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The world famous Prevuze squad is seeking a "Canadian Angel" to join the team and help us continue bringing day-ahead postings to DOOL fanatics worldwide. Ideally, the candidate will already be recording episodes to her computer. Must have broadband. Minimal work required on your part. The position pays a six-figure salary: $000,000.00 (Canadian, of course). In addition to this disgustingly low pay package, we offer a complimentary benefits package consisting of... uh... we're working on the benefits package. Contact Prevuze at: for further details.


Salem Hospital is seeking an Occupational Therapist Trainee in its Child Development Center. No experience or training required, however, a minimal level of intelligence and no sense of compassion would be helpful. Since you will be working with a bunch of little snots and brats, experience being a snot or brat is also desirable. After your day of training you will become a fully qualified Occupational Therapist and promotion to department head will be imminent.


The Salem Police Department is seeing members for its upcoming "2009 Shawn Brady Recruit Class." No initiative, drive or sense of responsibility required. Candidates showing the least sign of intelligence will be rejected. Must be able to deliver a cup of coffee to an SPD officer without spilling it, despite knuckles dragging on floor. After an extensive week of training, you will be promoted to Police Officer and must commit to working a maximum of one hour per week. Contact Salem Police Department at the Dumbin' Donuts Annex downtown.


The law firm of Horton and DiMera is seeking an attorney. Candidates with any sense of ethics need not apply. Must have transportation — personal ambulance preferred. Submit resume with history of cases tried to M. Horton or E. DiMera. Candidates showing chronic or habitual history of winning cases will not be considered.

OK, gang, we're really serious about that first ad, anyway. If you live in Canada and think you can help us out, please let us know. The Prevuze minions will be ever so grateful. We are, of course, assuming the Canadian broadcasts will remain a day ahead. You never can tell what NBC or Global are up to.

Friday, August 29, 2008

DOOL Satellite Update

Emergency update 08/30/08: We're working on it. Not much progress yet, but stay hopeful. We've been "thinking out of the box" (don't you just hate that phrase) and we've come up with a couple of "Lucy Ricardo" type schemes that just might work.

First of all, as you probably know, we received a lot of comments yesterday and I got scads of email. It is always my policy to respond to every email personally but yesterday I just couldn't get to every one what with everything going on. Please accept my apology for that and know that I read every email and followed every suggestion. I always appreciate your comments and email.

I'm also going to try to avoid mentioning names, since more than one person sent me information which helped me get on the right track. There were too many people who helped me out and I don't want to single any one out. Suffice it to say our readers are awesome. I would have to say, if you sent an email with satellite information, it probably helped in one way or another.

So here's what we know (subject to change at a moment's notice). The DOOL feed is gone from the satellite we have been watching it on for years. As we predicted, the feed has gone digital. But it's more than that. NBC has bought into a new technology which will allow it to customize the feed for individual local stations. Each local station will have equipment which allows it to separate out its feed from the rest of them. I guess this will allow the stations to customize the marketing schlock they spew. Anyway, Prevuze doesn't have any special equipment to separate out the feeds. We are continuing to look for a way to find either a master feed or one of the individual local feeds to pick up. At this point it it unclear whether we will be able to do this.

Prevuze has been very successful in its current format but unless we find a feed, our ability to continue doing what we have been doing is gone. It's just not in the cards for us to do full recaps on a show that has already aired. We have a long weekend coming up and we'll spend part of it playing with the satellite to see what we can find out there. Enjoy the weekend, and we'll check back in on Tuesday.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lightning In A Bottle

The satellite feed was missing again this morning. At this point, it's a pretty safe bet that it has moved, probably permanently, to another location. This morning, I got up and tooled around the satellites during the time the show would have been on, but got nothing. There are dozens of satellites, each having many "channels." It's like looking for a needle in a haystack.

We will continue to look for the feed, but that's a big job. I have my suspicions the show is preparing to go digital or high-def. I also have a hunch the feed may have moved to one of the newer Canadian satellites, which I assume support the digital format. Unfortunately, my hunch isn't worth much more than a Bo Brady hunch on a donut sugar-high when it comes to this kind of thing.

I, of course, would have looked on the new Canadian satellites first this morning, except they aren't programmed into our system. We would have to call Norris the Satellite Tycoon to do that. I'm not saying Norris is expensive, but he drives a $78,000 2008 Range Rover which gets 11 mpg and told me, "I hope the price of gas goes up so we can get the riff raff off the road."

So before I go contributing to Norris' favorite charity (Norris), I would like to know for sure where this feed has gone. We will continue to look, but we have an extremely large readership base and would ask you to do the same. I've been Googling whatever I can think of regarding DOOL and satellites but so far, have found nothing. If you hear anything, either by using search engines or one of our forums, please let us know. Our email address,, is always posted at the top of the page, and that's the best way to communicate with us.

Until we find the feed, it just isn't practical to keep doing the daily recaps. We may post a few things, but the key to everything is the day-ahead information.

Major league websites play it close to the vest when it comes to revealing readership, so we can't make many comparisons. But we have learned this: Based on the count of page hits and "uniques," as they are called, Prevuze has a larger readership (much larger, I might add) than Wired Magazine, which in the technical world is an Internet powerhouse.

So with Prevuze, we seem to have caught lightning in a bottle. OUR READERS ROCK! We really appreciate your support, comments and feedback. We'll continue to look for the feed, you please do the same, and we'll try to keep this ball rolling.


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Fred Frump Strikes Again

Well, folks, there was no feed again today. We're not sure what's going on, but we do have our opinion. The other day, we speculated that DOOL had put the ever-unreliable Fred Frump in charge of the early-morning feeds. Fact is, this may not be too far from the truth. The feeds have been very erratic lately and it could be the guy / gal / team / moron in charge of doing it just can't get his butt in to work early in the morning, which would account for the fact that recently, some of the feeds have started up at the last minute when usually the color bars and information screen is up several minutes before the show.

It also could be the show is experimenting with another transmission method. We have long-suspected the show would go digital or hi-def (not the same thing, by the way). When the TV stations go digital in February, it is conceivable DOOL would not have to change a thing, but may be making plans to go digital along with the stations. On the other hand, with the conversion to digital, viewers will increasingly demand hi-def content. If DOOL goes hi-def, the show would have to change the satellite it transmits on since it appears the current one is not equipped to do that. It could be what we are seeing is experimentation with doing that now. I don't know how that explains the fact that yesterday we got no transmission and then all of a sudden it came on the existing satellite unless the hi-def or digital experiment failed.

If DOOL goes the digital/hi-def route, we have the equipment here at the Prevuze Compound to pick up the feed, as long as it remains unscrambled. The trick will be finding the satellite and channel where the feed originates. Eventually, that kind of information is usually published somewhere on the Internet.

Or, it could be they've just given up on the current satellite.

Another theory is that it could be the total incompetence of the DOOL writing staff and people of Salem have spilled over and corrupted the people making the feed. That, of course is the most likely scenario.

So after that technical diatribe all I can say is we will continue to monitor the DOOL satellite today and see what happens. If Fred gets his sorry butt into work, we'll post it.

We'll post the recap of the show, that is... not his butt.


Make it a good day, gang. It's Wednesday... we're halfway to the weekend.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Too Little, Too Late

Note:  Click here to read yesterday's "lost" episode.

Bo and Hope are in the pub. They walk across the room discussing the Hollingsworth case. They have 48 hours to find out who is responsible for Paul's disappearance. If they don't, Bo thinks Phillip goes to jail and the real perp, i.e. John, goes free. Hope thinks Bo could lose his badge if they don't solve the case. Bo reminds her she's in as deep as he is. "That's OK," says Hope, "neither of us is particularly deep."

Bo says, "Phillip told me he didn't want me to take the fall. I wonder what he had in mind."

Outside, Phillip runs into Morgan and asks how she is doing. Morgan snaps, "Not too good."

Chelsea walks in on Daniel and Kate hugging. She wonders what's going on. Kate makes excuses and tells her they were talking about the lockdown situation. Chelsea doesn't want to talk about that. Talk moves to the fact that the dreaded Stefano is out there somewhere and then they talk about Chelsea's job. Chelsea asks Daniel to sneak away with him. He suggests dinner. Chelsea says she had something more immediate in mind. Kate takes that as her cue to scram and goes to get Phillip. Chelsea suggests meeting at Daniel's place, "Then we can see what happens." Daniel gives her a key to his apartment and skips off.

John visits Marlena. He tells her he didn't mean to upset her earlier. He vows to protect her from Stefano and wants her to come home with him. She tells him she can't do that. "If it's the cigars," says John, "I'll go outside to smoke."

Marlena says it's not that. It's just that she's not ready, "I should tell you... I wasn't in a coma. I was paralyzed but my mind was wake and alert."

"And now it's just the opposite," says John.

Marlena says, "Thing is... when you're like that all these thoughts run around your brain."

"Thoughts in your brain," says John, "Bold new concept."

Marlena becomes uneasy and pulls all he wiring away, "As much as you don't want to accept it, you aren't the man I married and you never will be."

John says, "I've been doing some thinking myself and when the gas hit I realized I care about you. That gas must've really made me hallucinate. But I know the new John can protect you as well as the old John." Alas, Marlena doesn't want them to be together.

John tells her she's not making sense. He thinks the fumes from the lockdown have affected her. Marlena insists that's not the case, "I have loved you over half of my life."

"That's a long time," says John, "Fifty-two years. I think you'll change your mind when you're thinking clearly again."

Roman interrupts. Marlena tells him she's OK. "I don't think so," says John. Marlena explains John thinks she's still under the influence of the toxins. Marlena tells them she's finally thinking clearly for the first time in a long time. She's made decisions about the person with whom she wants to spend her future, "I'm sorry, John, but right now you don't seem to be that person."

"Drat the bad luck," says Roman.

Chelsea rambles around Daniel's bedroom and arranges things.

Daniel finds Kate who tells him Phillip went off on his own. She tells him she thinks Chelsea suspects something.

Phillip and Morgan bicker. Morgan asks, "How did you kill him? Did you strangle him or shoot him and then throw his body in the river? I know you aren't a man of idle threats."

"You really don't know me at all, do you," asks Phillip.

"Apparently not ,"says Morgan. She says she wishes she believed Phillip. Phillip insists he cares and he wasn't playing her. She says she had a fantasy but that's all it will ever be. Phillip walks off as Morgan has a flashback to her fantasy. Phillip has a flashback to a flashback where he was flashing back to a flashback.

Inside the pub, Phillip meets Bo and Hope. He tells them the situation has gone far enough. He says he has to take responsibility even if that means getting arrested.

Daniel tells Kate she's paranoid, "Chelsea and I weren't even together when you and I were..."

Kate helps him out, "Banging away like a screen door in a hurricane? Chelsea must never know. She would never forgive us.

Chelsea has lit candles and slinks around in a revealing nightie. Under most circumstances, this would get the show thrown off the air, but in this case, there's not much to reveal.

Roman thinks John has had a change of heart himself. Marlena says she has vowed to make changes in her life, "I've done this before. You weren't the only great love of my life. Before you there was Roman... and Don... And Eugene... And Alex... And a couple of stints with the old John... Roman and John sit down and fall asleep in their chairs as Marlena completes the list.

John is stunned, "Roman? You can't be serious."

Roman jumps in, "Well... we were married, John."

"I knew that," says John, "I just never thought she loved you. So what happened between you two?"

"You happened," says Marlena, "I can turn it on and off like a light switch."

If that's the case, John wonders why she can't pull the old switcheroo now, "Maybe you need to sleep on it... Back at the mansion... with me."

Roman tells Marlena it's no time for her to be alone, but it wouldn't be good for her to be at the mansion. Marlena tells them they are both upsetting her. They back off and John asks for a word with Roman outside.

Out in the hall, John suggests Roman is enjoying this, "You think maybe you can have another shot at her." Roman says all he wants is what's best for Marlena and that's not John right now. John tells him to stay away from her.

Chelsea positions herself on the bed in a seductive pose. It takes a long, long time for her to find one. Daniel comes in, "I'm, us... you weren't in the... living room... I thought we were gonna have dinner."

Chelsea slinks up to him, "I think what I have planned might be just as satisfying. More so." She moves in. Hot 'n heavy.

Daniel stops things, "Do not move. I'll be right back." He rushes into the bathroom to be sick. After he leaves, his phone rings. The brat, of course, nearly trips over herself picking it up. She reads the text message and drops her jaw.

Phillip thinks Victor was wrong to put Bo in this position. As they talk, a woman walks up and delivers a grand jury summons to Phillip.

Hope finds Morgan at a table. As she butts in she says, "I hope you don't mind me butting in. I can only imagine what you're going through, but Bo and I are working hard to find out what really happened." Morgan is peeved. She heard about the incident at the church. Hope tells her Phillip is not a killer.

Chelsea pulls on her jeans. The guys in the audience let out a sigh of relief.

Daniel comes back a-rarin' to go. He sees she's dressed and asks, "Did something happen?"

"I started without you," says Chelsea, "Then I saw that text message. It's from Kate." she picks up the phone and reads, "Daniel — thank you for tonight. Never speak of what happened between us again."

Daniel fumbles through the guy manual and comes up with one of the old tried and true standards, "I can explain."

"Don't," says Chelsea, "You're an SOB. And I'm the granddaughter of one."

John and Roman go back into Marlena's room. John apologizes for the way he treated her. He said she's made him feel he's been competing with a ghost, so he fought to form his own identity and pushed her away. John thinks maybe the old John can be brought back. Marlena says there is no way since Stefano now has the disc, "He somehow got it from the ISA. You will never be your old self again."

"I could try Viagra."

John says he will get the disc back from Stefano and will never give up. "You're wasting your time," says Marlena.

John says she has told him many times the old John is still inside of him and he wants to get that back, "I (say it with him) want to be there for you now, just like you tried to (say it with him) be there for me before. Come back with me until we apprehend Stefano."

Marlena says she needs time. John agrees and starts to go. He turns to Roman, "Let's go." Marlena says she wants a word with Roman alone.

Chelsea meets Kate and tells her there has been a change of plans, "I know about you and Daniel."

Bo meets Abe and they discuss their 48-Hour deadline. Bo also tells Abe about Phillip being subpoenaed.

Morgan panics and runs after someone, "Daddy! Daddy!" Hope comes up and Morgan tells her she saw her father, "Now he's gone."

"If I were your parent, I'd run, too," says Hope.

Bo says he wants to believe Phillip is innocent, but he's still a suspect. Bo thinks John was responsible. Hope comes up and tells them about the Paul sighting. Morgan does what Morgan does best. She runs around screaming and yelling.

Marlena tells Roman she's still feeling confused. She asks Roman if she's doing the right thing. Roman says she's asking the wrong guy. He thinks she's smart to hold off going over and living at John's. Marlena says in that case she will go home alone. Roman vetoes that since Stefano is still on the loose, "You go home but I go with you and stay with you — as your police guard. Just like when we met. We've gone full circle."

A nurse comes in for a blood screen. Roman says he will wait outside.

Later, Roman comes back in to say goodbye. Marlena is woozy. John comes back, "I'm still waiting for my answer."

"Too little, too late," says Marlena. The answer is still no." She yawns. Roman suggests leaving and letting her rest. Marlena practically passes out. John says he is sorry and Roman tells her not to worry. He'll make sure she is safe just like the old days.

Outside Marlena's room, John snorts, "Congratulations, Commander, you may have your shot after all."

John walks off and gets a call,, "You what? No! He could not have escaped! Find him!"

Morgan insists she saw her father. Abe tells her he has issued an APB and the SPD is on the job. Morgan whines, "Oh, no. I was hoping there was a chance to find him."

"I hope he's still alive," says Phillip.

Morgan sneers, "Then you'd be off the hook."

"I wasn't thinking that," says Phillip, "I know you love him and I know how much you want him back. I also know how much it would mean for us."

Kate says this isn't the time or place. Chelsea rants. Daniel runs up, "Chelsea, I'm sorry!"

The rattlesnake strikes, "Sorry about what? Sorry you got caught?"

Kate tries to shut Daniel up. "It's no use, Kate," says Daniel, "It's already out there. She knows you and I slept together."



You can watch the previews later today on our PREVUZE II website. Prevuze II should be up no later than noon, Eastern Time.

Old School Tactics

Nicole and Trent sit together at the pub. Nicole wonders what's so wrong with a brother finding his sister. She also wants to know why he keeping them apart.

Melanie says she wouldn't have come with Nick if she had known he was connected with Max and Stephanie. Melanie is sorry they are in there but says she isn't made of euros so she can't bail them out.

Caroline chats with Chelsea at the pub, "Soon you will be a licensed therapist. It seems like you found your calling." Victor finds Caroline. More chitchat. Then Victor sits with Henderson. Caroline walks up and Victor asks, "Can we have menus?"

"No," says Caroline, "I want you to leave. You're not welcome here any more."

Daniel tells Phillip he's healing nicely. He tells him he's pretty much cleared to go home. Kate shows up to pick him up.

Bo and Hope wait for Roman. They're having second thoughts. "I'm sorry I dragged you into this," says Bo.

"I’m used to it," says Hope, "It happens a lot. That must be why people keep telling me I look like something the cat dragged in."

Kate and Phillip waste time bickering over whether she should take him home. Kate gets a call and leaves. Daniel leaves too. He catches up with Kate and tells her Phillip will be a few more minutes. Kate says she's a little stressed, "I have this sense of dread that Chelsea will find out about us." Daniel tries to tell her things will be OK. "How do you know that," asks Kate.

Henderson sees the storm brewing between Caroline and Victor and like a coward, heads for the hills. Caroline says she is upset for Victor putting their son at risk. She thinks Victor knows more about the situation than he's said, "A reporter accused Bo of tampering with the evidence and I think you know why."

Victor says he does. He tells her the evidence cast suspicion on Phillip. He also tells her he has destroyed the evidence. Caroline flames. She thinks Bo could lose everything now. She also thinks Victor manipulated Bo.

Roman says he can't talk about the Hollingsworth case. Bo wants to throw away the book.

"I don't think you've ever read the book," says Roman.

Bo says, "I need to talk to you not as my boss but as my brother."

"Sure," says Roman, "But just remember who's boss." Hope begs Roman to hear him out. Roman no-can-do.

"Get off your moral high horse and hear what I have to say," snarls Bo.

Trent gets a call and says he will be there ASAP. Nicole challenges him to answer her question before leaving. He gets nasty. She starts to stomp off. Trent grabs her and tells her to sit. He threatens to go over and introduce himself to Victor if she doesn't straighten up.

Stephanie suggests Melanie call her friend George to help bail them out. Melanie says he's on his way to boarding school, "Wait. I'm sure your BFF Nick can come up with something."

Phillip joins Chelsea in the hall. Chelsea is waiting with Erin, one of her patients. She introduces the two of them and shows us how great she is with the kids. Then a nurse whisks Erin away. "Thank God," says Chelsea, "I'd have exploded if I had to be around that little brat another minute." She asks about Daniel. Phillip says he's with Kate.

Kate and Daniel bicker. Kate worries that secrets like this have a way of coming out. Daniel thinks she resents that he moved on. Kate says she doesn't want Chelsea to go through pain.

A gal in the audience stands up and shouts, "WE DO!"

Daniel vows to do whatever it takes to protect Chelsea. Kate says that's all she asks. Daniel takes that as his signal, and starts to hug her. "No," yells Kate, "Don't touch me."

Victor says he feels terrible about this. That doesn't matter to Caroline who sits there and cuts him to ribbons. Victor gets up to go. Caroline gives her best parting shot, "I wish Bo had never found out you were his father."

Chelsea wonders if what happened at the church had something to do with Victor. She asks if Phillip knows about it. He's silent. She assumes that means he knows and asks him what that is. Phillip tells her the evidence had to do with him. She can't believe Phillip let Bo take the rap for it while Phillip just stood by and did nothing. Phillip says, "Your father... my brother... sometimes... people make bad choices."

Bo wonders if he's talking to his boss or his brother. "You're talking to your bossy brother," says Roman. Bo tells him about the tape. He pulls an envelope out of his Pocket and says it contains the original tape. He says it was a duplicate that was destroyed. This, of course, was all Bo's master plan to smoke out John Black.

Nicole tells Trent to go ahead and tell Victor, then he won't have anything to hold over her. Trent gets a call, "Which card? Maxed out? OK. Pay off the card and then cancel it."

Nicole wonders if it was Melanie who maxed out his credit card, "If you let her keep that up she'll put dear old Daddy in the poorhouse."

Melanie asks Nick why he can't chip in with some of the big bucks he gets for that invention she heard him talking about. Nick tells her the money doesn't come all at once. He takes her aside to talk.

Max turns to Stephanie, "I'm starting to get a major headache. In fact, I'm locked up with one." She tries to call Patch and Kayla and worries because she can't contact them. Max decides to call Caroline.

Nick says he thinks Melanie should be able to help but Melanie says she is broke. "This isn't about money, is it," asks Nick.

Daniel says, "Kate, I'm sorry if I hurt you..."

Kate nukes, "IF?"

Daniel insists he cares about her. Granny cares too, "But I have no regrets we ended our affair. I have enough experience to know it's all for the best."

"You mean," gasps Daniel, "I'm not your first?"

Kate tells Daniel she knows about the evidence Bo tampered with and Daniel shouldn't ask any more questions about that, "But we did what we did... we did it to protect the people we love."

Caroline continues to lecture Victor, "If Bo hadn't found out you were his father I’m sure this would never have happened. It's all your fault." Caroline had nothing to do with it, of course. In her world, it's takes one to tango.

Pete interrupts and tells Caroline she has a phone call from Max. Caroline says she wants Victor gone when she gets back.

Chelsea thinks Bo made a horrible decision in wanting to protect Phillip. Phillip says he cares about that but didn't ask Bo to do it. Chelsea thinks Phillip should accept part of the responsibility. She's on new ground here. It's the first time she was ever on this side of a responsibility lecture, "Victor has 'old school' tactics when it comes to business."

"You've been watching too many movies," growls Phillip. Chelsea knows her selfishness cost Bo and Hope their son, "and we have to live with that for all the Days Of Our Lives." You let your Dad do this to Bo and you have to live with that forever, too."

Bo vows not to let Roman down if he bends the rules. He asks for enough time to find Hollingsworth. Roman acts like he's going to do the right thing then completely falls apart and gives them 48 hours to find Paul.

Outside the pub, Henderson goes for the car. Victor comes up and asks to speak to Bo alone. Hope gets snippy.

Nicole takes a powder. Literally. Trent sits alone as Caroline takes Max' call right behind him. She picks up a megaphone and points it toward Trent, "Oh, hello, Max. You're there with Stephanie? And Nick has joined you, too. Of course I won't tell Trent you're all there together." Caroline hangs up. Trent works his beard.

Sebastian the guard tells Stephanie and Max bail is 10,000 euros. Melanie chuckles, "WOW! That's like uh... lotsa dollars." Nick tells her this isn't funny. Max decides to call Trent. Melanie insists he can't do that. She lunges for him as Max gets out the cell phone. The bars stop her.

Kate thinks she tried to do the right thing but then things spiraled out of control. Daniel insists she did what she did to protect the ones she loves. Hugs. Chelsea comes up to the door, looks through the conveniently placed window and soaks it in.

Melanie nukes and tells Max he can't call Trent. "He has money and you don't," says Max, "It's that simple." Max tells her if she doesn't want him to call, she has to come up with the money. She says she'll never live it down if she goes to her friends for money.

Kate. Daniel. Locked in a deadly embrace. Chelsea pops her head in the door.

Victor apologizes for asking Bo to protect Phillip, "If I can help in any way...."

"Got an extra million or two laying around," asks Bo.

Victor tells Bo he spilled the beans to Caroline, too. He walks off. Hope comes up and pries, "What was that all about."

"He's just trying to make himself feel better," says Bo, "Now we have to smoke out the truth."

Hope asks, "If he's dead?"

"Then we know who killed him," says Bo.

Phillip calls and tells Bo they need to talk, "I want you to know I'm not gonna let you take the fall for this. That just can't happen."


Hope asks, "Where is Phillip anyway? Didn't he say he was on his way?" Bo says, "I wonder what he had in mind."

Morgan lectures Phillip, "You saved my life. I thought you cared about me." Phillip says, "I do care." Morgan explodes, "Now I find out that you threatened to kill my father!"

Marlena tells John, "You are not the man I married. The truth is, we barely know each other."

Delayed Posting 08/26/08

Prevuze should be up around 9AM eastern time today.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Fred Frump — Satellite Technician

There was no feed today, Prevuzers. I guess I should clarify that — no feed yet.

It just seems every morning there is some sort of problem getting Prevuze out. The setup we have to collect the feed, get it to the computer and then post the blog would challenge anything Rube Goldberg ever came up with. When the Prevuze team is on the road, it becomes even more complex. It's important to remember, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link (We'll come back to that profound thought in just a moment).

Anyway, if any part of our setup fails, getting Prevuze out can resemble a Salem fire drill. Starting up in the sky, the satellite feed can fail (We'll come back to that profound thought in just a moment), or we can have a power failure here at the Prevuze compound (This happens a lot since we live in the forest primeval). The Internet could be unavailable (This happens a lot since our carrier is the ever-unreliable Sprint/Embarf*). Or, as happened last week, we could have computer problems (For the technophiles in the audience, we'd like to personally thank Microsoft for the SP3 distribution, which turned our video recording computer into the Shawn Brady model).

So this morning, the satellite feed simply failed. Assuming the show remains on the air (I know, we're on shaky ground there) we have long suspected we might wake up some morning and find out it has gone digital or hi-def, which would necessitate a satellite change. In that event, we would be able to find the new feed and continue to bring you Prevuze. Uh, we think.

We don't think that's what happened today because a chain (say it with me) is only as strong as its weakest link. And these days, the weak link in the chain seems to be the guy they have hired to come in early in the morning to press the button to send the feed. Many, many mornings lately, the feed has popped on at the last second. On a couple of occasions, however, like this morning, it just hasn't been there. Our theory is that DOOL has hired Fred Frump, Salem Hospital Chief of Security as the guy in charge of coming in and pressing the button. We know economic times are tough and I'm sure Fred, like many others, has had to take measures to stay on his feet financially. So we speculate Fred has taken a second job as the DOOL satellite technician. To quote Fred, "If you think the price of gas has gone up, you should see what's happened to the price of a bottle of Boone's Farm."

We're sure the feed usually goes out in a timely fashion since most mornings Fred can just walk from the bar over to his post at DOOL Satellite Central and press the button. Unfortunately, this morning Fred didn't make it, and all we got was static.**

We'll keep you posted on this earthshaking situation, and you might consider checking back in later today in case Fred staggers to his station and presses the button for a later feed. In the meantime, let's keep our outlook positive. We may not have gotten a DOOL feed today but that's OK because life is... there's a lot to be thankful... it's a new day and...



*"Sprint - The Now*** Network" (***Now - Any time you need the Internet but it's unavailable.)

**It was, however, much better than the show.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Week In Pictures






Have a great weekend, gang, and a special shout-out to our Prevuze spies on special assignment in Boston.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Her Mustache Confused Me

Max stands in the jail cell and has a tirade. Stephanie asks, "Where's your sister?"

Max says, "I'm sure she's on a beach somewhere soaking up the sun... WHILE WE ROT IN THIS HOLE!" He sticks his head up to the bars and continues his rant, "At least give us our cell phones so we can call someone to help get us out." He turns to Stephanie, "There's got to be a law against that."

Stephanie says, "I don't think they go by the books here."

Max screams, "Don't these people in France know about the US Constitution?" Max gives up and decides to take a nap, "Wake me when it's time to eat." Stephanie gets an idea.

In one of those coincidences you only find on Daze, Nick arrives from the US and immediately bumps into Melanie and her friend Michelle in a cafe. He recognizes Melanie and overhears Melanie tell Michelle she's broke, "I have to find a new guy to mooch off of. Melanie and Michelle sit down at a table as Michelle tries to come up with names of boys Melanie can prey on, "How about Tristan. OMG, have you seen him in those gym shorts?"

Melanie is skeptical, "Boys that wear that much hair gel tend to bat for the other team if you know what I'm saying."

Nick walks by and talks into his cell phone, "I want six figures or I'll take my prototype elsewhere!"

Melanie's eyes widen, "I think I just found my new man."

Trent joins Nicole. Nicole isn't thrilled to see him. Trent says, "Well, when my wife's not happy, I'm not happy."

Nicole says, "Go to hell."

John looks at Marlena, "Who am I?" Marlena is silent. John tries again, "Who am I? Come on, Blondie, it's me. John Black."

Marlena shakes out the cobwebs, "Oh, sorry, things just got fuzzy there for a moment."

"You gave me a chill," says John.

Marlena scoffs, "You thought I forgot who I am. Wouldn't that have been ironic? It's me. I remember everything. Family... friends... husband... It's enough to make me wish I did have amnesia, but no such luck."

Lucas announces he is taking Allie and leaving. EJ tells him that would be kidnapping, "If you take her, you will go to jail with no 'get out of jail free card' this time."

Lucas backs off and blubbers, "I can't go back to jail until my scars heal." It seems Chloe is starting to rub off on him. Sami wants to talk. Uncharacteristically, Lucas doesn't. Sami encourages him to open up, "Come on, Lucas, this is about us."

Lucas snarls, "There is no us."

EJ starts to leave so they can talk about it alone, "I'm going to go check on the twins."

"Make sure you double-check on them," says Sami.

"What are you so worried about," asks Lucas.

"Nothing," claims Sami. Lucas presses. EJ intervenes and tells Lucas Sami is saying she's had enough. Lucas wants to know if this is about Stefano. The veins in his neck explode, "I'm calling Mickey to end this once and for all."

Stephanie primps and calls the guard. Max thinks she's spinning her wheels, "I will give you $100 if you pull this off."

"You don't have $100," says Stephanie. Stephanie continues to primp and calls again. A woman (?) the size of a Saturn V rocket walks in and scowls. Stephanie is turned facing Max. Max looks at Mt. Bertha standing behind Stephanie and tries to suppress the laughter.

Nick sits at his table and reads the paper.

Michelle checks him out and says, "Send in the geek patrol." Melanie puts on glasses to impress Nick and goes over to his table. She asks to borrow the newspaper. Nick says he only reads the financial section and suggests she join him so they can share.

Big Bertha makes her exit, unimpressed by Stephanie's cleavage. "That went well," chuckles Max, "She really warmed up to you. Was it a she? Her mustache confused me. It takes more than a low cut dress and a smile to con these bozos."

"It worked on one American bozo I can think of," says Stephanie.

A new guard shows up. He seems to be more impressed by Stephanie's package, "My name ees Sebastian. You can call me Seb."

Max' smile fades, "Where did Large Marge go?"

As far as Sebastian is concerned, Max isn't even in the room, "I zink I recognize you. Are you zee race-a-car drivere? I zaw you race at Silverstone."

Helpful Max chimes in, "Was that the time she crashed?"

Stephanie gives him a look, "I try not to think about that. Those Vespas are hard to handle."

Smooth Seb says, "Eet ees amazing zee way you handle your curves."

John asks if Marlena remembers how this happened. She goes through the story. Here's something new: a flashback. Marlena tells John she figures someone found her. John tells her that was Anna and him. Marlena gasps, "Stefano must have been behind it and gave me the same drug I gave him." She tells John Stefano was in her hospital room taunting her. John tells her not to cry.

Trent wants respect from his wife. Nicole wants to be left alone. The audience wants entertainment. Trent remembers what a struggle it was for Nicole to take care of herself when she was younger and thinks it probably still is. He insults her and brings up EJ.

Sami frets but EJ assures her the twins are OK. Sami says it's been a difficult day what with Stefano and Lucas' threats. EJ hugs her and tells her things will be fine.

Lucas greets Mickey and Maggie. Mickey asks if Lucas really wants this. He says sole custody is a lot to ask. Lucas asks, "Can you do it?" Is it legal?"

"I'm not certain," says Mickey, "I'd be able to say for sure if I knew anything about law." He goes in to see Sami and Lucas. Maggie holds Lucas back. Inside, Mickey tells them he thinks Lucas could have a case.

Marlena panics. She wants to find Sami and worries about Johnny. John reassures her. He tells her things will be fine, but Marlena doesn't think so. Another flashback... Stefano taunts her in her hospital room. Marlena says, "Nobody is safe from that madman."

Nicole insists nothing is going on between her and EJ. Trent says he'd hate to tell Victor they are still married. He says he wants one more thing from her. Nicole refuses to do anything more, so Trent pulls out his cell phone and starts to call Victor. Nicole gives in, "OK I'll do it — but no more."

Seb bends the rules for Stephanie and sneaks her cell phone in to her. He points to his cheek. Stephanie puckers up and moves in to kiss it, but Seb makes a quick move and she lands on his lips. Seb walks away and Max has a conniption. He thinks Seb is a slimeball. "Well, I think he's cute," says Stephanie, "compared to Humongous Helga." Stephanie tries to call Patch and Kayla, but gets voicemail, "I'm just calling to check in. Please call me when you get this."

Max suggests calling Bo and Roman. Stephanie don' wanna — she doesn't want Patch and Kayla to hear she is in jail from someone else. Max suggests calling Daphne. "She's the editor of a tabloid," says Stephanie, "You want this spread over the front page." All of a sudden, Stephanie realizes she has a text message from Nick, "He's here!" Max searches the jail cell to see if he can find him.

Melanie tells Michelle Nick is putty in her hands. Nick comes back with drinks. He and Melanie sit together and things are quiet. Nick asks, "Is this how you treat a guy who buys you an overpriced water?" Melanie suggests they get to know each other and tells Nick about herself.

Nick's phone interrupts. Stephanie tells him they are in jail. She also says Max' sister Melanie is a con artist. She tells him how to get over there and bail them out. As Stephanie reels off the directions, Max tells her, "Just tell him to follow the rats and roaches."

Nick hangs up. "So who was that," asks Melanie.

Lexie comes in to see Marlena. She has a few tests she wants to administer, "Follow my fingers." Lexie wags her hand back and forth and watches Marlena's eyes, "Perfect! That will be $395. Now for your orientation test. What is your name?"

"Marlena - Evans - Craig - Bradford - Brady - Black - North - Black - DiMera"

"Great," says Lexie, "That's $29.95 per name."

"Where are you," asks Lexie.

"Trapped in a soap opera masquerading as a dramatic TV show."

"Fantastic," says Lexie, "That's $199, plus tax. What year is it?"

Marlena goes completely blank and stares like a deer looking into headlights. After the long pause, Marlena cackles with laughter, "Just kidding."

"Thank goodness," says Lexie, "That's an extra $250 for messing with the Chief of Staph."

John takes Lexie aside, "Look, I know I'm wealthy beyond anyone's dreams, but one more test and I'll be living in a cardboard box. Just tell me, is Marlena go to go?"

Marlena overhears and insists she's fine, "Why are you so concerned about me?"

Sami insists she has rights. Mickey says they have to discuss Stefano.

Lucas tells Maggie things are over between him and Sami. He doesn't trust her any more. He has to move on. Maggie asks if that will be with Chloe.

John reminds Marlena she'd still be in a coma if not for him. Lexie has him step outside. Out there, she tells him not to get Marlena agitated. She says they don't know the effects of the toxins so she has to take it one step at a time. A phone call interrupts Lexie's lecture. She walks off to take it.

Max hopes Nick can get them out of there, "But this place is better than some of the youth hostels I've been in."


Stephanie can't wait to get back to the states to their own beds. Max announces when he gets out he might stick around because he still wants answers.

Stephanie protests, "What answers? About Melanie? I've seen plenty of girls like her. She's a rude, selfish, manipulative liar."

"Maybe it's all an act," says Max. Stephanie says all Melanie cares about is herself.

Melanie wants to know if that was his girlfriend. He says he doesn't have one. Melanie says she doesn't have a boyfriend today, "But who knows what tomorrow will bring?" Melanie suggests going to lunch. Nick says he would love to but his passport was stolen and he has to go to the police station to pick it up. He invites her. She agrees and goes to tell Michelle.

Trent tells Nicole about Melanie. Nicole worms it out of him that Melanie is his daughter, "You've got kids poppin' up all over the place, don't you?" Trent wants Nicole to find out if Melanie has run into Max. Nicole says, "You're afraid Max will tell his sister what an SOB her father is."

Michelle and Melanie high five over her finding rich, gullible Nick. Nick comes up. He and Melanie leave for the police station.

EJ insists Stefano has nothing to do with this. Mickey thinks Stefano could be a threat to the twins.

Maggie thinks Lucas is rushing things with Chloe, "Slow down until I have time to get the word out."

Lucas says, "We haven't been on an official date, but she has some of the qualities I was interested in in Sami. Without the rage. Or the brain." Maggie tells him it's not good to replace one bad choice with another. Lucas says if Chloe is the real deal that's great but he's not getting his hopes up.

"It sounds like you are falling for her," says Maggie.

John goes back into Marlena's room, "Blondie, what I said earlier... I didn't mean to upset you. Whatever happens I will protect you from Stefano. As soon as they let you out, I want you to come home with me."

Marlena says, "I'm sorry, John, I can't do that."

Trent says he just wants to keep Max away from Melanie. Nicole wants to know why. Trent won't' tell.

Seb escorts Nick and Melanie into the jail. Max and Stephanie jump for joy when they see Nick. Melanie is shocked, "You know each other? What is this, an ambush?"

All Maggie wants is for Lucas to be happy and for the entire town to know every excruciating detail of his love life, "If Chloe can do that for you that's wonderful."

Lucas says, "The only thing that will make me happy is getting my daughter out of here. I care for my kids so much I want to have them all shipped to Europe so I never have to look at them again."

Lucas walks in and tells Sami she's not taking Allie away from him. He goes uber-macho, 'You wanna go to court? You're not gonna win. There is no way in hell."


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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ego, Greed, A Tainted Empire, A Brazen SOB, Vengeance And A Chill Pill

Rolf walks through the DiMera mansion hallway with a suitcase. Stefano asks, "Going somewhere?"

"Iz not vhat it lookz like," says Rolf.

Stefano orders, "Put the suitcase down."

Rolf comes into the room, "How about zee drink, Ztefano, perhaps zome Strega."

"Rolf," says Stefano, "Shut up." Stefano tells him they have urgent business.

Patch rages. Roman wants to speak with Kayla and him. Kayla steps in and whines, "I really need to go be with Joe."

Roman says, "Not now. One more minute, Kayla."

WhinebuttKayla begs, "Oh pleeeeeaseeeee..."

Roman interrupts, "One more..."

Patch tries to calm her down, "We have to help." He fills Roman in on what happened, but Kayla steps all over him. She and Patch continue to rant about Stefano's misbehavior.

John comes in and asks about Marlena. Lexie is combative. She lectures John about coming in without permission, but suddenly stops, "Wait! Her brain activity just spiked. She's regaining consciousness."

"That's strange," says John, "DOOL isn't over yet."

Tony and EJ wait together in the infamous stairwell. "You're not as much fun as Sami," says EJ. They talk about Stefano and his unpredictability. EJ doesn't understand why Stefano wants to taint the empire he has built. Tony says Stefano's fortune is theirs, "But I think we have a problem that we've brushed aside, and it is the time that we confront it head on."

EJ asks, "You mean John Black?"

Tony says, "No. I mean this hospital coffee. I think I'm going to be sick." EJ isn't sure if he wants to continue their father's legacy. Tony says this is about dignity, not money.

"John has been good to me," says EJ.

Tony snorts, "Oh, for God's sake, send him a dozen roses." EJ thinks Stefano will go gunning for John. Tony suggests they wrest control from those who would sabotage the empire.

Stefano chuckles, "Rolf, you should take a chill pill. Or has that phrase become passe since I was in my coma?"

"No," says Rolf, "It vas passe yearz ago." Stefano tells Rolf they have much to accomplish and it's good to be back, but he has to go underground.

"In ozzer verds," asks Rolf, "Zey're kickink you off zee zhow again?"

"No," says Stefano, "Better safe than comatose. Unless you are watching DOOL." Stefano hands him a portfolio and asks him to guard it. He also says he wants to leave a message for Marlena. He walks over to the chess board and breaks the queen in half. Rolf gasps, "But zoze chezz peizez are over 100 yearz oldt!"

"I know," says Stefano, "just like Marlena. But these pieces are mine to do with as I see fit." He tells Rolf they can catch up on things when they reach their destination. Rolf is coming with him.

The nurse hands L'il Joe to Kayla and tells them Dr. Lopez checked him out and he is fine. Patch wonders if he is really all right. "I'm sure he is all right," says Kayla, "Dr. Lopez has taken care of him since he was born."

"Now there's a long-term relationship for you," says Patch. He continues to make wild threats against Stefano, "If he did anything to L'il Joe, I would kill him."

"I would help you kill him," says the compassionate woman of medicine, "Or at least take that kidney back."

Sami freaks at the thought that Marlena is waking up. The three of them hover over Marlena. John asks, "Dr. Carver, what's going on? You said she was snapping out of it."

"No," says Lexie, "I said she was snapping at me and she's always out of it."

Sami calls out to Marlena, "Mom, (say it with her) we're here for you and we will be (say it with her) here for you for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Lexie shows John the empty syringe and says she knows it was an antidote. She says she isn't sure who administered it, "I'm going to go run more tests. The more tests, the bigger the bill."

Sami tells John she knows he cares about Marlena, "You have a heart in there and right now it's breaking. You love her, don't you?" John is evasive. He says he doesn't understand love but he admits he has been more concerned since Stefano targeted her in the lockdown. Sami asks if he is holding out for someone else like Ava. John is silent.

Sami freaks, "OMG! You can't keep leading Mom on like this. I know you want to start over but you owe it to her not to give her false hope. When she wakes up I'm going to tell her she needs to move on."

John stops her tirade. He says he's just trying to process things. Sami apologizes for going off the deep end. John knows that's not exactly uncharted territory for her. Sami says she is in no position to criticize since she is on shaky ground when it comes to romance herself. But her kids are important so she's going to go find them and give them a big hug. She goes over to Marlena and tells her she's leaving but Marlena is in good hands. Sami leaves.

Tony says power corrupts when it's all about ego and greed. EJ agrees, I'm with you on this." Hugs. Tony goes to find Anna and take her home.

Just as he leaves, Nicole comes into the stairwell, "So this is the infamous stairwell." EJ tells her he knows he hurt her. Nicole says she knows they didn't have something serious, but it's been a long time since she poured her heart out to a man, "Actually, I find you pompous and stuffy. You're not even my type. I don't blame Sami. It's all you. You are cruel and insensitive just like 99% of the male population."

"I know," says EJ, "It's guys like me that give the other 1% a bad name." He takes a peek at the guy manual, "The situation is complicated and we have issues."

"I don't care anymore," says Nicole. She says EJ is a liar.

"Even when I told you I have feelings for you," he asks.

A mushroom cloud appears over Salem hospital, "Is that supposed to make me feel better? You made out with Sami and twenty minutes later announce your half baked feelings for me?"

"They aren't half baked," insists EJ. Nicole says she wants him out of her life and storms off.

Rolf insists he's a scientist not a manservant. Stefano tells him to dismantle the labooooratory and move it to a new location. Rolf tells him John Black destroyed the lab.

Stefano goes into meltdown, "That brazen SOB! Half brother or not, he is finished! He and Marlena make quite a malevolent destructive pair. Vengeance is mine and it will be sweet. I am going to raise up a new generation of DiMeras, more powerful and invincible than ever. The vendetta will live on. In the meantime, I will wreak havoc with John and Marlena, the legendary lovers of Salem."

Sami and EJ pick the twins up where they left their baby buggy parked by the curb and return to the mansion. EJ walks in and sees the room has just been abandoned, "Father?" Sami comes in and asks what's wrong.

Nicole meets Lucas. He tells her he's glad this whole thing happened since it's reinforced the fact that it's over with Sami. Nicole says, "You're better off without her."

Miss Meathooks overhears, "I couldn't agree more."

John looks toward the heavens and prays, "First of all, the ceiling needs painting. Marlena's just gotta get better. OK, I will make whatever deal you want me too." John looks toward the floor, "With either one of you. Come on Blondie, it's time to wake up. I have something important you might want to hear."

Nicole thinks this is big news. Suddenly Lucas decides he has to focus on his daughter and leaves. Chloe says she feels like Lucas just blew her off. "Hey," shrugs Nicole, "he's a man — unpredictable and emotionally unavailable." Nicole offers to buy coffee.

Chloe is shocked, "You drink something other than booze?"

As they walk off, Nicole says, "The Cubs are really doing great this year."

"Give them time," says Chloe, "They don't call them the 'meltdown masters' for nothing. Besides, I heard a rumor the Cubs are moving to the Philippines. They're going to call them the Manila Folders."

Roman says they will be working full time to get Stefano. Tony walks up as Patch talks about Stefano taking L'il Joe. Roman turns to Tony, "You know anything about that?"

Tony hyperventilates, "Damn him!"

EJ tells Sami it's nothing. One of the twins cries and Sami gets up to get a bottle. As she does, she discovers the broken chess piece.

John says he knows he's hurt Blondie. Gradually, her pain has affected him. He knows he's not the John she fell in love with but he says she is important to him. He wants her to pull through. Lexie walks in. John asks, "You have the test results?" Lexie nods. John asks, "She's gonna be OK?"

Roman asks Tony where Stefano is. Tony says he doesn't know. He can't believe Stefano would target a child. Kayla whimpers. She wants to go home. Roman says he will post security on their place. The taxpayers will pay.


Chloe and Nicole share coffee. Nicole toasts, "Here's to us standing strong against the forces of an evil, deceitful woman who can get decent men wrapped around her little finger."

"OMG," gasps Chloe, "Who has she been going out with besides EJ and Lucas?"

Sami reports the twins are asleep. EJ asks why the chess piece upset her. "It's the queen," says Sami, "Stefano used to call her the queen of the night." She thinks this proves Stefano has been there. The Richter Scale registers yet another one of Sami's mood swings, "You knew that, didn't you? Admit it. This place is no longer safe. We need to get out of here right now."

Marlena wakes. John asks, "Hey Blondie, are you coming back to us?"

Nicole fills Chloe in on her and EJ, "It was just a crush. But who wouldn't have a crush on him?" She blames EJ for succumbing to Sami's charms. She says she is furious with him. I blame Sami, but it takes two to foxtrot.

Chloe speculates, "But if Sami weren't in the picture..."

Nicole asks, "You have something in mind?"

"Sami always shoots herself in the foot," says Chloe. Nicole toasts to Sami coming up empty.

Tony tells Anna bout the Joenapping. Anna thinks Stefano is a maniac. Tony tells her they will take back the DiMera name.

EJ tries to whoa Sami up. However, Sami is in a mood to panic. EJ insists he isn't running away from his problems. Panic-o-rama-paloosa.

Lexie is back in with John and Marlena, "I'm going to go run more tests. The more tests, the bigger the bill."

"Welcome home," says John, "These last few hours have been strange, huh? Seeing people that weren't there, having conversations with... doesn't matter. I know now I'm on a mission where failure isn't an option. We need to work on things starting with our relationship and maybe even our marriage. What do you think?"

Tony explains that he and EJ are joining forces to take back the empire. Anna doesn't like it. Tony says he can't watch the empire go up in smoke. "It's about bringing honor to the DiMera name," says Tony. Anna is tired of hearing that. Tony insists he and EJ have to take control.

Lucas walks into the DiMera mansion and finds EJ and Sami, "There's the happy couple."

"Go back where you came from," growls EJ.

"No problem," says Lucas, "I'll just take my daughter. I'm leaving right now."

John asks, "Did you hear what I said, Doc?" He smiles, "That's right, I called you Doc. Maybe there is a piece of the old John inside me."

Marlena turns, scowls and drones, "Who are you?" John's smile fades like that other cheap candy melting in your hand, not in your mouth.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Staircase Striptease

The first floor of Salem Hospital bustles. Roman tells Abe, "The ventilation system up there is working. I want an update!"

Abe updates him, "The ventilation system is working."

Roman wonders, "What the hell is going on up there?"

Sami and EJ, that's what's going on. Nicole watches.

Chloe and Lucas are unconscious. Lucas wakes and checks her out. He also checks to see if she is OK. Chloe chokes, "I'm so dizzy."

"Thank God you're back to normal," says Lucas.

"My head feels like someone is hitting it with a hammer," she says, "Yours looks like someone hit it with a hammer. Do you think this is over?" Lucas doesn't think it's over if Stefano is behind it.

Patch and Kayla wail, bang on doors, slobber and blubber. Patch comforts her. "Our baby is gone," bawls Kayla.

"He probably left because he couldn't stand the overacting," says Patch.

Kayla thinks Stefano may be behind L'il Joe's disappearance. Patch turns on the afterburners, "IF THAT SOB TOUCHED OUR BABY I WILL KILL HIM WITH MY BARE HANDS." More screaming and banging...

Nicole watches the staircase striptease. She starts to go but Roman stops her. An officer interrupts. Nicole goes back to the video.

EJ and Sami get busy. Between the heaving and the panting, EJ says, "We can't do this."

"That's my line," says Sami.

"I'm sorry," says EJ.

Sami chuckles, "You have nothing to be sorry about."

Lexie updates Abe on the patients being moved from the rest of the floors. Abe tells her he thinks Stefano is behind this.

Lexie is shocked, "The last time I examined him he was in a paralytic coma. I tested myself."

Abe asks, "But did you think to have a doctor test him? This is too coincidental to be random. Stefano has to be behind this. When we catch him he will wish he had never awakened from that coma."

Kate badgers Roman for information. "I really don't know," says Roman.

"You have to know more than the news," says Kate, "My son is up there."

Roman says, "So is Stefano DiMera."

Kate says, "OMG! Then they're going to go after Lucas for trying to kill EJ."


Lucas watches out the window and gives Chloe a play by play. Chloe whines, "My head is killing me and I'm still dizzy."

"Take short, shallow breaths," says Lucas. He goes through his bedside table and finds a barf bag for her to breathe into.

Chloe breathes. Lucas asks, "Is that any better?"

"You didn't tell me it was used," says Chloe.

"Someone from the audience must've gotten to it first," says Lucas.

Chloe recovers and thanks him. They leave the room. Chloe whimpers, "The thought of running into Stefano really scares me."

Stefano steps out of the shadows, "As well it should my dear."

Officer Tim tells Roman he got the video working. Everyone gathers around and watches EJ and Sami. Roman tells Officer Tim to get the other cameras activated.

Kate soaks it in, "I knew something was going on between EJ and Sami. Lucas is so much better off without her."

Sami is distant. EJ wants to know what's up, "I just want to know that wasn't a mistake."

"It wasn't," whispers Sami, "It was because of the gas in here. It was because we were trapped here. What happened... happened. I know what I said and meant it. I couldn't imagine my life without you, EJ."

EJ says, "Thank you." He pauses, "I couldn't imagine my life without you either." Hugs.

Lucas steps in front of Chloe to protect her. Stefano says he is happy to see chivalry is not dead. He wonders what Lucas is doing there with the lovely Miss Lane. Stefano says he isn't the one who will cause Lucas pain. Lucas wants to know what he means by that. Stefano hands Lucas his cell phone, "This will show you everything you want to know."

Lucas watches the video of Sami and EJ's tender moment. "As I said," gloats Stefano, "I am not the one who is going to hurt you."

"I'm not surprised," says Chloe.

"Neither am I," says Lucas.

Kate asks Lexie where Roman is. Lexie dunno. Kate launches into a tirade, "If your father is behind this, he will go after Lucas."

"He will go after whomever wronged him," says Lexie.

Lucas plays it tough, "Whadya want me to do lose my mind?"

"Too late for that," says Stefano.

Lucas says he already told Sami it's over, "So what are you doing, old man?"

"I don't think its' wise for you to insult me," says Stefano, "I'm not going to punish you for shooting Elvis. You got off pretty easily for attempted murder. I just think it's a good idea you are moving on with the lovely Miss Lane and Samantha realizes her place is by Elvis' side. They will be the future of my family."

Lucas snorts, "You go to hell."

"At least I won't be alone."

Roman busts into the staircase with Abe. Sami rushes up and hugs him. EJ tells them about the gas. Abe wonders who got the exhaust system working. Roman sends his boys up to see if they can get through the door. Sami tells them Stefano may have been up and around. Abe sends EJ and Sami downstairs to get checked out by Lexie.

Downstairs, Nicole watches as they come out of the stairwell.

Patch and Kayla blubber and whine. Patch assures her they will make it through this. That's more than we can say for the audience. Suddenly, Kayla hears a baby crying.

Lucas can't understand why he and Chloe seem to be the only ones up there. He says they have to be ready if Stefano tries something else. They go back into his room. Lucas checks the phone, which is still dead. He suggests they sit tight. He vows not to let anything happen to her. Hugs.

EJ and Sami both insist they are fine. Lexie wants them to get tested. Abe and Roman report the guys are using acetylene to get through the door.

Sami updates Lexie and Kate. They both think Stefano is behind this. They also fill Kate and Lexie in on Marlena's escapades. "She injected Stefano with the same toxin she has been injected with," says EJ.

"That can't be," says Lexie. Sami tells them Marlena admitted it. EJ tells them physically Stefano was immobile but conscious.

Sami spews, "She should have killed him!"

Kate asks, "Was Lucas up there?"

"Lucas who," asks Sami.

"Do you care about him at all," asks Kate.

"Of course," says Sami. Kate and Sami get into it and Lexie referees. EJ assures Sami everyone will be OK. Hugs.

Lucas tells Chloe he is sick of jumping through hoops for Sami. He mocks her, "Lucas or EJ... EJ or Lucas... EJ and I have a son... Lucas and I have a daughter... I just don't know." Lucas rages on, "The only time Sami is honest is when it benefits Sami. Things will never change with her."

Chloe whines, "I'm sorry..." Translation: Hot dog! Time to move in.

"I'm not," says Lucas, "I have my freedom."

Janis Joplin steps into the room, "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose."

As she leaves, Don Henley steps in, "Freedom... that's just some people talkin'."

Lucas says, "I can concentrate on my future now – My daughter and my son."

Chloe gets out her meathooks,, "I could be a part of that future if you play your cards right." Translation: subtlety isn't one of Chloe's strong points.

"I'd better play my cards right," says the poor schmuck.

A crying baby interrupts their conversation. Patch and Kayla hear it too. They ramp up the pounding and banging.

Chloe and Lucas search. Patch and Kayla pound. Patch decides to try to break the door. He grabs a bedpan and starts chopping away at the handle. The handle wins. Lucas and Chloe hear the commotion and run up to the door. Lucas yells through the door and tells them who he is. Kayla gives him the code, "2013."

"Give them to me one at a time," says Lucas, "That's all I can handle." Lucas opens the door and Patch and Kayla pour out of the room. They rush toward the baby sound.

Lexie tells Nicole she knows she cares for her brother. Nicole says, "I can't bear to see him being blinded by that..."

Lexie interrupts, "If there is any way you can get him from Sami, go for it." Nicole tells her she's been down that road before. EJ interrupts and says Sami is ready for her exam. Lexie leaves. EJ and Nicole share an uncomfortable moment.

EJ consults the Guy Manual and then rushes up and hugs her like he's just found a long-lost friend, "Oh, it's so good to see you. I didn't know you were here."

Nicole pours out the sarcasm, "I don't know what's worse – being trapped with Stefano or stuck in a stairwell with Sami."

"Oh," says EJ, "So you know about that."

Nicole tells him about the video feed, "Your open shirt... the clinging... Kissing... that visual is buried deep in my brain."

"Fortunately," says EJ, "If it's in your brain it can't be too deep."

Lexie checks out Sami. Sami somehow survives and tells her she hallucinated after breathing the gas, "Then we escaped to the stairwell and were breathing fresh air. Heavily, as a matter of fact."

Lexie goes to run tests.

Outside, Kate worries that Lucas might be in danger. Lexie tries to comfort her, "He might be all right. We don't know what's going on. We don't know what's going on upstairs either."

Chloe and Lucas go one way, Patch and Kayla go another. Kayla hears the baby again. She and Patch run into a supply room. Kayla finds L'il Joe and picks him up. Hugs and kisses.

"Ya win some, ya lose some," says L'il Joe.

Abe Roman and a cop rush into Stefano's empty room. Abe wonders what Stefano wants with the baby.

Stefano comes on the TV, "Hello gentlemen. It's about time you got here."

Patch and Kayla huff and puff over L'il Joe. Kayla wonders what the point of all this was. So does the audience. Kayla finds a mark on his wrist.

"Maybe it's just a freckle," says Patch.

Roman dispatches the cops who came into Stefano's room with them. Stefano lectures them for showing up late. He says he heard there was a dire situation up there, "I was able to get away. There are others, I've been told, who weren't as lucky."

"Yeah," screams the audience in unison, "US!"

Stefano says, "I hope the gas will have no long lasting affects. Oh yes, Dr. Marlena Evans... I want her to be arrested for assault and attempted murder. She did it to me. If you do not see her brought to justice. I will punish her myself."

Kate is with Lucas and Chloe. Lucas tells her, "We don't know how Sami and EJ got in the stairwell."

"Do you care," asks Kate.

"No," says Lucas, "We're through."

Lexie says she wants to examine EJ. EJ is reluctant. Sami tells him not to take any chances. EJ is still reluctant, but Lexie hauls him off. She has him put on one of those tiny, tiny, all-revealing hospital gowns. Ratings go through the roof.

Nicole stands alone and stress at the video of the empty stairwell. Oh! The metaphor!


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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Enough Garbage For Today

John works on the ventilation system wires as Tony watches. Anna comes in choking. Tony goes to her rescue. John sucks on the flashlight and finishes the job. The ventilation system comes on. He checks Tony and Anna, but Stefano booms over the loudspeaker, "It's too late, John." John curses him and attacks the loudspeaker.

Marlena vegetates as a light comes into her room. She looks up, "You."

The apparition says, "It's me — Sam. Have you missed me?"

John rushes into the next room yelling for Stefano. YoungStef sits there, "My name is Stefano."

Sam says, "Marnie, look at me."

Marlena looks up and thinks, "My sister was murdered — a long time ago. Before the writers murdered this show." She asks, "What if I'm not dreaming and you really are Sam? Am I dead?"

The audience cheers.

"No," says Sam, "You're alive." The audience boos. Sam goes on, "You did a bad thing and now you're gonna pay for it."

YoungStef says, "My name is Stefano DiMera."

John asks, "Do you know who I am? My mother was Colleen. Does that sound familiar?"

YoungStef blows a gasket, "Colleen ruined my life!"

Sam tells Marlena she broke her oath as a doctor, "Why did you do it? I know why but do you?"

Marlena tells her she's been injected with the Same stuff she gave Stefano, "I need an antidote."

Sam tells her a little story.

"No," says Marlena, "I need an antidote, not an anecdote."
She tells Sam she did it because of what Stefano did to John. Sam thinks there is more to it than that. Marlena says she knew Stefano wanted John as his pawn again. Sam wants more. Marlena gets frustrated, "The bastard deserved it."

"Now we're getting somewhere," says Sam.

YoungStef says Colleen tricked his father. John insists it was not his mother's fault, "It was our father's fault." YoungStef runs out and John chases him. Santo is in the hall, "Allo, my son-a."

Santo asks John why he's acting like this. John accuses him of leaving Colleen pregnant and alone. Santo claims Colleen never told him she was pregnant. He says if he had known he would have claimed John as his son. John says he wouldn't have wanted that. Santo claims Stefano was as pure as the driven snow, but life turned him into a monster. He says he thinks about Colleen every day.

Sam says she is there to help Marlena, "Revenge never was your style."

"No," says Marlena, "it's your style."

We have a flashback to a time where Sam had drugged Marlena.

Marlena says Sam wasn't very nice back then. Sam says Marlena found a way to help her then, and Sam will find a way to help her now. She tells Marlena she is there because Marlena lost her way.

"If that's why you're here, you should have been here years ago," says Marlena.

"You spent your time and energy trying to save John," says Sam, "but lost sight of who you are as a person."

Santo says he is there to give John a message. He says the life John is now leading is wrong. Stefano made him forget who he is but that doesn't mean he has to become cold and unfeeling, Do-a not-a be like-a me or Stefano. You are Colleen's-a son-a. You are a good-a man-a."

John says, "I don't have a clue what you just said, but you don't know who I am. Neither did Colleen." Santo tells him Colleen did what was necessary.

"My mother abandoned me," growls John. He turns and finds Santo is gone.

Stefano holds L'il Joe. He bets Patch and Kayla have big plans for him, "But I have some big plans for you too. MWA-HA-HA-HA-HA!"

Sam says if it hadn't been for John Marlena wouldn't be in this mess. Marlena says she would do it all over again. She describes the horror of discovering John was mindless, "And that was before Stefano ever got his hands on him. The man I know and love would have despised NewJohn. I have to get better to help him."

"You can't help somebody who doesn't want to be helped," says Sam, "What will you do when it doesn't work?"

Santo reappears and says Colleen did what she thought was best for John. He says Marlena is a good woman, can help him and loves him. John doesn't want to be the man he used to be, "I don't need her!"

OldJohn stands behind him, "You're wrong, John. And that's a fact."

OldJohn says he is there to help NewJohn. Santo has disappeared. OldJohn says he doesn't like the way NewJohn has been living. NewJohn says they are entitled to everything Stefano has. OldJohn reminds him they were already rich, "And being a DiMera has it's disadvantages, like your upcoming drug trial. I think you should have walked away."

Marlena tells Sam about John... OldJohn. Flashback to wonderful times together. John gives her a charm bracelet, "It has a star... and an anchor..."

"What's this," asks YoungMarlena.

"It's a couch," says John, "After all, you are a shrink."

"And what's this blob," asks YoungMarlena.

"I didn't know quite how to depict a Botox treatment," says John.

Then John guides YoungMarlena onto his jet. She gasps when they go back to the cabin and she sees it all decked out with a bed, "Oh, John, you've recreated our wedding night."

"No," says John, "I just want to join the mile-high club."

Sam can see why Marlena loved OldJohn, "But he's gone now and you have to accept that, Marnie." Marnie no can do.

OldJohn and NewJohn continue their discussion. OldJohn tells him Marlena isn't going to go away, "But I thought maybe if we put our heads together we could figure out a way to get rid of her. Life is about love John. It's about family and friendship. You had it all before Stefano took it away. The life you had was so much better. You just walked away."

"And I would like you to walk away," says NewJohn, "I've had enough garbage for today."

"You're out of luck," says OldJohn, "The show isn't over." OldJohn thinks Marlena can help bring NewJohn back and turn him into OldJohn again. He asks NewJohn to reconsider, "Don't throw away the best thing that ever happened to us."

"I won't," says NewJohn, "I still have the pornmobile."

Marlena tells Sam she just can't give up John. Sam tells her there was a time people wanted Marlena to give up on her but she didn't. Sam reminds her of the day she was sent away. Flashback. Marlena tells her, "They're not going to lock you up, they're going to help you."

"I'll bet you say that to all your patients," says Sam.

Sam says she was able to forgive herself because of Marlena. Marlena says it was Sam's own strength and determination that got her off drugs, "John is in a different place and thinks he doesn't need help. That's why I have to get better. To drive him over the edge."

Well," says Sam, "I have to go." We have a tearful goodbye. Sam picks up her purse and says, "I'll see you, sis."

Marlena stops her, "Oh, Sam, I need your help."

Stefano holds L'il Joe and asks, "Have you completed your assignment?" Rolf says he has and it is an honor to be working for Stefano once again. Stefano says there is much to be done as he hands L'il Joe to Rolf. Rolf says he will follow his instructions to the letter and leaves.


Tony and Anna wake up. Tony helps her up. Anna says she had a strange dream about Stefano. So did Tony. Tony thinks John must have successfully activated the ventilation system. They wonder where John is. Tony assumes he's gone for help. He tells her he will make sure Stefano gets what he deserves. Anna scolds him, "Don't you talk like that or you are no better than he is."

"I am not my father," insists Tony.

"On this show you never can tell," says Anna.

Stefano barks instructions into a phone and then turns to find Rolf. Rolf tells him things went exactly as planned.

Marlena asks Sam to give her the antidote. Sam says she can't do that, "Only you can save yourself."

Marlena begs, "I'm paralyzed." Sam tells her she can do it and disappears. Marlena gives herself a pep talk.

NewJohn says he doesn't know what he's going to do about Marlena. Santo tells him whatever he decides, not to give up on love. He hugs him and then NewJohn stands alone. A tear drops down his face.

Marlena struggles. Slowly, her shaky hand hits the tray. She works it across to the syringe, grabs and jabs.



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Monday, August 18, 2008

The Grifter

Nicole pours a drink and her fantasy continues. She imagines a world without DOOL.

Nicole is on her knees astride Sami with the pillow squished into her face. She lets up, "Ooh, this gives me the willies." Sami springs to life and starts choking Nicole, who reciprocates and we have a choke-off. If today is our lucky day, they will finish each other off. Nicole pops back to reality and spills her drink.

Lucas broods, "I had a feeling something was going on with those two but seeing it for real burned like a 45 slug going right into my foot. And believe me, I've shot myself in the foot plenty of times. Not that I could blame Phillie. She was a hot tomato with that tight little bun. The other one drooped, though. You could count on her. Not like my two timing floozy of a wife." Lucas flashes back to walking into Club Marlowe and seeing Chloe and Phillip kiss.

Sami screams, "Let me go you crazy she-devil." Nicole finishes the job and decides she needs a drink.

She walks over and looks at herself in the mirror, "I look better than you ever did. No one messes with my man and gets away with it." Suddenly she hears a sound in the other room, "That must be EJ."

Nicole pops back to reality, "Since this is my fantasy, I don't get caught."

Nicole drags Sami's body behind a screen and straightens herself up. EJ comes into the room, "Samanther?"

Nicole comes out from behind the door and asks, "Not who you were expecting Junior?"

"I don't know what you're talking about," says Junior, "And don't call me Junior." Nicole says she thought he was going out of town. He tells her he forgot something and insists there is no other woman. Nicole tells him Sami isn't there and gets upset because he doesn't deny his relationship with her. "Looks like you got me cold," he says.

Nicole asks, "Wasn't I woman enough for you?"

"I love you," says EJ, "I do. It's just the way I am and have always been. You are the only girl for me but I just can't stay faithful. It's not your fault, it's me. I'm a grifter. You don't deserve me."

Nicole tells EJ, "I'm the right woman for you — better than that tramp you were going to run away with."


EJ says, "In time I would have cheated on her, too."

"Then this was all for nothing," says Nicole.

EJ asks, "What did you do, Nicky?"

Lucas tells Chloe whatever she does on her own time is her own business. Phillip doesn't want trouble. Lucas tells him they were in a previous relationship, "She worked for me, but there was nothing between us. I'm a married man." Lucas turns to Chloe and tells her it wasn't right for him to ask her to wait. He says he knows what he has just walked in on, "I'm going out for some air." Phillip stops Chloe from following. He says he knows how Chloe and Lucas feel about each other. Chloe thinks leaving Lucas was a big mistake.

Phillip says he can give her all the things Lucas can't, "You leave me, you've got nowhere to go. Go get dressed. Wear something tight and low." Chloe leaves. She comes back with a rubber band around her ankle.

Nicole tells EJ she wasted the best years of her life on a two timing loser. EJ knows Sami was there and wants to know what Nicole did. Nicole insists she did nothing. EJ says he thinks Nicole is too classy for him and never should have married him, "I'm going. Too bad kid — them's the breaks." She begs him not to go but he leaves.

Nicole stands alone, "I may be down but I'm not out. I have to figure a way to get that heartbroken sucker of a Shamus to do my dirty work."

The heartbroken Shamus paces in his office and laments his bad day. He pours a drink, "I had been jilted by two dames in the same day. I thought maybe I should join the French Foreign Legion and devote my life to sand and camels." Speaking of Camels, he lights one up.

Lucas answers the phone. Nicole tells him, "I did it Lucas. I took care of her."

"Did what," asks Lucas.

"Get over here and I will show you.," says Nicole, "I'm at 711 Ocean Drive."

Chloe sings "Whatever It Takes To Make You Love Me." Phillip watches.

Chloe finishes, "Thanks Sam, we'll finish up later."

"Will that be when I play it again," asks Sam.

Chloe walks down off the stage to talk to Phillip. "I've been thinking," he says.

"I thought there was more smoke in this room than could come from one cigarette," says Chloe.

"You have a smart mouth," says Phillip.

"My mouth has what my brain lacks," says Chloe. Phillip wants her to stay there and work for him. Chloe asks, "How do I know you won't fire me if I don't play ball?"

"You'll just have to take my word for it," says Phillip.

Chloe says she knows she can't go back to work for Lucas now that he knows how she feels. She also knows he'll never leave his wife. Phillip thinks she needs someone to help her forget Lucas. Chloe says she doesn't want to be alone. Phillip moves in and helps out with that.

Nicole files her nails and waits on her bedroom chaise. Lucas comes in, "You thinkin' of comin' on to me?"

"I'm not that hard up," says Nicole, "Besides, I don't think you'd go for it."

Lucas wants to know what's up. Nicole stalls and offers a drink. "Is this about my wife," he asks, "Where is she?"

Nicole shows him the body. Lucas stoops down, "I'm not taking the rap for this."

"I see you're really shook up," says Nicole, "And I'm sure the cops will understand you had nothing to do with this. You could get the electric chair or worse — life with Louie's boys in the pen."

The audience chants, "The chair! The chair!"

"Help me hide the body," begs Nicole.

"No way," says Lucas, "He draws his gun, "Just shut your trap."

Nicole asks, "You think you're man enough to do it?"

Phillip pulls away. Chloe whines, "Don't you want me?"

"What I want," says Phillip, "is for you to want me. I'm not playing second banana to your old boss."

"I'll always love him," says Chloe, "You're a better lug than I gave you credit for. I need to go to him." Phillip tells her if she walks out she's not coming back. Chloe rips up the sheet of music she is holding. Phillip seems to take things in stride and tells her he knows there is no percentage in being a sore loser. Chloe thanks him and leaves.

Phillip wanders as EJ comes in and asks if he's open. "No," says Phillip, "But stay and have a drink — on the house."

"I'd rather have it in a glass," says EJ. Phillip asks about Sami. EJ tells her they were going away together. Phillip thinks Sami must have ditched him.

"No piece of skirt has ever ditched me," says EJ, "I think something happened to her. I got a bad feeling about it."

Nicole sweats, "Big gun."

Lucas says, "You should see the size of the hole it makes."


Lucas puts the gun away, "I don't rub out dames. They usually don't let me get close enough." Nicole decides she has nothing to live for. Lucas hands her a backup piece, "Here... it's taped and won't leave any prints."

Nicole asks, "What am I supposed to do with this?"

"That's up to you sweetheart." Lucas leaves. Nicole picks up the gun.

Chloe comes into the office looking for Lucas. The office is empty. She thinks her chances with him are gone. Pan to the picture of Sami as Chloe looks out the window.

EJ gets off the phone and tells Phillip he can't locate Sami anywhere. Nicole walks in. She tells EJ she's looking for him. He tells her she's through.

Chloe contemplates the drop, "Twelve stories. A long way to fall. Maybe I should consider going downstairs and going out the first story twelve times instead."

The audience chants, "Jump! Jump! Jump!"

Lucas comes back and pulls her out of the window. She insists she wasn't going to jump, "It's so hot and I was just trying to get air." Lucas pours a drink. "It's rude to drink alone," says Chloe. Lucas pours her a drink as she tells him she quit her job. She says Phillip treated her swell but she gave it up because, "You've always been the man for me."

"That's just music to my ears," says Lucas. He kisses her.

Chloe asks, "What about your wife?"

Phillip serves drinks and leaves Nicole and EJ alone to talk. She tells him his little girlfriend isn't coming with him, "I killed her." EJ laughs. He doesn't buy it. Nicole says she wants EJ back. He says, "If Samantha is dead that will never happen."

"Then there is nothing left to do," says Nicole. She gets in her purse and pulls out the gun, "If I can't be with you I'll kill you and then kill myself."

EJ changes his tune. He tells her he's always loved her but doesn't like being taken for granted. She tells him she didn't kill Sami with the gun. EJ has her hand him the gun nice and easy. He can't believe she killed for him, "No one has ever loved me that much."

"I love you more," says Nicole, "What if I get caught?" EJ asks what she did with the body. Nicole tells him she put it in a trash bin. EJ tells her they can be together again, but she has to leave Salem. It's that or the electric chair. He says he will leave with her. Nicole grabs a drink on the way out but leaves the gun.

Lucas says there is one more thing he has to do. He makes a phone call.

EJ and Nicole rush into the bedroom and pack. EJ swears faithfulness forever. Nicole begs, "Prove you love me." EJ moves in.

Back to reality. Nicole asks, "I wonder if EJ would love me if Sami was really out of the picture? EJ may always love Sami and any possibility of him falling for me is nothing but a fantasy."

Nicole starts to undress EJ but a knock interrupts the festivities. Nicole begs him not to answer it. EJ thinks it may be the cabbie and says he will tell him to come back later.

Instead Roman and Abe bust in. Roman asks, "You goin' somewhere Mrs. D?" She says they are packing for a vacation.

Abe says, "You're going away, but not on a vacation. We're here to arrest you for the murder of Samantha Horton."

Lucas tells Chloe he turned Nicole in, "I got the luckiest break of all. Sami's blithering is only a memory now."

Chloe says she loves him even more now, "And as far as whining goes, you ain't seen nothin' yet." Lucas is just looking for a fresh start and a clean break.

Nicole says she doesn't know what they are talking about. Roman and Abe say they know where the body is. "That dame is stone cold dead and you iced her," says Roman.

"You don't have proof," says Nicole.

Roman tells her they found a locket with a picture of EJ and Sami together. "That's motive," says Abe.

"You're done, toots," says Roman, "Time for you to go downtown."

Lucas and Chloe leave. Lucas takes one last look at the office as he walks out.

Roman cuffs Nicole. Nicole begs EJ for help, "You gonna wait for me, baby"

"Sorry dollface," says EJ, "I'm not that kind of guy."

"There won't be much to wait for," says Roman, "You are going to the electric chair." Nicole screams on her way out and gives EJ a look.

Alone, EJ gets in her purse and takes a wad-o-cash.

Back to reality. Nicole says, "I can't even get EJ in my own imagination. I have to find out what's going on at the hospital." She walks out of the room.



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