Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Cowboy Barto

Sami tells detective Adams Roman said she could borrow his computer. Kate follows her, “I’m gonna find out what the little bitch is up to.”

Sami mumbles as she hacks.

Lucas bumps into Roman. Lucas says, “You weren’t here when Sami and I were planning our wedding before, but now that you are, I want to ask you officially – May I have your daughter’s hand in marriage?”

Roman looks him straight in the eye and says, “No, Lucas, you can’t.”

“This is it,” says Sami.

Kate comes in, “What is it, Sami? What are you up to.”

Patrick gets out of the pool. Hope says good morning. She says Bo didn’t come home last night, “I tried to call his cell phone but the battery must be dead.” If the battery isn’t dead, Bo is.

Patrick thinks they still must be out searching for Chelsea. “If Max touches Chelsea, I’ll kill him,” says Patrick.

“Not if Bo gets him first,” says Hope.

Bo checks in with Hope. He leaves a message for her and says she can’t call him because his cell phone battery is dead. Salem is a cell phone battery dead-zone. Any cell phone battery which lasts more than five minutes in Salem is considered top of the line.

Bo and Billie are at the Devereaux. Jennifer can’t believe Chelsea is their long-lost daughter. Bo has had the department put out an informal watch out for Max and Chelsea.

Frankie comes in and tells Billie and Bo, “I
ve got a way to track down Max – and Chelsea, too, if she’s with him.”

Chelsea tosses and turns in the cheap motel. Max puts a small rose in front of her face. She says good morning. He says, “The vending machine had your favorite – sugar bears, and I found some wild strawberry fields behind this place.

“And flowers,” says Chelsea, “That’s romantic. I dreamed that Billie told me she’s my mother last night.”

“That wasn’t a dream, Chelsea,” says Max, “You freaked out so we spent the night here.”

“Max,” she says, “we have to get out of here. Run away with me, please. Take me someplace where Bo and Billie will never find me.” Bo’s office?

Patrick and Bo rehash Max and Chelsea’s adventure.

Hope tells Patrick, “Chelsea has a major crush on you, and she‘s a manipulator.”

“She’s a kid,” insists Patrick.

“So was Lolita,” says Hope, “You know, you really are one of the good guys.”

“Yeah,” says Patrick, “tell your husband that. He thinks I have my sights set on Billie and you too.”

Frankie says he had a talk with Max and told him Chelsea isn’t one of his groupies.

“How often does he listen to you,” asks Bo

“Not often enough.”

Jack tells Billie to be calm but she asks if he would keep calm if it was Abby. Billie tells him about the ugly scene when they told Chelsea they were her parents.

“She was in shock,” says Jack, “I was in shock when I found out who my real parents were.” It shouldn’t be that shocking. If you live in Salem, at some point, you will find out your parents aren’t who you thought they were. It’s the law.

Frankie says the credit card companies are working on it.
If Max uses a credit card, we’ll be able to track him down.”

Jennifer reassures Bo, “It’ll be fine.”

“As long as he hasn’t touched my daughter,” says Bo.

Max tells Chelsea, “If Billie and Bo are your parents, you have to deal with it.”

“My parents are dead,” she whines, “Mine were the best. Bo and Billie would be the worst. I know what I want to do next.” She attacks him, “And that’s the one thing that will drive Bo and Billie crazy.”

“How far do you think Max will go with Chelsea,” says Billie.

“I don’t know,” says Frankie. He gets a call. “He’s at the Hideaway Motel.”

Patrick suggests a swim. Hope isn’t too excited about that, “I don't have a swimsuit.”

“Borrow one of Billie's.” Hope goes inside to get a suit.

She comes back out. “I thought you were going for a swim,” says Patrick.

“I am,” says Hope.

“Where is your swimsuit,” asks Patrick.

“Who needs a swimsuit,” asks Hope. Oh, if they think we’re buying this one...

“Like I said, Sami, what are you up to,” asks Kate.

“Wedding plans,” says Sami, “Don’t expect an invitation.”

Kate says, “That doesn’t explain why you are here.”

“Dad said I could use his computer. Why are you here?”

Roman tells Lucas, “Look, I won’t give you my blessing unless you give me your word you won’t break her heart again. Had you trusted Sami... you have to take some responsibility for her life. I don’t want to see her in that kind of pain again.

“I was wrong,” says Lucas, “She’s changed. I know I can make her happy for the rest of her life.”

Kate says she had a little talk with Tony DiMera, “He told me all about your little disguise.” The blood drains from Sami’s head.

Big-hearted Roman gives his permission and blessing. Lucas promises, “We will be happy for all the Days Of Our Lives.”

“Welcome to the family, son,” says Roman.

Will walks up, “This means the wedding’s a GO!”

Roman can’t believe how big Will is getting. He says if they postpone the wedding, Will will outgrow the tux.

Will says everyone is happy for them except grandma Kate, “I guess she’s not invited.”

“You don’t know anything,” says Sami, “If you did you’d be blowing me out of the water. Tony is playing games with you.”

Kate threatens, “I’ll tell Roman and Lucas everything I know.”

“They wont’ believe you.”

“It is the truth,” says Kate, “I saw the panic in your eyes.”

“Oh, come on,” says Sami, “Everyone wants Lucas and me to get married. Even Austin approves. He’s coming back for the wedding. His attendance will be his stamp of approval.”

Kate yells, “He knows you lied, Sami. As God as my witness, I will stop this wedding!”

“So that’s why you’ve been following me,” says Sami, “I can’t wait to tell Lucas what his mommy dearest has been up to...”

Lucas walks into the room, “I can see for myself.”

Hope undresses. She tosses her bra at Patrick. Patrick wakes up from the hallucination. He asks himself, “What is wrong with you? Hope’s a married woman.”

Hope comes out wearing a swimsuit.

“I told you it would fit,” says Patrick.

“Only because it is Jennifer’s. Billie and I aren’t exactly ‘share clothes’ kind of friends,” says Hope. I guess Jennifer keeps a stockpile of swimsuits at Patrick
s place.

Jennifer, Jack and Frankie run up and tell Hope where the couple is. Jennifer asks her, “Aren’t you going?”

“No,” says Hope, “It’s Bo and Billie’s daughter.”

“You are making a huge mistake,” says Jennifer.

Max slows Chelsea down, “We have plenty of time for that. I thought you wanted to get out of here.”

“I changed my mind.”

“I thought you wanted a shower.”

“Good idea,” says Chelsea, “I’ll just go get it all hot and steamy for you. Don’t be too long. She goes into the shower.

There is a knock at the door.

Bo comes into the room. He eyeballs the messed up bed, “You little predator! You knew she was upset and vulnerable.” He roughs up Max. Bo’s anger management classes aren’t exactly kicking in. I wonder why he doesn’t just let Max and Patrick duke it out and save himself the trouble.

Hope says she trusts Bo. “They are being reunited with their daughter. There will be a lot of emotions,” says Jennifer, “So you don’t feel jealous?”

Hope says, “Are you kidding me? Of course. I have to accept this. I have to deal with it. OMG, Billie’s life will be intertwined with ours.”

“You are amazing,” says Jennifer.

“I have to say the same thing about Jack,” says Hope, “what with Frankie in your house. Having him around is going to stir up old feelings.”

Patrick says there is only one reason Max took Chelsea to that motel. He stops a moment and says, “OMG, She’s his niece!”

“Not by blood,” says Frankie.

Jack lays into Patrick, “You are a user.”

Jennifer tells Hope, “That was a long time ago. I would never be unfaithful to Jack. He and Frankie know that.”

Hope says, “Then why did Frankie come back?”

“Because,” says Jennifer, “Caroline came home.”

Hope says, “I’ve seen the way Frankie looks at you. Isn’t it possible Caroline is just an excuse?”

“She was in your computer, Roman,” says Kate.

“With his permission,” says Sami.

“I’ve had it with your lies,” says Lucas.

Roman backs Sami up, “What are you doing here, Kate?”

“Stalking me,” says Sami.

“No. I hoped we could discuss our divorce,” says Kate.

Will does a double-take, “You’re getting a divorce?

Roman tells Kate it’s over for sure now.

Sami gets back into the computer while they argue. Will watches. He comes over and looks at the screen, “Mom? What’s all this stuff about Tony DiMera?”

Gotcha,” says Kate.

Sami says, “I was leaving a message to my dad to tell him to use his clout to make sure Tony stays locked up for a long time. Tony won’t hurt us, right?”

“Absolutely not,” says Roman, “You have nothing to worry about.”

“Oh yes, she does,” says Kate, “Tony is a time-bomb waiting to hurt her.”

Lucas has to pull them apart, “Let’s do lunch!”

Lucas, Sami and Will leave.

Kate says, “Look, Roman, you have to believe me, Tony and Sami...”

“Kate,” he interrupts, “what the hell is wrong with you?” Haven’t you done enough damage?”

“Defend Max and blame me,” says Patrick, “but I didn’t take Chelsea to that sleazy motel.”

“I brought you here,” says Jack, “to see how Patrick lives – off other people.”

“What are you guys talking about,” asks Patrick.

Jennifer protests. Her relationship with Frankie was years ago, “What Jack and I have is forever.”

“Flames can be rekindled,” says Hope.

Jennifer asks, “Are we talking about Frankie and me, or Bo and Billie?”

Max tries to explain, “I didn’t take advantage of her. I slept on the floor. Nothing happened – nothing. I swear, Bo. She’s not taking the news you’re her parents well. She’s furious. Especially at you, Billie. The Bensons are the only parents she has even known. Then to find out her mother is the person she hates the most of anyone in the world...” Billie pouts.

Hope says, “I have no doubt Bo loves me. I also don’t doubt Billie loves him. Now they will be spending more time together. I’m worried about where it will all lead.”

Jack says they’re just keeping an eye on Patrick.

“Yeah,” says Frankie, “Keeping an eye on you.”

Jack leaves. Frankie says, “Who are you really? What are you hiding?”

“I could ask you the same question,” says Patrick, “You’re not some pencil pusher. You’re involved in something else.”

“You had no reason to enter this office,” says Roman, “I’m sick of this. All further communication should be between our lawyers.” I guess Mickey will be talking to himself, since he’s the only lawyer in town. “I want this divorce finalized,” says Roman.

Kate storms out.

“Damn,” says Roman. He goes to the computer. He types. He stops. He paces. Adams comes in. He says he’s working on DiMera’s move to maximum security, “I’ll pull the details off your computer.”

“No,” says Roman, “you won’t.”

Sami sees kids and a clown. She tells Lucas and Will to go ahead. She has to go back to the car for something. The clown gives the kids balloons and chases them off. He walks over to Sami and says, “Do you have something for Cowboy Barto?”

Sami hands him a piece of paper, “It’s the time and date for Tony’s transfer.”

Barto asks, “No one saw you get it, right?”

Sami says, “Kate Roberts has been hanging around. I think she’s suspicious. Did Tony tell her something?”

“That’s not his style,” says Barto, “Take it form Cowboy Barto, she doesn’t know anything. But if this doesn’t work, all bets are off.” Chuckle.

Kate seethes, “I am not gonna let Sami ruin Lucas’ life.” Yeah, why let an amateur do it when Kate can really do a number on him?

Roman says, “Adams, I trust you. This goes no further than this office. The info on my computer is bogus. DiMera’s operatives will try to free him. I’m guessing someone will try to get into my computer. We’ll be able to catch them and lock up his cohorts.”

“So that’s it,” says Sami, “No one finds out I was Stan!” Barto chuckles.

Roman says, “The real info is on an encrypted disk.”

Adams asks, “You really think the DiMeras can infiltrate our system?” Max the dog could infiltrate their system.

“It won’t do them any good if they do,” says Roman, “Whoever steals that information will be arrested.”

Lucas comes back as Bart leaves. Sami says she bought a balloon for Will. The balloon pops. Oh, the symbolism!

Frankie gets a call. Patrick overhears as Frankie says, “Absolutely. You give me everything you got on Lockhart.” Frankie hangs up and says to Patrick, “You’re a lying bastard.”

“Sounds like you got the goods on Lockhart,” says Jack as he walks up.

Hope is worried about what the news of Chelsea will do to their family.

“I really do like you, Billie, but Chelsea doesn’t want anything to do with you,” says Max.

“No,” says Billie, “I can
t accept that. Not after all these years.”

Bo and Billie want to talk to Chelsea alone.

Max says, “Good luck... cause you’re going to need it.”

Chelsea comes out of the bathroom drying her hair, “You’re a baaaad boy, Max. I got everything all hot and steamy for you but you never ...” She takes the towel from around her head, “OMG! I don’t care what the DNA says, I am not your child. I don’t want to see either one of you again.” She runs out.

“That went well,” says Bo.


Lexie tells Tec, “I do want you!” Mad passion ensues.

Patrick says, “You just blew your cover Frankie, and you’re gonna lose your job. I hope it was worth it.”

Hope says, “Whatever they know about Chelsea, I have an awful feeling it’s not going to be for the better.”

Chelsea whines, “You’re so desperate that you’re trying to use me to tear Bo and Hope apart.”

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Sami 2.0

We would like to take this opportunity to present a special Prevuze award (known as a Previe) to the reader yesterday who came up with the excellent idea to have Tony DiMera kidnap that whining nitwit Chloe and take her away forever. It would be well worth it – Tony gets a “Get Out Of Jail Free” card in exchange for doing what he does best, kidnapping people. We could come up with some kind of cash incentive for him to take Brady, too.

Kate goes through the ashes of Sami’s pictures. She flashes back to the ceremonial burning, “What were you up to Sami. Why were you disguised as a man?”

Roman comes out. Kate hides a burned piece of the photograph. Roman blurts, “Kate, there’s something we gotta talk about. I’ve hired Mickey Horton to represent me. I want’ a divorce.” With Mickey as Roman’s attorney, Kate will own the Salem PD when this is over.

Will, Sami and Lucas are at Alice’s. Lucas says this is a whole new beginning for the three of them. He goes for drinks.

Will tells Sami she’s hiding something.

Patrick and Max continue their standoff. “I’m gonna make sure you never lay a hand on Chelsea again,” says Max. I hope he brought a gun.

Chelsea says they are all lying, “I had parents, real ones. How can I be your daughter if you’ve been married to Hope? I get it, Billie is a slut! I am Hope and Billie’s bastard love child. Is that what you’re telling me? I don’t believe I’m your daughter. Did you think I’d be happy about this?”

“It was a shock for us, too, but you are our daughter, Chelsea. We didn’t know you were alive until a year ago,” says Billie.

“I don’t want anything to do with either of you,” says Chelsea. She runs out. Hope stops Billie from chasing her.

“A divorce,” says Kate.

Roman says, “That says it best.”

Kate asks, “You decided to end our marriage without talking to me?”

“We have no future together,” says Roman, “We were together as husband and wife for a total of a couple weeks.”

Kate asks, “So you’re subtracting the time you were missing and presumed dead?”

“Yes,” says Roman, “If that would not have happened, who knows, maybe things would have been different.”

“Maybe,” says Kate, “if you’d had more self control you wouldn’t have gotten your ex-wife pregnant.” The referee separates them and gives Kate a warning for hitting below the belt.

“All I want is for this divorce to be fair equitable and uncontested,” says Roman, “But that’s up to you.”

Kate says, “You’ve caught me off guard. I’m sorry about what happened between Sami and me and the loss of your baby. Why don't' we just take all of that and put I behind us?”

“You lied to me, Kate,” says Roman, “I asked you to look after Sami. I know she is no angel but I thought you would do the right thing. Instead you went after her with a vengeance.”

“I did it to protect my son.”

Roman says, “Lucas loved Sami and how you could hurt him and Will I will never understand. I’m just glad Sami didn’t go off the deep end.”

“How do you know she hasn’t,” asks Kate. Roman stares.

Sami tells Will she has something in her eye, “You don’t know me as well as you think you do if you don’t know how happy I am right now.”

“That’s all it is,” asks Will. Sami flashes back to her argument to Bart the priest. “Mom, please promise me you’re not keeping something from Dad. If you were, that would suck. He’d never speak to you again. As much as Dad and I love you, if you lie again, that would be the end. You’d be out of our lives forever.”

Sami says, “Look in my eyes, Will. You’re looking at the new Sami – Sami 2.0. I have learned from my mistakes.” She tries to hug him but he resists because they are in public. Lucas interrupts the happy scene. Lucas toasts the three of them, “You’re beautiful, you’re exasperating...”

“EXASPERATING,” asks Sami.

“Yeah, says Lucas, “In a good way. It’s a good thing.” He goes on and on about how great she is.

“Honey, I’m gonna cry,” says Sami.

They drink up. She thinks, “I’m sorry guys, I have to do one more bad thing. Then we can be happy for all the Days Of Our Lives.”

Kate thinks this is ironic. While Lucas and Sami are planning their wedding, Kate and Roman are planning their divorce.

Roman says she didn’t give Sami any money when Kate sold his house.

“She left town before I could,” says Kate, “Sami isn’t as innocent as you think she is. I know Tony has something on her.”

Roman asks, “What the hell could Tony be holding over her head?”

Kate says, “When I went to see him...”

Roman asks, “How did you get in to see Tony?”

Kate says, “Never mind. When I went to see him...”

“Forget it,” says Roman, “I wouldn’t believe a word Tony said. None of this is an excuse for what you have done. I can’t forgive you for what you did to Sami.”

“So it doesn’t matter if Sami is involved with Tony,” asks Kate, “Sami always comes first? Because of her, you and I can never reconcile?”

Roman bobbles his head.

Sami has to go. She says she has a lot to do for the wedding.

After she leaves, Will asks if Lucas thinks Sami is being honest with them.

“Yes,” says Lucas, “or I wouldn’t be marrying her.”

Will reminds him, “You know mom’s history with weddings.”

“Last time wasn’t her fault. It was your grandmother’s fault,” says Lucas.

“Well, Kate,” says Roman, “You really don’t get it. No matter what Sami did, it doesn’t matter because you hurt my daughter then lied to me. No. you and I are not going to reconcile.”

Sami listens to Kate and Roman, “If my luck holds out, I’ll never do anything bad again.”

Chelsea tries to break up the boys. She asks, “ You guys are fighting over me?” L’il ole me? “I guess I got here at the right time. Max will you take me for a ride?”

Max asks, “Now?”

“Yes,” she says, saving his life.

Patrick tells Chelsea, “You’re making a big mistake.” Chelsea and Max go off together.

Hope says, “That wasn’t the way Chelsea should have found out.”

Billie wants to go to find her. Patrick comes in and tells them Chelsea’s gone off with Max.

Hope tells them that was a bombshell they just dropped on her.

Billie the understatement queen says, “She didn’t take it too well.”

“And she said some pretty harsh things,” says Hope.

Bo tells Billie Chelsea didn’t mean what she said.

“What if we lose her all over again,” asks Billie. She hugs Bo. Hope gives a “Looks That Could Kill” seminar.

Max and Chelsea park. “I wish you’d tell me what’s wrong,” says Max.

“I don’t want to talk about it.”

“Then how can I help you,” he asks.

“Just hold me,” says Chelsea. He hugs her. “I don’t want to be alone tonight and I don’t want to go back to Patrick’s house, either. It’s not him, it’s Billie I don’t want to see. You don’t know what she’s like Max, I hate her.”

“If you don’t want to go home, you don’t have to,” says Max.

“So I’ve lost Roman,” says Kate, “That won’t stop me from bringing Sami to her knees. I have to find out what the disguise was.”

Victor comes in, “I’ve got some news for you, Kate, about Sami and Tony DiMera.” Kate smirks.

Sami bumps into Roman. She tells Roman she overheard him and Kate. Roman doesn’t want to talk about it. Sami asks about Marlena. Roman doesn’t know if she will be back for the wedding. Sami encourages him to spend more time with her.

“Listen to me,” says Roman, “John is your mom’s husband. I have no right to interfere. Now, is there something you wanted?”

Sami is indignant, “Dad! Well... yes, I did have a favor to ask of you.”

Will says, “Some people just aren’t meant to be married, are they, Dad? Maybe if you two just snuck off and got married...”

“Yeah,” says Lucas, “Big weddings aren’t for some people. We talked about eloping but we want all our friends and family to be there. I know it’s been a hard year for us, but we got through it. It’s gonna be a great year for the Roberts family.” Let’s hope that’s not the Kate Roberts family. Lucas’ phone rings, “Hey, it’s great to hear form you. Yeah, Sami and I are gonna take the plunge. If you can make it we’d love to have you.”

Sami tells Roman how hard it is to get ready for the wedding. Will needs the computer to get ready for school. She wonders if she can borrow his.

“Whoa,” says Roman, “You’re talking bout the police computer!” Sharp as a tack. You just can’t put anything past Roman. “That’s against regulations!”

Kate asks Victor, “Sami was working for Tony, wasn’t she?”

Victor says, “My contact thinks Tony may have been blackmailing Sami.”

“I wonder what it is he has on her,” says Kate.

“I’ll keep digging,” says Victor, “Sami has always been a schemer. But a lot of people think she’s turned over a new leaf. You don’t want to sabotage her relationship with Lucas if that’s true.”

“She’s the same scheming liar she’s always been,” says Kate, “I just want them all to be happy. At least you and I can be happy about Belle and Phillip and their baby. And, Billie may have found her daughter. She may be Chelsea Benson.”

“You mean Chelsea Benson may be our granddaughter?”

“Wouldn’t it be great if my daughter and your son found their long lost child,” asks Kate.

Chelsea says, “Bo and Billie have been so desperate to find their precious daughter maybe they flipped out.”

Max says, “I don’t know why Bo would make that up. You know, in a way, Bo is my brother. He wouldn’t say something like that if it wasn’t true.”

“My mom is dead,” says Chelsea, “Why do you have to be against me, too?”

“I could never be against you,” says Max. They hug.

“I don’t want to be anywhere near Bo or Billie again,” says Chelsea.

Billie goes after Chelsea. Bo tells Patrick to lay off. He asks Hope if she is OK with this. “Absolutely,” she fibs.

Bo leaves. Patrick asks Hope, “So, do you trust Bo with Billie?” Like she trusts the fox in the henhouse.

Chelsea sniffles, “I don’t want to be anywhere near Billie.”

“Nobody’s forcing you,” says Max.

“I don’t want to be alone, and I don’t want to go back to Abby’s.”

“I have the perfect place,” says Max, “I have a place where nobody will bother us.”

“If it turns out Chelsea is Billie’s daughter I will do whatever I can to help her,” says Kate.

“What’s she like,” asks Victor. Some Kiriakis-bucks might warm her up a little.

“I don’t rally know. I saw her but it wasn’t really a positive experience. She is a beautiful girl,” says Kate.

“Like her mother and grandmother,” says Victor.

Kate tells him, “I’m worried about Billie. She doesn’t have a man in her life.”

Victor warns her, “Bo is married to Hope. Billie could never become between them. Breaking up Sami and Lucas cost you your son and grandson. Something like that would happen if you intervened between Bo and Hope.”

Kate crosses her fingers and promises she won’t interfere. Let’s see. Crossing your fingers... That’s something second graders do, right?

Sami works on Roman. “All right,” says Roman, “I guess I can bend the rules for your wedding. Come down to the office when we’re not busy and you can use the computer. Now maybe you can help me by answering a question. It’s about your involvement with Tony DiMera.”

“What do you mean,” asks Sami.

“Kate mentioned something,” says Roman.


“Yeah,” he says, “She hinted you might be working for Tony.”

“She’s just miserable because Lucas and I are back together,” says Sami.

“Well, heads up,” says Roman, “Kate is bound and determined to find you guilty of something. You know how much you mean to me.”

“I just wish Kate would lay off me, but then she wouldn’t be Kate, would she,” says Sami.

“Let’s not talk about Kate any more,” says Roman.

Sami says, “I just need the password to your computer.” He writes it down.

“Sami has hurt my feelings once too many times and I will make sure it never happens again,” Kate tells Victor.

Lucas tells Sami Austin just called, “He’s going to make it home for our wedding.” Kate overhears.

Hope says she trusts Bo.

“Good,” says Patrick, “Some crazy night, huh? It gets more complicated. What do you think will happen with Chelsea?”

“Bo and Billie are in for a rough time,” says Hope.

“I feel for the kid,” says Patrick, “She’s looking for love in all the wrong places. The shock could push her over the edge.”

The hotel light flashes through the curtains in the window, “FLEA BAG MOTEL – FLEA BAG MOTEL.” Max takes the blindfolded Chelsea into the sleazy room. He takes the blindfold off. Chelsea smiles. She jumps onto the bed, “It’s perfect.”

“I don't' know about that,” Says Max, “but no one will find us here.”

“Thank you for bringing me here and for staying with me tonight. There is no place I’d rather be,” says Chelsea. They kiss.

Billie twiddles a stick in the dirt. Bo tells her it will be all right. “I don’t know how you can believe that,” says Billie.

“Chelsea’s angry,” says Bo.

“It’s not the reunion I imagined,” says Billie.

“Listen,” he says, “We’re in this together.”

“OK,” says Billie, “You and me vs. Chelsea. Do you think we’ll ever get her to accept us?”

“I think she’ll come around,” says Bo, “We’ll be a family. It’ll be all right.” Hugs. FF


“I thought you were going for a swim,” says Patrick. “I am,” says Hope. “Where is your swimsuit,” asks Patrick. “Who needs a swimsuit,” asks Hope.

“So that’s it,” says Sami, “No one finds out I was Stan!” Bart, dressed in a clown suit, chuckles.

Frankie tells Billie and Bo, “I got a way to track down Max – and Chelsea, too, if she’s with him.”

Chelsea says to Max, “Run away with me, please. Take me someplace where Bo and Billie will never find me.”

Monday, August 29, 2005

Competition At Six-O'Clock

Brady answers the door, “Dad, Granddad, what’s so important you needed to come over right away?”

“Victor and I have a surprise for you and Chloe,” says John. Brady goes to get Chloe.

Chloe welcomes them, “It’s really a miracle we’re all together again, isn’t it?” It’s a miracle the show is still on the air. Brady tells her John and Victor have a surprise for them.

“Well,” says Chloe, “It must really be something if you are both here together.”

Aw shucks,” says John, “It’s nothin’ much, just something we wanted to do. We know you have had a rough year, what with Chloe dying and all, so we decided to subsidize your wedding.”

“We want to throw you the biggest wedding Salem has seen in years,” says Victor.

Chloe says, “No, I can’t do this.” She runs off. Ya just gotta love the little nutcase, don’t ya?

Marlena has gone domestic. She found a cookbook and baked five loaves of bread. She asks Alex to try it.

He takes a bite, chokes, then smiles, “It’s delicious. This could be a good sign you’re starting to get your memory back. Baking is apparently something you love to do.”

“Gee,” says Marlena, “I don’t know. I followed the recipe but... What if it’s not? What if I’m not getting my memory back?”

“There’s one way to find out,” says Alex.

Bo chokes Patrick. The girls and Max come running in and break it up.

“What the hell are you attacking me for,” asks Patrick.

“You were attacking Chelsea,” yells Max, “I went back to the house to get her a sweatshirt and that was just enough time for you to force yourself on her.”

Patrick yells, “That’s what you were doing you lying little...”

Billie says, “All right, that’s enough. Chelsea, why don’t you tell us what happened.” The crowd is all ears.

Bonnie asks Mimi how it’s going. Mimi says she has been a waitress before, so Bonnie doesn't need to ask her that every time she sees her. Bonnie says, “Yeah, but I’ll bet the Java Café never had a bartender like the hot one I just hired. Check him out.”

“Mom,” says Mimi, “I’m not interested.” She goes to the bar screaming her order, “I need three brewskis, a glass of merlot and...”

“Merlot,” says Shawn, “That’s red?”

“Yeah,” says Mimi, “OMG! You are the new bartender? Have you ever done this before?”

“No,” says Shawn, “But I’m getting the hang of it.” He’ll be OK as long as the job doesn’t require anything resembling a thought process.

He sees Phillip hobble in. Belle eyes Shawn and the bar wench.

Kate says to herself, “Nicole said Sami was disguised as a man. Why? I have to figure out what Sami’s been up to.”

Sami bumps into Bart, who is dressed as a priest, “Oh, God.”

“Sami,” says Father Bart, “God and all the Hail-Mary’s in the Rosary ain’t gonna get you out of the predicament you’re in right now.”

Hope asks Chelsea what really happened.

Chelsea says, “Max and I were having a great time until I spilled cider on my blouse.”

Patrick says, “But I thought...”

“I know what you thought,” says Chelsea, “but I never said he attacked me.”

Flashback to Chelsea telling Patrick what happened. “No,” says Patrick, “I guess you didn’t say anything about Max attacking you.”

“So,” says Bo to Patrick, “you just decided to move in. How about – you left the dance and found Chelsea alone and vulnerable?”

Hope tries to get Chelsea to tell everyone Patrick attacked her. Chelsea hesitates. Hope says, “You can’t do that, can you? Because he didn’t. Tell everyone the truth.”

Shawn tells Mimi, “Sami overheard the conversation between you and your mother about us. The crazy part is Belle is acting like she’s jealous. It’s none of her business. I told her I have to move on, too.”

Mimi asks, “Was she OK with that?”

“I don’t care. Belle and I are over and today is the first day of the rest of my life,” says the old philosopher.

“We’ll drink to that later,” says Mimi.

Belle asks how Phillip is doing with the new prosthesis. Phillip says it’s is uncomfortable. He says he has a long way to go. He goes to show his mom the new leg. As he starts to go, he turns to the preoccupied Belle and asks, “Are you coming or not?”

Sami tells Bart she won’t go along. Bart says, “If you don’t play ball Tony will send these photos to everyone.”

Sami goes through photos of the make-up session and her as Stan, “No Tony can’t do this to me!”

“Brady, I apologize,” says Victor, “We didn’t mean to upset Chloe.”

“It’s all probably a little overwhelming for her. I'm going up to check on her,” says Brady.

Brady walks in and sees the little nitwit fiddling with her bandages, “Chloe, what are you doing?” Chloe stares.

John checks his cell phone. “Still nothing,” he says.

Victor asks, “Expecting a phone call from your wife’s doctor?”

“A courtesy call,” says John.

“Any idea why you haven’t received one?”

John says, “He’s got her in isolation.”

Victor says, “You’d think family and friends would be just what she needs. I assume you had him checked out.”

“Yeah,” says John, “through the usual channels and the Internet. I went to”

Alex has Marlena’s file, “This will tell me whether you enjoy cooking. According to your two daughters, you were a lousy cook.”

“WHAT,” says Marlena, “I just made bread.”

“That could be a dormant trait,” says Alex.

Marlena demands, “Let me see that!”

“No,” says Alex, “If you knew what’s in the file it could affect your recovery.”

Marlena gets it, “That’s why you’re keeping me away from my husband.”

“Yes,” says Alex, “Your husband and the rest of your family. Precisely.”

Marlena says, “Truth be told, it’s a relief. I don’t know them, I don’t remember them and, I know it sounds harsh, but if I never see them again, I’ll be just fine.”

Chelsea says, I never said anything about Max – or Patrick – attacking me. I don’t know why everybody’s flipping out. The truth is, after Max left me I was kind of relieved to see Patrick. I didn’t like being on the beach alone.”

Hope asks, “What about your ripped shirt?”

“It was wet from the spilled cider,” says Chelsea, “so Max told me to take it off...” Patrick gives Max the hairy eyeball. Chelsea continues, “and get under a warm blanket. I ripped it when I was taking it off and that’s when Patrick showed up.”

“Yeah,” says Patrick, “I asked her what was going on and that’s when she put her arms around me.”

Chelsea says, “He wanted to take me home because he said Billie was looking for me. I didn’t want to go.”

Bo asks, “So Lockhart didn’t touch you?”

“He didn’t,” she pouts, “except for when I hugged him.”

Hope thinks she owes Patrick an apology.

“I don’t give a crap what you think,” says the little brat.

Mommy Billie says, “CHELSEA!”

Chelsea tells Billie, “I don’t want to hear anything you have to say.” She runs off.

Billie chases her. Hope tells Bo Chelsea is a master manipulator, “I know she’s your daughter. We should give her the benefit of the doubt, but I’ll tell you this – she lies. Don’t let her take advantage of you.”

Chelsea talks to her mom and dad in heaven, “How can you leave me here with all these people? Especially Billie Reed. I hate her guts. I wish she would go away and leave me alone.” And, of course, do I even have to say it? Billie stands there listening.

Shawn mixes the drinks.

Bonnie says to Mimi, “Is this place hot or what? And that Shawn Brady – ggrroowwll.

“Tony can’t do this to me,” says Sami.

“Tony can and will,” says Bart, “The only way you can prevent him from releasing those photos is to do what he says.”

Kate tells Phillip how proud she is of him. Phillip goes to break in the leg and say hi to Shawn. Kate says to herself, “I know someone who could help me.” She digs for her cell phone.

Sami protests, “I can’t break into my father’s computer.”

Bart asks, “Have you ever tried? Oh... I forgot who I was talking to, of course you have. Listen, Stan.... I mean Sami... Gosh, I hope I don’t make that mistake with someone around. We need someone to break into that computer and you are the only one who can do it.

Sami yells, “Do you want me to betray the whole free world?”

Father Bart says, “It’s either that or...”

Sami interrupts, “I lose everything and everyone I hold dear, yeah.”

Bart says, “Well said. What’s your final answer?”

Brady asks why Chloe took her bandage off, “I know you are anxious but it won’t heal overnight.”

“I’m just terrified it won’t heal before the wedding,” she says, “Now that John and Victor are paying for the wedding, I just feel like there is so much pressure. Maybe we should just elope.”

John says, “If I’d had more time I might have rejected Dr. North’s suggestion to keep Marlena in isolation.”

“Dr. North,” asks Victor, “That name sounds familiar.”

Victor gets a call from Kate. I’d like to buy you a drink,” she says, “I need your advice, Victor.”

“I’ll be right there,” says Victor, “Excuse me, John, I’ve got to go. If you’re having second thoughts about North, you should do something about it.”

“What is wrong with me,” asks Marlena, “I don’t care about seeing my family.”

“It’s just your amnesia talking,” says Alex, “This is quite normal.” Especially when the patient’s family is a whacked out mess. “In a few weeks you’ll feel like seeing them. My job is to keep a line of communications open to them.”

“You’re not going to make me talk to them are you?”

“You’re my patient,” he says, “I have to keep your wishes.”

“There is one person I don’t want to see,” says Marlena.

“Who is that,” asks Alex.

“My husband John,” she says.

John whips out his cell phone and says, “Marlena may have amnesia, but she is still my wife.” He dials.

Belle wants to talk to Mimi.

“I’m on the clock,” Mimi says, “and I don’t have anything to say to you.”

“I see Shawn’s here,” says Belle.

“It’s nice to be working with a friend. But you wouldn’t know what that is,” says Mimi.

Phillip walks up to Shawn. He decides he’d better just order orange juice so he won’t be wobbling around on his new leg. “What’s it like working with Meems,” he asks.

“I’m just helping Bonnie,” says Shawn.

My question was how do you like working with Meems,” repeats Phillip.

“Fine,” says Shawn.

Phillip says, “Belle and I both think you may wind up as more than friends.”

Victor arrives. Kate asks him, “Do you still have contacts in the DiMera organization?” Yeah, Victor feels really tight with Tony after his kidnapping.

Victor says, “It’s been a while, but I can check. Why?”

Kate says, “I need to know what Sami is up to. She took my boys and grandchild away.”

“Kate,” says Victor “It was your own doing. You got burned.”

“Well we both know what that’s like,” she says, “Victor, I want to see Sami destroyed.”

Sami tears up the photos. Bart tells her they have more of them, “We have enough to drop them as leaflets from planes.”

“Go to hell!”

“I probably will,” says Bart, “But in the meantime we need to get into that computer.”

Max and Patrick have a standoff.

Hope tells Bo she trusts Patrick with her life, “He’s not the enemy here.”

“And my daughter is,” asks Bo.

Hope snaps back, “Don’t put words into my mouth.”

“She deserves compassion but you side with the Boy Scout. I’m outta here,” Bo runs off to pout.

Chelsea tells Billie, “The only reason you came here is you can’t stand Patrick being more interested in me than you. Or was it the deathbed promise you made to my mother? You could even be making all that up. It wouldn’t surprise me if you’re using me so you can bunk with Patrick and maybe even get Bo back. If you had an adopted daughter you could...”

Bo walks in.

“Great,” says Chelsea, “Bo. I see the way you look at him is you’re not blind. You keep hanging in there hoping for a miracle. I used to feel sorry for you. Now I just think you’re pathetic.” Well, this relationship’s going to get off to a great start.

Alex tells Marlena, “You can’t ignore John. He’s a valuable part of our treatment. If you start having memories of him you may feel different.”

Marlena says, “I can’t imagine my life in Salem was that great. When I came here I felt this sense of relief, peace. The longer I’m here, I feel so... fulfilled. I made bread. I didn’t know I could do that. I feel euphoric about that. I’m afraid if I regain my memory and try to get back to my old life I somehow won’t be able to find myself again.”

Marlena gets a call. It’s John. She tells Alex, “It’s John. I can’t talk to him.” She hands the phone to Alex.

“Hello Mr. Black.”

John asks, “Can I talk to my wife?”

Alex lies, “She went out for a walk.”

John works his jaw and does a double-squint, “I’m just checking on her progress.”

“I’m sorry,” says Alex, “There is a lot of static on the line.” He turns to Marlena, “...lost the call. I'm afraid he’ll be up here soon if he doesn’t hear from you. You have to call him back.”

“Chloe,” says Brady, “I will do whatever you want to do. If you want to elope, let’s elope.”

“Do you mean that?”

“Yeah, we’ll go to Vegas and get married in an Elvis chapel.”

“This is crazy. We should get married at St. Luke’s like we planned,” she says.

“You’re sure,” he asks. Chloe stares.

“Why the hell won’t he let me talk to her? I don't have a good feeling about this,” says John. He makes another call.

“I’d rather have a real church wedding,” says Ditzo, “Isn’t that what you want?”

“Yes, Chloe,” says Brady, I’ve always dreamed of walking down the aisle with you.” Hugs. Wretch.

John makes a call, “Gas up the chopper and we’ll go pick up my wife.” He gets another call. It’s Marlena.

“It’s so good to hear your voice,” he says, “Look, uh, I called to see how things are going. I was thinking about coming up to see you.”

Marlena says, “No, don’t do that. I’m making a nice recovery and I think you’re being here would hinder that. I’m sorry.”

“No,” says John, “If staying up there is what will help, that is what you have to do.”

Marlena says, “If that’s what you think... Goodbye.”

She hangs up. John stammers into the dead phone, “I... love... you...”

“You were right,” says Marlena, “He was coming up here. But...” she takes his hand, “He would be in the way. The only person I need is you.”

Belle orders sparkling water. Phillip asks if Belle talked to Mimi. “No,” she says, “But I never meant to hurt her and I never meant for Rex to hear what I said about the abortion.”

Shawn shays he will talk to Mimi for Belle.

Bonnie walks up to Mimi, “Competition – six o’clock.”

Mimi looks over and sees Belle talking to Shawn, “Belle isn’t competition. Belle is moving on.”

“Once you have push-push with Shawn,” says Bonnie, “He’ll move on too.” Mimi rolls her eyes. Bonnie says, “It’s gonna happen.”

Victor goes to talk to Phillip. Kate says to herself, “Oh yes, Sami is going down.”

Sami grabs the pictures.

Father Bart gives his benediction, “So, keep the faith, bless you and get us what we need.” Bart leaves. Sami lifts the glass off a candle at a table and burns the pictures, “No one can ever find out I was Stan.” Kate watches.

“Trust me, Max, you don’t want to mess with me,” says Patrick.

“It’s time someone put you in your place,” says Max.

Patrick asks, “You think you’re the man to do that?”

“I know I am,” says Max, who has obviously failed to notice Patrick outweighs him by 50 pounds.

“Lets get this over with,” says Patrick.

Chelsea says to Bo, “Billie is trying to tear you and Hope apart. And the way Hope keeps defending Patrick, I don't think that will be too hard. If I were you, I’d find someone other than these two losers.”

“Stop it,” yells Billie, “You are alienating everyone who loves you.”

Chelsea is indignant, “Loves me? Are you kidding?”

Billie says, “Chelsea, listen to me. The reason we care so much is we have recently learned you are our daughter.” Nothing like picking a tender moment to drop the bomb on her.


“Yes, Chelsea,” says Bo, “We have DNA tests to prove it.”

“This can’t be true,” says Chelsea. She slaps Billie, “You bitch.” That went well, don’t you think? Pan in on the little brat.


“I’ve got some news for you, Kate, about Sami and Tony DiMera,” says Victor.

Roman says to Sami, “Maybe you can help me by answering a question. It’s about your involvement with Tony DiMera.”

Patrick asks Hope, “So, do you trust Bo with Billie?”

Bo says, “Come here, Reed. We’ll be a family. It’ll be all right.”

Friday, August 26, 2005

The Florsit From Hell

Nicole tries to use a pay phone. It’s been so long she can’t remember how to do it. She calls Sami as Kate watches.

Sami comes into her apartment and goes through her wedding list, “Lucas, I love you so much. I can’t let Tony stop us. Why does this have to happen? I’m supposed to be the happy bride, but I’ve gotta help that monster break out of jail.”

Sami gets a phone call. Her call-waiting says it’s a pay phone. She thinks it must be Will.

“Don’t hang up,” says Nicole, “I’ll make you sorry you do. If you want your wedding, you’d better help me get Brady back.”

Sami panics, “You can’t tell Lucas or it will be over.”

Lucas walks in, “Sami,” he says, “I leave you for a few hours and you get yourself in trouble.”

“No sign of anyone,” says Bo.

Billie tells Bo Patrick isn’t working for DiMera.

“Of course you would say that,” says Bo, “You’re sleeping with Patrick.”

“I trust Patrick,” says Hope. She gets close to Bo and whispers, “And I’m not sleeping with him.”

Bo wants to put out an APB on Chelsea.

“If this is how you’re going to handle your daughter,” says Hope, “you’re in for a rough ride.”

Patrick watches the tent.

Max and Chelsea romp. I want you so bad says Chelsea. Fade to the fire.

“Officer Johnson said he would alert the other officers to look for her,” says Hope, “but no APB.” Bo isn’t impressed. He goes for air. Billie leaves. Hope watches out the window. Bo unfolds a piece of paper. “Certificate of Death.” Hope comes out and tells him it will all work out.

Bo says, “She was right here in Salem. We shoulda done something.”

Patrick moves in. He wonders if Bo and Billie will still call her Chelsea. He hears a scream – more like a squeal.

“What don’t you want me to find out,” says Lucas, “What did you do?”

“All right,” stammers Sami, “I – I used your influence as a Horton to expedite the blood tests and then nurse Sully found out.”

“That’s great,” says Lucas, “Whatever you have to do to make our wedding sooner. Was that hard, telling me the truth?”

Sami says, “You didn’t believe me the last time I was telling the truth.”

“No more lies or secrets,” says Lucas, “We’ll be so happy together.”

Nicole swears, “Who does she think she is... hanging up on me? I can’t find another quarter.”

Kate hands her one.

Nicole says, “You’re scary, you know that? Hanging in the shadows.”

“Well,” says Kate, “I want something from you. That was Sami wasn’t it? Here’s the quarter.”

“Said the snake to Eve, it’s just a juicy apple.”

Kate tells Nicole, “I want to know everything Sami is up to and you’re going to tell me.” This may take a while.

Max apologizes for being a klutz and spilling cider on Chelsea. He asks why she screamed. She thought she saw a spider. He would have squished it for her. Her shirt is wet. He suggests she take it off. Or maybe he should just take her home.

“No,” she says, “I don't' want to go home. You went to a lot of trouble. Why don’t we just lay under the stars?”

Max says, “As much as I want you, why don’t we just wait? It will be hard to control ourselves.”

Chelsea says, “I can control myself if you can. But it’s kind of cold. Can you go home and get me a sweatshirt?”

Max says, “I can’t say no to you. While I’m gone, take that off and cuddle up in a blanket.” He leaves.

Chelsea cries, “How did this happen?”

Patrick finds her. She cries and falls in his arms, “Oh, Patrick, I’m so glad you’re here.”

Bo looks at the certificate. Hope says, “You can’t let yourself feel guilty, Bo.” He hands it to her.

Hope says, “Georgia’s death certificate. I didn’t know you had this.”

Bo says, “The coroner sent it to me to give to Billie, so I made a copy and put it in my wallet. It’s all I had of my daughter. I should have done something. I should have investigated the death.”

“You didn’t know the DiMeras were involved,” says Hope, “Thank God Chelsea didn’t grow up alone. Her files show she was with the Bensons since birth.”

“I am her father. She shouldn’t have grown up with someone else,” says Bo.

Billie comes out and tells him not to beat himself up. Chelsea is still a teenager and will need them, “We will give her a loving home – homes, and that will make all the dfference in her life.”

Hope says, “I just think you should be careful in getting your hopes up about her future, because she could fight you, Bo, and she could fight hard.”

Sami and Lucas start to make love. Will walks in with a Carrot Top hairdo and tells them, “Get a room.” Get a lock.

He tells Sami he didn’t eat all the candy she sent him.

“If you didn’t eat the candy, you must not be my son.”

“I’m your son,” he says, “I brought back thirty pounds of dirty laundry.” Will suggests moving back in with Sami. Hugs all around.

“This is so amazing,” says Sami, “If it was just the three of us forever it would make me the happiest person in the world. We will be a real family forever.”

Kate says, “It's our duty to take down Sami.”

“I’m too busy focusing on where my next meal is coming from,” says Nicole, “Things are really looking up for Nicole Walker Roberts Kiriakis.”

“You’re going to give me something on Sami,” says Kate, “I’ll give you more money, but you’re going to have to give me more information.”

“Did you follow up on the information I gave you,” asks Nicole.

“Yes,” says Kate, “but that was an exercise in futility. Tony said something about Sami being a master of disguise.”

“There! You got it,” says Nicole.

“What do I have?”

“Sami in disguise. Think,” says Nicole.

Kate flashes back to Bara Couda, “So she put an a wig and pretended to be a lawyer. That’s minor league.”

“Think major league,” says Nicole, “She put on a disguise and lived like that for months. You must have bumped into her.”

“You mean Sami was pretending to be someone I knew,” asks Kate.

“Bo and I have waited eighteen log years to be with our daughter. Why shouldn’t we expect to have a relationship with her? I can’t wait to tell her everything we know and have her accept us,” says Billie.

Hope says, “I don’t see anything that says Chelsea wants a new mom and dad.”

Billie says, “We know we won’t be one big happy family, but we will find a way to make it work. I hope you will work with us.”


“We’re not going to force this on Chelsea until she is ready,” says Bo. Then we'll force it on her.

“She is just like her mother – me,” says Billie, “In time she will come around.”

“We’ll be there for her,” says Bo.

“Whether she wants it or not,” Says Billie.

Max joins the crowd. Everyone wants to know where Chelsea is. Max explains he’s looking for a sweatshirt because she spilled cider on her shirt.

“The date’s over, cowboy,” says Bo.


“We need to talk to her. It’s important,” says Billie.

Bo threatens, “If Lockhart’s all over my kid, it’s all over for him.”

Patrick asks Chelsea, “What did Max do to you?”

“It’s... hard to talk about,” she whimpers, “We were having a good time at first. I don't know where to start.”

“Just take it slow,” says Patrick.

“Well, first we sat by the fire. That was nice. Then we started making out...”

“Did he force himself on you,” asks Patrick

She says, “I guess things got out of control.”

“Is that when your blouse got ripped?”

“Whine, bawl.”

“I guess he just took off,” says Patrick. He makes a move to go after Max, but Chelsea throws herself at him, “Patrick, please don’t leave. I need you here with me.”

Nicole tells Kate she might know Sami’s alter ego and she might not.

“What was the disguise,” asks Kate, “Hooker? No – that wouldn’t be a disguise.”

Nicole says, “I saw her in the disguise and I had no idea it was her.”

“It must have been quite a disguise,” says Kate.

Nicole says, “Have you ever seen Victor Victoria?”

Kate asks, “She was disguised like a man? What did he look like? Why are you making me rack my brains?”

“I’m not going to incriminate myself,” says Nicole.

“You’ve already lost everything,” says Kate, “If you give me Sami’s head on a platter, that will raise your spirits.”

“I can’t,” she says, “I made a deal with Sami.”

“You’re delusional.”

“I want Brady back,” says Nicole, “And if he finds out – It’s unforgivable.”

“You’re not getting Brady back, he’s in love with Chloe. Cut your losses,” says Kate, “I can help you. You can start over again. Do we have a deal?” Kate’s cell phone rings, “I have to take this. It’s the Tokyo office. Think about it. You’re not going to get a better offer.” Kate leaves.

“Give up Brady,” asks Nicole, “I love him so much, what am I supposed to do about that? You’re going to keep your promise, Sami.” Not if you keep playing this stupid game of twenty-questions with Kate.

Will asks if he can go to the bachelor party.

“What do you think,” asks Sami.

“Can I bring a date,” he asks. That got her attention. Sami wants details. The little chip-off-the-old-blockette was fibbing, “I just wanted to see what you would say.”

“Cut it out,” says Sami, “You’re growing up too fast as it is. I’m not letting anything come between us again.”

“I was hard on you about the wedding,” he says, “I’m proud to be your son.”

“You’re going to make me cry,” says Sami. I need a hankie myself.

Will suggests, “And at the wedding, I’ll be in charge of tissues.”

“You’ll need help,” says Sami, “Lots of people will be there and crying. Your grandma Kate won’t be crying because she’s happy, though. Of course, she won’t even be there. By the way, I’ve booked Alice’s for the reception.”

Will asks, “Is dad really not talking to Grandma Kate anymore? I can’t believe she almost ruined our family.”

Sami says, “I’m just glad the truth came out.”

He says, “When I left town, I was really angry at you for abandoning us.”

Sami tells him, “I would never really leave you.”

“I figured you were coming back eventually,” says Will, “I was worried you were off getting revenge on Grandma Kate. You saved dad’s life, mom. You’re a hero.”

Sami flashes back to Nicole writing on the mirror, she sighs.

Will asks, “Are you listening to me? Are you OK?”

“Yeah,” she says, “I’m just preoccupied with the wedding. Don't' worry. It will be fine.”

Lucas comes in. The phone rings. Lucas answers. Nicole asks for Sami in a disguised voice. She says it’s the florist.

Sami takes it. Nicole says, “Listen you witch, you come through for me or your secrets and lies are going to the highest bidder.”

Sami says, “I don’t appreciate being harassed.” Lucas must be thinking this is the florist from hell.

Nicole asks, “Is Lucas there? I couldn’t have planned this better. How about if I come over there and tell him about Stan?”

“Is the florist giving you a problem,” asks Lucas.

Sami tells him, “They think everyone but the bride knows best.” She speaks back into the phone, “I said I want the lilies.”

“Lilies,” says Nicole, “Excellent choice. If you don’t help me they’ll be delivering lilies to your funeral. What you did... all of that will put you in Statesville the rest of your life.”

“You released the bacteria on Chloe,” says Sami, “You’ll be the one going to prison.”

“I’ll be in a cell right next to yours,” threatens Nicole, “Keep your end of the bargain or you’re going down!” She hangs up and sees Kate standing there.

“We’re kind of at a stalemate,” says Nicole.

Kate says, “So it’s time to take my offer, don’t you think? Are you with me?”

“Not yet,” says Nicole, “I can’t, Kate. You don’t need me, think for yourself. Put on your Nancy Drew hat. The answer is all around you. Once you get it, you will wonder what took you so long.”

Sami says she handled the florist. Lucas and Will are going to watch the White Sox.

The phone rings again. Sami whispers, “I’ve had enough out of you. Leave me alone.”

It’s Bart, “Now listen up. It’s time to pay the piper, or you’ll lose everything – your husband, mother, father, and son. No one you love is ever gonna love you again.”

Max leads them to Chelsea.

Patrick is comforting her, “Max is going to be sorry he ever laid a finger on you.”

Chelsea tries to backpedal, “What happened with my blouse is kind of a misunderstanding.”

Patrick tells her, “I’m taking you to the emergency room.”

Chelsea insists, “I’m fine.”

“OK, then,” he says, “I’m taking you home.”

She asks, “Can’t we just wait for Max to come back.” ...and see this cozy little scene.

Patrick figures it out, “Wait. You wouldn’t be trying to make him jealous, would you? Let’s go home.”

Chelsea protests, “That’s not my home. I’m 18, I can live anywhere I want.”

“On what money,” asks Patrick, “Billie needs to talk to you.”

He starts to drag her off. She screams in protest.

Bo runs in and lands a haymaker on Patrick’s chin. DOWN goes Patrick.

FF on Bo the animal.


Marlena tells Alex, “I don’t know them, I don’t remember them and, I know it sounds harsh, but if I never see them again, I’ll be just fine.”

“I just feel like there is so much pressure. Maybe we should just elope,” says Chloe.

Sami yells at Bart, who is dressed like a priest, “Do you want me to betray the whole free world.” Bart says, “It’s either that or...” Sami interrupts, “I lose everything and everyone I hold dear, yeah.”

Chelsea tells Billie, “I used to feel sorry for you. Now I just think you’re pathetic.”

To Neal, a closet Daze fan, and one great guy! He still needs a little work when it comes to landing on concrete, though – OUCH!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Trail Of Tears

Shawn sighs, “A part time job at Alice's won’t be so bad. I’ll earn some cash and it’ll help get my mind off Belle.”

Sami lectures Belle about forgetting Shawn. Part of her still loves Shawn. She loves Phillip in a different way. Is it me or have we heard this before? Sami drags her off to have a real talk.

Josh has something stuck in his teeth. He carries floss everywhere and tonight he needs it. He’s off to the men’s room to take care of things.

Caroline and Abby talk. Abby tells Caroline about Josh. Caroline tells her she has been trying to get her life back to normal. Abby says she never really accepted the fact her dad wasn’t coming back, but he’s back where he belongs and not going anywhere again.

Jack listens as Frankie pounds the door. Frankie and Jennifer yell. “No, Jennifer,” says Jack, “Frankie is the only one who can take care of you when I’m gone.”

Chelsea and Max arrange to meet. Patrick comes up to apologize to Chelsea.

Max says, “I can’t believe she wants to meet at the beach. She should detour to my place. I’ll give her what she wants.”

“The tests show a positive match. Chelsea Benson is our daughter,” says Billie. Bo grabs the file and confirms it. Hope stares. She’s really happy for them.

Billie cries, “I never realized I was right when I said looking at Chelsea was like looking at me at her age.”

Hope leaves them so they can have some privacy. Bo hugs Hope as she goes, and asks her not to tell anyone about the test results. Billie thanks her for her sensitivity.

Bo tells Billie, “We’d better find Chelsea and tell her.”

“I’m sorry Bo,” says Billie, “I don’t think Chelsea should ever know we’re her parents.” Yeah, her life is messed up enough as it is.

Patrick says, “I was too hard on you earlier. I care about you as a friend, which is why I said what I did about Max.”

Chelsea says, “You think he just wants to sleep with me, right?”

“Look at his track record,” says Patrick, “And I’m not talking about racing.”

Chelsea says, “Was I screaming for help? I chose to be there.”

“Think about why you made that choice,” says Patrick, “What do you really know about him?”

“At least he’s interested in showing me some affection.”

Chelsea runs off to Abby and tells her she’s meeting Max, “Patrick may not be into me but I’ll guarantee Max is.”

Hope has arrived. She talks to Patrick. He tells her about his conversation with Chelsea and goes after her to stop her form leaving.

Frankie and Jennifer are trapped. They hear music. Jack has his boom box outside the door. Jennifer remembers the song from the Labor Day dance at the church when they were dating. Frankie dressed like a gangster and Jennifer dressed like a flapper. Jennifer says “Omygosh, you won’t believe this!”

Sami talks to Belle about motherhood, “Life as you know it is now over forever. It will be more different than you can imagine. You will be whole different person, Belle. You will be busier. More tired. Pretty soon you won’t even remember what life was like before you were a mother. And mom’s not around to help you out, and there’s a lot Phillip can’t do.”

Belle says, “Maybe we can get a nanny, not full time, but Phillip can afford it.”

Sami continues, “It’s a bond that goes beyond love, but as mothers we have a full-time job for all the Days Of Our Lives. So you have to get over Shawn. Don
t even think you can go back to him. That’s a fairy tale. If you leave Phillip you’re doing this on your own.”

Patrick is at home yelling for Chelsea. Hope follows. Hope says they have a bigger issue. Hope tells him, “Bo and Billie found Georgia. They know who their daughter is.” And they’re not exactly looking forward to having you as a son-in-law.

“Why don’t you want Chelsea to know,” asks Bo.

“She hates my guts. She’ll be devastated. She’ll think we’re insane.”

Bo says, “We can’t ignore the truth and she has a right to know.”

“I’m scared, Bo,” says Billie.

“Yeah,” Bo smiles, “but we’ve got a daughter.”

Billie says, “I just wish she and I had gotten off to a better start.”

“All teenage girls and their mom’s argue,” says Bo.

“I’m worried she will resent us for trying to take the place of the people she thought were her parents,” says Billie.

“Well,” says Bo, “now she’s gained a lot, a new family. She might not accept us at first but if we give her time, she will. All we can do is tell her and hope she makes the right decision.”

“And if she doesn’t?”

“We should be prepared for that,” says Bo.

Chelsea says to herself, “I Wonder why Max wanted to meet me here instead of the beach. Patrick you made one big mistake letting me get away.” She walks into the garage. Max follows. “You look nice,” she says.

“Yeah,” says Max, “I clean up real good.”

“What possessed you to clean up?”

“You did,” he kisses her.

Belle asks if Shawn said something to Sami. Sami says Mimi said she almost slept with Shawn. Then Bonnie told her, ‘Now you can finally have the man you always wanted.’

Belle is horrified, “How could Mimi do that to me? She and Rex were still in love.”

“Maybe she decided to skip love and go for the Kiriakis money,” says Sami, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t want you to hear this but you needed to. It was miserable growing up with divorced parents and I don’t want that to happen to your kid.”

“I want him or her to have a mommy and daddy who are together and happy,” says Belle. Shawn comes out.

Sami leaves, “Bye Shawn D.”

“Douglas,” says Shawn, “That’s Douglas.” He turns to Belle, “What was that all about?”

Josh and his sparkling teeth return. Josh tells Abby he’s glad she asked him out. They go for some fresh air.

Jack listens. Inside, Frankie and Jennifer dress in the flapper and gangster costumes they have found. They dance.

“I can’t believe I’m doing this,” says Jack, “It should be me in there. I’ve gotta protect Jennifer and Frankie’s the man to do it.” He hides the radio as Abby and Josh walk up.

“Listen,” says Josh, “I hear music. I think it’s playing just for us.” Jack stares in horror as they kiss.

Patrick asks who Georgia is.

“That’s the unbelievable part,” says Blabbermouth, “Chelsea is Bo and Billie’s daughter.”

“You know,” says Patrick, “I actually told Billie I thought Chelsea could be her daughter. I can’t believe I was right. That’s great. I’m happy for them. How are you doing with this?”

“It’s a little daunting,” says Hope, “Chelsea hates all our guts. I can’t help but think DiMera has something else in store for us. Why did he make it this easy? The important thing is to protect Chelsea.”

Patrick leaves to find her. Hope asks him not to say anything. He doesn’t have to. Hope knows, so it will be all over town in no time.

Chelsea and Max go at it. He tells her to slow down. He wants to take her someplace special. He blindfolds her and picks her up.

Billie says, “It would kill me not to have any sort of relationship with our daughter.”

“We’ll have to take our time and understand what she is feeling right now. You remember what you thought when you found out Kate was your mom,” says Bo.

Billie says, “It took us years to get together.”

“Same with Victor and me,” says Bo, “I didn’t know who I was if I wasn’t a Brady.”

“But you and Victor get along right now and so do my mom and me. So we should be in a position to get along with her. I just hope it doesn't take years,” says Billie.

“There are no guarantees,” says Bo, “I want to go talk to our daughter.” Off they go.

Belle tells Shawn, “It’s not important. I can’t believe you almost slept with Mimi.”

Shawn says, “Sami has no clue what really happened.

Belle says, “She heard Mimi tell her mother about it.”

“Nothing happened between us,” says Shawn, “We were just hanging out and one thing led to another and we had a kiss. That was it.”

“I believe you,” says Belle, “but I’m not sure about Mimi. She’s going for my ex boyfriend.”

“Hey,” he reminds her, “you told me to move on. We did nothing wrong. Why are you so angry? You’re not jealous are you?”

“I just don’t want you to get hurt,” says Belle, “I think Mimi’s wanted to be with you forever.”

“She had a crush on me in high school,” he says, “But that was a long time ago. She still loves Rex.”

Belle asks, “What if Mimi really does love you? Do you think you could love her back?” Maybe, Shawn really seems to have a thing for whiners.

Sami gets a phone call, “Who is this and what do you want?”

Jack worries.

Jennifer asks Frankie if it makes him feel uncomfortable considering the first time they wore the costumes they were dating. Frankie says the memories are wonderful, but it’s just a memory.

“No,” says Jennifer, “you’re wrong.”

Caroline interrupts Josh and Abby’s blissful moment. They take off.

Caroline finds Jack and asks if he has seen Frankie and Jennifer.

“I think we’re locked together in this storage room for a very special reason,” says Jennifer. Yeah, the writers have about as much creativity as Max the dog.*

“It’s meant for us to revisit our past,” she says, “It’s was nice having this time together with you.” She kisses him just as Caroline and Jack walk in.

Billie and Bo arrive. Hope explains she ran into Patrick. Patrick went to find Chelsea.

Bo asks, “You didn’t tell him about the test did you?” Hope stares.

“Oooohhhh, Hoooooope,” moans Bo, “I asked you not to tell anyone. He could be waiting for his next order from DiMera.”

“All he’s ever done,” says Hope, “is try to help Chelsea. If he wanted to kidnap her he’d have done it before.”

“Bo has a point,” says Billie, “What if DiMera is using Patrick to get her away from us?”

“You guys are jumping to conclusions,” says Hope, “I’ll bet Chelsea went to Jack and Jennifer’s.”

Patrick gets to the garage but Max and Chelsea are gone. He picks up a piece of paper, “What are you up to Max?”

Chelsea says they could have done what she wants to do back at his place. He takes off the blindfold. “OMG,” says Chelsea.

Jennifer gives the standard line, “This isn’t what you’re thinking.” Jack says it’s fine. Caroline recognizes the clothes. She asks about the cups, gets them and leaves. Jennifer asks Jack how the meeting was.

“Everything’s right on track,” says Jack.

“We need to have a little talk about what I saw Abby doing earlier,” says Jennifer.

“Kissing a boy,” asks Jack.

Jennifer says, “They must have been the ones who had the music playing – mystery solved.”

Jack vows to kill Josh if he keeps it up.

Jennifer leaves. Jack tells Frankie, “Actually, it was you I wanted to kill, but it’s OK. You‘re dong what needs to be done.”

Caroline tells Jennifer she looked like she did when she was 17 wearing the costume.

“When I had that costume on,” says Jennifer, “I felt like I was 17 again.”

Shawn says he’s not ready to love Mimi. He’s moving on with his life. Belle is upset. She wishes things could be different. The nurse comes to get her.

“Go be with your husband,” says Shawn.

Belle leaves a trail of tears behind.

“Who is this,” asks Sami.

The voice on the phone says, “Do exactly as Tony DiMera tells you or you can kiss your precious life in Salem goodbye.” Tempting, but Sami will probably do as Tony says anyway.

Sami asks, “What does he want me to do?”

“It’s time for you to help him escape,” says the voice.

Hope stares out the window. She paces, “Bo and Billie are overreacting about Patrick. I know he only wants to help Chelsea.”

Max has a tent set up. Candles provide the light. Chelsea sits by the campfire. She thinks this is amazing. “We can go back to the garage and lay down on an oil slick if you want,” says Max.

“Stop it,” says Chelsea.

Bo and Hope find the empty garage.

Patrick sees the tent, “OK, Max, if you’ve laid a hand on her you’ll live to regret it.” FF.


Hope says, “I just think you should be careful in getting your hopes up, because she could fight you, Bo, and she could fight hard.”

Kate tells Nicole, “I want to know everything Sami is up to and you’re going to tell me.”

Chelsea cries, “Patrick, please don’t leave. I need you here with me.”

Bart tells Sami, “It’s time to pay the piper, or you’ll lose everything. No one you love is ever gonna love you again.”

*Editor's Statement: Prevuze officially apologizes to Max the dog, specifically, and the canine species in general for comparing them to Daze Of Our Lives writers. In addition, it has come to our attention that in the past we may have implied Daze writers are the mental equivalent of multiple species of primates, sea urchins, head lice and slugs. We sincerely apologize for defaming the mental capacities of these members of the animal kingdom.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

McDNA Test Results

Alice's. Sami goes through her purse. She finds Lucas’ picture, “Lucas, this isn’t fair. All I want is to be a good person and stop doing bad things. I can’t let Tony tell the world I am Stan. He’s going to escape anyway (AHA! She’s read the spoilers.), so I might as well help.”

A cloud of smoke surrounds Bonnie. She talks to her cigarette, “So I’m back to smoking big-time. I almost had it beat. But that was before my rich husband dumped me. Mickey and I should have stayed together. We could be watching the Nashville channel right now. Now all I have is you. And my little friend here.”

Her little friend Max (the dog, not the racecar driver) says, “You’re gonna stop whining and pull it together.”

“You’re right, Max,” she says, “Life goes on.” There is a knock at the door. Max barks. Max had a big part today. It’s about time. They’re finally working some of the intelligent Salemites into the show.

Bonnie answers. It’s Sami. Bonnie says, “We’re not open yet.”

“I guess I can take my business elsewhere,” says Sami. Bonnie reconsiders. Sami tells her, “Bonnie if you play your cards right today could be your lucky day.”

Belle is on the phone asking for help, “I understand. It’s not your fault.” Phillip’s van ride can’t come. Yet another tragedy in Salem.

Phillip has a suggestion, “Maybe we should forget about the appointment and get back in bed.”

Belle doesn’t know how they will get Phillip to his appointment. She can’t call her dad, because that would ruin the chance for her to get together with Shawn and whine her way through this episode.

“Why don’t you go ask Shawn and Mimi to help,” suggests Phillip.

Shawn and Mimi are coming out of the apartment. Shawn says, “Tell your mom I said hi. I’ll see you later.”

Mimi asks if he has his keys. Belle comes out. Mimi takes off. Belle tells Shawn, “Phillip needs your help.”

Frankie and Jennifer dance. Abby and Chelsea come in. Chelsea wants to know if Abby is really staying at this lame event. Abby says yes. Chelsea says she has to make her move now to keep Patrick.

“Here’s your chance now because here he is,” says Abby.

Frankie and Jennifer stop dancing as the music ends. They talk about their relationship ages ago. “Too bad Jack couldn’t be here,” says Jennifer, “but I am so glad you are here.”

Bo and Billie are in Lexie’s office. Billie is impatient. Those darned McDNA tests aren’t ready yet. “The search could finally be over,” says Billie, “and she has been in Salem all this time.” Bo tells her not to get too excited. Billie vows restraint, “But what if it’s true? What if we have finally found out little girl?”

“That would be a miracle,” says Bo. They hug as hope watches through the blinds.

Chelsea asks Abby to stall as she leaves. Patrick asks Abby where Chelsea went. Abby makes an excuse. Patrick compliments Abby on the way she looks. She says she’s meeting someone, but it’s not a big deal.

“I’ll bet it is to him,” says Patrick.

Chelsea comes back.

“I got you message saying you wanted to talk,” says Patrick.

“I thought it would be a good idea,” says Chelsea, “Let’s go someplace more private.”

Frankie is just glad he could be there to help out. He’s sure Jack would be there if not for his important business meeting.

Jennifer asks about Frankie’s job. He says he might be able to stay around town for a while. Frankie talks about wanting to see Caroline now that she is back.

Jennifer says, “I just came up with the greatest idea. I have so many single girlfriends. How would you like to meet one of them?”

Frankie flashes back to Jack begging him to hook up with Jennifer. He says, “I appreciate it, but until I get settled I want to focus on my friends and family.” They hug.

Caroline bellows, “Frankie, what are you doing?”

Hope busts in on Billie and Bo. She’s upset Bo didn’t get in touch with her to let her know where he would be. Hope is peeved. What else is new?

Hope goes on a tirade about Chelsea’s behavior. Billie defends her. “Cut her some slack,” says Billie, “Maybe she was reacting to your lousy attitude.”

Belle tells Shawn about Phillip’s appointment. Shawn will be happy to help.

“Thanks for understanding,” says Belle.

Shawn asks, “Did you think I wouldn’t?”

“Well you haven’t been happy with me lately,” she whines.

“I wasn’t happy with your decision but I understand it. Maybe Phillip is the one you were meant to be with all along,” says Shawn.

Sami tells Bonnie she and Lucas can’t find a place for their reception. All the really good places are booked.

Bonnie gets it, “So you’re settling for Alice’s.”

“Well,” says Sami, “It has a bull (there is a lot of bull in Salem), but it has possibilities, and I thought you could use the money now that Mickey...”

“Dumped me.”

Sami says, “My mom and dad will pay so you can name your price.”

Bonnie gets with the program, “I have tons of good ideas, but that will add to the cost. Let me show you around the place.”

Mimi comes in. She doesn’t believe in putting her brain in gear before engaging her mouth. In other words, she doesn’t see Sami, “Mom, I have to talk to you. I came this close to sleeping with Shawn.” They’ll never be able to wipe that smile off of Bonnie’s face.

Sami overhears and says, “Wow, Meems, You don’t waste any time do you?”

Bo tells Billie, “You know Hope better that that, You’re outta line.”

Billie says, “I just thought it wasn’t right for Hope to attack that poor girl.”

Hope says, “I was trying to reach out to her.”

“You don't even know her,” says Billie.

“You’re right,” says Hope, “but I am a cop and I know a troubled kid when I see one. Her problem started long ago.”

“So now you’re a child psychologist, too,” says Billie.

“She has some deep-rooted issues and if they’re not dealt with, they will just get worse,” says Hope.

Patrick and Chelsea go into a room. She immediately throws herself at him.

Patrick backs off, “Stop it. You said you wanted to talk.”

Chelsea says, “Don’t tell me Bo and that bitch got to you.”

“Hope is a friend of mine,” says Patrick, “I won’t stand for you calling her names. We weren’t kissing. You were throwing yourself at me, isn’t that right?”

Chelsea says, “I thought you liked me.”

“I do,” says Patrick, “but only as a friend. That’s all it ever can be. I want to make that clear.”

“I understand, and I’m sorry if I put you in an awkward position,” says Chelsea.

“I think you need to find someone your own age.”

“Guys my age are boring,” she says, “But I do have someone I can go out with who is really hot.”

Patrick asks, “Are you talking about Max (the racecar driver, not the dog)? If you know what’s good you’ll stay away from him.”

Caroline berates Frankie for not coming to visit her. Big reunion. They missed each other. Jennifer hugs Caroline, too. “You must be glad to have Jack back,” says Caroline.

“I’m not letting him out of my sight,” says Jennifer.

“He’s not going anywhere,” says Caroline.

Abby thinks Josh isn't going to show but he finally comes. His skateboard lost a wheel. He brought her a souvenir decoder pin from his all time favorite comic book hero. Chelsea and Abby are certainly dating at opposite ends of the spectrum.

“What would we do without you, Shawn,” says Phillip. Uh, have a life?

“No problem,” says Shawn. Belle goes to get her things.

Shawn and Phillip talk. Phillip asks if Shawn had a good time last night with Mimi. Shawn says, “We were just hanging out. I think we should talk to the super. We could hear everything you guys were doing.”

“Really,” says Phillip, “I’m not embarrassed.”

Shawn says, “We’re just friends, Mimi and I.”

Phillip tells Shawn, “Belle and I are living proof that friendship can lead to something more.” Disaster? Heartache? Boredom? “Are you ready to be in love?”

Shawn says, “Mimi is a great person, but I am not ready to fall in love. All I am interested in is moving on with my life.” Oh, please move on. Way on.

Belle overhears the whole thing.

Mimi congratulates Sami on her upcoming nuptials.

“I should congratulate you, Mimi,” says Sami, “You really have your way with the Brady boys.”

Mimi tells her she isn’t ready to move on from Rex. Sami suggests she’s just using Shawn for sex. Sami did not win ‘Miss Congeniality’ in her last beauty contest.

“I’m not using your cousin for sex,” says Mimi.

Sami leaves.

Bonnie is ecstatic, “You and Shawn – I knew it was meant to be!”

Mimi says, “What happened between us isn’t love. What if Sami talks to Rex? He’s her half brother.”

Bonnie won’t let go of it. Sami overhears their conversation.

Patrick says he knows guys like Max, “They are users. He’ll end up hurting you.”

“Unlike some people Max never lied to me. He never led me on,” she storms out.

Jennifer wishes Jack were here to see Abby dancing. Jennifer bumps into Patrick. She tells him, “I heard about the island when Tony was captured. You’re a hero.”

Caroline asks Frankie if there is anyone special. Frankie stares.

Billie tells Hope she’s making too much of this thing with Chelsea.

Bo jumps in. He thinks it’s a big deal. He tells them he had a talk with Chelsea and warned her about guys like Lockhart.

Hope tells Bo she thinks Chelsea forced herself on Patrick, “Girls like that know how to use sex to manipulate men.”

“GIRLS LIKE THAT,” Billie yells in Hope’s face, “Now you’re calling my daughter a slut?”

Hope turns to Bo and asks, “What did she just say?”

“That’s why we’re here,” says Bo, “We’re waiting to confirm tests that Chelsea is our daughter.”

Bonnie chortles about selling Sami on using Alice’s, “I can probably get $50 – $60 a head.”

Mimi says, “She’s probably going home to tell Rex what she heard.”

“Forget about him,” says Bonnie, “He and Sami weren’t close. Something much better is happening here. You and Shawn.”

Mimi lets out a big whine.

“It’s true,” says Bonnie, “You just have to stop fighting it.”

“I am sorry I even told you,” says Mimi, “It was nothing. Let’s talk about something else. There is another reason I’m here. Now that Rex has left, I need to start working again. Can you help me?”

“I need a waitress,” says Bonnie, “I assume you have references. I need a bartender too. I know just where to find one.”

They wheel Phillip in. He is going to go it alone so Belle can stay behind and whine around with Shawn.

“He’s so brave, it’s unbelievable,” says Belle, as they wheel Phillip off into the sunset. She turns to Shawn and says, “Thank you.”

“I’m just getting coffee.”

“No,” she says, “For helping Phillip.”

“I'd do anything for you,” says Shawn.

“I’m not so sure,” says Belle, “If you care about me so much then why are you and Mimi...”

“We’re just friends.” He gets a call. He looks at his cell phone and doesn’t recognize the number, so he doesn’t answer, “Besides, we’re not supposed to use cell phones in the hospital, are we?” Shawn always follows the rules. He goes over to a landline to return the call.

Sami walks up to Belle, “Don't' do it. Don't' let Shawn Brady get to you.” Where did she come from?

Shawn calls Alice’s, “Did you just call me?”

“Yeah,” says Bonnie, “I’m in a jam and could use your help.”

“What can I do?”

“Since Rex up and left, I was wondering if you could fill in. You’ll be well-compensated for your trouble,” says Bonnie.

“When do you want t me to start?”

Bonnie tells him, “ASAP. Thanks. You’re a lifesaver.”

Bonnie tells Max (the dog...) she is getting a new bartender and Mimi is getting a boyfriend. Max is thrilled.

Sami is at the hospital for her pre-wedding blood test. She tells Belle, “You have to get over Shawn.”

Belle whines, “I am trying so hard. But it isn’t easy when my heart is telling me one thing and my head anther.” I’ll bet her heart monopolizes that conversation.

Sami says, “You have to start listening to your stomach.” She leans down, “Your unborn child says to remind you you’re married to Phillip. You have to forget Shawn.”

“WHINE, I whine can’t whine,” whines Belle.

Chelsea puts on another coat of makeup. Abby says it’s going great with Josh. Chelsea says Bo and Hope sacred off Patrick, “I have another plan. I haven’t quite worked out the details yet, but I know it will involve Max and will drive Patrick insane.”

Frankie sees Patrick and Jennifer together. Caroline asks him if something is wrong.

Frankie says, “What’s he doing here, and why is he always hanging around Jennifer? I don't like him. He’s mixed up with the DiMeras.”

Caroline has a stroke. She was supposed to bring cups for Sister Mary Margaret.

Frankie says he will get the cups. He walks up to Jennifer and Patrick, “I’m surprised to see you here.”

“Yeah,” says Patrick.

Frankie pulls Jennifer away to get the cups. Patrick stares. Chelsea watches in the background.

Chelsea walks off and makes a call, “Hey, Max, I have a proposition for you. Meet me at the Salem beach in an hour.”

Jennifer and Frankie are in the storeroom. The light blows out as he turns it on. Jennifer gets the cups and falls into his arms. A stealthy figure locks the door.

Frankie tries the door knob in the dark, “Oh my gosh, it’s locked.”

Jennifer asks, “We’re trapped?”

Frankie says with a twinkle in his eye, “Yeah.” And suddenly, Jack’s crazy scheme begins to have merit.

Hope is shocked, “Chelsea is your missing daughter?”

“That’s what DiMera claims,” says Bo.

Billie vows, “If she is my daughter you won’t have to worry about her. She will get all the love and care she needs and I won’t let her make the same mistakes I did.”

The nurse brings them the results. “Here they are,” says Bo, “What we’ve been waiting for.” He gives it to Billie to open.

Billie gasps, “OMG. I don't' believe it.” FF on Bo.


Hope tells Patrick, “Bo and Billie found Georgia. They know exactly who their daughter is.”

Billie tells Bo, “I don’t think Chelsea should ever know we’re her parents.”

Belle asks Shawn, “What if Mimi really does love you? Do you think you could love her back?”

“I think we’re locked together in this storage room for a very special reason,” says Jennifer.

“Who is this,” asks Sami. The voice on the phone says, “Do exactly as Tony DiMera tells you or you can kiss your precious life in Salem goodbye.”

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Bara Couda

Chloe tells Brady, “I’ve made up my mind. I can’t marry you looking like this.” She pauses a moment, “Well, maybe I can. Or not. Or maybe I can. Or maybe I can’t. Or maybe I can. Or maybe I can’t. Or maybe I can. Or maybe I can’t.” OH, PUT A FREAKIN’ SOCK IN IT!! AAARRRRGGGGGHHHH!

"It is not very easy
As you will soon find
For a mind maker - upper
To make up her mind."
-Dr. Seuss

Sami gets a call from Tony telling her he needs to meet with her right away. Sami agrees. Tony sits in jail thinking things are going much better than he had planned.

Abby tells Chelsea, “Billie’s been like a mother to you ever since your parents died.”

Chelsea yells, “That bitch never could be my mother.”

Brady and Chloe keep going over and over the same thing, “Chloe, I love you. I want to marry you. I can’t live without you. When I thought I had lost you, you were all I could think about. I couldn’t even function. Now that you’re back, you’re not going to do that to me again, are you?”

“No,” she says, “Of course not. I love you and the last thing I would want to do is to hurt you.”

“Then,” says Brady, “Make me the happiest man in the entire world and marry me. It’s what you want, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is.”

“So the wedding is on,” he asks.

She nods, “Yeah, the wedding is on.” Followed by the long trip far, far away, we hope.

Stand By Me plays in the background. Jennifer wonders who is playing it. Jack boogies in with a stack of LP’s from the middle ages. He says, “The master DJ Jammin’ Jack Devereaux, spinnin’ the platters that made history.”

“OK,” says Jennifer, “Why are you playing that song?”

“Because,” says Jack, “It’s your favorite, and when it comes to musical memories, this is as good as it gets.”

Jennifer asks, “Is that why you brought us here? To listen to music?”

“No,” says Jack, “We’re here to work. This is St. Luke’s annual charity dance. We’re here to help set up and then oversee the festivities later. Unfortunately I had a sudden business meeting come up so I won’t be here later to dance the night away with my lovely wife.”

“What kind of a business meeting,” asks Jennifer.

“It’s top-secret,” he lies, “But, trust me, if this thing goes through it will lead to great things. And speaking of great things, Frankie, I was hoping you could help oversee things with Jennifer and dance the night away with her when I’m gone.”

“Sure, Jack.”

Jennifer says, “Jack, volunteering me is one thing, but you know Frankie’s leaving town.”

Jack flashes back to his conversation with Frankie and says, “No, Frankie is not going anywhere.”

Frankie confirms it, “No, I’m staying in Salem.”

Jennifer tells Frankie, “I think it’s wonderful you’re staying in town but I have a pretty good idea of what changed your mind.” She turns to Jack, “And you should be ashamed of yourself.”

Jack and Frankie stare.

“Don’t you ever mention Billie and my mother in the same breath again,” Says Chelsea, “My mother and dad were wonderful. They even hid all their money problems from me so I wouldn’t worry. If Billie thinks she can take my mother’s place she’s crazier than I thought.”

Abby says, “Billie has been good to you. She saved your life with the transfusion. She even gave you a place to live.”

“No,” says Chelsea, “Patrick did that. I’m going to get him to kick her out and Billie will be a memory. Then I'll have Patrick all to myself.”

Billie smiles, “This is it. We finally found Georgia.”

Bo whoas her up, “Don’t get ahead of yourself. Mickey said there is no proof Chelsea was adopted by the Bensons.”

Billie says, “You’re having second thoughts, aren’t you? You think it’s going to be too complicated to add her to your family. Why haven’t you called Hope to tell her the good news?”

Sami is dressed in a business suit and brunette wig. “I can’t believe I let Tony talk me into this. I just hope my dad or someone else who knows me doesn’t see me or they will think I am working for Tony. God, don’t even say that, Sami.”

Detective Adams asks, “Can I help you?”

Sami gives him her deep attorney voice, “I am here to see my client, Tony DiMera. Where is my client? I want to know where you are keeping him and I want to know now.”

“You look familiar,” says the detective.

“Well, says Sami, you’ve probably seen me on Court TV, but I am not signing autographs today. Now, WHERE IS MY CLIENT?!”

“DiMera said somebody was coming down,” he says.

She corrects him, “Count DiMera. Now, where is my client?”

Detective Adams says, “Take Miss...???”

Sami bellows, “I need a new publicist? Couda. Barbara Couda. But you may call me Bara.”

Detective Adams says, “Take Miss Couda to the interrogation room.”

On the way Kate passes the group and gives Sami a look. She thinks about it, then says, “No.”

Kate asks for Roman. Detective Adams says he is out on a case. Kate says she wanted to surprise him. She asks if she can go into his office to leave him an email. Detective Adams lets her go inside. In the office, Kate says, “I know Sami is involved with Tony. With everything she has done in this town, there has to be an active file on her.” Kate sits at the computer.

Lucas comes in. Detective Adams tells him his mother is in Roman’s office.

Lucas says, “Is she...”

“Yeah,” says the detective, “I’ll buzz her.”

Lucas thinks about it, “I’d rather surprise her.” He walks into the office and asks, “What are you doing?”

“Honey, I...”

“Don't honey me,” says Lucas, “Accessing confidential police records? What’re you trying to gain dirt on Sami again? You’re not going to quit are you?”

“No,” says Kate, “I’m not going to quit until I prove Sami is no good for you and her file is as big as a phone book.” Lucas rolls his eyes.

The guard escorts Sami into Tony’s cell. Tony says, “Look at you Samantha, you really are a mistress of disguise, and assuming the role of my attorney, brilliant, because now they can't listen in on us. The only person the authorities want as bad as me is our mutual friend Stan. If I make a deal with them and tell them who this traitorous felon really is, you realize your pathetic excuse for a life will be finished for good.”

Sami says, “You manipulated that whole thing.”

Tony reminds her, “You had free will.”

Sami gets to the point, “What do you want?”

“Nothing much, MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” He leans toward her and whispers, “Simply, that you help me escape.”

Jennifer accuses Jack of twisting Frankie’s arm to make him stay. Frankie defends Jack and says this is Frankie’s family’s favorite charity. He’s staying. Jack babbles about setting up, “The two of you take a magical trip down memory lane and nothing will stop you.”

“What are you doing,” asks Brady.

Chloe says, “I’m making a list for the wedding.”

Brady asks, “Why is Sami on here? We hate each other.” Tell us how you really feel about her.

Chloe suggests, “Maybe this could change things. I don't' have a lot of family here, so I just put her on the list.”

Brady says, “Not even Sami Brady can ruin our wedding. You know, I love you with or without those scars.” Yeah, remind her, idiot.

Chloe whines, “I just wish I knew if this treatment was working.”

Brady reminds her, “Dr. Travis told you to keep the bandages on for now. I gotta go get dressed.”

Of course, the nutcase removes the bandages. She looks in the mirror and bawls. Oh the angst.

Bo tells Billie he left a message for Hope.

Billie says, “It won’t be easy for her to have our daughter in our lives. She said she was all for it before, but then it was hypothetical. Now it’s real and it will be a big adjustment.

Bo says, “If Chelsea is our daughter, I’m moving her out of Lockhart’s house. I don’t want her lip-locking with him again or worse, getting in bed with him.”

Billie announces, “I don’t want Chelsea involved with Patrick either, because I am. Patrick and I are dating. If things go well he could be a big part of my life and Chelsea’s.” I’m sure that’s the best news Bo has had all day.

Abby says, “You can’t have sex with Max just to make Patrick jealous.”

“We were all set to do it,” says Chelsea, “Then big hot racecar driver said he wanted to get to know me.”

Abby says, “I have a date tonight.”

Chelsea asks, “With whom?”

“Come on,” says Abby.

Chelsea asks, “Where?”

“To help me get ready for my date.”

Kate makes a feeble attempt to recover, “I was just trying to leave a message for Roman.”

Lucas doesn’t buy it. He goes over to the computer, hits a couple of keys and says, “There, all your work is deleted.” Hope he left the police files alone, though.

“Lucas I am your mother...”

“That’s a biological accident,” he says.

Kate shouts, “I tell you there is something going on between Sami and Tony.”

Lucas says, “Oh, yeah, just like there was something going on between Sami and Brandon?”

Kate begs, “Lucas, please don’t say anything to Roman.”

“What,” he asks, “You mean about Sami? She’s innocent.”

Kate says, “She’s conning you and everyone else.”

“Thank goodness she’s at the florist right now,” says Lucas.

Kate asks him, “What are you doing here?”

Lucas says, “I came to talk to Tony. Maybe I can find out what he and Stan were up to.” Gee, I thought a simple, “None of your business,” would have been sufficient.”

Tony tells Sami, “You don’t want everyone to find out all the crimes you committed as Stan the man. Now you listen to me and do exactly as I say...”

Lucas tries to get in to see Tony.

The guard says no. Lucas says he will wait until Tony is done meeting with his attorney and try again. Sami comes out. She and Lucas nearly collide.

Instead, Sami bumps into Kate. Kate recognizes her. Probably because she is wearing the same pair of glasses Kate wore when she was the maid at the airport hotel. Kate screams, “Lucas! Lucas, come back here, Lucas!”

Brady tries to console Chloe. Chloe snivels, “I’m not getting married looking like a monster I won’t!”

Brady says, “Chloe I love YOU, not your face or your voice or the big toe on your left foot. I love YOU.” Well at least her big toe isn’t an infernal whining ninny. “I wish you could see yourself the way I do. Close your eyes. Trust me. He kisses her. He sweeps her off her feet. Onto the bed.”

Frankie tells Jack his plan won’t work,
Jennifer is your wife. She is in love with YOU.

Jack tells Frankie, “There is no happily ever after. Do you want the rest of Jennifer’s life ruined? Do you want her to fall victim to Lockhart or DiMera or worse? Just rekindle things tonight.” He leaves.

Jennifer asks Frankie what is going on, “How did Jack twist your arm to stay in Salem?”

Chelsea and Abby come in. Chelsea asks, “You’re meeting your mystery man at a church?” Jack comes out and tells the girls he is glad they are there. Chelsea says, “Don’t tell me he your big date is with your father?” Jack comes back out and asks them to help.

Chelsea says, “You told me you were getting ready for a date.”

“Yes,” says Abby, “Josh called me before. It was cute. He was kind of nervous, but I asked him to the dance.”

“Josh,” asks Chelsea, “You mean the geek.”

“He’s not a geek.”

Chelsea says, “Well, I Hope everything works your for you and geek-boy. I mean Josh. Then you’ll be too busy and will stay out of my love life. I just need to get Billie Reed out of my way and Patrick will be mine.”

Abby tells Chelsea, “I know you think I don't know what I’m doing, but you haven’t had much experience either. I mean, if you really like a guy, you can’t just throw your body at him. You’ve got to get to know him. You know, get some coffee, go to a dance, talk.” That’s what guys want, coffee and conversation.

“Yeah,” says Chelsea, “if your guy is an adolescent geek, maybe. But if your guy is a real man you have to deliver the goods, which is exactly what I am going to do with Patrick tonight.” Abby rolls her eyes.

Jack puts on a record. “Come on, Frankie,” he says to himself, “It’s time to turn on the old Brady magic.”

Frankie goes up to Jennifer and says, “Jack had nothing to do with my staying. It was all my idea. And I’d be happy to fill in for Jack this evening.”

“Are you sure,” asks Jennifer.


At Jack’s urging Frankie and Jennifer show the group Jennifer knows how to dance, “with the right partner.” Frankie and Jennifer dance. Jennifer wonders. Jack stares.

Chloe, Brady, afterglow. Brady says, “Chloe, you will be the most beautiful bride because a love like ours can make that kind of magic happen.” Here’s hoping that magic can pull a disappearing act.

Kate screams for Lucas. She tells Sami, “I can’t wait until Lucas gets up here and hears you try to explain what you were doing in a secret meeting with Tony DiMera.” Lucas comes in but Sami is gone. Kate tells him, “Sami was right here. She had a secret meeting with Tony.”

Lucas doesn’t buy it, “That was Tony’s lawyer. I won’t hear any more lies about the woman I love.”

“That was way too close,” says Sami, “I can’t let Lucas catch me here. I’ll never be able to explain it. But I have to follow Tony’s orders, or else.”

Flashback. Sami tells Tony, “It won't work.”

“It will,” says Tony, “If you follow my instructions to the letter. Otherwise, your wedding will be another one of those disasters.” He violently yanks his chains.

Outside, Sami says, “I have no choice. I have to make a deal with the devil, but this is the last time.” FF on Sami with the phoenix symbol and the fires of hell in the background.


Phillip tells Brainiac, “Belle and I are living proof that friendship can lead to something more.” Shawn says, “Yeah, well right now what I am interested in is moving on with my life.”

Bonnie has her big ole country smile turned on as Mimi says, “I came this close to sleeping with Shawn.” Sami overhears and says, “Wow, Meems, You don’t waste any time do you?”

Billie yells in Hope’s face, “Now you’re calling my daughter a slut?” Hope turns to Bo and asks, “What did she just say?

Frankie tries the door knob in the dark closet, “Oh my gosh, it’s locked.” Jennifer asks, “We’re trapped?” Frankie says with a twinkle in his eye, “Yeah.”

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