Friday, October 31, 2008

The Energizer Frickin' Bunny

The soft porn that DOOL has become gets a little less soft as Phillip and Melanie lie in bed and grab forbidden body parts. Well, Melanie grabs the ones that are left, anyway. "Don't stop," says Phillip, "I'm loving it."

Melanie scoots in, "Of course you are." Hot kiss...

Dr. Dan comes up and Phillip wakes up and jumps out of his socks. Daniel asks, "Phillip, something wrong?"

"Yeah," says Phillip, "Your rotten timing."

Nick brings little lost puppy Melanie home. He tells her Maggie and Mickey are at a green restaurant convention.

Bo and Hope come back into the office with an orange jumpsuit for Nicole to wear.

Rafe is stunned, "This can't be happening... I'm the replacement." He makes a call as Sami chuckles.

Rafe and Sami rev up the obligatory and contrived sexual tension between them as Rafe calls for a transfer, "I didn't graduate at the top of my class to babysit a spoiled brat."


Nicole rants, "This thing is ten sizes too big!"

Hope is her usual compassionate and helpful self, "You'll grow into it."

Bo wants a reality check even though he wouldn't recognize reality if it bit him in the butt. EJ interrupts with a court order for a bail hearing and asks for a moment alone with Nicole. Bo and Hope leave. Nicole leaps into EJ's arms. EJ doesn't share her enthusiasm, "Listen to me. I'm gonna ask you a question. I want you to tell the father of your baby the truth. Did you do it? Did you kill Trent?"

She would probably answer him if he didn't have her in a choke hold.

Bo and Hope come back in announcing it's time for the instant-hearing. They haul Nicole out. EJ follows.

Phillip says he dozed off and had a nightmare. "Oh," says Daniel, "You mean you were dreaming about Melanie."

Phillip goes in to see Kate. Kate reminisces about when Phillip was a second grader and obsessed with dinosaurs. Kate then reminisces about when she was a second grader and had a couple of dinosaurs as pets. Phillip says he would give up everything just to be back in the first grade, "I really got to the point where I loved the first grade after repeating it five times. " Kate thinks she may not have much more time left. She goes all weepy and says she doesn't want to leave Phillip, but he has to accept that possibility. Phillip refuses.

Melanie says now that Max has turned his back on her, Nick is her only friend in Salem. She doesn't want him to read too much into their little arrangement, though. "I've decided never to play a guy again," she says as she plays him like a fiddle, "I think we should just be friends. I don't want romance or sex to get in the way."

Nick's balloon bursts, "Oh never. I'd never want that to get in the way." He runs for a cold shower.


Chelsea barges in. She takes one look at Melanie and her fangs spring out, "What are you doing here?"

Melanie is nonchalant, "I live here."

Chelsea is confused. Nick 'splains. He gets on her for walking in without knocking. Melanie joins in.

"There was a time I didn't need to knock," whines the brat.

"We don't live in those times any more," says Nick. He wonders why she came by. Chelsea says she wanted to talk to him about Kate. She starts to go and gives him the mail, which she just happened to pick up outside.

Nick finds a letter addressed to him. He opens it and reads, "OMG! OMG! No way!"

Rafe talks to his supervisor on the phone and agrees not to call again. He hangs up. Sami taunts, "You're stuck with me."

"No princess," says Rafe, "You're stuck with me."

A gal in the audience huffs, "Great. We're stuck with both of them."

EJ and Nicole arrive at the hearing. Nicole snorts, "I'm being dragged through the mud."

"Suck it up, dear," says EJ, "This is about defending your life."

Phillip smooches Kate and leaves. Daniel checks her out. Medically. He says she's responding well but got a high dose of chemo.

"So," says Kate, "the cure may kill me."

"Don't say that," says Daniel. Phillip listens as Kate tells Daniel she trusts him. She says he may never know how much that means to her.


Nick says his fuel project has the attention of a major funding group, "We could be looking at some serious money." Melanie wants a celebration. Suddenly all that sex and love stuff comes back into play. Nick thinks it's strange Trent is no longer involved. Melanie wants to be alone with him. Chelsea leaves to make a phone call.

Melanie cozies up, "So Mr. Nobel Prize, I'm so proud of you." Nick says he doesn't want to hurt her any further by bringing up her dad. She says talking about her dad won't bring a tear to her eye. Melanie gets closer and hugs him. Chelsea spies and rolls her eyes.

Judge Fitzpatrick gets things started. EJ requests the court release Nicole on her own recognizance. Bo jumps in, "I have something to say, your honor."


Chelsea listens as the party inside continues. Melanie reminds Nick legally she's entitled to some of what he makes but just wouldn't think of taking anything. "We are in this together," says Nick. Melanie just knows they will always be friends, "Maybe someday something more." Outside, Chelsea tosses her cookies.

Sami goes on about how tired she is and says she wants to go to bed. Rafe, however, drags out a large box full of mugshots and slams it on the table.

Bo says there is evidence linking Nicole to Trent's death. He runs through the litany of evidence and Nicole's priors. EJ objects. Fitz overrules, "I've come to a decision." That was quick. Hope's tea isn't even done steeping in front of her yet. Fitzpatrick decides Nicole goes to the slammer. EJ hugs Nicole as she falls apart.

Sami begs Rafe to stop the mugshot torture. Rafe tells her they have to keep it up. Sami gets sick and threatens to puke all over him. Rafe thinks something else is up. Unfortunately, it's not today's episode.


Daniel meets Phillip out in the hall. He says he overheard them and he thinks Daniel is a big part of giving Kate hope. He says he won't get involved after Kate gets well, "Just save her."

Chelsea listens as Melanie rambles on, "I think we have a karmic bond, Nick."

Chelsea looks 'karmic' up on her PDA" "A serendipitous link that develops quickly in the presence of money."

Nick and Melanie... closer... closer... mouths wide enough to form a stargate... Chelsea busts back in, "AHEM! Could I have a second alone with Nick?" Melanie leaves. Nick works his jaw back into its sockets.

"I heard all that," says Chelsea, "What are you doing besides making a huge mistake?" He gets on her for spying on them. Chelsea lectures, "You are a fool, Nick."

"Not any more," he insists, "I stopped dating you." Chelsea says Melanie only cares about the money. Nick asks, "Who the hell do you think you are, Chelsea?"

Chelsea asks, "Have you lost your mind?"

Nick shouts, "Get out!"


Melanie comes back in. Chelsea leaves and stews.

"Well," says Melanie, "She is not happy."

"No," says Nick, "And right now I don't care. Melanie tells him not to let it get to him."

Rafe asks, "What's going on?"

"Nothing, Sherlock," says Sami, "I get worn out after a while. What are you, the Energizer Frickin' Bunny?" Sami promises to look at the mugshots tomorrow if he will let her go now. Rafe agrees. He leaves to get ready for bed. Sami picks up a cell phone and contemplates it, but Rafe comes back. Sami says she was just wondering who his service provender was. Rafe sees through her scheme. He heads back into the bathroom.

Sami wonders, "How am I supposed to call my dad... PAY PHONE!" Sami dresses and rushes for the door.

Hope congratulates Bo for his brilliant performance in the courtroom, "You really got it right this time." Bo reminds her even a broken clock is right twice a day. But Mr. Police Genius has doubts, "I'm not 100% convinced she's guilty." Hope is 90% certain.

"Yeah," says Bo, "But what about the other 50%?"

Nicole stands in her cell and rants. EJ vows to get her out, "I'm not letting my child stay here."

Nicole goes into full-blown meltdown, "YOUR CHILD AND I ARE A PACKAGE DEAL! What are you going to do about ME ?"

Melanie announces that she is tired and decides to go to bed. She thanks Nick and leaves. Nick sighs. He discovers she has left her purse and starts to call her, but stops when he sees the note.

Daniel whispers. "We need you... Your kids... Chelsea... me... We need you Kate. You gotta fight this and beat it and come back to us. Come back to me."

Sami heads out the door, but nekkid Rafe barges out of the shower, "Don't even think about it." Sami snorts and storms back into the apartment.

The guard tells EJ his time is up. Nicole cries and begs him not to leave. She asks if she has lost his trust. EJ says he doesn't know what to think. He kisses her forehead and tells her to get some rest. As he leaves Nicole doubles over in pain. She vows she will be fine, and then asks herself, "What if you're not fine and you're stuck in here?" Suddenly, she gets an idea, "Oh, Nicole, you're brilliant. Oh yes!"


Chelsea finds Phillip and tells him she needs him to save Nick from Melanie.

Nick reads the note flashes back to the time when he wrote it. He stands by the counter and twiddles the note around with his fingers.


Coming tomorrow: Leslie and Deb's long anticipated report on meeting EJ! Prepare yourselves... There was actual touching involved, not to mention an appearance of the Evil EJ Smirk!


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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bleached Blonde Bimbo

Stephanie visits Phillip at the Kiriakis mansion. He's out on the patio and she tells him for Halloween she's dressed as a girlfriend whose boyfriend just dumped her. Phillip offers her a seat on the Kate-Daniel memorial chaise. She sits down and checks it out, "The springs are broken on this thing."

"It's seen a lot of heavy action," says Phillip, "You know, Max would be a fool for letting you go."

"I guess that means Max and I are toast."

Melanie samples the Halloween candy at the pub. She tells Max about Bo and Hope setting her up. She says she thinks whatever was in the letter cleared her and then asks Max what was in the box Trent left him. Max don' wan' no stinkin' box, "Bo can keep it and I don't care what's inside it. Trent brought nothing but trouble into my life and I wish I had never met him."

Melanie whines, "If it weren't for him, you'd never have met me. Are you saying you're sorry you met me?"

Max doesn't even have to think about that one, "Perceptive little thing aren't you?"

Bo and Hope haul Nicole in. They want a confession. Nicole obliges, "I confess I never did like either of you. You're a couple of clowns impersonating police officers."

Bo wonders where EJ is, "Maybe he decided you're more trouble than you're worth."


Sami wanders around the room as Hilda imitates the sound of a lumberjack cutting down a giant redwood, "Hilda is as annoying asleep as she is awake." She decides she wants to watch a horror movie so she digs around under Hilda to find the remote. The doorbell rings. Sami thinks it's more trick or treaters.

The stalker stalks...

Nicole tries to call EJ but he doesn't pick up. She insists he wouldn't abandon her. Hope wants answers, "Your case is weaker than a wine cooler."

"What the hell does that mean," asks Nicole.

"I have no idea," says Hope, "It was in the script, so I said it."

"Well," says Nicole, "Whoever came up with that one is weaker than a wine cooler."
Hope runs through all the evidence against Nicole. Nicole reminds them Trent might have been trying to frame her.

"I don't think so," says Hope, "Pretty soon you'll be cooling your spiked heels in a jail cell." EJ arrives.

The intruder rattles the doorknob as Sami gasps and panics. Outside, the stalker takes out his Glock. Sami desperately tries to wake Hilda.

Stephanie and Phillip talk. Stephanie goes over the top, "My - whine - heart - sob - is physically - whine - breaking - sob." Blood spews. Phillip suggests she go talk to Max. "What are you suggesting," asks Stephanie, "That would be the sensible, adult thing to do. I'd much rather sit here whining and feeling sorry for myself."

"You forgot the part about bugging the life out of me," says Phillip.

"Besides," whines Stephanie, "Max always chooses Melanie over me. I just wish Melanie would get the hell out of Salem. And if she doesn't I don't see how me and Max can work things out."

Phillip says, "I'll call Max and tell him if he knows what's good for him he'd better do everything possible to keep Melanie in town. "


Phillip thinks the trouble isn't totally Melanie's' fault.

Max says he's glad he found Melanie but she has put him through hell. They go over well trodden ground. Melanie says she didn't mean to hurt him. She's decided to get a job and save up to buy a place of her own. Max thinks that will take a while. Nick overhears their conversation, and jumps in, "You can stay with me." Max jaw shatters as it hits the floor.

EJ says things don't look good considering Nicole's priors with Colin and Victor. "I didn't murder them," protests Nicole, "They are alive and well. No harm no foul." She asks EJ to vouch for her since they are involved, "I haven't tried to hurt you."

EJ gets a clue, "Not yet."

Nick says he's living with Maggie and Mickey so it won't be "like that."

Bo gets off the phone with the DA and announces, "The charges against Caroline will be dropped." Bo heads out to tell Caroline.

EJ says he is having a hard time taking this in. He wants Nicole to tell him the unfiltered version. Nicole sings. She says she followed Trent to the cemetery but he was alive when she left him, "You don't believe me, do you? You think I killed Trent."

The stalker picks the lock. Sami blubbers. The door opens and the intruder barks, "Come out slowly. Hands in the air." Sami cowers behind the couch.

Stephanie thinks Melanie has Phillip fooled too. He reminds her he turned her in, "Would you like a drink. I know I need one." Stephanie orders a brandy as Phillip says he thinks Melanie is all bark no bite.

"She's a bitch with major bite," says Stephanie.

"Oh," says Phillip, "I see you've noticed her mouthful of teeth, too."

Melanie wants to talk to Max alone before she makes a decision. She and Max walk off as Nick digs into his John Black Memorial Bag-o-Pills and chews a few of them.

"As long as it's platonic," says Max.

"Of course it will be," says Melanie, "I don't think there will be any hot, sweaty sex at Maggie and Mickey's house."

"That's for sure," says Max, "Mickey complains about that all the time."

She thanks him for understanding, "It's kinda nice havn' someone look after me."

Max uses his best 'Rocky' voice, "Duh... Dat's what big brodders are for."

Bo comes in and announces he's arrested Trent's killer.

"Who's the innocent person this time," asks Max.

EJ says it doesn't matter what he thinks, "Why should I trust you? You don't trust me. If you did you would have told me Trent was harassing you." Nicole claims innocence. She says she didn't tell EJ because she didn't know it would come to this. EJ gets nasty and reminds her she is carrying his child.

The leather-clad specimen of thoroughbred maleness stands tall in the doorway and barks orders, "Stand up."

Sami is cornered. She stands and sobs, "Please don't kill me." She turns and looks at the hunk pointing the gun at her.

His muscles ripple under his tight leather jacket as he speaks, "You're Samantha Brady, right? I'm agent Rafe Fernandez, FBI."

Sami stops blithering. She soaks in the view and starts blithering again, but for a different reason. The man of steel goes into action. He checks out Hilda and tries to wake her up.


Rafe pulls a small flashlight out of those oh-so-good-looking leathers and shines it into Hilda's eye, "She's been drugged."

Sami asks, "Ya think?"

Rafe gets a first aid kit and then finds the tea Hilda was drinking. He looks into the cup, "There is residue in the bottom." Superagent dips a finger into the dregs and puts the solution on the tip of his tongue. He turns to Sami, "You've got a lot of explaining to do."

Phillip comes back to Stephanie carrying a bowl of candy and announces, "Three more trick-or-treaters... Batman, a princess and that dude from Scream with the knife."

"Are you sure the one with the knife wasn't Melanie," asks Stephanie.

Phillip says, "Melanie is just a spoiled young woman."

"Gee," says Stephanie, "I've heard that somewhere before myself."

Phillip insists he's not interested in her. Stephanie wants him to admit it. "You're right," says Phillip, "I am interested in her."

Nick comes up as Bo tells Max and Melanie they arrested Nicole, "I want to go up and tell Caroline. So... Melanie... No hard feelings?"

Melanie says she will file a harassment suit, "No hard feelings that a few million dollars can't take care of."

Nicole backpedals, "I wasn't using my head, and will consider all three of us in the future."

EJ mumbles, "Future... right."

Nicole begs, "Don't say it like that. I am innocent." EJ gets a call and leaves. Hope comes back in. Nicole begs her to help — As a mother. Hope is cold. Nicole claims she is being barbaric.

"You should have thought of that before killing a man in cold blood," says the ice-woman.

Rafe turns to Sami, "You drugged her, didn't you?

Sami whines, "I MAY have put some pills in her tea. She was rude and obnoxious."

Rafe lectures, "Are you stupid? This is witness protection, not a sorority." Sami insists it was a harmless prank. Rafe says if he were the killer she'd be dead, "And when Hilda finishes with you, you will wish I had been the killer."

Hilda wakes, "I... think I was... drugg... YOU! "

EJ comes in and insists Nicole can't go to jail, "She needs a place where she can relax. Hope reminds him there isn't much to do in an 8x8 cell.

"What about the other bitch-ho'z in there with her," asks EJ.

"I think she can handle herself," says Hope.

Hope and EJ go out and EJ asks about Sami. Hope says she can't comment on that case. EJ goes back in with Nicole, who promptly lectures him for caring more about Sami.

Max tells Melanie she's making a mistake. She insists it was Bo and Hope that made the mistake. Bo reminds her she planted the evidence in Stephanie's purse, "Open your eyes Max! She has a mean streak, or you'd still be with Stephanie." Bo leaves. Max thanks Melanie for having a mean streak.

Phillip clarifies what he said, "I meant I FIND her interesting. She's complicated, but just a young woman hiding her insecurities." Stephanie thinks he's deluded. Phillip gets a call from Victor. He hangs up and tells Stephanie they arrested Nicole Walker.

Nicole gets on EJ for being interested in Sami. He blows his stack and says he won't apologize for caring about her, "I SAW A RED DOT ON HER FOREHEAD. FOR A SECOND I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO LOSE JOHNNY'S MOTHER. SHE'S A PART OF MY LIFE AND IF YOU CAN'T ACCEPT THAT WE DON'T HAVE ANYTHING IN COMMON EXCEPT THAT CHILD!"

Hilda lectures Sami, "I have guarded snitches that were so nasty they would curl your hair. Compared to them you are a powderpuff who needs to be taught a lesson." Sami backpedals and apologizes. Hilda rants, "Sorry isn't enough you bleached blonde bimbo. I QUIT!" She grabs her things and leaves. Rafe tells Sami she should have begged her to stay. All Sami wants is a professional who can do the job.

"Well, Samantha, maybe they should send a Rottweiler," says Rafe.

"I like dogs," she says, "And everyone calls me Sami." Rafe decides they have to call Roman and tell him what happened. Sami begs him not to. Rafe softens and says he at least has to call command and tell them Hilda resigned, "They will probably send someone outside the Salem talent pool."

"Salem talent pool," repeats Sami, "Isn't that an oxymoron?"

Rafe says, "I feel less sorry for you than the poor schmo who has to baby sit you."

Sami watches a horror flic. Rafe tells her to turn it down as he talks on the phone, "You can't be serious! But sir... yessir..." he hangs up and tells Sami he's Hilda's replacement.

Stephanie says she was so sure the killer was Melanie.

Melanie tells Nick she accepts his offer. He's just glad they get to spend time together. She goes over and tells Max they are leaving and apologizes about Stephanie. Max says he doesn't think their relationship can be fixed. On his way up to see Caroline he stops and thanks Nick for helping his sister.

Nicole reminds EJ of the white picket fence. EJ says he still wants that but says it won't happen unless Nicole accepts Sami as a part of his life, "My son or my daughter isn't going to be born in prison. Whatever happens after that... I'm not sure." EJ walks out. Nicole chases but the guard stops her.

Nicole goes back into the office, "I didn't kill Trent. I swear it was someone else. Boo-hoo."

Nick goes to get the car. Melanie goes over to a table and picks up a butcher knife, "You are a lucky little girl..."


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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Ones With The Big Bazoons

Hilda stomps around and gives Sami the safehouse rules and regulations, "Think of this as Witness Protection 101. You've been here 24 hours and already driven one guard to quit. You're not getting killed. Not on my watch. Unless, of course, I decide to do it myself. Or unless you look directly at me. No more shenanigans, Miss Brady."

Nicole insists she isn't lying. EJ tells her to shut her yap. "I have nothing to hide," insists Nicole.

Bo pulls a baggie out of his bag-o-tricks and hands it to Hope. Hope grins, "How about this?"

"Not mine," says Nicole, "I use wax paper instead."

Kate paints her nails. Daniel tells her she has about another half hour to go on her treatment and then leaves to start his rounds.

Outside, Lucas comes up and asks Daniel about her. Macho-man wants answers.

Lexie and Theo join Abe at the Java Café. Theo orders a vente latte with double foam and a shot. Abe thanks Lexie for coming back. "We're family," says Lexie, "We stick together. At least, we do when I'm not off having one of my affairs. "

Mona Roy comes in for the magazine interview. She bends down and says hello to Theo, "Well aren't you as cute as two tiger pups and a ball of twine?" She sticks her hand out. No response.

Nicole recognizes her ripped up marriage certificate. She whines, "Maybe I didn't want people to know we were married." Bo tosses accusations all over the room.

EJ steps in to defend his client. Bo plays it tough, "When we want your input, Elvis, we'll let you know." Nicole denies tearing it up. Bo says her finger prints are all over it.

Nicole has a comeback for that, "I guess you two wore gloves when you signed your marriage certificate."

"Actually," says Bo, "I wore handcuffs while Doug held a shotgun to my head."

A nurse comes in to see Kate and they have a meaningless conversation.

Daniel tells Lucas he isn't sure how long Kate can survive, "I can tell you for sure the prognosis isn't good for the audience, though."

Lucas gets all huffy and defensive, "I think I have a right to know. Is she gonna make it."

"She's got a good chance, " says Daniel, "Cancer cells have a really tough time growing when they're saturated in Botox. "

Hilda munches on snacks and barks out more rules, "No talking while I watch Law and Order."

Sami reels, "WHAT IS THAT SMELL?"

"Bratwurst and sauerkraut," says Hilda, "Would you like some." Sami turns as green as the Sierra Club.

EJ continues to make lawyer threats.

Theo comes out of his funk. He turns around and hugs Mona. Lexie and Abe give him a video game to get him out of their hair. Lexie lectures Mona and us on autism, "We're proud to be his parents."

"Too bad I can't say the same thing about you guys," says Theo.

Hilda watches wrestling, "YEAH! BODY SLAM! YEAH! PILE DRIVER!"

Sami suggests she patrol the perimeter. Hilda knows Sami complained to Darrell about being alone, "So I'm going to make sure you're never left alone."

Sami sulks, "Wonderful news."

"Was that sarcasm," asks Hilda.

Sami rolls her eyes, "No. I'm thrilled you'll watch me like a hawk."

Hilda gets friendly, "Would you like some bratwurst and horseradish?" Sami nearly pukes and says it's time for her to take a shower. "Leave the door open," says Hilda, "I want to be able to see you."

"You're a bigger perv than Lucas," says Sami.

More lawyerese from EJ. More simpletonese from Bo. Nicole admits to tearing up the marriage license and orders them out. Hope suggests this would be more interesting if they could produce a smoking gun. "True," says Bo as he pulls another piece of evidence out of his bag, "There is this..."

Daniel gives Lucas books and articles about cancer and says Kate's chances aren't too good. Lucas thanks Dr. Dan for being up front with him. Daniel leaves. Chloe assures Lucas Kate will get through this. Hugs. Lucas goes into Kate's room while Chloe waits outside.

Inside, Kate is upbeat. Lucas tells her she doesn't have to prove how strong she is. He wants her to use her energy to fight.

Happy Halloween! Hilda stands there wearing her green facial mask. She sticks ear plugs in and prepares her blindfold as she announces she is a light sleeper. Sami is concerned because she thought Hilda would want to see and hear as much as possible in order to protect her. Hilda makes her bed on the sofa and warns Sami she snores. "I have trouble sleeping," says Hilda, "so 7PM is my bed time."

"I'm a night owl," says Sami.

"Your safe house, my rules," snorts Hilda. The doorbell rings and Sami panics.

More banter at the DiMera mansion. Hope says Nicole has tried to kill her lovers before and brings up the pesky little matters of Colin Murphy and Victor. "Enough prattling," says Bo as he prattles on. He takes the new piece of incriminating evidence and holds it up for the world to see. It's a note from Trent. Bo reads, "If I happen to turn up dead, my dear wife has finally acted on all her threats."

Abe wants a pilot program to encourage volunteerism. Mona asks Lexie how she does it all. "I fake it," says Lexie.

Hilda tells Sami to hide, hoists her pistol and answers the door.

"Trick or treat?"

Hilda reaches into the pocket of her robe and pulls out a box. The poor kid looks at it and asks, "Raisins? Are you serious?"

bellows, "Tell your friends trick or treaters aren't welcome here."

"Sure," says the kid, "By the way, you're wearing the scariest costume I've ever seen."

Sami pouts, "It's my twins' first time trick or treating and I'm going to miss it." That reminds Hilda of her kids. She pulls out pictures, "This is Ingalou, Roland and Gunter as teenagers."

"They look a lot like you," says Sami, "Especially Gunter with his beard. " Hilda says she misses them. Sami wanders as Hilda babbles, "Their father chased women... well, the ones with the big bazoons, anyway. I had a big bazooka but that didn't impress him. "

Bo pulls out yet another envelope, "This is a search warrant. Now we have probable cause so we'll take a look around the premises."


Lucas ponders as he comes out of Kate's room. He asks Chloe if she could go in and talk to Kate as someone who has gone through a similar circumstance. Chloe doesn't want to ruin Kate's day. "Yeah," says Lucas, "but if you hang around with me it'll ruin mine." Smoochie.

Chloe goes inside. Kate isn't thrilled. They have an uncomfortable conversation. Kate tells her to get out.

Hilda rambles, "Roland is only four-foot-ten but he's the smart one of the bunch..."

Sami sneaks into Hilda's bag looking for more earplugs, "Ooooo! Sleeping pills! That's even better."

Bo and Hope search the DiMera mansion as Nicole has a hissy fit. After about five seconds they tell Nicole she'll be coming with them down to the station.

Mona zones in on Lexie's capabilities as a s superwoman. Lexie tells her, "There was a time I thought I could do everything... and everyone but now things are different. Most times things are overwhelming for me." Mona goes off the record and tells them the mayor should understand what the average family goes thorough. Abe tells her that's what they are, "We're just an average family. Dysfunctional, but average. " As they ramble on, Theo whoops it up after beating his high score on the video game.

Hilda rambles about her model train hobby as Sami prepares a potion. Hilda elaborates, "Did you know Walt Disney, Frank Sinatra and Merle Haggard had model trains..." Sami gives her the spiked tea. "Oh," says Hilda, "That is A-B-C-Deeelicious!" She drinks it and immediately gets woozy.

Chloe tells Kate if getting angry helps, she should go for it. Kate tells her not to be condescending. Kate says her kids mean everything to her. She thinks the illness will be the hardest on Lucas and they should call a temporary truce, "I still don't like you and haven't forgiven you for breaking Phillip's heart."

Chloe understands and says she just wants Kate to get better, "If you want to break up me and Lucas that would be good motivation to get well." Chloe leaves. Outside, she hyperventilates.

Daniel comes up to her, "Are you all right or should I get a doctor? "

Hope finds one of Nicole's dresses which is missing a bead, "The matching one was found in the cemetery." We have a fresh flashback to Nicole demanding the marriage certificate and threatening Trent. Trent gives her the certificate and Nicole tears it up.

Nicole admits arguing and threatening, "But I didn't kill him." She turns to EJ, "You believe me, don't you?"

Theo stomps Mona playing a video game. Mona wants to question Theo. Lexie isn't sure he will answer but gives her consent. Mona asks, "Theo, what is your favorite food?" Theo runs off and twirls around and around.

"He has food aversions," says Lexie. She tells Theo there will be no more questions. Mona thanks them and gets up to leave, "I think I have enough information to turn this all around on you and rip you to shreds in the article. "

Chloe insists she is OK. She tells Daniel she just got zapped back in time to her bout with leukemia. Daniel said he had had no idea she was a cancer survivor. Chloe insists she is great now and says she still feels like she's on borrowed time. Daniel thanks her for opening up to Kate.

"I did it for Lucas," says Chloe.

Lucas returns, "It's time to go trick-or-treating. Can you watch Allie until I get back? " Since Kate is tired, Lucas will see her tomorrow. He gives Daniel the magazines and they go off. Daniel goes inside. Kate puts on a brave face.

Nicole says she followed Trent to the cemetery because she wanted to tell him she shouldn't have torn up the certificate.

We have another flashback to their struggle as EJ tells her to shut up. Bo reads Nicole her rights and hauls her downtown.

Hilda tries to stay awake and then passes out. Sami says, "Yes! Peace! Free at last!"

Scuzzo stalks as Sami chortles.


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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Bitch Beat

Chloe comes into the Java Café and walks up to Phillip's table. Phillip hides his work and Chloe apologizes for interrupting. She asks if Phillip has seen Lucas. Phillip says he hasn't and tells her about Kate.

Nicole works with her too, too, over-the-top baby room decorator. She tells Nicole she needs to know the baby's sex ASAP or she just can't do the job right. EJ comes in and Nicole introduces her, "This is Cynthia Savage. We're working together to redecorate for the baby."

EJ looks it up in the Guy Manual: "Redecorating - usually involves color changes. For example, taking your green money, giving it to the decorator and construction crew, quickly turning your bank account from black to red."

The blood drains from EJ's face, "Nicole, I need a word with you."

Sami whispers into her cell phone, "I'm gonna be there today." Her guard comes in and snorts, "What are you doing?"

Melanie talks her attorney into giving her the letter. He tells her to give it to the police after she's read it. He leaves. Melanie opens the letter but stuffs it into her purse when Bo and Hope walk in. Sniping ensues. Melanie starts to leave, "I think I'll go if you're done cross examining me."

Hope steps in front of the door, "Not quite." Bo asks for the letter.

Melanie plays dumb. It's not a stretch. Bo presses. Hope tells Melanie she has been set up. Bo tells her Berman was helping them out. He says this is their way of proving she's not cooperating. Hope tells her, "If you turn on the tears again I'll really get... ticked off."

Bo says, "You really don't want her to do that, believe me." He show her the scars.

Cynthia leaves, "But you realize I'll have to charge you for a full session."

"That Guy Manual really nailed that definition," thinks EJ. He turns to Nicole, "Lucy! You got some 'splainin to do."

Nicole says, "I really wanted to talk to you about this first, but you seemed so preoccupied. You're mad, aren't you?"

EJ says he isn't mad, but it seems to him that redecorating is jumping the gun. Nicole jumps the gun; the show jumps the shark. Again. EJ says he knows she wants to feel like she lives there and isn't just a visitor, "We have little issues and I know you were trying to solve some of them. I think we need a conversation about marriage."

Nicole chokes, "I don't believe what you just said."

EJ apologizes for using such filthy language, "I usually just call it the 'm-word.'"

The tiresome, contrived, cutesy situation between Sami and Darryl continues. Sami practically swallows her cell phone and tells him she's calling the clinic. He asks why.

Sami blows up, "What did you major in at college — barking orders? I'm trapped with a vegan storm trooper. I think I have food poising. The nausea comes in waves — whenever DOOL is on the TV. I need you to make a phone call." Suddenly Sami drops everything and runs into the bathroom.

Phillip tells Chloe Kate is in chemotherapy. He says Kate didn't want them to stick around during the treatment, so he doesn't know where Lucas is, "I don't like the part of me that was relieved when she didn't want us to stay."

Chloe asks, "Is that one of your real or fake parts? You shouldn't feel bad about letting her do what she wanted to to. You're scared, aren't you?"

Phillip says, "I'm scared to death."

Chloe says, "People beat cancer."

Bo opens the letter and looks at it. He hands it to Hope. "What does it say," asks Melanie.

"I don't know," says Bo, "It had too many big words. Hope will read it to me."

"I read everything I could about cancer," says Chloe. In her case that was two paragraphs. She tries to reassure Phillip.

He asks how she and Lucas are doing, "I'm glad Lucas has you to talk to. That lets a lot of other people off the hook when it comes to listening to his drivel."

Chloe says, "You know, I detest this phrase but... I don't want to say it..." She chokes... She tires to fight it... She covers her mouth, but it erupts anyway... "I'll (say it with her) be there for Lucas... and you, too."

Sami comes out. "Wow," says Darryl, "You really were sick." He gets her a ginger ale. Sami asks to go to the clinic. Darryl says he can't let her leave the safehouse, "It's against the policies." Sami wonders what would happen if she were really sick and he did nothing. He reaches for a cigar and Sami snaps it from him. Darryl says he will see what he can do about her illness. He leaves.

Sami looks down at Junior-Junior, "Way to deliver on the morning sickness ... but let's not do it again."

EJ wants to talk about marriage. Nicole says, "It's 2008, so a baby doesn't necessarily mean marriage."

EJ says, "But if we don't get married then we have to work out some kind of custody arrangement."

Nicole is looking for more, "When you talk about marriage it would be nice if you would talk about my sparkling eyes and wonderful personality."

"I would if you had sparkling eyes and a wonderful personality," says EJ.

Nicole's sarcasm hits new heights, "You really sweep me off my feet."

EJ says what he likes about Nicole is her practicality, "I usually like other things in a woman, but you don't have them." Nicole says she wants everything good and wonderful for her baby. She also wants it to be happy. "That's why we're talking about marriage," says EJ.

Darryl comes back in, "I just came in to give you a heads up."

Before he can tell her what's going on, a blindfolded guy staggers into the doorway and asks, "Can you tell me how long I have to stand here like this?"

Bo and Hope tell Melanie not to leave town, but won't tell her what's in the letter. Melanie acts tough, "You've been working on your bad-cop worse-cop routine but I'm not afraid of you any more. The truth is the letter doesn't say anything about me or I'd be in cuffs right now."

Bo plays the part of the worse-cop. He wants to know what happened to her father. Melanie erupts, "I'm done being harassed while I mourn my father's death, and if it doesn't stop, I'm going to press charges."

Hope calls her bluff and gives her the number to call to do that. Melanie spews, "GO TO HELL!" She tears up the card Hope gave her, flings it and storms out. The room gets quiet as Bo looks down at the mess on his desk. He finds another envelope, "Well... What do we have here?"

Darryl tells Sami the guy in the blindfold is a doctor. "That figures," says Sami, "Most of the doctors in this town are fumbling around in the dark. What, did he get you from acme fake doctors r us?"

The doctor hands Sami a piece of paper, "I thought you might ask that so I brought my license."

Sami reads it, "WOW! CDL certified. I am truly impressed. I'm sorry I doubted you."

The doctor starts to examine Sami as Darryl soaks in the show. Sami insists that he leave the room. He resists, but the doc backs Sami up.

Darryl huffs, "You better be really, really, really sick." He leaves.

"Believe me, I am," says Sami, "I watch DOOL."

Once the nuisance is out of the way, Sami tells the doctor she's pregnant and needs to know the baby is OK.

Phillip tells Chloe he has to back off because he doesn't want to screw up Chloe and Lucas' relationship. Chloe is indignant, "The implication is that I'm settling for Lucas and you and I had better keep our distance because you're so darn irresistible. Don't tell me I can't be your friend when you're going through something like this. So are we friends?" They seal the deal with a just-friends double hand butt.

Melanie interrupts the moment of bonding, "So, Phillip, who are you hitting on now?"

Chloe turns around and says, "Well, it took me less than 2 seconds to really dislike you."

"I understand," says Melanie, "You're a little slower than most people."

"Be nice to her," says Phillip, "Murder suspects never have a nice day."

Chloe gets up to leave and hunt down Lucas, "Let's spa sometime."

Melanie says, "Take care." She turns to Phillip, "Ditch her."

Melanie tells Phillip she knows he did everything to get her in trouble but it didn't work, "You didn't touch me."

"Not with a ten foot pole," says Phillip.

The doctor tells Sami she's in good health and the baby is fine. Sami asks him not to tell anyone about the baby. Darryl comes back. The doctor doesn't think his attitude is helping, "She's going to need a good diet and regular exercise and regular medical care." Darryl understands. The doctor tells her to take care. Darryl puts the blindfold back on. As they leave, Sami decides to give them something to talk about, "While you're in the car, lecture him on his smoking."

The doctor gasps, "You smoke? In this day and age?"

"Just an occasional cigar," says Darryl.

"Are you a moron?," asks the doctor.

"I live in Salem, don't I," asks Darryl.

"Sorry for the redundancy," says the doctor.

They leave. Sami tells Junior-Junior everything will be OK.

EJ says things can be different with this baby. Nicole gets nervous, "If this is your way of claiming ownership of the baby and handing it over to Stefano, I'm going to have to think about it."

EJ asks, "Who are you? What have you done with Nicole? I just offered you security and wealth and you said you'll have to think about it.

Hope reads the note Bo found, "I think we need to pay someone a little visit."

Melanie tells Phillip about her meeting with Bo and Hope, "They thought the letter would nail me, but you should have seen the look on their faces when they read it. I think the letter says who did it. I think the letter cleared me."

Phillip is skeptical, "So before your father died he knew who was after him and then went to the cemetery at night? That doesn't sound too bright to me. Letters from dead people don't mean anything. I could leave a letter saying Celene Dion wanted to kill me. What would that prove?"

"That Celene Dion knows what she's doing."

Phillip says, "The only thing that will clear you is someone stepping forward." With that, Melanie struts out. Chloe struts back in. Phillip tells her Melanie needed to unload on someone. He asks about Lucas and Chloe says they are supposed to meet up later. She asks how Phillip is doing.

Sami works on her yoga-cise. She asks for pickles. Darryl reminds her she was just doubled over with food poisoning. He says he thinks the whole thing was a brilliant performance.

"That's ridiculous," says Sami, "Who ever heard of a brilliant performance on this show?"

"I'm on to your act," he says, "The games stop right now." Sami thinks he's paranoid. He tells her he's been reassigned, "I'm off the bitch beat."

EJ tells Nicole what he said was true. Nicole softens and says EJ is nothing like Stefano and her baby is lucky to have him as a father. "I think our baby will keep our hands full," says EJ. He moves in and tries to get a handful for himself. The doorbell interrupts.

Nicole answers and finds Bo and Hope, "What? Are you selling tickets to the policeman's ball?" EJ comes up as Bo and Hope tell Nicole they want to ask her more questions. She invites them in. Bo wants to talk to Nicole alone. EJ reminds them he's her lawyer.

Bo says, "We need to know what really happened the night of Trent's murder."

Nicole tries to be cooperative, "I'd tell you but I don't think the writers have figured it out yet."

There is a knock at Sami's door. Darryl answers and tells the incredible hulk standing there, "I'm outta here. She's all yours. She's a real pain in the butt. And it looks like in your case, that would be a major pain."

The hulkster stands in the door, "Hi. I'm Aunt Hilda, your worst nightmare."

Melanie watches as Chloe tells Phillip not to push her away just because his mother has cancer. Phillip says it looks like he has no choice but to let her hover.


Chloe smooches him and leaves. Melanie comes back and says she had no idea about Phillip's mom, "I'm sorry. I'm such a bad person."

"No argument there," says Phillip.

Bo interrogates Nicole, "Are you willing to sign a statement that your deposition was the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" He gives her the opportunity to amend her statement. EJ advises her that they are fishing.

Hope gives her the statement to sign. Nicole asks, "What's this."

"Just a little something to take to the judge," smirks Hope, "It says we gave you the opportunity to change your statement and you declined. It'll prove you lied."

Bo says, "Unless you'd like to tell us something else. Like... for example... maybe you ran into Robbins after you left the pub."

"What I told you is the truth," says Nicole, "What the hell is going on here?"

"Just sign that and we'll be gone," says Bo.

"This is harassment," says EJ.

"Why are you doing this to me," asks Nicole.

"Because we know you are lying," says Bo, "And we've got proof."


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Monday, October 27, 2008

The Box And The Envelope


Sick transit gloria Monday.

Oh, well, it's not the first time DOOL has let me down. Anyway, instead of the anticipated exciting action, here's what happened...

Chelsea comes into the hospital and finds Daniel buried in his work. She interrupts The Great One, "I was wondering if you had a minute... it's about Kate."

Daniel says, "Sure,"

Chelsea asks, "Is she gonna die?"


Lucas and Phillip find Kate on her terrace. Kate has asked them over for a serious talk.

Bo and Hope come into the pub asking for Melanie. Max tells them she's upstairs. Hope goes up to get her while Max tells Bo there is something he has to say.

Melanie wakes up and sees another note has been slipped under her door. She runs over and reads it. It has the same message as the last one did. She searches the hallway for the person who left it. No one there, so she throws it away and then sees another on her bed. She opens that one and reads the same message. Then she sees another at the foot of the bed. Full blown panic sets in...

Hope knocks at her door and Melanie wakes up for real. She opens the door and expresses something less than enthusiasm when she sees it's Hope. Hope asks her to get dressed and come downstairs. Melanie slams the door and looks at the wadded up paper in her wastebasket.

A call interrupts her. She picks up the phone and a satanic voice on the other end says, "I saw you in the cemetery. I know what happened." She hangs up the phone, pulls the wadded note out of her wastebasket and blithers.

Max tells Bo he may have made a mistake sticking up for Melanie, "I think she is the one who killed Trent."

Evan sits in the Java Café with Abe, Lexie and Theo. They are there to meet with a photographer for a big story some Podunk magazine will be doing on them. Lexie isn't sure she's up for this.

Melanie packs and mumbles that the Bradys are not going to nail her.

Downstairs, Max says he can't defend what Melanie did, but it doesn't stop him from feeling for her. "What do you think she's going to do," asks Bo.

Max sees Melanie walking out of the pub. He points to her and says, "That."

Outside, Melanie calls for a cab. Bo rushes out after her and grabs the phone, "Where do you think you are going?"

Abe is concerned Lexie has changed her mind. He reminds her she was fine with going through with the magazine shoot when they left home, "Why did you flip-flop. I'm the politician. I'm the one who is supposed to do that. " Lexie tells him that's because it's more fun to argue in public where they can make complete fools of themselves. Evan sits in the crossfire and decides to leave so they can really go at it. Which they do. Abe isn't happy with Lexie's 180. He says if Theo goes bonkers during the photography session, he will insist she take him home. Abe thinks this article is important. Lexie thinks it could backfire.

Daniel tells Chelsea, "You know I can't discuss Kate's case."

The brat whines and tries to convince him. She says she wishes she could take back what she said to Kate, "With my mom gone, Grandma Kate is all I have. If she dies and Mom stays in London, who will I have to test drive my boyfriends? I feel like it's my turn to take care of her."

Meanwhile Kate tells Lucas and Phillip, "I need to be sure that I'm leaving things in capable hands."

Phillip asks, "What do you mean leaving things?"

Lucas asks, "Yeah, why are you talking like this?"


Kate says she is taking time off because she has lung cancer and she needs them to help her business survive.

"We're going to fight this," vows fillip

"You bet we are," says Lucas, "We will (say it with him) be there for you every step of the way." The boys try to be upbeat. Kate says she's only leaving her business while she is in treatment. She asks Phillip to release Lucas from his contract at Titan so he can come to work for her and run her business into the ground instead. Phillip agrees. Titan dodges another bullet.

"I'll run things for you," says Lucas, "But I want you back before I destroy the company."

"It had better be a speedy recovery then," says Kate.

Lucas suggests a second opinion. Kate doesn't want more tests. Phillip wants Lucas to back off and let Kate do what she wants. Kate says she knows neither of them approve of her affair with Daniel, but she begs them to put those feelings aside while she goes into treatment. Phillip is OK with that. It's not good enough for Lucas.

Chelsea says what happened with Daniel and Kate feels like betrayal to her, but Kate's life is bigger than her petty feelings. She knows Daniel never meant to hurt her. She says what she felt for him was just a little crush anyway. He promises to do everything he can for Kate.

Melanie is defiant, "I didn't kill my father, and you have no proof I did, so I can go anywhere I want." She turns and starts to walk away.

Bo yells, "So you don't care that your father left you a will?"


Bo says, "We're flying your father's attorney to Salem to read it to us. Intelligent people would just have him fax or ship the documents and have an attorney in town read them, but we don't do things the intelligent way in Salem."

Hope asks, "Aren't you curious to know what your father left you?"

Lucas says they need another opinion, "I'm done listening. Running off at the mouth is my specialty." Kate tells him to back off. She thanks both of them for being committed to helping her. Lucas backs down. Kate says she starts chemotherapy today and needs them to take things over immediately. She also says Billie and Austin know what's going on.

Daniel shows up to give her a ride. To the hospital that is. Lucas asks for a word with Daniel. They go off. Phillip and mommy share a tender moment. Phillip is grateful for everything she has done for him, "I will (say it with him) be there for you day and night. I will take off work and (say it with him) be there for you." Hugs.

Abe and Lexie have the same old argument. They get up from their table and abandon Theo so they can yell at each other about how important he is. Evan interrupts and tells them it's time to start. As they talk Theo takes off and runs to another table. He picks a cup up off the table and flings it. The insensitive Wicked Witch of the West comes up to him, "Little boy, what are you doing?"


Chelsea stares and remembers Kate being with her after her operation, "I have to help her." She rushes off.

Lucas thinks Kate should get a second opinion, "She was just told she has lung cancer she's not thinking clearly."

"It's lung cancer not brain cancer," says Daniel. Daniel says he won't let his feelings interfere with his ability to do his job. Lucas softens and tells him Kate acts tough but is fragile.

Phillip insists Kate lean on him, "Lean on the side with my artificial leg. It can support a lot more weight than a real one. " Daniel and Lucas come up. Kate tells her sons how grateful she is for their help. They decide to accompany her to her treatment.

Bo introduces Max and Melanie to Trent's lawyer, Mr. Berman. Melanie is direct, "Let's cut to the chase, what did Daddy leave us?"

Lexie and Abe decide Theo is OK. The Wicked Witch gets on them for not keeping an eye on him. Lexie gets in her face, but Abe breaks them apart. "Say," asks the Wicked Witch, "Aren't you the guy running for mayor? And isn't this your autistic kid?"

Lexie has a meltdown, "HE HAS A NAME! IT'S THEO!" Evan takes the madwoman off before a really good catfight develops.

Abe tells Lexie not to blow this out of proportion. Lexie refuses to cooperate. She grabs Theo and heads for home.

"Berman reads, "...leave my entire estate to my daughter Melanie." Unfortunately," says Berman, "Trent died insolvent."

Max is shocked, "What? I thought he died in Salem."

"He did have some assets," says Berman, "He had some ownership in Nick Fallon's alternative fuel project and a pension plan. Two weeks ago the pension plan was worth $1.5 million. After the financial crisis, it's worth about 35 cents."

Max points out that Trent left everything to Melanie and wonders why he is there. Berman tells him he's in the newly added codicil. He pulls that out of his pocket, reads and informs Max he's inherited a box. Max don' wan' no stinkin' box and walks out. Melanie takes the box and says she will give it to him later. Bo grabs it from her, "I'LL give it to him."

Back at Salem hospital, the nurse activates the drip. Frankly, I thought Lucas was active enough already. Kate tells them she wants to be alone. Phillip and active Lucas are hesitant to leave her, but she tries to convinces them. Phillip leaves. Lucas stays. Kate forbids him to stay and reminds him he's working for her now. Lucas gives her a peck on the cheek and goes. Kate stares.

Bo leaves Mr. Berman with Melanie. Berman tells her he didn't reveal everything during the reading of the will, and pulls an envelope out of his pocket.

Lexie packs things up as Abe nukes and then backs off. He says he's proud of her and Theo and assures her Theo will be OK in spite of his crazy mother. Evan comes up, "It appears the photographer is having an equipment malfunction, so you guys can go ahead and drag this fight out until the audience runs out screaming."

Abe points out that all the seats in the audience are already empty. In light of this new development, Abe suggests Lexie take Theo home and he will understand if she doesn't come back.

Lexie whipsaws him and makes a turnaround faster than a Dow Industrials midday correction. She defiantly holds her fist up and says, "We are family and family sticks together. I'm not going to let them get me down. As God is my witness... as God is my witness they're not going to lick me. I'm going to live through this and when it's all over, I'll never be hungry again. No, nor any of my folk. If I have to lie, steal, cheat or kill. As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again." Salem burns in the background as the Carvers share a family hug.

Chelsea comes in to see Kate and hands her a pendant, "Victor gave me this and I want to pass it on to you. It's a St. Sophia medal."

"I'm not familiar with St. Sophia," says Kate, "Who was she?"

"The patron saint of ho-bags," says Chelsea. She leaves and Kate twiddles the medal.

Berman isn't sure what to do with the letter. Suddenly, Melanie and Mr. Berman are long-time friends. Melanie says, "We go back a long way, so please let me have the letter, Gregory."

Her old buddy Greg gives it to her, "After you're done with this, I want you to do the right thing and share it with the police." Melanie assures him she will. Her old buddy Gregory leaves and Melanie starts to open it. Bo and Hope walk in and Melanie stuffs it into her purse. Bo asks what Melanie and Mr. Berman talked about. Melanie is evasive, "What do you want from me?"

"The letter," says Bo, "Aren't you at least going to tell us what's in it?" No double picture fadeout... no freeze frame... Melanie just gives a nervous chuckle and shrugs.

Deb has updated her map of Salem to include the Horton Cabin island and the bridge leading to it.

I wonder, would the bridge to the Horton cabin be the Salem equivalent to the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere?"

Anyway, to see the new map:



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Saturday, October 25, 2008

How To Dress To Meet EJ

Two Prevuze superreaders, Deb and Leslie, are headed to a major DOOL event today. They will be attending the Women's Lifestyle Show in Peoria where James Scott is a featured guest. (Click here). We, of course, hope they have the best time ever but must share our concern.

As you well know, James or EJ, as we lovingly know him. Has a certain... er... skill. It seems he hardly has to look at a woman and she's... well... you know... pregnant. Now I suppose if the woman wants this to happen that's one thing, but if not, well, then meeting and actually going to the extreme of touching or hugging "James EJ 'Sureshot' DiMera" could be a very risky proposition* indeed.

*proposition - perhaps a poor choice of words

You may remember, however, in a recent comment, Deb guaranteed there would be no pregnancies. All well and good, but that offers little comfort when the guy is three-for-three on the show. Humpf... Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard should hope for such a streak.

Anyway, I must report we are somewhat relieved since the pair has sent us a pre-show picture in the outfits they have selected to wear to the show, in preparation for meeting "Deadeye."

So, if you're going to the show and would like to meet up with our intrepid pair, look for a couple of women dressed like this...


Have a great time, Leslie and Deb. Enjoy the weekend, everybody.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Milking It For All It's Worth

Melanie reads the mystery note, "I saw you in the cemetery and I know what happened." She strikes a match and holds it next to the note for an eternity.

Chelsea stomps into the Java Café where her computer is waiting. A guy comes up to her, "Hey, Chelsea, what's up?"

Nicole reads her baby book, "Cramps... twinges... May be due to the uterus and abdominal muscles expanding. Varicose veins... hemorrhoids... eeeeuuuwwww. Why do the women have to do all the work and daddies stand around and be stupid? Speaking of which? where is Daddy?"

Daddy is over at the Horton cabin looking confused as Johnny touches Sami and babbles, "Baby!"

EJ asks, "What is my son trying to tell me?"

Sami takes Johnny into the other room and walks out announcing he instantly fell asleep, "Ambien sure works fast on infants. EJ, I wish you would watch your tongue around our son."

EJ says, "I want to know why he touched you and said 'baby.'"

"He was just commenting on my mental level," says Sami. She changes the subject back to something more pleasant — the fact that she almost got blown away a couple of hours ago. This sends Sami into one of her sobbing spirals of self-pity, "What am I gonna do? Allie may may be applying for college the next time I see her, next week, so pardon me for being a little flipped out."

Chloe comes in and watches the drama queen in action, "I see you're still here milking it for all it's worth." Sami accuses Chloe of insensitivity.

EJ wants an answer to his question, "I want to know what Johnny meant earlier when he said 'baby.'"

Sami says, "He's just learning new words." Roman chimes in and tells them it's about time for Sami to leave.

Nicole bounces Pookie around, "So someone took a potshot at Sami. If EJ is holding that little twit's hand while I'm standing here growing stretch marks, I swear I'm going to shoot them both."

Pookie rolls her eyes, "Shoot me along with them, please."

Chelsea whines and rambles, "It's not fair. I mean, I knew she was sick but we were just too preoccupied with our own little issues. I wonder if it's too late."


A knock interrupts Melanie's bout with pyromania. She opens the door to find, who else, Nick. Nick sniffs, "I smell smoke, what's going on?"

She tells him she doesn't smell anything, "If there were a problem an alarm would have gone off."

He says he came up because he was worried about her, "I saw your last blog." More sniffing, "I swear I smell smoke." Melanie "confesses" to having a cigarette. Nick won't judge, "Can I do anything for you?"

"I'm fine," insists Melanie, "I think I'll live." The audience boos.

Nick notices the bags sitting on her bed, "Going somewhere?

Melanie says, "Yeah. I'm getting the hell out of Salem."


Roman tells Sami it's time to go. We have a tear-jerking goodbye. Sami supplies the tears, Lucas and EJ supply the jerk. EJ pries Johnny from Sami's hands. Smoochie. He and Roman go outside. Lucas grabs Allie. Sami tells him to take care of her. "You know I will," vows Lucas. Sami leaves. Lucas and Chloe stuff Allie in her crib and hit the shower.

Outside Roman tries to encourage Sami. He motions his man Friday to take her to the patrol car and warns her not to take chances, "You are to have no contact with anyone, especially EJ DiMera."

Melanie says being in Salem isn't working for her. Nick says running away will only make her look more guilty. He wants to help her, "If you let me, I will defend and protect you. I care about you. There is a connection here. I know you feel it. I will (say it with him) be there for you."

Melanie asks, "Are you wanting to get serious with me?"

Lucas stuffs Allie in the next room and he and Chloe snuggle up together. Chloe thinks he's sad Sami is gone. Lucas says he's sad, but for the kids' sake. Chloe admits to being happy Sami is gone, "Are you hedging your bet on this, Lucas? I think you are heartbroken Sami is gone and you hate me for being glad."

Nicole gorges on ice cream. EJ walks in. Nicole gets trés sarcastic, "Oh, the face looks familiar. Let's see... it's... it's... EJ! Yes, you're the guy whose baby I'm having." She lectures him for running to Sami.

EJ consults the Guy Manual and reads, "It's not about the other woman; it's about your son."

"I wanted to make sure Johnny was safe," says EJ.

Nicole immediately changes her tune and apologizes for being so snarky, "Where is the little guy now?"

"He fell asleep in the car so I carried him upstairs and put him to bed."

Nicole moves in, "Hmmm... maybe I should take you upstairs and get you into bed."

"Wow," thinks EJ, "That book is worth its weight in gold."

He declines and tells her about the sniper, "I want to go for a walk to clear my mind."

"That won't get you to the edge of the property," says Nicole. He asks Nicole if she will watch Johnny while he is gone. Nicole agrees, "If Sami can do it, how hard can it be, right?" EJ leaves. Johnny immediately starts crying. Nicole makes a face and heads upstairs.

Roman escorts Sami into the safehouse. "Well," says Sami, "At least it has indoor plumbing. That's a step up form the Horton cabin." Roman gives his man Darryl instructions, he and Sami share a hug and Roman leaves.

"When do we eat," asks Sami, "I'm ready for a steak."

"Sorry," says Darryl, "I'm a vegan."

"I'm a Catholic," says Sami.

"I don't eat anything with eyes," says Darryl, "So here's the drill: I do the shopping after I get a backup. You never go anywhere."

"Not even the mall," whines Sami, "You mean I'm stuck here alone with a vegan?"

"That's about the size of it."

The sniper stalks.


Johnny cries and cries and cries and cries. Nicole and Pookie deal with the situation. Nicole sings a lullaby, "Rooooocccckkkk a bye baaaabbbbyy..." Johnny's crying sounds better. He goes into high gear and starts wailing. He's Sami's kid all right. Nicole picks him up, "PeeeeeUuuuuu! There is a little surprise in here." She sticks Johnny out at arms-length and carries him to the incinerator.


Lucas insists he isn't hedging his bet. Chloe lectures, "I'm tired of being the bad guy while you act noble and mature."

"I'm good at acting noble and mature," says Lucas, "Being noble and mature is a whole different ballgame."

Lucas tells her he feels the same way she does about Sami, "The woman has driven me nuts my whole life."

That's the one thing she's been very successful at," says Chloe.

Things calm down as they both agree they are delighted Sami is out of the picture. "Yeah," says Chloe, "But what happens when they catch the sniper next week and she comes back."

"I don't think she'll be back for a long time," says Lucas.

Chloe suddenly finds a clue, "GASP! So Sami is using protective custody to keep her secret from EJ!"

Darryl pulls out a cigar and asks Sami if she minds if he smokes. Sami is indignant and tells him she's allergic to things like cigars, cigarettes and the truth, "Vegetables and a cigar? Yuck. I don't want to be alone."

Darryl pulls out his handcuffs, "These will calm you down." Sami backs off. "I'll be right outside," says Darryl.

He leaves. Sami pats her tummy, "You and me, kid."

Nick and Melanie come into the Java Café. She giggles and says she was just teasing him when she asked if he was getting serious. She appreciates his friendship. They start working up the master plan for her escape. She asks about his biodiesel plan and says if he can come up with something like that she knows he has to be smart. Nick vows to use his brainpower to get her out of this jam. Melanie leaves.

Chelsea sees Nick across the room and goes over to him.

Nicole has changed Johnny's diaper. More crying, so she brings him a glass of milk, hands it to him, bends down and smiles.


Nicole stands there drenched in milk as Johnny giggles. Well, at least something cheered him up. Nicole slowly and calmly walks out into the hall and softly shuts the door.


Melanie comes back out and Chelsea starts to leave. Nick stops her but she tells him she realizes they aren't as close as they once were.

Melanie walks up and Chelsea chirps, "Having fun with my former boyfriend?"

"Just having fun, period," says Melanie, "He's nice."

"Nice but naïve," says Chelsea, "He doesn't see you for the scheming bitch that you are."

EJ walks in and finds Nicole asleep with Johnny and Pookie playing on her lap.

Chloe vows not to tell anyone Sami's secret. Lucas tells her Sami keeping him from Will is a bad memory. Chloe rants against Sami. Lucas thinks Sami would change her behavior since the only one who gets hurt by it is Sami.

Sami discovers an envelope in her purse, "How did this get in here?"

Nick umpires the spat between Chelsea and Melanie. Chelsea gets in a last shot, "Poor Melanie, I guess that's what happens when you murder your own father. You're quite the little topic around town."

Not to be outdone, Melanie has her own comeback, "I heard you hit your brother and left him on the road to die."

A referee tosses a yellow flag and charges them both with unsportsmanlike conduct, "The penalties offset... play may continue."

Chelsea hauls off and...


She gets in Melanie's face, "Nick can't see you for who you are but I do. When I dated your brother Max everyone told him he deserved better. They were right but he deserves better than you." She turns to Nick, "I feel bad for you." Out she goes.

Nick makes excuses, "She's upset at me and taking it out on you." Melanie wants to go home. Nick wants to get her tea. He has her sit and promises to come up with a plan by tomorrow, "Everything will be Better. I promise." He leaves. Melanie searches the net on her phone for the first flight out of Salem.

Lucas comes out of the bedroom where he has gone in to make sure Allie is completely drugged and won't disturb them. Chloe tries to figure out a way to win Lucas over. Lucas says he can think of a way. Things develop.

Nicole wakes up and finds Johnny missing. She panics, screams and searches. She gets on her knees and looks under the couch. EJ steps up and looms over her, "Nicole, what have you done with my son?"

The blood drains from Nicole's face. "Just kidding," guffaws EJ. Nicole isn't particularly amused. EJ just can't pull off a practical joke like Lucas. He tells her about coming back and finding her asleep on the couch. Nicole tells him Johnny was a little angel. Smooching ensues. Nicole asks, "So, when is Sami coming back."

"Not for a very long time," says EJ.

Back at the safehouse, Sami goes through pictures of Johnny she found in the envelope, "EJ must've left these." Darryl comes back and asks about the photos. Sami says the photos were in her purse and tells him she figures EJ left them there for her.

"EJ DiMera," asks Darryl. He takes the pictures and searches her suitcase to make sure EJ didn't plant a tracking device.

Crackling sounds from outside interrupt his search. Darryl goes outside to check on things.

Scuzzo the sniper is on the phone, "She's disappeared. Dropped out of sight. I'll find her and this time she won't get away."




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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Look What I Found At A Yard Sale!

Bo bellies up to the bar at the pub, "What's a guy got to do to get a beer around here?"

"Paying for it usually works," says Max. Max is just a bit upset with big brother Bo, "I don't like to get pushed around." They argue and Bo gets on him for protecting Melanie. "I'm all Melanie's got," snorts Max.

"She really is at the bottom of the barrel," says Bo.

Apparently, Max isn't quite all Melanie has. She cozies up to Phillip and tries to convince him to keep his mouth shut. She tells him she thinks they have made a connection tonight. She's full of innuendo as she unbuttons his shirt and tells him she's glad he's there. Phillip moves in to sample the wares.

Kate comes in to see Daniel at the hospital and to return the shirt he left at the pool. She attacks him but Daniel backs off and tells her they can't do this, "The patients might see us and they are already sick enough. "

Sami whines and gripes about having to go into the witness protection program again. Roman adds insult to injury and tells her she can't take the kids with her. Sami gets nasty but Lucas tells her being with them puts them at risk. Marlena jumps on the PSITWPP* bandwagon. Sami says she doesn't want Chloe around and announces that she refuses to go. EJ applauds her performance.

*Put Sami In The Witness Protection Program

Lucas doesn't like EJ's reaction, "Butt out!"

EJ has a great comeback, "Shut up."

Too bad Allie and Johnny aren't there. Then we'd have a whole room full of infants.

EJ suggests Sami go to the DiMera mansion where she won't be an easy target.

Lucas asks, "Where would she stay in the mansion?"

Sami pipes up, "Not in the living room. My eyes are still burning from what I saw on the sofa."

"It was pretty hot, wasn't it," asks EJ.

Chloe chimes in, "It might be a nice change of pace."

Roman has had it, "This is none of your business, so shut up!"

Sami is in no mood for this, "Why don't you wait outside or in Alabama or something?"

Lucas jumps in, "Sami, you gotta do this for your children. You gotta do what's right... keep 'em protected and safe."


Sami grabs her tummy.

Kate says she hates it when Daniel is so serious. Daniel says he knows she's in agony waiting and it's driving him crazy, too. Kate says she's feeling fine, "My appetite is back. And I feel like having some food, too." Kate is almost giddy, "If I'm not dying I want you. If I am dying I want you. I want to make love to you." Kate helps herself to an appetizer.

Outside, Chelsea wanders around looking for Daniel. A nurse tells her where he is. Chelsea heads in to the jaws of death.

Suddenly, Sami decides she needs to put her kids first so she will go into the program. EJ tells her she doesn't have to do this. Sami disagrees. EJ doesn't get it, "Why the 180?"

"They don't call it bipolar for nothing," says Sami.

Marlena isn't sure why Sami is doing this but thinks she's doing the right thing.

Stephanie comes up and she and Max argue for a change. "I thought this would be the end of your 24/7 trashing of Melanie," says Max.

Stephanie turns to Bo, "I'll sign a sworn statement if you want." She turns to leave, "I'm not going to cry."

Max asks, "What is there to cry about?"

Bo steps in, "She's in love with an idiot?" Ouch! Bo insults idiots everywhere.

Melanie comes up for air, "I knew you would be a good kisser."

"I'm not exactly a novice at this," says Phillip, "But I don't think you are either."

"I suppose I should be insulted by that," says Melanie, "But it's true. You have nice eyes."

"They're mine," says Phillip, "The face isn't." Melanie gets back to work.

Kate and Daniel suck face and grab body parts. Daniel's pager goes off. He looks at it and pants, "I have to get this." He gives her one final kiss that makes the sound of a toilet plunger being pulled off of smooth porcelain as Chelsea walks in. She tells the happy couple what she wanted was not important. Kate says she's just there to return something of Daniel's. Daniel says he'll be right back. Chelsea asks what Daniel left behind.

Roman gets off the phone and says they have to get Sami to the safehouse right away. He tells Sami he has had Hope pick up the kids and he will bring them to Sami to say goodbye. EJ tries to get her to change her mind. Sami goes to pack. "There's more to this story," says EJ, "A plot, I hope."

Bo advises Max to work things out with Stephanie. He gets a call and leaves. Stephanie trolls by and Max tells her he's sorry. "Me, too," says Stephanie, "kind of."

Max asks, "Haven't we been through this already?"

A gal in the audience stands up and screams, "A thousand times!"

Max tells her Melanie is scared and all alone.

At the moment, Melanie doesn't look too scared or alone. She and Phillip ramp things up, but Phillip suddenly calls it off. Phillip gets up and buttons his shirt, "I just don't know how good I feel about sleeping with a killer." Melanie huffs.

Kate avoids the question. Chelsea says she was thinking about calling Kate about the forgiveness talk they had. She thinks after everything she went through with Nick and her mom it hurts because she loves Kate so much and she's so mad and emotional, "I know things with you and Daniel are over and in the past so I'm ready to forgive you if you'd be my grandm-ho-ther again."

"I was always your grandm-ho-ther," says Kate, "Just not a perfect one."

Chelsea hugs Kate and sees Daniel's shirt wadded up on the gurney behind her, "Is this what you're returning?"

Sarcastic Lucas tells Sami what a great and selfless mother she is. He's caught on to her little scheme, "This isn't about Allie and Johnny, is it? It's about your little secret." Sami thinks her trip into the PSITWPP will solve a lot of her problems. She tells Lucas to give her a break. Lucas asks what she will do if Roman finds the guy tomorrow, "Or what if you came back with a baby. What are you going to tell people, 'Look what I found at a yard sale!'"

Sami tells him this buys her some time but only if he helps her, "Lucas, if you ever cared about me promise you won't say anything."

Lucas not saying anything is like a nuclear bomb hitting critical mass and not exploding.

Sami knows she doesn't deserve his compassion. Lucas promises to keep the pregnancy a secret, "You know, however, there is a big but..."

"What's that," asks Sami.

"Your's, " says Lucas, "If it gets any bigger they'll have to grease your hips to get you into the elevator at the safehouse. Besides, don't you have to tell someone you're pregnant if you go into the program?"

"Not unless they're blind, " says Sami, "Y'know, I'm probably the only person whose life gets simpler in a witness protection program."

Melanie turns on the waterworks. Phillip asks, "What, if sex doesn't work you segway to tears?" Phillip thinks she's admitted her guilt by attempting to bribe him with sex. He says he was going along with it just to see how she played it. He tells her to get herself together because they are going out to face the music.

Bo sits with Stephanie and Max as they continue to bicker. Dr. Phil Brady tries to provide guidance. Phillip and Melanie walk in.

Stephanie says, "What a surprise, Max, she wasn't alone after all!"

Phillip tells Melanie, "You've tried sex and I have all the money I will ever need. You are officially out of options." He shouts, "Hey, Bo! Got your handcuffs on you?"

Chelsea whines and bawls about discovering Daniel's shirt. She rants and Kate tells her to cut it out, "You and Daniel aren't together, and that was your decision. I know it's painful to find out this way but I'm not ashamed of it and I think you're at the age you should be past temper tantrums." Daniel comes in, soaks it in and remembers why he likes to surf alone in very secluded places.

Phillip tells Bo Melanie had Trent's wallet and he knew it. Bo is indignant that Phillip didn't tell him sooner. Phillip says he didn't think it through and didn't think it was important. Bo shouts, "SHE HAD A DEAD MAN'S WALLET AND YOU DIDN'T THINK IT WAS IMPORTANT?"

Max tells Melanie, "You need to shut up until you get a lawyer."

Stephanie asks, "Wouldn't we be the lucky ones if she never got one?"

Melanie don' need no stinkin' lawyer, "I'm not going down so you can protect your precious mom."

Poor Sami just doesn't know if she's strong enough to do this. Marlena tells her she has to keep it together and not frighten the kids.

Marlena asks if there is something Sami might want to say before she goes, "Not that I've noticed you seem to be hiding a Mini Cooper under your dress or anything."

EJ comes in and announces Roman is there with the kids. Sami tries to be upbeat as they bring the litter in.

Melanie says, "You guys should see your faces. It's like you smell something bad."

"We're just watching this episode," says Bo.

"So," asks Melanie, "Do I have the right to remain silent and all that jazz?"

"Not yet," says Bo, "But don't leave town." Melanie walks out. Bo says, "You can't go."

"Watch me."

Bo turns and grabs Max, "So Stephanie was right. Melanie confessed."

Sami tells the kids they should draw her pictures every day and she can look at them when she gets back. Roman takes her aside and says she can't take her album with her, "You can't take anything that will tie you to your life here."

Sami bawls, "I just can't do this."

Chelsea has a temper tantrum over Kate accusing her of having temper tantrums, "You're a self centered bitch! I want you out of my life forever."

Daniel comes in with the test results and tells Chelsea to wait outside. Kate says to let her stay and tells the brat she's probably about to get just what she wants.

Judge Daniel hands down the death sentence, "Metastatic carcinoma."

Kat practically high-fives him, "Yes!"

Bo takes Phillip aside, "Next time you get the urge to play Hardy Boy, curb it."

Stephanie and Max argue about Melanie, for a change. Stephanie walks out.

Melanie sees someone slip a note under her door. She picks it up and reads, "I saw you at the cemetery. I know what happened."

Marlena gets an emergency call and says she has to go. She promises to call and tells Sami how courageous she is. Hugs, "It's gonna be OK." Roman and Chloe take things to the car.

Sami puts Johnny down and he touches her tummy revealing the mini planet under her dress. Sami gives EJ a nervous smile. EJ gives a confused look, "Baby?"



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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A Fly In The Baby Ointment

Tympani drums beat to underscore the gripping drama. They've gotta do something to tell us this is drama because the plot sure doesn't make that clear. The sniper has Sami in his sights, but she and EJ scoot around the room like pinballs and he can't get a bead on her. Sami tells EJ to stop worrying about her. EJ doesn't think she's doing so great. Sami isn't interested in his opinion. Lucas contemplates the dust bunnies over in the corner.

Nicole doesn't want to hear about another Sami scheme, so Chloe drops her effort to tell Nicole about Sami's 'situation.' Nicole wants to change the subject, "Let's talk about something uplifting." They talk about Chloe's bra, since Nicole's doesn't have anything to uplift. Nicole goes to get a baby naming book.

Stephanie blabbers, blubbers and bawls. She bumps into Phillip and tells him she and Max broke up. Phillip immediately sends a congratulation text to Max.

Max arrives at the cop shop and wonders why his sister's name is circled on the top of the suspects list.

Nick and Melanie come to the pub after dinner. Melanie asks, "What do you Salemites do for fun?"

"Mainly," says Nick, "We play practical jokes on each other by doing things like scaring the bejabbers out of each other coming back from the dead." Right on cue, Melanie looks over at a guy sitting at a barstool. He swings around...

TRENT! Back from the dead already.

Nicole suggests girls' names, "Destiny! Diana!" Chloe isn't into this. Nicole decides to wait and choose a name later. Chloe says she's worried about her. Nicole insists she's never been better. She tells her about EJ wanting a family and a house with a picket fence.

"What did he say," asks Chloe.

"He said it doesn't suck to have me around."

"YES," squeals Chloe, "I'd definitely count that as a marriage proposal."

Nicole says, "I don't know... Insecurity is rearing its ugly head and I think EJ is on the fence."

"If it's the picket fence," says Chloe, "he's probably pretty uncomfortable." Chloe says she hopes Nicole and EJ can share a life.

Nicole wonders if now Chloe's sounding skeptical, "I'll always be loyal to you, Chloe. The next time I contaminate you with flesh-eating bacteria, I'll use a milder strain. I know you would never keep anything from me." Suddenly, Chloe runs out to make a call. Outside, she frets and hesitates.

The sniper takes aim. EJ stands in the way as the sniper's cross-hairs land on EJ's back. Half the audience screams, "NO! NOT THE PRETTY BOY! SHOOT LUCAS!"

The other half of the audience screams, "KILL THE RAPIST," at which point a massive Jujube fight breaks out between the LUMIs and the EJAMIs.

Sorry, I got distracted. Flying Jujubes are a lot more entertaining than the show.

Chloe calls Lucas and tells him Nicole deserves a to know. She wants his permission to give her a heads up. Lucas vetoes it. Chloe snorts and says she won't be loyal to Sami. Lucas, always in control of his women, panics and bolts. Sami wants EJ to leave too. He says she can't just get rid of him that easily and wants to know what she is doing at the Horton cabin.

Melanie watches Trent spin on his barstool and zones. She runs out. Nick stands there with that confused look on his face guys hold in reserve for moments just like this.

Bo runs through all the evidence against Melanie. They ask Max to corroborate Stephanie's story.

Stephanie tells Phillip they can't work things out after what she did. She fills him in on telling Bo and Hope. Phillip asks about the wallet. She tells him it's at the police station. Phillip tells her she did the right thing. "And what did that get me," whines Stephanie, "alone and miserable." Phillip insists Max will forgive her. He leaves for a "meeting."

Melanie staggers into her room. Trent sits propped up on the bed and smiles, "I'm baaaaaaaaack! Guilt is powerful stuff. That's why you've conjured me up." Trent stands up and Melanie dives onto the bed and covers her face. Trent asks, "Did you think you could kill me and just walk off? Killing someone stays with you."

Melanie screams, "I didn't kill you!" She whispers, "Or at least I don't remember killing you."

"Poor baby," mocks Trent, "You're just a mess aren't you? You murdered the one who brought you into this world. Patricide. The most heinous of crimes." Melanie can't take it. She bolts out the door to her room and runs straight into Phillip's arms. Fortunately, those are a pair of body parts he still has two of.

The sniper takes aim.

Sami wants EJ to leave. EJ wants to know what is going on. Sami wants to go to bed and pull the covers over her head and pretend none of this happened. Suddenly, EJ dives at her, "GET DOWN!" The sniper fires and the window shatters as EJ and Sami hit the deck.

Max tells Bo and Hope he and Stephanie broke up tonight. Hope says, "Bo and I know what it's like to have people in difficult circumstances pull you away from the way you love. We've been pulling each other away like that for years."

Max says, "The fact is Melanie never confessed anything."

Stephanie walks into the room and overhears, "WHAT?"

Phillip wants to know why Melanie is acting so gnarly, "I know, Melanie. Stephanie told me what you did to her. I also know what you did to your father."

Chloe and Nicole toast being BFFs. Nicole wants to know why Chloe got so serious. Chloe says she just called Lucas and told him she won't be back for a while. Nicole asks, "You had to leave the room to do that?"

"I was just being courteous," says Chloe.

"Why did you pick now to start doing that," asks Nicole. She contemplates her glass of sparkling cider, "Who would have thought I'd be toasting with cider. It hasn't been that hard being sober, but I miss my friend vodka. The specter of Sami hangs over everything."

"I know the feeling," says Chloe.

"She's like a fly in the baby ointment," says Nicole.

Chloe decides to come clean, "Nicole... what I wanted to tell you was...."

Lucas rushes in, "NO!"

EJ asks if Sami is OK. Sami blitherpanics. Now that bullets are flying, EJ decides he should go. Sami doesn't want him to.

Stephanie lectures Max for calling her a liar. Hope takes Stephanie outside. Bo tells Max he's not being noble; he's turned his back on the truth, "You're ruining your life."

"I finished that project a long time ago," says Max.

Phillip and Melanie argue. Melanie insists she didn't kill Trent. Phillip is skeptical. He threatens to talk to the cops. Melanie begs him not to.

Lucas rambles and babbles. Nicole shuts Lucas up and asks Chloe what's up. Lucas just can't stop. His mouth is a runaway freight train, "I should tell you myself."

Roman lectures Sami for coming back to the island. He barks orders to his troops, "Cordon off the area! Search for evidence! Determine the shooter's position! Find the nearest Krispy Kreme! " Marlena comes in and plasters herself to Sami.

John surveys the scene. Marlena tells John they will be fine there as soon as the lead stops flying. Sami sobs. Snot flies. Sami is certain the guy won't stop until he gets her.

Hope brings Stephanie water. Stephanie insists Max has changed since Melanie came into his life. Hope offers another perspective, "I think Max is just making up for all the years he (say it with her) couldn't be there for you. I think he's struggling with his identity right now. If he refuses to say..."

Stephanie says, "Then I lost Max for nothing."


Bo and Max have a tiresome argument. "Stephanie betrayed me," says Max, "Would you put up with that? " Max swears Melanie is innocent.

Lucas stammers around. He says Sami and EJ share a child. Nicole reminds him that she already got that memo. He says things won't be the same after she has her baby. Lucas' phone interrupts as a blithering Sami tells him about the shooting. Lucas, always in control of his women, panics and bolts.

On the way out he tells the girls, "Someone tried to kill Sami!"

Nicole and Chloe chime in unison, "Tried? Damn!"

Melanie continues to claim innocence and tells Phillip to get out. Phillip says he doesn't like seeing her upset. He knows Trent abused her. Melanie takes overacting to a new level, "OK! You figured me out! I didn't get a lot of love growing up and that's why I'm an out and out bitch! So I murdered my father and you got it out of me! Kudos, babe!"

Nicole wonders where EJ is. John pops in, "Elvis is with Samantha. He just saved her life."

Sami continues her meltdown, "He's not going to stop until he kills me, right?"

"We can only hope," says Roman.

Bo and Max have the same old argument. Max rants, "I've realized I was better off than Melanie growing up. I had a great family. A great mom... a great dad... a moronic brother. I'm not letting Melanie go down for a murder she didn't commit." Bo gets tired of the verbiage and releases him.

Outside, Max asks Hope about Stephanie. Hope tells him, "She left. Go after her."

Melanie hopes Phillip got all that and even hopes he's wearing a wire, "I'll repeat it in case you didn't get it the first time... I was unloved and miserable as a child and that's why I offed my dad. And now you can go." Phillip apologizes for treating her unfairly. He knows just because she had the wallet doesn't mean she killed Trent. She says he's the only one who really knows about the wallet. She says her dad gave it to her, "I have to make you believe me."

"How," asks Phillip.

Roman announces he will be putting a guard on Sami 24/7, "There is only one way to keep you safe — get you as far away from the SPD as possible."

Stephanie bumps into Nick. He says he was with Melanie and then she left. Max comes in and asks Stephanie to talk. He apologizes for what happened at the station. He says he didn't mean to call her a liar.

Stephanie isn't pleased, "You just meant to have Bo and Hope come to that conclusion on their own. It's over, Max. we're done." She walks out.

Melanie says Phillip either believes her or not. Phillip says, "Bo's mom has been accused of murder." He starts to leave. She says she lied about having pride, "I am willing to buy your silence."

Phillip says, "But I don't need your money."

Melanie moves in, "I'm not talking about money."

"I get it," says Phillip, "Since you're jailbait, I touch you and go to prison for 20 years. That'll keep me quiet." She loosens his tie.

Nicole goes on a rampage, "I don't believe it! EJ is with Sami! He said he was going to the office."

John is pragmatic, "I guess he took the long way around." John tells her about EJ's heroism, "I think Elvis will be closer than before now that she's in danger."

Lucas and Chloe rush into the drama at the Horton cabin. The song Fools Rush In plays in the background. They all want to hear Roman's plan. Roman lays it out, "We are putting you into a temporary witness protection program."


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