Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Under The Bus vs. Onto The Couch

The dramatic music tells us there will be a huge cliffhanger coming Friday.  It has to.  God knows the story line doesn't. #DAYS
EJ says he half expects Stefano to return. The viewers FULLY expect Stefano to return. #DAYS
Abby wants a 'pinky promise' from Jack that he won't embarrass her. That'll put her pinky-sized mind at ease. #DAYS
Lucas says EJ has thrown Sami under the bus a million times.  Not to mention the times he's thrown her onto the couch. #DAYS
Cameron says kissing Abby is his favorite thing to do. Give him time; he'll think of something better. #DAYS

Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Austin, if your wife is so uncommitted to your marriage you could lose her by staying, do you really think leaving town will work? #DAYS
Carrie says Rafe has a set of rules and actually lives by them. Except for that pesky 'till death do us part' marriage vow thing. #DAYS
Way to go Melanie. Get a good look at Andrew so he has to kill you so you can't identify him. #DAYS
Wow. Sami saved the footage on a flash drive and hid it in her bra. Maybe she wanted EJ to find it after all. #DAYS

Monday, July 23, 2012

I'll Put Your Ass In Traction

Brady threatens to put Ian's ass in traction.  I guess he ignored that part of his 12-step program that calls for forgiving others. #DAYS
Authorities arrest EJ because murder is a pretty bad thing, even for a politician. #DAYS
Sami says she knows what it's like to be on the gurney ready to die. She's obviously been a patient at Salem Hospital. #DAYS
Things are just a bit too good with Madison and Brady. Must be about time for an SUV to flatten Madison. #DAYS

Friday, July 20, 2012

EJ Stares At A Pair

Roman heads for the hospital to get EJ's blood type... you know, the place where switching medical info is a national pastime. #DAYS
Gabi says she's lucky to have such good friends.  The friends aren't so lucky to have her, though, if you ask me. #DAYS
Sami says two pair of eyes is better than one. Watch closely & notice EJ's pair keeps glancing down at another pair. #DAYS #BoysWillBeBoys
Will's upset at Lucas for trying to control his life. Well, Will sure isn't doing a good job of controlling his life. #DAYS

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Ian says He'll see to it Kate won't be at Stefano's mercy ever again. Not a stretch since Stefano is dead... allegedly. #DAYS
In her moment of euphoria with EJ, Sami lingered a bit too long and got just a bit too handsy, then rejected his advances. #Tease #DAYS
John to Ian: "Don't mess with my family, pal." I love it when John starts tossing "pal" around. #DAYS
Roman insists he can use a computer. For a boat anchor? #DAYS
Sami says when she and EJ are together they hurt each other. Yeah, especially if Sami has a gun. #DAYS

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bumbling Nimrod

Will leaves the letter for Lucas to find. He might be proud he's gay, but how does he feel about being a bumbling nimrod? #DAYS
John wonders what's up with Brady. His drug usage for one thing. #DAYS
Blubbering Maggie agrees to be strong for Melanie. Apparently what she says and what she does don't come on the same bus. #DAYS

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A Concrete Person

Carrie wants advice about Rafe. I say run to him and rip his shirt off... then stuff it in your mouth and SHUT UP for God's sake. #DAYS
The ultrasound... Yep, it's Carrie and Austin's kid all right. Did you notice the brain hasn't developed? #DAYS
If Carrie were forced to watch the Caustin scenes she wouldn't worry about going through childbirth. She could just puke the baby up. #DAYS
Carrie tells Marlena she's a concrete person. Her brain is, anyway. #DAYS

Monday, July 16, 2012

Nobody's Property

Nicole wants to grab a couple spring rolls. Daniel walks off. If he can't grab something else, he's not playing. #DAYS
Lucas says he knows Sami is nobody's property.  Yeah, many guys in town share her. #DAYS
Lucas should learn to keep his trap shut. Accuses EJ, who turns the tables and reminds Lucas he went to jail for attempted murder. #DAYS
Nicole prays Melanie is found safe and sound. Yeah, because this whole ordeal is cutting into time for her and Daniel's romp-a-thons. #DAYS

Thursday, July 12, 2012

If All This Goes To Hell...

Chad, I don't think Gabi is getting the message. Try holding up a cross or driving a stake through her heart to give her a clue. #DAYS
The sexual tension between Sami and EJ is so intense her fingernails have turned blue. #DAYS
Sami and EJ would have actually kissed, but NBC censors vetoed the explicit use of bare lips. #DAYS
Can't Melanie hear Andrew and Gabi shouting through that door? #DAYS
EJ says if all this goes to hell, he wants Sami to be there for the kids. If it goes to hell, you can bet Sami will be there. #DAYS

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

If Sami's Lips Are Moving...

EJ insists he did not kill his father.  Of course, God knows who his father is. #DAYS
Andrew says he doesn't want Melanie to think of him as her enemy. Just her crazed kidnapper. #DAYS
Chad sees it's Melanie calling. He stands there drooling on the phone instead of answering. #DAYS
Sami asks Will why he thinks she's making things worse. If Sami's lips are moving, things are never good. #DAYS
Sami's lips say she hates EJ. Her eyes say, "Roll me over in the clover." #DAYS

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Making It Hard

Sami tells Lucas he's going to get it for interrupting her business call. I think that's what Lucas had in mind. #DAYS
If the SPD is certain EJ is the right suspect, that alone should be proof of his innocence. #DAYS
Lucas gives Sami a bracelet: "Here's to getting it right this time." Translation: look for things to go bad. #DAYS
So Sami and Lucas didn't have time to romp because of the kids, but they had time to ramble on about the bracelet? #DAYS
Daniel: "You're not making this easy." Nicole: "I want to make it hard." Easy or hard, they certainly didn't make it subtle. #DAYS

Friday, July 06, 2012

Playing Hard To Get

Nicole claims she's not playing hard to get.  For Nicole, playing hard to get means not sleeping with a guy until she knows his name. #DAYS
The calendar shows today is National Pork Day. Hence, the scenes with Carrie & Austin, Daniel & Nicole. #DAYS
Will is playing out of his league... his being the The League of Un-Extraordinary Gentlemen. #DAYS
Relationships with Ian the sleazeball, Brady the junkie... when you look up "needy" in the dictionary you'll find a picture of Madison. #DAYS
Coffee already? So when Carrie told Rafe, "we can't do this again," she meant "we can't do this again TODAY." #DAYS

Thursday, July 05, 2012

Conniving, Home-Wrecking Wacko B*tch

Is that a new coiffure for Kate or is she just using less blue paint in her hair? #DAYS
Abby says Carmen doesn't know a lot of things about her. Like she can be a conniving, home-wrecking, wacko b*tch, for instance. #DAYS
Gabi's really taking the high road, isn't she?  All she wanted to do was ruin Melanie's life — not kidnap her. #DAYS

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

A Cozy Spot In Salem Cemetery

Just wondering, after all this time, what proof does EJ have that Will shot him? #DAYS
EJ says if Will keeps quiet, he'll give Will what he wants. That's doubtful, unless EJ is gay. #DAYS
If you thought that scene where Chad rescued Melanie wasn't a dream you lose your #DOOL viewing rights. #DAYS
Will is on the verge of trading that cozy apartment EJ gave back to him in exchange for a cozy spot in Salem Cemetery. #DAYS

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

The Stupid Tree

Nicole is shocked Daniel spent the night. What? Most guys just pay her and go? #DAYS
Oh, I see, instead of paying outright, Daniel just offers the most expensive brunch in town.  #DAYS
Will once again thinks he can outsmart EJ. That boy fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down.  #DAYS
Nicole asks Daniel to define "date." In his case it's usually a medical exam followed by monkey sex. #DAYS

Monday, July 02, 2012

The Witch Hunt

Carrie says shopping with Marlena is different than with Kate. Except for when they both have to stop off and pick up their Depends. #DAYS
Rafe says the Governor is not one of EJ's fans. Apparently the Governor is not a female. #DAYS
Why didn't Carrie tell Sami about her pregnancy.  No doubt because she thought Sami would nuke just like she's doing right now. #DAYS
EJ passing a lie detector test is about as likely as Rafe passing an intelligence detector test. #DAYS

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