Thursday, April 30, 2009

Whoring Around

Sami bustles around her place and answers the doorbell. Lucas rushes in. Sami tells him the big deal she wants to talk to him about concerns Grace and EJ. Oh, my! Whatever could that be about? Lucas immediately figures she didn't drop the bomb about Grace. She says she didn't do it because of what happened to Phillip. Lucas judges. He reminds her, "That guy Raffle or Riff or whoever he is knows, too. I thought you guys were an item."

Arianna and Rafe decide they have a lot of catching up to do. Rafe wonders if last night made up for everything. "No," says Arianna, "to make up for everything you have to buy me breakfast."

"At the pub," asks Rafe.

"No," says Arianna, "Taking me to that joint to eat would mean you have even more to make up for."

Kate obsesses over her plan to bring Daniel down.

Chelsea catches up with Kate at the hospital, "I'm glad I found you. Billie is stable."

"Then she's the only one in the family who is." Kate says she got a ticket for London. Chelsea wonders what about Phillip. Kate is determined to go. Chelsea says she'll go instead.

Chloe finds Will at the Java Café. She sits with him, "I don't want to come off sounding like the wicked stepmother, but shouldn't you be in school?"

"Teacher's conferences," says Will.

"How long to they last," asks Chloe.

"They start in September and go through June," says Will.
Will says he likes school except for the classes, "Everyone hangs around in clumps." Chloe says she hated the cliques when she was in high school, too. He reminds her she was the prom queen.

"That was kind of a fluke," says Chloe, "I was actually the first runner up, but Chris was disqualified when he insisted on wearing a pink taffeta gown to the prom."

Sami corrects Lucas on Rafe's name. Lucas is sarcastic about her relationships. Sami says Rafe flipped out when she told him about wanting to tell EJ. She tells Lucas about their little CENSORED incident, "It was one of those wonderful moments in life... like labor pains or watching DOOL. Lucas, I think I scared him away."

Chelsea and Kate argue about who should go to England. Daniel interrupts. Kate fills him in on Billie's situation. Kate suggests having Jack and Jennifer check in on Billie before someone gets there. She leaves to try to arrange that.

Chelsea plays the blame game for not calling Billie before the accident. She says she wanted to call her and tell her about Max. Daniel is happy that Chelsea has found Max and is happy. Chelsea says she's gong to London. "Where is she," says Daniel.

"She's at Kent hospital in Mayfair," says Chelsea.

WHAT A COINCIDENCE! Daniel just happens to know a doc who works there. He says he'll call him and give him instructions over the phone on how to save Billie's life, "I'll miss you." Hugs. Kate stands behind them and soaks it in.

Lucas pours on more sarcasm as he and Sami talk about Rafe and EJ. She takes us back through the pain of what happened at the endless wedding. "What a tangled web you weave," says Lucas, "So now EJ thinks you love him." She tells him that's not true but that's why Rafe bugged out. Lucas asks if she's being honest when she says she doesn't love EJ.

Sami looks the word "honest" up in the dictionary.

Chloe and Will bring the conversation back to Sami. Will wonders how his dad put up with her for so long, "I was wrong. My dad is better off with you. Better off dead, that is."

Sami insists she isn't in love with EJ. Lucas thinks she doth protest to much. Sami squeals, "I could kill him."

"If I were a better shot you wouldn't have to deal with any of this," says Lucas.

Sami gasps, "OMG, don't talk like that."

Lucas presses, "Are you sure you don't have feelings for him? Are you sure? Are you sure? Are you sure?" Uh-oh. I think there was one too many "are you sure's" there. Stand back, everyone. Sami 'splodes.

Rafe and Arianna are guzzling coffee at the Java Café. Arianna thinks Rafe hasn't changed. Rafe insists his life is boring. Arianna says she thinks Rafe is holding something back from her. He tells her he gave up his job. She figures he was fired. Rafe comes clean and tells her that's true. "AHA," says Arianna, "I have a feeling your last assignment was young and beautiful and you fell for her. Some things never change."

"Not on this show," says Rafe.

Kate interrupts the hug. She tells them Jack and Jennifer are in Africa visiting Belle.

"How did Belle get to Africa," asks Chelsea.

"After months on a boat alone with her, Shawn couldn't stand it any more and he threw her overboard when they got close enough to Capetown that she could swim ashore."

"Chelsea starts planning for the trip. Daniel leaves so Kate and Chelsea can duke it out over who goes and who stays.

Chelsea watches Daniel ride off into the sunset, "He makes me feel better."

Kate takes the opening, "He's gifted at making women feel better." Kate gets a call, "Yes, I'm her mother. OMG! No! Yes! I understand."

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Stefano is, however, expected to recover.

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Father Matt runs into Chloe at the pier. Chloe asks, "Is it a sin to tell a kid you'd like to learn about baseball when you actually think baseball is torture?"

"Torture," repeats Father Matt, "You must be a Washington Nationals fan."

Speaking of torture, we're back to Sami and Lucas. They argue. Womanchild throws stuffed toys. Lucas reminds her she trusted him enough to tell him her big secret. He insists he cares and doesn't want to see her get hurt. Lucas reminds her she will be part of EJ's life. He vows not to let EJ hurt anyone else he cares about.

Chelsea is on the phone arranging to go to England. Kate decides Chelsea can go but Kate will come with her. Chelsea doesn't want her to leave Phillip.

Kate ponders, "He has been through quite an ordeal hasn't he?"

Chelsea agrees, "Yes, Stephanie is a lot to have to deal with."

Chelsea goes to tell Mark her supervisor she is leaving. As Kate decides she is resigned to staying in Salem, she hears a commotion down the hall. She leans around the corner to see what it is and finds Mark doing a chicken dance and high fives now that he's found out Chelsea won't be around any more.

Daniel comes up to Kate, "I think you and I should talk." Kate agrees.

Lexie brings Theo up to Chelsea. Abe follows. Chelsea tells them about Billie and her pending trip to London. "How are you going to get there," asks Theo.

Chelsea says, "I knew you would ask that and so I made you this paper airplane." She hands it to him.

"How did you know you should make it," asks Lexie, "If we just happened to bump into each other and you didn't know you would be seeing Theo?"

"This is DOOL," says Chelsea, "what did you expect, logic?"
She turns back to Theo and tells him that's how she will get to England.

"The last time my mommy and daddy went to England," says Theo, "They took a real airplane."

Lucas. Sami. Bickering. Lucas wants her to get her feelings straight and tell EJ the truth, "Grow up, Sami. You need to grow up."

Arianna asks if Rafe's latest mystery woman was worth losing his job. Rafe says he doesn't know – the relationship may be over. "Well," says Arianna, "It looks like I found you again just in the nick of time."

Daniel wants to talk about Chelsea. He thinks it's important Chelsea be the one to run off to Billie. Kate tells him that's already decided. Chelsea will go to London and Kate will stay. Daniel gets a call. Kate tells him to go save lives and she'll wait for the right moment to take his.

Chloe tells father Mack she's making progress with Will and she thinks Allie is just adorable, "A huge nuisance, but adorable."

Father Matt pops the big question, "And how are things with Lucas?"


"You haven't told your husband about your affair?"

"No," says Chloe, "And thank God I didn't."

God figures she's right and scratches 'Thou shalt not lie' off his list of commandments, "And I think the list would be a little better off without this one about adultery, too."

Lucas tells Sami to be careful with EJ, "So tell me about about Raff."

"RAFE," she says, "It's RAFE. I don't know what's going on with him." Lucas tells her she should find out. She appreciates his support. Lucas hugs. Sami picks up a megaphone and aims it toward the apartment door as it opens, "I know my secret is safe with you."

Will stands there, "Just what does that mean?"

Chelsea tells Kate it was difficult to say goodbye to Theo. Kate tears up. They both turn on the waterworks as they say goodbye. Kate bawls, "Tell your mom I love her and will be there as soon as I can. Then once you walk off the set we'll forget both of you forever." Chelsea leaves.


Kate watches her go, "It's a good thing you're going. Things will get worse before they get better." That's been happening on this show since 1965. You would have thought we would have reached the bottom of the barrel by now.

Lucas lectures will for sassing his mom, "I can't wait until you're 17 or 18 or whatever age it is that you don't know everything."

"Maybe you and I will get there together," says Will.

Sami jumps in, "I was telling your father there might be more to my relationship with Rafe than friendship. In fact, when you busted in on us earlier, you almost saw for yourself how much more."

Will tells her he just saw Rafe at the Java Café, "I'll babysit, if you want to go there, but you need to start paying."

Lucas hands him a wad-o-cash and says he has to go see Chloe. Will tells him she is at the pier, "I like her, Dad... really."

"I like your attitude."

"So...," asks Will, "These secrets with mom... do you tell Chloe?"

"I think she has a few secrets of her own," says Lucas.

Chloe decides God works in mysterious ways. She says Lucas was dead and coming back was a miracle and part of it was Lucas not remembering about her little peccadillo with Daniel, "God gave me a do-over. Maggie realized that too and kept my secret. So now at last I finally have peace of mind."

"A piece is about all you have up there," says Father Matt.

Daniel comes back to Kate. She says she's going to ask him for advice about a problem, "I know for sure Chloe was having an affair and I'm shattered."

Daniel gives her his best, "I understand you're shattered" look.

Chelsea is on the phone leaving Max a message, "Things are worse than they thought with Mom. I need to see you ASAP.

Rafe tells Arianna he got an offer from Homeland Security. Arianna says, "This awful woman has taken a great agent and turned him into a loser in Salem."

"It's not Sami's fault," says Rafe.

Arianna jumps on that, "SAMI? Does she spell it with an 'i' and does she put a little heart over it when she signs her name?"

Sami with an 'i' walks into the Java Café and listens to the conversation.

Rafe pours it out, "I love you and no one will ever take your place in my heart."

Sami's eyes go wide. The staff of the Java Café wonder how they will deal with the cow Sami just had right in the middle of the place.

Chloe wishes father Matt could have married them. She tells him they weren't married in a church and father Matt suggests it could still happen. Chloe says being married to Lucas is a new beginning.

"My organization is big on forgiveness," says Father Matt.

Lucas walks up as Chloe takes her own megaphone and points it toward him, "I know there are secrets that should be kept, even from your husband."

Kate says, "I am sure Chloe was whoring around on my son."

"I can't believe it," says Daniel.

"You can't believe it," asks Kate. Three-two-one... Bombs away... "WHEN YOU ARE THE MAN SHE WAS WHORING AROUND WITH?"

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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mr. Quigley Had Another Accident

Stephanie wanders around the hospital waiting area as she talks on her cell phone planning a trip to Greece. She hangs up and goes into Phillip's room. Phillip grumbles and growls. "Awwww," says Stephanie, "Do we have a case of the Monday's?" She smooches him and all is well.

EJ carries Nicole into the bedroom and flops her onto the bed. Munching ensues. EJ grabs body parts and whispers, "I love you so much." He backs off and looks her in the eyes...


EJ zones. Nicole asks if he is OK. He insists he is and goes back to work. She stops him and says if something is bothering her he can tell her.

Sami and Rafe continue to argue. Rafe decides he has to go. Sami spews and as her eruption subsides she tells him to leave. I think that's what he was doing in the first place.

EJ moves in. Nicole pushes him away and presses the issue, "I want to know what's bothering you."

EJ tells her those words every woman wants to hear in bed, "It's none of your business."

Sami orders Rafe to stop as he puts on his jacket. He asks what she would have done if EJ had left Nicole at the church and told Sami she is the one he loves.

Max tells Arianna she can take off early if she wants. As she starts to leave he asks if Chelsea has come back. "I haven't seen her," says Arianna.

Chelsea works on a computer in the hospital. She finds med school applications and snoops as Melanie watches, "Naughty Chelsea! You are so busted!"

EJ asks if Nicole wants them to be one of those pathetic couples joined at the hip, "I think you're just itching for an argument."

"No," says Nicole, "I think Mary forgot to put fabric softener in when she washed the sheets and they're giving me a rash." EJ's phone rings. He takes the call and Nicole leaves to check on Sydney.

Masi asks EJ where his father is. EJ says Masi reports to him now. "The job your father hired me to do is about to be finished," says Masi.

Sami gets sarcastic and says she would have jumped at that chance if EJ had dumped Nicole at the wedding. Rafe says the whole reason EJ thinks Sami's in love with him is because she interrupted the wedding. He thinks EJ wouldn't have come over if he weren't interested in her. Sami claims she isn't in love with EJ. She wants to pick up where she left off with Rafe. Sami moves in.

Melanie strolls up to Dr. Baker, "Hey, Dr. B, Whazzup?"

Baker looks over the top of his glasses, "Uh... Mandy... right?"

She corrects him, "It's Melanie."

"Melanie," he barks, "Could you do me a favor and make sure the floor in room 202 is cleaned up? Mr. Quigley had another accident."

Melanie mouths, "Lovely." Baker turns to leave. Melanie stops him, "Uh... before you leave, I thought you should know I saw a trainee doing something unethical and think I should report it."

"What was she doing," asks Baker.

"She was helping a patient."

"In this hospital," says Dr. Baker, "That's grounds for immediate termination."

Nicole wanders downstairs holding Sydney telling her she is a DiMera and no one can take her away from Nicole, "Miss Sydney DiMera... no, Mistress Sydney DiMera... it has such a nice ring to it. Someday you'll be attending a cotillion on the isle of a handsome suitor. You're going to have it all." Mary interrupts. "I thought you had the night off," says Nicole.

"I did," says the maid, "But..." GET THIS, VIEWERS... "my fishing charter got canceled. So there will be no walleyed pike tomorrow for breakfast."

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Nicole says, "Well that's the way it goes sometimes. We may not have pike for breakfast, but EJ will be there and he's been a piker in the lovemaking department recently." Sydney gets fussy and Mary takes her off for a bottle and some adult company.

EJ and Masi fight a bad phone connection as EJ orders, "You listen to me. Whatever you have planned... stop it!" The signal goes. The connection breaks.

Masi hangs up, "This time the job will be completed!"

Nicole comes back into the bedroom. EJ pulls her over and goes back to work.

Phillip says he thinks something is up. Stephanie is coy. She hands Phillip the morning paper and he opens it and sees the front-page story about EJ and Nicole's wedding. His artificial circulatory system has an artificial stroke. He wads the paper up and tells Stephanie he has to get back to work.

Baker walks up to Chelsea and asks what she's doing on the computer. Melanie watches and dials Max. She blabs about Baker grilling Chelsea, "I think she ruined your chances for Salem med school."

Stephanie lectures Phillip for going back into revenge mode. Phillip reminds her the DiMeras ordered a hit on him. Stephanie wants him to get away from the pointless feuding, "And I have a way for you to do that. I want you to run away with me."


EJ's cell phone once again interrupts the 'proceedings.' He tells the guy he will check it out. Nicole asks if he has to do that right now. "It's kind of important," says EJ. Nicole shows him more important things to do.

Sami and Rafe are doing important things too. Rafe backs off and tells her he refuses to be a rebound guy. Sami insists those were EJ's words. Rafe says he thinks she likes the attention from EJ and also likes making him jealous. Womanchild says, "If you seriously think that, then I guess we do have a really big problem."

Chelsea apologizes for snooping in the computer as Max walks up. Baker wants to know what's so interesting about the med school admissions. Chelsea tells him about Max' application. She begs Baker not to tell her boss. Baker says he will let it slide this time. He walks away and Max comes up and asks what that was all about. Chelsea bobs and weaves. She asks what Max is doing there and then realizes Melanie must have tipped him off, "OMG! Did your sister call you?"

Phillip says he can't run away with Stephanie. Stephanie insists they both need the downtime, "We can start a new life in Greece. Doesn't that sound great?"

"And never come back?"

"If that's what it takes to protect you," says Stephanie.

Melanie wheels a cart up to the door outside Phillip's room. The guard Stephanie in front of her and she sticks her ID card in front of his face, "I know I'm way too pretty for this job. but..." The guard lets her pass. She rolls the cart into Phillip's room, "Time for some goulash!"

"On this show," says Phillip, "I expected re-hash instead."

Conveniently, Stephanie gets a call and leaves. Melanie serves. Phillip isn't sure he should eat anything she's been near. "Don't worry," Melanie assures him, "I only have a mild case of the swine flu."

Prevuze observers report that in Salem, the SWINE FLU isn't as big a problem as the

Melanie tells Phillip she is really sorry. If she had known the DiMeras would plug Phillip she never would have messed with them.

The festivities at the DiMera mansion are over. Nicole broods. EJ zones, apparently suffering from post homicidal triste. Nicole wants a clue as to what EJ and Stefano are up to. EJ reminds her, "You knew what you were getting into."

"Yeah," says Nicole, "An elevator."

EJ says Nicole has to accept being left in the dark or the marriage will fail. Nicole pouts.

Max and Chelsea arrive at the pub. She worries that Max is disappointed in her. Max insists he's not upset she looked at the application, he's upset she felt she had to. He says he's not going anywhere. Chelsea protests. He shuts her up with a kiss.

Nicole says she thinks that sounded like an ultimatum.


EJ reminds her she gives ultimatums too. He gets up an goes for more champagne and to check his email.

Left alone, Nicole says, "Something is distracting you EJ, and it's not just your business." She flashes back to seeing the envelope addressed to Sami, "That has to be it! You're out of envelopes! " Nicole vows no one will ever take Sydney from her.

Speaking of things that won't happen, Rafe starts to go. He tells Sami he lost the job in New York when he didn't show up and doesn't know what he will do. Will walks in as Rafe walks out. In other words, if this thing had gone a different direction Will would be getting a real eyeful right about now.

Will asks, "Mom, what just happened?"

Chelsea's phone rings. She looks at the caller ID, "It's a strange number."

"That's all right," says Max, "They're calling a strange person."

Chelsea answers and spews a chain of "Oh no's" and "OMG's," and then hangs up, "My mom was in an accident."

Max gasps, "My God."

Chelsea says, "No. My mom."

Nicole makes a call. Baker picks up. "I have something to say," says Nicole, "and you need to listen.

EJ talks to Stefano's painting, "Our friend will not be making any moves."

Masi moves.

Melanie says she was worried about Phillip, " I know we're supposed to hate each other but I think it's really messed up what the DiMeras did to you."

"Not everyone shares that sentiment," says Phillip.

Melanie says, "I have been on the wrong side of the DiMeras and would like to see them fry."

Stephanie hesitates outside Phillip's room. She tears up the brochure.

Masi is on the phone making plans, "Go to the pier. Next to the steps, there is a crate. Under the crate, there is an envelope. By now it's probably stuck to the concrete from lying in a pool of Tony's blood. Find the envelope, open it and do exactly as it says."

We pan in on a crate at the dock, and then pan down to an envelope beneath it. Slowly, gloved hands reach down, pick up the envelope, open it and remove the contents. THE GLOVE IS BACK! EJ IS HIS OWN FLUNKY!

Melanie decides she has to get back to work and wishes Phillip good luck. Stephanie comes back in as Melanie goes. She tells Phillip she's OK with not going to Greece and climbs into bed with him.

Melanie pushes her cart and stops by the waste basket where she just happens to find Stephanie's torn up brochure.

Will asks Sami why Rafe was there, "Are you guys getting back together?"

"I don't know."

Rafe walks outside. He curses Sami and tosses his brand new iPhone into the lake. Arianna walks up behind him, "Raphael Hernandez. You get over here right now."

Rafe turns, "Arianna..."

Arianna says, "I never thought I would see you again." Big hug.

Baker is on the phone with Nicole, "I delivered Sami's baby and that's it. Sami is not my problem." Nicole asks him to resign and leave town. Baker hangs up.

EJ checks his computer, "Well, looks like my instincts about Baker were right... More than a few skeletons in your closet, I see."

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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Chew You Up And Spit You Out

Rafe and Sami turn up the heat. She drags him to the couch where they get a little more comfortable.

Chloe arrives at the hospital but the guard stops her from going into Phillip's room. Chloe demands to go in because she is Phillip's sister-in-law. After about five seconds of listening to Chloe whining, the guard is not only ready to let her into the room, but decides to quit his job as well. Brady comes up and drags her off.

Bo calls Hope and tells her the baddie suspected of attempting to whack Phillip is in south America. Hope wants a crack at Stefano herself.

EJ calls Nicole and tells her Stefano is going away fro a few days. He says nobody should know about it. He hangs up and misses her saying, "I love you." Nicole picks up Sydney and remembers telling Mia to stay away.

Sami and Rafe. More action, less clothes. Sami stops him for a second, "Rafe... do you have protection?"

"You know that's illegal in Salem."

Mia is distant. Will tries to break through the fog. Mia talks about Grace, but says she thinks they're having a rockin' good time there at the Java Café. Will agrees, "But there is something else we could do that's fun... if you're interested."

Rafe comes up for air, "Sami, do you know how long I've wanted to be with you like this?"

Sami catches her breath, "Why didn't you say something?"

"I didn't think you wanted to," says Rafe.

"I do," gasps Sami. They get back to business.

Will asks Mia to come and see his baseball game. Mia is completely underwhelmed, but tells him it sounds like fun, "At least while the game is going on I can watch the grass grow in the infield for excitement."

Nicole answers the door to find Hope. She gives her the brush off. Hope wants to know where Stefano is. "It's Wednesday," says Nicole, "Stefano must be bowling." She reluctantly lets Hope in. Hope asks about EJ. Nicole continues to resist. Hope wonders if they should be on their honeymoon. Nicole tells her they postponed it out of respect for Tony. Hope thinks it's strange they didn't postpone the wedding too. Nicole rants. She says they went ahead with the wedding to break up the sadness. Sadness, yes, boredom, no.

Sami and Rafe writhe and grab. A knock at the door interrupts the festivities. Just to show how stupid this show is, Sami actually gets up and answers. She swings the door open. EJ stands there and soaks in the half nekkid Sami.

Chloe asks what happened to Brady's face. He says it's nothing. She thanks him for coming to her rescue. They huckster "The Onion" and then talk about almost losing Phillip. Chloe points out that Nicole is now a DiMera. Brady says that doesn't affect him. Chloe insists he is in love with Nicole. Brady denies.

Sydney cries as Nicole lectures Hope. Hope follows Nicole as she goes into the rumpus room and tries to quiet the baby. She also tries to quiet Sydney. Hope tells her Sydney is beautiful, "Which proves you are not her mother." Hope gives Nicole the 3rd degree about Phillip's shooting. Nicole tells her to get out. Hope wonders where EJ is. She says he should be there since they are newlyweds, "Where is he Nicole?"

Sami rants at EJ for barging in at such an inopportune time, "Why are you here anyway?" EJ tells her he wanted to drop off some preschool brochures. Sami goes ballistic, "Why couldn't you have called or told me where to get the information on the Internet? This is not a good time! We were right at a critical moment. Why couldn't you have shown up just a few minutes later? This is a clear-cut case of... CENSORED."

EJ says he has a business proposal for Rafe. He says Nicole needs a bodyguard. Sami blows her stack, "NO WAY!"

Back at the Java Café, Will and Mia go over their Spanish lesson. Will's friend Ted comes up and talks about the baseball team, "We are gonna kick butt. Our opponents next week have lost some of their stars."

"Sounds like DOOL," says Will.

Suddenly Ted notices Mia. He asks where she is from. Mia says she transferred from Salem West.

Ted thinks he might recognize her, "Were you on the cheerleading squad? I know all about you!"

Nicole says she trusts EJ. Hope doesn't buy it. She tells Nicole she is now responsible for Sydney as well as herself. Nicole gets defensive, "Sidney is the only thing I think about."

"With a mind like yours, one thing is all you can handle," says Hope, "Just remember this... That family will destroy you. They will chew you up and spit you out, along with your daughter."

EJ tries to get under Rafe's skin, "If the bodyguard thing doesn't work out you can be a cable guy. Did you find what you were looking for at my house?" Rafe gets a call and says he has to take it.

After Rafe leaves, Sami tees off on EJ for interrupting the festivities. She tells him to leave, "Give my best to your witch... I mean wife." EJ reminds her she interrupted his wedding and tells her she not only made a fool of herself but almost ruined the most important day of his life. He wants to know why she was there, "I assume it has something to do with our child."

Brady tells Chloe, "If I never hear the words Nicole DiMera again I think I'll be better off." He says he has bigger and more important things to do. Chloe wants to know what that's all about. Brady says it doesn't concern her. She begs him not to be like Victor.

Nicole orders Hope out. Hope wishes her luck and leaves. Once she is gone, Nicole goes back into the rumpus room and picks Sydney up. She apologizes for the commotion, and promises everything will be fine.

Sami says she doesn't owe EJ an explanation. EJ mocks her as Rafe listens. He says he's worried about her behavior. He says he thinks she's having a hard time weaning herself away from him. Sami nukes, "I don't know how many different ways you need me to say this to you, EJ. I am not in love with you. Whatever we had between us is gone."

EJ says he's talking about her and Rafe... "It's a rebound thing. You know that, I know that. The only person who is oblivious is Rafe." Sami lectures as Rafe comes back. EJ saunters out. Rafe says he got bad reception on his cell phone and asks to use the land line.

Ted says he has a friend from Salem West who used to talk about Mia all the time. He turns to Will, "She was high school royalty." He turns back to Mia, "Brad is gonna die when I tell him about you. Brad Winters, a skater dude... do you know him?"

"No," says Mia, "I don't know him."

EJ arrives at the mansion. "Where's Sydney, " he asks.

"Light's out," says Nicole.

"That's where we differ," says EJ, "With me, the lights are on... but nobody's home."

Nicole tells him Hope stopped by and asked questions about him and Stefano. She assures him she didn't say a word, and asks where Stefano went. EJ is evasive. He tells her Stefano went for medical treatment. Nicole thinks everything in the house is one big secret. EJ changes the subject, "Listen... Silence... just you and me. I wonder what we should do with this amazing opportunity." Somehow they come up with something.

When EJ goes to lock the door Nicole finds the envelope addressed to Sami, "Did you and SAMANTHA have a nice little visit?"

Rafe tells Sami he's not taking the job in New York. Sami is ready to get back into action. Rafe stares.

Sami asks, "What's wrong, Rafe?"

"Why don't you tell me?"

Ted leaves. Mia apologizes for overreacting. Will shrugs it off, but asks, "Why are you so closed off?" She says she doesn't want to talk about things she did before she met him.

Brady gets off the phone and Chloe asks about the call. Brady is silent. Chloe wants him to know Victor has a dark side. Brady assures her he's not going to shoot first and ask questions later. He wants the investigation on Phillip's shooting done by the book. Chloe asks, "And if it isn't, then what?"

EJ tells Nicole it's there are preschool brochures in the envelope. He goes to work on her, I want you to think about the ocean. Think about the sun on the beach."

Nicole asks, "Why do you want me to think about Stefano at a time like this?"

EJ says, "I said 'son on the beach' not 'son of a...'"
EJ moves in and carries her upstairs.

Sami pouts and broods and says Rafe obviously heard EJ and her talking. She says it doesn't matter what EJ thinks, "What about everything you and I said to each other. If I wanted to be with EJ I'd tell him about Grace."

Rafe still thinks there is a problem, "And we both know what it is."

Mia says she isn't deliberately keeping things from Will. She says nothing that happened before matters to her.

Brady asks how it is being married again, "Is everything with Lucas just wonderful?"

Chloe gives Lucas his most ringing endorsement ever, "Lucas squeezes the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube. I can't believe it's been a month already."

"Is it good?" Enquiring minds...

"It's chaotic," says Chloe, "but we love each other." Brady wishes her the best. He hugs her and says he has to go straighten some things out at Titan. Chloe once again begs him not to become like Victor.


EJ drops Nicole on the bed and goes to work... Time passes... clothes disappear... EJ runs his hand up her body and heaves, "Oh, I love you so much!" We pan out to see her face...


Rafe thinks Sami was hoping EJ would leave Nicole at the altar if she had dropped the bombshell about Grace. Sami denies that and we go back to one of their adolescent arguments. "EJ thinks you love him," says Rafe, "Why would he think that?"

"Men," huffs Sami, "Ya have a couple kids with them and they jump to conclusions."

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Monday, April 27, 2009


Stephanie comes into the hospital waiting area and heads for Phillip's room. A cop stops her and asks for A picture ID. Stephanie scowls and rummages through her purse. She pulls out her wallet and hands the guard her ID card. "I'm sorry," says the guard, "I'll need something more than a membership card to the Scooby Doo fan club." Uh-oh. Strip search.

Inside, Phillip remembers getting shot.

Over in Stefano's room, Lexie says Stefano wasn't poisoned, "But there is something seriously wrong. Victor Kiriakis didn't do this. You did."

Sami tells Rafe she is sure she wants him in her life. "Until the next time you don't," says Rafe. They call his plane. Sami grovels and throws herself at him. Sami begs. Sami whimpers. Even though you thought it was impossible, Sami hits new lows.

Chelsea joins Max as he works at the pub. Max asks, "How's Phillip?"

"He's pretty doped up."

"I see," says Max, "I'm glad Stephanie is with him." Max complains about being busy, so Chelsea jumps behind the bar to help him work.

"What are you doing," asks Max.

"Getting ready to sling hash."

"We usually just carry it to the customers."

Stephanie stomps into Phillip's room and has a meltdown, "I can't take it! I can't take any of this!"

Phillip asks, "What? Are you watching yourself on DOOL? "

Rafe says, "I wanted to leave without telling you because I didn't want to go through this."

"Neither did we," screams a gal in the audience.

Sami thinks something special happened in the safehouse. "It did," says Rafe, "We got out." He tells Sami her life is in Salem and his is "out there." Sami has another hissy fit.

Lexie announces that Stefano has type II diabetes. Stefano laughs, "I thought it was something serious. I can handle it." Lexie lectures him about the way he lives his life and says he needs to do an about face.

Stephanie says she wants Phillip's guard to do his job – Just not on her. Phillip moans, "Stephanie, what have I done to you?"

Max isn't sure Chelsea can handle the intricate and complicated job of being a waitress at the pub. Chelsea points out that Max is messing up Mrs. Blevins' order. She vows to fix his mistake and smooth things over. Max says he will give her a shot, but no special treatment. Chelsea leaves as Max picks up an envelope sitting beside the cash register and twiddles it.

Sami turns up her tantrum and starts tossing things. Rafe says, "I'm doing what I think is right."

Sami screams, "My dad has a police term for that: CRAP! I think you're You're scared of me."

Rafe says, "And I have a term for that: CRAP!"

Sami asks, "Can we use filthy language like that on TV?"

"I think so," says Rafe, "But Prevuze will probably put it behind a censored link."

Sami goes off the scale, "Since I told you how I felt you've been bobbing and weaving to avoid it. So I'm gonna say it. I've never met anyone like you and I have never felt about anyone the way I feel about you. I would do anything to stop you from getting on that plane."


Lexie tells Stefano this disease can bring him to his knees. She leaves to start the admitting process. Stefano asks EJ to go after her and tell her he is sorry. Once EJ leaves, Stefano gets up and rips off his arm bandage.

Phillip thinks he has put Stephanie in danger. Stephanie says it was her choice to be with him, "I feel alone, but not when I'm with you."

"I never knew you had that level of insight," says Phillip.

Chelsea sees Max toying with the envelope. He tells her he thinks it's probably a rejection. Chelsea suggests if he opens it he might find out.

"Gee," says Max, "I never thought of that." He opens it and reads.

Chelsea asks, "What does it say?"

More Rafe-Sami ridiculousness. Sami says she wants him to hear her say she's sorry before he leaves. Two men in black suits walk up to Sami. They grab her and confiscate her membership card in the National Organization For People With A Shred Of Self Respect.

Max reads, "I didn't get in, but it's not a rejection either."

"So," says Chelsea, "It's a pre-rejection letter."

Max explains, "It just acknowledges they received my application." Arianna interrupts and announces her presence.

"I'm sorry," says Max, "I've been preoccupied talking to Chelsea instead of doing my job, or I would have had the red carpet ready for you." Arianna leaves and Max apologizes for freaking out.

"That's OK," smiles Chelsea, "I'm sure the next letter will be one from Salem U accepting you."

"It's not from Salem," says Max, "This is from a school in Chicago."

The blood drains from Chelsea's face, "If you get accepted there you're gonna move. So what about us?"

Max snaps his fingers, "Damn shame about that, isn't it?"

Stefano has hotfooted it back to the mansion. As he takes a metal box from his safe, EJ walks in and lectures him for bugging out of the hospital. Stefano says he can't be a patient there under the circumstances. He's decided to go to Brunei and will come back when he is in fighting shape.

"So," asks EJ, "You're going to take care of yourself then?"

"Yes," says Stefano, "And you... are going to take care of Kiriakis."

Lexie joins Phillip and Stephanie. Phillip sees her and snarls, "Get the hell out of here." Phillip knows when Dr. Carver enters the room, his life is on the line.

We're back at the airport. I can't describe the ensuing conversation since the US government has officially banned torture. They call Rafe's plane to board and he heads down the gangway.

Chelsea is devastated about the possibility of Max moving away from Salem. Max says, "Chelsea, it's Chicago, not Antarctica."

"You've never been there in the winter have you," says Chelsea. She thinks they will never see each other.

Max asks, "Why don't you move with me to Chicago?"

"You're a White Sox fan. I'm a Cubs fan. It would never work out."

Phillip don' wan' no stinkin' DiMera sawbones touching him. Lexie leaves.

Stefano is on the phone. He thanks her highness and says he looks forward to seeing her again. He hangs up and tells EJ everything is arranged. EJ rolls his eyes, "Gee, I wonder if Bo Brady would give you a ride to the airport."

Stefano fires a volley of his own, "If I can give up a few liqueurs you can at least give up a little sarcasm." Stefano says he doesn't want Victor to think he is running. EJ doesn't care what Victor thinks. Stefano says he has no qualms about leaving Elvis in charge, because he has proven himself, "And besides, the other candidate for the job is dead."

Stephanie has a headache. Phillip thinks that must mean she's mad at him. Stephanie whines, "Tony died, you almost died and now you hate Lexie. When does it end?"

The viewers say in unison, "Soon, we Hope." Stephanie turns and leaves.

Chelsea insists she can't move to Chicago, "I just signed a lease to share an apartment with Stephanie. Conveniently, Max reminds her Arianna is looking for an apartment. He shouts across the room and asks if she would be interested in sharing a nice two bedroom deluxe hovel with someone.

"You bet," says Arianna, "Unless my roommate would be Stephanie Johnson. No one could take that."

With the big apartment problem solved, Chelsea decides she is peeved Max didn't ask her before he made the decision.

Stephanie apologizes to Lexie about Phillip's behavior. Lexie wants to know if Stephanie needs to talk to a shrink. Stephanie insists she's fine.

EJ beats himself up for not handling things better. Stefano tells him to just focus on what needs to be done. EJ says plans for Phillip have to be put on hold. Stefano argues with that.

Sami wanders wanders around the empty waiting area like a lost puppy and pouts. Predictably, Rafe comes back, "It seems I missed my flight."

Sami asks, "Are you waiting on the next one?"

Rafe shakes his head, "There is this girl and she has commitments and she has to stay in Salem and if I went to New York we wouldn't be in the same city."

"I never knew you had that level of insight," says Sami.

"I think that would kill me," says Rafe.

"I think you should tell her," says Sami, "I think that would be the best news she's had in a long time. They fuse themselves together, and then Sami rants about him being mean to her.

"You want me to shut you up," asks Rafe. He shuts her up.

Max and Chelsea discuss how he could possibly make a decision about his life without her.

Lexie brings Stephanie water. She says Phillip's prognosis is excellent. She wonders what Stephanie will do when he is released, "The Kiriakis and DiMera families carry a lot of baggage."

"Good," says Stephanie, "Then surely we can find someone to help carry his stuff out."

Suddenly, Lexie's phone rings. She looks at her text message and tells Stephanie, "I have an emergency. There is a patient on 2-South who might live and the hospital needs the bed." Lexie tells her to take care. She leaves.

Stephanie goes back into Phillip's room. Once inside, she makes a call, "It's me. I need your help."

EJ wonders how Stefano is going to get through airport security. Stefano says someone else will go through security for him, "Mr. Rossi. I have a marked resemblance to him. He's been eating for months to get his weight up." As he goes to pack he tells EJ he will miss Sydney, "In just a few minutes you will be in control. You earned it." He leaves.

EJ mumbles, "I don't want it like this."

Sami and Rafe put on a show for the people in the waiting area. Sami comes up for air, "I think we should take this home."

"Sometimes you have the best ideas," says Rafe.

Chelsea tells Max if he gets accepted he needs to go. He thinks the best case scenario would be him getting into Salem U. She says she'll go with him if he gets accepted in Chicago. They talk about having their own place and smooch. If you happen to be watching this on the big-screen in the Salem pub, it may be a while before someone comes to take your order.

Stephanie thanks the person on the phone and hangs up. She crawls in with Phillip and says she'll take care of both of them.

Stefano arrives at the airport and makes a call to EJ to tell him things are going well. A man follows him as he walks off.

Rafe and Sami come crashing through her front door. They careen around the room and Rafe slams her against a wall. Sami gets impatient taking his shirt off and pulls her patented button-ripping routine. Clothes fly. Hormones rage.

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Date Bait

Brady meets EJ outside the pub and they call each other a bundle of nasty things. Brady ain' afraid of no stinkin' EJ.

Victor and Nicole meet inside the pub and call each other a bundle of nasty things. Nicole insists she's a DiMera, "And they take care of their own... and their enemies."

Stefano huffs and puffs his way into the hospital. He walks up to Lexie, "You have to help me."

Lexie continues to work, "What arrange another murder?" Stefano tells her he has been poisoned.

Mia tells Dr. Baker she saw her baby today but something wasn't right, "It was like she wasn't mine."

Baker drops the bomb, "There is a reason you didn't feel anything and it's time you knew why. SHE'S NOT YOUR BABY!"

If you haven't figured out this is a setup, please reread chapter 3 of your DOOL 101 textbook, "How To Empty You Mind So You Can Understand DOOL."

Rafe and Sami share an uncomfortable moment at the airport. Sami whines and grovels, "I just want to tell you what you mean to me before it's too late."

Cold, cruel Rafe isn't interested, "Sorry, Sami, but it already is too late."

Sami Brady is now at a crossroads. She can either choose to act like an adult and respond as one, or throw a childish fit and smack the crap out of him.

If you thought Sami would act like an adult, you have a few more chapters of your textbook to read. Sami reaches deep and pulls out one of her crap-smackin' personalities, pummels the poor guy and screams, "You make me so mad! I called you and you never returned my calls and then I called again and your phone was disconnected and blada-blada-blada-whine-simper-sob." She comes up with a chain of names to call him, "You are a cold and heartless SOB!"

Sami didn't bring her A-Game or she would have called him a poo-poo head, too.

Rafe says there might be a reason why he didn't return her calls, and the "conversation" they are having is it.


In the aftershock of her pyroclastic flow, Sami snorts, "The least you could do is listen."

"No matter what you say," he says, "it's not going to change anything. I'm still leaving."


Mia takes the bait. Baker tells her she's not emotionally connected to Mia because she gave her up, "She's Nicole's baby, not yours."

"So," says Mia, "it doesn't mean I'm a bad person?"

"No," says Dr. Baker, "Just a bad actor."

Mia gets defensive, "Hey, it's the writing. I don't have much to work with. Now I'm worried Sydney will grow up with a bunch of murderers."

Stefano continues to hyperventilate. Just before he drops dead in front of her, Dr. Lexie finally figures out something is wrong and moves into panic mode. Stefano describes his symptoms, "I have been poisoned."

Lexie asks, "Do you know what you were poisoned with?"

Stefano says, "No, but I know who did it. Since I don't know what poison it was, do you have some kind of universal antidote? "

Lexie says, "As a matter of fact I do have a good one: Two men and a mule walk into a bar..."

Stefano interrupts and booms, "I SAID ANTIDOTE, NOT ANECDOTE!"

Victor and Nicole. Victor tells her the wedding was a charade, "Stefano and EJ needed a cover for the crime they were committing at the time."

Suddenly, Nicole sees Brady and EJ outside, "OMG! They'll kill each other."

Nicole runs out and referees. Brady leaves. She tells EJ they are being taunted. She tells him she was just inside fencing with Victor. EJ goes in to talk to him and Brady comes back. Nicole tells hyped-up Brady to calm down, "You're twitching like a live wire." She asks about his facial.

Brady asks, "Are you sure you wanna know?"

EJ confronts Victor. He says he's sorry for what happened to Phillip.

Victor hits him back with sarcasm, "Sorry about what? That he survived? Please, don't worry about Phillip. Worry about your father."

Sami stomps and holds her breath. Rafe starts the countdown, "Three.. two... one..."

"What are you doing," screams Angelica Pickles.

"Counting down to the tears."

Sami blows again... don't worry it's just an aftershock, "Are you intentionally being horrible because you want me to go away?"

"At this point," says Rafe, "I'll try anything that works. I know the drill, first the temper tantrum, then the tears." Rafe calls her on her act. He tells her they don't work as a couple. He rants about her telling EJ he's the father. Sami says she didn't tell him anything.

EJ says the DiMeras don't fear the Kiriakis family. Victor gives him a fictional history lesson, "Odysseus conquered Troy and killed the cyclops not with power, but with cunning. Have you spoken to your father lately?"

"What do you mean?"

"If you see him," says Victor, "tell him I said yamas... to your health."

Brady tells Nicole she doesn't want to know what happened to his face, "You want to live in blissful ignorance from now on.

"I'm used to the ignorance part already," says Nicole.

Brady says, 'You don't want to know... that person who was holding your daughter has so much blood on his hands."

Stefano grimaces as Lexie comes into his room. He wants her to call the police but for a change Lexie wants to find out what is wrong with her patient. She asks about his symptoms. Stefano rattles them off, "Nausea, lethargy, chills."

"Sounds like you've been watching DOOL in a cold room," says Lexie. Stefano says this all started last night. He's certain Kiriakis did this and vows he will pay. Lexie tells him she's only talking to him because he's a patient, "I saw what you did to Phillip first hand. Nice work." Lexie decides to get another doctor, "I can't do this. If you think this war honors Tony's memory then you are more corrupt than I ever imagined."

Victor tells EJ, "The Trojan war lasted nine years but the Greeks won because they never stopped fighting."

"Or talking."

Victor leaves and EJ calls and leaves a message for Stefano. Then he calls a henchman and tells him to find Stefano now.

Brady wants to know if Nicole has gone through everything like losing her baby just to wind up with a guy like EJ as Sydney's father, "What EJ did last night was deplorable. That's Sydney's father."

Victor is on his phone, "Tell me when it's done."

Lexie comes back and finds Stefano in a coma.

Sami says she couldn't tell EJ about Grace. She calms down, "So I'm getting to the part where you were right and I was wrong." She whispers about EJ putting a hit on Phillip. She says she can't believe he showed up at a church knowing he had ordered someone's death, "Now you can say I told you so."

Rafe piles on, "And that you didn't listen." Rafe softens. Sami softens. She says she's glad she found him before it's too late.

Dr. Baker says the DiMeras are dangerous and Mia should realize what will happen if she crosses them. He says Nicole has bonded with Sydney and Mia's decision to give her up was an unconscious decision not to connect with her. Mia agrees... "There is this other baby. There is something about her that makes you want to take care of her. She's the sister of a friend of mine." Baker wants to know more but Mia leaves.

Baker wonders, "Who is your friend, Mia?"

Lexie examines Stefano as he hovers near death, "Wake up." Stefano wakes. Lexie is amazed that she actually brought a patient back to consciousness.

Stefano is kind of dazes, "I am so tired." Lexie wants more blood and another CVC. "What's that," asks, Stefano.

"I have no idea," says Lexie, "But it sounds good." Lexie assures him he will not die, "I've seen to it that you'll get a new doctor." Stefano says he wants to talk to Elvis. Lexie says OK and leaves. She calls and tells EJ Stefano is at the hospital.

EJ asks, "Is he all right?"

"I don't know," says Lexie, "So far, I'm the only one who has examined him." EJ rushes off.

Brady wishes Nicole good luck with her life and walks off. EJ catches her and they run for the hospital.

EJ and Nicole rush in and meet up with Lexie. She tells them about Stefano's speculation that he has been poisoned. Then she rants about the Kiriakis-DiMera war and stomps off. EJ leaves to speak with Stefano, "I want to speak to him privately."

Lexie turns and tells Nicole, "Privately – get used to that."

Baker comes out and finds Nicole, "What are you doing here? Did Mia call you..."

"She called me a lot of things."

EJ tells Stefano about Victor gloating. Stefano rants, "He did this but he will not get away with it."

Brady is on the phone, "Call me when he wakes up. Phillip is lucky to have you as a nurse." Brady hangs up and updates Victor on Phillip's condition. Victor cautions Brady about talking to Nicole. Brady says he told her goodbye. He asks about Victor's chat with EJ. Coy Victor says they were talking and EJ was called away for an emergency, "Isn't that a shame?"

Mia shows up at Will's place. Will invites her in and tells her he was just at the batting cage practicing, "I need to work on my swing. Maybe you can come and watch sometime."

Mia isn't exactly thrilled, "Oh, yeah, seeing someone getting better at hitting a ball with a stick is my idea of heaven." She tells him about her rusty nail injury. She's there to see if Will talked with Sami about Mia possibly babysitting Grace.

Will is devastated, "You didn't come to see me? You came to see my little sister?"

Rafe is glad Sami can see who EJ really is. They decide they don't need to fight any more. Sami suggests they go home and do something fun. Rafe says he's not going with her. He's headed for New York, "We don't work together. I want to be a bigger part of your life than you want me to be."

Sami nearly panics, "That's not true!"

"We both know that it is."

Mia says she came to see Grace, "Tell your mom I'm available to babysit." Will invites her to go to the pub. Mia declines.

Will grasps at straws, "Grace is going to be there." That does it. Mia agrees. Will asks, "Did I just use my little sister as date bait?"


Baker tells Nicole Mia said she felt no connection to Sydney, "And we both know why."

Stefano says he thinks Victor usually doesn't gloat unless he knows what is going to happen.

Baker tells Nicole to chill.

Will and Mia are at the pub. He brings Grace over to Mia and hands her off, "You're crazy about her. Apparently her real mom couldn't have felt that way, since she gave her up."

Mia doesn't agree, "Giving her up must've been the hardest thing she's ever done."

Victor tells Brady they can fix it so EJ never smiles again, "But you have to stay out of it – leave it all to me."

Lexie comes into Stefano's room and announces she got the results back.

Baker thinks Mia is no longer a threat to Nicole, "Thanks to me." Nicole is silent. Baker digs, "THANKS TO ME."

Nicole reluctantly thanks him, and then turns her attention to Sami, "We both have to make sure you and Sami never meet again."

Lexie says, "You weren't poisoned but there is something seriously wrong with you."

John and Marlena tinkle music plays as Sami tells Rafe she wants him in her life. They call Rafe's plane to board. When Rafe turns to go, Sami takes her last shred of dignity and tosses it down the toilet. She throws herself at him, "I'm not letting you go."

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

This Is Not My First Rodeo

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Also, note that yesterday's feed is the episode which airs today in the US. During Nicole and EJ's "private reception," Prevuze reader Nina Storey will sing her new song, "All I Want From You." Enjoy...

We pan through the rumpus room to find Stefano lying on the floor. He sits up and huffs, "What the hell?" He clutches his chest, "OMG. I must've collapsed last night. But why? Why?" He gets up and wonders what is going on.

EJ and Nicole sleep. EJ wakes and consults the Guy Manual, "This is what is known as the dreaded 'morning after.' For further information, see 'regret.'"

Nicole wakes and says she dreamed there was a wedding and she married the most incredible guy. Then she woke up and found EJ beside her. EJ says he had a similar dream. He dreamed he met a tramp in an elevator and somehow wound up married to the ho.

Rafe sits in the Java Café and computes. He remembers Sami telling him he is not leaving Salem. He looks at his airline ticket, "Bye Sami." he packs up and leaves.

Sami stomps around her apartment and contemplates the St. Anne's medal. She remembers Rafe suggesting they shouldn't tell EJ the truth, "What was I thinking. What if I never see him again?"

Brady joins Victor with coffee as they wait at the hospital. He sits down with Victor as Victor stews over EJ trying to murder Phillip. Victor says, "This is just the beginning, Brady. That SOB is going to rue the day he ever tried to screw with my family."

Brady wrinkles his brow, "Roux the day? You're going to boil him in hot butter? "

Stefano tells the butler to take his breakfast away. He sits and reads the paper. The headline screams, "Billionaire playboy Phillip Kiriakis shot."

Stefano sighs, "Shot but not dead. That is the problem."

Mia looks at a picture of EJ, Nicole and Sydney, "You can't stop me, Nicole."

Nicole opens the drapes. She sees guards outside, "I feel like I'm in a war zone." EJ comforts her. He says he's going to check on Sydney and invites her to share a shower. After EJ leaves, Nicole gets a call. "What do you want," she snorts.

Mia says, "To see my baby, now!"

Stefano broods as EJ comes in. EJ reads the paper as Stefano warns him, "They are coming after us and we have to be ready."

Brady says he understands Victor's need for revenge and tries to back him off. Victor holds his ground. Brady says, "We are dealing with a homicidal maniac who kills people for sport."

Victor asks, "Nicole is involved?" He tells Brady he is in no position to tell him what to do.

"That's where you are wrong," says Brady.

Nicole calls Dr. Baker and tells him what Mia said, "If Mia slips up we'll both take the fall."

Baker sloughs it off, "Maybe we should turn her on to Sami Brady, eh?"

Sami and Roman sit in the pub with Grace. Roman has softened on the adoption. Sami says Grace will need a father figure. He asks about Rafe. Sami says she thought that might work out but Rafe moved on, "He's left Salem. That ship has sailed."

"Maybe not," says Roman, "There is still Hope. If Shawn Brady is the captain, that ship will probably sink."

Stefano wonders if Nicole 'gets it.' EJ says he'll manage her. Nicole interrupts, "No way in hell. I'm not going to be imprisoned." She insists she and Sydney are going to the park. EJ tells her she has to take a guard. Nicole doesn't like that, "You mean I can't go anywhere without a creepy thug?"

"No," says EJ, "I'm not going with you."

Stefano leaves. EJ says, "This will end, but if you continue to be defiant, it may not end well."

A gal in the audience leans over to the person next to her, "I don't care if it ends well, just so it ends."

Brady says doesn't want to see Victor throw his life away over this. "This isn't a merger gone bad," growls Victor, "My son was gunned down!" Brady says they don't know who shot him. He thinks maybe they should wait until Phillip can ID the shooter. Victor tells him to back off.

Stefano is on the phone with Nicole's guard, "You will not let her manipulate you!" He huffs and puffs and tells the guy never to leave her side. He hangs up and hyperventilates, "What is happening to me?" Probably just a mild case of Doolerium.

Roman somehow knows Rafe is leaving for New York. He tells Sami, who says she wants to talk to him before he leaves, and asks for Roman's help. Roman agrees.

Roman gets off the phone and tells Sami his contact confirmed Rafe took a New York job and will be assigned to an overseas task force. He gives her Rafe's flight number. Sami checks her PDA and finds out Rafe doesn't leave for two hours. She passes Grace off to Roman who immediately says he will pass her off to Caroline, "I'll be fine until Caroline gets here. This is not my first rodeo. Of course, it is my first time working with an intelligent horse."

Sami rushes out, "I Hope I'm not too late."

Rafe arrives at the airport gate. He sits and remembers kissing Sami, "Gotta go. I gotta go." Fortunately, the men's room is right next to the gate.

Victor continues to rant about the DiMeras. Brady wants to know what he's going to do. Victor answers, "I'm going to hit them where their heart is."

"Good strategy," says Brady, "Go for their wallet."

Mia meets Nicole at the dock. Nicole backs her guard off and tells Mia they are being watched. She tells Mia this is the last time she can see Sydney. Mia swears this is it. Nicole picks Sydney up and hands her to Mia. "Something's not right," whines Mia, "She doesn't seem like my baby."

Victor tells Brady when the time comes he will know what he needs to know. Brady leaves but can't resist a parting shot, "I don't approve of your tactics but I am (say it with him) here for you."

Flunky #2 walks into the rumpus room and announces, "Roman Brady is at the gate."

"Everyone else can figure out how to open it," says EJ, "Why can't he?"

Nicole tells Mia Sydney isn't her baby any more. Mia whines, "I babysat this other baby. I felt more connected to her than my own baby." Nicole says that's great and now maybe Mia will move on.

Roman asks Stefano about the hit on Phillip. EJ steps in and tells him they aren't interested. Roman gives his standard admonition, "Don't leave town."

"I built this town," growls Stefano, "I have no plans to leave it." Roman leaves.

A few minutes later Flunky #2 calls in, "He's still standing at the gate. Shall I open it for him and let him out?"

Nicole gets a call. It's EJ. She tells him she is on her way back. She hangs up and tells Mia maybe she's gotten the Sydney thing out of her system. Mia thinks maybe that's right. Nicole hauls the baby off. The guard follows.

Mia looks down and sees her arm is scratched. She looks at a post beside her and sees a rusty nail sticking out of it. Oh! The drama!

Nicole comes into the rumpus room and tells EJ Sydney is napping. EJ suggests a walk. Stefano comes in sweating and says the guards are ready. EJ notices that Stefano's deodorant has failed him and asks about his health. "I'm fighting a bug," says Stefano.

"My computer isn't working too well either," says EJ.

Stefano leaves and Nicole asks if something is wrong. EJ says the business with the Kiriakis family doesn't concern her. They smooch. EJ smiles, "I love you."

Nicole says, "I know." More smooching. Nicole rolls her eyes.

Rafe remembers tender moments with Sami. She rushes up and bumps into him.

Dr. Baker comes in to examine Mia's scratch. After we get over Mia's shock that he is there, he cleans it up, "Does it hurt?"

"It's nothing," says Mia, "compared to what I was feeling before."

Victor and Brady are at the pub. Apparently we've crossed the International DOOL line and it's a new morning. Victor says Phillip is better today. Brady asks about his plans with the DiMeras. Victor says, "It will hit Stefano right between the eyes and when he least expects it."

Stefano goes into the Java Café and orders the usual from Jackie. He asks what happened to the other girl who was there yesterday. Jackie says "Walina is off today.

"Walina," repeats Stefano, "Is she Greek?"

"I think so."

Brady finds Nicole outside the pub. He's impressed by the guard. She asks about his face. "You should see the other guy," says Brady, "I think he broke his hand on my jaw." She thanks him for not ruining her wedding. Brady says he realizes she's exactly where she needs to be. They part. Nicole goes into the pub, followed by her guard. Inside, Victor's body guard and Nicole's body guard have a staredown.

Victor sees her, "Don't run off, Mrs. DiMera, we have a lot of catching up to do."

Outside, Brady gets off the phone and looks up to see EJ. Another staredown.

Mia tells Dr. Baker she's been feeling bad mentally. Sensitive Dr. Baker asks what's up. Mia tells him she didn't feel anything when she held her baby. Baker says he's impressed with her instincts, "There is a reason the baby didn't feel like yours and I think it's time you knew why."

Victor and Nicole trade barbs. Victor hits her with, "Not only did they try to have Phillip killed, but they beat up my grandson on your wedding day." Nicole is shocked to find out about that. Victor piles on, "Life with the DiMeras will get darker and darker."

Brady calls EJ a coward, "You will pay for what you did to me and Phillip."

Stefano drinks his coffee and remembers Victor telling him this is the beginning of the war between them. He sets his cup down and shudders, "My God. They poisoned me!"

Breathless Sami tries to talk. Rafe asks why she is there. She brings up the St. Anne's medal, "And then there's you. Look, Rafe, I just want you to know what you mean to me... before it's too late."

Rafe wonders why planes never leave on time.


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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Second Thoughts

Note: This is yesterday's "lost episode." For today's feed, CLICK HERE.

Also, note that this is the episode which airs today in the US. During Nicole and EJ's "private reception," Prevuze reader Nina Storey will sing her new song, "All I Want From You." Enjoy...

EJ is on the phone outside the sanctuary at the church. He tells Stefano he'll take care of the package and hangs up as Nicole comes out with Sydney. They decide they are ready to go home.

Stefano is at the Java Café. Walina serves him. He leaves a huge tip, gets the paper, sits and reads. Bo walks up behind him and tells him not to get too comfy.

Daniel 'splains what's up with Phillip, "His blood has lost the ability to clot. He doesn't know if he can save him." everyone in the room trades death stares.

Phillip vegetates.

Lucas rushes up, "I had to pick up Allie and drop her off at Caroline's. God forbid we should ever have to take care of the kids ourselves."

Daniel announces he knows of a treatment he can try on Phillip. Kate won't agree until she knows what it is. She has a meltdown, "I don't trust him!"

EJ carries Nicole across the threshold. Flunky #2 walks in and Nicole panics.

Kate continues her rage, then backs off. Lucas asks why she doesn't trust Daniel. Kate turns to Daniel and asks what the treatment is. Daniel says, "I can't make his blood clot, but I can do the next best thing. I'll force him to watch DOOL and it will curdle."

Daniel leaves. Kate asks, "How can it be the right thing to put our son's life in that man's hands? I learned that wasn't the thing to do when I put myself in his hands."

"I can vouch for that," says Chloe.

Bo wonders why Stefano isn't at the hospital on death watch. Stefano says he has nothing more to say without his attorney.

EJ says Flunky #2 is Marco, "He's here to protect us." He bawls out Marco for scaring his wife. Marco leaves. EJ apologizes. He assures Nicole she doesn't have to worry about Victor and Phillip. Nicole isn't so sure. She doesn't think she can live like this.

Victor tells Kate to put her personal resentment aside to save their son. Kate falls apart. She resolves things will be different if God protects Phillip, "I am going to be more loving and forgiving. I will live my life with dignity."

"Wow," says Victor, "Things really will be different if that happens."

Stephanie watches through the window and bawls as Daniel works on Phillip.

Lucas says he knows Phillip was Chloe's first love, "I guess you never get over those feelings, right?" As they hug, Chloe gives Daniel the once over.

Daniel comes out and says they are waiting for Phillip to rally, but should know soon, one way or the other.

Bo lectures Stefano for the years of pain he has inflicted. He says Tony despised everything Stefano stood for, "From now on, if you so much as look at my brother the wrong way, I'll put the last nail in your damn coffin!"

EJ tells Nicole it's a little late to be having second thoughts. Nicole has trouble having any thoughts. They decide to start over. EJ carries her across the threshold again. Inside he spins her around until she gets as nauseated as the audience and they smooch.

Nicole looks at the wedding program in the rumpus room, "It's sad the day is about over."

"What do you mean," says EJ, "It lasted a week. Besides, the night is about to begin." He pours champagne.

Stefano tells Bo he has made his point and wants to enjoy his latte before it gets cold. Bo leaves. Stefano makes a call.

Stephanie walks into Phillip's room, "Can I touch him?"

Daniel says, "Yes, you might be the one person that can help him. It's the best medicine there is." Stephanie sits and weeps.

Lucas tells Kate he couldn't get a hold of Billie but called Austin.

Lucas leaves and Victor walks up to Kate. She tells him she will forgo her plans for Chloe, "No more revenge if Phillip survives."

Victor asks , "Didn't you promise exactly the same thing if you got over your illness?"

Don't confuse my mind with facts," says Kate.

Daniel announces there is no change in Phillip's condition. Lucas says he doesn't know what his family would do without Daniel. Daniel says without Lucas' family he would be a monk.

Stephanie gives Phillip a pep talk, "Today was the best day of my life and the worst. In other words, it was the best of times and the worst of times. I've never been so happy."

Phillip looks up, "Personally... I'm not doing so well."

Suddenly, Phillip's machines go berserk.

Kate prays, "Don't take my son... we can't lose him." Daniel comes out and announces Phillip has turned the corner. Kate thanks Daniel, who walks off. Oh, the joy!

Phillip wakes and sees Stephanie. He decides comas aren't so bad.

Stephanie leaves so the Mommy and Daddy can descend on him. They tell him he gave them quite a scare. Kate remembers the marines coming to her door and Phillip's endless tear jerking appeal on the Salem News Network. She says she's proud of him because he faced both crises so bravely. Victor sits and apologizes for some of the things he's said. He says he's proud of Phillip and loves him, "I've got your back. We're gonna win."

Stefano is on the phone. He asks Masi if there has been unusual activity, "Keep your eyes open."

"That's what I should have done when I shot him," says Masi, "If I had done that, I might have killed him."

EJ and Nicole share chocolate strawberries. He gives her a jewel box. Nicole asks, "Is it jewelry?"

"No," mocks EJ, "it's a pony." she opens it to find earrings. Nicole loves them. EJ gets a call. Nicole leaves. Stefano tells him Phillip has taken a turn for the better and they need to take care of that. EJ says he will handle it. He hangs up and Nicole rejoins him.

Bo tells Stefano he's slipping, "I just happened to overhear your half of that conversation. It doesn't take a genius to connect the dots."

"Good," says Stefano, "I'd be in trouble if you could connect them."

Lucas tries to bore Phillip back into a coma by talking to him. Phillip survives, but the audience isn't so fortunate.

Chloe congratulates Daniel on another miracle cure. She wishes him happiness. "It goes both ways," says Daniel. Lucas comes out and thanks him.

Kate wants to know why Victor told Phillip they were in this together. She lectures him for talking about business at a time like this. She wants the war with the DiMeras to end. Victor assures her they won't come after Phillip until hell freezes over, "I have taken care of everything."

Bo sneers, "Now, Stefano, I have probable cause. Whatever that is."

Nicole tells EJ she's glad things worked out so they can have their own private reception. Nina Storey sings "All I want from you" as they smooch.

Phillip asks Stephanie to stay, "I need to know what happened."

"You were shot," says Stephanie.

Phillip says, "They don't come much more observant than you, do they?"

Loserclueless says Daniel deserves a medal.

Victor assures Kate no one will ever get near Phillip again. Kate goes for fresh air. Victor makes a call, "Let me know when DiMera leaves and I'll give you your next orders."

Stefano tells Bo EJ will spend his honeymoon in the Caribbean and if he wants to waste his money, he can go down there after him. Bo says he's going to do this by the book.

"There is a first time for everything, isn't there," asks Stefano.

Stephanie tells Phillip she loves him, "I want us to spend all the Days Of Our Lives together, but don't think you can tell me what to do just because you are lying in this hospital bed." Phillip agrees. He says she is the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Stephanie asks, "Has your life been that bad?"

Nicole drags EJ into bed. EJ takes off her top and searches. Suddenly Nicole hears a noise, "What was that?"

Daniel tells the group they will monitor Phillip, "But he's young, strong and bionic." Victor goes to check on him.

EJ comes down and asks what's going on. Stefano says he had a change of plans. He tells EJ to go back to his bride. "If I must," says EJ.

EJ goes upstairs and Stefano has chest pains. Maybe he should lay off the latte.

Stephanie and Bo hug and smile over the great news about Phillip.

Victor tells Phillip he's safe, but the DiMeras aren't.

Stefano comes into the rumpus room and huffs and puffs.

Nicole and EJ get busy.

Victor tells Phillip to close his eyes and speaks in his native tongue. Phillip looks up, "That's all Greek to me."

Stefano staggers around the rumpus room and collapses.

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No Feed 04/22/09

I had just lulled myself into thinking how well things were going with the jacked-up transmission DOOL sends every morning. The nitwits seem to have gotten the picture straightened out and for the past several days we have been on a roll. That roll hit another brick wall this morning with no transmission. I got up, checked my computer and...


Uh, in case you haven't seen the death star I get when there is no transmission:


Or maybe it's Phillip's eyeball as he stares at the ceiling in his dark room waiting for the next DiMera attempt on his life.

Hmmm... OR it could be since it's Earth Day, NBC didn't want to pollute the world with a DOOL transmission.


Whatever, we came up dry this morning. So come back tomorrow... same bat-time... same bat-station... same bat-blog... same ding-bat-show...and we'll see if we can come up with something a little more interesting.

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let The Games Begin

Stephanie continues her vigil in Phillip's room. Phillip twitches. Stephanie's face lights up as she proclaims her prayers have been answered. Suddenly, Phillip's machines go berserk, as does Stephanie.

Victor confronts Stefano. He accuses him of putting out the hit on Phillip. Stefano tries to brush it off, but Victor tells him it's just the beginning of the – dare I say it... vendetta between them. Kate comes up. Stefano walks off. Kate says she got a call telling her to come to the hospital, but like happens all the time in Salem, she didn't even ask why, she just headed for the hospital. Victor tells her about Phillip. Kate frets.

Phillip's machines flatline. Stephanie panics and picks up the phone, "Hello... operator... My boyfriend is dying, can you give me the number to Salem Hospital?"

Chloe and Nicole clean up after the wedding. Nicole wonders what's keeping EJ.

EJ says he will tell Sami what she wants to know if she tells him why she came to the church, "I know you are here because of us."

Victor tells Kate Phillip survived the surgery. Kate gasps, "The surgery? Where was he shot?"

"In his hotel room."

Kate asks if he will be OK. Victor says he doesn't know. Kate goes to call Lucas, but Victor tells her Brady already tried. Stefano comes in, "Katherine, I was sorry to hear about Phillip." Victor tells him to get out while he can still walk.

Bo arrives wearing his Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart's Club Band Police Commissioner's Jacket. Victor announces, "Stefano put a hit on your brother."

Daniel and the crash cart team arrive in Phillip's room. Daniel backs everyone off.


Nicole says, "Uh, listen, I'm gonna go check on EJ... see what's going on."

Chloe says, "Nicole if you go out there, you are making huge mistake."

Out in the foyer, EJ wants to know the real reason Sami interrupted the wedding. He says he knows there is more between them than Johnny.

"What is it," asks Sami, "Spit it out."

"When you came back from the witless protection program and told me how grateful you were that I looked after the twins," says EJ, "I looked into your eyes and saw more than gratitude. The same goes for me. Then you turn up here with a last ditch attempt to stop this wedding."

Sami gasps, "You think I came here because I'm still in love with you?"


Stephanie bawls, "Is he OK?"

"No," says Daniel, "He's still only medium rare. I'm going for well done, MORE JUICE!"


Another doc escorts Stephanie out. Stephanie stands outside the room and has a meltdown.

Bo tries to get Victor and Stefano to calm down. Kate gets faint and he helps her sit. Victor tells him this was a professional hit. Kate wants to know if it is true Stefano was involved. Chaos ensues.

Stephanie staggers out as the four of them bicker, "Doesn't anyone care about Phillip?" Silence. "I'll take that as a 'no.'"

Chloe wants Nicole to back off, "You're married now."

"Right," says Nicole, "I have to get into the swing of nagging him to death."

Chloe gives a pep talk, "You are the one who married prince charming, not Sami. You have his baby, not Sami." Suddenly Nicole remembers to tell Chloe about Phillip.

EJ says he loved Sami so much but he's married now and there is no future between them. "You are out of your friggin' mind," says Sami.

Stephanie tells everyone about Phillip's code blue. Kate wants to go to him. Victor says they will just get in the way. Stephanie blubbers.


Daniel screams, "It's not working. We're not going to lose him. Gimme two epi..."

Nicole tells Chloe Phillip may not make it. Chloe bashes Nicole for not telling her sooner, "Who would shoot Phillip? I have to call Lucas."

Sami tells EJ he's full of it. EJ reminds her she is a little irrational and might have interrupted the wedding for that reason. Sami gets defensive. EJ wonders what other reason she would have had for stopping the wedding. Grace squeaks and Sami checks her out.

Bo is on the phone with Jenkins, and tells him he's the lead on the investigation. Victor reports that there is no report. Kate vows not to lose her son.

Chloe says she had to leave a message for Lucas, and heads for the hospital. Nicole bounces Sydney around, "Now it's just you and me. You and the one... the only... Mrs. EJ DiMera."

EJ and Sami continue to go round why she interrupted the wedding. "Maybe I just wanted a cheap thrill," says Sami, "And I know the DiMeras did this to Phillip. I'm just grateful the killer you hired was incompetent."

"So," says EJ, "You think the guy who did this was either a Salem cop or a DOOL writer?" Sami informs him that Phillip isn't dead.

Stefano calls and leaves a message for EJ, "I have news."

Bo tells Victor he's ordered a guard for Phillip's room. Stefano says he doesn't appreciate the accusations.

Victor lunges for him, "Why don't you appreciate the short time you have on this earth?" Bo holds him back.

Daniel comes out with the look of death on his face. "I have news..."

People gasp and gather round. Daniel announces he got Phillip's heart restarted and he is stable for now, but says he is concerned about internal bleeding, "Every hour he survives increases his chances."

"Are you talking about DOOL hours or real hours," asks Kate. Daniel tells them Phillip can't have visitors, "We have to leave his room clear for the second attempt on his life." Everyone bows to Dr. Lordgodalmighty, who assures them he is doing everything he can.

Bo tells Stephanie he needs info. He asks for a description of the shooter.

Kate rages at Stefano. He tries to smooth things over, "Katherine..."



Nicole is on the phone telling the caterers to put things on hold. She hangs up and says to Sydney, "If Phillip is dead, I guess there won't be a party. I wonder what your daddy is doing that is more important than out wedding."

EJ says it's great news that Phillip isn't dead. "If the cops don't get you first then Victor will," says Sami. She leaves. EJ chases as Nicole comes out. EJ stops and sweats.

Nicole asks, "Is everything OK, EJ?" They joke around and then Nicole zones in on the big question, "So who were you talking to all this time?"

Sami is back at her place talking to Grace, "I'm glad I realized my mistake before I told EJ the truth."

Will overhears, "The truth bout what?"

Sami jumps out of her shoes, "If you sneak up on me again you are grounded for life! I meant the truth about Nicole's wedding dress. She looked like a real housewife from orange county and I decided not to say anything."

Will tells her Rafe came by. That gets Sami's interest. Will gives her the St. Anne's medallion.

Kate insists she despises Stefano. Stefano denies all. Kate rants and huffs off.

Stephanie tells Bo what happened. He says he wants her to come to the station later. Chloe rushes up and Stephanie fills her in. Dr. Bo assures them Phillip will make it.

The nurse gives Daniel Phillip's test results. Daniel stares at the report and drags out his look of death again.

Phillip lies in his dark room.

EJ claims he was saying goodbye to guests. As he reels off the names of guests who weren't there or who left early, Nicole corrects his mistakes, which is her job now that she's his wife. She asks about the reception. EJ thinks they might need to cancel it.

Bo says, "Phillip will get through this. He made it out of Iraq alive."

"Alive, yes," says Stephanie, "In one piece, no."

Stefano tries to smooth things over with Kate. Kate blows her stack, "You are dead to me."

Bo comes up and wants Stefano to answer questions. Kate leaves.

Stefano tells Bo he was at the wedding when it happened. Bo wants to know if he contacted anyone while he was there, "You might as well tell me. I will find out. Technology is amazing these days. It would be even more amazing if I understood it."

Daniel orders more tests. Victor wonders if something besides the gunshot is wrong.

Nicole tells EJ she already put a hold on things at Chez Rouge. EJ congratulates her for always being one step ahead. He says people have already started suggesting the DiMeras are involved in Phillip's shooting. She tells him people can think what they want, "I'm a DiMera now. When people say things about the DiMeras they're insulting me, too." EJ sends her to put Sydney in the car and says he will be out later. She leaves and EJ makes a call.

Sami contemplates the St. Anne's medal and asks what Rafe said.

Will devolves into the typical teenager, "I don't know... nuthin' I guess."


Will reevaluates, "Well...People stuff." He turns to leave and Sami asks him where he is going. "To the batting cage. I have to work on my swing."

After Will leaves, Sami twiddles the necklace and remembers asking Rafe why he turned down the job... and his kiss. She pops back to reality and tells Grace, "He cares about me. He has to, right?" She decides to call him and finds his number has been disconnected.

Bo again asks if Stefano was communicating with anyone during the wedding. Stefano gets indignant. He tells Bo to call his lawyer and leaves. Bo chants, "Let the games begin."

Kate, Stephanie and Victor gather round Daniel for more information. Daniel says he's having the test run again, "But if the results are correct, there is a serious complication."

We pan out from Phillip in his dark room...

EJ leaves a message for Stefano, "Apparently our package didn't arrive on time. If it doesn't get there on it's own I'll take care of it personally." Nicole soaks it in.

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Monday, April 20, 2009

Sami The Psycho

Phillip sleeps. The hotel room door opens. Masi walks in and aims.


Phillip has a body earthquake. Stephanie comes out and screams. Masi aims at her.


The neverending wedding ceremony continues. Father Matt says, "Now, by the power..."

Sami interrupts, "WAIT!"

This sparks an argument between the lovebirds. EJ turns to Sami, "What are you doing here?"

Melanie doctors Brady. Somehow he manages to live. We discover the real medical personnel in the hospital have all rushed to attend to a bus crash (Well, that makes sense. I'm sure the doctors in that hospital would be better at repairing buses than treating patients). Melanie says she thinks she's getting good at dealing with all the blood at the hospital. She nearly breaks down and lectures Brady for almost getting killed. Brady promises he won't go back to the church, "I know for better or for worse that wedding was meant to be."

Masi takes aim so he can pump another round into Phillip. His gun jams. Stephanie screams, "Somebody help us!" Dickens and Fenster, the maintenance guys, come in. Stephanie panics. Phillip hovers near death.

Nicole asks, "What the hell are you doing here, Sami? How dare you interrupt my wedding!"

Silence. EJ looks at Sami, "Say something."

"Yeah," says Sami, "Sorry. I had to come."

father Matt steps in, "Is there a problem?" EJ tells father Matt to take a hike as he, Nicole and Sami leave to have a pow-wow. Out in the foyer they bicker. Nicole blows up, "The pathetic drama queen here wants to make sure she ruins our wedding."

"It's not about that," says Sami, "It's a bout something entirely different."

Stephanie begs Phillip to hang on. Dickens calls the hospital. Fenster gripes about having to repair the holes in the wall. Stephanie wails, "Be strong! Do it for me!"

"I will," says Fenster.


Brady congratulates Melanie for being a true Florence Nightingale. Melanie says she can tell Nicole is important to Brady, "I can see it in your eyes – That and a lot of bruises and blood." She rambles on about EJ, Nicole, Brady and whatever else she can come up with. Brady tries to stop the Hurricane Melanie, so she agrees to stop talking about it, "I just wish... that my friend wasn't in love with someone who doesn't love him back." Brady insists his love life is his business, but tells her he's moving on. He leaves.

Inside, the crowd in the sanctuary watches a Russian dancing bear act for entertainment while Sami, Nicole and EJ continue to argue out in the vestibule. Stefano tells Chloe he doesn't know and doesn't care why Sami is there.

Sami asks EJ to speak privately. EJ refuses, "Whatever you say to me you can say to my wife."

Sami sneers, "Well, she's not exactly your wife yet, is she?"

Nicole tells EJ Sami is playing mind games, "Throw her out!" Nicole starts to take on that responsibility but EJ stops her.

Inside the sanctuary, the guests form a Conga line to pass the time. Lexie and Chloe try to stop Stefano from butting in. Flunky #2 walks up and whispers something in Stefano's ear.

Victor sits on his couch and contemplates a but of Aristotle or some such person, "$48,000. Well, it looks like a relative." He gets a call, "What? Phillip? I'm on my way!" As he runs out, he drops the bust and it shatters.


Melanie volunteers to drive Brady home.

Suddenly, the the EMT's wheel Phillip in, "Artificial blood! Stat! " Stephanie follows and falls apart. Melanie comforts. Brady looks confused.

EJ stops Nicole's left hook. He turns to Sami, "What is it you want to say?"

"OK," says Sami, "Here it is..."


What happens next is:

a) Sami tells EJ he is Grace's father.
b) Nicole comes clean about the baby switcheroo.
c) Once the dancing bear act is finished, Lexie rushes out and announces Phillip has been shot.
d) Both a and b, resulting in some actual plot movement.

If you answered a, b or d, you flunk DOOL 101.

The correct answer is c,

Sami stares daggers at EJ, "You bastard!"

Back in the hospital waiting area, Stephanie tells what happened in the hotel room, "OMG I love him so much!" Brady tries to comfort her. Melanie comes up with clothes so Stephanie can get out of her bloody robe. She takes her off.

Inside the OR, the surgeons work on Phillip. "Quick," says a surgeon, "More crazy glue! His artificial spleen is shattered."

Chloe tells Stefano Lexie left because of an emergency, "Someone was shot."

Stefano whispers, "Tsk... tsk... tsk... What a violent world we live in."

Sami says EJ is unbelievable and runs out. EJ starts after her and insists he didn't have Phillip shot. Nicole stops him, "EJ, are you running after Sami or are you going to marry me? It's one or the other." EJ apologizes. Nicole questions him about Phillip getting shot, "It doesn't have anything to do with you or me does it?"

Lexie rushes in and finds Stephanie and Melanie in the waiting area. They tell her Phillip is in surgery. Lexie asks, "Who is the surgeon?"

"Dr. Richmond," says Melanie.

"He's a thoracic surgeon," says Lexie, "That means Phillip must have been shot in the... uh... thorass." Lexie heads for the OR.

Brady says he didn't want this to happen, "When grandfather gets here we have to be strong for him." He goes to call Kate. Stephanie thanks Melanie for (say it with her) being there.

"Sometimes," says Florence Nightingale, "When it's dark and you're scared you just need someone to hold onto."

Victor rushes in, "Is he all right."

Dr. Melanie answers, "He's in great shape except for a hole the size of the Holland Tunnel in his heart."

EJ says Phillip getting shot has nothing to do with them. Nicole says, "It's a horrible thing, on top of having to deal with Sami the Psycho trying to ruin our wedding. This is our day. All those other things can just work themselves out. Including Phillip. Let's go back in there and finish so we can be Mr. and Mrs. DiMera."

"Let's do it."

In they go. The dancing bears finish. EJ announces they will continue and everyone applauds.

Sami the Psycho calls the hospital, "I'm calling about Phillip Kiriakis. This is his sister Cassie. I just need to know how he is doing."

Father Matt continues, "If there be any reason why any person knows this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace." Silence... third time's a charm... Father Matt pronounces them husband and wife.

Lexie announces that Phillip lost a lot of blood, "We need donors." She shows them the sign which will be used in the campaign for more blood...


Lexie continues to fill them in, "His condition is critical and will remain so for 24 – 36 hours." Victor steps up and asks for Daniel to take over the case. "I see," says Lexie, "So that means you don't have any faith in me."

"If it weren't for your medical license," says Victor, "You'd be a serial killer."

Lexie turns to Stephanie, "When they brought Phillip in, he was semi-conscious. He said one word... Stephanie."

We pan up Phillip's body... what's left of it, that is.

Victor sits and remembers one of his Phillip-bashing sessions. Then he remembers talking to Stefano about him.

Stephanie asks to see Phillip. Lexie tells her OK, "Don't stay too long." Before she can rush in, Victor comes up to Stephanie and asks how the shooting happened. Brady tries to back him off.

Father Matt introduces Mr. & Mrs. EJ DiMera, "You may kiss the bride."

Outside, Sami tells Grace she's sorry, "I wish you didn't have to be here for this but there is something I have to do."

Stefano tells EJ he's going to the hospital but won't be late for the reception. EJ wonders if there should be a reception under the circumstances, "We don't want it to look like we're dancing on Phillip's grave."

"Of course not," says Stefano, "See you later."

Stephanie tells Victor about the shooting. She says she was in the shower and didn't hear the shot, "The gunman shot at me but hit me right in the brain, so there was no damage."

Victor figures there was a silencer on the gun, "Go in and see him now. Tell him I love him."

Victor looks at Brady's face, "What happened to you? You look like you got put through a meat grinder. Did a DiMera thug do this? Face the facts. Get some spine or leave me alone. Today the DiMeras tried to kill my son and beat up my grandson!"

EJ walks out of the sanctuary and sees Sami.

Stephanie comes into Phillip's room and bawls, "Phillip, it's Stephanie, I'm here." Silence. Stephanie flashes back to tender moments, "Please come back to me, Phillip. We just found each other. I love you."

Phillip twitches.

Brady tells Victor he thinks this is the time to stay calm. Victor thinks it's the time to go off and think. Brady and Melanie go off for coffee. Stefano arrives and Victor has a meltdown, "You SOB! This was you! Your son died because he was clumsy so you decide to have my son murdered!"

Stefano asks, "The pain is unbearable, isn't it?"

Victor flies into a rage, "This isn't over! This is just the beginning!"

Phillip's head rolls to the side. Phillip drools. His machines go berserk. Instead of going for help, Stephanie stands there and falls apart.

Nicole tells Chloe Sami tried to ruin the wedding, but didn't say anything in the vestibule. Nicole wonders where EJ is.

Out in the foyer, EJ asks Sami why she came back. Sami says, "I want to hear you tell me the truth – that you were behind Phillip Kiriakis shooting."

"I'll tell you what you want to know," says EJ, "but in return you tell me why you interrupted the wedding. I already know the answer, but I'd like to hear it from you."

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