Friday, December 30, 2005

Zach, We Hardly Knew Ye

There was, perhaps appropriately, no feed today. Our hearts go out to Bo and Hope fans everywhere.

May 2006 be a better year.

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P.S. Thanks to one of our readers for suggesting we should say WHY there was no feed today. NBC will be pre-empting DOOL on Monday in order to show the Gator Bowl. Prevuze will be back bright-and-early Monday morning with Tuesday's sad episode.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Goodbye, Mommy

Sami sets up for the New Year's party as Austin returns. He tells her he has plans with Carrie. Carrie slides into the picture. Sami tells them they both have to stay for the party.

Lois and Marlena talk. Lois tells Marlena she is lucky Alex isn't there, "You don't remember what he did to you."

"No, I don't," says Marlena, "but since he has been here he has been loving an caring."

Alex tells the guard he wants to make his phone call, "It's a matter of life and death."

Marlena's doorbell rings. She looks through the peephole and gasps, and then opens the door and smiles, "Hi."

Bo and Hope are at Mrs. Morrison's. They tell her about Claire – they're headed for the hospital.

John comforts Belle at the hospital. Phillip tells Belle Claire's condition is deteriorating. Belle is in denial. Lexie tells Belle, "It's too late. I'm sorry."

John has sent Marlena flowers. Lois thinks it's romantic. The card reads, "I will always keep you safe and protected. Remember, I love you – John."

Lois can't believe the number of men who love Marlena, "It's never been just one with you. Back in med school you had a whole gaggle of guys following you around."

Alex calls. He used his one call to talk to her, "After all, why call Mickey when you're already in jail anyway. Listen to me. Those things they said I did, I didn't do. They were lies. I had to make sure you knew I wouldn't hurt you. I love you."

Claire's other organs are failing. Belle remembers her 'sign' from God. Cheesy sign, cheesy miracle. Belle goes into deep hysteria. Victor watches with the rest of the crowd.

Bo tells Zach he will see him in the morning. Hope too. They leave him at Mrs. Morrison's.

Outside Hope freaks, "I don't know what I'd do if something happened to one of our kids."

"Whoa," says Bo, "Nothing's going to happen." This crack staff of writers doesn't telegraph its punches or anything, does it?

Bo and Hope arrive at the hospital. Shawn tells them they still can't find a donor. Mimi is on a break. Shawn leaves. Hope talks about the girl who died the night of Chelsea's accident.

"Our children have been testing us," says Bo.

"Not Zach," says Hope. · · · - - - · · ·

"He's a Brady," says Bo, "I have to pick up Chelsea. I don't want her standing on the street corner too long." For Chelsea, that might be good practice.

Chelsea paces, "New Year's Eve and I'm stuck here waiting for my by-the-rulebook cop father to pick me up. This is soooooo lame."

Sami insists she wants Carrie at her party. Carrie and Austin decide to stay. Austin takes Sami aside and asks about the Highstyle CEO. Sami tells him they won't get new information on New Year's Eve. Austin goes back to Carrie. Sami thinks, "Once you take over Highstyle, my perfect sister will dump you and you will be mine."

Lucas comes to her door. He asks about the party, "I guess my invitation got lost in the mail."

Forget the invitation, it's Lucas Sami wishes would get lost, "The more the merrier."

"You won't mind if I bring a date?" Eugenia pops into the picture. Sami doesn't mind. Much.

They come in and Lucas offers Eugenia a drink. She takes the whole bottle, "I'm drinking for both of us."

Lucas tells Eugenia how heartbroken Carrie will be when she finds out, "She'll realize I am the man she belongs with."

Alex insists he wouldn't hurt Marlena. He asks if she is safe. Lois asks if everything is OK. Alex freaks, "YOU CANNOT BE ALONE WITH HER! DO YOU HEAR ME?"

The guards come up to Alex, "Your time is up buddy." They drag him away kicking and screaming.

Lois asks what happened. Marlena says, "Alex just warned me. He says you are some kind of a threat. Why did he say that?"

Bo drives Chelsea. The little brat complains about him being late, "Mr. Paulson said I am his best driving student. His other student is a blind quadriplegic. He said I'm eligible for a temporary license. All you have to do is sign this." She shoves a paper at him.

"No way," says Bo.

We are back at Claire's deathwatch. "The only thing keeping her alive is the machines," says Lexie. She tells Phillip and Belle, "You should consider taking her off life support."

Chelsea begs. She promises she will be responsible. Bo doesn't yield. She presses the right button. She wants him to be proud of her. The idiot caves in. She needs one other huge favor. She wants to borrow the car tonight. Bo proves he doesn't have a brain cell left and tells her she can have it.

Sami's party rocks like the Stone's concert – without the Stones or the crowd. Lucas wants to know why Sami isn't concerned about Carrie and Austin. She thinks they are like Romeo and Juliet. Lucas reminds her R&J died at the end.

Lucas tells Austin Sami wants to talk to him. He toasts the New Year with Carrie. She thanks him for not going after Highstyle, "And thanks for understanding about Austin, too."

Lucas asks, "How is Sami handling that?"

"Fine," says Carrie, "She even wished us luck." They toast 2006.

Alice, OMB and Caroline wait with the crowd at the hospital. Mimi has returned. What a crowd. This must be a high-budget episode.

Victor and Caroline talk. If Caroline had let the truth be known, Bo and the entire family would have been devastated. Caroline leaves. Kate thanks Victor, "Don't let anyone know the truth."

Caroline takes Mimi aside. She asks about her and Shawn. Mimi says they are "getting closer."

Phillip and Belle come out with the dreadful announcement, "It is time to take Claire off life support." OH, the despair! Once the gnashing of teeth dies down, Belle says, "But we're not going to do it. We're going to wait for a miracle."

"The best way to get a miracle is to pray for it," says Alice, "You have to have faith, dear, no matter what."

John leads the group prayer. He's ISA. He has clout with God. "...If in your divine wisdom you choose to call her back to heaven..."

That did it. Belle goes off the deep end. Phillip comforts her, "It's God's decision now."

John continues, but keeps his distance from Belle, "...Let your will be done. Amen."

Grim bunch. Victor comforts Phillip. He thanks Victor for being there, and then goes to be with Belle. Kate comes up and tells Victor he did the right thing.

Belle tells Phillip all she needs is a miracle, "We just have to keep her alive until we get it."

Phillip is a pragmatist, "It better come soon."

Marlena asks Lois why Alex thinks she is a threat. Lois says, "I'm a threat not to you but to him."

Marlena doesn't believe Alex beat her up. Lois says Marlena doesn't know the true Alex. Lois tries to calm her down with the old standard, tea.

Marlena's phone rings. It's John. We go through the obligatory Claire conversation. Marlena says she is coming right over. John tells her not to. She wishes him a happy new year.

"It's gotta be better than last year," says John.

Lois brings the tea. Marlena fills her in on Claire. She hands Marlena the tea to help clam her down.

Alex struggles as they throw him back in the slammer. He screams as the guards leave.

Marlena drinks more potion as Lois smiles behind her. She asks Marlena if John is coming over. "No," says Marlena.

"I don't know if I feel comfortable leaving you," says Lois, "I could stay and in the morning we could talk."

"I'd like that," says Marlena, "Suddenly I am so tired." She tells Lois where the guest room is. Marlena goes up to bed. Evil Lois rummages through the drawers. She finds something, "PERFECT," she says. She must've found Marlena's collection of SSK knives.

Austin pops the champagne. They will celebrate 2006 as the owners of Highstyle.

Victor tells Kate Caroline agrees with her. Kate hopes Victor didn't spill the beans to Caroline. He says he talked with her in generalities.

Hope calls to check on Zach. Mrs. Morrison says Zach has been a perfect angel, "He got upset, though, because the cat decided to sleep outside instead of in his room."

Zach gets on the phone and wishes Hope a happy New Year, "I love you, Mommy and I love Daddy and I love Shawn and I love Chelsea."

Hope says, "I love you, Zach. You know that."

"Goodbye, Mommy."

Shawn drags Mimi aside to talk, "Just watching Belle and Phillip go through this I made a decision."

Zach wanders. He hears the cat outside. He goes outside, "Here kitty, kitty."

Sami pours champagne and gives Lucas cider. They toast the New Year as the clock chimes. Austin and Carrie kiss. Sami looks around for a partner.

Zach chases the kitty. Chelsea drives and boogies. Zach sees the cat across the street. Chelsea picks up her cell phone. She hits something, "What was that? OMG! Scream."

Hope prays, "Please God, do whatever you have to in order to keep Claire alive."

Shawn tells Mimi, "This is all putting things in perspective. I have to stop keeping my life on hold." He takes a knee, "Will you marry me?" Mimi gasps.

"Hasn't Phillip been through enough already," asks Kate.

"I'll keep the secret," says Victor, "For now."

Belle sobs, "I don't care what anyone says. You will get better, Claire." Her machines beep. John grimaces. Pan in on the angel.

Alex rants. The cops tell him Commander Brady said not to believe anything he said.

Lois finds a pair of scissors. Marlena gets into bed. Lois stalks. FF on the sleeper and the stalker.


Belle wails, "She is my daughter and I'm not giving up on her, and you shouldn't either." Shawn says, " Belle's right. You shouldn't give up."

The scissors are poised to strike as Marlena sits up and gasps. John points his gun, "Oh, God, no..."

Chelsea cries, "I'm so lucky to have you as my dad." Bo hugs her, "Come here. It's gonna be OK."

Hope sobs, "OMG, Zach!"

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Slippery Slope Of Lies

Lucas tells Kate it's no secret he's in love with Carrie, "Maybe that's why I fell in love with Sami. I couldn't have her big sister. You shoulda seen it. Things were going good in LA, then Austin showed up and ruined everything."

Kate asks, "Are you going to fight Austin?"

"No," says Lucas, "I'm not gonna get in his way, but if you are concerned about Austin's happiness, I'm not the one you gotta worry about."

Sami tells herself she has to play it so Austin will look bad in front of Carrie. She hates the idea of lying to Austin but if she tells him Carrie is the CEO, he'll back out of the takeover, "So I'll just play dumb, well, I'll just be myself, and the takeover will happen and that will be the end of Austin and Carrie forever."

A voice from nowhere says, "And here we have another major mistake by Sami." Sami wonders where the voice came from and discovers her old reliable conscience in the mirror. She argues with it, but her conscience tells her, "If you don't listen to me, you can kiss Austin goodbye."

Austin and Carrie stroll. Carrie says she's breaking the news about Mike slowly to her family. She tells him she was worried about seeing him.

They mop up at the penthouse. Lois gets up off the floor. Alex says, "This isn't what it seems."

John cuffs him and asks Lois if she wants to press charges. Lois shouts, "YES I DO!" Alex calls Roman and says he has a collar for him. Roman asks if it's who he thinks it is. John tells him it is. Roman can't wait for John to show up with the evil Dr. North.

Alex begs, "Marlena, don't let him do this." Lois limps as they haul Alex to jail. Marlena calls his name as they go out the door.

Alone, Marlena calls Alex' name again and remembers seeing the picture of her bruised and battered face. She remembers asking if a police report was filed and the rest of the scene. Marlena snaps out of it, "Alex would never hurt me. Dr. Banks seemed so terrified. There must be some misunderstanding. He wouldn't have attacked her."

John walks his perp into the police station.

"You're finally getting what you deserve," says Lois.

Lois tells Roman what happened. John shows him the pictures. Roman also asks if a police report was filed. Conveniently, there was none. Lois tells Roman by the time she talked Marlena into filing a report, Alex was presumed dead and they thought she was safe.

Roman tells officer Conway to get Lois' statement. Lois and the officer go into the next room.

John and Roman discuss the situation. Roman wants to give Alex the third degree. They confront Alex, "All right, North. Enough of this. We want the truth."

Alex sits cuffed in a chair, "If you care as much as about Marlena as you say you do, you will listen to what I have to say."

Kate thinks Sami will go after Austin. She wails, "Why can't she leave my sons alone and let them live their lives?"

Lucas slides in a zinger, "Why can't you do that? You and Sami have some things in common. You've had to fight and scratch for everything. If Carrie and Austin are supposed to be together then let it be that way. I'm disappointed in love. Every time I put my heart on the line it gets kicked around."

"Can I help," asks Kate.

"No," says Lucas, "I don't need any more 'help' from you after what you have done to Sami and me, not to mention paying Nicole five million to marry me."

Kate gets a call. It's the Tokyo office. She takes it in another room. Doorbell. Eugenia. She comes in with her report, "The word on the street is Austin's company is about to take over Highstyle. He's going to wipe Carrie Brady off the map."

Austin tells Carrie she doesn't have to be nervous about seeing him. Carrie points out she left him for another guy. She knew what she was doing was wrong.

"It takes two to break up a marriage," says Austin, "I should have been there for you but I was trying to help Sami."

Carrie says, "I made a huge mistake and I've never been able to forgive myself."

"I lost you," says Austin, "I totally wimped out. I could have fought harder for you."

Carrie asks, "Do you ever regret our marriage didn't work out?"

"Every day," says Austin.

"Me too."

Back to small talk. She tells him she's based in LA. He tells her he thought he saw her at the Stones concert. She tells him she was there and she saw him there. He wonders why she didn't say hi or something. Then he figures it out – because of Sami.

Sami wonders why her conscience is back. Her conscience lectures, "You have a real chance for a fresh start. But you are climbing the slippery slope of lies."

Sami argues, "Telling Austin Carrie is the CEO is Nicole's job. I've been good lately. I'm trying to turn over a new leaf."

"Well, turn it, then," says her conscience, "Carrie is still in love with Austin and he is still in love with her. Welcome to reality. What is bad karma is for you to try to take love that doesn't belong to you. So why don't you get your rear in gear and tell Austin that Carrie is the CEO of Highstyle!"

"I will not," yells Sami, "And there is nothing you can do to make me, so why don't you just go away!" She smashes the mirror.

Marlena goes through an album, "If only I could remember, maybe I could defend Alex. She flashes back to Alex giving her the pearls. The choking. The screaming... back to reality, "What if it's true?"

Alex protests, "I am not a threat! Lois, however..."

"You're not pinning this on anyone else," snarls John.

"I am not a predator," screams Alex, "Banks is. I didn't say anything at the penthouse because I thought you are a part of this, John. I'm telling you the truth." John scoffs.

Austin assures Carrie there is nothing going on with him and Sami. Carrie says she wants them to be real sisters who go shopping together and things, "It's pretty difficult to forgive and forget. And if things go the way I hope they do my relationship will get tougher with her. She must have been going after you."

Austin says, "I made her promise she would behave herself if I gave her this job."

Carrie asks the critical question, "And how's that working?"

Austin chuckles, "We're getting there."

Carrie wants to talk about his business. He tells her, "I'm not at liberty to discuss it."

He asks what she is doing. "Heading a small company. It's been my whole life recently."

"Your whole life," he asks, "Maybe we can change that. Would you like to spend New Year's Eve with me?"

She smiles, "Id' like that."

Lucas tells Eugenia to tone it down – Kate is there, "I don't want her to know what I'm up to."

"I can understand that," says Eugenia, "Because your mom's a b... great spy. My contact told me the takeover is ready to roll. Carrie is the CEO all right... for another few minutes. You must be feeling pretty good about yourself. When Austin's company takes over Highstyle he won't be her style any more. And you can walk in and pick up the pieces of her broken heart. You played this clean. There are no Titan fingerprints anywhere. The bad part is we didn't take over Highstyle. The good part is Carrie winds up in your bed."

Kate stands in the background and says, "I don't believe it."

Speaking of picking up the pieces, Sami is busy cleaning up a broken mirror. She picks up one piece and sees her conscience again. The conscience tells her she will get seven more years of bad luck for this. Sami dumps the mirror in the trash, "I've dreamt about Austin since I was a teenager. Now those dreams will come true if I keep my mouth shut."

Austin has to make a phone call, and then they can plan what they want to do tonight. As they approach the apartment door, Austin says, "It must be fate – us reconnecting like this. I'm really glad." Sami comes out at this critical moment.

John tells North he doesn't believe him. Alex insists, "That will put Marlena's life in danger. I swear I'm trying to save her life. If you don't do what I say she won't live until tomorrow!"

Marlena's phone rings. She picks it up, "ALEX?" It's John. Marlena is disappointed. She asks how Alex is doing.

"He's fine," says John, "We don't torture prisoners at the Salem PD. Just viewers."

He tells her not to open the door until he gets back... not to anyone.

Marlena paces. Right on cue the doorbell rings. Marlena looks out the peephole. She opens the door. "What are you doing back here, Lois?"

Kate can't believe Lucas hired Eugenia. Eugenia says hello to her old partner. "Don't you 'old partner' me you turncoat," snaps Kate.

Lucas says, "Eugenia has the ability to tell the truth. Something you don't possess. She's a good assistant."

Eugenia takes that little opportunity to ask for a raise.

Lucas plays the 'Will' trump card. If Kate doesn't back off, she'll never see her grandson again. Effective strategy. Kate throttles back for about a nanosecond, and then starts up again. Kate says Eugenia is probably recording the conversation right now. Eugenia tells Kate she needs to get over her taping the conversation.

"Get over it," says Kate, "OMG, you blackmailed me!"

Eugenia tells her, "We did a bad thing to Lucas, and Sami too. Those tapes were never supposed to see the light of day. But I knew you would turn on me. Lucas helped me. And he's about to give me a raise."

Lucas is out-manned, uh, out-womaned, "Eugenia, Let's not get carried away."

"Nothing major," she pouts, "Just a little something for when that girl needs a special new pair of shoes."

Lucas caves in, "Shoes, huh? I guess Titan can spring for that. No problem."

Kate is in the background yelling, "OMG! Fire her! Fire her immediately!"

"You know what, Mom," says Lucas, "You know the way out. I didn't hire Eugenia. Victor did. I wish I could take the credit but I can't. Look, I had issues with working with Eugenia because she helped break up Sami and me. But this resourceful young lady has been a great asset to me. She will help me get everything I deserve." Kate is blown away.

Austin asks if the information he asked for came. Sami lies. Austin gets a phone call and leaves to take it.

Sami and Carrie have an uncomfortable moment. Sami hugs her. She wants to move on. Sami tells her when they were kids Sami wanted to be like her. Carrie remembers. Sami would like to be like that again. Not wanting to be just like her but just getting closer, just talking and getting to know each other. Carrie doesn't think they can be close unless they are up-front with each other. "This could be the deal breaker," says Carrie, "I'm interested in Austin."

Eugenia is amazed Lucas actually stood up to Kate and stood up for her. Lucas tells her she is hard working and she never gives up.

"I kinda gave up on this Highstyle account," she says.

Lucas says, "We still got Countess Wilhelmina and Clear Visage. When Austin realizes that he stole Carrie's company... she's going to be heartbroken."

Austin tells the person on the phone he still hasn't been able to contact the Highstyle CEO.

Sami says she had already figured out Carrie cares for Austin. Carrie knows Sami wants Austin for herself. She says she heard her in the restroom in LA. Sami can't believe it. Carrie says, "I was the woman – you know – with 'the shoes.' What are the odds?" On this show, it's a sure thing.

Sami is magnanimous. No ulterior motive at all. She tells Carrie she should go for it, "Austin is more interested in you anyway. I've learned the hard way my dreams don't come true. It's pretty obvious Austin loves you and that's probably why things didn't work out with Mike."

"Sami," says Carrie, "There is a guy for you. A perfect guy." Hug.

Sami is uncomfortable, "So we're going to be huggie kind of sisters, huh?"

"That's not so bad," says Carrie.

"I just feel like nothing should standing the way of true love," says Sami.

Roman and John toss Alex in the hoosegow. Alex yells, "I'm not the one you have to worry about! It's Lois Banks!"

Lois tells Marlena she didn't know where else to go. She asks to come in, "Maybe spending time together might jog you memory."

Marlena says she is under strict orders not to let anyone in.

Lois presses, "Marlena, we were best friends. Please let me in... C-can't you see... I'm shaking. I'm really scared."

Marlena says, "I guess it's all right."

Marlena lets her in. Lois stands in the penthouse and puts on her evil zombie stare. FF.


Hope says, "I don't know what I'd do if something happened to one of our kids. Whoa," says Bo, "Nothing's going to happen."

Shawn takes a knee, "Will you marry me?" Mimi gasps.

Marlena says to Lois, "Alex just warned me. He says you are some kind of a threat. Why did he say that?"

Lexie tells Phillip and Belle, "You should consider taking her off life support."

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

The Hungry Coyote And The Baby Lamb

Sami flashes back to Austin telling her he never came on to her. He wants Carrie, but Carrie is with Mike now. Back to reality. Sami harangues abut Carrie. She sees an envelope on the desk, "This is it," she says. She stomps out of the apartment.

Lucas is on the phone, "How about putting them in a basket in groups of flowers. Orange, pink, white roses, exotic stuff. I don't care what it costs. Send them to my apartment as soon as possible. Thanks." He looks at a picture of Carrie and him and flashes back to the concert. Then he remembers Carrie telling him she still has feelings for Austin. Back to reality, "If I could just make you see we both need a change..."

Doorbell. Lucas opens the door. Sami. She walks right past him and into the apartment. Lucas turns and says, "Oh, come on in. You read my mind."

She says she came to see Will, "My Aunt Kim sent him a Christmas card. I wanted to give it to him." He wants to know the real reason she is there.

Austin meets Kate in the hospital cafeteria. He asks about Claire. No change. "I know things look bad for baby Claire," says Austin, "We gotta have hope."

He tells Kate he's meeting someone special for hot chocolate – Carrie. Kate's jaw drops.

Roman is on the phone. Carrie comes up behind him as he hangs up. Big reunion.

Pan from Claire's monitor to Belle's deadpan face. Shawn comes in. Everyone's grim. He offers to stay with Claire if Belle wants to go to the chapel with Phillip. Belle cries, "I can't. I'm afraid she won't be here when I get back. Besides, they didn't want to pay Phillip to be on the show today."

Marlena defends Alex. Dr. Banks says she is concerned about Marlena falling victim to him again, "It's been a long time since I've seen you, Marlena."

Marlena hesitates, "Sorry, I don't remember."

"We were once so close," says Dr. Banks, "We told each other everything. I want to warn you, Marlena, letting Alex back into your life would be a mistake, one that could cost you your life."

Roman can't believe Carrie is there. Carrie runs on about how she couldn't face everyone after the way she ended her marriage. Roman says she has nothing to be ashamed of. She tells him she's the CEO of a cosmetic company. He's impressed. He wants her to move the company to Salem. She can't do that. She has to keep it afloat. He wants to know if the company is in trouble.

Kate and Austin talk about Carrie. He says he doesn't know much about what she Carrie doing. They'll catch up today and he'll find out. He tells Kate about Carrie and Mike's divorce. Kate is delighted.

Sami wants to talk about Carrie. Lucas says Carrie is adjusting well after her breakup. Sami has figured out Lucas went to LA to be with her. Lucas accuses Sami of going after Austin. She tells him Austin is interested in someone else. Lucas says Carrie is interested in someone else, too. He suggests Sami just butt out.

Shawn encourages Belle to take a break. Belle doesn't want to. Shawn says if she is going to stay with Claire, then he will, too. He reminisces about JT, when he was sick, "No parent should have to bury their child."

"My mom did," says Belle, "His name was DJ. He died of SIDS. I can't imagine how she got through that. When Claire was born maybe she knew a part of me didn't want her..."

"Don't' say that. You do want her."

Belle whines, "Now I may never get the chance to make it up to her."

"There is nothing anyone could have done to prevent this," says Shawn, "Please don't blame yourself."

"It's hard not too," whimpers Belle, "I can't help think she's dying and it's my fault."

Marlena wants to know why she should believe Dr. Banks. Lois asks why she should fabricate something like this. Marlena asks Alex if she knows Lois.

"I won't lie to you," says Alex, "She is a face from our past. I don't know what her being here will prove, though."

John jumps in, "Marlena, will you listen to what she has to say?" Marlena stares.

Lucas doesn't want to talk about this. Sami says, "I understand you don't want to talk about Carrie, but I feel like I have a certain family obligation to look after her."

Lucas is skeptical, "A family obligation? You? You're like a hungry coyote looking after a baby lamb. I know what you're doing. You're wondering if she's lonely and what she's doing, because you think she's interested in Austin, don't you?"

"No," she huffs, "That is not true."

"That is true," says Lucas, "You did that thing with your eyes. You're lying right now."

Sami caves, "All right. Yeah, I do want to know. I understand Mike isn't an option. If Carrie were interested in someone, she would be with him for the holidays. She is interested in Austin, isn't she?"

"Yeah," says Lucas, "She is interested in Austin. And he's interested in her, too, right? Makes sense."

Sami says, "What? It makes sense to you we can't be with the people we want to be with? You could help me."

"I'm not your co-conspirator!"

Sami rambles, "If Carrie finds out that Austin is interested in her and Austin finds out that Carrie is interested in him, we've lost." Lucas cocks his head like a confused puppy.

Austin tells Kate he's going to focus on getting his business up and running. Kate asks if she can help, "I know Basic Black is the competition, but when it comes to family, you know where my loyalties lie." Yeah, with Kate. He shows her the Highstyle numbers.

Kate likes it, "This is why you need a good woman by your side."

"Aw, Mooommm, that would be a conflict of interest," says the doofus.

"Not me," says Kate, "Maybe you should open negotiations with Carrie." Kate has to leave. She's going to stop by Lucas'. Austin asks how that is going. "Better," says Kate, "He's actually called me 'Mom' a couple of times."

Austin asks, "What caused the turnaround?"

"I think he has a girlfriend," says Kate.


"I don't know," says Kate, "It's not Sami though." Kate leaves. Austin asks her not to say anything about Carrie.

Carrie tells Roman her company is in trouble. He wishes he could help. They talk about Anna. Then Kate... "Dad, is it really over with you two?"

"I loved her very much," says Roman, "but she did some incredibly despicable things."

"Whatever she did," says Carrie, "she was driven to it by Sami."

Shawn says, "I know I can't talk you out of the way you feel, but no one blames you for Claire being sick. Please don't be angry with yourself."

"You always know the right thing to say," says Belle, "Ever since Claire got sick, I have felt more connected to you than ever."

"Why is that," asks Shawn.

"Because we not only share Claire's blood type, but her IQ, too."

John wants Marlena to hear the cold hard facts. Alex wants her to keep an open mind. Marlena says she will listen.

Dr. Banks tells her story, "From the moment I met you two, you seemed like the ideal couple. But during residency your priorities shifted. When you began to excel, Marlena, Alex grew possessive.

Alex butts in, "That's an interesting perspective on the truth."

"I brought something that will prove it," says Lois, "I think you will see Alex is nothing more than a vicious predator intent on suffocating the life out of you."

Lucas says he hasn't lost. But Sami has. Sami strikes back, "You are such a phony, Lucas. At least I will admit I want to be with Austin. You won't admit you want to be with Carrie."

Lucas says, "You know Sami, that's where we are different. If Carrie decides she is interested in someone else, I'm not going to do everything in my power to change her mind. That would alienate her and I don't want to do that. I'm above that."

The flowers arrive. Sami wants to know who sent them. Lucas says he just got them for the apartment. Sami says, "Those are Carrie's favorite flowers. I think we can connect the dots here. You are interested in her. But if you are too cowardly to say it out loud you will never get her."

"I'm not taking the bait," says Lucas, "Get out of here. Good night Sami. And good luck."

Sami and Kate bump into each other as Sami leaves. Kate has brought a present for Will. She tells Lucas how happy she is neither he nor Austin is interested in Sami any more, "And Austin is interested in a woman, too."

"Let me guess," says Lucas, "It's Carrie." Kate pumps out a nervous laugh.

Roman says, "Sami isn't entirely blameless in this, but there is no excuse for what Kate did."

"I just wish Sami would learn," says Carrie, "Why do you think I've stayed away so long? I hate the way things are between us. I've done what I can to change, but it's her turn. I know Austin and I would be together if it weren't for Sami. Actually... I'm meeting him in a little while. I'm hoping we can make a fresh start."


"Sami wouldn't think that," says Carrie.

Roman says, "She's not with Austin."

"She would like to be," says Carrie, "And when she finds out I am, all hell will break loose."

Roman conjures up some wishful thinking, "Sami has matured. I think her plotting days are over."

"I hope you're right," says Carrie, "This time I won't stand for her taking advantage of me. If she wants to fight me for Austin she'd better be prepared to lose."

"Sami gets a call. She snaps, "WHAT!" It's Austin. The mood changes, "Oh, hi, Austin."

Austin asks, "You OK?"

"I'm fine," she insists. He asks if they have received emails on the query about who the Highstyle CEO is. She goes over to the computer and brings up an email. Carrie's picture stares back at her with the caption, "Highstyle CEO."

Shawn has something for Claire. "I don't believe it," says Belle, "How did you get that."

Lois hands Marlena a dossier. "GASP! " Marlena looks at a picture of her battered face. She asks if a police report was filed. Lois says Marlena wouldn't let her turn Alex in, "This is classic battered wife syndrome. By the time I convinced you to leave Alex, he was declared dead. Marlena, it's time you realized Alex is a monster. If he did this once, he will do it again."

Alex jumps to his own defense, "Those pictures aren't what they seem. I didn't do that."

Marlena says, "I believe you."

John wants to talk to Marlena, "Your life depends on it." They go out on the balcony. John makes his pitch, "What does Dr. Banks have to gain by coming forward with this? Something hasn't been right with North from the beginning. How can you be sure he isn't responsible for this?"

Alex confronts Dr. Banks, "Lois what do you think you are doing?"

"What I should have done long ago," she says, "Exposing you as the deviant you are."

Sami chokes as she looks at Carrie's picture. Silence. Austin asks what is wrong. She tells him the email was Spam.

"Well," says Austin, "I guess this person is just going to have to think I am a real dog."

Sami is delighted, "I guess so." She hangs up, "Wow. How did I get so lucky? Carrie's going to be horrified. She'll hate Austin forever and then he will be mine."

Lucas tells Kate the woman he likes is interested in someone else.

Kate pries, "Just tell me who she is!"

Lucas says, "You wanna know? All right, I'll tell you. Think of the worst possible choice – besides Sami – I could date."

"I don't know."

Lucas spits it out, "The woman is Carrie Brady." The blood drains from Kate's face.

Austin meets up with Roman and Carrie. Roman has to go. Carrie and Austin try to decide what to do. Austin says, "Let's get a cup of hot chocolate and take a walk."

Carrie says, "Sounds nice."

Belle asks, "How did you get Zach's blankie?"

"Zach told me he wanted Claire to have something of his. It's actually an extra. He kept one and wants Claire to have the other. There is still time for a miracle. You just have to believe."

John sticks the picture of Marlena in her face and tells her she has to be sure about this. "Yes," she says, "I have to be certain. If he is capable of that kind of violence I have to see it with my own eyes."

John gives his patented sneer, "How about if he closes both of them permanently?"

Alex tells Lois, "I won't stand for this." He moves toward her. She trips over a piece of furniture and Alex moves closer. "GET AWAY FROM ME," screams Lois.

John and Marlena rush in. John yells, "You lay another hand on her and I will kill you!" FF Alex.


Austin tells Carrie, "It must be fate – us reconnecting like this. I'm really glad." Sami watches.

Lucas tells Eugenia, "When Austin realizes that he stole Carrie's company... she's going to be heartbroken."

Alex is in the slammer, "I'm not the one you have to worry about. It's Lois Banks."

Lois stands at Marlena's door, "Please let me in... C-can't you see... I'm shaking. I'm really scared." Marlena says, "I guess it's all right."

Monday, December 26, 2005

Wife-Swappers and Bed-Hoppers

Chelsea brings Max 'home' to Bo and Hope's house. They have given her keys to the place to make her feel part of the family. Chelsea is being her usual insipid self, back to being sarcastic about the driving lessons. She decides this would be the perfect time for "a score."

"A score," asks Max, "Score what? Their liquor?"

"Their cash," says the brat, "They've gotta have some cash stashed around here somewhere."

Hope has dumped Zach off with Doug and Julie and gone to visit Jennifer. Jennifer doesn't know what to say to Jo and Vern any more, "I can't even imagine losing both of my sons. And I miss my mom and dad so much. I wish they were here. I know their work in Africa is important but it would be so nice for Abby to have more family here to depend on."

"Abby has the best mom in the world to depend on," says Hope.

Jennifer whispers, "She doesn't have a dad any more." Kleenex time. Jennifer drones on from a used script. Jack is dead but she just can't believe it is true. If you have taped this, make sure your remote has fresh batteries. Then, whenever you see Jennifer, don't even look for a button on it which says, "Fast Forward." Look for one which says, "Afterburners" and let 'er rip.

Hope sees Frankie. He tells her his flight was delayed, but there is a flight later this afternoon he is taking. "I hope you'll cancel it," she says.

Breakfast at the Roberts'. Lucas only makes this special French toast for people he wants to impress. Carrie is flattered. Will is glad to see Carrie back in Salem.

"I'm glad I made it back before your wedding," says Carrie.

The word strikes terror in Will, "Wedding?"

"She just means you've grown up pretty quick, pal," says Lucas.

Will is relieved, "Well, with the mom I got stuck with, I either have to grow up fast or turn to illegal substances. Hey, Dad, can I have some more French toast?"

Sami thanks Austin for the briefcase he gave her. Nicole chimes in, "We all got one, Sami."

"Well," says Sami, "I never had one with my initials engraved on it."

Nicole keeps it up, "That's because you're not a professional."

"Wow," says Sami, "That makes three times Nicole has told me I'm not a professional, and we haven't even finished breakfast."

"She's got a point," says Austin.

Sami fires a shot across the bow, "What's with you, Nicole? Do you miss LA – your staked out corner on Hollywood and Vine?"

Austin referees. He wants to know where their holiday spirit is.

Sami says, "You know, Austin, if you'd have gotten me a little bit more of a personal gift, maybe you could tell me what to do."

"We don't have a personal relationship," says Austin, "We're friends and business partners. Speaking of business, would you call Mickey and see if he can get those papers filed? Today, ladies, is the day we take over Highstyle."

Sami asks if he liked the bathrobe she got him. He did, "But my best Christmas gift this season did not come in a box."

Sami doesn't get it, "I totally agree. It's nice just to be together again."

"Having Carrie back in Salem," he says, "It's all I ever wanted." Sami and Nicole rip the daggers from their hearts.

Marlena isn't in the Christmas spirit either. "No amount of coffee is going to keep me awake," she snorts, "Not after the way you kept Alex and me up last night."

John grumbles, "No way was I going to leave you alone with an abusive man." Alex protests. "Aw, sidown," says John, "You're not going anywhere until the person I invited joins us."

"You let Roman and Kate leave," says Marlena, "Why do you insist on wanting me to believe Alex is dangerous when he's not?"

"You're a smart woman, Doc... I mean Marlena. He's a dangerous man and I can prove it. And no one's going anywhere until I do." Especially John, since Roman and Kate must have taken the car he came in.

Carrie tells Will Sami's OK, she just goes overboard sometimes. Sometimes. "Sometimes," says Will, "Nice try." He says he has to leave.

Lucas tells Carrie sometimes he thinks Will is a freak of nature, what with the influence he's had. Carrie feels awkward about being back in Salem, but still wants to see 'everyone.' They're concerned about Claire. He thinks Carrie is an amazing boss, giving all her employees the holidays off. "The company is my life," she says, "Highstyle kept me together when Mike and I split up. That's why I could never consider selling it."

Lucas flashes back to Sami's rant about Austin taking over Highstyle, "Yeah, I'd hate for anyone to do that to you."

Mickey is on the phone to talk to Austin about the takeover. Nicole takes the opportunity to jab Sami. She wonders if Sami isn't embarrassed she gave Austin a personal gift like a bathrobe. Sami isn't embarrassed at all, "He looks good in that color and it's his size and, after all, I am intimately familiar with Austin's size. I think you're just sorry you didn't get Austin something personal instead of a card holder for his business cards. So every time Austin hands out a business card he'll think of you and every time he gets out of the shower he'll think of me."

"When we take over Highstyle," says Nicole, "We'll see who he is thanking with a bonus and a raise and a personal dinner. He'll start falling for me all over again."

Sami says, "You think you and Austin..." She mouths the words, "are gonna be a couple?" Sami laughs.

Marlena thinks the dangerous ones were John and Roman the way they stormed the cabin last night. John says he was just trying to keep Marlena from getting attacked again. "AGAIN," she asks. John says they will wait for the surprise mystery guest to show up for an explanation.

Marlena insists Alex practically saved her life since her clothes were on fire. Alex reminds John Marlena came with him of her own free will and that is hardly kidnapping.

Max wants to know why Chelsea would want to steal from Bo. "To make up for the last eighteen years," says the little snot, "If he would have been around, think of how much he would have spent on me. And Hope's always trying to convince him I'm a spoiled little brat." Imagine that. "Meanwhile she was born a princess. You should have seen the look on her face when Bo offered to help me with a new car."

"You almost got yourself killed, Chelsea. I don't blame Hope for being worried about you."

"This has nothing to do with being worried," she says.

"You're not immortal just because you're under 21," says Max.

"Did they teach you to say that at racecar school? It's kind of ironic you telling me to slow down when you guys do what 120?"

"It's a sport," says Max, "It's different than being out on the roads. Just look what happened you your parents."

That hit the hot button, "Why does everyone have to keep reminding me of that? Like I don't think about it every single second? Do you think I want anyone to go through what I did? I made a mistake. It's not like I was drunk like that jerk that killed my parents. I'll be more careful next time, OK? And if my parents want to get back on my good side and see their nice little Chelsea again, then they can buy me a new car."

Frankie tells Hope and Jennifer he has to go. He says goodbye and leaves. Hope tells Jennifer she can't figure out why she is letting Frankie go. "Hope, I am not an emotional charity case," yells Jennifer, "I can make it on my own, so are you going to stay and have another cup of coffee with me or not?"

"Sure," says Hope, "but you really don't need any more caffeine."

Hope runs down Frankie, "How can you leave Jennifer and her kids when you promised Jack you would be here for her?" Frankie stares.

Sami howls with laugher. Austin goes into the hallway so he can have some peace and quiet. Nicole wants to know what the joke is. Sami tells her, "You are the joke if you think you will have a future with Austin."

"I think you're having the same dream," says Nicole.

"I have a past with him to base it on," says Sami, "And he's only staying away from me because he's afraid of being burned again. So I'm gonna give him his space. As soon as he starts to feel comfortable with me again, then he will start to get close again, too."

"Sami, he knows you're poison," says Nicole, "And since I've been living here the phone hasn't exactly been ringing off the hook. No sir, no sense in bothering with the woman who's spent more money on wedding gowns than anyone else in Salem."

"Nicole," says Sami, "The phone hasn't exactly been ringing off the hook for you either."

"That's because I have been too busy working to pay attention to any other man than my business partner," says Nicole.

"Maybe I have been to the altar a few too many times," says Sami, "But I have never made my living on my back."

"That was really great, bitch."

Trump card time. Sami drops the Carrie bomb. She's back and Austin is in love with her.

Mrs. Busybody comes to Lucas' door with some mail she received by mistake. She runs through a litany of the despicable goings-on in the apartments. "This place used to be so respectable but now it's full of wife-swappers and bed-hoppers." Carrie gives her the bum's rush.

"Oh," Carrie says, "I forgot about her."

"She's got a point," says Lucas, "You, me, Sami and Austin... what a mess."

Frankie and Hope argue about his reaction to Jennifer's decision. If he thought she wanted him there, his bags would be unpacked in a heartbeat. Frankie has to leave, "If she wants me around here, all she has to do is call."

Hope goes back to work on Jennifer. "Jennifer, Frankie is leaving. He's going to get on that plane. If that plane leaves the ground and you're not with him, you'll regret it. Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life. But you'll always have Paris."

John asks Marlena why she went to the cabin with Alex when her granddaughter could be dying. He says that proves Marlena isn't herself, "And I don't make accusations likely. If you don't want to listen to the truth about Alex, then you listen to the only piece of truth that matters. I love you Marlena. And he doesn't want you to remember the past, because he's afraid of the truth."

"If you know something," says Marlena, "Then why don't you show me now."


Alex jumps in, "I think Marlena is closer to me now than ever and I have you to thank for that."

Max tells Chelsea he agrees with Hope. She shouldn't have a new car until she is responsible enough to handle it. Chelsea slugs him. She wants a new car before she is 80, "You sound just like that pompous ass I had to listen to for the last two hours."

"Is Mickey teaching your driving class," he asks, "I'm serious. No more doing your hair or talking on the cell phone while you are driving."

"Come on, Max," whines the brat, "Driving is supposed to be fun. It's a time you listen to CD's, catch up with your friends and turn your car into a wadded piece of scrap metal. Everybody does it."

"You just don't get it."

"Well," she says, "I do get that we're all alone in the house for once. It's the perfect opportunity." She kisses him.

Hope and Jennifer... Zap... Zap... Zap... Barf... Frankie says goodbye. He walks out and closes the door. "Yyeeeoooowwwwaaacccckkkk!"

The girls scream in unison, "FRANKIE!!"

Austin comes in for a last minute strategy session. Sami the tycoon can't do it. She has to go over and see if Will got her Christmas presents.

Austin tells Nicole the one thing he feels bad about is not contacting Highstyle's CEO. He's going to make some calls and try to find out who she is.

There is a knock at Lucas' door. Carrie says, "I wonder what the neighbor from hell wants now."

Lucas opens the door. Sami. "Well," says Lucas, "The neighbor from hell. That certainly fits."

Will comes out, "Mom, I'm really busy. What do you want?"

"I wanted to make sure you liked the Christmas gifts I got you."

"Yeah," says Mr. Enthusiasm, "They were on my Christmas list, so they were great."

Carrie butts in, "I'm sure your mom got you those presents because she wanted to make you happy."

Sami becomes the incredible hulk, "DON'T SPEAK FOR MY SON!"

Lucas forces Will to thank his mother. He spits it out and leaves.

Carrie says, "I think Will's just disappointed things didn't work out with the two of you."

"Well," says Sami, "He's not the only one." Sami has to leave.

Carrie asks, "Is Austin down the hall?"

"No," lies Sami, "He's got meetings all day." Out in the hall, Sami bawls.

Frankie fell on the icy walk. Apparently we've been to the doctor and back and we're helping the gimp back into Jennifer's. Jennifer is soooooo sorry, "If you would sue me, you would win," says she says."

"Not if Mickey was my attorney," says Frankie.

Max and Chelsea romp. Max' phone rings. "That might be important," he says.

"And I'm not," says Her Highness.

Max gets the phone, "OMG! Frankie fell and broke his leg!"

Chelsea and Max arrive to help tend to Frankie. Hope asks about Chelsea's driving lessons. Chelsea thinks Hope is just trying to check up on her. Hope tries to smooth things over.

Frankie tells Max, "I'm really getting clumsy, slipping on ice and everything."

Max speculates, "Accidentally on purpose..."

"It's gonna make my trip back to DC uncomfortable," says Frankie.

Hope is aghast, "You're not still going back are you?!"

"It's just a broken leg," says Max, "It's not fatal." Hope and Max gang up on him. "Hey, he says I have a housekeeper, and I couple lady friends who wouldn't mind helping out."

"You're such a liar," says Max, "Frankie's Harem? It just doesn't exist."

Marlena tells John to put up or shut up. John isn't going anywhere. Right on schedule, Dr. Banks shows up. Introductions all around. Marlena wants to know what is going on. "I think the look on Alex' face should give you the answer," says John, "He knows all his crimes against you are about to be exposed."

Lucas tells Carrie she can't waste her time worrying about Sami.

"We're not that different," says Carrie, "We both fell for Austin."

Lucas says, "If you're meant to be with Austin, there is nothing Sami can do or say to stop it."

Carrie says, "That sure won't stop her from trying."

Austin can't believe Highstyle's offices are still closed for the holiday. Nicole vows to turn things around when they take over. Sami comes back. Austin asks if Carrie is over there.

"No," she lies, "She's visiting family. Lucas said he doesn't know when she will be back."

"That's cool," says Austin, "Where were we, Nicole?"

"Getting rid of the CEO of Highstyle."

"No matter what," thinks Sami, "I'm going to protect Austin from Carrie. I know I can do it. I've had plenty of practice keeping them apart."

They all pile on Frankie. He resists. Jennifer's dark side comes out, "Rule number one. No arguing with me. I'm going to make you some hot chocolate."

Frankie is stuck. "It looks like I learned one thing today," says Hope, "The meaning of the term 'lucky break.'"

Marlena defends Alex. John tells her, "Dr. Banks says Alex is a wife-beating SOB, so why don't you listen to what she has to say. And when she is done, the only thing you can do is file charges against Dr. North. Charges that are gonna send him to prison and get him out of your life for good." FF


Sami rants, "If Carrie finds out that Austin is interested in her and Austin finds out that Carrie is interested in him, we've lost."

Austin says, "Let's get a cup of hot chocolate and take a walk." Carrie says, "Sounds nice."

Belle says to Shawn, "Ever since Claire got sick, I have felt more connected to you than ever."

"Get away from me," screams Lois. "You lay another hand on her and I will kill you," yells John.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas 2005

The December 26 edition of Prevuze will be posted sometime this afternoon. Sorry for any inconvenience.

The Shining

Bo and Zach play with Zach's presents. Hope kisses Zach and sends him off to play with his new truck.

Bo gets up, "I wish I'd have known Chelsea when she was that age. I don't know if it would have made any difference. She'd probably still hate me."

"She doesn’t hate you," says Hope, "It's more like severe loathing. But look at it on the bright side... the little brat loves your wallet."

"She didn't even say thanks for her Christmas present," says Bo.

"Just keep telling yourself you did the right thing," says Hope, "Just give yourself some time."

Doorbell. The brat. She tells Bo, "There is something I forgot to say to you before I left."

The hospital bustles. Belle searches for Lexie. Flashback to the star. Belle tells Phillip the lame star was a sign, a Christmas miracle, "It was a message from God that they have found a donor. I'm going to go tell Lexie right now."

Mimi tells Phillip, "You've got to admit, the star was shining." Phillip says it was just reflecting overhead lights.

Shawn throws in his two cents worth, "If Belle believes it was a sign, maybe that is enough to make it come true."

Lucas searches for Carrie. He whirls Sami around and kisses her. Confusion. "YOU!"

"Lucas," she says, "You just kissed me!"

"I thought you were someone else."

"You thought I was that slut who came back with you from LA," says Sami.

"You're right, I brought her back but she isn't a slut," he says.

Austin is surprised to see Carrie. She says, "Merry Christmas, Austin."

Austin is flummoxed, "Well, Merry Christmas to you. It's been a long time. So how is Mike?" Carrie stares.

Roman has made John pull over on the way to the cabin. Roman says he can't just go in without a search warrant. Kate tells John they don't have proof Marlena is in danger.

Jazz plays as Marlena sleeps peacefully by the fire.

Pan out from Jack's ornament. Jack stares inside from the window. He turns and leaves. Jennifer tells Maggie and Abby, "Even though I know it's impossible, I feel like Jack is somewhere nearby. I feel like he could walk in at any moment." A hand reaches for the door.

Jack stands at the door. He tells himself, "Come on, Jack. Take a deep breath and just do it."

Abby goes to the kitchen. Maggie tries to give Jennifer a dose of reality. Jennifer wants miracles to come true. The doorbell rings. Jennifer runs to the door. She opens it, looks up and gasps, "Ohmygosh, you're back!"

John wants to storm the cabin. Roman wants to wait for just cause. The hothead wants to go in full-force right now. Kate says, "John, Alex has been living with Marlena for weeks. If he wanted to hurt her he's had plenty of opportunity before this."

"Yeah," growls John, "And cats play with mice a long time before they kill them."

Kate yells, "Think of the number of times you have burst in on them when nothing was going on. Do you just want to drive her deeper and deeper into Alex' arms?"

Marlena wakes up. Alex stands there with a log. He startles her. He puts a pot on the fire to warm up milk for hot chocolate. He has dreamt about this every year since they have been apart. Now he wants it to be perfect. Not just close to perfect – it must be perfect, "Just the way I planned. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!! "

Chelsea thanks Bo for her present. She's sorry she didn't like it at first, "Driving lessons weren't at the top of my list. I thought you were rubbing it in. I came back to thank you and wish you a Merry Christmas." Hugs.

Phillip tells Claire to hang in there. Belle comes back. She couldn't find Lexie. She wails, "Time is running out Phillip!"

Mimi offers to get tea. Phillip will go with her and maybe talk to Lexie. They leave and set up the Shawn-Belle moment. Shawn hands Belle a present. Belle doesn't want to open it now. "Trust me," he says. It's an emerald angel pendant to match the one over Claire's bed. He puts it on her.

"I'm so scared," she cries.

Shawn tries to encourage her, "Claire will be fine. She has to grow up and be as incredible as her mother, except mentally stable. We have to believe she will be fine."

"You have been so good to her," she cries.

Shawn says, "I couldn't love her more if she were my own."

"I know."

"She could have been if things had worked out differently," says Shawn.

Sami relents, "OK, fine, Lucas she's not a slut."

Lucas says, "In fact, She is somebody you know."

Sami asks, "Waitasec, you brought someone from Salem to Los Angeles with you? What were you doing in LA, anyway? It's not like you just went for the Rolling Stones concert."

Lucas sneers, "That's none of your damn business."

Carrie tells Austin, "Mike isn't with me."

"He's probably busy, huh?"


Austin asks, "You guys haven't had any trouble, have you... You know, suicide bombers."

"No," says Carrie, "None of that has affected us. I hear you've started your own business."

"It's new," says Austin, "but going really good." His cell phone rings. He looks at the caller ID, "It's business. I have to go take it... Nicole, I already signed the takeover papers. You need to go file them. Yes! Right now! In the middle of the night! I can't talk right now." Back to Carrie, "Beautiful view isn't it? What were we talking about?"

"Austin Reed and Company."

"Oh, yeah," he says, "We're in the middle of our first big acquisition."

Jennifer says, "I can't believe it!" It's Frankie. His flight has been delayed. He also remembered he forgot to give them their Christmas presents.

As they walk in, Maggie says, "She thought it might be Jack at the door."


John lunges out of the car and runs toward the cabin like the Charge of the Light Brigade. Roman chases him.

The milk boils over on the fire. Alex jumps to take it off. The pot burns him and he spills the milk on the fire. He freaks, "The whole night is becoming a disaster! I wanted it to be perfect!" Heavy breathing, "I MESSED THINGS UP!"

Marlena remains calm, "We have more milk. We can make another fire."

Alex is crazed, "I know what I have to do now!" He gets an axe and heads for her. He does his best Jack Nicholson, "Hheeerrreee'ss ALEX!" He lifts the axe to strike. Marlena is terrorized. John and Roman watch The Shining unfold from outside. Alex and Marlena struggle. Marlena screams bloody-murder. Or should that be bloody-REDRUM?

Bo says, "Lets let this be the start of a great new year." The last time they had a great year in Salem, dinosaurs lived there.

"And the start of driving lessons," says Chelsea, "Then I can start saving for a new car. Next time I'll buy insurance, too."

A guy arrives with the last of Hope's Christmas presents – a family portrait. Hope is delighted. Bo has left a message for Shawn to come over so he can be in it. Chelsea comes out and watches the big hug. She smiles.

Mimi returns, "Any word."

"Nothing," Says Shawn.

Mimi hands Shawn a note form the nurses' station. Bo and Hope send their love and prayers. They want Shawn to come home for something important. He wants to stay but Belle encourages him to go.

"Can we bring you anything," asks Mimi.

"A miracle."

Shawn and Mimi go outside into the hall. Shawn hates leaving Belle. Mimi thinks he is wonderful for caring so much. They kiss as Belle watches.

Sami snipes at Lucas, "The girl you were with in LA was a loser because she was with you. I was with Austin. He owns his own business."

"Not for long," says Lucas.

"He's also a romantic," says Sami, "...The way he whisked me off to LA. After he invited me to the concert and kissed me under the mistletoe, I realized he has never gotten over his feelings for me." Lucas goes to the window. He sees Austin and Carrie.

He says, "Maybe I could give you a belated Christmas, early engagement present. Look out there."

Sami looks, "Who is that talking to Austin? Is she your new..." Carrie turns so Sami can see her, "OMG, it can't be!"

Lucas quips, "I forgot to mention your gift is a family reunion."

Carrie wants to know about the acquisition. Austin starts to tell her about it. Sami runs out and interrupts. She tells Carrie how happy she is to see her. Sami immediately notices Carrie isn't wearing a ring. Carrie tells Sami, "Mike and I aren't together any more."

Jennifer says she didn't literally think it might be Jack at the door. She just felt his presence. Jack watches outside and whimpers.

Abby brings Jack Junior. Frankie explains about the flight. JJ isn't as thrilled to see him as the rest of them. Maggie goes to help Alice and Mickey in the kitchen.

The terrorized damsel screams for help. John and Roman rush into the cabin and separate them. John gets Alex in a chokehold. Roman screams at Alex to back off.

"What are you doing," yells Marlena.

"Trying to save your life," grunts John.

"Are you crazy," she yells.

"He was attacking you," screams John.

"No," says Marlena, "He wasn't. He wasn't attacking me! One of the embers popped out and my clothes caught on fire. He was trying to put it out with his hands."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," says John, "He didn't hurt you this time, but it's only a matter of time until he does."

Sami figures out Carrie wasn't in Israel when they talked. Carrie says Sami assumed things were good. She doesn't want to get into it now.

Sami does, but Austin changes the subject, "You didn't tell me what hotel you are staying at."

"She's staying with me," says Lucas.

"That means you are right down the hall from me," says Austin.

"You mean from us," says Sami.

Shawn and Mimi have arrived at Doh and Hope's. The photographer is ready. They invite Chelsea to be in the picture. Shawn asks Mimi to join them. Snap.

Zach and Chelsea play. Happy-happy-happy.

Hope tells Bo she was glad he asked Chelsea to be in the picture but surprised when Shawn asked Mimi to be in it, too.

"I guess that means he's over Belle," says Bo, "I know you wanted Shawn and Belle to be together."

"I wanted him to be happy," says Hope, "I think Chelsea is happy with you too."

Bo has been down that road before, "For the time being." Bo decides Zach will be the exception to the rule and wind up being the perfect child. Hope want to know if she can quote him on that in 10-12 years. Bo says, "NO! You cannot. No." Chuckles and hugs.

"This will be the best Christmas ever," says Tiny Tim, er Zach.

Shawn tells Mimi they can look at that family picture in years to come and say that was the Christmas it all started. "And I hope," says Mimi, "also the day things turned around for Claire."

The nurse tells them there is no word on a donor. Shawn feels helpless.

"As much as they need us now, they will need us even more," says Mimi.

"That's not gonna happen," insists Shawn.

Mimi stutters, "If we lose her... I mean, she's probably the closest thing to a daughter I'll ever have... I know this sounds really selfish... What we're going through doesn't compare to what they are going through so..."

"It's OK," says Shawn, "We we'll be there for Belle and Phillip. And each other."

"OK," says Shawn, "We'll get through this together." Hugs.

Carrie, Austin, Sami and Lucas arrive at the hospital. Carrie says she is aware of the platonic living arrangement at Sami's. Lucas says they have to get going.

Carrie says, "Merry Christmas, Sami."

"Merry Christmas, and welcome home, sis."

Austin says to Carrie, "Maybe we can get together."

"I'd like that," she says.

On his way out, Lucas gives Austin some 'friendly' advice, "Don't get distracted from your work. A startup can be vulnerable."

Austin goes to check on Claire. Sami stays because, "Belle doesn't need any more distractions, but let her know I am praying for Claire."

Glena recognizes Sami. She comes up and wishes her Happy Holidays.

Glena walks off. Sami says to herself, "With Carrie back in Salem, and single? Happy frickin' New Year."

JJ and the girls open presents from Frankie. Pan in on Jack's bulb.

Outside, Jack says, "I love you all so much, but it has to be this way. So, Merry Christmas Jennifer, Abigail and Jack Junior, and... Goodbye."

"Let go of him," demands Marlena, "John, let him go!" John releases the chokehold.

Roman tells Marlena, "He could be dangerous."

John corrects him, "Is dangerous."

Marlena rejects this but Kate backs them up, "It appears to be true."

John growls, "We've got proof I've been right about him all along. The man's a monster. I'm getting you away from him. I'm putting an end to this nightmare right now."

FF on the confused Marlena.


Lucas says, "If you're meant to be with Austin, there is nothing Sami can do or say to stop it." Carrie says, "That sure won't stop her from trying."

Nicole says, "He will start falling for me all over again." Sami says, "You think you and Austin..." She mouths the words, "are gonna be a couple?"

Chelsea sits on the couch with Max, "We're all alone in the house for once. It's the perfect opportunity." She kisses him.

John sneers, "The only thing we can do is file charges against Dr. North. Charges that are gonna send him to prison and get him out of your life for good."

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Signs and Surprises

Los Angeles skyline. Sami wraps gifts. Austin comes out wanting to get to the airport. He tells her he has a lot on his mind – Carrie.

Carrie asks Lucas if she can hitch a ride back on the Titan jet. Lucas is enthusiastic. He'll show her a Christmas she'll never forget.

Carrie doesn't want to give Lucas the wrong idea, "I wanna go back to Salem because I wanna be with Austin."

"With Austin," he asks.

"I'm sorry," says Carrie.

"No," says Lucas, "That's great. I just think you're making a big mistake. But if you ever change your mind, I'm always there for Austin's hand-me-downs."

Bo kisses Hope, "Merry Christmas and happy anniversary." He has a surprise for her later, and makes Zach promise not to tell what it is.

Abby asks Jennifer why Frankie left. Jennifer tells her she asked him to leave. Abby can't believe it, "First we lose Dad and then Frankie. How could you just throw him out on Christmas?"

"GONE," yells John as he runs through the penthouse, "I searched the whole place."

"John," says Kate, "Take it easy."

"Kate," he says, "You heard Dr. Banks. The man is sicker than we thought."

Mimi asks Bonnie what is up with the wild Christmas outfit. She's working the Christmas party at the hospital, "It's good PR for Alice's." She tells Mimi to forget her suspicions about Shawn being Claire's father.

Shawn comes out and announces there is more bad news about Claire.

Lexie tells Phillip and Belle Claire needs a liver transplant.

"How long does she have," asks Phillip. Lexie stares.

Phillip asks Lexie again. Lexie doesn't know, "Chances for finding a donor aren't good but that could change. I will check in when I know something." I guess we won't be hearing from Lexie for a while.

Lexie leaves. Belle tells Claire to hang in there. Pan in on the angel above her bed.

"HE HAS ABDUCTED HER," yells John, "She wouldn't go willingly when her granddaughter is in the hospital. I'm callin' every police and ISA contact I know."

Bo and Hope have dressed Zack as Santa. Hope pulls his beard over his face. Now they're ready to go in. "Christmas without Jack will be so hard," says Hope.

Abby tells Jennifer she thinks she really does want Frankie here, "You're just too stubborn."

Bo and Hope burst in. Santa Zach wishes everyone a merry Christmas.

Abby asks about Chelsea. Bo fills her in, "She'll come to the party with Max later."

Jennifer announces they aren't going to the Horton Christmas party this year. Group stare.

Sami tells Austin to stop thinking about Carrie. "I know I should," says Austin, "but I feel like I'm going insane. I thought I saw her on the Jumbotron at the concert."

"You have to think about something good," says Sami, "Like Christmas." She hands him a present.

"You didn't have to."

"I just wanted to do something nice," says Sami. Austin opens it. It's a picture of Austin and Sami. Sami says, "I just wanted to remind you of the fun times we've had. I hope there are more fun times."

Lucas cautions Carrie about getting back with Austin. She knows she'll have to explain about her and Mike sooner or later and she has to see if maybe there is a chance for her and Austin.

"I guess it's worth a try," He agrees to take her back on the plane.

"Your friendship means everything," says Carrie, "It always will." Hug. Platonic, of course.

Hope talks to Jennifer. She thinks it would do Abby and Jack Junior a lot of good to go to the party.

Jennifer asks, "What happens when I get there and fall apart?"

"You won't," Hope assures her, "You will get through it. Jack will be there to help you. Please go."

Jennifer says, "I already said I would volunteer at St. Luke's."

"I will do it," says Hope, "I insist."

"All right," says Jennifer, "I'll go."

Abby overhears. They all agree to go. Pan in on Jack's picture as they leave. His eye twinkles.

John is determined to find Marlena and Alex tonight. The doorbell rings. Roman. He asks, "Are you sure Marlena's in danger?"

"I dug up more info on Dr. North. He's a violent man," says the guy who flies off the handle at the drop of a hat.

"I put out an APB," says Roman, "We're searching everywhere."

Kate leaves to check on Claire. John tells her not to say anything to Belle about her mother. Roman sends his best for Claire. "Why, thank you, Roman," says Kate.

Kate stands at the elevator, "Claire has to pull through. And no matter what happens, Phillip can never find out Shawn is her father."

Phillip tells Shawn and Mimi Belle went to St. Luke's to pray. Shawn offers to have a web designer friend build a website about Claire. He heads off on his mission.

Mimi offers any help she can give Phillip. Phillip sees Lexie and asks if there are any matches. Lexie stares.

Belle gives God an earful, "Why are you doing this to my baby? If you want to punish me, I'm here. Don't punish her. She's never hurt anyone. Please, I'm begging you. Let her live and I will never ask for anything again, I swear."

Hope sees Belle praying. Belle tells her about Claire needing a liver, "We really need God to help us right now. I just wish he would send me a sign." Back to the altar, "Christmas is a time for miracles. God, just let me know my daughter is going to be all right."

The Horton party begins. Julie displays Chelsea's new ornament. "Thanks," says Bo, "She'll love this. She'll be here later."

Abby thinks, "Unless she and Max are having too much fun."

Jennifer tells Mickey she is hanging in there. Someone watches from the window.

Lexie tells Phillip, "There is nothing new, but don't give up hope."

Kate comes up to Phillip. She hugs him, "I can't believe this is happening."

Shawn says his friend is working on the site. Bonnie thinks Shawn's idea is wonderful, "That baby is lucky to have you guys as Godparents."

Sami and Austin rush into the hospital. Sami goes to look for Belle. Austin talks to Phillip and Kate. Kate thinks the best thing they can do is pray for a Christmas miracle.

Belle asks, "Hope – are you seeing what I am seeing.?" The candles flutter. "Maybe that's the sign. Do you believe it?"

"I left the door open when I came in," says Hope, "It might just be a draft. But it doesn’t mean God won't send us a sign."

"I just hope it happens soon," says Belle, "She doesn’t have much time."

Jennifer picks up Jack's picture. Maggie asks if she and Abby would like to hang the ornaments for everyone who couldn't be there. Jennifer starts the huge job... Addie... Marie... Tom... Bill... Laura... on and on. The tree collapses under the weight.

Lucas tells Carrie he has to be there for the reading of the Christmas story since he is on the board.

"It's strange being back here where Mike worked," says Carrie, "But it's over now. I have to move on and tell Austin I still have feelings for him."

Sami pumps up the kids as Santa walks in.

While the kids giggle around Santa, Sami thinks, "I know exactly what I want for Christmas. I want Austin. And luckily Carrie is so far away I have a chance with him."

Hope comes into the Horton party. Bo tells him Shawn is at the hospital. Chelsea isn't there yet, "She's holding up the whole process." They have Zach hang his ornament.

The bulbs go on. Time passes. Jennifer stares. Bo and hope kiss. Abby tells Jennifer she knows how much she misses Jack as someone watches from the window.

Kate welcomes Lucas home, "If Phillip loses his daughter it will destroy him. How did it go with that girl you told me about?"

"Not good," says Lucas, "She's interested in someone else."

"Well," says Kate, "you just have to go after her. Deep down all I ever wanted was your happiness. I have to call John. Think about what I said."

Lucas thinks, "Just one problem, one of your sons is going to get his heart broken."

Lexie asks Shawn to read the Christmas story to the children. Shawn agrees. He will dedicate the reading to Claire. Belle and Phillip listen.

Sami runs into Lucas.

"Have a good time in LA," he asks.

"Yes," says Sami, "Austin and I had a good time. I'm surprised you tore yourself away from that slut."

"First of all," says Lucas, "She isn't a slut. She's here with me. You'll find out soon enough who she is. You're in for a big shock."

Carrie stands in the background and stares at Sami.

John tells Roman about Alex' abuse. Roman says, "Damn it, John, we have to find her." John says, "I know exactly where he has taken her."

Maggie and Mickey hang their bulbs. Doug and Julie. Pan in on Tom and Alice.

"You know," says Mickey, "the Horton's certainly have an incredible family. Certifiably insane, but incredible."

"And I'm happy this year to be with the man I love," says Maggie. Jennifer stares.

Carrie stares. Flashback to Sami saying she and Carrie "don't get along because of the man I am with tonight."

Carrie runs off. She can't face Sami right now.

Sami puts on her Santa hat, "Maybe I'll find Austin under the mistletoe."

Bo and Hope arrive at the hospital. "My heart goes out to Belle and Phillip," says Hope.

"We have to pray they find a donor," says Bo.

Shawn is on center stage. He hesitates as he looks at the baby Jesus in the manger. Shawn opens the Bible to the Christmas Story. He stares for a moment and says, "Whoa! There are some BIG WORDS in here." He sets the Bible aside and picks up an old standard. He begins to read.

"T-Was the night before Chr-ist-i-mas,
And all thr-ooo the house,
Not a cree- cree- cr-"

The ghost of Tom Horton comes up behind him and whispers, "Sound it out, Shawn boy."

Shawn stares at the page. He sets the book down, picks up another one and reads.

"See Santa.
See Santa laugh.
Laugh Santa laugh."

Bonnie holds up a glittered star on a stick, "And this is the star of Bethlehem." She tells the story of the star.

Belle gasps, "That's it! That's the sign I've been praying for. She's going to live." God needs to work on his signs.

"I think you're right," says Phillip, "She's going to be OK."

"I pray Belle is right and there will be a miracle," says Hope. They haul the kids off for presents and cookies.

Lucas looks for Carrie. He sees a woman standing in a Santa hat, walks over to her, turns her around and plants a big one on her. Sami! SUR-PRISE, SUR-PRISE!

Austin and Carrie stand outside. He says to no one in particular, "It's a beautiful city. I'm glad to be back."

Carrie turns, "So am I. Merry Christmas, Austin." SUR-PRISE, SUR-PRISE!

So now that we have the police forces in ten states and the entire ISA out beating the bushes for Alex, John has come up with a GPS which can track Alex' car. He looks at the device and says, "They're headed for the cabin!"

Pan through bulbs on the tree. Jennifer hangs her bulb. And Jack's.

Abby cries, "Why did Daddy have to leave us Mom?" Jennifer sobs, "He is here." Jack watches from the window. He turns and walks away.

A figure comes to the front door and reaches to open it.

Pan in on the manger. Alice puts the Baby Jesus in place. Get out the hankies, folks. Alice ponders Tom's picture. She faces the camera, "To those we love near and far, may the blessings of this day be with you now, and for all the days of your lives."


Jennifer tells Maggie and Abby, "I feel like Jack is somewhere nearby. I feel like he could walk in at any moment." A hand reaches for the door.

Shawn says, "I couldn't love her more if she was my own." Belle says, "I know." Shawn says, "She could have been if things had worked out differently."

Carrie tells Sami, "Mike and I aren't together any more." Austin and lucas stare.

An alarm goes off in the cabin as Alex picks up an axe. Marlena cowers.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

This Isn't A Takeover, It's A Rescue Mission

Austin starts to call the Highstyle CEO but Nicole hangs up the phone. She thinks there shouldn't be a heads up for the CEO. She encourages him to sign the papers and forget the CEO. Austin calls anyway.

Becky answers. Austin tells her he wants to speak to the CEO.

Becky says, "She's not..."

"Is that for me," interrupts Carrie.

Becky cups her hand over the phone, "I thought you were through for the day."

"I am," says Carrie, "I'll get rid of whoever that is and get back to the party."

Carrie takes the phone. Austin booms, "Hello! This is Austin Reed!"

John spys, "The blinds are closed. What the hell are you up to North? Flashback to setting up the spy equipment. Flashback to Alex wanting to be there for Marlena. Flashback to, "I've lost her, Kate."

Back to reality, "If I don't do something soon, Alex will get closer to her."

Kate gets off the phone and tells John about Claire. "We just have to hope for a miracle," she says.

"We have to hope for two miracles," says John, "With any luck I'll have good news on one of those fronts soon."

Hope tells Bo he did the right thing. Bo thinks his relationship with Chelsea is in jeopardy. He heads back into the service to see how Jennifer is doing.

Jennifer paces in front of Jack's picture. Jack's picture stares. Frankie comforts. Jennifer decides to take all the flowers to the hospital. Frankie says he's going back to finish packing. He starts to leave as Bo and Hope come in. Bo offers to help with his packing. They leave, giving Hope and Jennifer a chance to rehash things. Hope says Jennifer needs to stop Frankie before it is too late.

John tells Kate he has the ISA checking into Alex' past again. He gets a message. "Another piece of the puzzle. This one will change the spin of the ball," says John.

Bo asks Frankie why he is leaving.

"Jen wants me to go."

I don't think she knows what she wants right now," says Bo, "Why don't you stay?"

"I love her, Bo"

Bo chuckles, "Well, Frankie, that's obvious."

"You don't think I want to stay," asks Frankie, "Why do you think it's never worked out for me and any other woman? I never got over her."

Bo says, "Then I gotta ask, why are you bailing?

Jennifer packs the flowers. Hope tells her she is avoiding talking about Frankie. Jennifer doesn't understand why everyone thinks she is so helpless, "Jack can't make me fall in love with someone else!"

Hope counsels, "Don't get ahead of yourself. Don't think about falling in love with him. He's your friend. What are you afraid of?" Hope pauses for a moment, "You're afraid because deep down you could have feelings for Frankie?"

Jennifer stares. Oh, the torment!

Meanwhile, back at Highstyle, we have a bad connection. Carrie tries another line. Austin scowls. Carrie gives up and heads back for the party. Becky toasts nothing in particular.

Nicole thinks the company is mismanaged if they can't even answer their own phones.

Austin still wants to talk to the CEO. He decides to call again. Becky answers but by now the booze has kicked in. She tells Austin he will have to leave a message and puts him on hold. Carrie comes back in. Becky pouts.

John has an email, which says the news will make him happy. It says the ISA agent will call and, right on cue, John's phone rings.

"Agent Nash," says John, "I got your email. Whataya got for me? Please tell me it's enough to nail North to the wall, because I've gotta get him outta my wife's life once and for all."

"I love her," says Frankie, "And I want to be there for her, but it's not up to me."

Bo urges, "Just talk to her."

"I can't force myself on her."

"There is a difference between force and persuasion," says Bo, "If you love her you can't walk out on her." Bo relates the tale of Princess Gina. He could not walk away from Hope.

"She wasn't in her right mind back then," says Frankie.

"That's par for the course in Salem," says Bo, "What about your promise to Jack."

"I told him I would do this only if Jen wanted me to," says Frankie.

"Her kids could use a father right now," says Bo, "You could do them a world of good. Love and family are the most important things to you. That's why you can't walk away from her."

Hope thinks Frankie could really help Jennifer, "I'm not saying date him or make a lifetime commitment. I think there is another reason you saw Jack's ghost the other night. You wanted him to tell you to send Frankie away but he didn't. I think you feel if Frankie stays you are being unfaithful to Jack's memory."

"I don't know where you get this stuff," says Jennifer, "I'm not kicking him out of my life. Oh – I don't know... I don't know what I am doing."

"Then ask him to stay."

Becky fumbles around. She sends Carrie back to the party. She picks up the phone again. Austin gives his name and number. Becky takes it down and hangs up.

The cleaning woman comes in. Becky asks her to clean up before Carrie gets back. The cleaning woman goes to work and, of course, the message gets scooped up.

"Dammit," says Austin, "I forgot to ask the CEO's name. She's supposed to call me back."

"How much do you want to bet she won't," says Nicole, "It's time to pull the trigger. You need to move now. We know Lucas is in LA and would love to get his hands on Highstyle."

Austin vows, "That isn't going to happen."

"You'd better act now," she urges, "You saw their financials. This isn't a takeover it's a rescue mission."

Carrie gives Becky her bonus. Becky thinks it is too much. Either Becky is totally drunk or the writers have just tossed all reality out the window. Becky gives Carrie her Christmas present – The Stones' Forty Licks album. Carrie asks about the message. Becky can't find it, "Oh," slurs Becky, "His name was something like Reece." She figures out the cleaning lady must have tossed it.

"Don't' worry he'll call back," says Carrie.

Carrie and Becky talk about what they will be doing for Christmas. Becky says her family celebration will be fine until her family starts badgering her about when she is getting married. So Becky decides to take it out on Carrie and badger her, "I think you can't decide which one of the two hunky brothers you want."

"You're wrong," says Carrie, "I have made that decision."

John repeats what he hears on the phone, "...Dr. Lois Banks, ...and she knew Marlena years ago. If this works out I owe you big time." He hangs up and tells Kate, "A woman is coming who knew Marlena back in the day."

The timing in Salem is incredible. There is a knock at the door. Whaddya know. It's none other than the aforementioned Dr. Lois Banks. John introduces Kate. Lois tells the tale. She knew Marlena very well. She also knew Alex. She is aware of Marlena's amnesia, John's history with her and all. John fills her in on what he knows about Alex.

Lois says, "It pains me she is putting her trust in him again. Alex is a brilliant mind but more suited to research than working with patients. He is incapable of real love. After they married he showed his true colors. I urge you to do whatever it takes to get her away from him!"

John asks, "Are you saying he is a dangerous man?"

Lois drops the bomb, "He's a classic Jekyl and Hyde type. He was an abusive husband. Marlena lived in fear of him."

Jennifer can't ask Frankie to stay. Hope pushes. "I just lost my husband," bawls Jennifer, "I'm entitled to grieve."

Hope says, "Just remember, Jack wanted him to be here for you."

"I think Frankie wants to stay because that's the kind of man he is," says Jennifer, "I don't want someone here comforting me. It's Christmas. I want to spend it alone with my children and my memories of Jack. Let's drop this please."

Bo works on Frankie as they approach the church, "You sure you wanna do this?"

"It's the only way," says Frankie. He goes inside to say goodbye. Bo and Hope leave to give Frankie some time alone with Jennifer.

"I hate goodbyes," says Frankie.

"Me too."

"I thought about going straight to the airport," he says, "But that would be the coward's way out. Instead, I've come here so we can keep beating this dead horse. You will be OK. I can see that. I'm sorry if I overstayed my welcome. If you need anything at all..."

Bo and Hope take Zach to see Santa at the Java Café and Santa Emporium.

Zach assures Santa he's been a good boy this year. Hope takes a picture as Zach whispers to Santa. "These are moments to hold onto for all the Days Of Our Lives," she says.

Nicole works on Austin to move on Highstyle, "If someone else took them over imagine what would happen to the employees."

That one got him, "I was smart to hire you. Give me the papers."

Carrie tells Becky she doesn't want to hurt Lucas. He's a nice guy and all but has the wrong idea. She announces, "I'm gong back to Salem for the holidays. I want to see Austin."

Becky screams, "Carrie! Alert the media! You just made a decision!" Giggles. Puke.

Austin signs the papers. Nicole pops the champagne, "To Austin Reed and Company. To you and me... a winning team. May our relationship flourish."

Austin says, "Our business relationship."

Austin wants to get back to Salem for Christmas. He leaves the room. Nicole says, "Christmas... Yes, but for the New Year, I'll have you all to myself."

Carrie makes her first New Year's resolution. She's going to let Austin know how she feels. She needs to move fast since Sami is after him, too.

Lois gives details. John asks if she is prepared to testify if necessary. Yes. He thanks her. She leaves.

He says to Kate, "I'm gettin' my wife back. How's that for a Christmas miracle?" Kate is oh so thrilled.

Hope continues to take pictures. "You can't have enough pictures of your kids – they grow up too fast. Look at Chelsea and Shawn." She pauses, "I'm sorry. We should ask Chelsea if she has any photos of herself when she was young." She probably has a few mug shots laying around.

"Good idea," says Bo. Zach comes back to them. They cherish the moment.

Frankie tells Jennifer, "I respect what you are doing even though..."

She interrupts, "Please. The best thing is for you to leave."

"I know," says Frankie, "The holidays are hard enough without me adding to it. I wish you and your kids nothing but the best in the New Year."

"OK. Thanks."

"I better – I better go."

Jennifer stammers, "Yeah... well... Merry Christmas, Frankie." He gives her a peck on the cheek and leaves. Jennifer sighs. The audience hurls. FF.


Roman says, "Damn it, John, we have to find her." John says, "I know exactly where he has taken her."

Belle prays, "Christmas is a time for miracles. God, just let me know my daughter is going to be all right."

Shawn reads the Christmas story to the kiddies.

Abby cries, "Why did Daddy have to leave us mom?" Jennifer sobs, "He is here." Jack or his ghost stands outside and turns away.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

The Mother Of All Snoozers

The Christmas spirit strikes Sami as she mugs Santa for making too much noise ringing his bell.

Santa yells, "I'm not passing out toys, lady, I'm collecting money." Sami argues. Santa tells her, "I'll go on a break if you'll make a donation." Sami pulls out money and contemplates what size of bill to give Santa as hush money. She has a dollar bill and a hundred. We all know which one she will decide to give, and we all know which one will end up in the kettle.

Lucas comes up behind her, "Well, If Norman Rockwell was alive today I imagine he'd paint this picture. The caption would read, 'Selfless Sami Brady gives to others on Christmas Eve.' What a joke."

Austin parades in his underwear. He finds Nicole passed out on the couch. He wakes her up. Nicole hopes he was thinking about her while she was home alone fighting off the mini-bar.

"I see the mini-bar won," says Austin.

"Now I have a nasty hangover," she moans.

Saint Austin of Boxer Shorts lectures her about her drinking. He gives her a Stones T-Shirt. She tells him how she got the Highstyle account back when she talked to Giles. She sealed the deal as they walked to his car. "You didn't get into his car," asks Austin.

"That's disgusting," says Nicole, "All you have to do is sign on the dotted line and Highstyle is ours."

Carrie arrives at her office. Becky gives her more late notices from the bank. Carrie says she'll deal with them next week. She looks at a picture of her and Austin.

"Since he's in town will you spend the holiday together," asks Becky.

Abby comes into the Java Café. Josh said he has left messages on her cell phone. She says she just didn't feel like seeing anyone. He asks if there is anything he can do. Hugs.

Talk about time warp! Chelsea is out of the hospital and has already been to court. She has to take driving lessons and do community service. Now she can't get around. She's mad Bo wouldn't help her. Chelsea vows she won't do the community service. She throws the court order in the trash. Max pulls it out and tells her not to make it worse.

Bo and Hope arrive at Jack's memorial. Bo tells Hope Chelsea doesn't want to talk to him ever again. Lucky Bo. Hope assures him Chelsea loves him. Things will be OK.

Abe and Lexie arrive. Abe reminisces about Jack on the island. Lexie tells him Jack made sure Jennifer would be taken care of emotionally.

Frankie arrives at Jennifer's house.

Jennifer assures him, "I'm fine. I have to be. That's what Jack would have wanted."

Josh comforts Abby. He tells her he couldn't get off work for the service. He decides to chuck it, takes off his apron and says, "I'm totally here for you."

Chelsea rants against Bo, "I've lost everything, my car, house, parents. My whole life turned out to be a lie. I know I have two great parents who love me. I asked Bo to do just one little thing for me. The last time he helped me he never heard the end of it from Hope. He'll never help me again. If this were Shawn they'd be doing everything for him."

"You're wrong," says Max.

Lexie drops the Frankie bomb on Abe.

Jennifer says she is fine. Maggie tells her they are there for her. The crew heads for the service. Jennifer calls Frankie back inside. She asks him to ride to the church with her. They leave. Pan in on Jack's picture.

Santa rings the bell. Sami can't believe she ran into Lucas. She wonders again who the mystery woman was at the concert. Lucas tells her goodbye and huffs off. Sami leaves and slams a bill in the kettle. She discovers she put the $100 in the kettle instead of the $1.

Austin tells Nicole about the concert. He says, "It was a great concert except..."

Nicole asks, "What?"

Austin says, "I saw a ghost from my past." Ya think maybe Nicole is curious?

"No, I will not be spending Christmas with Austin," says Carrie, "I'm spending it by myself. I'll probably stare at the burning Yule Log on channel 91."

Becky says, "That's terrible..."

"I just want the employees to spend the holidays without worrying about losing their jobs," says Carrie.

Becky makes one more attempt. "CALL AUSTIN," she insists.

Chelsea brings up Shawn's unfortunate motorcycle incident. Max tells her Shawn is still doing community service. His service to the community is to stay away from it.

Chelsea whines, "Bo and Hope pulled a few strings for their precious little boy."

Max suggests, "Let's call him and find out."

"You're siding with them," wails Chelsea, "You're a real Brady fan aren't you?"

"You're a Brady too," says Max.

Chelsea gives him her standard comeback, "WAH-WAH-WAH!"

Abby tells Josh the memorial is only for family. He kisses her goodbye, "I'm here if you need me."

Doug and Julie arrive at the service. Jennifer arrives with Maggie and Mickey. She takes Jack junior to the nursery. Maggie leaves with her, giving Frankie a chance to tell Mickey he is leaving Salem.

The group goes in to sit down. Jennifer waits for Abby. Hope hugs Jennifer. Abby comes in and they all go inside together. Abby and Jennifer sit by Alice. Father Jansen comes in. The service begins.

Sami obsesses about her C-note. She sticks her hand in the pot to dig it out. Lucas catches her. He says, "Of all the horrible, unconscionable things you've ever done, Sami, this has gotta top 'em all!"

Austin tells Nicole the ghost he saw at the concert was someone he recognized. Nicole badgers him. Austin tells her it was Carrie.

It's not going to happen, Becky," says Carrie, "I'm not ready to let Austin know I'm back."

"When will you be ready," asks Becky.

"Maybe never."

Becky asks, "Are you going loco or just a coward?" YES.

Mickey doesn't want Frankie to leave. He wanted Frankie to become a partner. Frankie says, "Aw, Mickey, I'm flattered, but I wanted to go with a firm that wins a case once in a while." They go in for the services.

Julie reads the 23rd Psalm.

Bo forgot to take his Ritalin. Since he can't sit still for five seconds, he leaves.

Julie winds things up, "...And surely goodness and mercy shall follow us all the Days Of Our Lives."

Abby asks where Grandma Jo and Vern are. Jennifer tells her, "Grandma Jo wasn't feeling very well so Vern took her to the rectory." Well, we got that awkward little question out of the way, didn't we?

It's Abe's turn to speak. He says he is glad Jack wasn't a criminal because he would never have caught him. Chuckles. He says Jack fought back by getting his affairs in order. He made sure his family was taken care of.

Amazing grace plays as Jack's life flashes in front of us.

Alice turns to Jennifer, "You're going to be OK, Jennifer. I promise you." Translation: You're toast, Jennifer.

Bo tries to phone Chelsea. Chelsea doesn't answer. She and Max walk up behind him. If looks could kill...

Sami uses her line from Brandon's hotel room, "This isn't what it looks like." She tells Lucas about the $100 bill.

"This is illegal," says Lucas. Sami struggles. He says, "I have to go now but I wish you luck. Why don't you make Santa a deal? Offer him $50 and he might give you $50 back. I gotta go."

Sami always knows the right thing to say, "I hope you get eaten by a reindeer!"

Santa catches Sami. "I can explain," she says.

Austin thinks maybe he hallucinated about Carrie. He goes to get dressed. Nicole paces, "Carrie Brady... If she was back, what would she be doing here and why wouldn't anyone know about it?"

Carrie says this company is the only love of her life. She wants everything to settle down before she makes a commitment to start a family.

Becky suggests Lucas if not Austin.

What timing! Lucas walks in with flowers. Carrie thanks him. Smiles and smirks all around.

Santa berates Sami as she struggles for her money. A crowd gathers. People watch. People chuckle. Santa attacks Sami with his bell. She pulls a $1 out, yells, "BAH! HUMBUG," and storms off.

Carrie says she had a great time at the concert. She invites Lucas to the company party later. He'll be there. Lucas leaves. Carrie sighs. Becky smiles.

Carrie insists, "Lucas and I are just friends."

Becky asks, "Are you sure Lucas feels that way?"

Becky turns on Christmas music and hands Carrie the picture of her and Austin. Carrie signs, "Happy holidays, Austin."

"Sign the dotted line and Highstyle is basically ours," says Nicole.

"Before I do that I'm calling the CEO," says Austin.

Max goes inside so Bo and Chelsea can work things out.

Bo asks, "How'd it go in court?"

"They threw the book at me," says the brat, "20 million hours of community service. You knew they would do that, didn't you?"


Chelsea whines, "I used to think Billie was a horrible parent. You are ten times worse. You act like you care then you turn your back on me!"

"I am here for you."

Chelsea bawls, "I am here for Abby and don't care if I ever see you again. You can never be a father to me." She goes in. Hope watches.

Father Jansen concludes the service. Jennifer stays to pray. Abby assures her they will get through it.

Abby runs into Chelsea outside. Abby sees the bandages and asks what happened. Chelsea will tell her about it later.

Hope tells Bo Chelsea didn't mean what she said. Bo isn't holding his breath to find out. She tells Bo not to give in just because he wants to make peace with her.

The crowd files out. Lexie tells Frankie at first she didn't agree with Jack, but now thinks he knew what he was doing.

Jennifer touches Jack's picture and cries.

And thus ends the Mother of all Snoozers.


Kate watches as John talks on the phone, "Whataya got for me? Please tell me it's enough to nail North to the wall, because I've gotta get him outta my wife's life once and for all."

Carrie announces to Becky, "I'm gong back to Salem for the holidays. I want to see Austin."

Frankie says to Bo, "Why do you think it's never worked out for me and any other woman? I never got over her." Bobblehead Bo agrees, "Well, Frankie, that's obvious."

Hope asks Jennifer, "You're afraid because deep down you could have feelings for Frankie?" Jennifer just can't bear it.

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