Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Spitting Image

Lucas snorts into the phone, "I need all the information you can gather on a company called Highstyle. I don’t care what time it is. Eugenia, if you're going to work for me, you have to be available 24-7. Email me the information as soon as you get it. I'll email the proposal to Victor." He hangs up the phone, "...Otherwise known as another nail in Sami, Nicole and Austin's coffin."

Sami rails about Nicole's idiotic idea. Nicole says, "This is the best thing we have to guarantee a successful future for Austin's company!"

"The only future you are trying to guarantee," says Sami, "is a future in Austin's bed."

Phillip talks to Claire, "You will be fine. The doctors will do everything they can to get you well. You have to keep fighting." Kate watches and flashes back to getting the blood type info.

Phillip asks if Kate is OK. "I am just worried about Claire, and I'm tired. I am also worried about you and Belle." She flashes back to Shawn and Belle hugging, "I know you have to be exhausted. And where is Belle right now?"

"She is with Shawn," says Phillip, "Which is where she should be right now."

"It can't be true," wails Abby.

Jennifer says, "This has to be a horrible mistake."

Bo tells her all he could recover was the license plate.

"So it's possible Jack is alive," Says Jennifer.

"No," says Bo, "He's toast. But at least you won't have to stand in line for hours at the license bureau getting new plates."

Hope says, "Patrick and Billie have gone back out to search."

Jennifer wants to know why there aren't more people out looking for Jack. Bo says, "With this ice storm, the fire and police departments are resourced out to the max."

Phillip says he asked Shawn to look after Belle while he watched the baby. Kate wants to know why it couldn't be John and Marlena. "They went home," says Phillip.
Kate thinks he should be with Belle, "You're her husband."

"She's really sick, Mom. I don't get it. Just a few hours ago she was fine," says Phillip.

"She's going to be all right because she's a fighter," says Kate, "Just like her father. Just look at how he recovered from his motorcycle accident. Nothing is going to happen. She will pull through."

"Yeah," says Phillip, "She will." His leg pain kicks up, pun intended. Kate tells him he should be sitting down. She helps him into a chair. Lexie walks up to them. She and Kate go off to talk.

Kate says, "Lexie, he's been through so much he can't lose her now."

Abby says, "He can't be gone."

"You're right," says Jennifer, "He's not. He will come home to us."

Bo gets off the phone, "The fire department has heavy equipment down at the river."

Jennifer freaks, "When they bring the car up, Jack will be alive. We did a talk show segment on how to survive in a car in the water." She shows them, "You get into something like a fetal position just like this, where your head is right next to your butt and you kiss your ass goodbye." Despite everyone's protests, Jennifer insists on going down to the accident scene.

Nicole says, "I am not interested in getting Austin into bed."

"You are such a liar," says Sami, "You're always leaning over to give him an eyeful every time you're around him. Get over yourself. You want him and you know it."

Nicole flashes back to when Austin left Salem. He likes her voice on the phone. Nicole asks if he is sure about leaving. As sure as he can be. She has to let him go. A peck on the cheek and oh, the pain.

Then Nicole flashes back to making the pool bet with Austin. "OK," she says, "I admit it, but so do you."

"ME," asks Sami. Flashback to Austin and Sami ant Chez Rouge. "Whatever happened between us is in the past. You're hurting. I have to help you get through this," says Austin.

Nicole snaps her out of it. "Yes, you, Sami, but Highstyle has nothing to do with this. It's strictly business."

"Yes," says Sami, "Austin's business. And because of you we're buried in debt."

"What're we supposed to do," asks Nicole, "Sit around until the loans come due? The best way to use these loans is to acquire this company. I heard Lucas telling Victor they are interested in it. We have to get to this company before Titan does."

"I think this is a big mistake," says Sami.

"I think you're wrong, as usual," says Nicole, "And Austin agrees with me."

Sami says, "If this fails we're ruined."

Nicole asks, "Don't you have anything better to do than stand here and be negative?"

"Yeah, I do," stammers Sami, "I have to talk to Lucas about... Will."

Lucas tells Eugenia she did a great job. He'll call her if he needs anything. Sami knocks at the door. Lucas booms, "I'm working, Can't it wait?"

"No," says Sami, "It's about Will."

"OK, hold on," he answers the door, "What is so damned important?"

"I'm going with you and Will to his parent-teacher conference," says Sami, "I want to know what happened to his A in math. Are you helping him with his homework? You don't even remember your times tables. I wonder if Victor knows that."

"The tests are killing him right now," says Lucas, "He's distracted. You're breaking his heart."

"You broke his heart when you broke up with me," says Sami, "Can I come in?"

"What for?"

"I just want to talk to you," she says, "I hate being alone with Nicole. She's driving Austin's company into the ground." Lucas lets her in.

Lexie says, "Kate, I honestly don't think Belle and Phillip will lose Claire. At this point we have to stay positive."

"I believe that," says Kate, "I can't help but think if they did lose Claire how they would ever handle it."

"Abe and I know first hand what it's like to lose a child," says Lexie, "When we found out the baby we adopted belonged to Bo and Hope it tore our marriage apart."

Kate says, "I remember when I lost Austin and Billie I thought my life was over. That's why I'm so overprotective. I don't want that to happen to Phillip. She's his baby."

"Of course she is," says Lexie, "But, the most devastating thing I ever heard of was one time in Salem a couple had a kid who was actually theirs. They simply didn't know how to deal with it."

Chaos reigns and rain rains at the bridge. Jennifer swears, "Jack wouldn't leave us like this." They have to restrain her from diving in.

Nicole ponders, "Sami is so wrong. Highstyle is the perfect company for us to take over. And I'm going to steal it right out from under Lucas' nose. No one plays dirty better than Nicole Walker."

Lucas tells Sami, "Just don't get the wrong idea. I'm just doing this for Will and because I feel sorry for you because you got involved in my brother's stupid company. I can't believe Austin was dumb enough to let you back into his life."

"I can't believe we can't be civil," says Sami.

"I can't believe we wanted to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together, but that was a farce because you wanted my brother the whole time, didn't you" says Lucas, "Austin feels sorry for you. He felt sorry for you back then and he feels sorry for you now. Get used to it."

Sami says, "Is that why you were with me? If you really loved me you could forgive me."

Lucas says, "If you really loved me, you'd understand I deserve better than you're able to give me, dammit!"

"All right," says Sami, "I think I'm going to leave now."

"Go ahead and leave. I don't care!"

"Dammit Lucas," she screams, "I miss you!"

"You miss me," he says softly, "You made your choice. Now you're stuck with Nicole instead."

Sami says, "She's a nightmare. You were right about her all along. And she is driving Austin's company into the ground. She has this harebrained idea about taking over this company named Highstyle. And I'm telling you it's going to ruin Austin's company... GASP! I wasn't supposed to say anything. Please promise me. You can't tell Austin and Nicole I said that."

"Relax," says Lucas, "I won't. Takeovers can be risky. You should talk Austin out of listening to Nicole. Listen... I have to get back to work."

"OK," says Sami, "Thanks for listening."

"See you tomorrow," says Lucas.

Sami asks, "What's tomorrow?"

Lucas reminds her, "The parent-teacher conference."

"Oh, yeah..." Lucas shuts the door.

Sami stands in the hallway, "Mission accomplished! Now Lucas will go after that company and Nicole will look like a fool. Austin will fire her and I will have saved him from her, and I will be right where I want to be."

Lexie says, "Kate, Belle and Phillip are deeply in love. You know that better than anyone. Their marriage is strong. Phillip has been such a support. No matter what happens, they will get through this."

"I'm going to do everything in my power to make sure they do," says Kate, "Do you have any idea about the test results."

"The tests are time consuming," says Lexie, "We don't want to rush. Are you OK?"

"I'm just tired," says Kate, "I'm going to stay, though, because Phillip might need me."

Lexie goes off to check on things. Kate goes back to Phillip. She asks about the leg. Phillip says it's OK. Claire is awake. Phillip thinks she has his eyes. He asks if she looks like he looked when he was a baby.

"Spitting image," says Kate, "If you can spit pretty far. When I see her I see how much you love her."

Phillip says, "I wish she looked like her mom."

Kate says, "I just hope she doesn’t have her mother's brains. That's your daughter. There's no doubt about that."

"Being a father has changed me," says Phillip, "Without that little girl, I don't think I would want to live. I have everything I ever dreamed of."

Kate vows, "Nothing will ever change that."

"From your lips to God's ears," says Phillip, "From God's ears to the trash can."

Jennifer goes berserk at the bridge. Abby chimes in. Frankie hugs them both. Jennifer struggles, "I can't believe it. He's coming home."

Hope tells Bo, "She can't accept what's right in front of her."

Bo says, "Yeah, that this whole storyline is the most ridiculous thing in the history of television." Bo says they really won't know anything until they bring up the car. And then, of course, they still won't know anything. Hope says she will never take their life together for granted.

A fireman tells them they are ready to bring up the car. Jennifer tells them to hurry. Bo tells Hope he wishes Jennifer wasn't there, "It will be such a shock when she sees Jack's body."

Lucas tells Victor what Sami said. He thinks they have to set something up tonight, "When our friends down the hall wake up, Highstyle will belong to Titan. I will arrange to fly out tonight... The company jet? That would be great."

Nicole finishes the proposal, "This takeover plan is a thing of genius. I'd let you check it out, Sami, but you wouldn't understand it. Soon we will be moving into Brandon's loft. Isn’t that ironic? Your first ex-husband will be living in your second ex-husband's loft. Or is it the other way around?"

Sami threatens, "You are going to wind up in the cold on your ass."

"Face it," says Nicole, "I win. You lose. You are such a loser!"

"No Nicole," says Sami, "You are the loser.

"Oh, good comeback," says Nicole.

Sami says, "Your takeover scheme is going to go down. I guarantee it."

Nicole asks, "What the hell did you do this time?"

Sami lies, "I haven't done anything."

"Then how can you guarantee this plan will fail," asks Nicole.

"I wasn't speaking literally," says Sami, "If Austin listens to you, he will bury his company before it gets off the ground. I tried to tell you and Austin you were taking an unnecessary risk with the loans."

"The worst thing we could do is nothing," says Nicole, "You have to take chances in business."

"Now you sound like a cheesy business video instead of a cheesy soap opera," says Sami.

"I don't care what you think," says Nicole.

"I hope you are right," says Sami, "I care about this company as much as you do. When this fails you will be back in the gutter where Victor tossed you."

Nicole insists, "This plan absolutely cannot miss.

Lucas is in the Highstyle offices. He opens the door and stares, "OMG, it's you."

Kate tells Phillip, "Belle needs you now more than ever."

"Shawn and Mimi can take care of her," says Phillip, "They care about Claire like she is their own. Why is this happening? I feel like I'm going to lose it all."

"I'm not going to let that happen," says Kate, "I would do anything to ensure your happiness."

"I realize this will come as a shock to you but, you're not God," says Phillip, "you can't guarantee Claire will be all right, can you?" Phillip goes back to Claire.

Kate thinks, "Whatever I have to do, you will never know that baby isn't yours."

The mud-caked car sits on the bridge. Jennifer yells for them to get Jack out, "HURRY." Bo pries open the door and water gushes out.

Editor's Note: we ran this back several times and did freeze frames. There appears to be a human hand in the car. Judge for yourself...

Of course, we understand it is meaningless either way. The writers never let little things like facts stand in their way.

Jennifer screams, "Where is he? Where is my husband?" FF


Phillip says to Claire, "I don't know what I'd do if anything happens to you. I'll tell you one thing. I'm not gonna wannna live any more."

Nicole tells Sami, "I'm a businesswoman. You're a wannabe. You're lucky Austin's giving you a chance."

Jennifer yells, "Unless you can show me his lifeless body my husband is alive. Do you hear me... All of you."

Hope mumbles, "God has a plan. Or Jack had a plan. Brady, if you know something, you'd better tell me right now."

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Did I Interrupt Something?

Shawn and Mimi are in the shower. They're not doing too much cleaning. "Can this night get any better," asks Mimi.

"It's just getting started," says Shawn.

Kate concludes Shawn must be Claire's father, out loud, of course. Phillip comes up behind her, "Mom, I don't need this right now."

Belle lectures John and Marlena. She needs them to be together.

Abby runs to the door. It's Chelsea. Abby is worried, "What if he's lying somewhere dead right now? I should have stayed home tonight. At least I could have seen my dad one last time."

Jennifer wants to know if Frankie is keeping something from her just to protect her. "OK," says Frankie, "I'll tell you what I know."

Patrick thinks something is wrong with the diving equipment. Hope yells for Bo as Bo struggles to get his foot loose from the steel beams. The idiot removes his air supply and wiggles like a worm on the end of a fishhook.

Kate stuffs the blood test results into her purse. Phillip is upset. Kate thinks they chose the wrong godparents. She thinks Shawn may have gotten something in his greasy garage and given it to Claire.

Phillip says, "Mom, Shawn loves Claire like she's his own." Kate stares.

Alex is on the phone with the airline booking the first flight out after the ice storm.

Belle hopes her parents can get back together. John tells her not to worry about her mom and him. She has a lot on her mind. Anything on Belle's mind is a big load.

Marlena asks to speak to Belle in private. "Something has come up that makes it impossible to stay with your father. Before I ever met him, Dr. North and I were married. Legally, and in the eyes of God I, am still Mrs. Alex North."

Frankie tells Jennifer they will just have to wait and see what happens. Jennifer cries, "My worst fear almost came true Frankie. I almost lost him without saying goodbye. I know God wouldn't take him right now."

Hope worries. Patrick comes up in diving gear. He's going in after Bo. Hope prays as Patrick gets ready.

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the river, Bo loses consciousness.

Mimi and Shawn are in bed. Mimi can't believe she is there with Shawn. She tells him in high school there was a two-week period where she was late to geometry every day because if she went the wrong way to class she would pass him in the hall. He says he would have paid more attention to her but he was in love with Belle back then, "We've always been friends and now I guess we're more."

"You're the only one I want to be with," says Mimi. "You're the only one I want to be with," echoes Shawn.

Kate tells Phillip, "Claire isn't Shawn's. She's yours and Belle's."

Phillip says, "I know that. Shawn is like family now. We're all upset. I realize that."

"I have to make a phone call," says Kate, "Go be with your daughter."

Alex can't believe a one-way ticket costs as much as a round trip. He hangs up, turns around and sees John. He asks John how long he has been standing there.

"Long enough to know you are making the right decision," says John.

Marlena tells Belle her marriage to John isn't legal. She goes through her convoluted multiple-amnesia history with Alex. She says she has to stay true to her marriage vows.

"He's ancient history," says Belle.

"No," says Marlena, "I still have feelings for him."

"He's a total stranger," insists Belle.

"I have amnesia," says Marlena, "Everyone is a total stranger to me. But the one person I recognized and bonded with is Alex. You and I are in a very similar situation. We both have to choose between two men in our lives."

Belle snaps, "Our situation is not the same."

Marlena reminds her, "At the height of labor you called out for Shawn. Alex was my first husband. I still have deep feelings for him."

"That is where our situations are different," says Belle, "I loved Shawn, but the person I married is Phillip and our child is fighting for her life."

Marlena says, "At some point, if you don't get past your feelings for Shawn, you might have to choose one more time between those two men."

"Buying a one-way ticket is the smartest thing you can do," says John.

Alex says, "I'm not going anywhere until I can say goodbye to Marlena."

"I have already made my choice," says Belle, "I am honoring my marriage vows. I will not be unfaithful to Phillip."

Marlena asks, "What do you do with your feelings?"

"I don't' know," says Belle, "If I could go back and change everything I would. But you are abandoning Dad and your family."

"Belle," says Marlena, "I would never leave you. You are my daughter."

"You don't even remember me," whines Belle.

"But I love you."

"Then don't do this," says Belle, "I love you. If you leave Dad you will be making the biggest mistake of your life."

Phillip interrupts. Belle tells him she is spending the night in the hospital. She leaves to call Mimi and ask her to bring them some things.

Phillip assures Marlena he will see Belle through this. Hug. Kate watches.

Shawn suggests Mimi move into his room and they turn her room into a game room. Mimi likes the idea. "We both had to take a crazy road to get here and we both got hurt, but I want to spend every night like this," he says.

Mimi's phone rings. Belle tells her, "I'm sorry I called so late, but it's an emergency."

Chelsea tries to encourage Abby. Abby tells her Jack is dying and the bad news will come whether it's tonight or in a few months. "I will be here for you," says Chelsea, "because we are friends."

Jennifer decides no new is great news. She rambles on about what might have happened to Jack, "Once Jack spent 50 dollars at a vending machine until he got Abby a blue ring. That's the kind of man he is. He's on some kind of romantic errand to make this night special."

The girls come in. Everyone supports everyone. Frankie knows the truth. Frankie stares.

Patrick swims toward Bo. Bo floats. Patrick grabs him and gives him air. They work on Bo's leg and get it unstuck. Patrick gives him the thumbs up but Bo goes on down toward Jack's car.

Hope says, "Bo can't last under that icy water much longer."

Billie says, "And if he couldn't with a wet suit and oxygen... what chance does Jack have?"

Hope wonders, "What if none of them make it back?"

Kate sees Belle on the phone. Mimi asks what Belle needs them to do. Belle wants clothes, their toothbrushes and Claire's stuffed bunny.

"OK," says Mimi, "We'll be there as soon as we get dressed."

That got Belle's attention, "WE?"

"Uh, Shawn and me," says Mimi.

"Oh," chokes Belle, "DID I INTERRUPT SOMETHING?"

Mimi says, "The only thing that matters right now is Claire. We're on our way."

"Uh, um, uh but...," Belle stares.

Belle goes in to see Claire. She bites off the nurse's head, "They've done a million tests. Why don't they know something?" The nurse is happy to leave to see what she can find out. Belle talks to Claire, "I know I haven't been the best mom. But I promise things will change. All you have to do is get better. Because you and Daddy and me are a family and families stay together."

Alex asks Marlena how she is holding up. Marlena says she has had better times. He assures her Claire will pull through. He tells her, "I want you to know I accept your choice. Since there is no place for me in Salem, I will refer your case to a colleague. I want you to know I have never stopped loving you. Maybe I should have come back sooner. The only thing I have ever wanted is for you to be happy." John soaks it all in.

Marlena says, "Alex, wait." Staredown.

Phillip tells Kate, "This is the part of parenting they don't prepare you for." Kate asks him if he thinks Belle is up to a visit from Shawn and Mimi. Phillip says Shawn and Mimi were at their place tonight and Belle is OK with their relationship. He thinks Shawn and Mimi are ready to take the next step, "Shawn and Belle were nothing more than high school sweethearts."

"Are you saying they never slept together," asks Kate.

"No," says Phillip, "They didn't. I'm uncomfortable talking to you about it, but I was her first."

"How do you know," asks Kate.

"She told me," says Phillip, "Excuse me. I have to check on Claire."

"OK," says Kate, "Keep me updated. Phillip leaves.

Kate thinks, "So Shawn and Belle never slept together. So Shawn couldn't be the father... unless Belle lied to Phillip."

Marlena asks Alex not to go. John says they can talk later. Alex says he is prepared to live with Marlena's decision. He will sign whatever papers are necessary to give her a divorce.

Marlena tells Alex, "I don't want a divorce. I don’t want you to go."

Jennifer starts to decorate for the party. Frankie suggests they wait. Jennifer says they don't have anything else to do.

Bo and Patrick are back up. Bo has retrieved Jack's license plate, "The current was too strong to stay down there. Even if he got out of the car, the current would have swept him away."

Jennifer hears a car as they decorate. She opens the door. The grim reapers stand there. Jennifer asks, "What's wrong? Did you find Jack? Why isn't anyone saying anything? Hope?"

Belle and Phillip tell Shawn and Mimi Claire's condition hasn't changed. Belle and Shawn go for coffee. Belle spills the coffee and freaks, "I can't lose it now." Too late, kiddo.

Kate sneaks into the office again. She brings up Shawn's records on the computer, "OMG, no. It can't be. Phillip doesn't have the right blood type but Shawn does. Which means that Belle lied, which means Shawn is the Baby's father, which means we can milk this for years to come."

Phillip tells Mimi it looked like she and Shawn were heating up.

Mimi says, "That was the spices in your risotto. Well... we got closer. A lot closer. Phillip is glad they all can still be friends.

Shawn encourages Belle. He hugs her as Kate watches.

Alex tells Marlena they are still legally married. She has to divorce him to be with John.

"I didn't choose John," says Marlena, "That's why I don't want you to go. I'd like to be your wife if you will have me."

"If I will have you," asks Alex, "You are all I have ever wanted. Oh, we can rebuild our life together. Now we can be together for all the Days Of Our Lives, just like we always dreamed of."

"No way in hell that's going to happen," mumbles John.

Jennifer rambles on about why they might not have found Jack. The group is morbid. My gosh," says Jennifer, "Will somebody please say something!"

"Jen, I need you to be really strong," says Hope.

"We have some bad news," says Bo, "It's about Jack."

"NO! NO! I don't want to know," wails Jennifer.


Jennifer struggles at the bridge, "I can't believe it! I believe he's coming home!" Hope tells Bo, "She can't accept what's right in front of her." Bo says, "...That Jack's gone."

Phillip says, "I wish she looked like her mom." Kate says, "That's your daughter. There's no doubt about that."

Sami tells Nicole, "Your takeover scheme is going to go down. I guarantee it." Nicole asks, "What the hell did you do this time?"

"OMG, it's you," says Lucas.

Monday, November 28, 2005

The Rat And The Big Cheese

Nicole paces. Sami is lying on the couch. Nicole smacks Sami and takes a seat. They all brood. The landlord won't let them out of the lease on Brandon's old apartment. Austin says he is responsible. He advises them both to start looking for other jobs. They insist they aren't going anywhere.

Victor comes to see Lucas. He congratulates him on a job well done, "I knew I picked the right man when I picked you, after Kate badgered me into it and Austin and half the city of Salem turned me down. But now Austin has met his match."

Belle wails, "I don't know what I will do if I lose her. I feel so guilty. She needed me and I wasn't there."

Phillip says, "Trust me honey, Claire knows you love her."

Kate watches, "According to hospital records, there is no way you can be Claire's father."

Alex comes up and asks Kate if she has heard the bad news.

John tells Marlena she doesn’t even know Alex. She knows she was married to him. That's enough for her. She needs to be with the first man she loved. John won't accept it.

Abby stares out of the window. She wants Jennifer to do something. Jennifer wants to know just what that would be. Abby suggests Jennifer should call the hospital, because Abby hasn't learned yet how to pick up a phone and dial it herself.

Hope goes through pictures. Bo says, "Mrs. H will love the website, ." They talk about the upcoming party. Hope feels blessed. The phone rings. Bo picks up. Hope's cell rings. It's a phone-a-thon. Frankie tells Hope he is on the bridge and it looks like a bad accident. Bo got the same news. The intrepid cops are on the way to save the day.

Frankie stares into the water. Billie and Patrick arrive. They are looking for Jack too. Frankie speculates it could be Jack's car that went into the river, "And if it was, Jack could be dead."

Phillip asks Belle if she wants to go to the chapel. Belle doesn't want to leave Claire.

Alex tells Kate, "It looks like my future won't be with Marlena and yours won't be with John. What are you doing for dinner this evening?"

"What are you talking about," asks Kate.

"You've lost the person you love."

Kate says, "Believe me John and Marlena are the last thing on my mind right now."

John vows he won't lose Marlena to Alex, "I know you don't remember, but we've had a long history of happy times. We have a family. Belle, Brady, Eric, Sami. If you turn your back on me you are turning my back on them. I'm begging you. If you look into your heart you will realize you would never abandon your family."

Jennifer calls the hospital. She asks if Jack has been brought in. Nurse Molly can't find anything. Jennifer is relieved. She tells Abby Jack and Frankie will probably be there any minute.

Ho and Dope arrive at the tragic scene. Frankie says the paint on the guardrail is the same color as Jack's car. Patrick offers to help. Bo says he can handle it by himself.

Billie says to Frankie, "You think that was Jack's car, don't you?"

"If it is," says Frankie, "I am not sure it was an accident."

Billie says, "I talked to him and I made him realize how hard it would be for Jennifer. He would never do that to Jennifer. He loves her too much. It can't be Jack's car. It can't be."

Patrick asks Hope how she is doing. She's not doing too well. She tells Patrick Jennifer's car went off this bridge once. She tells Patrick the story of Jennifer and JT in the car, "I thought I had lost JT, Patrick, and then I got him back. It was a miracle. Then I lost him again. Standing here brings back the awful memory. Why Jack? Haven't he and Jennifer been through enough?"

A cop comes up and says, "The surveillance camera captured the license plate of the car skidding on the bridge. It's registered to a Jack Devereaux."

Austin says, "You guys are so cool. But I'm not sure my company has a future."

The girls insist they can turn things around. Austin beats himself up, "Don't overextend yourself. That's business 101." Sami and Nicole turn on each other. Austin asks for a moment alone with Sami.

Sami tells him getting rid of Nicole is the best thing to do. "You are so totally out of line," says Austin.

Nicole goes into Lucas' apartment. She sees Victor standing there, "Well, well, well, if it ain't the rat and the big cheese."

Lucas tells her to leave. Nicole won't go until she tells Victor how Lucas stole the Clear Visage account. Victor says, "It sounds like you're a sore loser, Nicole. This is business. Hardball. Lucas won. You got what you deserved." My hat's off to you, Lucas." He asks Nicole to join in a toast to Lucas. Victor and Lucas clink their cups as Nicole showers Lucas.

"I can't believe you did that," yells Lucas.

Nicole says, "I only drink the real thing and only with people I like. Or with people I don't like. Or alone, or whatever. This isn't over. I swear I will help Austin find a way to kick your ass and the two of you won't know what hit you." She storms out.

Phillip and Belle stare at Claire. She is their little angel. Phillip says, "You have no idea how much I love you both. I will do everything I can to protect you."

Kate watches and tells Alex Belle has been so good for Phillip, "If Phillip loses Belle or his baby he will be devastated."

"He might just get lucky," says Kate, "I wasn't thinking when I said that."

Alex says, "Pain and loss are part of life, Kate. It's how we deal with them that matters."

Kate says, "It sounds like you're talking about yourself. I won't give up, ever."

Marlena insists she isn't turning her back on her family. She resents what John has said. She has deep feelings for Alex. That's her decision. Period.

Jennifer stares. Abby shows her Jack's Christmas present. It's a locket with "DAD" on the front. Inside is a picture of Abby and Jennifer. Abby decides to wrap it up and give it to Jack at the Thanksgiving party. Just in case. Jennifer yells, "We are not going to lose him. Do you understand me?"

Hope suggests Frankie go back to the house. Jennifer will need him if the news isn't good. They get bad news. The divers can't get there because they are handing another emergency. Bo says, "Let's get those wetsuits out. I'm going in." I hope they have someone ready to rescue both Bo and Jack.

Lucas tells Victor he isn't worried about Nicole. Victor tells him not to underestimate her. Lucas says he is working on a new company – High Style. He shows the portfolio to Victor. Victor thinks it looks promising. Lucas says he can have a proposal on Victor's desk in the morning. Nicole listens as Lucas tells Victor they have to move fast.

"Dammit," says Nicole, "That was the company I was working on."

Austin tells Sami Nicole is jut trying to help. Sami says, "All she wants to do is sink her manicured nails into you."

"These were my decisions," says Austin, "My gamble. My loss."

"The only time you gambled and lost was when you hired Nicole," says Sami, "Getting involved with Nicole could spell disaster."

Nicole strolls in, hears it all and says, "You're wrong, Sami. I have exactly what we need to get back in the game." A real company with real money and people who know what they are doing?

John says he can't just let Marlena go. "That isn't up to you," says Marlena, "I don't think you and I belong together." She remembers Kate's massage and says, "I doubt it will take long for you to get over me."

"Well," says John, "You're wrong again. I love you, Doc. I told you I'm willing to wait until you regain your memory. Can't you work with me a little bit? Tell Alex you can't be with him yet. I accept you don't want to be with me right now. But you shouldn't be with anyone right now. So why not wait a little while until you put all the pieces together?" Marlena cries.

Belle says Phillip makes her feel better. He always knows what to say or do. Belle goes to see Marlena.

Kate sighs. Alex assures her, "Claire will be fine. But you and I may take a while to recover." He leaves to make an airline reservation.

Kate thinks she has to work on finding a way to keep Phillip from finding out Claire isn't his daughter.

Hope wants Bo to let Patrick help. Bo doesn't trust him. Hope says he should. Bo relents. Hope gives him one last kiss.

Patrick asks Billie, "You still love him don't you?"

"Not the way you think," says Billie, "Bo is Chelsea's father."

"Just come back to me, OK," says Hope. Bo jumps into the drink. Patrick handles the air hose. "Please find Jack and, Dear God, bring them both back alive," says Hope.

Abby tells Jennifer they both know this will probably be their last Christmas with Jack. Frankie arrives. Jennifer wants to know what is going on.

Victor likes the way Lucas is handling things. He tells him, "Austin, Sami and Nicole are a tenacious group. They are fighting for their lives." Victor wonders how Lucas can handle competing with Sami.

Lucas tells Victor he and Sami are through.

"Sami could be your Achilles Heel," says Victor, "There is a part of you that will always love her. She is the mother of your son. Can you separate Sami the mother from Sami the business rival, and will your feelings for her stop you from going in for the kill?"

Nicole tells the group they need to get back to work. Lucas is making a play for their new takeover target. She thinks they should use the money they borrowed to take over High Style.

Sami says, "This is just another one of Nicole's lame ideas."

"You wouldn't know a good idea if it bit you in the butt," says Nicole. She turns to Austin, "What are you going to do, Austin?"

Lucas reminds Victor, "You go against my mother every day in business."

"We've been divorced a long time," says Victor, "It hasn't always been easy. There have been times I wish we agreed for Phillip's sake. You still haven't answered my question about Sami."

"Sami and I are finished," says Lucas, "Sami, Austin and Nicole are the enemy. If they get in my way, I'll bury them."

"It's election time, Austin," says Nicole, "Who are you voting for – Sami or me?"

"Work up a proposal," says Austin.

Austin walks away. Nicole says, "Get used to it, Sami, I win. You lose."

Alex arranges for an airline seat, "Just one seat, please. And I won't be needing a return ticket."

Kate says to herself, "Phillip will be devastated. Maybe the baby really is his. Maybe this is just a huge mistake. No... Shawn is the father."


Alex picks up on it, "Why would he lose Belle?"

Phillip listens, "Mother?"

John and Marlena keep it up. Marlena yells at John, "You and I are done!" Belle walks up and screams, "NO! Tell me this isn't happening." The audience sees Belle and thinks, "Tell me this isn't happening."

Jennifer whines, "Frankie, please, if you know anything about Jack, please tell me."

Frankie insists he couldn't find Jack. Jennifer frets. Jennifer yells, "Frankie, where is he?"

Frankie says, "Jack's kind of inundated right now."

Patrick says he doesn't feel right about this. No signal from Bo. It seems Bo went to the bottom of the river, saw a pile of rusty beams and wedged his foot between a couple of them. Bo struggles.


Kate says, "Which means that Belle lied, which means Shawn is the Baby's father."

"You're the only one I want to be with," says Mimi. Ditto for Shawn.

Marlena tells Alex, "I don't want a divorce. I don’t want you to go."

Hope says, "Bo can't last under that icy water much longer." Billie says, "And if he couldn't with a wet suit and oxygen..." Hope wonders, "What if none of them make it back?" Bo does the dead-man float.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Rip My Heart Out And Take It With You

Pan across clothes scattered around the room. Mimi says, "Shawn, I just want to say one thing. That was absolutely wonderful."

"Yes it was," says Casanova, "Especially considering the way the night started out." Smooch.

Mimi asks, "Are you ready for an instant replay?"

"I'm sorry," says Shawn, "But the next show is in ten minutes." Shawn gets up to get a glass of water. Mimi grabs for a magazine but drops it. A picture of Belle and Shawn falls out. Mimi picks it up and contemplates what was and what might still be.

Lexie is with Phillip and Belle. She tells them, "Claire appears to be more comfortable. Her temperature has dropped a little."

"Any idea of what kind of infection it is," asks Phillip.

Lexie says, "We're still waiting for the lab tests to come back. We also had to do a spinal tap."

Belle freaks because she let them put Claire through that without being there. Lexie promises to let Belle know when they find out something. Lexie leaves. Phillip hugs poor Belle.

"I can't believe this. I have to find out if it's true," thinks Kate, "If it is... No, I just can't go there." Phillip sees her and asks what she has in her hand.

Lexie updates John. John wonders what they will have to be thankful for on Thanksgiving. Lexie apologizes for recommending Alex. John tells Lexie about Alex and Marlena being married.

Lexie says, "You've gotta be kidding!"

"Am I laughing," asks John, "Now she wants a future with Alex. I'm not accepting it. She really hasn't made up her mind. If North thinks I'm going to roll over and go away he doesn’t know what he is up against."

Marlena tells Alex she is sorry, one of the Romans has to get hurt, but she has made her decision. Alex thinks this means Marlena hasn't chosen him. He suggests she go tell John the news.

Jennifer wishes she hadn't been so upset about the decorations. Then Jack wouldn't have gone out. Frankie assures her Jack will be OK. A car pulls up and Jennifer runs to the door. It's Abby. She came home to help get ready for the party. Chelsea drove her. Jennifer freaks. Abby says the road conditions are getting better. They didn't take the dreaded River Bridge, though.

Pan to the cold and ice-covered
River Bridge
. Jack is in his car. Sinking...

Mimi studies the picture. Shawn comes back. He takes the picture from her. She tells him she found it in the car magazine. He said he took the magazine out because there is a car in there he is working on at the garage.

"You don't' have to explain," says Mimi.

"Belle is my friend," says Shawn, "There is no future with us. Do you believe me?"

"I do," she says, "Before things go any further with us, I have to make a confession."

Jennifer tells Abby Jack went out on his own. She suggests they start decorating while they are waiting for him. Abby says, "You're not fooling me, Mom. You're just as worried as I am."

Jack gasps for air, "OK, God, I’m supposed to die of an incurable disease. You're mad I tried to take my own life. I promise I won't do that again. You didn't have Billie revive me for this. I have to be there for my family on Thanksgiving. Do you hear me?"

Kate says the papers are from work. Mommie Dearest counsels Belle on motherhood. Belle goes in to see Claire. Phillip tells Kate he doesn’t know what he will do if something happens to Claire, "That little girl bonds the two of us like I've never felt before."

"Listen to me," says Kate, "Belle will be fine because you are there for her."

"I hope so," says Phillip, "Those two girls are my life." Phillip goes in to join Belle and Claire.

John asks Kate how Belle and Claire are doing. Kate says, "They are scared. So am I. I'm just glad they have each other. I don't know what Phillip would do without Belle."

John says, "I don't think Belle has been able to count on her parents like she should. They should be together. She and Shawn are over now. So Belle can move on." Kate goes to make some phone calls.

Magnanimous Alex encourages Marlena to go tell John her decision. Marlena walks over to John. She tells him she's worried about the baby, then says, "I have something to tell you. It's very important."

John asks, "Is it good news or not?" Of course it's not good news, but John is on DOOL, so he doesn't get to watch DOOL and doesn't know there is never any good news.

Kate sneaks into an office. She prays, "Please God, let me be wrong, because if it's true, it's going to destroy them." Kate praying to be wrong about something – there's a switch. Come to think of it, Kate praying – That's a switch, too.

Mimi says, "I went over to see Belle a while ago and told her we were going on a date and she acted possessive. So I asked her if she was still in love with you. She gave us her blessing. I just wanted to make sure she wasn't going to stand in our way of getting closer. I know what happened with Rex was my fault, but I didn't want to put myself in a position where that would happen again. She has a baby now, but what if Phillip and her don't wind up staying together? I know we are both committed to a serious relationship, but Belle told me she still has feelings for you. She also told me the only man she really loves is Phillip."

Shawn says, "That's the way it should be."

"I hope they work out," says Mimi, "I hope we work out, too. Which is why I have one question to ask you, are you still in love with Belle?"

Frankie tries to call Jack again. Jennifer tries to be encouraging. Frankie can't get through. Jaws music plays.

Jack tells himself not to panic, "Open the window. Wait for the water pressure to equalize and then swim to the surface."

Alex tells Lexie he wants to apologize for blackmailing her. He says he would never have followed through on that. He was desperate thinking she would dig into his past, "Unfortunately most of Marlena's past is still blank to her. And now, I think I've lost her."

"You never had her in the first place," snorts Lexie.

"I'm sure John has told you we were married," says Alex.

Lexie asks, "If you loved her so much why didn't you come forward years ago?"

"As I explained to John," says Alex, "I just didn't want to disrupt her life."

"This is such an incredible story," says Lexie.

"You are part of it," says Alex, "You are the one who asked me to treat Marlena. I had to come because I felt I was the only one who could help her. Her case is unique and difficult. That's why I used the tools I did. She is getting her memory back. I just can't believe she has chosen John."

"Did she tell you that," asks Lexie.

"Not in so many words," says Alex, "But that's what she is telling him right now. I'll be leaving Salem soon."

Belle and Phillip interrupt John and Marlena. Marlena encourages Belle, because it's all about Belle.

"Thank you," whines Belle, "You and Kate have been so encouraging." Belle and Phillip go back in to see Claire.

John asks Marlena about her choice. She pulls away from him, "John, the man I have chosen to be with is Alex." John drops into a fetal position.

Kate finds a computer, "Good, they didn't log off." How coonnvveenniieenntt. She types... "OMG, NO!"

Shawn tells Mimi, "I have always been honest with you. A small part of me will always love Belle just like a small part of you will always love Rex and just like a small part of me just made love to you. But both of us are ready to move on."

"Thank you," says Mimi, "I just had to know if what we shared tonight was special. I don't have much experience. Rex is the only other one I have been with, and I didn't know how to handle it."

"I don't have much experience either."

Mimi says, "Can you just forget I asked? I remember when I fell in love with you in high school. I practiced writing 'Mrs. Shawn Brady' in my notebook."

Shawn asks, "You did that?"

"OMG," says Mimi, "I can't believe I said that. I've been hurt, and nothing this wonderful has ever happened to me before and..."

Shawn has her take a deep breath. He says this was not casual for him. It meant a lot, "There is something I want to say to you."

Mimi says, "If you're going to tell me you love me, don't." Translation: Tell me you love me.

Frankie speculates about Jack. Maybe he pulled over. He goes to look for Jack despite the protests of the hysterical women. Jennifer tries to be encouraging.

Jack struggles in the car.

Lexie says, "You came, you saw and you couldn't conquer, so you are leaving Salem. Perhaps I misjudged you. Sorry for what you are going through."

"Lexie," says Alex, "If I may give you some advice, I think you should deal with your feelings for Tek. Have you been avoiding him because you don't want to see him any more or because you don't want to make a decision?"

John can't believe Marlena has chosen Alex, "The reality is you are the mother of my child and you know we belong together. When we took that carriage ride and danced on the terrace you felt it in your heart. If you are walking away from me you might as well RIP MY HEART OUT AND TAKE IT WITH YOU. I am asking you to reconsider."

Kate comes out into the hallway and asks to talk to a doctor.

The guy she is talking to says, "I believe Dr. Carver is right down the hall."

"No," says Kate, "I don't think we should bother her right now."

"Well," he says, "I am a med student."

Close enough. Kate asks about blood types. The med student 'splains things to her. The whooshing sound you hear is all that information going right over Kate's head.

Kate says, "So... if the father was O+ and the mother A- then their child could be AB-, right.

Dr. Nosey asks, "Why do you want to know?" Kate stares.

If Mimi doesn't want Shawn to say he loves her he wants to know where she is going with this. Mimi says, "I want you to tell me you love me someday, but just not when I've been asking about it. Do you want me to explain why?"

Shawn reels in terror, "OH, GOD, PLEASE, NO!"

Kate tells the med student she has to settle a bet. He says, "The scenario you mention is impossible. An A blood type and an O blood type together cannot produce an AB child. Hope you didn't have a lot riding on the bet. Better luck next time." He leaves.

And Kate says it out loud, making it official, "So Belle's baby is not Phillip's."

"Hello Claire, it's daddy," says poor Phillip, "Mommy and I are here and we aren't going anywhere."

"We love you Claire more than you ever will know. Daddy and I will be here always," says Belle.

Lexie says there is no question of whom she wants to be with – Abe. He's the one Lexie loves. Alex says, "And I love Marlena. Sometimes things don't work out." He apologizes again, "My love for Marlena, I am afraid, will never be fulfilled."

Marlena says, "For all the reasons you mentioned, those are the reasons I can't be with you. I have to choose the person with whom I first pledged to spend all the Days Of Our Lives. And that is Alex." John gives her his zombie stare.

Jennifer frets. She dials her cell phone and says, "Now I can't get Frankie either."

Abby says, "I'm not that worried about Frankie, but dad is sick."

Frankie runs across the icy road, "Someone went off the bridge. Oh, God, no! It looks like Jack has gone off the deep end again." Frankie tries his cell phone.

Jack prays, "I'm sorry I tried to commit suicide. I'll take the pills and die a slow death..."

Fade to Thanksgiving past. Jack stands with Jennifer and Abby and says, "Thank you, God, for giving me this wonderful life. I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world."

Jack coughs. Jack sinks.


Bo says, "Let's get those wet suits out. I'm going in."

Jennifer yells, "Frankie, where is he?" Frankie stares.

Sami tells Austin, "Getting involved with Nicole could spell disaster." Nicole says, "You're wrong, Sami. I have exactly what we need to get back in the game."

Marlena yells at John, "You and I are done!" Belle walks up and screams, "NO! Tell me this isn't happening."

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Just You, Me And The Black Ice

Mimi and Shawn get serious. Shawn asks if Mimi is sure. "I am so sure," she says.

Hope works on the computer and says "Gran is going to love, the website we are putting together for Christmas."

Bo comes home. He tells Hope Chelsea and Abby are waiting out the storm over at Bonnie's. Bo takes off his coat and recognizes that all-too-familiar look on Hope's face. Visions of sleeping in the doghouse run through his mind. Hope reminds him he missed Zach's Thanksgiving play. Zach was pretty disappointed when Bo wasn’t there.

Maggie and Mickey are at home. Maggie gets a call. It's Jennifer. She's worried about Jack.

Frankie comes in with tea. "Come on Jack, where are you," asks Jennifer.

Doug and Julie wonder if they should turn back and go home. Julie says they are almost there. She thinks they will be just fine. "Famous last words," says Doug. A cop stops them. They have to stay put until the roads are salted. It's cold but they decide to wait and make their own heat.

Bo is sorry he missed the play, "Sometimes I wish I could clone myself."

Hope says, "I'm not asking you to neglect Chelsea, but I wish you would pay more attention to your sons. Sometimes I think you have forgotten they exist."

Bo flashes back to Shawn and Zach's births. He wishes he could have been there for Chelsea when she was growing up.

Hope is working on the website, www.sluts-and-nuts. She shows Bo her work. Hope shows him a picture of the Fancy Face. Flashback time. Bo goes through more pictures. He finds Shawn and Belle at the last blast. Hope says, "I'll always believe in my heart-of-hearts that she married the wrong guy."

Bo says, "Me too. If Mimi makes Shawn happy, I hope it works out for them."

Mimi is making Shawn very happy at the moment.

Maggie gets off the phone. She tells Mickey Doug and Julie are stuck, "Maybe if the roads are bad, that's why Jennifer hasn't heard from Jack."

Mickey says, "If there is a way to get back to Jennifer, Jack will find it. My dad and Jack didn't always get along. But as long as he knew Jack made her happy, he was OK with their relationship." Flashback to Tom telling Jack he needs professional help.

"You're right says Maggie, your dad was not exactly wild about Jack, but Alice was crazy about him." Flashback – Alice telling Jack not to let Jennifer go.

"Alice gave me some good advice recently," says Maggie, "Not to give up on the man I love. I'm glad I was patient with you."

"It's true," says the Mickster, "We've weathered our share of storms. There will be more to come, I'm sure."

They talk more about Tom and Alice. "There never was a more loving couple," says Maggie.

Frankie says there is nothing Jennifer can do. Tea saves the day. Jennifer tells Frankie about the website, Frankie picks up a picture. Graduation at the fishing shack. He asks if that will wind up on the website. "Yes it will," says Jennifer, "I don't know how I could get through all this without you."

Doug and Julie wait. "This is kind of romantic," says Doug.

"Just you, me and the black ice," says Julie. Doug turns on the radio. 'Till There Was You plays. Flashback to Doug singing. Switch to When A Man Loves A Woman. Julie reminds him Lucas sang that to Sami when he proposed. Julie remembers how Sami and Lucas first met. Flashback city.

Julie says, "Why didn't they know from the get-go they belonged together? It would have saved so much heartache. Poor Sami. She manages to mess up every good thing that comes her way. I think she really loves Lucas and I hope they wind up together." Flashback to Lucas' proposal. Mercifully, no singing. Sometimes Lucas and Sami reminds Julie of her and Doug.

"We’re still together," says Doug, "Lucas and Sami should be so lucky."

Shawn, Mimi, afterglow. "This is so weird, says Mimi. Years ago I never thought this would have happened." Shawn confesses he had a crush on Mimi.

Maggie reminisces about being murdered by the Salem stalker. Ah, fond memories. After that, she started a scrapbook. Flashback to Tom starting the Christmas bulb tradition. Hangin' bulbs, wastin' time.

Jennifer is so glad she and Frankie stayed friends. "That time will always be a part of who I am," says Frankie.

"Me too," says Jennifer, "You know, it definitely was not love at first sight with me and Jack."

She remembers Jack giving her an assignment at the paper. "If you hurry and get it done, you may still make cheerleading practice," says Jack.

Jennifer says, "No one ever drove me as crazy as Jack Devereaux and no one ever made me as happy as he did. I was so young when I met him. I thought we would have so many years together." Wedding flashback. She doesn't know what she will do without him, "How do I go on without Jack?" Frankie can find a way.

Mimi tells Shawn he doesn't have to say stuff like that. He reminds her he kissed her before he ever kissed Belle. Flashback to Paris.

Mimi says, "I was crushing on you all through high school, even when you were my best friend's boyfriend. I never acted on it, obviously. I just can't believe I'm getting my wish. What about you though? I need you to be honest with me. If you could trade places with Phillip right now, would you?" OK, Shawn, we know you're kind of slow, but this would be a good time to say "NO!"

Hope says if she and Bo were too protective their kids would never learn to be on their own. They remember when Hope's dad caught them in bed when they were 18. Bo says, "It's a good thing your dad didn't have a gun that night or I would have lost something important." Flashback to their wedding.

Doug wakes Julie, "They are about to open the road." Doug wants to know if they are putting pictures of Marlena and John on the website,

"Just because she can't remember us," says Julie, "doesn't mean we won't remember her. Marlena and John. What a love story! Remember when she came back to John after being with Stefano for such a long time?" Flashback to the comeback.

Doug says, "If Marlena could remember who I was, I would talk to her about who she loves."

"There is another woman who is pretty desperate about John right now," says Julie.

"Dear Kate," says Doug.

Kate asks how John's back is doing. John says, "My back is doing better. It's my heart that needs some work."

"Mine, too," says Kate, "Look – our granddaughter, she's going to be OK." John goes to check on Claire. Kate can't take the waiting. She sneaks into Claire's medical record, "OMG, this can't be true!"

Bo says Alice will love the website,

Doug and Julie arrive at Maggie and Mickey's. Maggie and Julie go through the photos. They have forty years of photos. Julie wonders if the website,, will depress Alice. Maggie says, "The forty years are in our hearts." Pan to the hourglass on the table.

Shawn and Mimi go for seconds.

Kate rummages. She swipes a document from the medical record and copies it.

Alex wants Marlena to let him take her home. Marlena is worried about Belle and Claire. Alex assures her the hospital can take care of them. Marlena still doesn't want to leave, "I'm sure of that, and I'm sure of something else too. I know whom I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Lexie says to Phillip and Belle, "I wish I had better news."

Belle cries, "She's going to die, isn't she?"

Jennifer tries to phone Jack again. Jack's cell phone floats beside Jack at the bottom of the river. Both are cold and dead.


Kristian Alfonso is glad we could be there to share the magical memories of the first forty years of Days Of Our Lives. She invites us to visit the website,

Marlena tells John, "I have something to tell you. It's very important." John asks, "Is it good news or not?"

Kate says, "Please God, let me be wrong because if it's true it's going to destroy them."

Shawn says, "There is something I want to say to you." Mimi says, "If you're going to tell me you love me, don't."

Jennifer tells Abby, "Now I can't get Frankie either."

Frankie runs across the icy road, "Someone went off the bridge. Oh, God, no!"

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

The Exciting Action

Since there is no show tomorrow, there is no feed today. I'll bet even Belle could figure that one out. Be sure to join us tomorrow for the exciting action... well, OK, the action... well, OK, the incessant dragging out of all this and more:

Mimi asks Shawn, "You wouldn't trade places with Phillip right now, would you?"

"How do I go on without Jack," wails Jennifer.

Marlena tells Alex, "I know who I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Hope says, "I'll always believe in my heart-of-hearts that she married the wrong guy." Bo says, "Me too."

Belle cries, "She's going to die, isn't she?"

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Headless Horseman

Shawn and Mimi romp. Mimi says, "Shawn..."

Shawn says, "If you don't' want to do this..."

"Things wouldn't have gotten this far if I didn't want to do this," says Mimi, "I want to make love to you now."

Phillip and Belle are all kissy-kissy. Phillip says it was the greatest night ever. Belle agrees. Phillip asks if Belle is feeling better. She smiles, "Yes."

Phillip says, "Then we have so many reasons to celebrate." He celebrates by taking her to the couch and pulling her top off.

Claire cries. Belle goes to get her. "Miss Claire," she coos, "What's wrong?" Belle calls Phillip over. They both get that OMG look on their faces.

Jennifer encourages Jack to go up and rest. She is preparing the big meal. "My last supper," says Jack.

"I am not giving up and you can't either," says Jennifer, "Christmas is right around the corner and that is a time for miracles."

"I'll do my darndest to hang around for that," says Jack, "I love you and always will."

Geisha Kate continues John's massage. John says it's really helping.

It's really helping all right. It's helping Marlena to make up her mind as she watches through the telescope. "Oh," she says, "I don't believe it. I'm just a little confused. John was saying he was in love with me. He wanted me to come back to him, and that was just tonight. Now he turns to Kate."

Alex suggests, "If John thinks he lost you..."

"But so quickly," asks Marlena.

"Maybe he realizes you and I really do belong together," says Alex.

Marlena looks again. She chastises herself for being a voyeur.

Kate turns the massage into something more. John says no. Kate backs off. She tells John she knows he loves Marlena. "I don't know what I would do without you," says John.

Alex tells Marlena he's sorry she had to see that. Marlena doesn't get it. She wonders if John is toying with her. Alex resorts to the Salem town motto, "I will be there for you."

Belle says, "Claire is burning up. We should go to the hospital." Phillip goes into action. He calls Kate and tells her what is going on. He wants Kate to call Lexie and tell her they are on the way. Belle calls Marlena and sets up the big meeting in the hospital. Alex offers to drive her.

Marlena says, "You are so good to me."

"Because I love you," says Alex.

Shawn stops things so he can light candles. Mimi doesn't need candles. Shawn confesses he's a little nervous. "Join the club," says Mimi, "We've both been through a lot. If Belle and Phillip weren't together, you and she probably would be."

"I don't think Belle and I were meant to be together," says Shawn, "I don't want to lose our friendship by taking this to the next level."

"Shawn," says Mimi, "I want us to be more than friends." Shawn goes for more, but the phone rings. He picks up, "Mom... you could not have called at a worse time. Yes I know tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Jack and Jennifer's... Yeah, I'll stop by. I'll be with Mimi." He hangs up, turns off the phone and chucks it across the room.

The computer beeps. Mimi says, "In the frontier days they didn't have technology so that's why they had big families." She tells Shawn he'd better see what the message is.

Shawn goes to the computer, "It's Gran. She wants to make sure I'm not out in the storm."

Mimi waits, "I'm starting to think this isn't meant to be."

Jennifer tells Jack Abby is at Chelsea's. She plans the Thanksgiving dinner. Jack says everything will be perfect because they will all be together. Jennifer has forgotten the cornucopia. She wants it because it's traditional. Jack again promises things will be perfect. Jennifer decides what's important is they will all be together. She goes to check on Jack Junior, leaving Jack alone so he can mess things up. Jack makes a phone call, "This Jack Devereaux. You have to do me a big favor."

Jennifer comes down to find Jack gone. She looks through the house for him. Jennifer wonders.

Jack drives through the storm. He has flowers beside him in the car.

Lexie meets Phillip and Belle at the hospital. She goes in to examine Claire. Phillip comforts Belle. The Big Four arrive. Belle and Phillip pray. Kate asks how Claire is doing. Belle tells Marlena she feels like this is her fault; she has totally neglected Belle. Marlena tries to help. We all gather 'round and support Belle. Forget Claire.

Lexie comes out with the bad news. She says Claire is very ill. Belle goes off the deep end, "Don't let my baby die."

Shawn and Mimi are back in bed. Shawn is out of the mood. He remembers he has something for Mimi. He runs out of the room and brings her a vase full of flowers. Mimi thinks it's really sweet. Mimi throws her scarf over the lamp for mood lighting. They try again and struggle with knots and zippers. His zipper gets caught in her knot.

Jennifer looks for Jack. She discovers the car missing. She turns on the radio to get the latest horrible road conditions, "Please God, get him home safely."

Jack mumbles, "This is crazy but you wanted Thanksgiving to be perfect. It's our last one together so..." the car skids. Jack struggles. He thinks he should turn back but decides he has come this far so he has to go on.

Lexie has started Claire on an IV, "She has an infection. Dr. Posely will be here soon. We are doing everything we can for Claire."

Lexie leaves. Belle freaks, "Everyone but me is doing everything they can!" Phillip assures her Claire will get better. He tries to get her to compose herself. To dream the impossible dream...

John tells Kate Phillip is being strong for Belle, "They will make it through this," he says, "It's hard to see them go through this but it will make them stronger in the long run. We're just going to have to put our faith in the doctors." John hugs Kate, "We're not gonna lose our granddaughter." Marlena and Alex watch the tender scene.

Blubbering Belle frets, "This is my worst nightmare and I don't understand how you can be so calm!"

Phillip says, "Because both of us can't be a sniveling basket case."

Belle screams, "If anything happens to our daughter, our life together is over!"

Phillip thinks, "Well, at least something good would come out of it."

Belle apologizes for the remark. Phillip says It's OK. Belle whines, "I don't know what I would do without you. You're the only reason I haven't totally lost my mind." Too late.

Alex moderates the uncomfortable foursome. He goes to talk doc-to-doc with the people taking care of Claire. Marlena wishes she could get her memory back and help. "You're helping just by being here," says John.

Kate goes for coffee. John asks Marlena about the pearls. Marlena tells John they were a wedding present from Alex. "It'd be nice if you could remember when we were married," says John.

What Marlena remembers is watching John and Kate romp earlier that evening. "You told me you always told the truth," says Marlena.

"Yep," says Honest John.

"And you said you wanted to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together," she says.

"That's right."

Marlena continues, "And you told me you love Kate."

John clarifies, "Only as a friend."

"Well," says Marlena, "That's it, huh? Nothing more?"

John insists, "There is nothing romantic going on between us. Have you decided whom you want to be with? Have you made your decision?" Marlena stares.

Jennifer dusts off the cornucopia and flashes back to a happier Thanksgiving, with Jack making fun of it. The phone rings. Jack tells her he's in Ogden. He went out to get the flowers for the dinner. Jennifer wants him home. He says got the flowers and vegetables but doesn’t have the cornucopia. Jennifer says she found theirs. She wants him home NOW. Jack turns up the music, "They're playing our song on the radio."

You can say you love me
And I'll believe that's true
Trusting you is easy
'Cause I believe in you

Jennifer tells him to be careful. Jack assures her he will. He can't wait to get back home to her, "It will be the best Thanksgiving ever." Translation: Worst Thanksgiving ever. They express their undying love and hang up. "Oh gosh, I am not gonna lose you," says Jennifer.

Shawn struggles with the zipper. "One wrong move," he says, "And I could be out of commission for weeks."

"That would be very bad," says Mimi. Yeah, but that's how long we're going to drag this out anyway.

Mimi is distracted. Shawn asks, "What is it?" Mimi says, "Do you smell something burning?"

It's the scarf Mimi put over the lamp. Shawn says, "This is definitely not our night. You and I are going to happen but..."

"This is a sign we should wait," says Mimi.

They agree to get some sleep and see each other in the morning. They get up. More kissing. Back to the bed. No distractions. Shawn and Mimi once again attempt to do the horizontal Shimi.

Kate says she can't take the waiting. She goes to the desk and picks up Claire's medical record. Shock and awe, "NO! That can't be true!"

John tells Marlena Belle would feel better if she knew her parents were back together. Alex comes back. He didn't learn anything.

Phillip tells Belle, "We just have to stay strong."

Belle whines, "I've never been so terrified."

Lexie comes out and says, "I wish I had better news..."

Jennifer waits.

Jack cleans the windshield as he drives, "I feel like Ichabod Crane." More like the headless horseman if you ask me. "There is the bridge. Once I get over it I will be OK." SWERVE! SKID! SPIN! Over the river and through the woods and off the bridge we go...


Hope says, "I'll always believe in my heart-of-hearts that she married the wrong guy." Bo says, "Me too."

Belle cries, "She's going to die, isn't she?"

Mimi asks Shawn, "You wouldn't trade places with Phillip right now, would you."

"How do I go on without Jack," wails Jennifer. Frankie hugs her.

Marlena tells Alex again, "I know whom I want to spend the rest of my life with."

Monday, November 21, 2005

Dine And Dash

Shawn and Mimi go at it in front of the Kiriakis apartment. Phillip opens the door, clears his throat and invites them in. Belle goes to get everything ready. Outside, she gives herself a pep talk, "He isn't yours anymore, Belle, and you have to let him go."

Sami comes in with groceries as Austin and Nicole talk business. Sami says she wanted to get some supplies with the storm coming, and also wants to make some chicken soup for Will. Austin says they were worried about her.

"Speak for yourself, "says Nicole. She asks if Sami can make the stuff for Will over at Lucas' place. Sami tells her this is her apartment and she will make it there if she wants to. Austin suggests it would be better for Will if she did it over at Lucas' apartment.

Sami storms out yelling, "I can see when I am not wanted. It's my apartment and I am the one who came up with the Clear Visage account but I can just do it over there and..." SLAM!

"Man," says Nicole, "That woman can be such a dramatic little bitch!"

"Will you stop it," says Austin, "You're way out of line."

Sami trips in the hall. Lucas finds her and asks if she needs some help.

Kate and John are in her living room. Neither of them can sleep. John doesn't understand how Marlena can believe she is married to Alex. He has to find a way to break this hold Alex has on her, "Next, he will work his way right into her bed... like hell."

He grabs his binoculars and starts to look but Kate stop him, "If you do that, you're making a very big mistake."

Alex serves drinks, "A penny for your thoughts. Marlena, a lot has happened tonight. Is there anything you want to talk about?"

She wants to talk about Alex' favorite subject, "I want to talk about you. I know nothing about you. I want to know everything. Tell me about our relationship."

Alex says, "From the moment I sat down next to you at med school, I thought the sun rose and set on you. There wasn't anything we wouldn't do together. When we were finally engaged, that was the best day of my life until our wedding day."

Marlena remembers the wedding night.

"You remember how in love we were, don't you," says Alex.

"I do. The thing is I just can't feel it," says Marlena.

Kate says, "Spying on them won't do any good. Especially if you don't let me watch, too. Alex was – is her husband."

John says, "I can't believe he's married to my wife. Nothing adds up and I'm not gonna stop until I get to the bottom of it."

Marlena keeps having memories but can't feel any emotional connection to them. Alex says this isn't uncommon. The memories will become more clear and she will finally start to remember the love they shared.

"The kiss we shared reinforced that. I felt something then," says Marlena.

"I felt it too," says Alex, "Maybe you feel guilty because you can't remember your past with John."

"I do feel guilty."

"I can't vouch for what your life with John was like," says Alex, "But I can't imagine it was anything close to the life we shared."

Belle tells herself to get a grip. She goes back into the kitchen. Phillip pours the wine. Shawn says it feels like old times. Mimi thinks they've all come a long way. Belle walks away. So much for getting a grip. Phillip goes to help her.

Mimi tells Shawn magnanimous Belle has given them her "blessing."

Belle tells Phillip she is all right. Phillip says, "Just tell me what's wrong."

Austin tells Nicole the company will fail if she and Sami can't get along.

"She hasn't pulled her weight around here," says Nicole.

"I totally disagree," says Austin, "She landed the Clear Visage account."

"That was just dumb luck," insists Nicole, "Scrappy-Doo will never be able to do anything like that again."

"Sami has a lot of heart and that's what it takes to make it in this business," says Austin, "Look what she did tonight. She went out in the storm to get ingredients to make soup for Will and she can't even cook. Who does that?"

"Sami does," says Nicole, "to score sympathy points."

Austin says, "There is obviously a lot of animosity between the two of you, but I am begging you to put it aside for the sake of the company. There is a side to you a lot of people don't get to see, and that is the side I'm appealing to right now."

"If it were anyone but Sami..." says Nicole.

Austin says, "There is a side of Sami a lot of people never get to see either, but it's what I love about her. And it's what Lucas still loves."

Lucas wants to know why Sami went out in the storm. She tells him she needed the ingredients to make Will chicken soup.

"So you did this for Will," asks Lucas.

Sami says, "I love him as much as you do, Lucas."

"I know that," says Lucas, "It's just so unselfish of you. It's not like you at all."

Sami sneers, "I don't have to listen to this."

"I know you'd do anything to help Austin succeed in business, right," asks Lucas.

"That is right," says Sami, "And you're just upset because I won that account fair and square."

"You stole it from me," says Lucas, "Remember that. Always remember that."

"Well," says Sami, "Austin was able to use that fact to secure loans and now we'll be bigger than Titan some day."

"Oh," says Lucas, "So Austin used the CV account to secure loans, huh? It's not like Austin to spread himself financially so thin. He doesn't even have Schnitzel's signature on paper yet. The deal could fall through. If that happens, he'd be in big trouble with his creditors."

"Trouble," says Sami, "He'd be ruined."

John still can't believe Marlena can have feelings for Alex. Kate says she does, even though John doesn't realize it.

Alex has something he has been wanting to give Marlena. He goes to get it. Marlena goes through the album of her and John, "Why can't I remember this? We seem so happy."

Alex brings Marlena a box. She opens it. Pearls. "Oh," she says, "They're lovely."

"Here," says Alex, "Let me put them on you." He slips them around Marlena's neck. Marlena imagines someone putting pearls around her neck and choking her. She goes completely off the deep end screaming.

Phillip wants Belle to tell him what's wrong. She doesn't feel like having people over right now, "I'm upset you lied to me – about your leg. It's been hurting all this time and you didn't even tell me. Just because I have PPD doesn't mean you can keep things from me."

Phillip says, "You are right, and I will never do it again. Plus I don't think dinner is going to last very long. Look at those two. I think they are going to pull the old dine and dash." Phillip finds the picture of Belle and Shawn and asks what it is doing in the garbage. Belle says it fell in there. She takes it from him as he goes off with Shawn and Mimi. Belle looks at the picture. It morphs into a picture of her, Shawn and Claire. She shoves it back into the sack.

Nicole thinks Lucas and Sami were meant for each other. She hopes it works out for them, "We all deserve to be with the person we love. Even Sami. Maybe someday I will find that special person. I don't know how I got sidetracked in the Kiriakis mansion. You want kids, Austin?"

"Yeah, I'd like to have a dozen. I can't wait." Nicole walks off. Austin follows and comforts her.

Sami comes out of Will's room. She got Will to let her put the Vapo-Rub on his chest by standing in front of the TV and threatening to turn off Trilogy Of Terror, his favorite movie. Sami hates the movie, but she knows how Karen Black felt to have a scary creature chasing her around the house, "It's name – Nicole Walker."

"I could say 'I told you so,'" says Lucas.

"Yeah," says Sami, "But don't. It won't last long anyway, because Austin has leased Brandon's old loft and the company is going to move there, and so is he."

Lucas thinks Austin is making some pretty risky moves.

Sami says, "Don't worry about it. Pretty soon our company is going to be five times as big as Titan. Lucas just stands there. Sami says, "What?"

Lucas says, "You're falling for Austin again." Sami stares.

Kate thinks Marlena is falling for Alex. John doesn't buy it. Kate says, "Losing someone you love is always devastating, John."

John says, "You're talking about Roman, right?"

"No," says Kate, "Actually I was talking about losing you."

"Aw, Kate," says John, "What you and I had together... I'm always going to care a great deal about you."

Kate says, "Those feelings never do completely go away, do they? Our situation is similar to Marlena and Alex. She may want to pursue her feelings when she gets her memory back."

John says he is going over to the penthouse. He starts to put on a sock, but doubles over in pain. Kate tries to help. John shouts, "No! No! Don't touch me."

Kate says, "What!"

Marlena freaks. Alex wants to know what is wrong. Marlena wails, "I don't know. Don't come near me. Oh, what is wrong with me?"

Alex says, "Let me help you Marlena. Sit down." He leads her to the couch.

Marlena continues her hysterics, "There were hands and they were putting some pearls on my neck and I couldn't breathe. I didn't see who it was. It was so scary."

"You're safe now," says Alex, "It's all over. You're safe."

Marlena says, "Alex, what is wrong with me. What is happening?"

"I'm not sure," says Alex, "I don’t think this was a memory. I think it's a deep-seated fear. You are starting to have more memories, but you can't bridge the gap between he memories and your actual feelings."

"Thank you for being so good to me. You are so good. And you are so generous," She takes the pearls, "They are so beautiful. Did they belong to someone in your family?"

"They did," says Alex, "She was so special. They belonged to you."

The dinner continues at the Kiriakis. Phillip thinks they should do this more often. Belle gets up to look at Claire. Shawn and Mimi think it's time to go.

The party's over. Shawn and Mimi leave. "What did I tell you," says Phillip, "The two of them couldn't wait to get home."

Belle ain't happy. It's an attack of Post-Party Depression.

Shawn and Mimi kiss their way across to their apartment.

Austin wants to know if he said something or what made Nicole so sad. "When you said you wanted kids," says Nicole, "it reminded me of something. How I can't have any."

"Of course you can have kids," says Austin, "You'll find the right guy."

Nicole cries, "I wish that were true. It's never going to happen. I physically can't have kids. When you left last time a lot happened. Someone hired a hit man to kill Victor. When they tried to shoot him, I got hit instead and now I can't have kids."

"I am so sorry."

Nicole says, "That's life. Right? Mine, anyway. I thought I would make such a good mom." She morphs into Joan Crawford.

Austin grabs at straws, "You can still have foster kids or adopt."

"Raising a family is tough and the only way I would do it is if I had someone to share the responsibilities. Someone like you," says Nicole.

Sami insists there is nothing between her and Austin. Lucas says there is, "And the way you are falling for him so quickly tells me you were never in love with me at all."

"ME," shouts Sami, "How about me walking in on you about to have sex with some floozy," asks Sami.

Lucas says, "Austin isn't as smart as you think he is. The sooner you find that out the better off you will be."

Sami can't find the recipe. She goes to Lucas' computer to look it up. She finds email from Sophie. "I'm so glad we talked Lulu into getting Schnitzel to change his mind."

Lucas walks out. Sami shouts, "Lucas, you unbelievable bastard! How could you do this to us?"

Belle and Phillip clean up. He hugs her. Belle is distant.

Mimi and Shawn romp in their apartment. He carries her into the bedroom and flops her onto the bed. Things get hot.

"You stole that Clear Visage account from us," yells Sami.

"I'd like to think I took it back," says Lucas.

Sami says, "Austin spent money thinking we had that income. I'm not gonna let you get away with this. "

"I already have."

"We'll see about that, " She storms out.

Austin tells Nicole she will meet the man of her dreams and have a family. Sami rushes in. She tells Austin about Lucas stealing the CV account back. Lucas comes in. Austin picks up the lease papers and stares, "We're ruined."

John can barely move. Kate wants to call Lexie. John doesn't want her to. She suggests painkillers. "I'm not going down that road again," he vows. He takes off his shirt. Kate tries massage. John says, "Thank God. I don't know what I would do without you, Kate."

"Wow," says Marlena, "These were mine?"

Yes," says Alex, "They were my wedding gift to you. Try putting them on again."

The doors blow open. This startles Marlena. "The storm must be getting worse," says Alex. He takes a spyglass and checks out the radio tower, which he says looks like it is about to collapse. Then he swings the spyglass around to check out Kate and John. Kate takes off her robe. "I don't believe it," says Alex.

Marlena asks, "Don't' believe what?"

"I don't think you want to know," says Alex.

"Of course I want to know," says Marlena. She takes the telescope and soaks it in. Kate and John. Together again. FF.


"This is my worst nightmare and I don't understand how you can be so calm," says Belle. Phillip says, "Because both of us can't fall apart." Belle tells him, "If anything happens to our daughter, our life together is over."

John hugs Kate, "We're not gonna lose our granddaughter."

Shawn asks, "What is it?" Mimi says, "Do you smell something burning?"

Jack screams as he allegedly drives off a bridge.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Wrong Color - Red

Billie tries CPR on Jack, "Jack, come back to us." No good. Poor Jack sleeps with the fishes. Billie whimpers as Jack lies in a crumpled mass. Jack moves toward the light.

Bright light surrounds Jack. "Hey," he says, "I did it. I killed myself. I'm dead. To conquer death you only have to die. The question is, am I headed to hell?" Thunder and lightning roar.

Sophie and Lucas arrive at his apartment. Sophie says, "I see Will is gone. I'm starting to get suspicious about you. This is the second time I've spent the night and Will hasn't been here. What do you do, call ahead and tell him you're bringing someone home?"

"Someone," says Lucas, "That's funny. You're actually the only one I've had here in a while."

"Now," says Sophie, "it's time to warm you up. I feel like celebrating."

"I can't believe we blackmailed Lulu," says Lucas, "When Austin finds out..."

"That is such a turn on, isn't it," asks Sophie.

"I agree," says Lucas.

Austin tells Sami she is the reason they beat Titan. He picks her up and whirls her around. Nicole says it's time to get back to business and start worrying about moving. Austin says, "Moving into the new office would have been a huge risk just a few hours ago."

Sami wants to make sure they aren't overextending.

"It is a done deal," says Austin.

Sami feels like no one is listening to her. She walks out into the hall and bumps into Will. Will ain't in a good mood, "Leave me alone!"

Marlena wants to talk to Alex alone. John takes him aside and tells him, "I don't believe your cock and bull story."

Kate tells Marlena she has to make a decision. "You can't keep these two men hanging on like this, or me, for that matter."

"You're right," says Marlena, "I do have to make a decision."

"I won't take advantage of Marlena in her condition. I've waited too many years waiting for this to happen," say Alex.

"This is all so strange," says John, "With everything that's happened, that Marlena never mentioned you to anyone before now."

Alex says, "There is one thing I realized when I came here. Her children are grown. She is at a crossroad. She doesn't know which man she loves."

John says, "So this is your big opportunity to reclaim her. You won't succeed in selling your pack of lies to my wife."

Kate tells Marlena Alex sounded convincing. Marlena wants to talk to him one more time. Kate tells Marlena John will be heartbroken if she chooses Alex. "He has feelings for you," says Marlena, "Maybe John could find happiness with you again." Translation: If you can't be with the one you love, love the one you're with.

Nicole finds another takeover candidate on the Internet. She thinks they have to move fast. Austin says it will be tough to compete with Titan. Nicole tells Austin, "It's worth the risk to go for the gold ring."

Austin says, "You mean the brass ring. Unless you're talking about a wedding band." Nicole stares.

Sophie and Lucas are half-dressed. "Success is such an aphrodisiac," says Lucas.

Sophie tells him, "You are a force to be reckoned with and I can't wait to climb on board."

Will was going to spend the night at Arthur's, but doesn’t feel well. Sami wants to take his temperature. Will doesn't need her help. She talks him into letting her help him. He gives her the key to the apartment. Sami opens the door and walks into the love nest, "SCREAM!"

The ice storm rages. Jennifer and Frankie decide they have to stay put. Of course, her cell phone batteries are dead. And, guess what, Frankie can't get a signal. Yep, this is DOOL all right. They wait. Jennifer smiles when a familiar song comes on. They reminisce.

"Do you remember Mrs. Fullette, our teacher," says Jennifer, "She was a widow. Her husband was killed in Korea. She loved him so much. It's been ten years since I saw her. She was retired and very sad. She said she made such a big mistake. She never wanted to be with anyone else so she lived a lonely life. I wonder if that will happen to me. I can't even believe I'm talking about my husband like this – like he's already gone."

Billie tries to revive Jack. Jack stands in limbo. He sees lots of red. "Oh man," he says, "Wrong color – red – way wrong color." In the distance he hears Billie crying.

Jack stirs. "Oh Jack thank God you're alive," says Billie. Jack comes to. Billie says, "I think God is really mad at you. You tried to commit suicide. Now I'm gonna make you regret what you did."

Sami makes a quick exit from the apartment, slams the door and won't let Will inside. Lucas runs out. Austin and Nicole come running form Sami's apartment. What an interesting group.

Austin says, "I've really missed you, Will. Maybe we could get together and hang out sometime."

"I'd like that," says Will.

Sami opens Lucas' apartment door, covers her eyes, and tells Sophie she has to leave.

Will goes into the apartment. He yells, "Wow, Sophie! You're hot!" Sami freaks and runs into the apartment. Will says, "Juuusssttt kiiddddiinngg..."

Austin and Nicole have to get back to work. Austin tells Lucas, "Anytime you want to get back in the game, I'm up for the challenge." Ooooo. The gauntlet has been thrown.

Sami comes out and tells Lucas, "You need to tell your guest to get lost."

Back at Sami's apartment, Nicole and Austin talk. Austin says he forgot how much he missed Will. Nicole says Sami lied about Will's paternity to trap Austin.

Austin says, "Hey, you're still fishing about the mystery woman, aren't you? I don't blame you for being curious, though."

"I want to know, and I want to know now," says Nicole.

"All right," says Austin.

The ice storm gets worse. John doesn't think it would be a good idea to leave in this kind of weather. Alex takes John aside, "You can come up with excuses for not leaving but you need to accept Marlena's future is with me."

"If I find you have been dishonest with my wife," says John, "I'm going to stick that psychiatric toy, that talisman, down your throat."

Alex says, "If Marlena is the woman I think she is, she will be true to her first love – me."

John goes over and asks Marlena to reconsider. Marlena stares.

Jack moans. Billie finds ipecac, so she doesn't have to take Jack to hospital. Billie says, "Suicide is wrong, Jack. Don't do this to your family. Do you want to go to hell? That's where you will go if you do this."

"If God wants to curse and damn me some more he doesn't have to," says Jack, "He's already done a good job of that."

"Jennifer wants to be with you," says Billie, "Abby wants every minute she can have with you. Do you want to miss out on the first time Jack Junior says DADDY?"

Jack tells Billie he can't even dull the pain anymore. This is what his family will see from now on. He doesn't want them to remember him this way. He screams, "You have ruined it all!"

Frank and Jen. Together again. Jack says, "Mrs. Fullette's life didn't turn out as bad as you think. A few years ago I bumped into her and Coach Olsen. They were on their honeymoon. Want to know something else? I'm not making this up. They had been high school sweethearts. She was his prom date." What a coincidence!. Cue up Stand by me and flashback to Jack and Jennifer at the prom.

Jennifer can't believe coach Olsen had waited for her all that time. Frankie says this proves good things can happen after a tragedy. Jennifer doesn't think anything like that could happen for her. Frankie stares.

John tells Marlena not to make this mistake with Alex. Marlena says, "It's my only chance of being whole, the only way I have of getting my memory back."

"If anything goes wrong, I will be there," says John, "As you remember more, maybe you can remember the love we shared."

"I do remember that," says Marlena.

Austin says, "I'll tell you about this woman. She's not impatient or pushy."

"Well, that rules out Sami," says the impatient and pushy Nicole.

Austin continues, "She doesn't put her agenda above other people. I'm not going to tell you who she is until the company is off the ground."

Nicole accepts it and tells him to sign the loan papers.

Austin says, "I think you're a great sport." Translation: LOSER!

Nicole says, "And I want you to know I'm not doing this under the premise you're not yanking my chain and I'm gonna be the one. You know what would be great, if Lucas forgave Sami and they got back together. I know you wouldn't stand in the way of the three of them being a family."

"Let's hope that never happens," says Austin, "Sami could switch and start telling Lucas our plans."

"We are better off when Sami is working for the enemy," says Nicole, "With just the two of us, the future is ours."

Sophie tells Lucas goodbye, She'll take a rain (ice storm) check. Sami soaks it in.

Sami freaks – Will's fever is 102. He tells Sami to stop babying him. She says she will, after she gets him chicken soup.

Lucas says he knows what to do, "I'll just feed him a little bit – chicken soup, ginger ale and crackers."

"Yeah," says Sami, "Just... like... we... used... to... do."

Sami picks up some papers. Lucas grabs at them and says, "You have no business touching that." Sami grabs the papers back, reads them and gives Lucas a look.

"After loving Jack for so many years," says Jennifer, "I would never expect to find love like that again."

"Jack will always have a special place in your heart," says Frankie, "I think when Mrs. Fullette figured out she didn't have to replace her husband she could move on."

"Sure," says Jennifer, "Thirty years later." I see Jennifer flunked history.

Frankie says, "Coach Olsen gave me advice. He told me to never give up hope."

Jennifer says, "I agree. I pray for a miracle with Jack. What was that about – coach Olsen telling you not to give up hope? What did he mean by that?"

Frankie lies, "I don't remember."

The salt truck arrives. Frankie starts the car, "I'm not as good a driver as my brother, but I'll get you home." They drive off with the salt truck as an escort.

Jack tells Billie she can't tell Jennifer what he did tonight.

Billie says, "Oh yeah, but it would be OK if she walked in and found you dead on the floor? All right. I won't tell. I'm dong it for Jennifer. If she ever found out I don't think she would forgive you. I don't want her to go through that kind of pain."

"I just don't want to worry her any more," says Jack. He collapses.

Jennifer comes in, "Jack, what is happening?"

Jack says he stubbed his toe. Billie hides the ipecac. Jennifer tells Jack Abby is at Chelsea's. Frankie sees Billie hiding the meds. Billie tells Frankie she got to him just in time, "He's in horrible pain."

Jack is so glad to see Jennifer. Jennifer says, "You say that like you thought you'd never see me again."

Lucas tells Sami the documents are none of her business. He's not ready to show her yet, "I want everyone to be surprised."

Nicole thinks they got a lot done tonight, "Loans, contracts, pressuring you about your mystery woman like some high school girl. I can't wait for your company to be a huge success and for you to announce the woman you came back for. And it had better be me."

Kate tells Alex he'd better not be playing mind games with Marlena.

"She is my wife," says Alex, "When we are together we will live happily for all the Days Of Our Lives. Don't miss this opportunity to be with the man you love."

"I need to be honest John," says Marlena, "I don't recall the deep bond I had with you."

John asks, "And you remember this bond of love you had with Alex?"

"I do," says Marlena, "I remember the deep feeling of love for him." FF Alex.


"If it were anyone but Sami..." says Nicole. Austin says, "There is a side of Sami a lot of people never get to see either, but it's what I love about her."

Sami says, "What?" Lucas says, "You're falling for Austin again."

Marlena freaks. It's a no-holds-barred conniption.

John writhes in pain, "No! No! Don't touch me." Kate says, "What!"

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