Thursday, November 30, 2006

I'll Stick To My Martinis

John visits to Bo in the slammer. Bo runs to the back of the cell and tells John to get away from him. "I said it would be a convivial visit," says John, "Not a conjugal visit."

Bo begs him to get him out. John knows Bo is innocent. He says he's going to Italy tonight. He will believe Stephano is dead when he has proof. First he will find out who EJ is and what he's up to. "That's where you come in," says John.

"John," says Bo, "I'm behind bars."

"I know," says John, "With you out of the way, we might get something done. But you can cover for me with Marlena,"

Abe picks up a document and tries to read it. BLURRED VISION! SHADES OF DOOM! Abe picks up the phone, "Hello... Salem Hospital? This is Abe Carver. I'd like to talk to someone about the warranty on Zack's eyes."

Tek walks in. Abe asks, "Roman?"

Tek says, "If I were a few years older and white, and called everyone 'pard.'"

Abe growls, "I've got nothing to say to you." Tek asks him for a recommendation.

Kayla is either in deep pain or doing yoga. Lexie walks in and asks if she is all right. "Yoga is relaxing," says Kayla, "You should try it."

"I'll stick to my martinis," says Lexie.

Kayla hates being an invalid and hates what it is doing to Steve. She thinks he feels trapped.

Billie rushes out drying her hair, as there is a knock at her door. "Keep your shirt on," she yells.

She opens the door. Patch stands there and asks, "Do I have to?"

"Yes," says Billie, "and your pants too."

"You're no fun." Patch goes in. Billie says it isn't a good day. She tells him Bo has been arrested. Billie has to get to the jail. Patch asks about the photo and Billie explains. She insists nothing happened between Bo and her.

"It doesn't matter," says Patch, "It doesn't change the way I feel about you."

Abe says, "The acoustics are really bad in here. I could have sworn you just asked for a recommendation. Get the hell out of here. You must've thought I was some moron who forgot you slept with his wife."

"You're wrong," says Tek, "You don't forget much. I'm a good cop and you know it. I think I spent more nights here than I did in my own house in my own bed."

"I doubt that," says grumbles Abe.

Abe reminds him he broke the law when he violated the restraining order. "OK," says Tek, "Throw in a PS. Say 'Don't trust this guy with your wife,' but I deserve a recommendation."

Lexie thinks Kayla is wrong. Steve is a big boy. If he wanted to leave, he'd leave. Kayla says he's though on the outside but has a tender heart. She thinks it's convenient that his memory came back just in time to save her life.

"Truth is stranger than fiction," says Lexie.

"Where I come from," says Kayla, "that's called unbelievable."

"You've got to stop living in the real world," says Lexie, "You're in Salem now."

Steve says he canceled on Billie because there was an emergency with Kayla. Billie says Hope has told her everything. He says he faked it because he was trying to help Kayla. He says he's going back to being the same selfish jerk he knows and loves.

"You're wrong," says Billie, "You're not selfish. What are you doing here?"

"I can't stop thinking about you."

"I'm an all or nothing kind of girl."

"When did you change," asks Patch, "I just need some time."

"OK," says Billie, "But I'm warning you. If I can't have all of you I don't want any of you."

"I'm an all or nothing kind of boy," says Patch.

Billie asks, "So, did you think I'd jump your bones because you came over to tell me you wanted me."

"What happens now," asks Steve.

"I guess you go back to Kayla."

"Until she's well enough to tell her the truth," he says.

"So I sit around and wait," asks Billie, "What if you remember you have feelings for Kayla? You're scared to be with her. It's safe for you to be here. I've been down that road before."

"I'm not Bo," says Patch.

"You're not available," says Billie, "When do I get to be number one? Right now!"

Lexie and Kayla have breakfast. Kayla is getting wise to Patch's game. She thinks he is pretending to have his memory back to keep her alive. And now he's stuck. Kayla sees sadness and pain in his face, not love and desire. She doesn't know what to do. She has to let him know he is free to go.

Lexie asks, "What if what he really wants is to be with you? Do you want to push him away?"

Abe gives an evil chuckle, "High scores on the shooting range do not make you a good police officer. What matters is what is in your heart. You don't give a damn about your fellow officers. You slept with your superior's wife." Things degenerate, if that is possible. Abe tells him to get out.

John says he told Marlena he was going to Italy on business. He wants Bo to lie for him, "The last time I filled her in she jumped out of my plane at 4,000 feet." Bo says he will back him up if he takes him with him.

Kayla says she can't just act like everything is OK. Lexie tells her to relax. Kayla says Steve and her need to go away together.

Lexie thinks that is a bad idea. Kayla says she has to take him somewhere he will remember. Lexie relents, "But only if I go with you."

Kayla asks, "What kind of a romantic getaway would that be?"

"A threesome."

"OK," says Kayla, "I'll need a friend if this doesn't go well."

Patch agrees. Billie does need to be in someone's life. He came to find out if she still feels something for him. He isn't trying to hurt her. Billie says, "Yes, I do still feel something for you and it's killing me."

He puts his hands on her shoulders, "I'm gonna make this right. Trust me."

Billie stares. "OK."

John can't take Bo with him. Bo can't make bail until tomorrow and John has to go today, "Good luck with Marlena. What do you say?"

"I say if you don't get back in one piece Marlena will kill the both of us," says Bo, "Take care."

Abe snorts, "I told you to go!" He calls for backup. Tek tells him he got a call form the state's attorney. He had questions about what kind of a job Abe is doing. That got Abe's attention. He asks Tek to sit down.

Tek says Abe blowing the Wells case sent up red flags. The state's attorney wants to clean it up, "If I go down you're going with me."

Abe says, "You're just a bitter ex-police officer with an axe to grind."

Tek thinks that will change when he tells them the commissioner kicked him off the force for sleeping with his wife. Tek offers to trade one good recommendation for another one. Abe says, "You're a lousy police officer and a lousy human being. What I want is to never see your face again."

"Could you leave that part out of the recommendation," asks Tek, "The offer is about to expire, Abe."

Abe caves in, "OK. I'll have Roman write up a letter for you." He opens the door.

Tek leaves, "Ill pick it up tomorrow."

"I'll mail it," growls Abe, "Don't come back."

Marlena comes to see Bo. She asks if John came by. Bo says, "Oh, yeah, he said he's headed to Europe. Basic Black keeps him busy."

Marlena says she thought John was going there to investigate EJ. Bo tells her EJ has been cleared of all charges. Marlena thinks that was only a PR move. She thinks John is doing an unofficial investigation, "Let's stop playing games."

"The less you know..."

Marlena jumps down his throat, "I have a right to know. The truth could not frighten me more than what I'm thinking already. If something happens to John I will never forgive you."

Bo says he can't tell her any more than he already has. She begs him not to do this to her. She would help if Hope were in trouble. She begs. Bo crumbles. He gives her the story, "Are you OK?"

"Thanks for telling me."

"Promise you won't do anything stupid," says Bo. She leaves.

Lexie comes in to see Abe. Abe tries to focus, but the eyes go wacky. She says he looks troubled. He tells her about Tek's visit. Abe says he agreed to the letter of recommendation. Lexie can't believe that. He says he just wants this all to be over. She thinks something else is going on besides Tek. Abe trips. He fumbles as he picks up papers. Lexie asks him what is going on.

"It's my eyes," says Abe, "They're getting worse."

Patch comes in to Kayla's place. She tells him Lexie went out. She says she is going stir crazy there. He thinks a little ride would do her good. Kayla don' wan' no stinkin' ride. She wants a few days away. She wants to go to the mountains. Patch thinks maybe she should wait.

"I want to go now and I want you to go with me."

John sips his drink on the plane. Marlena walks in, "If the bar is open, I'll have a white wine." John gets it. He says she shouldn't be there. If she goes, she will be going out of her mind waiting for him to get out of his business meetings, "How about if you stay in Salem and then we will go on a vacation?"

Marlena asks, "How about you quit lying to me?"

John asks, "Who told you?"

Marlena says, "Nobody had to tell me. I knew." John grits his teeth.

Abe doesn't want people to find out he's going blind again. He tells Lexie he is in major hot water because of the EJ mess, "It's a PR nightmare. They want to make me the scapegoat. They could insist I take medical leave." Lexie doesn't think they would ever do that. Abe tells Lexie, "All I've ever done is be a police officer. I can't lose that. I won't."

Patch gets the idea. She wants them to go away together. Kayla makes her pitch. He wonders what if she has a relapse. She says Lexie will be there. She is sick of being fussed over. She wants to live again. She wants him to live again, too. He says he's fine. Whatever he did in the quarantine room he did to help her.

"Let's do this for the two of us," says Kayla, "You don't want to go away with me?"

Patch says, "It's not that."

Kayla says, "You can tell me anything."


Lexie tells Abe if he loses his job and eyesight he will always have her, "We can stand in the unemployment line together." He agrees to see the doctor when this is over. Abe is tortured. He knows she is just trying to help, "Maybe you could help me get out of here without bumping into anything." She says she will do that every day.

"Have I told you today that I love you," asks Abe.

"No, not today."

"I love you."

"I love you too." Smooch. They head for home.

Kayla asks Patch to tell her what's going on with him. He doesn't know. It was like time stopped when they were locked up in that quarantine room. Kayla thinks this is what they need. Patch doesn't know what he needs. Kayla says he can tell her whatever the reason is he doesn't want to go away with her. Patch decides they should do it. Kayla says she will make the arrangements.

Billie comes in to see Bo, "I would have brought you a cake with a file in it, but I figured I'd caused you enough trouble already."

Bo says, "I didn't lay a finger on that crybaby."

Billie says, "But you're still in a lot of trouble, Bo."

Bo insists he will get out of this. The jailer comes to take him to his arraignment. Billie holds up her purse – she came with the bail money, "What'd you think I came just to see your pretty face."

John thinks Marlena is an interesting combo – psychiatrist and psychic. And psycho. Marlena says there is no way she is staying in Salem, "We may not be remarried yet, but we are one in mind and spirit. There is no point in arguing."

John lays out the ground rules, "No jumping out of the plane. No dangerous stuff."

Marlena crosses her heart, "What are we waiting for? Let's head for Italy." John smiles. FF.


Bo asks Billie, "Why can't I keep it in my pants around you? She's just lost all faith in me."

Hope tells Patrick, "I came to ask for a favor. Please drop the charges against Bo."

Sami asks, "What if EJ wants the money back?" Lucas says, "Faghedaboutit, all right? I make enough money for the three of us... Call him back and tell him you quit."

Kate tells EJ, "But if you are serious about bringing Samantha Brady into this company it will be over my dead body."

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The 'Two Strikes' Program

Sami and Lucas help Will pack for the ski trip. It's the usual stuff: toothpaste, toothbrush... it looks like Lucas won't be going on the trip, so they don't need the earplugs. Will thanks Sami for all she has done for him lately. Lucas sends Will down to the car with the skis. He turns to Sami, "Will doesn't need a chaperone on the trip, so tonight is all about us."

EJ sits in the restaurant and reads the headline about the Salem PD's apology. John comes by. EJ asks if he wants to join him. "For a minute," says John, "There isn't enough antacid in Salem to make me want to eat with you, or watch another episode of DOOL." John brings up the situation with Patrick.

EJ acts surprised, "Are you telling me Bo beat him up again?"

"You know Bo Brady didn't do that," growls John, "You administered that beating yourself."

Patrick tells Hope he's happy she's there. He asks if she knows he isn't the bad guy, Bo is. He talks about their trip to New York. Quickie flashback – "I love you, Hope, and I will love you for all the Days Of Our Lives."

Patrick wants to go back to that time when she believed in him. He has never stopped loving her.

Bo tells Abe and Roman he didn't do anything to Lockhart. Roman accuses him of everything except the Lindbergh kidnapping. Bo says he was there but he didn't kick the hell out of Patrick. Shawn comes in. Bo asks for a minute alone with him.

Bo tells Shawn he's in trouble – legally and with Hope. He needs Shawn's help. He asks him to try to reach Hope for him.

Max and Mimi are on separate phones making calls about Phillip. It's sooooo frustrating. Bonnie calls Mimi and tells her about Patrick. She tells Max, "OMG! Patrick was knocked around or something. I have to go to the hospital." Mimi rushes off.

Abby comes in with sandwiches. Max asks her to help find Phillip. Abby asks, "Why are you doing this?"

EJ can't figure out the Salem PD. Who can? John says EJ's arrogant posture just confirmed his suspicions about the assault, "That dear boy will prove to be your undoing." He leaves. EJ goes back to the paper.

Hope apologizes for pushing Patrick aside. She says Bo and her have a relationship that's been a huge part of her life. Patrick says he doesn't want to pressure, but asks her to think of him as a friend.

The medical team and Bonnie come in. Hope and Bonnie look at each other and the room ices over. The nurses pull the drape. Bonnie picks up Patrick's pants and goes through the pockets. She finds the wad-o-cash and stuffs it into her, uh, carryall.

Roman asks why Bo went over to Lockhart's in the first place. Bo says he went over to tell Patrick to leave him and Hope alone. Roman asks, "Well, did Patrick beat himself up."

Bo doesn't know. Abe says Bo's word isn't good enough "Lock him up!" He turns to Bo, "You are no longer suspended. You are fired!"

Sami asks what Lucas has in mind. "Gee, Sami," says Lucas, "I thought you were smarter than that. We'll take Will down there, grab a pizza, see a movie – The Godfather." Sami thinks he's obsessed with that movie. Lucas backs off. He'll go for whatever chic flick she wants, "It doesn't matter what we watch. It will be a prelude to more interesting entertainment."

Sami moves closer, "Now you're starting to convince me." She pulls off her sweater, "Wanna take a little break?" They hit the couch.

Shawn finds Hope. He tells her Bo has been arrested and asked him to find her. Shawn doesn't thank Bo did it. He hands Hope a note from Bo.

Hope turns to read it. Mimi comes by. Mimi and Shawn elect not to take this opportunity to kill each other. Mimi says, "Hello, Hope," and leaves.

Max doesn't get it. Abby thinks he's gotten himself wrapped up in this even through Spivey might not be Phillip. She thinks he might be starting to have feelings for Mimi. Max huffs.

Sami and Lucas romp. Sami the tease calls it off. Lucas is bewildered. She reminds him Will is downstairs. He might walk in. Lucas says there are only so many cold showers a guy can take. He dives back in.

"Oh, Lucas," pants the tease, "You're wearing me down! GO!" The whipped puppy leaves.

Max says Abby is wrong. Abby says she's worried about him. He doesn't have time for anything since Mimi started working here. Max insists they will catch up with the office work. He says his dream was to race but he doesn't know if he can do that any more, "First of all, you need a car that's in one piece...." He doesn't know what direction his life is going.

Abby asks if he has feelings for Mimi.

Max asks, "Don't you like her?"

"She didn't treat Shawn very well," says Abby, "And I don't know how much you can trust her."

Max says, "Don't worry about me Abby. I know what I'm doing, OK?"

Abby says, "If that's true, then why do you seem like you don't have a clue that Mimi is falling for you?"


Mimi comes into Patrick's room. Bonnie says she has errands to run and hustles out. Mimi asks Patrick what happened. He tells her Bo beat him up for no reason.

"Let's be honest," says Mimi, "You had it coming."

Patrick defends himself, "NO! I swear I've never been a DOOL writer."

Hope reads the note from Bo, "You must think I am the lowest form of life (and, believe me, I say that from years of first-hand experience ), but I hope you listen to what I have to say. From the moment I saved Larry Welch from being sentenced to a lifetime living with you, we have been on an adventure. Well, mainly you have been on an adventure and I've become very familiar with the inside of the doghouse. You put your faith in me. I'm asking for your faith again. When I say I never laid a hand on Patrick, I am telling the truth. I wouldn't trash our marriage over him. You know I am hot headed and stubborn, but not stupid – that's Shawn's department. Help me put this right so we can continue the ride of a lifetime." Hope stares.

Abe tells Bo, "I can't have you embarrassing the department. That's everybody's job." John comes in. Roman and John say Abe doesn't have to rush to arrest Bo. John tells Abe, "Lockhart's beating had EJ Wells written all over it."

Abe yells, "We are done talking about EJ Wells. It's over! Now do I make myself clear?"

Max insists he and Mimi are just friends. Abby says Mimi is a girl and she knows how girls think. She says Max is leading her on. Poor Max says he just wants to be her friend. Abby just wants him to find the right person. Someone he can trust and count on. Max asks if she has anyone in mind. Abby plays dumb, "I wish I could help there." She goes back to her calls.

Patrick insists he didn't have it coming. Mimi says everyone knows about the secret notes he and EJ have been passing.

"They're not very secret, then, are they," says Patrick.

Mimi rants on, "And you've been slobbering all over Hope. I don't believe your sob story."

Hope says Bo will have to deal with this on his own, "Your father is his own worst enemy. Whatever you think of Patrick I am having his baby. Am I supposed to referee between him and Bo for the next 18 years? I am finished with your father!"

"Well," says Shawn, "At least one good thing happened to him today, then."

Roman asks Abe if he is going to let the threat to sue the department get in the way of justice. Abe rants, "Justice will be served. Gentlemen, we are on the two strikes program!"

John gets macho, "EJ is gonna be the one who will take strike three. And I'm gonna be the one who throws the pitch."

Abe says, "You come to me with proof that EJ Wells beat the hell out of Patrick and we'll talk."

Sami carries the duffle bag out of her apartment. EJ, still suffering from Samihotsitis, sees her carrying it and says, "If Lucas is in there, I will help you get rid of it. I hope you will give me a chance to explain about the other day."

Sami snorts, "Explain to someone who gives a damn."

He begs her to listen. He whines about the cops hounding him and everything else that was going on. He says he buckled under the pressure and lashed out. He apologizes, "Please forgive me."

Sami says she knows he was put through hell by the cops. She says they asked her to help them. She's sorry she got involved and she's glad he was cleared of suspicion. But after what happened she doesn't feel right associating with him. Whatever might have been is over.

EJ is disappointed. He thought she would understand. He says she has been in this boat herself – The one where you make a mistake after being betrayed by your friends and loved ones, "All you want is to be accepted and loved. I never meant to hurt you. It won't happen again." He asks her to think about all the wonderful days they had and not judge him too harshly, "I'm not beyond forgiveness, am I?"

Patrick tells Mimi it's just business between him and EJ. Mimi says she thought Kate was EJ's business partner. Patrick says he's involved too, and what they are doing just has to do with auto racing, "I don't want to get into this right now."

"Because I'm right," says Mimi.

"No," says Patrick, "Because my ribs hurt. I'm going to sleep."

Mimi tells him to take care of himself. He asks for his pants. Mimi wonders what he wants with them as she hands them over. Patrick goes through the pockets and discovers the money is missing. He freaks, "One of those nurses is a thief!" Mimi's phone rings. It's Max. He says he thinks they found Phillip.

"OK, fine," says Mimi, "See ya! Love ya!"

Abby stands by Max and overhears Mimi on the other end, "Did she just say 'love ya' or was that my imagination?"

Max turns a shade of green, "Yeah."

"I told you," says Abby, "Poor girl. She's really broken up over Shawn, isn't she? "

Shawn asks what Hope is going to do. She doesn't know. Shawn reminds her about what Chelsea and Kate did – Chelsea altered the emails and Kate tampered with the evidence. Shawn just knows Bo's innocent and Patrick is not.

Hope says, "I hope your neck doesn't hurt too bad from the whiplash you must have gotten with the turnaround on how you feel about your father. Do you know something I don't know?"

Shawn says, "If Patrick is involved, you need to watch your back. But we're talking about my dad. Do you think he is some kind of lying deceiving person?"


"OK," says Shawn, "I get mad at him too sometimes, but he plays fair."

Hope agrees Bo is a decent, honest man. Shawn asks in that case why she believes Patrick over Bo. He asks her to go to Bo and hear what he has to say.

Roman tells Bo they all want to help him, but the law won't allow it.

Bo explodes, "Why don't you give Lockhart and Wells the keys to the city. Only criminals get respect around here. Abe, this is all going to be on your head if my family gets hurt."

Max tells Mimi Andrew Spivey, a.k.a. Phillip Kiriakis was sent to Afghanistan. Phillip and another soldier were in a vehicle, which was firebombed. They don't know how serious the injuries were. Spivey was admitted to a Veteran's Hospital in Atlanta. Mimi says they have to fly there.

Bonnie arrives as Patrick argues with the nurses about his money. Bonnie tells the nurses to leave. Patrick says one of the nurses is a thief. Bonnie assures him she will find who took his money.

EJ thinks Sami isn't being sincere. Sami caves in and forgives him. She says she overreacted. He doesn't need to keep apologizing. They can call a truce. From how on she won't harbor bad feelings for him.

EJ wants more than nods and hellos in the hallway. He wants to be friends.

Lucas walks up, "What the hell is going on here." Sami moves over to his side. EJ apologizes to Lucas. He wants a clean slate. "I'll give you a clean slate," says Lucas, "and then I'll hit you with it. I wouldn't do something so childish, but I'm out of paint."

Max says Spivey could be anywhere in the country by now. Mimi says this is important. He sends Abby to do inventory. He tells Mimi he can't afford to fly all over the country. It's getting expensive. Mimi says she knows where to get the money.

Bonnie says stirring up trouble won't help Patrick. She will find out who took the money. If they won't give it back, then he can call the cops, "Leave it to me."

A cop sticks his head into Abe's office and announces Hope's arrival. Abe gives Bo a few moments with her.

Hope says, "Shawn should have gone to law school. I'd be more proud of him if he was a failure as a lawyer instead of being a failure as a mechanic. The two of you almost had me convinced to give you another chance. I can't do this any more. I can't be jerked every which way. I'm so tired."

Bo says, "If you're tired of this, can you imagine how the viewers must feel? You just have to trust me."

She says the adventure he talked about in his note is over, "I can't continue on this ride with you any longer. It's over." Bo is stunned.

Abe comes out to haul him off. As they drag Bo out, he says, "I love you." He turns to Hope, "You, too."

Roman goes over to Hope, "Bo has lost his job and probably you, too. If you love him, you will talk Patrick into dropping the charges." Roman leaves. Hope cries.


Abe tells Lexie, "All I've ever done is be a police officer. I can't lose that. I won't."

Kayla asks, "You don't want to go away with me?" Patch says, "It's not that." Kayla says, "You can tell me anything."

Bo says, "I didn't lay a finger on that crybaby." Billie says, "But you're still in a lot of trouble, Bo."

Marlena asks, "How about you quit lying to me. John asks, "Who told you?" Marlena says, "Nobody had to tell me. I knew."

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Toe Fungus

Hope tries to call Bo. There is no answer, and then the doorbell rings. It's Billie. She says she stopped by without calling first because she didn't think Hope would talk to her. She took the calculated risk that Hope would not kill her when she showed up unannounced. She apologizes for the photograph Chelsea emailed. Hope thinks the brat is determined to mess up her life and ruin her marriage with Bo. She's sick of it. She rants about Bo being off to find Patrick. She will hold Billie and her scheming daughter responsible if something happens. And we know it will.

Patrick calls Shawn. He gets voice mail and asks him to call back.

Kate reads the headline in the paper, "EJ Wells feeds homeless." Kate thinks it's good publicity. EJ thinks Kate is being cynical. He gets a call.

"Hot date," asks Kate.

"No dear," says EJ, "You're right here."

EJ goes into another office and asks Patrick what he is doing calling him directly. Patrick says he needs to talk right now. "I don't care," snorts EJ, "Don't call me again!"

Bonnie comes in. Patrick brings up the money. Bonnie tells him he probably just misplaced it. Patrick thinks Bonnie stole it. Bonnie insists she has cleaned up her act. She huffs out and bumps into Bo, "Enter at your own risk."

Bo busts in. He tells Patrick he's there to talk about Hope, "She's my wife and from now on you're going to stay the hell away from her!"

Shawn and Willow argue about buying the new convertible. There is a knock at the door that interrupts their little romp. It's EJ. He tells Shawn, "If you want to keep making the bucks you'd better improve your work ethic." Unfortunately neither the word 'work' nor 'ethic' are in Shawn's vocabulary.

The brat sits with Nick and Abby and complains about Bo smashing her computer, "What will I do without IM-ing?" She feels cut off. Abby suggests she buy a new computer.

"With what money," asks the brat.

"With that money you could earn from that job you should have," says Abby.

Nick offers to let her use a laptop he doesn't use. She thinks he's awesome. He offers to go get it right now. She gives him a smooch on the cheek. He leaves. Abby tells the brat not to mess with his head, "He doesn't deserve the 'Chelsea treatment' – use 'em and lose 'em."

EJ inspects Shawn's apartment, "I gave you all of this. And you fall down on the job." Shawn gets defensive. EJ tells him, "If you don't have a damn good explanation, you're fired."

Billie says she could strangle Chelsea for doing this. She insists nothing happened, and hits Hope with the old standard, "It's not what it looks like."

Hope doesn't buy it, "I don't like having my intelligence insulted. I'm not a DOOL viewer."

"Bo and I are just friends," says Billie.

"I don't lie around naked with my friends," says Hope, "I guess I'm out of touch. Things were going OK for me. Now I don't know whom to trust, but it sure as hell isn't you. If Bo harms Patrick, I won't be able to trust him either."

Patrick offers to have it out with Bo right there. Bo says, "A lot of guys would have killed a man who got his wife pregnant."

Patrick plunges the dagger straight into Bo's heart, "It takes two to tango."

Bo says he and Hope will not deny Patrick access to the child but he is not to hang around Hope ever, "Try to be a man. Stay the hell away from us."

Willow leaves. EJ asks why Shawn hasn't answered his calls. Shawn says Patrick calls all the time including the middle of the night, and doesn't pay him. "You should have called me," says EJ. He apologizes and gives Shawn more money, "If you have a problem with Patrick you come back to me. I will have a chat with Patrick."

Shawn says he saw the press conference. He's glad the Salem PD cleared EJ. EJ wishes he could convince Shawn's father he's innocent. As he leaves he glances at the brochure and gives his parting shot, "You'll look great in that convertible, until they repossess it after I cream Patrick and you have no one to deliver messages to."

Willow comes back out and sees the wad-o-cash EJ has given Shawn. She says something about it and Shawn says it's part of the down payment on his new convertible.

The brat thinks Abby is being unreasonable. She asks why she shouldn't borrow the laptop if Nick isn't using it. Abby says it's about the kiss, not the laptop. Chelsea says she's just thanking him in a way he would understand. Abby thinks she's taking his free will away from him and he doesn't even know it. She tells the brat Nick has a crush on her.

Billie insists Bo will not go after Patrick. Hope isn't so sure. She's worried about what Bo will do. She asks Billie to leave. Billie apologizes again and goes. Hope makes another call.

Bo and Patrick argue. Patrick brings up the picture and reminds Bo that he's not completely innocent. Patrick's phone rings. He starts to answer it, but Bo slaps it away. He tells Patrick not to show up at the house like a schoolboy, "I know what you want, and you're not getting it! The authorities know what you and Wells are up to. It will be over soon enough." Bo leaves. Patrick follows and locks the door.

EJ walks in from the back of the house, "Patrick, locking the door isn't going to end the mess you've made of things."

Kate computes. Billie comes in. She shows Kate the incriminating picture. Kate says she thought it was over between her and Bo. Billie insists nothing happened. Kate is amused, "When Chelsea wants something, she really goes after it. Did Hope overreact as usual?"

"She's furious and confused," says Billie, "Did you put Chelsea up to this?"

"No," says Kate, "Let me remind you. Not so long ago you would have been happy to have Chelsea get Hope to throw Bo out of the house."

"I'm pretty happy as it is. Hope throws him out so much he's part of the weekly trash pickup," says Billie. She asks for Kate's help in controlling the little snot. Kate stares.

The brat can't believe Nick has a crush on her, "I treat him like toe fungus! I don't understand."

"He finds you exciting."


"When he found out you had been arrested he really became interested," says Abby.

"That is so sweet," says the brat, "And useful.

Nick rushes up with the laptop. Chelsea promises to take care of it, "Whenever Bo's around, I'll have it chained to the desk. Nick, you're OK – for a geek." She gives him a peck on the cheek and leaves, with the computer.

Nick is head over heels, "Did you hear what she just said to me?"

"Yeah," says Abby, "Did you?"

EJ tells Patrick he came in through the window. Patrick tells him Shawn won't answer his phone.

"Because you stopped paying him," says EJ.

Patrick says, "Someone stole my money.

"Boo hoo," mocks EJ, "You think you can jeopardize our operation?"

"I'm broke," says Patrick, "I need a few thousand." EJ gives him a wad, "You're an embarrassment."

Patrick turns away. EJ takes off his belt and casually winds it around his hand as he tells Patrick how he spent his day, "You've been running around leaving a wake of chaos behind you. There is a price to be paid for that, Patrick." WHACK! Patrick flies like a rag doll.

Bo arrives back home. He yells for Hope but there is no answer. He picks up the picture of Billie and him in bed, wads it up and tosses it.

Shawn hooks Willow's necklace. Another knock. "Don't even think about hiding," says Shawn.

Hope is at the door. She asks if Shawn has seen Bo. "We don't exactly hang out," says Shawn. Hope was hoping he stopped by. Shawn would invite her in but he was about to leave. Mommy gives a very disapproving look over his shoulder toward Willow. Shawn asks what Bo did now.

Hope tells him about the photo. Shawn would love to help but he can't. He doesn't understand Bo any more, "Understanding things isn't in my skill set."

Hope's cell phone rings. She picks up. Patrick lies in a heap on the floor and says, "Hope, I need you. I think I'm dying." Patrick scoops up the money and bleeds all over it. Blood money. Hope to the rescue.

Billie asks Kate to talk to Chelsea. Chelsea comes in with the laptop. She tells them about Nick giving it to her after Bo tossed hers.

Billie says, "You're lucky Bo didn't throw you out the window." Kate offers to talk to the brat alone.

Billie leaves and the brat tees off, "Who is she to lecture me? It wasn't me lying in bed with all my clothes off." Chelsea explains why she sent the picture. Kate says Billie wouldn't like what she has to say to the brat. She tells her she thinks she's gutsy and ambitions, "Job well done. I congratulate you. Bravissima!"

Abby tells Nick to get a life. Nick insists Chelsea doesn't know he exists except when he comes to the rescue in a crisis. Abby says, "You do understand that she's using you, right?"

Nick says, "Chelsea will look at Nick Fallon and realize what she's been missing out on."


Nick insists he will eventually get her and runs out. Abby rolls her eyes.

Hope rushes into Patrick's place yelling for him. She finds him on the floor, "What happened?"

Patrick can hardly talk, "Bo... He's trying to kill me..." Bonnie comes in and panics. She screams at Hope, "They should lock your husband up and throw away the key!" Bonnie calls 911.

The brat smiles. "You are a diamond in the rough," says Kate, "You have tremendous potential." Kate says she will be her ally, but if she screws up she will deny all knowledge. She tells the little snot she needs to focus on what she wants and fly under the radar. She says the laptop will be useful. She should do a blog, and when she deals with her parents she needs to use kid gloves, "You need to smooth out those rough edges or you'll spend your life all alone."

Shawn and Willow drive in Shawn's new convertible. Willow decides she wants to go to Chez Rouge. She wants to see how the other half lives. She asks about Bo. Shawn says he isn't worried. He's living his dream, "I have a beautiful woman and a beautiful new car. Now all I need is a beautiful living room to drive it in to." Shawn puts the pedal to the metal.

Bonnie tells Patrick they will sue Bo for everything he's got. Patrick wonders why Bonnie is interested in such small change. He moans, "Hope... Hope..."

Hope calls the house and Bo answers. Hope says, "At least you didn't leave town. Have you lost all sense?" Bo is as clueless as ever. Hope says, "I'm at the hospital with Patrick."

Bo nukes, "I told him I would go with you to your doctor appointments and he should stay away!"

She says, "I don't know you any more, Brady, you'd just better get yourself a good attorney."

Bewildered Bo babbles, "Hope, whaaa....." Hope hangs up.

Bo scratches his head, "An attorney?"

Billie arrives at the disheveled apartment, "What happened?" She sees blood everywhere and yanks out her cell phone. She calls Bo and tells him about the blood. Then Billie finds a note from Bonnie and reads it to Bo, "Took Patrick to the hospital." Billie gasps, "OMG! It's Patrick's blood."

Kate computes as EJ comes into her office. She asks what's wrong, "Your tie is crooked." He pulls it off, stands her up and asks her to go back to his place. "Your place is too far away," says Kate.

The brat sets up the camera on her computer, hops onto her bed and looks at it, "Hi. I'm Chelsea. I'm 19, and this is my room." She rambles about Billie. She's peeved at the world. She just wanted to say hi and let people know she is there, "I have a lot to say."

Nick watches. "People are fake," says the brat, "But I'm wearing steel toed boots and I'm ready to kick some butt."

Hope tells Patrick she is so sorry. Patrick says Bo did this. Hope promises to stay with him. "Thanks Hope," moans Patrick, "You're all I've got."

Billie tells Bo, "Something bad happened here." She has a firm grasp of the obvious.

While he's still on the phone, there is a knock at Bo's door. He answers it to find a cop standing there, "I'm here to arrest you." Bo thinks it's a joke. The cop assures him it's not.

Billie yells, "Bo! What's going on?"

Willow can't believe she is having escargot. Shawn takes a look at it and decides to have steak, "Now this is the life, huh?" They toast each other. Abby comes up and tells Shawn Bo is looking for him. Shawn is peeved. He doesn't want anything to do with Bo right now.

Abby says, "He's been arrested. He needs you." FF Brainiac.


Max says, "Don't worry about me Abby. I know what I'm doing, OK?" Abby says, "If that's true, then why do you seem to not have a clue that Mimi is falling for you?"

Abe yells at John, "We are done talking about EJ Wells. It's over! Now do I make myself clear?" Bo looks on in the background.

EJ looks at Sami and says, "I'm not beyond forgiveness, am I?"

Hope tells Bo, "I can't continue on this ride with you any longer. It's over."

Monday, November 27, 2006

The Family Swamp

Marlena is on the phone. She wants the Edwardian room for the ceremony.

Someone about breaks down the door knocking. Marlena gets off the phone after making menu and h'ors d'oeuvre choices. She goes to the door. Kate barges in, "Where is John? When I find him I will wring is neck!"

John, Roman and Abe go over the meaning of the cards and all the tragedy they represent. They are instructions for EJ Wells. Abe doesn’t really believe in psychics but Celeste's track record can't be ignored, especially since it's better than the Salem PD's track record. Roman brings up the death card. Abe and John chuckle.

Hope reads a card that came with her flowers. Bo comes in and sees her crying. "The card got to me," she says. She reads the card, "Without you, life makes no sense. I never want to lose you again." Smooch.

The brat smooshes whipped cream out of a can and puts a cherry on top of the concoction she has made to celebrate the end of a lousy Thanksgiving. Patch calls Billie. They decide they are still on for lunch. He says he found a place in the country. He wants to explain face to face what's going on. The brat rolls her eyes.

Patch gets off the phone and knocks on Kayla's door. Inside, Lexie is tending to, her but she may live anyway. Lexie is soooo happy to be able to help take care of Kayla. Actually, the technical term for what she is doing is 'practicing medicine without a license.'

Patch says he's going out. Stephanie immediately vetoes that.

Patrick comes in. He tells Billie he has received an anonymous email. He shows her the picture of her and Bo in bed together. "OMG," gasps Billie, "Who would do something like this?" They both execute a well-choreographed turn to stare at the brat. Billie nukes, "You did this! Don't deny it." The brat wonders why she always gets blamed. Billie rants about the picture, "You are so sick, Chelsea!"

The brat comes clean, "FINE! I took the picture. I sent it to Hope and the pirate." Patrick tells her to grow up and leaves.

Billie lectures "Don't be surprised if Bo disowns you for good."

Bo and Hope smooch. Let's think of this as the lull before the storm. Hope breaks it off. She wants it to be special. Bo thinks it's special enough. Hope heads upstairs, "I'll be back in five minutes wearing something more provocative."

Lexie leaves. Stephanie begs Patch to stay. Kayla backs him up. She says they should let him go and not pressure him. Patch says he doesn’t have to leave just yet. Stephanie says in that case, she has something to do and leaves.

Kayla asks if he is OK living there. He says he just has a little cabin fever. Kayla says she was thinking about the time when they were on the run and hiding in the motel room and a couple came in. They had no place to hide, so he took her into the bathroom and... flashback... Patch sets off the sprinkler system.

Kayla chuckles about the incident, "We were soaked."

"We were soaked," mimics Steve.

John is skeptical about the death card. Abe says there is something more - the black onyx ring. Abe says Celeste confirms EJ is a DiMera and is on a mission is to destroy the Bradys.

Kate tells Marlena EJ is her partner. She should have trusted him but John talked her into ransacking his apartment. It exonerated him and the cops went on TV and announced the investigation is through. Kate thinks the incident undermined their relationship. Marlena says, "John thinks the ring connects EJ to the DiMeras."

Kate insists, "It's a class ring."

"What if you're wrong," asks Marlena.

John asks if Roman and Abe think EJ is a DiMera. Roman isn't sure. He thinks the investigation has to go undercover in order to find out. John thinks they have nothing.

"We've got you," says Roman, "When you get to the bottom of the barrel, you get desperate. Besides, you're a DiMera yourself."

"So," says John, "You think it takes one to know one. I get it."

Abe tries to convince him. They need his help. He thinks it's funny since they turned him down before, "So you're asking me to go to Italy and muck around in the family swamp."

"Will you do it," asks Roman. John huffs.

Hope comes downstairs. Bo is ready for action, but Hope has that ice-woman look on her face. "What's wrong," asks Bo.

"My laptop was open," says Hope, "I saw I had an email. She holds up the picture of Bo and Billie in bed and asks, "Can you explain this?"

Roman tries another angle. He knows John wants to nail Wells. John says he isn't in law enforcement any more, "You're asking me to take on the DiMeras on their home turf. Things have changed. Marlena is adamant. So no. I'm not gonna do this to my wife." Abe and Roman stare.

Kate says there is no way it's a DiMera ring. Marlena asks how close Kate and EJ are.

Kate stammers and backpedals, "Close... I mean... We've moved past being business partners. We were friends, or at least we were until John forced me to spy on him."

"John says you volunteered for that," says Marlena, "I know what's going on here. You're sleeping with EJ, aren't you?"

Patch and Kayla laugh about the sprinkler. Another flashback... He tosses her under the sprinkler. Clothes begin to fly. It’s a hot time under the old sprinkler system.

"What's with us and water," asks Kayla, "We always end up soaking wet and laughing and..." Kayla moves closer. Patch gets uncomfortable. He says he's just a little antsy. She tells him to go for the drive. He thinks that will help. Stephanie comes in. She's been trying to set up an Internet account for Patch. And guess what... He already got an email. The insecure little twit just can't contain her delight, "They sent a picture of Uncle Bo and Billie Reed in bed together!" She passes the picture around.

Billie lectures the brat about the picture. The brat goes on the offensive, "Let's see... How many men have you been with and they've all made you miserable? She starts to reel off the names but cuts it off because it's only an hour-long show. "Admit it. In your heart, you want to be with Dad."

"Bo loves Hope," insists Billie.

The little snot rambles on, "Hope is pregnant with Patrick's child. That child belongs with it's parents, just like me."

Patrick stands outside and talks on the phone with Dr. Bader, "Just remember, you have to do the amnio yourself. Hope can never find out."

The brat refuses to apologize, "The picture says it all."

"It says nothing," yells Billie, "We were comforting each other. We stopped because we knew it was wrong. Nothing happened! Do you understand me?"

The brat smirks, "Try to convince Hope and Steve."

"I will."

Bo goes into damage-control mode, "It's from just a couple of weeks ago. It's from the day at the pub when you walked in on us. Nothing happened. We found out we're friends and that's all. Billie knows you're the only woman I'll ever love. You and I have come such a long way. We said we'd never lie and I meant it."

"So did I," says Hope, "And then I see this. I don't know if I can get past it. Just knowing you were tempted. Who could have taken that photo?"

Bo gets a call. Billie. Bo asks, "Is she there with you?"


"Keep her there," says Bo, "I'm on my way."

Marlena says Kate doesn't have to answer. It's written all over her face.

"So what," says Kate, "Are you going to stone me? John is wrong about EJ."

"If EJ's a DiMera, he's dangerous," says Marlena, "That's why I've asked him to get away from the case."

"I think you're overreacting," says Kate, "You're happy now. I deserve to be happy too. It's been a long time since I've had someone. You wouldn't know about that. You have John and Roman. Roman has never gotten over losing you. I enjoy EJ's company and that's that."

"You're letting your heart rule," says Marlena, "That could be a fatal mistake."

John explains that Marlena begged him to stay off the case. Roman says he doesn't have to tell her about it. John says he won't risk it. Abe says they are out of options. Roman tells him the DiMeras could finally win if he doesn't help them.

Stephanie looks at the date on the picture and says it was taken when Steve and Kayla were in the hospital. Kayla hyperventilates. Patch says he's going to go find out who took it. Kayla can't breathe.

Medical care has arrived for Kayla. Lexie is there, too. Kayla hyperventilates. Lexie comes up with a diagnosis, "She's hyperventilating." No doubt that one will be written up in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Patch gets a call. Billie. She asks if he's still coming over. No. He has to go. Billie closes her phone and turns her wrath on the brat. Bo walks in. The brat gets a heapin' helpin' of Bo.

Patrick is at Hope's door. He says he saw Bo's car was gone, so he stopped to say hi and asks if she is OK. Hope says it isn't a good time. He sees the flowers, "Things are moving pretty fast with you and Bo, aren't they? Are you sure you know what you're getting into with him?"

"You're right says Hope, "We've been married for years and he sends me flowers. I can't deal with him moving this fast." Hope tells him to stay out of her personal life with Bo. She turns over the incriminating picture as she walks away.

Patrick says, "You're taking him back in your life when he can't keep his hands off of Billie."

Bo is livid. He and Billie gang up on the brat. Bo says, "You are not gonna break up Hope and me. I respect your mom. But no matter how much you scheme, you have to live with that."

The little snot is defiant, "I won't."

Bo ramps up his anger, "Well, there is something you have to learn to live without." He picks up the brat's laptop and hurls it out the door. It smashes into bits and bytes. The brat's surfing days are over.

"My whole life is on that computer," she whines.

"Your whole little life," mocks Bo, "Am I supposed to be concerned?"

"What do I do?"

"I don't know and I don't care," Bo storms out. Billie sentences the brat to a life of zero-tolerance.

Lexie gives Kayla a sedative. She advises them not to talk about things that might upset her. Lexie goes to dispose of the needle. Patch sits down and tells Kayla to stop scaring them like that. Stephanie says she will get better with him there.

Kate says what EJ and she have is between them. He is a perfect gentleman. She says to tell John she will never spy on EJ again. Marlena tells Kate, "He is off the case. He gave me his word."

John Black, man of his word, says, "When it comes to the DiMeras, that's my turf. I know how they tank. Damn me! I'm going to Italy. If there is a link I will find it."

Abe thanks him. John tells them, "You gotta swear to me right now that nobody knows about this... especially Marlena." The three amigos seal the deal with the knuckle knocking buddy bonding bump.


Hope tells Patrick to stay out of it. Patrick says Bo is cheating on her and he would never do that. Hope moves away. Patrick grabs at her and hits the vase full of flowers. CRASH! "Now look what you did," says Hope, "I want you to leave. Go! Get out! Patrick backs off and leaves. Hope picks up a flower and stares at it, remembering the legend of the flowers in the broken vase.

John comes back to the penthouse. He says he had his talk with Abe and Roman. Marlena asks how it went. "It went... good....," stammers John, "They admitted on TV there was no evidence against EJ. They closed the case. It's time to move on." Marlena is relieved. John says he made her a promise and, by gum, he's going to keep it. He has to concentrate on business, "Which brings me to something else. One of the Basic Black companies is underperforming. I have to go there and straighten things out."

"Which one," asks Marlena.

"The one in Italy," lies John.

The brat picks up the pieces of her computer. Kate arrives and says she got her call. "I'm a failure," whines the brat. She tells Kate she's not as good at playing dirty like Kate is. What does she expect – Kate has had a lifetime of experience.

Kate says she didn't plan for the possibility of being caught. She didn't have a Plan B, "You want a family who loves you. You have that. You have to stop pushing them away. You have to reenergize and go after your goal."

Billie bawls. She tells Patrick she doesn't know what to do about the conniving little snot. Patrick says he thinks the brat did her a favor, "If she scared off Steve Johnson, say good riddance. The guy doesn't know what he wants. He doesn't know who he is. You deserve better. And I may just be available..."

Patch tells Kayla to rest. She thanks him for just being there. Stephanie chaperones. She pulls Steve aside. She says seeing that picture must make him feel pretty good about being with her mom, "Now I just know we'll be together for all the Days Of Our Lives.

Hope sweeps up as Bo comes in and asks what happened. She tells him about Patrick being there, "It was an accident. He saw the photo."

Bo erupts, "He got physical with you?!" Bo storms out.

Hope runs after him, "Brady!" FF.


Abby says, "You do understand that she's using you, right?" Nick says, "Chelsea will look at Nick Fallon and realize what she's been missing out on."

Kate tells Chelsea, "You need to smooth out those rough edges or you'll spend your life all alone."

EJ says, "You've been running around leaving a wake of chaos behind you. There is a price to be paid for that, Patrick." WHACK!

Hope is on the phone. She says, "I don't know you any more, Brady, you'd just better get yourself a good attorney." Bewildered Bo stammers, "Hope, whaaa....."

Friday, November 24, 2006

Lies, Betrayal, Kidnapping, Adultery And Disappearances

Belle looks at the paper as Marlena comes down. Marlena senses something is wrong. Hey, it's Belle. Something is always wrong. Belle has been looking at the alleged photo of Phillip in the paper. She whines around and wonders if Phillip has done this because of her, "Wah wah wah wah wah wah." Translation: "If he gets hurt, it's because of me."

Marlena says Phillip has responsibility for his own decisions. Belle doesn't understand the concept, "I have hurt Phillip as badly as I could, and ever since Kate Showed me this photo all I can do is take my anger out on Shawn."


Willow serves coffee. She figures they should go back to bed and start out where they left off, "Unless you want me to hide in the closet in case Belle stops by."

Shawn says, "You know, I don't think Belle is going to be stopping by any more. I don't think she wants anything to do with me."

Mimi and Max get to Art Fisher's apartment, which bears a strange resemblance to Shawn and Mimi's old apartment. No one answers so they just walk in. Art walks into the room talking on the phone, "Sorry, I don't do weddings... No, I don't act in good dramas, either." He hangs up and Max explains why they are there. He's interested in the journalism award they said they represented. The reformed liar and unreformed bigmouth explains there is no award. Max has a conniption but, too late, the cat is already out of the bag. Mimi tells Art what they are really there for.

Art says, "Forget it."

Dr. Weinstein arrives at the Kiriakis mansion. Victor understands he's the best of the best. Of course, with the quacks they have posing as doctors in Salem, that doesn't say much. He says he's very particular about the cases he takes on. Victor assures him this isn't vanity surgery.

Celeste arrives at Abe's place. Roman is there, "You're gonna help us nail EJ, right?"

Celeste says she had a disturbing dream. She can't put Lexie and Theo at risk. The dream made what she has to do perfectly clear. She has decided she will help them if they swear to protect Lexie and Theo whatever it takes. Roman shows her the photos of the cards. Celeste lays them out, "These cards produce disturbing vibrations. They tell a story of calamity for the bearer of the cards. EJ is the chariot, victorious and in control. He began by disrupting relationships. Each new incident brings new consequences. The cards predict more danger to come."

Art tries to kick Max and Mimi out. Max tells him the guy they are looking for has a father who is filthy rich. That gets Art's attention. He remembers a guy with a prosthetic leg. He didn't want to have his picture taken. His name was Andrew Spivey from Muskogee, OK. Max wants to see the other photos Art has. Art says they are $20 apiece. Art goes into the next room while Max and Mimi look at bigger shots under a loop. They decide Spivey is Phillip. Max tosses a 20 on a table as they take one of the photos and leave.

A dead horse lies in the middle of Marlena's living room and Belle continues to beat it unmercifully. It was her fault Phillip left. Belle doesn't know why she is taking all of this out on Shawn. She says it's because she wants to do what's best for Claire, "When I picked her up from Victor's, all she could say was 'dada.' I don't want to totally screw her up. I need you to tell me what to do. God forbid I should try to make adult decisions on my own."

"Stop being so hard on yourself," says Marlena, "Children are resilient, except for you."

Belle whines, "Shawn and I are not together and not a family and probably never will be."

Shawn tells Willow Belle wouldn't let him spend time with Claire on Thanksgiving, so at least Claire had something to be thankful for. Willow thinks this is about Belle, not Claire. Willow has met Belle's type before, "No one will ever be good enough for her."

Bo shows up at the door. Willow tries to be cheerful. Bo isn't in a cheerful mood. Willow goes to get dressed. Shawn says, "Let me guess... you want to give me another lame excuse why I should stop working for EJ."

Roman asks Celeste to be more specific. Celeste says this is complicated. She wants to know the order they found the cards in. "This is it," says Roman.

"This is the empress," says Celeste, "She represents motherhood and abundance. She is coupled with loss." Roman wonders what is behind that – it could represent either Belle or Mimi. "Belle brings up a much stronger vibration than Mimi. The hanged man accompanies her. Phillip! He gave up a lot." The symbolism just makes your spine tingle, doesn't it?

Abe thinks this is getting them nowhere. Celeste says she can't give specific answers, "You ought to be grateful I'm helping at all. I'm risking life and limb, not to mention my acting career."

Abe asks, "Are you saying you were threatened by EJ and the DiMeras?"

Belle goes on with her pity party. Marlena tells her Claire needs a loving mother and that's what Belle is to her. Belle wonders how she can criticize Shawn for not having a job when she doesn't have one herself. Marlena says Belle's job is to stay home with Claire. "The only reason I can do that is because I am dependent on my mom and dad," blubbers Belle.

Marlena says they are happy to help Belle financially. There are families who can't afford to have the kids around both parents, but Claire can.

Shawn is sick and tired of Bo trying to make him quit his job. Bo says he is there because Shawn didn't show up yesterday. Shawn says he had better things to do than hang out with the dysfunctional Brady Bunch.

"Like hang out with your hooker girlfriend," snorts Bo, "What you are 'earning' from EJ is dirty money."

Shawn says he heard Roman on TV saying there is no case against EJ. Bo says they had to say that to avoid a lawsuit. Shawn asks him to leave, as Bo's cell phone rings. He looks at it and puts it back in his pocket.

Bo walks over to the door and pounds it with his fist, "You have been warned." Bo leaves. Shawn slams the table with his fist. Like father, lie son.

Victor gives Dr. Weinstein the details about Phillip. His jeep was firebombed. His face is unrecognizable. He knows Weinstein is the man for the job, "Phillip needs a face transplant, and if you can find a brain to go with it, you might throw that in, too."

Willow comes out. Shawn tells her Bo is gone. Willow says the only thing wrong with his life right now is he is giving all his money to Belle, who is rejecting him. She tries to talk him to getting the convertible. He thinks it sounds like fun. Willow moves in on him, "And the best part is..." Shawn's phone rings. "Don't answer it," says Willow.

Too late. It's Belle. She invites Shawn over to spend time with Claire. After they put her to sleep they can talk.

Shawn hangs up. Willow is steamed, "How's Belle? She's messing with your head again!"

"She can handle it," says Shawn, "It's a small job."

Marlena says she is proud of Belle. Whatever issues she has with Shawn can't come between Shawn and his relationship with Claire. Belle thinks she screwed up her marriage and doesn't want to make the same mistakes with Shawn.

Max calls Belle from the garage. Ha asks her to come down. As Belle heads out, she tells Marlena it's better if Shawn doesn't know where she went.

Bo arrives at Abe's. Celeste goes on. She lays out the cards. She sees cards that represent Carrie's marriage to Lucas and Sami's engagement to Austin, "They are the four lovers tainted by the three of nitwits. It brings heartbreak and loneliness. There is a temperance. But it is accompanied by the five of pentacles, which represents illness and sacrifice."

"That may be Patch and Kayla," says Roman.

"No," says Celeste, "It represents the viewers. They make a big sacrifice to watch this drivel each day and it makes them ill."

She turns over another card, "The tower represents a downfall."

"John and Marlena's plane," says Roman.

Celeste decides the cards were coded instructions. Abe wonders who sent them. He asks what the cards show about the future.

Celeste says, "I see many untold calamities – Lies, betrayal, kidnapping, adultery, disappearances. You know, the kind of stuff that happens every day around here. But it's what the cards don't say that troubles me. There are only 77 cards. One is missing. But it's on its way from Italy. It may have already arrived. It's the death card and that is what the future holds. Death."

Shawn arrives at the penthouse. Marlena explains Belle had to go. She doesn't know where. He can spend as much time with Claire as he likes. Shawn says he brought Claire a book, "I thought maybe you could read it to both of us." They talk about Belle. Shawn thinks Belle doesn't want him to be a part of her life. Marlena says Belle cares a lot.

Belle rushes into the garage. Max tells her about Andrew Spivey. Belle, as usual, doesn't get it. Max explains that 'Andrew Spivey' is an alias. He shows the bigger photo to Belle. She looks at the picture and says, "So he was shipped off to Afghanistan."

"It looks like it," says Max.

Belle ramps up the hysteria, "What if he gets killed? What do I tell my daughter – that her daddy is dead because of me?"

Victor introduces the doctor. He excuses himself. The doctor wants to examine the mummy.

Outside, Victor talks on the phone to none other than Art Fisher, "What do you mean you had visitors?"

"A Max Brady and Mimi something-or-other," says Art, "They asked about the photo. I think they figured out Andrew Spivey is your son."

"I'll take care of it," says Victor, "No one can find out the truth about Phillip."

Dr. Weinstein removes Phillip's bandages. We, of course don't see his face.

Abe says Eve has already been murdered. That's not the death Celeste sees. This will be someone thy all care about. She can't be more specific.

Abe says, "So EJ will be instructed to commit the murder when he gets the death card."

"That's right," says Celeste, "Someone will die. That's why they call it a death card."

Roman wants to know who is sending the cards.

Celeste stares out the window to a place far, far away, "You don't need me to tell you that. This is family vs. family."

Bo chimes in, "The Bradys vs. the DiMeras!"

"Well, it ain't the Hatfields and McCoys," says Celeste.

Abe asks, "Is EJ Wells a DiMera?"

"He must be," says Celeste.

Abe says they have to stop him. "But how," asks Roman.

The doctor says he can try to help Phillip, but it won't be easy, "Facial transplants are experimental and expensive."

"Money is no object," says Victor. Dr. Weinstein says once a donor is located they will have Phillip transferred. Victor writes a check so the doctor will bump Phillip to the top of the list, "Consider it a first payment." The doctor will see what he can do about moving Phillip up on the list. Victor will do whatever it takes to help Phillip.

Mimi says it's as much her fault as Belle's. She thinks they should take the picture to Victor. Belle says she doesn’t trust him. She has to go home to Claire.

Belle leaves. Max says if Belle finds Phillip it won't make Shawn happy.

Shawn tells Marlena he has to go, "Did Belle really tell you she cares about me?"

Marlena says, "I'm her mother. I know how she feels. I think you are both hurting. You and Belle have a special relationship and I believe if you are meant to be together you will somehow find your way back together." Translation: "No."

Shawn isn't going to waste any more of his life waiting for Belle to make up her mind, "But I will be Claire's daddy for all the Days Of Our Lives." His grasp of biology is incredible. He hands Claire off and leaves.

Bo says they can't just sit back and do nothing. Roman tells Celeste she will have to sign a statement. Celeste refuses. She says she took a risk to do this, but now it's up to them. She leaves.

Abe rants, "There is no way the DA will bring a case with photos of tarot cards and ghost stories from an anonymous psychic."

"That only leaves us one option," says Bo.

Shawn gets back home. He tells Willow Belle wasn't there. Willow nags, "You've got to stop letting her jerk you around."

"You're right," he vows, "From now on I'm living for me. I'm getting that convertible!"

Willow eggs him on, "How about getting some designer clothes? Or a new apartment?"

Shawn jumps in, "Or a Lear jet?" He puts his phone on silence so they won't be interrupted, and they hit the couch.

Belle gets back to the penthouse. She tells Marlena about her trip and about Phillip reenlisting, "He has suffered enough. I just need him to come home."

Marlena wonders, "But if he comes home to you, won't he still be suffering? "

Victor tells the mummy, "Dr. Weinstein will help. Once you get better, we will take Claire away from Shawn and Belle."

Bo thinks they should call John. Abe says Marlena doesn't want him on the case. Bo insists they have to do it anyway, "We've got to crack this thing before it cracks us."

Roman says, "We're already cracked."

FF on the tin man and horsey card.


Kayla holds the picture of Bo and Billie in bed and asks, "Who would have taken this and why would they have sent it to Steve?" Patch says, "I'm gonna find out." Kayla has an attack. Stephanie looks on.

Bo and Hope play show-and-tell. She holds up the picture of Bo and Billie in bed and asks, "Can you explain this?" Bo's turn.

Marlena says to Kate, "I know what's going on here. You're sleeping with EJ aren't you?"

John yells at Roman and Abe, "You gotta swear to me right now that nobody knows about this... especially Marlena." The three musketeers do the triple buddy bonding fist jive.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Death By Boredom

Lexie looks at a paper turkey made from a hand tracing. She and Abe talk about the symbolism of the fingers used to make it. Lexie is sooooo grateful to have Abe home with her and Theo. Abe is preoccupied with the black glove investigation. He goes through the fingers and adds a different symbolism to each, "Patrick is the suspect we had but lost. EJ is the pointer who went on TV and made accusations. This finger is the DA who is going to fire anyone who gives EJ so much as a parking ticket. And this little piggy stayed home."

Abe tells her the DA has him backed into a corner and doesn't want him investigating EJ. Lexie asks if there is any way he can do it on the sly. "Not without your help," says Abe, "I don't want to get you involved." Lexie begs him to let her help. "OK," says Abe, "I need to speak to your mother."

Kate and Billie are getting ready for the dinner. Kate is upset about Sami and Lucas getting back together. Billie tells her, "It's OK to give your heart to someone with a little baggage."

Kate asks, "Are you talking about Lucas or you?"

Chelsea joins the happy group. Now it's a full-blown Skanksgiving. She comes clean and tells Billie Bo didn't invite her to the Thanksgiving dinner. She will be going as Nick's guest.

Maggie and Abby talk about Nick inviting Chelsea to dinner. Maggie asks why he invited her. Abby gives her the story. Abby says it may get to the point where Chelsea actually wants to impress Nick, "I've been doing a little geek rehab." She calls him out.

Nick comes out all spiffed up, "Ask me where I got my genes. Get it? "genes" with a 'g.'"

Abby gives him some advice, "You're probably not going to want to use that one on Chelsea." He leaves. Maggie is impressed.

Caroline sets up as Bo comes in with flowers for her. Bo is impressed with the way things look. She tells Bo Hope set it up. It's the first time she's seen her happy since Zack died. Frankie, Stephanie, OMB and Hope all arrive. Stephanie is just giddy about Patch and Kayla being back together.

Bo takes Hope aside and tells her he thinks they might have made a mistake by giving Patch the notes about his past with Kayla. Hope tells him they did what was best for Steve and Kayla. Hope turns her attention to Bo. "I'm glad you're back. But you should have talked to me about the investigation."

Bo says, "I didn't want to push it."

Hope says, "Then I'll push it... back in my bed. Tonight." Bo thinks that's a pretty good idea.

Billie asks what Chelsea is doing crashing the Brady Thanksgiving party. The brat says she isn't crashing the party. She's going as Nick's guest. Billie asks if Nick knows why she won't be welcome there. She reminds her this is their first Thanksgiving since Zack died. The brat insists she is a Brady too. She has a right to be included.

Nick comes to the door. The brat opens it and sees him all decked out. He stands there blinking a mile a minute and says, "You said not to dress like loser." She asks what all the blinking is about. He tells her he's not used to his new contacts. Billie extends her hand, "I'm Billie – Chelsea's Mom. And you are..."

Nick starts to go inside, but trips at the threshold. He gets up off the floor, extends his hand and chuckles, "Never better."

Lexie asks, "My mother is a part of the EJ Wells investigation?"

"We found tarot cards in his lockbox," says Abe, "She said she couldn't tell their significance. I think she's scared. She is our only chance. Too bad she's the only person in the world who knows anything about tarot cards." Lexie agrees to talk to her. Abe heads for the station. He thanks Lexie for agreeing to step in.

Bo and Hope decide to ship Stephanie off to the Salem inn, apparently so they can have the whole house to romp around in. Either that or so they won't be bothered by her bipolar swings between uncontrolled giggling and whining. "What about what's his name," asks Bo.

"He's not a part of my life any more," says Hope. Kiss.

Frankie comes up as Bo and Hope enjoy a little pre-Thanksgiving-dinner dessert. "Are you kidding me," says Frankie, "Can't you put a little more backbone in it?" Bo turns up the heat.

Chelsea and Nick walk in. Chelsea sees Bo and Hope slobbering over each other and says, "It's a good thing you're a doctor. I'm about to be sick."

Nick says he's not a doctor. The brat doesn't pay attention.

Abby comes in. Nick explains to her that he has brought the brat as his guest. He hopes that was OK.

The brat walks up to Bo and Hope, pries them apart, and says, "Happy Thanksgiving Hope." Silence fills the room. Ice forms on the walls. "You too dad," she whimpers.

The brat and Nick walk away from the cold reception. Hope turns to Bo and says, "I'm OK with it."

"Hope just totally iced me," says the brat.

"Stop giving people reasons to hate you," says Nick.

"You're right," says the brat, "Wishing her a happy Thanksgiving... that was totally disgusting." Abby comes up and offers Nick and the brat a donut. The little snot wretches and says, "I'd rather jab my eye out with a fork."

The brat makes another attempt at being human. She goes up to Caroline and thanks her for letting her stay. "You're always welcome to stay," says sweet Caroline. She then morphs into the wicked witch of the west, "As long as you behave yourself."

The brat staggers away in shock. Nick follows and says, "Why should she be nice to you? You're always rude."

"You're right," says the brat, "Thanking her for letting me stay... that was totally disgusting." She walks away in a huff.

"Way to win friends and influence enemies," says Nick, "This is your chance to show them you belong here."

Bo and Hope talk about Shawn working for EJ. They decide they'll be there for him if he gets in over his head. "Yeah," says Bo, "But Death Valley is over his head."

Max and Mimi walk in. More silence and shock fills the room as we feel Mimi's discomfort. Max says he says he asked her to join them. Caroline breaks the ice and welcomes Mimi.

Mimi goes up to Bo and Hope, "I wish I had told you Shawn was Claire's father. I'm sorry." Hope stares. Once again the walls frost over.

Celeste has arrived at Lexie's house. Lexie tells her Abe's job is on the line. He needs her help. Celeste turns her down.

"Oh, Mom," says Lexie, "Being brave means doing the right thing."

"Staying alive means keeping your mouth shut," says Celeste. She starts to leave, but Lexie begs. Celeste says Lexie has no idea what this is about.

"You're shaking," says Lexie, "Tell me what's going on."

Kate rambles. Billie is distant. She says she was thinking about Steve. She got a message from him.

"I can imagine he would rather be with you," says Kate, "He's been quarantined with Kayla. Talk about death by boredom. The only thing more boring would be having to watch this episode of DOOL."

"I don't know," says Billie, "I heard it was a gas." Billie tells her about the message she got from Steve. She also tells her he really didn't get his memory back, but was using notes Bo and Hope gave him.

Kate says, "You mean he was using a cheat sheet?"

"Mainly he was using the teleprompter," says Billie.

"So he told Kayla a lie and you the truth. What does that mean?"

"He said he still has feelings for me," says Billie.

"That's wonderful"

There is still no guarantee he won't get his memory back and want to be with Kayla," says Billie.

"OK," says Kate, "So there is no guarantee. This is life we're talking about – not snow tires. What are you going to do?"

Billie doesn't know what she's going to do. Kate encourages her to go for it.

"No matter who it hurts," asks Billie. Kate stares and cocks her head. Billie stares and cocks her head the other way.

Pan back from a sign that says, "Welcome back Steve and Kayla." Stephanie thinks it looks perfect and bounds around the room like a kangaroo on speed. The brat turns to Nick and says, "Look at her – she acts like she's a ten year old."

"Avoid the lime-green jello," says Nick.

"What are you," asks the brat, "A fortune cookie?"

"All I'm saying is jealousy is a trap," says Nick.

The brat insists she's not jealous of Stephanie because her parents got back together. Abby whisks by. The brat trips all over herself to catch her and grab a donut. She tells her Nick offered her a bite of his and she liked it. Abby asks what they are doing. Nick says they are pretending that the brat doesn't care about her parents getting back together. Abby says she knows how she feels about her parents – she felt the same way.

Nick tries to inject some reality, "You have to face it. Your dad has realized he is in love with his wife."

Max and Bo talk. "There are a couple surprises in the crowd," says Bo. He didn't expect to see Mimi there. Max insists they are just friends. "Be careful – she's a Lockhart," says Bo.

Max goes over to Abby and the crowd. Mimi joins him as Max pulls Nick aside, "I hear you're the go to guy."

"If you need your genes mapped, I'm your guy," says supergeek.

Max says he's trying to track down the newspaper guy, but is having trouble. He says they have left messages for him, but he's not returning them. Nick says Max has to leave a message he can't resist, "Tell him you are the rep from a journalism school giving out a big prize."

"I'm not supposed to be lying again," says Mimi. Max tells her he will do it.

Steve wheels Kayla in. Stephanie skips up and kisses her. Everyone joins in to welcome her. Stephanie throws her arms around Patch, "We are gonna be so happy. You me and mom – a family for all the Days Of Our Lives." Squeal.


Patch and hope share a stare.

Kayla tells the group she's still pretty weak. She wasn't sure she should come, but she knew with Steve there she could do anything. Cheers. Platitudes abound. Bo thanks Nick for saving Kayla's life, "May the wind always be at your back, and may social skills be right around the corner."

Nick says, "Awwww... you don't have to thank me, but I do have something prepared." He pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket, unfolds it and reads, "I'd like to thank Sony pictures and my agent... Oh, sorry. That's my Oscar speech. Actually I didn't save her. You all did. Your family never stopped praying. I never saw love pull her from the edge." He reads a quote and the whole show spirals into the abyss of smarminess.

Chelsea listens and makes a face. Nick tells them it's incredible to be a part of the family. Hugs, hugs, hugs.

Chelsea starts to bolt out. Nick asks what's wrong. She tells him she has been trying to get them to accept her for a long time and they just pulled him in within a matter of minutes. He asks, "How would anyone ever know how you feel if you never tell them?"

Chelsea decides to give it a try. She goes over to Hope, "I want to say I'm really glad Kayla is OK. I know it is my fault about Zack and I..."

Steve interrupts, "Hope, I've gotta talk to you."

Chelsea pouts. As Hope and Steve go outside, Nick asks her how it went. "Just like the rest of my life," she says, "Lousy. I hate this family." She storms out. Nick chases. Abby stops him and tells him to let her go.

Celeste says she didn't want to involve Lexie and her family. Lexie asks what's going on. "What do you think," asks Celeste, "You know who you are. I am so sorry. There is no escaping it. For the last two decades, one family has caused so much pain – the DiMeras. "

Abe listens, and then pops into the room, "I've been waiting for you to say that. We have to talk." Celeste tries to leave. Abe says she can't run away. She says she's protecting herself. Abe assures her he can get her protection.

"There is no place to hide," says Celeste.

Abe insists, "Kayla and Steve were poisoned. Max and Stephanie were in a terrible racing accident. Bo almost lost his job. How am I supposed to walk away from that? Lexie was blackmailed. Theo was threatened. We have to fight back."

"I've seen what happens to people who fight back," says Celeste, "I can't help you." On cue, little Theo toddles in.

"All right, Mom," says Lexie, "You don't have to, but tell Theo why. Tell him!" Stare-o-rama.

Outside the pub, Patch asks if Hope talked to Billie. Hope says she did. He says he'll have to deal with Stephanie and Kayla when the truth comes out. Hope asks if she is going to be the go between while he plays the devoted family man. She thinks he has to face his problem and tell them the truth without breaking their hearts. He says he will but asks her not to say anything about Billie. He asks to use her phone.

Hope grudgingly hands him the phone and goes inside.

Patch calls Billie. He asks to see her tomorrow morning. She doesn't know. Kate sits cheering from the peanut gallery and tells her to say yes to whatever Patch is asking. Patch says he needs time to explain. Billie agrees.

Just before hanging up, Patch says, "Miss you."

Stephanie overhears, "Who do you miss, Dad?"

"Uhhh... Who do I miss? Your uncle Jack. My brother. " She asks him to come in for dinner.

Dinner happens. Idle conversation. Frankie announces he will miss them all but isn't going away forever. Max toasts him, "May you earn enough money back east to be able to afford your own ambulance."

Hope asks if Patch used her phone to call Billie. Patch says, "Hope, I can't keep lying to them forever. It was a temporary fix, not a lifetime deal."

Kate says that's proof that Billie is winning. Billie insists it isn't a competition. Kate says it is. Billie says she wants to meet with Steve out in the open, not in some hole in the wall. "A pit maybe, but not a hole in the wall. It will be like me and Bo – Good enough for the bedroom, but not for life." Kate notes Patch is surrounded by Brady's right now and yet he took the time to call her. The fight will get dirty but Kate is betting on Billie.

Celeste tells Theo she has to leave. She loves them all so much. Lexie asks her to stay. Abe brings back the finger metaphor, "Separate we're just fingers on a hand. Together we are a fist, or if you unfold it, a turkey." Celeste agrees to stay. There is no place she'd rather be.

Kayla speaks. She drags out some passage she read full of platitudes. She's thankful for them fighting for her. She feels so blessed.

The brat arrives and tells Billie and Kate, "I hate them. Most of all I hate Hope. I tried to be nice and Hope just went off with the pirate. He never left Kayla's side all night."

"He did at one point," says Billie, "He left long enough to call me."

The brat visits fantasyland, "Well you and Dad are practically reunited so why bother? Face it, Mom, Steve is never going to leave his wife or daughter for you. When you passed on you and dad you passed on all of us."

Billie says she doesn't want to be married to Bo.

"Fine," screams the brat, "Then just think of yourself."

Granny jumps in and lectures her. She tells her to leave and not come back until she can be civil. The brat takes a hike.

Billie reminds Kate she is the one who told the brat to go for what she wants. Kate tells Billie she has to learn how to handle her. Billie is exasperated, "No one knows how to handle her."

The brat sits in her room and stares at the incriminating picture on her cell phone, "All I have to do is send this to Hope and Steve..."

She shifts to her computer and brings up the picture. Her finger hesitates above the 'Enter' key. She presses it... FF brat.


Belle tells Marlena, "I have hurt Phillip as badly as I could, and all I can do is take my anger out on Shawn."

Shawn tells Willow, "You know, I don't think Belle is going to be stopping by any more. I don't think she wants anything to do with me."

Max tells Mimi, "So we'll start making some calls and searching the Internet to find out what happened to Andrew Spivey a.k.a. Phillip Kiriakis."

Bo tells Abe and Roman, "We got to crack this thing before someone we love ends up dead."

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Today's Feed Was A Turkey

Devastating news, kids... there was no feed today because tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US. They'll be showing football games on CBS and FOX tomorrow, but poor NBC didn't have the wad-o-cash to get in on the football action, so it will be showing the National Dog Show instead. We believe that is highly appropriate because we'll be seeing a show about dogs instead of a show that is a dog. (We were going to say something about rooting for a certain DOOL character to win best of breed, but decided to be good for once. Prevuze is getting soft.)

We have no idea what happens with the show today in Canada. Maybe they get an hour of Smokey Robinson crooning from his secluded cabin in the Great White North.

We know it will be tough to make it through the day without Prevuze but, hey, maybe your boss will let you off work early or something.

At any rate, we hope your Thanksgiving is much better than the dysfunctional mess that is sure to happen at the Brady's feast. And, we can think of one thing you will have to be thankful for... there will be a Prevuze tomorrow.

Words without thoughts never go to heaven. - William Shakespeare

When Shawn and Belle have a conversation, heaven is silent. - Prevuze

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Gauntlet

Belle shows up at Max' garage. She hands Max the newspaper with the alleged photo of Phillip and asks him, "Who do you see?"

Max looks. He doesn't get it. Belle hasn't had her meds today. She jams her finger down on the paper and screams "Right here in the back row!" She asks if that's Phillip. Max would rather be out on some racetrack in an exploding racecar.

Victor comes in to see the mummy. He asks if Phillip is in pain. The mummy nods yes, "I've been watching DOOL."

Maggie thanks Mimi, Abby, the brat and the geek as they set up Thanksgiving decorations. Maggie hands Nick an invitation. OMB has invited him to Thanksgiving dinner as a reward for saving Kayla's life.

The brat is shocked, "WHAT?" Abby fills her in on the Kayla miracle.

Mimi chimes in. Her feelings are hurt because she didn't get invited, "Not like I'd expect to be invited to my ex's family Thanksgiving." Well, duuuhhh...

The brat whines, "I'm Bo Brady's daughter and I didn't even get an invitation?"

Shawn is on the phone asking about new cars. Bo shows up. Shawn tells him what he's up to. Bo is impressed with the apartment and the fact that Shawn is buying a new car. Shawn says it's nice having a good paying job. Bo says, "The authorities are closing in on Wells. I don't want you to get caught in the crossfire. I need you to walk away. Quit your job."

Kate asks what EJ is up to. He says he is going on the offensive against the Salem PD. He's going on the air with the story.

Hope and Frankie help Caroline set up as OMB comes in with two extra turkeys – Real birds, that is. Bo and Roman are somewhere else.

Billie comes in. Hope goes over to her and they grab a table. Billie is happy about Kayla being released. She asks what Hope wanted to see her about. Hope says she has a message from Steve. Billie says, "I don't wanna hear it."

The brat is upset at being dissed by the Brady's. Abby says they did it because she's trying to push Bo and Billie together, and forget about a little thing like killing Zack. Maggie takes her aside and tells her she may not be able get Bo and Billie back together and she has to accept that. Maggie thanks everyone and leaves.

Mimi counsels the brat, "The Brady's are not just one big happy family. I just thought I'd tell you that in case you've just arrived from another planet and hadn't noticed. And, poor me, I will he having freezer-burned turkey dinners for Thanksgiving."

The brat says, "At least you have a mom who cares about you and a dad who doesn't hate your guts."

Abby overhears. She comes over and tells Chelsea, "Mimi doesn't even know were her dad is."

Nick piles on, "Maybe you should focus on getting your own life together and that way you'll stop obsessing over what your parents are doing all the time."

Shawn defends EJ. Bo says EJ's actions are a front. Shawn argues. He thinks Bo wants to bring down whoever stands in his way. Bo insists Lockhart and Wells are guilty.

"When you prove it I'll quit," says the rebel without a clue.

Bo grabs Shawn, "He's dangerous! He might go through my son to get to me!"

Abe talks to Celeste about the tarot cards, "Can you help us?" Celeste stares into another world.

Max doesn't think the picture is Phillip. Belle tells him Kate thinks Victor knows more than he is saying. She insists Phillip left because of her. What if something happens to him? Have we heard this somewhere before? Max thinks Shawn and Mimi should see the photo.

The brat says the geek had no right to talk to her like that. He wonders why she isn't working or in college. At the ripe old age of 19, she should have her own place and not worry about her mom and dad, "Get over it." The brat huffs off.

Frankie chuckles around with OMB and Caroline. He tells them he's been offered a great job in DC and has accepted it. He leaves within a week.

Billie don' wan' no stinkin' messages from Steve. She is thrilled for Steve and Kayla. Hope says he really doesn't remember Kayla.

Shawn tells Bo he needs the money. Bo thinks Wells is a criminal. Bo's cell phone rings. He spits out an expletive as he looks at it. Bo has to leave. As he goes, Shawn says, "Thanks, but no thanks."

Celeste arranges the cards. She says she really doesn't know what they mean, "They're tarot cards. They have many meanings. Outside their reading they tell me nothing."

Abe wonders if Celeste is afraid. Roman interrupts, "Abe, you gotta see this!"

They rush out of Abe's office to see EJ on TV. EJ tells the world, "I am under full scale attack by the Salem police." He outlines what they have done. He's fighting back in the name of justice and his good name.

EJ's attorney speaks. They have lunched a 40 million lawsuit against Abe, Roman, Bo and John, as well as the Salem PD for violating EJ's constitutional rights, if he ever becomes a citizen, that is. "The Salem PD has a history of planting evidence," claims the attorney, "We're throwing down the gauntlet."

Bo walks in and Roman tells him what is going on. Abe goes into a rage, "I knew it was a mistake to let you get into that safe deposit box. I have to answer to a higher authority."

"Did Hope get promoted," asks Bo.

A cop interrupts and tells Abe the DA is on her way up.

Nick apologizes to Chelsea. She tells him to stay away from her and walks off.

Abby goes over and tells the brat Nick is just trying to help. The brat goes back to Nick and asks how she can get her dad to invite her to Thanksgiving.

"Got it," says the genius, "Perfect solution! You come as my guest." The crashing lead balloon nearly destroys the restaurant.

Billie doesn't get it. Hope says when Patch said all those things to Kayla, he was reciting what she and Bo had written down for him, "He was saying what he thought she needed to hear to get well. He remembered a few things but doesn't have the emotional connection."

Billie goes bipolar, "SO THIS IS JUST AN ACT? IT'S BEEN A LIE! HOW CAN HE DO THAT TO KAYLA?" No more coffee for Billie.

OMB asks Frankie at least to stay through Christmas. Frankie says he wants to get away from the memories. OMB thinks he's running away.

Mimi, Max, Belle and Shawn have gathered at the garage. Mimi doesn't think the military would let Shawn back in since he is missing a leg and half a brain. Shawn resents the fact that Phillip took off, "I went over there once with the Four Musketeers to save him and I sure as hell ain't doing it again!"

The attorney tells EJ they are off to a good start. He leaves. EJ asks Kate if she is the one who ransacked his apartment. Kate plays dumb. EJ sees through her act, "That's OK. I can't imagine what kind of horror story John told you to get you to do that. We're partners in many different ways. Surely you know what kind of man I am."

Kate is busted, "John thought I would find incriminating evidence in your apartment. I searched it because I was hoping I wouldn't.

"And you think you did," says EJ, "You took my ring. It's a fraternity ring. It has sentimental value."

"John thinks it links you to the DiMeras," says Kate.

"Not unless they're in my fraternity," says EJ.

Kate says she doesn't want to revisit the time the DiMeras were a part of her life. EJ thinks she's afraid of them. He insists he has done nothing wrong. Kate apologizes. He says he's mad at John and his cohorts, not Kate. He wants to go back to being friends.

Belle remains unmedicated. She nukes at Shawn, "How can you talk about someone like that who was your best friend? He went over there to serve the country."

"He walked out of Claire life," yells Shawn, "How can you defend him?"

"How can you not?"

Victor asks if Phillip is feeling better. Phillip answers by reaching for the picture of Claire. Victor says, "I am working on making your dream of being with Claire come true. It will take time and finesse. In the meantime your presence here will have to be secret." There is a knock at the door. Victor says, "Finally!"

Frankie is ready to pick up where he left off with his life and career and the hot babes on the east coast. OMB reminds him he won't have his family there.

Billie still doesn't get it. She pumps hope for more info on Steve and Kayla. Hope says, "He still has feelings for you. He told me so himself."

Belle thinks it was a mistake bringing Shawn into this. She storms out.

Max says, "That went well."

Mimi says, "Even though they both hate me, I'm going to go make sure they don't kill each other. On the other hand, if they did, everyone would have something to be thankful for on Thursday."

Frankie thinks maybe he'll meet someone new in DC. Or get a swanky apartment and live like Hugh Heffner. OMB smiles and says, "Maybe I'll come and visit." Caroline ruptures his spleen.

Frankie says, "I just hope that I can find what the two of you have." OMB says, "I do too son."


Frankie asks for their blessing.

Billie says she can't listen. She's been trying to get Steve out of her mind. Things are cramped enough in there without him taking up precious space. Hope thinks she should talk to him. "Why are you doing this," asks Billie. Kayla's your friend. You really want me to screw things up, don't you?"

"I think if there is unfinished business between you..." says Hope, "I'm just dong it as his friend."

Billie sees through it, "You think if I get something going with Steve it will keep me away from Bo."

Abe gives the DA the file on Wells. DA Bettis says they don't have a thing on EJ. She thinks EJ has a solid case, "If this lawsuit goes through, heads will roll this time, and there is nothing I can do about it!"

Chelsea contains the urge to hurl, "You mean like a date?"

Nick says the card invites him and a guest, "Not a date, just a guest." The brat says if she accepts, he might wind up being hated by everybody. He doesn't think so, "What choice do you have?"

"This sucks," says the brat, "I should be inviting you. Not that I ever would. OK, FINE! I'll see you on Thanksgiving. Try your best not to dress like a loser, OK?"

Nick says, "Oh, so I shouldn't wear my turkey costume?"

"Ha-ha," she says as she leaves.

Abby can't believe Nick asked her to go with him, "What is your problem? Are you kidding me?"

Shawn apologizes. He says the thought of Phillip coming back scares him. He is going to prove it's best for him to be in Claire's life full time.

Belle asks him to have compassion for Phillip. She accuses him of being scared Phillip might get in his way with Claire or even with Belle herself. "Grow up," says the pot to the kettle. Mimi watches as they storm off.

OMB and Caroline say they support Frankie. She wants him to take care of himself and remember his home is just around the corner. Group hug.

Hope tells Billie Bo moved back in with her, "I don't play the kind of games you are accusing me of. Talk to Steve." Billie will think about it. She thanks Hope and leaves. Outside, Billie smiles.

Bo says it was stinking luck Wells showed up at the bank when he did. EJ walks in. The lawyer lays down the conditions for them to drop the lawsuit, "The investigation must be brought to an end and Mr. Wells' file turned over to us. You have to go on the air and make a public apology and admit you were all wrong."

Bo says they won't do it. The attorney reminds him he's suspended and has no say in police matters. Abe steps in and also says they can't do it. The lawyer says, "We'll give you three minutes to change your mind."

Abe rushes out and asks Celeste if she can at least guess what the cards mean. Celeste sees EJ in the background and says she can't help.

Mimi comes back in. She asks Max to help her find Phillip. Max chuckles, "How?"

"First we track down the photographer," says Mimi, "He might know. She feels responsible for Phillip leaving and wants to redeem herself.

The nurse gives Phillip an injection. It will help with the pain, but not the heartache. Victor asks for her discretion. The nurse leaves and Victor says, "Dream about holding your little girl in your arms and I will make it happen."

Abby says Nick doesn't know what Chelsea might do at the dinner. Nick thinks she's emotional, angry and dangerous. He's so turned on by that he doesn’t care what she might do. He asks a favor. He wants Abby to help him spruce up for the date.

Billie and the brat sit together and talk. Billie tells the brat Patch hasn't regained his memory like they thought.

"So, he was lying to his wife on her deathbed," says the little snot, "Why would you want a guy like that?"

Billie changes the subject. She invites her to Thanksgiving. The brat can't make it, "I'm going to the Brady's Thanksgiving. Dad invited me."

"That's great," lies Billie.

Roman caves in. He makes the public apology. He says there in no evidence against EJ, "We apologize for that and for our unjust tactics. We made a mistake. I'm sure everyone will understand. We are, after all the Salem Police Department. Making mistakes is out business."

EJ enters the pub as Celeste comes out and drops her purse. EJ picks it up, "What did you tell him?"


"Good," says EJ, "Keep your mouth shut. Remember, you're a part of this family too."

Abe thanks Roman for getting EJ and the attorney off their backs. Kate comes in hoping to see the public apology. Roman tells her they just wrapped it up. Kate says she will never trust Roman or John again.

DA Bettis warns them to stay away from EJ, "If you screw up again I'm cleaning house." She turns on her heel and leaves.

Bo tells Abe he can't let the DA's office interfere. Abe tells him to cool his jets, "Its' over!" FF Burnin' Bo.


Billie extends her hand, "I'm Billie – Chelsea's Mom. And you are..." Nick is dressed in a suit. He gets up off the floor and chuckles, "Never better."

Hope says, "You should have talked to me about the investigation." Bo says, "I didn't want to push it." Hope says, "Then I'll push it... back in my bed."

Stephanie throws her arms around Patch, "We are gonna be so happy. You me and Mom – a family!" Squeal. Hope watches.

Celeste tells Lexie, "One family has caused all that pain – the DiMeras. " Abe looks on.

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