Friday, January 28, 2005

A Beautiful Bipolar Moment

Sami is "perfectly happy and relaxed." The surprise shower and pearls were wonderful. But Lucas thinks they will never replace her mom's precious pearls. No, Sami thinks they are perfect and they will start their own tradition with them. Sami doesn't want to elope and she couldn't be happier. She hugs Lucas and thinks, "The psychic said the only thing that could mess up our wedding is Brandon and he's miles away."

Celeste is on the phone with Lexi, "Yes, that's exactly what you should do. Take your time." The doorbell rings as she hangs up. GASP! It's Brandon. He asks what she is doing there. Celeste says, "What am I doing here? What in God's name are you doing here?" Brandon wanted to be there for Abe with his condition getting worse. She tells him he must get away now. Brandon stares.

Jan lectures Mimi from the closet. Not only is Jan going to tell Rex she deep-sixed Rex Jr., but she helped Shawn and Belle get together again when Rex told her not to. Mimi stares.

The man tells Bo, "You are not takink GA avay. Zhe iss our leakaly adopted daughter." Billie says it was not a legal adoption ad GA screams, "I do not vant to go vith zem." The family has a group hug while Billie screams she is her real mother. Hope stares. Bo wishes he was in Timbuktu.

Shawn slowly takes Belle's hand. She yanks it away. It's still hurting from a small incident with a motorcycle. She cries. "Your love made me a better person," he reiterates, "I want to be that person again but I need your help. I love you, Belle." She cries, "I love you too."

"You have no idea how much I needed to hear that," says Shawn. They kiss. The last couple months have been a total blank to him. He's so sorry for all those things he did to her, "And I am incredibly sorry I ever got involved with Jan. I love you. I have al-ways loved you." On cue, Phillip says, "Belle?" Shawn says, "We have to tell him we love each other." Belle says, "Yes, but you have to get out of here." No, Shawn isn't going to let her do it alone. Phillip's going in, no, saved by the doorbell. It's Rex, "I have some terrible news."

GA yells, "Even eef you deed give beerze to me, you are not my muzzer. I am not goink anyvhere vith you." Bo turns and whispers to Hope and Billie, "We have to take her back to the states and have a DNA test. If that test shows she's a snarly nitwit, I think we've found my daughter." The father says, "You can not chust come over here and take our daughter. For all ve know you are workink for zee DiMeras and zee beerze certificate is forged." Billie shows them the birth certificate, "Here, this is the date GA was born." The mother looks at it and says she can prove GA is not their daughter. Hope, Billie and Bo have a group stare.

Jan continues her tirade. Mimi thinks it over.

Belle and Shawn go back to arguing about whether Shawn should stay. Belle says if Shawn stays, it would be like gloating since he won. OK, he bought that one. He leaves, making her promise to call him after she tells Phillip. "Now I have to break the heart of another man I love," says Belle, "Oh, God, how did this happen." Couldn't have been her own doing, now, could it?

OMG, Phillip can't believe what Rex has told him. Belle comes down, "What is it?" Rex says he'd better let Phillip tell her. That's OK, she has some big news for him, too. Rex says, "You need to be there for him. Thank God he has you Belle." Rex leaves, "I'm sorry, man."

Belle asks what's up. UB says, "It's Paul, our 1st Lieutenant. He was in a car wreck. They don't think he's going to make it." Belle is thinking, yeah, neither are you.

A delivery guy is at the door with a stack of presents for Sami and Lucas. Lucas says they should wait until the reception to open them. Sami digs in.

Brandon assures Celeste he's not there because of Sami. Celeste tells him Lexi is at the hospital with Abe. Brandon won't bother them, then. If he stays in Salem, Celeste doesn't see how he can avoid Sami. He is tempting fate.

The woman shows them her version of GA's birth certificate. The dates are three months apart. Bo says the DiMeras could have altered the dates. "Fifteen yearce ago," says the guy, "Vhy vould zey do zat zen, vhy vould zey chanche zee beerzedate and no ozzer relevant data?" Bo says that's because, "they don't want us to give up." The woman notices there is no doctor or other relevant information on the certificate. Billie says, "That's because GA was born in a small log cabin in the backwoods. Same bed Abe Lincoln was born in." The woman thinks they are good people, but GA isn't their daughter. Billie disagrees. They've got to take her back to the States. Hope chimes in, "I think I know a way to get the proof we need, right here, right now."

Shawn flies in through the window. He hears Jan screaming. Mimi says, "You told me to make sure she didn't interfere." Shawn is amused. He lets Jan out. Rex comes in the normal way, through the front door. Jan spills the beans, "Rex, your meddling little witch here arranged it for Shawn to meet Belle again." Rex goes ballistic, but Shawn steps in, "I forced her to, but it was worth it, Belle and I worked things out." Rex can't believe it. Jan can't believe it. Jan storms out, "When I get back, Measles, you're doomed." Rex is bouncing off the wall. Belle is over there breaking the news to Phillip and he just got some terrible news, "I can't believe this is happening. Phillip's going to be devastated and it's your fault, Mimi!"

Belle and Phillip went to dinner one time with Lt. Paul and his wife Maria. UB says this is all Maria's fault, "Paul has been on the base for six months without leave. When he finally got his leave, he went home and Maria was gone and so were her things. She left him a 'Dear John' letter." Belle is wondering if there is anything like a 'Dear Phillip' letter. And there's more. No coincidence here, but while Paul was on the base, that slut Maria reconnected with an old boyfriend, "You believe that?" Belle stares. Belle believes.

Brandon shows Celeste the clipping. Sami is marrying Lucas. Brandon thinks it will go off without a hitch. "There is a way to find out," says Celeste, "if you're not afraid."

Sami and Lucas open their presents. Grandpa Shawn gave them a trip to Ireland. She opens a crystal. He reads her the "legend of the love birds." She asks if it's from Grandma. No, Brandon. Sami drops the love birds. They are now love particles. Sami cries.

Hope asks GA's blood type. It's AB negative. Bo: O negative. Billie: O positive. O dang. Bo still isn't convinced. The woman pulls an envelope out of the box containing GA's records. They were told to open it if anyone ever came claiming to be GA's parents. Bo opens the envelope, "It's from Anthony DiMera."

Jan comes in with a package, "I've decided to be a gracious loser." Mimi won't open the package. Rex is curious. He opens it. It's a little baby doll, "I saw it in a toy store and couldn't help but think of Mimi," says Jan.

Phillip says, "I can't believe she dropped this on him before he shipped out. No wonder he slid off the road." Belle asks, "Are you saying he tried to commit suicide because his wife left him?" UB stares.

Celeste has the clipping surrounded by white rose petals and candles. She lights the candles. Brandon is skeptical.

Sami has to glue the lovebirds back together or else their marriage is doomed. I don't know what's more cracked. Sami or the lovebirds. They have a big argument, drag Kate into it. Here we go again. "I'm getting married," says Lucas, "as planned, and I hope you're there. It wouldn't be the same without you."

The DiMera letter says, "I wish I knew a way to laugh aloud in print. Sorry, wrong girl, keep looking." Bo and Hope give up but Billie rides the wave of lunacy. She's not going without GA, "Maybe DiMera wants us to get this close and walk away and regret it for the rest of the Days of our lives." GA says, "I am not goink, but I can give you zee proof you need." Group stare.

A rare moment, Sami calms down. They love each other. Thai's all they need. Sami could call the store and tell them the birds were broken when they got there. That's the Sami Lucas knows and loves. Another beautiful bipolar moment.

Brandon keeps one eye open as Celeste asks the spirits for a sign. The clipping bursts into flame. "How the hell did you do that," asks Brandon.

GA gives Billie a lock of her hair, "Have ziz tessted and zee if it comaprez." The fifteen year old outsmarts the adults, but, hey, it's Daze. O, the tender moment. Bo leaves his card. If anyone ever tries to cause them trouble, they should call him. He'll come a runnin' and really mess things up. They leave. "Don't worry," says Bo, "we'll find our daughter and I'll be with you every step of the way." Hope stares.

Rex thinks the widdle baby doll is soooooo cute. Jan says, "It's a shame it's not alive. I know it's a lame substitute for a real baby, isn't it Mimi?"

"OMG," says Rex, "I finally figured out the truth." Jan says, "It took you long enough, braniac."

UB doesn't think Paul tried to kill himself. But some guys aren't that strong. Some guys get those letters and start drinking, doing drugs. "There was a guy in our company last year who was in combat, found out his wife left him, he would charge enemy buildings with no backup." That must have been the time Phillip's company was in combat without him. "Thank God I have you, Belle. I'm thankful you would never do that to me. Anyway, enough about me. What's the little piece of news you said you had?" FF on Belle with a swirling background. What special effects!


Jan says to Mimi, "I'm going to tell your boyfriend what you should have told him a long time ago." Rex listens.

Phillip says, "If I had any suspicion he was trying to worm his way back into your life, it would kill me."

Bo says to Hope, "If you don't want our daughter to be a part of the Days of Our Lives..."

Tony D says, "When I am finished, Bo and Hope will part, never to be reunited again." Cigar smoke curls around him for added effect.


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