Monday, January 10, 2005

Jack Does the Laundry

Abby tells TeenSlut Jennifer is in love with Jack. TeenSlut says Patrick is in her dreams, "You like the way he feels out his jeans just as much as I do. I'm into doing. Like doing Patrick. I'll tell you all about it when it happens."

Jennifer says Jack is always on her mind. Patrick totally respects that. Jennifer is having back pain. Patrick thinks a massage will help. Jennifer objects. Patrick says it's either that or she has to have a doc check her out. He will be gentle. He has her take her jacket off. The girls come down and watch. TeenSlut tells Abby, "I told you, now do you believe me?"

Jack does the laundry. Hand scrubbing. Hand wringing. He stares off into space. We flash forward to Jennifer and him meeting. "No," says Jennifer, "I've imagined this so many times, but it can't be true." He caresses her face. "Oh Jack, you're not dead." He tells her, no, he's not dead. She says, "You're here?" He asks why she is looking at him like a ghost, "Didn't you get my message?" Jennifer cries, "Don't do this to me. This is all a dream and I'll wake up and you'll be dead." They argue about who's dream it is. She realizes it is him. They hug.

UB tells Belle Shawn was handcuffed and taken to jail. Belle thinks the music is too loud. He turned it up so they could hear it up here. He hands her a dishrag. He can't wait to see her in it.

Mimi is getting Shawn ice for his jaw. Rex asks Shawn about his arrest. Shawn says he's leaving to talk to Belle. Mimi and Rex think that is a bad idea.

JR says they are all on drugs, not him. He is in the kind of pain BB can't imagine and he is trying to tough it out. He asks where they got the idea he is on drugs. They say Nicole told them. "Ah," says JR, "Nicky K. Taking the word of some tramp instead of your father. She's trying to play you against me." BB tells JR not to get angry. JR says, "I'm angry because you're taking the word of some bitch who's trying to discredit me." Kate stares.

Jack fanaticizes about being home. Abby comes into the room. Jack hugs her. They crush jack junior, who is in her arms. Group hug.

The girls watch. TeenSlut says it isn't realistic Abby's father is coming home. TeenSlut says Jen is pretty but so old, "Look at her, so gross." They walk on in. Jen explains she tripped and fell and Patrick was "helping." TS asks to stay all night. She asks to use Jennifer's phone so she can call her mom. Jennifer tells her she can use the phone and says, "Oh, there is a message on it. Will you play it for me?" TS puts her finger on the button.

The message won't play. Sluto accidentally hit erase instead of play. Jennifer says, "If it was that important they'll call back."

Jack continues the fantasy. He's going to stay there forever. Back to the laundry. Jack stares, "Jennifer must've gotten my message by now. She knows I'm alive. And on my way home to my family."

Phillip lights a candle. He turns down the lights. Candles burn. The mood is right. Too bad he has to wait for Belle. She walks out in her gown. She notices his knuckles are bruised. He says he just scraped them. Champagne. "Here's to the rest of the Daze of Our Lives as husband and wife.

Rex says it's Belle and Shawn's wedding night, can't Shawn hear the music? Shawn says, "The whole town can hear the music." Rex tells him to accept Belle married Phillip. Shawn should leave them alone.

BB tells JR he loves him. He wouldn't be doing this if JR weren't desperate. Kate understands his pain. BB says he first didn't believe Nicole, but they have noticed changes in him. They just want to help. JR says, "If you want to take the word of this lying whore over mine, you can just get out." They object. He walks over and opens the door, "GET OUT!" FF on JR. Zoom in and FF on JR. Zoom and freeze again. Wow. A triple freeze-frame.


Shawn asks Mimi, "Did Belle want to call off the wedding with Phillip? Is she still in love with me?" Jan watches.

Belle mumbles to Phil in bed.

Patrick tells Hope, "Bo went on this trip with Billie because he wanted to. If you want to be mad at somebody be mad at Bo."

"Billie tells Bo, "You have a problem because I'm not going with you." Bo says, "You are the most stubborn, irrational..." Billie smirks at him.


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