Monday, January 31, 2005

Stick A Fork In Bo, He's Done

Phillip asks Belle what it is she has to tell him, but is interrupted by a phone call. Belle wonders, “How am I ever going to tell him the truth?”

Rex plays with his dolly. It says, “Mama.” Mimi stands along side, probably wanting to say something else. Rex says, “Mimi, I can’t believe it, we’re going to have a baby! You’ve made me the happiest man on earth. Shawn stares. Jan looks exasperated.

Billie and Patrick, Ho and Dope are driving along. Patrick wants to know exactly what went down in there. “It was a trick,” says Hope. “I was so sure,” says Billie. “Don’t worry,” says Bo. “We’ll find her if it’s the last thing I do.” Hope sits there thinking, “It might be, Mr. Faithful.” Hope stares.

Tony D shuffles a deck of cards with all the skill of a riverboat gambler. Well, lets face it; some card shuffling double is doing it. Heck, Tony didn’t have the manual dexterity to get a bucket ‘o blood off his head before he was attacked by the tiger. “Pick a card,” says Tony, “any card.” Today looks them over and asks, “Is this a card trick or are you going to read my fortune?” He picks, Hope Brady, Queen of Hearts. “What’s going to happen to her,” he asks. Tony says, “What’s going to happen to any of them… is in our hands.” He shoots the cards from one hand to the other.

Rex twirls Mimi around, “You’re pregnant.” Mimi says, “I’m not. I’m positive I’m not.” Jan pipes in, “Why don’t you tell Rex what you should have told him a long time ago?” Rex stares. Mimi stares.

“This is all my fault,” thinks Belle, “I have to tell him the truth before he goes. UB gets off the phone, bad news, “The deployment has been moved up. I have to leave right now.”

Patrick wants to know how they are sure this girl isn’t GA. Bo says there was convincing evidence, “but I have some of her hair for a DNA test.” Oh, yeah, now it was Bo’s idea to take the lock of hair. Billie wants to know where they go now. Hope thinks home would be a good place. Billie says every instinct tells her GA is in this part of Europe. Hope says her instincts have all been wrong so far. Billie asks, “Bo would you just tell your wife if she can’t be supportive to stay out of it.” Bo is nowhere to be found for a response to that one. Hope tells Billie GA will be her stepdaughter and a big part of her life, too, “You’d better wise up if you want to be around when we find her.”

Bart is really sorry about the way things turned out. They had ‘em, if Hope and that turncoat Lockhart hadn’t showed up. “Don’t worry,” says Tony, “everything turned out as I expected.” Toady’s game is Texas Hold ‘em. He hopes Hope brings him luck. “You’re going to need it,” sneers Tony. Toady gets a pair of Jack Devearux. Tony says, “This game mimics the larger game of life. I’m not happy Jack escaped, but Jack or any of them, wherever they go, I control their destiny.”

Before Phillip leaves he wants Belle to have some documents to look after. He hands her the symbolically black portfolio containing death benefits. Belle gets shook. Phillip tells her it’s only a precaution. On the other hand, hey, it would solve some problems. Phillip tells her, “Nothing is going to happen. I have the most beautiful wife in the world to come home to and we are going to grow old together, I promise.”

Jan asks, “Cat got your tongue, Meems?” Shawn wants to know what she’s up to. He takes her aside for a little chat. Rex wonders what Jan is up to with the doll, “Obviously she’s crazy, besides we have more important things to talk about, like what happened between Shawn and Belle.” Ordinarily this would be an uncomfortable subject for Mimi. Under the circumstances, though, Mimi says, “We have a lot to deal with.” She thinks, “I have to tell you everything I’ve been keeping from you.”

Shawn asks Jan what she’s up to. Jan says, “Hey, I’m the one who should be mad at you. You asked me to marry you then dumped me for your slutty ex-girlfriend. But someone still loves me,” She says to the doll, “You still love me don’t you sweetie. Your mama loves you.” Shawn says, “Jan, you’re talking to a doll.” Jan can’t help but think of the baby she and Shawn lost. Shawn says, “That was not my baby.” She says, “You made me fall in love with you, then you abandoned me, just like you’re trying to do now. I can’t let you break my heart again.” Shawn doesn’t mean to break her heart, but he thinks she needs help. Jan says he’s the one who needs help if he picked Belle over her. Belle lied to him. “No,” says Shawn, “You’re the one who lied to me.” Jan wants to know what he is talking about. “What do you think,” asks Shawn.”

“You lied to me when you said Belle pushed you down the steps and you said you miscarried,” says Shawn, “And I don’t remember last summer at all.” Jan is hurt Shawn can’t remember how they fell in love.

When Rex thought Mimi was pregnant he realized he wants to be a dad, but he doesn’t feel like he can trust Mimi like he used to. She went behind his back with Shawn and Belle. He wants to know how he can make sure Mimi will never lie about anything to him again. Remove her vocal cords?

Billie thinks she and Bo should walk into the hotel together since they registered as a couple. Hope asks Bo, “Can she possibly think of one more way to get her hooks into you?” Bo says Billie has a point. Hope says the DiMera’s already know they are there, “Can’t you see in case you don’t find GA, Billie is laying the groundwork for the next best thing, a piece of GA forever – you.”

Toady wants to know what the stakes are. “Anything you like,” says Tony. Toady tells Tony he’s a much more generous person than his father, “And a snappier dresser, too.” He’s trying to figure out what it all means. Billie is the Queen of Spades, Bo is the King of Hearts. Tony drops a big bet on the table. Toady asks, “What’s the master plan and what’s in it for you.” Tony asks, “What do you think?” Bart offers his theory that Bo’s sexy-ex causing problems is a bonus, not part of the master plan. “You’re absolutely wrong,” says Tony. Bart goes all-in, he bets the bankroll Tony can’t break up “Bope.” Tony says, “I will succeed where Stefano failed. When I am finished, Bo and Hope will part, never to be reunited again.” The Cheshire cat grins through cigar smoke.

Inside, Hope asks Bo, “Can you at least stop running to her rescue?” Bo says this isn’t about Billie. It’s about him finding his daughter. Hope just wants to stop fighting and get back to their normal lives. “Don’t you remember the last time Billie got involved with our lives, Zack and I almost got killed. Billie has a way of getting in way over her head. Has she thought about the consequences of finding GA, and what about the adoptive family?” Bo says, “What you’re not saying is you don’t want our daughter to be a part of the Daze of our lives.”

Patrick just wishes he could help. Billie thinks with every day, GA is slipping further away, “Who knows what kind of situation she’s in?” Maybe she’s living with a normal family instead of Bo and Billie. What torture that must be. If Billie’s own mother would have only found her sooner, her life would have been different. “I didn’t even know GA was alive. A good mother knows. Now it could be too late. She could be lost to us forever.”

Mimi says this is a conversation they should have had a long time ago. Rex remembers he needs to get to work. Mimi doesn’t want him to go. He’s been working two jobs so they can get married and start a family, he has to go, “Just promise me I can trust you.” Mimi assures him he can. What’s one more lie? Rex also wants Shawn to stay away from Phillip. UB is special forces and there is no telling what he might do to Shawn, “I was Belle and Shawn’s biggest supporter, but there’s been too many lies, and if that’s what love is all about, maybe we’re all better off without it.”

Jan, Shawn and the baby doll. If it weren’t for the baby doll, there wouldn’t be a brain cell in the scene. Jan yells, “You don’t know why you slept with me? HELLO. You are a man and I am a woman and you weren’t getting any. You were calling my name in the hospital, not Belle. Did I make you do that?” Shawn says, “I’m confused.” That wasn’t exactly a news bulletin. “All I know is I love Belle.” Jan begs him to tell her he loves her. She holds up the doll, “Please, don’t make us hate you.”

Phillip rushes out the door. He has to go now. He’s cutting it too close. Belle wants to talk. UB can’t. She’ll drive him to the airport. No, he doesn’t want her driving upset. This is the last memory he wants of her. He Kisses her, promises her he’s coming home. He loves her. Wait. She has something for him upstairs. Maybe she got the ‘Dear Phillip’ letter written already. She flashes back to the story of the Lt, “Phillip could die and it could be all my fault.”

Patrick says, “Hey look at me, my dad split when I was a kid and my mom wasn’t there most of the time and I turned out OK.” Huh? He says maybe GA is living a happy life. That makes Billie sad, too. Yeah, that would be terrible, wouldn’t it? She says, “I want GA to be happy, but happy with ME. Is it so wrong for me to want a little happiness?”

“You think we shouldn’t even try to have GA be a part of our lives,” asks Bo, “Do you remember how we felt when we found out Abe and Lexi were raising our biological child?” Hope says, “I’m surprised you remember we even have a biological child.” Oooooo -- way to slice him to ribbons, Hope. Bo says that’s not fair. Hope says, “What’s not fair is how you’ve been ignoring our boys. Especially Shawn. Did you get his voice mail?” Hope’s got him backpedaling now. “Do something for him. We don’t even know GA is alive, but Shawn is and he’s in trouble. If something happens to him I could never forgive myself, and I will never EVER forgive you.” Checkmate. Stick a fork in Bo. He’s done.

Wacko Jan begs, but Shawn has to go. “Shawn, you can’t go over there now. I love you and Phillip will kill you. I don’t want you to have to die.” Shawn tells Jan it’s over and leaves. Jan says, “No, I-don’t-want-you-to-have-to-die.”

Belle searches in the bureau drawer, “Please God, protect Phillip and keep him safe, but I don’t want to live a lie, and Phillip and Shawn shouldn’t have to either. I know what I have to do, and I can’t put it off any longer. Gotta tell him, now.” She goes downstairs but Phillip is gone. She finds a letter, “Belle, I just couldn’t stand to say goodbye. Just know that I love you and your love has made me happier than I ever thought possible. I’ll be counting the days until I’m back in your arms. Love always, your husband, Phillip.” She drops the letter, “OMG, I’m too late, he’s gone.”

Mimi ponders. Mimi spills the whole agonizing abortion story to Rex, who we know is asleep in the bathtub. If he’s not asleep, he’s drowned. “So that’s it, Rex. I couldn’t stand to hear you tell me you hate me and never want to see me again, so if that’s the case, just don’t say anything and I’ll leave forever.” Of course, the catatonic Rex says nothing. “Goodbye, Rex, goodbye forever.”

Jan says, “Shawn made a very big mistake tonight. Don’t worry baby, I’ll get him back for us and if I can’t, I’ll make sure no one else can have him.”

Belle starts to leave, bumps into Shawn. He wants to know if Belle told Phillip. “I tried,” she says. She ‘splains Phillip had to leave early yada, yada. Shawn is going to the airport to tell Phillip. “Wait, no, Shawn, wait!”

Patrick tells Billie she will find her daughter and be a fantastic mother. They hug.

Bo says, “Shawn is going to be fine…” he checks out the big hug. Hope looks, too. Hope smirks, “Tell me, why does it upset you so much Patrick is with Billie?” Bo says, “Because I don’t trust the creep.” Hope asks, “So I shouldn’t have brought him with me?” Bo answers, “You shouldn’t have come at all.” He just wishes Hope would cut Billie a little slack. Hope doesn’t want to argue. They get up to leave. She can’t find her room key, maybe Patrick has it. They quibble about Hope checking in with Patrick. Bo stops, “What the hell is this?” There is a picture on the wall with Hope and Patrick in the background kissing. Hope smiles.

Toady doesn’t get it. Texas Hold ‘em is his game, “Are you sure you didn’t have any cards up your sleeve, sir?” Tony holds out his arm, “Actually,” a card appears in his hand. “You’re very good,” says Toady, “who is that?” Tony says, “It’s a wild card, one that’s yet truly come into play. It’s sweet Georgia Brady. Not only is she alive, but she is the key to this whole game.” Are we supposed to think Tony is some genius just because he can outwit bumbling Bart?


Sami tells Lucas, “You don’t want to give up your apartment, because you’re afraid we’re actually going to get married.”

Belle says, “If Shawn tells him we’re still in love, Phillip will kill him.” Pan in on Phillip. I can't tell if that's a beret he's wearing or not. If it isn't, he stopped off on the way to the airport and got a Lyle Lovett hair job.

Hope says to Patrick, “It sounds like another manipulation tactic to me.” Hope and Patrick walk in on Bo and Billie hugging.

The fires of Hell flash. Kate says, ”We have to do something definitive, something that will stop Sami from walking down the aisle with Lucas." Maybe Shawn and his motorcycle are available. Freeze in on Kate holding a pistol.


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