Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Big Dude

Shawn comes into Chez Rouge and Willow suggests lunch. Shawn says he already ate but he'll keep her company. She asks about Kayla. Shawn gives her the update and then tells her he and Bo had a good talk and Bo agreed to talk to Max about Shawn getting his old job back.

Max and Frankie are in the garage. Max works on Mimi's car as they talk.

Frankie hands him tools as Max says, "It's a good thing you didn't leave town."

"If I had," says Frankie, "I'd just be a phone call away."

Max says, "Frankie, this is home, maaaaan."

Frankie says, "No it's not. I'm going back to DC. That's where I feel at home. Lawyers run that town. I want to go back there so I can be part of the action and know that in some small way I am responsible for messing up the lives of all hard-working Americans."

Mimi comes in and asks if the police are any closer to catching the bad guys.

Patrick crushes a can. EJ tells him to clean it up. Patrick gets macho, "If I wanted to clean up the streets of Salem, I'd start with you."

"Don't bite the hand that feeds you," says EJ.

Patrick asks, "Why am I here?"

EJ says, "I thought you might like to know something. The police are on to us."


Bo, Caroline and Old Man Brady watch Patch and Kayla through the window. Bo wonders what is going on. Billie and Hope run in. Bo gives Hope a confused look, "Billie was your errand?"

"It took convincing but I thought she needed to be here," says Hope.

Dr. Myers comes out and says the drug seems to be having some positive effect, "That doesn't mean they have beaten this. It could go either way."

Billie watches and says, "I think I know which way that is." Steve stirs.

EJ says they should remain calm. He found out about the cops being onto them because Bo showed up at Sami's apartment asking questions. He says he'll be in touch. They will communicate through a courier. Patrick asks who the courier is, "It has to be someone we can trust with our lives."

Willow says she thinks Max will give Shawn another shot. She suggests going over to the garage and apologizing. Shawn doesn't know if that's the right thing to do. She convinces him.

Frankie sneers, "What is she doing here?" Mimi shrugs it off and asks if there is anything she can do to help with Patch and Kayla's situation. Max tells Frankie she stopped by because he's working on her car.

Mimi says she is eternally grateful for that. "He just fixed your car," snorts Frankie. He decides this is a good time to go in and see Abby.

Mimi turns to Max, "He hates me."

"No," says Max, "Ever since Jen broke his heart he has major trust issues with women, especially the ones who are pathological liars."

Frankie asks Abby why Max is hanging around with Mimi after what she did to Shawn.

Bo talks to Patch through the window walkie-talkie, "Do you know what happened to you." Steve's memory was already toast, so he doesn't remember this either. Bo tells him about the gas. An attendant examines Kayla and calls for Dr. Myers. Bo continues his explanation. Billie stares like a schoolgirl.

Abby says Max wouldn't turn his back on his family. He's taking Mimi's side because Shawn acted like a jerk, "Max is such a caring person."

Frankie smiles, "You like my brother, don't you?"

"No," says Abby, "He's my friend and my boss and that's it." Translation: Stick a fork in Josh, he's done. She hopes St. Luke's is available for a June wedding.

Mimi tells Max she may not be able to pay until she gets another job. Things just haven't been working out what with all the hookers running around Chez Rouge and she's quickly finding out one semester of accounting at Salem U isn't going to land her that dream job with Arthur Anderson, Inc.

"Arthur Anderson is out of business," says Max, "They went down for cooking Enron's books."

"Darn," says Mimi, "I think I would have fit right in with a bunch of lying scumbags."

Max says he has the perfect place for her to work – right there at the garage.

EJ says he will find a courier they can trust. "Your mission, Mr. Lockhart – and you have no choice but to accept it – is to use Chelsea to keep tabs on Bo."

Patrick hits him with a real news bulletin, "She's trouble – Almost as much as her father."

"I don't care," growls EJ, "Get it done."

Kate visits Stephanie. Stephanie apologizes for wrecking the car. Kate says it wasn't her fault. She suggests Stephanie stay out of the public eye for a while, what with the fact the Salem Brady Badger is still on the loose.

"You mean no racing," says Stephanie, "Racing is my life. I have a contract with you and I couldn't possibly violate that."

Kate is soooo helpful, "Don't worry about that. I will release you from any obligations."

The brat walks into the room and says, "So, in other words, you are dumping her."

Billie gives Steve google-eyes and says, "Hey, long time no see."

Dr. Myers calls for a family pow-wow.

They leave. Billie stays. Patch wobbles. He tries to get up. He staggers over to Kayla and strokes her. He hauls his IV over to the window. He struggles with the intercom and finally asks Billie, "Stephanie! Is she safe?"

"Yes," says Billie.

"Oh, thank God," says Patch, "I can't believe you're the first person I see when I wake up. Thank you!"

Dr. Myers isn't sure when Kayla will wake up, "Kayla's fever spiked again and her breathing is more labored. She appears to be worsening. The drug may be causing her condition. Individuals respond to treatments differently, so what worked for Steve may not be working for her. I'm considering increasing her dosage, but that will raise the risk. In other words, the drug is making her condition worse, so I’m going to increase the dosage. It's known as the Lexie Carver Treatment Inversion Protocol. "

OMB and Caroline tell him to do whatever he has to do.

Kate tells Chelsea, "t isn't polite to come in without knocking, especially when there is no door chain available." The brat lectures Kate. She says Kate wants to dump Stephanie because she is afraid of bad PR. Kate says it's because she wants to protect Stephanie. Stephanie agrees. She thinks she should stay out of the spotlight. Kate gives her the papers and walks over to the brat while Stephanie reads through them.

"You really do always win," says Chelsea.

"It's not about winning or losing," says Kate, "It's about what is right for Stephanie. Could I interest you in purchasing the Salem Suspension Bridge? "

Stephanie signs. Kate leaves so she can rest. The brat gives her a parting shot, "Take care of yourself cuz."

They leave. Outside, the brat says she heard about Max breaking up with Stephanie, "That's what you get when you go after someone who is taken..."

Kate interrupts her with a total meltdown, "How dare you challenge me in there! You had better watch your mouth." The brat can't believe the intensity of the tirade. She backs down. Way down. Quivering mass of gelatin level.

Kate asks her about the hooker stunt. She tells her that's not what she was suggesting when she told her to work on getting her parents together, "You're lucky the cops got there before some john picked you up."

The little snot composes herself, "I don't care. I will do anything to get my parents back together." Kate says she has tried everything to get Bo and Billie back together and she is finally accepting the fact they will never be together, "And you should to."

The brat freaks, "You said you would help me."

"That isn't exactly what I said," says Kate.

The brat says she thought she could count on Kate. Kate says she can, but she needs to get on with her life. "What life," screams the brat, "My boyfriend broke up with me. I was on trial for murder. I lost my job at Titan so I could do this community service. My parents who raised me are dead. My parents who are supposed to love me hate me. And you do, too. You just reamed me out over something petty. The Bensons never yelled at me."

Kate hits the nail on the head, "I think that was the problem."

The brat rambles on, "Out of everyone in my life I thought you understood me. I guess I was wrong. I don't know what to do. I changed my last name to Brady, but they won't accept me. I have to get them together or I'm afraid no one will ever love me." Kate hugs her.

Mimi says she isn't taking charity. Max insists needs a part time bookkeeper. They seal the deal, "In spite of what Bonnie may have taught you as a kid, I want my books to be legit."

"That takes all the fun out of it," says Mimi.

Max gets a phone call, "Steve regained consciousness." Max heads for the hospital.

Billie says she was afraid of losing Steve.

Steve says, "Even if I don't make it, I got the chance right now to tell you how much you mean to me."

Billie smiles. She assures him, "Nothing is going to go wrong."

Patch says, "All those years I can't remember... you're the only person who doesn't hate me for that. You know how I feel about you."

"I feel the same way," says Billie, "I was afraid to say it because I thought you would remember Kayla and I would get my heart broken again. I want the Steve who you are now. I'll be here until you get better."

Max and Frankie have joined the group. Caroline vows Kayla will survive this. Hope and Frankie go to give Stephanie the good news.

Bo takes Max aside. Max understands Shawn has a right to be angry with Mimi, "But he crossed the line this time."

Bo tells Max about Belle blasting Shawn, "That got his attention and he is determined to put his life back together."

Max figures out which way the wind is blowing, "You want me to give him his job back."

"Not just for him, but for his daughter," says Bo.

Abby slams the books on the desk in front of Mimi, "Good luck working with them." Mimi is amazed at her good fortune. She thought no one in Salem would ever talk to her again after what she did.

Abby hears laughter and wonders if someone is out there. Willow and Shawn. Willow waits outside and wishes him good luck. Abby comes outside and finds Shawn. He asks for Max. Abby tells him he is at the hospital. Shawn says he wants to leave a message that he feels bad and wants to apologize. Mimi comes out. She gives Shawn that stare women give men when there is no knife available.

Max admits Shawn is a hell of a mechanic, "He should understand Mimi made a mistake." Bo says he deserves a second chance, just like Mimi.

Max says he hired Mimi, "I'm not turning my garage in to a war zone, so Shawn has to promise to keep cool. I'll talk to him." Max leaves. Bo huffs.

Shawn says he will stop back later when it's not so crowded. Mimi asks if he can act like a grownup, "You'd better get used to seeing me here. Max gave me a job."

Steve stares at Billie, then Kayla, then gives the camera the lost puppy look.

The posse returns to Dry Gulch. The crowd mumbles in unison. They are all upset at the news Dr. Myers just gave them. Billie asks, "What do you mean? Steve's going to be OK."

Hope reminds her of the other half of the equation, "What about Kayla?"

Billie can't understand why the drug wouldn't work for her. "Dr. Myers doesn't know if she will make it," says Hope.

Shawn is disgusted, "Max fires me because of you and now he hires you!"

"He offered the job without me asking," says Mimi. Abby steps in and backs her up. Mimi says she just came in to have her car fixed and that led to the job offer, "If you had fixed my car when you said you would, maybe I wouldn't be here. So there. I told you the biggest lie in the history of Salem and you didn't do your chores. That makes us even." She turns to the hooker, "Hey, Willow, if my husband isn't just another john, maybe you could tell him to stop acting like a jackass."

They leave. Mimi says, "I can't believe how much Shawn hates me." Go figure.

Chelsea talks on the phone and says the hospital doesn't need her this week. Patrick comes in. She tells him, "I'll probably be doing community service until I'm 90."

Patrick says, "That's better than jail."

The brat asks if he thinks Bo set him up. Yes, Patrick does. The brat says Bo would never falsely arrest someone.

"I keep forgetting," says Patrick, "You haven't known him that long. He's not as perfect as you think. If you spend time with him he could wind up with your mom. "

"And you could be with Hope."

"We could work on this together Chels."

The brat sees what he's up to, "Are you saying that you want me to spy on my own father?"

Bo rushes in. They all pray this is the right decision. Frankie wheels Stephanie in. Apparently Frankie and Hope forgot to tell her about Patch waking up. Stephanie nukes, "I thought this was supposed to be the miracle cure. But I don't see any miracles happening."

"I do," says Hope. The crowd parts. Stephanie sees Patch, "Dad! Dad!"

"I'm getting better," says Patch, "Your mom will too."

"I need my mom and dad back," blubbers Stephanie. Patch looks at Billie, and then back to Stephanie.

Max is back at the garage. He needs another mechanic. He tells the girls about agreeing with Bo to take Shawn back. The room turns into a vacuum of silence.

Abby finally says, "Things got interesting when you were at the hospital. Shawn came by to apologize."

"I didn't think he had it in him," says Max.

Mimi says, "When he found out you gave me a job, he lost it."

Max is upset, "Bo swore Shawn had learned his lesson. Someone else can hire him."

"Wait," says Mimi, "Maybe he has learned his lesson. I'll deal with it if you give him his job back."

Shawn and Willow get back to Chez Rouge. Shawn rants, "Giving Mimi that job was like giving me a slap in the face. She's got her hooks in him just like she had them in me. I have to start looking for a job if I want to see my daughter."

In a rare lucid moment, Willow has an idea, "Who is that other big race driver... EJ! He knows you're a great mechanic. Maybe you could ask him for a job."

Shawn yells, "You're a genius."

"Roadkill is genius compared to you," says Willow, "I'm just a survivor."

Kate says, "We have to discuss Stephanie."

"Not right now," says EJ. Buttons start to come undone. The phone interrupts the tender moment. It's Shawn. He says he doesn't know how to say it so he just blurts it out and asks for a job.

"I might be able to do that," says EJ, "Let's talk. Later"

The brat says, "You have a hell of a nerve asking me to spy on him. I'm trying to build a relationship with him. What good will it do me if he finds out?"

Patrick stands there in his double-headed Phoenix sweatshirt, "Think 'Mission Impossible.'"

"Sorry," says the brat, "I can't help."

"Looks like it's Bo and Hope forever," says Patrick.

"That doesn't mean I won't help you at all," says the brat, "I just need to do it my way."

Patch encourages Stephanie. He insists Kayla will pull through, "Because The Big Dude, he wouldn't-a brought us all back together for nothin'. You gotta believe."

"I want to," whines Stephanie.

"We're halfway there," says Patch. Kayla's machines go berserk.

"She's seizing," yells Dr. Myers, "BP 70 over 50. Crash Cart! Give me 200 joules! Clear!" ZAP!

The crowd watches. Stephanie bawls. Patch moves toward Kayla. Billie watches.


Hope says to Bo, "Can't you see that Kayla needs a reason to hang on. I want you to talk to him." Pan to Patch in the background.

Billie says, "Steve has become very important to me." Marlena says, "I think you have every right to go after what makes you happy."

"That's not what I want," says Kate. EJ asks, "What do you want?" Kate says, "You."

Marlena tells John, "You owe me a wedding. And I can't just go around marrying a dead guy."

Monday, October 30, 2006

Half A Brain And One Eye

Willow answers the door to her apartment and finds Belle standing outside. Belle says she wants to talk but Willow isn't in the mood. Belle says she meant she wanted to talk to Shawn. Willow claims he isn't there.

"Max told me he was staying with you," says Belle.

"Well, he was wrong."

"Was he," asks the little sharpie. She picks up a pair of Shawn's underwear, "I guess these are yours then?"

Bo is on the phone with Billie. He tells her Steve and Kayla are barely hanging on. Frankie is on the way with the miracle antidote. Bo thinks Steve could use her down there. Billie doesn't want to make anyone uncomfortable. Bo says, "Hope wouldn't want you to stay away because of her."

Billie sees through the thin membrane that passes for Bo's brain, "Did she say that?"

"Not exactly," says Bo, "Think about coming down here."

Billie hangs up and the brat walks out, "Are you OK?"

Billie is near tears, "Other than having Steve an Kayla near death I'm peachy." Billie breaks down. The brat says it will be OK. Billie reminds her Patch and Kayla could die.

The brat says, "Pull yourself together and go to the hospital. You need to be there for Dad.

Belle wonders why the shower is still running. Willow slides the boxers over her dress to show Belle they fit. She claims they are hers. Belle thinks the style is a little masculine for Willow. "Maybe I'm not into lace," says Willow, "Look, I would love to stand here and talk fashion with you all day, but I..."

Shawn runs out of the shower dressed in a towel, "Willow, I've... uh... Belle..." BUSTED.

Mimi stands in the nearly empty apartment and says she can't believe how quickly a home can become just an apartment. Bonnie offers to take a glass pitcher off Mimi's hands. Mimi thinks all she's thinking about is how much the pitcher will make at a garage sale, when Mimi's life is falling apart. Mimi just wants to pack and get out. Bonnie tells her she's giving up way too soon. She has to pull out the big guns and fight. Mimi yells, "Shawn and I are over. Can you please get that through your head?"

Bonnie asks, "Well, can you?"

Billie says, "Silly me. I thought you cared about Steve and Kayla."

"I do," insists the brat, "But Hope and Bo are over. If you weren't so busy running around after the Cyclops..."

Billie has a meltdown, "Get it through your thick skull. You have to stop with the games and lies! It has to stop! You have tried every trick in the book to get Bo and me together."

The little snot says, "I admit the prostitution trick was dumb, but I deserve a family and I am going to have one."

Hope comes up behind Bo as he watches Patch and Kayla through the window. She asks how they are doing. He has her look inside, "It will be a whole lot better when I find the bustard who did this."

Hope says, "Abe already checked Patrick's alibi. He wasn't near the hospital."

"So he says," snorts Bo.

Hope says, "I'm Patrick's alibi, Bo."

Mimi says she is moving on with her life, "So many lies to tell, so little time." She says she can't keep hanging on to Shawn by lying and cheating. She can't keep living her life that way, "Besides, he's wise to me."

Bonnie tells her, "It ain't over." She has her pack a picture of Shawn to keep her eye on the prize.

Mimi looks at a picture of OMB and Caroline and wonders how they stayed together so long. "I don't know," says Bonnie, "She doesn't look like she's into hot sex."

Belle says she came over to discuss Claire. She realizes Shawn hasn't been a good father because he hasn't had a chance to be one. He has to be responsible before he can be. He needs a job, and a decent place to live – not some dump. Shawn says he will start acting responsibly. Belle tells him, "Being a parent is more than acting responsible. You need to prove you can take care of yourself." Shawn says he will do whatever it takes. Belle tells him to let her know when it's all taken care of and leaves.

Bo says, "Your boy is pretty smart. He planned to be with you when the gas attack happened."

Hope defends Patrick, "He didn't plan on me inviting him to lunch. He isn't involved in this."

"You used to be able to see through this kind of stuff," says Bo, "What happened to you?"

"Maybe my brain clouded up after being with you and Shawn so long" says Hope, "The real question is, what happened to you? You used to see all the possibilities but now all you see is Patrick."

"That's because he's guilty," says the judge and jury, "That's my sister in there."

Hope turns. Bo grabs her and asks her to stay, "Steve and Kayla need you and so do I." He promises not to say another word about Patrick. Hope agrees. She says she thought Billie would be there.

"She didn't want to make people uncomfortable," says Bo.

Billie lectures Chelsea. She needs to be a grownup. She has to accept Bo and Billie won't be together. The brat asks her to just think about it. Billie assures her she and Bo love her and want what's best for her. The brat says what is best for her is for them to be together. She wants to be a part of something special, but she'll settle for being a Brady.

Billie insists they are already special. The brat rants, "Don't give me that crap about Bo and Hope and a guy with a half a brain and one eye."

"I don't get it," says Billie, "Bo has two eyes."

"Do you think you are being an adult right now," shouts the brat, "When you end up all alone and miserable and say you did the right thing? It's pathetic!"

"Listen to me," says Billie, "You keep pushing your father and I to get together and you are going to push him right out of your life and then you will be on the outside."

Billie says she knows this is about the brat wanting to feel closer to her dad. The brat doesn't know if Bo will ever forgive her for Zack. Billie tells her that her little act won't work. She knows Bo cares about her, "Don't do something you'll regret."

"I'll regret it if I do the right thing and it doesn't get me anywhere," she says.

Billie says Patch and Kayla are close to dying and Bo is trying to be strong for them. Chelsea just needs to be there for Bo, "Or stay here and come up with another stupid idea that will drive him away. It's your choice." Billie storms out.

Shawn looks through the want ads for a job. He crosses off all the jobs that require degrees and experience. He reads some of the requirements, "Proficiency in Windows, Outlook and Excel. Hmmm... Fluent in Spanish... No habla Español. I'll never find a decent job. There isn't much demand for people who drive cars through walls."

Willow says, "You can't let her call the shots. Claire's your kid too. I thought you were this big rebel. I can't see James Dean acting like this. Admit it, you're whipped."

"By Claire," asks the rebel without a clue.

"By Claire's mommy."

"I gotta go," says Shawn.

"Go where," asks Willow, "this is the YWCA. She helps him put on a disguise, "You look better than some of the women who live here."

"That is scary," says Shawn. She wishes him good luck and smiles as he leaves.

Bo tells Hope Billie doesn't want to play the part of the spoiler again. Hope says all that stuff with Billie and Bo is history. And as far as Billie and Patch goes, "If Steve and Kayla need to be together they will be, no matter what happens."

Bo slides in his editorial comment, "If two people are desperate to be together, nothing will stand in their way."

The brat shows up. Hope hurls and suddenly remembers she has an errand. She leaves. Bo says, "I'm not really in the mood for fun and games right now."

Mimi walks through a pumpkin display into the pub. She asks Caroline about Steve and Kayla. Caroline tells her Frankie is out searching for a cure. Mimi asks for a minute to talk. She says the thing with Shawn is all her fault. She is really sorry. She asks Caroline how she and OMB stayed married."

"If you think Shawn and I are the perfect couple we have had our share of problems," says Caroline, "I'm not sure what you are looking for."

Mimi hands her a picture of the two of them.

Bo tells the brat if she has a problem she needs to talk to Billie. The brat says she just came to see if there is anything she can do for Bo. Bo says he isn't the one who needs help. He talks about all Steve and Kayla have meant to him, "Kay has been a great sister and Steve and I have been best friends all the Days Of Our Lives. Sometimes you lose people you love."

"Yeah," says the brat, "Like my parents and Zack. I've been praying. God isn't used to hearing my voice."

"He's the only one," says Bo, "But I appreciate it." Hugs.

Shawn stops in the ER. Both of his hands have severe cuts. The Doc asks what happened. Shawn tells him, "The sidewalks are very rough concrete outside the YWCA. As I was walking along, my knuckles were scraping the ground as usual, and the concrete really sliced into them." The Doc tells him it's not too serious, cleans him up and releases him.

Shawn heads up to see Bo and tells him they need to talk.

The brat and Shawn make eye contact. "Hey Shawn," she says.


Bo goes off with Shawn. The brat sulks out.

Billie opens the door and finds Hope standing there. She invites her in and asks about Steve and Kayla, "Will you call me if you hear anything about them."

"No," says Hope, "You should go to the hospital yourself."

Caroline looks at the picture, "You want this? I'm not sure what you're asking for."

"Your secret to a long successful marriage," says Mimi.

"It's not easy," says Caroline.

"It's not impossible," says Mimi, "I had hope when I married Shawn. I want to find happiness again."

"There is one thing that nearly destroyed our marriage," says Caroline, "A lie. Tell the truth."

Mimi looks the word up in her pocket dictionary, "The scariest thing to me is the thought of telling the truth."

"Telling a lie is scarier," says Caroline.

Willow hears a knock at her door. She goes to answer it and says, "Couldn't stay away, huh?" Oops. It's Belle. Willow says, "I think your coven is having a meeting right about now. Don't you need to be there?"

"I want to talk to you alone," says Belle. Stay away from Shawn so he can be with his daughter."

"Is that an ultimatum," asks Willow.

"It's advice," says Belle, "and for Shawn's sake, you should take it."

Bo tells Shawn about the miracle drug, "Frankie just called and said he's on his way with it." Bo takes it Shawn and Max had a difference of opinion, and that's why Shawn lost his job. Shawn says that's pretty much what happened. Bo says, "And you thought with Phillip out of the way, Belle would jump at the chance to have you step in as Claire's dad, but I'll bet she set down some rules first. I'll bet she wants you to get a job and a decent place to live."

Shawn is amazed that Bo knows all this.

"I know about moms and their rules," says Bo. Shawn thinks it's downright scary for Bo to know all this. Bo 'splains to Shawn about women, "It's not so difficult to know, really. Hope had the rules posted on the wall in the doghouse so I would never forget them."

"So you think I should give in and follow those rules," asks Shawn.

"They're not all that bad," says Bo, "And crow is a fine meal every once in awhile."

"I thought the rules weren't all that bad until I looked through the want ads. I don't have the experience or education for a good job."

"Well then, it could be your only option is to work at the Salem PD," says Bo.

Bo invites Shawn to live with him for a while but he asks, "Is this change in behavior about taking care of Claire or impressing Belle?" Shawn stares.

Mimi tells Caroline growing up the way she did she had to do a lot of lying. She knew if she told social services the truth it would take Connor and her away from Bonnie. She lied to hold on to the things she loved, "It's so hard to change." Caroline tells her try telling the truth for just one week and come back and tell her how it felt.

Mimi vows to give it a try. She immediately starts to sweat and shake.

Willow accuses Belle of being scared, "You're a real bitch. Shawn does what you say or he loses his kid? You're using the brat to hang on to Shawn. You've had everything you ever wanted handed to you on a silver platter. And you think I'm not good enough."

"That's called projecting," says the junior shrink.

"If that's your way of saying I'm after Shawn," says Willow, "then you're more stupid than I thought. I'm free to be with whomever I want. Or don't want." She shows Belle the door.

Belle turns and gives her parting shot, "Sometimes being free means nobody gives an damn about you."

Bo tells Shawn he can't have it both ways. He can't have both Belle and Willow.

"Willow is a friend," says Shawn.

"The kind you sleep with," asks Bo, "How does she feel about you and Belle hooking up."

"She's not interested in hooking up with me," says Shawn, "Willow isn't pushing me for a commitment."

"I haven't met too many women who don't want that in the end," says Bo, "Do you think Max might give you your job back?"

"He's peeved about his car," says Shawn, "You think I should just forgive Mimi and move on with our marriage?"

"That's what adults do," says Bo, "You hit a bump in the road and bailed on her. You really haven't given her a shot. A couple years ago you dumped Belle for the same reason. There is a lesson in there. Love is a lot of work. Sometimes you have to forgive what you never thought you would. I'll give Max a call and see if you can get your job back."

"I appreciate it," says Shawn, "I'm not gonna let Claire down."

Bo says, "I'm here for you. Anytime." Hugs. The brat watches.

Hope says she remembers coming back to Salem and not knowing who she was, "It's kind of a rite of passage in Salem." She knows Billie was a good friend to her then. She needed a lifeline just like Steve needs one now. Billie isn't sure she can make a difference since Steve and Kayla are already together. Hope says she is rooting for them, but they have to pull through this. Billie says she would do anything for Steve, but nobody wants her there.

"What they want is Steve and Kayla to get well," says Hope, "You can help make that happen for him."

Bo watches as the men in hazmat suits work on Steve and Kayla. Dr. Myers says the new antidote is here, "But don't forget, it's experimental. We don't know how effective it is."

"So," says Bo, "I guess a prayer would be good right now." Bo heads out.

Billie's phone rings. Bo tells her the antidote just arrived, "Now comes the hard part. I'll keep you posted."

Billie tells Hope what Bo said. Hope asks, "You wanna drive or should I?"

"Let's go."

Caroline gets off the phone. She tells Mimi the antidote has arrived. They don't know if it will work, through. Mimi reassures her. Caroline leaves to tell OMB.

The river of life flows through the IV's. FF Bo.



Stephanie says to Bo, OMB and Caroline, "I thought this was supposed to be the miracle cure. But I don't see any miracles happening."

Max says, "Frankie, this is home, man." Frankie says, "No it's not. I'm going back to DC."

Patrick asks, "Why am I here?" EJ says, "I thought you might like to know something. The police are on to us."

The brat asks Patrick, "Are you saying that you want me to spy on my own father?"

Friday, October 27, 2006


Where Bonnie shops for Mimi...


Lucas Three – EJ Nil

Shawn walks up to the door of the penthouse. He hears uncontrollable crying inside and decides he'd better check it out to see if it's Claire or Belle.

Inside, Belle coaches Claire on the finer points of bawling. She puts her down and answers the doorbell, "What do you want?!"

"I wanna help with Claire," says Shawn, "Is she OK?"

"She's fine," snorts Belle, "You can just go." SLAM!

Roman is on the phone at the pub. He wants Frankie's doctor contact to call as soon as possible. Roman tells everyone the doctor is hiking in the Himalayas and can't be reached, "He'll be out of touch for about four days."

"That's not bad," says Frankie, "Everyone in Salem is out of touch permanently. If there is an antidote, he will know what it is."

"We don't have four days," says Caroline.

Abe and Lexie stand outside the pub. Abe tells Lexie the Brady's are good friends. They need their support. Lexie thinks they won't want her support. Abe says, "If you don't face them now you never will. What's it going to be?"

Dr. Bo tells John he thinks he ought to do something to help out with Steve and Kayla. John says the best they can do is to find these guys and stop them form hurting Bo's family. They discuss EJ and Patrick. John wonders what was in the envelope Sami brought to him. Bo suggests going over to Sami's. Roman overhears, "What the hell did Sami do now?"

Sami tells EJ he can't ask her to choose between himself and her family, "It's an impossible decision. I never thought they would come back to me like this."

EJ reminds her how much they hurt her. They bring nothing to her life but grief. Whenever they come over, she drops him, "I'm bloody sick of this. I can't be there for you anymore. You're on your own." He starts to leave. Sami chases as Lucas tells EJ it would be best if he hit the road.

"Quite," says EJ, "I'm sorry I had to end this." Sami asks him not to take it personally. She loves her son unconditionally. Being a good mom is the most important thing to her.

"Is that true," says Will.

Sami says, "You have to ask?"

"Yeah," says Will, "I do."

Sami apologizes. She knows she made mistakes but loves him more than anything. She tells him she missed him so much. Lucas' uncontrollable mouth explodes into a cornucopia of unhelpful remarks, "Yeah, well, he thought you'd be alone crying your eyes out."

EJ lectures him. He suggests they should have called before coming over. Sami's needs and wants don't revolve around them. Sami gives EJ the bum's rush. He tells her not to call him when they ditch her.

Lucas tells Sami EJ isn't very good for her. He can't be if he asked her to choose between him and her family. Sami defends EJ, "He accepts me for what I am."

"I can understand why he likes you," says Lucas, "I can understand why all guys like you."

Will, the only adult in the room, tells them to cool it. He urges Lucas, "Tell her."

"I did tell her," says Lucas, "She was distracted by EJ."

"I heard," says Sami, "You want us to be a family."

"I want us to act like a family," says Lucas, "Let's get it right and be good parents. I promised him I would work on our relationship. Let's be friends for our son's sake. My question is friendship. I'd like to be your friend. If it's OK with you I'd really like that."

John tells Roman about EJ. Bo tells him about his connection to Lockhart. John tells him about the calls and the envelope.

"So EJ could have been the one sending the notes," says Roman, "I can talk to her."

"Listen Roman," says Bo, "She's not a very truthful person. I think you should let us handle it."

Roman brings up an important point, "Aren't you suspended?"

"Abe gave me the OK," says Bo, "We're making progress."

Lexie is reluctant to go in. She doesn't know how she can face the Brady's. They will think she's just like her father. A DiMera. She doesn't know how she will be able to face anyone in the town again. Abe makes suggestions about how she could redeem herself by working at the free clinic. She can start by making amends to the Brady's. He will support her. Lexie takes his hand and they walk into the pub.

Abe and Lexie come through the door of the pub. Silence and stares.

Shawn pounds on the door. He yells, "I'm not going anywhere!" Belle opens the door and tells him to stop. She just got Claire back to sleep and Shawn can't see her. She runs through a list of his recent slip-ups – just little things like driving through walls and sleeping with ex-hookers.

"That's what this is all about," says Shawn, "You saw me kissing Willow."

Belle sees through it, "Oh, Puhleeeaaassseee!"

"No, that's it," he lies, "You're obviously trying to punish me and use my daughter to do it."

Belle says all she cares about is Claire. She orders him to go home as Claire wakes up and cries. Shawn starts toward her and Belle throws a block that would stop the Pittsburgh Steelers front line.

Abe tells Lexie they can't turn back now. Roman growls, "We're busy in here." Abe asks if there is anything they can do. Roman says, "I don't know what that can be especially where your wife is concerned."

Lexie says, "They don't want us here." Abe tells them Lexie knows of a study that might help Steve and Kayla.

Roman interrupts, "We've got it covered, Pard."

Frankie steps in and says he wants to hear about the study. Lexie says she knows Roman doesn't trust them and she would never blame anyone of them if they never trusted her again.

Caroline tells her she is always welcome there. And she knows her granddaughter played a major role in this. Roman begins to soften. He says that is true. He asks about the study. "It's a longshot," says Lexie, "But a tablespoon of cod liver oil works wonders." She'll check websites to get details.

Frankie offers his computer.

Bo suggests they go. John knows Sami hates him and thinks it won't help if he goes, so Bo is on his own. Bo leaves. Pan to the pumpkin. Carrie's back in town.

John tells Abe what Bo is up to, and then leaves.

Lexie finds the website on Frankie's laptop, "It's a chance for Kayla and Steve."

EJ arrives at Kate's. He gives her a status report, "Lucas two – EJ nil."

Kate says she tried to call. "Their timing was perfect," says EJ, "I was close to giving Sami a night she would never forget when they showed up. I'm resigning my post. I've had enough."

"It sounds to me like you haven't had any," says Kate, "What does this mean?" He says he's off the case. If Sami and Lucas want to be together Kate has to deal with it.

Sami says she is willing to try. She will do whatever it takes. Lucas and Will agree. Will says he will try to be a good kid. Sami assures him he is a great kid. She asks if he's moving back in. He tells her he's not. He's living with Dad and Grandma Kate for now, "We'll see how it goes."

Lucas says, "We'll take things slow and see what happens."

Sami asks, "Did you just set me up? Is this a test? You will walk out if I don't pass?"

"It's up to Will," says Lucas.

Will says, "You said you'd changed, Mom. You're not the same person who blackmailed Dr. Carver and did those things to Carrie and Austin."

"I have changed," insists Sami, yet again.

Beauregard Brady, crack detective, suspended, comes to the door and interrupts the conversation. He asks for a couple of minutes with Sami. Sami doesn't think it's a good time. Bo insists, "It's a police matter. We can talk here or at the station."

"Here we go again," says Will.

Sami says it's probably a misunderstanding. Just give her a few seconds with Bo. Bo tells them she's not being arrested, "So if you guys will hit the road, we'll get on with this."

Lucas offers her good luck, "It sounds like you will need it."

They leave. Bo asks her about EJ. Sami huffs.

Kate says, "Lucas doesn't want to be with Sami. He went over there for Will."

"If Lucas doesn't want to be with Sami, what do you need me for," asks EJ.

"Insurance," says Kate, "Then again you have a little thing for Sami don't you."

"That's a thing I'm quickly getting over," says EJ as he gooses her, "I'm used to getting what I want."

Kate says, "Maybe there is something I could do to get you to hold on a bit longer." Raw passion ensues.

Belle lectures Shawn, "You don't give a damn!" He claims he does give a damn. He walked away because he thought she wanted to be with Phillip. Belle says she doesn't even recognize him any more, "You don't look a thing like you did six weeks ago. Claire needs me."

"She needs both of us," says Shawn.

Belle yells, "Do I have to call the police?"

"I'll go," says Shawn, "But this isn't over. Now that Phillip is out of the picture, if I have to get a lawyer to see my daughter, I will. And if you push me too far, I will sue for full custody." Slam. Stare.

Lexie talks about the study. It looks promising. She gives them the name of the drug and a doctor's name at CDC.

Roman thanks her as Frankie takes the information and rushes out. Hugs all around. They all have hope because of Lexie. Abe and Lexie hug.

Bo asks Sami about the envelope. EJ's prints were on it. Sami says that's because he was there when she got it. Bo asks what was in the envelope. Sami says it was something personal. He tells her about Steve and Kayla, "Someone is targeting our family. It has to stop."

"You can't think it's EJ," says Sami, "He couldn't."

He could. He is. EJ chains the door and clothes fly. Once again, Lucas knocking at the door interrupts his passionate interlude.

Lucas tries to open a door, but it's chained. He asks, "What's with the chain. It's me and Will."

Kate shushes EJ. Lucas three – EJ nil.

EJ goes into the other room as Kate stalls Lucas. She opens the door. They barge in and ask what's going on. She says she chained the door out of habit. She says she can tell by looking at them that things didn't go well at Sami's, "She's hopeless and there is no point in you going over there ever again."

"You're wrong, Grandma," says Will, "I think Mom might need us more than ever."

John returns to the penthouse. He sees Belle has been crying and asks what it is this time. She tells him about Shawn. He wonders why she wouldn't let him see Claire.

"She was sleeping. He has to learn he can't come over whenever he feels like it," says Belle, "When he left he threatened to sue."

"He wouldn't get very far," says John, "You are a perfect mother." Cleanup on aisle five!

"I'm far from perfect," says Belle, "We need to find a place to live. Claire needs a real home."

"I think what she really needs is her father," says John.

Shawn is back in his hovel in the garage packing up. Willow just happens to come in and offers a hand. Shawn tells her, "Max canned my ass and won't even let me stay here."

"I know a better place to stay," says Willow, "With me."

Roman, Bo and Caroline talk to Dr. Myers. He's impressed by the study. He warns them this isn't a sure-fire cure. I'll bet it is. "Allergic reactions are possible," he says, "The dose might even be fatal. Are you willing to take that chance?" Stares.

Abe tells Lexie she did a great thing for the Brady's. Lexie says there is no guarantee it will work. Abe is proud of her for this and for taking responsibility for what she did. "Thanks for standing by me," says Lexie.

Abe says, "Unless you give me reason not to, I will stand by you forever."

Lexie says, "I love you so much. I'll never give you reason not to. I love you so much."

Roman, Caroline and Frankie talk things over. Roman votes for the drug. They all agree. Caroline tells Dr. Myers they want to proceed with the unconventional treatment, "And the upside is, we can use the same scripts we had with Jack's experimental drug." As he leaves, Dr. Myers says he will prepare the papers and call the CDC.

Belle knows Claire needs a father. She thinks they are better off on their own what with the way Shawn has been acting.

John says, "I think you can help Shawn grow up. The question is, who will help you grow up. You have to set up the ground rules. Set up a list of conditions. For example, tell him to get a job."

Belle laughs, "He can't stand it when someone tells him what to do."

"He will if you make it about Claire," says John.

"So I should tell him not to date ex-hookers," asks Belle.

John says, "This isn't about you getting together. It's about being good parents." Belle agrees to do it for Claire's sake, "One more try. ONE."

"That's my girl." Hugs.

Shawn wonders how he can move into the YWCA. "I know a way around it if you are up for it," says Willow, "Did you ever watch Bosom Buddies? "

Kate rants, "Sami is like alcohol. She's like an addiction. Unless you give her up completely, she will destroy your life."

Sami wonders why they didn't tell her about Patch and Kayla, "Why am I even asking? You're shutting me out of the family."

Bo tries to get things back on track, "I want to know what was in that envelope."

Sami deflects the question, "Why do you suspect EJ?"

"I don't trust him," says Bo, "If you were smart you wouldn't either." Bo leaves. EJ stalks the hall and stares. FF.



Mimi yells, "Shawn and I are over. Can you please get that through your head?" Bonnie asks, "Well, can you?"

Willow says to Belle, "I would love to stand here and talk fashion with you all day, but I..." Shawn runs out of the shower dressed in a towel, "Willow, I've... uh... Belle..." Belle gets the picture.

Hope says, "I'm Patrick's alibi, Bo."

Billie tells the brat, "You keep pushing your father and I to get together and you are going to push him right out of your life."

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Loathsome Little Gutter Snipe

Sober Sami lights candles, turns on music and answers the door. She greets EJ. He tells her she looks beautiful. He holds up a bottle of wine, "I brought a rather naïve burgundy for our enjoyment tonight. I was hoping it would compliment the naïve girl in you."

EJ opens the bottle. He tells Sami, "I thought you might not want any, the way you were throwing back those KILOS last night."

Sami says she was upset. She came home, had a gallon of water, a shower and now she's looking forward to the evening with him. EJ toasts better days. He reminds her he told her not to go to Carrie and Austin's wedding. Sami thinks they should have told her about the wedding and invited her.

EJ asks, "If you were Carrie would you have told you?"

"Probably not," says Sami, "But what about my mom? She was getting married, too. And then for my dad to kick me out. It's not right. I just can't understand why they wouldn't want a raving drunk at their wedding."

EJ asks, "The way you feel about John, do you think it's so surprising they wouldn't want you there? Wouldn't you rather be here wit me?"

"Maybe," says Sami. He kisses her to help her decide.

Kate comes into her apartment to find Lucas. She tells Lucas about Sami's latest set of antics. Lucas is surprised, but not about Sami, "Austin and Carrie got married? They didn't waste any time did they? They made me sign annulment papers yesterday."

Kate continues to rag on Sami and tells him Austin and Carrie have already left Salem. Lucas has no sympathy for them.

Kate rants, "It just goes to show you. It's the same Sami. She's so selfish she's going to make someone else's special occasion all about her. It didn't work."

"I can't say I feel sorry for Austin and Carrie," says Lucas.

"I'm not asking you to feel sorry for them," says Kate, "but if it was your wedding and that loathsome little gutter snipe was trying to break it up...."

Will comes out and screams, "Stop it! I'm not letting you talk about my mom like that."

Frankie suggests Caroline take a break. Caroline don' wan' no stinkin' break. Frankie convinces her and promises to go get her if there is a change. Caroline leaves as Max comes in. Frankie tells him there is no change in Patch and Kayla's condition. Stephanie wheels in. Max tells her she should be in her room. Frankie backs him up. Max offers to take her. Stephanie says she can get there by herself. Max says he will check on her in five minutes.

After Stephanie wheels out Frankie asks, "What was that all about?"

"You can tell," asks Max, "I'm planning on breaking it off with her when the time is right."

Bo tells John that Lockhart isn't the mastermind. John wonders if this has to do with the vendetta the DiMeras have against the Brady's. Bo wonders what the EJ Wells connection is. If they can prove the two of them are working together he can keep Lockhart away from Hope. Bo starts to rush out to crack the case. John tells him to settle down, "I'm not letting you go anywhere right now."

Max says he used Stephanie to get Chelsea off his back. He can't tell her right now, though. Frankie says he has to tell her the truth right now. Max says he cares about Stephanie. "Then tell her the truth," says Frankie as he goes to check on Caroline.

Bo insists they don't have time to stand around. John cautions him to be careful and not step on Roman's investigation. John thinks Abe needs to know everything they are up to. Bo says if Abe finds out he's been working on the investigation he will be off the force. John says he has to decide. He gives Bo a wink, a manly wink, of course, and says, "Either way I will back you."

Bo thanks him and asks to borrow a dollar. John asks why he needs the money. Bo says, "Your backing and a buck will get me a cup of coffee in the PD lunchroom." John leaves.

OMB (Old Man Brady) comes in and asks if Bo has seen Caroline. Bo says, "I could use your advice."

EJ and Sami maul each other. It moves to the couch. Sami wants them to take their time, "There's no need to rush things."

EJ isn't so sure, "I love the romance, but usually when we take things slowly we get interrupted." Sami assures him Lucas and Will won't interrupt their evening. Back to work.

Will tells Kate Sami is still his mom. Kate apologizes. Lucas asks for a moment with Will. He asks him where this is coming from, since he's heard Will tear into Sami. Will says, "I don't like what she did but I'm gonna miss her. I'm tired of moving. I'm sick of being disappointed."

"It's not all your mom's fault," says Lucas, "It's my responsibility too."

Will says, "Maybe if Mom knew we cared she'd stop all this. I was really peeved when we moved out but that was probably the dumbest move we all could have made. Can't we just try to be a family?" Kate eavesdrops and shakes her head.

Max comes in to see Stephanie. He asks how she is doing. Stephanie says she's fine. It's her parents she's worried about. Max encourages her. It's hard for him, too. She's glad she's not going through it alone. She offers her hand. Max takes it and scowls. He starts to say something, but chokes on the words.

Stephanie asks, "Is there something you want to talk to me about?"

Max chickens out, "No. Not right now. I'm going back to the garage. I'll see you later." He leaves. Stephanie sighs.

Bo tells OMB he needs his advice. "It's a hypothetical situation. Let's say this cop knows a guy is a criminal. Does it matter how the cop brings him in?"

This one is so transparent even Pop can see through it, "Has the hypothetical cop been suspended?"

Bo mumbles. OMB goes on, "It's like chowdah. If you throw in a bad piece of meat, the whole thing's bad."

Bo appreciates the advice. Caroline comes in. OMB suggests finding a doctor.

Bo leaves and calls John. OMB thinks, "It's a good thing I didn't tell him if you throw in enough other goop, no one can tell the chowdah's bad. At least none of my customers ever have."

Bo asks John to meet him at the station so they can tell Abe what they have been up to.

OMB and Caroline discuss the case. Dr. Meyer stands inside Patch and Kayla's room in his biotech gear. He closes the blinds. Worry ensues.

John tells Abe he has info on the glove, "Bo and I have been conducting our own investigation."

Abe growls, "I warned Bo..."

John says, "It's because of his persistence we may know the identity of the person behind the whole damned thing."

Will isn't talking about living together, but being civil to each other. Lucas agrees to tell Sami it was a mistake. Kate has a stroke and storms into the room. She tells them they can't do that. Lucas gets on her for eavesdropping. Will defends his mom, "She has no one else to rely on."

Kate wonders if he's taking psychology classes at school, "Sami will see this as a sign of weakness and take advantage of you."

Lucas says, "Sami and I have to be parents to Will. Maybe if I kept it on the surface and didn't allow it to get deep, we can be friends."

Kate can't believe it, "FRIENDS? Oh..."

Will says that's exactly what he wants. Lucas says, "Don't get your hopes up. Your mom drives me crazy and I drive her crazy and together we will probably drive you crazy."

Will says, "Being crazy is what life in Salem is all about." They decide it's time to go see Sami. After they run out, Kate calls EJ.

Sami's clothes start to come off as the phone rings. EJ turns it off as he turns Sami on.

Bo comes in and Abe hauls him and John into his office. He lectures Bo, "I warned you. You didn't follow orders. I'm about to kick you off the force for good."

Max is back at the garage. Abby greets him. They talk about Steve and Kayla. She asks how Stephanie is. Max says she's having a tough time. Abby feels useless. She just knows Max will make everything easy for Stephanie. Max thinks he's the last person she needs right now.

Frankie comes into Stephanie's room looking for Max. Stephanie tells him Max isn't there. She thinks he wanted an excuse to get away from her. She asks if Max said anything about her. Frankie says it's between her and Max. Stephanie says, "He kind of tried to break up with me the other day. I freaked out and he changed his mind. Now I think he's just waiting for the right time. You know what it's like to be strung along. Even if the person doing it has the best intentions, it sucks. Please tell me, OK, because not knowing is the one thing I can't handle."

Frankie says, "There must be a whole lot you can't handle, then. I came up here because..."

Stephanie interrupts, "You thought he broke up with me."

Frankie rambles, "Maybe he was just waiting for the right time."

"He's a really thoughtful guy," says Stephanie, "Thanks for being honest with me. I need some time alone... to slit my wrists." Frankie leaves. Stephanie breaks down.

Max and Abby talk about Stephanie. Max tells her he decided he can't have a relationship with her. Abby wonders how Stephanie took it.

"That's kind of the thing," says Max, "I tried to tell her, but she freaked out."

Abby thinks Stephanie read too much into the gift she got for Max to give her. Max says he should have looked at it first. Abby is sorry things didn't work out for them. She tells him he can't blame himself.

"Thanks," says Max, "Have I told you how glad I am I hired you. This garage would fall apart without you." The man's a race driver. He can shift gears and you hardly notice.

Abe rants. Bo defends himself. John tells him to cut Bo some slack. He tells Abe about the lead on the co conspirator – EJ Wells.

Abe wonders how it could be EJ, "What's his motive?"

"There you go asking logical questions again," says John, "We don't know yet. Without going into great detail... the, ahem, opportunity presented itself for me to 'borrow' his cell phone. I downloaded his history. Patrick made a dozen phone calls to EJ. What other connection would EJ have to Lockhart?"

Abe says, "My detectives traced the gloves to a manufacturer in Florence. They are rarely imported. There is only one place in town to buy them. Good work. This information will help."

"Great," says Bo, "So we can proceed with the case?" Abe sighs.

A knock at Sami's door. They ignore it. Will yells for her to open the door, "I know you're in there, Mom." Sami says she can't believe it as they dress. Sami thinks Will won't want to stay long and they can pick up where they left off.

She opens the door, "Lucas!"

"I hope we aren't interrupting," he smirks.

Of course not. Sami says, "OK. Just lecture me about showing up at the wedding and then get out."

Lucas says, "That's not why we are here." He acknowledges the bystander, "What's up EJ?" He turns to Sami, "What WAS up, Sami?"

Will chimes in, "We came because we love you, Mom."

Lucas says Will is right. He apologizes for the way he treated her. He thinks they can be a family. Sami breaks down and hugs Will.

EJ says she doesn't need Lucas in her life to be a good parent to Will.

Will tells him he doesn't care if he's a big, rich, famous race driver. He wants EJ to leave.

EJ asks, "What about you Samantha? What do you want me to do?"

Stephanie wheels around her room and looks at the teddy bear. She chucks it into the wastebasket.

Frankie comes in and asks why the blinds are closed. OMB and Caroline aren't sure what is going on in there. Frankie tells OMB he wants to go back to DC when Kayla is feeling better. OMB asks him to think about it, "Think of what you have accomplished here. You lost Jennifer but you saved her and Jack's lives, and brought them back together. You added another ten years to my life by coming back. I'm so proud of you. You are a good decent man and a fine example to your brother Max."

Dr. Meyer raises the blinds and comes out. He takes off his biotech helmet. Sweat drips like rain. He tells them they were checking the toxin levels, "The antidote isn't working. I've reached out to the medical community and so far we have nothing."

Frankie just happens to know someone at the FDA. He will give him a call and see if he can come up with anything. Caroline begs Dr. Myers, "I want you to do everything... anything. I am not gonna let my daughter die." The Doc leaves. Caroline sobs.

Abe says he will let Bo and John look into this. He tells John to keep Bo on a short leash. "That's Hope's job," says John. Abe cautions them and leaves.

John tells Bo he has a way to connect EJ to the case. Bo picks up the plastic bag containing the note Sami brought in to have dusted for fingerprints. He tells John about it, "The lab found an unexpected set of prints."

John says, "Now I wonder who those could have belonged to."

Bo says, "Mr. EJ Wells." John smiles.

Sami asks EJ to leave. EJ tells her she needs to lay down the law, "They are pulling the same tricks again to keep us apart. You want me to leave for good?"

"No," says Sami, "They are my family. I need them."

"I thought you needed me," says EJ.

Sami says, "Please tell me you're not going to make me choose."

EJ says, "I've had enough of this and, yes, under the circumstances you need to make a choice. It's either Lucas and Will or me. It's up to you." Sami contemplates.



Abe says, "Unless you give me reason not to, I will stand by you forever." Lexie says, "I love you so much."

Shawn tells Belle, "If I have to get a lawyer to see my daughter, I will. And if you push me too far, I will sue for full custody."

Lucas tries to open a door, but it's chained. He asks, "What's with the chain. It's me and Will." Kate shushes EJ.

Sami asks, "What is this about?" Bo says, "I need you to talk to me about EJ Wells."

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Slammin' Sami Brady

"Thanks handsome," says Sami as she tells the barkeep to keep her tab open. Sami sits at the bar and sips her drink.

EJ comes in, check's his watch and walks over to her, "It's a little early in the day to be knocking that back, isn't it?"

Sami tells him she is celebrating the new and improved Sami Brady. EJ wasn't aware she needed improving. Sami tells him about her conversation with Roman. She says she told him she is who she is and he can take her or leave her. EJ asks which he chose. Sami tells him she didn't stick around to find out. She's been wondering how she can repay him for his advice. EJ has a couple of ideas. Kiss.

"Was that one of them," asks Sami.

"One of them," says EJ.

Carrie, Austin, John and Marlena wonder how they all wound up there at the same time. Carrie tells them they are leaving Salem tonight. John and Marlena are disappointed. God knows why.

Tek tells Abe the room is decontaminated. Abe doesn't think so, since Tek is still in there. Abe gives him a dirty look and calls for CSI. Tek says, "A simple thanks would be nice."

Abe snorts, "Thanking my subordinates for doing their job isn't in my line of duty, detective."

A technician in a biohazard suit tends to Patch and Kayla. Caroline, OMB and Stephanie watch. Dr. Myers tells them the reports are back from the lab, "They were exposed to a biotoxin which is attacking their lungs. I will keep you posted if we find out anything else."

Bo comes in and wonders how they are doing. Stephanie blubbers, "They walked into a trap. They're both going to die. It's all my fault!"

EJ and Sami toast. Sami tells him about Brandon. She says he loved her for who she was, and then decides he didn't love her at all. Only EJ and Eric love her. The family just wants her to change, "But I'm going to be just me."

Kate walks up and finds them, "EJ, slumming again I see."

Sami asks Kate what she is supposed to be dressed as today, "Let's see... Gothic schoolgirl? Hag? Witch? Going to a Halloween party?"

"No," says Kate, "I'm going to a wedding." Sami wonders whose wedding it is. Kate sneers, "You weren’t invited."

Kate leaves. Sami makes a cell phone call to Roman. She tells the person on the other end she doesn't want to leave a message. She hangs up and tells EJ, "He took the day off to go to Carrie's wedding." EJ tells her to let it go as Sami storms out. Make that staggers out.

Carrie didn't mean to just blurt out the fact that they are leaving town. Marlena asks if Sami is the reason. "Sami isn't the only reason," says Carrie. Marlena sees through it. "OK," says Carrie, "The main reason." Austin tells them he will head up Mythic's operation in Zurich. Carrie says, "We need to put some distance between us and Sami."

"This is some distance," says Marlena.

A woman comes out and says they are ready for the next wedding. Kate and Roman run in at the last minute. The witnesses have arrived.

Kate says Marlena looks like a bride herself. Bride of Frankenstein. John says he and Marlena are getting married, too. Roman congratulates them as Kate contemplates scratching Marlena's eyes out.

Everyone goes inside. Roman and Carrie hang back. "Come on," says Roman, "I have a bride to give away."

Bo tells Stephanie this isn't her fault. Stephanie whines about Kayla answering the page. She says she begged her not to go. She called Patch to help her and now they're both in trouble.

Bo leaves to talk to Abe.

Abe enters the biohazard room. Bo comes in and asks what is going on. Abe doesn't have time for it, "I'm the commissioner. You're a suspended detective."

"That has to change," says Bo, "I want back on the force."

The ostracized Lexie carries a box through the hall. Evil Jim Finch stops her. He says she has ten minutes to clean out her locker. Lexie asks, "What the hell you think I'm going to do – raid the med cabinet on the way out"

Tek walks in and interrupts, "No, but that's enough time for a quickie." He asks if she is OK.

Lexie sighs and asks what he is doing there, "You're violating the restraining order."

He tells her about Patch and Kayla, "They aren't good. They think it's the same person who sabotaged Max' car."

Lexie says, "Someone is out to hurt the Brady's and I wish I could help."

"You've already helped hurt the Brady's," says Tek, "Just ask Sami. Are you sure there isn't something you can do for Kayla and Steve?"

Lexie says, "No."

Tek says, "But you're a doctor."

Lexie says, "A doctor who doesn't work here any more."

The minister leads Austin and Carrie through the ceremony. Austin vows, "I, Austin, take thee Carrie to be my wife. To have and to cuck-hold all the Days Of Our Lives."

Likewise Carrie.

Austin calls an audible. He's never going to take their second chance for granted. He promises he will never let anyone come between them again.

In walks Sami the sot, "Well, well, well... The gangsh all here."

Stephanie refuses to go to her room. She needs an audience for her hysterics. She prays for a miracle. Billie rushes in.

That isn't exactly the miracle she was praying for. Stephanie inches toward the edge of the cliff, "This isn't about you! You don't need to be here. Right now my mom needs him. Go away and let them be together!"

Abe wants to know what makes Bo think he would put him back on the force. "Twenty years of friendship," says Bo, "Lockhart is after the Brady's. You need me on this case. No one is more inside it than I am."

"You're too inside it," snaps Abe, "You want to nail Lockhart because he slept with Hope."

"I'll prove he's guilty," says Bo, "suspended or not."

Stephanie goes ballistic. She says the last thing Kayla needs is to wake up and see Billie. OMB wheels her back to her room where there are nice men with pills and straight jackets.

Caroline says Stephanie didn't mean it. "Yes she did," says Billie, "Steve and Kayla are another great love story like Bo and Hope."

"You are Steve's friend," says Caroline, "You have a right to be here." She goes to check on Stephanie, now that they have had time to sedate her.

Billie looks at Steve and Kayla.

Lexie tells Tek about Carrie informing the hospital about her lie. "Don't let it get to you," says Tek, "Let me get to you."

"I'll never be able to show my face here again," says the disgraced Dr. Tramp, "If it weren't for you this wouldn't have happened. You seduced me!" Poor innocent Lexie.

"You wanted me then like you want me now," says Tek.

"Stop it."

"Let me make everything all better," says Tek.

"I need to clean out my locker," says Lexie, "My escort will be here soon. Stick around and watch my complete humiliation."

Abe tells Bo Lockhart has an ironclad alibi. He was nowhere near the hospital when the gas-attack took place. He orders Bo to stay away from the case. Bo says he can't sit back and do nothing. Abe says he has to, "If you want to get back on the force you have to act like a Salem cop. If you don't back off, you will be off the force permanently." Abe leaves. Bo stews.

Sami slurs, "I was your matron of honor and you are marrying my former fiancée. She turns to Marlena, "Gee you look like you're getting married too."

"We are," says John.

Sami flings her arms, "Wow. I'm doubly glad I got here!"

Carrie tells her she's not wanted there, "I've made it clear to you that you're no longer family to me. You are devious and manipulative and you will never change."

"Why should I," says Sami, "I'll never be good enough for any of you. I mean, look at Carrie! She cheated on both her husbands. She's 0 for two and yet she is the perfect daughter and the perfect wife and it's all my fault and that is never going to change."

Carrie rants, "None of this would have ever happened if it wasn't for your stupid lies and your stupid rooftop. You are mean and hurtful and I am tired of giving you chances. Change. Don't change. Jump off a bridge, I don't care. I am done with you. Get out!"

Austin is helpful, "Do it, Sami, or I swear I will pick your ass up and throw you out!"

Roman thinks it might be good if Sami got out of there.

Sami gives them her blessing, "You are judgmental hypocrites. Why would I want to fit in with this family? I'm going to live a life where I don't have to please anyone but myself. Have a good life. You deserve each other!" Sami books.

The Justice of the peace says, "There will be no charge for this ceremony. I couldn't possibly charge you when I am the one being entertained."

They get back to the ceremony. Austin flaps his arms like an albatross trying to take off, "Shake that off. We're finally going to begin our life together. I can't promise you a happy ending or a long life, but no matter where we are, or if we lose our fortune or health I can promise I will always love you."

Carrie says she loves him because in his eyes she always shines, "You love me for me. Plus you are the world's best kisser."

They start to kiss the minister stops them and pronounces them husband and wife. Permission granted.

The audience claps and cheers. Because they are leaving town.

Tortured Billie says, "Just look at the two of you side by side. You look like the perfect couple. I can see you belong together."

Bo walks up, "I won't tell Steve you said so."


"Any change?"

"No," says Billie, "This can't be happening. They can't die." Bo puts an arm around her shoulders.


John toasts a long and happy life for Austin and Carrie, "May it be at least a month before you start cheating on each other." Roman gets a call. Austin says they have to get going.

Roman calls John over.

Kate says this is killing her. Don't we wish.

Roman tells John about the emergency at the hospital. He hates to ask him, but he needs him to go over there.

"Steve and Kayla are family," says John. He goes over to break the news to Doc. He whispers in her ear. Marlena asks if she should go, too. "Carrie needs you," says John, "Sorry about the wedding plans."

"In my heart we're already married," says Marlena, "Please be careful."

"You know me," smirks John.

Marlena scowls, "That's why I said it."

Roman announces they have to leave. John hugs Carrie, "I love you pumpkin-butt."

Roman says he will miss Carrie and orders her to keep in touch. Batman and Robin head for Gotham.

Slammin_SamiSlammin' Sami Brady pounds them down and calls for more.

EJ asks, "It went that well, eh."

"You gave me schtupid adviche and I took it," slurs Sami, "Schtand up to my family? They can take you or leave you? Well, they left me! Whoever schaid blood ish thicker than water didn't know the Brady'sh."

EJ asks, "If they're so awful, why do you care about how they feel?"

Slammin' Sami pounds down another, "I don't." She calls for another round.

Billie tells Bo he looks like hell. Bo says he can't say another goodbye. Billie encourages him. Bo vows being booted form the force won't keep him from investigating Lockhart. He asks her to let him know if she sees anything suspicious.

John interrupts, "I need to talk to you, Bo. It's important."

Abe is as cold as last night's pizza, "Kramer."

Tek returns the formality, "Commissioner."

"Shouldn't you be back at the station," asks Abe.

"I ran into Lexie," says Tek.

Abe barks, "That's a violation of your restraining order."

"I ran into her by accident," says Tek, "I didn't have to tell you about that, you know. Your wife needs you. I'll be back at the station."

Billie watches Steve and Kayla hover near death. Roman joins her.

Dr. Myers says they have identified the toxin. He's there to administer the antidote. Billie asks how long it will be until it takes effect. "It's up to them," says the doctor.

"Hang on, sis," says Roman.

Sami says EJ wouldn't believe how Carrie was talking to her. Her family doesn't want anything to do with her, "If I wasn't so mad at you I'd have sex on the bar with you right now!" EJ goes wide-eyed as Slammin' Sami orders another.

The bartender suggests coffee instead, "And... uh... sex on the beach is OK. Sex on the bar gets you tossed."

EJ pays the tab and says, "I don't' think that will be a problem. Sex on the couch will be even better." He kisses her and says he will drive her home and they can finish where they left off.

Lexie the leper slowly walks out with her box. The crowd around her parts, whispers and mumbles. Abe replaces the security guard, "Dr. Carver..." He takes the box. They smile and walk out together. More whispers and mumbles. Tek stares.

Marlena tells Austin to take care of Carrie. Kate and Austin say a tearful goodbye and they love each other, oh so much.

Marlena remembers making an angel costume for Carrie's class play. Carrie doesn't remember being an angel.

"You're definitely not an angel," says Marlena, "It was just a costume."

Roy and Dale break into Happy Trails. Outside, the loving couple kisses and leaves. Pan to the wedding chapel sign, which says, "Bon Voyage."

John shows Bo the call log that he downloaded. EJ and Patrick are in cahoots. John cautions Bo to be careful. "No one's going to stop me," says Bo, "Not even my brother."

Patch and Kayla's machines beep in unison. Dr. Myers says they will know within 24 hours if the antidote works. "OMG," says Roman, "That could be two months real time." FF on the patients as they dangle on the brink of death.


Frankie says, "Maybe Max was just trying to wait for the right time." Stephanie babbles, "Please tell me, OK, because not knowing is the one thing I can't handle."

Caroline begs Dr. Myers, "I want you to do everything... anything. I am not gonna let my daughter die."

Abe tells Bo, "You didn't follow orders. I'm about to kick you off the force for good."

EJ says, "It's either Lucas and Will or me. It's up to you." Sami gulps.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Creepy Old Perv

"I believe you have a question for me," says Marlena.

"Why don't I just lose the talk and give you this," asks John. He opens a ring box. Scientists everywhere can stop searching for the tenth planet.

"I've never seen anything so beautiful," gasps Marlena.

"I have," says John, "You. And a full bag-o-pills."

Carrie and Jim Finch, the dreaded Hospital Administrator, show up at Lexie's office. "Lexie, we have a problem," says Jim.

Steve shows up at Billie's place with lunch. Beer for him and sody pop for her. He goes for an appetizer but Billie pushes him away and tells him it's not a good time. Chelsea is on the way home. Billie needs to talk to her and have her accept the fact that Bo and she will not get back together. There's a conversation we've never had before. Patch wonders if he can straighten out the little brat. Billie laughs and says if he can't straighten out Stephanie and make her stop pushing him to get together with Kayla, what makes him think he can straighten out Chelsea. Patch asks, "Isn't it supposed to be easier when it's some else's kid?"

Stephanie tells Kayla Max came to break up with her and when he started to tell her, she hyperventilated. She feels like an idiot. Now Max feels sorry for her and he has "unbroken up" with her. Kayla asks if she really wants to be with him if he doesn't want to be in the relationship.

Stephanie asks, "Do you really want to be with Dad if he doesn't want to be in the relationship?"

Outside, The Hand stalks and watches through Stephanie's window.

Jimbo says, "Miss Brady has made some serious accusations." He asks Lexie if she told Carrie about the genetic markers. Carrie answers for her. Jim says Lexie has violated her contract with the hospital. He tells Lexie to prepare her defense.

Lexie says there is no point in that, "Everything Carrie said is true."

Carrie says, "I assume the appropriate action will be taken." She leaves.

Jim tells Lexie he doesn't understand. She hasn't left him any room. The board will have to decide about her license, but her job there is terminated. Without severance or benefits. Dozens of patients can breathe a big sigh of relief.

Billie says Patch is right, but she's the brat's mom and she wants to be the one to talk to her. She missed so much of her life. Patch thinks she feels guilty, "You're a good mom, who just happens to have Satan's Spawn for a kid. Why don't you just let me try to help out?"

"Chelsea hates the fact we are seeing each other," says Billie.

"She just doesn't know what a great guy I am," jokes Patch.

The little snot enters and sees them, "You didn't tell me Cap'n Jack would be here."

Patch says, "That's Cap'n Steve to you."

The brat says, "If you're going for the Johnny Depp thing, you're too old. And what's with that piece of crap you parked in the driveway? We don't want the neighbors to see that."

Steve plays it cool and invites her to talk. They need to get to know each other. The brat claims she already knows everything she needs to know about him. Patch asks Billie to put the food on plates, "I brought enough for three." Billie tells the brat to play nice as she goes into the kitchen. Patch invites Chelsea to sit down.

The brat keeps it up, "What am I supposed to do – sit on your lap and call you daddy?"

"Try it," says Patch, "and I'll poke you in the eye and you'll have to wear a patch. We'll all call you Cap'n Chelsea."

Stephanie tells Kayla, "We're both in love with guys who stopped loving us. What's wrong with us." Kayla says, "I can't say. The show only lasts an hour."

Stephanie says, "We're just two losers who have given our hearts away to men who will never love us back."

"There is nothing wrong with us," insists Kayla, "Sometimes we just need to refocus our energy."

Stephanie asks, "You think you'll get a new opportunity with Dad?"

Kayla starts to answer, but the hospital intercom booms, "DR. KAYLA JOHNSON REPORT TO ROOM 113."

Kayla can't figure that one out. She just came on board at the hospital, doesn't have any patients yet, and she isn't on duty. She starts to leave but Stephanie tells her not to go.

Kayla insists she has to go. Stephanie reminds her she said she wasn't on duty, "What if this is another setup? Call and find out if it's real."

"This is Salem. Nothing is real," says Kayla, "I don't even know the number." Kayla leaves. Stephanie is frustrated as we pan down to see that Kayla has left her purse in Stephanie's room. Dumb-da-dumb-dumb.

"It's beautiful," says Marlena.

"It's your old diamond," says John, "I just had it reset."

Marlena asks, "All the money you have and you're giving me a recycled diamond? "

John says, "The sapphire symbolizes the past and there is one for every year we have been together and one for every time you have come back from the dead. Which for me is my entire life." He gives her a miniature wedding band for her charm bracelet so she will remember their never ending, but much-interrupted, love. She thinks it's perfect. They will have everything they ever dreamed of. No DiMeras. John thinks all the obstacles have hade their love stronger than it ever was, "This time, baby, it will be forever." Kiss.

Austin sits at Chez Rouge where Carrie left him two days ago. She tells him she met with Jim Finch and confronted Lexie, "He fired her on the spot. I got everything I wanted. So why do I feel worse than ever? I thought it would give me closure, but I destroyed her career."

"No," says Austin, "Sami and Lexie did that. Don't you think you did her patients a favor?"

"The ones who are still alive," says Carrie, "I was tired of being lied to. I hate it."

Austin says, "Things won't change as long as Sami is in our lives. It's in her DNA. She doesn't care who she hurts."

"You're right," says Carrie, "When we hurt her and Lucas, we really cared. That's one of the reasons I almost didn't come back to Salem for so long."

"That is why I want to move to Europe," says Austin, "Do you still want to go?"

"I feel like I just got home," says Carrie.

Austin tries to convince her. This is their chance for a whole new life, "Are you with me?" Carrie stares.

John and Marlena kiss and moan. John tells her only ten percent of the men who propose get down on one knee anymore. Marlena says he is old fashioned. John says, "You found a man who was confused and empty. You filled me with purpose but I was still confused. You gave us our beautiful daughter. You made my life worth living. I don't want us to be apart. I want us to be together for all the Days Of Our Lives, so that is why I am one of the ten percent on bent knee, well that and my trick knee, asking you to marry me again. Will you please marry me, Marlena?"

Marlena smiles, "Let's see... Marlena Evans Craig Brady Black North Black... I like it! "

Carrie thinks moving to Switzerland is a big decision. Austin tells her there is nothing in Salem for her. He will be CEO of Mythic's entire European division and will give her Highstyle back. He knows she will miss her family but her mom is in Europe. Carrie asks, "If we leave, hasn't Sami won?"

"No," says Austin, "If we leave, the audience wins. Sami has lost. We're together. More in love than before. We've won."

Abe comes into Chez Rouge and says he got Lexie's message. He wonders why they are there. They find a table to talk. Lexie sees Carrie and Austin across the room and suggests sitting at the bar. Once they sit down, she tells Abe, "I love you. Things are finally good between us. So I just couldn't wait to screw them up. I don't want any secrets. Abe... I did something terrible and once I tell you, you may never want to speak to me again."

Patch says the brat deserves to know what the deal is between Billie and him. The brat says she knows, "Mom's ditching Dad and you're ditching Kayla because you can't control yourselves."

Patch tries again, "Listen, you've probably been in love..."

"You're not in love," says the brat, "And I'm not about to discuss my love life with a creepy old perv like you. Are we finished?"

"No," says Steve, "You don't have to like me, but you have to accept what is happening between me and your mom."

"You have to accept some things too," says the brat, "Did you know that she was a drug addict?"

Patch says, "Yeah."

The brat says, "Well then I guess that you also know about the porn movies she's made."


Billie comes out of the kitchen and gasps. Steve says, "No. But I'd like to see a couple of them."

Kayla goes into a hospital room. The door slams and locks her in there. She pounds, "Help! Dammit I left my phone upstairs." She tries the phone in the room, but the line has been cut. She hears heavy breathing.

Billie slams the plate down, "Chelsea!"

"I'm just being honest," says the little snot.

Patch asks, "Did that make you feel powerful?"

"I just thought you needed to know."

"That your mom has a past," says Patch, "Everyone deserves a second chance."

"Oh," says the brat, "I guess you've dated a lot of sluts."

"Everyone has a past," says Steve, "Things they can't undo. Horrible accidents that can't be undone. Young ladies that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones! Don't ever say anything bad about your mother and me again!"

A referee steps in and penalizes Patch for unsportsmanlike conduct. Then he sees who Patch's opponent is, revokes the penalty and rubs her face in the dirt.

Patch's cell phone brings his rant to a halt. Stephanie tells him she is worried about Kayla. He tells her he will be right there. He tells Billie he has to go. He leaves. Billie sighs.

The brat says, "Looks like your little pirate friend jumped ship to the USS Kayla."

Breathing... breathing... Kayla stares and searches. She locates a vent where it seems to be coming form. A fakey Halloween voice says, "Kaayylllla... Kaayylllla..."

Lexie stammers around about the blackmail. Abe says it's old news. Lexie says, "I never told you what Sami forced me to do." She tells him about what she told Carrie about the genetic marker, "That's why Carrie chose Lucas." She says she felt horrible about it. Sami said if Lexie didn't play along, she would tell Abe about the affair, which Abe found out about anyway. Lexie tells Abe she has been fired and the board may take her license.

Abe asks, "Did you tell me the truth because you lost your job and knew I would find out?"

Carrie says, "I can't move to Europe with you... or I won't. I mean, what have the Europeans done to deserve us? We have to get married first."

Lexie says she told Abe because she wants no secrets, but chose this moment because she was fired. She can volunteer at the free clinic until the board revokes her license.

"The free clinic," says Abe, "Your patients will finally be getting their money's worth."

Lexie says she can deal with losing her license, but not with losing Abe. He says as long as she doesn't take up with Tek again he will not leave her. Abe assures her they will get through this. Hugs.

Austin doesn't think there is enough time to get married before they leave. Carrie doesn't want a dream wedding. She wants to go find a JP right now. He thinks this is a perfect time to give her the ring. He takes a knee, "Carrie Brady, will you marry me?"

"Yes," says Carrie, "Yes I will. And I promise I'll wait at least two weeks before having an affair this time." Kiss.

"Let's go find a JP," says Austin." They leave as Lexie and Abe smile at each other.

Marlena says, "Just when I think I couldn’t love you more..."

John says, "You haven't answered my question."

"That’s because I have a proposal of my own."

Patch runs into Stephanie's room. Stephanie gives her panic stricken story, "Room 113! Hurry!" Patch runs out and misses seeing the telltale glove on the floor.

The voice drones, "Kaayylllla... Kaayylllla..."

"Who are you," asks Kayla, "What do you want? Answer me, dammit!"

The brat tells Billie Steve isn't such a sure thing. This is a sign she doesn't belong with him. Billie says she and Bo don't belong together. The brat tells her she will wind up alone. The pirate won't be there for her. Whenever Kayla calls, Patch will go running.

Kayla yells, "Who are you? Why are you doing this?" Patch knocks. Kayla says, "Steve! Thank God! Help me get out of here!" Patch tries to break in.

Carrie and Austin arrive at the JP's office. The woman tells them they don't do weddings without an appointment. Austin and Carrie beg. The woman sees the paperwork is in order, "But that doesn't mean we can marry you. There is another couple ahead of you." John and Marlena walk in. Confused smiles and greetings all around.

Abe says, "Now that Tek's out of the picture nothing will ever break up our family again." They toast and sip their champagne.

Billie tells the brat she won't be manipulated. The brat smirks and says, "Maybe we can discuss that in family therapy! Hope is having Patrick's baby and Steve loves Kayla."

Billie says, "Bo and Hope will get together. And if I want to date Steve, that's my business."

The brat says, "If he leaves you high and dry, don't come to me."

Stephanie hyperventilates. The nurse tries to calm her down. Stephanie says she can't clam down when something horrible is happening to her mother.

Steve works the door lock with a knife and then kicks it in. Hugs. Kayla is OK now. He tells her Stephanie told him where she was. Kayla tells him about the heavy breathing. He assures her she is safe and checks out the vent. He doesn't hear anything. Suddenly, gas comes pouring out of the vent. They go down choking and gasping.


Billie tells Bo, "This can't be happening. They can't die." Bo puts an arm around her shoulders. Expect Hope to walk in any minute.

Tek asks, "Are you sure there isn't something you can do for Kayla and Steve?" Lexie says, "No." Tek says, "But you're a doctor." Lexie says, "A doctor who doesn't work here any more." Apparently, Tek's restraining order is worth about as much as Lexie's medical diploma.

EJ asks, "If they're so awful, why do you care about how they feel?" Sami pounds down a drink, "I don't."

Carrie says, "I'm going to miss you like crazy." Marlena and Kate say, "Bye-bye." Carrie and Austin ride off into the sunset.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Heartless And Cruel

Marlena returns to the penthouse. John greets her as she comes in. Smooches and croissants. John apologizes about last night. Marlena reminds him he was saying something about making an honest woman of her. "First things first," says John. Kiss.

Sami sleeps on her couch. EJ comes in and says good morning. She asks what time it is. He tells her it's ten o'clock and gives her coffee. Sami's says she doesn't remember coming home last night. She just remembers listening to music at his place. EJ says she was exhausted and he carried her back to her place. He stayed in his own bed. She thanks him for taking care of her. EJ says when things calm down they need to have a little chat. He feels there is something special between them. He also thinks it's time they had a little fun. Sami can't remember the last time she wasn't worried about someone finding out about something she had done.

Shawn comes out into the garage. He tells Max he crashed there last night. Max says he thought Shawn was staying on the boat. "That didn't work out," says Shawn. Max says his meeting with Stephanie didn't go so great. He hadn't looked at the present, so she was blindsided when he told her he wanted to break things off and hyperventilated. He didn't know what to do. Shawn wants to know if he's going to string her along. Max says he will be honest with her but will wait until she gets out of the hospital to ruin her life.

Mimi comes in, "Max, I need to talk to... you." She didn't think Shawn would be there. Mimi fills Max in on the little cruise Shawn took with Willow. Shawn says he wants Mimi to stay out of his life. Mimi says she bets Max would be like to know about Willow's professional background, "She's a hooker."

"At least she's not a liar," screams Shawn as he storms out.

Mimi apologizes to Max. Hugs.

John and Marlena kiss. Marlena moans, "I love being with you again." John says the way New Jersey could have played out scares the hell out of him. Marlena feels so safe in his arms.

John takes a knee, "What do you say we make this a forever kind of thing?" On cue, the doorbell rings. Marlena says it's Roman. She asked him to come over. She opens the door.

"Bad time," asks Roman.

"No," says John. He asks how Roman is doing and says he has to get to a meeting. On the way out he tells Marlena he will ask her that question later.

After John leaves, Roman says he's really glad Marlena called. Marlena smiles.

Roman is glad John found her in time in New Jersey. She says she is lucky to be alive. Roman says he wanted to go with John to New Jersey, but couldn't. Marlena thanks him for discovering she was missing. He asks what's going on. She tells him John and her are back together, "Things are good. Except for one thing – Sami."

Sami says her life sucks. EJ assures her things will get better. Sami runs down the litany of her sins. EJ advises her to tell people she isn't going to apologize any more, "They just need to get over it."

John meets Patrick at Chez Rouge. They order drafts and sit down. Patrick says he was surprised John wanted to get together. John thanks Patrick for Morgan Island. Patrick thanks him for helping him get into the police academy, "Even though I've been suspended." They drink to happier times. John walks Patrick through his separation from Marlena, the New Jersey thing and Marlena coming back home safe. Patrick mentions Hope's baby, "Bo isn't so happy about it, though. He's making my life a living hell."

"How is that," asks John.

"He exists," says Patrick.

Mimi says she didn't intend to come over and cause trouble. "That's what friends are for," says Max.

"Shawn hates me," says Mimi.

"No," says Max, "Shawn is mad at the world."

"You're just trying to make me feel better," says Mimi.

Max thinks Shawn still loves her. Mimi insists he used to love her. She says she came about her car. It needs a new transmission but she doesn't have any money. Max offers to look at it. Mimi says she will pay but it will be in installments. Max suggests she have Shawn drive it though a wall and she can collect the insurance and buy a new one.

Willow interrupts the tender moment, "I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN YOU WOULD BE HERE, YOU BITCH!"

Marlena tells Roman about meeting with Sami yesterday, "This is the worst thing she's ever done. She blackmailed Lexie into telling Carrie any child she had with Austin would have a fatal genetic abnormality... You don't even look surprised to me." Marlena figures it out, "YOU KNEW! Why didn't you tell me? When did you know?"

Roman says, "I found out the day of Sami's wedding."

"Which one," asks Marlena.

"My hands were tied," says Roman, "Tek told me."

"TEK KNEW," gasps Marlena.

"It made me sick," says Roman.

"Why didn't you tell me," asks Marlena, "What was I, invisible?"

"Yeah, Doc, you kinda were," says Roman, "You took off after the wedding to New Jersey. The business between Lexie and Sami got involved in a police investigation. I pressed Sami and instead of opening up about her and Lexie she clammed up."

"Well," says Marlena, "She unclammed up when she got here didn't she? Sami is still the same selfish, conniving little wench she always was, and one of the most disgusting things about her is sometimes she even resorts to name-calling."


The aforementioned little wench says EJ can't be serious, "You think I should tell my father to get lost? You don't understand. I hurt so many people..."

EJ asks, "Do you think you're the only person who ever hurt someone? You're perfect the way you are. You are a beautiful, intelligent woman. You can be a bit headstrong, but you have this wonderful energy. If others can't accept you, that's their problem. Be Samantha Gene/Jean Brady. A woman I happen to be crazy about."

Patrick says Bo is out of control. He claims Bo planted the evidence to frame him, "He attacked me because he can't stand my relationship with Hope. I pressed charges. He arrested me and I figured I'd return the compliment."

John says Bo wouldn't frame anyone, "It takes intelligence to do that. He must've had some kind of reason." John says Patrick proved himself to him on the island, but he has to find a way to coexist with Bo. If he winds up with Hope Bo will have to get over it. Bo had a problem with him before he got involved with Hope, "You worked with the DiMeras. You have to prove that chapter of your life is over. Maybe if you told me about your history with them, I could convince Bo."

John asks him, "Who were you taking your orders from, Stephano or Tony?"

Patrick says, "Why am I beginning to feel like this isn't such a friendly little drink we're having here? It's starting to feel like one hell of an interrogation."

Marlena says Sami has hurt so many people, "She wasn't coming here to confess. She came so I would run interference between the two of you. Until she takes responsibility nothing will change in her life."

Roman says Marlena might not believe this but he was about to come to her today. Marlena is skeptical, "What a coincidence."

"It's true," says Roman, "Because of Will. Sami always lets him down. Poor kid was so disgusted after the wedding he went to Chicago

"I know," says Marlena, "He watched the Cubs play. It doesn't get more disgusting than that."

"I'm afraid next time he will do something more dangerous," says Roman.

PrevuzePatrick thinks Bo sent John there. He wouldn't be surprised if John was wearing a wire. Things degenerate. John clicks his teeth so hard the building shakes.

"You're a cop and I'm a shrink," says Marlena, "What we do is help people in trouble."

"I guess we help other people and don't spend enough time with the kids," says Roman, "Sami loves to make us feel guilty. Carrie and Eric turned out fine, didn't they?"

"Yes they did," says Marlena, "Carrie has such strength. She waited at least a day or two before breaking her marriage vows. And who was the other one again? " Marlena suggests a united front. Roman says, "You want me to be tough to and let her know we aren't going to come to her rescue any more. You know what. I think I'll go see Sami right now."

Marlena says, "Tell her she's welcome to destroy her own life, but we will not let her destroy ours."

Sami is flattered. EJ says he has been attracted to her since the day they met. EJ says he's been on his own since he was a kid. Before that he was constantly uprooted and had to learn to take care of himself. He doesn't have much contact with his family. He tells her she deserves to be with someone who loves her unconditionally.

Sami says, "So you're saying nothing I could do would shock you so much you wouldn't have anything to do with me..."

He walks up to her, "I adore the bad girl in you." Kiss. EJ breaks into song:

I smile, I grin, when the gal with a touch of sin walks in.
I hope, and I pray, for a Hester to win just one more "A"
The sadder-but-wiser girl's the girl for me.
The sadder-but-wiser girl for me.

They maul each other.

EJ's phone rings. "Ignore it," screams Sami.

"I intend to," pants EJ.

Patrick closes his cell phone in frustration. John watches. He walks outside the restaurant and calls Doc, "I need your help."

Willow tees off on Mimi, "What I told you was supposed to stay between us. Who the hell else did you tell?"

Mimi says, "Any body who makes a living on her back has no right to get self-righteous with me, especially when she's sleeping with my husband."

Max pulls them apart. The racket brings Shawn out of hibernation. Willow tells him Mimi tattled. Shawn turns to Mimi, "You are the one who told my mommy on me? I should have known it was you."

Mimi yells, "I'm your wife, Shawn. I have a right to know who you see..."

Shawn interrupts, "You have no rights with me, Mimi. Looking at you makes me sick."

Marlena comes into Chez Rouge and asks Patrick if he's seen John. Patrick says he was there. He tells her about their conversation. Marlena says, "You look like you need a friend... not a psychiatrist."

"With you here," says Patrick, "It's a good thing I don't need a psychiatrist." Marlena suggests Patrick switch to ginger ale as she excuses herself.

Inside the ladies room, she rummages through her purse. A cell phone drops and scoots across the floor. It comes to a rest in front of a stall. We see a pair of men's clodhoppers behind the door. Marlena sees the shoes and drags out her trusty pepper spray. John the perv opens the door and sits there chomping a carrot, "Eh... What's up, Doc? Is that phone for me?"

She smacks him and says he scared her to death. Marlena can't believe she swiped the phone from Patrick. "It'll just take a few seconds for the info to download," says John.

Sami and EJ hear a knock at the door. They ignore it until they figure out it's Roman. He screams as they dress. Sami lets him in and explains they were just going to lunch. Roman says EJ will have to eat alone.

EJ leaves and Roman asks how Sami could do that to poor innocent little Carrie.

Patrick asks the bartender if he has seen his cell phone. Marlena walks up behind him holding it up and asks if that's what he is looking for, "It was right here." They drink their soda and ginger ale.

"I make you sick," asks Mimi, "How do you think I feel? I don't know what you expected me to do. Were still legally married."

"I'm working on that," says Shawn.

Max separates them. He tells Shawn Mimi is welcome to come to the garage anytime, "Leave her alone. After what you did to my car you can get another job."

"I'm outta here," screams Shawn. He storms out. Willow, Max and Mimi all stand there dumbfounded that Shawn leaves through the door instead of going through a wall. Finally, Willow turns to Mimi and screams, "You keep your mouth shut or I will shut it for you!"

She leaves and Max offers Mimi a shoulder to lean on. Hugs.

Marlena comes back to the penthouse to find John working on his computer. She says Patrick never suspected a thing. John tells her she was magnificent. He's sorry he got her involved. She kind of liked it. He makes life so darned teeth-clicking exciting. John says, "Let's see, I was working my way up to asking you a question."

"I'm ready when you are," says Marlena.

Sami says she didn't mean to hurt Carrie. But Austin and Lucas were both panting after her. Roman laces into her, "Do you not see how sick this is? It was heartless and cruel. Until you change I don't want anything to do with you."

Sami gives it back to him, "You know what. I'm sick of people trying to change me. I am who I am. And if you and Mom love me unconditionally you will accept me. I am through trying to be the perfect person you want me to be. I am sick of begging people for forgiveness. If you have problem with that, you can leave."

Roman is sarcastic, "Good attitude. There is no way in hell I'm walking out before we have this out."

"I'm going to lunch," says Sami, "Have it out with yourself."

Chain link fence. Feet walk. Guys talk. "I warned you not to contact me," says EJ.

"Things got complicated," says Patrick.

"If things are more complicated it's because of you," says EJ, "I'm not sure I like your tone. I don't want this trail coming back to me."

"Do you want to know about this or not," asks Patrick, "John is on to me."

"Don't worry about John Black," says EJ, "I have his future all mapped out." FF.


Stephanie tells Kayla, "We're both in love with guys who stopped loving us. What's wrong with us."

Chelsea asks, "Did you know that she was a drug addict?" Patch says, "Yeah." The brat says, "Well then I guess that you also know about the porn movies she's made."

Austin says, "I want to get the hell out of here and move to Europe." Carrie says, "I can't move to Europe with you... or I won't."

John whispers, "Will you please marry me, Marlena?" Marlena smiles.

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