Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hell To Pay

Salem Hospital! Destroying the human race one patient at a time.

Chloe comes into Lucas' room to see if she can slow his recovery. She does a good job of it. Chloe hands him a Redbook and two car magazines. Lucas leafs through the Redbook. She offers him cashews and pistachios. Lucas says, "I'll take the pistachios since cashews give me a rash."

"But," whines Chloe, "You haven't eaten any and you've got a rash."

"You're in the room," says Lucas.

Chloe fluffs his pillow. Lucas tells her he was beaten up in prison and she isn't responsible for his injuries.

"I know," says Chloe, "But..." An angelic choir backs her up as she continues, "I'll be here for you until you're back on your feet."

In walks the town gossip herself, already taking notes, "Well," says Maggie, "I wonder what Sami would have to say about that?"

EJ and Nicole discuss Trent. EJ mulls over the revelation that Trent told Nicole to stay away from him. Nicole thinks Trent is malicious and she doesn't know what he will do. Not only that Nicole thinks Victor will go off the wall when he finds out she is still married to Trent. EJ says, "It means a lot to me that you trust me enough to tell me the truth."

Nicole says, "The truth is I hated pushing you away."

Roman and Hope talk about the evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case. Roman asks, "Now you did talk to Morgan about the evidence again, didn't you?"


"And again?"


"And again?"


"And again?"


Hope knows Morgan didn't pull anything more out of the evidence bag. She says she will talk to Harry and find out where the mysterious email originated.

Phillip beeps. Bo joins him. Bo's beeping sounds more realistic. He tells Phillip about the mystery email. Phillip isn't surprised. He says he got a note saying whoever it is knows his secret. "This smells like a setup," says Bo.

"How do you know," asks Phillip.

"I got another mysterious email," says Bo, "It said, 'This is a setup. Somebody knows what I did. They're after us. Both of us."

Harry tells Hope and Roman he traced the email to the Kiriakis mansion. Roman thinks it's bogus, "Phillip is too smart for that. He wouldn't send an anonymous email from his own computer."

"What about Pookie," asks Hope.

Harry gets and epiphany and does some more key clicking. He announces the email came from the Java Café.

"Looks like a setup," says Hope.

"How do you know," asks Roman.

"I got another mysterious email," says Hope, "It said, 'This is a setup.

Roman takes Hope aside. He says he thinks John is in this way over his head. "I hope he's not the only one," says Hope. She makes a call as she heads for the Java Café.

Bo and Phillip both think John is behind this. Bo says it helped to find out Phillip is innocent, since what he did was so wrong. "You're a Kiriakis," says Phillip.

"Then why ain't I rich," asks Bo. Bo says he loves the parents who brought him up and he spent years denying he has Kiriakis blood, but now he thinks it might be more convenient to join the dark side. He says when Phillip visited him was the first time their relationship felt real, "The other times, it just felt like another one of your fake body parts." Phillip says he will never forget what Bo did for him.

Maggie giggles with delight, "I know it's none of my business, but I don't think Sami will be happy if she walks in here and sees Chloe attending to your every need." Lucas tells her Sami knows Chloe is there. "REALLY," says Maggie, "Well, I was just trying to prevent trouble, and also trying to prevent someone else from getting the scoop on this before me." Maggie walks over and gives him a hug.

"YEEEOOOWWWWWCCCHH!" Apparently the thugs in prison didn't do as good a job as Maggie of working Lucas over. She gives him a batch of Alice's donuts and says Alice sends her love.

"Good," says Lucas, "Because I couldn't survive another hug." Chloe goes for coffee.

Maggie swoops in for more details. She can't believe Sami left him alone with Chloe. Lucas tells her it's time he and Sami took a little break from each other. Maggie can't believe it. A snort of laughing gas couldn't make her more giddy. Lucas says it's draining to love Sami because of her mood swings.

Maggie asks, "And Chloe is the answer?" Maggie has a point. Lucas dunno. Maggie says she heard what happened between Chloe and him at the Salem Inn. Lucas wonders how. "I have my spies all over town," says Maggie. She tells him just because he got caught with another woman doesn't mean he ought to throw everything away with Sami.

"Chloe is different than Sami," says Lucas, "I need something different right now. I figure whining is a nice change of pace from all the yelling."

Nicole would love to make her relationship with EJ to work, but they couldn't be seen on a date with Trent around. EJ reassures her, "We'll put our heads together and it will all be fine. If you dig deep enough, you'll find skeleton's in anyone's closet." Nicole tells him she knows about one of Trent's skeletons and if you count her marriage, that's two. "What have you got," says EJ.

"Max Brady is Trent's biological son."

The guy at the Java Café tells Hope he can't tell who sent emails, but he could review the security footage and see who was there. Hope gives him the time frame and he goes to work. Doug meets Hope and hands over her usual, a low fat, double shot, super-foam latte. She thanks him for meeting her there. Hope has a question for him, "Would you break the law to protect a family member?" Doug chuckles.

Phillip beeps. Bo tells him he takes responsibility for his own actions. Phillip insists John is behind this but doesn't know how he knows about the missing evidence. "There has to be a trail," says Bo, "We just have to find it."

"You're a Salem cop," says Phillip, "That means we don't have any hope at all of finding a trail. But whatever happens, I got your back."

Bo says, "It's the rest of me I'm worried about. I meant what I said, too." Bo stammers around and starts to tell him something, but chickens out and leaves.

Doug says it would depend on the circumstances. Doug reminds her in his past he broke the law a lot, but not to protect family members. Thinking it over he says he probably would break the law to protect a family member, "The problem is, there's hell to pay either way." Doug presses for more details. Hope insists she's not in trouble and can't say. Doug asks, "Is it Bo?" Hope chokes on her super-foam. She sees the manager come back and tells Doug she has to go.

Nicole tells EJ Max has taken off and Trent wants her to find out what he is up to. She says Max is in France but she doesn't know what he is doing there. EJ says the more they know about Trent the quicker they can get him off Nicole's back. He tells her he will help, but not as her lawyer.

Maggie makes a pitch for Lucas being with Sami. Lucas says he can't handle it right now. Maggie says she knows just the place where Lucas can go to recharge his batteries.

Hope calls Roman and says she is looking at the security video at the time the email was sent, and it's a picture of Ava Vitali sending it. Roman thinks that's good information but knows they can't prove she sent it. Hope tells him she has to catch up with Bo and hangs up, "Oh, God, Brady, what have you done?"

Morgan comes in to see Phillip. She tells him she feels terrible. She says she went over there to confront John and get the truth. She says she's becoming a nervous wreck, "I feel like I'm having a nervous breakdown."

"You sound more like Lucas' kind of girl," says Phillip.

Phillip vows to find her father, "You've probably heard stories of people who get revelations while they are in a coma."

Morgan rattles on, "Yes I've heard about that kind of thing. One time at band camp...".

"Not that," says Phillip. He takes her hand, "I heard everything you said."

Hope comes back and finds Bo at home, "Did you pick up Ciara?"

"I didn't have to," says Bo, "She's old enough to drive herself now."

Hope walks over and finds a postcard from Shawn and Belle on the table, "It's from Fiji. Claire has learned to fish, Shawn has cut his beard and Belle has almost learned which is port and which is starboard."

"I wish I were in Fiji right now," says Bo, "It happens to me every time you walk into the room." Bo tells her Phillip is doing well.

She tells him she went to the Java Café and discovered Ava may have sent the mystery email, "It's that email about the missing evidence that has everyone thrown for a loop. But you know all about that, don't you, Brady?"

Nicole gets off the phone with her friend Lisa, who works at the pub and found out that Stephanie followed Max to Europe. EJ thinks that's great information. He says he can call her and she will tell them everything they need to know. Nicole gets all gushy over the fact that EJ really is going to help her.

Maggie gives Lucas the key to the Horton cabin, "That will be the perfect place to recuperate. You can go up there and commune with nature and TP every tree around." He thanks her. They share a tender moment talking about imprisonment. Lucas says all he could think about was Allie and what would happen to her. Maggie begs him to think long and hard about his feelings for Sami. Lucas promises. Chloe listens as Maggie talks about Smith Island.

Phillip says, "You said that you loved me."

Morgan makes excuses, "Well, I thought you were going to die. I thought maybe I could work my way into the will."

Phillip thinks it's wonderful. He pulls her down to tell her something. Phillip whispers. Morgan kisses him.

EJ wonders why Nicole has gone all girlie on him all of a sudden. She says she can't believe he's willing to help her, "No one has ever been this nice to me."

"It's my pleasure," says EJ, "Start getting used to it, young lady." Zero out of two ain't bad.

Chloe knocks and slips into Lucas' room. Maggie decides this is a good time to leave. This happens to Chloe a lot. Lucas tells her he's going to spend some time on Smith Island when he gets released.

Hope demands Bo tell her the truth, "What do you know about the missing evidence? Did you have anything to do with it."

Bo tells her he wanted to keep her out of it but admits tampering with the evidence to protect Phillip. Hope gasps, "My God, Brady, what have you done?"


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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Null And Void

Max meets up with a guy who tells him, "I understand you're looking for Mel." Max stares at him with an expression that looks like a pumpkin before it's carved up for Halloween.

Trent calls Melanie from the java café. No answer, so he leaves a message.

We pan in on Nick sitting alone in the java café and watching a video on his computer. Do I hear Desperado playing in the background? Trent comes up and they shave a conversation about the joys of coffee. Trent asks about Nick's bartender friend.

EJ plays with the children. Sami comes in looking for her cell phone. "I'm sorry," says EJ, "but I'm kind of new at this and two children is about all I can handle." EJ clowns around and Sami goes along with his shenanigans.

Chloe comes out of Lucas room and rants about how horrible and grisly his face looks. And all she saw was the picture of him taken last month. She can't believe they put him in maximum security with a bunch of hardened criminals, "I understand his cell was located right between the Pacers and the Pistons." Nicole and Chloe hope he doesn't have to go back to prison.

Roman asks, "Lucas, what the hell happened."

Lucas moans, "I did what you asked and they almost killed me for it."

Play, play, play. See the kiddies play. See Allie and Johnny play, too. Sami eats it up. She knows she has been hard to deal with and she's sorry. EJ knows he's not the easiest person to live with, too. She tells him his threat to take Johnny out of the country sent her over the edge.

"I know," says EJ, "But your GPS is programmed to go over the edge every time anyway."

Sami says, "This has been great. I hope we can find a way to get on and be friends."

"I enthusiastically agree," says EJ."

"Why would you be so anxious to get on and be friends," asks Sami.

"Oh," says EJ, "I thought you said get it on. But you know what the problem will be – Lucas." EJ walks away and continues to play with the kids. Sami double huffs.

Lucas tells Roman his cover was broken. He got close to Manny Ortega and found out he was still trafficking drugs in present, "One minute we're talking about moving 50 keys to LA harbor and the next minute someone jumped me and started kicking me in the head. I was lucky they didn't bash me somewhere that could do some damage.

Roman says, "I had my doubts about you doing this. But I figured since it would be you who got the stuffing beat out of him instead of me, it was worth the risk."

Lucas asks, "I don't have to go back to prison, right?"

Roman stares. Lucas asks, "I'm a free man, right?"

The Bimbo Brigade walks into his room. Chloe gasps, "You are?"

Nick tells Trent he doesn't know where Max is. He and Trent dance around each other.

Fauntleroy wants to know why Max is looking for Melanie. Max says he doesn't want any trouble. "What do you want with Melanie," asks Fauntleroy, "Where is she?"

"So you're looking for her, too?"

"That's none of your business," says Fauntleroy, "And you're gonna tell me where she is right now." Stephanie watches and wonders if this would be a good time for a side trip to Niece.

Nicole says, "Lucas, you look like hell."

"Compliments will get you nowhere," says Lucas.

"Don't worry," says Nicole, "It's nothing a little TLC won't take care of, right Chloe?"

Roman decides to give them some privacy. He says they can talk later about springing Lucas.

Lucas tells Chloe and Nicole he made a deal with the Feds and in exchange the Governor commuted his sentence. "You caught a lucky break," says Nicole, "You're really a great guy, Lucas, about five million worth. Anyway, I've gotta go." Alone at last, Lucas tells Chloe he's been thinking about her ever since he left.

"Me too," says Chloe, "I think about me a lot."

Holy cow. Somebody flipped Sami's switch. She rants at EJ for trying to have a simple conversation about their child and he turned it into a conversation about Lucas. Sami would have to lose a few poles to become bipolar.

"Things were great around here," says EJ, "until Lucas came back and now you've become a different person. You've become... highly strung. You keep trying to prove yourself to Lucas while in reality he should be proving himself to you."

"Lucas is back in prison," says Sami, "so he's not in this equation any more." Sami's cell phone interrupts. She goes over and digs it out from underneath a pillow on the couch. Roman tells her Lucas is in the hospital. He asks her to join him there and he will explain things when she arrives.

Nick asks why Trent is so curious about Max. Trent tells him Max is his son, and asks him to keep that information to himself. He says there are still issues he and Max have to resolve. Trent excuses himself.

Chloe comes out and reports that Lucas is fine, "He'll be better when the shipment arrives from the Phillip Kiriakis Face Emporium, though."

Nicole wants to talk to Chloe about her relationship with Lucas, "I don't think you'll be happy with him... not as long as Sami is in the picture. So if I were you, I would turn around and walk away." Nicole's barking phone interrupts.

Trent wants to know if Nicole is making any headway on her assignment. Nicole says she still doesn't know why Max is in France. Trent tells her to work harder.

Roman asks if Lucas is excited about going home. Lucas says he doesn't know where his home is anymore. Roman is sure Lucas and Sami can find someplace. "I love your daughter with all my heart," says Lucas, "But after everything that's happened, I don't know if we can work it out."

"The question is," says Roman, "Do you wanna be with Sami?" Lucas stares.

Sami rushes around and bumps into EJ. She tells him she has to go to the hospital to see Lucas. EJ tells her he hopes everything is OK and prepares for more adventures in babysitting as mommy once again flies the coop.

Fauntleroy wants to know where Melanie is, "Is it true you're an American racecar driver? I hear people in your profession make a lot of money. I'll stop looking for Mel, but only if you pay me what she owes me."

Nicole shows up at the DiMera mansion, "EJ, I need your legal advice."

Sami rushes into Lucas room and asks what happened. Lucas gives her the short version. Roman leaves so Lucas can give Sami the good news. Lucas tells her he's being released, "I'm coming home."

Nick surfs and finds Party girl's video blog. Video girl gushes about her party life. "Who are you," says Nick. He flashes back to his conversation with Max about his sister. "OMG," gasps Nick, as Premiere Party Girl signs off.

So much for legal advice. Nicole and EJ talk about Lucas. Nicole fills him in and tells him Lucas' sentence has been commuted, "Some bad guys beat him within an inch of his life."

"That's a shame," says EJ, "Too bad they couldn't finish the job."

Nicole finally gets back to the legal advice, "How do I protect myself from a blackmailer." She tells him Trent is the one doing it.

"What does Trent have on you," asks EJ.

"Something pretty big," says Nicole, "I need you to help me burn Trent before he burns me."

Sami falls apart, "Lucas, you risked your life so we could be together."

Lucas shakes his head, "No. that's not why I did it. That's not the reason. Not at all."

Max tells Fauntleroy he doesn't have a lot of money. Faunty tells Max if he doesn't pay, he may never see his girlfriend again. Max says she's not his girlfriend. Stephanie, being the aforementioned girlfriend, scoots. Fauntleroy says he doesn't believe Nick.

Nick calls Stephanie and says Trent has been asking questions and volunteered the fact that he is Max' dad, "Tell Max I know how to find his sister."

Nicole tells EJ about her marriage to Trent. She says she eventually left him and never thought she would see the SOB again but, as we know, the world revolves around Salem, and here he is. Then Nicole drops the big bomb, "I never filed for divorce. Trent and I are still married."

Lucas tells Sami, "I did it for the kids."

"See," says Sami, "So you really did do it for me." Sami says she knows when Lucas said he didn't want to be with her any more he was just being noble because he was going to prison.

"No," says Lucas, "I had one of my few moments of sanity." He bursts he balloon and told her he knew about this deal before he went to prison. She rants about him keeping her in the dark. Aside from wishing he were back in prison, Lucas tells her he couldn't confide in her after what happened.

Sami strolls through Fantasyland. She decides they can just wipe the slate clean and move on, "Don't you want us to have a future together?"

"I don't know what I want right now," says Lucas, "I don't want to act like nuthin' bad has happened between us."

"Sami sobs and grovels, "There has to be a way that we can start over and have that dysfunctional relationship I've always wanted."

Stephanie asks, "You know how to find Melanie?"

"Yeah," says Nick, "She's a Blogger."

Stephanie gasps, "You mean like that Prevuze nut?"

Nick fills her in on Premiere Party Girl. Stephanie tells him the more she finds out about Melanie, the more she realizes how much trouble she is. She stares out the window at the Fauntleroy-Max Smackdown. The call gets cut off.

EJ wants to know why Nicole didn't tell him this before. She says she didn't know about it until he came back. EJ says, "So you're saying you didn't file for divorce but didn't realize you were still married. You are one sharp cookie. You realize if word of this gets out your divorce with Victor is completely null and void."

"Don't throw legal terms at me," says Nicole, "What does 'null and void' mean?"

"It's like what happens to your brain when you watch DOOL," says EJ.

EJ wants to know what Trent is blackmailing her for money or something else. Nicole tells him he's doing it for small favors, "He did do one thing I really regret. He forced me to stay away from you."

Max tells Fauntleroy he's not giving him any money. Faunty gets in his face, "Then you'd better pray you find Mel before I do."

Sami wants to know what Lucas thinks about getting together. Lucas says it's always been hard for them. Sami thinks love is all that matters, "The kids are just a hobby."

"I don't have the energy to talk about it any more," says Lucas.

"THANK GOD," yells a gal in the audience.

Too bad. Sami has enough energy for both of them, "Are you saying we are through?"

Lucas thinks they need time apart, "A couple months or something." Sami breaks down. Lucas wants her to leave.

Sami runs out, "Blather, blather blub, glub glug..."


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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Bloated Rag Doll

Here is a recap of the episode we missed yesterday, based on a poor audio backup:

Trent and Marlena have words at the Java Café.

Max and Stephanie discuss how to handle Max' sister if they ever find her. Max meets an old friend in Paris who might be able to help him find Melanie. Stephanie is curious about who SHE is. Max and his friend reminisce, especially about the fact he forgot to say goodbye. Stephanie flirts with a guy while Max and his friend talk. She asks the guy about Melanie. He recognizes her and points out a guy who knows her. Max' friend agrees to investigate Melanie. Stephanie talks to the guy the bartender pointed out and finds out he is Melanie's former boyfriend. The guy whines about losing Melanie and tells Stephanie he isn't the type she would want to be with. Stephanie thinks he deserves better than Melanie given the way she has treated him. He warns Stephanie Melanie is big trouble. Max and his old friend, Stephanie and her new friend part company.

Marlena tells EJ he stepped way over the line when he threatened to take Johnny. EJ insists Sami would have done the same thing if she were in his position. She confronts him about bribing the immigration agent. Marlena tells EJ she notified the immigration people and Mr. Burke will soon be out of a job. She vows this isn't over. EJ assures Marlena his days with Sami are numbered. Marlena is skeptical. Whatever his feelings for Sami, EJ know they are not reciprocated and he tells Marlena he is moving on.

EJ and Nicole discuss their relationship. Nicole implies Trent is making her uncomfortable. Nicole says she really likes EJ but can't continue the relationship with him. EJ presses her to give it a chance. Nicole won't as long as Sami is in the picture. Trent catches EJ and Nicole being cozy. After EJ leaves Trent warns Nicole to stay away from him and wants to know why EJ was holding her hand. Nicole denies that and tells Trent to go to hell. Trent tells her she will always crave attention. He wonders if she wants to test whether or not he can still control her. He threatens to reveal her little secret, which turns out to be the fact that they are still married. More threats and Trent asks Nicole to find out what Max is doing in France.

Nick and Trent discuss physics. Trent tries to convince Nick there is more to life than nuclear physics. Trent suggests a going away thing for Professor Fergus and wants Nick to talk to Max about renting the Brady pub. Nick suggests he talk to Caroline.

And now, on to today's boreiffic episode...

Daniel harps on the multitude of people who want to come into Victor's room. Bo harps on the fact that Daniel won't let him see Victor. Daniel harps on the fact that the fool's parade in and out of Victor's room is causing him stress. Bo harps on the fact that maybe Daniel keeping people away is causing the stress. Victor the vegetable comes to and tells Daniel he wants to talk to Bo. Daniel gives Bo two minutes with him and notifies the morgue to prepare for a new arrival.

Outside, Daniel snaps at Kate about being in Victor's room and sending him into cardiac arrest. He wants to know what she said that almost killed him.

Ava wants to celebrate the good fortune that she won't be extradited. John is distant. Ava tries to cheer him up by telling him she'll be around for a while now that the extradition is off. John is more concerned about Paul and Phillip, "Phillip taking that bullet wasn't in the equation."

Ava reassures him, "Phillip is going to be just fine and when he is... we have to find a way to pin everything on him." So much for Ava the redeemed.

Morgan sobs over Phillip's lifeless body. She kisses him, but the prince doesn't come back to life. Morgan pines away, "I think I'm falling in love with you."

Chloe stands at the door to Phillip's room with her set of radar ears, "AHEM!!"

John says he doesn't want Ava worrying about anything, "I still have an ace up my sleeve."

Daniel gets snippy about Kate practically killing Victor. Kate says that wasn't her intention. Chelsea walks up and stops the lover's spat. Kate admits she dropped the Phillip bomb on Victor. Daniel wins an overacting Emmy as he tells Kate he'll be the judge of who can send his patients into cardiac arrest.

Chelsea bawls Daniel out for talking to Kate that way and demands an apology.

"Don't concern yourself about it," says Daniel, "Kate likes it rough."

Bo assures Victor Phillip will be OK as soon as the body part shipment arrives. Victor tells Bo he can get his hands on as much of Phillip's blood type as they need, "I have a lifetime membership at Bed, Bath and Body Parts."

Morgan assures Chloe Phillip is dong better. Sarcastic Chloe is sure Morgan's love is all he needs. Hope butts in and asks to talk to Morgan. After Morgan and Hope leave, Chloe sits and whines like a lost puppy, "OMG Phillip, how did we end up here? I'm so sorry for the way things turned out for us. I tried though, didn't I? I went down like a two-foot putt. I should have done everything I could to keep you from getting involved with her."

John wants the place cleaned up and then he has something to show Ava that will take away all her fears.

Compassionate Hope says she realizes this is a difficult time for Morgan, so she doesn't want to upset her. She then proceeds to grill her like Public Enemy #1. Morgan doesn't want to do this but Hope the Horrific prevails. She asks Morgan the same old questions. Morgan tells her everything but Hopeless wants to go over it again. She thinks the "proof" is missing from the package.

Kate don' wan' no stinkin' apology. She doesn't want anything from Daniel. She walks off and Chelsea wonders why he treated her like that. Daniel insists he's just doing his job. He blows up and rants about the importance of keeping Victor calm. Chelsea says she's never seen him like this before. She wants Danny and Granny to be civil with each other.

Victor says one of his men can get the blood supply. Bo rants about compromising his career. Victor says what Bo did was in the best interests of the family. "Well," says Bo, "Hope is my family too, and Shawn and what's-her-name."

John takes Ava down to the DiMera dungeon.

Victor assures Bo no one ever needs to know about the tape. "Yeah, but I know," says Bo. Daniel comes in to take Victor down for tests. Victor says, "I'm sorry Bo." Bo leaves and Victor tells Daniel he knows someone who can give Phillip blood. Daniel says they have all the blood they need.

Victor protests, "But Phillip has a rare blood type."

"Salem Hospital is working hard to reduce the bureaucracy in medicine," says Daniel, "In order to be more efficient and save time, we've stopped typing blood. I want you to focus on getting well."

Victor wants to see Phillip. Daniel vetoes it, but offers to bring some parts of him to Victor's room.

Hope badgers Morgan, who is too worried about Phillip to focus.

Chloe says, "I'll be praying for you, Phillip and I'll..." The audience chants with her in unison, "always be there for you." She gets up to leave and runs smack into Morgan. Chloe tells her if she can make Philip happy that's all that matters.

Ava and John walk into the dungeon. The camera focuses in on a pair of shoes. We pan up to the socks. Slowly, we traverse a pair of Dockers. The suspense is killing you, isn't it?


Paul shoots out of bed and snorts at Ava, "Your boys roughed me up!"

John drones, "There is no reason to adopt that attitude. You could be floating like a bloated rag doll in the Salem River right now. Instead you're yelling at the rag doll."

Ava bawls John out for harboring Paul.

Paul wants to see Morgan and let her know he's all right. John refuses. Paul reveals John forced him to write the second note. John wonders why the tape hasn't surfaced.

Hope nags Bo about Victor and Phillip. She tells him about her conversation with Morgan. Hope thinks there was more to the package than the money and the letter, "I see a gap in the chain of events. You were alone with that package and I wonder if you found something else in there." Bo is silent... a skill Hope has never developed. "OMG," gasps Hope, "There was something else in the package wasn't there?"

If Morgan is right for Phillip Chloe says she will support that. Chloe turns to leave but can't resist a parting shot, "Don't hurt him."

"He doesn't have any parts left to hurt," says Morgan.

Chelsea wonders why Kate isn't more upset since Daniel is so much out of line. Kate brushes it off. Daniel comes up and asks to speak with Kate alone.

John gets off the phone, "My mole inside the SPD has reviewed things and the tape hasn't surfaced yet."

"I have," says Paul, "Isn't that enough?"

Ava thinks Bo may have made the evidence disappear. Paul goes into another tirade about wanting to see Morgan. John shuts him up, "Phillip can't be framed for your murder if you're still breathing, so you might want to be more helpful." All Paul wants is to see Morgan and let her know he is OK. John tells Paul Morgan has fallen in love with Phillip. Ava tells him Phillip took a bullet for her.

Nicole rushes into the hospital waiting area. Chloe tells her Phillip is still unconscious. Chloe thinks Phillip would be shocked if he saw them together being civil. She tells her Morgan is in with him, "Philip took the bullet for her. He's her hero and she's in love with him."

Morgan fantasizes about dancing with Phillip. This would be a good time to go fix those Bologna sandwiches for the kids' lunch.

Phillip's machines beep. Morgan asks him to wake up.

Chelsea wants to stay and hear Daniel and Kate's juicy conversation, but Kate sends her packing. Daniel apologizes for making a scene earlier. Kate says, "I shouldn't have said anything to Victor, but I was afraid someone else might and I called dibbs on giving him a heart attack." She knows Daniel is under strain what with having a relationship with both her and Chelsea, "You have a kind heart and are a good man which is why I..."


"Never mind."

Ava leaves. John tells Paul about Eddie shooting at Morgan and Phillip taking the hit. Paul explodes, "What was that moron doing firing the gun at her."

"Firing a gun at her was the best way to make sure he hit her," says John.

Paul vows to get out of John's dungeon and reveal all. John tells him to be patient. He says when this is all over Morgan will have nothing to do with Phillip.

Back to Morgan's fantasy. If the kids want seconds... Phillip picks her up and carries her off. Things get serious on a conveniently located couch.

Morgan smiles. Phillip vegetates.

Chloe and Nicole just know Phillip will make it. Chloe doesn't think she has a chance with him if he does, though. Nicole thinks they are becoming friends.

"Let's not get too crazy," says Chloe.

"It's too late to make that decision," says Nicole.

Ava wanders into the Java Café and gets on her laptop.

Chelsea comes into Victor's room looking for him, "Where's my grandpa?"

Brooding Daniel looks up at her, "He's out having a cat scan."

"Oh, no," gasps Chelsea, "He's allergic to cats."

Daniel apologizes for his tirade earlier, "Things are all good with Kate now."

"She's a very forgiving lady," says Chelsea.

"Oh, I thought we were talking about Kate," says Daniel, "And how about you? Are you OK?"

Chelsea tells him Victor is lucky to have him in his life and so is she. She moves in for some liplock. Granny watches.

John is disappointed in Paul's betrayal. Paul insists it was a lapse in judgment and he will do what it takes to make it up to him. John tells him that's why he is there. Paul wonders if his plan is to keep him there forever. John tells Paul he's lucky his men fished him out of the water. He smacks Paul's chest and snorts, "I gave you a second shot at life."

"And I'm eternally grateful."

"So shut up," growls John, "And do what I tell you."

A nurse passes by. Chloe stops her, "Do you have any word on Phillip Kiriakis?"

"No," says the nurse, "I've been assigned to his brother's case. Lucas Roberts."

"Thank goodness," says Chloe, "For a minute there I thought you meant Lucas Horton."

Bo insists there was nothing else in that package. A cop comes up to Hope, "We got this anonymous email," he says, "I thought you'd like to see it."

Bo overhears, "An anonymous email? Who's it from?" "

Hope reads, "What happened to the evidence in the Paul Hollingsworth case looks like a police cover-up. What do you think?"


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Monday, July 28, 2008

Al Gore Invented The Internet

No Prevuze today, gang. We're on the road and everything is fine on this end but back at the Prevuze Compound, unreliable Sprint (Now Embarq – which is short for go ahead and embarq on your journey, but don't count on us) has failed us.

Did you chuckle when you read that title? Al Gore made this outlandish claim in an interview back during his '00 presidential campaign. It was met with instant guffaws and ridicule, not only from the technical world but also from everyone in general. It still serves as a hilarious joke today anytime someone brings it up.

So what would you say if I told you there is a grain of truth to it? I mean, think about it – why would Al make such a preposterous claim out of thin air?

Back in the eighties, then Senator Alphonse Gore (as he was usually called in the news when he was an unknown), introduced legislation, which would have set up a nationwide network as an Internet backbone, primarily using fiber-optic cable. I can promise you, had Alphonse's bill passed, the Internet would be a much better place to surf today.

However, the legislation never had a chance. Why? Three guesses... When the sleazy phone companies caught wind of Alphonse's plan, they realized they would make more money using the existing cobbled-together infrastructure they had in place. That infrastructure, of course, was based on the same 64K lines to your house that Alexander Graham Bell used to contact Watson on his first phone call. Now that's progress.

So the sleazy phone companies went into action, sent their lobbyists to congress and poured gazillions of buckskins (as John would say) into the effort to squash Alphonse's folly.

I’m sure you know what happened. Owing to the fact that we have the best congress money can buy, Alphonse's wild hair of a plan went down like a sailboat with Shawn Douglas at the helm.

As a part of the deal, the sleazy phone companies got congress no only to crush Gore's bill, but they also got it to authorize a "tax" which went to the phone companies. The phone companies promised to use this "tax" to lay fiber optic cable across 80% of the US by the far-off year 2000.

The rest, as they say, is history. Here is it 2008 and less than 5% of the US has that promised fiber optic cable. Instead, we limp along with the same infrastructure Alexander Graham Bell used for the first phone call (and you still get to pay that "tax" with every phone bill). If you don't have cable (we won't get into the shortcomings of the cable companies) instead of fiber, you still depend on those 64K lines coming into your house. The only reason you get a little faster service is someone figured out how to compress the signal and called it DSL. AND CHARGED YOU OUT THE WAZOO FOR IT.

So what's the point? Had Gore's bill passed, and had the country followed through with implementing it, you'd have an Internet that is... oh, say 100 times faster than it is today. It would be far more reliable and consistent and your service would virtually never go down.

And you would have Prevuze.

Have a great day, gang. We're working long distance on the problems back at the Prevuze compound and will try again tomorrow.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Prevuze Is On The Road

Well, the Prevuze team is on the road again. This means we are back to dealing with the eternal fight for Internet time in areas that haven't joined the 20th century, let alone the 21st. We'll be gone for the next couple of weeks, during which time you may experience late or no postings and there will probably be fewer pictures.

Please bear with us. It's very frustrating to travel and not be able to communicate but some areas are just not equipped with wireless. Last night we pulled into a small town and asked if they had broadband. They said they did and conducted us to the town square where the ladies' symphony was giving a concert.


Have a great weekend, gang, and check in Monday. One way or another, we'll probably get the positng up.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Champagne And Caviar - We'll Clean Up The Blood Later

Salem Hospital: fighting every day to keep the Salem Morgue in business... Chelsea comes in to see Grandpa. She talks. He vegetates. He's probably faking it and hoping she'll just go away. She says she has noticed some tension between Victor and Bo. She rambles on as Daniel comes into the room. Daniel throws a fit and tells her that any show of emotion could push Victor into a death-spiral.

Hope the trooper tells Bo she doesn't mind pulling an extra shift tonight, "I'm still peeved at you for not telling me what's on your mind, even though that would be a short conversation."

Bo gets a call and gasps. He hangs up, "Phillip's been shot!" The caped crusaders grab their capes and head for the DiMera mansion.

Paramedics work on Phillip as Morgan goes off the scale. Kate comes in and falls apart. Roman immediately steps in to comfort her. Morgan blithers. Sobbing and blithering...

...Blithering and sobbing. Bo and Hope rush in. They wheel Phillip out. Hope stops Morgan from rushing out with them then takes her off. Roman tells John he knows it would have benefited him to get rid of Phillip so he might've set this whole thing up.

Daniel lectures the brat, "You were doing exactly what I told you not to do. No ice cream for you, little girl, and you're headed for a major time out."

Chelsea says, "Look, if there is something going on between my dad and my grandfather, I just think..."

Daniel interrupts, "No, if there is, it's none of your business. You don't need to concern yourself with grownup things." Chelsea insists she's just trying to help. Daniel knows that, but there is another reason he doesn't want her involved. Her friend's father has gone missing. Daniel knows Victor's world can be dangerous. He's just trying to keep her safe. Chelsea doesn't like him ordering her around and he doesn't like her disobeying him. Naughty little girl. Daniel gets a call. Chelsea huffs.

EJ and John describe what happened. Roman thinks the new John may have set this up. John gives us a summary, "Morgan came in here upset, reached in her purse, Eddie thought she was reaching for a gun, he pulled his out and fired, Phillip dove in front of Morgan and took the bullet. End of story."

A gal in the audience yells, "Don't we wish!"

Roman asks, "There is no evidence Paul is dead, is there?"

"Only what's on that crazy Sgt. Pepper's album," says John.

John starts to ramble but clams up on the advice of his lawyer. He gets a sly smile on his face and asks EJ if he can press charges against Morgan. EJ thinks he would have a good case. John gets enthusiastic, "Let's do that!" He turns to Roman, "Unless you don't want that to happen and decide this was just a unfortunate accident." Roman backs off and takes Eddie to check his gun permits. On the way out John thanks Eddie for his help.

They leave and John tells EJ, "Nice work." He offers drinks. Ava accepts. EJ says John has to tell him everything.

Morgan continues her tirade at the SPD. Hope promises they will find out about her father. She says they aren't sure he is dead, "We just have to keep praying he isn't, because prayer is a lot more effective than the SPD."

Morgan is adamant, "My father is dead and John killed him."

Bo flashes back to finding the tape recorder. Bo stares. Morgan tells them about stories Paul used to tell about people trying to smuggle things into customs. Hope wonders if Paul was threatened by anyone but John. Morgan whines, "He told me to stay away from someone who isn't dangerous... Phillip."

Kate paces and wonders why they haven't told them something. Chelsea advises her not to panic. Daniel interrupts. He says Phillip is in recovery, "The bullet ruptured his abdominal aorta. He lost a lot of blood. We couldn't give him a transfusion because his type is rare and we are out of it."

Kate steps up to the plate, "I'll donate."

"You aren't compatible," says Daniel, "But we've contacted Blood R Us." Daniel asks Chelsea to go get Kate some water. Gunga Din scoots off.

Kate tells Daniel things are getting to be too much what with everything that's going on with Lucas, Phillip and Victor. We have a granny hug.

EJ says he isn't a fan of surprises. John says there won't be any. Redeemed, compassionate Ava wishes they could get Morgan to believe them. She says she's been through what Morgan is going through. EJ tells her she has her own affairs to worry about. He reminds them Ava has a trial coming up, "And you, John... I'm afraid the spotlight is on you for what happened at the docks and even this incident here today."

"Shine the spotlight on someone else," drones John.

EJ gets a call from the DA. John leaves EJ and Ava to talk. EJ gets off the phone, says there is a new development and the DA is sending a fax.

EJ gets the fax and says it just confirms things. John comes back in and EJ shows it to him. "Extradition denied!"

"And," says John, "a change of venue has been approved. Where, oh where in the world do you suppose the new venue will be? Champagne and Caviar ― We'll clean the blood up later!" John reads on and announces the last paragraph says Judge Fitzpatrick will be the presiding judge, "Ava, you'll be in good hands. And after I'm done with you, Judge Fitzpatrick will take care of you, too."

Bo reports the prognosis on Phillip is good, "Most of his fake body parts were only dented." Bo and Hope grill Morgan about Phillip. Morgan thinks Phillip is a good guy. She points out he took a bullet for her. They offer Morgan a ride home, but she wants to go to the hospital. Bo and Hope can drive her home, but they can't drive her to the hospital, so Morgan calls Chelsea for a ride. Chelsea doesn't think Kate will want Morgan there, but agrees to pick her up.

Morgan and Hope go out and she asks Morgan to write down everything that happened. Back in the office Hope asks why the case is eating at Bo. Bo clams up. Hope threatens, "Either you tell me or I'm going to Abe and tell him you're withholding information."

Kate flashes back to destroying the tape. She shudders and walks away from Victor's window. She asks Daniel if she can go in and sit with him. Daniel is reluctant but OK's it.

Inside, Kate sits by Victor and says she wishes he hadn't given Phillip so much responsibility at Titan. He wanted to make Victor proud and that's why he got involved. As Kate talks, the beeping ramps up.

"Something terrible has happened," says Kate.


Kate can out-talk any machine, "Phillip was trying to protect Paul's daughter when one of Ava's men shot him."


Kate runs out screaming for help.

John pours, "Almost a thousand buckskins for unfertilized eggs and champagne." Ava senses something is going on about the judge. She wants to know what they know that she doesn't. John says it's just that they know all about Fitz' reputation for 'fairness.' EJ leaves. John toasts a fair decision. Ava toasts John and says she knows something is going on with the judge. "The less you know, the better," says John.

"Well, things ought to be pretty good then," says Ava, "I still want to thank you properly." Ava moves in. John dislocates a jaw opening his mouth.

Daniel yells, "GIVE HIM 200 JOULES!"


Victor screams and goes into the fetal position. "NO," shouts Daniel, "I said 200 joules, not the family jewels!"

"CLEAR!" ZAP! No response. "CLEAR!" ZAP! No response.

Bo tells Hope she can't go to Abe. He wants her to stop pushing.

Daniel comes out and tells Kate, "Victor is back. And we saved him the cost of a vasectomy. I want to know what went on in that room." Kate stammers. Daniel presses. He beats himself up for letting her in Victor's room in the first place. She asks about Phillip and Daniel says he is stable. They found a donor. Daniel vows not to give up on Victor or Phillip.

Daniel comes out of Victor's room and bumps into Bo trying to get in. Daniel stops him from going in. Bo asks about Phillip. Daniel thinks he will be OK.

Ava asks about John and Judge Fitzpatrick, "Has the judge been dirty a long time?"

"I don't know about that," says John, "but she's been on the take for a while. Let's just say she knows how to thank someone for a generous campaign contribution. Ava wishes there was some way she could show John how much she appreciates what he has done. Appreciative Ava moves in.

Bo wants to talk to Phillip ASAP. Kate tells him he should be questioning John. Chelsea has arrived back from bringing Morgan to the hospital and scraping the pedestrians off her front grill after the trip. She tries to calm everyone down. Daniel says this has been a setback for Victor, "Both he and Phillip are in for a long night."

Bo walks off and Hope finds him. He fills her in on Victor and Phillip. She apologizes for pushing too hard. She says she just wants to help. Bo appreciates that but says he has to do this on his own.

Bo stares at Phillip through the blinds and remembers Phillip visiting him in the hospital. Bo walks into his room. Phillip vegetates. Bo sits beside him, "I'm sorry, bro. Sorry I didn't believe you and was so rough on you. I was scared you'd done something that couldn't be undone. You took a bullet. John might as well have shot you himself. Hang in there. I'll take care of this."

Morgan comes in and asks, "How is he?"

"Unconscious," says Bo. Nothing... I mean nothing slips by Bo.

Bo leaves and Morgan sits down beside Phillip, "You saved my life. You didn't even think twice about taking that bullet. I don't know what to say but thank you. That's not enough, but maybe when you get out of here I can make it up to you and show you how much you mean to me. You saved my life and I love you for that."

John... Ava... afterglow... Ava starts smothering him with kisses. "If you keep this up," says John, "you'll just have to thank me again. You give great... thanks." Round two starts, but John stops.

"What's wrong," asks Ava.


"That's not true," says Ava, "But I won't ask if you don't want to tell. I have a 'don't ask don't tell' policy."

"Morgan lost control," says John, "If she would have had a weapon she would have tried to kill me. She's got a lot of backbone confronting me. That bothers me. If she could do that without knowing anything think what she would do if she really knew what happened to her father."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Caroline arrives to bug... uh... visit Patch and Kayla. Kayla assures her L'il Joe slept through the night. Caroline gives Kayla yet another present for L'il Joe. Kayla tells her Patch is out somewhere so Caroline decides they can talk. Lucky Kayla. Caroline says she is concerned about Bo.

Steve arrives at Bo's house and invites him to go have a beer. "But it's 11AM," says Bo.

"You're right," says Patch, "It's a little late to get started, but I'm sure we can catch up."

Bo thinks he might have told Patch too much last night when he was under the influence. Patch, of course, thinks Bo did the right thing. Bo thinks Phillip may have killed Hollingsworth. Bo says, "I could lose my badge. I could lose everything... including Hope."

Bo insists he can't involve Hope in this. Patch thinks Hope will figure it out eventually.

Kate is eating with Phillip at the mansion. 11AM. Late breakfast? Early lunch? Brunch? Phillip thinks Bo thinks he might have killed Hollingsworth. That's a lot of thinking for that family.

Kate says, "Well he might not be the only one."

Ava tells John, "Last night was incredible and this morning wasn't bad either." John ignores her and zones in on his newspaper. She thinks they are acting like an old married couple.

"That's not true," says John, "We're not on the verge of killing each other. I read here that they found Paul's jacket in the river and are dragging for his body. Too bad it's a waste of time."

Marlena comes in, "How do you know it's a waste of time?"

"Anything on this show is a waste of time," says John. John is thrilled to see her, "You just can't get enough of this place can you, Blondie? But you are always welcome here because you are my wife."

"You don't act like it," says Marlena. EJ joins the party and asks to talk to Ava.

Bo just can't let Hope get involved in this. He's not sure what to think about Phillip's involvement. Patch will see what else he can dig up on Paul. "Good idea," says Bo, "I'm sure the town's only 11AM drunk can do a better job than the police force." He doesn't feel good about keeping secrets.

"These secrets have a way of coming back and biting you," says Patch. Believe me, I know."

"I'm going to call it off," says Bo, "I know I can't keep this from Hope."

Kayla and Caroline talk about Bo and Victor's heart rate monitor going berserk when they were together. Now Daniel doesn't allow any visitors. Caroline senses tension between Victor and Bo. "Victor asked me to tell Bo he said thank you. I wonder what that was all about."

Caroline thinks this may have something to do with the Hollingsworth case. She says she was there when Bo found out they found Paul's jacket. She also says she talked to Hope for hours last night on the phone and Hope said Bo won't say anything. Bo might not have anything to say, but it sounds like Hope and Caroline make up for it. Caroline thinks Bo might confide in Patch. Kayla says she sent Steve on a mission to pry info out of Bo but he hasn't said anything.

Kayla seamlessly shifts gears into the Ava story. She has unresolved feelings about that situation, "Maybe I'm just being hormonal or something." Then she moves into Stephanie's wild goose chase and back to Bo, "Bo should know what can happen if you keep secrets in a message."

"Yeah," says Caroline, "In his marriage it could be lethal."

Kate swears she believes in Phillip. Phillip thinks she's being judgmental and swears he didn't do anything. Henderson comes in with a note he found on the front doorstep.

Kayla wonders what the secret could be. "I don't have a clue," says Caroline, "I don’t' know what the secret could be either."

Patch comes in. Kayla tells him Caroline came over to see the baby.

"Isn't he something," asks the proud father.

"Who knows," asks Caroline, "You don't think we'd actually go look at him, do you?"

Kayla says Caroline is also concerned about Bo. Patch says there is nothing they need to be concerned about. He saw him this morning and Bo seemed all right. Caroline and Kayla pester him. Patch really wishes he'd had that 11AM beer. He insists they have nothing to worry about, but they don't buy it. That does it. Caroline decides she has to go talk to Bo. Kayla decides she has to go with her. Poor Bo. Patch babysits.

Phillip opens the note. He reads it over and hands it to Kate. Kate takes it and reads, "I know your secret."

Ava wants to talk later. She throws a glance at Marlena, "Dr. Evans works for the other side. The dark side." Now that she has Marlena's full attention she turns to John, "Thank you for last night. And for this morning." Uncomfortable EJ walks over to the desk and gets to work as Ava walks off.

Marlena says, "Seems like you and Ava have gotten mighty friendly."

"She really loves her foot massages," says John, "And she isn't trying to change me."

"Don't you understand that was infidelity," says Marlena.

John says, "Well, I suppose you have grounds for divorce, then."

Marlena asks, "Shall I do that? Is that what you want?" John falls to his knees and thanks the dear Lord in heaven for the sweetest words he has ever heard.

"I can't give you what you want," says John.

"What's sad," says Marlena, "is you never even tried."

"With you as a wife I didn't have much to work with."

Marlena goes off to talk to Rolf. Rolf is hesitant. Marlena says they are working on immunity for him. Rolf says there is nothing he can do. Marlena pressures and assures him John will never find out Rolf is working behind his back, "I'm losing him. The truth is he's falling in love with someone else."

"I'll bet you say that about all your husbands," says Rolf.

EJ tells John he may be needing a divorce lawyer as well. John says he can't even imagine going back to be the guy he was. EJ says it doesn't pay to pretend to be someone you're not. John tells him it's not easy to jump ship from the Bradys to the DiMeras and he still has to prove himself. EJ is ready to do that. "We'll see," says John.

Judge Fitzpatrick arrives. She thanks John for his generous donation. EJ wants to talk to her about Ava.

Ava catches Marlena at the pub. She tries to apologize about her and John, if that has hurt Marlena. Marlena says she's going to fight for her husband.

"Which one," asks Ava, "The John you knew doesn't exist any more."

"I don't believe that," says Marlena, "The man that you slept with isn't my husband. But he's in there somewhere. Enjoy it while it lasts. It won't be long and when the real John comes back he will be through with you."

The flock of hens arrives at Bo's house. Caroline, who was so hot to talk to Bo in the first place, now decides to go up to see Ciara. Kayla tells Bo she knows something is upsetting him, "I don't like to see you suffer."

"Then why are you still here," asks Bo. He says he has changed his mind on the surprise for Hope, "The timing isn't right." Kayla badgers him to go through with it. Since she just got there, she decides it's time to go home, "Don't cancel that surprise, and tell Hope about whatever is bothering you. You know she will understand." Kayla leaves. Caroline comes down, "What she just said is true. By the way, I guess I'm going to need a ride home."

Ava drops in on Patch, "I just want to talk. You, Kayla and me."

Patch growls, "Kayla isn't here right now."

"Drat the bad luck. Can I come in?"

Patch consults the guy manual, "If there is a chance in hell your wife might come home while she is there do not let her in." Patch tosses the Guy Manual into the wastebasket and lets her in.

Ava apologizes about all the trouble she caused. She says she is there to assure him she is a different person since she is not on the drugs, "As much as I did love you once, I am finally moving on."

Patch mumbles, "With a married man." A referee flags Patch for unsportsmanlike conduct.

"We are a couple of misfits aren't we," asks Ava, "I have a favor to ask. I was hoping you may consider testifying on my behalf."

Judge Fitzpatrick doesn't know what she could possibly do to help with Ava. EJ says he wants to have the trial moved back to the US. Fitz doesn't think that's unreasonable at all. They gush on about what good friends they are becoming and EJ wants to keep it that way.

Phillip has a flashback to Bo confronting him, "Someone is obviously trying to get to me and I do not like it." Kate wonders who is doing it. Phillip thinks it's John, "And I'm gonna put a stop to it right now." He storms out.

John and EJ are alone. EJ thinks the conversation with Judge Fitzpatrick went well. He also thinks having her as a friend with John's trial coming up won't hurt. Hurricane Morgan interrupts their conversation, "I want to know what you did with my father!"

Patch says he won't lie for Ava. She says he can testify to the fact she was a different person when the drugs messed with her head. "I'm confused," says Patch, "I thought you wanted to pay for what you did." She says John helped her to see she is not responsible. Patch reluctantly agrees to tell them about the person Ava once was, "But that's all I'm gonna do."

No, Patch, you're gonna grovel and pay. Why? Because in walks Kayla.

Ava tells her, "I'm on my way out."

It's a good thing Kayla is unarmed, "WHAT WAS THAT?"

Patch digs through the wastebasket like a dog after a buried bone, "She was here to ask if I would testify for her. I told her I would tell the truth."

"You're not very good at that," says Kayla. She softens, "How's our baby boy."

"Still sawing logs," says Patch, "It's amazing how quiet he can be when we've got him drugged. Sweetness listen..."

"I trust you," says Kayla, "I have always trusted you."

"You're not very good at telling the truth either."

"We both have made mistakes," says Kayla, "I just hope we've learned from them." Hugs.

Caroline reminds Bo Daniel took away Victor's visiting privileges because Bo upset him. Bo thinks Daniel has it out for him because he doesn't like him dating Chelsea. Bo says the pressure on him is work related. If it's work related, Caroline wonders why he doesn't talk to Hope about it, "So... what about the surprise?"

"It's going on as planned," says Bo, "Nothing to worry about."

Morgan erupts, "You killed my father! Admit it, John, before I kill you myself!"

Eddie walks in. John tells him, "Not a good time, and Ava isn't here." Eddie tells John she's on her way. She wanted him to be present when she talks to her attorney.

Morgan goes nuts. She screams that she isn't leaving until she gets answers.

Kate burns the note, "If John or anyone else threatens my son it will be the last thing they do."

John understands Morgan is upset. Morgan swears John will pay. He gives her his word he didn't hurt Paul. Morgan explodes into a total verbgasm and when she finally comes up for air asks, "WHERE IS HE?"

Phillip rushes in. Morgan insists she's not going anywhere until she gets answers. She digs into her purse. Eddie reacts and pulls out his pistol. Eddie aims. Phillip dives.


John grimaces.


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Sick And Drugged Or Sane And Sober

France... Marseilles... The Orient Express is stalled. Max wonders if they will ever get to Marseilles. He's excited and apprehensive about meeting his sister. He wonders what he will say, "Do you have any idea how many thoughts will be running through my head when I meet her?"

"If you have any thoughts running through your head, I'd say that's a plus," says Stephanie.

Max goes out into the hall and hails the conductor, who always seems to be loitering around their door, "Quelle... heures... a... Marseilles?

The conductor rattles it off, "Blada blah blah blah blada. Blada blada blah, Monsierur, blada."

Max goes back inside, "I think he wanted my autograph."

Stephanie sets him straight, "He said we are a half hour away but there is a slight delay."

Daniel leads Chelsea out onto the balcony to show here the sweetest perk to the apartment... The view.

"I never watch it myself," says Chelsea, "Oh, look, there's the Titan building... and the hospital... and the Brady pub... and the river... with a bloated decomposing body floating in it." Well, nothing turns her on for a face-sucking session like a bloated decomposing body.

Patch surfs through the TV channels. He stops at the news and the newscaster bellows, "A 49 year old man went berserk last night..." Patch sighs, "Man, I wish I could be a 49 year old kid again." He turns the TV off and goes back to his book, "Daddy Don't Drop me." He turns to the chapter, "Mommy and Daddy don't have me."

Kayla comes out and announces Joe is sleeping, "I hope that double dose of Ambien we gave him wasn't too much."

Patch ignores the advice of the Guy Manual (the part that warns him, "never, never, never, never, never bring it up again") and rolls into an endless apology for his little peccadillo with Ava, "The part I can't forgive myself for is OMB's death."

Kayla has another part she's not too happy about either. She thinks Ava needs to pay, "The sooner she's behind bars the better."

Ava pours a drink and tells John she and EJ are finished discussing her case. John assures her Elvis will come up with something to help her. John thinks a jury trial would be good. He reminds her he's still facing charges himself. Ava smiles, "There is another option for both of us. We could just skip bail and leave the country."

John says, "Not a bad idea. I'd like to see Ireland."

Morgan stands at Bo's door like a lost puppy. He lets her in. she wants to know what's up with him and Phillip. Bo is uncharacteristically silent, and lets Phillip leave with Morgan. Bo stares.

Outside the office, Morgan tells Phillip she heard police talking, "His body could be down river by now. What wah if wah they wah never wah find wah him?" Hugs. Bo walks out, surveys the scene and wretches.

Daniel had better have the apartment checked out before he rents it. The roof leaks. Oh, sorry, I guess the roof doesn't leak. I was just fooled by the slurping sound. Daniel wonders if the super would let him sleep out there from time to time. Chelsea pries herself loose and says she doesn't think that would be a good idea, "It could rain and you could get wet and..."

"I didn't know you were a half empty kind of girl," says Daniel.

"I'm half-witted and half-a**ed, a lot of times I go off half-cocked and most of the ideas I come up with are half-baked, so I might as well be half-empty, too," says Chelsea. She stops yapping long enough to breathe and then asks, "You're committed to staying in Salem for a while?"

Daniel says, "For a variety of reasons."

Chelsea says, "Oh, really? What would those be?"

"Only one comes to mind," says Daniel, "you."

The loudspeaker comes on and the theater owner announces, "Barf bags are located in the seat pocket in front of you."

Marlena comes into Roman's office. Roman says he hasn't heard from the ISA about the disc. Marlena gives him her notes on her session with Ava. Roman reads, "This just says you are ethically unable to reveal the contents of the conversation." Roman protests. Marlena stands her ground. Roman remembers he has to talk to Patch and Kayla about testifying. They discuss the situation where Sami nearly sublet her apartment to Ava. "What was she thinking," gasps Marlena, "That one's too juicy to let go. I have to get over to Steve and Kayla's."

John ponders the prospect of flying the coop with Ava, "It sounds tempting, but I've decided I don't have to run because I'm innocent." Ava said she heard Tony talking to John and heard him say Hollingsworth is dead. John chastises Ava for listening to his conversation. Ava insists she was outside the room and couldn't help but overhear. She thinks they'll accuse John of the murder if Paul is dead.

"Paul is dead," repeats John, "That is so sixties."

"That might be true," says Ava, "but if you play the soundtrack of today's episode backwards, it says, 'DOOL is dead.'"

Phillip suggests taking Morgan to the sorority house. She doesn't want to go there since hardly anyone is there during the summer, "I like an audience when I whine." He invites her home with him. Morgan semi-protests but Phillip easily convinces her to go. Bo watches as they leave. He goes into a rage and slams his notebook onto his desk.

At that moment, Marlena comes out of Roman's office and sees the childish tantrum, "Bo... Are you OK?"

Bo insists he 's fine, but the case he's working on is frustrating. Marlena offers to talk about it in her capacity as the police psychiatrist. Bo says if he needed to talk it would have to be with someone else, "I might actually want some help."

Stephanie comes back into the berth. She announces they are 30 miles from Marseilles, there is something on the tracks and the officials on the train don't know how long they will be stuck. Max pulls out his GPS. He bangs it a couple of times but can't get anything, "This is the weirdest thing I've ever seen. All I can get on the screen is a message that says, 'God Punishes Sinners."

So now we go through the convoluted and outlandish scenario that will lead Nick and Nora to find Melanie. Stephanie mentions that they somehow know the street closest to the cell phone tower that picked up the conversation when Max called Melanie is Rue Jourdan. Max has finally gotten his GPS working, "But this says Rue Jourdan is fifteen miles long. It will be impossible to find her."

"Not if you close your eyes and click your ruby slippers together," says Stephanie.

Patch wishes he could sleep like L'il Joe. He wishes Stephanie would not have gone on her wild goose chase with Max. Kayla thinks Stephanie will offer great support for Max. Mercifully, a knock interrupts the tedious conversation. Patch opens the door to find Roman and Marlena. "Hope this isn't a bad time," says Roman.

"With you two standing at the door," says Patch, "Anytime would be a bad time."

Bo asks for a word with Phillip. He takes him aside and says, "I really don't want to believe you had anything to do with the murder, but it's stupid for you to be hanging out with Paul's daughter."

Back on the balcony, Chelsea and Daniel cuddle on the chaise lounge as Daniel reads her 'The Cat In The Hat.' Chelsea decides she needs to pry into what's going on between Bo and Victor. Daniel doesn't think that would be a good idea at all.

Patch tells Roman he will testify at Ava's trial. Kayla walks off and sulks. Marlena eyes her prey and swoops in. Kayla tells her about the fight she and Patch had over Ava, "I lost it."

Roman thinks Ava might do time. He tells Patch the courts decided the international case takes precedence. He also tells him one of Ava's ne'er-do-well henchmen cut a deal and will testify against her, "I know part of you feels guilty, but this is not your fault."

"That's what your sister keeps telling me," says Patch.

Kayla tells Marlena she has tried to have sympathy for Ava but can't wait until she's out of their lives for good. Marlena thinks it's only a matter of time until Ava hurts someone else.

John tells Ava he won't run. He has to vindicate himself. Ava asks if Marlena is the real reason he won't run.

Bo and Phillip ramble on about his relationship with Morgan. Phillip is adamant, "Morgan needs me now and say it with him, I'm gonna be there for her." He insists he had nothing to do with Paul's disappearance and tells Bo he's taking Morgan home.

Stephanie in on her phone, "Oui.. oui.. merci.. au revoir, Didier."

Max only picks up one word of the conversation. He immediately wants to know who this Didier fella is. Stephanie tells him Didier is an old friend. Apparently, the Didster knows a lot about the area. He told her there is an exclusive girl's boarding school right there on good Ole Rue Jourdain. In other words, it took them about five minutes to get another clue to finding the needle in the haystack. Impressive, of course. But Max only wants to know about Didier.

Marlena asks if Bo has been by to see L'il Joe. Kayla says no. Marlena thinks Bo is a little stressed and she is concerned. Kayla just doesn't know what it could be, but offers to try to find out.

Bo obsesses. He makes a call, "Bring me everything we have on the Hollingsworth case."

Chelsea wants to fix things if something is going on between Bo and Victor. Daniel tells her to cool it.

Bo sits among dozens of evidence bags. Just so Bo has a clue, each bag is carefully labeled, "EVIDENCE." Bo turns on his recorder, "Salem Police Department... Case # 10875, Hollingsworth, Paul, Captain's log... Stardate 2008.23.07 OK Brady, there has to be something here you didn't see before. Let's find it."

John says Blondie has no say in his decisions. Ava is afraid she will lose John because Marlena won't give up. John doesn't like the fact she has already resigned herself to going to prison, "Waiting for the other shoe to drop is a hell of a way to live."

Ava insists, "I haven't given up. I don't give up easily."

"Neither do I," says John, "Unless it's something trivial like getting my mind back. Let me make a phone call and see what I can do." He excuses himself.

Ava boozes it up. The doorbell rings and she goes to get it. MARLENA!

Max is on the phone, "Melanie Layton... That's right... Oh, that's just great..." Max gets off the phone and tells Stephanie they won't give out any names.

Stephanie thinks his approach was wrong, "You're such a guy. Guys are obvious and awkward. Women are clever and resourceful..." The ever clever and resourceful doormat calls the school and parlez with the operator. She cooks up a story about being an old friend, leaves a message for Melanie to call and hangs up.

"You're a genius," says exclaims Max.

"I know."

Patch and Kayla discuss the Hollingsworth case. They decide if Ava is convicted she'll be going away for a long time. "Sick and drugged or sane and sober," says Kayla, "Ava is dangerous."

Patch gets a call from Stephanie. She tells him about finding the school. Patch wishes them luck. Kayla signals that she wants to talk. Stephanie says, "I bet I'll hardly recognize L'il Joe when I get home."

"He's already in the second grade," says Kayla.

Kayla hangs up. Patch gets that twinkle in his eye, "I think we should go in and get some... sleep." Patch wasted his breath. He should have checked with the chapter in the Guy Manual entitled, "When Hell Freezes Over."

Kayla has something else in mind, "I have a mission for you... involving beer."

Patch mulls it over in his mind, "Beer... Kayla... beer... Kayla... beer... Kayla..." Beer wins.

Bo goes through the mountain of stuff and gets a call, "Now? All right. See you in a few."

Marlena tells Ava she is ethically unable to testify. "I'll bet you're hating that," says Ava.

"I took an oath," says Marlena, "I'm tired of violating it." She suggests Ava go back to her father's house. Ava says it's too full of bad memories. John comes in and announces Ava will be staying there. Marlena asks to talk to John privately.

She takes him aside, "I wanna ask you something, and it's really important. I want the truth."

The deck sealed the deal for Daniel. "The deck... and the fact that it was a short term lease," says Chelsea, "Should we head back down?"

"Not quite yet," says Daniel, "I brought a little music." He turns on the fern sitting next to them, "May I have this dance?" Dancing with the stars it ain't.

Max fidgets, "There must be something else we can do while we are waiting." Translation, "Gentlemen, start your engines." Stephanie attacks him.

John says he already knows what Marlena is going to ask. He thinks it's none of her business, "You want to know if I had anything to do with Paul's disappearance."

"Did you?" John lights a Cuban. Marlena pesters, "Did you kill him, John.?" Ava watches.

Morgan and Phillip are at the mansion. She tells him she could really use a hug. Phillip complies.

Bo and Patch drink together at the pub. Patch gripes about L'il Joe's feeding schedule. Bo wants to know why Patch called him. Patch says Kayla asked him to talk to Bo. Bo says there is something going on but he's handling it. Patch asks, "Are you in trouble?"

"Not yet."

"Are you gonna be?"


"Maybe your incontinence is temporary."

Bo spills the beans about covering up for Phillip.


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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I'll Rip His Heart Out And Feed It To My Dogs


John gives Ava a foot rub. "Ooohhhhhh," moans Ava, "I've been tortured having those high heels on."

"Me too," says John. Rub... lick... rub... lick... "Are you treating this athlete's foot?"

Ava wonders if the mansion has a rooftop terrace, "Making love with you was magical." Ava is hot to go but John thinks someone might walk in. EJ walks in. John tells him, "I was just helping Ava unwind after a hard day of apartment hunting."

EJ says, "Ava, I just came back from meeting with the assistant DA. I wouldn't be making any long-term plans right now."

Ava says, "Define long-term."

"You guys had better make this one a quickie," says EJ."

Kate and Tony celebrate money. Roman walks up and Kate tells him about Hearth and Home's success. Tony smiles, "And you know whom you owe it to, don't you?:

"Yes," says Kate, "I owe it to the Great American Consumer."

Tony's smile fades and he defends his campaign, "You'll knock Martha Stewart off her pastel painted perch in no time."

Roman gets a call, "Are you sure about that? OK. I'll be right there." Roman hangs up. Kate asks what's up. Roman says, "There is some new information that Paul might have met with foul play. But I have no idea why a guy would be playing with birds if he knew he was going to die."

Hope arrives home and Bo tells her they found the jacket. He dials Phillip. No answer. He explodes and brushes Hope off. "You know something about Paul's disappearance don't you," asks Hope.

Abe asks Phillip to wait outside. Phillip sulks out. Morgan whimpers, "Where in the river did you find his jacket?"

"In the water," says Abe, "We can't rule out drowning but we're trying not to jump to conclusions. You should do the same."

Morgan whines, "My father can't be dead." Phillip watches.

Roman spills the details about the Hollingsworth case and then tells Kate it would be a breach of rules and ethics to tell her anything about the case. Kate flashes back to unwinding the tape. Roman leaves.

Tony snorts, "OK, Kate, out with it. Don't try to snow me."

Kate says, "I don't know what you're talking about."

Tony says, "Oh, Kate, What's going on, or should I ask what are you trying to hide?"

Bo insists he doesn't know any more than Hope does. Truth be known, Bo doesn't know any more than Ciara does. Hope wants to know what he is hiding. Bo doesn't want to get into it tonight. He wants to work the case on his own, "It's for your own good. A partner like me could kill your career."

Morgan tells Phillip about her conversation with Abe. Phillip comforts. Morgan whines, "My mind keeps taking me where I don't want to go."

"That's unusual," says Phillip, "You usually don't take your mind with you,"

Morgan says her mom didn't understand her but she and her father always got along, "I've always been a daddy's girl. One time, at band camp, I had an assignment and had to build a volcano. He helped me get all the parts and we built it in the kitchen. Then we tested it and destroyed the kitchen. How was I supposed to know we were supposed to use baking soda instead of gun powder? I know he wouldn't just up and leave if he wasn't really scared of something or someone."

Phillip asks, "You mean like having to live around his whiny twerp of a daughter?" Hugs.

Morgan whimpers, "All I want to do is protect him but it may be too late. I pray he's trying to make his way back to me."

"He might be," says Phillip, "Maybe we should continue this conversation down where the Salem River flows into the Salem Sound."

Kate thinks Tony reads too much into things. She says it's just that Paul's possible murder upsets her. She decides to call Phillip.

Tony flashes back to his conversation with John about Paul, "I wonder if dear Uncle John had anything to do with this?"

John decides to leave the attorney and his client to have a private discussion. EJ explains things to Ava, "It's like it is in most cases. Both sides hold a few cards. We try to get a peek at their cards and they try to get a peek at ours. But this time the DA folded out the deck in front of me. He is extremely confident and I think this is going to be really tough. Especially when the two jokers in the deck work for the firm of Horton and DiMera."

Hope badgers Bo. Bo says he has a good reason for keeping her in the dark. Hope asks, "Are you in danger?"

Kate calls Phillip and tells him Roman may have evidence proving Paul was murdered. Phillip says he can't talk. Kate hangs up. Tony comes up in back of her and asks, "How is Phillip?"

Kate jumps out of her socks, "DON'T DO THAT!"

Tony says he has another meeting, "No rest for the wicked." Kate thanks him for being responsible for her success. "Never forget that," says Tony.

Tony calls Anna, but gets her voicemail. He tells her he's headed for John's and will catch her later at the pub.

Abe orders the cops to drag the river. Morgan erupts like a kitchen volcano.

Bo insists he's in no danger but has some things to take care of. He heads out on his mission, "Trust me, will ya?"

Hope stands alone, "No. I don't trust you. I can't."

EJ says the DA has overwhelming evidence against Ava. He thinks they will move with the international portion of the trial first, "Three people lost their lives. Even though you were under the influence of a pernicious drug." EJ thinks they have a strong case, but he will do everything he can.

Ava is distraught, "They've got me. If I could go back and change any of it, you know I would."

Anna finds Kate in the pub. Kate tells her she just missed Tony.

Tony arrives at John's house, "Good evening, Uncle John."

John drones, "What do you want?"

Abe and Roman try to calm Morgan down. She tells them, "Please just find him."

Bo walks in and Morgan goes to call her mother. Roman tells Bo he suspects they will find Paul's body, "It will probably be in pretty good shape. The Salem river is practically free flowing formaldehyde."

Bo drags Phillip off. He accuses him of killing Hollingsworth.

Anna checks her messages and finds out Tony is at John's. She decides to wait for Tony at the pub. Kate is distant and Anna accuses her of being uncivil. Kate invites her to have a drink. Anna tells her about working with Tony. Anna also tells her she spoke with Carrie, "She and Austin are going to try to start a family."

"Together," asks Kate.

Anna gasps, "Me... a grandmother. There's a shocker."

"After the first one it gets easier," says Kate, "And if they have a girl, it won't be long before she's bringing home some choice meat for you to sample, so to speak."

"After her experience with me, I wonder why Carrie hasn't been scared away from motherhood," says Anna.


"Kate, this is the part where you're supposed to be supportive."

Phillip denies killing anyone. He says he's only guilty of threatening him. Bo thinks it was a mistake to listen to Victor. Phillip insists it wasn't. He knows Bo did this for their father. He will never forget what Bo has done.

Neither will Bo while he's thinking about it in his cell, "I let you get away with murder."

Ava whines, "Do you know what it is to look back on your life and see all the mistakes that have hurt people?" EJ thinks everyone goes through that. He doesn't know of a lawyer who could convince a jury to acquit her. He drops the bomb that one of her cousins who sabotaged the plane will testify against her in exchange for immunity, "The Irish government wants to try it in Ireland." He thinks a lot of different players will give them an opportunity to play one against the other. He will try to make sure she is not extradited, "If you don't get the right judge or a miracle you will have to think about making a deal."

Anna and Kate sling back the liquor, Anna toasts, "Here's to Carrie. May all her small one's be trouble. I must've done something right." Anna says she bets Kate was a tough woman who would do anything for her kids. Kate thinks she may have been too strong with them, "I was always telling them 'damn the consequences.'"

"Oh, your kids turned out fine," says Anna, "Except for the murderers prostitutes and the ones in prison."

Tony thinks Stefano's house suits John. John wants him to get to the point. Tony says he's there to talk about Paul.

Bo thinks Victor will do anything to get what he wants, "Like father like son." Phillip says Victor will do anything to protect his family, like what he did for Brady. And he brought in Daniel Jonas to save Bo's life. Phillip again claims his innocence. He says if Bo didn't believe that he would never have handed the evidence over to Victor. Phillip appreciates his risking his career for him, "What's done is done."

"That doesn't mean I can let it go," says Bo.

EJ tells Ava she will probably go to prison. He advises her to make a deal as quickly as possible.

Ava wishes daddy were alive to fix this. EJ says he couldn't. He tells her to talk to the powerful people she knows. He will do the same. Ava will talk to John and wait for EJ to come back with more positive news. She asks for a minute to think this over. EJ leaves. Ava thinks. Ava falls apart.

Kate and Anna walk outside the pub as sirens sound in the background. Anna says they are dragging the river.

Tony wonders why John was so eager to help Paul. John says he felt sorry for him, "But if that double crossing scum ever crosses my door again I'll rip his heart out and feed it to my dogs."

"He's probably already dead," says Tony.

Hope frets.

Bo knows he is hiding the identity of the prime suspect. He threatens, "If it turns out you are the killer, I will confess and turn you in myself. He walks over and opens the office door. Morgan stands there.


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Monday, July 21, 2008

Perfectly Twisted

Daniel meets Chelsea at the pub. He gushes over her new role as Occupational Therapist Trainee Who Hasn't Done Squat Yet But Is One Step Away From Being The Department Head. She thinks that makes her sound important. "That is important," says Daniel, "If you don't know anything about health care. I know you will rock the department... because of the rocks in your head."

She tells him she had an awesome day working with the kids. "By the way," says Daniel, "These children you're giving occupational therapy to - what are their occupations?" Speaking of children, Chelsea says she's OK with the whole 'not being able to have kids thing.' She vows to have kids in her life at some point. So does Daniel, "especially if we get together." She asks about Bo and Victor, "How are my dad and grandpa? They're OK right?"

"Right," says Daniel, "If you don't need a pancreas or a functioning brain."

Abe tells his assistant, "There is something off about that package and I want to know what it is."

Kate joins Phillip for dinner at the mansion. Phillip's says his digestive juices are carving a hole in his gut. "How long has it been since your digestive juices attacked your head," asks Kate, "Don't worry. The recording is gone."

Even though Bo cleaned up the mess, Phillip is still worried, "I can't make this about me right now."

Bo hugs his little Sugar Bear as Caroline serves his dinner. Ciara comes up to him and grabs the teddy from his arms, "It's my Sugar Bear." Caroline sends her off to play with her Ginny doll. Bo asks her to leave Sugar Bear. After Ciara goes, Bo and Caroline both say they are worried about Victor. Caroline asks Bo, "Did something happen between you and Victor?"

"Yes," says Bo, "I sat there in his room and stared at the walls and Victor vegetated."

The Orient Express huffs and puffs down the track. For a train called the "Express," it sure doesn't get anywhere. Max and Stephanie snuggle. Max sneaks out of bed. For what happens next, read Saturday's episode of Prevuze.

Daniel tells Chelsea he thinks Bo is stressed out about something, "Victor, however, is having no stress at all. Vegetables don't have stress." Daniel thinks Phillip and Bo should just chill out around Victor. Chelsea says she will talk to Bo about that. She says she has to head home. She invites him for dinner and assures him Bo will be cool about it. Daniel accepts.

Caroline wants to know what's going on with Victor and Bo. Bo says after OMB, the thought of having to bury his biological father is too much to deal with right now. Caroline assures him Victor will pull through, "My grandfather used to say, 'Pain is like a dog. You gotta let it out and walk it, or someday it will chew up the couch.'" Bo makes a mental note to find out what sanitarium Caroline's grandfather was in and get her a reservation there as quickly as possible.

Lexie joins Abe with a list of possible therapies for Theo. Abe worries with all the therapy Theo won't have time to be a kid. "That's OK," says Lexie, "on this show they'll SORAS his butt so fast he'll be in college next year." Lexie thinks Abe seems hesitant. He says he's worried about the expense, and Theo's financial future, not to mention his own.

"How much," asks Abe, "Hit me with a figure." Lexie doesn't have a figure handy, so she clobbers him with her purse. Then she tells him Theo's therapy will cost 1-2 thousand per month, on top of the insurance deductible.

"It's a good thing you're Chief of Staph," says Abe, "We couldn't do it on what I earn."

Lexie tells him not to count on it, "The hospital has a plan where management pays you what you're worth. I'm comping them. Maybe we could dip into his college fund."

Abe dips into his drawer instead and pulls out a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Chelsea comes in and finds Ciara, "Hi, honey, do you know where my little sister is?"

"That depends," says Ciara, "Did you drive over here in your SUV?"

"No," says Chelsea.

"In that case," says Ciara, "I'm right here." They are too late for dinner, but Caroline says she will steam up some leftovers. Let's hope Chelsea and Daniel don't steam up anything while they are waiting. Everyone has an uncomfortable moment. Bo tells them Hope is getting some overtime in, "In fact, overtime is all she works these days, since she's never in on her regular shift." Talk turns to Victor and his condition. Bo goes to make a phone call. Daniel remembers he doesn't have his phone and he's on call, so he goes out into the living room. He and Bo have a staredown.

Kate insists Bo knows what he is doing. Phillip tells her she has no idea what he is capable of. Kate knows he's not capable of murder. He tells her he's done things she wouldn't be proud of. Kate wants to know what. Phillip clams up and tells her she'll find out soon enough. He says whatever he did, he did it for the family. He's guilt-ridden over what Bo did. Kate tells him to stop. Phillip says, "Bo is protecting me at the risk of his name, his reputation, his family and their future. How in the hell am I supposed to live with that?"

"I wouldn't get too worked up over it," says Kate, "Especially since Bo isn't risking anything of value."

Caroline tells Chelsea Bo and Daniel look pretty serious out there.

Daniel lectures Bo about stressing Victor. "And don't stress yourself, either, or I'll put you back in the hospital and lock you in a room with a 'Do Not Disturb' sign. My patients my rules."

"In that case," says Bo, "My daughter, my rules."

Stephanie dozes. She stirs and halfway opens her eyes. Max is there in bed with her. She opens her eyes a little more.


It's not Max; it's some strange guy. She screams for Max and flashes back to Ford raping her. Mr. Straneguy waxes on about Marseilles and Paris and what wonderful and romantic cities they are. Stephanie whimpers and reaches into her purse.

Bo insists he's doing fine. Daniel tells him he needs to take it easy. Before they can bore us to death with the conversation (oops, too late) Daniel gets a call. Chelsea comes out and Bo tells her Daniel is an overly concerned doctor. Daniel hangs up and tells them he received a report that every time Bo and Phillip go into Victor's room, his blood pressure skyrockets, "No more visitors."

Phillip and Kate argue. Morgan arrives. Phillip tells Kate he invited her.

Lexie repeats, "College... I can't think that far ahead. That would require thinking." Abe decides they will find a way. He gets a call, "OK. Shoot me a fax immediately!" He hears the sound of a gunshot on the other end. Abe hangs up and tells Lexie they just got a break in the Paul Hollingsworth case.

Kate decides it's time to go. She leaves. Both Phillip and Morgan are stressed about their fathers. Morgan says there is no news about Paul. She doesn't know what might have happened to him.

Chelsea fills Bo, Caroline and Daniel in on her new job. Daniel decides it's time to go. He has to look at an apartment. He invites Chelsea. She says she will help Bo and Caroline clean up and call him and meet him. Daniel leaves. Bo goes to tend to Ciara. Chelsea asks Caroline what's wrong with Bo. "I'll have to give you the Reader's Digest version," says Caroline, "It's only a one hour show."

Stephanie grabs mace out of her purse and points it at the intruder. The guy asks, "What's that?"

"Por les occasions ceci," says Stephanie.

The creep leaves, "A bientot j'espere."

Kate finds Daniel looking over his potential apartment. "Location, location, location," says Kate, "And timing is everything."

"How does it make you feel," asks Daniel.

"What matters is how it makes you feel," says Kate.

Daniel gives Kate the once-over, "It's an amazing view."

Kate thinks Chelsea will like it, because he is there, "It's perfect."

"Perfectly twisted," says Daniel.

Kate says, "You are a good man; you will make the right decision."

"If I were a good man I wouldn't be in this position," says Daniel.

Chelsea and Caroline obsess over what's bugging Bo. Caroline thinks Daniel is staying in Salem because of her. Chelsea hopes so, but wishes Bo were more supportive. "Bo loves you with his entire heart," says Caroline, "but not his whole pancreas."

Morgan gets a call from the Salem PD. Abe asks her to come down to the station to talk about new information about the case. She asks Phillip to come with her. Phillip is all too happy to oblige.

The Orient Express roars past the same spot it has gone by the last five times we saw it. Max comes back in with coffee, juice, fruit and croissants. He asks if anything exciting happened while he was gone. Stephanie tells him no and rambles through all the boring things that happened. But then she comes clean and tells him a pickpocket tried to steal her wallet. She shows max the mace and says that's how she stopped him. Max thinks they need to report him. Stephanie already did. She thanks him for breakfast and gives him a hot kiss.

"Next time," says Max, "I'll bring you a full meal." He says he's excited about the prospect of meeting his sister. "Plus I have the love of my life with me."

Kate asks, "It was a waste of time, wasn't it?"

"I think it was a hell of a time," says Daniel. He promises he will not hurt Chelsea, "She can never know what happened."

"My lips are sealed," says Kate.

"With collagen," says Daniel.

Bo comes down and Caroline tells him Chelsea went to meet Daniel. She tells Bo to keep an open mind about their relationship. Bo gets a call, "What's up? When? OK. Thanks for filling me in." He hangs up and tells Caroline, "Paul Hollingsworth - They found something."

Morgan arrives at Abe's office. Abe sets Morgan up for the bad news, "I don't want you to get upset, but we found something. It could be good news or bad news - we found your father's jacket... floating in the river."

"That's bad news," says Morgan, "It will cost a fortune to clean."


You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.

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