Thursday, December 31, 2009

DOOL New Year's Resolutions

There was no feed this morning, not because NBC will broadcast any bowl games tomorrow, but because instead the geniuses in the NHL have actually come up with an idea that can sometimes give the bowl games a run for their money. Yes, it's time for another Winter Classic outdoor hockey game (true to form in this age of instant gratification it is indeed a classic after only two previous games, but who's counting).

As for me, ignoring the sacrilege of playing anything but baseball at Fenway Park, I'll take time off from football to watch the Bruins and Flyers mix it up. I just love the idea of one outdoor hockey game — just one, let's not overdo it like we do everything else — every year on New Year's Day. I wanna see raw hockey... in the cold... let it snow... let the wind whip... when they call icing, I want it to be because there is real ice around somewhere... when they freeze the puck, I want it to be because the puck really is freezing. I don't want blood on the ice, I want frozen blood on the ice. I don't just want forechecking, I want frozen butts slammed into glass so cold and brittle it shatters into a million...

Sorry. I got carried away. I forgot, we're here to talk about DOOL, aren't we? OK. The upshot of all this is there was no feed today. I could have just said that but then you'd want to know WHY there was no feed and I'd have to go through the "frozen butt forechecking" thing anyway. By the way, if you're unfamiliar with the term, forechecking is the Canadian equivalent of foreplay.

Instead of a recap, however, I may have come up with something just as interesting to DOOL fans. Another year has rolled by in the Sodom and Gomorrah of the Midwest commonly known as Salem. How depressing to think of everything that has happened, even though it's more depressing to think of everything that didn't happen. But we'll save that lament for another time and place. Salem, of course is a town where Santa's "naughty and nice" list is so biased to the "naughty" side it actually affects the rotation of the earth on it's axis.

In other words, it's not a stretch to say they've been bad in Salem and need to use the end of the year, this time of reflection, to mend their ways... turn over a new leaf... dare I say repent?

Well, that message has made its way around town and the goofba... people are responding. Here, as a Prevuze exclusive, is the complete list of New Year's resolutions made by the good (?) folks in our favorite town. Favorite town to bash, that is.

See if some of these inspire you to turn over a new leaf yourself, but notice none of the people in Salem seem to be resolving to make the same changes we common folk usually make. No losing weight, no stopping smoking, no ab firming, no thoughts about getting out of debt. No, the resolutions in Salem are a little more... strange? Whatever, you be the judge:

Melanie: No more gold-digging. Like, who needs to after you score the mother-load.

Phillip: To record Internet porn only in Hi-def.

Rafe: To experience an emotion. Any emotion.

EJ: To finish writing my book, "101 Ways To Tell The Difference Between A Foam Rubber Ball And A Pregnant Woman."

Sami: To get to know more people, starting with several of my personalities.

Abe: As mayor, I'll continue working to make Salem the Hernandez capital of the US.

Maggie: Not to be so judgmental of all the people in Salem who are beneath me.

Mia: To keep on rejecting Will until the new hunk replaces him.

Gabi: To find out why I'm in Salem.

Shawn: To learn port from starboard.

Belle: To learn left from right.

Claire: To become a long-distance swimmer.

Chris: To keep hoping against hope that EJ DiMera is gay.

Carly: To do everything I can to help Hope find her true love. Just as long as it's not Bo.

Victor: For one thing, I'm staying off ice skates.

Lucas: I may be leaving Salem, but I vow to find a new town that needs a village idiot.

Nicole: I want to make my new cellmate Amazonia the happiest Bitch-ho at Statesville.

Roman: I guess I might as well officially become a monk.

Lawrence: To snap out of this coma and get back to Salem.

Anna: To hell with going green, give me disposable diapers.

Rafe: To stop playing with the lint in my belly button and play with the lint in my brain instead.

Jan Spears: Same as last year. And the year before. And the year before. And the year before. And the year before.

Mia: Rule #1 — back seats are for passengers.

Stefano: I need to break the habit of leaving a C-note under Katherine's pillow every night.

Phillip: To start dating a better class of porn star.

Daniel: I want finally to work up enough courage to tell people my nickname is 'Goose.'

Kate: Must learn to cook killer dishes, not ones that just wound.

Brady: I might consider going in to work a couple days.

Bo: To have a fling with Carly that cancels out Hope's fling with Justin so we can get back together with a clear conscience.

Chloe: I'm going to return to my first love, singing. But not until my scars heal.

Pookie: Who cares? I guess it's the dog pound for me.

Hope: Being perfect, I don't need to make resolutions, but surely there is something... Oh, yes, my broom needs a tuneup.

John: Going... to get... this bedpan... out from under me... if... it's... the last... thing I do.

Will: I think I'll find out who Phillip's plastic surgeon was and go have a face transplant.

Mickey: To go off somewhere, meditate and find myself. In fact, I'd be happy if anyone found me.

Prevuze: To stop criticizing the moronic, sophomoric, idiotic, inconsistent, unplanned, boring, stupid, ridiculous, unprofessional, second grade level, unintelligent, humdrum, repetitive, unoriginal, banal, hokey, clichéd, unimaginative, and downright asinine writing on this show. Or not.

Prevuze: To apologize to sophomores and second graders everywhere for that last insult.

Happy New Year, everyone and now let's all go outside and jouer au hockey.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So Much For Auld Lang Syne

We pan back from a roaring fire and find Sami holding one of Sydney's Christmas presents and, it goes without saying, brooding. She flashes back to seeing the note from the kidnapper and huffs. Rafe comes out and blows on one of those cheap party horns.

"What's that," asks Sami.

"A party in a box."

"I thought it was gonna be the two of us," says Sami.

"Who says you need more than two for a party," says Rafe. My guess would be Johnny and Allie but, hey, how important can a couple of irritating kids be?

Daniel saunters into the hospital all tuxed-up and tells Nathan he's taking Chloe to Chez Rouge. Nathan tells him about his date with Stephanie, but assumes Daniel thinks he's still hung up on Melanie. He stammers around and they talk about her engagement with Phillip.

The Voyager Spacecraft slowly approaches the planet and... Oh, check that. We're panning in on Melanie's diamond. Melanie and Phillip stand in Maggie's kitchen as Phillip announces his jet is all fueled and ready to head to Vegas. Melanie hesitates.

A nurse congratulates Carly for saving a life as Carly flashes back to Lawrence's death. Technical note: in commemoration of the coming year, that was exactly the 2010th time we have seen her slice and dice his gut. "I don't deserve praise," says Carly, "I did what I had to do."

Vivian toys with an envelope as she flashes back to talking to Victor about Carly's child, "Once I find you... you inglorious bastard we'll make Carly suffer."

Hope is in the Kiriakis mansion den with Justin planning to hunt for evidence once Victor and Vivian skedaddle.

Rafe hands Sami a feather boa. She wants him to wear one, too. Rafe stops her, "I'm the only one who touches the box."

Speaking of touching, Prevuze would not touch that one with a ten foot pole.

Rafe dives in and pulls out champagne glasses. He reminds her of their last New Year's Eve and they bicker about who was more irritating in the safehouse. They both win.

Victor and Vivian walk in on Hope and Justin. Victor accuses them of conspiring about something.

Melanie insists she isn't having second thoughts. She reminds him Kate wasn't happy when Lucas and Chloe eloped. Phillip says his mom is no longer a part of his life.

Nathan thinks Phillip and Melanie getting together so quickly is a little strange. Daniel butts in with a piece of advice, "She's not married yet. Better to work out your unresolved feelings now." He leaves.

Nathan stares, "He's right. I can't leave things like this."

Victor presses and Hope just says she's concerned about Ciara. As he and Vivian turn to leave Victor gives her a parting shot, "Try not to burn the house down."

With the coast clear, Justin says, "I thought they'd never leave."

Hope says, "It's time for us to get to work."

Daniel finds Carly and congratulates her on saving the life but Carly don' need no stinkin' congrats. Daniel says, "Something seems to be bothering you... can you talk about it?" Greeted with silence, Daniel continues, "Just know I'm (say it with him) here for you if you need me."

Carly breaks the silence, "No matter how many lives I save it doesn't make up for the one I took..."

Daniel is a little confused, "Huhwah?"

"Lawrence," says Carly, "I did it. I killed him." She walks away. OK, so I guess it doesn't take a high IQ to become a doctor.

Julie and Maggie are standing... somewhere... maybe Maggie finally added that living room to her house... and they're all dolled up and ready to party. They share small talk about their husbands and decide they are keepers. Maggie gets a call as they head for Chez Rouge. Vegas odds are about 10 gazillion to one that the Mickster can't make it.

Stephanie shows up at Maggie's to pick up her camera. She asks about Nathan and Melanie says he's not there. Eagle-eyed Stephanie sees the luggage and asks about it. Melanie tells her she and Phillip going to Vegas. Stephanie gets all-excited, "Oooo... Donnie and Marie? Cirque du Soliel? Wayne Newton? The Gorge and Puke Buffet?

"No," says Melanie, "We're getting married."

Nathan stands at the elevator and contemplates, "I've gotta do this in person."

Chloe stands in the Java Café and dumps some cream into her cup-o-joe. Daniel walks up behind her and cops one of his patented feels. He suggests ditching their date options and going for a private party. "You may be on to something," says Chloe. And we all know what Daniel hopes that something will be.

"I can't wait to get out of this tux," says Daniel.

Chloe asks, "Can I help you?"

"You bet your ass you can." Daniel sees Carly and heads over to talk to her, "We need to finish our discussion."

Apparently Victor and Vivian are exhausted from their long drive so far. So much so that they've had to stop for coffee after traveling the first mile. They stand outside the Java Café and wonder what Carly and Daniel are doing in there.

Hope and Justin start the search.

Melanie tells Stephanie she and Phillip are eloping. Stephanie congratulates her and says what she and Phillip had is over, "I'm happy for you, but you don't seem happy. Are you sure you want to do this?"

Meanwhile, outside the pub, issue-laden Nathan bumps into flower-laden Phillip. Phillip gives him the big news, "We're eloping... tonight."

Carly wants Daniel to stay out of things, even though she was stupid enough to blab to him. She hitches as Vivian and Victor walk in. Carly tells Daniel Vivian knows the truth, but asks him to stay out of it.

Carly starts to leave and heads directly into Vivian's path, "Get out of my way."

Vivian fakes being gracious, "I Just wanted to wish you a happy Two-Oh-One-Oh. I'm happy we all made it through this year in one piece. Well, except poor Lawrence — he didn't make it."

Hope and Justin search.

Rafe tells Sami he has news, "The false leads on Sydney are just rolling in. Not only that, but the FBI has lowered it's standards to the bottom of the barrel, and I may be reinstated. Now I'll have direct access to all kinds of files — officially this time." He goes for more champagne.

Sami grabs her phone and calls EJ, "I know what you're thinking — this isn't about Rafe. I think I'm gonna tell him about the ransom note... tonight."

Maggie is soooo disappointed, "Oh, Mickey, do you have to cancel out on me again?" The Mickster explains that the case he is working on is just too hot to leave for a New Year's Eve party. It seems his client was clocked going 40 in a thirty-five and the legal ramifications are just too complex to leave hanging. Mickey breaks up and hangs up. Maggie gets off the phone and turns to Julie, "So much for Auld Lang Syne."

Julie suggests it's time for Maggie and Mickey to go on a cruise. She paints the picture of the wonderful time they can have when they get seasick together and have to spend the whole trip in their cabin. She also invites Maggie to spend the evening with her and Doug, "Put your best foot forward." Maggie puts her foot forward and reveals her red shoe.

This, of course, is the catalyst for yet another flashback. Maggie lies in her hospital bed as Mickey gives her a pair of dancing shoes and tells her, "You were born to dance, Maggie." The girls exit singing a chorus of Auld Lang Syne.

Chloe asks Daniel what's up with Carly. Victor wishes them a happy new year. Victor also wants to know what was up with Daniel and Carly. Daniel tells him to leave Carly alone.

Outside, Carly huffs, puffs and nearly faints. She recalls being buried alive as Vivian lies sprawled out on top of her living grave and cackles.

Vivian recalls the same thing. Carly looks in at her. Staredown. Carly leaves.

Victor wonders if Chloe wants her future husband hanging with Carly. Daniel and Chloe become indignant and leave.

Vivian walks up to Victor, "How did it go with Daniel?"

"When it comes to women he's an idiot, and with Daniel, it's all about women. He'll wind up kicking her out on her ass."

"I love it when you wax eloquent," says Vivian, "And Carly will pay for what she did to Lawrence."

Justin and Hope continue to search the Kiriakis mansion. Justin finds a locked door. Hope finds a locked closet. The suspense hangs in the air like the smell of that milk jug you left open on the counter all night.

Sami bickers on the phone with EJ as Rafe comes back out. Sami hangs up. Rafe asks whom she was talking to. "It was EJ," says Sami, "He was checking up on the search."

"Don't worry," says Rafe, "I'm sure someone will find Johnny and Allie before too long." Rafe thinks she was acting panicked. Sami says EJ was just being obnoxious.

Rafe pours the champagne. He toasts 2010 and talks about next New Year's Eve, "We'll all be together then."

"And we can get a babysitter, dump the kids and go out and have some fun on New Year's Eve," says Sami.

Rafe toasts, "To us and our family."

Out in the audience, the Ejamis stew like that overcooked pot of New Year's cabbage.

Stephanie insists she and Nathan are good for each other. Melanie asks, "And do you think I'm going to get in the way of that?"

"No," says Stephanie, "I won't let you."

Nathan says he refuses to let Phillip marry Melanie, "She's only rushing into marriage because she's confused. She's doing this to punish me."

Phillip thinks that's ridiculous, "Her decision has nothing to do with you."

Nathan thinks Phillip will ruin Melanie's life. Things get rough. They move into the pushy-shovey stage and Phillip lands a haymaker on Nathan's jaw.

Lucas wanders in, helps pick Nathan up and gives him some advice, "You shoulda sucker-punched him when you had the chance."

Victor worries that Daniel is now involved in Carly's intrigue. Vivian insists she has things under control, "Don't worry. Mama has it all figured out."

Victor decides they're not going to make Chicago in time. Vivian suggest having a bite in Salem. Victor tells her his appetite is ruined.

Vivian gives him a suggestive look, "What would you rather do instead?"

Justin is beginning to think the papers aren't there. Suddenly Hope finds a secret panel in the closet. She opens it and finds a puzzle box.

Rafe mumbles, "I was thinking..."

This shocks even Sami, "Really? HAHAHA!" Rafe suggests a family camping trip. Sami isn't too thrilled with the prospect of a woodsie, "The last time I went camping I got attacked by a snake and a tiger."

That doesn't compute with Brainiac, "A tiger?"

"Don't ask," says Sami. She suggests renting an RV. Rafe thinks he's got a real nature girl on his hands. Speaking of back-to-nature, Sami moves in on him. Rafe responds.

Melanie says she doesn't appreciate Stephanie's insinuation that she will come between Stephanie and Nathan.

Someone needs to come between Phillip and Nathan. Things have degenerated into a full-blown...


Joe the cop rushes up and breaks it up. He tells them they'd better cool it before they land in jail. Phillip says, "I'm done with this loser. I'm getting married... tonight."

Hope attempts to open the puzzle box.

Carly is back at the hospital, flashing back to to her burial. She remembers gasping for air as Vivian radios her goodbye. "She can never know about my daughter," whines Carly, "Never."

Stephanie starts to leave as Joe the cop calls Melanie. "I'll be right there." She gets off the phone and announces to Stephanie, "You'll never believe where Nathan and Phillip are right now."

Joe escorts Phillip and Nathan into their cell...


"Happy new year boys." The scofflaws stand together staring at each other.

Chloe and Daniel stroll outside and remember Chloe's injured ankle from last year. We have fireworks and smooch-o-rama. Munch-o-rama. He carries her off just like he did last year.

Hope fumbles with the puzzle box. They hear Victor and Vivian out in the hallway. Vivian walks in to find the pair glued to each other kissing and groping.

The kissing and groping are history over at Sami's place. She and Rafe lounge in bed. "I have something to tell you," whispers Sami.

"Hold that thought," says Rafe. He goes for champagne so they can have another toast. Sami's phone rings. It's a text from EJ, "We need to meet. It's important. Don't tell Rafe."

Meanwhile, in Times Square, the giant ball descends to mark the new year. Johnny and Allie ride it down and wave to the crowd as it lights up to herald the arrival of 2010.

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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Befriending A Boa Constrictor

Bo and Carly stand in the living room of Bo and Hope's house. Carly rants about her destruction of their marriage. Bo insists his marriage is over and has nothing to do with her.

Hope stands in the hallway of the Kiriakis mansion and eavesdrops as Victor encourages Vivian to slow down with her plans to destroy Carly, "Settle down. Take a breath. Take a drink. What has you so excited?"

"I know know Carly is falling apart from the pressure."

"I guess finding a surprise corpse would make anyone a little jumpy," says Victor, "I must say, that was a very good move on your part."

"And after that," says Vivian, "Carly had a meltdown. I am primed to go in for the kill."

EJ meets with Troy at the pier. Troy tells him he lost the phone. EJ erupts, "You lost the phone I gave you with all the business numbers on it? The one with all those cool apps on it? The one with my unfinished FreeCell game? You'd better tell me where that phone is while you still can."

Arianna cradles Troy's phone and looks to the heavens, "Oh, thank you! I just got the number of the guy running the drug ring."

Sami and Rafe are together at the DiMera mansion. She says she wants to do the right thing, flashes back to seeing the note and tells him all her huffing, sobbing and fretting is about Sydney.

Bo continues to insist Carly isn't the cause of his broken marriage, "Things happened between you and me and I'm glad they did."

Hope continues to listen as Vivian says she knows she's been impulsive in the past. Victor thinks she's been a little more than that, "I don't think you can categorize burying someone alive as impulsive."

"Having Lawrence's papers is a gift," says Vivian, "I have the goods on Carly. I have the terrible secret that can blow her out of the water."

Justin sneaks up and startles Hope. Vivian and Victor hear the commotion. Hope steps in and Victor says, "Hope, I didn't realize you were there."

Sami changes the subject and asks about the lead. Rafe tells her it didn't pan out. "I hate that I just don't know what to do," whines the woman-child.

"Well," says Rafe, "You know your motto: When in doubt, have a childish hissy-fit."

Vivian asks how long Hope has been standing there. Victor jumps in and says he's concerned that Hope didn't feel free just to walk in. Hope tells him she just got there. Justin backs her up.

EJ asks Troy if he likes gangster films, "In every one there is one character you just know won't make if to the end." Troy gets the picture and panics. EJ pulls out his phone, "I have no calls which presents you with a small window of opportunity to find your phone. It's like a reality show. You find your phone before someone calls me and you get to live."

"Can't we play Top Chef instead," asks Troy.

Roman meets Arianna outside the pub. She shows him the phone, and tells him it's locked. "I'm OK with that," says Roman, "I have a search warrant."

"But," protests Arianna, "You don't have the password."

"I don't need it," says Dudley Do-Right, "I have right on my side."

"I'd rather have the password," says Arianna.

Mystery Guy brings a bag o' stuff to Anna. Mystery Guy and Mystery Woman, together again for the first time. "There you go," says Mystery Guy, "Diapers and baby food." Anna asks what's happening at the mansion. He tells her not much, "Sami and her boy-toy are still there. Frank will call if they leave or anyone new shoes up."

"So," whines Anna, "there is no way of knowing if they got my note."

Rafe rants about the fact that EJ is not there. Sami reminds him he books on occasion, too, then takes back her harsh and cruel (although true) words and says she doesn't want anything to come between them. She says she knows Rafe can't stand EJ, but says they have to deal with the fact he's Sydney's father, "Oh, God I just wish you could tell me what to do."

"Sure," says Rafe, "I"ll be happy to. I wouldn't want you to go through the trauma of having to make an adult decision for yourself."

Bo says, "Vivian is closing in on you. We're in this together and I'll help you figure out how to stop her."

Vivian gushes about how happy she is to see Hope there, "Your perfume is very exotic. It wafts in just ahead of you."

She and Victor start to leave. On his way out, Victor turns to Hope, "Last night I watched a Groucho Marx movie in Italian. It's kind of like talking to Vivian."

They leave talking about their New Year's Eve plans in Chicago. Once they're out, Justin wants to know what's up.

EJ says he'll work his magic to disarm Troy's phone from his phone, "When my IT guy installed the software that enables me to do this, I told him we would never need it, because no one in my organization would ever be stupid enough to put us in a situation where we would need it."

Troy agrees, "That would be about as dumb as a guy not knowing his wife was pregnant."

EJ fiddles with his phone, "DAMN!"

Back in front of the pub, Mr. Technoid also fiddles with Troy's phone. "What are you doing," asks Arianna.

"I'm changing sim cards," says Roman.

"What's that," asks Arianna.

"I don't have a clue," says Roman, "But it sure makes me sound smart, doesn't it."

"And you just happen to carry a spare sim card around with you?"

"Doesn't everyone?"

Rafe thinks there is something Sami isn't telling him. His friend calls. Rafe palavers. We discover his buddy has struck out again on finding the Mystery Woman. Oh, the despair!

Bo and Carly continue to argue. Carly says she doesn't want to be the "other woman" in his relationship with Hope.

"OK," says Bo, "How about if we let Hope be the "other woman" in my relationship with you?"

Hope and Justin try to figure what Victor and Vivian were talking about. Justin wants to know if Hope is going to go ahead with her plan to become friendly with Vivian, "Befriending Vivian is like befriending a boa constrictor. Watch out for the hugs."

"Not funny," says Hope.

Justin thinks Hope is distracted, "What's going on. What happened?"

"When I went to my house," says Hope, "I saw Bo and Carly kissing."

"Drat the bad luck!"

EJ continues to fiddle with his phone. He turns to Troy, "You'd better pray this battery doesn't die or I swear you will."

Sim switchin' Roman gets into the data on Troy's phone. He shows Arianna the screen, "These numbers are what we need." Suddenly the screen goes black.

"What does that mean," gasps Arianna.

"It means you damn well had better memorized every number we had up on the screen," says Roman, "It also tells me he's told his boss the phone is missing. Now you have a new set of problems."

Sami starts to tell Rafe she and EJ had a disagreement but Rafe gets another call. When he's done he tells Sami they want to start surveillance around the DiMera mansion. Sami thinks that might tip off the kidnappers, "What would happen if there was a ransom note?"

"We would arrange to pay and put tracking devices on the money or the briefcase it was in," says Rafe.

"That would be the smart thing to do," says Sami, "So let's not do that."

Vivian and Victor are at the Java Café as Vivian tells him she thinks Hope was eavesdropping. She wants to get rid of Carly and thinks if she does Bo and Hope can live happily ever after. She thinks Carly will lead her to the child.

Bo and Carly are at the hospital. She accuses him of babysitting. Bo says he wants the person who is watching them to report to Vivian that he is, "I want her to know just who the babysitter is."

"But," says Carly, "Hope will get that information, too."

Justin asks Hope what she's going to do about Carly.

Sami asks again what would happen if there were a ransom note. She says she's worried that the FBI doing things by the book would hurt Sydney, especially if the kidnappers found the tracking devices. Rafe thinks they should do things by the book. "You don't always do that," says Sami, "You didn't always follow orders in the safehouse."

"Following orders could have gotten you killed," says Rafe.

Hilda's ghost materializes, "Yeah, G-Man, thanks a million for not following orders. That sure worked out well for me."

Troy says EJ is scaring him. "Well," says EJ, "Maybe that means you're not as stupid as you look."

Roman makes a call, "I have an assignment for you."

Mystery Guy asks what Anna will do if the feds get involved. Anna is confident, "If they're not involved by now, it won't happen."

Rafe wants to go, "I'm not wired to sit around."

"What are you wired to do," asks Sami.

"I'm not sure," says Rafe, "The wires are there, but the fuse is blown."
He says he thinks it's important they be hones with each other, "I'm beginning to think there won't be a ransom note. If this were about money they would have made a move by now. If it's not about money... uh... let's just say it would be simpler if it were."

Victor comes back with coffee and looks over Vivian's shoulder as she doodles, "Playing hangman? Or do you just like to draw gallows? I take it that's Carly you've drawn hanging there."

"Don't you think it's good to look forward to tomorrow," asks Vivian.

Victor chuckles, "Your dedication to your task is commendable. You make Medea look wishy-washy." Vivian vows to take Carly's child like Carly took Lawrence.

Bo and Carly have the same argument, just in a different place. Bo insists he wasn't thinking about Hope when he was kissing Carly.

"You weren't thinking about anything," says Carly.

"Well," says admits Bo, "I did have one thing on my mind."

Justin says he thinks Vivian will use what she knows to ruin Carly.

"Something could happen to Carly," speculates Hope, "How I will miss walking in and seeing her in my husband's arms. I don't want Bo back, though."

Justin is skeptical, "You're a good person, Hope, and if you don't try to stop Vivian you won't be able to live with yourself."

"Sometimes I just hate being me," says Hope.

"That's understandable," says Justin, "That means you can never get away from... you."

Troy is at the Java Café madly searching for his phone. A woman walks up and holds it in front of him, "Looking for this? I found it after you left and would have called but the battery died."

"In Salem, batteries always die when you need the phone," says Troy, "This place is kind of the Bermuda Triangle of phone batteries." The woman gives him the phone. Troy thanks her as she leaves. Roman stalks.

Rafe asks if Sami is mad at him. "No," says Sami, "It's just that I love you."

"I"d hate to see what things would be like if you hated me, then," says Rafe.

Sami gives him a look with her tear-filled, bloodshot eyes, "You are (say it with her) there for me because you want to be."

Rafe returns the look, "I'm (say it with him) there for you no matter what." Hugs and tears.

Out in the audience, Zelma McPherson from Yonkers turns to her neighbor, "I wish the dialog was (say it with her) there for us."

Bo and Carly decide to table discussions about feelings until the situation with Vivian is settled. "Right," says Carly, "So maybe we should call the director of the Swiss hospital and see if I had a baby."

"And we can also find out how much Vivian has learned," says Bo, "I'll make the call."

Carly asks, "Does that mean you don't want my input?"

"No," says Bo, "It means great minds think alike. And the same goes for not-so-great minds." He walks away.

Carly has a flashback as the young stallion Bo takes her in his arms. Hot young Carly asks, "Are you thinking what I think you're thinking?"

"Great minds think alike," says young Beauregard.

"I'm beginning to get that impression," says Carly.

"You're going to get more than an impression," says Bo.

Hope decides to take action. Justin decides to help, "I'll play Watson to your Holmes... Hastings to your Perot... Danny Glover to your Mel Gibson... Laurel to your Hardy... Costello to your Abbott... George to your Gracie..."

Hope reminds him, "A lot of detectives work in silence. Lawyers talk. Detectives think."

"I guess that makes me a lawyer and you not so much of a detective," says Justin.

"Silence," orders Frau Hope. Justin raises his hand. "What," asks Hope.

"I was just thinking about what Victor and Vivian said about New Year's Eve," says Justin.

Hope asks, "You mean about them dancing like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers?"

"No," says Justin, "About them going to Chicago."

Hope raises her eyebrows, "OK... you can stay." Hope gets ideas. Justin gets ideas. The audience gets barf bags.

Troy is at the pub with Arianna. He asks to talk to her and says he cut her talk of moving up the corporate ladder off too soon, "I overreacted." Arianna tells him to faghedaboudit. She walks away.

Troy plots, "So DiMera thinks he can get rid of me with you waiting in the wings? I think you're about to have a serious accident."

EJ is back at the DiMera mansion. Rafe goes for Sami's coat. Sami tells EJ she didn't tell Rafe about the kidnapper's note. EJ says this doesn't have anything to do with Rafe — He just doesn't want the FBI involved.

Rafe and Sami leave. EJ stares.

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Monday, December 28, 2009

Lucky Me, Skeptical You

EJ stands in the rumpus room and grills Jeeves about the mysterious envelope. Pennyworth says he doesn't know anything about it, so EJ dismisses him. He opens it and contemplates.

Anna bounces around and babbles to Sydney, "That's right, beautiful. Your auntie is going to be filthy rich. It's only a matter of time."

Sydney says, "You forgot to change my diaper. I may not be rich but I've got the filthy part covered."

Nathan and Melanie are together in Maggie's kitchen. Nathan says he thinks Melanie is rushing things with Phillip. Melanie tells him to keep his opinions to himself as Phillip shows up.

Carly and Bo hug. Bo comforts her and moves in. He plasters himself to her and plants a big kiss. Meanwhile, Hope the giddy schoolgirl who has decided to run home and save her marriage bounds up to the door and looks in the window. Oops.

Chloe and Brady are at the Java Café. Chloe says she and Daniel want to help him. She tells him she's found out Arianna is a drug dealer and wants details.

Arianna finds Rafe at the pub. He tells her there is a possible break in the Syd-napping.

Sami walks into the rumpus room and asks EJ what he's reading.

Vivian wonders, "Who is the father of Carly's bastard love child and where is the child?" She thinks Victor looks distracted, "You think Carly's child will be another Kiriakis heir, and think maybe it's Bo's child."

"It's possible," says Victor, "I saw them dragging out the old Bo-Billie-Chelsea scripts this week."

Hope knocks. Bo answers. Hope saunters in. We share a tense moment as the lovebirds realize they've probably been caught red handed. Hope gives Carly a nasty look and sneers, "Happy holidays." She turns to Bo, "Keeping busy, I see."

Nathan excuses himself and leaves. Melanie tells Phillip Kate and Vivian were there, too. Phillip takes off, leaving us to wonder why he was there in the first place.

Gabi and Mia stroll together outside. Mia asks what Gabi's interests are. "I'm interested in band and pre-med," says Gabi."

"You'll fit right in at Salem hospital," says Mia, "Most of the doctors there can't tell the difference between a bedpan and a tuba." Gabi says she isn't sure what she wants to be. Mia says she met a doc who turned her off to the whole medical experience, "She wanted to move into the house I live in. I Hope I never see her again."

Carly suddenly remembers she has a dental appointment in Tanganyika. She hustles out. Hope goes for the jugular, "Hopefully she can come back soon and you can finish what you started."

Bo plays dumb (It's not a stretch), "Huh?"

"You know what I'm talking about," says Hope, "I saw you kissing!"

Bo wonders if the "I thought it was you" defense he used after he got caught with Billie in the gas pit might work again.

Rafe fills Arianna in on the boots. He gets a call and walks off.

Anna admires her boots and reconfirms her coming riches.

EJ tells Sami the envelope is something an old college buddy sent him. He stuffs it into his desk drawer. Sami says she felt at Christmas like they were really working together and now thinks he's being distant, "What are you keeping from me?"

Victor says he doesn't think Carly's kid would be Bo's child. Vivian wants to pursue it anyway. "Go ahead," says Victor, "as long as you don't hurt Bo in the process."

Hope is way ahead of Vivian in line to hurt Bo. Bo bobs and weaves, "If we had been together, that never would have happened."

Hope erupts, "So it's my fault?"

Bo tries another one, "That was the first time that ever happened."

Hope gives him that look women give men only when there is no gun available, "I'm sure it was difficult for you to restrain yourself. What a selfless man you are."

Brady denies Arianna is a drug dealer. Chloe thinks that's just peachy. She leaves. Brady broods.

Rafe gets off the phone and tells Arianna there is a short list of people who bought tacky boots like Nicole saw, "But half the people who bought the boots paid cash."

Sami says she feels like EJ is distracted. EJ blows his stack about how they are wasting time in the Sydney hunt. Tattoo announces a call on the library phone. EJ rushes out. Sami immediately goes for the envelope in the drawer. She pulls it out, reads and gasps.

EJ comes back in. Sami has become an emotional bag of bolts, "HOW COULD YOU KEEP THIS FROM ME?"

Mia and Gabi arrive at Maggie's and they find Melanie in the kitchen. Mia makes the introductions and takes a look at Melanie's finger, "Either I've just discovered a new planet, or that's an engagement ring on your finger." Melanie tells them Phillip proposed.

Maggie walks in as Mia blurts, "What happened to Nathan?"

Phillip finds Nathan at the Java Café. He gets macho and wants to know if Nathan was behind Melanie getting called to work on Christmas, "Get over it, man, that ship has sailed."

Brady finds Arianna at the pub. He tells her time is running out on her cover.

Sami goes on an emotional journey that would qualify as an E-Ticket ride at Disneyland, "YOU SOB! WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME ABOUT THIS? THIS ISN'T ALL ABOUT YOU! SHE'S MY DAUGHTER, TOO!"

"I didn't tell you about the letter because I know you'd be hysterical if I told you. I was going to tell you eventually."

EJ isn't disappointed. Sami's level of hysteria goes off the scale, "WHEN WERE YOU GOING TO TELL ME? NEXT WEEK? NEXT YEAR?" He reminds her the note says not to tell anyone.

Sami pretends to be sane, "We don't know it's from the kidnapper."

Now it's EJ's turn to blow a gasket, "Whom do you think sent the note... Father Christmas? The Easter Bunny?"

Sami whimpers, "When Rafe sees this..."

EJ blows, "He is the last person we are gonna tell!"

Vivian finds Carly at the hospital. She gushes and Carly shuts her up, "I know you planted that corpse."

"If I'm the bad girl here," says Vivian, "Why is it you seem to be the one with the guilty conscience?"

Hope says those little words Bo has been longing to hear, "Our marriage is over. I can't care any more. But there is one more thing you need to know about Carly."

Nathan says he had nothing to do with Melanie having to work Christmas. Phillip reminds him Melanie has made her decision. Nathan says he hopes she doesn't regret it.

Maggie admires Melanie's diamond. She congratulates her. Melanie wonders, "Do you really mean that?"

"Now you've gotten what you wanted," says Mags.

"Lucky me," whines Melanie, "Skeptical you." Maggie wishes her the best. Melanie leaves, "I know what I'm doing."

"I hope so," whispers Maggie.

Sami and EJ bicker. EJ tells her they are going to do exactly what the kidnappers want. Sami wants to share with Rafe. The doorbell interrupts. EJ answers as the Rafester shows up, "What's going on?"

Mia and Gabi come back into the kitchen. Gabi mentions volunteering. Maggie goes into action. She tells Gabi she can use her considerable influence to get her a job emptying bedpans that pays nothing and that nobody wants. She agrees to talk to the volunteer coordinator.

Mia steps up and announces she wants to be a candy-striper too.

Maggie decides to pre-qualify them, "I'll give you the test that will indicate if you're both candy-striper material." She has them stand in front of her, "OK, take a deep breath... in and out."

The girls comply. "That does it," says Maggie, "You both passed the test. If you breathe, you qualify to be a volunteer at the hospital."

Vivian taunts Carly, "You're acting like I committed murder. And that's something that should be punished severely." Carly walks away from her. Vivian says to herself, "Your love child will help me hurt you."

Hope says, "I only wanted to know Carly's secret because I wanted to (say it with her) be there for you. I wanted to protect you. Now I have no interest. Carly and her secret can go to hell." Hope walks out.

Brady tells Arianna the word is out on her being a drug dealer. Arianna thinks she can fix this. She says she has to meet Troy and push things. Off she goes.

"Maybe there is something I can do, too," says Brady.

Anna has prepared the second note, "But will it ever be sent? That is the burning question."

Sami struggles with whether or not to blurt things out. Rafe grills her. "There is something I have to tell you," says Sami.

Melanie meets Phillip at the pub. Smoochies. She thinks something may be wrong, "And don't tell me nothing's wrong because I can read you like a celebrity gossip blog."

"I don't read those," says Phillip, "Prevuze is the only blog for me."

Back at the hospital, Lexie scolds Nathan for not checking on Mr. Salinger yesterday. She also thinks he's distracted, "I know Phillip and Melanie just got engaged. I also know you and Melanie had feelings for each other. Is that what's distracting you?"

"I'm dealing with it," says Nathan.

"How," asks Lexie, "By giving up? Don't be stupid."

Brady confronts Victor for blabbing about Arianna. "What," growls Victor, "You're not proud of the fact you're dating a successful business woman?" Brady asks if Victor told Bo. Victor says no, but he will if he has to. He says he wants Arianna out of Brady's life.

Arianna finds Troy at the Java Café. She tells him she's been moving impressive amounts of product and wants to move up the corporate ladder. Troy tells her to forget it, "Know your place." he leaves. Arianna stares.

Rafe gets a call. EJ drags Sami back into the rumpus room and begs her to keep her mouth shut, "Once you tell him you can't just take it back. He says he has to leave but asks her to think over the consequences of telling Rafe. EJ goes. Rafe comes in.

Nathan asks, "You think I'm being stupid?"

Lexie dishes out her advice for the lovelorn, "If you love Melanie and you think she loves you, say something. Do something. You may not have much time."

Phillip says, "I've got an idea."

"What," giggles Melanie, "Spend New Year's Eve on Times square? Throw a lavish party?"

"I know Vivian and my mom have been giving you a hard time about the wedding, so we're going to elope."

That sound you just heard was the lead balloon that just crashed in the pub.

Maggie agrees to help the girls become candy-stripers. Gabi leaves. Maggie asks what Mia is up to. She thinks Mia's interest in being a candy-striper means she's being competitive with Gabi.

Mia whines, "You make it seem like I don't have a mind of my own and I'm selfish and it's all about me."


"That's what my mom used to say to me," says Mia, "My whole life she's made me feel like a loser... you know like some slut who couldn't say no in the back seat of some guy's car and got pregnant. I'm going to do my mom a favor. I'm going to pretend she's dead."

Carly shows up for another heapin' helpin' of Bo. She tells him about Vivian being at the hospital, "Hope saw us kissing, didn't she. I'm sorry."

Hope arrives back at the Kiriakis mansion. She hears Vivian talking to Victor and telling him Carly is a mess, "This will make it all that much easier to destroy her."

Troy meets EJ at the dock. He tells him he met with Arianna and suddenly discovers his phone is missing.

Arianna finds the phone on the chair at the Java Café. She can't believe her good fortune, "Oh, boy! Free apps!"

Sami tells Rafe, "I have to do the right thing."

Rafe asks, "Does it have something to do with Sydney?"

"Not really," says Sami, "I bought a pair of those hideous boots Nicole saw. I think I should return them."

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Big Dude Revisited

Hey, dudes... Hope your Christmas was as great as the one here at the Prevuze Compound. As we all continue to celebrate, I thought you might like a little stroll down memory lane.

Years ago, Dr. Tom Horton himself started the tradition of reading the Christmas story at Salem Hospital. That tradition has, off-and-on, continued down through the years with a variety of Salem personalities taking the helm to read to the kiddies.

Never, however, have we received such a unique perspective on the true meaning of Christmas than we did in 2006, when the Reverend Steven Earl "Patch" Johnson stepped up to the plate and gave us his version of that special night over 2,000 years ago.

Return with us now to those thrilling days of yesteryear as we listen to today's scripture reading from Dr. Johnson.

The video also features, in addition to a few of the DOOL regulars from back then, the original redheaded race babe Stephanie Johnson, played by Shayna Rose. And for a little added fun, catch the looks on Stephanie and Kayla's faces when Patch first refers to the Lord God Almighty as "the Big Dude." Enjoy...

Just for the record, the concert Patch and Kayla were headed to was a Clay Aiken concert, which turned into a command performance and spoiled everyone's Christmas.

Anyway, just to compliment the video, here's the Prevuze take on the Gospel According To Patch...

Patch hesitates. He wants to tell the story but, in his own words. He improvises the story about Mary and the Big Dude. And the other dude named Joseph. And the other dude who let them stay in his barn. And the three wise dudes. God sent his son to mix it up with the regular dudes on earth. He can tell each of the mini-dudes in his audience is loved just like he loves his daughter and his Sweetness, "But the best gift you can get or give is love. So feel the love. Peace out."

The Gospel According to Patch is available at your local bookstore, dudes.

And that's the way it was, three years ago today, when this episode aired on December 26, 2006.

May the Big Dude bless you all and, as Patch would say, peace out.

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Friday, December 25, 2009

The Shrew Who Stole Christmas

Melanie staggers into Maggie's kitchen as someone relentlessly knocks on the door, "I'm coming... I'm coming."

She opens it to find chirpy Vivian, "Good morning, Melanie, darling." Vivian soaks in Melanie's sweatsuit, "Don't we look... comfortable."

"Mrs. Allemain..."

"Call me Vivian," she bubbles, "Quite soon you'll be calling me Mom. Come... sit. Let's plan the wedding."

Nathan and Stephanie are at the pub debriefing on Nathan's oh-so-moving scripture reading. She says she looked for him after he finished, but he disappeared. Nathan flashes to Melanie, and then says he needed a breather after the major and daunting responsibility of reading a few paragraphs to the kiddies.

Vivian beams, "Then we'll release doves representing peace, prosperity and fidelity." Melanie stares, mouth agape. Vivian asks, "Too cliché?"

Melanie is speechless. Someone knocks at the door and Melanie gets up to answer. Oh, goodie, it's Kate, "I'm here to help you plan the wedding. Everything you have to do to put things together for a big event like that can be a real..." She sees Vivian... "bitch."

Justin congratulates Phillip on his engagement. Victor grouses, "You need to stop giving diamond rings to unworthy unsubstantial women who make a fool of you."

"I do just fine making a fool of myself," says Phillip.

Hope walks in and Victor asks about her and Bo. Justin suggests he go have a conference call. Victor leaves. Justin grills. Hope tells him Christmas was a disaster.

Bo finds Carly at the hospital and asks why she is avoiding him.

Mia and Chad are working together at the Java Café. She asks about his date and Chad tells her Gabi is cool. Mia asks, "Are you going to see her again?"

"I don't know," says Chad, "She went home for Christmas and I don't know if she'll be back."

Right on cue, Gabi walks up, "Hi, guys."

"You're back," gasps Chad.

"I have great news," says Gabi, "I'm staying." Joy to the world.

Hope gives Justin the grisly details on her Christmas with Bo. The shrew who stole Christmas grumbles about all those irritating people who think things should be wonderful at Christmas, "They think things should just come together and problems should work themselves out. Next thing you know they'll want something really outrageous like peace on earth and goodwill to men." She tells Justin Bo went out with Carly, "He saw her at Sydney's vigil."

"Maybe he just ran into her there," says Justin.

Pollyanna is a little tired of trying to look on the bright side, "I don't care how he got together with her. As far as I am concerned, Carly can do what she wants. She can take her secret to her grave and Vivian can put her in it."

"And what did you get for Christmas," asks Justin.

"A bag of coal," says Hope.

"Imagine that."

Carly says she's busy and rants about Bo stalking her, "I WANT YOU TO STAY AWAY!"

Stephanie rambles AS Nathan zones out. Stephanie senses she doesn't have his full attention, "And I know why."

Kate tells Vivian to get out, "Phillip doesn't care about you and Melanie doesn't care about you."

Vivian turns to Melanie, "You see, Kate has a slight biology problem. Phillip is my son. I carried him for nine months. I have the stretch marks to prove it."

Nothing like a cat-fight for Christmas. Papers fly. Dang! They just stand and stare at each other as cutesy situation music plinks in the background. Phooey... All I wanted for Christmas was to see a little blood on the floor.

Bo thinks Carly is upset because he didn't react the way she thought he would when she said she loved him, "You wanted me to throw my arms around you."

Hope beats herself up, "I know I sound cynical and bitter. The old Hope would be trying to fix things. She'd be appalled that any woman who, after so many years, felt like giving up. I don't like this side of me."

"Most people don't like any side of you," says Justin.

Hope wonders, "I don't know what happened to the young Hope who thought love could overcome any obstacle."

"She became the old Hope who is the obstacle."

"Too much has happened," says Hope, "I want out."

"Use the doggie door," says Justin.

Hope asks him to help her draw up formal separation papers.

Kinzie and Will show up at the Java Café. Chad announces Gabi is staying for good. Gabi starts to explain why she can stay in town, "My grandmother broke her hip..."

Kinzie butts in, "So did mine. She has never been the same. It's all downhill from there."

With that cheery thought to chew on, Gabi says her mom is taking care of grandma, so Gabi is free to stay in Salem.

"We should go to the mall together sometime," says Kinzie, "You're so much prettier than the clothes you wear." Chad is so happy they'll all have the opportunity to hang out together.

Stephanie suggests changing New Year's Eve plans and just going to the pub, but Nathan insists on Chez Rouge. He says he has to go see Maggie and arrange to take back the neon green sweater she gave him for Christmas. He leaves. Phillip joins Stephanie and gives her the big engagement news. Stephanie swallows her tongue.

Kate says she has booked the country club for the big event. Vivian suggests a destination wedding, "How about Paris? All your old French boyfriends could come." Melanie stammers.

Gus calls Vivian, "I have new information on Carly."

Carly says she knows Bo doesn't feel the same way she does. He gets a call. When he gets off he says the call was about her. He hauls her off, "We need to talk."

Vivian huffs out. She gives Melanie a parting shot, "Don't commit to anything Kate wants unless you want your wedding to be the snooze fest of the millennium."

"Don't worry," says Melanie, "DOOL already has that award wrapped up."

Kate turns to Melanie, "She is delusional and heartless."

"And she seems so fond of you," snarks Melanie.

"Victor invited her back into his life to punish me," says Kate, "but she'll be gone by the wedding. I baked her some brownies for Christmas."

"She seems like she's permanent fixture," says Melanie, "You know, like in those roach motels — You can check in but can't check out."

"You're too young to know about the Hotel California, aren't you," asks Kate.

Stephanie says she's happy for Phillip. Phillip thinks she's being supportive because with Melanie out of the picture she has a path to Nathan. Stephanie says she don' need no stinkin' rival out of the way. She tells him she and Nathan are going out for New Year's Eve. He tells her he and Melanie are going to keep the wedding simple.

So much for simple... Kate asks who Melanie's favorite entertainer is, "Maybe I could book Beyonce."

Melanie explodes, "I don't want a cruise, or Beyonce or anything like that. A wedding in Maggie's back yard will do the trick. I don't like being pushed around by you and that crazy woman. You are both doing it because you have some kind of sick competition." She officially disowns Kate in loyalty to Phillip.

Kate wonders how long she will be able to keep that loyalty up, "I'll come after you if you are ever disloyal to Phillip. You will really be sorry if he's ever cuckolded by you..."

"I don't even know what that word means," says Melanie.

"Ask any of my former husbands," says Kate.

Nathan walks in to all the wonderfulness.

Hope says she wants Justin to be her lawyer and draw up separation papers. "I can't do that," says Justin.

Bo and Carly are back at Bo and Hope's house. He tells her the guy on the phone said someone has been poking through her records. Carly says they can't let Vivian find out she has a daughter.

Vivian congratulates Gus and sends him off. She opens the envelope he gave her, "Oh, my. Oh, my indeed."

Kinzie rambles on about some stupid guy as Mia comes up and asks to talk to Will. They go off to the side and she says she just wanted to be alone with him for a minute. They trade stories about their rough Christmases. Gabi butts in and asks if they are going to Kinzie's New Year's Eve party. Will says they are.

Chad butts in and says he's leaving early and says Mia will have to do double duty since he won't be there. She walks off and broods as the kids continue to trade stories.

Justin thinks being Hope's lawyer is a conflict of interest Beasley Bo is his cousin. He also says he doesn't want Bo and Hope to break up. Hope asks if he's angry with her. "No," says Justin, "I just can't be objective. I'm... too involved because of the way I feel... about you."

Bo says he knew Vivian would pull out all the stops. Carly whimpers and says she can't let Vivian find out about her daughter.

Victor shows up at Vivian's park bench. She sees him and shows him the paper she has, "Feast your eyes on this."

Kate tells Nathan that Melanie and Phillip are engaged. Having worked her destructive powers, she trundles off. Melanie says she didn't want Nathan to find out this way.

Nathan cuts to the chase, "Is there a reason for the rush?"

"NO," screams Melanie, "GET THAT OUT OF YOUR MIND!"

"Well, you never know," says Nathan, "After all, birth control devices are illegal in Salem. I guess I'm OK with this as long as you are happy. Are you?"

Stephanie congratulates Phillip again and he says he hopes things work out for her and Nathan. Stephanie leaves. Outside, she passes Kate who is calling David and telling him to send a car because she had a flat tire. She goes inside and finds Phillip. She tells him she just came from Melanie and they got quite a bit of work done on planning the wedding. Phillip says he doesn't want her involved in the wedding or his marriage. Kate also tells him Nathan showed up, "I guess you and Melanie have decided on an... open marriage."

Hope is stunned, "How could I have missed this. I had no idea."

"I just realized it myself," says Justin.

Hope wonders if he's just feeling lonely. Justin says it's not just about his marriage ending or being alone, "Maybe your reaction... makes it clear to me that you still love Bo and want your marriage to work out. Does it make that clear to you?"

Bo vows to stop Vivian before she gets to Carly's daughter. "I killed Lawrence to protect her," says Carly, "If I have to I'll kill Vivian too."

Vivian says the paper is information from a European hospital, "It shows Carly was admitted to the hospital maternity ward."

"Which means what," asks Victor. Vivian carefully explains the birds and bees to Victor.

Will tells Mia he'll call later. He leaves and Gabi steps up. She says she thinks Kinzie is funny. Mia thinks she's mean. She tells Gabi to stick with her in high school and she'll show her the ropes and make sure her transfer to a new school goes well, "I know everyone except the wannabes and never weres."

Vivian says she doubts Lawrence was the father of Carly's kid, "Do you remember that letter I found that Lawrence wrote to Carly but never sent? What would make him more angry than Carly having a love child?"

"I don't know," says Victor, "Maybe a butcher knife through his spleen."

Vivian explains, "The records were partially destroyed, so we don't have all the information, but they listed the father as 'unknown,' which means it couldn't be Lawrence."

Carly blows her top, "Tell me what to do and I'll do it." Bo moves in to clean up after the hydrogen bomb that just went off in his living room. He gives her a big hug.

Hope tells Justin she has to go pick up some things at the house. Justin leaves. Hope looks at a picture of her and Bo and hugs it. Can you see this one coming?

Hope flashes back to wonderful memories of Bo and her together... Sailing... Bo hauling her upstairs to romp... Ice skating... Playing touch football with more touching than football... The carriage ride... More skating... Showering together... One of the myriad of their weddings... Back to the carriage... Back to the boat...

Hope kisses the picture, "I do believe in my marriage." she runs out to find her true love and make it all better. Can you see this one coming?

Kate chirps about Melanie and Nathan being together. Phillip says he isn't worried. "I'm glad you have such faith in her when no one else does," meows Kate, "I admire your courage."

Nathan wonders if Melanie is happy about the engagement. She tells him how Phillip popped the question. Nathan thinks she's overselling it. She tells him he's out of line.

Bo is Phillip's brother; Max is Bo's brother; Melanie is Max' sister. So technically Phillip will wed his sister and become his own brother-in-law?

"So," asks Vivian, "Who is Carly's bastard love child and where is the child now? I'm going to find out."

Carly bawls. Bo comforts. He moves in and kisses her. Can you see this one coming?

Things get hot and heavy between Bo and Carly. Giddy Hope runs up and looks in the window as Bo and Carly share their tender, sloppy moment.

Did you see that one coming?

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Even Snakes Have Mothers

Melanie admires her ring. Phillip admires Melanie's... never mind. They lie in bed as Phillip goes ga-ga, "Last night was the best Christmas present ever. So was the fact that you agreed to marry me."

Daniel and Chloe arrive at the Kiriakis Christmas party. Vivian welcomes them and Daniel introduces Chloe. Vivian introduces herself as Victor's very significant other and admires Chloe's ring, "But, Daniel, the ring doesn't even compare to your fiancée, Va-va-voom! Oh, my, did I say that? Anyway... I Hope you don't hold it against me, but I'm not fond of the name Chloe because of a lousy opera singer who gave Brady an addiction, not to mention a few terrible performances. But, Chloe, I'm sure you're nothing like that little slut."

We have an uncomfortable moment.

Vivian catches on, "Oh, Lord, this can't be the woman who screeched like an owl in Prague!" Vivian apologizes for her gaffe.

Victor steps into the room, "Vivian, don't tell me you put your foot in it again!" Gracious Chloe decides they aren't leaving. Vivian thanks her for her forgiving heart and changes her tune.

We pan up on lonely Stefano standing by the tree in the rumpus room. EJ arrives at his desolate Christmas party and announces Johnny is at his mother's place. Stefano about has a heart attack. EJ says that's just too bad if he doesn't like it, "This won't be his home until you are gone."

Sami and Rafe are back at her place. Sami talks about the vigil and says Roman told her it brought in a lot of leads. Rafe gets a call from the bureau. It's his buddy Tim with potentially big news. Rafe gasps, "What?"

Anna looks at Tony's picture. She tells him she never wanted to cause any pain, "Please tell me I did the right thing last night."

Rafe gets off the phone. Sami effervesces, "So they found Sydney?" Rafe ain' sure. He says the FBI has someone in its sights and things might work out, but they have to wait. Sami bounces and hugs. Translation: Sami's overinflated balloon slowly descends toward the waiting needle.

Nathan and Stephanie fix things up for the childrens' Christmas party at the hospital. Abe and Lexie bring Theo, who runs to the tree, picks up a present and gives it to Stephanie.

Melanie gives Phillip a big box. He opens it and we find sunglasses and other bric-a-brac. He says this will be good for the honeymoon. Stephanie hitches when she hears the dreaded word, "I don't know. I'm a nursing student and I can't just up and leave."

"You'll be Mrs. Phillip Kiriakis," says Phillip, "You won't need a license to empty bed pans." I guess that would make her a 00 #2.

Sami plays with Johnny as Rafe broods waiting for the phone call. Johnny grabs a package under the tree but evil Mommy freaks and tells him they can't open the presents until Sydney comes home. "Oh, great," says Johnny, "I Hope you got us something that will be useful at college."

Stephanie opens the present from Nathan, "WOW! IT'S A... calendar. A 2009 calendar..."

"I know it's not very useful," says Nathan, "but I got it really cheap. Just leaf through it and see what you can find."

Stephanie leafs. "Let's see... January... nothing... nothing... nothing... February... nothing... nothing... nothing... March nothing... nothing... nothing..."

"Uh, you might want to start at the back."

"There is a big red 'X' on December 31," says the ever-observant Stephanie.

"That's right," says Nathan, "It's the last large-item trash pickup of the year and I didn't want to miss it. Oh, and speaking of trash made me think of you. I made a reservation for two at Chez Rouge."

Stephanie asks, "A New Year's Eve date?"

Nathan gives her his Mortimer Snerd smile, "Uh huh."

Melanie doesn't like Phillip badmouthing nurses, "When I'm at the hospital I feel like I'm doing something good."

"You are," says Phillip, "You're doing something good for every single person who isn't at the hospital because that means they don't have to be around you."

"It makes me feel worthy of being Mrs. Phillip Kiriakis," says Melanie.

"You always will be," says Phillip, "No matter how much Internet porn you make."

Vivian frets over her faux pas. Brady tells her to clam up. Vivian offers to help plan the wedding, but Chloe says they don't have a date yet. Things degenerate into more bickering.

I love Christmas at the Kiriakis mansion," says Brady.

Daniel gets up from the couch, "We need drinks. Lots of drinks."

Victor asks if Arianna is coming. Brady is terse, "No."

Victor raises his eyebrows, "Trouble in paradise?"

Arianna arrives at the Safe-house. Sami tells her the FBI might have a lead. Rafe vows, "We're going to get Sydney back."

Stefano explodes, "How dare you say this is no longer Giovanni's home? You know I had nothing to do with Sydney's disappearance. I pity you, letting Giovanni be with that no-good bitch on Christmas."

EJ snorts, "She's his mother!"

"Even snakes have mothers," says Stefano, "Everything was for your sake you heartless ingrate. You still side with the Bradys."

"Samantha lied to me because she was afraid of you," says EJ, "a man who lied to his son."

Stefano backs off and reminds EJ today is Christmas. EJ finds a present from Stefano, "You should have saved your money. He tosses it and walks out."

Stefano growls, "You are a raving fool."

The hospital calls Melanie and tells her she has to come in to work. She apologizes and says they can celebrate when she gets back, "I know we were into the non-Christmas thing, but I think this has turned out to be the best Christmas ever."

Vivian asks Daniel about Carly and thanks him for helping her get back on staff.

Stephanie manages the childrens' gift-fest. Maggie arrives and asks Nathan to read the Christmas story in Tom's honor. Nathan acts like she asked him to press the big red button and blow up the world.

Kate says she has a special present for Stefano. "What is it," asks Stefano.


"She's not my type," says Stefano.

EJ arrives at Sami's party bearing gifts for the kids. Rafe is on the phone and they are all hoping it's good news. Sami comes out and tells EJ about the FBI lead. EJ doesn't share the joy. Rafe gets off the call and EJ gets all over him for not telling him there might have been a break.

Someone knocks at Anna's door, "Who's there?"

"Land Shark."

Brady decides he has to leave. He breaks speed records getting out. And then there were four. Vivian asks Chloe for some help. They go off and Victor tells Daniel asks, "What's up with Brady?"

Victor growls, "He just can't stand to be around happy well-adjusted people."

"But why did he leave here," asks Daniel. Vic rants about Arianna the drug dealer. Phillip walks and announces he has an announcement. To announce.

The kids at the hospital are in present-overload. Nathan declines Maggie's offer to fill in for Tom, "I can't fill his shoes. I don't even want to try."

"But," protests Maggie, "I put odor eaters in them." Stephanie encourages him to suck it up and read the story. Magnanimous Nathan finally agrees.

Rafe says there was nothing to tell. He and EJ bicker. The girls try to back them off. EJ settles down and decides he overreacted. He apologizes. "No prob," says the macho F-man.*

*An F-man is a guy who didn't quite make it to G man.

Anna finds a box at the door, "Oh, it came. Wonderful. I knew Sydney would love it."

Vivian and Chloe return. Phillip announces he and Melanie are engaged.

That revs Victor's engines, "Is the trip you booked that you were going to take after you married the Johnson girl still valid? Maybe you can use the same day. I was wondering, have you and Melanie ever been on a date that wasn't broadcast over the Internet?"

"Give it a rest," says Daniel.

Chloe walks up to Phillip and offers support and congrats. Daniel offers a hug. A guy hug. Victor slugs down more booze.

Stef'n-Ho have arrived at the Kiriakis mansion. She says Phillip asked her to meet him there. She hopes he will invite her back into his life, "If he does, that should give you Hope about EJ." They make their grand entrance and Daniel and Chloe leave immediately.

Stefano gushes about Vivian. She returns the compliments, "You haven't lost that counterfeit smile and smarminess oozing from every pore."

Phillip tells Kate about the engagement. Jingle barf.

Arianna arrives back at her apartment and flops onto the bed. Suddenly she sees a present. She gets up to get it as Brady arrives, "Merry Christmas." Arianna forgets her gift and Brady gets his.

Sami brings Johnny out to greet EJ.

Kate is stunned. Vivian gushes, "I wish you a long and happy marriage, my darling son." Kate has a cow.

Mayor Abe does magic tricks. He makes a quarter appear out of nowhere. Then he takes a city budget spreadsheet out of his pocket and makes the red ink turn black. Melanie arrives as Nathan begins reading the Christmas story.

Rafe staggers out and tells everyone the lead didn't pan out. Oh, the despair!

Anna sings away in a manger. Sydney wishes she could get away to a manger, or anywhere, for that matter.

The dreadful Kiriakis party continues. Stefano asks Kate to say few words. Kate congratulates Phillip and wishes him happiness. She toasts, "To Phillip... in yet another phase in his life."

"Bottoms up," says Stefano. He tells Kate she should never forget this moment.

Arianna and Brady continue their Bliss-mas.

Nathan reads... and we fade back to Tom reading... and back to Nathan... Maggie starts up a little Silent Night... Melanie bawls.

Rafe and Sami cuddle. "We lost the battle but we'll win the war," says Rafe, "We will find her."

"I just wish Nicole could remember the voice," whines Sami, "There has been no contact. We don't know who has her or why."

Anna rocks and looks at Sydney in her playpen, "Any minute now, Sydney and our little errand from last night will work it's magic."

EJ arrives home. He finds an envelope and opens it.


EJ reads, "I have your daughter... instructions to follow... tell no one... I am watching you. And, by the way, merry Christmas."

EJ gasps.

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Drop Dead!

Stefano finds EJ in the foyer and asks about the vigil. EJ says he doesn't want Stefano to attend. He leaves and Kate is there to console rejected Stefano. He sighs, "Children — they are either selfish or geniuses."

"Too bad EJ had to be so selfish," says Kate.

Melanie stands in her nightie and Phillip looks on half-naked. We get the impression that perhaps Phillip has sampled the wares prior to the nuptial buffet. Melanie looks at the bobble and tries her prospective new name on for size, "Mrs. Phillip Kiriakis, it has a nice ring to it. And a nice ring comes with it."

"And," says Phillip, "I've already had Belle and Stephanie's names crossed off and put yours on the inscription inside."

Rafe is outside talking on the phone looking for leads. He bumps into Carly. They chant in unison, "It's you!"

Yu says hello to both of them, thanks them for patronizing his Chinese laundry, turns and leaves.

Jugs and Doolie arrive at Bo and Hope's house for the party. Optimistic Julie thinks things are gong to be just perfect.

Sami meets Bear Bryant... Uh, I mean Hope wearing her official Bear Bryant hat... outside the pub. Sami tells her she's trying to stay strong for the twins. Hope asks, "Can I give you a little advice?"

Sami says, "You can give it, but if it's sensible I won't take it."

Brady is in the Kiriakis den talking on the phone, masterminding the search as Arianna comes in and gives him a little Christmas cheer. Brady gets a call, "No, dammit, not next week, tomorrow! Nicole DiMera is your client and your retainer will be on its way." Arianna stands in the background and loses her egg nog when she hears Nicole's name.

Nicole flashes back to the Syd-napping and hearing the voice, "I know that voice... but who is it?"

The owner of that voice, meanwhile, continues to work on her kidnap note. She pines for Tony and tells his picture she's not alone for Christmas.

Hope tells Sami to immediately take action on any piece of information she gets on Sydney. She compares kidnapping notes and says she doesn't know if Ciara will ever be able to forget what happened. Of course, Hope blames it all on that despicable husband of hers.

Bo tells Doug and Julie this probably won't be the perfect Christmas. Julie can't accept that. She wants things worked out. Bo tries to reason with her, "I love you, Julie, and don't want to disappoint you but it would take an awful lot for us to get that Christmas miracle this year."

Carly says she thought maybe she had imagined Rafe. He thanks her for saving his life. She tells him she's back in Salem permanently.

Brady orders the attorney to meet with Nicole tomorrow. He goes back to Arianna who is despondent because Brady is working with Nicole. We go over well-trodden ground and then Arianna decides she has to go. She huffs out. Brady sees a present sitting on the table. You may want to pause and take a breath if all this suspense is getting a little too intense for you.

Nathan and Stephanie arrive at Maggie's to pick her up. Mickey says he just wants to nap on the couch. Maggie goes to get her things. Nathan — you remember Nathan, the guy who could hardly muster up a peck on the cheek yesterday under the mistletoe... that Nathan? Well now that they're alone, Nathan grabs her, bends her back and plays tonsil hockey.

Melanie tells Phillip this is a big decision. Phillip asks, "So the answer is no, you won't marry me?"

Rafe and Carly sit on a park bench. He talks about Sami and Carly figures that's what he was trying to tell her on the boat. Carly says she knows Sami. Rafe invites her to the vigil. Carly accepts.

Doug's phone rings and hands it to Julie. She sees it's a text from Mickey, "He'd like help getting Alice into the kitchen. He has her on the driveway."

"It would have been easier to pick her up if he'd left her in the car," says Doug. On the way out, Doug tells Julie not to push.

"I wouldn't dream of it," says Julie.

Hope says she wants to help Sami solve all her problems even though her life's a mess. She puts her official Joe Gibbs fedora back on and heads for home.

Rafe calls Sami. She tells him she'll be right down at the vigil site but there is something she has to do first. She hangs up. On her way out of the pub she says, "Hope's right. I have to go with my gut."

Melanie looks at the ring and whimpers, "This is just really sudden." Phillip tries to convince her to take the leap. Melanie hesitates, "I don't want to be this months prize that you can get for a kiss and a song."

"You want to wait?"

"I want to wait." She tugs at the ring to take it off and give it back to him. Unfortunately, but predictably, the ring is stuck.

Rafe meets Arianna at the pub. Arianna broods about Brady getting Nicole the lawyer. Rafe says he isn't Brady's biggest fan, but it is Christmas, "Maybe he's doing Nicole one last favor so he can concentrate on you."

"You're right," says Arianna, "When he's on me he really concentrates."

Brady opens the box from Arianna and finds cuff links and a note, "These belonged to my grandfather. He was special to me and so are you."

Julie badgers Bo, "Look, things are seldom perfect. It's called life."

"I know that," says Bo, "I'm not an idiot."

"You could have fooled me."

"Our problems aren't going to just vanish," says Bo.

Speaking of problems, Hope makes her entrance, "Bo is right, Julie. We're happy to welcome you to our home, but the party won't solve everything." Maggie arrives. Julie and Maggie... together again. With that duo on your case, who needs the Spanish Inquisition? Julie refuses to butt out. Doug comes in and tells her to back off. Julie makes a mental note to leave fresh sheets on the couch tonight.

Nicole ponders the voice, "Why can't I remember that voice.

Suddenly, what to our wondering eyes should appear, but Sami Brady and her Christmas cheer. "So it's true," says Sami, "you are remembering something."

Julie tells Doug she just wants to help. She apologizes for interfering. Maggie thinks that doesn't apply to her. And just when we thought things were going to quiet down, Lucas shows up with Will and fifteen year-old Allie. Johnny is out back grooming the reindeer.

So with pretty much everyone at the big gathering, we roll into the requisite Christmas scene...


Happy scenes...

Fired actors of the past...

Fired actors of the present...

Fired actors of the future...

Top Five Most Dangerous Professions

5. Underwater electrician

4. Bull castrator

3. Shark trainer

2. Rattlesnake cage cleaner

1. Actor on DOOL

Hope contemplates Zack's ornament and we flashback to former Bo and Hope troubles, reminding us that recycled scripts are good for the planet.

Rafe asks what Arianna got Brady for Christmas. Arianna proudly announces, "Grandpa's cufflinks."

"Wow," says Rafe with more emotion than he's shown since the last time he was unconscious, "I Hope you can explain that one to Mom."

"She'll understand when she meets him," says Arianna.

Hope finds Bo outside. They stand together in silence for the better part of a month. Finally Hope says, "If this were a movie you'd take me in your arms."

"Thank God it's not a movie." Bo cuts things short and goes in to check on Caroline and Sami. Hope bawls.

Nicole says, "I know who the voice is but I can't place it."

Sami asks, "In other words, you know who it is but you don't know who it is?"

"That's what it boils down to."

Sami gives her a verbal beating and, by gum, orders her to remember who it is.

Stefano phones Anna to wish her a merry Christmas, "I would like it if you would spend tomorrow with us. It would help me to feel closer to Anthony."

"You wanna feel closer to Tony," asks Anna, "Drop dead!"

"I'll take that as a no," says Stefano.

Nicole insists she is trying to recognize the voice. Sami backs off and says she believes her, "Please focus and do whatever you can and when you do remember, please call me." Nicole agrees. Sami wishes her a merry Christmas and leaves.

Melanie can't get the ring off her finger. "This is fate," says Phillip, "Face it. We've bonded. We were meant to be together for all the Days Of Our Lives."

"That's a really long time."

"Not long enough," Phillip hauls her over to the bed and they play Santa and Mrs. Claus.

The crowd gathers at the pier for Sydney's vigil. If you're going to have a candlelight vigil, make sure to hold it at the seediest place in town. Sami rushes up to Rafe and tells him Nicole thinks the voice sounds familiar. Rafe thinks that's great news. EJ walks up as Sami wonders what their lives would have been like if Nicole hadn't pulled the switcheroo, "EJ is in the picture now. It's so complicated. It could have been perfect for us."

Rafe says, "Listen to me. I love Sydney and will raise her like she's my own."

"Good," says Sami, "There's nothing like having a built-in babysitter."

EJ interrupts and Sami tells him about the voice. EJ is skeptical but Sami says she thinks Nicole is telling the truth.

Rafe steps in, "We will get Sydney back. My gift to you." Smooch. EJ watches.

Abe climbs up on the steps and speechifies.

Hope asks to ditch Ciara with Julie while she goes to the vigil. She heads out. Julie stares.

EJ makes the televised appeal. Sami joins him and then we fade to her speech to the crowd, "Whoever has my little girl, if you can hear my voice, I'm begging you to please don't let me lose my daughter again." Rafe and EJ both hold her hands as EJ asks the crowd to join them in silent prayer. Sami looks to the heavens.

Melanie and Phillip seem to have had a good time, "After something that great, how can you say no to my proposal? There is no greater foundation for a marriage than animal lust."

"You're right," says Melanie, "How could I say no?"

Phillip smiles, "Merry Christmas, future Mrs. Kiriakis."

"Merry Christmas," says Melanie.

Stefano and Kate share a drink. Having only each other for company on Christmas, they need one.

Bo and Carly's eyes meet at the vigil. Hope watches and stews. As long as they're praying, someone ought to say a little prayer for Bo's health.

Brady joins the group and finds Arianna.

Back in her cell, Nicole ponders and prays, "Dear God last year I begged you to bring EJ and me a baby. Now I'm asking you bring EJ and Sami's baby home safely. Please."

Hugs and back-slaps abound at the pier. Rafe assures Sami they will get Sydney back. They smooch. EJ stares.

Anna turns off the radio, "OMG, Tony, even your wicked father is trying to do the right thing, which means... come on Sydney, you and are are going to take a little drive to Salem and do what has to be done." She packs up Sydney and leaves as we pan in to the baby Jesus.

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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Naughty Or Nice

Nicole sits in her cell and broods as Brady comes to visit — No news about Sydney, though. Nicole tells him she had forgotten Sydney wasn't hers. "I understand," says Brady, "Little things like whether or not a kid is mine slip my mind all the time." Nicole asks him to bring her a picture of Sydney.

Speaking of pictures, Anna decides on one for the Syd-napping note, then gets a call, "OMG, It's You!"

Yu, the owner of the Chinese laundry, tells her he's just calling his best customers to wish them a merry Christmas.

Melanie and Phillip walk into Maggie's kitchen as Melanie talks on the phone with Max. Max tells her she's been invited to Caroline's Christmas party. She turns that down in favor of having a non-Christmas with Phillip.

Stephanie and Nathan are at the Java Café talking about Christmas traditions. It seems someone at the hospital has pulled strings and he doesn't have to work on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. Joy to the world. We definitely get the impression that the most junior administrator pulled the strings so the most junior intern wouldn't have to work — a scenario about as likely as Tiger getting the husband of the year award this year.

Brady doesn't think giving Nicole a picture of Sydney is a good idea. He thinks they should keep emotions low before the trial. Nicole is frustrated. Brady empathizes, and tells her there is absolutely no new information on Sydney. Nicole thinks he's lying.

Roman is on the phone with Anna, "Of course it's me. Why are you so surprised?"

Will and Mia join Kinzie and Tad at the pub. Kinzie starts right up on Mia, "OMG! A wrist corsage! How retro!"

"Kinzie didn't like the corsage I got her," says Tad, "Personally, I thing snap dragons match her eyes."

Will asks if Kinzie and Tad are dating. "No," insists Kinzie, "He's my ride, not my date."

"But," says Tad, "I'm shallow enough to go with a superficial person because she's hot."

Kinzie gives him a look, "Do not get any ideas." Too late.

Chad joins the group and tells Mia she looks great. He tells her he's going with Gabi.

Meanwhile, up in Arianna's room Gabi has decided she doesn't like her dress. Arianna suggests going back to wrapping tamales if she doesn't want to go to the dance.

Nicole panics that everyone is giving up on Sydney. Brady insists they aren't and tells her about the false lead. Nicole thinks he's not telling her everything, "You're holding back. There's more, isn't there?"

Phillip wonders if Melanie is having second thoughts. She assures him she isn't and says she wants to be with him instead of going to the Brady Christmas. She wonders if he's having second thoughts. I'm having second thoughts about watching this drivel.

Nathan takes us on a journey of incomprehensible babblings about feelings, "What I'm trying to say is we're friends and my feelings for you are nice ones."

"Vice versa," says Stephanie. Feel the love.

So, the two chronologically mature adults decide they can say they're on a date without freaking out. They proceed to freak out, so Stephanie decides they should get some coffee. They turn to go to the counter and Steph the spaz drops her purse. She stoops top pick it up and we get a Fellini shot looking straight down on her from above the dreaded sprig of mistletoe which hangs directly above her head. The needle on the Freak Out Meter jumps all the way to the top and melts.

Tad asks about the biggest piece of news to hit Salem since the sanitation workers cut back to a one-day per week pickup, Mia double booking her dance ticket. "It doesn't bother me that she asked Chad first," says Will, "What crawled up your shorts?"

"I'm trying to make you as miserable as I am."

Chad tells Mia how things happened that he wound up asking Gabi to the dance. Mia says she's glad she didn't ruin his night by turning him down.

Gabi, standing there looking like Whistler's Mother in a maroon outfit, keeps brooding about the dress. Arianna shifts gears into a full blown tirade, "OK, so you can stay here and wrap tamales all night and then I've got a pile of dishes back in the kitchen that have to be washed and after that you can sit around in the cinders and feel sorry for yourself." She asks Gabi to give her just a few minutes to see what she can do to fix up the dowdy dress.

Carol Burnett walks into the room, "I think I can help." She rips the drapes down from the window...

Brady tells Nicole about the upcoming candlelight vigil. Nicole thinks if that was EJ's idea he's desperate, because he's such a private person. Nicole says she still loves both Sydney and EJ, "I wish I could be there."

An attorney comes up to the cell, "Well, I just might be able to help you arrange that."

Chad tells Mia he asked Gabi to go to the dance so he could make sure to get a dance with Mia. He begs for one dance.

The world stops turning. Patrons gasp. The lights seem to dim as the dazzling Gabi walks into the room in the completely transformed dress. Women stare. Men swoon.

Roman reminds Anna he calls every year around Christmas. He assures her he's doing well, but tells her it's not a great Christmas for Sami. He invites her to the Horton Christmas. "I would love that," says Anna. Pause... pause... pause... "But I just can't."

Nicole's public defender introduces herself, "I'm Joanne Leoni and I have been assigend to your case. As the earrings were only worth $30 and it's your first offense, I think things will go well for you. But I must tell you, Judge Hangemhigh does not look favorably on shoplifters."

"I didn't shoplift," says Nicole, "I switched babies."

Joanne is stunned, "You're not Rebecca Kazmerik?"

"No, I'm Nicole DiMera."

Joanne gets a little unprofessional, not uncommon for Salem lawyers, "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG! Duuuuude, after what you did you'll be locked up for a couple decades."

Melanie wonders if Phillip is having second thoughts about the trip, "Oh, yeah," says Phillip, "I'm having second thoughts about giving up Christmas with my dysfunctional family to be on a beach with you in a bikini. Maybe we shouldn't go."

Did you forget how shallow I am," asks Melanie. Phillip gets a call as she heads for the Java Café.

"I'll be Right there," says Phillip.

Stephanie reminds Nathan the mistletoe won't bite. Nathan summons all his courage and kisses her on the cheek. Melanie transports in and watches.

Roman presses Anna to come to the party. Anna declines again. Roman suggests going to dinner, "I don't like you being alone on Christmas."

"I'm not alone," says Anna.

Brady lectures Joanne for being a terrible lawyer. Joanne snorts, "Who do you think you are?"

"I'm the duuuuude who's going to get her a real lawyer." Nicole asks why he's doing this.

Arianna joins Chad and Gabi. Big sister smiles as she leans into Chad, "You lay a hand on my little sister and our brother, ex-agent Hernandez, will deal with you. That's ex as in excessive force."

"I've heard about him," says Chad, "I knew it wasn't for excessive intelligence."

Kinzie snaps pictures of Chad and Gabi, "Look... she smiles! Such a refreshing change from you-know-who. The crew leaves but Will stops Mia, "We need to talk."

Justin shows Phillip his tickets to the big football game, "Fifty-yard-line, buddy! How about it?" Phillip tells him he can't go, since he's on his way out of town. He senses Justin has issues. Justin shrugs it off.

Phillip presses, "Tell me why you called."

"It's not a big deal," says Justin, "Adrian doesn't want me home for Christmas."

Phillip says, "I can understand that. She probably just wants some time alone during the holidays."

Justin says, "Problem is... Adrian celebrates Christmas year round."

Melanie walks up and gushes about Stephanie and Nathan's romantic Christmas. Stephanie wonders if that bothers her.

Will thinks Mia lied. Mia says she just didn't want Will to be mad at her, "If you don't want to go I'll understand."

Justin says he'll have a good time in Salem for Christmas. Phillip tells him he's headed off with Melanie.

Brady tells Nicole he wants to help her. She asks if the vigil will help. Brady tells her it can't hurt. Nicole whines, "I would stay in here forever if it meant Sydney could come home."

"I have a feeling you'll be in here forever whether she comes home or not."

Rejected Roman asks whom Anna will be spending Christmas with. "My darling Tony," says Anna.

"Tony's dead," says Roman.

"Did you see Psycho," asks Anna, "That wasn't Mrs. Bates in the window."

Melanie just happens to let it slip she and Phillip are headed to a tropical island for Christmas. Stephanie says she prefers snow and brooding for Christmas.

Justin tells Phillip the divorce is going through. He shoos Phillip, who wonders if Justin will be OK. "Of course I will," says Justin, "I have Victor... and Vivian... and... Ho, ho, ho!"

"Ho, ho, ho," repeats Phillip, "You mean Mom will be there with a couple of her friends?"

Will and Mia decide to go to the dance. Oh, thank God! Just the thought of them not going was spoiling everyone's Christmas. Will wants to call Sami first, so Mia heads for the dance.

Gabi and Chad have come outside for air. Apparently he didn't shower. He gives her his muffler to keep her warm. Gabi says, "I really didn't want to come out here to catch some air."

Brady arrives at the pub talking on the phone to the lawyer, "We know a lawyer of your caliber doesn't have a soul, so don't give me grief about working on Christmas." He finds Arianna, "There is something I have to tell you."

Phillip guies blindfolded Melanie into a room. It seems they haven't gone to a tropical island, but instead are at some Inn just outside Salem. He removes her blindfold. Melanie behlods the dazzling decorations, "Wow! Are we in Santa's workshop?"

"Something like that," says Phillip, "Do you hate me for breaking my promise about the tropical island?:

"No," she lies, "An old fashioned Christmas is nice." Kiss. She asks what the phone call was about.

"Nothing," he lies.

Melanie doesn't buy it, "Something tells me it was someone who needed a friend. And you didn't want to be too far away in case your friend needed you."

Phillip asks, "Do you think we can have a nice time here?"

Melanie moves in on him, "That depends on if we decide to be naughty or nice."

Arianna tells Brady Gabi and she had a nice time together, "I think this Christmas will be great." Hugs.

Anna talks to Tony's picture. She says she thinks he wouldn't approve of what she's doing, but Stefano needs to pay, "He took the person I love most away from me so I took Sydney away from him and now all of them will understand what grief is like."

Nicole sits like a zombie in her cell, "They won't let me have a picture of you, but I can close my eyes and see you. And when I get out of here I promise I'll find you."

Gabi tells chad she doesn't know how to dance. Chad tells her he went to dancing school. How convenient. He pulls out his mp3 and the Fred Astaire School of Dance is in session. Mia comes up and watches as Chad tells Gabi she's a natural.

Melanie turns on her mp3 and plays Christmas music. Phillip walks over to her, "Maybe Christmas isn't so bad if you're..."

"You didn't finish your thought."

"I don't finish most thoughts," he says, "If you're... with someone you love." He gives her a present. A ring. "I don't want just to spend Christmas with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

Melanie is stunned, "I'm hallucinating."

Phillip takes a knee.


"I'm asking you to marry me."

Melanie gives a look that says she wishes she were on that tropical island. Alone.

Arianna is over the top bouncy. She asks what Brady wants to tell her. Brady goes the 'no news is good news' route and tells her it was nothing.

Anna promises Sydney a wonderful Christmas, "It'll be just you and me and Uncle Tony."

"Where are you going to get Uncle Tony," asks Sydney.

"Don't worry," says Anna, "I'll dig him up."

Back in her cell, Nicole's zombification deepens. She focuses on the voice of the woman as she walked away in the bus station, "OMG! I know that voice..."

Meanwhile, out in the audience, black crepe surrounds an empty section of seats. The Ejamis and the Safes square off and stand face to face, mob to mob. An Ejami steps forward, "One down... one to go."

A Safe steps up to meet her, "THIS IS WAR!"

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