Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Brady's Lamborghini Chassis

Kristin says her lies were never about Brady. Of course not.  They were TO Brady. #DAYS
Jennifer thinks it was cruel to ask Daniel to stay away from Chloe. What would be cruel is having Daniel and Chloe as parents. #DAYS
Dan wants Chloe to stop playing mind games with Jennifer. If you put those two minds together you'd get the world's largest vacuum. #DAYS
Brady buys Kristin's what Kristin is telling him, proving once and for all he's a Lamborghini chassis with a moped engine. #DAYS
Kate wonders why Rafe called.  Rafe wonders why Kate called. One good booty call deserves another. #DAYS

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Really Stupid

Suddenly, Eric isn't sure if he's being garroted or if he's adjusted his priest's collar a bit too tight. #DAYS
Will... Sonny... There is no law, even in a place so dumb as Salem, that if someone knocks on your door you have to open it. #DAYS
Eric tells the junkie he isn't stupid.  The fact is he's really stupid, but in Salem, that's average. #DAYS
Kristin admits to Brady that she's really stupid.  Please reference my previous comment. #DAYS
Eric says they have to stop lying to themselves and each other. Yeah, but then they wouldn't have anything to say. #DAYS

Monday, February 25, 2013

Comparing Notes On Drilling Kate

EJ notes the lovely moment between Rafe and Kate and wants to know what it's about.  Other "lovely" moments they've shared. #DAYS
Sami says this isn't a good time for her and Nick to talk.  If Sami's involved it's never a good time to talk. #DAYS
Maybe Stefano really is on borrowed time.  If he keeps going out with babes like that his heart won't last. #DAYS
Go ahead, Rafe.  Tell EJ you're drilling Kate.  Maybe you can compare notes. #DAYS
Brady doesn't know how he could hurt his family more than living in the DiMera mansion. For starters, he could date Kristin. #DAYS
Nick tells Rafe what happened last night won't happen again. That's what Kate told Rafe, but it did. #DAYS

Friday, February 22, 2013

Gabi's Hysterics

Havoc reigns as Gabi's stomach cramps. Didn't she just eat the pub's chowdah? #DAYS
Frankly with Stefano out of town, EJ in an apartment and Kristin in a hotel I've been wondering who's in the DiMera mansion now. #DAYS
EJ tells Sami everyone is going to calm down.  Sami, as we have learned, isn't everybody. #DAYS
Too bad Abby can't see Gabi's hysterics. It would help Abby live up to her Golden Circle Club commitment. #DAYS

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Rafe threatens Sami with a restraining order.  That would be the first time Sami ever restrained herself. #DAYS
Nicole says Eric could have been killed.  He wasn't lucky enough.  Now he still has to work with her. #DAYS
Roman determines Eric was actually hit twice with the crucifix: "He was double-crossed." #DAYS
Jennifer says Chloe will chip away until she and Daniel have nothing left. Daniel: "Well, I'll have something left... Chloe." #DAYS
Cameron examines Gabi and determines she was NOT a member of the Golden Circle club. #DAYS
Daniel, Jennifer is a nutjob.  Chloe is a nutjob with big boobs. Your choice is clear. #DAYS

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Trouble Ahead

Oh, Julie, let's not be too holier-than-thou. At least Sami hasn't married her stepfather yet. #DAYS
Julie tells Gabi everything will be just fine. Translation: Trouble ahead. #DAYS
Eric to the junkie: "I have to work with Nicole. Go ahead and shoot me." #DAYS
Julie tells Will Sami doesn't understand that concept. Julie doesn't understand the concept of minding her own business. #DAYS
Announcement: The role of Abe Carver today was played by Thelonious Monk. #DAYS

Friday, February 15, 2013

The Blonde Barracuda

we start with a gauzey flashback of Will getting sonny's card. Gauzey because we're too dumb to remember it's a flashback, right? #DAYS
So it's not a proposal, but EJ gave Sami a ring for Valentine's Day. Too bad she didn't give him something... like a clue. #DAYS
Kate wonders what the Blonde Barracuda did to Rafe.  Nothing.  She did it to EJ. #DAYS
Why does Abby have the card she gave to Stewart Crowley when she was 8? Did he fling it back in her face? #DAYS

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Strategically Placed

Sonny gets a card: "This is for you on Valentine's Day.  I'm sorry I lied but glad you're gay." ~Will #DAYS
Gabi walks in on nekkid Nick. Never have so many been so happy for a Valentine's heart so strategically placed. #DAYS
What a rip! Caroline gets the flowers and EJ gets stuck with tipping the delivery guy. #DAYS
Sami expects a ring. EJ gives her earrings. Sami wishes she'd shot out the other half of his brain, too. #DAYS

The Morning After

Kate and Rafe wake up next to each other and consider the consequences of their night of drunken debauchery.  Contrite and repentant, they agree their sinful act was a mistake.  As Kate begins to get out of bed Rafe stops her and tells her it would be an even greater sin not to have sex again.  Kate is skeptical, but Rafe insists it's even written in the Holy Book and reads, "Thou which layest in proximity to a woman enclothed in naught but bare bodkin and fornicateth not, commiteth an atrocity."

"I don't remember that being in the Bible," says Kate.

"It's not in the Bible," says Rafe, "It's in the Holy Book — I'm reading from The Guy Manual."

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Old Habits Die Hard


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Sami seems shocked and repelled when she finds the ring, then practically begs EJ to pop the question. #DAYS
Nicole craves a dirty martini... and other dirty things, it seems. #DAYS
And so it begins: Katherine and Raphael — Krap. #DAYS
Apparently EJ has more junk in his pockets than a cheap magician. #DAYS
And in the end, Sister Misty Circle can't bring herself to go to the den of iniquity. #DAYS
Judging by all the clothes strewn around either Kate and Rafe hopped into bed or a laundry exploded. #DAYS
Mark this moment, #DOOL fans... Rafe jumps Kate and #DAYS jumps the shark. #DAYS

Thursday, February 07, 2013

No Such Number


Whirlwind, No; Windbag, Yes

Not much sure in this world but one thing that is: Jennifer would never go to Nicole for advice on Chlo... never mind. #DAYS
Did I hear Lucas right? Allie is texting now? What is she... five years older than her twin? #DAYS
Jennifer wants to pick up with Daniel where they left off. So by "pick up" she probably means the phone. #DAYS
Lucas asks Chloe, "You're like a whirlwind, aren't you?" Whirlwind no; Windbag, yes. #DAYS

Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A New Obscene Gesture

Nicole wonders if there is a patron saint that balances the budget. Well, monks did perfect the double entry accounting system. #DAYS
Hope says the person filing the complaint was positive Nicole was responsible. Yeah, opinions overrule facts at the SPD. #DAYS
Victor tweaking his finger against his cheek at Nicole made the episode.  Actually I think he's invented a new obscene gesture. #DAYS 
Nick wants to put the stabbing behind him. It already is. I saw the scar in his back. #DAYS
Sami says sex with EJ was the best night of her life. Rafe looks down at his lap and notices a couple things missing. #DAYS

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Deep Throat

EJ and Sami agree not to screw things up. Translation: they'll screw things up. #DAYS
Jennifer says she just wants to mutter about last night under her breath.  We wish she would — so we don't have to listen. #DAYS
EJ and Sami; Kristin and Brady; Nick and Gabi.  There wasn't this much sex in "Deep Throat." Uh... That's what I heard, anyway. #DAYS
Sami hates that Brady is with Kristin. Brady hates that Sami is with EJ. Their July 4 family picnic sure will be fun, won't it? #DAYS

Monday, February 04, 2013

Incredible Things


Sociopathic Tendencies

Marlena watches Kristin kissing Brady and wonders why she can't snag a boytoy that young. #DAYS
Caroline assures Will the whole family loves him.  Don't forget though, she can't remember squat. #DAYS
Sami and EJ undress in a dark room so we only see silhouettes.  I just saw that same scene in a 1933 Busby Berkeley extravaganza. #DAYS
Marlena says Kristin is a borderline personality with sociopathic tendencies. As someone once said, it takes one to call one. #DAYS

Saturday, February 02, 2013

Lying To His Face


It's All In The Demographics


EJ's Aphrodisiac


Friday, February 01, 2013

Hell Doesn't Freeze Over

Daniel: "Jennifer and I are going away for the night." And not coming back, I hope. #DAYS
Sami opens the door for Rafe. She'd have to quadruple her IQ to qualify as a dumb blonde. #DAYS
Helpful Hope unzips the front of Jennifer's dress... so Daniel can get a good look at Jennifer's heart transplant scar. #DAYS
EJ, Sami is throwing herself at you. What, you think "I have to go" is foreplay? #DAYS
Jennifer and Daniel are interrupted by the phone ringing.  Jennifer picks up.  Hell doesn't freeze over. #DAYS

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