He turns and leaves.


Hope visits Zack's grave. Tears and torment. She looks up as Bo approaches. He puts his arm around her. Hugs. Kisses. Fade.


Bo says, “Zack loved us. If he could whisper in your ear right now, he would say he wants Mommy and Daddy to be together.”

Max says, “I'd do anything to make you feel better right now.” The brat asks, “Anything?” Max says, “Name it.” The little snot says, “Get rid of Hope Brady.”

Carrie asks, “Are you and Sami OK?” Austin assures her, “Oh, yeah, she just wanted to walk home, you know.”

The great new actor EJ mumbles something inaudible to Sami.

Monday, May 29, 2006

New Improved Neighbor

Kate, Belle and Phillip are taking pictures of baby Claire. They get a good one, except for the sweat all over her forehead. Phillip mentions that's because they are roasting in there, since the air conditioning has gone out. Kate is proud of Phillip and the medals he got today. Phillip feels sorry for himself. Claire is going to have to explain when she gets older that her daddy is different. She will also have to explain that he only has one leg. Belle assures him Claire will grow up to be everything they want her to be. In Belle's case, a sniveling, whining self-centered moron. Phillip remembers all the things Heather Mills McCartney taught him before Paul dumped her like yesterday's garbage. “Besides,” he says, “I have a plan for my future. And it's pretty ambitions.”

“Good for you,” says Kate.

“I hope you still feel that way when I tell you what it is,” says Phillip.

Mimi asks Shawn when the air conditioning will be fixed. He says the super has ordered the part. She is broiling and wouldn't want to have to go through morning sickness like this. Then she reconsiders, “I take that back... I'd give anything to go through morning sickness no matter what.” She wants to go to the hospital for her procedure. Shawn thinks it's too early, but Mimi is anxious to get going. Then she goes into her screaming-Mimi what-if-it-doesn't-work act.

Sami and Austin speculate about who the new neighbor will be. A little slap and tickle ensues. Meanwhile, Mr. new neighbor signs his lease. The landlord welcomes him to Salem, “It's unlike any other city in the world.”

I've heard about the group insanity,” says our new friend, “But I had to move here anyway.”

The brat opens the door at Jennifer's house and there stands Hope. Hope remembers the brat begging her to believe her that Zack's death was an accident, and telling her Bo gave her permission to drive the car, “I knew it would be hard to come back to Salem, but I never realized it would be this hard.”

Belle is all ears to find out what Phillip's big plans are. He tells them about Shawn's invention. His dad is going to bankroll the invention, “So I'm going to ask Max to be his pit captain and his #2.”

“I know what a pit captain is,” says Kate, “But what's #2?”

I know what #2 is,” says Belle, “It's like when you're walking your dog and...”

Phillip interrupts, “No, honey, it means I'm going to drive. I”m going to be the first amputee to drive on the circuit. This is something I really want to do.” Belle ain't happy. And when Belle ain't happy... ain't nobody happy.

Phillip has written up a proposal. He goes to get it. After he leaves the room, Kate unloads on Belle, “This is all your fault.”

Austin is on the phone, “Let's get on it and ground-floor it.” He hangs up and tells Sami he just got a tip on a product her cousin Shawn designed. He goes to take a shower and then they will discuss it. Sami presses the issue, which leads to more grope and giggle. Mr. New neighbor listens outside the door.

Hope stands at the door at Jennifer's. The brat makes a feeble attempt to tell her she is sorry. Ice-Woman turns and walks away. “I knew it,” whines the brat, “She's never gonna forgive me. And why should she? I killed my own brother.”

Billie and Bo arrive. Oh, this is going to be a fun party.

Jennifer tries to calm Hope down. She tells her she will be OK. Hope tells Jennifer, “I won't be OK until the woman who killed my little boy is a plaything for the bitch-ho'z.”

The brat snivels, “I thought she was on Morgan Island. Now she's here and she will testify against me and make sure I get put away for the best years of my life.”

If these are the best years of your life, maybe you should be put away,” says Frankie.

“Could things get any worse,” asks the brat.

“Yes,” says Frankie, “As soon as Hope realizes it wasn't Bo who sent the email about the divorce.” The brat stares.

Shawn and Mimi smooch. It's not as good as the Sami-Austin stuff but, hey, they're married. Shawn offers Mimi a 'Popsicle' Mimi talks about having the kid and Shawn offers a toast. They clink their Popsicles and munch.

Belle wants to know how it is her fault Phillip wants to drive a racecar. Kate says, “Well, perhaps if you satisfied your husband's needs up in the bedroom, he wouldn't feel the need to prove his manhood by driving on the speedway.” Belle's mouth assumes its standard position – wide open. Belle assures Kate everything is fine with their marriage. Kate reminds Belle she was pining away for Shawn right up until he married Mimi. Belle asks how Kate knew that. “Because the only one you didn't tell was Phillip.”

Kate kind of softens as Belle assures her she isn't going to leave Phillip for Shawn. “You mean everything to Phillip – you and Claire.”

Belle says, “Claire... You need to kiss your grandma goodbye, BECAUSE SHE'S LEAVING.”

Phillip comes downstairs with his proposal. Belle gives him both barrels. She was so worried about him when he was at war, and now that he is back she doesn't want to lose him. He assures her he isn't going anywhere.

The doorbell rings and Austin answers it. The new neighbor introduces himself as EJ Wells. He comes in and asks to borrow a wrench to fix a leaky shower head. As Austin looks for it, EJ picks up a picture of Sami, “So, is this fetching creature your wife?”

“Fetching creature,” says Austin, “I like that. That's my fiancee, Sami Brady.” EJ raises his eyebrows, indicating he may be from the John Black School of Acting Methodology.

The brat tells Frankie Hope will never find out about the emails because she and Bo aren't talking to each other. Frankie insists they will work things out. She reminds him she is only following his advice as her attorney. Frankie says, “But if you step up to the plate and admit what you have done, they will forgive you. If you don't, things will get a lot worse and you know it.”

Bo wants to talk to Hope and work things out. He thanks Billie for being so understanding and goes off to find her. “Dammit,” says Billie, “Why do I keep sending him straight back into Hope's arms?”

Kate walks up behind her, “That's a good question,” she says.

Hope worries the jury will just give the brat a slap on the wrist, but agrees she has to move on with her life. Jennifer asks about Bo. Hope says, “I hate what has happened, but Bo and I are finished.”

Bo walks into the kitchen and says, “Hope, you know that's not true.” Hope stares.

Phillip insists he isn't going to do anything to get hurt, “Look, I joined the Marines to serve my country. But I also did it for the thrill. And since I'm married to you, I need some way to get a thrill. Belle wants him to do anything but race a car at 180 miles an hour. “Actually,” says Phillip, “It's more like 200. And there's something else I gotta tell you, too.”

Shawn asks if Mimi was serious when she talked about naming their son after Zack, if they have a boy. Of course she was. Shawn believes Zack is watching out for them. He believes God is going to bless them with a baby of their own.

Mimi remembers arguing with Bonnie about Claire, “I don't know, Shawn, maybe it's not meant to be."

Shawn says, "I don't understand."

Mimi says, "After what I have done I don't see how God could bless us with a child."

EJ tells Austin, “Your fiancee is beautiful. Thanks for the wrench.”

Just after EJ leaves, Sami rushes out dripping wet with an emergency. They need the wrench back. Their shower has blown and water is going everywhere. She runs across the hall to get the wrench back. EJ answers the door in a towel and Sami stands there putting on a private wet T-shirt contest.

Billie tells Kate she doesn't need her butting in and telling her to do the wrong thing again. Kate says trying to get Bo and Hope back together is an exercise in futility. Billie says, “It's time I stepped aside and let Bo and Hope find their way back to each other.”

“No,” says Kate, “You can't do that.”

Frankie insists Bo and Hope will figure things out, "Hope will show Bo the email. And then they will trace everything back to you."

Bo tells Hope they have to talk. Jennifer leaves. Hope tells him there is nothing left to talk about. Bo reaches out to her. Hope yanks her arm away, “Get your hands off of me, you liar! Your daughter was willing to let you and Billie throw everything away to save her own skin. Can't you see what little respect your daughter has for you?”

“After the accident, we were all in shock,” says Bo, “I made a terrible mistake. I was trying to take care of that and you at the same time.”

Hope reminds him he didn't tell her about the trial date being moved up when he showed up on Morgan Island. Bo insists he would have told her, but had to protect her from Lockhart.

“Instead of telling me,” says Hope, “you made this big pitch for me to forgive you, knowing if I did, maybe I'd be a little more lenient with your daughter. All you do is lie to me. But now I'm back in Salem and I need justice for my little boy.” She remembers discovering Bo and Billie in the motel room, “I don't even know you any more. How dare you compare what I did with Patrick to what you did with Billie. I only was with Patrick after I filed for the divorce. But you on the other hand... this isn't the first time you've 'slipped up' with Billie... or the second... or the third.”

But who's counting,” says Bo, “I didn't come here to argue. I came here to work things out.”

Hope says, "Are you kidding? How could you ever think we could get back together again, especially after the email you sent me?"

Phillip tells Belle he has decided to underwrite Max' racing team, “You and I have something Max and Shawn lack.”

Intelligence,” asks Belle.

No,” says Phillip, “I said you and I. We have money.”

Then how come we live in this dump with no air-conditioning,” asks Belle. Phillip walks off. Belle says, “I don't have a good feeling about this.”

Mimi tells Shawn God won't bless them because she had an abortion. He reminds her that God forgives. Mimi remembers her conversation with Father Jansen. Shawn assures her everything will work out. They are interrupted by a knock at the door. Phillip. He asks to talk to Shawn alone. Mimi goes over to obsess with Belle.

“I have a business proposition for you,” says Phillip, “One that we are both going to like.” Phillip lays it out for Shawn. Shawn says he will talk it over with Max. Phillip emphasizes his offer is 100% contingent on him driving, “I want to prove an amputee can live in the fast lane.”

He can also die in the fast lane,” says Shawn.

Mimi and Belle chit-chat. More chit than chat Mimi hopes things work out. Belle tries to encourage her. If things don't work out this time she and Shawn can keep trying until Phillip gets killed racing and Belle horns in.

Sami and EJ introduce themselves. She tells him she needs the wrench. He turns to go get it and his towel falls. “You are certainly an improvement over the last neighbor,” says Sami. Austin comes out. Sami snorts a little giggle and takes another look.


The brat tells Frankie, “I am sure Bo and Hope will talk, but I'm not saying anything about the email until after I'm exonerated.” Frankie asks if the Brat loves Bo.

“You know I do.”

“Actions speak louder than words,” says Frankie.

Not for the women in Salem,” says the brat, “Do you know how scared I am.”

“Whatever you decide to do, I will do my best to defend you. After that, I'll appeal. The clock is ticking. You need to start working your way out of this. The first order of business – give your dad and Hope their lives back.”

“I am sorry but I can't do that.”

Bo wants to know what Hope is talking about. They argue about emails until Hope declares the whole thing a waste of time. Bo wants to talk to a counselor or Marlena and work things out. Hope says it's too late. She storms out. Bo chases.

Kate works on Billie, “Why do you always play the loser in life? Bo is your soul mate. Don't let the spark die.”

Billie sees the brat storming out. She runs after her and asks what is wrong. The brat speeds off like a one-legged race driver. Frankie tells Billie he tried to talk to her but she didn't listen. “Now it's my turn,” says Billie. Kate says she is going home – she has had enough of this.

Jennifer comes down and goes into the kitchen to check on Bo and Hope. Like Mother Hubbard, she finds the kitchen empty.

Bo and Hope run into Billie and the brat. Billie and Chelsea leave when they see the lovebirds. “Go,” says Hope, “Be with them. They're your family now, Brady.” She leaves. FF Bo.


Mimi says, “I cannot help it, but God is going to punish me.” Shawn says, “God does not punish people for making mistakes.”

Hope kneels at Zack's grave. She cries in Bo's arms.

Patrick asks, “Do you want to give this situation another shot, or what?” Billie smiles, “I'll think about it.”

Sami asks, “How did you know I like lemonade in my beer?” EJ says, “Just a lucky guess.”

Friday, May 26, 2006


Drip, drip, drip. Jack asks the doctor how it looks.

Dr. Butler gives Jack the lowdown, "It's gonna take time to recover. Your immune system needs time to repair itself. I don't know if it will work, but barring other complications you will go home to your wife and family a cured man, and you will know this was all worth it."

Jack drones, "If I have a wife and family to go home to." He isn't feeling sorry for himself, though.

Jennifer and Frankie welcome OMB and Caroline to their Memorial Day party. Memorial Day is the holiday where we gather to remember the days when DOOL had halfway intelligent characters and plots that had some semblance of intelligence. Alas, those days are long past. We go through a bunch of idle chatter which is, however, more meaningful than most dialogue on DOOL.

Maggie says there would have been strawberry pie, but Mickey got his hands on it and it's gone. Alice says, "That doesn't surprise me. I caught Mickey with his hands in the cookie jar many times as a kid. And now, since he is a lawyer, things haven't changed. We establish the fact that Mickey isn't there because he's dropping off a Horton foundation check over at General Hospital.

Alice and OMB think it's wonderful Frankie and Jennifer Rose being engaged. They ask if the lovebirds have set a date. No, but there is no point in waiting.

Phillip, Belle and Claire arrive. Phillip marched in the parade and received honors. OMB gives a tribute to veterans and then we have a moment of silence. Blessed relief, actually.

John tells Marlena how wonderful it is to have her back. Marlena hitches. She isn't sure she wants go into the party.

The brat watches a race. Billie tells her they need to go to the party. The brat don' wan' no stinkin' party. Billie puts her foot down. "It doesn't make any difference," says the little snot, "Hope is with Dad and they will probably make up and I will go to jail and you will lose the only man you ever loved."

Bo comes to the door. He tells Billie Hope didn't come back with him. The brat smirks.

Hope arrives back at her home with Patrick. Zack's things are gone. Despair and hugs. Shawn and Mimi come in. Hope says, "Shawn, baby... I've missed you so much."

Shawn hugs Hope, "I'm glad you're home."

Hope says, "This isn't my home. Not anymore."

Bo says things didn't go well with Hope, but the brat doesn't have to look so happy about it. She insists she's not. She wants to see him happy, but Hope wants her to pay. Bo understands how Hope feels. The brat accuses him of taking Hope's side. She asks if they talked about when Hope first asked him for the divorce.

"Why would you ask that," asks Bo.

The brat flashes back to her evil deeds. She says, "I just wondered if there was some sort of miscommunication."

Bo tells them things are worse than when he first went down there. He found Hope kissing Lockhart, "She doesn't want anything to do with me."

Hope says, "Family is what makes a home. Zack is gone and your dad and I are getting a divorce."

"You still have me," says Shawn.

"No fair piling on," says Hope, "Besides, you got married without me."

Shawn makes excuses. Hope congratulates Mimi.

"It was a beautiful ceremony," says Shawn, "Except for the barroom brawl and the tasteless public display of affection by Bo and Billie outside." Hope flashes back to reading about the wedding.

Shawn drops the baby bomb. Hope is thrilled.

Hope asks Mimi, "When are you due?"

Mimi says, "I'm not pregnant yet, but I'm hoping I will be by tomorrow." Hope is confused.

Dr. butler says, "I know you're in pain, but I am a pain specialist. I have hundreds of DOOL viewers who are my patients. I know you're not thinking clearly, either. I consider that a sign that you are getting back to normal. Your wife will be happy to see you back."

Jack says, "She would have been if I hadn't arranged for her to find true love with somebody else."

MAX WINS THE RACE! The crowd at Jennifer's cheers. Sullen Salem Slut Abby comes downstairs and remembers making burgers with Jack. He wouldn't give her the secret Devereaux recipe because she wouldn't need it unless he wasn't around. They ask the Sulking Slut of Salem to help fix the burgers. She is the only one with the recipe. Abby throws a fit. She reminds Jennifer today isn't just Memorial Day. It is their anniversary, "How could you just forget the day you married dad?"

John tries to convince Marlena to go inside. Marlena says she hasn't been there for her family like she should have been. John insists things weren't her fault "They can't blame you for your behavior."

Lexie walks up and says, "If anyone is to blame, it's me."

Dr. Butler orders Jack to get some rest. Jack asks what day it is.

"Memorial day," says Dr. Butler.

"It can't be," says Jack, "You're not on the golf course. But if it is, I'd like a burger and beer."

"Not today," says Dr. Butler, "But I can see you have fond memories." Jack talks about the Devereaux burgers. And today would have been his wedding anniversary. Of course, since Memorial Day is on a different date every year... Oh, let's not nitpick.

"It still is, Jack," says the doc, "You are still married."

Jennifer yells at Abby, "How could you say such a thing?"

Frankie steps in to defend Jennifer, "Your mom realizes today is their anniversary. She was in tears all night."

Abby takes the opening and skewers him, "Yeah, and you would know because you share her bed!" Like most lawyers, Frankie just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.

Alice tells Abby, "Your mother loved Jack very much but we can't spend all the Days Of Our Lives in mourning." Maggie talks about those we have lost, "Those who have died and not yet returned as well as those who have gone to other soap operas."

Abby knows this is what Jack wanted, but she misses him. She's sorry. I guess that makes her the Sorry Sullen Salem Slut. Frankie and Caroline leave to work on the Brady burgers. Abby stops them. She will help. This is what Jack would have wanted.

Jennifer asks Alice if all teens are this difficult.

Alice can't believe it, "Are you forgetting Tom and I raised you? Compared to you, Abby is an absolute angel."

Lexie reminds John and Marlena she is the one who recommended Alex.

"You didn't know he was a lunatic," says John.

"I should have," says Lexie, "Since everyone else on this show is."

Abe announces the charges against John for Lois' death have been dropped. Flashback to Alex bribing Lexie. Lexie says she is glad that monster is dead. Abe says they haven't found the body. Marlena panics, "Is it possible he isn't dead. He'll just come after us all over again."

"Preposterous," snorts John, "How could someone come back from the dead? "

Billie tells Chelsea to stop asking Bo about Hope. She sends the brat to the party so she can ask Bo about Hope.

Bo says, "Lockhart turned out to be some sort of a hero on the island. John came down to save Marlena. Lockhart was working with the police. I don't trust that SOB. But at least Marlena and John are together again."

"At least someone got a happy ending," says Billie.

"Yeah," says Bo, "Unlike Hope and me. According to her we're finished."

Bonnie comes in wearing a Betsy Ross outfit. She asks Hope, "How does it feel to know your son is going to be a daddy? OMG! Speaking of sons..." Big reunion with Patrick.

Mimi and Shawn 'splain IVF. Everyone is soooo happy the egg got fertilized.

"The hospital has been wonderful," says Mimi, "They even named the baby for us – Zygote."

Shawn tells Hope about meeting the bartender and learning about IVF.

Bonnie hauls Patrick into the kitchen and asks about him and Hope. Patrick insists he met Hope by coincidence at his bungalow on Morgan Island.

"You never told me about a bungalow on Morgan Island," says Bonnie. Then she imagines the possibilities with Patrick and Hope.

John assures Marlena Alex will not be coming back, "Right now he's probably giving some poor shark indigestion." Marlena agrees to go inside. John assures her things will be all right.

Inside, Belle greets them, "Where is Alex?"

"No longer a problem," snarls Mr. Macho, "Your mom is back with us for good." Tears of joy. Phillip comes in and joins the reunion. They re-introduce Claire to Marlena. Phillip makes the handoff to Marlena. Claire ain't happy. John says, "I need a beer. Unless, of course, you have anything stronger."

Belle assures Marlena she is happy and tells her about Shawn and Mimi's IVF thing, "Claire has brought Phillip and I so much closer together. Everything is wonderful, especially now that you are back."

Doorbell. Brat. She tells Abby she's in a party mood because things didn't go well with Bo and Hope. She wants to go out with Abby. Frankie comes out and says he doesn't think that is a good idea. Jennifer chimes in, "You don't need to be going anywhere after appearing in Sluts of Salem. Can you imagine if your father had seen those pictures of you?"

"Well, he didn't," says Abby, "And he never will. I'd appreciate it if you didn't use Dad's memory to try and manipulate me into staying in your house and having no life."

Dr. Butler tells Jack to get some rest. He leaves. Jack contemplates his hand, and remembers grilling it while talking to Frankie. He looks at the locket, "That's how it all started. Next thing I knew I was dying and pushing them back together again. What right do I have to just pop in there and tell him to go away? Can I really do that to Jennifer?"

Patrick tells Bonnie he wasn't there to take advantage of any opportunity. Bonnie pries, "You became more than just her friend."

"Yeah," says Patrick, "Something happened, but not the way you think."

Bonnie is ecstatic, "I knew it! I'm so happy for you. How perfect is this? Mimi gets hitched to a Brady-Horton with Kiriakis dough, and meanwhile you hook yourself up with yet another Horton due to come into big bucks! This is like a dream come true."

Patrick insists it's not like that, "Besides... Hope and Bo will probably work things out."

Hope says she had Zack's things given to the foundation. Bonnie comes out and suggests they all go to Jennifer's. Hope isn't ready for a party. Shawn insists she go. Hope agrees. Max goes dressed as Uncle Sam. Max the dog is in some kind of costume, too. Hope hangs behind and hugs a picture.

Bo tells Billie about talking with Hope on the island. He didn't tell Hope about the trial date right away, "I tried to tell her we had more important things to talk about. So I didn't fly home with her on John's jet."

Billie gasps, "You mean she's here?"

Bo says, "She's here and just itching to testify at Chelsea's trial."


Jack vows, "I do want to live. I hope that I'm cured. But as much as I love Jennifer can I really ask her or expect her to give up Frankie after I pushed them together? She still thinks I'm dead. Maybe it's better if I stay that way."

Jennifer insists she isn't using Jack to manipulate Abby.

"He would want me to be happy," says Abby.

"He would want your mother to be happy, too," says Frankie.

Maggie takes Claire upstairs. John thanks Phillip for taking care of Belle. Phillip is glad John and Marlena are back together.

"I hope we are," says John.

Belle tells Marlena she is happy she is back with John. Marlena is distant, "I remembered what caused my amnesia. I lost a baby. Roman's baby."

"What are you saying," asks Belle.

Marlena says, "When I realized how complicated my past was, not to mention how checkered it was, I realized how complicated my future would be."

Bo and Billie suddenly realize Chelsea is on the way to Jennifer's house and so is Hope. They bolt like dogs hearing the dinner bell.

Abby and the brat plot to get away. Doorbell. Hope... Child killer... Uh-Oh. FF.


Mimi says, "Maybe it's not meant to be." Shawn says, "I don't understand." Mimi says, "After what I have done I don't see how God could bless us with a child."

A half naked guy stands at Sami's door, "I'm EJ." Sami says, "I'm Sami." Half naked Austin watches. Sami snorts a little laugh.

Frankie tells the brat, "Hope will show Bo the email. And then they will trace everything back to you."

Hope says, "How could you ever think we could get back together again, especially after the email you sent me?"

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Slut To Slut

Mimi and Shawn are at the hospital to see how the fertilization went. Lexie smiles and says, "We should know pretty soon." Mimi rambles about all the things that could go wrong. "There is no reason not to stay positive," says Lexie.

"Even with you as my doctor," asks Mimi. Lexie tells them she will check back with them in a while. She goes into her office. Shawn and Mimi hug.

Lexie thanks Abe for coming. She tells him she's thinking about having another child. Abe points out it was hard enough to have Theo, and that was before his problem. Lexie thinks there may be a way to deal with his ED.

Sami and Austin are at Chez Rouge. Austin talks about the honeymoon. Sami is distant. She's still thinking about karma and things catching up with her. Austin tries to reassure her. He vows to do something to put her in a better mood as he leaves the table and tells her to think good thoughts. Sami says, "Austin you don't know all the things I've done."

Jennifer asks Abby what she means about wanting to have a baby. They argue about who gets to run Abby's life. Abby brings up a good point: Jennifer wants Abby to do one thing while Jennifer does another. Frankie walks in and asks what's wrong. "I just wish Jack were here," says Jennifer, "He would know how to handle this."

Jack asks the doctor if the procedure is working. The Doc says it's too early to tell.

John and Marlena talk about going back to Salem. "I can't wait to get back to our friends, our family, the idiocy," says Marlena. Marlena hopes Bo and Hope can get back together too. Nothing can stand in the way of true love.

Bo works on Hope. Nothing has been stronger than their love. Hope loves him too. "Then we can make it through this," says Bo.

Abe says, "I'm trying to come to terms with who I am now and what I can never do again. It doesn't do any good for you to get my hopes up. I know you helping Shawn and Mimi with this IVF process has reminded you how much you want another child. I want another child too. And Theo thinks the only thing he wants for his birthday is a brother or sister. But I can't give you another baby and I can't meet your sexual needs."

Lexie flashes back to hot times with Tek. She tells him he chooses not to meet her needs, "Sex isn't one specific act."

Abe says men are raised to believe their masculinity is tied to their ability to perform, "If you would have had a mastectomy because of your cancer scare, you wouldn't be any less desirable to me, but would that make a difference to you?" Lexie gets the point. Abe suggests a quiet romantic dinner. Lexie agrees. She goes to check on Shawn and Mimi.

Outside, Lexie phones Helen and asks about Mimi.

Mimi is nervous. Lexie comes out all smiles. Helen will let them know as soon as she hears. Mimi says, "We should have waited at home like normal people."

"We're not normal," says Shawn, beating Prevuze to the punch. He has an idea what they can do while they wait.

Jack says he already had things worked out, "What if Jennifer has already moved on?" The doctor suggests calling her to find out. He drops the phone on Jack's chest. Jack grimaces in pain, "Ouch! There goes the spleen again." Jack contemplates making the call.

Jennifer says, "But Jack isn't coming back, and now I have to figure out what to do with Abby on my own."

"I'm here to help," says Frankie."

"I can't believe the way she is acting," says Jennifer. They discuss her appearance on 'Sluts of Salem,' and Chelsea's predicament. "At least she has a great lawyer," says Jennifer.

"Did she fire me," asks Frankie, "Besides, she doesn't need a lawyer, she needs a miracle."

Frankie tells Jennifer Bo went to see Hope. If they get back together, Chelsea will probably go to jail.

Hope says, "I want to work things out." She pulls away, "But your daughter killed our son. You lied about it and covered up for her."

Bo insists it was an accident. The brat's future is on the line. Hope says because of the brat, their son has no future. Bo tells her, "When a family goes through something like this, they need each other, but you disappeared. And then asked me for a divorce. I never thought I would lose you."

"That's not what you said," says Hope.

"What are you talking about," says Bo, "Didn't you get my email?"

Sami looks at her flaming dessert. It makes her feel better. She thinks it's too decadent. Austin says that's where confessions and treadmills come in. Sami remembers her confession.

Lexie and Abe walk in. Sami sees them and says she may have just gotten a sign from God.

Lexie sees Sami. She tells Abe she thinks they should go somewhere else. "How can we," says Abe, "This is the only restaurant in town."

Mimi and Shawn look at all the babies in the nursery. She imagines holding a baby of her own. In her fantasy, Shawn brings Mimi and the kid ball caps. Mimi can't believe she's a mother. "You are," says Shawn, "And we'll be a family for all the Days Of Our Lives." He wheels her out.

Mimi snaps out of it and says, "It's really gonna happen, isn't it?"

"Of course," Shawn promises.

The nurse comes up to them and tells them Dr. Ross has some news for them. Oh, the anticipation!

Abby computes. She sees her picture on the 'Sluts of Salem' site. Jennifer knocks. Abby hesitates, but opens the door before Jennifer breaks it down. "We have to talk," says Jennifer.

Abby asks, "Mother to daughter, or slut to slut?" Abby tells her she just wants to be left alone. Jennifer leaves and goes downstairs. Frankie tells her Abby knows she cares. She's a good kid. He proposes a toast. Jennifer isn't in a festive mood. She picks up her phone to call Hope.

Bo wants to know why Hope thought he wanted a divorce. Hope says, "You were protecting Billie and Chelsea." He says he can't turn back time. He tells her it seems like their problems have been too great and maybe they should just face the inevitable, but what is inevitable to him is their marriage.

Hope's phone interrupts. Bo begs her to trust him. She goes off to take the call. John comes up and asks how it's going. He asks Bo if he told Hope about the trial date changing. The dimwit insists he will tell her. Too late. Hope announces the call was Jennifer and explodes, "When were you going to tell me the trial date was moved up? How dare you stand here and say you love me... that we should trust each other and once again you're lying to me and keeping secrets." She gives him a shove.


Abe suggests switching seats so Lexie can't see Sami. Lexie excuses herself. Sami sees Lexie leave and makes a beeline to the rest room. She tells Lexie they need to talk. Lexie tells Sami she heard she manipulated Austin into proposing. Sami apologizes for putting Lexie in an awkward position. She's worried about Lexie and her cancer. Lexie insists she doesn't have it. Sami tells her to get retested.

Lexie asks, "And you are saying this because..."

Sami remembers her conversation with Alex. Sami says, "I just think you should get retested, Lexie."

Lexie says, "And I know why. OMG, Sami!"

Mimi doesn't want to let Shawn down. Dr. Ross comes in. Mimi asks, "Is the egg OK?"

"It's no longer an egg," says Dr. Ross. Shawn and Mimi fall apart. Shawn comforts Mimi and promises they will keep trying.

Jack agonizes. He has to make sure he is cured before going home. He has to trust he won't be too late. He imagines arriving home. Jennifer comes downstairs and sees him. "Back from the dead again," she says, "I wish you'd remember to bring the trash cans back from the curb whenever you return from the dead." He explains the cure, but senses something is wrong. He asks if she and Frankie are together.

Fade to Jennifer staring out the window. Frankie asks how Hope is doing. Jennifer says she and Bo have a lot to work through, just like her and Abby. Jennifer calls herself a hypocrite.

Frankie says, "A little hypocrisy never hurt anyone. If you want to postpone the wedding it's OK."

Hope lectures Bo. She thinks he didn't want her to know the date had been moved. "You told me how much you love me and how we belong together," says Hope, "You are a hypocrite. Once again you have chosen Billie and Chelsea."

"I was going to tell you," whines Bo, "But we had more important things to talk about."

Hope nukes, "NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THAT! Why didn't you tell me? You didn't want me to know!"

Bo admits, "When I first found out, I didn't. I wanted to protect my daughter."

Lexie thinks Sami wants her to be retested because she wants her to have cancer. Sami insists that's not the case. She asks if Lexie still has the lump. Lexie tells her lumps don't go away overnight. Sami begs her to be retested. Lexie walks away.

Austin comes up and asks what's going on.

Mimi is distraught. Dr. Ross explains the egg is now a pre-embryo. She shows them on the computer. Mimi says to Shawn, "Look, our baby." Kiss.

Shawn wants to know when they can implant. Dr. Ross says the mass has to reach about 100 cells before they can do that. She leaves. Mimi giggles, "We finally have a real chance at having our baby."

Sami insists nothing was going on between her and Lexie. She wanted her to be retested but Lexie wouldn't listen.

Austin says, "She's a doctor... she should know."

"She's a bad doctor," says Sami. Dang! Prevuze gets aced out of a good zinger again. "Don't you know about all the bad diagnoses she's made? I just want her to be retested, that's all."

"This is the Sami I love," says Austin, "The loving and caring Sami. I'm proud you're going to be my wife."

I think Salem is in another dimension. Not too different from THE TWILIGHT ZONE, so all this stuff is very normal. - Austin Peck

Lexie huffs. Abe wants to know what's wrong. She tells him about the conversation with Sami. She doesn’t want to talk about it. Abe thinks marriage will be good for Sami. Lexie insists Sami will lose Austin, "She'll screw this up like she does everything else."

Jacks' fantasy continues. Jennifer tells him she waited for him. He is the only man she could ever love. Kiss. Fade to Jack's machines. He thinks it could be that way if he just believes.

Jennifer doesn't want to postpone the wedding, if Frankie will have her. He says he has been wanting to marry her since they were teens. Abby comes down as they kiss.

John suggests checking out and going back home. That sounds wonderful to Marlena. They walk off into the woods.

Hope tells Bo it's over. He insists they can make it through this. Hope says no. She tells Bo to go home. He and Billie will need each other when the brat's trial starts. She vows to go back and see that Chelsea is put away for as long as the law allows, "We will never ever be together again." FF HoBo.


Abby tells Jennifer, "I'd appreciate it if you didn't use Dad's memory to try and manipulate me into staying in your house and having no life."

John tells Marlena, "They can't blame you for your behavior."

Lexie says, "If anyone is to blame, it's me."

Shawn hugs Hope, "I'm glad you're home." Hope says, "This isn't my home. Not anymore."

Bo tells Billie, "She's here and just itching to testify at Chelsea's trial."

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Shawn works on Belle's car, "I think I see your problem. And I see what's wrong with your car, too.

"Is it bad?"

"I can fix it," says Shawn, "Are you sure you want to hang out?"

"Yeah," says Belle, "I can hand you tools."

"OK," says Shawn, "I'll take a ratchet." Belle's eyes glaze over. Shawn gives her a few hints, "Stainless steel... about this long..."

"Oh, yeah a ratchet." She hands it to him.

Belle thinks of the time she helped him fix his bike. Now they are adults, using the term loosely. Belle thinks it's a miracle what Mimi is going through. Shawn always wanted to have a baby with the woman he loved. Mimi walks in and overhears.

Jennifer stammers around about being engaged, "You knew Frankie and I were getting closer."

Abby about has a stroke, "CLOSER? Yeah. Like finding him in bed with you. You couldn't even wait one year after Dad died. So much for grieving. I am disgusted and embarrassed by this. If you go through with this I'm moving out!"

The brat rants about Bo and Billie getting back together, "I was so close to keeping them apart!"

That got Billie's attention, "WHAT?"

The brat backpedals, "I mean... at the motel."

"It sounds like you've done something since then," says Billie, "What did you do? Tell me right now!"

Marlena feels like she's lost so much time. John says the bottom line is she has her memory back and Alex is dead. He assures her she is safe. Hugs. John says, "I'm gonna hold you like this for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Patrick and Hope kiss as you-know-who comes up. Bo goes ballistic, "Lockhart, get the hell off of my wife!"

Billie presses. The brat remembers the emails. She claims what she's done is to pray that Bo and Hope's marriage would fall apart, "If wanting your parents together is a sin, I guess I'm a sinner. My prayers were almost answered. Now Hope's coming back and I will be sent to prison. If they get back together it's over for me. Hope's gonna get her claws into Bo for good this time, and you're never gonna be with him again."

Hope tells Bo to cool his jets. She explains what Patrick was doing. Patrick saved everyone. Bo shakes his head.

John asks Marlena to promise she will never leave him again. He can live without her, but there is an emptiness. He still loves her. Likewise. Blah, blah, blah. Marlena wishes Hope and Bo could get back together.

Bo insists Patrick is a dangerous killer. Hope could be his next victim. Patrick can prove he wasn't in Chicago when the crime was committed. Bo wants to know how Patrick knows what crime he's talking about. Bo asks if Patrick has ever been married, stuck by a woman in sickness and health. Patrick says no. Bo tells Patrick he had a good marriage until Patrick stuck his nose in. Bo begs Hope – He doesn't want to throw their marriage away. Hope stares.

Mimi listens as Shawn and Belle jabber. Shawn thinks Mimi will be a great mom, but he wishes he hadn't told her he wanted a boy. He wouldn't mind having a daughter, but thinks he would be overprotective.

Belle remembers dating him, "I had the best boyfriend a girl could ever have."

Shawn asks, "Did I know him?"

"Very funny," says Belle, "Losing you is the biggest regret of my life."

Mimi huffs.

Jennifer lectures Abby. She won't let her move out. Frankie gets a call and goes into the next room to take it. Abby asks what if Jack comes back. Jennifer insists that will not happen. She hopes Abby doesn't move out. She has loved Frankie for more than half he life.

Abby goes for the jugular, "Even when you were with Dad?"

"That's not what this is about," says Jennifer.

Abby keeps it up, "I have a father. I don't need another one." She storms out.

Frankie tells Jennifer the call was about a website. He goes to the computer and looks at the Sluts of Salem blog. He headline says, "Child Killer Kisses Victim's Uncle."

Abby decides this is worth coming back to see.

"This doesn't help the case," says Frankie. He leaves to go tell Billie and Chelsea the good news.

Abby stares at the computer and drops her jaw as she sees a picture of her and Josh kissing on the Sluts of Salem blog. Kissing... what is this world coming to?

Billie surfs to the Sluts site. "Why does this keep happening to me," asks the brat.

Billie goes berserk. This doesn't help her defense. The brat thinks there is no point because she will go to jail anyway. Billie tells Frankie Bo is on his way down to the island to bring Hope back. Frankie takes the brat aside and warns her Bo and Hope may now find out she sabotaged their marriage, "Your dad won't defend you then."

Marlena and John join Bo and Hope. Bo and John go off to talk. Marlena advises Hope to forgive Bo. She can't... all Bo can think about now is his new family. Hope goes off to talk to Patrick. Patrick insists she belongs with Bo. Hope thinks it was a huge mistake to call Bo. She's sorry she mistrusted Patrick.

Bo tells John about the trial date change. Hope doesn't know about it yet. Bo thinks he has an obligation to the brat, but Hope wants to send her to prison, "Hope has moved on with Lockhart. But I need her." John tells Bo he has to be straight with Hope... He can't lie.

Hope comes up and, of course, overhears. "What are you lying about now," she asks.

Bo says, "There's something I gotta tell you, Fancy Face, it's part of the reason I'm here."

Mimi continues to listen as Belle and Shawn talk about what would have happened if they had stayed together. Shawn doesn't blame his mom for wanting a divorce but it still hurts. At least he and Belle agree about divorce. Shawn is glad he and Mimi have a strong relationship. He says he could trust her with his life. Mimi stares.

Abby and Jennifer argue about the website. Abby tells Jennifer, "Don't act like I'm doing something wrong after I caught you in bed with Frankie!"

Billie lectures. The brat is grounded! Billie says she has to take some responsibility for her actions. The brat storms out. Billie tells Frankie Chelsea is her own worst enemy, which is the same thing Billie's mom said about her. Frankie tells her if Hope testifies, the brat will probably do time. Billie bawls. Chelsea listens.

The group goes off to give Bo and Hope some privacy. Bo tells her he never meant to lie. Things have changed. They can't go back. But the one thing that hasn't changed is his love for her. He wants to know if she loves him and wants to work things out. Hope stares.

Abby calls Jennifer a hypocrite. Jennifer insists she loved Jack with all her heart and soul. Abby strikes a low blow, "If I had a camera I would have taken a picture of you and your stud muffin and posted it on that blog."

Jennifer says, "You owe it to yourself to behave like a lady."

"Like you did," says Abby, "I heard how wild you were as a kid. It's time for me to start getting some experience with the opposite sex."

Jennifer asks, "And just how far are you planning to go?"

Shawn and Belle ramble on. Shawn thinks he's so lucky to be with Mimi. He's glad Belle stayed the course with Phillip. Belle says she still loves Shawn, but she also loves Phillip. She thinks she can love two people at once. But she is committed to her marriage and Claire. If she had it to do over again she would have waited for Shawn, "Love is a complicated thing."

Mimi remembers Bonnie telling her about the barn scene.

Belle promises not to go on and on. Too late. "I was a virgin when I started dating Phillip and I regret not having that kind of thing with you – Not having your child."

Mimi reacts. She tips over a pile of tires. Busted.

"How long have you been standing there," asks Shawn.

Mimi claims she just got there. Shawn thinks she's acting strange. She says she is just psyched about motherhood, but remembers father Jansen's ominous words – that their marriage is null and void. She tells Shawn she's nervous about the IVF thing. Shawn suggests they call the hospital for the test results.

Abby wants to know what it's like to be with a man, "I wanna have sex, just like you do. You know, it's kind of like... monkey see, monkey do, monkey sex. And maybe I'll have a baby. I'd be a much better mom than you are." She storms out.

Chelsea thinks things aren't going well. She's going to jail and her mom will end up alone.

Frankie asks if Billie is OK. "No," says Billie, "Chelsea my be a pain in the butt, but she doesn't deserve to go to jail. She won't learn compassion behind bars. She will come out with no hope and no future. Then there is the little matter about how much I love Bo. I keep doing the same thing over and over. He will go back to Hope and I will be alone... again."

Patrick decides to leave. He's going back to the hotel to check out. He just wants Hope to be happy. After Patrick goes, John tells Marlena he agrees. He's all for Bo and Hope getting back together. Marlena thanks him for not giving up on her. Hugs.


John says, "If Bo and Hope are gonna make a go of it, he has to come clean to her."

Bo tells Hope he treasures their relationship. He's nothing without her. He asks her forgiveness. He wants her to let go of her anger toward the brat, "All I'm asking is a chance... for us... a chance for what we meant to each other and can still mean to each other." FF Hope.


Mimi says to Shawn, "Look, our baby." Kiss.

Frankie tells Jennifer, "If you want to postpone the wedding it's OK."

Sami says, "I just think you should get retested, Lexie." Lexie says, "And I know why. OMG, Sami!"

Hope unloads on Bo, "How dare you stand here and say you love me... that we should trust each other and once again you're lying to me and keeping secrets." She gives him a shove.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sluts Of Salem

Caution: Some readers may find the content in this episode objectionable. The following material contains actual plot movement. Proceed at your own risk.

Mimi remembers her conversation with Father Jansen and then says, "I may not be married in the eyes of the church, but I'm still married and father Jansen can't tell Shawn because he's sworn to secrecy... Who am I kidding? I have to tell Shawn."

Meanwhile, in the confessional, Sami unloads on Father Jansen, "What do you mean I could lose everything? You mean I could lose Austin? After I worked so hard to get him? You don't understand."

Father Jansen asks, "What exactly did you do?"

Sami flashes back to her multitude of sins with Lexie and Alex, "Father I think it would be best if I didn't tell you the details."

"Then I can't help you," sighs Father Jansen, disappointed and deprived of yet another juicy confession.

Frankie and Jennifer kiss. Jennifer thanks him for being patient and loving her.

Frankie says, "I promise we will spend all the Days Of Our Lives together."

Delirious Jack lies in his hospital bed, "I'd do anything to see you right now, but I'm so glad you don't have to see me like this." The doctor comes in and asks how he is feeling. "About as bad as possible," says Jack, "Why don't you go tend to someone who you can help?"

"I think I can help you," says Dr. Butler.

"What are you talking about," says Jack, "Euthanasia?"

"No," says Dr. Butler, "Yet another capricious script change. I think I can save your life."

Josh and Abby are out on the town. Josh says, "I was thinking maybe we could take out relationship to the next level."

Max has taken the brat out for a night of dancing to take her mind off the trial. The selfless little scum begs him to fire Shawn.

Billie comes in with a load of groceries. Her phone rings. It's Bo calling from a jet. He says, "Hope called. She's in danger from Lockhart. I'm going down there."

Hope yells for John. She stops and looks at the legendary flower, "How could I have been so wrong?" Marlena's screams bring her out of her trance. John and Alex struggle as Marlena blithers around like a little girl. Alex gets the gun and grabs Marlena, pointing it to her head.

Sami says she was hoping there was something father could do to help. "You would have to make amends," says Father Jansen, "I can't absolve you without knowing what your sins were."

Sami says, "I'll just have to take my chances with karma." She huffs out of the confessional and finds Mimi in the sanctuary. Mimi tells her to get lost. Sami asks what's wrong. Mimi says, "Sami, I don't like you. Why do you even care?"

Sami says, "Clearly you have some big, juicy secret. Maybe we could help each other. Come on, spill."

Bo tells Billie he was right about Lockhart. Victor loaned him the Titan Jet. Billie wants to go with him, but Bo says no and hangs up. He straps in and looks out the window.

Alex holds the gun to Marlena's head. Hope says, "Don't do anything stupid. You love Marlena."

Speaking of doing something stupid, John busts in with, "It's not love. It's a sick obsession!"

"Let me do the talking," says the ever-prudent Hope, "Its' over, Alex."

"Not until I kill her," says Alex.

Abby asks what Josh means, "Are you saying you want us to have sex?"

The brat begs Max to fire Shawn. Max refuses. "What about us," she asks.

"You and I are looking at a very long future together," says the nitwit, "After the trial I guarantee you and Shawn will work this out or at least be able to stand each other."

"I guess I have no choice do I?" Hugs.

The doctor says the new protocol can be altered. Jack can be a candidate. Jack wants to know what his odds are. Dr. Butler says, "Enough of a possibility you should give it a try. You want to fight this, don't you?" Jack flashes back to standing outside the window at Christmas and saying goodbye. The doctor snaps him out of it, "Talk to me. Don't you want to live and go back to your family and home?"

"I don't have a family or a home."

"You said you had children."

"I made arrangements," says Jack, "If my plan worked out, my wife is in love with another man. Maybe even married. I can't come back from the dead again. That would tie me coming back from the dead with the number of times Sami has been left at the Altar. You can't guarantee this will work. I might wind up cured, but I'm a guinea pig. Who is to say I wouldn't have a relapse? I can't do this to Jennifer again."

Fade to Jennifer and Frankie kissing. Maggie interrupts, holding JJ. Jennifer tells him to stop stalling... it's bedtime. Frankie perks up. "I was talking to JJ," says Jennifer.

JJ looks at Frankie and says, "Daddy..."

Mimi asks, "Shouldn't you be out planning your fourth or fifth wedding to Austin?" Sami asks how Mimi knows about that. Mimi says Kate told her.

"I didn't know you and Godzilla were friends," says Sami.

"She's my boss," says Mimi.

"Didn't you just wait on me at the Java Café," says Sami.

"I'm working two jobs. I think I have your old job at Basic Black."

"Let me get this straight," says Sami, "Kate hates Shawn, but she gave you a job, paid for your wedding and a honeymoon you didn't even go on. This is about Phillip, isn't it? You and Kate are working together to keep Belle and Shawn apart."

Billie rants, "If Bo wants to be with Hope, I can't stop him. I'm the one who told him they belong together." She picks up a picture of the brat, "What's this going to do to Chelsea at her trial?"

Thunder rolls as the plane heads for Morgan Island. Bo picks up the on-board phone and asks the pilot how long it will take. The pilot doesn't know because of the cold front, "Avoiding it is going to slow us down."

"Don't avoid it then," barks Bo, "Just get us there. My wife is in danger."

Marlena begs Alex, "Please don't."

"I'm sorry it had to come to this, my dear," says Alex.

Marlena bats the gun out of his hand. John lunges toward Alex and they roll around in the dust, toward the edge of a cliff. Roll left... Roll right... Roll left... Roll... over the cliff. John and Alex hang there like slaughtered pig carcasses on hooks. John looks down and says, "Give me your hand! I'll pull you up!"

Prevuze"No thanks," says Alex, "I'll see you in hell, John." He disappears into the abyss. John climbs up. After about a hundred slips he makes it to the top, "Oh, Doc, it's over, baby."

Josh says he wasn't talking about sex. He just thought they shouldn't date anyone else. The brat and Max come up. The girls go off to talk. "Josh is looking pretty good," says the brat.

"He just asked me to be exclusive," says Abby.

"Awwww... that's Sweet."

"You don't have to make fun of it," says Abby.

"I'm not," insists the snot, "I've been thinking lately. I think settling down with one special guy..."

Abby interrupts, "You mean Max. Me – I've been a nun in training. I'm ready to party."

"Partying isn't all it's cracked up to be," says the brat, "What are you going to do – dump Josh?"

"No," says Abby, "I'm gonna sleep with him then see how he feels about settling down."

The guys come back. The couples spilt. Max asks, "Are you OK?"

"Yeah," says the brat, "I just hope Abby is."

"I think you had a good idea," says Abby, "And I have another great idea..." She plants a big one on him.

Max tells Chelsea to concentrate on their relationship and not the trial. Smooch.

Madison calls Cindy over and shows her Max and the brat kissing. She snaps a picture and says, "Looks like our 'Sluts of Salem' blog has a new poster girl." Hey, I thought Prevuze was the 'Sluts of Salem' blog.

Josh and Abby, as we said back in the eighties, suck face.

Dr. Butler works on Jack, "You think you're doing something noble. Do you know how your wife would feel if she knew you were alive?"

"Like a puppet on a string," says Jack, "I would be confusing her all over again. No. I'm sorry, Doc. I appreciate everything but I can't do it."

Maggie tells Alice about JJ calling Frankie 'Daddy.' Jennifer chimes in with the big announcement, "Frankie and I are getting married." Maggie and Alice gasp and smile.

Sami says, "I'm right, aren't I? You and Kate are working to keep Belle and Shawn apart."

"Shawn and I love each other," says Mimi.

Sami turns up the heat, "He never would have married you if Belle wasn't married. Belle won't divorce Phillip for some reason. Kate must know and YOU must know. Just tell me. You know I will find out anyway."

Billie calls the brat. No answer. She leaves a message telling her to come home.

Bo bounces as the plane goes through turbulence. He remembers Hope protesting when Lexie asked for Zack's organs. Heart wrenching moments. Goodbye to the Tiny Man. Tears, tears, tears. Emmy material. Then he remembers Hope berating him for getting the brat out of jail. She throws him out. Flash over to Bo telling Billie he still loves Hope, but wants to face life with her. Bo snaps out of it, "A lot has come between us Fancy Face, but we can work it out."

The plane starts its roller-coaster descent. Bo contemplates the barf-bag, "No, I'd better save that for the viewers."

Meanwhile John and Marlena hug. Patrick and the police chief come up. Patrick asks, "Where's North?"

John says, "North went over the edge. I tried to pull him up, but he just let go."

"You can't arrest John," says Marlena.

"I have no intention of arresting anybody," says the chief.

"You ought to search for the body," says Marlena.

"I'll send a team down," says the chief.

Hope says, "You should also bring Patrick in for questioning. He was working for North."

"Actually," says the chief, "He was working for me. We got a tip that North was interested in securing Patrick's services to eliminate Mr. Black. Patrick has worked for us before. So I called him. He didn't want to get involved. He was afraid of putting you in danger."

Patrick tries to stop the chief, "That's enough."

Hope turns to Patrick, "Is that true?"


The chief continues, "When he found out the man requesting his services was Alex North and the man he planned on eliminating was Mr. Black, he changed his mind." Hope stares.

The brat hears her phone. She starts to turn it off, but Max tells her it might be important. The brat listens to the message and says she has to go... alone.

Josh and Abby kiss. Josh gets with the program. Abby chickens out and breaks it off, "I can't do this!" Her phone beeps. She looks at the message and tells Josh she has to go.

As Abby walks away, Josh says, "DAMN! "

Jennifer has left the message for Abby. Alice isn't sure she likes people being able to get in touch anytime anywhere. Jennifer wants to tell Abby about the engagement tonight. She takes JJ up to bed. Alice thanks Frankie for loving Jennifer.

"I never stopped," says Frankie, "I'm sorry she had to lose Jack. But I will never let her go."

Jennifer picks up a family picture and says, "Well, you got your way, Jack. I'm just so glad you approve."

Jack is adamant, "No! It'd be too cruel to disrupt Jennifer's life again."

"I can't force you," says the Doc, "But I'd like to ask you a favor. Just think about doing something to help yourself." He slaps the tablet on Jack's chest and leaves. "On top of everything else," says Jack, "Now I have a ruptured spleen."Jack looks down at the tablet and ponders.

Mimi asks Sami when she will learn to mind her own business, "What were you doing at confession? Did you already do something to screw up your engagement to Austin?"

"Mimi," says Sami, "You know I will find out your secret and when I do..."

Mimi stops her cold, "Kate and I will have found out yours and Kate will bury you."

Sami leaves. "Forgive me God," says Mimi, "But she's such a bitch!"


Jack remembers his life with Jennifer. Not letting her write an article. The first time. A baby. He vows, "Dr. Butler's right, Jennifer. I know I arranged for Frankie and you to fall in love but, by God, you're my wife, and those are my kids. Dammit, I'm coming home!" He signs the papers.

Maggie and Alice leave. Frankie suggests champagne, "Let's celebrate our engagement."

Abby comes in at just that moment and gasps, "You're engaged?"

Billie tells the brat Bo is on his way to rescue Hope. The brat asks, "How could you let this happen?"

"He still loves her," says Billie.

"Great," says the brat, "Then they will get back together and she will brainwash him to testify against me."

"His brain is pretty washed already," says Billie.

Marlena tells John, "I remember what caused my amnesia in the first place – Roman's child."

"We'll try to work through that," says John, "And now, you only have two Romans to deal with."

Hope asks Patrick, "Why didn't you confide in me?"

"It would have put you in too much danger."

Hope melts, "Patrick, I'm sorry for ever doubting you." Kiss. Bo walks out of the jungle. FF on the Incredible Hulk.


Abby tells Jennifer, "I wanna have sex, just like you do. And maybe I'll have a baby. I'd be a much better mom than you are."

Belle tells Shawn, "Losing you is the biggest regret of my life."

The brat tells Billie, "Hope's gonna get her claws into Bo for good this time, and you're never gonna be with him again."

Bo says, "There's something I gotta tell you, Fancy Face, it's part of the reason I'm here."

Monday, May 22, 2006

A More Enlightened Path

Mimi says she can't take living in fear any more. Shawn deserves to know. Bonnie begs her to stop. Mimi says, "It's like a part of him already knows. Someday he will find out. I have to tell him the truth while I still can."

"Come over here," says Bonnie, "You're gonna stop this. You're not gonna tell him. Unless you want to end up like me with a bottle of Jack Daniels and a dog to keep you warm at night."

Max barks. Bonnie goes over to him and apologizes.

Mimi asks if Bonnie thinks Shawn has a right to be with his baby or at least to know about her.

"Shawn will have a baby with you," says Bonnie, "Claire is fine where she is. End of story."

"Hardly," says Mimi, "We'll drag this out until I'm old and gray. You never understand anything. I need to talk to someone else."

Mimi leaves. Bonnie says, "Come on, Max, we've got work to do."

Sami reads, "That's how karma works. It is the law of balance and justice and reaping what you sow. If one does harmful things one can expect bad luck and misfortune to follow." Sami remembers her conversation with Alex about Lexie. Another deal with the devil.

"Will is right," says Sami, "If I don't change my ways, I will pay. I know what I have to do." She runs out of her apartment.

Bo and Billie drag Zack's things downstairs. Bo thanks her for helping. Billie thinks it's generous of Hope to give Zack's things to charity. She asks, "Bo, are you OK?"

Bo says, "No, I'm not. I miss my son. I miss my wife."

Meanwhile, Hope can't believe Patrick has been working for Alex. Patrick tries to shut her up, but it's like trying to stop a locomotive. "How could you have lied to me," asks Hope.

"I did what had to be done," says Patrick.

John tries to convince the chief Marlena needs his help, "If we don't stop him he will kill her."

Marlena wants to go back and check on John. Alex can't risk losing her. Marlena says, "You know I love John now."

"Loved," he corrects, "...Past tense. Our love is greater than any love you shared with John. Tell me you believe that."

"I don't," says the doofus, "I feel so strongly I do belong with John."

"You are so wrong," says Alex, "I'll have to make sure you never forget." Out comes Mr. Syringe.

Marlena reels, "NO! NO! No more needles!"

"I'm sorry," says Alex, "You leave me no alternative."

Billie knows Bo has lost so much, "I know this is like having to say goodbye to Zack all over again, but maybe this is closure."

"What about Hope," says Bo, "If she doesn’t know about the trial date she won't have closure."

Billie says, "That means seeing our daughter go to jail for a long time. Is that what you want?"

Hope lectures Patrick, "You took advantage of me at the lowest point in my life. I really thought we connected. I thought on some level we really had something."

"We did," says Patrick, "A good time. You can't deny that."

"Of course I deny it," says Hope, "It was all a big game to you. You don't give a damn or you wouldn't have joined Alex."

Patrick says, "Hope, listen to me. You've got it all wrong. I do care about you. More than you'll ever know."

Mimi arrives at the church. Bonnie chases her inside, "You are about to ruin your entire life. Why are you here?"

"It's none of your business," says Mimi, "I have to atone before I have a baby."

"Are you nuts," asks Bonnie, "Do you remember the last chat you had with father Jansen?"

"Yeah," says Mimi, "I lied to a priest."

"You didn't lie," says Bonnie, "He made an assumption."

"Whatever.... I have to make amends."

Sami comes into the church. She lights a candle and prays her standard prayer, "Oh, God I am so sorry. I promise if you help me out of this one, I will never hurt anyone again."

Bonnie walks up behind her, "I heard what you did. Getting Austin to propose. I don't know how you did it, but you've outdone yourself this time."

The chief tells John they have no proof of his claim, "You are the only one on the island threatening violence."

Alex tells Marlena if she screams no one will hear her, "But I can no longer count on my trusty syringe. John is on to me."

"You have become a monster," says Marlena.

"No," says Alex, "Just a man who loves his wife and wants her to remain devoted. No matter what, you still love me don't you?"

"I do," she says, "I don't know why, after all you've done." She twirls her necklace.

"Telling Hope would jeopardize Chelsea's chances," says Bo, "But maybe Frankie can convince the jury and no matter what Hope says they might go easy on her."

"What if they don't," asks Billie, "It's more likely they will side with Hope."

Bo says, "If I keep this from her..."

Billie interrupts, "You think it will ruin any chance of getting back with her, and that's a chance you are not willing to take. You think you can take her away from Patrick."

"How dare you say that to me," says Hope, "I was weak and you exploited it."

Patrick says, "Hope, this is my fault. In time you will understand. But right now there is something I have to do and it can't wait." He leaves.

Marlena doesn't understand why she feels this way knowing what she knows. It makes no sense.

"It makes perfect sense," says Alex, "Deep down you know you still love me. Once you get your senses back you will realize John's feelings are a sick obsession. He is still stalking you."

"No," insists Marlena, "You're wrong. He's worried about me. He doesn't want you to hurt me."

"And I haven't," says Alex.

"I don't know what you call shooting me full of drugs," says Marlena.

"John would call it recreation," says Alex, "I did that because I love you. I want you to myself. But if I can't have you, be sure nobody else ever will."

Mimi tells father Jansen it's been awhile since her last confession.

The father asks, "Did you want to take this to the confessional?"

"No," says Mimi, "I just need some advice. Shawn and I are trying to start a family. It turns out I'm an excellent candidate for IVF. It's kind of a gift from God."

"It's great how things worked out," says Father Jansen, "Because you told Shawn about Claire, God has blessed you."

"There is something you don't know," says Mimi, "I never told Shawn the truth. I lied and let you think I had. He still doesn't know. I meant to tell him but I couldn't do it."

Father Jansen is disappointed, "I thought you had chosen a more enlightened path."

"I deserve to go to hell for lying to a man of God," says Mimi.

Father Jansen says, "God forgives sin, but in your case, he gets a little tired of having to repeat himself. It's not my place to judge you, but in the eyes of God you and Shawn are not husband and wife."


Sami tells Bonnie Austin proposed because he loves her. Bonnie thinks she needs the confessional more than Mimi.

Sami asks, "Mimi is in confession right now? What has she done this time?"

John admits he threatened Alex, "But only because he is a danger to her." He says the chief should call the Salem PD or the ISA, "They will back me up."

"Maybe I will," says the chief. He tells the other officer as he leaves, "Don't let him get away."

John drones, "I hope it's not too late when I find you, Doc."

Alex wanted to do this a different way. Marlena begs him not to hurt her. He asks if they have a chance to be together. Marlena says something about a snowball in hell, "Not with all I know. Not with all you've done to me and John."

"I can't lose you to him," says Alex, "You have given me no choice. You have to die."

Bo admits he loves Hope even if she is with Patrick. Billie realizes that. She can't believe she was with Patrick herself. She made a mistake. Bo insists it won't last. "I didn't mean to lead you on," he says.

"Don't apologize," says Billie, "You will always be crazy about Hope. I get it. I'm just worried about you. I'm afraid you may be getting your hopes up over something that will never happen. She may never take you back."

Hope asks John what is going on. John knows Alex would harm Marlena. Hope asks him to let the police handle it, "In the meantime I will find proof he's been drugging her and they will extradite him back to Salem."

"That will never happen," says the chief as he returns, "Your story checked out, Mr. Black, but you are to steer clear of Alex and Marlena."

"What are you talking about," snarls John.

"Neither Commissioner Carver nor Specter have any proof," he says.

"I'm telling you," says John, "Her life is at stake on your island."

"You don't want to cross me on my territory," he says, "Leave them alone." The cops leave.

"I'm sorry, chief," says John, "Hope, cover for me."

Hope warns him, "You aren't in the US. I don't know what will happen if you commit a crime."

"Alex is capable of anything," says John.

Alex drops the syringe. Marlena struggles and falls. Alex says, "Don't make me hurt you any more than I already have." Marlena remembers Alex getting rough on their honeymoon, and Lois showing her the pictures. "It's true," whimpers Marlena, "You did that to me and you killed Lois."

"I had to," says Alex, "And now I have to kill you." They struggle. Marlena screams.

Mimi is in agony, "You're telling me my marriage is not valid?"

"No," says Father Jansen, "It's not. You have to tell Shawn the truth."

"He'll hate me just like Rex did."

Father Jansen asks, "You'd rather live a lie? Is that the marriage you want?"

Sami wants to know what Mimi is doing in confession. Bonnie says, "Mimi is my good little Catholic girl."

"Do you expect me to believe Mimi comes to church to confess at this hour," asks Sami

"What about you, Sami," asks Bonnie, "What brings you to old St. Luke's at this hour?"

"I don't have to tell you anything," says Sami, "Who do you think you are?" Sami stomps off.

Bonnie turns, "Someone who knows you have a secret."

Mimi comes out and tells Bonnie she has to tell the truth.

Marlena and Alex continue their struggle. John runs up and saves her. Mr. ISA cold cocks Alex. Marlena falls crying into his arms, "I think I have feelings for him still. I don't get it."

John looks down, "This pendant, what is it?"

"Alex gave it to me," says Marlena.

"That explains everything," says John. He rips it off and tosses it.

Marlena gasps and breaks down. She looks up at John, "It's you... it's you... you are the one I love."

"I love you baby," whispers John. Kiss.

Alex comes to and sees the gun. He reaches for it.

"Father Jansen says my marriage is invalid," says Mimi, "My life is over."

"Bull," says Bonnie, "Nothing is over. You are still legally Shawn's wife. Father Jansen can't say anything because what you told him is confidential. Life is hard, and if you want happiness you'd better look out for number one."

Mimi whines, "Mom, I can't go on like this. It's tearing me apart. How can I do this to the man I love?"

Bonnie says, "Shush. Just don't think about it."

"Not thinking is my forte," says Mimi, "But I have to get out of here. I have to be by myself."

Bonnie begs, "Just promise you will call me before you make a definite decision."

Mimi says, "I can't promise that." Bonnie leaves. Mimi prays, "God, I don't know what to do. Will you please help me?"

Sami confesses, "Hi Father... I know it's been a long time since my last confession. I need to talk to you about something. Karma. If someone does something awful...."

"You would pay for it in kind," says Father Jansen, "Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."

Hope says to herself, "I hope you don't do anything you'll regret, John. Like I have." For inspiration, she repeats the Salem town motto, "How could I have been so stupid?" She dials.

Bo says, "Hope might not give me another chance, but at least I'll know I did the right thing."

Billie says, "If you want to tell her, you gotta do what you gotta do."

"Thank you for understanding," says Bo, "I know you are terrified about Chelsea. So am I."

"Hopefully things will work out," says Billie. They pack up the boxes and carry them to the car. The phone rings in the empty room. The sadder-but-wiser girl leaves a message, "I am on Morgan Island. Patrick isn't who he says she is."

Bo walks in and lunges for the phone, "HOPE! I'M HERE!" Dial tone. "Dammit," says Bo.

John and Marlena kiss. Alex goes for the pistol.

Marlena sees Alex and squeals, "John!"

John growls, "Give it up North. It's over."

PrevuzeAlex looks up from the ground and says, "Now I can kill both of you." Both men dive for the gun. Two hands. One gun. FF.


Mimi says, "Sami, I don't like you. Why do you even care?" Sami says, "Clearly you have some big, juicy secret. Maybe we could help each other."

Bo says, "Hope called. She's in danger from Lockhart." Billie says, "Bo!"

Jennifer says, "Frankie and I are getting married." Maggie and Alice gasp and smile.

Jack lies in his hospital bed and says, "I know I arranged for Frankie and you to fall in love but, by God, you're my wife, and those are my kids. Dammit, I'm coming home."

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