Saturday, September 29, 2007

Remembering Chloe

Well, gang, it looks like poor, whiney, vain, messed up, pathetic Chloe is coming back. Prevuze always has a field day with this pitiful nutcase...

Have a great weekend and try to keep the whiners in your life to a minimum.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Bad Hair Day

Bo crosses the yellow tape and joins Abe at the scene of Benjy's demise. Abe barks orders to the cops around him, "Watch those footprints."

"We know whose they are," says Bo.

"Yeah," says Abe, "First Sasquatch sighting in Salem since 1998."

Bo checks out Benjy's body and utters an expletive. He asks about the time of death. Abe says it was sometime within the last 24 hours. Bo wonders if Benjy was already dead when they put him in there. "What does it matter, though," me mumbles, "Dead is dead. I never get used to this stuff."

"Would you want to," asks Abe.

"I never lost sleep cutting someone a parking ticket," says Bo, "Of course, I wouldn't know a parking ticket if it came with a blinking neon sign." Bo rages. Abe says he can't let his anger control him. He also says Patch took off like a bat out of hell and Stefano is back in the hospital. Abe has posted a guard.

"When Steve is angry he is hard to stop," says Bo. He wonders about Roman. That's EJ's cue. He steps up and says, "I think I may have the fast track to finding Roman."

Bo says, "That would have been great about two or three days ago."

Lucas thinks this is insane. Lucas is right. Sami reminds him what show they are on and convinces him this is just another normal day in Salem. She says she is divorcing him to end the vendetta. Lucas argues, "What about your family? What about 'till death do us part?'"

"Details, details," says Sami.

Lucas gets in her face, "Are you marrying EJ to end this vendetta, or is ending this vendetta just an excuse to marry EJ? Do you love the guy or what?"

"You have to understand," she bawls, "I haven't added to my wedding dress collection in months."

Bo tells Abe he will handle EJ and promises to play it by the book. If Bo could read, EJ would be in trouble. Bo goes over and talks to Elvis. He shows him Benjy's body. Bo thinks Andre did it. He plays his toughcop role. He wants EJ to send his condolences in person so Benjy's widow can spit in his face. EJ claims he had no idea about this. He pulls out the folio and takes out the rings. He knows the terms for ending the vendetta, "The rings hold the key to ending the vendetta and finding Roman alive."

Stefano tells Kate Andre is out of control and he doesn't know anything about Roman's disappearance. He says he has something that will please Kate. She decides to pass and starts to leave. Stefano plays his trump card, "It concerns Lucas and his marriage to Samantha." Kate turns. "Aha! I have your attention, eh?"

Sami can't believe Lucas asked if she loves EJ. She says she loves Lucas more than anything. The only thing she feels for EJ is loathing. She wants to save Roman and protect her family. That is the only reason she is marrying EJ. Lucas wonders why they are letting two people control them from their graves. Apparently his hearing has gone bad so Sami tells him again she is doing this because she wants to save Roman.

Lucas doesn't want the vendetta to end if it means losing her. Sami insists he will never lose her, "This is temporary." Lucas thinks it will be a disaster. Sami says this will not be a real marriage. Things degenerate. If that is possible. Lucas steams. Sami bawls. The queen of bad choices thinks she doesn't have another choice.

Lucas turns into a sniveling, groveling mass. He says they will figure out another plan. Sami insists there is no other way. Sami thinks this will give her family hope and save Roman. I believe she may have already said that. She thinks she was meant to do this. Lucas thinks she was meant to be with him. Sami decides she was meant to be with Lucas AND meant to do this. Lucas brain explodes. Fortunately it's a very small explosion.

Stefano asks, "What if I were to say I could arrange Samantha divorcing Lucas and marrying my son Elvis?" Kate beams.

Officer Catsworth is on the phone. Patch strolls in behind him and almost makes it into Stefano's room, but Catsworth stops him.

Bo says Sami won't marry EJ. EJ says she has already agreed. Bo is skeptical, "Lucas won't let her and neither will I." EJ smirks. "You're enjoying this aren't you," asks Bo, "You're sick. What about Sami's happiness and my dad's happiness? You know... Santo seduced Colleen. He was married."

"My grandmother had died," says EJ.

"There you are wrong," says Bo, "When Colleen found out she had been betrayed she leapt off a cliff and Pop has felt guilty ever since." EJ says he had no idea about Colleen's suicide. He says if he doesn't marry Sami the vendetta lives and Roman dies, "What are you going to do, waste your time vilifying me or save your brother?"

Andre jumps into a car with Roman. Roman is dusty, dirty, has duct tape over his mouth and is about as with it as John Black on a pill binge. "You're going home," says Andre, "But first, you need tidying up. You look like death warmed over." Andre pulls a block of plastic explosive out and says, "It should be quite an explosive homecoming. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! "

Bo asks what EJ did to Sami to get her to agree to marry him. EJ says the wedding was her idea. Macho Bo says he won't have it. EJ says it's none of Bo's concern. Bo says Roman would rather die than have his daughter marry a DiMera.

Lucas broods in silence. At least there is something good coming out of this. Sami wants him to talk to her. He says he doesn't want to fight any more. Sami doesn't want him to shut her out. He reminds her he's not the one slamming the door on their future. He also reminds her she has done this before. She insists this time it's different, "I will love you for all the Days Of Our Lives. I want to spend the rest of my life with you."

"Yeah," snorts Lucas, "How will you manage that lying with EJ in his bed?" She says this is just until Stefano dies.

Patch plays along with the cop. Catsworth asks him to leave. "On who's authority are you asking me to go," asks Patch.

"On the authority of commissioner Carver."

Kate thinks Stefano is imagining things. He asks if she has ever known him to make false claims. Kate agrees she hasn't, "Still, Sami and Lucas are hopelessly in love."

Abe shows Bo something of Roman's they found it in the grave. He thinks they moved Roman to make room for Benjy. EJ thinks Roman may have already been released because Stefano may have already told Andre the vendetta is over, "Samantha is marrying me."

Patch thinks the cop has the wrong guy. Catsworth leafs through the papers on a clipboard and comes up with a page that has Patch's mug shot on it. Patch takes a look at his own picture, "Ooh. Bad hair day."

Kate says, "Sami and Lucas are completely besotted with each other."

"Money and sex make the world go round," says Stefano. He tells her about the terms to end the vendetta – Sami has to marry EJ. Kate asks if Sami has agreed. "Yes," says Stefano, "Elvis too."

Suddenly, Kate has a new attitude, "You my dear are a wonderful man."

Stefano gets frisky, "I knew you would be grateful. God knows I could use some gratitude."

Sami says given Stefano's ill health he could die at any moment. She tells Lucas she and EJ will be in separate beds, and after Stefano croaks she will be back with him. Lucas reminds Sami Stefano always comes back. He thinks Stefano might dance at their wedding and even move in with them so he can gloat, "I'm not gonna let that happen." Lucas walks off.

Patch tells the cop Bo Brady himself just asked him to go talk to Stefano. Chatsworth says he will believe that when he gets a direct order from Bo. Patch threatens to call Bo and walks off. Catsworth calls Abe and tells him what's going on.

"Most people get 30 days to pay their debts," says Kate.

"We are not most people," says Stefano.

"I thought you might give me a grace period to savor this. I will be obliging but only after I see the divorce decree."

Abe tells Bo Patch went in to see Stefano and said he was there on Bo's orders, but Catsworth sent him packing.

Bo is amazed, "A cop who can follow orders. I'll have him fired immediately." Bo thinks Steve will try again.

Sami says Lucas will never lose her. She hates hurting him like this. He asks her just to back out of the deal. Sami asks, "What if it were you? What if you had the chance to make everything right? Wouldn't you grab it?"

Lucas shoots her down, "No. I couldn't stand to hurt you. What you are asking is way beyond my strength. I'm not coming along for the ride. I'm not giving you the divorce. That would mean the end of us. There is no turning back from that." On his way out he tells her to stay at the pub where it is safe. Translation: Most dangerous place in Salem. Lucas leaves. Sami bawls.

Sami calls the station to talk to Bo. He isn't there, but she asks for word on Roman. They tell her there is no word. She thanks them and hangs up. EJ comes in.

Sami gives him a cold stare, "We're closed."

"How are you doing," asks EJ.

"My dad is still missing," says Sami, "He could be dead. You and Stefano are not holding up your end of the agreement. If you don't find him this marriage is off."

Andre ushers Roman into the pub, "Evening all!" Roman staggers and zones.

Sami rushes up and hugs him, "Daddy!"

Kate says she will make Stefano a deal, "If Lucas tells me face to face, I will come to the mansion and we will take a long trip down memory lane. Until then you have to suffer with your sentimental self." She kisses him.

Lucas rages and tries to bust into Stefano's room. Catsworth tries to hold him back, but Stefano says to let him in. Lucas wonders what Kate is doing there. Stefano says, "We're having a little stroll down memory lane."

Lucas grumbles, "I shoulda known you two were in on this."

Kate says, "It isn't a conspiracy."

"What is it," snaps Lucas, "a celebration? Sami jus dropped the divorce bomb on me. What are you gonna do with your spare time now, Mom, now that you don't have to keep trying to pull us apart?"

Kate says, "I know you loved Sami..."

"Not 'loved,'" yells Lucas, "LOVE – still do."

Stefano says this is the only way to end the vendetta. Lucas wonders when Stefano and Kate cooked this up, "Over cocktails or pillow talk?" BULLETIN! STOP THE PRESSES! LUCAS DISOWNS KATE! Kate swears she knew nothing about this. Stefano backs her up. Lucas insists he will kidnap Sami before there is a divorce. He leaves and Kate chases.

Patch sneaks back. Catsworth asks what he is up to. "I'm about to make you one sorry dude," says Patch. The cop calls his bluff. Patch calls Bo as Catsworth listens in. Bo asks where he is. "I'm at the hospital," says Patch, "Under your orders." Patch hands the phone to Chumpworth, who puts it up to his ear.


Catsworth can't move fast enough. He hands Patch the phone and heads for the cemetery.

Patch puts the phone to his ear. Bo says, "I'm serious, Steve. Get down here now!"

Patch smiles, "I'm on my way." When Bo finds out Patch outsmarted Catsworth, he'll probably promote him.

Patch saunters into Stefano's room, "Look who's back in the hospital... Stefano DiMera." He points a gun at him, "This time you won't be going home."

Sami asks what Andre has done to her dad. Roman zones. EJ also wants to know what he has done to Roman. "I'm afraid your father is a bit of a bloody bore," says Andre, "I'm giving him back to you as a present. I'm sorry the wrapping isn't much. Open it." Sami moves toward Roman, but EJ pushes her aside and walks up to him. He opens Roman's trench coat. Explosives!

"Surprise," chuckles Andre, "I hope you don't already have one."


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Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Worthless Piece Of Cow Dung

Chelsea and Stephanie arrive at the sorority house for the rush party. Chelsea can't take it. She tells Stephanie she's leaving but Bambi comes out, asks them to check their brains at the door and come on in. Oh, Bambi just loves their precious shoes. Hers, of course are Prada.

They walk inside and Stephanie admires the digs. She thinks it would be great to call this place home. You will," says Bambi, "If you become a member."

Stephanie has gone brainless, "Sign me up!"

Bambi brings her back to earth, "IF, sugar. I said IF."

Patch panics. They all pull Benjy's body out of the coffin and lay him on the ground. Patch gives CPR. Abe tells him he is too late. Patch won't give up.

Bo tells everyone about OMB's encounter with Stefano. OMB flashes back and zones. They ask if he is all right. OMB says, "I haven't been all right since Santo lied."

Hope says, "OMG! His wife wasn't dead."

"No," says OMB, "That's not it. The cheeser said I could play with his son's lorry."

"The man is evil," says Marlena. OMB says what happened afterwards wasn't Santo's fault. Colleen left her ring for the poor, and took off after Santo. YOMB decided he had to tell the truth and made the mistake of his life. Not exactly. The mistake of his life was deciding to breed.

Chelsea wants to leave. Stephanie begs her not to go. Two girls come up to introduce themselves, "Hi, I'm Misty and this is Misti." The girls talk about first impressions. Stephanie and Chelsea ask for advice on getting in.

Misty, or is it Misti... says a successful pledge has to be gorgeous or have good grades, "If you want in, bring something good to the table." A barf bag.

We pan away from the cliffs. YOMB comes up and discovers Colleen and Santo kissing. Colleen says it wouldn't have been right to keep the ring. She hopes Santo isn't angry with her for giving it away. Santo says he could never be angry with her. He tells her when they get to New York she won't miss Ireland. Colleen says she will always miss her country. Santo senses something is wrong. Colleen tells him she can never return home. Her da will never respect her again. Santo is all she will have. He vows never to let her down, "You are-a leavink the sister-a-hood behind-a, but you take-a yourself with-a you." She says he has a great gift. A way of making it seem things will work out just grand. In other circles some would refer to this as being a silver-tongued devil.

Tomorrow is their wedding day. She doesn't know if she can bear saying goodbye to Shawn. Santo says he can come with them. YOMB watches.

Stephanie says she would cut off her right arm to get in to I Slamma Mama. Chelsea wants to set up a little test. She stops Missy and Tiffany and asks if it takes anything more than brains and beauty to get in. Missy says money helps. Tiffany chimes in and says if it is "old money," that helps even more.

Chelsea says, "This place stinks."

"How do you really feel," asks Tiffany.

"It's lame," says Chelsea.

The girls think they should go says the same thing to Bambi, but the sisters tell them Bambi is a tough character, "If you are in a fight you want Bambi on your side. No one ever crosses her." Chelsea apologizes. Stephanie takes her aside and tells her she doesn't think she has a chance of getting in if it depends on who she is related too. She reminds Chelsea she has a father who is a bit weird.

Speaking of whom, Patch swears Benjy has started breathing. Abe attempts to bring him back to reality and tries to pull him off the body. Patch takes off his jacket and covers Benjy because he is cold. He gets down and huddles with his body.

OMB continues. Santo wanting to take them away made him sick. He thought his dad could fix everything but he was wrong.

Colleen says, "We can'na take Shawn to Amerikey. Da has alroody lost me. We can'na take his son, too." Santo says when Pete gets used to the idea of them being married, he can come to America, too. They will buy the ticket for him and make sure there is room for her family in their house. Colleen thinks her father will never forgive her. Santo insists he will. YOMB sneaks away.

The party continues. "Attention ladies," announces Bambi, "Time to come up and get your pins!" Chelsea don' wanna.

"You must wear the pin day and night," says Bambi, "And your behavior must reflect the ideals of I Felta Thigh whenever you have it on." She asks if there are any questions.

Chelsea raises her hand, "Are you known for anything besides perfect makeup and hair?"

Bambi's assistant, Tiffany fields that one. She says they are known for their volunteer work with the homeless. Sensing some dissention, Bambi gives them a few extra minutes to consider their decision, "Remember, choices can make or break a life."

As Colleen and Santo maul each other, Pete rushes up and says, "Get yer hands off her, ye filthy animal."

Colleen struggles with Pete, "He's the man I'mta marry!"

Pete says, "He's lying, lass."

Colleen gasps, "What?"

Pete turns to Santo, "Tell her. Tell her about yer wife."

YOMB jumps in, "She's alive."

"This is true," asks Colleen.

Santo does his best Maxwell Smart, "Would you believe it's DOOL and she came back to life? Uh, would you believe I had her stuffed and mounted and told Stefano she was still alive? Would you believe..."

Colleen cries and hugs her da.

Patch shrouds Benjy. Abe orders an autopsy. Patch tells Abe this is murder, and they know who killed him. He wonders why they need an autopsy. Abe thinks they might find something else, "What kind of man would kill his own son?"

Patch says, "This is one murder Stefano is not gonna get away with."

Chelsea wonders what if happiness really does come down to a decision like this. She decides to take a pin.

OMB can still see the pain in Colleen's eyes, "I never saw the end coming. Of course, on this show it never does."

Colleen rages. She takes 'hell hath no fury...' to a new level. Santo pulls his 'Guy Manual' out of his pocket. Me madly leafs through the pages and comes up with, "Colleen, I can explain-a."

Colleen screams, "May the Lard poonnish me fer being a silly fool! You lied to me! How could'ya?"

Santo back to the 'Guy Manual,' "Sometimes-a there is a deeper-a truth. We are-a meant-a to be togeddher."

Colleen shoots that one down, "If the Lard meant us ta be tagether ye would'na be married, wouldja? You had'jer fun wit' me, didn'cha?"

Pete decides to bring a bit of dignity to the conversation, "Yer a worthless piece of cow dung, y'are."

Santo backpedals, bobs and weaves. He says he felt like he had the right to lie. They had the right to choose their own future, "In fact, it-a was our duty!" He assures her they will be together. Pete takes her away.

Bambi calls for attention and asks everyone to come get a pin. Chelsea has changed her mind again. She thinks she will ruin Stephanie's chances.

Patch thinks Benjy's death is his fault. He doesn't know how he will tell Kayla. He's been chasing the DiMeras for the past few months and this is their sick idea of payback. Patch swears he is going to retaliate. "That's where you are wrong, my friend," says Abe.

Santo stoops by the cliffs and contemplates. In the church, Colleen prepares to take her vows.

OMB says, "Colleen became a nun and Santo made sure she never got to keep her vows."

Bambi comes up and asks if Chelsea and Stephanie want to pledge. Stephanie says she will if Chelsea will. Chelsea takes a pledge pin. They thank Bambi and leave.

Bambi makes an announcement to the sisters, "OK, ladies. Time to look at this year's haul."

Pete and YOMB watch the ceremony. Colleen approaches the altar and kneels.

Santo and Stefano stand outside. They walk into the sanctuary. Colleen turns and sees them. Oh, the shame! Santo and Stefano walk away. Colleen rips her headgear off and runs from the church.

Bambi narrates as the sorority sisters look at slides. Chelsea's picture comes up. Bambi says she didn't smile much, but her teeth were good. Tiffany thinks Chelsea was scared they would reject her, so she rejected them first. Bambi thinks with Chelsea around, they won't be bored.

Stephanie's picture comes up. "She was a total suck up," says Missy. Someone else points out she used to be a racecar driver. Bambi decides she would be good at beer runs.

Outside, Chelsea says she isn't going to rush. She took the pin because it was the only way Stephanie would take one. Stephanie thinks Chelsea is afraid of rejection. Chelsea thinks that's lame. Stephanie points out when they became friends Chelsea was afraid Bo and Hope would be reject her so she rejected them first. Same with Nick. Chelsea insists she doesn't have a fear of rejection, "But I do have a fear of changing my name to Chelsi."

"You could change it to Brati," says Stephanie.

Reluctantly, Chelsea agrees to pledge. Stephanie admits she is scared, too.

"Nobody ever rejects you," says Chelsea.

"Jeremy did," says Stephanie. Chelsea remembers Jeremy telling her not to tell Stephanie he was there. Chelsea says she is just glad they are pledging together.

Abe forbids the Johnson style of justice. Patch thinks Stefano will hire a couple of thousand-dollar an hour attorneys and walk. Abe asks, "What about your wife... your daughter... and Pocket?"

"My wife and daughter are wonderful," says Patch, "But there is a hole in my pocket."

Abe reminds him of the years of hell his family went through when he was missing, "And that doesn't even compare to the hell they are going through now that you are back."

"Right now," says Patch, "It's all about Benjy. I told him he was safe. I let him drop his guard and Stefano killed him." Patch turns to leave and extract his revenge.

Abe draws a gun and points it at him, "I'm very serious."

Patch says, "If you wanna stop me you will have to shoot me." Patch walks off. If Abe had a pair he would at least kneecap him.

OMB says, "Colleen ran off and they followed. It's amazing how a small woman in a cumbersome seventy-pound habit can outrun a strapping guy like Pete."

Pete, YOMB and Father Mallory follow Colleen's trail to the cliffs. They find her habit lying on the ground near the edge, and look at the raging sea below. Pete looks into the abyss and cries, "Colleen, no! Now ye've added skinny dippin' to yer multitude of sins."

OMB says, "We were too late."


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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A Less Fiery Seat In Hell

Patch signs his release papers as blood oozes from his still-fresh knife wound. Patch says he's ready for action. Bo reminds him he's recovering, "They only removed the knife fifteen minutes ago. Pain hits Patch and he decides maybe a day off wouldn't hurt, "And I would take one off if I had a job. So, do you think Stefano is ready to end the vendetta?"


Lucas limps up and interrupts, "You haven't seen Sami, have you? She said she was going to meet me here and she never showed up."

EJ thinks it's a wonder Sure-Shot-Sami didn't accidentally shoot herself. A cop is there taking Sami's statement, "I know you did not shoot your husband on purpose. You obviously couldn't hit a barn at point-blank range." The cop leaves. EJ presses Sami for details on ending the vendetta. Sami hauls out the folio.

EJ asks, "That's the leather folio?"

Sami says, "Well, actually it's Naugahyde, but my uncle Bo got it back form Andre."

EJ beams, "Well that's fantastic. You should be thrilled, right?"

Sami says, "Not exactly." She hands it to EJ. He opens it and finds two wedding bands.

Hope has the final two letters – One from Santo and one from Colleen.

OMB wanders in the cemetery. He wishes he had never met Stefano. Stefano steps up behind him, "The feeling, I assure you, is mutual."

OMB turns, "We have nothing to say to each other. But we will no doubt stand here and hurl verbal diarrhea at each other anyway."

Stefano snorts, "Just like a Brady – Sweep the past under the rug." OMB asks where Roman is. Stefano dunno. He says he feels like telling the truth tonight. OMB wishes Stefano was buried down there. Stefano knows he will be someday and thinks that may account for his mood tonight. He reminds OMB they have known each other for a half-century. OMB says he isn't in the mood for reminiscing. He starts to leave but Stefano rants on. Stefano thinks the Bradys have become strong and the DiMeras weak, "It is possible that we could help each other."

Hope reads Santo's letter, "Tell me this is a nightmare from which I'll awaken. Tell me I can go back to that rocky cliff and prevent that moment from happening. I will never forget the look on your face when you ran from me. I tried to see you but father Mallory is a fierce protector."

Santo begs to see Colleen. Father Mallory says she is somewhere he can never hurt her again.

Hope reads on, "I needed to see you one more time to force you to see the truth."

Lucas pumps Bo and Patch. Bo says there is something in the folio about Sami and Elvis.

EJ also finds a marriage license for Santo and Colleen in the folio, as well as a handwritten note from Santo, two tickets to the World Cup and an unpaid dry cleaning bill.

Bo tells Lucas that Santo and Colleen were set to run off, "There is a note in the folio from Santo. It says, when their soles are finally united..."

EJ reads, "...then peace will be granted to the Brady family."

Sami reminds him they all look alike, "It's you and me EJ. Stefano sees this as the end. In his twisted mind if we get married his father's soul will be at peace."

The poor sap Lucas can't believe it, "Sami won't divorce me to end the vendetta."

Sami tells EJ, "There is no other way. I'll do it. I'll marry you."

Sami says she won't let her family suffer when she can stop it. EJ reminds her she had this opportunity before. Sami says a lot has happened since then. She must be watching another soap opera. Andre still has her father. EJ tells her he knows Roman is alive. Sami talks about the DiMeras taking Roman when she as a little girl. Last week. "Nothing has changed," she says, "I will never love you. I love Lucas and I always will." EJ asks if Lucas would understand if she left him to end the vendetta.

Sami dodges, "I think I have to save my father's life, and end the terror from the DiMeras."

Hope reads more of Santo's letter, "I had to find you, Colleen, but I was a foreigner. Doors were closed on all sides. A wildfire of gossip had swept the town. It was all true, but that's beside the point. No one would help me. There was only one person who I could talk to – The person who separated us.

Stefano says Shawn could help their families. OMB is indignant, "Help you after what you have done to my family? This is just your attempt to save your soul."

"I think it's too late for that," says Stefano, "Perhaps I just want a less fiery seat in hell. It's just you and me here. And we both know the truth... that because of just a few words... that's all... changed our families forever."

Lucas thinks this is a joke, "But not as good as the time I dumped paint all over EJ... or blasted him and Kate with the fire extinguisher." Bo says Sami is considering it if it will save Roman's life. Lucas heads out to stop it.

Bo gets a call, "Are you sure? No. Stay put." He hangs up. He tells Patch Stefano is in the cemetery with OMB. He asks Patch to hang around while he runs to the cemetery, "Abe has found some evidence and is bringing it over."

Stefano reminds OMB of the night at the inn.

Stefano and YOMB play with the lorry. YOMB says he thought Stefano's mom was dead. Stefano insists she is alive and well.

OMB says he remembers all too well. Stefano says he didn't realize he was supposed to lie. If he could only go back and change that moment things would be different, "We could have been raised as brothers!"

YOMB plays by the cliffs as Santo rushes up. He asks where Colleen is. YOMB is silent. Santo tells him they have never had a chance to talk. He says Stefano loves to play with YOMB. Santo says he thinks of all four of them as a family, "Where in the world would you like to go? What would you like to see? The Eiffel Tower... The skyscrapers in New York city... The strip clubs in Vegas..." Nothing appeals to YOMB. Santo tries again, "How would you like to see cowboys and Indians?" AHA! Paydirt! YOMB would like that. Santo says all four of them can go see the Wild West, but in order to do that, he needs Colleen to agree to see him again. He asks YOMB to talk to her.

Hope feels sorry for YOMB. Julie thinks whatever YOMB did he frightened Colleen off.

Sami says, "We will be married but we won't share a bed." EJ agrees. "It will be an arrangement for the sake of the families," says Sami, "You need to think about this because you will be trapped with a woman who doesn't want you. She will dream of another man and miss being in his arms. I can't imagine a hell worse than that."

"Unless you have to watch this crud on TV," says EJ, "But I'm all for it if it brings peace."

"Good," says Sami, "Lets' go tell Stefano I've made my decision."

Lucas limps up, "And what decision is that?"

Sami panics. Lucas tells her he knows about the folio and the terms. He hopes she will tell the DiMeras to shove it. Lucas is peeved he had to hear it from Bo instead of his wife, "Tell me you're not considering it."

See Sami. See Sami lie. Lie, Sami, lie, "I'm not sure I know what I will do. We're going to go see Stefano and try to work something out."

"Let me know when you come up with a verdict," says snorts Lucas.

Perceptive Sami says, "Lucas, you seem angry."

Lucas gives the cold stare of a man who has just been jilted and lied to, "Angry? I'm way beyond anger." The chump limps off. Sami bawls and chases him, then stops. She cries and tells EJ she will meet him outside. EJ smirks and walks off.

Santo asks YOMB if he will help him by going to Colleen. YOMB is silent. Santo takes off his gold watch and says YOMB can have it if he helps, "You can-a give it to your-a da, or use it to count-a the minutes until-a this stupid-a show-a is over. YOMB throws it down, tells him to leave his sister alone and runs off.

"That's how the letter ends," says Hope. Speculation abounds. They hope there is more in the last letter because they know OMB isn't talking.

Stefano says his father was never the same after Colleen's death. He turned bitter and angry. Every day he invoked the name of the Bradys with bitterness, "When Colleen died Santo died too and left a cold man in his place. I was alone and had to watch my parents in a sham of a marriage."

OMB asks, "Thai's your excuse for all the pain you caused my family? You point a finger at me. It was all your fault. You murdered my sister!"

Patch tells Abe Bo took off. Abe says he found a chauffeur's uniform, just like the one Willie drove the night of Stefano's funeral. Abe thinks the coffin in the hearse wasn't empty. He thinks Roman was in it. They bolt for the cemetery. Patch leaves a trail of blood.

Hope takes the last letter. John wants her to skim it. Hope says, "Colleen says she was destroyed. She gave up everything to find out she had sold her soul to the devil. She thought Santo hurt and betrayed her like no one else could." Hope reads, "Thank God for my little Shawn. He knew the truth and told me before I made the biggest mistake of my life."

Stefano rages. He thinks it was OMB who drove the knife into Colleen's heart, "It was your responsibility! You should have kept your mouth shut!" Things get physical.

Bo rushes up and separates them, "Keep your hands off of my father. I'll see you burn in hell!"

OMB tells Bo to let him go, "It's ancient history." Stefano says he came to make peace but it is impossible. Bo takes OMB off.

Stefano yells, "Remember, I came to make peace. I was willing to end it."

Hope reads, "I shudder to think, without Shawn I would have made a sinful mistake I would regret forever."

Colleen stands in her habit in the sanctuary. Father Mallory asks, "Before you take your final vows, are you sure this is what you truly want?"

Colleen says this is where she belongs, "I failed the Lard, but I'll spend the resta me life makin' oop for it."

Father Mallory asks, "Do ye still loove the Italian. I mean, I'd be willin' ta have ya take anudder shot at it and get anudder ring fer the choorch."

"I feel it," says Colleen, "Feelin's are wrong but I will wipe them cline." Father Mallory takes her in to see the bishop.

Hope reads, "So I will take my vows and be in the service of the Lord, away from the sins of the flesh. If you care for me at all you will stay away from me for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Stefano rolls down the window of his limo. Sami gets in. EJ gets in. EJ says they know the terms required to end the vendetta. Sami says she knows she has to marry EJ. Sami knows Stefano was once obsessed with Marlena. Stefano says he loved her as Santo loved Colleen and he hoped marrying her would give the family peace. But when he saw EJ he knew. He and Santo could not be more alike – not just in looks. He realized the rings were meant for them, "Now Samantha, if you do not love my son..."

"This isn't about love," says Sami, "It's about ending the vendetta. It starts with returning my father. That part is non-negotiable. Do we have a deal?"

Abe digs. The cops dig. Patch digs and with every shovel full opens his knife wound a little more.

Stefano asks if Sami is sure about this, "There will be no turning back." Sami understands. She says she will marry EJ only after Roman is back safe and alive. If Stefano wants the marriage to last, no DiMera will ever hurt a Brady again. Stefano tells her to have Mickey Horton get the divorcee papers together. There is hope for Lucas yet. Mickey is bound to botch it up one way or another.

EJ turns to Sami, "You're dong the right thing."

Sami gets out of the car. Stefano congratulates EJ for ending the feud and securing a future with the woman he loves, "You've won!"

Lucas twirls his ring and remembers their wedding. The poor schmuck says, "There is no way you would do this to us, Sami. No way. I won't let you." He limps off.

The clan sits around trying to figure out where they can find Shawn. John will check out the Cheatin' Heart, "When you're looking for OMB, your best bet is to start with the bars."

Julie will check out Chez Rouge, "We still don't know how Colleen dies."

OMB makes his grand entrance with Bo, "It's time you did. It's time I told you about the night I killed my sister."

Abe struggles to pry open the coffin. He lifts the shroud covering the body.


Abe gasps. Patch nearly collapses, "Who is that? Oh no! Oh!"


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Secrets Are My Life

Nick and Chelsea argue with the mysterious Mr. Abuhd. The main thing they want to know is why some high and mighty potentate would hand his kids over to a low life prostitute and general con-woman like China Lee. And, let's face it, that's a good question. So how does DOOL explain it away?

"Desperate times call for desperate measures," says Mr. Abuhd. Lame

"Hey," says Chelsea, "That ranks right up there with Rolf's explanation of how he came back from the dead... 'It didn't take.'"

The clan gathers around Doug and Julie for the reading of the final letters. Julie explains they have to do this because OMB won't talk. John sharpens bamboo chutes, "Give me five minutes with him and I'll have him singing like a canary."

Julie reads, "My dearest Santo, I've spent days in prayer and solitude considering whether I should marry you or just keep frolicking in sin headed for the bowels of hell. The good Lord has answered my prayer."

Santo meets Father Mallory in the church. They both happen to be looking for Colleen. The Father has something he has to go take care of, leaving Santo alone. Colleen finds him and he asks where she has been.

"Oi've beenta the cliesters," she says, "I can'na keep livin' in both werlds."

"Then-a you are-a leeving me."

"Oi've lat my faith choose."

Sami ponders her dilemma. Andre lays out the ground rules. She can save two lives by killing either Lucas or EJ. "It's very simple," he says, "Take the gun... aim... and done!"

Now, why Sami doesn't choose to take the gun... aim... and blow Andre's brains into the next county can only be explained by the meds she is on, I guess... or, oh yeah, then they might not find Roman.

Sami cries, "Lucas?"

Andre says, "Ah! You've chosen door number one." He uncovers the bodies. Sami asks Lucas if he is OK. Lucas tells her to run.

"Act quickly, Samantha," says Andre, "Time is not Roman's friend."

Roman sucks. For air.

Nick claims the kids are with the sitter. Abuhd wants the apartment number. Nick suggests he go knock on every single door in the building. Abuhd tells him he's making a mistake and starts to leave but sashays around Nick and calls for the kids.

Colleen says, "It has always bean my dream to sarve the Lard dutifully." Santo tells her to stop and says it is better to end this.

A guy in the audience yells, "That's for damn sure!" The cops rush up to him and drag him out as he screams, "Don't tase me, bro! Don't tase me!"

So after all this fiddling around and hearing about her 'cliesters' and serving the 'Lard,' Colleen finally says, "My answer is yes."

Santo is as surprised as we are. Bipolar babes run in the family. Santo and Colleen giggle and dance around the room.

The Lard looks down on the scene and says, "Good riddance. And for your information, it's THE LORD! I'm not a can of Crisco!"

The crowd at the pub discusses Colleen's motives and what might have happened next. Finally some brainchild thinks of reading on to find out.

Lucas is at death's door and what he chooses to do is argue with Sami. Sami, of course, is a mess and begs Andre not to make her do it. Andre assures her Roman is alive and says he's going to kill him last so he will know Sami did not have the courage to save him.

Sami offers herself as a hostage.

The kids run out and Abuhd asks if they remember them. Nick jumps in and says no way is anyone taking them from him. Abuhd offers Nick money and Nick tells him to shove it.

Mr. Abuhd says, "Boys! We're leaving."

Nick says, "They're not for sale and they're not leaving. They're not going anywhere."

Abuhd cold cocks Nick. Chelsea screams, "Nick!"

Abuhd escapes with the kids. Nick lies bleeding on the floor, "We should have taken the money."

Andre considers Sami's offer. Lucas talks him into letting him have a private word with Sami. Lucas tells her she doesn't have to do this. He wants her to walk away and raise Roman Thomas and Colleen Marlena, "And give them enough love for both of us. And try to find some nicknames for them, too."

EJ finally chimes in and tells her to go. Sami can't. Andre reminds her Roman is out there stewing somewhere and the sooner she gets to it the sooner she will find him.

Roman gasps.

Marlena reads on. Santo thinks Colleen is making a great sacrifice.

Colleen prays. Pete and YOMB walk up to her. Da notices she has been crying. Colleen denies it. Father Mallory joins the party. Colleen says she called them all together there because she needs to speak to them. Santo shows up at the door and Da asks, "Whoy is the Eyetallian here?"

Colleen says she doesn't know and asks for a moment with him. The go out into the narthex and argue. It seems Santo has shown up a bit early. He wants to break the news together. Colleen doesn't want a donnybrook. He asks her to take a gift as a reminder of their life together. It's a diamond ring.

Meanwhile, at the mouth of the Mediterranean Sea, the Portuguese coast guard calls in a bulletin: It seems the Rock of Gibraltar is missing.

Sami turns the gun on Andre, "Go ahead," he says, "You have one shot."

"DO IT," screams Lucas. Andre reminds her if she kills him, she will never find Roman.

Andre tells her to make her choice, "Which will it be? The ever-loyal and talkative Lucas, or Elvis, the virus that's infected your soul? Which man do you truly love?"

EJ offers his life, "You have children. I am alone. Don't think. Pull the trigger." Sami has no problem with the part about not thinking, anyway."

Sami slowly aims the gun at EJ.


Lucas screams and writhes in pain. "SAMI! YOU SHOT ME IN THE LEG!"

"You should have aimed a little higher," says EJ.

In the confusion, Sami picks up a steel bar and whacks Andre. She then proceeds to kick the living poop out of him. Lucas and EJ beg for her to untie them before she turns Andre in to dough for the SPD's morning donut delivery.

Lucas isn't being a big boy about his wound. He screams, "I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO SHOOT EJ!" Sami unties them and makes a tourniquet for Lucas. EJ doesn't have a signal on his phone so he has to run out to call 911.

Lucas cries like a little girl and asks Sami if she was really going to shoot EJ. Sami says, "Yes, but I knew I couldn't kill him because I need him more than I need you."

Hope reads on. Colleen was amazed by the ring, but love is pure and simple from the heart.

Colleen drives a forklift into the room, lifts the ring and gives it back to Santo, "A simple band would do." Santo says he has two bands for them but this is an engagement gift. She thinks it's too extravagant, but he begs her to accept it. Pete comes out and interrupts. He wants to know what is going on. Santo says he was just leaving. "Then be quek abutit," says Pete. Santo walks out of the church.

Suddenly Jeremy rushes out of the next room and wrestles Mr. Abuhd to the floor. He puts a gun to his temple and asks who wants the boys. Mr. Kravitz bangs on the wall and wants to know what all the racket is about. Nick tells Jeremy to put down the gun, "You're already facing charges. Don't add murder to the list."

Slowly, Jeremy hands Nick the gun, but keeps Abuhd in a chokehold. Kravitz pounds at the door. Nick answers and tells him things are OK. "I'm callin' the cops," says the Danny DiVito clone. Abuhd gets away from Jeremy and runs off. Nick goes back inside and takes the kids to read comics.

Chelsea asks, "What are you, Jeremy, some kind of avenger?"

"I don't like people messin' with kinds."

"Yeah," says Chelsea, "I got that. Could you have shot him?"

Annie Oakley tends to Lucas as he grills her about why she needs EJ. She says she needs him for the twins and Lucas and their family.

EJ comes back in and says the cops are on the way. Andre bolts and EJ chases. Lucas grits his teeth.

Roman gasps and pounds at his coffin.

Chelsea repeats, "I want to know. Would you have shot him?"

"He thought I would," says Jeremy. Nick comes out and says the kids are OK, but they should call Dr. Evans.

Jeremy decides it's time to leave. Chelsea says she isn't going to turn him in. "I don't believe you," says Jeremy, "Not a word."

Sami tells Lucas Bo found the folio and ending the vendetta involves her and EJ. EJ comes back in. It seems the young athlete couldn't outrun the wounded old guy. Sami tells him she wants to talk to Lucas alone. EJ leaves. Lucas asks Sami if she still loves him and wants to be with him, "If Bo knows what is going on don't you think I have a right to know too?" Sami hyperventilates.

The crowd at the pub runs through idle speculation about what might have happened next. Hope has a brilliant idea, "Maybe we should read the letters to find out."

Father Mallory chastises Colleen for not wearing her habit. Colleen says, "I'll not be wearin' it again, Fodder. Doya remember, Da, after my forst communion, when I vowed my life would be with the choorch? I was a garl of seven. Fodder Mallory, you taught me there is a life of laber aside from the holy vocations, and they're both a way of servin' God. I have found that my true vocation is as a wife and mudder. And I'll be lavin' the convent." Pete drops his jaw. Pan in on YOMB.

Nick and Chelsea talk Jeremy into just taking a powder while the cops are there, and then coming back in case Abuhd returns. Jeremy tells Nick to trash the letter he gave him to deliver to Stephanie. He doesn't want them to tell Stephanie he was back in Salem. He thinks it's better if she forgets him and just moves on.

"Secrets are my life," says Chelsea.

Jeremy leaves. Nick's macho side... uh molecule... comes out, "I totally could have taken that guy. It's good Jeremy was here as backup, though."

"It was a sucker punch," says Chelsea. She's proud of him. She kisses him on the cheek.

Nick goes in for more, but Chelsea turns away. "Can't blame a guy for trying," he says.

Sami promises Lucas she will not do anything stupid and will tell him everything when she gets to the hospital. One out of two ain't bad. The paramedics wheel him off.

Sami says, "We have to get to Stefano, EJ, to end the vendetta. It's in the folio. It is all up to us. It has been since the day we were born."

Pete thinks this is the work of the devil. Colleen insists she has lost her love for the work of the order but not the church. Pete goes right off a cliff... uh, perhaps a poor choice of words... Pete freaks. YOMB watches as the argument goes out of control.

Hope reads. Colleen knew nothing they said would change what was in her heart, "There was no end to their tirade. So I ended it the only way I knew how."

Colleen tells them she loves Santo. She stoops to say something to YOMB but Da interrupts, "You're no sister to him, and no daughter to me." YOMB begs her not to go. Colleen says she will never forget him. Father Mallory asks what will become of Colleen's work with the poor. She takes out her ring, hands it to him and leaves.

"Well," says Father Mallory, "That worked out well in the end, didn't it?"

Outside, Colleen bawls her eyes out.

The crowd in the pub speculates about why Colleen and Santo didn't go through with the ceremony. John thinks the Bradys started the vendetta. Marlena says it doesn't matter who started it, they have to stop it.

Roman struggles for air. He hears something. The coffin lid opens and he sees a light.


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Monday, September 24, 2007

Lipstick Jungle

Stephanie comes to see Patch in the hospital. Don't worry, folks, she's left Pocket in good hands. Mad Dog Nagerski has been paroled and needed a job, so Stephanie hired him to watch the little tyke. But she was sooooo worried about Patch she had to drop everything and run over there to see him. Patch buys her line of caca del toro. He asks if she has heard from Jerko.

"No," says Stephanie, "He's probably halfway to Seat..."

Patch catches on, "...tle?" She begs him not to tell the cops.

"The Salem PD and I are strictly on a need to know basis," says Patch, "I think this is something they don't need to know. If he had robbed a donut shop before he left, that would cause a shortage. I'd have to tell them. So, are you going to be able to forget about Jeremy?"

Jeremy plays cards with Artemis and DeMarquette. Mean ole Nick sends them to brush their teeth. Nick has to keep reminding Jeremy of the rules. He says he thinks he should go, but Jeremy talks him into staying one night. Chelsea shows up at the door.

Sami is her usual basket case. She calls Lucas and leaves a message. She tells him what Andre said, and wants Lucas to call her back and tell her Andre was bluffing. Bo comes in and confirms that Lucas and EJ are being held hostage. Sami flashes back to Andre's instructions. Sami tries to rush out to find them, but Bo stops her.

Stephanie can't answer Patch's question, "What do you want me to say, Papa?"

"Anything," says Patch, "JUST DON'T CALL ME PAPA!" He wants the jerk to leave his baby girl alone, "You still love him?"

"I guess I do."

Poor Max stands outside the door and listens.

Chelsea pounds at the door and Nick finally lets her in. We have the perfunctory argument about why he took so long. He claims he was getting the kids to brush their teeth. Chelsea just came over to hang out. She brought comic books. She brought a few things for the kids, too. He thanks her and starts to chase her out. She figures he's mad because she broke up with him.

Sami throws a fit. The twins soak it all in and surreptitiously start packing their bags to leave. Sami goes off the scale and Beauregard Brady, crack Salem police officer caves in and decides it would be OK to have the crazy woman ride with him. Sami turns him down. She says she's just going to the church to pray instead. Even Bo, with the IQ of a sand flea, sees through that one. He shows her the folio and says he thinks that might change her mind.

Sami screams, "Well, did you read it? Do you have an answer for how we can end the ven..."

Bo stops her, "Yes, I read it. You're not gonna like what's in this."

Poor Chelsea has so many regrets about what she said to Nick when they broke up. Nick practically throws her out the door and tells her he will see her tomorrow, but the brat won't have any of it, "This is exactly what I didn't want to happen. I didn't want things to be weird between us." She asks for a do-over.

"You changed your mind about us," asks Nick.

The politician answers, "I just wish I had handled things better." She wants Nick to love her the way she loves him. Nick asks if that means to love her like a brother. "Boyfriends come and go," says the brat, "Brothers are always there."

"I'd rather be the boyfriend that comes and goes," says Nick. One of the kids interrupts and yells for Nick to come in and read them a story. Chelsea volunteers. Nick isn't sure, "I think they're a little young for 'Lipstick Jungle,' don't you."

She offers to read them the comic books and then plays her trump card, "Afterward, we can maybe order a pizza and talk – about us." Nick thinks that's a bad idea. "You're hiding something, aren't you," asks the brat.

"No," says Nick, "I'm not hiding anyone... uh... anything."

Chelsea gets it, "YOU HAVE A GIRL HERE, DON'T YOU?" Nick denies. "Shall I invite her to join us, or will you," asks Chelsea.

Sami hyperventilates, "This is impossible!"

"I realize that," says Bo, "That's why I wanted you to read it. So that you can see you don't have to carry this burden on your own."

"Are you kidding," wails Sami, "Now it appears more than ever I am the only one that can end this nightmare."

"Absolutely not," yells Bo, "Even if you leave, DOOL will go on. The nightmare will continue."

"If I don't," blithers Sami, "the DiMeras will haunt our family forever!" Bo tries to calm her down. A raging bull storms into the room and goes wild, knocking over tables and chairs, braking things and creating havoc. Bo has a lot easier time calming the raging bull.

Bo has her sit down and makes her promise she will stay there while he goes to get her some toast and ginger ale. And a dump truck full of Prozac.

After Bo leaves Sami gets a call from Andre, who reams her out for being late. She says she is on her way. Andre says he will be sure to tell that to Lucas and EJ after he disposes of them. He hangs up. Sami panics and runs out. Bo comes out, finds her gone and the chase is on.

Max remembers Stephanie waffling and telling him she thought she was in love with Jeremy until they kissed. He comes into Patch's room. Kayla rushes in with clothes. She sees her faithful babysitter standing there and asks where Pocket is. Stephanie tells her not to worry, "He's perfectly happy. I left him in the bathtub playing with my electric hair dryer."

Relieved that Pocket is safe, Kayla asks about Roman. They update her on that and Patch also tells her about the Lucas-EJ hostage situation.

Kayla gasps, "When is this going to end."

Stefano appears in the door, "Perhaps we could end it together." Seeing Stefano, Patch tells Stephanie to leave with Max. On the way out, Max confronts Stefano, "Where is my brother?"

Stefano says, "In DC practicing law."

"You know what the Bible says," asks Max, "'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.'"

Stefano says, "I prefer, 'turn the other cheek." God looks down and wonders where in the world anyone found a Bible in Salem. After Max and Stephanie leave, Stefano tells Patch they both want the same thing, "A peaceful solution."

Bo makes a call back to the cop shop and tells them about letting Sami slip through his fingers. He wants them to look for her even though every available cop is out looking for Roman.

Jugs and Doolie show up and Bo fills them in. Julie worries the DiMeras will hurt Sami. "No," says Bo, "The DiMeras have something else in mind for Sami."

Nick asks, "You think I'm hiding a girl?"

Chelsea says, "Well, it's a little early on in the semester to be having a steamy affair with one of your students, Nick."

Nick reminds her he's taking care of two kids. "Then you won't mind if I take a peek," says Chelsea.

"Actually," says Nick, "I would."

"Do I know her," asks Chelsea.

"There is no girl," says Nick, "You are the only female in this apartment right now." The boys run out begging for Uncle Jeremy to play with them some more. BUSTED! Jeremy comes out. The kids ask if he did something bad.

Sami wanders around yelling for Andre. He comes out and chastises her for being forty minutes late. Sami babbles excuses. He frisks her to make sure she's not carrying a wire and Sami jumps out of her skin. Sami insists no one followed her and demands he tell her where Lucas, EJ and Roman are. "All in good time, my dear," says Andre, "All in good time."

Roman gasps for air.

Sami panics, "Just tell me where they are! I will do whatever you want!"

"That's rather tempting," says Andre, "Although I never got what EJ saw in you."

"You've got to be kidding," gasps Sami. Andre assures her he isn't going to play interloper between Sami and EJ. Sami ramps up the hysteria and runs around screaming for EJ and Lucas.

Andre says he is confused about Sami's relationship with EJ since he shot her stepfather, "And I understand made unreasonable demands on you several months ago. You don't have feelings for Elvis, do you?"

Pocket has stolen a Harley and picked up Claire. He pulls wheelies on Main streets and says, "Hey, let's go pick up Ciara and have a really good time."

Stefano assures Patch he wants the violence between their families to end just as much as he does. "You can go to hell, DiMera," snorts Patch.

Nick bribes the kids with comic books in order to get rid of them. They squeal with excitement, "Oh boy! 'Captain America' and 'The Four Musketeers Rescuing Phillip in Iraq!'" They run into the bedroom, ditch the comic books, jump out the window and go join Pocket, Claire and Ciara.

Jeremy is mad because the brat blew his cover, "What did I ever do to you?"

Chelsea runs through the litany of Jerko's sins, including treating Stephanie like dirt, costing Max his garage and everything he did to Jett. She asks Nick now he thinks aiding and abetting a criminal is OK. Nick insists he is leaving in the morning and they launch World War III. Jeremy decides to solve the whole problem by leaving but the old standard, a knock at the door stops him. Jeremy hides and Nick opens the door.

And there he is... an evil character wearing tan shoes, pink shoelaces and a Panama hat with a purple hatband, "Muma Abuhd... I’m here about the boys."

Nick and Chelsea stammer around and claim the boys aren't there and haven't been in quite a while. Mr. Abuhd says he knows the boys are there. He also knows who Nick and Chelsea are. He says he knows they were told someone would come looking for the boys. Chelsea asks how they know he isn't there to hurt the boys. "I'm afraid you don't," he says, "But perhaps I can convince you to trust me."

Max and Stephanie have a useless conversation about the hostages. Stephanie says she only came back from Dayton to help her parents and now all they have done is fight. Max tells her he overheard what she said about loving Jeremy. Stephanie says she feels like she led Max on. He insists he enjoyed every second of it. Stephanie thinks she blew it and flashes back to their argument after Kayla discovered Jeremy. Stephanie knows she should hate him, but just can't explain it, other than the fact that she is a tramp and an idiot, "I always pictured myself with a guy like my dad... honest, decent, will do anything for his friends, and takes trips to never-never land every once in a while. And he loves my mom. He'd jump out of a plane without a parachute for her."

"That's because he loves her," says Max.

"No," says Stephanie, "It's because he's nuttier than a fruitcake. You know, sometimes you remind me of my dad."

"I wish you wouldn't have said that."

"Why," says Stephanie, "Because it puts you in the 'nuttier than a fruitcake' category? "

"No," says Max, "Because I was just about to kiss you."

Stefano says if Elvis dies any possibility of the war ending dies with him. Kayla is indignant. She tells Stephanie no one believes that. Patch tells her about Bo finding the folio. Kayla wants to know what was in it, but Patch tells her it doesn't matter because Bo says the terms are impossible to meet. Stefano disagrees. He thinks the terms are quite possible to meet and not difficult. He tells Kayla he will leave someone else the honor of telling her what the terms are, but if the terms are met, he will see to it that Andre is permanently diffused.

Jugs and Doolie have the last batch of letters. Bo is going to find OMB and squeeze the truth out of him, but, in case he can't, he wants them to call a family confab to read the letters. If OMB keeps his mouth shut, the letters may be their only chance.

Sami tells Andre she has feelings for EJ – hatred. She ramps up the screamfest again, calling for Lucas and EJ. Andre points out the inconsistency in what she just said, since she is screaming for EJ as well as Lucas, "Does it disturb you that Elvis has eluded punishment for his crimes?"

"Of course it does but there is nothing I can do about it."

"Yes, you had no choice in the matter, did you," asks Andre, "Well, my dear, that's about to change."

Stephanie puts the breaks on Max. She thinks she has to get Jeremy out of her system before she can start bed hopping. Max wants someone just like Stephanie wants. "Just like my dad," asks Stephanie.

"No," says Max, "I want someone who is easy to be with. Of course, I'd settle for just easy." Stephanie wonders how she and Max will do the whole 'friends without benefits' thing. Max agrees it won't be easy.

The man in the Panama hat with the purple hatband tells Chelsea and Nick China Lee was employed by a very powerful Sudanese politician. Before he died he arranged for her to bring his sons to America, away from danger. He says the boys' lives are in danger.

Stefano says if the terms for ending the vendetta are not met, he will not take the blame for the intolerable hell they will have to endure. DOOL will go to two hours. Stefano makes his grand exit.

Sami rages. Andre suggests a compromise. He takes her in to show her Lucas and EJ, "In exchange for sparing your father's life, my dear, one of these two will have to die. And that is the choice you have to make."


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Jack And Jennifer - Life's A Drag

Remembering Jack & Jennifer...

So, that was short, if not sweet. If you're looking to have some more DOOL fun, give Deb's new blog a try this weekend. You can find it here:

We'll see you over there.

And, of course, we hope your weekend is not a drag.

Death By Celibacy

Bo is on the phone with Abe telling him about Patch's stabbing, "It's pretty bad. I left him to die on his own because I can't stand the sight of blood. An ambulance came for him, but the ambulance guy said Patch took off before they got there."

Abe will check on things. Bo says, "I have no idea where he is. We gotta find him before he bleeds out."

Kayla blocks Stephanie as she tries to leave. They argue for a change. "I'm not staying where I am not respected," screams Stephanie.

"Then you have no place to go," says Kayla. Kayla wants Stephanie to talk to Abe. A knock at the door interrupts their conversation. They answer and find Patch. He collapses into Stephanie's arms. Kayla rushes over. Patch says he needs to call Bo.

Kayla screams, "QUICK! CALL A DOCTOR!"

Sami and Lucas are at the pub with a group of volunteers who will go search for Roman. Sami gives them flyers. Lucas wishes them luck. The search party leaves. Lucas wants Sami to rest instead of helping with the search. Sami says she isn't going home until they find Roman. She wants the vendetta to end. Lucas says the DiMeras are in this forever. He doesn't want her stressed out. Sami says she knows Lucas doesn't want to end the vendetta, but she and EJ do.

EJ walks in. He hopes it isn't too late to volunteer.

Chelsea walks up and sees Max putting the moves on some babe. "Oh, hi," says the brat, "You must be Elizabeth... or is it Karen... or Shelley..." That does it. The bimbo leaves.

"She seemed so nice," says Chelsea.

"Very funny," says Max, "Just what are you doing?"

"I was trying to save you," says Chelsea.

"From what," asks Max, "Certainly not death by celibacy. Monks get more action than I do."

Chelsea runs though the litany of girls Max has gone out with. Things stop when she gets to Stephanie.

Lucas says EJ is not needed. EJ says he cares. Lucas thinks he cares about scoring points with Sami. Sami whines, "Lucas, I just want to find my dad."

Lucas tries to be reassuring, "Don't worry, I'm sure they'll dig him up somewhere." He gets in EJ's face, "You probably know where he is, don't you? What're you waiting for, the right moment so you can step in and be the hero again? Is that it?" Lucas turns and goes over to comfort Sami.

Patch struggles. He says he has to talk to Bo. Kayla asks what happened and tells Stephanie to call 911. Patch begs her not to. Stephanie makes the call. Patch fades into unconsciousness.

Bo wanders. He hears a door close and runs to hide. Andre enters the evil warehouse. Bo flashes his teeth, "Gotcha."

Max claims he and Stephanie are just friends. Chelsea wonders why he is ignoring her. Max claims he's busy. Chelsea asks what he was doing with the bimbo she just chased off. Max says, "There was no risk of getting burned."

Chelsea asks, "And you think there is with Stephanie? You think she'd hurt you?"

Max says, "Not on purpose... but if Jeremy came back, yeah."

Kayla sends Stephanie for blankets. Patch comes to. He writhes in pain. They cover him with the blankets. He insists he has to go. They have a big struggle. Stephanie hands him a phone. Steve makes a call.

Bo calls Abe. He tells him where Andre is, "There is only one way out. I'm goin' inside. Roman might be there." Abe orders Bo to stay put. Bo says he will stay outside, but tells Abe to get backup there yesterday. He asks if there is any news about Patch.

Abe says he is outside Patch and Kayla's apartment now, "Don't move."

EJ says he will do whatever they need. Sami wants this town covered in flyers. Lucas wants EJ out of there. EJ claims he knows how a DiMera thinks, so he can help. Sami gives him a pile of flyers and says Lucas can go with him to distribute them.

Lucas don' wanna. "All right, then," says Sami, "I'll go with him instead." Gee, Lucas decides to go. Sami begs them to find Roman.

Chelsea and Max hand out flyers as they talk about Stephanie. She reminds him Jeremy is gone. She wants Max to tell her how he feels. He says he feels like Stephanie is his buddy.

"Your buddy whom you just happen to make out with in hot tubs? I think it's obvious something is going on. Love may be a pain but it's all we've got."

Max tries a new tactic, "What happened to Nick or Jett?"

"We aren't talking about me," says the brat.

"That does it," says Max, "We're done. I'm outta here." He walks off.

Sami doubles over in pain. Lucas offers to stay with her. Sami wants him to go. EJ promises they will find Roman. Lucas says if she needs anything at all to call and he will come back. They kiss as EJ stares.

Lucas promises, "I'll be back with your dad. Or his body."

Bo waits. Patch calls him and says he's at home. Patch asks about Andre. Bo tells him where he is. Patch figures it's the old shoe factory, "I'll lay money he has Roman there. I'll be there in ten." Patch hangs up.

Bo yells, "Steve don't... dammit!" Bo waits and seethes.

The police backup unit decides to pick up and extra batch of donuts since this might be a long siege.

Patch struggles to get up as Kayla holds him down. Abe arrives. He tells Patch backup is on the way to Bo. Patch settles down, "That's what I needed to hear." Kayla gets impatient and runs out to flag down any ambulance that happens to be passing by.

Abe tells Stephanie he wants to talk about Jeremy, and the fact that she was harboring a fugitive. Stephanie wants to talk when Patch isn't bleeding to death. Abe gets a call. He says he has to go check on Bo, "We will be talking."

Max comes back and sees Chelsea is still there. The brat keeps it up, "Do you like Stephanie?"

"Everyone likes Stephanie," says Max."

"Everyone on what planet," asks Chelsea, "What I mean is do you like like Stephanie?"

"What," asks Max, "Are we nine?"

"No," says Chelsea, "But we'll be that mature someday. Just answer the question. She really likes you."

Bo decides he has waited long enough. He figures it's time to storm the warehouse. Lucas and EJ walk up and interrupt his plan to go inside. At the same time, Andre comes out. Bo points his gun at Andre. Andre grabs Lucas and holds his gun to his head. He asks Lucas and EJ, "Are you sharing the divine Samantha?"

Bo orders Andre to let Lucas go. Andre orders Bo to put the gun down. Bo freezes.

Sami calls admissions at the hospital. She says she's looking for Roman and asks if he has been checked in. They tell her he is not there. She asks if maybe he checked in under a false name, "Look to see if you have a Chris Kostichek..." They assure her Roman is not there. Sami falls apart. OMB comes in with a thermos. Sami asks what he's up to. He says he's going to help look for Roman. Sami tells him there is a way he can help even more, "You don't get to keep your secret any longer." She begs him to tell.

Stephanie comforts Patch. He says what would make him feel better would be hearing the truth from her. He asks if he really heard Abe say she was harboring a fugitive, and also tells her about finding Jeremy's ID. Stephanie says she doesn't need another lecture. Jail yes... lecture no. Patch fades out again. Kayla rushes in with the EMT's. They check him out, "He has a strong pulse, but no brain activity."

Andre tells Bo to put the gun down. Bo refuses, "It's only Lucas. Besides, backup is on the way."

"Since the neighborhood isn't crawling with cops I'm still in charge," says Andre. EJ jumps in and tells Bo to put the gun down. Andre says, "I could keep Roman alive but shooting me is like shooting Roman. Do I have to resort to the cliché of counting? One... two..." Bo isn't sure what number comes next, but he puts down the gun and kicks it over to Andre.

Andre taunts, "Well, Lucas. You have a chance to breathe a little longer thanks to Bo."

Max asks if Stephanie said something about liking him. Chelsea says Stephanie likes him a lot, maybe even enough to forget Jeremy. Max thinks Chelsea should start a love life blog, "You could call it, 'Butting Into Other People's Business.'" Chelsea leaves. Max remembers the cave.

Sami begs OMB to tell her what happened. OMB says nothing. Finally, they get the cue cards set up and OMB breaks the silence. He says he has been holding his tongue because of shame. Sami says, "You have nothing to be ashamed of. Except this family. You have to tell us. Daddy's life is at stake."

They wheel Patch out. Kayla runs around in a panic looking for her keys. She tells Stephanie to pack up some things for Pocket so she can take him to the hospital. Stephanie finds the keys and offers to stay there and take care of Pocket. Kayla about faints, "YOU?"

"Unless you don't trust me," says Stephanie.

Pocket yells from the next room, "I sure as hell don't." He takes out his cell phone and calls Claire, "Hurry. We've gotta get out of here now!"

Bo wants Andre to tell them where Roman is. Andre refuses, "Push, I'm afraid, has come to shove. And I have a hostage."

Bo says, "You won't get away with this, Andre."

Lucas hasn't heard the sound of his own voice for a while, so he chimes in, "Do you think we will let you get away with this?"

Andre screams, "YOU DON'T HAVE A CHOICE!" Andre accomplishes something all of Salem has been trying to do for years, he leaves Lucas speechless.

Andre holds up a grenade, "I got this at the Army Surplus store. It has a very short fuse. Your brother is inside tied and gagged. You'd better hurry. You don't have much time." Andre rolls the grenade into the warehouse. Bo screams and dives in after it.


Andre heads the other direction with Lucas and EJ as his hostages.

Stephanie says she can handle Pocket. Kayla asks, "Does this mean you forgive me?"

"For narking on Jeremy," asks Stephanie, "No. But every once in a while family comes first."

"You are a beautiful soul," says Kayla, "For a tramp guilty of aiding and abetting a fugitive, anyway." Kayla gushes. Actually, she still thinks Stephanie is a real stinker but baby sitters are hard to get.

Kayla loves Stephanie. Stephanie loves Kayla. We all join hands and sing Kum Ba Yah. Get out the Kleenex. Kayla leaves.

Stephanie wanders around the apartment, "How easy is this? He'll probably sleep the whole time. Now is a good time to crack open the books... or not." She calls Jeremy and leaves a message asking if he is still on the road, "Stop ignoring my messages and call me."

Abe and the cops enter the burning building. Bo comes out choking. He tells Abe EJ and Lucas are hostage, and there is no sign of Roman, "But I did find this in the warehouse." Bo shows Abe the folio. He thinks if it can help them end the vendetta maybe it will help find Roman.

OMB hammers down a shot of Johnnie Walker as Sami riles. OMB says he can't change what happened. He walks out as Sami blithers and bawls. Andre comes in and apologizes for arriving unannounced.

"Tony," asks Sami.


"What have you done with my father," asks Sami.

"Your father isn't my main concern right now," says Andre, "My other two hostages have taken precedence. I have to decide. It's a difficult choice. I want you to help me choose who's going to live and who's going to die. But only one can be the grand prize. And you know both of them intimately."


"And Elvis," says Tony, "They are doing very well. But who dies? So that's the bargain I'm offering. You have a chance to save one of them. Don't be greedy." He hands her a paper. It contains directions to a secluded spot where he wants Sami to come alone tonight at 9 and give him her answer, "Who will die? Will it be your husband, or the man you claim to hate? By the way, if you bring cops you'll never see your father again in this lifetime... Charmed." Andre walks out.

Sami chases and screams. Outside the pub, she doubles over in pain and cries.


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Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Gilmore Girls

Pensive Jett lets out a deep sigh and paces around his room and packs to leave. Nick comes in to see him. He says Chelsea filled him in on what happened in Vegas. Jett asks why he is there. Nick says he owes him an apology starting with the night they met, "I thought we could take a stab at being friends.

"Great," says Jett, "I'll get my knife."

Nick sticks out his hand, "I'm Nick Fallon. Nice to meet you."

Billie and Chelsea come into the pub. Billie is proud of Chelsea for knuckling down and going to college, "And I'll be even more proud of you when you graduate next week."

Chelsea tells her she and Stephanie are rushing sororities, "Membership is down, so sororities have really lowered their standards." In order to remain the cool, hot chick on campus she is, Chelsea doesn't want anyone to know her mom runs security. Billie reminds her she gets free tickets to concerts with her job.

"Well," says Chelsea, "It's a good thing I can be bought."

"That makes two of us," says Billie. So... we're OK?"

Chelsea says, "I kinda need some help, though." She wants Billie to hire Jett.

Kayla and Stephanie argue over Max, Jeremy and incidents in caves. Stephanie reminds Kayla she took off with Patch when she was her age.

Patch contemplates the markings on Stefano's front door. Bo walks up and asks about it. Bo tells him Roman dropped off the face of the earth, literally. He rages about Andre. Patch pulls him back from the brink and talks about the markings on the door, "Look at that. I think it's a message to Andre and I think it might lead us to him. And maybe even to Roman."

Jett isn't interested in getting blindsided again the next time Nick gets together with Chelsea. Nick says that won't happen. They decide they are buds and give each other the big bud-bro-fist-slam. Nick asks his new bud how things are going with the ISA. Jett closes the door and tells him he got fired. What a coincidence, Nick got fired from the hospital. Jett says he has a job in the pipeline. He tells his new best friend about the job Chelsea is trying to arrange with Billie. Nick's look tells us there might be a few things to work out with this new lifelong friendship.

Billie asks why she should hire Jett. Chelsea runs through a litany of Jett's virtues, "He's smart, brave, and he can lose four gallons of blood at a time and not even flinch."

Billie is guarded. She heard things didn't go well in Vegas. Chelsea tells her about Jett being fired. Billie wants to know why she should stick her neck out for him, "My job is important to me."

"More important than me," asks the brat.

"Nothing is more important than you," says Billie, "That's what I've learned from you, anyway. But I kind of like it when you come to me. Even for the little things like gas in the car and money for school."

"I think you're confusing us with the Gilmore Girls," says Chelsea.

"How important is this to you," asks Billie.

"You mean how important is Jett to me," asks Chelsea.

Kayla reminds Stephanie Jeremy is guilty. Stephanie wants to be there for him.

"Fine," snorts Kayla, "Visit him in jail." Argue, bicker, bicker, argue.

"I get Jeremy and he gets me," yells Stephanie.

"He gets to use you," says Kayla, "And what about Max." Stephanie doesn't want to talk about Max. Kayla wonders why she is so afraid to talk about a guy who respects her. She lectures her on love, I have loved your father through all kinds of heartache and he has never consciously put me at risk, of course, he's unconscious a lot." She tells her she has to make smart choices.

"Don't you have to be smart to do that," says Stephanie, "I love Jeremy."

Kayla can't believe it, "You love him?"

"Unless I'm in a cave," says Stephanie.

Bo and Patch go inside the mansion to check things out. The instant they enter the front room a light flashes on. The hotshots crouch. Bo aims his gun into the lighted void.

Nick is amused, "So you're going from federal agent to busting kids at keg parties? What if Billie says no?"

"I wanted to go with the SPD," says Jett, "But Abe wants me to wait until I can prove I'm dumb enough. So, are you here to find out what Chelsea wants?"

Chelsea tells Billie she just wants to help Jett. Billie thinks Jett is very lucky Chelsea was in Vegas.

Chelsea is modest, "I guess I helped. I had no idea blithering and screaming would stop bleeding better than a tourniquet."

Billie says, "I want to help but..."

Chelsea presses, "Just say yes or no. Grandma Kate would do it."

"Yeah," says Billie, "But she would remind you about it every single day. Have Jett come by and see me. I have an opening on staff."

Jeremy starts to leave. Stephanie says he will make a rotten fugitive. She offers to give him some money she has saved up. Kayla says if she does that, it will make her an accessory. Jeremy says he will wait there, while Stephanie goes for the loot. Stephanie starts to go to the ATM, but Kayla stops her. She tells Jeremy, "Don't ruin her life too."

Patch can't stop laughing, "That was a sure a surprised police officer when he found out he had nailed the chief of detectives."

"Yeah," says Bo, "I love to whipsaw the viewers like that. But I was sure Andre was going to show up." Suddenly the dynamic duo spots Andre walking around outside. "He's got Willy's uniform on," says Bo, "I think he sees the marks on the door."

Jett asks if Nick minds Chelsea helping him out. "Why would I," asks Nick, "We're still close."

"How close," asks Jett, "Tell me – from one friend to another." A nurse interrupts. She's there to wheel Jett out. He asks for more time. Nick tells him about his science-teaching job at the university. He says he's living in an apartment and still has the boys. Nick isn't sure where things will go from here, "But I'll see you on campus."

"I haven't got the job yet."

"Trust me," says Nick, "Don't bet against Chelsea."

Jeremy says, "Let me have your pin number."

"DON'T YOU DARE," screams Kayla. She tells Jeremy he has a chance to get his life back together. This is his chance to show Stephanie what he is made of, "Do you have the courage to face the consequences of your actions?"

Patch and Bo wait. Bo would like to put a bullet in Andre's brain but he is the only one who can lead them to Roman.

"Andre is all about the pain," says Patch, "If Roman was dead, he would have let us know by now."

"I hope you're right," says Bo.

Andre erases the marks on the door and comes in. Patch and Bo hide and watch.

Billie says she will need more details about what happened in Vegas. Chelsea promises Jett will make her look good, "I will not forget this."

"Yeah you will."

Billie asks what's with Chelsea and Jett. Chelsea claims they are just friends. In walk Nick and the kids.

Stephanie tells Jeremy to take her ATM card and go. Jeremy says Kayla is right. His agenda is to hit the road and never look back, "I need your money and I need you to keep your mouth shut. You asked for this."

Stephanie pleads, "You love me."

"I love a good time," says Jeremy, "The good time is over and so are we. Your dad had me pegged from day one. Listen to him the next time you bring a guy around." He gives Kayla the ATM card, "This is too easy to trace anyway. All I ask is that you give me a head start before you call the cops."

"She's not calling the cops," bawls Stephanie.

An announcer booms over the loudspeaker, "STEPHANIE'S SELF RESPECT HAS LEFT THE BUILDING."

Andre finds a note and reads, "You may be compromised. Protect yourself, but protect the folio at all costs."

Patch comes out of the woodwork, "Oops! I guess I'm getting clumsy in my middle age." Middle age for a tree.

Billie is impressed that Artemis and DeMarquette are into playing chess. Nick springboards off that and brags on them. As Billie's eyes glaze over, Nick turns to Chelsea and asks if she wants to hang out with him and the kids later.

She smiles that precious little smile of hers that makes you just want to kill her on the spot, "Maybe."

"Call me," she says as she hugs Billie and leaves and tells Nick she'll see him later.

Nick and Billie talk. He asks if Billie is going to hire Jett? Billie says she might. Nick thinks he's overqualified.

Billie asks, "So, since when is being really good at your job a problem?"

"Since they invented the Salem PD," says Nick. Billie tells him she found out nothing in her investigation about the kids. She doesn't think they were born in the US. Nick tells Billie about the powerful family from a foreign country. Nick wonders what his options are.

Billie suggests the cops, "You might get more from them than I did. But, I have to tell you, sometimes the more you know the less you want to know." Nick rejects going to social services. He tells Billie about a place Artemis said he used to like to play – it was in his imagination. Not even DeMarquette knows about it, "He told me all about it. It was interesting. It was a great book waiting to be written."

"Technically," says Billie, "It's like these kids don't exist."

"They do exist," says Nick, "And they amaze me."

Billie says, "When I look up man in the dictionary I want to see a big picture of you."

"There'd better be a cross reference under 'sucker' and 'fall guy,'" says Nick.

Billie leaves. Nick joins the kids and asks if they want to hang out with him some more. The kids jump for joy.

Stephanie tells Kayla she will withdraw the money herself. Kayla says she is making herself an accessory. Kayla says she could lose Pocket if she gets caught up in this. Jeremy doesn't have time for the drama.

"Drama is what my family is all about," says Stephanie, "Bad drama."

Kayla yells, "OK. You can go. Take your attitude and your fugitive boyfriend and get out. I guess it doesn't matter who loves you, or that you are trading your self-respect for a guy who will dump you."

"You got your wish," sneers Stephanie, "As soon as I get him that money, I'm coming back here, packing and leaving."

"You've got me backed into a corner," says Kayla, "I won't call the authorities... Jeremy will." She turns to him, "Steve and I will help you."

Patch tells Andre he's alone, "My entourage couldn't make it today. The Bradys just want Roman's body." Andre asks where Stefano is. Patch says the cops have him on a short leash but he told Stefano he will give him a heads up if the cops get too close to Andre. Andre asks why Patch would do that.

Kayla tells Jeremy she and Patch will do what they can to help him, "Steve has had his share of second and third chances. But he earned them." Stephanie asks what she is supposed to do if Jeremy turns himself in. Kayla says Stephanie stays out of it until Jeremy is free of legal problems. Jeremy turns to Stephanie and asks if he can trust Kayla.

"Never doubt my mother's word," says Stephanie, "She'll help."

"Nice speech," says Jerko, "Thanks but no thanks. If it's jail or the road, the road wins. Sorry Stephanie."

Bo trains a gun on Andre as Andre and Patch banter. Andre wants to know how Patch knew he was there. Patch says he didn't – he just had a hunch. All Patch wants is for Stefano to leave Benjy alone, "You let me walk out of here and we're even."

"We both have trust issues," says Andre.

Patch opens his jacket, "I'm not carrying. What about you?"

"Come any closer and you'll find out what I have," says Andre.

"If you use it on me you'd better finish the job," says Patch, "You can't afford any more enemies."

Kayla calls Jeremy a coward. "A free coward," says Jeremy. He turns to Stephanie, "I wish it could have worked for us." He kisses her and goes out the door. Just when you thought she couldn't sink any lower, Stephanie chases him.

Kayla yells, "Let him go!"

Stephanie screams, "Stay out of my life!"

Out in the hall, Stephanie asks Jeremy where he is going. He says he isn't sure but he might head for the northwest, maybe Seattle. He has some friends there.

"How will I now if you're OK," whines Stephanie.

"You won't."

He leaves. Stephanie goes back inside and turns her rage on Kayla, "You blew it for me! I had him ready to turn himself in. I gave him 48 hours and he was going to Dad. Go ahead, turn him in!"

"I already did."

Chelsea comes into Jett's room. She tells him the job is his if he wants it. She says Billie still has to talk to him, but she knows everything. Billie resisted but she was OK that Chelsea asked her for the favor. "Cool," says Jett, "Thanks Chelse. I don't know your mom but I like her already."

"All my boyfriends do," says Chelsea.

Jeremy comes up to Nick outside the pub. He wants Nick to put him up. Nick says he can't do it, "You're a fugitive... you gotta get off the street."

No problem," says Jeremy. He grabs Nick's keys and runs for the car. Nick and the boys chase him.

Steve and Andre trade barbs. Steve told Stefano he'd keep Andre safe as a part of the deal they made. Patch wants a promise from Andre that he won't hurt Benjy, "In return, I can tell you what Bo is up to."

Andre thinks that's great. He walks up to Patch and hugs him. STAB! Andre runs out. Bo runs up to Patch, who shows him the note Andre had. He assures Bo he will be OK. Bo tells him to call an ambulance as he runs after Andre.

Patch's tongue hits the floor and he writhes in pain.


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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wolf In Pinstripes

The newspaper headline screams, "STEFANO DIMERA LAID TO REST."

Jett puts down the paper, "Great news. Too bad it's not true."

"Pretty much the general consensus," says Abe.

Jett asks where Stefano is now. Abe says he is in custody but probably won't be much longer.

And there is still no sign of Roman. Jett tells Abe he will help with the investigation until the ISA puts him back on duty. "I wouldn't count on that," says Abe."

Stephanie and Chelsea have come from visiting Shawn. Stephanie thinks Chelsea should model a candy striper outfit for Jett and maybe shorten the skirt a little bit.

"He's sick enough already," says Chelsea, "Besides, I don't want to make a big thing out of Jett."

"What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," says Stephanie.

Chelsea says there is more. And by God, it's not gonna stay in Vegas. She tells Stephanie Jett told her he loves her in the ambulance.

Jeremy comes out into the living room swilling a can of pop. He slams the can down on a table, but hears Kayla outside in the hall and scoots back into the bedroom. Kayla wheels Pocket in and discovers the cola can. She goes over and knocks, "Stephanie, are you there? Stephanie, don't you have class this morning?"

Jeremy moves away from the door. We don't know about Stephanie going to class, but if Kayla opens the door she'll get an education.

Stefano rants about waking up dead and all the trouble someone went to putting life support functionality into his casket. Rolf tells him to calm down – He is still far from well. Stefano continues to rant at his attorney, Mr. Griffin, "Spit right in their faces. I am going to squeeze Bo and Abe until they bleed through their pensions!"

"Don't forget Roman," says Patch. Stefano says he will add Roman to his list with Patch too. Patch asks, "How you gonna press charges against Roman when he's on ice?"

Stefano says he is busy and tells Patch to go. Patch resists. He points toward Griffin, "I want the wolf in pinstripes here to get the 411." Nobody ever knows what the hell Patch is talking about but it always sounds cool when he says it. Patch wants Griffin to ask Stefano how come Roman disappeared when he went gunning for Andre.

Stefano reminds the attorney Patch is fresh from the mental ward. The lawyer says Stefano has a slam-dunk civil suit against the Salem PD and leaves. Stefano asks for a word with his assassin. Rolf leaves.

Kayla peers into Stephanie's room as Jeremy cowers behind the door. Kayla sees no one and shuts the door. She takes Pocket in for a nap. Jeremy sneaks out and tiptoes toward the front door.


"I didn't break in," says Jeremy, "Stephanie let me in."

Stephanie is delighted Jett said he loves Chelsea. Chelsea thinks she's making too big a deal of this, "I love Nick."

Stephanie wants to go see Jett, "I want to ask Jett what he said and who he said it to."

Abe tells Jett the ISA has fired him. Jett admits he messed up but says he will appeal. Abe tells him not to waste his time. Jett asks Abe if he will put in a good word for him. No can do.

Abe counsels him. He says Jett compromised his cover because he got involved with a girl. They speculate about who tipped off Rawlings. Abe says Jett let Jeremy walk – he put lives at risk and that's the bottom line. Jett wonders what he will do now. Abe says he can come home and live with Lexie and Theo and him, "We need a butler." He says there are other places his skills could be put to use. Jett asks if he could work at the SPD.

"No," says Abe, "You can't. You gotta show you're not getting a free ride. Besides you've shown signs of intelligence."

Chelsea wonders what she will say to Jett. She doesn't want to put him on the spot. Stephanie thinks she should definitely put him on the spot, "You practically have to strangle guys to get them to use the L-word."

"Maybe the losers you hang out with," says Chelsea.

Dale Carnegie looks in on the scene and makes a note to have Chelsea write the forward to his next edition of "How To Win Friends And Influence People."

Jeremy shows Kayla the key to the suite Stephanie gave him. Kayla rages. Jeremy defends Stephanie. Kayla lectures and tells him it was a mistake coming there, "Stephanie is now committing a crime – harboring a fugitive, not to mention aiding and abetting in the production of a bad drama." Jeremy starts to leave. Kayla stops him, "You're not going anywhere without a police escort!"

Patch tells Stefano, "I haven't seen you since I stabbed you to death." Stefano warns Patch the same kind of thing could happen to Roman.

"You mean he's not dead," asks Patch.

Stefano grumbles, "I don't know where he is."

Patch puts on a show. He says Roman isn't exactly his favorite person. He's thrown Patch in jail too many times. Patch imitates Roman's arrogant walk. He gestures, flails and snorts, "You're going down, Pard! Down!"

Stefano applauds, "Bravo. A brilliant performance. Too bad there is not enough time for an encore, but I am tired of pitying you. So it's time for Judas to go to his final curtain call."

"And you want me to round up this Judas dude for you, right," asks Patch.

Chelsea tells Stephanie she realizes that was an insensitive thing to say. Stephanie admits when it comes to Jeremy, Chelsea is right. Chelsea wonders where Jeremy is. Stephanie lies and says she wonders about that, too. They go into Jett's room. Chelsea asks to talk to Abe outside. As they leave, She whispers to Stephanie, "Not a word about me when I'm gone."

Outside, the brat tells Abe she feels bad about messing up Jett's case. Abe says she can't take credit for that, but she can for saving Jett's life. He's proud of her for that.

Inside, Stephanie says it was a shock to learn jet is ISA. He asks if she has seen Jeremy. "He dumped me," says Stephanie, "Didn't you hear?" Jett thinks Jeremy put her and Max into danger. "I guess you're right," she says, "At least now I can take skydiving off my 'to do' list."

Jett says he's sorry about what happened to her. Stephanie says she's sorry she wasn't smarter about Jeremy. Jett vows to track him down when he gets out, "If you see him, tell him I said that."

Patch says they threatened him if he didn't play Stefano's assassin. But he knew if he played the part, he could ensure Stefano would come out OK.

Stefano asks, "How would you feel waking up in a coffin?"

"I've been there," says Steve, "You know that."

Stefano stands up and goes off the deep end, "Stop joking! You made a mistake siding with the cops against me! You will live to regret it!"

Jeremy tells Kayla he plans to turn himself in when the time is right.

Kayla yells, "How stupid do you think I am?" Jeremy swears on Stephanie's life that he is going to go straight. Kayla lectures. Kayla pumps up the volume, "I hope you remember what happened to Stephanie on that plane the next time you swear on her life. Everyone else has had to pay for your mistakes. As far as Stephanie goes, the best thing that ever happened to you has walked out of your life." Kayla picks up the phone to call the cops.

Jeremy grabs her hand, "You don't wanna do that, Mrs. J."

Rolf tells Stefano to back off because of his condition. The cop standing there tells him to stop threatening people.

Patch calms down. He says he was disrespectful. He apologizes, walks over to the cop, puts his arm around his shoulder and tells him to put the gun away. He leans toward the cop and whispers in his ear loud enough so it can be heard in the next county, "Call Bo Brady." Patch struts back to Stefano and tells him he wants to deal, "I know the routine... One hand washes the other."

Stefano wants to know why he should be interested in a deal. Patch says, "There is news on the street that information about Andre could draw some major coin." Nobody ever knows what the hell Patch is talking about but it always sounds cool when he says it. Patch starts to leave. Stefano stops him.

Jett tells the girls he is a former ISA agent. Chelsea blames herself. She didn't mean to blow his cover. Stephanie asks if he remembers anything after he got shot. Jett says he remembers talking to Chelsea in the casino and then the medevac flight, "I guess I missed all the exciting stuff."

Don' be messin' with Kayla, "GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF ME!" Jeremy backs off and reminds her Stephanie will be an accessory if she calls the cops. Kayla says Stephanie will have to answer for whatever she has done. Jeremy slips his phone out of his back Pocket and hits speed dial.

Stephanie answers and listens as Jeremy begs, "Mrs. Johnson, please don't sic the cops on me."

"OMG," gasps Stephanie.

That's too juicy for Chelsea to ignore. She rushes up to Stephanie, "What?"

Stephanie listens. The blood drains from her face. She hyperventilates. Chelsea practically falls all over herself trying to get an earful. Stephanie has a cow and hangs up. Chelsea can't wait to hear what that was all about. "Oh," says Stephanie, "Nothing really. It's just... something is up with Pocket. I have to go." She leaves. Jett thinks it was Jeremy.

Jett says he is glad Stephanie is gone, "This gives us a chance to talk."

Chelsea asks, "About?"

Jett says, "About what happened the night I got shot."

Jeremy yanks the phone away from Kayla and pulls the cord out of the wall. Kayla wonders what has happened to him, "You're a HORTON."

"I know," says Jeremy, "But I thought I might make something of my life anyway. Everyone in my family was out making a significant contribution to the world but no one ever asked about me..
At least the black sheep gets noticed."

"You know what," says Kayla, "I think you want to go home but you don't know how."

"At least at home," says Jeremy, "We don't have to listen to smarmy dialogue like that."

Kayla tells him he can keep running or grow up, "It's your choice."

Stefano wants to know about this news of Andre that's worth so much on the street. Patch says Salem PD knows where his hideout is. They would go pick him up right now but the key is the folio. They want to get Andre without losing it. "So," says Stefano, "That's their plan? And why would they tell you? Is there a fake knifing involved in all this intrigue?"

"You heard me tell the cop to call Bo, didn't you," asks Patch.

Stefano chuckles, "You mean that silly little stage whisper for my benefit? How could I miss it?"

"Nothing gets past you, does it dude," asks Patch, "Yeah, Bo knows I'm here, but it doesn't cancel me out with you." Nobody ever knows what the hell Patch is talking about but it always sounds cool when he says it.

Stefano asks, "Even in your right mind, why would you help me?"

"I don't know," says Patch, "I've never been in my right mind. But you do have something I want. I want you to promise not to hurt Benjy. You stay way from Benjy and I'll make sure Andre is two steps ahead of the cops. Deal?"

Stefano rubs his hands together, "Steven Johnson, what a pleasure it is to finally meet the real you."

Patch says he's just trying to protect his kids. Benjy is just like a son to him. He tells Stefano to stay away from his kids, including his foster kids, "Imagine a little boy like Pocket having his stomach pumped." Stefano says he would never hurt a child. He also says they have an agreement.

Patch says the cops know where Andre's hideout is from an anonymous tip. All Stefano has to do is alert Andre without the cops knowing. Patch turns to leave and gives a parting shot, "Oh, and that lawsuit, you'd best drop all that."

Jeremy wonders how Kayla knew he was there just from finding a pop can. Kayla says Steve found the his ID in the apartment so they knew Stephanie had talked to him, "You remind me a lot of your dad – The charmer and lovable wise guy."

Stephanie busts in. Kayla says, "You have some serious explaining to do."

Jett says he remembers nothing after he got shot. He just knows Chelsea saved his life. He wants her to fill in the blanks. She says she'd rather not relive it, "So, what's the next big thing?"

Jett says he was thinking about joining the SPD but Abe wouldn't cooperate. He has to prove himself. Chelsea says he doesn't have to prove himself to her. Jett thinks there might be something for him in another town. Chelsea says, "I have the perfect job for you, and you wouldn't have to leave town at all."

She tells him Billie is the head of security at Salem U. Being a former ISA agent herself, Billie's goal is to turn the Salem U security department into a haven for ISA washouts. Jett says, "Oh, yeah, running down a hallway chasing kids with a flashlight has always been my dream."

He takes a Kleenex and says he sees something on her face. He wipes it and says, "There it is... That beautiful smile." The guy in the bed next to Jett hurls.

Jett says he wants to see more of her smile, "Maybe we will run into each other on campus."

"Gee," says Chelsea, "I hadn't thought of that."

Stephanie stops the arguing. She tells Jeremy he has nowhere to go. She asks him to stop and think about this. He says coming back was a mistake and storms off.

Kayla asks to borrow Stephanie's phone. Stephanie resists. "He's a wanted fugitive," says Kayla.

"He's also the guy I love," whines Stephanie.

Rolf asks if Steve is telling the truth. Stefano thinks it's unlikely but they have to warn Andre. Rolf goes out and asks the cop to help Stefano to his car. The cop wheels Stefano away.

Rolf closes the door and takes out a piece of chalk. He draws on the door...

Rolf walks off. Patch steps out of the bushes and looks at the symbols.


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