Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Belle Cries and Stares

Euglena is hacking into the airlines database. She was a travel agent and knows all the codes. [YeahRight] She's checking incoming flights from London to see if Brandon had booked a seat. If he doesn't get back before Sami and Lucas get married Kate's plan is blown. Euglena will set up the computer to notify them. Kate says if the computer can notify them automatically, that frees Euglena up to do something else for her... Kate wants to set it up so Sami calls the psychic and gets an earful of her future.

Celeste tells Brandon he needs to stay away from Salem. The cards say so. Brandon wants to be there for his father who is going blind. Celeste says, "if you come back today you will sorely be tempting fate."

Bo doesn't want to fight. Neither does Hope. [Personally I think Bo doesn't want to fight more than Hope doesn't want to fight.] Bo is really sorry. Each sorry deserves a smooch. They will work things out when they get home. He wants her to go check on Lockhart so he can check on Billie. Hope stares.

Hope meets the fake Georgia. "What is your name?" Her name, of course, is Georgia. Billie stares.

Shawn slams the beer down. Jan tells him Belle and Phillip aren't going to break their marriage vows. Shawn storms out. Jan says, "I have to keep him away from Belle."

Belle tells Phillip she and Mimi were just talking girl stuff. "We have a few hours before I ship out," says UB. Mimi says that's her cue to leave.

Phillip turns on the mood music. One of the memories he will take with him is dancing with his wife. Belle bobbles. They dance. The music from the new Days of our Lives album plays in the background. He's going to listen to this music every night when he leaves. And you can too for a mere $19.95. Also, great product placement for the Bose Wave Radio. The thought of her will get him through this. Belle looks at Phillip, but sees Shawn. He asks what's wrong. "I just don't want you to go," she whines. He would give anything to stay. But since he has to go, "promise me you will stay away from Shawn." Belle cries and stares.

Sami phones the hotline. Should she elope? Euglena signals no. The psychic tells Sami no, she should not elope. There will be no problems unless her ex-husband shows up.

Celeste sees nothing but bad omens all around. Brandon needs to stay away from Sami until she is married. Celeste sees lightning in the card, "wait at least a week until you come back, trust me." Brandon tells her, "I will take your warning under advisement."

Celeste hangs up the phone and draws a card, "GASP. This is not good at all. If Brandon comes back now he could regret it for the rest of his life."

Brandon checks the schedules. Either he leaves today or he waits. Man I figured there would be eight or ten flights a days from London to the Salem metropolis.

Billie says, "Georgia." GA asks where her parents are. Billie says, "I am your birth mother." Georgia asks, "What? You are my real muzzer? Are you sure?" Oh, Billie is sure. Bo comes in. Billie manages the intros. Bo stares. Georgia stares.

Mimi comes in. Shawn needs her help. Belle wants to talk to him. Jan hustles Shawn out and locks the door, "Don't even think about it Meems. You're going to help me keep them apart if you want to keep Rex." Mimi says she is going to stand up for what is right. "Do that and you'll lose your true love," says Jan.

Phillip says "Without me, there is no telling what Shawn will try." Belle says, "he lives right across the hall, what do you want me to do?" Phil wants Belle to go to Rex, "Shawn knows how to push your buttons. Stay strong. He isn't the person you used to love. I know there is a part of you that misses the person he used to be. I miss him too. He was my best friend. Bu he almost killed you at our wedding. So just keep your distance. Please." Belle cries and stares.

Mimi tells Shawn he and Belle are in love and they shouldn't be apart. She will arrange a meeting. Mimi goes to meddle. Jan comes in dressed like a cheap hooker. "Wanna play with our whips and chains?"

"Can you promise me, Belle," asks Phillip. The phone rings. Belle answers [the phone, not Phillip] Mimi says, "Where do you want to meet Shawn?" Belle stares.

Brandon paces, "The hell with the schedule. I need to go home today." He makes the call. He books to Salem, USA. [It's such a major city, it doesn't have a state.] If he hurries he can make it.

Kate stares at the computer. She flashes back to a cop investigating a domestic disturbance with Sami and Lucas. "This is war..." Kate sees something on the computer, "AHA! Brandon made a reservation. Finally Sami is going to get what she deserves -- another dream wedding turned into a nightmare.

Psychic says if Brandon comes back there will be trouble. Sami says he's in London and there is no chance he will come back, so everything will be perfect. "OK have a happy wedding, Sami," says the Psychic. She hi-fives with Euglena. Sami says, "It's going to be a perfect wedding. Kate can't do anything."

Billie says, "It's really GA." Slowly, Bo says, "Hello, GA." Billie hugs the bewildered little twit. Hope runs in. Hope sees the group hug. Hope stares. FFWO on Hope.


Hope tells Bo, "You don't know for sure this girl is your daughter. For all we know this could be a DiMera plot."

Lucas tells Sami, "It might be time for Mom's next surprise."

Shawn tells Belle, "I know you love me, that you want to be with me as much as I want to be with you."

"Out of my way," says Jan as she shoves Mimi. "I don't think so," says Mimi as she shoves back. Jan counter punches with, "Out of my way you miserable bitch!" CAT FIGHT!, MIMI, JAN.


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