Thursday, January 27, 2005

Belle's Answer

Hmmm... All the goons and extras here in Eporue seem to have distinct fake German accents, but Georgia has a distinct fake French accent. I think these people are national origin orientation confused.

Mimi and Jan duke it out. Mimi shoves Jan into the closet and wedges a chair up against the knob, "Now you know how it feels. When I think about you keepings Shawn in that horrible cage, how could you do that?" Jan says "Shawn was my love SLAVE, he loved it." Mimi tells Jan it's all going to come out and Jan's going to jail.

Hope isn't thrilled. She tells Billie and Bo, "this has DiMera written all over it. You both had better start thinking like the cops you are." [No comment. Well, I mean these two couldn't police their way out of a paper bag.] Bo says they will do DNA tests when they get her back to the States. Enter the mom, "You are not goink anyvhere weeth my daughter."

Jan yells for Mimi to let her out. Mimi has no proof Jan did anything to Shawn, but Jan has proof Mimi had an abortion.

Shawn found something on a computer he was making as a present for Belle. He doesn't remember things. It's pictures of them, "We were so happy then," says Shawn. He finds an invitation to the roof he wrote her. "What happened to me," he asks, "why was I out of it this entire summer? I think it was you. You make me want to be a better person. Without you I'm lost. I need your help. You're my compass and I need you to help lead me back to that person I used to be. I need to know that you love me and want to be with me as much as I want to be with you."

Kate hates saying Goodbyes. She hugs UB. He loves her, too. He thinks it's best if they say goodbye there, not at the base. Off he goes to the halls of Montezuma and the Shores of Tripoli.

Kate goes back in and sobs. Euglena asks if she's OK. "Yes I'm just worried about him. Phillip and Belle have such a bright future. I have to hold on to that thought. Meantime I have another child I have to do something for. Brandon is on his way back. Breaking up Sami and Lucas is a done deal."

Brandon stares on the plane. He flashes back to a conversation with Sami, "You still love me don't you Brandon," asks Sami. "Yes I do," says Brandon. Back to reality. The woman next to him says she won't need his card. He's too involved with his ex.

Sami is opening presents. "OMG, Lucas it's so beautiful, but extravagant." Lucas says he can buy his bride a little bauble, even though he hasn't worked in years. He didn't break the bank, just bent it. It's pearls, since she didn't get the ones Belle got instead. She's so happy. Lucas hi-fives Will. Group hug.

Brandon's plane is landing at the Salem Metroplex Airport.

Sami twirls her pearls, "The wedding is really going to happen this time. We're going to break the curse."

Brandon tells the woman he doesn't plan to see Sami while he's in town. The woman says she thinks he should. She can tell he has unfinished business with Sami.

Kate is worried about all her children. Billie has never gotten over Bo. Euglena says Bo's married. "At the moment," says Kate. And Sami is going to be out of Lucas' wife faster than you can say..." Euglena interrupts, "Brandon Walker."

Jan yells to Mimi from the closet, "YOUR WORLD IS GOING TO CRASH AND BURN!"

Billie says, "Think bout how we feel. I did not give my consent. This isn't a Legal adoption." GA is running around bawling, "I don't vant to go viss zem." All in all, this is turning into a rather messy scene.

Shawn mumbles. He wants to be that person again, but he can't do it without her help. Belle bursts out, "I LOVE YOU, TOO." They kiss. In come the Marines, "Hey I'm home, Belle?" Phillip looks upstairs. Phillip stares." FFWO on Phillip. Pan in on the FFWO Phillip for major effect.


Sami opens a crystal doo-dad, "Oh, it's so beautiful, is it from Grandma?" "Yeah," says Lucas, "Grandma Brandon." Sami drops the crystal.

The woman holds up an envelope, "Zey tolt us ve zhoult open zis iff anyone came claiming to be Georgia's parents."

Rex holds a doll. Jan says, "I saw it in a toy store and couldn't help but think of Mimi." Mimi looks on.


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