Friday, January 31, 2014

The Priest And The Porn Star

Brady says he might have caught the error at Titan if he'd been there. Translation: If he'd been there and been sober. #DAYS
Vic says work can always wait—In my experience that's not exactly the attitude you expect from the ruthless head of a mega-corporation #DAYS
Nick says Gabi's big enough to make her own decisions. Big enough, yes. Smart enough, not so much. #DAYS
Maybe Nicole wants to be with Eric because she's acting out a Misty Circle film: The Priest and the Porn Star. #DAYS

Thursday, January 30, 2014

JJ And Bev's Excellent Adventure

Jennifer begins the show by running. AWAY from the hospital, no doubt. #DAYS
Rory wonders why he wasn't invited to JJ and Bev's excellent adventure. Maybe him not being there is what made it excellent. #DAYS
Father Timothy looks more  like those pictures of pathetic condemned men in San Quentin in the 1930s than a priest. #DAYS
JJ says everyone at school thinks he's a loser druggie. Just a wild guess but maybe that's because he's a loser druggie. #DAYS

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Seminar In Sleaze

JJ says he has to do something drastic to get away from the bitch. She's irritating but is Jennifer really a bitch? #DAYS
Nick's personality has really changed.  Who knew... you can preform a lobotomy with a rock. #DAYS
EJ, I wouldn't get too nasty with Abby unless you want her to have a conversation with Sami about the amenities on Smith Island. #DAYS
Nicole says Miles could give a seminar in sleaze. I thought that's what we watch every day.  It's called #DAYS.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Caspar Milquetoast

Rafe says T is an upgrade from the last guy Gabi dated. That's like being up from the bottom of the barrel. #DAYS
I'm not sure if Nick's back or Caspar Milquetoast is a new character on #DOOL. #DAYS
So, where has Nick been — just wandering through the woods?  I wonder if he bumped into Kristin. #DAYS
Man, the gals were really chomping down the food at the mansion. Maybe they combined the scene with Alison's going-away party. #DAYS

Friday, January 24, 2014

Cosmic Event

Abby talks about "what happened between us" with EJ as if it's some cosmic event she had nothing to do with. #DAYS
Caroline announces she emptied the grease traps.  And they say nothing exciting ever happens on #DOOL. #DAYS
Something I'm wondering about Kate, Gabi and Sami: which one do we call Larry, which one Curly and which one Moe? #DAYS
Abby, if you're going to do something EJ doesn't want you to do, you don't have to get in his face and say you're going to do it. #DAYS

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Right Before He Comes Back To Life

Ciara's bullying Chase.  Chase's dad Aiden fixes it by bullying Hope. #DAYS
Julie says Gabi still has feelings for her ex-husband. Would that make her a Nickrophiliac? #DAYS
Abby thinks EJ slept with her in order to shut her up.  If that was his plan, unfortunately it didn't work. #DAYS
Will says it's a matter of time before people realize Nick is dead.  Yeah, it'll happen right before he comes back to life. #DAYS

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

The Sweetest Stoner In Salem

Abby rationalizes her fling with EJ isn't adultery because EJ isn't married. Crafty Abby gets the Lord God Almighty on a technicality. #DAYS
Brady doesn't lie.  He really didn't have one drink last night.  He had about a half dozen by my count. #DAYS
Julie says she doesn't want to jump to conclusions. What does she call what she's been doing for the past two days?
Bev scoots in, "JJ you can trust me with anything." Translation: give me all the juicy details. #DAYS
JJ tells Bev, "You are so sweet." Sweetest stoner in Salem. #DAYS

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Not Healthy For Children And Other Living Things

EJ asks if his separation with Sami is over. Translation: "Let's hit the sheets." #DAYS
EJ tells Sami he just did what he had to do with Abby.  Tough job, but somebody had to do it. #DAYS
Next on the History Channel's Ax-Men: Daniel vs. the door. #DAYS
Roman asks EJ who would do this to Eric. Leave it to the SPD to go to the town's organized crime family for solutions. #DAYS
Lucas: lying to your mother is not healthy for children and other living things. #DAYS

Monday, January 20, 2014

One Broken Commandment At A Time

At least babbling bawling Nicole knows how to die with dignity. She's not doing it, but she knows how. #DAYS
Roman wants the whole story from the beginning. Here we go: Tom and Alice walk into their living room... #DAYS
EJ insists Abby is a good person.  Right. But she's turning that around one broken commandment at a time. #DAYS
The more Nicole whines the more I wonder just how long it takes for gas to fill a room. #DAYS
Sami says blood is blood.  True, and we'll see a lot of it when she finds out about EJ and Abby. #DAYS

Friday, January 17, 2014

The Luuuuuvvveee Shack

BULLETIN: Male viewers have filed a protest — both Will and Sonny were topless in bed but Abby wasn't. Blatant gender #discrimination. #DAYS
Theresa tells JJ to lose the attitude... with an attitude of her own. #DAYS
EJ and Abby, together again at the Smith Island Luuuuuvvveee Shack. #DAYS

Thursday, January 16, 2014

All Foam And No Beer

Theresa, Daniel and Jennifer all together. Matter meets anti-matter and doesn't matter. #DAYS
JJ says Abby has been off since Smith Island. Abby must have been born on Smith Island. #DAYS
Daniel agrees to dinner with Theresa. How did the man get through med school? His brain is all foam and no beer. #DAYS
Jennifer, when you say, "I don't mean to butt in," if the next word out of your mouth is BUT, you're butting in." #DAYS

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pair O' Nerds

Theresa says making trouble for Daniel isn't the goal.  For her the goal is making Daniel, period. #DAYS
What emergency does a personnel director have in a hospital? Licking envelopes so the W2 forms get out on time? #DAYS
Every time Jennifer and Daniel get together an angel loses it's wings. #DAYS
Jordan: Paranoid. Daniel and Ted: Pair o' nerds. #DAYS

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Two Locomotives Heading For Each Other

Sami says she's not accusing EJ of anything.  She will when she gets wind of his little peccadillo with Abby. #DAYS
Eric wants them to forget their conversation. Marlena can't do that.  Exactly, because that would be minding her own business. #DAYS
Kate insists everything is under control. Translation: Imagine two locomotives heading for each other on the same track. #DAYS
EJ says Abby bought his story after he pulled out all the stops.  That's not all he pulled out. #DAYS
Daniel: Smart enough to get through med school; not smart enough to remotely back up his computer. #DAYS

Monday, January 13, 2014


JJ tells Rory not to think or he'll hurt himself.  Well, in that case JJ is in no danger of being injured either. #DAYS
Marlena refuses to forgive Victor. To err is human; to forgive; beyond the capability of the holier-than-thou. #DAYS
Abby thinks EJ and Sami should be alone for the assumed confession... so Abby can avoid the eruption of Mt. Samitubo. #DAYS
For once, Daniel is happy to hear from JJ, since it's an excuse to get rid of Dr. Buttinski. #DAYS
Maggie checks the liquor levels. Mags, Brady is rich. He can afford his own hooch. #DAYS

Thursday, January 09, 2014

A Cauldron Of Stupidity

Ricardo rushes in with Stefano's cell phone.  Silly me, I just keep mine beside me. #DAYS
Jennifer won't pry, just wants to know what's going on. I guess it's a fine line between wanting to know what's going on and prying. #DAYS
I understand they're calling the possible Lucas/Sheryl pairing "Lush." Bwahahahaha. #DAYS
Abby wonders how she could have been so stupid. Let's see, Jack's genes + Jennifer's genes = a cauldron of stupidity. #DAYS

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Ditzy Women

Take heart, gamblers: The chance you'll win the lottery is much better than the chance EJ can hide this affair from Sami. #DAYS
Theresa's fresh off a 12-step meeting and needs to go to step 13: get completely stoned. #DAYS
Lucas says they admire ditzy women at Mad World. If he's there, they admire ditzy men, too. #DAYS
EJ and Abby agree IT can never happen again, then dive right back in. "Never" ain't what it used to be. #DAYS

Monday, January 06, 2014


EJ insists he and less-than-passionate Sami are doing just fine. I wouldn't blame him if he kicked Old Iron-panties to the curb. #DAYS
Brady contemplates taking a drink, but no. He either saw Maggie & Victor there or, more likely, wanted a better buzz. #DAYS
Ciara doesn't want to write thank-yous after getting lame presents.  Get over it kid, we all have to do that. #DAYS
Gabi yaks on and on and on to Sonny. When will she learn to check to see who's in the closet before rambling about the murder? #DAYS
OFPS! So John wasn't Colleen's son? After that whole Colleen-Santo mess? Once again the #DOOL writers give us severe whiplash. #DAYS

Friday, January 03, 2014


Brady reminds the pusher that he's loaded.  That's true.  He's also rich. #DAYS
When you look "awkward" up in the dictionary, you'll see a picture of Jordan, Kate and half-naked Rafe together. #DAYS
EJ doesn't want Sami to think he's a monster who would help destroy Eric. He's just a monster who would kidnap his own daughter. #DAYS
Kate brings Arianna's christening gown.  That's nice but I don't think it will fit Rafe.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

Fogging For Mosquitoes

The Guy Manual has some advice for EJ: "When your woman denies your desire, let other gals set you on fire." #DAYS
Henchman says EJ's lucky no cop saw the evidence. Salem cops think a smoking gun is someone fogging for mosquitoes. #DAYS
Zombie Nick gets more face time on the show than he did when he was alive. #DAYS
Lucas shows interest in Jordan. Lucas and Rafe after the same woman... how original. #DAYS

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