Friday, June 28, 2013

A Sadistic And Malevolent Bastard

I see Chad and EJ got the black-and-gray memo. Do I count 50 shades? #DAYS
Sami says EJ and Justin aren't worried. Yeah, they're not the ones facing the death penalty. #DAYS
Anne, I think you're ruining your chances with Dr. Copafeel. #DAYS
Justin says he didn't mean his nasty quip the way it came out. That's from the Guy Manual's "How To Backpedal Like Crazy" chapter. #DAYS
EJ says Stefano is a sadistic and malevolent bastard. It's official... Father's day is over for sure. #DAYS

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Master of Disaster

I don't get it. So what if Eric remembers?  He wouldn't know it was Kristin. Is her plan just to spring the video on him? #DAYS
If I were Dr Chyka I wouldn't be sitting there telling Kristin the drug might not work, I'd be heading for the hills. #DAYS
Papaw Lucas bills himself as the baby master. Master of disaster if history is any indication. #DAYS
Chad says he doesn't want to see Abby hurt even if she chooses Cameron. Then his pants burst out in flame. #DAYS
Daniel wants to know if Eric touched anything that seemed strange last night. Use your imagination. #DAYS

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Riding The Wild Tiger At Whoopee World

Opening Danifer scene: What an inconvenient time for Jen to arrive... with Daniel's naked body all wet and glistening. #DAYS
Marlena wonders if she's interrupting.  Some might call it that.  Some might call it butting in. #DAYS
Chad thinks something special happened between him and Abby tonight. Maybe they both threw up on the roller coaster. #DAYS
So Abby and Chad were riding the wild tiger at Whoopee World? Is that an amusement park or the title of one of Misty Circle's films? #DAYS

Monday, June 24, 2013


Nicole bursts into the wrong hotel room. It's the old "walking in on an innocent couple" plot point... #DAYS
...As if there were such a thing as an innocent couple on #DAYS
Chad's screaming wasn't because of the roller coaster. It was because he looked in the mirror and saw his hair. #DAYS
Kate: "Norman Bates would do anything for his mother." Two references to Psycho in two shows. Do we have a shower scene coming up?" #DAYS

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Goddess Of Amusement And Good Times

Nicole: "The goddess of amusement and good times is here." True. Graffiti in the Pub men's' room: "For a good time call Nicole..." #DAYS
Headline: "Mystery Shooting At Hospital." Let's see... Sami shot the guy and he died. Yep. That's a mystery to the SPD. #DAYS
Marlena says she's terrified for Sami and the feeling is familiar. Right, because Sami has a habit of ending up in jail for murder. #DAYS
Marlena tells Kristin she's there for the kids.  Then guess what she forgets when she leaves. #DAYS

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Three's Company With A Touch of Will And Grace

Will, Sonny and Gabi in the same apartment.  Three's Company with a touch of Will & (Arianna) Grace. #DAYS
Sami, with Marge exploding like Mt. St. Helens, that's your sign to leave, not to blurt out that you wasted her husband. #DAYS
Abby says JJ stayed at school because he felt safe there. That, and his on-campus McDrug franchise. #DAYS
The scene with Marge... well-played, Sami. NOT! #DAYS

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

That's Got Situation Comedy Written All Over It

Sonny tells Will there are 100 cops in the lobby. SPD workers or did they call in real cops from another city? #DAYS
Sami wonders if they're accusing her of shooting an innocent man. No, of shooting an innocent man in the back. #DAYS
The only good to come out of all this: EJ instructs Sami to stay silent.  Unfortunately, Sami doesn't. #DAYS
Brady thinks there is a part of John that still wants Kristin. Propriety does not permit me to comment on which part that is. #DAYS
Sami: "The man I love is you, EJ."  Yep. If it's Wednesday, it must be EJ. #DAYS
Kristin slams her purse down, picks it up and slams it again... and again.  Hope her new iPhone is in her pocket. #DAYS
Kate wonders what Will would think of Gabi and Arianna moving in with her. Will reaches for his barf bag. #DAYS
Sonny, Will, Gabi and Arianna all living in the same apartment. That's got situation comedy written all over it. #DAYS

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Cage And Some Mud

Nicole and Kristin square off. All we're missing is a cage and some mud. #DAYS
Brady says he thinks he was stupid. If he really could think he would KNOW he was stupid. #DAYS
Gabi wonders who would kill Rafe. Kate: "I don' know." Rhymes with Stef-a-no. #DAYS
Kate says Sami was standing there holding a smoking gun. Hope: "Yeah, but do you have any idea who shot Bernardi?" #DAYS

Monday, June 10, 2013

I Blame The Parents

Why does Kristin call Brady "Baby?"  That's what you call them when you rob the cradle. #DAYS
Sami says Kristin is a piece of trash that cannot be recycled. Just passed form father to son. #DAYS
Bernardi moves in toward Rafe to cut IT off. Gabi walks in and cuts him off. #DAYS
Nicole says she is going to do what she has a talent for.  Maybe Brady isn't in the mood. #DAYS
Jennifer wonders how JJ could be so irresponsible.  Personally, I blame the parents. #DAYS

Saturday, June 08, 2013

The I-Word


Monday, June 03, 2013

Whoopee World

Brady wonders what part of "We're done" Kristin doesn't understand. My guess would be the "We're done" part. #DAYS
EJ: "Life without surprises can be incredibly dull." #DOOL needs more than surprises to pull out of its vortex of dull. #DAYS
Sami disses Kristin for being a DiMera. Hope reminds Sami she's about to become one herself. Sami doesn't always think things through. #DAYS
Kristin takes groveling to new levels.  I suppose she had no self-respect left to give up anyway. #DAYS
Kate tells Rafe he gave her back her soul.  As if she had one. #DAYS
The VIP opening of Whoopee World? Really? Do the VIPs get their own personal whoopee cushions for a souvenir? #DAYS

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