Friday, August 31, 2007

Prevuze II

Sorry, gang, there was no feed today because of a golf match that will be on TV the entire afternoon on Labor Day. So we thought this would be a good day to tell you about that "II" graphic that has appeared on Prevuze recently.

Idle hands are the Devil's playground, they say, and although Prevuze hasn't had much idle time lately, that l'il devil has been busy in the playground. We've been toying with this idea for some time and finally decided to jump in and go with the technology available to bring you a better Prevuze experience.

The original concept of Prevuze was to email the feed's next day previews to a small group just to give people a sneak peek at what was coming down the pike. In fact, that's where the name came from. Since we always referred to "Days" as "Daze," it was only natural that the "previews" we were sending incorporate the same "ze" ending and it became "Prevuze."

That concept grew until we started including show bits, more show bits, the whole show, silly pictures and the next thing we knew, we were on the web.

So now, we've come up with a brand new website, Prevuze II, that takes us back to that original concept – just the previews. Think of it as an "executive summary."

What we will do is, after Prevuze is up for the day, post a very short summary of what happened in the show on Prevuze II. The only thing that will change on the original Prevuze is we will no longer include the episode's previews, but will post them on Prevuze II, where you can WATCH them.

All of the comments on Prevuze II will link back to the original Prevuze so we don't have to manage two comments boards. Other than that, we will keep Prevuze II short and sweet.

Prevuze II will be posted later than the original. We aren't sure how long it will take to get everything moved up, but it always should be finished by late morning, US EST. At least for the first few posts, we'll make an announcement with a link on the original Prevuze site when Prevuze II is up.

We sincerely hope you find it to be an improvement. Please let us know what you think.

In the meantime, here's a sample of what you will get beginning this coming Monday:

Ladies and Gentlemen! Announcing...




Thursday, August 30, 2007


Belle and Phillip are in the pub going over plans for their trip. Belle tells Phillip she's not sure she can help. Phillip thinks the women at the shelter will trust Belle more than Phillip. Most people would trust Sauron more than Phillip. Belle goes through her story, "I'm Lauren's sister and I'm really worried about her – Man, that's a lot to remember."

Claire is at day care but Belle told them she will pick her up by six. She didn't tell Shawn.

Shawn goes through his box of tools. Hope can't believe the garage is going belly up. Shawn hopes Max doesn't go to jail. He doesn't know what is next for himself, though. He'll have to find a new job. Hope asks how Belle feels about it. Shawn hesitates, and Hope calls him on it.

Kayla comes out with Pocket as Patch is on the phone with Bo plotting against Andre. He chastises Kayla for dressing Pocket like a girl. Kayla wants to know why Steve has to be a part of the plot,
"We have this pocket full of miracles to think about." She heads for the hospital, but wants to leave Pocket with Patch.

Belle joins Phillip at a table. Belle says she thought she would tell Shawn at the last minute so they would have less time to argue. Phillip thanks her for going. "Friends show up for friends," says Belle. Phillip says it's been a lonely ride for him. Belle tells him he's not alone as long as she is around.

Hope and Shawn argue about whether he should tell Belle about losing his job. He says he's been thinking. Stand back, everybody. Maybe he will join the Salem PD.

Hope's smile fades, "At least you're qualified, since you are one of the dumbest guys in town." She doesn't think Belle will be thrilled. In fact, Hope isn't thrilled. She has already lost one six year old, and doesn't want to lose another.

Kayla thinks Patch passed basic baby training so she can leave pocket with him, "You know the the goochy goos and belly blows."

"I love it when you get kinky," says Patch.

Kayla says, "It comes down to FBBDN." Patch is confused. Kayla fills him in, "Feeding, burping, bath time, diaper change and nap. And not necessarily in that order." She assures him he can do it. Patch agrees. She over-instructs him. Patch tells her he's got it. He says everything will be cool. Nervous Kayla leaves.

Patch turns and contemplates his responsibility. He tells pocket, "We don't need any girly girls around. How much trouble could ten pounds of baby be?" He holds out a finger, "Gimme one."

"WWWAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!" Patch does his best.

Dr. Kayla comes in as Lexie sits with Benjy. Lexie wishes it were she instead. They play the blame game. "I want the best care for Benjy," says Lexie, "but we'll settle for you." Kayla says she will use Lexie's expertise and they can work together. Benjy might survive anyway.

Pocket rages. Steve tries everything... Dancing, singing, bootie puppets. He leans in for a closer look to see how Pocket is responding.

HURL!. Patch stares through the mess.

Hope warns Shawn about police work. He says when he breaks the news to Belle about losing his job, he wants to top it with something great. Hope tells him the possibility of danger is there all the time, "The donut shop production line could fail at any moment."

"Police work can't be as terrifying as living with Belle," says Shawn.

Hope is convinced he's not going to back down. She remembers all the dangerous things Shawn has done, "When you went to kindergarten... when you finally made it to first grade five years later... when you got your drivers' license... no living room or church in Salem was safe." She will just pray things work out. Shawn wants to apply to the academy before Phillip swoops in on Belle. Hope insists Belle is loyal to Shawn, "Phillip can't compete with you. He doesn't have a leg to stand on." She encourages Shawn to tell Belle tonight. He says he will.

Phillip and Belle make eyes at each other. She says she should go over to Bo and Hope's house and let them know what's going on today. He says he will pick her up in 45 minutes, "I mean it Belle, you're the best." She leaves.

Belle knocks. Shawn answers. Smooch. Shawn tells Belle he's taking her out to dinner tonight. "What's the occasion," asks Belle.

Shawn says, "Just to talk about dreams, plans and all the Days Of Our Lives." Belle suggests another night. She tells him about the Tulsa trip.

Hope knocks. Steve answers the door and thanks her for getting there so fast. He says he doesn't know what's wrong.

"Poopy diaper," asks Hope.

"No," says Patch, "I'm clean."

"Did you burp him after his last bottle," she asks.


"Steve," says Hope, "He's hungry." Patch goes for the bottle. He decides to get something for the baby while he's at it.

Kayla tells Lexie about leaving the baby with Patch. Lexie remembers leaving Isaac with Abe the first time. She hid outside and watched through the window. Kayla thinks it must have been difficult to lose Isaac. "Not as tough as having him die," says Lexie. She assures Kayla things will work out with Patch and Pocket.

Lexie says Benjy thinks Steve was a great daddy. Benjy still talks about the night they took him in. It was on their honeymoon and Benjy said it was the first time he ever felt safe, "It was Steve who made him feel that way."

Belle and Shawn talk about Tulsa. He asks why she has to go, "What about Billie, Kate Chelsea, why does it have to be you?"

Kayla talks about the new cocktail of antibiotics that might work for Benjy. Benjy's BP is up and so is his heart rate. Lexie doesn't know if he has the strength to pull through.

Kayla says they won't let Benjy die while the evil Stefano DiMera lies recovering in the next room, "He's rebuilding himself body part by body part, just like a Frankenstein. I couldn't pull the plug in Tuscany but if, God forbid, Benjy doesn't make it, I promise you Stefano will be next. I want to kill. I mean, I wanna, I wanna kill. Kill! I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead burnt bodies. I mean kill, Kill, KILL, KILL!" She starts jumpin' up and down yelling, "KILL, KILL," and Arlo Guthrie comes out and starts jumpin up and down with her and they both jump up and down yelling, "KILL, KILL!"

And Arlo pins a medal on her, sits her down and says, "You're our girl."

Lexie feels the same way, even though Stefano is her father. Stefano has taken so much from all of them. Kayla says he has taken a lot from Steve and Steve is just starting to get back into life. She wants that to last.

Pocket is quiet. Steve apologizes for messing up with his bottle. Hope asks about Pocket's real identity. Steve says they don't know and he doesn't think Kayla is in a mood to find out. They decide Pocket will need a regular name when he grows up. Patch suggests the ever-so-regular names of Sonny or Wolf. He tells pocket he'll be leaving when they track down his real parents. "What if they don't," asks Hope, "Are you ready to take on parenthood again?"

"Parenthood," asks Patch, "Maybe. But I wasn't ready for you to ask me that question for the one thousandth time."

Lexie waits with Benjy. She says Kayla can go if she wants. Kayla says she is staying to see how the antibiotics work. She wonders how Lexie is doing. Kayla suggests she go snooze in her office. Lexie refuses to leave Benjy's side. Kayla thinks Lexie is afraid Andre will come and finish Benjy off if she leaves. "Santo's demand for revenge has destroyed all our lives," says Lexie, "I'm terrified for Theo – he has DiMera blood, too."

Benjy bats his eyes. The girls gasp.

Patch pours a drink. Hope asks if it felt good holding pocket. "Don't give me crap," snorts Patch, "You really think I'm cut out for this daddy gig?"

"One hundred per cent," says Hope, "Look at Benjy."

"That was before the brain trouble," says Patch.

Hope insists the old Steve is still there. He says, "When Pocket started crying, my first instinct was to dial 911, but the wailing was so loud I couldn't remember the number. If this was a test today I flunked."

"Hardly," says Hope, "It was like watching you with Stephanie all over again. I think you know a lot more than you give yourself credit for."

"Now I remember why I always called you sweet thing," says Patch, "Thanks, pal." He spreads his arms, "Ladies and gentlemen my first solo!" Hope helps him clean up.

Belle thinks if Phillip finds his son he'll be less interested in Claire. Shawn wants that in writing. Shawn tells her to be careful on the trip. Phillip knocks at the door and Shawn answers, "You here to pick up your flight buddy?"

"Is that a problem?"

Belle swoops in and answers for him, "No." Shawn also says it's not. Belle goes to make a call.

Shawn tells Phillip he knows what is going on, "What you're trying to do is move in on Belle and take her away from me, SO WHAT'S TAKING YOU SO LONG? "

The girls rejoice. Benjy doesn't remember what happened. Lexie fills him in. Andre didn't use sterilized instruments, but the antibiotics are working. Kayla will make calls to tell people Benjy is better. She tells him about Pocket, "Steve is the greatest dad in the world." Fatherhood has taken a real nosedive.

Shawn and Phillip argue about Phillip's motives. Shawn says this is the last time he will stand by while something like this happens. Belle rushes back. "Dinner is at six," says Shawn. Belle leaves.

Phillip gets nasty, "The last time I looked, Belle is a free woman. She's not your wife, not yet." He leaves. Shawn flashes his teeth Bo-style.

Kayla comes up to the door and prays they survived. She walks in and gives Steve the news on Benjy. Steve thinks he pulled through because of her. He tells her Pocket is asleep. Kayla is a bit surprised everything went OK, "What did you do with my husband?"

"That good-looking one eyed dude," asks Patch, "He's right here."

Kayla is impressed. "Wait till you see my second act," says Steve. Smooch. She says he's made her happy and is going the extra mile to be a good daddy. Now more than ever she wants them to raise a child together. She thinks one reason he came back was to be a daddy, "I'm going to go check on Pocket and then you can try to impress me all you want." Steve sighs.

Hope comes back. She senses something is wrong. Shawn tells her about the trip, "Phillip conned her into going. He thinks he's going to turn it into a romantic interlude." Hope asks if Shawn trusts Belle. He says he does.

"Then, whoosh," says Hope, "The doubts are all gone." FF Shawn.


Kayla says, "I could kill him in cold blood because of what he did to you. Patch says, "You know what, baby, that's the thing. There's the motive. I've got more reason to kill him than anybody."

Bo says, "I need Stefano here, in the hospital. Can you help me?" Tony asks, "Why?" Bo says, "I'm gonna kill him."

Stefano says, "I want you, Tony, to carry on the DiMera legacy." Tony says, "It would be an honor, Father."

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Those Three Little Words I Long For – "The Patient Died"

Phillip chortles over having a son, "Tyler Kiriakis... I still can't wrap my head around it." Billie searches the Internet as she sits at a table in the pub with him. She gets a hit on Lauren at a shelter for battered women in Oklahoma. That's the great thing about safe houses – they just toss all their information up on the Internet. It especially makes it easy for the raging husbands of battered women to find their wives. "Did she have a kid with her," asks Phillip.

"I don't know," says Billie, "Those women are scared and don't talk to cops. Besides, it says by the time the cops got there, she was gone." She gives him the address, but says she can't go with him to check it out. The university needs her, "I'm teaching a course on the economics of prostitution at the business school, HO-101."

Billie says she thinks he should go with a woman, however – posing as Lauren's concerned sister.

Shawn and Belle are at Bo and Hope's house. Shawn is there to look for his tools. Belle asks Shawn if he's had any luck as he walks into the living room. He says he found a few wrenches but maybe the rest of the tools are in the garage.

"That would be a strange place to keep tools," says Belle. She thinks he has to use his own tools on the job instead of Max'. She gets frisky and says she wants him to model his tool belt for her wearing nothing else. Gee, Shawn thinks that's a good idea. "You keep looking," says Belle, "While I go call Mom and Dad and see how Claire is doing over there with them."

"Claire who," asks Shawn.

As Belle leaves the room, Shawn answers a knock at the door. It's Max. Shawn tells Max his folks aren't there – he just stopped by to pick up his tools. Max tells him his mom told him Shawn was there. He says they are both going to be out of work. He's going to lose the garage.

Lucas pounds at the steam room door and rages. Sami yells through the door and tells him EJ isn't breathing. That's because she's taking up all the air in the room with her huffing, puffing and bawling. Lucas goes to get something to cut the chain.

Sami begs EJ not to die on her. She gives him mouth-to-mouth.

Bo reminds Steve he said he wouldn't freak on him. "This isn't freaking," freaks Patch. He says he's going to take the liver and give it back to Benjy. After that, Bo can arrest him if he wants to.

Phillip thinks Billie's scheme is a good one. Billie suggests he take Belle. Phillip remembers Belle-zebub raging at Shawn for always calling the shots. Phillip says Billie is right, "I doubt Shawn would let her go."

Shawn guesses the Touch The Sky side deal Max was involved in wasn't legal. Max flashes back to Jeremy's confession that he's smuggling women. Max tells Shawn he thought what they were doing was just a little over the edge. He doesn't want to tell Shawn what's going on. All he will say is its' really bad. He has one more flight left, and that's it.

Shawn wants to talk to Bo about it. Max reminds him Vegas is out of Bo's jurisdiction. Shawn assures him Bo can screw things up no matter which jurisdiction he's in. Max says he won't be able to live with himself if something bad happens to the girls, "My share of this came from mortgaging the garage and I'm going to lose it. You can bet on it. Max' garage is going down the tubes."

A doctor walks up and sees Patch cradling the cooler. He asks if that is the donor liver section. Patch says, "There was no donor involved. The guy they ripped it from is in surgery fighting for his life and he needs it back."

"Do you have a warrant," asks the doctor.

"A what," asks Bo. He turns and tells Patch they have no legal recourse and asks for him to hand over the cooler.

"I can't do that," says Patch.

Sami tries to resuscitate EJ, "Don't you dare die on me, EJ!"

Lucas pries at the door with a crowbar. The mouth-to-mouth develops into something else. Sami gets into it and then backs off, "OMG! Did that just happen? I think I'm oxygen deprived."

Lucas finally gets the chain loose and breaks into the face sucking episode, "Sami?" He pulls her off. Sami says EJ was electrocuted trying to get them out, "You have to give him CPR, Lucas!" Lucas turns green and stares at EJ.

Bo insists Patch give up the liver. "He's Stefano's son for God's sake," gasps Patch, "What do you want to do? Give him this liver so he can live a couple more months and then go to hell anyway? I say we send him now!"

Bo says he will add what happened to Benjy to the charges against Andre. Patch argues. Rolf insists Bo arrest him. Patch whirls around and grabs a bottle of bleach from a maid's cart. He holds the open bottle above the open cooler and threatens to pour it in.

Billie tries to convince Phillip to ask Belle to go. Phillip thinks this is like chasing Shawn, Belle and Claire around the South Pacific all over again. Billie tells him to move on this even if it puts him at the top of Shawn's blacklist.

Belle walks into the living room and finds Max. She asks what's up. Max puts his mouth in gear but Shawn stands behind Belle slicing his hand across his throat. Max shuts up, which gives Belle an opportunity to listen to her favorite sound – her own voice. "I know," she squeals, "You're gonna make Shawn a full partner!"

Max says, "Oh, I already consider Shawn to be a full partner."

Belle brings out her giddy schoolgirl personality, "Ooooo, so you're going franchise!" Max tells her he just got a new diagnostic system at the garage, and that was the good news. Belle's smile melts. She tells Shawn she has to go to the bookstore and pick up the books for the nursing classes she will never attend. Shawn says he will meet her at the pub later. Belle asks for cash. Shawn takes out a wad and hands her some. The giddy schoolgirl has returned. She grabs the rest of it from his hand, "You were right about moving over the pub. It feels good not to depend on someone else." She leaves.

Max smile fades. He apologies for interrupting. Shawn says no apology is necessary. Max tells him to tell Belle the truth before she finds out on her own.

Bo takes Patch by surprise and gets him in a chokehold. They wheel Stefano to the OR.

As Steve struggles Bo asks, "Are you gonna act like a rational human being?"

"Looks like I'm the only one who is," says Patch. The chokehold gets tighter as Bo tells him to slow down. He releases him.

Patch rages, "If you weren't such a damn coward, you'd do the right thing – Have me committed and throw away the key."

Lucas wretches at the thought of giving EJ mouth-to-mouth. Sami starts to do it herself. That gets Lucas' butt in gear. He slaps EJ's face and tells him to wake up. Sami says, "He needs CPR!" Lucas holds his nose and dives in.

Belle goes into the pub carrying a loaded book bag and finds Phillip. She tells him she's excited about college. She says she got his text message. He tells her about the pending trip to Tulsa and asks her to go, "They won't talk to a man in those safehouses."

"Oh," says Belle, "In that case, I'd better make sure none of my male personalities come out."

Patch wants to know what's happened to Bo. Bo insists they have to pick their battles. He didn't want to have to haul Steve in, but reminds him there are rules. Patch says they have to start making their own rules, "Fight fire with fire."

"I'm a cop," says Bo.

Steve rants, "You're hung up on the rules and the DiMeras are calling the shots while the people we love are going down. If you're too chicken we might as well dig our own graves."

Lucas works on EJ. EJ chokes and wakes up. He thanks Lucas for saving his life. "I didn't have much choice. Now we're even – almost," says Lucas.

EJ hyperventilates, "The freezer truck... By the way, your lips are as soft as rose petals." He throws Lucas a kiss.

Lucas snorts, "Why don't you kiss my..." The paramedics interrupt. Lucas tells them, "Einstein here electrocuted himself."

Sami tells Lucas he did the right thing. He asks why he feels he just shot their whole future to hell.

"Sign me up," says Belle. She doesn't have a problem with going to Tulsa with Phillip.

The paramedics tell Lucas Sami has elevated BP and a low-grade fever, but the babies will be fine. They wheel EJ out. Lucas tells Sami another ambulance is coming for her. He also tells her about her BP and the fever. He's a little surprised when Sami doesn't resist going to the hospital, but she says she's worried about the babies. She asks him why he said that thing about blowing their future.

Lucas says EJ is a virus. Every time EJ shows up she gets chills and a fever. EJ wants Sami and she knows it. Sami assures him she loves him, "I want you and I want to be with you for all the Days Of Our Lives. You have nothing to worry about." Translation: Start worrying, Lucas.

Lucas says, "I know you want me to believe that, but I don't think you believe it yourself."

Bo says with the letters they'll find out how the vendetta started and once they have Andre and the folio, they will know how to end it.

Patch is sarcastic, "And the Bradys and DiMeras will hold hands and form a human chain of happiness." Patch says they have to get Stefano. Bo says he almost had to throw him in jail, "Steve Johnson with nothing but a cot and toilet. That'd show the DiMeras wouldn't it?"

Shawn sits outside with Max and talks about how tough life is. He says he gets the feeling he just can't catch a break.

Max says after they get the girls out the cops will swarm in and take everything. He might go to jail. Whatever happens he will deal with it. He will take his punishment.

"No matter how bad your punishment is," says Shawn, "At least you don't have to live with Belle."

Shawn reminds Max about the time he was a runner for EJ. He's been through this kind of thing. Shawn says he needs to be more like Max. He doesn't understand why he didn't just tell Belle about the garage going belly up in the first place, "I keep having this fear I can't seem to shake – that Shawn Brady isn't good enough for Belle Black. Just like every other guy."

Sami asks where that statement came from. She says she doesn't secretly think she's going to end up with EJ. Lucas reminds her about his joke at the pub when he said she and EJ seemed to be destined to be together. He thinks the idea of her and EJ scares her. He's sick of all this. He thinks she can't see it and it scares the hell out of him.

Bo continues to lecture Steve. Steve says action is the only thing that counts. He wants to know what they should do, just sit around and wait for the DiMeras to get them. Bo insists he will take care of it.

The doctor comes out. "Tell me those three little words I long for," says Steve, "The patient died."

"The Phoenix has risen again," says Rolf, "The operation was a success. You will never bring him down." Rolf leaves.

Patch sneers, "You hear that, Bo, they are laughing at us. Maybe you don't want to do anything but I'm going to." Bo tells him to hold on. He has an idea. He's not just going to bend the rules, he's going to make a pretzel out of them, "Are you interested?"

"Lay it on me," says Patch.

Phillip comes back inside the pub after making a phone call. He has arranged the Titan jet for tomorrow. With luck they will be back in Salem by tomorrow evening. Phillip is worried about Shawn, "He won't like this. Let me know if he gives you a hard time." She says Shawn will be working at the garage and won't even miss her.

"You are the best," says Phillip, "I don't know what I'd do without you." Hugs. Stares.

Max insists Shawn needs to get over it. He tells Shawn Belle loves him. Shawn says he needs a paycheck ASAP. Max encourages him to tell Belle about the garage going bust right now. Shawn twiddles his phone. He doesn't want to do it over the phone.

Max sighs, "You're not gonna tell her, are you?"

Sami insists EJ doesn't have magical powers over her. Lucas reminds her he walked in and found them liplocked. She asks if she should be jealous too, since he was just liplocked with EJ himself, "He didn't lock me up to cop a feel. I should smack you for being such a jackass. The destiny I believe in starts with a teenage troublemaker who got to take a military brat to her first dance. He turned out to be the love of her life. Get it?"

Lucas gets it. There is a first time for everything. She hands him back his wedding ring and he puts it on as they walk off.

Patch says Bo's plan had better include stomping on Andre. Bo says Andre is their number one target. They will set a trap he can't resist walking into, "We off the old man."

"Are you serious," asks Patch.

"Not a real killing," says Bo, "We fake the whole thing. It will be front-page news and Andre will show up for revenge." They walk off and Patch apologizes for some of the stuff he said.

Bo says he has to pass this by Roman, Abe and probably internal affairs. "Let's get'er done," says Patch the cable guy.

Meanwhile, back at Bo and Hope's house, Shawn stands nekkid as a jaybird except for his tool belt wondering where Belle is...


Kayla tells Lexie, "If, God forbid, Benjy doesn't make it, I promise you Stefano will be next."

Hope asks, "Are you ready to take on parenthood again?" Patch holds Pocket and stares.

Shawn tells Phillip, "What you're trying to do is move in on Belle and take her away from me, and you're going to use every trick in the book to do it."

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I Back Your Got

Kayla frets about Benjy. Steve deflects her questions as he inspects Benjy's suitcase. BLOOD! Kayla hyperventilates. Steve comforts her and promises they will find him.

A homeless man pushes his shopping cart down an alley. He looks into a dumpster and exclaims, "Wowza! And I thought I had it bad." We pan down to see Benjy lying there right next to a pile of DOOL scripts for the next month – and you wondered where they get this stuff; now you know.

Stefano pants and tells Rolf to listen. He wants a favor – he asks Rolf to destroy the folio. Rolf gets a call and has to leave immediately. Stefano objects, but Rolf tells him this call will make Stefano happy. Stefano huffs.

Santo returns. Stefano asks if he has come for him. Santo says no. Stefano says he doesn't know how long he can hang on. Rolf comes back with news that they have found a donor. Stefano doesn't understand how. Rolf says, "With a little help from that remarkable nephew of yours."

Sami and EJ pound and scream. Andre chortles. As he leaves, he wonders, "Where the hell is Kate?"

Inside, the pounding continues. Sami bawls. EJ says Bo will probably be there soon and they will get out.

Out in the alley, Fido barks as Lucas is on the phone with Bo. He begs him to find Sami. Bo tells him Sami already left the health club. Bo wonders why Lucas doesn't just break a window to get out of the car. I mean, if you're locked in a car, that's how you get out, right? Lucas asks, "Did you ever see Cujo?" He asks if Sami left with someone. Bo beats around the bush, but finally tells Lucas Sami left with EJ. If that's the case, Lucas thinks she was forced to leave with him.

Roman is looped. Bo gets off the phone and tells him to stay there. Roman protests, "No, no, Bo. I fine. I back your got." Bo doesn't think it's a good idea for Roman to go with him. Roman says, "Bo, I'm giving you an odor. I'm the commish-shiner." Bo gives up. He and Roman leave as Andre sneaks out.

Rolf tells the doctor they found a donor so the operation must take place as scheduled. The doctor leaves to prepare. Rolf assures Stefano he won't let anything happen to him. He turns to look at Stefano's machines.

Stefano tells Santo to go away. Rolf looks around to see whom he is talking to.

Patch asks, "How could I be so stupid?"

"You always seem to find many creative ways," says Kayla, "But this time it isn't your fault." Steve heads out on his mission. Kayla wants to go and we go through the standard, tedious, "I want to go," – "No you can't go" argument we always do. Steve leaves without her.

Lucas sets off the car alarm as Fido barks. The alarm scares Fido and his companion and they run off just as Bo and Roman arrive. Lucas gets out of the car and pops the hood to shut off the alarm. Roman is giddy. Bo tells Lucas about Roman and the hypo full of lollipops. He asks Lucas if he is OK. Lucas insists he is fine. The blood dripping from his head is just for show. Bo gets a call. It's Hope. She tells him Benjy is missing. Bo says he will be there in ten minutes. I guess he thinks he's going to find Benjy in the crawl space under his house.

Lucas stops Bo. He thought they were going to look for Sami. Roman vows to step in and help. Lucas decides a stoned Salem cop is better than a sober one, so he let's Bo go. Roman slaps Lucas on the back, "We got it covered!"

Sami steams. Literally. EJ takes his clothes off and suggests Sami do the same. He hands her a towel and turns around.

Stefano tells Santo this is his fault. Rolf insists there is no one there. Stefano ignores him and says he is in this mess because of Santo's obsession. He tells him to go away. Rolf tries to calm him down. Stefano tells Rolf the folio has to be destroyed, "Nobody must ever know how this vendetta ends."

"I'm betting the writers don't know," says Rolf.

"The secret must die with me," says Stefano. Rolf promises he will destroy the folio.

EJ struts around the sauna in his boxers. He asks Sami how she feels.

"Dizzy," says Sami.

"Good," says EJ, "Things are still normal." Sami wonders if God would let the babies die. EJ doesn't think so. Sami bawls. She says Lucas wanted to get her out of there and she didn't listen. She panics and pounds on the door. EJ tries to calm her down. Sami worries that Andre has done something to Lucas. EJ says, "Andre wouldn't kill someone in a public place."

Sami goes over the top, "What do you think this is?"

Bo arrives back at his house. Apparently no one can find Benjy. Bo tells Hope about Lucas. He's OK, but they couldn't find Sami.

Kayla gets off the phone and reports Tony hasn't heard from Benjy either, "I just don't know what will happen to Steve if something happens to Benjy."

Steve arrives. He says he didn't find anything. He holds a bag behind his back, which Kayla immediately zones in on. He tries to keep it from her, but she grabs it and opens it. "OMG! OMG!" She holds up Benjy's bloody shirt, "It's going to take a double dose of enzyme treatment to get that out."

Sami sweats. She says she's having trouble breathing. EJ tries to encourage her. Sami wonders where Bo is and then heads into full-blown panic and blubbering, "It is 400 degrees in here! I can't breathe! If you tell me to relax one more time I swear I will kill you!"

Roman seems to be coming back from his trip through Itchykoo Park. He and Lucas go into Stefano's room, see all the activity and wonder what's going on. Rolf announces Stefano is about to go into surgery. Roman wants to know who donated the liver. Rolf says another family member stepped forward. He asks them to leave.

Lucas pulls Roman aside, "Who besides EJ would donate a liver?"

Roman says, "Maybe that liver wasn't donated at all. Maybe it was stolen!" Dumb-da-dumb-dumb!

Steve says he found the shirt down by the docks.

Bo gets off the phone and announces a homeless guy found Benjy in a dumpster down by the river wrapped in a bloody sheet. Bo heads for the river. We have the same dumb argument about who should go and who should stay, only this time between Bo and Patch. Steve asks, "You don't trust me, do you?"

Everyone trusts Steve to go off the deep end, but Bo says he doesn't trust him knowing how he feels about Benjy.

Patch is peeved. Bo tells him he trusts him with his life but not when it comes to Benjy. Bo knows how Patch gets when it comes to people he cares about. He says he doesn't need a vigilante tearing up the streets. Hope comes up and tells Bo Steve will follow him anyway, whether he lets him go or not. Bo turns and tells Patch he can go, but if he loses it he will lock him up. Patch understands. Understanding is one thing, acting like an adult is a whole different ballgame.

They leave. Hope tells Kayla it's better that Steve is with Bo. Kayla agrees. She talks about how hard it was to deprogram him and she doesn't want to have to go through that again.

Lucas leaves a message for Sami. He tells Roman he thinks she still has to be at the gym. Roman heads for the waterfront while Lucas heads for the health club.

Sami wants EJ just to shut up. "You weren't kidding about those hormones, were you," says EJ. He suggests a game. Twenty questions. Sami doesn't want her last minutes on earth spent playing twenty questions, so EJ suggests truth or dare.

Sami isn't thrilled about that either, "This is not a sixth grade slumber party!"

"We almost have the mentality of sixth graders, though," says EJ. He comes up with the first question, "Is that your natural hair color?"

And you thought the girl was steamed before, "EXCUSE ME?"

"I don't want to know anyway," says EJ.

"My turn," says Sami, "Truth – did you set this up? Are you working with Andre to get us stuck in here? You arranged all this to get me naked, didn't you?" EJ says if that were his intention, he could think of more comfortable places.

Sami thinks maybe he just wanted to be her savior. He swears he had nothing to do with this. She asks about finding Lucas on ice and wants to know if he had anything to do with that. He reminds her she showed him where the meat truck was, "I'm far too old to be a superhero."

"Maybe you just want to score points with me," says Sami.

"No," says EJ, "Just score. I very much care what happens to you."

Sami says, "If that's the case, help me get out of here. Help me save my babies' lives." She says Lucas won't be happy when he finds their naked bodies in there. EJ tells her to take it easy. He fans her with a towel. She says that helps. She offers to fan him, but he refuses. EJ looks up and sees a ceiling fan. He wonders if he could short-circuit it.

"What are you," asks EJ, "a C-cup, a D-cup?"


He takes her bra and fishes a wire out of it.

Meanwhile, outside, Tessa tells Lucas the gym is closed. Lucas asks about Sami and EJ. Tessa says they left, but Lucas thinks they are still there.

Patch comforts Benjy, "Stay with us." The paramedics wheel him off. Bo informs Patch he has a deep, surgical laceration under his ribs. Patch goes to ride with Benjy.

Bo tells a cop to get a statement from the homeless guy. Roman comes up and tells Bo Stefano somehow got a liver. "Dammit," says Bo.

Stefano tells Santo to go away. Rolf thinks Stefano is talking to him. "Not you Rolf," says Stefano, "him." Rolf wonders what is in the medication.

Santo tells Stefano, "You have-a been a faithful-a soldier. Your work-a here iss not done-a."

"What do you want," asks Stefano.

"Whatever you have left-a." Santo dematerializes.

Rolf asks if Stefano is comfortable. Stefano, says, "The Phoenix will never die! HAHAHAHAHA!"

Kayla thinks they should have heard form the guys by now. Hope insists Benjy will be fine. She thinks Kayla needs to stop being so crazy over Steve. She wonders if Kayla is having doubts.

"Let's call it concern," says Kayla. She's afraid he's going to slip back into his old ways.

"Just when did he ever slip out of them," asks Hope.

"I'm going to live in fear of that for all the Days Of Our Lives," says Kayla, "I thought pocket would give him a sense of purpose, but really I'd settle for any sense at all."

"What if he slips anyway," asks Hope. Kayla stares.

Bo thinks the liver came from Benjy. He heads for the hospital to make sure the transplant doesn't happen.

EJ removes the wire. "You're getting off on touching my unmentionables, aren't you," asks Sami.

"It's a brassiere," says EJ, "You can say the word. When did you become such a prude? When we get out of here I'll take you shopping and by you a new one. A nice red lacy one – For Lucas, obviously."
EJ stands up to work on the fan. Sami says she is scared to death.

Hope apologizes for asking the question. Kayla says it has crossed her mind – what she would do if she lost Steve again. She vows it will not happen. She refuses to live her life wondering if the old Steve is here to stay. She wants to focus on the miracle that they are back together again, "I want to concentrate on the future because that's all we have." We rewound the tape to make sure but, yes, she really said that.

Bo stops Rolf on the way to the OR. He picks up the cooler at the end of the gurney, "Where did you find the liver so quickly?" Rolf claims a distant relative from Italy donated it.

Bo wonders how it got here in such a short time. He thinks it must be a coincidence about Benjy's misfortune.

Crazy man Patch storms in and grabs the cooler. Bo tells Patch to cool down. Patch conjures up his homicidal maniac personality, "This transplant's a bust! I'm not gonna cool down! There is no way I'm letting that bastard get this! I will flush it first! You hear me? No way!"

EJ works on the ceiling fan. Sami knows the end is near. She prays.


EJ falls like a sack of potatoes. Sami runs to him, cradles his head in her lap and blubbers, "EJ! Wake up! OMG!"

Lucas gets to the door, "Sami, Are you in there?"

Sami screams, "Lucas! Please hurry! I think EJ is dead!"


Shawn tells Max, "I keep having this fear I can't seem to shake – that Shawn Brady isn't good enough for Belle Black."

Belle says, "I told you that I would do whatever I could to help you find your son. I meant that." Phillip takes her hand, "You're amazing, you know that? But what about Shawn? I don't think he's gonna let you go."

Patch rages at Bo, "If you weren't such a damn coward, you'd do the right thing."

Monday, August 27, 2007

A Bucket Of Chum

EJ and Roman argue as EJ prepares to spend the rest of his life in Chateau d'If for parking ticket violations. EJ asks if Roman has any idea of the consequences his family will face if Stefano dies. Roman continues to read EJ his rights as EJ snatches the hypodermic needle off the table in front of him and jabs Roman in the leg. Roman yells, "You SOB!" EJ runs out.

Bo tells Stefano he can't cheat death. Stefano says he doesn't fear death. Bo says he doesn't know if that is true since he heard Stefano was begging for a slice of liver to save his life. Stefano insists Elvis is proud to be the donor. Bo tells him his proud son is headed for jail, "End this ridiculous vendetta, or prepare for a warm welcome in hell."

Sami paces in the dark health club. Tessa comes in, tells her the place is closed and asks her to leave.

Lucas stops foxy Andre. Andre turns and points his gun, "You're going to make one ugly stain on the wall." Lucas gets a look at Andre's face and makes an ugly stain on the carpet instead. He demands the folio. Andre refuses.

Roman struggles and yanks the hypo out of his leg.

Stefano asks if Bo expects him to turn over Andre. Bo offers the deal – EJ for Andre. EJ walks in. Bo asks where Roman is. "I'll tell," says EJ, "but you let me be his donor."

"That's the wonderful thing about tables," says Stefano, "They often turn."

Bo sneers, "Yeah, don't they." He turns to EJ, "You have the right to remain silent..."

Patch gives the play by play as he and Hope race to see who can slap a diaper on a kid quicker. It looks like a tie, but they argue about who won. Kayla answers the door. Benjy says he's looking for Patch and Bo. Pocket rages as Patch and Benjy go outside. Hope takes Ciara upstairs.

Outside, Benjy tells Patch Stefano is dying and that means his own life is in danger.

Roman continues to struggle, "I gotta get to Stefano."

EJ says if Bo takes him to jail, it will kill his father. Roman rushes up. While Roman and Bo are distracted, EJ goes over and asks Stefano to give them Andre. "Never," says Stefano. Bo overhears and says in that case EJ goes to jail. Stefano asks to be taken to his room. Rolf wheels him back.

Sami tells Tessa her husband followed a woman into the steam room.

"So get marriage counseling, honey," says Tessa, "Let's see your membership card."

Sami tells her she is Mrs. Roberts. Tessa's eyes widen, "You're Mrs. Roberts?" Sami doesn't have a membership card, so Tessa goes to look up her file on the computer. Sami rushes to the steam room door.

Lucas demands the folio. He doesn't think Andre will use the gun on him.

"There is more than one way to use a gun," says Andre. WHAP! "When a lady says no, she means no." Lucas lies in a heap on the floor and Andre kicks him for good measure.

Apparently Lucas thinks Andre hasn't had enough. He eggs him on, "Go ahead and kill me. Bo and Roman will hunt you down."

"You're bait boy," sneers Andre, "A bucket of chum. Get up!" Lucas refuses. Andre whacks him again.

Lucas rants, "You can't beat the Bradys.

Andre says, "You are nothing but a pawn. Now it's time to die like a man."

Bo tells EJ, "Stefano just chose protecting Andre over keeping you out of jail." EJ says the only reason Andre is showing any restraint is because of Stefano. He asks for five minutes to convince Stefano to give Andre up. Bo gives him two minutes. EJ rushes for Stefano's room.

Meanwhile, Roman is in a pretty good mood, "Hey... I want to know. Bo... is that short for Boseph?" He plays some air guitar.

Stefano tells EJ to go away. EJ lectures, "I am your son. So lets stop playing games, shall we, or I walk out this door right now."

Stefano says, "Just leave your liver when you go."

Hope comes back downstairs. Patch tells her and Kayla what Benjy said to him about the liver donation. Hope goes to call Lexie. Kayla is proud of Benjy, "It took courage to stand up to Stefano." She says Benjy can stay with them as long as he wants to. Patch thinks they have to get Benjy's car off the street, since Stefano and Andre know what it looks like. Benjy thanks them. Kayla says, "You don't have to thank us. Were family."

EJ wants to know why Stefano is protecting Andre. "Because he is my nephew," snorts Stefano, "Get out."

EJ says he is doing this because he loves Stefano, "All you have to do is..."

Stefano interrupts, "Betray Andre."

EJ says all of them are fed up with having their lives twisted by revenge. Stefano says he is just doing what his father asked him to do.

"And what was that," asks EJ.

"Keep-a the vendetta going-a. "

EJ says Andre will just keep destroying people for fun, "He did it when he killed Renee." He asks why Stefano would protect Andre after he did that, "Do it for Renee. Don't let her death amount to nothing."

Bo comes in and says time's up. He halls EJ off. Bo is too smart to give EJ any more time to convince Stefano to do what Bo wants him to do.

Stefano is moved by the thought of Renee. He tells Bo to stop, "Andre is meeting Kate at the health club where he will give her the key that ends the vendetta." Bo lets EJ go. EJ walks over and kisses Stefano on the forehead. He asks Bo to take the cuffs off and he will help end this without violence.

We hear Sami shouting in the distance as Andre drags Lucas off. Sami searches. She finds blood on the wall, "OMG! It's Lucas' blood!" She finds his wedding ring, takes out her phone and calls Roman.

Roman answers and Sami blathers into the phone, "Daddy, we are at the health club. I found blood on the wall and Lucas' wedding ring. Please come and help!"

"Who is this," asks Roman.

Hope and Kayla watch Patch tending to Pocket. They cackle. Patch accuses them of cooking up baby plans, "I have a good nose for scheming women." Kayla asks if he likes having Pocket around.

It's all right.

Hope asks him to be more specific, "Why do you like having him around?"

Steve asks, "You mean besides the fact his name is so stupid it cracks me up every time I hear it? Let's see...I like it when he wraps his entire hand around my finger. It's a riot. I till him to pull my finger and he does and then I... you know. And I like it when he falls asleep on my chest, so we can finally get some peace and quiet. All that grumbling I do is just trash talk." Kayla hugs him and tells him he will make a great father. Patch says, "Whatever makes ya happy, baby."

Hope interrupts and says Steve still hasn't answered her question. Steve asks, "And what is that question, Mariska Hargitay?

Hope asks, "Do you want to be a dad again? We need an honest answer."

"Then you should ask an honest guy," says the kidney thief.

Sami answers Roman's question, "It's me – Sami. I need your help."

Roman asks, "Does your mommy know you're on the phone? After you called Tokyo weather you're not supposed to be on the phone."

"That happened a long time ago," says Sami, "What happened to you?"

"EJ stuck me," says Roman, "I think it was with a needle filled with lollipops, hee, hee, hee. Bo is making me sit in this chair."

Do me a favor," says Sami, "Yell at Bo and tell him to come to the phone." Roman zones.

John Black walks up behind him, "Hey, old buddy, you got any more needles full of lollipops to share with a friend?"

Sami calls Bo and fills him in on what is going on at the health club.

EJ sits beside Roman. Sami tells Bo Lucas is in trouble. She tells him about the blood and wedding ring.

Stefano chuckles as Bo leaves. Bo finds Roman sitting alone and tells him they have to go, "Sami's in trouble."

Roman slurs, "With her mother?"

Tessa storms back into the gym, "Kate Roberts is a member of this club. You don't look like Kate Roberts picture on my computer."

Sami tells Tessa Lucas might be trapped in the steam room, "I'll have you know my uncle is a detective and my dad is the assistant police commissioner."

"And my dad is the tooth fairy," says Tessa. She hauls Sami out screaming.

Lucas lies beaten and bloody in the front seat of a car.

Opera music plays. Stefano says, "I know this aria. I remember this music."

"You should," says Santo, "It was the first opera I took you to."

Stefano looks up and about has a heart attack. He sobs and reaches for him, "Papa."

"No my son," says Santo.

Sami rants. Tessa says it's over. EJ rushes in. Sami tells him she can't find Lucas. EJ flashes his membership card at Tessa and tells her he is a member and Sami is her guest.

"It doesn't matter," says Tessa, "The club is closed." EJ tells Sami they have to go. He hauls her off as she protests. After they reach the door he goes back and gives Tessa his card, "If you ever want to go to corporate call me."

Tessa leaves as Sami and EJ head back toward the steam room.

Lucas sits in the car and struggles. His hands and feet are bound with duct tape, "I'm gonna kill Andre. Sami's in there with him."

Hope and Kayla badger Steve. He says he thinks life is unpredictable. He loves Stephanie, but still feels guilty for leaving Kayla. He wonders what is to stop the DiMeras from coming at them again. He has to protect what they have. Kayla bollixed up raising Stephanie because she was alone and he doesn't want to mess up another kid.

Pocket runs upstairs and starts packing his bags.

Kayla says it isn't his fault Stefano brainwashed him. Hope says she shouldn't have pressed. Suddenly, Steve remembers Benjy went out to move his car and runs out to look for him.

Stefano remembers the opera. He never took his eyes off the stage. Stefano remembers it was a revelation for him – he had no idea beauty could be so powerful. Santo remembers. Stefano asks if he is there to reclaim him. Santo says he never let him go. He was a good son. Stefano says he never doubted Santo's motives, but his mission has never been completed. He believes he has wasted the empire.

Santo claims he is the one who wasted it, "I was-a not a good-a match-a with your mother. Colleen she was-a the love of my life-a. When I couldn't have her, after the appropriate three day mourning-a period, that is, I wanted-a vengeance-a."

Stefano says he failed. Santo says he failed Stefano, Eet was my job-a as your father to protect-a your innocence-a. Instead I-a betrayed it. I started a war. I put-a you in the middle."

Stefano says sometimes he dreams and wakes up and thinks the world is like it was before the vendetta.

"I'm-a sorry," says Santo.

Stefano says he wasted half his life avenging Santo's heartbreak, "And now my children have abandoned me and I am dying alone. Sorry doesn't seem enough."

Santo says, "Ees not-a over. The Phoenix will-a arise again-a."

Lucas struggles and gets his duct tape handcuffs off. He frees his feet and starts to get out of the car. Outside a Doberman pinscher barks and slobbers. "Easy, big boy," says Lucas.

Sami wants to go with EJ. He wants her to stay there, "You know you can trust me."

"Yes," says Sami. She sits and waits as EJ heads into the steam room.

Bo arrives at the health club with Roman staggering behind. He shouts for Sami and Lucas. Tessa comes out and he tells her he is looking for Sami. Roman smiles and waves, "Hi! I'm the commish!"

"Ohmygosh," says Tessa, "It's true, then." Bo explains Roman is under the influence. Tessa says Sami left with a guy named Wells.

Sami knocks at the steam room door and yells, "EJ! Why are you taking so long? EJ!"

Andre slithers up behind her, "Does it have to be EJ, or will any DiMera do?"

Sami whirls, "Where is my husband? What have you done with him, you creep?"

Andre says, "I put him in the evil warehouse, told him to keep talking and the military is now using it for a wind tunnel. And you're going to be reunited with him very, very soon."

Hope assures Kayla Benjy will be fine. Steve comes back carrying a suitcase and Benjy's cap. Kayla rushes to him. Steve promises they will find Benjy.

Lucas judiciously decides to stay in the car. Being Lucas, he has a brilliant idea. He scoots over to the passenger side and starts to get out. Fido runs over and jumps up at the window, slobbers and barks. Gee, that didn't work. Outsmarted by a dog again.

Roman chuckles. Bo asks if Tessa knows where Sami and EJ went. She asks she doesn't. Bo gets a call. Lucas tells Bo he's trapped in a car in the alley behind the health club, "Andre played ping pong with my head."

"Who won," asks Bo.

Roman slurs in the background, "Hey, is that Lucas? Hiiiiii, Lucas!"

Lucas hears Roman, "Oh, great."

EJ starts to come out of the sauna. Instead, Andre shoves Sami in with him. He chains the door, cackles and turns up the heat.

Sami asks, "Is it warm in here or is it just me?"

Santo tells Stefano he isn't going to die. Santo is there to help Stefano fulfill his destiny. He tells him not to give up now.

As Santo leaves Stefano pleads, "What am I to do? Papa, come back!"

Rolf comes in and tries to give Stefano oxygen. Stefano huffs and puffs. He grabs Rolf, "Listen to me. The end is here. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

Andre looks at the folio, "The end is near..."


EJ and Sami have removed several items of cumbersome clothing. EJ says, "I very much care what happens to you." Sami says, "Help me get out of here. Help me save my babies' lives."

Lucas asks, "Who besides EJ would donate a liver?" Roman says, "Maybe that liver wasn't donated at all."

Bo tells Patch to cool down. Patch holds a cooler and screams, "I'm not gonna cool down! There is no way I'm letting that bastard get this."

Friday, August 24, 2007

Frick, Frack And Poetry

We already had a Saturday Prevuze planned, but we just couldn't pass up these poems Deb put in the comments section...

Okay Prevuze faithful, time for morning prayer:

Hail Mary full of grace
Don't let us have to watch geezers suck face.
Shut Lucas up, calm Sami down,
And get the 90210 kids out of town.
Please let the letters finally be done.
And don't make us wait till sweeps for the last one.
Give Kayla some brains, and Belle get one too.
Or at least don't let them constantly whine like they do.
A BIG dose of macho is what all the men need.
And please God don't makes us watch John and Marlena do the deed.
Make the Brat PLEASE grow up, and Steph get a clue.
Let Jett and Jerkemy disappear from our view.
Finally the writers, OH GOD hear our prayer.
I think we are needing a miracle there.
Is an intelligent storyline too much to ask?
Or at least something just not so boring at last?
Hail Mary, Mother of God, pray for us viewers all the Days of Our Lives. Amen.

And now a poem:

There once was a couple called Lumi.
Who's future was so very gloomy.
While he had a mouth that wouldn't stay shut, she had always been called the town **** (fill in the rhyme).
Together and not, then wed once again.
Both throwing tantrums as if they were ten.
Sami freaks out and screams like she's mad.
Lucas just looks like a "before" Ex-Lax ad.
"I just want to be happy" Sami whines all day long.
"I don't believe you" is Lucas's song.
They bicker and argue and snipe all day long.
Both would just sooner drop dead then be wrong.
Every time they make whoopee, someone calls or walks in.
Here's a thought, lock the door BEFORE you begin!
OH Sami and Lucas, will you ever learn?
If you play with matches you'll always get burned.
Maybe someday you will, if either of you survives,
But know we'll be watching,


A big thanks, Deb.

As far as the pictures at the right go, when Bo and Roman were standing together in EJ's room, the scene just shouted FRICK AND FRACK.

Then, all this Frickin' and Frackin' stuff brought a question to mind: Just who were Frick & Frack? So we looked it up. It turns out the original Frick & Frack were a pair of Swedish ice skaters, Werner Groebli and Hans Mauch. Frick took his name from a small village in Switzerland; Frack is a Swiss-German word for a frock coat, which Frack used to wear in the early days of their skating act. They put the words together as a joke.

So the pictures below are of either Frick or Frack or both. The problem is we don't know which frickin' one is Frick and which one is frickin' Frack.

You just never know what you're going to learn on Prevuze, do you?

Weekend Up!


Max meets Jeremy at the pub. Jeremy asks where he has been. Max says, "Never drive by the senior center on bingo night. Traffic is a mess. I did see John, Marlena, Steve and Kayla headed in for a night of fun, though." Jeremy says he heard from Ilsa. She found all the girls, but it will take another day to round them all up. Max thinks that's great, "By the way, is one of them named Jenna? I have a score to settle."

Jeremy says all the girls will be at the hotel tomorrow night and Rawlings doesn't know about it. Jeremy has made arrangements for a flight tomorrow. After this is over they can chill. Max says they still need to go to the cops. Jeremy argues. Max assures him things will be cool. "Cool for you," says Jeremy, "And I'll end up in the Graybar Hotel." Max tells him to trust him on this. They have to get the girls out and safe.

Stephanie comes up and invites them to the beach with Jett and Chelsea. When he finds out Jett is outside, Jeremy bolts to talk to him.

Max and Stephanie share an uncomfortable moment. He thinks they should talk.

Jeremy rushes up to Jett like a runaway freight train, "We need to talk." Chelsea is confused that Jeremy, who seems to have an urgent situation on his hands, didn't stop to tip his hat and acknowledge Her Bratiness' presence. She gets all huffy and heads into the pub.

Jeremy asks Jett to talk to the cops and tell them he's trying to make things right.

Sami is in her street clothes pounding away on a treadmill. Lucas is on another machine dressed in his street clothes, too. Sami gripes and moans about only burning off five calories so far. Lucas, however, has burned off 100, because he's been talking all the time. He tells her to calm down. Sami gives up and gets off her machine. Lucas, sharpie that he is, decides they might look a little conspicuous in street clothes. He decides to go get some workout suits and tells her to keep her eyes peeled. Lucas leaves. Sami climbs into a weight machine as Andre comes in. Sami hides her face and sees that Andre is clutching the folio. He doesn't notice her because the gym is full of pregnant women in street clothes pumping iron.

Bo is outside his house making repairs. Roman comes up, "Well, aren't you the handyman. I have some gutters that need work when you're done."

"Just get your mind out of the gutter," says Bo.

Roman gets down to business. He thinks Andre knows Stefano is dying, and Stefano has ordered him to destroy the folio, then make himself scarce. As they go inside the fence railing Bo was working on collapses and takes the side of the house with it. Bo thought Stefano would be dead by now. He thinks Stefano is faking. Roman says he talked to one of Stefano's doctors, "I think this is for real. He can't live without a liver."

"He's lived this long without a heart," says Bo, "But as long as I've wanted that guy wiped off the face of this earth, him dying right now would be the worst thing that could happen to this family, unless Chelsea doesn't move out soon."

A Doctor asks EJ if he has any questions about the procedure. EJ doesn't. The doctor leaves. EJ broods. He thinks this is crazy. Rolf wheels Stefano in. Stefano says he rejoiced when the test came back and EJ was a match, "We are the same you and I."

"We've had our differences."

Stefano says words cannot express his gratitude. This bond warms his heart. Not to mention his liver. He says this must be done without a doubt on EJ's part. He must go into it will full assurance this is what he wants to do, and bravely, only as a DiMera can do. He asks if this is the way EJ is thinking. He wants to know if EJ is having doubts. EJ stares.

Chelsea comes into the pub and asks if she's interrupting. For the second time in a couple minutes, she gets a very cold reception, so she walks off. Max turns to Stephanie, "About the other night... I know things got a little out of control. I'm sorry if I crossed the line." Stephanie says it wasn't his fault. They argue about whose fault it was. Stephanie thinks they have a serious problem, "And his name is Jeremy."

Jett wonders why Jeremy thinks he has a hookup with the cops. Jeremy thinks the cops came to Jett. He tells Jett he doesn't want to go to jail. He's ready to name names and wants to come clean. Jett asks if the cops are onto him what makes him think it's not too late.

Andre leaves the workout room and goes into the juice bar. Lucas comes back with more appropriate clothes. Sami tells him about Andre. Lucas peeps into the juice bar and sees Andre has the folio, "What do we do now," asks Sami.

"You tell me," says Lucas.

Nick and Nora Charles they are not.

Stefano wants Elvis to tell him if he's having second thoughts. Elvis says he once worshiped Stefano. But he has come to see how many people he has hurt.

"What are you saying," asks Stefano.

"To put it in terms you will understand," says Elvis, "You ain't nothin' but a hound dog."

Stefano says he sensed some reluctance but he didn't think Elvis would deny life to the man who gave him life. He thinks EJ's moral superiority is a little hypocritical. Just a few days ago he was willing to put Lucas on ice for good. The cops think it was Andre but Stefano knows it was EJ.

EJ says he did it for the love of a woman. Stefano reminds him he is still a DiMera, "If you are unwilling to do this we will put a stop to it right now. Rolf! Tell the OR to call things off! Take the liver and Return To Sender."

Bo thinks Stefano is the only one who can control Andre. Roman gets a call, "OK, thanks. Keep me updated." He hangs up and tells Bo, "Your wish might just come true. EJ is about to donate part of his liver to Stefano. It might save Stefano's life."

Bo thinks the cards are falling into place and the Bradys will have the upper hand on the feud permanently. But he says they have to move now. They have to haul Elvis out of the hospital and Stefano will be high and dry unless he offers to end the vendetta. Roman is skeptical that it will work. Bo runs through the scenario and convinces Roman the plan will bring Stefano around.

Roman says, "I've been telling people for a long time you're not near as dumb as you look, and you almost had me convinced there."

Stefano rages. He would rather die at home rather than be in the company of someone he loves who has turned his back. EJ calls him back. He says he wants to rid himself of the DiMera curse. What he sees in Stefano terrifies him. Stefano says, "There is a saying. It is better to be feared than respected. Friends let you down every time. And love, I've had love from more women than I needed. And they always get in your way. And look at Tony – The pathetic infatuation he has for Anna, or any woman who has a pulse. They have rendered him senseless. Is that what you want? To be drained of your virility like Tony, or do you want to be a man? A man always keeps his word."


EJ says he does love Stefano. Whatever the risks he will live up to his promise if Stefano will accept. Gee, what do you know, Stefano accepts, "You have no idea what this means to me." Rolf takes him back to his room to prep.

Sami has a plan. She'll distract Andre and Lucas can grab the folio. Now there's a brilliant plan. I wonder if Homeland Security knows about her. Lucas doesn't want her near that lunatic. He wants to call Roman. As Lucas dials his phone, Sami runs into the juice bar. Lucas curses and watches.

Jeremy says he can make things right. He thinks Jett is screwing with him, "You sold me out, didn't you?

Jett says, "Don't pin it on me. The cops have been onto you for months. You got yourself into it." Jeremy wants to know what he told the cops. Jett says he is on his own. Jeremy begs.

Stephanie says Max is single, "You're not tied down... I didn't mean that the way it sounded. What I meant was I have a boyfriend and I should have been the one to stop things. But whatever it was it can never ever happen again."

Max says, "Never."

Stephanie says, "Ever." Translation: Soon. Chelsea watches.

Lucas sneaks into the juice bar behind Sami.

Sami orders orange juice, unwraps a muffin and takes a bite. So much for the five calories she burned off. Andre comes up behind her and asks what she is doing there, "Shedding pregnancy pounds?" He doesn't think she is dressed appropriately for a health club. He grabs her throat, "You little twit you'd better think twice. I wouldn't hesitate to suck the life out of you." Sami collapses.

Lucas sneaks in and heads for the folio. He sees Sami putting on her fake fainting spell. Instead of grabbing the portfolio, he watches. Then he remembers what he is supposed to be doing and reaches out for the folio. Rreeaacchh... Rreeaacchh...

Jett says Touch The Sky was their dream together. Once Jeremy started smuggling girls he trashed the dream. Jeremy wonders if the cops told him about the smuggling operation. Jett says they didn't need to. He could see what was going on in front of his face. Jeremy asks how close the cops are. "Closer than you think," says Jett. He tells him if he wants to save himself, he'd better get into damage control as fast as he can.

Jeremy runs back in and tells Stephanie they have to split. He gives her and Max the eye, "Is there something going on with you two?"

Back to the juice bar. Andre struggles with Sami. Lucas watches. Rreeaacchh... Rreeaacchh... Wretch.

Shelley comes up to Lucas and says, "I've been looking for you Mr. Fry."

Meanwhile, in the other corner, Sami comes to and asks what happened.

Shelley wants to familiarize Mr. Fry with the health club operations, since he is new. Lucas says she has the wrong guy. Shelley looks him over and says, "I guess you're right, your muscles look like they're in pretty good shape. Especially the one in your head.. Shelley leaves and musclehead sneaks back out of the juice bar WITHOUT THE FOLIO.

Sami comes out. Lucas says it's time to call Roman. Sami tells him Andre has vanished.

Max and Stephanie make excuses. Stephanie wants to go to the beach. "Don't forget your sunscreen," says Max. Jeremy pulls her away and says they aren't going to the beach. Wherever Jeremy thinks he is going, Stephanie says she isn't going with him.

James Bond and Mati Hari argue. Lucas tells her he tried his best to get the folio. Roman comes up and says they couldn't find Andre, "He got away." The Bickersons keep it up. Roman shuts them up and tells Sami not to mess with Andre. He orders her to go home, "Lock yourself in your apartment, watch DVD's, play tiddlywinks... I don't care what you do, but I don't want you to leave. In fact, I'm putting out an APB on you two and if they you set foot outside the apartment, you will be arrested." He leaves. Lucas tells her they have to go. Sami says she knows Andre is still there and they have to find him.

Lucas says he isn't sticking around to play hide and seek. Sami begs him to stay. As they argue, the ugliest woman you have ever seen (except for that time John dressed up as a nun ) walks through the exercise room. Sami sees Ms. Brickface carrying the folio. "She" goes into the sauna and Sami starts to follow. Lucas tells her pregnant women aren't allowed in there, so he goes instead. Pregnant women, no. Clueless men, yes.

The doctor comes in with a sedative for EJ. He flips on the TV so EJ can watch DOOL. Roman and Bo stop the doc as he is about to administer it. Roman booms, "We have a warrant for EJ's arrest."

"A what," asks Bo.

Roman smirks, "It seems EJ has been ignoring his parking violations."

"You can't be serious," says EJ.

Roman turns to Bo, "Alternate side of the street parking violations can't be ignored."

Bo agrees, "Oh no." EJ says this is tantamount to murder. They can't get away with this.

"Put your pants on unless you want your butt hanging out," says Roman. The doctor is hesitant to stop the procedure. "I am the Deputy Police Commissioner," booms Roman, "You want to mess with me?" The doctor removes the IV.

Bo goes to tell Stefano the good news, "I hope his life insurance is paid up."

EJ starts to dress. He eyes the hypodermic needle on the table and tells Roman, "Turn around. It's not a peep show. A little privacy, please."

Stephanie decides she wants to go to the beach. Jeremy isn't in the mood. He leaves. Jett and the brat walk in. Chelsea asks if it's too late to back out of the beach party. They tell her it's too late and they invite Max. He thinks the beach sounds great.

Bo stops Rolf and Stefano as they come down the hall. He tells them there is a change of plans. He says EJ has been irresponsible and gotten arrested. They protest. Bo tells Stefano, "You can either end the vendetta or cash in your chips."

Roman reads EJ his rights. EJ rants. Suddenly, he turns and jams the hypo into Roman's leg, "Night-night, sweetheart.

Roman screams, "You SOB!"

Sami frets outside the sauna. Inside, Lucas stops Andre. Andre pulls a gun and points it at Lucas, "You're going to make one ugly stain on that wall."

No need for threats. After seeing that face, Lucas has already turned to stone. FF Lucas.


EJ yells at Stefano, "I am your son. So lets stop playing games, shall we, or I walk out this door right now."

Hope asks Patch, "Do you want to be a dad again? We need an honest answer – the both of us." Kayla watches.

Bo tells Stefano, "End this ridiculous vendetta, or prepare for a warm welcome in hell."

Sami asks, "What have you done with him, you creep?" Andre says, "You're going to be reunited with him very, very soon."

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Phoenix Rises Again!

Nick is at Bo and Hope's house. Hope helps with "his" kids. She asks him if he got an appointment with the pediatrician. "Yes," says Nick, "And after Dr. Davidoff examines Chelsea he'll look at China Lee's kids, too."

Nick says he's thinking of enrolling them in school. Hope tells him he doesn't have to do this. "It's only 29 more grueling days," says Nick.

"You're one in a million," says Hope, "It's pretty rare to find someone stupid enough to do this."

"Tell that to Chelsea," says Nick, "She thinks I'm choosing the kids over her."

"Well," says Hope, "I guess you do have some intelligence left."

There is a knock at the door. Chelsea bops downstairs in her bikini and towel. Jett's eyes pop out. He tells her she looks amazing. The brat notices Nick is there. She tells him she's going to the beach with Jett, "Is that a problem?"

Stefano is on the phone. Sami and Lucas listen as he asks Kate to help him. Kate is reluctant. She thinks Andre is psychotic. Sami and Lucas flail their arms and encourage Kate to play along with Stefano. Kate puts him on hold and Sami and Lucas tell her they will go in her place. Kate doesn't want to put Lucas or her future grandchildren in danger. Sami can rot. She finally agrees, gets back on the phone and tells Stefano.

EJ thanks Lexie and Benjy for coming. He tells them if one of Stefano's biological children is a match, they can donate a section of their liver. Lexie's compassion runneth over, "I wouldn't donate a toenail clipping to save him."

EJ asks her to reconsider. Lexie isn't in a reconsidering frame of mind. Benjy wants to leave. Lexie tells him to go home but EJ stops him and tells him Stefano has never needed him more. Benjy says he has to consider his own family. He leaves. EJ rages, "Even though you are not still a practicing physician, you took an oath – "First do no harm." says EJ.

"As you may recall," says Lexie, "When I was a practicing physician, I skipped that first step. Stefano is nothing to me."

Stefano tells Kate the drop will take place at the health club. Andre will find her. If there is any possibility the folio might fall into the wrong hands Kate is to destroy it. Kate understands. She hangs up.

Lucas says he is proud of Kate for doing her good dead for the year. He tells her he will handle things. Sami argues. She will help. Kate vetoes it all, "I want Sami to do it herself, and I want Lucas out of it."

"Lucas usually is out of it," says Sami.

Nick ain't thrilled. He says he came there specifically to see Chelsea. Chelsea mocks him. She accuses him of coming to get parenting advice from Hope.

"You're right," says Nick, "She raised Shawn. She's a textbook example of how not to do things."

Hope hauls the kids upstairs. They tell Hope they want to play video games. Hope says, "The only video game we have in this house is Living Room Drive Through. Shawn used to play it over and over. Maybe you should play some kind of sports outside instead."

Chelsea looks over at Jett and says, "I need a minute with bachelor father." Jett waits in the car.

Chelsea and Nick argue about the kids. Nick just can't put them in foster care. "No," says Chelsea, "Not you – Nick 'The Mark' Fallon. China saw you coming from a mile away."

Nick asks how Chelsea would have felt if no one would have taken her in after her parents died. "That's different," snorts the brat, "China Lee isn't dead. You're nothing but a babysitter to her kids."

"Those kids need me," says Nick.

"And I don't," she asks.

"Yeah," says Nick, "When you get a hairbrush stolen. I have no job, no money. All I have is you. Three children to care for – that's quite a responsibility."

Lucas says Kate can't change their minds. He asks her to go find a doctor so he can get out of there. Kate leaves.

Sami and Lucas discuss Andre. She starts to call Bo and get him involved, but Lucas doesn't want her to. That would be the intelligent thing to do, so Lucas isn't comfortable with it. Sami decides to call her dad. Lucas likes that idea because Roman will stop her. Sami thinks that one over and aborts the call. Lucas makes her promise not to take chances. She asks him to promise the same thing. "I took a chance on you didn't I," asks Lucas. He promises to protect her and the twins. Smooch.

Chelsea says she loves Nick, "But you let people walk all over you because you are desperate to be liked. I know, because I watch Dr. Phil." Nick says he destroyed evidence for her and she knows why. Chelsea says a part of her wishes he had told her to buzz off. She says she used him because she knew he would do whatever she wanted him to. She thinks he doesn't stand up for himself enough.

"Would that make you happy," he asks, "You want me to lay it all on the line, right here, right now? Why don't we go have sex, and this time make it the truth." He certainly did a nice job of slipping that in there, didn't he?

Sami leaves as Kate comes back in. She says they are getting Lucas' release papers ready. She thinks she should meet with Andre. He doesn't want her getting involved. "Because you're worried about me," asks Kate.

"Because I don't trust you," says Lucas. Kate huffs. Lucas wonders why Stefano would give her money.

"Maybe he found out my son sent the SEC after me," says Kate, "Maybe he felt sorry for me."

Lucas thinks she slept with him for money, "You did, didn't you? You're right back where you started – Stefano's whore!"

EJ has hauled Lexie in to see Stefano. Stefano suggests they get tested. Lexie tells Stefano, "I have no intention of risking my life to save yours."

Stefano asks, "Who said anything about your intentions?" So you want me to die is that it?"

"I wish I didn't," says Lexie, "but yes, I do. When you are dead there will be one less piece of evil in this world."

Stefano tells EJ he is his last hope. Lexie interrupts and says she isn't finished. Stefano tells her to get out of his sight. Lexie leaves. Stefano turns to EJ and tells him all he has to know is EJ will do whatever it takes to help him. EJ says he needs a moment to think about this. He apologizes and leaves. Tony is just standing back enjoying this. He smiles like the Cheshire Cat, "And then there were none..." He asks Stefano where he would prefer to be buried. Stefano scowls.

Kate thinks Lucas shouldn't judge her. She prefers to think that she gave Stefano companionship, and he gave her a future. She reminds Lucas Stefano gave Lucas an education. Unfortunately, it didn't take. Kate says Stefano pulled them both out of the gutter. She isn't going to apologize for what she does to survive.

Nick says the night they spent together was something he will never forget. He wants more nights like that. She says their relationship changes every day, "Together... not together..."

"Which is it right now," asks Nick.

She doesn't know where they stand now, "I'm not good enough for you."

"That's beside the point," says Nick.

Chelsea says when they first met he was all about honor and truth. Then her hairbrush ended up at a crime scene. If she had just told her dad, Willow would have had no power over her, and she would still be alive. Chelsea blames herself, "You are a different person than me and that's why I have to let you go."

Nick says he has never heard anything so wrong. She asks him not to make this hard on her. He was perfect before he got involved with her, "But that Lonely Splicer guy sure was a creep."

Nick says, "I was clumsy, awkward and clueless about women. Now I'm just clumsy, awkward and clueless. You can't just walk out on me. I know I'm not the man of your dreams but I thought I could be something to you."

Chelsea says she took advantage of that. He says she's the best thing that ever happened to him.

"Your life hasn't been that bad," says Chelsea.

Jett busts in and asks, "Hey, are you going..." He senses there is trouble in paradise, "...or maybe you want a rain check." She goes for her bag.

"Hey, man," says Jett, "What's happening."

Nick sneers, "If I had a gun I would kill you right now."

Sami finds EJ in the hall. She tells him about Stefano's call. EJ is distant. She asks if Stefano croaked. He tells her he is still alive. He also tells her about the upcoming liver switcheroo. He doesn't know if he is going to do it, "Benjy and Lexie opted out, but Lexie was very thoughtful. She did offer to rip what was left of Stefano's existing liver out and feed it to the pigeons on Main Street."

Sami says, "Give him whatever he needs. You can't let Stefano die." Sami doesn't care about Stefano but thinks he is the only one who can control Andre. She needs Stefano alive to declare the vendetta over.

EJ asks, "What if something went wrong? What if I died?"

Haven't you heard," asks Sami, "Only the good die young."

"That's a comforting thought," says EJ.

"I thought you'd think so," says Sami, "You'll do it?"

EJ says he has decided he will do it, but for Stefano, not Sami. He says Stefano really was a good father once and he can't help but love him. Sami doesn't care why EJ does it, "Just keep him alive."

Jett says Nick needs to cool it with the threats. Nick says he isn't blind. He knows Jett is trying to steal Chelsea. Jett claims Nick and Chelsea's problems aren't because of him. "You now why she's attracted to you," asks Nick, "Because you don't love her enough. My problem was loving her too much."

Chelsea comes out. Nick wants to talk more. "There is nothing left to say except for goodbye," says the brat. She leaves.

Hope comes down and asks what happened. "I just lost the best thing that ever happened to me," says Nick.

Outside, Jett asks Chelsea, "What can I do?"

"Fix me," says Chelsea.

"Like I had my dog fixed," asks Jett, "I wouldn't be a bad idea to prevent you from breeding."

He hugs her, "I'm sorry. We don't have to go to the beach if you don't feel like it." Chelsea says she still wants to go to the beach. Off they go.

Hope says, "If you love her, Nick, go after her and fight for her." The car pulls off. Nick stares.

Sami comes back. Lucas tells her Kate left. He tells her about Kate sleeping with Stefano for a loan. Sami says she knows. Lucas asks if Kate told her. "Not in so many words," says Sami. Lucas wants to know why Sami didn't call her on it. "I didn't think it mattered," says Sami. Lucas accuses her of protecting Kate. Sami says the only thing that matters is meeting Andre. Lucas says they will do it his way. He makes her swear. They leave. Kate's flowers stay, but the chocolates definitely go with Sami.

Rolf says there will be no more talk of funerals. EJ comes back. He tells Stefano he can count on him if he is a match. Stefano says he will never forget this. Everything he has one day will be EJ's. Tony wishes him good luck and leaves.

Rolf says, "Time is of the essence. We need to get you tested as soon as possible."

"Soon," says EJ. He and Rolf leave.

Stefano sits alone in bed in his room and chuckles, "It's not over yet. I'm not finished yet." He lets out a belly laugh, "The Phoenix rises again!"


Stephanie says, "But whatever it was it can never ever happen again." Max says, "Never." Stephanie says, "Ever."

Bo tells Roman, "As long as I've wanted that guy wiped off the face of this earth, him dying right now would be the worst thing that could happen to this family."

Andre says, "I wouldn't hesitate to sap the life out of you." Sami collapses.

Andre in drag points a gun at Lucas, "You're going to make one ugly stain on that wall."

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Little Rule Breaker

The cracked coffee klatch sits around the pub and frets about Colleen's predicament instead of reading letters to find out what happened. Doug thinks Sister Mary Anne was interfering. Julie gets on him for such blasphemy.

She reads, "The knock took my breath away. It was Sister Mary Anne – as if it were God himself at the door ready to smite me."

Colleen panics. Santo shushes her as Sister Mary Anne bangs and shouts.

Lucas picks at his scones. EJ eggs him on to eat them instead of picking at them. They banter. Sami tells them to stop it.

Lucas insists Kate can't be the courier. EJ says there is nothing Kate wouldn't do if the price were right, "It's possible he could be using Kate without her knowing."

EJ's phone rings. Tony tells him they've rushed Stefano to the hospital, "His liver is shutting down. I think we're nearing the end."

The scene in Santo's room looks like something out of a Marx brother's movie only without the entertainment value. He suggests Colleen hide behind the drape. She says that is the first place Sister Mary Tattletale will look. Santo says he will get rid of her. He goes over and opens the door. Sister Mary Steamroller barges in. She rages as Colleen hides behind the drape. A large neon sign points toward the drape and flashes on and off, "Here she is... Here she is."

Bo's phone rings as Hope analyzes the situation, "Our bold little rule breaker, hiding behind the drapes."

Julie takes the ball and runs with it, "Ten little toes sticking out, muttering Hail Mary's."

John asks, "Why would her toes be muttering Hail Mary's? Anyway, we know that didn't help." Marlena says this was a doomed affair.

Bo comes back and makes the big announcement, "Stefano DiMera has been rushed to the hospital. It sounds pretty bad.

"How bad," asks John.

"Almost as bad as a show that would have it's main characters sitting around getting waterlogged on coffee and reading old letters," says Bo.

Rolf tells the nurse to leave, "Mr. DiMera is not here to be on display." She goes.

EJ rushes in and finds Tony. Tony says a liver transplant might help, but it takes time to find a donor. EJ thinks they should rush Stefano up to the top of the list, round up Patch, Kayla, John and a fairly sharp knife. He says they'll bribe someone if they have to, "We'll scour the streets of Hong Kong."

"Right," says Tony, "I’m sure Hong Kong would be the best place to find a donor who is a perfect match for someone of Italian descent. I think it's too late. The scourge of the Bradys is about to breathe his last."

EJ laments the fact Stefano is slipping away without a whimper. Tony asks, "Would you rather have him imitate Al Pacino in Scarface and have him die in a blaze of bullets?"

"You're right," says EJ, "I don't think this show could handle action. I think when father is gone no one will stop Andre."

Rolf comes out, "The master will soon leave his body. There isn't much time left. Do either of you want any Auf Wiederseins?"

"No," says EJ, "I already had lunch."

Kate has brought a huge basket of flowers and some of Lucas' favorite chocolates. Sami attacks the chocolates like a starved dog in a steakhouse. Lucas thought Kate's assets were frozen. He wonders where she got the money for these expensive gifts. Kate thinks it's rude for him to ask where she got the money for gifts. She dances around the issue and finally says she withdrew some funds from her 401k. Lucas knows she doesn't have a 401k. Sami thinks Stefano might have given Kate the money. Kate is indignant. Lucas presses, "You went begging, didn't you?"

"More like slumming," says Kate.

The Salem literary guild continues reading, "I knew is was risking my future for a moment of pleasure. I knew I wasn't ready to lose what I held most dear."

Santo asks Sister Mary Moneygrubber what she wants. Without hesitation, she says, "Perhaps a small dewnation far the are-phins." As Santo looks for his wallet Sister Mary Snoop sees Colleen's scarf lying on the bed and notices the drapes have grown feet. Santo gives her the money. She thanks him, "By the way, I don't suppose you've seen Colleen tonight? It seems she's gone missing. She was supposed to help me with the doortadoor."

Santo says he has not seen her, "Maybe she was-a confused-a 'bout the date-a."

"Right," says Sister Mary Bulldozer, "Confused she was."

Santo ushers her to the door, "Bona fortuna." She leaves.

Colleen comes out and says Sister Mary Blabbermouth knows she was there, "Santo, I'm doomed! I'm damned!" Meerciful Lard, save me. I'm likely to be the scandal of Galway by marnin'."

Santo tries to calm her down. Colleen is sure Sister Mary Eagle Eye saw her feet sticking out under the drapes. Santo asks, "How would she a-know-a dey were your-a feet-a?

Colleen turns her ankle, "Becausa my new pentagram tattoo. Do ya like it? Sister Mary Elephant never fergets anything. She'll tell da entire convent. We hafta find a way to 'splain tings."

Hope says, "I'm sure glad times have changed and a woman's entire life isn't judged by a single indiscretion any more."

"I'm afraid you've still used up your quota," says Bo.

Marlena asks, "Do you believe Colleen and Santo were destined to be together?"

John says, "Well, I know some people are." That turns Marlena on. That turns John on. He clears the table and attacks her right there in the pub.

Lucas badgers Kate about Stefano. She admits she asked him for money, "BECAUSE YOU TURNED ME IN TO THE SEC." Lucas reminds her he turned EJ in and Kate just happened to get caught in the crossfire. Kate rants. STOP THE PRESSES! KATE DISOWNS LUCAS! MAN BITES DOG! She starts to storm out. Sami stops her and says they had a reason to push. She wants Kate to hear them out.

The nurse checks Stefano. EJ comes in. He asks for time alone. The nurse leaves. EJ sits and takes Stefano's hand.

Stefano hallucinates, "Papa?"

Patch comes into the room, "You called?"

"No," says EJ, "It's me – EJ." Stefano starts to reel off information about bank accounts, safe combinations, family secrets and the coveted recipe for Alice's donuts.

EJ stops him, "No, don't father. Not now."

"There is only now," says Stefano. EJ says they have never been so far apart. He wants to thank him for the blessing of being his son and the opportunities it has brought. He reminisces. He thinks he has really disappointed Stefano.

Stefano can't fault him for falling in love with a woman and giving his soul to the love like his father. Stefano knows love ends in tears, "But for Santo the flame was too warm. It took away his reason and burned his heart. I knew father was playing with fire."

Hope believes in destiny. She thinks their destiny is to free everyone from the horror Santo brought into their lives.

Bo thinks Santo got Colleen in bed. Hope bets him she didn't. Bo reads, "I felt despair for the first time in my life. But then when you touched me and I felt the warmth of your skin, Santo. I felt a calm." Bo stops and gloats, "Get ready for diaper duty, Fancy Face. He continues, "The world dissolved away. All I could see was in that room."

Colleen wails, "I have brought shame to da choorch." Santo says there has been no sin. Colleen thinks Sister Mary Looselips will dig in her heels on this. Santo sweet-talks... Kiss. "Oh, Santo..."

Stefano says Santo was a great man, "He could have been more if only..."

"He had followed his destiny," says EJ, "Maybe that's what he did."

"Perhaps you're right," says Stefano, "Love was his fate. How different my life would have been if he had taken another road." He says he knew what his father's mistakes were and swore not to repeat them. Now he looks back on his life and he is alone. EJ swears he isn't. Stefano says he has done what Santo wanted. EJ asks him to tell Andre it's over.

"It's too late," says Stefano, "I can't stop him. I don't know where he is. There is nothing more I can do for the Bradys. I'm not a psychiatrist, you know."

Lucas and Sami ask Kate to come back. "It's about the vendetta," says Sami. Kate comes back in. They tell her about Bo and Hope going to Ireland. Cops are watching the DiMera mansion because they know Andre will try to deliver the folio to Stefano. They ask Kate if Stefano asked her to be the messenger. Kate insists he didn't. In that case, Lucas wonders how she got the money. Kate claims he gave her the money with no strings attached. Lucas accuses her of lying. Sami drops her jaw. She thinks she knows what Stefano wanted. She says Stefano gave Kate the money so that he could have her in his debt – "To be the courier."

Kate swears he hasn't asked her. Lucas wants to believe her. Sami thinks she is telling the truth.

Kate is stunned, "Thank you, Sami."

Hot kisses in Santo's room. He tosses her onto the bed. Colleen notices her scarf, "OH! Where di' this come from? Dear Lard in heav'n, she saw this! Sister Mary Buttinski knows I'm here!"

"Looks like Santo will be taking cold showers," says John.

Hope tells Bo he will be doing diapers until Easter. Julie thinks it's sad Colleen never got to spend one night in the arms of her lover. Bo thinks maybe she got a second chance. Julie says, "I think she'll never get another chance with the church or her lover."

EJ walks out and loosens his tie. Tony asks if he is all right.

EJ asks, "How do you say goodbye to someone who cared for you?" Tony says he has never had that situation. Rolf comes out and tells them surgery is risky, but if they can secure a lobe from a healthy liver it will regenerate, "There are risks to the donor, and he still needs stem cells. But there may be hope fore Stefano yet says Rolf."

Bo says, "Five toes in the grave and five left to go."

Julie asks, "If we dance on Stefano's grave, would it be bad taste?"

Marlena wonders why someone evil like Stefano got to live a long life and someone innocent like Colleen didn't. Hope reminds them they don't know how Colleen died.

They read on, "Having sin in my heart, I knew I would be punished. When I turned to you I turned my back on the church. I knew my life would never be the same."

Colleen frets about the scarf, "God's hand is in it. This is wrong. I wasna meant fer this."

"What-a for-a," asks Santo, "Feeling?"

"I have sinned," says Colleen, "but not the worst sin. Why did I come here? Why did I lie? I betrayed 'em all."

"You did not-a betray your own heart-a," says Santo, "Looka me. You are de most beautiful woman I have ever known-a. On da inside, not just da outside. God wouldn't have created such-a beauty to let it waste away."

Colleen says, "It's that kinda wicked talk that led me into sin. I will ne'er see you again." She storms out crying. Santo leans against the door.

Colleen enters the sanctuary. She composes herself and sees Father Mallory and Sister Mary What - happens - in - Galway - doesn't - stay - in - Galway. Father Mallory sees her and asks, "Is there something you should be telling me Colleen?"

Colleen says she has nothing to say. "Well I've plenty," says Sister Mary Chitchat, "I stopped at Mr. DiMera's room. I saw ten toes a-stickin' outta the drapes, and your scarf." Father Mallory says this is a grim accusation.

Doug wants to know if Sister Mary Blabbermouth ran to Pete. They figure she didn't have to, since gossip probably traveled pretty fast in Galway. "The next letter will tell," says Julie, "That was the last one in this batch. Bo thinks Stefano might go to his final reward before the last one is out. "Or his final punishment," says Doug.

"I'll drink to that," says John.

"You'll drink to anything," says Marlena.

"Unless there are pills around," says John.

Stefano knows he needs a piece of someone's liver.

"It's a shame I'm not compatible," says Tony.

"I'm sure that breaks your heart," grumbles Stefano. EJ says he will call Benjy and Lexie and he will be tested as well. EJ leaves. Tony tells Stefano his offspring won't give a damn, let alone a liver. He leaves.

Stefano asks for the phone.

Lucas wonders if Sami is tiring to play nice with Kate. Kate's phone rings. It's Stefano. Kate says she is busy. Stefano says he can't wait, "I might not live out the night. But I probably have time for a quickie." Lucas grabs the phone, sees the number and puts it on speakerphone. Stefano says he needs Kate's help, "You owe me." Kate understands.

Stefano says, "Andre has something – an old folio. I must have it but the police are watching. I need for you to meet Andre. Bring it to me. Will you do this? It's a dying wish. I need your help Kate." FF Kate.


Chelsea whines, "I have to go." Nick says, "No one will love you like I do."

Hope says, "If you love her, Nick, go after her and fight for her."

Lucas rants at Kate, "You did, didn't you? You're right back where you started. Stefano's whore."

Lexie tells Stefano, "I have no intention of risking my life to save yours."

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