Tuesday, February 28, 2006

I Think You Can See What I've Got

Sami straightens up the couch. She finds Will's cell phone between the pillows. With complete respect for Will's privacy, she reads the message on it. Lucas has left a message saying he has gone on a date with Carrie at Chez Rouge. Austin comes back and he is starved. Sami tells him they have to go out. She doesn't have anything in the apartment to eat after fixing that fine dinner last night, which he missed.

Eugenia meets Lucas and Carrie at Chez Rouge. She's moonlighting there. Actually, Maggie asked her to fill in. She asks if this is a last minute business meeting.

"No, strictly pleasure," beams Lucas, "Carrie and I are on a date."

Billie is on the phone asking Roman to put out an APB on Bo.

The brat comes out dressed to kill. Oops, sorry, poor choice of words. Billie tells her she should stay home tonight. It doesn't look good for her to go out under these circumstances. The brat argues. She knows she doesn't deserve to have fun but she wants to get her mind off things. Billie says, "Think of how this will look to the DA and the judge."

Chelsea gives up the idea of a night on the town. She decides to stay home. Billie suggests they play poker. Then she flashes back to playing poker with Patrick. They are playing for matchsticks. Billie wishes they were playing for money. Patrick says, "I'm willing to raise the stakes if you are, but I'm not thinking of money."

"Rreeaallllyy... I'm game if you are," says Billie.

"Well," says Patrick, "Let's get rid of these matchsticks, and get down to business." Monkey business.

Billie suggests playing something other than poker – maybe canasta. The little snot thinks canasta is boring. Billie tells Chelsea she and Patrick used to play poker.

"You really miss him, don't you," asks the brat.

Patrick remembers Billie as he sits on the plane. She thought they had something special. She was wrong. They are finished.

Hope stares out the window and remembers Bo and Billie in bed. She remembers her conversation with Shawn. A passenger comes up and asks if the seat is taken. Elaine Whitman. She asks if Hope is OK, "You look like you have lost your best friend."

"You don't need to hear my life story," says Hope.

Bo tosses a beer bottle off his cycle. He growls, "How could you take off and not tell me where you are going, Hope?"

Patrick remembers playing poker with Billie. Strip poker. "Let's see what you've got," he says.

Billie sits there half naked. She looks down at herself and says, "I think you can see what I've got!" She wonders why she is all of a sudden losing. Patrick says he is more focused now. She shows him a pair of eights. Patrick puts down a pair of fives. Billie starts to celebrate. Then Patrick puts down another five. She loses.

"Never let it be said I'm a bad sport," says Billie. She starts to take off her top. She has another pair to show him.

Patrick says, "Now, you know what will happen if you do that." Off to the couch.

Back on the plane, Patrick says to himself, "I thought the next time I came back here I'd be bringing you with me. Now that will never happen."

Elaine suggests she and Hope get together on the island. Before Hope can answer, the landing instructions start. Hope flashes back to telling Bo she doesn't want to lose him. Bo vows things will be different, "If two people love each other enough they can make it through anything..." Hope stares out the window.

Billie tells the brat she and Patrick are through. The brat feels horrible about that. She doesn't see why Billie was so hot and bothered by him. Billie says, "For the same reason you were so hot and bothered by him."

The conniving little snot suggests there are other fish in the sea – like Bo. "Patrick was right," says Billie, "Your moral compass is whacked. Bo is married. The only reason you want us together is because it will help your court case."

"There are other reasons," says the snot, "He needs you now. Are you going to do anything about it?" Billie stares.

Bo rides. He remembers saying goodbye to Zack. Oh, the pain!

Carrie excuses herself. Eugenia smacks Lucas and smiles, "You dirty dog... You did it!"

"I am gonna do my best," says Lucas.

Marsha Kelly bumps into Carrie. They worked together at the hospital. "I hear you're dating Kate Roberts' son again," says Marsha, "I always knew you and Austin were soul mates."

Austin doesn't want to go out. Sami says they can order in. Austin changes his mind and says they can go out since she has been working so hard. Where in the world do you suppose they will they go?

Patrick gets up to exit the plane. Elaine tells Hope, "People Magazine's sexiest man of the year is sitting a couple rows in back of us." She looks back. "Oh, darn. He left already."

Mario greets his old buddy Patrick at the gate.

Hope asks the information desk about a rental. She wants something remote, off the beaten path. The attendant shows her a brochure, and points to a place with a private beach. Elaine comes up and says she will see Hope on the shuttle bus. Hope takes the beach house.

Billie tells the brat not to play on her feelings for Bo. They argue. "All you did was try to keep me out of jail," says Kate Jr., "If Hope thinks he's cheating with you its only because you've done it before. He's the only man you've ever loved. And let's face it, you've been with a lot of them." She certainly has a way with words, doesn't she?

"Wow," says Billie, "You really are something. When I think about how happy I was when we found you... You hurt people deliberately. I never thought you would talk to me like that."

The brat lies, "I'm sorry if I hurt you, Mom."

"Are you really," sneers Billie.

"Yes, I am," says the brat, "I realize we haven't had the greatest relationship. I care for you a lot. If I go to jail I'll never really get the chance to know you. I'm just saying if you love Dad as much as I do you should be together."

"It's not that simple," says Billie, "Bo loves Hope. They belong together."

The brat presses, "Are you saying he should be with someone who doesn’t trust him? Hope left him. Dad is all alone. He needs you. You should be there for him."

Bo rides. The cops hear a motorcycle in the distance. Somehow, they figure it has to be Bo. Pete says, "That must be Bo. The captain has an APB out on him." The cops radio in. The dispatcher says they will send someone else after Bo. "He better slow down, it's deadly in this fog."

Evil Knievel Brady crashes.

Carrie tells Marsha she is with Lucas, not Austin. Marsha says, "I still have a knack for putting my foot in my mouth, don't I." Carrie excuses herself. Marsha runs out to tell the town. Carrie and Lucas share an uncomfortable moment back at the table. Carrie doesn't want them to be nervous with each other.

"No," says Lucas, "Being friends makes everything easier."

Sami tries for reservations but can't get one anywhere. She doesn't want to go to Alice's. Austin falls into her trap and suggests Chez Rouge. He goes to dress. Sami says, "Perfect! Now Austin knows it was his idea, and when he sees Lucas and Carrie moving on, he'll know we have to move on too."

Billie says she is concerned about Bo but won't take advantage of the situation. Chelsea thinks she should be with him. Bo needs her, "If you want us to have a relationship, it would help if you and Dad were together."

"Chelsea," says Billie, "We were never together as a family."

"I would think of you both as my parents more if we had that," says the snot.

Billie's phone rings. Roman. He says he would go after Bo himself, but he needs to rest after his night of wild passion with Nicole. Yeah," says Billie, "I got a pretty good idea where he's heading. Thanks." She tells Chelsea she has to go find Bo. Chelsea smiles as Billie runs out.

A man gives Hope a flower which is a sign of rebirth and redemption. Maybe it will help redeem this show. He tells her with his exotic accent, "When someone give this flower to a beautiful visitor like you, it has a special meaning, would you like to know what it is?" Hope stares.

Sami and Austin arrive at Chez Rouge. Sami asks Eugenia if her job at Titan fell through. A few snitty remarks and they head for their table. Austin sees Lucas and Carrie sitting at their table. He tells Sami, "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you set this up." Sami? Set something up? Never!

Carrie and Lucas stare at Sami and Austin. Austin orders wine. Sami says, "This was a bad idea, lets just go."

"No," insists Austin, "Let's stay and have a nice dinner."

Sami says, "Let's just ignore the fact that Carrie and Lucas are on a date."

Austin asks, "What makes you think they are on a date?"

Lucas apologizes to Carrie. He suggests leaving. Carrie says she won't let Sami or Austin ruin the evening. "That's good," says Lucas, "I'm having a great time. I have a confession I want to make. You were my first real love, Carrie... I think I just broke the cardinal rule of dating and scared you away."

"There is a more important rule," says Carrie, "...to be honest. You haven't scared me away."

"I come from a corporate world," says Lucas, "When you negotiate you have to hold information back." A couple months at Titan and he's a corporate tycoon now.

"This isn't negotiating," says Carrie. It isn't entertainment, either. "Would you like to dance?"

Sami and Austin watch. "Maybe they aren't on a date," says Sami.

Eugenia walks by and overhears. She is all-too-happy to tell Sami, "Yes, they are on a date. Lucas told me so himself."

Billie stews as she drives. She tells herself to slow down. She ignores herself. "Oh, no," she gasps, "Bo's motorcycle." She brings her car to a screeching halt.

Sami suggests they go. Austin wants to stay. "Even with Carrie here," asks Sami.

"Lucas is here to," says Austin, "I can handle it if you can."

"What are the odds of running into them," asks Sami.

"In this town," says Austin, "pretty damn good." They toast moving on.

Lucas tells Carrie, "It looks like Sami and Austin are on a date, too."

Mario asks why there is no woman with Patrick. "The opposite sex is a sore subject with me, Mario. There is no one in my life and I figure my house down here is a good place to be alone." They walk behind Hope.

The exotic stranger says, "If a visitor to this island receives this flower from a native she will find love during the stay. It is written. I've never seen it fail."

"I bet you give this to every woman who comes down here," says the skeptic.

"It only grows for a very short time. It is a very rare thing to receive one," says the stranger, "Love is gonna find you while you are on this island." Hope stares, and then dismisses it and walks on.

The brat watches the shopping channel. She searches for her credit card, but finds a picture of Zack, "I never meant to hurt you. I can't make it up but I am trying to change. Then she finds a picture of her and Billie and Bo. "I know this is right."

Billie searches in the snow. She hears a gunshot, and rushes in that direction.

Bo takes a shot of booze, and then fires at a line of beer bottles sitting on a log. Something in the woods behind the bottles rustles and drops. He rushes to see what he hit. "BILLIE," he gasps.

Billie looks up and chokes, "Who the hell do you think you are – Dick Cheney? "


Shawn asks Mimi, "Are you getting cold feet about marrying me?" Pan in on Belle.

Hope tells Patrick, "Bo moved on to someone else, so there is really no marriage for me to go home to."

Lexie watches Tek do a striptease. He comes over to her table as the crowd cheers.

Fireworks go off. Frankie says, "I thought it was us." Jennifer says, "Yeah, me too." Frankie says, "I guess we're not the only ones celebrating tonight." He moves in for the kiss.

Monday, February 27, 2006

I'm Not Getting Drunk – I'm Expanding My Mind

Lucas shows Carrie the ropes at Titan. Carrie is concerned about her Highstyle family, but, hey, it's toast. Lucas assures her Titan is like a family, too, the Sopranos. They go into Victor's office. Carrie tells him HR has set her up and given her a tour.

Victor wants a few moments alone with her. She's looking forward to working for him.

Victor is ominous, "I hope I can say the same."

Carrie asks, "Why do you say that? Did Lucas hire me without your approval?"

"No one does anything at Titan without my approval," growls Victor. He goes through the history of the Highstyle takeover and says he assumes she still has feelings for Austin, "You don't exactly have the reputation of being a corporate barracuda. Hell, you're not even a corporate guppy. My question is, do you have what it takes to go after Austin Reed and Company?"

Austin apologizes that he didn't get back for dinner. Sami assumes its because Kate told him to stay away from her.

Abe wishes he could do more to help John. The shot of whiskey John takes helps some, though. He remembers Alex' threats to Marlena. Abe tells him to slow down on the booze. John can't, "Alex murdered Lois and intends to make Marlena his next victim."

Alex comes up to the penthouse door, "Marlena will pay for what John did to me. And when she pays, he'll pay." He hears Marlena and Belle yakking inside and thinks, "All I need is Marlena's whiney brat in there. Get rid of her, Marlena."

Marlena and Belle keep it up. Marlena keeps pushing her to ditch Phillip and hook up with Shawn. Belle wants to know what if she lost custody of Claire. "That probably doesn't sound crazy to you since you walked away from our family."

Marlena says, all together now, "I will always be here for you. You have to follow your heart. And we both know, your heart belongs to Shawn."

Belle asks, "Do you really love Alex that much?"

"I do," says Marlena, "He was my first husband, my first love. Shawn is your first love. If you want to be with him you have to act now. You always have a choice."

"So do you," says Belle, "I wish you would remember your life with Dad before it's too late for you."

Marlena says, "Even when I do remember, I will choose Alex."

Alex stands outside and smirks, " I think I have done my work well."

Marlena reiterates, "Alex was my first love. I belong with him. And we both know where you belong."

"I can't be there," says Belle, "The asylum is full."

Bonnie can't believe she snagged the world famous Calliope Bradford to plan the wedding.

Shawn returns. Mimi asks if they will have to postpone the wedding. Shawn tells her they will have to have the wedding without Hope, "She is leaving town alone."

Bo searches the airport. Hope waits. Patrick waits. Bo goes up to the counter and asks if Hope is on a flight. The attendant can't give him that information without a warrant or TSA approval.

Abe tells John they don't know that North will kill Marlena. John says Alex confessed about Lois' murder. Abe says maybe North is playing John, "Maybe there is no truth in anything he says."

Alex stews outside the door while Belle and Marlena rehash. Belle says, "If I leave Phillip, what happens to Claire? I don't want her growing up in a tug-of-war. Look at Sami. She still hangs every bad thing in her life over your divorce."

Marlena says, "There are studies showing some kids never get over a parents' divorce and some that show kids shouldn't stay in a bad family situation. There are no guarantees."

Belle says, "I just think Phillip and I should stay together."

"You don't love him the way you love Shawn," says Marlena, "Don't you think you deserve that kind of love. And don't you think your daughter deserves it too."

"It's too late," says Belle.

"Not unless you give up," says Marlena, "But you have to act fast."

Alex comes in. He has brought flowers. He puts them in water. Marlena tells Belle to think about what she said as Belle leaves. "I am so proud of what you have become," says Marlena, "A whiney bowl of mental Jello."

Calliope tells Shawn the mother of the groom must be at the wedding.

"Well this one won't be," says Shawn.

"I'm sorry," says Calliope, "It was just a reflex. I heard about your patents' situation." Calliope introduces herself. Calliope doesn’t know what's going on in Salem, "All these couples breaking up... Marlena and John, Bo and Hope."

Mimi assures Shawn it will all work out. Bonnie suggests crossing Bo and Hope's names off the list since Shawn is not speaking to Bo and Hope is gallivanting.

Shawn picks up a family picture and contemplates it.

Bo argues with the attendant. Cops come up and ask if there is a problem. Then they recognize the Great Commander Brady and back off. He tells them his situation. The boarding call comes for Morgan Island. Hope boards. Patrick gets in the back of the line

Bo tells the cops not to let Hope get on a plane no matter what she says or does.

"Don't talk about my mother like that," says Austin.

Sami apologizes, "But Kate has said worse about me."

Austin insists, "Your name never came up. Not everything revolves around you, Sami."

That's news to Sami, "You know what she did to keep me and Lucas apart. She's probably even talked to Phillip about me."

"She didn't say anything about you," says Austin, "She did seem concerned about Belle and Phillip, though. It's none of our business unless Belle and Phillip make it ours. Let's get to work please."

Carrie agrees, she isn't a barracuda, but she just had a lesson in how to be ruthless – from Austin, "So the answer is yes, I will do what I have to do."

Victor beams, "Well then, welcome to Titan."

Kate is there to see Victor. Lucas tells her he is in with Carrie. He and Carrie will be working side by side. He hopes Kate remembers what they discussed. She has to stay away or she won't see Will again.

"I already talked to Austin about backing off," says Kate, "I want you to have someone who loves you and won't betray you."

"Like Sami did."

"Or like Carrie did to Austin when she ran off with Mike Horton," says Kate.

Victor comes out. He and Kate talk. She needs advice about the Alex/John/Marlena situation.

"My advice is simple," grumbles Victor, "Stay the hell out of it."

Shawn says whatever Mimi decides about the wedding is fine with him. Calliope tells him that is the wrong attitude. She lectures him about the importance of the groom's participation in the nuptials.

Mimi talks to Bonnie. She didn't put Belle and Phillip on the guest list. Mimi thinks they should be invited since they are, after all, the matron of honor and best man. A knock at the door. Belle. Mimi introduces Calliope. Calliope is happy to meet John and Marlena's little girl. John and Marlena's little girl is a bit confused but that's par for the course.

Abe assures John he is on his side, "What if North confessed in order to bait you, so he could get the restraining order?"

"Come on Abe," says John, "I've been around the block a few times. I'm not letting him get away with this."

Alex puts the flowers down. He hopes Belle didn't leave on his account. Marlena loves the flowers. Alex asks how the wedding planning went. Marlena says Calliope knows her so well, she could plan the wedding without her.

Alex asks if Calliope is another advocate for John.

"She did put in her two cents," says Marlena.

"Yes," says Alex, "On my dime."

She hugs him, "Don't you worry baby."

Marlena looks at a family picture, "There must have been something special about my relationship with John. So many people want us back together."

Alex asks her, "Does this mean you are having second thoughts about renewing your vows with me?"

Patrick and Hope just miss each other on the plane.

The TSA has given Bo clearance to board any plane he wants. He asks which one is leaving next. The attendant points and he runs on to the plane.

Li'l ole Carrie is just amazed at Titan's high finances, "The money Titan threw away on these products would have kept Highstyle going for a year."

"Don't do this to yourself," says Lucas, "I want to show you something I am excited about. For every bad idea we have at Titan, we have ten more bad ideas in development."

While Lucas rambles on, Carrie snoops around and finds a piece of paper. She unfolds it and reads what it says, "This is the beginning of our life together. Nothing could make me happier."

Victor says, "If you hadn't meddled in Sami and Lucas' lives, she would never have been disguised as Stan and working for Tony DiMera. She wouldn't have wreaked havoc on half a dozen lives and Phillip might still have his leg. Tony would never have kidnapped Phillip if Sami hadn't worked for him."

"How dare you say that to me," says Kate, "You hate Sami just as much as I do. Have you forgotten she tried to kill you? She's hurt every man I've ever loved. Now she's after Austin... again."

Sami gripes about Nicole getting to travel the world while she sits here and checks Austin's arithmetic. Austin tells her everyone has her own strengths and weaknesses. Sami decides her strength must be checking arithmetic. She asks what her weaknesses are. "You are easily distracted and too damn nosy," says Austin.

Sami gasps, "That is not true. I'm slaving away. Steam. It's killing me." Sami scows as they get back to work.

Shawn is catatonic as Calliope and Belle talk. Calliope says from Marlena's letters she thought Belle would wind up with Shawn. Shawn stands there wishing he were somewhere else.

Abe comes out of the pub. He finds John sulking on a bench. If John violates the restarting order, he will wind up in jail.

"If I don't," says John, "he kills Marlena."

Abe asks, "If he really killed Lois, why would he confess to you. He would have to be crazy."

"Exactly," says John, "That is why he is so dangerous."

Marlena says she isn't having second thoughts. She has an occasional fleeting thought about John, but he doesn't mean anything to her, "People said we were so much in love. They want us back together. He must have been a wonderful husband and father. I don't know what person."

"He is certainly not the same man now," says Alex.

"No," says Marlena, "He is controlling, obsessive, violent..." She gasps as she sees Alex' scraped up face. "John did that to you, didn't he?"

Bo rushes through the plane, bumping into people, making a nuisance of himself. Hot cop doesn't see either Hope or Patrick. Of course, we have to endure the obligatory scene where he grabs some woman, wheels her around and says, "HOPE?"
"Get away from me," yells the stranger.

Bo comes up empty-handed as they give the pre flight announcement. Hope stares out the window. Likewise with Patrick.

Kate says she didn't come to argue, "It was generous of you to hire Carrie."

"It wasn't charity," says Victor, "She has potential as long as Lucas feelings for her don't interfere. When his feelings get in the way... that is why he backed off on Highstyle. Austin made a good decision."

"He wouldn't have made that decision if he knew Carrie was the CEO," says Kate.

"I wouldn't be so sure."

Kate wants Austin to be happy and have love in his life, "Two things missing from yours..."

Lucas didn't mean for Carrie to see that. He says he was going to give it to Sami on their wedding night. He shows her the product files.

Austin and Sami work. They will have an amazing second quarter. "Good job," says Austin, "We make a terrific team."

Austin finds a cuff link. Sami tells him it must be Lucas', "He stopped by last night." Flashback to the kiss. Austin asks if Lucas was there to try to get back together with Sami. Sami says, "Definitely not. He was just here to talk about Will."

"So why did he leave his cuff link on the floor," says Austin.

"I don't know," says Sami, "His heart is with Carrie. And she said that... Oh, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that."

Austin asks, "What did she say?"

Sami says, "Oh, come on, Austin, you told me not to be nosy, remember?"

Austin changes his opinion of nosiness, "No, I'm serious. Why don't you tell me, what did she say?"

"She said she doesn't want to be with you again, ever," says Sami, "But she was really upset. She didn't know what she was saying. She will get over it, but based on the way they were acting last night I wouldn't be surprised if our next wedding is Carrie and Lucas."

Carrie the tycoon thinks the stats are a lot to absorb. Lucas suggests dinner. Carrie picks up her notes.

"Actually we won't need those notes," says Lucas, "This isn't a business dinner. I am asking you out on a date." Carrie smiles.

Victor says he is unhappy because Kate won't tell Shawn about Claire, "He has a right to know he has a child."

"No good would come out of telling anyone right now," says Kate, "If you take Phillip's wife and child you take his life."

"I don't want to hurt him," says Victor, "But he has a right to know."

Calliope asks if Belle is happy with Phillip. Belle chokes out a weak yes. Bonnie butts in and tells Calliope they are very happy together, "And so are Mimi and Shawn, whose wedding you are being paid to plan."

Alex admits John roughed up his face – without provocation. Marlena comforts him. Marlena says when they renew their vows John will understand he has to stay away.

"You're right," says Alex, "It will all be over soon."

Abe tells John, "Getting drunk won't help."

"I'm not getting drunk," says John, "I'm expanding my mind. I will do whatever it takes to keep Marlena safe."

Hope stares out the window, "Goodbye Zack... goodbye Bo."

The attendant tells Bo all the planes have left for the night.

"To where," asks Bo.

"We have flights going all over the world," she says.

The cops come up. Bo asks if they found Hope. No luck. Frantic Bo runs out of the airport.

"If he gets on his bike that angry he could kill himself," says Joe the cop.

Pete the cop says, "He wouldn't care."


Sami says, "Let's just ignore the fact that Carrie and Lucas are on a date." Austin asks, "What makes you think they are on a date?"

Lucas tells Carrie, "It looks like Sami and Austin are on a date, too."

An exotic voice tells Hope, "Love is gonna find you while you are on this island."

Bo finds an unconscious Billie in the snow, "BILLIE?"

Friday, February 24, 2006

Incompetent Psychoblabbermouth

Lexie checks her watch and paces. Abe comes in, "My eyes are 100%. It will just take some time for recovery." Lexie suggests a celebration – wine and a nice, romantic fire. Abe says, "It's only my eyes that are 100%. Other parts of me are 0%. And a fire and wine won't cure that." Tek stands outside the door and listens.

The little snot walks out and sees Billie brushing on makeup, "Mom, you look great. Where are you going?"

"To check on your dad," says Billie, "When I left him this morning he had a bit of a headache."

The brat chuckles, "You mean a hangover?"

Billie says, "Uh-huh. He said he was going to go check on Hope, IF she would talk to him."

"Fat chance of that," she says.

"You are probably right," says Billie.

"So what are you going to do," asks the brat.

"I don't know," says Billie, "I'm conflicted about this. I don't want to ruin his life."

Snotula goes into high gear, "If he and Hope are together, she will convince him to throw me in jail. You need to do this. The closer you are with Bo the better it is for everyone."

With the great timing you only find on DOOL, Patrick walks in and overhears, "If you are trying to come between Bo and Hope, that would be a big mistake."

Bo cries in his beer as Caroline listens. Caroline says Hope will not always be this angry.

"She isn't letting me explain things," says Bo, "I'm angry myself. I'm mostly angry at me. The whole thing is my fault. You told me this would happen if I didn't tell her the truth."

"I know," says Caroline, "I raised an idiot. There are six phases of grief: anger, blame, guilt, betrayal, isolation and beating a dead horse until the audience runs out screaming. You have to have faith in your love."

"I am the reason our son is dead," says Bo, "Every time we look at each other for all the Days Of Our Lives we will know I am responsible. How am I going to get past that?"

Caroline says, "It will all pass when you find Zack alive and held captive by Tony DiMera in about fifteen years."

Hope says, "I hope you don't mind me going away."

"I totally understand," says Shawn, "In fact, it's one of the few things I do understand."

"What am I thinking," says Hope, "I can't go away. I'm not missing your wedding for anything."

"That makes one of us," says Shawn.

Belle waves the paper in Marlena's face and tells her the wedding can't happen, "There is no way Shawn can marry Mimi!"

"I thought you were talking about Alex and me," says Marlena.

Oops. Belle says, "I was. I don't know why I said that."

"I do," says Marlena, "Any connection between your brain and your mouth is merely coincidental. And, besides, you still have strong feelings for Shawn."

The technician tells John he has no authorization to give John Lois' autopsy results. He has to wait for Abe to arrive.

John looks into the morgue window as Alex rambles on to Lois. John squints and works his mouth.

Lexie is exasperated. She is aware of Abe's condition. She thinks they can still be close. Abe says that is torture for both of them. Lexie thinks of it as enjoying each other's company, "Dammit Abe, I want my husband back!"

"I'm just not going to put us through this," says Abe.

Lexie begs, "Don't shut me out... please."

"That's not what I am doing," says Abe.

"Good," says Lexie, "Because I need you. You have your eyesight. This other thing..."


"Yes," says Lexie, "It could be psychological."

"I can't talk about this," says Abe, "I need to go meet John. I don't know when I will be home."

"I'll have the wine and fire waiting just in case," says Lexie.

Abe leaves. Tek moves in. Hot stares.

Belle still has feelings for Shawn. She doesn't understand this thing with Alex. Marlena thinks children idealize their parents. Belle doesn't agree. John and Marlena were the perfect couple, but she isn't idealizing them you understand.

"I know you want me to be with your father but that's not going to happen," says Marlena, "You need to listen to your heart."

Belle says, "I've done that before but all that thumping confuses me.."

Alex thanks Lois for making him look like a hero in Marlena's eyes and John look like a villain, "With any luck John will go to prison and I can carry out the rest of my plan. No one will be there to stop me."

Alex covers Lois back up as John rushes in and roughs him up, "I've been right about you all along. You're going to make Marlena your next victim."

Alex is calm and cool, "Yes, that is my plan."

"What are you going to do to her," snorts John, "Answer me!"

Billie tells Patrick he is the one coming between Bo and Hope, "You are the one who turned in Chelsea."

"Yeah," says the Zackwhacker, "Who made you the judge and jury?"

"No one," says Patrick, "But hat's who should decide your future. You don't have to worry about me, anyway. I am leaving Salem."

Billie asks, "To get away from me and my daughter?"

"You did say you never wanted to see me again," says Patrick.

"I don't," says Billie.

The conniving little brat thinks, "Way to go, Mom!"

Patrick says, "Well, I did talk to my mom and you can stay here."

The brat chimes in, "And now, Patrick, you can get on with your life and find some new woman on the beach."

"How did you know I was going to the beach," asks Patrick.

"It's winter and anyone getting away would want to find some warm sunshine," says the brat, "I just thought it made sense."

Patrick says, "What does that have to do with anything? Nothing else on this show does. Patrick wants to know what she is up to. He tells Billie she should watch her back. THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS.

"Goodbye and good riddance, Patrick." The brat walks off in a huff.

Patrick turns to Billie and says, "I know she is your daughter, but that girl is working you."

Caroline counsels Bo. Bo doesn't want to feed Hope's anger. Caroline advises him not to turn to Billie for support. Bo has to spend time with her because she is Chelsea's mother. Caroline says, "Hope will see that as you choosing them over her. You love each other. That love will see you though this."

Shawn encourages Hope to get away, "You should go and take care of yourself. How about if I came with you?"

Lexie tells Tek he shouldn't be there. Tek says, "Abe is neglecting you. I heard what you said."

"You shouldn't listen to our private conversations," says Lexie.

"I just happened by," he lies, "I'm here investigating the suicide that took place last night. Abe is neglecting you. I'm here for you." He moves in.

Hope just wants Shawn to be happy. He says he really loves Mimi. "I hope so," says Hope, "I have to tell you, for a while, I was rooting for you and Belle to get back together. I have to believe God saved Claire's life for a reason. Promise you won't tell your dad my plans." He promises. Hugs. "Don't worry," says Hope, "I'll be back for the wedding."

Marlena says she isn't advising Belle to leave Phillip. She is saying Shawn is her one true love.

"Why is everything so messed up," asks Belle, "You know Shawn is my true love, but why don't you see Daddy is yours?"

You took marriage vows and feel they are sacred. So when you see me leave your father that really has to give you pause. You see, the difference is, I have a cornucopia of sacred wedding vows to choose from."

John does his best Phillip Marlowe, "Start talking, pal."

Alex asks, "Do you have a tape recorder? Otherwise, how will you remember? Waitasec, you're a hotshot ISA agent. How rewarding would that be for me to just give you all the answers? No, I've reconsidered... for me to know and you to find out."

John gets serious. Alex reconsiders, "OK, I'll tell you. What I am going to do to Marlena is cause her more pain and misery than she has ever suffered."

"You killed Lois, didn't you," asks John.

"Yes," says Alex, "She was an incompetent psychoblabbermouth. You have cried wolf too many times. No one will believe you if it's my word against yours. There is no evidence that puts me near Lois at the time of her death, but you injected her with truth serum. I win, you lose."

John uses him for a punching bag. Abe runs in and breaks them up. Alex' face looks like a couple pounds of ground sausage.

Patrick says, "You know, Chelsea is selfish." STOP THE PRESSES! "I wonder how far she will go to stay out of jail." Billie defends her. Patrick says, "You didn't raise Chelsea. You can't take responsibility for her actions, nor can Bo."

"She is our daughter."

"I know," says Patrick, "But from everything I have seen, she is bad news."

Hope finalizes the arrangements for her trip. She looks at a family picture and puts it in her purse. She contemplates Zack's teddy.

The brat sees Bo inside the pub. She goes in and tells him they need to meet with Frankie about the case. Bo knows. He isn't too interested. He has a lot on his plate right now. Chelsea knows all this is her fault. She hopes they can work through things. The brat tells him she knows Hope is out to get her.

"Hope wants to see justice done," says Bo.

"What if she wants you to turn against me, too," asks the brat, "This was just an accident."

"An accident," says Bo, "that might have been avoided if you had paid attention. I understand where Hope is coming from."

"You think I should be punished," she pouts.

"I'm just saying she is angry," says Bo.

Shawn walks up and sneers, "I should have know I'd find you two together. No wonder Mom wants to get away." So much for his promise to Hope.

Bo asks, "Get away? Where is she going?"

Shawn says, "Like you care."

Bo runs out.

The little snot says, "Damn you Shawn... now he's gonna stop her."

Tek and Lexie go at it. Lexie pulls away and slaps him.

"I thought I felt a moment of acceptance there," says Tek.

"Well, you didn't," says Lexie, "This is harassment. What do I have to do to get you to stop?"

"Stop kissing me back," says Tek, "It's not like you haven't cheated on Abe before."

"We are going through a difficult time," says Lexie.

Tek says, "When you lost Isaac the first time, Abe turned on you."

"That was my fault, not his," says Lexie.

"You are different from Abe," says Tek, "He is stable, maybe I should say... boring, you know... like the show. You are exciting. He's never there for you."

"Stop it," says Lexie, "He is a wonderful man."

"He doesn’t satisfy you," says Tek, "I want you. Tell me to go and I will leave."

Belle says, "You may have amnesia but you haven't forgotten how to put someone on the defensive, have you?"

Marlena says, "I don't remember our life together but I know I love you. As your mother, I want to help you sort all this out."

The brat comes up to Shawn. He tells her to get out. "I will," she promises, "But first, I just want to know if Hope is leaving Salem."

"I'm sure you would like that," says Shawn, "Then you wouldn't have to face her."

"I'm willing to take my punishment," she lies.

"Is that why you are playing up to my dad," asks Shawn.

"He's my dad, too. I feel guilty about all this."

"You should," says Shawn, "It's your fault."

Alex claims he was saying goodbye to Lois. John orders Abe to arrest him and tells him Alex confessed. Abe asks Alex if that's true. Alex says, "Go ahead John, give him the taped confession. Oh you don't have one. Well, what about the witnesses? Huh? How about just one? Not one creature hearing... Not even a mouse." Oh, the way they tie in such great works of literature!

John sniffs like someone just passed gas.

Patrick doesn't want to fight any more. He's leaving Salem for good, "Even if I hadn't blown the whistle on Chelsea, we wouldn't have been together. You'd have wound up in jail."

"I guess you were between a rock and a hard place," says Billie, "Look, this is your house. You don't have to leave on account of me."

"The reason I am leaving is I don't want to get between Bo and Hope. Every time I come near Hope, even as a friend, Bo loses it."

"What? Even as a friend," says Billie, "Have you approached Hope with some other reason in mind?"

"No," says Patrick, "She is a good friend and someone I am willing to walk away from. I hope you can do the same with Bo."

"I would never come between Bo and Hope," she lies, "So you are leaving because of Hope? You're running from temptation."

"No," says Patrick, "The bottom line is I am just leaving."

The brat tells Shawn, "I know this is all my fault. What else can I do?"

Shawn has a good suggestion, "Spend a lot of time behind bars."

"You will probably get your wish," she says, "I pray Hope can eventually forgive Dad. Or at least I hope he can stop her from leaving."

"She'll be gone before he even gets there."

Shawn leaves. The brat smirks.

Bo gets home to an empty house. Hope has left a check for the cleaning lady for the next two months. Bo calls the airport. He asks if she is on a flight. They can't help him, even if he is a cop. Bo runs out of the house.

Tek mumbles, "Just tell me you don't want me and I'll go. You can't, can you."

Lexie says, "No." More heavy breathing. She gives in. Clothes ripping. Clothes flying. Tek pulls the classic move – he clears the desk in one swell foop. Let's see that again in slow motion! Oh, the passion!

"Being true to your word and keeping your family together is important," says Marlena, "unless it makes you miserable. Because then you regret the decision you made." That one wins the nomination for the 'Mixed Message of the Year' award.

"I am not miserable," insists Belle, "I just..."

"Love Shawn more," says Marlena, "You either have to stop Shawn from getting married or live your life without him."

Billie sits. Chelsea comes up to her. Billie asks where she has been. She says she went for a walk. Billie tells her Patrick has left. "That's good," says Kate Jr., "Now no one will stop you from going after Bo." The brat leaves. Billie remembers Patrick's words, "I wonder how far she is willing to go to stay out of jail?"

Bo searches the airport. He walks right by Hope but misses her. Patrick sits close by reading a magazine.

Alex claims he is innocent. John says he is there because he got a call saying the autopsy is ready.

Abe says no one called.

"OMG," says John, "You set me up!"

"More lies," says Alex, "I was with Marlena. You followed me here. I want another restraining order. You see what he did to my face, Abe. With the police commander as my witness, I won't have a problem convincing the judge."

Abe reminds John a condition of his bail is to stay away from Alex.

John growls like the tiger that ate Tony DiMera.

Alex starts to leave, "One more thing. I just can't wait to see Marlena in her wedding dress. And even more, I can't wait to see her out of it."

John nukes, "I came here and he was thanking Lois and saying that now it would be easier to get to Marlena."

"He admitted he killed Lois," asks Abe.

"Affirmative," says Captain Commando, "He's going to use the law to keep me from protecting my wife, but I tell you one thing, Abraham, I WILL PROTECT HER. Even if I have to resort to overacting! "

FF John Alex.


Alex asks Marlena, "Does this mean you are having second thoughts about renewing your vows with me?"

Lucas says, "This isn't a business dinner. I am asking you out on a date." Carrie smiles.

Austin asks, "What did she say?" Sami says, "Oh, come on, Austin, you told me not to be nosy, remember?" Austin says, "No, I'm serious. Why don't you tell me, what did she say?"

Hope stands in the jetway and thinks, "Goodbye Zack... goodbye Bo."

Thursday, February 23, 2006

He's The Love Of Your Life – One Of Them, Anyway

"OMG," says Mimi, "There is so much left to do." Shawn assures her they will be ready and WILL get married.

Mimi wants to know where the addresses are for his family. Shawn tells her they are on his computer. She wants real addresses, not email addresses. The spat escalates. They go at it like they are already married.

Bonnie comes in and asks what was going on.

Mimi says, "I'm sorry, Mom. Getting married this fast was a really bad idea."

Belle goes into the Java Café. She confronts John with the newspaper, "This can't happen. You have to stop this." John contemplates life.

Marlena wants to make sure Alex is all right after being hit by the John Black Express. Alex says, "I have a hard head, so I will be fine. I love that you worry about me."

"John is being so goofy who knows what he will do next," says Marlena.

Alex says, "I won't let anything or anyone take me away from you. Can we please talk about planning our marriage and taking you away on a long extended romantic extended honeymoon? I guarantee you will enjoy it more than you know."

Doorbell. Alex has a surprise for her. Calliope. She has missed Marlena so much.

"Do I even know you," asks Marlena.

"Have I aged that much," asks Calliope.

The brat remembers Patrick making reservations to Morgan Island, "This is so perfect. If I can just get Hope there then all my problems will be over. I know exactly how to do it." She knocks on Abby's door carrying flowers. She tells Abby she didn't go get her clothes. She drove by and saw Patrick's car and didn't want to see him. She doesn't know if she ever wants to see him again since he exposed her foul deed.

Abby asks, "Were you going to let your mom go to jail?"

"She wouldn't have gone to jail. But I will. Besides, Patrick has the hots for Hope."

"I thought he was dying for you," says Abby.

"Don't remind me," says the brat, "Where are your mom and Frankie."

Abby says, "They were too cheap to put them in the show today, so we're playing like they are at the store. What's with the flowers?"

"They are for Hope," says the little snot.

"I think that is a nice gesture."

"I would like to talk to her but Hope wants nothing to do with me," says the scheming little worm, "I lost Zack too. Hope acts like I did it on purpose. I would give anything to undo it. Hope doesn't believe me. She never will."

Bo is outside the pub. He calls Hope and gets the answering machine. Hope watches as he begs her to pick up.

Bonnie tells Mimi this had better be a joke. She doesn't want to hear pushing up the date is a bad idea. Mimi says, "Things are completely crazed... At least I am, but, then, that shouldn't be a surprise."

Bonnie says, "Just let me and Kate's checkbook take care of everything."

Mimi changes the subject, "Mom, why are you made up like that?"

Bonnie removes her shawl and reveals a gold dress which could light up a small metropolitan area, "Its' amazing what a super-duper deluxe treatment at Glorianne's can do to a girl." Well, she should get over there right away, then.

Patrick shows up at the door. He came to say goodbye.

Bo begs hope to give him a chance. Hope cries and listens. He hangs up. Hope breaks down.

Abby assures the brat Hope knows it was an accident. Abby encourages her to go over there and talk to Hope. The brat can't. Abby volunteers to do it herself. "You would do that for me," asks the conniving little snot.

"Of course," says Abby, "You don't deserve to be in jail. Unfortunately, though, there is no death penalty for hit-and-run."

"You are the greatest," says the little brat, "I appreciate this. Even if it won't do any good."

"Eventually it will," says Abby, "Hope is a good person. In the long run, she won't want to punish you."

The brat says, "It might be too late by then unless... I was going to suggest she get away."

"Where would she go," asks Abby.

"Someplace quiet," says the brat, "I know where I would go. I just read about this private little island – Morgan Island. It is so beautiful there. It's like a retreat. Maybe hope could start to heal there."

"I guess it would do her good to get away for a while," says Abby.

She goes in for the kill, "But how can I tell her?"

Abby takes the bait, "I'll tell her when I give her the flowers. I'll go right now."

Abby leaves. Kate Jr. says, "OMG, I never thought it would be that easy."

Belle is really worried. She doesn't trust Alex. She heard about John getting arrested.

John says, "Lois didn't commit suicide. Alex is responsible."

"I knew he was dangerous but not a killer," says Belle.

"Your mother could be next," growls John.

"Amnesia," says Calliope, "I thought that could only happen on soap operas."

"Only the really bad ones," says Marlena.

Calliope says, "Eugene misses you... but you wouldn't remember him. You are going to snap out of this any minute now."

Alex has hired Calliope to be their wedding planner. He had no idea she was a friend of Marlena.

Calliope says, "Oh, yes. We were very close. I could tell you stories... You were best man at my wedding..."

Marlena does a double take, "Best man?"

Alex has to go run errands.

As soon as he leaves, Calliope freaks, "What are you doing with him? I know all your husbands and he ain't one of them."

"You know all my husbands," asks Marlena, "You must have an incredible memory. Alex and I are going to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together."

Patrick says he is leaving Salem. Mimi thinks this is crazy. Bonnie already knew. Mimi is upset because Bonnie didn't tell her, but wants to know what is going on, "Is it because of Billie?"

"It's because of a lot of things," says Patrick.

"Let him go says Shawn," says Shawn, "He worked for DiMera, you know."

Patrick says he can understand why Shawn feels that way. He isn't even staying for the wedding. He wishes Mimi luck. Hugs.

Bo thinks things over at the pub, "I'll make things right with you, Fancy Face."

The brat plots, "Hope has to go off somewhere with Patrick. Do not let me down, Abs."

Hope goes through Zack's stuff. The doorbell rings. She hopes it's not Bo. Abby. She gives her the flowers, "They're from Chelsea – kind of a peace offering."

Hope asks, "And these are supposed to make up for killing my son?" She chucks them in the wastebasket.

Belle asks, "You think Mom's life is in danger?"

"Not at the moment," says John, "Or I wouldn't be sitting here. Alex plans to go through with this sham of renewing their wedding vows and take her away. That's when he will make his move. I won't let her go away with him. This wedding will never happen. I just have to prove he killed Lois. Your mom doesn't trust me any more. I have to chill until I get the goods on him. Chilling is really tough for me – you got any 'ludes? "

"Maybe I can help," says Belle.

"What you can do is not worry," says John.

"Be careful, OK?"

Always," he says. Belle leaves. John starts to go but sees Bo. He sits down with him, "I need some help."

Calliope can't believe Marlena is choosing Alex over John or all her other husbands.

Marlena is sure John isn't the one she wants to be with, "He scares me. I think he is obsessed."

Calliope says, "He is still obsessed with you. And that is a bad thing because..."

"Because, in this case it has turned violent more than once. And something really awful happened."

"Well then he was probably provoked," says Calliope, "It can't be easy for him to see you with a new man."

Marlena says, "Oh, that's no big deal. Eventually all my husbands go through that. Calliope... If John sent you here, you have to leave and not come back."

"That's so cold," says Calliope.

John tells Bo he is convinced Alex is up to something, "Alex murdered Lois and tried to pin it on me."

Alex sneaks around the morgue. He opens Lois' drawer. He uncovers Lois' corpse and says, "Lois, I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time, but... we need to talk."

Bonnie has wedding cake samples. She has hired a wedding planner, "She's the best money can buy and she will be here any minute." Bonnie samples the food. Shawn wants to know if she should be eating this stuff with her heart condition. Bonnie assures him she has a clean bill of health.

Patrick wants to know what's up with the heart condition. Bonnie shrugs it off. Shawn has to check in with his mom. Patrick asks him to give his best to Hope. Mimi tells him if he wants to postpone the wedding, it's OK with her. Shawn wants to go though with it. He thanks Bonnie and scoots.

Hope tells Abby she is wasting her time if she is doing this for the brat. Abby didn't mean to upset her, "Chelsea isn't the only reason I came over.” She suggests Hope get away for a little while.

"That's funny," says Hope, "I was thinking the same thing. I don't even know where to go."

Abby tells her about Morgan Island, "I think you should check it out."

"Maybe I will," says Hope, "It sounds like a great idea. Thank you."

Calliope insists John didn't send her. She can't believe Marlena feels this way about John, "He's the love of your life. One of them, anyway."

Calliope has another appointment. She promises not to mention John as she crosses her fingers. She leaves. Marlena hyperventilates.

Bo is on leave from the force and can't help John. John understands, "Family first. That's why I have to get Marlena away from North."

Bo asks, "How are you gonna prove to Marlena that this North character is a murderer?"

John says, "Well, I'll get Marlena away from him... one way... or another."

Alex rambles on, "Lois, don't go thinking I'm losing it. I know you are dead. I put you here. You left me no choice. You said way too much to John Black. At least now I know you won't say anything again. And no one will know what I am up to until Marlena has paid the price."

Patrick has to be going. He wishes Mimi happiness. Mimi wants him to stay in touch.

"Bye, Mom."

"This isn't goodbye," says Bonnie, "You will be back – and soon."

He leaves. Mimi can't believe it. Bonnie can't believe Mimi is talking about postponing the wedding, "If you tell Shawn he is Claire's father, you will destroy your happiness and send me to an early grave."

Calliope arrives. Bonnie and Calliope look at each other and say together, "OMG! Love your outfit!"

Bonnie says, "Mimi, with Calliope and me, what could possibly go wrong?"

Patrick arranges a one-way flight.

Abby returns. The brat wants to know what happened. Abby tells her Hope is very upset. She was receptive to the idea of Morgan Island. "You didn't tell her it was my idea," asks Bratula.

"Of course not," says Abby.

"I think we shouldn't tell anyone about the plan," says the brat, "My dad might try to stop her."

Abby promises, "I wont' tell anyone. I don't think she will go, though."

Chelsea thinks, "Well she better go. My entire future depends on it."

Shawn is at Hope's house. She tells him she's thinking of going away for a while. She can't spend another night alone in the house.

Shawn suggests, "You can stay with Mimi and me."

"Thanks," says Hope, "But I don't qualify to live at the loft – my IQ is too high."

"Where will you go," says Shawn.

"Somewhere quiet," says Hope, "I heard about this place – Morgan Island. Sounds perfect."

"Morgan Island," says Shawn, "Let's see... is that 'New Salem' spelled backwards? "

Marlena looks though the peephole. It's Belle. She storms in and waves the newspaper in Marlena's face, "I saw the announcement in the paper. I'm sorry, Mom, but this wedding cannot happen."

Bo tells John he can't get through to Hope. He isn't giving up. Bo wants to know how John will prove to Marlena that Alex is a ne'er-do-well. John gets a call, "Well, Bo, with any luck, this phone call could do it." He answers the phone, "Black... John Black. Good news... I'll be right down." He hangs up, "That was the morgue. With luck the autopsy report will prove Lois was murdered and didn't commit suicide."

"That's great," says Bo, "And, gee, who is it again they think the murderer might be? "

Alex says, "Lois, it's just a matter of time before... let's just say... What's going to happen to Marlena would have made you happy. Sorry you won't be around to enjoy it." FF on the evil Alex.


Tek mumbles, "Just tell me you don't want me and I'll go. You can't, can you." Lexie says, "No."

Shawn tells Hope, "You should go and take care of yourself. How about if I came with you?"

Flash to Shawn telling Bo, "No wonder Mom wants to get away." Bo asks, "Get away? Where is she going?" Shawn says, "Like you care."

Marlena tells Belle, "You need to listen to your heart."

John yells, "He's going to use the law to keep me from protecting my wife, but I tell you one thing, Abraham, I WILL PROTECT HER."

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Spitting Images

Bonnie works on Mimi's wedding dress. Shawn comes in. He sees Belle in the wedding dress instead of Mimi, "Wow! You look beautiful." Mimi beams.

"I think we can put any doubts to rest," says Bonnie, "Anyone can see he is head over heels in love with the woman in that dress."

"Oh no," whines Mimi, "This is wrong. We can't get married now." Ya gotta give ole Shawn credit. He can sure pick the crybabies.

Oh, the cinematic genius... Transition to Marlena in her wedding dress. She wants to know what John is doing there. "I know this will disappoint Alex," he says, "But I made bail."

Alex watches as they talk. John claims he had nothing to do with Lois' death. He's there to make sure she isn't the next murder victim. Marlena insists Alex is her protector. She tells him they are planning to renew their vows, "Alex had this gown designed especially for me!"

"I'll give him one for creativity," says John, "But this is one move he will never pull off."

The brat gets home. Patrick startles her, "I thought you never wanted to see me again."

"I don't."

"Then get out of my house," he says.

"What're you gonna have me arrested for breaking and entering?"

Patrick lectures her, ""There are a lot of people suffering because of you. Do you want Billie punished for your crime?"

She goes to get her things. Patrick tells her, "You don't have to move to get away from me. I'm leaving Salem."

Bo and Billie are in bed. Bo dreams of Hope. Billie hugs him. The aforementioned Hope arrives with Jennifer. In she goes... oops. Jennifer asks what is wrong. She takes a look for herself, "Oh, my gosh. Hope – I'm sorry."

Hope cries, "Why do I have to be hit over the head to see the truth? He made his choice. Now he has to live with it."

The little snot says she won't miss Patrick. He thinks Jennifer and Hope will. He would stay if they needed him, but Jennifer has Frankie. He doesn't know what Hope will do, "Bo has some nerve. He sees me comforting his wife and freaks out. A funeral is a hell of a place to pick a fight. That's why I'm leaving. I'm not gonna be the reason they spilt up."

Kate Jr. says, "If you were a good friend to Hope you wouldn't be bailing when she needs you most."

Patrick says, "Like I said, I am not going to be the reason they break up. I'm going to pack."

Jennifer is sorry she brought Hope there. Hope goes in for another look. Bo dreams of Hope. Billie sees Hope at the door and says, "Make love to me again, Bo." Jennifer hustles Hope away. Billie rolls her eyes and gets up. She closes the door and stares at Bo. She remembers Chelsea's phone call. Oh, the guilt, "OMG, what have I done?"

Alex watches as John tells Marlena Alex is playing mind games, "The gown is the spitting image of the one you wore at our wedding." He has her look in the mirror. Flashback to the wedding. "Try to remember... Marlena..."

Marlena says, "I am so happy. Why are you trying to ruin this?"

"I see it in your eyes," says John, "You remember. Lock in on the rest of that day. We declared our love for each other. We took vows we would be true for all the Days Of Our Lives.

"Even if did remember," says Marlena, "I was married to Alex first. I will respect those vows. And after that I would respect my vows with Roman. And after that I would respect my vows with Don. And after that... I trust Alex and am suspicious of you."

Alex comes down. He asks if John if his lover Kate bailed him out.

Mimi freaks because Shawn has seen the dress. They shove Shawn out into the path of, who else, Belle.

Mimi throws a fit, "I definitely want a new dress. Our marriage is doomed, especially if he finds out he is Claire's father..."

Kate shuts her up, "Don't ever say that again!"

Bonnie hears Belle and Shawn talking out in the hall, "Why won't that little witch leave him alone?" She puts a glass up to the door to listen.

Belle is having a hard time thinking about Mimi wearing that dress, and that big ring, and marrying Shawn.

Shawn imagines Belle in the dress.

"Tell me what you are thinking," says Belle.

"When I saw Mimi in that dress," says Brainiac, "I thought of you."

Belle says, "You still want to be with me. Just admit it."

Bo snaps awake. Billie asks how he is feeling, "My head is split open."

"I can see that," says Billie, "It's like staring into an empty cavern."

Billie gives him aspirin. She checks his hand. He takes the aspirin and asks if she slept in a chair. Billie is noncommittal. He thanks her for being there for him. He starts to dress, "I gotta get home. Hope needs me." For a punching bag.

She pleads with him, "Bo, Chelsea needs you."

"I know that," says Bo, "I won't abandon her."

"How will Hope feel about that," asks Billie.

"I don't think she will ever forgive her," says Bo, "But we will always be a family and will have to figure a way to stay together. Thanks for being a good friend. I don't know that I deserve it."

Billie offers a ride. Bo will walk to the cemetery and get his bike. Billie doesn't think Hope should find out about this, "We spent the night together... nothing happened, though."

Bo leaves. Billie cries, "I'm so sorry, Bo. I did it for Chelsea. I will not let her go to jail. I just hope you can forgive me some day."

Patrick is on the phone arranging a flight to Morgan Island.

Chelsea listens and thinks, "Patrick can't leave unless he takes Hope."

Jennifer and Hope are back at Jennifer's house. Jennifer apologizes for taking her to the motel. Hope knows Bo was drunk and thinks Billie took advantage of him, "I lost my little boy, and now my husband to the woman who gave birth to my little boy's killer. It is over between us. I can't ever take him back."

Bonnie listens. Belle asks Shawn, "Why can't you just say you love me?"

"What good would it do," says Shawn, "You are married to Phillip. We made our choices."

Bonnie looks to the heavens, "Thank you, God, for making Shawn so honorable. Not very bright, but honorable."

Kate comes into the room and tells Bonnie she shouldn't blurt out everything she hears. Mimi comes out and asks what they are plotting. Bonnie is just happy Mimi is marrying Shawn. She tells Kate she needs the Basic Black credit card, "Gotta get the Lockhart locks coiffed. You know, the mother of the bride is the second most beautiful woman at the wedding... next to the bride. Hand it over Katykins."

"OK," says Kate, "Just stop with the nicknames."

Bonnie leaves. She stops and talks to Belle and Shawn. She tells them Mimi is beautiful in the dress, hugs Shawn and says, "You and Mimi will be so happy. Just like Belle and Phillip. And that Claire... She's the spitting image of her daddy, Phillip." Bonnie leaves to get beautiful for the wedding and thinks, "Duct tape, that's what I need over my big fat mouth."

Mimi tells Kate, "Everyone knows Shawn would marry Belle if he could."

"Happiness with the man you love is worth one little lie," says Kate.

Belle can't help wishing Shawn were Claire's father.

"I'll always be her godfather," says Shawn, "She'll always be a part of my life."

John wants to know what kind of stunt Alex is trying to pull. Alex says, "When the designer heard Marlena was renewing her vows, she must have figured it was with you, John. So she assumed she would want the same dress as before."

Marlena chimes in, "It's a lovely gown but it's not the reason I am renewing my vows."

Alex congratulates John for buying his way out of jail, "Now, why don't you just go."

That starts a bona-fide chest-bumping contest. John gets tired of that. He hauls off and cold cocks Alex.

Marlena runs to the unconscious Alex and asks, "How could you do that?" John works his hand and sneers.

. Patrick packs. Bonnie comes in. He tells her he is leaving town. Bonnie tries to convince him to stay, "You are going to marry Billie and give me a couple grandkids to cuddle."

"Billie and I never got that far," says Patrick.

"I heard those bed springs squeaking," says Bonnie, "I thought the Lockhart's were on the way up. Mimi is marrying Shawn and you have Billie."

"I don't want to do anything to come between Bo and Hope," says Patrick, "What are you thinking about?"

"Hope's a Horton," says Bonnie.

"Meems is marrying Hope's son," says Patrick.

Bonnie begs, "If Hope wants your comfort then let her have it. Make your move. Hope is perfect for you. If it weren't for me being such a busybody my kids would have no love life at all. Honey, you're on second base with her. Turn on that Lockhart sex appeal and you'd be sliding into home plate. You'll be coming home every night to a beautiful wife and oodles of money. What could be more perfect than that?" Patrick looks around for some duct tape.

Billie has coffee at the Java Café. She sits down wilt the little snot. The brat says, "Don't tell me you wimped out."

"No," says Billie, "I got into bed with him. He was still passed out. I unlocked the door and made sure Hope saw us."

"Fantastic," says the conniving little brat, "Hope won't take Bo back now. I feel so much better. Thank you. Now Bo will be on my side. And you can be with the man you love."

Billie is shocked, "My God Chelsea who are you? When two people love each other the way they do, they won't be apart long."

"When Bo realizes things are over with Hope," says Bratula, "He will be with you."

Billie sighs, "You don't understand about love do you? They are soul mates. They are going through a tough time, but they will find a way back to each other."

The brat pleads, "Mom, we can finally be a family."

Billie asks, "Do you feel at all guilty about braking them up?"

"Of course," says the little scumbag, "But they aren't the only people who have a right to be happy. So do I. So do you. I need you and Bo to be there right now. I'm terrified to go to prison. I don't know what will happen to me there."

"You'll meet some nice bitch and settle down with that relationship you've always wanted," says Billie, "It's gonna be OK. I'll be there for you."

"I don't' see how it can be OK unless you keep Bo away from Hope," says the little snot, "She hates me and wants to see me suffer."

Hope raises her coffee cup and makes a toast, "Here's to the rest of my life without Bo."

Jennifer says, "I will not drink to that."

"It's a reality now," says Hope, "My little boy just died and Bo's sleeping with Billie."

"He was drunk," says Jennifer.

"That is no excuse," cries Hope, "I keep hearing her voice, 'Bo, make love to me again.' He has decided to stay with his daughter's mother. He is choosing Chelsea over me. He will make a new family with her. I have lost him to Billie forever this time. My heart is breaking." Who threw him out, Hope?

Bo's motorcycle roars up. Hope runs. Bo charges in the front door asking to see her, "I saw her car in the driveway. I know she's here."

"It's too late," says Jennifer, "You can't see her."

"What are you talking about," asks Bo.

Marlena tends to Alex. John struts, "Oh for God's sake."

"Are you still here," asks Marlena, "You're trying to destroy him aren’t you?"

"I shot him because I thought he was trying to kill you," says John, "I knocked him out because I am sure of it."

Marlena yells, "If you don't leave here I will call the police. Leave me alone with the man I love."

Alex smirks. John raises an eyebrow and leaves.

"I think he finally got the message," says Marlena.

Shawn tells Belle he has felt connected to Claire but she is not his daughter, "That's just the way it is."

Mimi contemplates her ring. Kate says, "Look, how many people will suffer if the truth comes out now."

Mimi asks, "And how many will suffer if it comes out later"

"This is your only chance at happiness," says Kate, "Sometimes a lie can be your very best friend. In this case it will get you the man of your dreams and a future filled with promise. Tell him the truth and you will be miserable for the rest of your life."

Shawn and Belle. On and on. Blah, blah, blah. Zap, zap, zap. What they had is gone. Don't we wish they were gone, too.

Alex hugs Marlena. He just wants to move ahead, renew their vows and go on a romantic honeymoon where John can't hurt them again.

Outside in the hall, John seethes, "If it's the last thing I do... and it might be... I'm gonna make sure she sees the truth about Dr. Alex North."

Patrick isn't going to put the moves on a grieving mother. Bonnie makes her pitch. This is why Patrick is getting out of Salem.

He leaves to do more packing.

Bonnie laments, "Why won't my kids ever listen to me. All I want is for them to be happy... and loaded." She takes a drink and grimaces.

The brat tells Billie Patrick said they could live in his house while he is gone. Billie tells her she spent years being unrealistic about Bo, "Eventually they will find their way back to each other." She goes for more coffee.

The little snot schemes, "I have to figure out a way to get Hope out of the picture. Patrick said something about Morgan Island. How can I get Hope to wind up there too?"

Bo fights to get past Jennifer. He runs outside as Jennifer yells, "She will never forgive you. I'm not sure she should."

Hope's car screeches away. It's a good thing there are no little kids in her path. Bo runs after her and screams, "HOPE... HOPE!" FF.


Abby gives Hope flowers, "They're from Chelsea – kind of a peace offering." Hope asks, "And these are supposed to make up for killing my son?"

Bo asks, "How are you gonna prove to Marlena that this North character is a murderer?" John says, "Well, I'll get Marlena away from him... one way... or another."

Alex uncovers Lois' corpse, "Lois, I hope I'm not catching you at a bad time, but... we need to talk."

Belle says to Marlena, "I saw the announcement in the paper. I'm sorry, Mom, but this wedding cannot happen."

Roman gasps for air as he struggles to sit up, "Nicole... please... have mercy on an old man..."

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The No-Tell Motel

There is a knock at Shawn and Mimi's door. Bonnie. She came to plan the wedding of the century. Bonnie brought sketches of dresses. She invites Shawn over to look at them. Oddly, Shawn isn't interested.

Shawn offers to leave so Bonnie and Mimi can talk, "Why don't I step out and let you do your thing? This way I get out of doing dishes. Besides, the audience may have to suffer through this, but I don't." Kiss 'n go.

Outside, of course, Belle comes out of her apartment at exactly the same time. Dumb-da-dumb-dumb...

Inside, Mimi says, "I really wish you wouldn't have done this, Mom."

"Why," asks Bonnie, "I'm the mother of the bride. I'm supposed to be helping you." Hmmm... I looked up 'meddle' in the dictionary and it didn't say anything about 'helping.' Then I tried 'manipulate.' Nothing about 'helping' there, either.

Mimi says, "I know but... Belle and Shawn were talking on the roof. I overheard them. Belle told Shawn she is still in love with him."

Bonnie freaks, "Wrong time to quit smoking again. OK, it's time for damage control. You have to marry Shawn ASAP. We cannot give those two a chance to get back together again." Mimi looks away.

The roof... Shawn wants to rehash last night. Same-O. STOP THE PRESSES! Belle has made an important decision.

Kate visits John in jail. She tells him Frankie's on the case. John is grateful Kate is there. Kate tells him, everyone say it together, "I'll always be here for you. So how did this happen?"

"I was framed," says John.

Kate asks, "You mean Lois didn't commit suicide?"

"No," says John, "And if I don't get out of here, Marlena will be next."

Alex tells Marlena he didn't sleep well. He couldn't stop thinking about poor Lois, "She was a very sick woman. I feel like I failed her."

Marlena thinks John giving her the truth serum put her over the edge, "From what I can remember about psychology, obsessed people can fool others in pursuit of their crime."

Frankie and Jennifer feed their coffee addiction. Jennifer is uneasy having Chelsea in their home. The brat comes downstairs. She didn't sleep well. She appreciates them letting her stay there. She can't be around Patrick right now. He exposed her cover-up and the demon truth made it worse for everyone. She wants to talk to Frankie about her case. Someone pulls up. It's Hope. The brat is just thrilled. Jennifer sends the little snot and Frankie to the kitchen to talk so Hope won't nuke.

Jennifer serves coffee. Hope tells her she and Bo aren't together any more, "He's gone." Jennifer stares.

Bo dreams in the motel. He remembers Billie bringing him there, undressing him and putting him in bed. Billie watches him sleep from a chair.

"I still love you," mumbles Bo.

Billie gets up and sits beside him. Bo slurs, "I'll always love you Fancy Face."

"You always will, won't you," says Billie, "You and I are just friends." Bo dreams of happy times with Zack and Hope. They can count on being together always.

The brat wants to know how bad it can get for her. Frankie says, "The parents of the victim can swing a lot of weight. It would help if Bo is on your side, but I wouldn't count on that. If he is forced to choose sides I'm afraid he won't take yours."

The conniving little Zackwhacker says, "We'll see about that."

Jennifer says Hope and Bo need each other more than ever right now. Hope couldn't take it any more. She tells Jennifer about Bo barging in last night. Jennifer insists, "He is grief stricken. He is afraid of losing you, too."

"He lost me," insists Hope, "I don't see how I could ever take him back."

John says, "North is just twisting things around. He's good, but I can stop him. I gotta get out of here first."

"I don't think it's going to be as easy as you think," says Kate. She holds up the newspaper for John to see.

"OMG," he says.

Alex hopes Marlena realizes how disturbed John is. He flashes back to choking Lois.

"To think I was married to him," says Marlena.

"He was a mercenary for Stephano DiMera," says Alex, "He can't put that behind him. Even though you can't remember, the man was married to you. I'm sure he was nice to you then, but he's changed. But now, you and I will be together for all the Days Of Our Lives."

"Let's not talk about John any more," says Marlena, "Let's talk about our future."

That reminds him... He shows her the newspaper. "GASP!"

"Mimi hates lying to Rex... uh, I mean Shawn. Bonnie tells her she has to, "You can have everything you ever dreamed of, but you just can't blow it."

Belle has decided she can't keep lying about her feelings for Shawn. Shawn says, "There is no future for us."

Belle stands firm, "I cannot do it. I cannot live like that."

The little snot calls Billie's cell phone, "I just talked to Frankie. It's really bad. I could go to jail for a long time. You have to help or my life is over. You have to split up Bo and Hope. She's out for blood. The only chance I have is if you and Dad are together."

"I can't talk right now," says Billie, "I don't want to wake up your dad."

Alarms go off in Chelsea's scheming little brain, "Where are you?"

"He got upset," says Billie, "I got him a room." The brat is delighted. Billie says, "I slept in a chair."

"Mom," she says, "What were you thinking? This is your chance to be with the man you love. It's my chance too to have my parents back together finally."

Billie can't talk about it, "I gotta go." She hangs up, sits by Bo and watches.

Jennifer counsels Hope, "Do not close the door on Bo. I would give anything to have Jack back right now."

"This is a different situation," says Hope, "Jack didn't betray you."

"I'm not saying what he did was right," says Jennifer, "But he loves you. You need to forgive him."

Hope's cell phone rings. It's Penny the cop checking on Bo. She knows he was in a bar fight and wants to know if he's OK. Penny wasn't there, but they told her a woman took him home.

"It wasn't me," says Hope, "I appreciate the call."

Hope tells Jennifer what happened, "I'll give you one guess who the woman was!"

The headline blares, "DOCTORS TO RENEW WEDDING VOWS." Marlena can't believe this. Alex says he wanted to surprise her. He wants the whole world to know. The article says they are going on an extended second-honeymoon. Marlena likes it. She can't wait. Neither can Alex. He loves her so much, "In fact, I have another surprise for you."

John reads the story, "Alex is going to take her away so he can kill her! I have to stop them."

Frankie arrives and asks for a minute alone with John. Frankie tells him, "There is a hitch, and I don't think you're going to like it."

Caroline arrives with the community wedding dress. Mimi decides to try it on again.

Shawn tells Belle he is sorry. She can't believe it, "You're really gonna marry Mimi?"

"Yes," says Shawn, "She is planning the wedding with her mother right now. Belled decides she should go down and help since she is the matron of honor. Shawn leads the way. They open the door. There stands Mimi in the dress. Belle stares as the blood drains from her head.

Hope can't believe Bo was out with Billie at a bar. The brat listens and loves it. Jennifer tells Hope not to jump to conclusions. As far as Hope is concerned Billie can have him. Jennifer doesn’t buy it. She defends Bo. Hope needs to go to him and talk to him.

Hope's cell phone... "Yes... Excuse me? Which motel? No, I am sure my husband made the charge, but thanks for checking." Hope hangs up, "That was the credit card company calling to verify the charge at the Parkway Motor Motel... The No-Tell Motel. What if he is with Billie?"

Jennifer insists, "He's not with Billie."

"He was more concerned about Billie and Chelsea when our son died," says Hope.

Jennifer tells Hope she has to go to the motel so she will know for sure he is not with Billie.

The brat eavesdrops and thinks, "OMG! How perfect is this?"

Bo dreams of tender moments with Hope as Billie watches. "Forget it, Chelsea," she says, "It's never gonna happen." Her phone rings.

Chelsea tells her, "Hope is coming to the motel. This is your chance. If she finds out you slept together or thinks it, you can be with Bo. Then he'll do whatever it takes to keep me out of jail. It's the only way!"
Billie says, "If Hope sees us here together their marriage could be over."

The brat can hardly contain herself, "That's what I'm saying!"

Frankie tells John the judge will grant bail under the condition he stays away from Alex and Marlena. John protests as the guard lets him out. He thanks Frankie and tells him to relax.

"Something tells me he's not gonna listen," says Frankie as John runs off.

Alex hauls out a big box. Marlena opens it and gasps.

Alex says this is her wedding dress. She is thrilled. He encourages her to try it on.

Belle bolts. Caroline goes after her. Shawn stays downstairs as Kate arrives. Shawn says Mimi is having pre-wedding jitters. Kate goes in to talk to her.

Kate wants to know what the problem is. Mimi tells Kate about what Belle said up on the roof.

Belle paces on the roof. Caroline comes up. Belle tells her she told Shawn she still loves him. Shawn told her to forget about him. "He's right," says Caroline, "No matter how much this hurts you have to accept that it is over between you two. For everybody's sake, you have to let him go."

"That would be the unselfish and mature thing to do," says Belle, "What... are you nuts?"

Mimi tells Kate she eavesdropped on the roof.

Kate says Mimi has to marry Shawn right away.

Mimi stammers, "OK but..."

"No buts," says Bonnie, "What Shawn doesn't know won't hurt him."

Of course, Shawn walks in at this moment and stands there with his jaw on the floor.

Caroline tells Belle to respect her marriage vows. Belle bawls.

Shawn is awestruck at the sight of the wedding dress. Of course, he sees Belle in the dress, "You look beautiful." Better start building that cage, Mimi.

Kate says, "You can see by the look on that man's face he is head over heels in love with the woman in this dress."

Alex hides his eyes as he walks by Marlena in the wedding dress, "I can't see anything. I know it's bad luck for a man to see his bride in the wedding dress before the wedding!" Oh, the connection! How do the writers come up with this stuff!
John busts in and sees Marlena in the dress, "You can't go away with him! What is that bastard up to now?"

Marlena says, "I want you to go right now."

Alex listens and thinks, "This is shaping up even better than I planned."

Chelsea paces, "God, please let this work. I will do whatever it takes to split up Bo and Hope for good."

Billie unlocks the motel room door and undresses, "God forgive me." She slips into bed with Bo. She caresses his face.

Bo imagines Hope. He rolls over and kisses her, "I love you Fancy Face."

Hope and Jennifer arrive. Hope says, "Bo must have been drunk. He didn't even close the door."

Jennifer says, "So go right on in."

Hope opens the door and stares into the room, "Bo?" Yikes! FF on the stunned Hope.


Belle tells Shawn, "You still want to be with me. Just admit it."

Bonnie says to Patrick, "You'll be coming home every night to a beautiful wife and oodles of money. What could be more perfect than that?"

Hope tells Jennifer, "It is over between us. I can't ever take him back."

Alex tells John, "Get out!" John plants a right-cross on Alex. Marlena asks, "How could you do that?"

Monday, February 20, 2006

Do I Have To Draw You A Picture?

Kate tells Austin she would to anything to help him. He wants advice. He tells her about his Highstyle blunder. He is the one to blame. He wants to know if Kate could help patch things up with Carrie.

The romantic dinner is ready. Sami steps into the room, "I think this is perfect; romantic but not too romantic; sappy but not too sappy. Austin where are you? Now that you have accepted your relationship with Carrie is over, maybe you'll give me a chance this time."

She hears footsteps in the hallway and moves so she'll be out of the way when the door opens. Lucas steps in and we relive the surprise kiss; a little more passionate this time. As Sami backs off, she looks up and says, "Lucas! I can't believe I just kissed you!"

"I think you enjoyed that," says Lucas, "I should call the police – For sexual assault."

"I could call the police for breaking and entering," says Sami.

Carrie comes out of nowhere and referees, "I think you're both ignoring what is going on here." They play dumb. Carrie says, "Do I have to draw you a picture? It's so obvious the two of you are still in love."

Mimi drinks her coffee and thinks things over, "If I told him the truth about Claire, that would change everything." She remembers her dream. There is a knock at the door. She opens the peephole, "Oh, no. Not you..." In comes Phillip. He can't find Belle.

Up on the roof, Shawn and Belle hug. Shawn decides they should go inside. Belle wants to stay there with him. Shawn says, "Belle..."

Belle whines, "I still love you. There has to be a way to make this work. There just has to be."

Billie gets out of her car and worries about how bad the snow is getting. She has to find Bo before he hurts himself. She drives off.

Zack's grave. Bo rumbles up. He swills liquor, wipes his face and stares.

Mimi tells Phillip Belle isn't there. He asks about Shawn. She flashes back to watching the scene on the roof and asks, "If I haven't seen her why would you think Shawn has?"

"Why are you being so defensive," he asks, "Do you think something is going on between them?"

"Well duuuuhhhhhhhhh..."

Up on the roof, same dialogue we've had for months. They shouldn't tell Phillip... they should tell him... they won't... they will... who knows, who cares.

Bo drinks at the grave. Billie arrives. He tells her to go away. This doesn't feel real to him.

Billie says, "You've been so busy taking care of everyone else you haven't grieved yet. You need to let yourself do that or you'll go crazy."

Bo takes another shot of rotgut, and then blows a gasket, "WHY DID MY LITTLE BOY HAVE TO DIE? WHY... WHY... WHY?"

Kate tells Austin she loves him but she isn't sure he can make things right with Carrie. He knows they could be happy together. Kate remembers what Lucas said about her never seeing Will again. Austin goes on. He wants a future with Carrie. He wants his company to be successful. Kate tells him he can't have both.

Carrie insists Lucas and Sami love each other. They insist they just feel contempt for each other. Lucas says he came to talk about Will and was attacked by a sex-starved maniac.

"Sex-starved? Hardly," says Sami.

"Then why did you jump my bones like that," asks Lucas.

"I was expecting someone," says Sami, "And it certainly wasn't you." They argue. Lucas leaves. Carrie stays to talk to Sami.

Lucas stands in the hall and remembers the kiss. He eavesdrops. Carrie says, "Admit it, you would rather be having a romantic dinner with Lucas."

"Read my lips," says Sami, "Lucas and I are through." Translation: not through.

"You still love him," says Carrie.

"Please don't do this," asks Sami, "I am thorough pining after a man who isn't interested in me. We are through."

"I don't think you are," says Carrie.

"This woman is moving on," says Sami, "To hell with Lucas Roberts. I want a to have more children."

Carrie remembers talking to Billie about having kids, "My biological clock is ticking." The one in the attic is broken, though.

Sami asks if Carrie thinks it's selfish to want to have more children. No. And Carrie wants more children, too. Sami says, "That's what Lucas and I wanted until his unbelievably bitchy mother ruined everything. There is nothing I can do to change it."

Lucas whispers, "At least you got that right, Sami."

Phillip says he will go ask Shawn if he knows where Belle is. Mimi stares. "He is here, right," asks Phillip.

Belle and Shawn argue on the roof. Shawn says, "You already made your choice, Belle. And Mimi and I are going to get married and start a family and be happy for all the Days Of Our Lives."

"I want you to be happy," says Belle, "but what about everything you and I have had?"

"There is no you and me."

"I'm sorry," says Belle, "I can't accept that."

Bo wails and wallows in the mud at the grave, "Hope said one day someone would get hurt because of Chelsea. OMG! It was my little boy. She will never forgive me. It was my fault. I have lost everyone."

"You haven't lost Shawn," says Billie.

"Yes," says Bo, "He hates me. Hope hates me. I don't deserve her love. I don't' deserve anything. I should be alone for the rest of my life." Billie comforts the crumpled self-pitying mass crying in the snow.

Austin says, "So you're telling me the only way to be with Carrie is to give up my company?"

"I don't think you can be with her period," says Kate, "You need to focus on your company."

"If I can't have Carrie I'll be miserable," says Austin.

"You need to take care of business," says Kate, "Time is the only thing that will end the rift between you two."

"No," says Austin, "Time will hurt me. I will lose Carrie, and I'm afraid the one I will lose her to is Lucas."

Lucas listens as Sami says, "I'm afraid you want me to patch things up with Lucas so I won't have a relationship with Austin. I know you want a career, but all I have ever wanted is to be a wife and mother."

"I want a career," says Carrie, "But I want a family, too."

"I've ruined all my chances at love," says Sami, "This chance with Austin is my last. Maybe he is the right one for me."

"I thought he was for me too," says Carrie, "But I was wrong."

Sami says, "I am tired of having a terrible track record with men."

Carrie says, "You're afraid of getting hurt if you get back with Lucas."

"I don't want to be with him," says Sami.

Snooping Lucas whispers, "Good. I don't want to be with you either."

"The only man I want is Austin," says Sami.

Mimi lies, "Shawn is in his room." Phillip starts to go in there. Mimi stops him.

Phillip has an epiphany, "Waitasec, the roof! Belle is on the roof! You've been a big help Mimi. Thanks a lot."

Shawn tells Belle she has to accept it. He and Mimi are getting married. Belle believes she and Shawn are meant to be together, "You are so good with Claire."

"I am not her father," shouts Shawn.

"I am sorry I am doing this to you," says Belle, "It seems all wrong. But I'm going to keep it up, anyway."

"It is wrong," says Shawn, "And it was wrong when you didn't tell Phillip. You have to let me go."

"What if I can't," whines the nitwit.

"I don't want to talk about this any more," says Shawn, "You and I are finished."

Shawn leaves. Belle bawls.

Bo and Billie are cleaning up after Bo's fit. Billie picks up an angel. Bo takes it from her, "I'll fix it." He picks up a teddy bear and remembers a tender family scene. "We were so happy. Nothing will ever be the same."

Kate says she hates to see Austin in pain. But, she hates to see herself in pain even more... so much for helping him. Austin says he has to find some way to get Carrie to forgive him.

"All I ever wanted was for you to be happy," says Kate.

"You'll have to settle for Phillip being happy," says Austin.

"He's happy," says Kate, "And I'm determined he will stay that way."

Austin gets up to leave. He talks about the time Carrie and he had when they knew they wanted to be together. It was just for a day but it was wonderful. He leaves.

Kate says, "One of my sons is going to get his heart broken, and I'm afraid it will be you Austin."

Sami tells Carrie how nice Austin has been to her, "Lucas wasn't willing to give me another chance. I am meant to be with Austin, unless you stand in our way."

"Sami," says Carrie, "I told you I don't want anything to do with him."

"Austin hasn't accepted that," says Sami.

"That's his problem," says Carrie.

"And mine," says Sami, "He will never be interested in me as long as he thinks he has a chance with you. I realize I have no right to ask you this, but don't stand between me and my one last chance at happiness."

"All I want is for you to be happy," says Carrie, "I told you I won't stand in your way. Go for it."

Sami thanks her. Hugs. Carrie has to leave before Austin gets back.

Lucas rushes down the hall as she leaves. He turns and strolls toward Sami's apartment. He says he was just coming to see if she was OK. She tells him about her talk with Sami. She says she was wrong about Lucas and Sami, "You both want to move on."

"Maybe I'll be lucky," says Lucas, "Maybe this will by my year to settle down and start raising a family."

"I didn't realize you wanted more kids," says Carrie.

"More than anything," says Lucas.

Austin comes up, "Hi Carrie."

"Austin," she says. Lucas and Carrie walk into his apartment. Lucas looks back at the abandoned puppy.

Sami comes out. "I just ran into Carrie with Lucas," says Austin." They go inside.

"Did Carrie mention she and I had a nice long chat," asks Sami, "She doesn't want to get back with you. I'm sorry."

Mimi tells Phillip not to go to the roof. He disregards her advice, but Belle comes down just as he is going up. She says she went to get some fresh air. Phillip wonders how Shawn could sleep through all this ruckus.

Shawn comes out of his apartment, "Hey, what's going on?"

The fumbling foursome kick things around and determine there is no problem. They go their separate ways. Shawn and Belle give one last glance to each other.

Inside, Shawn says, "Goodbye, Belle." Mimi watches.

Bo fixes up the grave. Billie wants him to go. He insists he is fine. "Let me take care of you," she says.

"OK," says Bo. As they walk away he thanks her.

"You don't have to thank me," says Billie.

Bo says, "I never would have made it through this night without you."

Billie says, "I'll always be here... no matter what."

The snow falls on the cold lonely grave as Bo and Billie ride off.


Bonnie says, "We cannot give those two a chance to get back together again." Mimi looks away.

Belle tells Shawn, "I cannot do it. I cannot live like that."

John snarls, "What is that bastard up to now?" Marlena says, "I want you to go right now." Alex listens and thinks, "This is shaping up even better than I planned."

Hope says, "Bo must have been drunk. He didn't even close the door." Jennifer says, "So go right on in." Hope opens the door.

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