Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Chloe is back in her hospital bed writing a letter to BB. She was so close to him she could almost feel his breath on her cheek. He could have almost run his hands over the fingerpainted scars. Finally they will be reunited in their love...

Mimi is so sorry, she will never lie to Rex again. Except for the big one hanging onver their heads. He wants her to respect the vows that Belle and Phillip made. Rex leaves. Mimi asks, "Why am I the only one who can see what a big mistake Belle and Shawn are making?" Mimi starts to leave. Sami practically falls through the door as she opens it. Mimi asks, "Don't you have some rock you can crawl under?" Sami says, "If you hadn't gotten caught in all your lies... If I were you I'd be a lot nicer to me."

We are having a happy gathering at the newlywed's place. Rex comes in, Jan comes in, "What's the answer," Shawn asks.

The phone rings. UB picks it up, "Yeah... Uh huh... I'm sorry..." Slowly, slowly he puts the phone... I mean slowly... back in the cradle. Slowly, he turns, "Give me your answer, Belle." Phillip stares.


JR and Kate hug.

Roman tells the aparently blind Marlena, "That's JR and Kate in bed together," as they watch them on their monitor.


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