Friday, April 30, 2010

A Rat's Ass

Baker collects his winnings and gets ready to leave. He does his best Jackie Gleason, "And awaaaay we go...." He opens the door and Hopeless is standing there. She asks where he is going. Baker tells her it's none of her business. Hopeless tells him they are in this together.

Stephanie is still with Phillip at the pub and wonders why Phillip would call himself a bastard. We have another flashback to Chloe's debraification.

The hotel proprietor is with Chloe at the Cheatin' Heart. He tells her someone is yanking her chain. With Chloe's chain, every link is the weakest.

Melanie finds Carly at the hospital and says she has something to ask about Chloe, "What do you think about her?"

Carly is shocked, "That's the first time Chloe and thinking have ever been used together."

Daniel and Nathan are together and miracle worker Doc Dan asks lowly piece of rubbish intern Nathan to confer with him.

Brady and Arianna are romping around. He wants to relive their first time at the pool, but gets a call.

Nicole is on her phone, "Pick up, Brady. Please pick up."

Hope tells Baker, "You just don't see the big picture. There is no turning back for either of us."

Brady looks at his phone and sees it's Nicole calling.

Nicole gives up and puts her phone away.

Brady tells Arianna it wasn't important. He reads the 'Priorities' section of the Guy Manual and says, "The important thing is why you are still dressed."

Motel manager Mortimer says someone made Chloe believe something that wasn't true. He insists Chloe jumped to conclusions and leaves.

Outside, he finds Vivian, "I did what you asked. She bought every word."

Inside, Chloe whines, "I was so wrong... Or was I?"

Baker insists he and Hope are not partners, "I couldn't' give a rat's ass about you. You're a con. You're the one who is in real deep. Who are you anyway?"

"Have a seat. I'll explain," says Hope.

A knock interrupts Brady and Arianna. Arianna wants to ignore it, but Brady the idiot answers. He opens the door to find Gabi, "I screwed up and Arianna is the only one who can help me."

Phillip says, "I haven't done anything." I guess we just totally redefined some of the things that 'anything' includes. He tells Stephanie to lay off. Then he shifts gears and says he just had an argument with Victor, "I was disrespectful."

"You like being disrespectful."

"You like being nosy," says Phillip, "What I did is none of your business. Why are you so concerned about this? You're not even friends with Melanie."

"I think she's an interesting girl," says Stephanie, "She's complex, charming, sweet, irritating in a lovely way. Well, maybe not so lovely.. If you've screwed this up she'll run to Nathan." Phillip gets a call. He says he has to go. Stephanie calls for him as he leaves. Adrienne shows up to fill the gap.

Hope tells Baker she's a detective assigned to investigate the muggings, "Don't worry. When I'm working my day job you don't exist. Neither does any other criminal. All you have to worry about is having fun and making money." Baker says he's done. Hope tells him to think about it, "You and I both know we can help each other."

"I don't want your help," says Baker.

"Doesn't matter," says Hope, "You and I are just beginning."

Carly gets off the phone. She turns to Melanie, "Bo says hi. It looks like Kimberly will recover." Oh, thank God, I can breathe again. She tells Melanie Chloe is part of her life now.

Melanie says she likes Chloe but Chloe looks at her weird, "It feels like she's judging me... like maybe she thinks I'm too loud, maybe I smile too big, maybe I talk t0o much."

"Guilty as charged," says Carly. Melanie wonders if Chloe is just possessive. Carly tells her Chloe loves Daniel very much and is really possessive about him.

Melanie asks, "You think Chloe is good enough for him and will make him happy?"

"One slut deserves another," says Carly.

"OK," says Melanie, "I'll stop being paranoid and let her into my heart." The bluebird of happiness flies into the room and chirps.

Nathan says he has to get going. Daniel asks if his leaving has something to do with Chloe.

"Sort of," says Nathan, "I don't want her to feel uncomfortable with me being here, since I am Lucas' cousin and all."

Daniel asks, "What do she and Lucas have to do with you... Unless it has to do with me?"

"No," says Nathan, "I look up to you. And so does Lucas."

"Lucas looks up to everybody," says Daniel, "So, everything is settled." Nathan isn't sure. "I know what it is," says Daniel.

Chloe finds Phillip, "We need to talk."


"Yes," she says, "Phillip, we're friends."

"With benefits."

"I need to put things in perspective," says Chloe, "What we did was a mistake. We're not the only ones to blame, though. It's because of Carly. That slut set me up."

Phillip says, "Blaming someone else for the predicament you're in... that can work."

Gabi whines and tells Brady and Arianna her sad story, "So my laptop froze and my history paper is gone."

Brady asks, "Did you back it up?"

Gabi explodes, "Would I be on the verge of a breakdown if I did?" She turns to Arianna, "I need your help to rewrite it." Rewriting history. It's not the first time that has happened on DOOL. Brady tells Arianna to go help her sister, "Could you give us about five minutes alone together first?" The girls leave.

Immediately afterward someone knocks. Brady answers to find Nicole, who would have had to have tripped over Arianna and Gabi coming in.

Adrienne asks Stephanie why get upset if she doesn’t know what is going on. Stephanie just likes to be upset, "I'm not going to let anyone come between me and my happiness. Not anyone."

Adrienne asks, "Didn't you say that with Jeremy?"


"And Max?"


"And Phillip?"

"What's your point?"

Phillip wonders why Carly would go to so much trouble, "She's in love with Bo."

"I'm still a threat to her," whines Chloe, "She's selfish and manipulative and worries I will make Melanie and Daniel realize that. But I betrayed Daniel. I don't deserve him."

"You are so deserving of him."

Chloe frets, "If it weren't for that bitch you and I wouldn't have made that mistake."

Vivian tells Gus everything is going well, "I'm back in the mansion and engaged to the most powerful man in Salem. Everything is going my way. That little twit Chloe is mad as hell and thinks Dr. Manning is doing sadistic tricks on her mind."

"They must be small tricks," says Gus.

Nicole says she saw Arianna leave and wouldn't have knocked if she were still there. She begs Brady not to turn his back on her. Brady asks her to leave. "I'll leave," agrees Nicole, "but first you have to say you don't have feelings for me."

Brady thinks it over, "Well Arianna did kind of leave me high and dry in the middle of... things."

Hope says, "Before you go, hand over the cashier's check."

"What check?"

"I know you took DiMera's bankroll," says Hope, "Hand over the check."

Baker says he has it, but it's not on him. Hope draws a gun. Baker forks over the check, but it's too late. Hope fires. Behind Hope, feathers fly as the bullet just misses the parakeet in its cage. Hope takes the check and tears it up. Baker says, "You really are nuts and I really have to go."

Hope begs, "I need you. Please don't go."

Daniel thinks this is about Melanie, "I know you have unresolved feelings about her." Nathan insists he respects Melanie's marriage. I guess you'd have to say he respects it more than Phillip does, anyway. Daniel says he knows that and then wonders why Nathan won't stay. Nathan says he has a date with Stephanie. Daniel wonders why he didn't say that in the first place. Nathan says he thought it would sound unprofessional to talk about a girl at work, "I don't want anyone questioning my professionalism."

"Mrs. Martin's family was doing that at her funeral," says Daniel." Nathan leaves.

Melanie says she's seen another side of Carly lately. She now realizes people make mistakes and if they try to rectify them they should be given another chance. We'll see if she feels the same way when she finds out about Phillip's mistake. Melanie now wants Carly to be a part of her life and thinks maybe in time they could be closer. Carly says she would like that.

Arianna and Gabi are at the pub. Arianna computes and says she thinks she might be able to get the history paper back. Gabi asks if she wants to call Brady and tell him she might be back early. Arianna doesn't want to do that, "That would decrease my chances of walking in on him and Nicole."

Dimwit Brady shuts the door and turns to Nicole. Nicole hugs him, "Oh, Brady!"

Brady says, "Wait here and I'll get something to drink and you can plead your case." He leaves.

"Yes," says Nicole, "I knew he still cared!"

She picks up Brady's phone and sees a text from Arianna, "Good news. I'll be back soon."

Nicole whines, "Why can't she just leave us alone?" She loosens her top, for what good that will do.

Brady comes back in and notices she's showing the goods, "OK. Tell me why you... are innocent."

Baker asks, "What do you need me for, target practice?"

"No," says Hope, "What would make you think a sharpshooter like me needs to practice? I just need you. I can't do this alone. Someone I loved very much... still love... is gone. I feel so alone. I don't want to do this any more."

Stephanie says she isn't naïve. Stupid, yes. Scatterbrained, yes. Irritating, yes. Naïve, no. "I know guys run to the rescue of the woman scorned but I won't let Melanie play those tricks on me. I need to get Nathan to move forward and commit."

"How," asks Adrienne..

"I'll hide his Guy Manual."

Chloe says Carly is behind all this, "If it weren't for her you and I would have never..."

Phillip tells her to cool it, "You have to keep it together and stop blurting things out." He tells her to stay away from Carly.

"No problem," says Chloe, "I hate her so much."

"Just stay away from her."

"I'll try," says Chloe, "That woman is evil and Daniel needs to know that."

"I think he knows it," says Phillip, "In fact I think that's why he got together with her in the first place."

Carly and Daniel are back at his apartment. Carly wonders if they shouldn't have met at Daniel's office. "Of course not," says Daniel, "Chloe couldn't walk in and find you if we weren't here." He says he ordered out and has to go pick up dinner. She tells him he's been a great friend.

Daniel asks, "You have my back, right?"

"Just let someone try to mess with you," she says. He leaves.

Nicole opens her blouse even more. Brady asks what she is doing. "Showing my appreciation," says Nicole.

"That's all you're showing," says Brady, "This was a bad idea."

He starts to leave but Nicole stops him, "Why are you doing this? Why are you fighting it?" Brady says he's going for a walk and wants her gone when he gets back.

Baker moves toward Hope. "No touching," she says, "You have to admit, we'd make a great team." Baker agrees. "Great," says Hope, "Let's go. Let's rock and roll."

Adrienne gives Stephanie her two cents worth, "Just be yourself. You are too terrific and if Nathan doesn't realize how lucky he is, to hell with him. Have fun tonight." She leaves.

Melanie and Phillip are together. They blather about their undying love for each other and Melanie asks if they could swing by Daniel's place this weekend and go out with him and Carly. Phillip agrees. Melanie also says she wants to invite Carly. Phillip thinks that's OK, too. Phillip has more leg than brain. Melanie says she'll be right back. She leaves and Phillip makes a call.

Carly sits in Daniel's living room as the door opens. She thinks it's Daniel coming back with the food, "That was fast."


Nicole makes a call, "Brady, please call me back. I pushed it and will never do anything like that again, until I get my boob job."

Nicole walks into the pub. She fakes a call and makes sure Gabi and Arianna can overhear, "Brady, It was great spending time with you just now. You really came though for me." She gets off and looks over at Arianna and Gabi, "Oh, I didn't see you two."

Arianna gasps, "You were with Brady?"

"He was just a shoulder to cry on," says Nicole, "which is why he didn't respond to your text. I thought you were headed back over there."

"I AM," snorts Arianna. A mushroom cloud remains where Arianna once stood. Hell hath no fury...

Brady searches for his cell phone, but figures he forgot to bring it.

Baker and Hope see Brady. "I know that guy," says Baker.

"Let's kick it up a notch," says Hope.

Stephanie chucks something in the trash as Nathan comes up and asks if she is ready. "Definitely," she says.

Vivian tells Gus it won't be long before Chloe attacks, "Let the fireworks begin."

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But only if you have a pair of those lame glasses.

Phillip makes another attempt to contact Chloe, "Why don't you pick up?" He resorts to leaving a message, "Take what I said seriously. Don't do anything rash especially around Carly."

Of course, Melanie overhears, "Why would Carly do something rash?"

After what we did together," says Phillip, "I just hope she doesn't find out she has a rash."

Chloe asks where Daniel is. Carly tells her and says she's working on a case, "Is something wrong?"

"You," says Chloe, "I know you think I'm not good enough for Daniel."

"That's not true," says Carly.

"Shut your lying mouth," says Chloe, "I know what you did."

Gabi grabs Nicole. Nicole yells, "WATCH IT!"

Gabi SAYS, "I just want you to know I agree with my sister. I think you are a horrible person."

Nicole tweaks Gabi's nose, "You need to grow up and so does your sister."

Arianna comes back into the Kiriakis mansion and calls for Brady, "Where are you?"

Hope walks up behind Brady, raises her pistol and...


It's lights out for Brady. "That went well," says Baker, "Lets get the money and get out of here."

"Not yet," says Hope, "He doesn't get off that easily."

If Arianna gets hold of him after finding out he was with Nicole, Hope is right for sure.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Village Of The Damned

Sami is with EJ in his hospital room. He asks if she's going to move in. Sami says if they're going to have that conversation they have to be open and honest with each other. She openly and honestly tells him moving in with Stefano makes her want to run out screaming. Screaming is what Sami does best.

Baker joins his buddy in the dive. The buddy asks about the good-lookin' woman he's hooked up with. Instead Baker tells him about Hope.

Nicole is with Hope in the inquisition room. Nicole says, "EJ is trying to frame me." That's not a frame, honey. It's a noose.

Daniel and Carly arrive back at Daniel's place. He calls for Chloe, but she doesn't answer. Carly thinks maybe, just maybe, Chloe wouldn't like them hanging out together. Well, duuuhhhh... Melanie and Phillip show up with a welcome-home present. Phillip flashes back to his moment of Chloe-Knowledge. Melanie asks where Chloe is.

Chloe is at the hospital. She finds Nathan and says she wants to talk to him. Nathan gets it, "You mean you want to talk to me before I tell Daniel what I heard last night — that you slept with someone else."

Sami says she just doesn't know what she should do. EJ says he knows this is a tough decision. When the going gets tough Sami falls apart. She tells him Rafe wondered why this has to be in Stefano's house, "Why can't we find our own place?"

That does it. Out in the audience, joyous screaming, hysteria and mass fainting ensues in the Ejami section.

Sami reminds EJ both Kate and Stefano have tried to kill her. EJ reminds her Stefano doesn't have a lot of time left and when Stefano is gone Kate is gone. He plays the 'I didn't know my daddy when I was growing up' card.

Sami reminds him of all the things Stefano has done to both of them, but EJ stands firm. Sami decides she will think about it, and leaves.

Outside, Stefano sees Sami walk by and pensively swills coffee. He goes into EJ's room and says he saw her leave. EJ tells him if he and Kate hadn't made Sami so miserable this would be easier.

Hope tells Nicole she wants to help truth and justice prevail. But she's decided to stay on the force anyway. Nicole thinks Hope is harassing her. Hope insists she's not enjoying this. She reminds Nicole of all her crimes and the fact that she's free because a crooked governor was blackmailed, "Maybe I'm at my breaking point."

Chloe tells Nathan he misunderstood what he heard. She begs him not to tell Daniel, "It will kill him."

Nathan says, "My telling him won't kill him, but what you did would kill him. What about Melanie? She just found her father. She won't want to see him hurt."

Chloe abandons her 'you misunderstood' tactics, "It will never happen again. People could get hurt if you don't keep your mouth shut."

Hope grills Nicole, "Who was the man EJ remembered?

"EJ made it up," says Nicole, "I destroyed the TV footage out of survival instincts. I shouldn't have done it." Hope reminds her EJ has remembered something and insists on knowing who EJ was talking about.

Baker's pal deals, "So, she's a whack-job, eh? You've seen that wedding movie, right? Whack-jobs can be a lot of fun."

"She's not that kind of psycho," says Baker, "I've learned one thing in this life... If a woman has man issues, things just get worse. And this woman has issues."

"Do you think she has a problem with you?"

"That's why I'm leaving," says Baker, "I don't intend to stick around and find out the answer to that question."

Daniel says he doesn't know where Chloe is. "I understand," says Melanie, "Women don't like to be checked up on, especially when they're slumming. Marriage is an institution of mutual trust." She turns to her loving husband, "Right Phillip?"


Suddenly, Melanie sees the broken picture on the floor, "OMG, what happened?"

Chloe begs. Nathan tells her he won't tell Daniel, but thinks she should. Chloe says she thought Daniel was back together with Carly and it drove her crazy. It was a short drive, however. "Someone set me up. I was weak, not malicious." Nathan says he won't tell, but secrets don't always remain secret. Stephanie comes in. what's wrong?

Nicole says Hope is asking her connection to a nameless man. Hope asks if Nicole knows someone who can hack into bank accounts. Nicole gets indignant and Hope gives up and leaves. God, she's a pro. Nicole sits alone, "Dammit, I need help and I know just who will give it to me."

EJ tells Stefano Nicole or someone working for her bashed his head in. Stefano doesn't think it was Nicole. EJ has had it, "If you'll excuse me, I have a headache."

Stefano gets in a zinger, "Of course you have a headache. You just spent time with Samantha."

EJ says, "Samantha is about the only person I can trust to lie to me consistently." EJ tells him she's still resisting moving in. He says he told Sami Stefano is dying, "So could you please look like you are dying?"

Stefano growls, "Sarcasm is the weapon of the weak."

"No," says EJ, "Bad dialog is the weapon of the week."

Sami and Caroline meet at the pub, so Sami can check on the kids. Caroline senses something is wrong. Sami tells her about all the problems with Will, Rafe and the fact she doesn't like the spring colors. Sami really knows how to put things in perspective. Caroline asks if Sami has talked to Marlena. Sami poo-poo's that, "She's just so... so reasonable and reminds me my problems are my fault. Rafe says he loves me but we can't stop fighting. And then EJ... he's been great. He was (say it with her) there for me during the kidnapping and now he makes me feel calm and that everything will work out. He asked me and the kids to move in with him."

Caroline has a cow, "Are you out of your mind?"

"Me and everything else," says Sami, "That's why it's so empty."

Melanie picks up the broken picture frame, "Did you forget a birthday or something."

Daniel says they had a fight, "I didn't realize how angry she was."

Melanie makes an observation, "She was pretty upset at not (say it with her) being there for you when you had your surgery." They all agree Chloe is OK now though. Except Phillip who is distracted.

Chloe says she was just worried about Daniel and leaves.

Stephanie and Nathan decide opera singers are drama queens. Stephanie changes the subject and says she knows what she wants to do tonight. She moves in and gives Nathan a sample of what's on tap.

Caroline doesn't understand, "I realize moving into the DiMera mansion would get you all together, but when they say 'it takes a village' they don't mean the village of the damned."

Sami says there are advantages to the arrangement, "Will is there."

"He shouldn't be."

"This isn't forever," says Sami, "It's just temporary. EJ says Stefano is ill and doesn't have much time left."

"Don't try to cheer me up," says Caroline.

Sami rambles, "If EJ weren't around, I don't think I'd be sane."

"You must not be seeing much of him lately," says Caroline. She suddenly has an epiphany and gasps, "You're falling for him... all over again." Translation: Sami has moved up to the Gold Plan in the Boytoy Of The Month Club.

Stefano is back at the mansion. Nicole shows up. Stefano can't believe it, "Well, well, well you never did knack for nerve."

"I need help," says Nicole.

"People in hell want ice water," says growls Stefano.

Chloe wanders and wonders, "Who hates me? Who made that nurse lie to me?" Maxine walks up and tells her Daniel is gone. Chloe asks about nurse Grant.

Maxine tells her he quit, "I don't know where he went. He didn't give an address for us to send his last check. He must've won the lottery or something."

Phillip's mood is as disheveled as his hair. Melanie wonders what's wrong. He says he's worried about work. Melanie reminds him he hired Nicole and that should explain some things. They decide have to leave. Daniel says he's sorry Phillip missed Chloe. Phillip flashes back to a time when he didn't miss her.

Outside Melanie asks Phillip if he was lying, "You knew Daniel was uncomfortable about Chloe and the picture and everything so you got us out of there. You're amazing."

Inside, Carly decides to go, but Daniel says he needs to talk to her.

Baker lays his cards on the table... literally, Kings over eights. Read 'em and weep." He decides he has to go. His buddy thinks it's strange Dick would leave in the middle of a hot streak. He talks him into one more hand.

Hope is on the phone with Ciara, "I love you, too. I hope you have a wonderful time with... uh... who have I pawned you off on this time? Oh, yeah, Julie and grandpa. Me? I'm going straight to bed." Hope hangs up and pops half her bottle of pills.

Michael Jackson shows up, "If you really want a good night's sleep, try Propofol."

Sami insists EJ has changed and is wonderful with the kids. Caroline reminds Sami he served her with custody papers at Grace's funeral. Sami defends him, "I think..."

"You think you're the reason he's changed."

"No," says Sami, "it's because of his kids. If we're (say it with her) there for him, maybe this time EJ will win instead of Kate and Stefano. We Brady's go to church a lot and ask forgiveness for those who have trespassed against us. We pray for it but we don't do it."

God chimes in, "Uh... could you define 'a lot?'"

Stefano says he put up with Nicole because he thought she was the mother of his grandchild, but now he knows the truth. Nicole says EJ is lying and wants Stefano to stop him. Stefano asks, "Why in the name of God would I do that?"

Chloe makes a call, "He still works there? He's at the Cheatin' Heart? Yes I know where that is." She hangs up, "The Cheatin' Heart, let's hear it for irony."

Stephanie is at the pub talking on the phone with Nathan. She hangs up, sees Phillip, notices he looks dejected and walks up to him, "So what did Melanie do this time?"

Melanie is at the hospital yawning. Maxine sees her. "You can't believe I'm here, can you," asks Melanie.

"The saints won the Superbowl," says Maxine, "I believe anything."

Nathan walks up to Melanie.

Daniel says he doesn't want Carly feeling uncomfortable. Carly knows Chloe was upset with her, but Daniel insists he and Chloe worked things out. He says Carly matters because they are Melanie's parents, "We have to move on."

Chloe shows up at the Cheatin' Heart. She finds the motel proprietor guzzling booze at the bar. She walks up to him, reminds him of what he said and wants to know why he lied.

Motel manager Mortimer starts to leave. Chloe says she wants answers, "Does the name Kiriakis mean anything to you? You messed with the meanest man in town."

Mortimer caves in, "OK. I'll tell you exactly what went down."

Chloe asks, "You mean other than me?"

Melanie says she told Phillip about the kiss. She says she was surprised about how great he took it. Nathan is happy things are working out, "Some of us have our 'happily ever afters.' And some of us have Stephanie."

Phillip drinks and tells Stephanie he'll be fine — As soon as he gets drunk enough. "Melanie didn't do anything. I'm the bastard. And I'm just hoping Chloe and I don't have one."

Nicole insists she didn't have anything to do with EJ's mugging. She tells Stefano about being a journalist and says she will use that to fight back. She'll say there is a leadership vacuum at the top of the DiMera family. Stefano tells her to get out, "You walk and talk at our discretion so you'd better be very careful." He opens the door and motions for her to get out.

Carly gets off the phone and says she has to leave. Daniel insists things are all good, "From here out smooth sailing."

Carly asks, "Isn't that what Bo said just before Shawn sank the Fancy Face?"

Motel manager Mortimer tells Chloe somebody is yanking her chain.

Nicole stands outside Stefano's front door, "I didn't get out of prison so EJ could bring me down."

Sami has Sydney in EJ's hospital room. She says she's decided to move in. EJ thanks her and says she won't regret it.

Baker and his buddy finish their game. His buddy gets up to leave, "Don't bother locking up. You've taken everything of value." He leaves.

Baker stands up and puts on his jacket, "And away we go!" He opens the door...


Hopeless asks, "Just where do you think you are going?"

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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Detective From Pluto

Rafe is on the phone at the cop-shop griping about the setup with the fake Anna. Sami comes in and says she heard him yelling clear down the hall, "You can do better than that. Usually people can hear me in the next county. So, you still think the woman in Morocco was a setup. Will came to see me earlier and was bothered about something — and you were right."

Rafe is stunned, "You just said I was right."

Stefano is in the DiMera mansion with Sydney, "They tell me your father is going to be all right. Now we just have to track the attacker down and make him wish he had never been born."

"That would make two of us," says Sydney.

Baker is with Hope at the pier. Hope says she doesn't know him. "We don't have time for games," says Baker. A cop walks up and Baker hightails it.

Nicole interviews EJ. He says there was something familiar about the guy who attacked him, "I think he was an associate of yours. I think you set me up to get me back, But you won't get away with it this time."

Hope tells the cop she has no idea who the guy was as. Baker watches from the bushes, "And I thought I was a good liar."

The cop tells Hope EJ's ATM has been raided.

EJ says Nicole made a very big mistake and won't get a pardon this time. Nicole orders Arianna to turn the camera off. Arianna is enjoying the show too much, "Not on your life."

Kate paces in the rumpus room as she remembers her conversation with Madeline. Stefano comes in and asks why she is there. Kate says, "We have a problem."

Will sits at a table at the Java Café. He tells Mia he knows she played him. She tells him Chad doesn't like him and he shouldn't study with him.

Over at another table, Chad & Mad watch. Madeline says, "It looks like Will finally figured out what Mia is like." Chad says he feels sorry for her. Maddie insists she's manipulating him. Chad worries his dad Will be upset if he finds out his mom loaned him the use of her car. That seems like it came out of left field until you follow Chad's train of thought: Mia → back seat → car. Madeline thinks Chad's dad will calm down once they find the attacker.

Nicole reminds Arianna she works for her. Arianna reminds Nicole she is a conniving bitch. They both remind each other they're lucky they're not sharing a cell at Statesville. Nicole grabs the camera, rips out the video tape and destroys it. She tells Arianna to leave as EJ soaks it all in. Arianna refuses, but EJ asks her to give them a moment. Arianna leaves.

Outside, she finds Brady. She tells him, "EJ knows who's behind the muggings — Nicole."

The cop and Hope talk about the mugger. Hope says she has to tell EJ about his ATM, so he can freeze his accounts. The cop leaves. Hope stares and wonders, "Who was that masked man?"

Rafe thinks EJ is letting Stefano see the children because he doesn't trust Sami with her own children. He thinks he has convinced Stefano Sami should move in so they can watch her.

Stefano thinks Kate is overreacting to her conversation with Madeline. Kate says it's not an overreaction because she was threatened. Stefano takes out his phone, "I'll handle things."

Madeline gets a call and Chad leaves.

The new guy working at the Java Café sees Mia carrying flowers and asks where she got them. She brushes him off and walks up to Madeline, "I got these lilacs because they are my favorite flower ever since I saw them in your house. I bring them to my baby. Chad and I have been to Grace's grave together. Have you been there?"


"I was just going there," says Mia, "I wondered if you'd like to go with me?"

Arianna says EJ thinks Nicole set him up to be mugged, "He remembers the guy was someone Nicole knew."

Brady, of course, jumps to Nicole's defense. He doesn't think the story sounds right, "I think EJ is out for revenge."

Arianna has a conniption, "What a surprise! It's EJ's fault and Nicole is the innocent victim. Deja vu."

EJ says he can't remember exactly who the guy was, "But I"ll get you, Nicole. It's just a matter of time."

Nicole asks, "DOOL time or real person's time?" Nicole decides EJ is out to frame her. EJ says the days when she doesn't have to pay for her crimes is over. "What does that mean," says Nicole."

"It means I got a huge bill for a foam rubber ball and you are going to pay it."

Rafe says that all came from EJ. Sami thinks Rafe isn't being objective. Rafe thinks the kids couldn't have a stable life in the DiMera mansion. Like living with Screamin' Sami Brady would offer stability. Sami thinks EJ is just trying to smooth things over with Stefano. Rafe thinks that is just the reason EJ gave Stefano so he would agree to Sami moving in, "He doesn't want you or anyone to know the real reason... That he doesn't just want his kids. He wants you, too, Sami."

They have a few more things to say to each other, but no one can hear it because the cheering from the Ejami section drowns it out.

Madeline says she has an appointment. Mia gets snippy, "I just thought you had some feelings for your own granddaughter. I know you're glad Chad has dumped me." Madeline sees things are degenerating and suggests they take it outside.

Will turns to Chad, "What was that all about?"

"I don't know," says Chad, "but if Mia wants to mess with someone she picked the wrong person."

Will observes, "She messed with us."

"We're just dumb teenagers," says Chad.

Sami wonders why Rafe says things like that. "Because they are true," says Rafe.

Out in the audience, an Ejami loses it, "SO IF YOU KNOW IT"S TRUE, MOVE ON G-MAN!" The show resumes once they drag her out kicking and screaming.

Sami says she cares about him because he is the father of her children. "Methinks the lady doth protest too much," says Rafe.

"Shakespeare," asks Sami.

"No," says Rafe, "Hernandez."

"Well," says Sami, "The lady is sick of everyone butting into her life."

Rafe urges her, "Think about your kids."

"That's all I can do," says Sami, "God knows I never see them."

Arianna accuses Brady of always being in Nicole's corner. She says she has to to call the boss and tell him why innocent Nicole destroyed a news story.

Back in EJ's room, Nicole vows, "You're not going to get away with this."

EJ asks, "Isn't that my line?" Hope comes in.

Nicole asks, "Are you going to tell her about the man with no name?"

EJ turns to Hope, "Nicole got a job with a TV station. And... I remember something."

Mia tells Madeline to forget it. Maddie wonders why Mia is doing this. "Chad listens to you," says the little whiner, "I deserve another chance. I know this has worked out the way you want it to. In your eyes, I will never be good enough for him."

Sami says she has no idea what's going on. Rafe says, "Look me in the eye and tell me EJ hasn't made a move on you."

"I don't have feelings for him."

Rafe asks, "Are you going to tell me something hasn't happened?"

Sami flashes back to the kiss that was so terrific EJ has forgotten all about it. "It was an emotional experience," insists Sami, "Our daughter was kidnapped."

"Now you're moving in with EJ," says Rafe, "He gets everything he wants."

EJ says he remembers the man he saw is connected to Nicole. Hope asks Nicole to leave. Nicole takes a parting shot and goes.

Outside, she finds Brady. He asks if she had anything to do with the mugging. Pure-as-the-driven-snow Nicole is indignant that he would even ask her that. Brady reminds her she destroyed the footage but she says she did it because she was scared, and begs him to help her. Arianna munches popcorn and watches the show as they hug.

Sami asks Rafe not to jump all over her if she tells him what worries her. Rafe promises to show some restraint. Showing anything but restraint is what is difficult for Rafe. "Will is living there," says Sami, "Johnny and Sydney will be visiting there, so I think living there for a while would help me protect them. And I'll be there when Johnny and Sydney visit."

"If you say so," drones Mr. Restraint.

Rafe may be showing restraint, but not Sami. She turns the hysteria up a notch, "I'm not stupid! I'm not an idiot!"

"In that case," says Rafe, "You've got everyone fooled."

"I know moving into the DiMera mansion is insane," she wails.

"I get it," says Rafe, "You're not stupid and you're not an idiot, you're just insane."

"Will is there," says cries Sami, "I'm scared. Kate is there and she and I go way back and she will turn my son against me."

"Isn't he living there because he already turned against you," asks Rafe.

"Who asked you?"

"Will is a smart kid," says Rafe.

"I don't think I have a choice," says Sami, "My back is against the wall. There is no tomorrow. It's third and long. I'm between a rock and a hard place. I'm under the gun. I have to go out there and win one for the Gipper. No guts no glory."

Brady says he's seen Nicole keep her cool under worse circumstances. Nicole panics and says she needs an alibi. Brady tells her to stop it, "He's not saying you did it he's saying you hired someone to do it, so an alibi wouldn't do you any good."

Arianna continues to soak it in as Nicole gets sarcastic with Brady. She backs off, "Maybe I should leave town — that's what everyone wants, right?" She walks off.

Hope tells EJ the perp emptied his ATM account. She wonders if Nicole has the number. EJ says no. Hope vows to get the guy.

Baker packs as Nicole comes on TV promoting her upcoming report on victims of the serial mugger. He flicks the TV off, "And I thought you were crazy, Nicole. You're a poster child for mental health compared to the detective from Pluto."

Will and Chad continue to study. Things aren't going well and Chad decides they need Mia to help them. Will refuses to study with her.

Mia comes in. The new kid asks if she wants a coffee. "Not a coffee," says Mia, "but I do want something."

Madeline and Stefano bump into each other at the pier. Stefano growls, "Next time I ask to meet with you I suggest you don't ignore me."

"There won't be a next time," says Madeline.

"You're right," says Stefano, "There won't be." With dialog like this, I'm sure silent movies are on the verge of a comeback.

Hope says money seems to be the motive for the muggings. "Nicole certainly loves the stuff," says EJ. Hope thinks he was ambushed by someone shorter than he is. "A woman," asks EJ.

"Or Lucas."

EJ thinks Nicole was involved. Hope vows to check it out.

Arianna comes up to Brady. He says she didn't know she was there, "I'm Nicole's friend."

"And a good one," says Arianna, "You were warm and caring and gave good advice."

"And since that advice was to leave town," says Brady, "you're hoping she takes it."

"I don't just love you," says Arianna, "I like you." She moves in. The patients all gather 'round and watch the show, grateful to have some entertainment since cable TV in the hospital is on the fritz.

Sami says if she moves into the DiMera mansion she isn't going to start second guessing herself. Rafe gets a call as Sami second guesses herself. "I'll be on the next plane out," says J. Edgar Loser. He gets off the phone and says he has to go somewhere for work. He asks her to delay her decision until he gets back.

"When will that be," asks Sami.

"I don't know."

"I'm not putting my life on hold for 'I don't know,'" says Sami, "I'm going to see EJ. Bon voyage." She leaves.

Rafe stares, "I can't tell her. She'll just tell EJ."

Back at the Java Café, the new guy asks, "So, you want me to kiss you?"

"Sounds like a plan," chirps Mia.

"Wow," says the new guy, "My day is picking up." He plants one.


The new guy reels backwards, "What was that for?"

Will breaks in, "It was for our benefit. She thinks we'll flip out with jealousy."

The new guy staggers away from Mia, "Get back on your meds."

Mia says she didn't do it for their benefit and doesn't care what they think.

Maddie says she doesn't want anything to do with the DiMeras. Stefano rages, "You came to my house and threatened my wife! Dear lady, you made a big mistake."

Kate stands in the rumpus room and pours herself a drink. Suddenly, she gasps and looks at her hands...


Blood on her hands — Oh, the metaphor!

Kate looks down at her hands again and the blood is gone. Will comes in and asks if something is wrong. Kate insists everything is OK. He tells her the study group broke up. Kate thinks it's good if he doesn't spend too much time with Chad.

Madeline tells Stefano, "If you ever mention the past you'll suffer and you know that's the truth.

Hope finds Nicole waiting at the elevator, "I think it's interesting the attack on EJ was the most personal of all." Nicole brushes it off as Hope asks where she was last night. Nicole ignores that, too as the elevator comes. The doors open. Hope says they have to continue the conversation at the station and she gets on the elevator with Nicole.

"I don't care if it is an elevator," says Nicole, "We're not having sex."

Baker finishes packing, "Sayonara, Salem."

Sami is in EJ's room and has brought him a milkshake. He tells her lying there he's had time to think, "I'm lucky you showed up when you did. "

"EJ, don't..."

"I wonder what would have happened to me if you hadn't shown up."

Sami thinks the conversation is becoming morbid. EJ says he now realizes how important the children are, "So... did you figure out if you want to come and live with me?"

Rafe sits in the cop-shop looking into a computer. An officer walks up, "So, you had face time with this DiMera dame?"

"Yeah," says Rafe, "She lied right to my face." He computes, "Oh, yeah, that's her, isn't it? It looks like the elusive Anna and I will have another face to face. This time you're gonna tell me the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So help me God.

God interrupts, "Don't get me mixed up in this."

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Botox Party

Roman is at the police station with the cop who found EJ. Hope joins them. Roman thanks the cop for helping as Hope and he head for the clue board. Since this is the place where the SPD collects its clues, the board is blank. Roman says, "I want this case solved."

"Wow," says Hope, "You are one tough boss."

Baker tosses and turns. He dreams about mugging EJ. Suddenly he wakes as he hears Nicole's voice, "You can run But you can't hide."

Even though it's "Green Week," Baker apparently has left his TV on all night, burning your energy and mine, and turning the earth into a cesspool of waste. Nicole appears on screen, "I'm Nicole Walker and I don't take no for an answer..."

Baker turns off the TV, "Nicole — a TV reporter. That's like Paris Hilton being a life coach. But my slush fund in the Caymans is no longer anemic. Bless you EJ."

Arianna joins Nicole at the Java Café and they start sniping at each other. Arianna gives Nicole her next assignment from Frank, "The zoo. Frank thought it would be cute to see you shoveling in the elephant cage."

"Tell Frank to forget it," says Nicole. Serendipity once again strikes in Salem and they each simultaneously get a text and find out that EJ was attacked. Nicole says, "I think EJ's ex-wife should get the story."

"Sami isn't even a reporter," says Arianna.

Lexie comes in to see EJ who vows the person who did this will pay.

Chad and his mom meet at the pier. Madeline gives him the keys to her car. She thinks this will help raise his grades. Obviously, Maddie doesn't have much memory of what happens when you mix a teenage boy and a car, known in some circles as a motel room on wheels. Chad thinks his dad will not like this but is grateful, "Awesome, thanks." Mia calls and tells him study group will not be at Kinzie's house, "Her mom is having a Botox party, so the group will be at the DiMera mansion. I have to work and won't be there, so maybe I'll see you later."

Chad growls, "Maybe not." He probably forgot he now has access to a car with a huge back seat.

Chad hangs up. Madeline says she overheard and forbids Chad to go to the DiMera house.

Roman asks if Hope has talked to Bo. She hasn't. Roman is sorry about that. Bo isn't. Somewhere in the process of all this spine-tingling excitement, Hope has spilled her pills and starts to pick them up as Julie walks in and asks if she's OK.

Lexie advises EJ to let the police handle the mugging, "Don't go all Sonny Corleone about this." She reminds him Hope is on the case and wants to talk to him. EJ says he doesn't remember anything about the mugging. He has Dazenesia. He is, however certain the same person is doing all the muggings.

Hope tells Julie she's had trouble sleeping. She assures Julie the pills are not addictive. Julie lectures her and says all sleeping pills are addictive, at least psychologically if nothing else. She suggests Hope find another way to solve her problem. Hope suggests a flying leap. She changes the subject and thanks Julie for taking Ciara last night. Julie says Ciara is a little piece of heaven and she doesn't have to thank her. Hope gives her the eyebrow and tells her the little piece of heaven got caught stealing at school, "If she tells you Justin will be her daddy — I didn't say it."

"I don't know," says Julie, "Kids are like little sponges. They sop up whatever is around them."

Hope gasps, "Are you saying I am the problem?"


Arianna doesn't think management will let Nicole interview her ex-husband, "And I don't think EJ would want you interviewing him." Nicole suggests Arianna go in and convince EJ to let her do it. Arianna resists but Nicole threatens to tell the boss. Arianna caves and goes for the car.

Julie stops lecturing Hope about pills and starts lecturing about her mothering skills, "I think Ciara wants attention. When I was a kid, I shoplifted so I could get attention. Also so I could get clothes and jewelry." Hope wonders what to do. Julie says, "Put your daughter first or you will regret this for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Nicole and Arianna arrive at the hospital. Arianna heads in to see EJ. Lexie finds Nicole and tells her she has a hell of a nerve to show up there.

Arianna comes in and asks EJ if he's up for a visitor, "So... you were mugged."

"No," says EJ, "I slammed my head into the butt of a gun and threw my wallet into the river."

EJ thinks it's sweet of her to come and visit him. Arianna says, "You won't think it's so sweet when you find out why I'm here. In fact, you're probably gonna get out of that bed and throw me out."

Will is at the DiMera mansion with Kate. He tells her Kinzie and T-Man and Chad will be there to study, but not Mia.

Kate practically has a cow, "Chad Woods? As in DA Woods?"

"Yes," says Will, "Is that a problem?"

Kate says, "I don't have a problem with Chad Woods, but I do have a problem with his parents. They prosecute and sentence me for prostitution on occasion."

Madeline doesn't want Chad meeting at a mob boss' house. Chad wonders why his mom was upset when she saw Kate, "Is this something personal with Kate?"

Doc Baker sits at the bar in the Cheatin' Heart. Big Bernie comes up and slaps him on the back, "Where is the money you owe me?"

Baker acts like he's happy to see him, "Bernie — I was going to call you but I've been out of town."

"Don't they have phones out of town?"

"Mine was on 'roam' and I didn't want the extra charges," says Baker.

"Oh," says Bernie, "I guess I can understand why you didn't call if you were in Rome."

Julie suggests Hope take a leave of absence. Hope thinks that would send the wrong message to Ciara, "I wouldn't want her to think I cared enough about her to make her a priority over my job."

"Everything in her world has changed," says Julie.

"I haven't," says Hope, "I'm still the same old battleaxe I always was."

Julie wants to know if Justin is a part of this non-change. Hope insists not.

Lexie just can't believe Nicole has the guts to show her face in town. Nicole snorts, "You're judging me after the things you have done? You took Abe's son to bed to get back at Abe. At least I'm not doing something behind someone's back." Lexie backs off of her holier-than-thou attitude.

Arianna tells EJ she's now working for Titan TV and is there with the reporter she's assigned to. EJ doesn't understand why that would cause him to want to kick her out. Arianna tells EJ the reporter is Nicole, "Wanna throw me out now?"

Will wonders what Chad's parents did to Kate. Kate says the DA tried to convince the world she tried to poison Chloe, "We need to stick together."

"I'm not a DiMera."

"You're my flesh and blood," says Kate. The DA and his wife like to go after powerful people. I wouldn't rule out them coming after you."

Madeline says it's not just Kate, "And, yes, my feelings about this are personal. Your father and I are on the side of the law, but the DiMeras want to make up their own laws."

Chad asks, "So this is because it would be bad for you and dad politically?" Madeline says she doesn't want him meeting there and puts her foot down. Chad agrees and calls Will. He asks if they could have the group meet someplace else. Will agrees to do it at the Java Café. Madeline thanks Chad and they share a hug. Chad leaves.

Madeline drones, "I know you're angry but you'll get over it. The DiMeras could ruin everything." Even after all these years. Translation: The writers are rewriting history again.

Julie thinks Ciara may be trying to tell Hope she needs a man in her life. Hope insists she's an independent woman, "I don' need no stinkin' man."

"You got rid of the stinkin' man," says Julie, "His name was Bo. So, is there something between you and Justin?"

Hope says she isn't ready to think about that. Julie reminds Hope she's (say it with her) there for her and leaves.

Baker claims he's been thinking of getting in touch with Bernie. Bernie makes threats.

Chad shows up at the Java Café. Will drags in, but without T-man and Kinzie. Mia beams, "This is great! Just the three of us!"

Arianna explains to EJ what has happened with the station, Cece and Nicole and how the job came about. EJ wonders if they sent Arianna in there to soften him up, "What happens if I refuse to do the interview."

"Nicole will start making stuff up on the air like she did with Abe. Give it a fighting chance." Arianna backs off and starts to leave. EJ stops her.

Will leaves to try to contact T-Man and Kinzie. Mia suggests she and Chad hang out. Chad don' wanna. Dejected Mia drags off. Will comes back and asks what that was about, "I thought you and Mia were together."

Chad growls, "You got it wrong."

Madeline shows up at the DiMera mansion. Kate answers and Madeline hisses at her, "I am putting you on notice!"

Dr. Suwhateverachemin comes in to see Hope. Hope tells him she spilled her bottle-o-pills and they are now most likely contaminated with SPD cooties and she wants a new prescription. Doc Justrytopronouncemyname no can do.

EJ does a 180° and tells Arianna to send Nicole in. Arianna goes out and tells Nicole EJ will do the interview. She tells her to go easy on EJ. Gruff Nicole busts into EJ's room.

EJ sees her, "Hello, Nicky."

Nicole says, "Looks like someone got what's coming to him."

"So that's the way it is," says EJ.

"What do you want, a tribute," asks Nicole, "I have heard what Sami and you said about me. Now it's my turn."

Arianna come in and overhears the bickering, "OK... This interview is over. Nicole, I am going to save you from yourself."

"Who's going to save me from the trite clichés," asks Nicole.

"If you start in on him," says Arianna, "I'm leaving and taking the camera with me."

Nicole turns to EJ, "Looks like you have a protector. I'll play nice." Arianna sets up.

Nicole gives her intro, "I'm Nicole walker, your roving reporter. EJ DiMera is the 4th rich and powerful man to be robbed in Salem in the last week." She asks what EJ remembers. EJ says he remembers there was more than one person involved. Nicole asks if he can identify the person. EJ says he won't stop until he tracks that person down.

Bernie shakes Baker down. Baker says he'll have the money after he gets in a high stakes poker game. Bernie suggests, "It's hard to play poker when you don't have any hands." Baker empties his wallet and gives Bernie a wad-o-cash as a down payment. Bernie leaves. "On to Plan B," says Baker, "Where is that dark-eyed lady." Seeing no dark-eyed lady, Baker drops Plan B and moves on to Plan 9 — From Outer Space.

Hope tells Dr. YouwannemIgotem~ she spilled the prescription. The doc says, "If I write you a second prescription, the insurance company won't pay for it."

"Nobody expects insurance companies to pay for anything anymore," says Hope, "I'll pay myself. I'm separated from my husband. I have a child to support. I'm living on a cop's salary. I'm rolling in dough." Hope claims she's not abusing them. The doc caves in and writes the prescription. He asks for the other bottle in exchange. Hope gives it to him and says the stuff works. He asks her about her dreams and Hope describes that dream every student and former student has ever had. You're in college. The big exam is coming up. You haven't attended classes or studied. You still have lots of time left to study, but DOOL is on and you'd rather watch that instead.

"Frustration dreams," says the doctor with the unpronounceable name. Blagojevich... that's it... Blagojevich. Hope says with the pills she's still dreaming but doesn't remember them.

Chad tells Will when he found out Mia was playing them both, it was over between them. Will says he used to think Mia was sweet but now knows she's not. Chad says he knows he should have (say it with him) been there for her with the baby, but wasn't.

Mia watches, "They're talking about me. Chad, you still want me and I know how to make you see that. If you only had a car with a big back seat."

Madeline says to tell Will to avoid Chad, "Stay away from my family, Kate, or I'll make sure your pretty little life comes crashing down."

EJ says he hasn't given the police a statement. Nicole asks for a description of the mugger. "It was a man," says EJ, "He seemed familiar." He says he thinks it's someone trying to settle a score.

Nicole asks, "Do you know who?"

"As a matter of fact, Nicky, this person was an associate of yours."

Hope walks by the pier and talks on the phone. Baker finds her, "I've been looking all over for you."

Hope squinches her forehead, "I'm sorry. Do I know you?" Baker squinches back.

Hope suddenly thinks she's being mugged. She pulls out her gun, points it directly at his face and fires. A huge carp surfaces belly-up in the river with a bullet through its brain.

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Monday, April 26, 2010


Vivian is with Carly at the hospital blaming Carly for the mess that is Chloe's life.

Inside Daniel's hospital room, guilt-ridden Chloe can't take it any more. She breaks down and shouts, "I AM SO SORRY! PLEASE FORGIVE ME!

"For what," asks Melanie.

"I almost started to sing something," says Chloe, as she has a fleshback to her little peccadillo with Philadillo.

Nathan and Stephanie are at the Cheatin' Heart having a couple brews. Stephanie says she's having a great time on her date. "I can guess why," says Nathan, "A certain someone isn't here with us." Nathan has all the confidence of a guy about to jump out of a plane using a hankie for a parachute.

Rafe shows up at the DiMera mansion and Stefano welcomes him. Stefano says he's concerned about Sami coming to live there, "I thought we should discuss it. Rafe says his situation with Sami is none of Stefano's business. "What," asks Stefano, "You don't love her any more?"

Sami attempts to help EJ. She searches for a cell phone to call for help, but can't find either hers or his. She says she has to go for help. EJ doesn't want her to do that, "You stay here." He mumbles and starts to get up. They fall into each other's arms. Closer... Closer... Closer...

Stefano asks again if Rafe has feelings for Sami. Rafe thinks Stefano is really asking if Sami moves in, will Rafe make trouble, "Next time you have a dumb question use the phone." Stefano says he's the head of the family and has to be aware of everyone's feelings. Rafe assumes it's EJ that wants Sami to move in. He can't understand why EJ wants to be there since he hates Stefano's guts. I can answer that," says Stefano, "One big happy family — Familia feliche."

"No thanks," says Rafe, "I already ate. What I want to know is why did EJ change his mind?"

Sami screams for help. She turns back to EJ and begs him to wake up, then panics and calls for help again. Sami takes panic to new levels as Rudyard Kipling walks by crafting a poem, "If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs..." He see's Sami swirling into the abyss of hysteria, "Oh, hell, forget it. It was a bad idea for a poem anyway."

Carly insists she hasn't done anything to Chloe. Vivian, naturally doesn't agree and they bicker, "This is all about you, you homewrecker!"

Daniel breaks in and asks what Chloe did. Phillip steps in, "She didn't tell you?"

Chloe tosses her big mouth into the ring, "Daniel, I'm sorry, but you need to hear the truth."

Stefano pontificates, "Time heals all wounds, or is it time wounds all heels..."

Rafe says this doesn't have anything to do with time, "EJ did a complete 180°." Stefano claims his illness had something to do with EJ's about-face. Rafe doesn't agree, "If EJ knew you were at death's door he'd grab a shovel and start digging."

Sami performs CPR and screams, "You are not going to die, EJ. You are not dying. Don’t you dare die on me, EJ!" CENSORED.

Sami dives in with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. EJ gasps and breathes.

Phillip gives Chloe a look that could kill. Not surprisingly, she decides what she was going to say was not important. Daniel tells her to go ahead anyway.

"Phillip and I are old friends," says Chloe, "Friends with benefits. I told him about our fight. He told me how upset he was." Magnanimous Daniel stops her and takes all the blame, "I'd like to have a do-over."

Phillip looks at Chloe's boobs, "I'd like to have a do-over myself."

Daniel turns to Phillip, "I just want to thank you for (say it with him) being there for Melanie."

"Well," says Phillip, "Look at that. All of our problems got worked out." Tra-la, tra-la.

Nathan says Melanie told him what she wrote in that letter. Stephanie is on the edge of her seat, "And..."

"And...," says Nathan, "she made it clear that she and Phillip are 100%, and I know I'm over her."

Stefano says he and EJ put their differences aside for the children. He says they also agree Samantha is an unfit mother, "She's impulsive and lies at the drop of a hat."

"There aren't enough hats in Salem for that," says Rafe.

Stefano says his grandchildren come first, "So if that means Samantha lives here so we can keep an eye on things... so be it."

Doc Baker twirls EJ's platinum card and flashes back to the mugging, "If he never wakes up I'm home free. Either way the money is there." He makes a call, "Santos, it's Dick Baker. I need you to hack in and get a bank card PIN number. The card is in the name of... Elvis DiMera."

Sami whines and blathers. She assures EJ they will get help. He tries to get up and they again slip into each other's arms. This time... they kiss. Out in the audience, the sun comes out on the Ejami side. Birds chirp and flowers bloom. The Safe's throw tomatoes.

For the Ejamis, I'll include the kissing scene in today's Prevuze II. Don't worry, Safe's, we'll do something for you later as the writers continue to whipsaw the viewers. For the Lumis... some things are better left unsaid.

Phillip suggests maybe Melanie and Daniel need some time alone. He invites Chloe to the Java Café. As she leaves Daniel tells Chloe not to worry any more about the vision thing. She and Phillip hightail it.

Outside, Phillip gets a call from Shanghai. He leaves to take it and Chloe walks up to Carly. She says she's sorry for what she said earlier. No prob for Carly. Vivian listens. Chloe thanks Carly for saving Daniel's career. Carly insists it was Dr. Yang and they form a lifelong friendship right on the spot.

Stephanie says she's trying to believe Nathan. Nathan insists Stephanie is in his heart as Adrienne walks up. She tells them Justin recovered from the mugging, "Not that I'm in the loop." Nathan goes for more beer. Adrienne gushes over their relationship and Stephanie tells her Nathan's thing for Melanie has played itself out. Translation: Nathan and Melanie will set a wedding date just as soon as she finds out what Phillip did and kicks him to the curb.

Sirens sound in the background as Sami grabs herself a heapin' helpin' of EJ. EJ grabs back. Sami comes up for air and calls for help, "We're over here!"

An EMT tech comes up and calls, "Mobile 62... Mobile 62, I need an ambulance at pier 16." An ambulance comes careening down the dock and splashes into the river.

Stefano and Rafe say... not much new. Rafe says, "I know the real reason that EJ wants Sami back."

Daniel asks what happened between Melanie and Phillip. Melanie tells him about telling Phillip about her feelings for Nathan, and the fact that Phillip saw Nathan kiss her, "It was a goodbye kiss but Phillip thought it was a 'hello there' kiss. Melanie says she assured him she has no more feelings for Nathan, "I think it made our marriage stronger."

Phillip and Chloe are at the Java Café. Phillip says he's glad Chloe didn't say anything, "What a mistake!"

Chloe asks, "What were we thinking?"

"Thinking," says Phillip, "I knew there was something we forgot to do. Melanie told me everything." Chloe says she also knows Daniel wasn't at a motel with Carly. She wonders who was feeding her lies. They agree their little tryst can never come out.

Vivian and Gus are back at the Kiriakis mansion. Vivian is upset because things aren't working out the way she wants.

Rafe's attention span is shorter than a gnat's tail, so we don't learn the real reason he thinks EJ wants Sami back. We do learn Rafe thinks Sami won't be at the DiMera mansion long if she goes there to live. Stefano says they will do everything they can to have her stay. EJ thinks the whole thing doesn't add up, "You've got something on EJ. What is it?"

They wheel EJ into the hospital. Sami tells Lexie EJ was attacked. Lexie goes into action. EJ survives anyway. He lies on his gurney and moans, "Samantha..."

Stephanie says Nathan knows all about the letter and Adrienne says she hopes things work out. She also tells Stephanie she and Justin are over. Nathan comes back with the beer. He gets a call from the hospital and goes off to take it. Adrienne says she thinks Stephanie really has it bad. "We're on the right track," says Stephanie, "There is no doubt in my mind."

"If there were doubt in your mind," says Adrienne, "It would be very lonely."

Daniel thinks Melanie made her marriage stronger by being honest. He gives Maggie credit for teaching Melanie to do that. Melanie protests, "But you're honest and open."

"I am no saint," says Daniel, "I've made mistakes. In fact, the biggest mistake I ever made is in the room with me right now."

Phillip and Melanie discuss the difference between right and wrong. Finding no significant difference, they change the subject as Carly walks in. Phillip decides to get to the hospital and check on Melanie. He leaves and Carly tells Chloe she looks upset. Is everything OK?

Stefano says EJ is moving back in because they are family. "You got that right," says Rafe, "The Addams Family."

Lexie calls Stefano and tells him about EJ's injuries. Stefano tells Rafe about the attack and they both leave.

Baker tries to convince Santos to hack into EJ's account.

EJ groans and holds his head. He asks what happened and Sami tells him he was attacked. EJ has no memory of it. He says he remembers Sami being there, and thanks her for her help.

Sami smiles, "You're already showed me your gratitude." EJ doesn't remember. Sami flashes back to the kiss and sighs.

Stephanie and Adrienne talk about her relationship with Nathan. Stephanie assures her, "He's the one."

Adrienne asks, "And what was it you said about Jeremy?"

Stephanie thinks for a minute, "I said he's the one."

Adrienne asks, "And what did you say about Max?"

"He's the one."

"And Phillip?"

"He's the one."

"And the Salem U Men's lacrosse team?"

"I get your point," says Stephanie.

Stephanie changes the subject and insists Adrienne and Justin are soul mates. Without a soul. Adrienne advises Stephanie not to let Nathan go. Nathan comes back and says he has to go back to the hospital. He promises to make it up to Stephanie. They share a kiss 'n go. As Nathan walks out, Stephanie looks at a hot guy playing pool across the room, "Maybe he's the one."

Phillip comes in to see Daniel. Melanie has gone to get something so Phillip and Daniel have a little chat. Daniel tells him Melanie told him the truth and he doesn't have to walk on eggshells. That's not exactly eggs Phillip has stepped in. Daniel says, "No father ever thinks any guy is good enough for his daughter, even if he's only known she's his daughter for about fifteen minutes, but you come pretty close. Treat her right just like you did tonight. Hurt her and I'll break your neck."

Robert De Niro walks into the room, "It goes like this..." He holds up two fingers and points them toward his eyes, "I am watching..." He points the two fingers toward Daniel, "YOU!"

Vivian worries, "If Chloe tells Carly what I did... I can't let that happen."

Carly says she thinks Chloe seemed tense when she came in. She advises her to put the argument with Daniel behind her. The hospital calls and Carly has to get back. She leaves. Chloe stares.

Stefano finds Lexie at the hospital. She tells him about the attack on EJ. Rafe stands in the background and watches.

EJ asks how he showed Sami his gratitude. Sami brushes it off as Rafe sticks his head in the door.

Vivian decides she'll have the nurse and the hotel clerk eliminated, then changes her mind, "My goose is cooked." Then she has an epiphany, "Brilliant! I've nailed it, Gus. I've nailed it."

Adrienne tells Stephanie she is glowing. Stephanie says, "I know he doesn't love me the same way I love him but I think he's heading that direction. We are on our way."

Outside, Chloe calls Phillip. She thanks him. "Yeah," says Phillip, "We dodged a bullet tonight. We have to keep it quiet."

"Right," says Chloe, "If Daniel found out I slept with you, that would be the end of us... Of me." Nathan stands behind her and soaks it in.

Baker makes a call, "This is Robert Bishop. I'd like to transfer money from a PIN protected account. I have the number and the PIN right here."

Stefano says he doesn't want to go in to see EJ while Sami is there. He's angry the police can't find the perp, "The competence in the Brady police force is overwhelming. Whoever is doing this will dread the day he crossed paths with the DiMeras."

Lexie is stunned, "Even if you're being sarcastic, that's the first time the word competence and the SPD have ever been mentioned in the same sentence."

EJ says his curiosity is getting to him and wants to know how he showed Sami his gratitude. Sami brushes it off. She says she was terrified and if something had happened to EJ, she doesn't know how that she would explain that to her kids. Rafe watches as EJ caresses her cheek, "Don't worry. I'm not going anywhere."

"That's the best news I've had all week," says Sami. Dejected Rafe tucks his tail between his legs and walks off.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Gospel According To Prevuze

I recently saw an interview with a television preacher. (I know, I just lost half the readers, but I think the guy was being sincere so if I haven't lost you, keep reading and see what you think).

The preacher in question, in his kind and sensitive Father Matt tones, said he was disappointed that so many people watch soap operas. Again, before you jump ship on me, let's try to look at this from his point of view.

What he meant was the story lines on soap operas teach bad lessons. I mean, if Days Of Our Lives, for example, has left one of the Commandments unbroken, it must be that undiscovered 11th Commandment. On the other hand, maybe the 11th Commandment is, "Thou shalt not write dull drama by writing stories where none of the other Commandments is broken." I will not even attempt to analyze why the DOOL writers can break all the Commandments and still write dull drama, however.

I will admit (dull plots notwithstanding) DOOL shows bad situations. But I think our preacher friend believes it's a monkey-see-monkey-do kind of thing. So, taking this week's far-fetched Phillip-Chloe romp-fest as an example he might say it teaches viewers if their spouses (let's use the term 'spouses' to avoid any additional baggage) cheat on them, they should get back at the aforementioned spouses by seeking retribution in the form of cheating and retaliation; or, as I prefer to call it, retributory-cheataliation.

Is that what YOU got out of this story line? I doubt it. I've read your posts, comments and bulletin boards and I haven't read a single comment that said Phillip and Chloe did the right thing. So, you may ask, what did we learn? And that, my flock, brings me to the heart of today's sermon.

Follow with me as I read today's scripture from the King James version:

"Romans 12:9 — Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord."

Now, for clarification, let me read the same passage from The Gospel According To Prevuze:

"Romans 12:9 — Hey guys, two wrongs do not make a right. Cool your jets and let me, the Lord, handle things. That's my job, not yours."

And, if you're not scriptured-out, let me add this from the New Revised International Prevuze Edition With Commentary:

"Romans 12:9 — So if you even suspect your spouse, significant other, main squeeze or that special one-night-stand has cheated on you don't retaliate by running out and hammering the first guy or gal you run into. And, by the way, if you do, don't go whining around that you were drunk and thinking that's an excuse. Do that, and you'll wind up getting a few more choice scriptures about the evils of demon rum."

Isn't THAT what you got from this little scenario? And don't you think THAT, in time, is the lesson Chloe and Phillip will learn? Y'ur darn right. All of which goes to prove, contrary to the belief that soap operas are disgusting soft porn, they are little morality plays. In fact...


Thus sayeth Prevuze.

So, my flock, please go out and make it a good weekend. Oh, I just remembered, THAT'S the 11th Commandment.

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Friday, April 23, 2010


Vivian and Gus are in the Kiriakis mansion den as Vivian bustles around and barks orders at him. Gus says he's told Vivian how he feels about her scheme to use Chloe to destroy Carly. Vivian tells him to stop being snippy with her and thinks he's being a naysayer.

Carly is in the hospital room with with Daniel, "I've ruined everything."

Daniel is eloquent, "Huhwha?" Carly watches. Chloe flashes back to her romp with Phillip.

Phillip is in Maggie's kitchen with Melanie. Melanie practically grovels and tells him she wants to be worthy of him. Phillip stammers, "I just wish I had known... before..."

"Before what," asks Melanie, "I'm too late, huh?"

Sami is in her usual panic. She bolts for the door to her apartment but Will stops her from leaving.

Hope conks EJ. EJ drops like a rock. Baker tells her EJ knows him. Hope thinks in that case, they should "take care" of EJ.

Baker gasps, "You're talking about killing a DiMera!"

"I'm not just talking," says macho Hope. She points the gun at EJ's head.

Melanie says she has waited too long to come to her senses. She thinks she's blown things and Phillip doesn't want her any more.

Carly watches as Chloe sits with Daniel. Chloe asks if he's OK and he says his vision is back to normal for now. He wants to know why she says she ruined everything. Chloe stares at Carly.

Baker yells at Hope, "Stop! You can't do this."

"You're right," says Hope. She steps over EJ and hands Baker the gun, "But you can."

Gus says he doesn't understand why Vivian has to destroy Miss Lane's life to get to Carly. Vivian gives him the same convoluted explanation we've heard before.

Chloe says she doesn't understand about the surgery, "When did all this happen?" Daniel says it was tonight and he didn't want to tell her until it was over and have her get her hopes up. He tells her about Carly's role in it, "You got my message, right? You knew I was at the hospital."

Chloe gasps, "God, what have I done?"

Daniel asks, "What have you done?"

Melanie asks if Phillip is going to leave her now, "I wouldn't blame you. I was unfaithful in my heart."

"I was unfaithful with something else," says Phillip.

Melanie rambles, "I wasn't unfaithful physically because that would be unforgivable, but this isn't working." Phillip stops her and tells her she hasn't done anything wrong. Melanie thinks she has been an awful person and St. Phillip has been so wonderful.

Phillip says, "I made a huge mistake."

Back at Sami's place, Johnny has had a bad dream. Sami comforts him. Johnny brats out and says he wants his daddy.

Baker refuses to kill EJ. Hope tells him to go for it. EJ starts to wake up. He moans and groans. Hope slams her foot into his head. Ouch! That one would be worth three points at any distance. EJ goes back to dreamland.

Chloe says Daniel's message got cut off and she didn't understand he was the one who was being operated on, "I feel terrible. I should have been here." Daniel says it's all OK. He says he's sorry about the fight they had. "Me too," says Chloe, "More than you know." Daniel says he overreacted.

They hug each other as Carly watches. "No more tears," says Daniel, "You are here with me now." Carly interrupts and says she has to examine Daniel.

Chloe goes outside and wipes the tears. She takes out her phone, "I have to explain what happened before Phillip blows our secret."

Melanie is confused, "I don't get it. What do you mean you made a mistake." Phillip's phone rings.

Will sits at his computer. Sami comes into the living room. Will quickly hits a few keys and switches from back to his homework. Sami says Johnny is asleep for now. She figures Johnny is more comfortable with EJ than her. Well, duuuhhh... Will, the adult, counsels Sami, the child. Sami worries that Sydney has never called her mama, "I think EJ makes a good point, whether he's being manipulated by Stefano or not, the shuttling of the kids isn't working."

Will gasps, "You're not moving in are you? You can't!"

"I have to do what's best for the kids," says Sami.

"Is that why they're always at the babysitters?"

Hope says she was testing Baker. Apparently he failed since he didn't whack EJ. Baker examines EJ and tells Hope he's a doctor. "What's his prognosis," asks Hopeless.

"That depends on you," says Doc Baker.

"True," says Hope, "If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." She goes thorough EJ's pockets, takes his wallet and leaves.

Sami has a rare brush with logic and wonders why it's OK for Will to live at the DiMera mansion but not her, "We'll talk about that later, but right now I have to figure out what's going on with EJ." She leaves. The part of the schmuck Sami leaves her kids with in today's episode will be played by Will Roberts. Uh... Horton.

Gus gets off the phone and says his sources have informed him Miss Lane has gone to the hospital. Vivian that's that's brilliant, "She wouldn't go at this time of night unless she wanted to give Carly hell." She heads for the hospital so she can watch the show.

Chloe leaves a message for Phillip, "I completely misunderstood what was happening with Daniel." Carly walks up and Chloe wonders if she was eavesdropping.

Phillip says it doesn't matter who is calling, "Nothing is more important than us. In fact, I was just saying that to Chloe earlier when we were sitting naked in her living room. As I said, I made a huge mistake that I will regret for all the Days Of Our Lives. I saw you and Nathan kissing. But before I confronted you, you told me. Your honesty means so much to me and now it's time for me to be honest with you."

Baker is back at the dive. Hope follows, "So you did come back."

Baker says he came back to get his phone, "Did you kill EJ DiMera, you lunatic bitch?"

That don' sit well with Ma Barker. She points her gun at Baker. She fires and blows a huge hole in the door behind her.

EJ lies on the pavement as Sami comes up and finds him, "OMG EJ are you OK?"

"Of course," says EJ, "I was just taking a little nap here in the gutter."

Carly figures Chloe was calling Phillip to have him tell Melanie about Daniel's surgery. Chloe says she's frustrated that she didn't have the right information earlier. I mean it couldn't have been her fault she overreacted and jumped into the sack with Phillip. It was... information underload. Carly thinks Chloe is being too hard on herself. "It would have changed everything," says Chloe.

"You're rattled," says Carly, "and I don't know why."

"Daniel and I had a fight."

"Why are you so upset," asks Carly.

"I'm just trying to figure out what happened," says Chloe. Translation: I'm trying to figure out how to get out of this mess.

"Daniel's vision is corrected and that's happy news," says Carly, "You should go talk to him. We'll talk later." Chloe goes into Daniel's room. Carly stares.

Phillip says he took Melanie and Nathan kissing the wrong way, "I was angry and got drunk and did something stupid." Chloe is something stupid all right.

Melanie thinks she gets it, "OMG! You drove drunk!"

"Yes, but..."

Melanie interrupts, "It's my fault. What if you would have gotten in an accident? I'm just glad you're OK. I don't know what I would do if I lost you."

Melanie's phone rings. It's Carly with the good news about Daniel's surgery. Melanie thanks her for helping her dad and says she'll be down at the hospital soon. She hangs up and tells Phillip, "I have to go down and see him. She said Chloe is with him, too." Those were the magic words. Phillip decides to go to the hospital, too.

Baker apologizes for calling the lunatic a lunatic. Hope says she doesn't need him any more if he isn't going to do what she says. She points her gun at him, "One... two..."



Baker doesn't think that was funny, "Who do you think you are messing with me, you little thief?"

Sami begs EJ not to be dead. He wakes up. Sami asks, "Are you all right?"

"Of course," says EJ, "Except for the fact my head is caved in." Sami asks who did this to him.

Vivian stalks at the hospital and imagines Chloe confronting Carly. In her fantasy, Chloe comes up to Carly and screams, "I've given you enough time you homicidal psychopath! Your life is over!" She stabs Carly with a fingernail file or something. Blood spews.

Melanie and Phillip rush into the hospital waiting area. Carly comes up and points out Daniel's room, which is the same room every other patient is always in.

Vivian watches and wonders, "What the hell is Carly doing here in one piece?"

Phillip and Melanie go into Daniel's room. Phillip and Chloe stare at each other as Melanie rushes up to Daniel.

Hope is amused. Baker isn't. "Lighten up and be a man," says Hope. She says she doesn't want to kill anyone, but wants a partnership with Baker where they knock men out and take their money, "I pick the targets. All men. They'll get what they deserve." If she really wants to torture men, she could marry them.

EJ groans as Sami searches for her phone. EJ tries to focus and remember who hit him. She tells him to calm down. Wow. Sami Brady telling someone to calm down is a real switch.

Daniel tells Melanie the surgery seems to have worked. He notices Melanie has been crying. She tries to brush it off but Daniel wants to know what's happened.

Maxine wonders if things are OK between Carly and Chloe. Vivian takes that as a good sign, "All may not be lost."

Hope asks if Baker is in on the deal. Baker goes through EJ's wallet. Hope tells him to take half the money, but wants to keep the wallet. Baker hands her the wallet, keeps half the cash and also keeps EJ's Platinum Card.

Sami can't find her phone, so she searches for EJ's. She pulls a Dr. Dan and cops a few as she goes through his clothing. She can't find his phone, either, "I'm going for help."

"Don't go," begs EJ, "Please. Just keep searching for my phone. It's got to be down there in my pants somewhere."

Vivian strolls up to Carly, "Rumor has it you wrecked another home. You could probably do it in your sleep couldn't you?"

Daniel wants to talk about it. Phillip suggests Chloe and he should give Daniel and Melanie some privacy. Melanie says she can say it in front of them, "We're family... Phillip and I kind of had a fight. Not really a fight, but we got things out in the open."

Chloe assumes the worst. She figures Melanie knows all. She bawls, "I'm so sorry! Please forgive me!"

Hope comes into her bedroom and puts EJ's wallet in her souvenir wallet box. Then she gets in bed.

Baker twirls EJ's Platinum Card, "I'd better work fast before that Limey bastard wakes up and remembers me."

Sami says she has to go for help. EJ doesn't want her to do that, "You stay here." He mumbles and starts to get up. They fall into each other's arms. Closer... Closer... Closer...

Out in the audience, the Ejami section joins in a mass SQUEEEEE...

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bastard Two-Timing Son Of A...

Rafe sleeps. Rafe dreams of romping with Sami. Suddenly he jumps and wakes up.

Sami is with EJ in her living room. She gasps, "You want us to move in with you? OMG! That is completely insane. Stefano and Kate live there!"

"I understand it has it's drawbacks," says EJ, "but it also has advantages." They step all over each other arguing. EJ asks Sami to listen to reason. He probably has a better chance of getting the laughing penguin to listen to reason.

Maggie comes home and finds Melanie in her kitchen. Melanie is distracted and Maggie wants to know what is wrong. "Nothing," says Melanie, "Phillip and I are gonna finally be happy."

Chloe starts to leave her apartment but bumps into Phillip as she opens her door. Phil spills his guts, "My wife is in love with another man."

Daniel is in his hospital room with Maxine and Carly. He wants to call Chloe, moves to get his phone and has a spell.

Phillip drinks and dumps, "My marriage was a lie. A complete and total sham."

Chloe insists, "You were just following your heart."

"Actually," says Phillip, "I was following another body part and, by the way, I have precious few of them left."

Chloe thinks she is in the same boat, "Someone else has Daniel's heart — the mother of his child. What a coincidence. They are both cheating on us. Carly and Daniel are at a sleazy motel right now having sex."

Hope and Baker sit together at a dive having a drink.

Sami blows her world-class stack, "I never will live in that house with your father."

"He babysits," EJ reminds her.

"I'll pack my bags."

EJ tells her Stefano is sick, but Sami thinks that doesn't change his character. EJ says a person makes changes when he doesn't have a lot of time. Sami doesn't want to hear it, and she doesn't want to live at the DiMera mansion. Period. EJ says Stefano is not responsible, "Nicole and Dr. Baker are. You need to do this to make it right."

Dr. Baker asks, "What is your name?"

Hopeless is coy, "Why do you care?"

"Well," says Baker, "I thought before I invited you up to my room..."

Hopeless cuts him off, "Excuse me, big guy, I'm not interested in that kind of action. I had a lucky night and you didn't. It's always good to have another stream of income, don't you agree? I can help you out. I like to rescue people. That's what I do. You need to help me, too. You need to follow through."

"Following through is what I do," says Baker, "Y'know, there are people who think I'm dead."

"I'm guessing those are the women who have accepted your invitation to come up to your room."

Stefano is with Will in the rumpus room. He asks how Will likes living at the mansion. Will gives him the typical teen-grunt response, "Fine." Will says he also liked Johnny and Sydney sleeping over. Stefano tells him to get used to that.

EJ tries again to make a case for Sami moving in. Sami continues to resist. She says she's come to terms with the fact that she is alone.

Rafe tosses and turns. He gets up. Exciting stuff, eh?

Carly sedates Daniel and tells him to watch the physical exertion. She says he can call Chloe later.

Phillip and Chloe drink away their marital problems. She tells him about the surgery mixup and the Mercer Motel. "Like father like daughter," says Phillip, "We've been played for fools." Hey, if the shoe fits...

Rafe shows up at Sami's place. He says he wants to finish their conversation about Anna. EJ interrupts. Rafe offers to come back.

Melanie tells Maggie Nathan came over and said he still has feelings for her. Melanie says she told Nathan she is committed to Phillip. She admits she still has feelings for Nathan, though. Maggie 'splains that commitment and love are two different things. Melanie insists things are working with Phillip, but doesn't think Nathan gets it, "He kissed me... he kind of took me by surprise. But it was kind of like closure. Even though I hate that word."

Phillip rambles, "Melanie was supposed to be the one. I gave her everything, and this is what she does to me." Chloe says Melanie doesn't deserve Phillip. Phillip thinks he deserves something himself and he moves in on Chloe.

Daniel has gone to la-la land, "You slipped me a roofie." Drowsy Dan slurs something about calling Chloe and Carly offers to dial for him.

Meanwhile, Phillip is doing more than dialing. Chloe pushes him away, "What are we doing?"

"I don't know," says Phillip, "And I don't care." He attacks her. Chloe counter-attacks.

Stefano and Will play chess and Stefano puts Will in checkmate. Will is impressed, "What are you — like a grand master?"

"No," says Stefano, "I'm just a hustler with tricks up his sleeve." Will says he doesn't understand what Stefano said about Sydney and Johnny being there, since Sami hates Stefano so much. Stefano says life is complicated and things can change at the blink of an eye. On DOOL, it can take months for someone to blink.

EJ leaves and asks Sami to think about his offer. That piques Rafe's interest. Sami tells him about the offer to move in. Rafe almost shows emotion, "You're not considering this? Have you lost your mind?"

"Can't lose what you don't have," says Sami.

Baker says he thinks Hopeless is playing with him, "Is this a game?"

Hopeless pulls out her pistol, "Does this look like a game?"

Halfway across the world in Bora-Bora, Kayla ducks.

Melanie whines, "The saga of Nathan and Melanie is over." Maggie says she's impressed with Melanie's maturity. Melanie says she has to tell Phillip about it, "I want to be open and honest with him for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Carly texts Chloe for Daniel.

Chloe's phone sits on the table and buzzes. Chloe is too busy to answer, if you catch my drift.

Chloe and Phillip bask in the afterglow of drunken illicit rompification as her phone buzzes. She gets up to check messages. Phillip gets a message too.

Elvis returns and finds Stefano in the rumpus room. He says Sami is considering the offer. Stefano wants to talk strategy. EJ doesn't. Upbeat Stefano serves drinks and says EJ seems distracted. "We could have a snag," says EJ.

"What," asks Stefano.

"Not what," says EJ, "Who."

Sami explains the move-in offer to brick-wall Rafe. He says he will always love her BUT this is time for facts, "EJ is manipulating you. And for whatever reason, you can't see it."

Baker's eyes go wide, "The lady is packing heat."

"I have a gun, too," says Hopeless, "Desperate measures, you know. Shall we take this to the next level? I want to be frank."

"Hi, Frank. I'm Dick."

Phillip checks his text messages and finds a message from Melanie, "Phillip, I need to see you."

He texts back, "I need to see you, too." Phillip gets off the phone and says he's going to go have it out with Melanie. Chloe says she will do the same with Daniel and they agree to check in with each other and trade stories.

Phillip has to go, but consults the Guy Manual for the best way to leave things, "Here's the deal, buddy. You just slammed her, but don't want her to get the idea this is anything permanent. Tell her she's a great person and you're not sorry this happened. DO NOT leave the door open for anything more."

"Phillip turns to Chloe, "You're a great person and I'm not sorry about what happened here." He scoots.

Chloe stares. She's good at that. She picks up a picture of her and Daniel, "You bastard two-timing son of a..." She throws the picture against the wall. It's a girl-throw and the thing doesn't even break.

Baker asks, "So... this idea, when do we get started?"

"You tell me," says Hopeless.

Sami blows yet another stack and insists EJ is not manipulating her, "Life is complicated."

"That's deep," says Rafe. I think he's being sarcastic, but on the other hand, Rafe thinks the baby pool at the Salem Water Park is deep.

Sami says she and EJ are trying to do what is best for the children, "If I was with Sydney all the time maybe she would... stop calling the babysitter mom."

"So," asks Rafe, "you want to move into the mansion so Sydney will call you mama?"

"It's not just a word," says Sami, "I haven't been with her and now I get her back and it's not enough. I want to bond with her. And then ship her off somewhere."

Rafe also consults the Guy Manual, "When you think she's talking nonsense and you don't get it at all, just say you understand. Remember, you understand."

"I understand," says Rafe, "But the DiMera mansion is not the answer. And by the way, Stefano is up to something. He's forcing EJ's hand."

"Stefano is sick," says Sami.

"That's not it," says Rafe, "It's something really bad, deep down. You know I'm right, but I understand." He leaves.

Phillip busts into Maggie's kitchen. Melanie comes in and throws herself at him, "I'm so glad you're home. I have to tell you what happened tonight. I have finally chosen you to be in my heart 100% — just you and only you."

Chloe shows up at the hospital. Carly finds her. Chloe blows up, "You miserable bitch!"

Melanie unloads on Phillip, "I haven't been completely honest with you. Starting with a letter I wrote to Nathan on our wedding day. I am embarrassed and ashamed to say this, I was willing to run away with Nathan on our wedding day. But he didn't get the letter. If you want to leave me I understand. I hope that you don't. You are the only person I want to be with. I realize that now."

Phillip stammers, "Then why... Why now?"

Melanie continues, "Because Nathan came over and I told him the same thing. He kissed me. But it was goodbye."

Maxine wonders why Chloe is talking to Carly like that. Carly busts in and says Daniel had surgery and they think it was successful. Chloe claims she is lying and says she was told Daniel left the hospital. Maxine backs Carly up, "Daniel has been here all night."

"He's been here all night," asks Chloe. Uh-oh.

Rafe sits at the bar in the Cheatin' Heart and gets a call from Stefano.

Will shows up at Sami's. It's a busy place tonight. He asks if Sydney and Johnny will really be at the DiMera mansion all the time, "Stefano hinted at that... what is going on mom?"

Once again, Sami hits critical mass, "Rafe was right! DAMMIT, EJ!"

EJ strolls at the dock. Dr. Baker sees him, "Hey, buddy, I was hoping you could give me directions..."

EJ turns and recognizes him, "You! You're dead!"

Phillip staggers around the room, "Melanie..."

Melanie pours her heart out, "All you need to know is that I love you. I hope I'm worthy of you."

Phillip gasps, "I just wish I had known how you felt before..."

Innocent Melanie asks, "Before what?"

Chloe comes into Daniel's room, "OMG. I should have known..."

Stefano says he has information for Rafe about Sami.

Sami tells Will she has to go talk to EJ and rushes out.

Hopeless slams her gun into EJ's head and he drops like DOOL ratings during sweeps. "That went well," she says.

"No," says Baker, "He knows me... if he wakes up..."

"Maybe we need to make sure he doesn't," says Hopeless.

I was just wondering... what do you suppose Phillip and Chloe will name their kid?"

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