Thursday, September 30, 2010

Living In Sin

Here's a recap of the program that aired today, since I didn't get the satellite feed yesterdeay...

Brady and Victor talk in the den and Brady wonders why Nicole was pumping Victor for info about him. Suddenly, Brady notices he lost his bluetooth, Fortunately, he still knows where all his yellow ones are.

Nicole is in the crypt. She listens in on Brady's bluetooth, and figures it's Vivian who is talking. Vivian asks for help.

Will comes to the mansion to get some stuff and talks to Kate. Kate informs him EJ has regained consciousness. Consciousness, yes, common sense, no.

Rafe guides Sami and the kids into a dungeon of a place. Turns out to be "home."

EJ says he knows he isn't married to Sami and knows everything that happened that night, "If Samantha thinks she can take my kids and walk out on me, she's got another think coming."

Rafe says the plan is to live in the dungeon together. He says they can somehow afford it and he's been fixing it up for a while. He dumps the kids off in their room as Sami bawls, "I want to live with you more than anything but what is EJ going to say when he finds out?" He might point out she has a closet nicer than this place at the DiMera mansion.

Stefano says, "If you remember everything, then you can tell me who shot you."

Vivian butters up Nicole.

Brady panics, looks for his earpiece and rushes out. Victor hopes the important call Brady is expecting isn't from a drug dealer.

Sami says she doesn't want EJ's blood pressure to go up again. "That's why he shouldn't be kissin' on you," says Rafe. Sami also says she doesn't want EJ to have a stroke because a gun is more effective. Rafe thinks EJ will get better and then Sami can tell him everything.

Kate thinks Will should have a little compassion for EJ. Shows his compassion by going through a litany of horrible things he'll do to EJ if anything happens to his mom.

EJ says he remembers what happened at the wedding. He says he was going to make Sami pay for keeping his daughter from him, but then fell in love with her. As he rambles his machines beep and almost have a stroke themselves. Stefano calls for help.

Rafe says he'll never let Sami go and the sooner EJ finds out the better. He knows EJ will try to take the kids, but thinks all of EJ's crimes will come out. Unfortunately so will Sami's.

Sami runs through some of her crimes. Rafe says, "Sami, that was the past. This is the present. And the rest is the future. Except for the rewritten history."

Kate tells Will she would never let EJ take the kids. Will reminds her the courts might have something to say about that. He also thinks it would be better if the cops didn't find out about her phone call to Sami.

Nathan tells Stefano EJ is better. "Where are the real doctors," asks Stefano.

"You want real doctors, try a different show," says Nathan. He tells Stefano EJ is lucky to be alive and needs to relax.

EJ huffs and puffs, "Samantha, How could you?"

Vivian tells Nicole she's inside the sarcophagus. She says she'll explain things when she gets out. Nicole swears off drinking and decides Vivian can't be in there. Vivian begs her to stay and save her.

Nicole is fizzlesprung. She asks if Isabella is in there with Vivian. Vivian says no and says she’ll tell Nicole everything when she gets out. Nicole tries to pry the lid off but Brady interrupts.

Nicole tells Brady Vivian is in there, and not dead, "And you are not shocked or surprised because you put her in there, didn't you?"

EJ tells Nathan he hates hospitals. Nathan reminds him they're better than funeral homes.

Kate finds Stefano, who tells her about EJ's 'episode.' He says Kate has to keep it secret, "But Elvis remembers everything."

Will shows up at the dungeon. He's about as impressed with the place as if they were living in a pup tent. Will tells Sami EJ is awake and wonders what if he remembers. Sami tells him she saw EJ and he doesn't remember, "He's never gonna remember what I did."

Can't have a DOOL episode without at least one of those stupid coincidences, so Rafe walks out and overhears, "What did you do?"

Brady tells Nicole Vivian isn't in the sarcophagus. Nicole doesn't buy it. She wonders how Victor convinced Brady to stash Vivian in there. Brady says the credit for any change in him goes to Nicole. Because it certainly couldn't be his fault he's trying to liquorboard himself.

Rafe asks Will's permission to marry Sami. Will mistakenly thinks they are adults and says they don't need his permission.

Nathan quizzes EJ. What year? Month? He asks the last thing EJ remembers. EJ says it was the wedding. Nathan says he wants to present EJ's case at ground rounds. EJ's brain turns into ground round and he tosses Nathan out.

Kate asks what EJ remembers. All Stefano cares about is who shot him, "He was beginning to tell me but he got ill. He's awake now so all I need to do is wait and I'll know everything I need to know."

Nicole asks if Brady is covering for Victor. Brady is silent. "I know he is behind this," says Nicole, "Victor is a sick son of a bitch."

As you all know, DOOL has been on the air 45 years. Even with all that history, Victor walks in and delivers one of the best lines in the show's history...

"Well Nicole I suppose that makes you my mother."

I am truly ashamed I couldn't come up with that one myself.

Rafe tells Will he has nothing to fear as far as the DiMeras are concerned. Rafe grabs a beer and Will asks if he can have one too. Rafe can't allow that since Will is underage and it might harm his still-growing body, "You have nothing to fear except beer itself."

Nathan comes out and tells Stefano EJ is better. Stefano goes in and tells Kate he'll see her at home. Kate sends her love to EJ. It won't be the first time he's gotten that.

EJ says he needs to get control of his life again — and Samantha.

Victor says he followed Brady because he was hysterical over an earpiece. Victor tells Nicole to get out and threatens. Nicole figures out Victor doesn't know about the sarcovivification.

EJ says he wanted Sami to be part of his life but if she's going to be with Rafe that can't happen. That makes Stefano very, very happy.

Sami and Rafe swill beer. Rafe hopes the hovel is as good as the DiMera mansion. Either Rafe has had one too many beers or he's a couple bottles shy of a six-pack. He says their new place reminds him of the safehouse, because it's the same set. Will spoils the moment by bringing the kids out. He announces they’re going for ice cream and then stopping by the pub to check on Sydney, who has evidently developed a drinking problem. As he leaves he thanks Rafe.

Sami says she has something big to tell Rafe.

Victor says he is sorry he came and starts to leave. Vivian begs him not go go, but it's all in vain. Victor leaves and Brady thanks Nicole for keeping her yap shut. Too bad he can't thank Vivian for the same thing. "Don't think me yet," says Nicole.

Sami rambles about how her marriage switcheroo is going to affect the kids, "First I was engaged to EJ and then to you and now we're living in sin here."

Rafe protests, "We're engaged!"

"That doesn't make a difference to Johnny," says Sami.

"It doesn't make a difference to me, either," booms God.

Rafe wants to make it legal ASAP.

Stefano is back with EJ asking what happened. "I want to know before you talk to the police, do you know who shot you."


A person with a gun.

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Uncooperative Satellite

Unfortunately my satellite problems continue. I'm getting the signal but it's very jumpy and the audio is unintelligible. Also unfortunately, there isn't much I can do about it. Other feeds are coming in just fine, so I know the equipment is set up properly. Over the years I've added equipment to bring in a stronger signal, but that doesn't seem to solve the problem. All I get is a more intense crappy signal.

Our faithful but expensive satellite guy Norris tells me the only thing left for me to do would be to increase the size of the dish, which would cost quite a bit (I've already provided two of his kids with the best college education money can buy) but there is no guarantee that would solve the problem.

So I guess we'll just have to ride it out. Later today I'll try to publish a quick summary of today's broadcast and then we'll try again tomorrow and hope for better results.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Another Day... Another Bad Signal

Ho hum... Another day, another bad signal. I could deal with the bad video, but when this happens, I can't tell what the characters are saying. Given most of the dialog, maybe that's for the best.

I let the recording run and glanced at up from time to time, but couldn't tell much. It appears Nicole discovers Vivian in the sarcophagus.

Victor is his usual crusty old self.

Sami goes through her standard uber-overdone agony and Rafe supports her.

Kate and Will have a conversation.

EJ and Stefano talk and I assume we learn just how much of "everything" EJ knows.

Nathan has a conversation with Stefano. At least that would be a refreshing change from talking to Stephanie.

Nicole appears to have a conversation with Vivian. Either that, or the sarcophagus is Nicole's new BFF. Vivian begs Nicole to let her out, but Nicole wants details about why she's in there. Vivian promises to tell her everything once she is out.

Brady discovers Nicole (I think they're still in the crypt) and I assume gives her his side of the story.

Nathan tends to EJ and they have a conversation. Nathan tells EJ all about his relationship with Stephanie and that sends EJ back into a coma.

Sami and Will talk. Kate and Stefano talk, so I assume Kate and Will are there at the hospital. Can't tell for sure. Rafe steps in and talks to Will. Sami joins in and we either have a family hug or a family argument. Hard to tell.

Stef 'n Ho continue their conversation.

Vivian appears to join in on the little talk Brady and Nicole are having.

Rafe gives Will some fatherly advice, even though he's not his father and his advice usually isn't worth much.

Nathan talks to Stef 'n Ho. EJ is either in on the conversation, or is talking to himself.

Victor joins the fun with Brady and Nicole. I guess they have Vivian blocked off so Victor doesn't know she's in there. Victor seems to suspect something is up. So, whenever is something not up on this show?

It appears Stefano goes back in and talks to EJ.

Well, that was the most excitement I've had since I learned how to boil water in a microwave.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Several Orangutans And A Couple Of Wombats

I have to do a shorter recap this morning. Not only am I on the road, but I have to get to an early breakfast meeting. I think they're having it at breakfast because the food is cheaper, the room is cheaper and they don't have to serve alcohol, so no one will enjoy it, but we'll all sit there and pretend we do. Of course it also means Brady Black won't show up.

Mortimer cooperates with Brady and arranges to move "Sparkles" as Nicole watches.

Victor visits "Isabella" at the crypt as Vivian rants.

Lexie informs Stefano that EJ is awake. He tells Kate and says he's going to the hospital.

Now that Johnny has blabbed about Sami living with Rafe, EJ wants to talk about Sami's living situation. Sami bobs and weaves, and then Lexie interrupts for tests. Sami scrams.

Sami has had enough kid time, so she dumps Johnny on Maxine, who apparently is not only a nurse but a nursemaid as well. Rafe senses something is wrong. Sami announces that Johnny shot off his mouth about her living situation. Lexie joins in and tells Sami she has to fix things or EJ will have a brain hemorrhage, and that would be icky.

Sami goes back in. EJ insists they are married and will be living in his house.

Brady gives Mortimer an address to send "Sparkles'" remains.

Chad shows up at the hospital and tells Lexie he's pulling for EJ.

Kate hangs back as Stefano leaves for the hospital. She worries Stefano will find out she drove Sami to shooting EJ.

Sami tells EJ she and the kids are staying at the pub because she hates the mansion, and doesn't like being there alone. Also, it gives her access to Caroline's free babysitting service because God forbid she should spend time with her kids. EJ freaks as Sami tries to settle him down and promises they will be together. EJ can't wait.

Nicole approaches Mort after EJ leaves. She showers him with praise and presses for information on Brady. Mort recognizes her as a reporter, but Nicole denies. After Mort leaves Nicole wonders what's going on.

Brady taunts Vivian. He tells her Victor is glad she's gone but Vivian insists Victor will rescue her.

EJ settles down and begs Sami to stay. She kisses him which, of course, is Rafe's cue to barge in.

Nicole goes back to the Kiriakis mansion. Victor finds her and attempts to kick her out. Nicole asks about the pet situation there and wonders if there are any orangutans running around the place.

Kate frets. She wonders if this would be a good time to tell Stefano about his long lost son Chad.

Back at the hospital, Chad tells Stefano he's praying for EJ. Stefano gives him the bum's rush. "I'll can the praying, then," says Chad.

EJ wonders why Rafe is there and also wonders what they are both keeping from him.

Brady continues to taunt. Delusional Vivian tells him his scheme will go up in flames. Brady says Victor will kill her when he finds out what she did.

Victor tells Nicole, "Oh yes, around here we have several orangutans and a couple of wombats." He tells her to get out and leaves. Henderson suggests Nicole check the crypt.

Stefano joins the party in EJ's room, where workmen are tearing down a wall to accommodate bigger crowds. EJ says he loves Sami as she and Rafe leave.

Kate changes her mind about telling Stefano about Chad. She gets this epiphany when she remembers Stefano hates him. Kate has called Chad and asked him to come to the mansion. He arrives.

EJ tells Stefano Sami has been his savior. Stefano tells EJ he must learn the truth.

Rafe reminds Sami she made the decision to pull the plug on EJ, so in a sense she's already made the decision to kill him. You can't argue with logic like that. Sami says this situation is torturing her. She falls apart and Rafe kisses her, giving the Safes equal time, but not helping the case of chapped lips she'll have after serial-kissing half the guys in town.

Brady tells Vivian she's clinging to false hope. Vivian continues to cling and begs him to have some compassion. He has scotch instead. Nicole eavesdrops as Brady tells her she brought it all on herself.

Kate offers Chad a job at DiMera Enterprises. Chad is skeptical that Stefano will want him there and then figures Kate has amorous intentions. Kate assures him she's happily married. She wants to say it with her be there for him.

Stefano walks on eggs as he talks to EJ about Samantha.

Rafe and Sami go back to the pub where Caroline offers them Chinese food. Dim Sum for dim bulbs.

Victor finds Brady and tells him Nicole was there.

Nicole goes to the crypt and figures Sparkles was Isabella's and thinks Brady is digging her up to be with Izzy. She finds an earpiece on the floor.

Vivian gets weak and prays for someone to discover her. Nicole listens and her jaw hits the floor.

Chad says he'll think about the job and leaves. Kate vows to make this work come hell or high water. Translation: Forget the high water.

Sami sits on Rafe's lap – a little known tradition for couples eating Dim Sum – and Rafe says he has a surprise for her.

EJ vows not to lose Samantha as long as she keeps believing he thinks they are still married, "I remember, Father. Everything."

OK, if ya didn't see that one coming, please speak up...

*~*~*~*~*~*~* crickets *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dressing The Devil Up To Look Like Santa Claus

We begin today in the hospital where EJ's death vigil has turned into amnesia control. Rafe and Lexie argue about whether Sami should go into EJ's room with EJ thinking they are now married. Rafe tells Sami she doesn't have to do it and Lexie reminds Rafe it's none of his business. Sami decides to go in. As she heads to Rafe's room Lexie reminds her to remove her engagement ring. Sami removes it and Rafe stews.

Inside, EJ and Sami stare at each other. Sami flashes back to splattering EJ's brains brain cell all over the room. "I'm so happy to see you," says EJ.

Nathan paces at the pier and leaves a message for Stephanie, "Think I screwed up pretty bad."

Stephanie walks up behind him, "Me too. I screwed up everything. Wah-blubber-sob-honk-wah." Nathan hugs her.

Kayla is with Daniel. He's confused, "Why would you come here to talk to me instead of Chloe?"

"Who wants to talk to Clhoe, asks Kayla.

Carly and Chloe are together. The novelty of knowing Chloe is a back alley whore has worn off with Carly, and now Carly wants to know whom Chloe was a back alley whore with. Unfortunately, the list is too long, so they concentrate on her most recent, not to mention productive, escapade. Carly asks if the horndog was Nathan. Chloe suggests they sit down, "We need to deal with this right now."

Lexie stands with a clipboard. Rafe walks up, "Test results on EJ?" Lexie says that's what she's looking at. "Is he gonna make it, asks Rafe.

"I don't know," says Lexie, "There's a whole bunch of medical jargon in this report."

Sami asks if EJ is happy to see her. "Of course," says EJ, "I love you. You're my wife." The blood drains from Sami's face.

Chloe tells Carly how much her cooperation has meant to her. Carly says she knows it was the right choice. Chloe says she's grateful Carly has never pushed for the identity of the man. Well, be grateful no mo' ho. Carly says, "Who that man was is important. To my curiosity."

Lexie cries and says it's a miracle EJ has recovered. She turns to Rafe, "Or is that bad news for you?"

Rafe says he doesn't want EJ to die unless it's a really painful death, "And what does that mean for Sami and her kids?"

EJ says when he gets out of there he's going to take Sami on a honeymoon and get her some shooting lessons.

Phillip and Melanie get back to Maggie's house complaining about the dreadful job of house hunting. "Oh, well," says Melanie, "Nothing's perfect."

"We are," says Phillip. He moves in for a kiss.

Stephanie bawls. Nathan hangs on only because there's not much you can do to stop a runaway train. Stephanie flashes back to her switcheroo conversation with Kayla. She huffs, puffs and tells Nathan she and Kayla had a fight, "She's disappointed in me."

"I know that feeling, says Nathan.

Daniel and Kayla agree each other deserves the best. Unfortunately, Daniel got Chloe instead and Kayla got Stephanie. They also talk about Carly being Melanie's mom. "You don't like that, asks Daniel.

"It's Melanie I don't like," says Kayla, "No matter who her mom is."

Carly says she took Chloe's word that the guy is no one special. Of course he's not special, he's Phillip.

Sami asks EJ how much he remembers about what happened. He says he remembers exchanging vows. His machines beep and EJ goes into a raging fit, "Who did this to me?"

Phillip and Melanie are in bed. Melanie asks, "Does it get any better than this?"

Only if I'm with Clhoe or there are internet cameras around," says Phillip. He gets a message and discovers its about a house two blocks from Maggie's place. Melanie looks at the picture on his phone, decides it's perfect and dives in for a celebration.

Nathan says, "I know. Your mom's upset because I'm living with her little girl."

"That's not it," says Stephanie, "She realizes you're not the first guy to help yourself to the Stephanie buffet. It's hard to explain, but this is just something between me and Mom. I need to find her and clear things up."

Nathan stutters, "If you need me..."

"I always need you even if I don't deserve you," says Miss Self-Esteem 2010.

"You are the best thing that's ever happened to me," says Nathan, "But I'm still hoping my life will improve." Nathan offers to talk to Kayla. Stephanie declines, kisses and leaves.

Kayla says Carly doesn't exactly make her feel warm and fuzzy inside since she broke up Bo's marriage. Daniel reminds her Carly gave him his daughter. Kayla, "That's my point," says Kayla, "Giving you Melanie was one of the lowest things anyone could do to you. But I know you'll be a great dad."

"Twice over," says Daniel, "Chloe's pregnant." Kayla stares.

Chloe shows Carly the permit she just got to hold their wedding in the park. She says if the mystery guy were important she wouldn't be marrying Daniel out in the open for all the world to see. She says she doesn't want to look back, and asks Carly to help with that.

Lexie has given EJ a sedative. He starts to remove his wires and Lexie stops him. EJ says he wants Sami in there.

Outside, Sami tells Rafe what happened in EJ's room. Rafe asks, "What are you going to do?"

Sami blows her top, "I'm not going in there and pretending that I am married to EJ."

Lexie comes out of EJ's room, "Sami, you have to.... if you want to keep him alive."

Melanie thinks this is great and decides to cancel coffee with her mom. Phillip tells her not to cancel the meeting.

Chloe says thinking about what she did is the worst thing for both of them. All she wants is for her and Daniel to be happy and she knows Carly wants that too.

Daniel asks if Kayla has a problem with Chloe. Kayla says she knows Daniel is in love with her. They talk about some incident that happened when Daniel first worked with Carly. "Daniel chuckles, "Yeah, I read that chart and thought it said 'amputation' instead of 'appendicitis.' I thought it was really funny and so does that guy out there with one arm." Kayla contemplates the way hospitals make errors.

Lexie says EJ can't get agitated. Sami says she doesn't want to go along with everything EJ says, "So you're saying a spike in his blood pressure could cause a setback."

"Yes," says Lexie.

"Spike away, says Rafe. He says he doesn't see why Sami has to pretend. Lexie says telling EJ the truth right now is the same as murder.

"Telling the truth is always murder for me, says Sami. She goes back into EJ's room. Sami tells him not to think about being shot. EJ agrees and says he loves her. No answer. EJ asks her to stay there while he goes to sleep. He takes her hand and asks where her wedding ring is.

Sami knows, "I think I shoved it up your..."

Melanie comes into the pub and sees Nathan. She flashes back to his dream when she heard him say he loves her.

Carly and Chloe decide to drop things. Which means they continue to talk about it ad nausea.

Daniel gets a call and says he has to go to the hospital. He invites Kayla to the wedding. Kayla says if she's till in town she will be there. Daniel leaves.

Sami says she took her ring off when she was giving Sydney a bath. EJ asks when she was doing that, but Sami says she doesn't remember. EJ agrees it isn't important. He apologizes for putting her through this. He says he misses the kids and asks her to bring them in to see him.

Stephanie gets back to her apartment. Kayla asks if she's OK. Stephanie lies and says yes. Kayla says she wasn't mad at her, but was concerned. She says Daniel was just there but she didn't tell him about the tests, "We have to make sure someone actually changed the results."

Phillip is outside telling his agent to put in a bid, "Give them whatever they're asking, unless it's an arm and a leg. I'm running low on appendages." Chloe comes up, overhears and asks if they're buying a house. Phillip says yes, "It's in Maggie's neighborhood. We don't want too much privacy." Chloe tells him the wedding is next week and Phillip promises to be there, "Carly is still on board?"

"She's on board, but the ship is sinking, says Chloe.

"Does she know," asks Phillip, "Tell me she doesn't know."

Melanie tells Nathan about the house purchase, "It's close to Maggie." Nathan says he hopes things work out as Carly comes in. Nathan leaves. Carly senses something is wrong. "Is this a mother daughter thing," says Melanie, "Can you read my mind?"

"No," says Carly, "I don't read small books." Melanie tells her about Nathan's dream.

Sami tells them EJ wants to see the kids. Rafe booms, "Yeah, well, maybe he doesn't get everything he wants." Or maybe Rafe doesn't get everything he wants.

Sami says she is tired of hearing she has to do everything EJ wants or he will die, "Lexie, why don't you just give him a sedative." Unfortunately, that's a form of medication Lexie has never heard of.

"It gets worse," says Sami, "He noticed I wasn't wearing his ring. I threw them at him." Lexie says she'll call 'The Service' and have them look for the rings. She asks Sami to play along for a couple more days. Lexie leaves.

Sami turns to Rafe, "It's like a nightmare. It won't stop. Just like DOOL. Every time I pretend I'm married to him it's like I'm betraying you."

"It wouldn't be the first time you betrayed a guy, says Rafe. Sami says she doesn't have any choice but to bring the kids. They smooch and head to get the kids, if they can find them.

And... in an instant, they're back with the kids. They find Lexie. Sami puts on the newly found rings and heads back into EJ's room.

Kayla says hospitals make mistakes, "Especially Salem hospital. In fact it doesn't even think anything is a mistake unless the patient lives." So she figures how that might have happened at St. Mary's, and runs through that scenario, "Facts never change. Unless you write for DOOL. Computers change. There is no mystery... just a mistake that was fixed."

Stephanie concludes, "So Phillip isn't the father, Daniel is."

"Right," says Kayla, "So the best thing to do is not to say anything, which is advice we all wish you would follow no matter what the situation."

Melanie says what Nathan said was clear.

Carly asks, "How did that make you feel?"

"It made my heart jump a little bit," says Melanie, "but I'm married to Phillip. I don't love Nathan."

Carly asks, "Are you sure about that?"

Daniel finds Rafe. Rafe isn't exactly happy Daniel helped save EJ. Daniel reminds him, "A doctor's job is to save lives."

"Not at Salem Hospital," says Rafe, "But my job is to make sure a kidnapper gets what’s coming to him."

Sami and the kids are in EJ's room. Well, actually Sydney has cut out for her lion training session. EJ's happy he got to see her for a second, anyway. He shows Johnny the boo-boo on his head. Johnny asks when he's coming home. "Really soon," says EJ, "and we are going to be a family."

Melanie says she and Phillip are doing well and tells Carly about finding a house. She swears she's over Nathan. Carly says Nathan has issues and marrying Phillip was the right choice.

Chloe says Carly thinks she slept with Nathan, but she got Carly to back off, "If she finds out it was you, she'll grab hold and never let go."

"That's for sure," says Phillip, "She's a damn pit bull."

"I don't know about being a bull," says Chloe, "but she's certainly the pits. I didn't deny it was Nathan, but I didn't say it was him either. I thought about it and figured if I started ruling out guys she'd finally decide it's you and we'd be stuck."

"Amazing, says Phillip.

"What," asks Chloe, "That she thinks it's Nathan?"

"No," says Phillip, "That you thought about something."

"Trust me," says Chloe, "She's never gonna know that it was you." Translation: I wonder how Carly will react when she finds out it was Phillip.

Maybe Brady and Chloe should hook up again: They'd be the wino and the whino.

Stephanie thinks this is great and also thinks it means Daniel is the father. Kayla says it's just a theory, but they have to make sure, "And I know how."

Rafe says, "Anything is possible when you go to court with a DiMera. They're good at dressing the Devil up to look like Santa Claus."

Daniel asks, "How ugly are you willing to make this?"

"As ugly as a DOOL script in a backed up toilet," says Rafe, "See... I'm willing to do anything to protect Sami and her kids."

"Even shut up, asks Daniel.

"That's going a bit too far, says Rafe.

Sami prepares to leave. EJ asks Johnny, "Is it lonely in that big house without me?"

"No," chirps Johnny.

"Really," chuckles EJ, "Why is that?"

"Because we don't live there any more," says Johnny, "We live with Mommy and Rafe now."


The lead balloon that drops almost gives EJ another head injury.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Sami Brady's Relationship Advice

Sami Brady's top five tips for a beautiful relationship:

5. Be a good listener.

4. Trust your partner.

3. Meet your partner more than halfway.

2. Remain committed, loving and faithful.

1. Make it a clean kill.

Prevuze' tips for a great weekend with your partner: See tips 2 - 5.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

She Hates Everyone — I've Trained Her Well

Sami and Rafe are at the pier. Sami tells him Will is OK and they don't have to worry about him any more.

Ian tells Stephanie how it is that Daniel couldn't possibly know the results were switched. Kayla walks in and overhears.

Carly paces outside the pub and stares, "You did the right thing for Daniel, Melanie and Chloe. Just make sure it stays that way." She calls Chloe and leaves a message.

Nicole whines and says she knew she someday would destroy the one real friendship she had, "Can't you forgive and forget?"

"I'm better at holding a grudge and remembering," says Chloe.

"Think about it," begs Nicole, "Please don't turn your back on me like Brady did."

Chloe says, "I don't have the right to judge you..."

Nicole says, "But you don't think I'm good enough for Brady."

"That's right," says the formerly non-judgmental Chloe.

Brady comes into the crypt. He says he thinks the people of Salem will throw him a parade for this, "I'll be celebrated. I might even get nominated for some Noble Prize. For drinking, maybe.

Vivian insists, "I am ultimately invincible and will turn the tables on you. Then what will you do? Kill me?"

Rafe doesn't get it. Sami says Kate called and said Stefano doesn't suspect Will anymore. Rafe rains on her parade, "This isn't good news if Will really did shoot EJ."

EJ huffs and puffs as his machines beep, "Samantha... I need to see Samantha." Arianna tells him to calm down. And reconsider.

Carly continues giving the longest phone message in history. Nathan comes up. Carly changes her tune and starts talking about the shower, the gift she gave, Daniel and it all becomes a rambling mess. When she finally hangs up, Nathan notes she mentioned Daniel. "I'm just happy for him," says Carly, "Daniel feels like the luckiest man in the world with Chloe."

"He's not the only one who got lucky with Clhoe ," says Nathan. He badmouths Chloe as Daniel walks up.

Rafe wonders how Sami knows Kate is telling the truth, "I think that Will is gonna become a prime suspect... Unless someone else takes his place."

Arianna rushes back into EJ's room with Lexie.

EJ moans, "My head..." Lexie tells him to calm down.

EJ asks for Samantha, "Where is my wife?"

"Out reloading her pistol."

Brady tells Vivian to relax, "I'm not like you. I don't kill people. Until after I bury them." Vivian rants about her conditions inside the sarcophagus. Brady tells her to shut up, "This is what you were going to do to Maggie."

Vivian whines, "What are you going to do to me?"

"It's all about you, isn't it Viv?"

Rafe tells Sami they have to face the reality that Will's alibi isn't that strong, "Unless there is something you're not telling me."

Sami decides to come clean. This is where it all comes out, "Rafe..."

Oops... phonus interruptus. It's Arianna. Rafe answers and she asks him to get to the hospital with Sami. Rafe hangs up and tells her EJ is waking up. The viewers, on the other hand...

Lexie asks, "Do you know who I am.

EJ goes into full blown panic, "OMG! You're my sister! Get me a real doctor! What happened?"

"You tell me," says Lexie.

"I was getting married," says EJ, "Where is Samantha? Where is my wife?"

Stephanie introduces Ian. Nice-ta-meetchas all around. Ian leaves. Kayla grills Stephanie about the test. Stephanie stammers. Kayla presses and gives Stephanie her serious-mom voice, "Come clean with me, Stephanie Johnson. What could Daniel do that would be so important to you."

"I wish I was in the dark about this like Daniel," says Stephanie.

Nathan wants to explain what he and Carly were talking about, but Daniel says, "We're all entitled to our opinions." Carly's instincts about self preservation kick in and she leaves. Nathan says he's sorry Daniel heard that. Daniel says he isn't surprised and it's not the first time Nathan has been hostile to Chloe, "What is the problem, Nathan? What is it that you have against Chloe?"

Nicole whines, "So this is it? Our friendship is over?"

Chloe whines back, "No... It's just... I don't feel safe with you any more." Nicole admits she screwed up and apologizes. "Maybe this is why you're alone now," says Chloe.

Nicole ramps up the whinerator, "So are you saying nobody loves me? It's a lie."

"Is it," asks Chloe, "I can't think of a friend you have right now."

Nicole thanks her for her candor, "But I know where there is someone who loves me and I'm going there right now." She storms out.

Lexie comes out into the waiting area and says EJ is out of the coma. Sami gives a halfhearted, "Thank God." Lexie says EJ wants to see her.

Vivian zones out. Brady runs through the lives that have improved with her being insarcophago, "The only person I haven't been able to keep from being sacrificed on the altar of sickness of yours is my mom."

"Your mom is resting comfortably," insists Vivian.

"I should finish you off right now," growls Brady.

"If you're going to do it, then do it," screams Vivian, "Put your money where your mouth is."

We pan out from the bone-shaped tombstone reading "Pookie."

Nicole bawls, "You loved me. Didn't you? You never judged me or turned your back on me. You did, however, leave a few messes for me to clean up. I've lost everyone. Why did I have to lose you? Why did you leave me?"

We have a flashback to Chloe, Nicole and Pookie. "She hates me," says Chloe.

"She hates everyone — I've trained her well," says Nicole.

Nicole cries, "You died of a broken heart when I was in prison. I'm so sorry. Now I'm all alone and I will be for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Sami wonders if this isn't a good time to go see EJ. Lexie says EJ was adamant and tells her just to stay calm. Lexie escorts her into EJ's room.

Rafe asks Arianna if she talked to him. "A little," says Arianna, "I think he's having time issues. He thinks Sami is his wife."

"Well, I'll go clear that up," says macho-man. He walks into EJ's room.

EJ sees Rafe and sighs, "You..."

Rafe growls, "What the hell kind of game you playing now, DiMera?"

Stephanie asks, "Remember when you came back before and I said I was worried about Phillip doing things?"

"Yes," says Kayla, "What did he do?"

"Chloe. Her baby is Phillip's. It's a total nightmare. Daniel, Phillip and Chloe don't know about it."

Carly arrives at Chloe's place. She says they have to make sure Nicole keeps quiet. Chloe says Nicole has sworn she will never blab again. Chloe is worried about Carly because of everything she has risked to keep the secret. Carly says she's worried about Daniel and thinks the two of them are meant to be together, "You know the old saying, cheating sleazebags of a feather flock together." Chloe asks who interrupted her when she left the phone message.

Nathan insists he has nothing against Chloe. Daniel says he owes Nathan for his help with coma-Chloe, "But I also know what happened with you and Melanie, and you clearly dislike the woman I love."

"I don't dislike Chloe," says Nathan, "It's what she did."

"What did she do," asks Daniel.


EJ asks why he's in there. Rafe chuckles because people having their brains blown out is just about the funniest thing ever, "OK, I'll tell you."

Nicole gets up as Mortimer walks up and introduces himself as the director at the cemetery.

Nicole is confused, "It's a cemetery... What do you direct?"

"Actually," says Mortimer, "There is nothing to direct. It's kind of like being a director on DOOL." He says Nicole looks as if she's in distress. Nicole says she's not OK and wants to be alone. Mortimer says he thinks part of the pet stays with a person once the pet is gone. Nicole doesn't agree, "Except I have found a few little surprises Pookie left on the rug that I didn't find before." She searches for her sunglasses, can't find them, blows up and leaves.

Brady laughs. Vivian wants to know what's so funny. Brady says he's not stupid enough to lift the lid and let her scream for help. He says he has a more pressing matter, "Getting back my mother." He leaves.

Daniel wants to know what Nathan is talking about, "You mean the affair I had with Chloe when she was married to Lucas? I'm not proud of what we did, but she and Lucas were just wrong for each other. She is in no way to blame for that and you are judging her." So much for, 'It takes two to tango.'

Stephanie tells Kayla about hacking into the hospital computer. Kayla lectures and points out that was illegal. Stephanie defends herself, "If Melanie and Phillip divorced, Nathan would run to Melanie and once again she'd ruin my life." She tells Kayla about how they found the results were switched, "It wasn't Phillip, Chloe or Daniel, I don't know who else would want to switch them."

Kayla's cup of anger overfloweth, "IT DOESN'T MATTER AND YOU KNOW IT!"

EJ sighs, "OK, tell me what happened." Before Rafe can launch into things, Lexie barges in and drags him out. Arianna comes in, followed by the participants in the Salem Founder's Day Parade.

Outside, Lexie says she won't have Rafe doing that. He says he won't go back in. Lexie tells Sami to remain calm when she's in with EJ. Sami refuses to go in, "If he sees me he'll get upset, unless I'm unarmed."

"Why are you so sure of that," asks Lexie.

Mortimer asks how he can help Brady. Brady says his pet orangutan was interred there. "Oh, yes," gushes Mortimer, "Sparkles is right over there."

"It was a big mistake," says Brady, "I need Sparkles dug up and moved."

Mortimer is mortified, "Butbutbut... she's in a lovely spot."

Brady loses his patience, "You're not listening. I want her out of here... NOW!"

Carly says, "It was Nathan."

"Ooh," gasps Nicole, "That name is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me."

Carly makes one of her uber-sharp observations, "It's clear you don't like each other. He doesn't think you're good enough for Daniel and... OOOHHHHH MMMYYYY GGOOOOODDDD!"

Kayla says whoever switched the results did a terrible thing and it needs to be fixed. Stephanie runs off the rails, "Don't you understand what that would do to..."


Kayla tries to reason, "This is a serious deception with serious repercussions."

Stephanie becomes a one-gal demolition crew, "What about the problems it would cause..."


"If Melanie leaves Phillip, then Nathan Will run to her and leave..."


"Then he isn't worth keeping," says Kayla, "How did you become so desperate and insecure?" (For what it's worth, I blame the parents.)

"I AM NOT DESPERATE," insists Stephanie. She runs out in desperation.

EJ says, "You can't stand the fact Samantha and I are married."

Arianna says, "I think I should have her talk to you." EJ wants to see Samantha now.

Arianna comes out as Sami continues to insist she won't go in. Arianna tells her EJ only remembers up to a certain point in the ceremony.

Rafe butts in, "I don't believe a word of it."

Carly asks, "The man you slept with... was it Nathan?"

Nathan wanders at the pier and calls Stephanie. He gets her voice mail, "I think I screwed up pretty bad."

Stephanie stands behind him, "Me too."

Daniel arrives at Stephanie's apartment. He finds Kayla, hugs her and says, "I assume you're here for Hope."

"It's not the only reason," says Kayla, "Can I talk to you?"

Mortimer says Sparkles is in good hands. Brady gets in his face, "Are you for real?" Nicole walks up as Brady insists on digging up 'Sparkles.'

Mort agrees, "I have an iguana funeral in two hours. I'll see what I can do."

Rafe tells Sami she doesn't have to go in. Lexie suggests Rafe butt out and let Sami decide. Sami decides. She says she will go in. as she heads for the door, Lexie reminds her to take off her engagement ring. Sami takes it off and walks in.

EJ stares. Sami flashes back to the shooting. We come back to EJ staring at her. Sami stares back. The camera flips back to EJ. Back to Sami. EJ... Sami... EJ... Sami... EJ... Sami...

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Date, The Time, The Position

Sami walks up to the pier. She remembers tossing the gun into the river as Will finds her. He tells her he just came from the hospital and EJ is the same. He also says he heard Lexie say EJ called Sami's name, "He might be trying to tell Lexie who shot him."

"He doesn't know who shot him," says Sami, "He was unconscious."

Rafe walks up, "What did you say?"

Rafe's guardian angel helps him out, "She just said she knows EJ was unconscious when she shot him. Now do you think you can figure out who shot EJ?"

"No," says Rafe, "That's not enough information for a guy as thorough as I am."

Nicole does her best to ruin Chloe's party. Melanie tries to calm her down as Nicole runs off at the mouth. Carly joins Melanie's efforts to reel Nicole in. Nicole lectures, "Oh, look, the villainess who is sleeping with a married man is trying to tell me how to behave." Carly starts to escort her out the door, but Nicole escapes. Chloe tells her to leave.

"I'll be good if you let me stay," slurs Nicole, "I won't talk about Daniel and what you did to him. What he doesn't know won't kill him."

Melanie gasps, "What did you just say?"

"I'm sorry," says Nicole, "I'm drunk. Just forget I was here. I'm leaving."

Melanie stops her, "Absolutely not until you tell me what Chloe did to my dad."

"The issue is more about what your husband did to Clhoe," says Nicole.

Daniel finishes up with Ian. He starts to leave without his phone and Ian reminds him to get it. Daniel picks it up, "Thanks. I don't know what I'd do without it." He leaves.

"You seem like a good guy," says Ian, "To bad your girlfriend is having another dude's baby."

Kayla and Stephanie come into the pub. Stephanie gets a call, "Ian, this isn't a good time."

"Make time," says Ian, "You'll wanna hear what I just found out."

Stefano is with EJ begging him to live and vowing to find out who shot him. Sound familiar?

In Rafe's case, FBI stands for Fumbling-Butt-Inski. He pressures Sami and Will for what they are talking about. Sami rambles as Will gets a call from Phillip. He leaves.

Rafe asks, "RUOK?"

"No," whines Sami, "Everything is happening."

Rafe asks, "Are you scared of what EJ would say if he wakes up?"

Melanie pushes. Maxine and Arianna chicken out and decide go to check out the baby's room. Everyone else follows. Melanie presses. Nicole says she's drunk and just shot her mouth off. Melanie turns to Chloe, "If Nicole won't, why don't you tell me what this is about?"

Nicole gets nasty and says she shot her mouth off. I was jealous when I came into a room of women of loving relationships. I said what came into my head. It is my fault. So be ticked off at me and lay off of Chloe.

Kate sits in the rumpus room and computes. Will comes in. Kate says Stefano is no longer mad at Will, "He knows you didn't do anything."

That doesn't give Will much comfort, "How? Does he know who did it?"

Sami asks Rafe to trust her, "Will didn't shoot EJ.' Rafe gives about as much reaction as if Sami was talking to a concrete wall. Sami ramps it up and yells, "Tell me you believe me. Will didn't do it." Rafe is silent. Sami rolls her eyes. If you take his brain into consideration, maybe she is talking to a concrete wall.

Stefano says, "I can prove William had nothing to do with the shooting. If we nail Samantha..."

EJ says, "If there's any nailing of Samantha to be done, I'll handle that myself."

Stefano continues, "If we can pin this on her, it might even bring us closer together and we can raise Giovanni and Sydney together. You have so much to live for. Fight!" Suddenly...


Daniel rushes in.

Chloe is on the phone with her mom thanking her for the presents she sent as Carly lectures Nicole, "You got Chloe out of the hole she dug for her this time. But be careful. Be very careful. I don't know what you know and I don't want to know, but this situation affects a lot of people."

Nicole gets it, "This is a threat."


Across the room, Melanie watches the scene from a different perspective. She wonders why Carly is being nice to Nicole. Arianna thinks maybe she's just trying to prevent another one of Nicole's outbursts. Melanie says, "I need to make a donation to the Dump-The-Stupid-Governor-Who-Pardoned-Nicole fund."

Melanie announces it's time for Chloe to start opening presents. Maxine's if first up. "You know," says Maxine, "I have a reputation for not liking doctor's much..."

Carly does what Carly does best... she butts in, "I'll try to work on that."

Maxine is grateful for that effort, "But, Chloe, I think Dr. Jonas is a real catch."

Daniel says he sees no changes in EJ's brain activity. He gives Stefano some advice, "False hope is a killer. Machines beeping don't mean your son is waking up. But I will not give up on your son."

Stefano sighs, "If I could give my life for his I would."

Kate insists no one knows who shot EJ. Will asks if Kate told Stefano she called that night. Kate says no and wonders why he keeps coming back to that, "If you know anything you have to tell me."

Rafe says he thinks anyone is capable of murder if pushed hard enough. Sami defends Will. Rafe says he knows Will would do anything to protect his siblings, "I will look after Will no matter what. But I need you both to level with me, and just now, neither of you were. You know something and I need you to tell what it is."

Chloe continues to open presents, none of which are consequential or even interesting. Melanie starts to play a game, "The prize is an all expenses paid round-trip to Jamaica! OK. I lied... it's a five dollar card to Java Café. Well, at least the party isn't on a budget as austere as DOOL. She announces the game is about predictions, "You know, things like how much the baby will weigh, when he/she will be born, who the father is..."

Carly turns and asks if Nicole is OK. Nicole insists she is, "But I think I should go wash my face."

"Next time use a fork to eat your cake," says Carly.

Stephanie says something came up at the hospital and has to go, "You've had to leave me many times to go to the hospital, so now it's my turn." She leaves.

Kayla stares, "Yeah, but when I said I was going to the hospital I wasn't lying."

Will tells Kate, "I'm worried about my mom. She's also Stefano's target." Stefano walks in.

Rafe insists he's on Sami's side but says he needs to know everything if Stefano is going after Will. Sami insists Will didn't do it. "Who else had a motive," asks Rafe.

"I did."

Carly tells Chloe Nicole just needs some time. She thinks Nicole is thinking of the miscarriage. Maggie says goodbye and leaves. Arianna leaves. Maxine leaves. The party's over and all the rats desert the sinking ship.

Carly says, "I feel bad for Nicole but she's a loose cannon. But we got through it. No one was harmed."

"Except the viewers," says Chloe.

Will leaves. Kate says she told Will he's off the hook but it didn't mean much to him. Stefano tells her about the activity on the monitor, "Dr. Jonas said it wasn't significant."

"Why wouldn't something like that be significant," says Kate.

"Because Dr. Jonas says Elvis' brain has left the building, and didn't take him with it" says Stefano, "But I don't agree because I was talking about nailing Samantha when he reacted. Elvis knows she did it."

Kate says Rafe will back Sami up no matter what. Flashback to EJ telling Stefano he's taking the children and leaving.

"I took today off work so I could focus on drinking." -Brady Black

Rafe insists half of Salem had motive to shoot EJ and reminds Sami she was in bed with him when EJ was shot. He gets a call.

Sami walks off, "What have I done to this family?" Rafe gets off the phone, says he has to go and asks to meet her back at the house. Sami says she wants to stay there and soak in the night air. Rafe leaves. Sami soaks in her own perspiration, instead.

Melanie and Carly leave. Daniel calls Chloe, "New rule, our baby can't have a motorcycle." He asks if the ordeal is over. Chloe tells him yes and tells him to take his time so she can take a nap. Daniel senses something is wrong, "What is it?"

"Just girl stuff," says Chloe.

"I didn't realize it was that bad." Daniel hangs up.

Nicole comes out and gives Chloe a sheepish look, "You can yell, scream, and throw things if you want."

"I don't want to," says Chloe.

Nicole asks, "That bad?

"That bad."

Arianna is back with EJ telling him what happened at the baby shower. Not the thing to do. Telling any man what happened at a baby shower is guaranteed to put him in a coma or keep him in one. Arianna says she can't believe EJ married Nicole but thinks he showed great restraint in not killing her.

Stefano says he wonders why Sami would have acted on that particular night. "She doesn't need a motive. She's totally unhinged," says Kate.

Stefano says he has a call scheduled to a neurologist in Switzerland. He leaves.

Kate flashes back to her call to Sami, "What have you gotten me into now, Sami?"

Sami paces and prays, "I know Rafe wants to help me. But he's not that kinda guy to accept I shot EJ. I'm going away for a long time. I just have to make sure Will doesn't take the fall. I wish there was another way out. I have to tell the truth."

Chloe says, "I'm seeing a pattern here."

"Yes," agrees Nicole, "I wake up. I screw up. And end up alone."

"And you take it on the chin and it makes it hard for me to stay mad at you," says Chloe, "This baby means more to me than anything. Before... I could put up with the lies, but today you left my house, got loaded and threatened my baby's security. My baby could have been born with it's parents separated. And you didn't give that a second thought. I'll miss your friendship and I'll miss you." OMG! Did she just break up with Nicole?

Kate calls Sami to tell her Stefano knows Will didn't shoot EJ. Stefano walks into the room, "OH, HELLO DAHHHLING! Thanks for asking and I will let you know if EJ changes." She hangs up.

Rafe comes back to the pier. "Thank God," says Sami, "I have great news."

"Did DOOL get canceled," asks Rafe.

Stefano asks who Kate was talking to. "It was that Horrible Packer woman," says Kate.

"Packer woman," asks Stefano, "I didn't know there were any Packer women in town. I thought everyone in Salem was a Bears fan." Stefano says the neurologist told him he couldn't do better than Dr. Jonas. Kate wants to talk about Sami.

Chloe says she can't trust Nicole, "Two more martinis and you would have told them everything about the affair... the date, the time, the position."

"I just assumed it was the starfish the way Rafe has popularized it," says Nicole, "OK. I'll get out of your life. I can't do anything about the fact you don't trust me but you can't trust Carly either. You are like the fly asking the spider to show her the parlor."

"Carly is a better friend to me than you ever were," says Chloe.

"I don't see how that can be true," says Nicole, "Carly will never go the extra mile and contaminate you with flesh-eating bacteria like I did."

Ian says Daniel doesn't have a clue he's not the father of the baby. Kayla walks in. Ian picks up a megaphone and points it at her, "He didn't switch the test results."

Carly stares into the pub window and sees Melanie, "They can never find out what I have done."

Kate says she knows Sami better than anyone, "You keep searching for the trigger that made her shoot EJ. I think she decided to shoot him the second she found out he had taken Sydney. You and I are impetuous and react quickly. Sami is cold and calculating and has an innate sense of self preservation, so she wouldn't strike without an alibi. She hooked up with Rafe... Maybe even drugged him and then returned here to get her revenge. She doesn't want to pay. She never wants to pay."

Stefano growls, "This time she will."

Sami tells Rafe Will is safe, "Everything will be OK now." Translation: Unless hell has frozen over, it might not be...

Dr. Arianna examines EJ and tells him to squeeze her hand. His machines beep as EJ moves a thumb. "Yes," screams Arianna, "You hear me. Please, talk to me!"

EJ hyperventilates, "Samantha... where is Samantha?"

Probably not the words Arianna had in mind.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dumped Like Nuclear Waste

Brady comes into the crypt. He hops up onto the sarcophagus, sits there and asks Vivian how she's doing. Vivian claims he won't get away with it. Melanie comes in and asks if Brady's OK. "No," says Brady, "I'm not OK. I sobered up."

Chloe walks across the room and somehow manages not to topple over. Daniel says he has to work. Chloe says she dreads the party because she had to invite Nicole, "I don't want a scene."

"It's a baby shower," says Daniel, "How bad can it be?" Why do I get the felling we'll find out? "When I get home we will have a shower of our own." Nicole walks in.

Arianna is in the hospital room with EJ. She massages his arm and says she went to the cops to see if they had any idea about who did this. Will watches from the side entrance.

Kate fixes Stefano's potentially spiked drink as he tells her he has news about Will and she might need a drink too.

Stephanie and Nathan maul each other on the couch. The phone rings and Stephanie decides not to get it. Nathan thinks it might be Ian, but she tells him the Ian thing is all over.

We pan up from Chloe's boobs. It's a long pan. Nicole arrives and says Stefano has dropped the idea she shot EJ, so the guards have been canceled and she's moving back to her place. But she's going to the shower, and thinks she has the greatest gift. Daniel exits. Chloe asks if Nicole is still sad. Nicole says being there and scared of the DiMeras kept her from thinking of the mess she made with Brady. Now she's moving to a life without Brady and doesn't know what she will do. Make someone else miserable, perhaps?

Stefano says he thinks the person who shot Elvis couldn't be Will, "Cause fore celebration, yes?" He chugs his drink. Kate hacks.

Stephanie and Nathan cavort. A knock at the door stops the festivities. Stephanie answers the door to find...


Nathan cringes and dresses.

Chloe... Nicole... girl talk. Cheating talk. "I made one mistake with Brady," says Nicole, "and I was dumped like nuclear waste. Guys with ethics and morals can break your heart."

"Apparently guys without morals and ethics can do that to," says Chloe, "because there are a lot of broken hearts in Salem."

Melanie and Brady talk about Nicole as Carly arrives. Apparently, Melanie asked her to meet them there.

Carly and Brady talk about Izzy. Inside, Vivian rants as she listens, "The two of you make me want to hurl exchanging Isabella remembrances when one of you locked me in here and the other killed Lawrence."

Brady says he's happy for Melanie and Carly, "You fought back and didn't let Vivian beat you."

Arianna says the cops don't have any idea who shot EJ. She also says she will always remember how EJ defended her. She vows to find out who did this to him. Will stares.

Stefano wonders why Kate isn't drinking. She says she's glad Will is innocent and glad also that Stefano agrees with her. She toasts and slugs slugs down her liquor. Stefano thinks they should talk about what's going on between them.

Carly tells Brady and Melanie about the email she got from Vivian. Brady says he thinks Vivian is gone for good and they can forget her.

Inside, Vivian screams, "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Daniel comes into a room at the hospital and finds Ian, "Mr. Burnett... I'm Dr. Jonas."

Ian does a double take, "Dr Daniel Jonas? Daniel 'The Groper' Jonas? "

Daniel asks, "Have we met? Don't worry... I haven't groped a male patient yet."

"I saw your name in the paper," says Ian. Ian is there because he wiped out on his motorcycle and turned his arm into ground sausage. He flashes back to talking about Daniel with Stephanie. As Daniel starts to leave Ian calls him back and says he actually heard about him from Stephanie.

Kayla says, "Your dad didn't come because he said this is a woman thing. I told him he was wrong, since it's a woman - adolescent who refuses to grow up thing. She says she brought L'il Joe and also says Adrienne is the one who called to have her come home.

Nicole says she has to go get her gift. Chloe asks her to pick up more soda. Chloe goes to lay down. There is a knock at the door. Nicole opens it and gets mooned. Well, sorta. It's the first baby shower moon-cake in history. Standing behind it is Melanie. The two of them immediately start squabbling about Arianna and other things. That is, Melanie and Nicole squabble, not the cake. Nicole huffs out. Melanie says to herself, "Chloe... find a new best friend because the one you have now is a bitch."

Stefano says he has to be able to trust Kate. Backacha from Kate. Stefano asks what Kate would have done if Stefano had hurt Will. Kate says she would have done anything to protect him, "We are together because we are alike."

Stefano says, "I've been wondering if you think of me as a ruthless barbarian."

"No," says Kate, "I've been thinking of you as a ruthless barbarian with money. I married you because I think of you as a man of strength and passion. And because of you bribed me. But I think of that less and less now."

"So do I," says Stefano, "You have been my partner every day since we were married. I don't want that to end and I don't want to hurt you or cause you pain. Kate says she feels the same way." They seal it with a smooch.

Ian tells Daniel he went to college with Stephanie and she mentioned Daniel, "She's great but has a boyfriend. I will always (say it with him) be there for her. No matter who is in her life."

So," says Daniel, "I hear you're good at breaking into computers."

"Yes I am," says proud Ian.


Nathan gets a call and, much to his great relief, has to leave. Kayla tells Stephanie, "You may have him fooled, but not me. What's going on?"

Maggie arrives at Chloe's party. Carly is already there and we have girlsqueals all around. Don't worry, the high-pitched squealing won't hurt your ears, but you may want to have your dog leave the room.

Nicole is at the Cheatin' Heart on the phone griping about the gift she got for Chloe not being engraved yet, "I don't want it now. You can eat it for all I care." Brady comes in. Nicole joins him. Brady gets up to leave but Nicole stops him and says she misses him.

"What are you doing," asks Brady.

"I blew it, OK," whines Nicole, "I did those things because I was desperate. I'm not trying to get you to give me another chance, but haven't you done something crazy because you couldn't stand the way things were?" Brady flashes back to Vivian's insarcophagucation, "Yeah, I have."

Will comes in to see EJ, "I hear you said my mom's name. Does that mean you are waking up and if it does, what is that gonna mean to my mom?"

Arianna arrives. Maxine and others have already joined the party. They want to get started but Chloe announces Nicole isn't there. Arianna nearly faints, "I can't be in the same room with her. In fact you are the only person who can stand her."

"I guess I am," whines Chloe, "She's going through a hard time, but could you please welcome her." Big stares all around.

Brady chuckles, "It just hit me... all those times you and grandad were telling me Arianna wasn't good for me, it was me who wasn't good for her."

Nicole protests, "That's not true, but I'm not good enough for you. I'll try if you give me a chance."

Brady says, "I don't think I can trust you."

"I get that."

"If you need proof of that," says Brady, "I'm going to leave right now without having a drink." He leaves. Nicole broods.

Stephanie thinks Kayla should have called first and Stephanie could have told her Adrienne was overreacting. Kayla wants to know about the "mysterious guy" who has been hanging around.

The "mysterious guy" is having his arm bandaged. Daniel finishes up and goes to get his prescription pad at the nurses' station. Ian eyes Daniel's phone. I guess that makes it an eye-Phone.

Meanwhile, back at estrogen central, the girls are all talking about labor and how tough it is. Clhoe gets a worried look and Carly decides it's time to talk about something else, "A girl talking about labor is as hard to stop as a man giving directions."

Which, by the way, according to the Guy Manual, is why men don't ask for directions. Men know if they ask another man for directions he'll come up with the most complicated route possible and make your head swim with its description. Men also know if you ask a guy for directions and he doesn't know how to get there, he'll tell you anyway. Finally, if men want to ask a woman for directions, they'll just set their GPS to a female voice mode, and won't follow those directions just to show the b*tch who's boss. Now you know one of the great secrets of the universe — why men won't ask for directions.

Arianna apologizes about her reaction to Nicole. Chloe says Nicole is out buying soda, "But she's certainly taking her sweet time about it."

Nicole sits alone at the bar and downs another martini, "Garcon! Un autre s'il vous plait. I don't know how to say keep 'em coming in French but keep 'em coming." She calls again and gets no response, "Hmmm... maybe I alienated him." Ya think? "You're good at that, Nicole. World class. I know what I'll do... I'll call me a cab and go to a shaby bower..."

Stefano serves Kate a drink. Kate wants to know why Stefano figured Will didn't do it. He says he trusts her. Kate says she figures he has proof. Stefano says he gave the drawer to his DNA guy, "Will never touched that drawer. So are you gonna ask me who did?"

Reality - A place for people who don't watch Days Of Our Lives

Stephanie and Kayla finish the pizza they've ordered. Three lumberjacks couldn't have eaten that whole thing. Stephanie says she feels like she's being spied on. "Even though I will be butting in to your life," says Kayla, "it won't be 24-7 because I have other people's lives to butt into." Stephanie decides she's glad Kayla is there and invites her to stay. Kayla declines. Stephanie whines and begs, "If you stay here, you will be able to see how happy I am." Translation: She'll be able to see why Step-on-me doesn't need a doormat for her apartment.

Kayla asks, "So you're not worried about Melanie and Nathan any more?"

Nathan comes in and finds Ian who continues to stare at Daniel's iPhone.

Melanie announces the clucksters will be playing truth or dare, "The questions will be based on Chloe's life. Question 1, how many partners do you have to cheat on or drive to drugs before you're considered a slut? "

"Next question, who here has never been to an opera?"

Arianna pipes up, "I went to a production of Der Slutermouse once, but it didn't count as an opera because Chloe was singing."

Nicole pops in, "Awwwww... you schtarted the party wishout me, whazza matta wit you?"

Vivian rants, "When I get out of here I'll get rid of Melanie and Carly in the most horrible way possible."

Brady asks, "Don't you mean if you get out of there?"

Stefano says his fingerprints, Kate's and Elvis' were on the drawer, but Will's were not, "However, Samantha's were."

Kate makes excuses, "She lived in the house and she has an alibi."

"Rafe would say anything to protect her," says Stefano.

Will says, "I've been thinking."

"I haven't," says EJ, "A huge hole in your brain hinders the thinking process."

"I have watched my mom go through hell because of you," says Will, "I don't want her to pay for protecting her children. I want you to pay. There is nothing left for you. You are done. Stop fighting. It would be best for everyone if you died."

Nathan says every time he turns around Ian is there. Daniel comes in with the prescription and finds his phone. Nathan leaves. Ian growls, "He just came in here to bug me."

"Here's a bitter pill," says Daniel, "Leave him and his girlfriend alone."

Stephanie says she's happy as she walks into the next room. Kayla doesn't buy it, "You've got trouble."

Brady tells Vivian he went into a bar today, "And I didn't order a drink. Keepin' you in there is the best therapy I've ever had."

Nicole staggers around the party tossing insults. Melanie tells her to keep it down.

Nicole slurs, "Don't worry... I won't tell anyone you are a cheap little..." Carly ushers her out. Nicole works her way out of Carly's grasp and starts it all up again.

Chloe tells her to tone it down, "I want you to go."

"OK," says Nicole, "We won't talk about what you did to Daniel. What he doesn't know won't hurt him."

Melanie turns to Nicole, "What did you just say?"

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yard Gnomes And A Cement Gecko

Bo and the warden are at the pub discussing Hope's injuries, which have been determined not to be serious. The warden says the word is out on Hope being a cop, and she's worried something like this may happen again. Bo gives her his tough-buy look, "I'm calling the shots now." Translation: Be afraid, Hope. Be very afraid.

Brady is on the phone doing Titan business, "Fire him! Fire the whole department!" I sure hope he's talking about the DOOL writing staff. Victor walks in. Brady announces, "I just fired Bob Norman."

"Without discussing it with me," asks Victor, "Who fires an employee of 20 years like that? Come to think of it... I do. Firing Bob will wake up that whole division. Good work."

Maggie shows up as Brady leaves. She shows Victor Vivian's earring. Maggie thinks it's odd the way Vivian left town.

Phillip calls Kate and asks to see her about Vivian.

Carly comes into the mausoleum and surveys the sarcophagus. She remembers telling Isabella she would always (say it with her) be there for her. She apologizes for not coming by more often and wonders what Izzy thinks of the fancy casket, "I'm sorry she disturbed you. Nobody deserves to rest in peace more than you."

Vivian listens and fumes, "I'm in the damn sarcophagus you stupid cow! Help me!"

Kate comes in to see Stefano as a mystery guy leaves. As Stefano walks out he tells Kate he's searching for the shooter.

Kate ponders, "Just don't let that persona be Will."

Rafe and Will have a staredown outside the pub. Rafe asks if Will is OK. "Actually," says Will, "I'm not."

Back at the hospital, Lexie asks EJ why he called out Sami's name. Abe comes in. Lexie tells him what EJ said. "After what he did," says Abe, "Sami is out of his life."

Will don' wanna talk about it. So, of course, we talk. Rafe tells him Johnny and Allie aren't doing well. "What's wrong," asks Will, "Did Mom find them?" Will says he hates this situation and wants it over with. Just like the viewers.

Kate asks Stefano about talking to his hired goon and wants to know if Stefano told him his suspicions about Will being the shooter. Stefano evades, "Let's hope that isn't the case." He walks out.

Victor says, "I don't care that Vivian left and I don't care what she left. I don't care if she left behind the ruby slippers as long as she's gone."

Maggie's suggests sending the earring to Vivian for old time's sake, "You do know where she is, don't you?"

Victor puts the earring in a drawer, "When I find out, I'll send her stuff to her." Maggie starts to leave. Victor wants to talk. Maggie don' wanna. So, of course, we talk.

Brady comes into Vivian's bedroom, turns on the TV and starts his conversation with the living dead. Vivian tells him Carly is there and will figure things out. Brady flips to see Carly talking to Isabella about Vivian's mysterious disappearance.

The warden asks about Bo and Hope being separated. "We're not divorced," says Bo, "We're separated. We're still married and I'm honoring the sanctity of that marriage by cavorting around with someone else." He requests isolation for Hope.

"I will protect her," says the warden, "but this isn't a summer camp." She leaves. Bo stews.

Lexie says the monitors indicate EJ's brain activity has increased. Abe says, "If EJ called Sami's name he knows who he is and what he wants."

Lexie says, "I'm not going to tell my father about this."

Stefano walks in, "Tell me what?"

Lexie tries to change the subject, "Did you get some rest?"

"I don't rest," booms Stefano, "If there is something going on with Elvis I damn well want to know."

Kate finds Phillip at the dock. He tells her about Vivian's absence. Phillip is surprised Kate isn't happier about it, so he wonders what else is going on in her life that is distracting her.

Will says, "I hope EJ lives and goes back to what he loves. Stealing babies and ruining lives."

"And I'd like to see him go to prison and be locked up with a large and lonely guy," says Rafe.

Lucas walks by, "That large and lonely guy better not be Carmine. I'm still carrying a torch for him."

"If EJ dies whoever shot him will be locked up for a long time or even worse," says Rafe.

Arianna stumbles into the scene, "Whoever shot him will have to deal with Stefano. I'd rather go to prison."

"Don't you mean back to prison," asks Rafe.

Lexie tells Stefano about EJ's brain activity. Stefano asks to be alone with him. Lexie and Abe leave. Stefano sits beside him and we have the same scene we've had over and over again.

Maggie says she's sorry Vivian left, "I was looking forward to throwing you a first anniversary party. I had it all planned, I was going to have it on the lawn, complete with yard gnomes and a cement gecko."

Victor shows her the email allegedly from Vivian, "She says she left because she saw there was something between you and me." He reminds her about offering him a ride to the airport on his wedding day and asks if the offer is still on the table. I think Victor has another kind of ride in mind.

Bo meets Carly in the crypt. Inside the sarcophagus, Vivian screams to no avail. Carly says she thinks Vivian may be out there somewhere waiting to strike.

Brady gives Vivian his analysis of Bo and Carly's conversation.

Kate says she's preoccupied with the EJ situation, "Stefano is out of his mind."

"Which makes him unpredictable, dangerous," says Phillip.

"No," says Kate, "It makes him normal for a person in Salem." Kate worries that she won't be able to handle Stefano, "He's cold and enraged."

Phillip asks, "Does he thinks someone in the family shot EJ?" Kate flashes back to her conversation with Will at the pub. Phillip asks again. Kate says she hopes not, but does not know.

Rafe grumbles, "This was a private conversation." Will leaves. Rafe tells Arianna not to butt in next time. She says Rafe isn't helping matters. Rafe thinks she should stay away from the DiMeras and let the legal system figure out who shot EJ.

That lights her firecracker, "THE LEGAL SYSTEM? You mean the same legal system that let me rot in jail while the real perpetrator — A COP — was out committing more crimes? What kind of system of justice is that?"

"So," asks Rafe, "does that mean I'm supposed to believe in the DiMera system of justice?" Arianna starts to go but Rafe wants to work things out.

Stefano says if EJ keeps fighting he will find out who did this, "I'm sorry to have to tell you but my money is on young William. I've grown fond of him, but if I'm right, I will do to him what he did to you."

Victor thinks there was something to Maggie's offer. He says Mickey wouldn't want her to spend the rest of her life. Alone. Maggie reminds him, "Mickey isn't here."

"He never was," says Victor.

"My instincts tell me we should just be friends," says Maggie.

"Your instincts don't know what they are talking about and I will prove it to you," says Victor.

"You never know true happiness until you get married, by which time its too late to do anything about it." -Victor Kiriakis

Kate says she heard Victor threaten Stefano that night. Phillip doesn't think there was much to that. "Well," says Kate, "Thanks for telling me about Vivian. Wherever she is I hope she stays there for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Brady holds up Vivian's cell phone and then practices his creative writing skills with a message, "Dearest Carly. I may be gone but I will never forget what you did to Lawrence." He sends the message.

Carly's phone rings, she looks at the message and shows Bo. Bo analyzes, "Sounds to me like a woman covering her backside. Vivian has failed on all fronts. Could be she's admitting defeat." Hmmm... sounds to me like a threat, but what do I know?

Vivian tells Brady he won't get away with this. Brady snickers, "Seems like I just did."

Phillip walks in and asks Brady, "Who were you just talking to?" Amazing, Phillip almost acts like it's any of his business.

Arianna snaps, "You can't tell me what to think. You have enough trouble doing that for yourself." She defends EJ and reminds Rafe he came to her defense when she was arrested and offered her a job.

Rafe says EJ did that to get Sami's attention, "He was using you and conning you in the same way he was conning Sami. He kidnapped her baby."

Arianna yells, "It was his baby, too. She what... forgot to tell him she was pregnant. I admit in the past I have been a bum magnet, but EJ isn't like that. He's not like you. He's never let me down and I will never let him down. You need to get used to that." She walks off.

Abe says it's time to pick up Theo. Stefano's goon walks in, "Where can I find Stefano DiMera?"

Lexie says, "I'm his daughter. What do you want with him?" Stefano comes out of EJ's room, says he'll handle things and walks off with the guy.

Lexie turns to Abe, "I wonder what that's all about?"

"One thing for sure," says Abe, "They're not talking to each other because they're in the same book club."

Stefano and Goono talk privately. Goono hands him an envelope, "This is what you are looking for." Stefano opens the envelope and nods.

Kate paces in the rumpus room, "I have to stop him. If he thinks Will is the one, I can't reason with him. I need to do whatever it takes. Will is my flesh and blood. No one else matters." She eyes the liquor and imagines poisoning it, "But will I really need to do that to the husband I've come to love?"

Abe says he's proud of Lexie for the way she's handling things, "EJ has been your patient for a few days now and he's still not dead. If EJ says anything else keep Bo and me posted."

Brady tells Phillip he's talking to the office. "In Vivian's room," asks Phillip. Brady says he came in there to make sure Vivian's disappearance was true. Phillip says he thinks her disappearance was too easy. Brady says he thinks they've seen he last of her. "I hope you're right," says Phillip. He leaves.

Brady smiles, "I think we can count on it."

"You can count on burning in hell," growls Vivian.

Victor tells Maggie he likes her. Maggie says, "And I like you." If this were the seventh grade, it would be a budding romance.

"I won't let you steamroll me," says Maggie, "What you like is the game. What if I suddenly became flushed and breathless? You'd be bored in thirty seconds. Let's agree to disagree."

Vivian wonders if Brady is worried about sinking to her level. Brady says he is protecting his family. He says the message he sent proves she's alive, "So face it Vivian, you're toast."

Carly and Bo pace around the crypt. Carly thinks Isabella would be happy for them being together. They leave. Apparently to have a little more togetherness in private.

Vivian tells Brady he'll crack, "I hope you don't go back to using drugs. Eventually, you're going to pay dearly for this."

Brady shuts her off, "Sorry Viv, this is one good deed that will go unpunished."

Downstairs, Maggie extends her hand to Victor, "Friends?"

Victor shakes, "Friends." Maggie leaves. Victor smirks, "For now..."

Maggie stands by the front door and tries to convince herself, "I did the right thing..."

Rafe calls Tiffany and asks her to put in a request for him to take the rest of the week off, "I need to deal with a rebellious teenage kid who has his mother's stubborn streak."

Elsewhere, Will contemplates, "EJ already said Mom's name. What else will he say?"

Lexie stands with EJ, "I don't know who did this to you, but our father won't give up until he finds the person who shot you. God help whoever it is."

Kate joins Stefano in the rumpus room. He shows her the envelope and says he has news about William. Kate offers him a drink. "Why not," asks Stefano. Kate selects the container of death.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

You Old Letch

The good news: I got a satellite feed this morning.

The bad news: It was Days Of Our Lives.

Hope sits in her jail cell as the warden comes in. The warden says she is checking on Hope, "I don't normally do that for inmates, except for the ones who are privileged little princesses. The word is out that you're a cop and cops don't do well here."

"Salem cops don't do well, no matter where they are," says Hope.

Bo is at the pub. Carly joins him. Bo tells her Vivian is headed out of town for good. Carly is skeptical.

Victor, Brady, Justin and Maggie are in the crypt talking about Vivian leaving as Vivian listens and protests.

Will and Rafe are off together talking. Will says he has told Rafe what he knows, "But if you think I did it, then bring it on. Charge me or back off."

Sami is in the rumpus room with Kate and Stefano. She tells Stefano Will didn't shoot EJ. "How can you be so sure," asks Stefano.

Sami flashes back to being EJ's own personal firing squad, "I just know."

Stefano accuses, "You'd even lie about your own name. So tell me how you know Will is innocent, or he has to face the consequences."

Buzz vegetates. Buzz huffs and puffs, "Samantha!" His machines go berserk and Lexie comes in. She sees him twitching, "OMG! Somebody call a doctor! "

Victor invites Maggie to join him at the Kiriakis mansion for a drink. Maggie declines. Victor makes a big pitch. Maggie caves in and decides to go home with him. Brady stays behind as Maggie, Justin and Victor leave.

Brady asks Vivian, "Did you notice Maggie — the person you were going to entomb — was the one person who didn't want to celebrate your disappearance?"

Vivian thinks stranger things have happened. Strange things? On DOOL? Impossible. Vivian begs to get out and does a psychoanalysis of Brady. She concludes he's not the type of person to do something like this, "What do you think will happen to you if I die?"

Bo says Victor was happy Vivian left, but senses Carly isn't. Carly says it's not that she wouldn't be happy if Vivian left, it's just that she just doesn't believe Vivian is gone.

Rafe says Stefano will think Will shot EJ, and won't wait for proof. Will flashes back to Sami's confession.

Sami counters Stefano's threats as he continues to accuse Will. Kate tries to step in, but she's no match for the two screaming Mimis.

Hope begs the warden not to tell Bo about the fight, "I've caused enough pain. He needs to live his own life until I can get out of here and make it miserable again."

Bo rationalizes why Vivian may have left town. Carly thinks it doesn't make sense. Hey, Bo's lips are moving, of course he's not making sense. "Vivian is up to something," says Carly.

Vivian continues to beg and tells Brady he could go to prison for life, "Let's be frank..."

Even I won't won't stoop to touching that one.

"I'm not an unreasonable person," says Vivian, "Let me out and I won't tell anyone. You either have to let me out or let me die. Either way the authorities will find out and you will go to prison. Decide. Now!"

Lexie uses every medical technique she knows to wake EJ. In other words, she shakes him. A nurse comes in. "Thank God," says Lexie, "Someone who knows something about medicine." Lexie leaves.

Kate insists Will didn't shoot EJ. Sami and Kate form a unique alliance and try to convince Stefano.

Rafe says whoever shot EJ will need protection. "And who will do that," asks Will. Rafe says he vowed to protect Sami and her family. "Sounds great," says Will, "but what does it mean? If I shot EJ will you lie for me?"

Brady decides Vivian is right, "This is a turning point. I'm either going to let you go or let you rot, so this will be our final goodbye."

Vivian freaks, "What more do you want from me. OK, I'll give up Victor."

"You already have," sneers Brady, "Right now he's back at the mansion puttin' the moves on Maggie. Ciao."

Victor isn't exactly putting the moves on, but he toasts Isabella's memory and tells Justin to file for his divorce. Justin says he thinks Vivian disappearing is strange and advises against it, "People are going to wonder what happened."

"Who," chuckles Victor, "Vivian has no friends. I mean, come on, how many friends would a snake have on Facebook?"

"I don't know," says Justin, "How many do you have?"

Rafe vows to protect Sami and her family, "I've changed. As an agent I was too rigid. I was too predictable. In fact, that's not predictable, that's just being dumb."

"Yep," says Will, "That certainly describes you."

No two situations are the same," says Rafe, "unless you're taking about plot recycling on this show. I will protect the people I love first, last and always."

Stefano says Sami is right, that Will cares for him, "However, he got so angry when he found out I knew Elvis was the kidnapper I think he would have been capable of the shooting." Kate insists murder isn't in Will's character. Sami blows up and tells Stefano to go ahead and investigate.

Phonus interruptus. Lexie gasps, "Father, you have to come to the hospital ASAP!" Stefano asks what this is all about, but of course Lexie can't get into it over the phone. That would take two whole seconds, so Stefano leaves. Kate and Sami follow.

The guard brings Tina back to Bitch-ho'z Central. Tina flops on her bunk and tells Hope they are stuck together and suggests they make the best of it. Hope thinks that's a good idea. The prison librarian comes up with her cart full of books. She sees Hope sitting there and hands her a book through the bars, "Hey newbie, wanna check this out? It'll help keep your mind from turning to jello." Too late. Hope takes the book and starts to leaf through it. Suddenly...


Tina gets in Hope's face, "No sense fighting. Grizzelda can snap your neck like a twig. You're going down bitch!"

Bo and Carly continue to speculate about Vivian's disappearance. Bo calls Victor. Brady answers and Bo asks for Victor. Brady tells him Victor's not available. Bo says he's with Carly at the pub talking about the disappearance and he has to investigate. "Good," says Brady, "I've been wondering how I'd keep people from finding out what's really going on."

Will says he understands. Rafe asks, "If I'm working in the dark how can I protect you? Tell me what's going on." Phonus interruptus. Rafe gets a message to go to the hospital.

Sami, Kate and Stefano stand in EJ's room with Lexie, who tells them there has been an increase in EJ's brain activity. EJ shudders. Stefano jumps the gun and practically throws himself on top of him, "Who shot you, son? Who shot you?" Kate and Sami stare at each other.

Brady says everyone is glad Vivian is gone and wonders why Bo should investigate. Bo says this doesn't sound like Vivian and leaves a message for Victor to get back with him.

Brady hangs up, "Great, just what I need."

Victor is in Vivian's bedroom with Maggie, trying to convince her Vivian is gone for good. He points out Vivian took her passport and cell phone. Vivian watches on her monitor, "What is that hussy doing in my bedroom with my husband?" Victor insists Vivian is gone for good. "I'm not," whines Vivian. She looks at Maggie, "Bitch! Slut! Whore!" Maggie decides to go back to the crypt and make sure Brady is all right. She leaves. Victor looks at the camera, adjust his tie and smiles in anticipation of what might be.

Vivian shorts, "Wipe that smile off your face, you old letch!"

EJ shudders and his brain activity goes back to it's normal vegetative level. The crowd leaves. Lexie gives a look of concern.

Outside, Stefano says he is encouraged and says EJ was trying to say who shot him. Rafe Will and Sami come up. "Whoever did this should be worried right now," says Stefano.

Bo and Carly continue to speculate about Vivian's disappearance. "Vivian's gone," says Bo.

Ciara joins them and overhears, "She's gone?"

"Yep," says Bo, "I figured that out the minute she disappeared."

"Good," says Ciara, "I don't like her. She's scary." She shows them a picture she drew of Caroline, and gives it to Carly. Oh, the tender moment!

Hope struggles as Tina rages and says she got extra time because of the fight. This is crazy," says Hope.

Tina screams, "You wanna know what crazy feels like bitch?" She gives her a knee to the stomach...


Sami takes Will aside.

Rafe warns Kate not to try anything. Kate says she's concerned about what Stefano will do if he gets proof. Rafe asks Stefano why he doesn't go to the police. "What," asks Stefano, "The Brady police? The whole thing would just be covered up."

Rafe has a rare moment of lucidity, "You mean like Hope's going to prison?"

"Point taken," says Stefano, "I know you want justice done, so you wouldn't bend the rules if you knew who did it would you?"

"Hard to say," says Rafe, "since I don't know who did it."

Apparently Sami has ordered Will to go live with Roman. She says if it comes down to anyone accusing Will, she will confess. "I'm not letting you go down for this," says Will, "You should tell Rafe the truth right now."

Sami insists they can't tell Rafe. Will says Rafe has changed and will stick up for them. Sami stands her ground, "If I told Rafe I shot EJ, he still wouldn't be able to figure out who did it, but he would be an accomplice after the fact and his career and life would be over." Rafe joins them. They all head back for the waiting area.

Ciara has gone to parts unknown. Bo says Ciara needs a woman to be part of her life. Carly asks if Bo has heard from Hope. Bo says no, "She doesn't return my calls and hasn't written Ciara."

The warden calls, "Mr. Brady, I have some news about your wife and I'm afraid it's not good."

"Oh no," gasps Bo, "You mean they're going to let her out?"

Brady comes back into the crypt. Vivian taunts him, "What's the matter? Lose something incriminating? A photo? A document? Your conscience? Do you really want to stoop to my level? Can you live with this?"

Maggie walks in as Brady snorts, "Shut up and let me think!" All the quiet in the world couldn't make that happen.

Maggie asks, "Who are you talking to?"

Bo tells Carly Hope was attacked, "A cop in prison is never safe."

"And a cop out of prison means the citizens of Salem aren't safe," says Carly.

"She should never have been put in the general population," says Bo, "It happened before and Hope begged the warden not to tell me. She's in the hospital. I have to go see her."

Brady says he was giving an emotional last goodbye to Isabella. He leaves as Vivian begs him to stay. Outside Brady stares and tries to pull himself together.

Vivian watches Victor telling Henderson to get rid of her stuff. Victor looks at the camera. Vivian calls out, "Victor, I'm here! I'm here!"

Victor steps back and adjusts Vivian's picture, "I have a nice photo of some working dogs I'll hang here and dump this thing."

Maggie remembers Isabella as she walks around the sarcophagus. She finds Vivian's earring on the floor and flashes back to Vivian losing the other one in her kitchen, "This is Vivian's. "

Sami joins Rafe in bed. "Stefano's not gonna hurt Will. I got your back." Sami says she's going to fix things. Rafe wonders how she's going to do that.

"I don't know how," says Sami, "but I'll figure something out."

"It's not what you do that counts... It's what you can get away with." -Sami Brady

Stefano says he cares about Will. Kate asks him to wait to do something drastic until EJ wakes up. She leaves. Stefano looks at EJ's picture, "Whoever did this is going to pay."

EJ jiggles, "Samantha!"

Lexie runs up to him, "EJ, what about Sami?"

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