Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Loose Lips Sink Ships

EJ and Nicole are at the pier. EJ says he doesn't care what she thinks about him. He just knows she betrayed him and will pay. Nicole thinks he's skipping over what he did to his family. EJ insists he's protecting all of them. Nicole thinks he's raising his kids making them watch the people they love suffer, "I think you're starting to realize what you did."

Sami and Rafe cuddle as Rafe assures her things will be OK. Sami ain' buyin' what Rafe is sellin'. Rafe says she can pay EJ back by getting sole custody of the kids, who, by the way, are halfway through their climb up El Capitan at the moment.

Kate and Stefano are in the rumpus room. He tells her he'll take care of the situation. Kate thinks he's doing a rotten job of it so far.

Sami says if they go to court EJ will pull out a list of the horrible things she's done. Rafe tells her to negotiate it with EJ personally, not in court, and use the CD as leverage. "You mean the CD of his conversation with Stefano," says Sami.

"No," says Rafe, "Use any John Mayer CD. Threaten to play it and he'll cave in immediately."

EJ calms down, "Sorry, it's been a rough day." Nicole falls for it and approaches him. Suddenly the crazed, booze polluted maniac jumps up and grabs her by the throat. Nicole turns blue and her tongue rolls out across the dock as she struggles to breathe. Then...


EJ backs off, points to Nicole... points to himself... points to Nicole... points to himself... "It's not over."

"I have no qualms about putting drunks out of their misery," says Daniel, "In fact I enjoy it." EJ leaves. Daniel and Nicole sit on the bench. Daniel asks, "What happened to George?"

Nicole huffs and puffs, "EJ... EJ... he was gonna kill me. Bwaaaaaaaaa...."

Rafe says the one thing EJ cares about is his kids. Sami hopes the plan works, "One way or another I have to keep those kids away from him unless there are no other babysitters available."

Daniel tries to calm Nicole down. He asks why EJ was going to kill her. Nicole blubbers, "I just kept talking..."

"I'd kill you for that, too," says Daniel.

Nicole drops the big bomb, "EJ paid Anna DiMera to kidnap Sydney to make Sami pay."

Daniel gives his most intelligent response, "Huhwha?"

"EJ is a horrible person," says Nicole.

"Why is he so mad at you?"

"I found out about it and blackmailed him." She tells him the story.

"Let me get this straight," says Daniel, "You blackmailed EJ and then handed the evidence to the FBI? Well, you're right. He is going to kill you."

Kate tells Stefano she's scared Will is going to find out he was involved with EJ, and then think Kate had Stefano's back, "When the Time comes you need to make it clear to Will I knew nothing about this. If that doesn't happen I will walk out that door and bring down this house."

EJ walks in and overhears Kate's threat, "Get out!"

"You're drunk."

Not only is EJ drunk, he's proud of it, "Yep." He turns to Stefano, "Get her out. We have family business."

Will is at the pub with Caroline. He says it doesn't make sense Stefano would have anything to do with the Sydnapping.

"Hurting your mother is his favorite sport," says Caroline, "You're trying to tell me Stefano has changed? How dumb can you be?"

"I'm Lucas Horton's son," says Will, "That should answer that question."

Kate seethes, "I will not let that drunk come between me and Will." She leaves.

EJ hoists a glass, "Cheers." Stefano tells EJ his performance is pathetic. EJ tells him Nicole recorded the conversation and Rafe got hold of it.

The blood drains from Stefano's face, "Can't we get it suppressed?"

"No," says EJ, "Some kid turned it into a video and it's all over YouTube. I'm not taking any chances. I'm taking my kids and getting out of here."

Stefano gasps, "Good God, haven't you done enough to the children already? All you think about is yourself." Kate eavesdrops.

Sami and Rafe are plastered together. Sami declines a sleeping pill. Dr. Hernandez prescribes medicinal brandy. He goes to get it. Sami gives herself a pep talk as her phone rings, "How dare you call me here!"

It's Kate, "Shut up and listen. EJ just told Stefano he's taking the children and going to disappear." She tells Sami EJ is too drunk to do anything tonight, but she'd better do something. Rafe comes back with the booze. He asks who Sami was talking to. "Grandma," she lies.

EJ paces in the bedroom. He swills liquor and contemplates Sami's unused nightie, then a family drawing.

Sami flashes back to the conversation with Kate we just heard just in case you weren't paying attention.

"Vision without execution is hallucination." –Thomas Edison / "Hallucination & vision without execution is a flashback." -Prevuze

Daniel gets off the phone and tells Nicole George will be back in a couple minutes. So I guess we are to assume the terrible thing EJ did to George was he gave him a quarter and sent him off to the candy store. Nicole asks why Daniel came back. He says he didn't feel right leaving her alone. Nicole breaks down, "Why me?"

Daniel comes up with an answer, "Did it ever occur to you that you that blackmailing a monster is a bad idea?"

Nicole blubbers, "I really did like stickin' it to EJ and I know that was stupid. I really did love him. I know he's bad and we were happy before I lost the baby. Waaaa. I don't know what's happening to my life." Daniel cradles her in his arms as she falls apart.

Caroline apologizes for being tough on Will. "Aren't people supposed to be innocent until proven guilty," asks Will.

Roman sits at the table behind will and overhears. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG! That's a good one. Mind if I write that down and use it when I emcee the Policeman's Ball?"

Caroline says, "EJ couldn't have pulled this off without Stefano."

"You have no proof," insists Will, "You say that because you hate him."

Kate comes back in and says she just saw EJ storm by. Stefano tells her things are bad, "It seems Hernandez has produced a CD with all this on it."

"Loose lips sink ships," says Kate.

"Not as fast as Shawn Brady," says Stefano, "And I'm also on the CD which proves I knew what he was doing."

Kate predicts, "And now Hernandez will give that CD to Sami and Sami will tell Will."

"I told you I will fix it," insists Stefano, "You will not lose your grandson."

Kate asks, "At least EJ can't do any damage now? Right?"

"Right," says Stefano. He suggests getting out and spending the night on the yacht. Kate wonders if it's a good idea to leave EJ alone. Stefano says EJ will be fine.

"Yes," agrees Kate, "He has his father to take care of him, doesn't he?"

George shows back up. Daniel leaves.

Rafe sleeps. Sami kisses him, "I have to do something." She sneaks out of bed."

EJ rages and yells, "GET OUT! OUT!"" He goes into the rumpus room, staggers around, pours another belt and stares out the French doors. He flashes back to the card game he had there with Sami and the kids swills more booze, looks at family pictures, stares at the desk drawer and opens it.

Stefano and Kate are outside the pub discussing who should have told whom what when. Kate tells him she feels the same about her family as he does about his, "The ball is in your court."

"Fine," snorts Stefano, "But get one thing straight. I'm not doing this because you threatened me."

"Why then?"

"Because I love you." He leaves.

"The DiMeras never tell eh truth." She follows.

Inside, Caroline tells Stefano he missed his chance to find Will, who has come and gone.

EJ staggers back into the bedroom sniffin', snortin' and drinkin'.

In an exciting turn of events, Rafe rolls over, "Sami..."

Sami comes into the DiMera mansion calling for EJ. She remembers what Kate said, "There is no way that's happening. EJ where are you?"

EJ contemplates the drawing. He remembers meeting Johnny and cries like a little girl. Then he flashes back to Sami's meltdown at the wedding, and a Stefano lecture. He picks up the pistol he has been carrying around.

Caroline says Will now has a clearer picture of what Stefano is like. Stefano insists he had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Kate says she had no idea herself. Caroline suggests, "Tell Will that and see if he believes you. It's over. My Sami has been hurt for the last time and she has Rafe to make sure of that." Translation: Sami will be hurt for the final time when she's left standing at the altar at age 90, but by that time will at least have one heckuva collection of wedding dresses.

Daniel, Nicole and George arrive back at Daniel's place. George apologizes for letting EJ get to Nicole, "It won't happen again, unless the FBI decides to let me keep my job after being sucked in like that."

"From your mouth to God's ears," says Nicole.

"No way," says God, "I've had this whole episode on mute."

Daniel announces Chloe is out somewhere, "She left a note: 'So many men, so little time.' What would you like?"

"I don't know," says Nicole, "Vodka, gin, rubbing alcohol..." Daniel prepares a drink while Nicole wonders if EJ will kill her.

EJ holds the pistol and stares. We watch in the mirror as he bawls and puts it to his head. Sami searches and heads upstairs.

Daniel tells Nicole she's safe there. Nicole isn't convinced. "Being a good guy is exhausting," says Daniel, "I'm headed for bed." He leaves.

"Well," sighs Nicole, "I guess it's over." She has a flashback to her argument with EJ and decides, "No, this isn't over while EJ is still alive." She goes and pours another dink and then takes a slug from the bottle."

In an exciting twist, Rafe sleeps.

EJ is unconscious on the bed.

Sami rushes into the bedroom, "EJ where are... Wake up! Get up! You are not taking my children from me! Get up!" Sami flashes back to Kate... EJ telling her Sydney is dead... That he loves her... Flashbacks swirl by and all meld together. Sami grabs the gun from EJ's hand and points it toward him...


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Monday, August 30, 2010

A Nasty Little Habit Of Screwing Up Lives

Rafe and Arianna stand outside the pub and argue. Rafe wants to know if Arianna is defending EJ. Arianna says Sami isn't blameless in all this. Sami overhears and wants to know what about it is her fault. Sami must have the memory of a lobotomized mayfly.

EJ paces in the bedroom. He remembers his big argument with Sami, staggers and sits on the bench at the foot of the bed.

Stephanie flops onto the couch in her apartment, remembers Ian showing her the paternity test results and saying someone changed them already. She gets up and starts out, but finds Ian at the door. "What I want to know," she tells him, "is why someone changed those test results."

"It's just a wild guess," says Ian, "but I think that person didn't want it to get out that Daniel isn't the father."

Phillip accompanies Melanie to her job at the hospital and they put on a disgusting PDA in front of Nathan.

Kate, Will and Stefano are at the beach. Kate tells Will she had no idea of what EJ was up to. Stefano watches. Will says he believes Kate. He turns to Stefano and asks him if he knew.

Rafe pushes ranting, raging Sami away and tells Arianna to go comfort EJ. Arianna leaves. Rafe turns back to Sami, "She's not thinking clearly. She's a Hernandez — muddled thinking runs in the family." Rafe says he won't let Arianna judge Sami after what EJ did to her, "Let's go be alone." Translation: "Let's go be alone, and naked."

Lexie walks in and berates EJ for what he did. Then she changes her tune, "You must be devastated."

"Homicidal, actually."

Melanie and Phillip continue to help themselves to the Phelanie buffet. They finally come up for air, turn and run into Nathan. Melanie announces he's just about to do his first solo surgery since killing off Mrs. Haskins. She also tells Phillip about Nathan stopping the attack. Phillip takes her off and asks what's with the secrets.

Stephanie tells Ian this is good for everyone because Daniel wants the baby more than anything.

Rafe and Sami want something else more than anything. The heaving and panting gets pretty intense, but as usual Sami the tease stops things, "I can't do this. I almost married EJ today. Don't you even want to know why?"

At this point Rafe probably doesn't give a flying leap why, but says, "I know why. He's manipulative."

"No," says Sami, "It's because I saw you kissing Nicole. That's the kind of stupid thing I do all the time. I thought I had matured. I should know better."

Rafe whoas her up. Realizing he has to tread carefully here, he consults the Guy Manual, "Tell her you did it for her."

Rafe goes into action, "I love you and the only reason I was with Nicole was to get information. I did it for you." He says after living in the safe house (no pun intended) he knows what kind of person she is, "I love that person. I realized I was trying to change you but if I did you wouldn't be the person I love. These molecule brains deserve each other. Down they go.

Melanie insists she's not keeping things from Phillip, but says her near-attack is just something she is trying to forget. Phillip decides he overreacted and apologizes. Nathan interrupts and says they should go to the OR as Stephanie walks up. Melanie tells Stephanie about Chloe's pregnancy. Stephanie fakes excitement. Phillip fakes intelligence.

Daniel walks Nicole home. They stop at the dock and Nicole dismisses George. Daniel says he knows Nicole needs help but he has to protect Chloe and the baby. He wants to know what's going on with her or he won't let her stay in his house. Nicole don' wanna talk about it in public. Daniel tells her she hasn't been a great influence on Chloe and he won't let her screw things up. Nicole explodes, "If things get screwed up between you and Chloe it won't be because of me."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean," asks Daniel.

Stefano tells Will he was shocked when he heard about EJ masterminding the Sydnapping. He says no one other than Elvis knew EJ paid Anna to kidnap Sydney."

Lexie hugs EJ and tells him she doesn't want him talking like that. EJ stammers, "I lost Samantha. Forever... because of her."

"Who," asks Lexie.

"Who do you think it is," screams EJ, "The one person who has squandered all of my dreams... one after the other!"


"Right... Nicole!"

Nathan and Melanie leave to scrub. Phillip and Stephanie stare. Phillip wants to know what she has to say. Stephanie insists nothing. Phillip leaves. DOOL... where the commercials are more interesting than the show.®

Nicole says she meant she knows how much Chloe loves Daniel, "As someone who has shared that kind of dream I wouldn't want that dream destroyed for my friend." Daniel wants to make sure Nicole staying with them wouldn't endanger Chloe or the baby. Nicole says she understands and it won't be for long, "I need to be with good people who care for me. But since those kind of people don't exist, I'll settle for you and Chloe."

EJ says Nicole must pay and storms out.

Arianna calls EJ and leaves a message as Caroline overhears, "You can't be serious, you're leaving a friendly message for that evil SOB? Your loyalty is to your family and nowhere else."

Sami... Rafe... Degarmentification... Huffing... Puffing... Grabbing...

Nathan and Melanie prepare for surgery. A nurse helps with the preparations. "You realize you're only getting to operate solo so soon because you are a Horton," says Nurse Snarko. She walks out.

Melanie gasps, "Oh, that snarky little bitch! I'm glad you're getting this opportunity."

The patient looks up at them, "I'm not sure I share her enthusiasm."

Nathan thanks Melanie and flashes back to the conversation when Chloe asked if he had changed his mind about telling Daniel. He tells Melanie he's thinking about how excited she must be about Chloe's pregnancy.

Stefano and Kate are back at the DiMera mansion. Kate thinks when Will finds the truth they will never see him again, "If I lose him I will walk out that door and never look back."

Sami... Rafe... afterglow... smoochies. Rafe sighs, "We're together now. That's all that matters."

"Right," says Sami, "And you know, you won't always be right. Just this time."

Nicole promises she'll explain everything when they get back to the apartment. She tells Daniel she's going to pick up a few things at her place wand will come back later. Daniel leaves. Nicole calls out, "George... we're done."

EJ walks up, "It's just you and me."

Dr. Nathan begins the operation. He flinches as he dives in with the scalpel and Nurse Snarko asks if everything is OK. Snarko gets a page and leaves. Melanie asks if Nathan is OK. "I don't know," says the crippled surgeon.

Phillip shows up at Chloe's place. He tells her how relieved he is about the paternity test results. He sees luggage and Chloe tells him it's Nicole's. Phillip doesn't get it. Chloe says Nicole has a body guard and the DiMeras are after her. "Perfect timing," says Phillip, "Leave it to Nicole."

Ian finds Stephanie outside the pub. She wants him to make sure whoever changed the results covered the tracks. She asks him if he can find out if it was Phillip.

Ian asks, "If I could?"

"If you could," says Stephanie, "I will help Phillip keep his secret."

Rafe sleeps. Sami whimpers and remembers EJ telling her Sydney is dead. She cries out, "SYDNEY!"

EJ gives Nicole the look of death as he unties his tie, "I get the impression you've been avoiding me."

Nathan trembles and grunts. He tells Melanie he has elbow pain and spasms. Melanie gasps, "OMG! this is all my fault."

The patient looks up at them, "Y'know... I just remembered an important phone call I have to make..."

Phillip wonders if Chloe has confided in Nicole. Chloe claims not. Phillip reminds her, "Nicole may be your friend but she has a nasty little habit of screwing up lives."

Will talks to Lucas on the phone, "If Rafe could convince Mom he must have some kind of proof. Listen Dad, Stefano had nothing to do with this."

Today is Caroline day to eavesdrop, "Come on Will, you can't buy that!"

"What," asks Will, "That Stefano didn't know about this?"

"No," says Caroline, "That Lucas has figured out how to use a telephone."

Stefano rants and wonders if he should reveal Kate's transgressions to Will. He insists he will take care of things and Will won't be alienated from either of them.

Kate snaps, "When you do you better make sure Will knows I had nothing to do with it!"

Sami cries out, "Sydney..." Rafe comforts. Sami wakes. Rafe tells her it was a dream, "You're with me. We're safe." No pun intended.

EJ says. "I have a message from your girlfriend George..." He puts his hands to his throat and indicates he may have strangled poor George, "I had a bit of a bad day today." Nicole panics and runs. EJ chases her around the park bench and cackles. Nicole continues to run from him. "There was an unexpected guest at my wedding today — someone with a CD. I am a very dangerous man right now."

"Because you think I betrayed you," whimpers Nicole.

"No," says EJ, "Because I haven't gotten laid since we broke up."

Melanie blames herself as Nathan struggles to operate. Nurse Snarko comes back and asks if something is wrong. Nathan says it's a small cramp.

Melanie whispers, "I believe in you."

The patient looks up, "Then why don't we have him operate on you instead of me?"

Chloe says Nicole will be supportive. Phillip is skeptical. He backs off and decides they dodged a bullet.

Caroline tells Will nothing goes on in the DiMera mansion that Stefano doesn't know about, "He's being nice to you because he knows it drives your mother crazy."

"You mean more crazy," says Will, "Besides, he stood up for her in front of me."

Caroline is exasperated, "So you're telling me Stefano is a great guy? It's time to grow up."

Kate issues an ultimatum, "You'd better make it clear to Will I had nothing to do with this or else. Will is Lucas' son. So he'll buy anything. He's my family. If you screw that up you will pay dearly."

"I will take care of it," vows Stefano.

"The same way you took care of Rafe?"

Sami can't believe she almost married EJ. Rafe insists EJ will pay. Sami doesn't think so, "He'll get off scott free." No pun intended.

Melanie wanders into the nurses area. Nathan pours coffee and says the elbow is better. He thanks her for doing what she did in there, "I've never seen a student nurse jump on the operating table and plug a carotid artery spewing blood like that before."

Sami rants about how EJ will get around the law. "Not this time," says Rafe.

Sami falls apart, "I wouldn’t marry him and I embarrassed him and he will do everything he can to get back at me. He made me think Sydney was dead. He won't stop."

Nicole backs up and begs. Obsessed EJ grits his teeth, "You went too far this time, Nicky. You betrayed me. You gave that stuff to Rafe."

"You don't care about your children," snorts Nicole, "You amaze me how you can fake being human. I think you fool yourself. I see what you've done to Sami. You go after people because you are dead inside." If Nicole doesn't back off she'll be dead inside and outside.

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Love Is War

There is a new DVD collection in town...

Enough said. Well, except the fact that this past week between EJ and Sami has made the couples in "The War Of The Roses" and "Mr. & Mrs. Smith" look like amateurs.

It's a good thing there was no feed this morning because I'm on the road again with no broadband. In fact I'm in an area so remote, I couldn't even use 'dialup' to post this. I had to use 'crankup.'

Happy weekend, DOOLers.

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Friday, August 27, 2010


Stefano finds Kate and Chad at the beach. He tells Chad to take a hike and notes that Kate didn't say goodbye. "Do I get a demerit," asks Kate. He ignores that and asks what she's doing talking to Chad. Kate blows her stack. Stefano says he doesn't want her to talk to him like that. Kate explodes, "I am tired of the lies!"

Nicole and Chloe hug. Nicole is overjoyed at the news about Chloe's pending bundle of joy. Chloe tells her Daniel is the father. She also says Carly has been great about it and won't say a word to Daniel.

"I guess dreams really do come true," says Nicole, "but not mine."

Rafe and Sami stand in the pub and hug. Now that that's over, Sami can fall apart appropriately, "EJ turned me against you by making me doubt you. I will be ashamed of that for all the Days Of Our Lives. You brought my baby back to me and never gave up. Why?"

"I'm as hard headed as they come," says Rafe, "and I never felt like we had the truth. Now we do. It's finally over."

Arianna can't believe EJ masterminded the Sydnapping. EJ screams. "It was a mistake, all right? I realize that."

Daniel is with Victor in the Kiriakis den. He says he'll try to keep Chloe away from Victor. Vivian walks in as Daniel walks out.

Chloe wants Nicole to be positive about her life. Nicole is positive all right — that her life is in the toilet. She says she wants to change the subject and asks Chloe to open the present. Chloe opens it and it's... a... thingie.

Suddenly, Chloe is tired. Nicole suggests Chloe go take a nap and Nicole will hang out there. George knocks and Nicole tells him all is OK. She tells Chloe George is her FBI bodyguard.

EJ says he's going to see that justice is served.

"How," asks Arianna, "Sami?"

"No," says EJ, "I'm going to see your friend Nicole."

Arianna forbids it, "Absolutely not."

Stefano reminds Kate he has always had secrets. Kate says she is talking about lies, not secrets. Stefano reminds her he suffered with the Sydney thing too.

Chloe asks why Nicole has an FBI guy following her around. "I need protection," says Nicole.

"I get that," says Chloe, "Protection sure would have come in handy that night I was with Phillip."

Nicole explains why she needs it, "But I need more... I can't afford to pay for my apartment any more and I don't have anywhere to go and Brady won't look at me." Even Chloe is bright enough to get that hint. She invites Nicole to stay at her apartment.

EJ runs through a litany of Nicole's sins for Arianna. Arianna says if he goes after Nicole he will be throwing his life away, "All we have is our future."

"So the past doesn't matter," asks EJ.

"Right," says Arianna, "The past is in the past and the future is in the future."

"So why am I in so much trouble for what I've done in the past," asks EJ.

"I'll have to think that through and get back with you," says Arianna.

Sami says she realizes she would be better off alone than with EJ. Rafe can't believe what the DiMeras put her through. Sami reminds him she's not an innocent victim, "I'm sorry, Rafe. I'm blubberblubberblubber..."

Vic growls, "Once again you have displayed your top tier knack for perfect timing." Vivian wants to update him on the re-interment.

Back with Chloe and Nicole, it's huggie-wuggies all around. Nicole just happens to have her stuff out in the hall and she starts to leave to get it. As she opens the door...


Danny boy says, "Let me guess... George, the big burly guy I just met who's lurking out here with the luggage... it's your luggage." Chloe says she told Nicole she could stay.

Stefano defends his actions. He tells Kate not to come on like this because she would have done the same thing. Kate runs off the rails. Stefano says he couldn't disown his son and grandchildren. Kate says if she loses Will, she doesn't know how she will live with herself, "Or with you."

EJ paces, sighs and sits. Arianna sits beside him. She says hurting Nicole won't bring his children back. She takes his hand, "I'm sorry."

Stefano settles down. He asks Kate to look at him, "I promise you will not lose William. WE will not lose him."

Kate gets sarcastic, "What will you do, bribe him? Buy him a Maserati?"

Stefano consults the Guy Manual, "It's all about her."

Finally Stefano pays some attention to the most valuable resource a guy can own, "What is it that you need, Katherine?"

The Guy Manual... Gets more guys back in the saddle than Joe's Western Supply and Blacksmith Shop.®

Stefano reminds her, "Sometimes secrets are a way of protecting the people we love."

Kate flashes back to the birth certificate, "Ah yes... I know."

Daniel isn't really happy about Nicole as a house guest. She promises it will be just a few days and deflects things by talking about the baby, "Pretty soon for you life will be one big bowl of cherries."

And one big diaper full of... DOOL scripts.

Arianna comforts EJ as he rambles about the recent chain of events, "I think you should go."

Sami also rambles about recent events, "You can say I told you so."

Rafe comes off the wall and out of left field in one fell swoop, "Of course I forgive you. I should go. I'll let you spend some time with your family and try to find the kids." He starts to go.

Sami stops him, "Please don't go. Please wait. You saved me today... again. Since the day I met you every action proved what kind of man you are. You are every girl's dream come true, or at least you have the mentality of that pony every girl dreams about having. You're my dream come true."

Nicole sells herself to Daniel, "I am very quiet, when I'm asleep." Chloe sends her to check out the guest bedroom.

Daniel asks how this happened. He says he wishes Chloe had asked him first, before deciding to invite Nicole to stay with them. Chloe says she doesn't know what's going on, "But I do know Nicole needs us and is terrified. It has something to do with EJ."

Will finds Stef'n Ho at the beach.

EJ picks up the unused wedding ring. He says he can't believe what's happened in just a few hours. Arianna thinks things would have come out eventually and might have been worse. EJ can't buy that it could be any worse.

"I'm trying to help," whines Arianna.

EJ screams, "I don't need help! I need hope!"

Arianna backs him down a notch him and tells him to accept the fact that it is over.

Sami says she was wrong about everything. She says she would love to blame EJ, but she can't, "It's my fault. I let this happen. I let him come between us. I know I should give you a couple days and if I were sensible I wouldn't do this now but I'm not, and I just can't let you walk out that door without telling you I love you with all my heart."

Daniel relents, "Nicole can stay." Chloe thanks him. Daniel goes for takeout. Nicole comes back out. Chloe tells her Daniel approved her staying there. Chloe wants to know why Nicole needs a guard, "Is EJ trying to come after you?"

Kate tells Will the wedding is off. Will says he isn't surprised, but wonders what happened. "Rafe uncovered something terrible and indefensible that EJ did," says Kate, "EJ was behind Sydney's kidnapping."


"Nobody can figure it out," says Stefano, "I am shocked and appalled beyond words." They all may be beyond words, but somehow they keep talking.

Arianna tells EJ she's sorry all this has happened and leaves.

Rafe says "Through it all there was one thing that stayed true. I never stopped loving you." Hugs and tears. And kisses.

Out in the audience, the Safes sigh as grief counselors pass through the Ejami section.

Nicole promises to tell everything, but not now, "The last 24 hours have been hell for me so now I just want to focus on the good things." That should take about a microsecond.

Chloe can't bear to think what would have happened if Daniel had found out, "Disaster averted."

Daniel walks in, "What disaster?"

"Chloe almost decided to cook dinner for us," says Nicole.

A bedroom. We pan across a bed strewn with presents, flowers and bric-a-brac. EJ walks into the room. EJ broods. He picks up a small box from Sami and opens it.

"Just 99% of all lawyers give the rest a bad name."
—Justin Kiriakis.

Caroline comes in as Rafe and Sami munch around on each other. She says the kids are asleep. She also says Roman has cops there to protect Sami and then she leaves to give them some privacy.

"My place," says Rafe, "So we can talk?" Translation: no translation necessary.

Outside they run into Arianna. She tells them she knows what happened at the wedding. Sami senses Arianna ain' happy.

Nicole says she meant it would be a disaster for her if she couldn't stay there. Chloe is ready to eat. Daniel announces he picked up Chinese food. Chloe goes for plates as Nicole thanks Daniel for letting her stay there. She decides to go pick up some things at her apartment. Daniel decides to go with her. He tells Chloe to get started without them. Nicole says there is no need for Daniel to go with her. "Oh, but there is," says Daniel, "because you and I need to get a few things straight."

Stefano says Elvis' criminal scheme came as a shock to everyone. Kate says she's not sure Sami has all the facts, "She doesn't know about us."

"You and Stefano," asks Will.

"We just want to make things clear to you," says Kate. Translation: "We just want to make our version of things clear to you."

"No," says Will, "I'm going to go talk to my mom." He leaves.

Arianna says she's happy for them as Sami gets a call from Will. He says he's heard about the wedding. He says he knows Sami was doing what was best for her kids. She tells him she's with Rafe at the pub. Will says he'll see her later but needs to do something first.

Arianna insists she's glad Rafe knows the truth, "I was with EJ earlier. He's a mess."

"He should be a mess," says Rafe, "He should be in prison. Are you defending him."

"It's not like Sami is blameless," says Arianna.

Sami re-joins the party, "What were you going to say about me? How is all of this my fault?"

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

An Act Of Revenge

Daniel and Chloe come into the Kiriakis mansion den to see Victor. They tell him they have news. Cheerful Victor asks, "What, you're breaking up?"

Vivian stares at Maggie through the window in Maggie's kitchen door. Maggie is working on her computer. Vivian knocks and Maggie opens the door. "I hate to drop in," says Vivian, "But we need to talk... about Victor."

Nicole is with Stefano at the pub. He accuses her of lying when she says she doesn't know what Rafe is up to, "I also think you are very afraid." Nicole leaves.

Stefano goes back to Kate and says they should leave also. Kate is curious about his conversation with Nicole. Stefano insists they talk about it on the way home. "I love the imperative," says Kate, "It makes me feel so close to you." She goes to get the kids.

Stefano calls Marco, "I want you to take care of a problem for me."

Sami and EJ continue to argue. EJ claims at the last minute he couldn't hurt Sami by taking Sydney. Oh the remorse! "I asked you to marry me so I can spend all the Days Of Our Lives making it up to you."

Nicole gets back to her hovel and starts to pack. She curses Rafe for not protecting her.

Sami says that doesn't justify what EJ did. EJ reminds her of the pain she has inflicted on the people she loves. He insists he will never hurt her. "I can't believe you," says Sami, "Because I don't think you can help yourself. Every word out of your mouth is a lie."

He insists it isn't true...

"I love you, you love me
We're a happy family
With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too?"

Vivian says she's there to ask a favor. Her earring comes off and she puts it in her purse. I suppose that will have some significance later. She talks about the new sarcophagus and says it has to be handled in a sensitive way and with discretion. She asks Maggie for the name of the funeral director she used for Mickey.

Nicole packs. A glove twists her doorknob.

Rafe and Roman are at the pier. They talk about what a slippery slimeball EJ is. Rafe thinks he'll get out of doing jail time, "But one way or another, he's gonna pay."

EJ stops Sami from storming out, "I'm right, aren't I? You still love me."

"Love doesn't have anything to do with this."

"Love has everything to do with this," insists EJ, "We love each other and our children. I've moved heaven and earth to make this up to you. I've changed. And you've changed. We can get through this. Because we love each other."

Things don't look good. Desperate EJ consults the Guy Manual for advice, "It's over. You're busted and there is nothing you can do to change her mind. All you have left is your self-respect. Do not... repeat... do not humiliate yourself by begging. Whatever you do, do not get down on your knees and beg her one more time to marry you. At least have one scrap of dignity left when she walks out on your sorry ass."

The loathsome, helpless, lost quivering mass drops to his knees, "Please... Marry me."

Maggie says she doesn't have the mortician's card, "I was hoping I wouldn't need his services again. When you love someone you don't care about the size of the coffin."

"I wanted Lawrence's grave to be a monument."

"I said love," snaps Maggie, "not a kinky obsession." She goes to get the mortician's information. Alone in the kitchen, Vivian snoops and finds the trip brochure, "This is going to be easier than I thought." She takes papers and puts them in her purse

Melanie walks in, "What the hell are you doing here?" Apparently the Salem potty-mouth still has not mended her ways.

Victor notices Chloe's dress is snug. She tells him she's pregnant. Tactful Victor asks, "Is the baby Daniel's?"

Chloe blows her short, but quite volatile stack, "How could you even ask me that!"

Nicole packs. The knob twists. Nicole sees the knobotwist, "OMG, I'm a dead woman."

Beaten, dejected, dignity-challenged EJ remains on his knees. Sami asks, "You know why I wanted to get married?"

EJ consults the Guy Manual for the perfect answer, "She's setting you up. DO NOT say, 'because you love me.'"

"Because you love me?"

Sami levels her verbal shotgun and gives him both barrels, "I was going to give Rafe one more chance to stop me. But I saw him kissing Nicole. So classic Sami I rush back here and beg you to marry me. Thank God Rafe still cares enough about me to spend that time to find the truth. Thank God he told me what you did."

EJ is beyond groveling, "But... but... you love me."

Sami is not beyond erupting like a tsunami on the sun, "Anything I felt for you was destroyed with what you did. I'm taking my kids and getting out of here and I will make sure you never see your children again." Stefano walks in. He asks what's going on. Sami has a few choice words for him, too, "As if you don't know! You know what your sick and twisted son did. You let everyone think that beautiful girl was dead. You relished our pain!"

In an effort to reel her in, Stefano also consults the Guy Manual, "One cardinal rule: when a woman is about to reach critical mass, NEVER tell her to pull herself together."

"Pull yourself together."



"Over my dead body," says Stefano.

TA-DA! The marines have arrived! In walks Rafe Hernandez, crack FBI agent and CD distributor, "If you try to stop her, then it will be over your dead body." Sami beams.

Nicole packs. The glove picks the lock. Nicole turns out the lights and hides. The goon comes in. Nicole cowers.

Kate joins the party in the rumpus room. Sami asks, "Where are my kids?" Kate says Mary has them and Sami starts to run out. Desperate EJ tries to grab Sami as she heads out the door. Sami slappy-slaps him away...


Don't hold me to this, but I think that tender, passionate bedroom scene the Ejamis have been hoping for might not happen.

Kate wants to know what all the ruckus is about. Rafe announces, "The truth is out, EJ masterminded the Sydnapping."

Kate can't believe it, "EJ, why?"

"Can't you figure it out," asks Rafe, "To punish Sami for lying about her pregnancy... An act of revenge."

Victor says it was a simple question. Daniel asks what the matter is with him. Victor says, "I thought Chloe was barren."

"Who uses that term any more to talk about a woman who can't have children," asks Daniel.

"I wasn't talking about having children," says Victor, "I was talking about her mind." Victor says he just thought since Chloe couldn't conceive, there was a sperm donor. OK, so that makes absolutely no sense to me at all, but, hey... I've got a blog to get out. Victor apologizes. Chloe says God has been kind to her and given her everything she wants just the way she wants.

Vivian says she was just leaving, "You and Phillip must come over for drinkies." She turns and goes.

Melanie gets the pukies, "Absolutely not."

Maggie comes back. Melanie hands her a note Vivian left for her.

Vivian calls Gus who says the sarcophagus has arrived. Vivian is on her way, "But first, I have to write Maggie Horton's farewell letter."

Roman tells Caroline Sami canceled the wedding. Arianna comes in and overhears the story. "Hows that for a showstopper," asks Roman.

"That is pure evil," says Caroline. Armed with new information, Arianna runs off. Caroline says Sami and the kids can stay at the pub, "Do you think EJ and Stefano will let her leave with the children?"

"They got no choice," says Roman, "EJ and Stefano are about to lose everything."

It was a dark and stormy night inside Nicole's apartment. Without the storm. A ghostly figure sneaks around the room, inspecting every crevice. The shadowy intruder goes to the window and looks out, turns and sees Nicole. Nicole panics...


Sami is out in the foyer telling her kids they're going to their new home. Johnny wants to stay. EJ rushes out attempting to find his testicles, but instead sees the kids. He stoops and tells Johnny, "Daddy will see you very soon." Johnny refuses to go. Sami ain't in no mood for contrary kids. She grabs and hauls. EJ hasn't had enough. The beaten, pathetic slob gives Sami one more opportunity to grind him under her heel as he asks to say goodbye to Sydney. Need I tell you Sami's reaction is less than enthusiastic?

Rafe, Sami & crew leave. EJ stares.

Victor pontificates, "So God has decided to single you out, Chloe? With all the suffering in the world, you must feel special God singled you out to give you what you want. It's a pet peeve of mine that people think God singles them out, that God is biased."

Daniel says he thought this would be pleasant, but it's not so he starts to go. Victor asks them to stay, "Chloe's child is family. No matter what."

Vivian is back in the crypt gushing over the sarcophagus. She turns to Gus, "Am I being too profound for you."

"No madame," says Gus, "It's lovely."

"It's brilliant," says Vivian, "But it's a shame to sully it with the person going inside."

Stunned EJ staggers around the rumpus room. Stefano says he doesn't understand how Rafe found out. Kate can't believe Stefano was in on this, "You knew?"

Stefano ignores her, "Answer me. How did this happen?"

Nicole screams and begs for her life. Of course the guy shows her his badge. Nicole gasps, "FBI?"

"Well, we know she can read," says the sarcastic agent. Nicole asks where the other agent went. "The other guy didn't want to be responsible for someone intent on getting herself killed." Nicole tells him he's free to scurry because she's leaving town.

Stefano asks for a private word with EJ.

Kate objects, "Am I not a member of this family, don't I deserve answers?"

"Not now," growls Stefano. Kate leaves. Stefano asks EJ what Nicole has to do with this. EJ tells him about Nicole overhearing their conversation. Stefano thinks EJ was careless. EJ don' need no stinkin' lectures. He says he paid Nicole, who said the truth would never come out.

Stefano rants, "God in heaven, what has happened to you? Has your love for Samantha ruined your mind? Is that why your whole life is going up in smoke?"

Chloe stares at Phillip's picture. Victor again apologizes and vows to be on his best behavior. Tired Chloe leaves. Daniel stays. Daniel says he's sick and tired of the way Victor treats Chloe. Victor says he apologized and realizes he was disrespectful. Daniel says, "She's pregnant, hormonal and fragile and doesn't have to deal with your disrespect."

"But," asks Victor, "why is she so fragile? She should be the happiest woman alive."

Nicole is on the phone with her bank, "They did what?" She gets off the phone and says her accounts have been frozen. Looks like Nicole won't be leaving town. George wonders where she'll go. "The only place I can," says Nicole.

Sami & company run into the pub. Caroline takes the kids into the kitchen. Roman asks if Will knows what happened. Sami says not yet, "I feel like a damn fool." Rafe insists EJ won't hurt her any more. Sami wants to protect the kids. Roman promises she and the kids will be taken care of.

EJ tells Stefano he'll handle things, "My mess, my responsibility. I'll fix it."


"I'll kill Nicole," he rushes out.

Vivian inspects the sarcophagus. She thinks this will be easier than the first time.

Nicole arrives at Chloe's place with a birthday present. She notices Chloe is pregnant, "We have some serious catching up to do."

Kate calls and leaves a message for Will and says she's at the lake. Chad finds her, "You OK?" Kate says she's fine, but Chad doesn't believe her, "If you wanna talk you've been nice to me and I'd like to return the favor. I take it you didn't go to the wedding?" Kate tells him the wedding is off. She asks Chad to have Will call if he sees him. Stefano finds them. He asks Chad to scram.

"You did not say goodbye," says Stefano.

Kate is not a happy camper, "Do I get a demerit for that?"

"No," says Stefano, "In our family we call it a 'DiMerat.'"

Arianna shows up at the DiMera mansion. "I take it you heard," says EJ, "Take your shot. Everyone else is."

Caroline joins the group in the pub and drags Roman off. Roman congratulates Rafe.

Sami says, "I don't know what to say."

"You don't have to say anything."

"Thank you," says Sami, "You saved me today. Again. Thank you so much." Hugs.

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Constitutional Right To Be An Idiot

The bailiff hands Judge Davis a folder as we pan back to Bo and Carly sitting in the back of the courtroom. Bo leans over to her, "It means a lot to me that you are here."

Carly whispers, "It means a lot to me that you remembered I'm alive after your blithering Hopefest up on the stand, but I know how hard this is for you." Bo says he's worried Baker will get less time than Hope.

The prosecution rests. The defense calls Hope to the stand. A guard escorts Hope into the courtroom looking like she's already been in prison for years... scraggly clothes, disheveled hair, a grim look on her face and a three day growth of beard. she gives Baker a dirty look (which with Hope is redundant) and then she and Bo stare at each other.

Vivian tells Gus about the pink pillow she ordered that will clash with Maggie's red hair for eternity. Gus thinks she'd better make sure Victor doesn't find out what she's doing. Vivian bets Victor will forget Maggie ever existed once she is gone.

Nicole staggers at the dock, "I'm still alive. That must mean EJ doesn't know I ratted him out yet. When he does find out I'll be swimming with the fishes." I think she means sleeping with the fishes unless she's planning to be a porpoise rider at Sea World.

EJ claims the CD was manufactured. Sami asks Rafe to play the it. EJ begs her not to do this. "I have to," says Sami.

Kate and Stefano are at the pub with Sydney. Stefano is grumpy. Kate is curious. Sydney wishes she were off playing in traffic with the other kids. Stefano says he really doesn't know what's going on, "But I sure as hell am going to find out."

Sami says EJ can't spend the rest of his life with this hanging over his head, "If it's a fraud, I'll know it."

EJ gets nasty, "I won't allow it!"

"OK," says Sami, "It's your house, but you know I'm not marrying you until I hear it." EJ sulks off.

Roman comes back in the courtroom as Hope takes the stand. Bo thinks Hope can't take this. The defense attorney grills her. He establishes that Bo, her husband, let her take the case. He also establishes Roman is her brother-in-law, and that both of them were among her victims. Bo stops him when he gets out a rubber hose, "That's enough! You gotta stop. She's suffered enough."

Melanie is in Maggie's kitchen trying her hand at knitting, "Oh, *$#&%&$!!" Maggie comes in as Melanie releases the chain of expletives deleted, "I'm shocked to hear you cursing,"

"Mind your own #&@*# ^$*#&@^$ business," says Melanie. She tells Maggie she's trying to learn to knit, "It's harder than I thought it would be. But I'm kind of into the family thing." She drops another stitch, "OH DAMN!" I wonder if there has ever been a case of someone knitting her lips shut?

Stefano don' wanna talk about the wedding. Kate changes the subject to Will. Stefano is unresponsive. Kate gives up, "Maybe we'll just sit here until the chowdah kicks in and we die."

Rafe plays the recording. EJ shuts it off, "I can't let you listen to another word."

The judge tells Bo to shut his yap. Cheers fill the audience. Bo sits. The attorney for the defense asks if Hope thinks she did a good job. "No," says Hope.

"Did you work up a profile on the perpetrator?"

"Yes." The defense attorney has her read the highlighted portion. Hope complies, "The perpetrator would seem to be fueled by rage. The violence seems personal rather than mercenary."

the attorney asks, "Did you think the perp was mentally stable?"


"Is she presently mentally stable?"

"I don't know."

"Should we take evidence compiled by a crazy woman to put an innocent man away," he asks. Baker tries to stop him but the attorney sits him down. He asks if Hope remembers Baker committing any crime.

"No." Baker stands up and fires his attorney. The attorney tells him to shut up.

Baker turns to the judge, "The trial is over. I plead guilty."

The attorney turns around, "Not a good idea, doc."

"Let her go," says Baker, "She can't take it. Don't do this to her."

Gloomy Gus tells Vivian she has a lot riding on this. He wonders if someone will notice Maggie is missing. "No," says Vivian, "They'll just notice Salem is a lot quieter place. I've thought this out. Do you think I'm an idiot?"

Gus gets sarcastic, "No, I think this plan is just ducky. It worked so well last time."

"Maggie Horton will erase all suspicion that she's gone," says Vivian.

Maggie finishes washing Melanie's potty mouth out with soap, "It means a lot to have you and Phillip here, but it shouldn't be permanent."

"We're not going anywhere," says Melanie.

"Maybe I am," says Maggie, "I've been thinking. In spite of that I've had an idea. Maybe it's time for me to leave Salem."

Melanie says, "That's certainly the way everyone in Salem feels."

Kate decides to call the mansion. Stefano doesn't want her to. He starts to go out for air. Nicole comes in and sees Stef 'n Ho, "OH, DAMN IT!" Man, this episode will be banned in every truckstop and drunken sailor bar in the country.

EJ begs, "Don't let him do this to us, Samantha. Don't. Don't let him do this to us." Sami wants to hear the tape.

Baker confesses to his crimes and says there were times Hope didn't know what she was doing. The judge reminds Baker he's on trial, not Hope. Baker says he just wants to get it over with.

Baker's attorney chimes in, "This is against advice, your honor."

Judge Davis says, "He has a constitutional right to be an idiot."

"I'm guilty," says Baker. He turns to Bo, "But I'm not the only one."

Maggie says she just feels she has to be by herself. She's going to visit her daughters and take that cruise she and Mickey had planned.

Melanie cuts to the chase, "What about ME?"

"You can make it without me," says Maggie.

Melanie pouts, "I will miss you a lot, but I hope you have fun. By the way, can I have the recipe for that soap?"

Vivian tells Gus not to go overboard with the tip when the sarcophagus is delivered, "I will be off luring that redheaded mummy to her final resting place."

Nicole ignores Stefano and Kate and looks at Sydney, "She's grown so much." Kate asks Stefano to do that little thing he does to make people disappear. Nicole says she heard about the wedding and wonders why they are there.

Sami listens to the CD. Remember that lava dome that built up inside Mt. St. Helens right before it blew the state of Washington off the map? That's nothing compared to the way Sami's anger is building up. She shuts off the recorder and turns to EJ, "You did it... You did it." A single tear runs down her face.

Judge Davis accepts Baker's plea and has him returned to his cell. They drag Baker off. As he leaves he turns, "Hope... I..." Off he goes.

The cop tells Roman the prison transport won't be there for a while and Roman volunteers to babysit Hope until it arrives. Roman asks Hope how she's doing. Hope stares, "I'm fine." Translation: she's a wreck.

Carly leaves to check in at the hospital. Roman tells Bo Hope has to wait for the transport. Bo says he'll stay with her. Roman leaves. You can only babysit Hope for so long until it gets to you. Bo says, "I'm sorry. I should have seen this coming... warned you."

"You have to stop looking after me."

"Baker was right," says Bo, "He was right about me."

Nicole wonders if something happened at the wedding.

"Not really," says Stefano, "They've been dragging it all out for what seems like weeks. But you seem to have the inside info, you tell us."

"I hope Rafe didn't do anything rash," says Nicole.

"He gives everyone a rash," says Stefano, "But what could he do?"

Sami asks how EJ could do this. EJ continues to bob and weave, "He dummied the CD."

"He may be a dummy but the CD is real," says Sami.

"If I made it up," says Rafe, "Why did you pay Nicole five million dollars to keep it quiet?"

"I did that to keep that filth from Samantha," insists EJ.

Sami knows. EJ stammers. Sami asks Rafe to go. "Come with me," says Rafe.


Rafe says, "We'll take the CD to your father."

EJ says, "It isn't admissible."

Rafe blows his stack, "That's all you have to say for yourself? That's all you're worried about isn't it? That you might have to pay." Sami backs Rafe off and asks him to go. "I'm sorry you had to go through all this," says Rafe. He takes the CD and leaves.

EJ babbles, "Samantha... I..."

Sami gives him her death-ray stare, "Just... be honest with me. Look me in the eye and tell me you took Sydney from me."

EJ is busted, "Yes. I took Sydney."

Hope wonders what will happen to Baker. The transport arrives. "Baker doesn't know the real you," says Bo, "That's not who you are."

"You keep that thought," says Hope. The guard takes her off. Bo stares.

Carly is back at the hospital. Melanie runs up and asks her if she knits. "No," says Carly, "but I can swear like a longshoreman."

"I suck at it so I wondered if it was genetic," says Melanie.

"You suck at swearing," asks Carly.

"$#&@ No," says Melanie, "I'm good at that. It's knitting I suck at."

"I'm not much of a domestic goddess," says Carly, "I can tune an engine though."

"You've certainly been tuning Bo's engine lately," says Melanie, "Uh... Mom..."

"I love hearing you say that," says Carly, "It's nice to know you can actually start a sentence without a four-letter word."

"When you walked in you looked awful," says Melanie.

Carly tells her about going to the trial and what happened, "It was like kicking Hope when she's down. God, it felt great. And you know Bo... he can't stand seeing a woman dressed... uh... I mean in distress."

Stefano takes Nicole aside and wants to know why she's so concerned about Rafe.

Sami is stunned, "OMG... OMG.... On the plane... In that hospital in Cleveland... Nicole panicked wanting us to believe her. And you knew. Every time I would fall apart and you would put your arms around me. Every time... you knew she was OK. It's all just like Rafe said. All because you wanted a front row seat to see me suffer."

"Yeppers," says EJ, "I know it was wrong but I wanted you to feel the pain you made me feel when you kept my daughter form me."

"I didn't tell you your daughter was dead."

"Yes," says EJ, "That's exactly what you did."

Carly sleeps. Bo is so devastated about Hope he jumps right into bed with her. Carly wakes, "Sleeping seemed like a good way to make this day go away. How's Hope?"

"I'm worried about her." In fact, he's so worried, he cops a few feels.

Nicole says Rafe doesn't confide in her. Stefano says she is a good liar, "And you are very, very afraid."

When you think you have someone eating out of your hand, count your fingers. -Stefano DiMera

EJ rants, "You knew Grace was our child and said nothing."

"I was out of my mind with grief," says Sami.

EJ seethes, "I swore I would get my revenge on you and make you pay. And then I found out Sydney was our daughter."





"Yeah, I did," says Sami, "You know why? It wasn't for revenge. I was trying to be a good parent. I had just seen a man get murdered on your doorstep. I should have trusted my instincts. You are a monster!"

EJ gives a belly-laugh, "You'd like that. It would make this really easy for you. But you know in your heart that is not who I am."

Bo sleeps. Hope wakes him, "Please, Bo, save me."

Bo wakes. Bo huffs and puffs. He stares at Carly.

Rafe finds Roman at the pier. Roman asks what happened back at the DiMera mansion, "Where's Sami?"

Rafe says, "She stayed with EJ."


That does it. The entire episode has been banned from broadcast until they can clean up the filthy language.

Rafe realizes Roman has misunderstood, "Oh, no the wedding is off. She just wanted time to cuss him out." He hands Roman the CD, "Proof that EJ kidnapped Sydney. Sami knows that. The end if finally in sight."

EJ says he wanted to make Sami suffer and then take the kids when she was dependent on him, but in the process he realized he was so angry because he had been deceived BY HER, "Somebody who I once loved and still love."

Sami growls, "You don't know the meaning of the word."

EJ asks, "That night when we went swimming... was that not love? When we tucked Sydney in bed together... was that not love? When we sat at the table and had dinner as a family... was that not love? When the cooks were off and I made you do the dishes... was that not love?"

Sami screams, "IT WAS AN ACT! Were you just trying to seduce me?"

"That's beside the point," says EJ, "I love you. Those are the most wonderful moments of my life."

"Save them," snorts Sami, "They're not happening again."

"You have to know how much I hate what I have done," says EJ, "I couldn't hurt you. I couldn't take Sydney from you. I have spent every moment since then trying to make up for the horror I put you through. That's why I asked you to marry me. So I can make it up to you for all the Days Of Our Lives."

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Does The Whole Police Force Have The Same Last Name?

The aftermath of Sami's wedding disaster plays out in the DiMera rumpus room. Frustrated Sami tells Rafe she hopes he's happy for ruining her wedding. "I'm anything but happy," says Rafe, "Or the life of the party." Sami goes into high gear and lectures. Rafe says he thinks EJ is trying to figure out what he has on him.

Sami grits her teeth, "In my soul I am sick to death of this thing you have about EJ."

"Well it's over," says Rafe. He turns to EJ, "I've been chasing dead leads but now I have proof."

"Proof," asks EJ.

"For a long time we both knew what you did," says Rafe, "but I knew I needed proof because Sami wouldn’t believe it. Guess what? I've got it. It's over."

Roman and Bo come into the courtroom as Roman tells him what happened at the wedding. Baker comes in. Bo and Roman stare. Bo growls, "Hope didn't know what she was doing but this scum did."

Vivian and Victor are at the pub going through pictures of sarcophagi. "You are what the Greeks call... crazy," says Victor, "but what led you to believe we need one of these?"

"Divine inspiration," chirps Vivian. More like divine comedy. Maggie walks in. Divine coincidence?

Nicole rushes into the Kiriakis mansion den and says Henderson let her in. before Brady can throw her out, Nicole blurts, "This is a matter of life and death!"

EJ claims Rafe has recruited his bureau friends and manufactured evidence. Rafe says he didn't manufacture anything. Pushy-shovey-slappy ensues.

Bo asks, "Did Baker know he drew Davis as a judge? Davis thinks Attila the Hun should be given leniency because he had a bad childhood."

Baker turns and says, "I thought police commissioners were supposed to be impartial. But I guess I understand your anger. You must be drowning in the insecurity of your life. Does the word clueless mean anything to you?"

"I hear it a lot," says Bo. Purshy-shovey-slappy ensues.

Nicole tells Brady EJ is going to kill her.

Sami separates the boys. Rafe drops the bomb, "It was him Sami. EJ ordered Anna to kidnap Sydney!"

Carly joins Bo and Roman. Roman thinks Baker taunted Bo and Bo Bo took the bait, "One more screw-up like that and Baker could walk. Think of Hope."

"Hope is all I think of," says Bo. Carly turns to the want-ads and starts looking for an apartment.

Victor sees Maggie, "Why don't you come over here and look at the pictures of these beautiful sarcophagi?"

"I'll be you say to all the girls," says Maggie.

Maggie takes a look at the pictures and expresses her approval. "That means a lot to me," says Vivian.

Stunned Sami stammers, "What did you say?"

EJ answers, "He said I told Anna to take Sydney."

"That's right," says Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, "In fact he paid her handsomely to torment you."

"This is delusional," says EJ.

Sami says Rafe hates EJ so he made this up. Rafe insists, "He did it. To you."

"No," says Sami, "We're waiting until we're married."

EJ asks, "If I did all these rotten things to Samanther, why would I ask her to marry me?"

"I can give you two reasons..." says Rafe. He runs through the events leading up to EJ bringing Sydney back, "How did he know where she was? He never told us that."

Sami turns, "EJ, you wouldn't do that to me."

EJ stammers, "I didn't. I went through that with you." He turns to Rafe, "I've had enough of you. Enough!"

The Ejamis in the audience yell, "US, TOO!" The Safes retaliate with thousands of flying Jujubes.

"Either leave or I will throw you out," says EJ.

"I'll go," says Rafe. He pulls out the recorder, "but not until Samantha listens to this."

Judge William Davis comes into the courtroom and announces the case of the people vs. Richard Baker. Baker's attorney moves to dismiss. The state claims Baker's attorney is grandstanding. Davis wants to hear the attorney for the defense.

Bo growls, "If the judge doesn't do his job, I will. I'll make sure that SOB pays for what he did."

Brady is skeptical. Nicole says EJ could lose everything because of what she did, "I gave Rafe the proof he needs to put him away."

EJ insists Rafe has rigged something up. "You listen," says Rafe, "You decide." Rafe starts the recording. Sami listens. EJ paces. Nicole gives the preamble and talks about hiding while Stefano and EJ talked that night in the mansion.

Prosecutor Jenkins completes her examination of Roman. The counsel for the defense asks what Roman's relationship is to Hope. "Sister-in-law," says Roman, proud that he could remember.

"And who was the lead detective on the case for the muggings," asks the attorney.

Roman says, "Hope was in charge of the muggings." In more ways than one.

The attorney continues, "And she is in custody for the crimes my client is accused of." Judge Davis calls the lawyers into his chambers. Roman tells Bo he has to go back to the station. Carly goes to check messages.

Baker and Bo. Together again for the first time. "I'll think of something to do," says disgusted Bo as he leaves.

Maggie sits with Victor and Vivian at the pub. They talk about sarcophagi. Victor suggests not everyone shares Vivian's enthusiasm for that subject. Vivian gets a call from the designer and gushes about the beauty of her creation.

Nicole tells Brady about breaking in to the DiMera mansion. Brady presses for details. He seethes and accuses Nicole of planting evidence about Arianna. Nicole stops him and says she heard them say EJ paid Anna to kidnap Sydney. Brady doesn't believe it. Nicole says she recorded it and blackmailed EJ, "Upon reflection, not my best move."

"You are unbelievable," says Brady, "Did you stop to think you might owe Sami after everything you put her through?"

"Rafe is going to stop the wedding," whines Nicole.

"What wedding," asks Brady.

"Rafe is going to play the CD there and EJ's going to figure out I'm the one who gave Rafe the CD and he's going to kill me."

EJ says, "Putting Nicole on tape doesn't mean she's not a liar." Putting Nicole on tape usually saves the lies for posterity.

Rafe asks, "Look, if I was going to make something up, don't you think I would have done it earlier? I wanted you to know what a sick bastard he is because I love you."


Bo tells Baker he should have stayed dead. Baker turns, "Guard, aren't you supposed to protect me." The guard goes back to his nap.

Bo sneers, "If the judge lets you free I will make sure you pay."

"Hope was already off the rails before she met me," says Baker. Bo accuses him of seeing the condition she was in and taking advantage of that. "I saw your house," says Baker, "You had everything. I have to live with what I did and so do you, jerk."

Nicole says she is scared. Brady says she should be. He advises her to call the cops. Nicole says she can't because she would implicate herself. Brady says prison might be the safest place for her. Nicole refuses to turn herself in. "Maybe I should do it for you," says Brady.

EJ invites Rafe to leave. Rafe invites EJ to shove it. Sami says Nicole may have convinced Rafe, but not her. Rafe insists he has never lied to her but that's all EJ does. He reminds her EJ said he would stop at nothing to get his children back, "Who are you going to believe?"

Davis says the motion to dismiss is denied. Jenkins calls Bo Brady to the stand. Baker asks, "Does the whole police force have the same last name?"

Bo takes the stand. Jenkins asks his relationship to Hope. Bo says she's his wife and is now in custody. Jenkins asks if Hope tried to take his life. "Yes," says Bo, "And Baker is the doctor who tried to convince my wife to kill me."

Baker's attorney leaps up, "Objection! Hearsay!"

Gus joins Vivian in the crypt.

Brady says he should turn Nicole in. He kisses her forehead, "I'm done with you."

As Brady leaves the room, Victor stands there and applauds, "Nicole, you look devastating. I think I'll have a drink to celebrate."

EJ says Rafe is right about him, or at least the man he used to be, "I'm not that person anymore. You know that."

"I know," whimpers Sami.

Rafe taunts, "He's changed right?"

Sami blows her stack, "Oh shut up! The last time I saw you, you were naked in bed with Nicole. I listened. You asked me to listen and I stopped my wedding and I did. But I will never take Nicole at her word. She's a liar and a bitch. Just go. Before EJ has to throw you out."

"Sorry," says Dudley Doright, "I can't do that. Because there is more."

The defense attorney says Bo is trying to assuage his guilt. The prosecutor objects, but Bo insists on addressing that. Bo apparently has a vacancy on the top floor. "There is nothing I or anyone else could do to assuage my guilt." He stares at Baker, "I hope you never find out what it's like to love someone and admire them and then have them slip into hell and realize you are responsible. Hope was a wonderful mother. She loved me, but in the end she was very lost. And I wasn't (say it with him) there for her." Baker squirms. Bo wraps it up, "You manipulated her. You are a parasite. You will pay for what you did to my wife." They escort Bo from the stand before he hits critical mass.

"There is so much more to a woman than her boobs. Unfortunately." -Dr. Daniel Jonas

Brady orders a scotch at the pub. Maggie calls him on it.

"It's not fair to have a sponsor who hangs out in bars," says Brady, "Maybe you should dump me. I'm not the guy you thought I was. Like they say in the movies, 'No more Mr. Nice Guy.'"

"They don't say that in the movies," says Maggie, "They only say it in bad soap operas."

Victor says he is delighted he heard Brady tell Nicole to kiss off, "My day is just turning into lollipops and rainbows. Did I hear EJ will kill you? I suppose that means agent Hernandez was successful. I delivered you up to him."

EJ insists this is over. Rafe asks, "What if you heard this from EJ himself? Would you believe that?"

EJ makes the Big Bang look like a wet firecracker, "YOU SON OF A..." Sami stops him. Rafe pulls out the CD.

Davis tells Bo he came close to contempt. I think Bo went way past contempt a long time ago. Davis orders Prosecutor Jenkins to keep her witnesses under control.

Bo wonders if he screwed up the case. Carly thinks he made a valid point. Jenkins checks her notes and announces that the state rests.

"I guess she thinks she has enough to nail him," says Bo.

"Then why is she waving a white flag," asks Carly. The defense calls Hope to the stand.

Vivian lies on the floor of the crypt, "How do I look?"

"Dead," says Gus.

"Sometimes I think I have a mean streak," says Vivian, "I ordered a pink pillow. Maggie will lie in eternity with her red hair clashing with that pillow — Tacky in perpetuity."

Brady changes to a club soda, "Happy?"

"What do you want," asks Maggie, "a dog yummy? I saw you were upset when you came in. You're not supposed to go to the nearest bar when you have a rough patch."

"I was not doing coke," says Brady.

"Am I supposed to be impressed," asks Maggie.

"You are one tough cookie," says Brady.

"That's the way we serve them at Chez Rouge," says Maggie, "I think we need to go to a meeting."

"Fine," says Brady, "It's not like I have a date." Maggie asks what he's upset about. Brady says he found out Victor was right and he was wrong, "I hate that."

Vic tells Nicole about his conversation with Rafe, "What do you think EJ has in store for you? Cement shoes? Or a garrotte? How can I kill thee... let me count the ways. Call Vivian. she'll help you pick out your coffin."

EJ insists this is manufactured. Sami wants to hear it, "Play it, Rafe."

And the Emmy for dragging out drama ad infinitum goes to... another soap opera.

And the Emmy for dragging out crap ad infinitum goes to... Days Of Our Lives

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler

Sami and EJ's endless wedding continues. Suddenly Rafe busts in. It seems the lad has news. Do not, however expect to hear that news anytime soon. DOOL may milk this scene until November sweeps.

Chloe answers the door and finds Carly. "I wanted to give you the news in person," says Carly, "Chloe... the baby is Daniel's." How do you spell 'relief?' D-A-D-D-Y-D-A-N.

Daniel stands outside the door, "It was the right thing. What matters is for Chloe to be happy."

Ian explains someone has already changed the results. Stephanie whines, "Who would do that?"

"I don't know," says Ian, "But it would have to be a pretty despicable person to even want to do it." Ian wonders if Chloe might have changed the results.

"Chloe," asks Stephanie, "A computer genius? She can hardly spell her name." Oh, yeah, right. I'm sure Stephanie is the next Bill Gates. "Maybe," says Stephanie, "it's someone we don't know about."

A nurse finds Nathan looking very suspicious as he works on his computer at the hospital. Nathan claims he's looking at football statistics. The nurse looks over his shoulder, "Hmmm... I didn't know there were football statistics at hot-chicks.com." Nathan leaves.

Melanie computes. She shuts her laptop, "It was the best thing to do for everybody."

Phillip stands outside, "Thank God that's taken care of."

EJ blows his stack. Stefano tells Rafe he's trespassing. Rafe refuses to leave until he talks to Sami.

Daniel comes in to the apartment and is surprised to find Carly there. Chloe gloms onto him as Carly says she came to deliver a present. Daniel buys the story, "But where is the present?"

Stephanie worries about who might have changed the results. Ian wonders why she's so worked up over this, "Stephanie, this is all good."

Nathan comes in, "This guy again? Really? What is with you two?"

Sami says Rafe has made it clear he moved on and so has she, "We don't have anything to say to each other."

Sami asks him to leave. Rafe wants to stay for cake and punch.

Stephanie says Ian came by to work on her computer. He leaves. Nathan gets gnarly, "I do not like that guy."

"You won't be seeing any more of him," promises Stephanie. She worries about what the mugger might have done to Nathan. He reminds her the guy almost killed Melanie. Stephanie thinks Nathan seems edgy. He thinks she seems jumpy. If we're lucky they'll be edgy and jumpy together and jump off the edge.

Nathan says, "Now you can stop playing games with me 'cause I think I just figured out why that clown Ian was here."

Phillip and Chloe make out. "I have to come home more often," says Phillip.

"Works for me," says Melanie, "Hungry?"

"Not for food," says Phillip. He sees the St. Mary's website on her computer and asks about it. She tells him about the job offer but says she doesn't want to work there, "I'll be happier where my friends and family are."

"If you're happy, I'm happy," says Phillip.

"Are you?"

"Why would you ask that?"

"You said you had a problem that could go either way," says Melanie.

"It went my way," says Phillip, "It's all good."

Carly produces the present. Chloe opens it and finds a teething ring, "Great! I've just about chewed through my old one!" She thanks Carly for everything and asks Daniel where he went.

EJ asks Rafe to leave. "I can't," says Rafe, "I'm not going anywhere. Roman wonders why they are all afraid to hear Rafe out.

EJ reminds him, "It's a wedding!"

"Coulda fooled me," says Roman, "It takes longer to prepare a frozen pizza than it did to put this together. What's five more minutes gonna hurt?"

Stefano steps up to Rafe, "We can do this the easy way or the hard way,"

Rafe grunts, "What are you gonna do, drag me out and kill me in front of Roman?"

"I'll bet if I did he still couldn't find out who the killer was," says Stefano.

Sami gives up, "All right. You have five minutes." Translation: take all the time you want, Rafe. EJ gets grumpy. Sami tells him not to worry, "Nothing he can say will change my mind." She and Rafe go out into the foyer.

Nathan says he just came from the hospital.

Stephanie panics, "I did it for you!"

"It's not just me," says Nathan, "Everyone is complaining. They all have to use that program you installed. You and Ian can stop keeping this a secret and maybe he'll stop acting like a jerk." Stephanie is relieved and they both express their unending love for each other.

Daniel says he got a text about something he had to deal with. Carly gets a call and says she has to leave. Daniel asks her to stick around, "There is something I would like to say." Sorry, Danny. Two females are in the room with you. You don't have a chance of getting a word in.

Stefano tells EJ he could have stopped Rafe. EJ thinks that's exactly what Rafe wants him to do, "If he knew anything he'd have laid it at everyone's feet. It's just a last ditch effort to get Samantha back."

"I hope you're right," says Stefano.

Outside, Rafe tells Sami she's making a mistake. Sami says she saw him with Nicole. Rafe thinks that's a poor reason to marry EJ. Sami blows her stack, "You're sleeping with the skank who stole my baby!" She changes her mind about giving him five minutes and starts to leave.

"This is about Sydney," says Rafe. Sami screeches to a halt.

Nathan and Stephanie are in bed. She's worried about his elbow. Nathan isn't exactly thinking about his elbow right now, "You may not know computers but you have other areas of expertise."

Phillip says he took care of a system problem with compu-guru Leonard's help. "Now you can concentrate on me," says Melanie.

"I can only deal with one problem per day," says Phillip.

Daniel says this hasn't been an easy time and he wants to say how much they both appreciate Carly's friendship. Oh, joy. Daniel tells Chloe he got box seats at the lyric opera, "I have sold my soul for two tickets to Carmen."

"I didn't know tickets to Carmen came that cheap," says Chloe.

"If this is our last blast as a childless couple," says Daniel, "we're going to do it right, including a private tour of the Art Institute."


"No," says Daniel, "The Salem art institute. They're featuring a showing of Ciara's creepy drawings of her family."

Chloe runs off to call her parents and tell them about the baby. Carly flashes back to her computer caper.

Daniel asks if everything is OK. "Yeah," says Carly, "Why do you ask?"

"You look like you have something on your mind," says Daniel.

"That proves it must be something small," says Carly.

EJ assures Roman the wedding will continue. Roman leaves to talk to Fitz.

Stefano steps up to EJ, "Are you prepared to have him as your father-in-law?"

"Certainly," says EJ, "Then I can hide all my secret stuff in his back pockets, because Roman can't find his butt with both hands."

Lexie and Kate talk about EJ. Kate thinks EJ doesn't look stressed about all this.

Sami snorts, "You slept with Nicole. I hope you showered before coming here. I hope you got tested, too. I'm marrying EJ."

EJ doesn't deserve to be a father," says Rafe, "Not after what he has done. And he'll be a grandfather before we get to the point and you find out what that is."

Melanie and Phillip kiss. Melanie says she could just keep this up all day. Phillip says he could if they had the privacy of their own place. Melanie OK's that, but decides she still to live in the same neighborhood, "I don't think a mansion would look strange sitting next to all these crackerboxes, do you?" She talks about Chloe's weirdness but thinks maybe once she has the baby she will calm down. Phillip agrees to call a realtor.

Phillip's phone rings. Melanie looks at the screen, "Why is Chloe texting you?" Phillip jumps out of his socks.

Nathan and Stephanie cuddle. Nathan asks, "You know what I want?"

Stephanie gasps, "AGAIN?"

"Yes," says Nathan, "but first I want a glass of water." He gets up and goes to get it.

Stephanie zones out, "Nathan, we're happy together. I know we are. And now Phillip can be happy with Melanie, and Daniel with Chloe. But Phillip doesn't even know. What am I doing?"

Nathan comes back, "What's wrong." The girl you're with, Nathan.

Kate, Will and Stefano talk about the confab that's going on outside in the foyer. Will says he's used to his mom's drama. Stefano says it's not Sami's fault. Will is surprised to find Stefano sticking up for Sami.

Lexie thinks EJ is calm under the circumstances. EJ says he thinks Sami's attraction to Rafe has ended permanently.

Rafe and Sami continue to argue. Sami defends EJ. "He's a master con man," says Rafe. She tells him to leave.

Carly insists she's fine. Daniel thinks she has a sad look. Carly says she was thinking about a patient, "I could have chosen either one of two paths for her. I couldn't tell her about it, so I had to make the choice myself. I was thinking I did the right thing with her. And I'm happy you get to raise your child this time."

Phillip says Chloe's message is that she has good news and wants to see both of them. Phillip says he is sick of surprises and apologizes if he overreacted when he got the call.

"Laissez les bon temps rouler," says Melanie.

"What does that mean," asks Phillip.

"All the guys tell me it means, "Roll over and you'll have a good time.'"

Stephanie tells Nathan things are too great, "I have a talent for screwing things up. I've kept things from you. I was afraid of losing you."

"I'm not going anywhere," says Nathan, "At least not until I get seconds. As of now, no more secrets."

"As of now, I love you," says Stephanie.

Rafe says, "What you saw through that window with Nicole and me was a lie."

"So," asks Sami, "you were just pretending to take her clothes off?" Rafe wants Sami to listen.

Kate tells EJ, "It's not too late to call off the wedding." EJ says he doesn't walk away from things.

Sami comes back in, "Excuse me. I'm sorry, but I'm going to have to ask everyone to leave... except EJ. He stays."

Phillip and Melanie arrive at Daniel and Chloe's apartment. Chloe comes back out. Daniel asks how her parents reacted to the news. "They are over the moon," she says.

"Good," says Daniel, "Everyone has been wondering where they are."

Stephanie says she doesn't know where she'd be if Nathan hadn't come home tonight. Nathan ain' goin' anywhere.

EJ says Sami can't ask the guests to leave. Sami says she told Rafe she would hear him out but she wants EJ to be with them. Roman invites everyone to the pub. Stefano thinks that’s ridiculous. EJ tries to convince him to leave for a while.

EJ insists there will be a wedding, "I will show you just what a sad, pathetic man Rafe Hernandez is." Sami tells EJ everything will be OK.

On his way out, Roman tells Rafe, "Whatever it is you got, I hope it's good."

And then there were three.

The sparkling cider flows at Daniel and Chloe's apartment. "I know I've been high maintenance," says Chloe, "But that is all over. My life is perfect, so thanks and here's a toast to all of you and our beautiful baby." Clink 'n drink.

Stephanie and Nathan cuddle. Stephanie sleeps Nathan stares.

My body is a vessel. Specifically, it's a flask.
- Brady Black

Lexie, Kate and Stefano are outside the pub. The hospital calls Lexie. She leaves. The hospital administrator calls the funeral home, "Dr. Carver is on her way over... Stand by."

Kate asks Stefano, "You know what's going on with Rafe, don't you?" Silence. "I thought so," she says.

"I'm not sure," says Stefano, "But we will soon find out."

Sami snaps, "So what, you just didn't want me to have a happy day?"

"Whatever," says Rafe, "But you will remember it. And EJ will remember it, too."

"I know he is trying to control himself for my sake," says Sami.

"He's trying to read the situation," says Rafe.

"I'm sick of it," says Sami, "This thing you have for EJ... I am sick to death of it in my soul."

"Soul," asks Rafe, "That's a good one. Well, it's over. You see..." He turns to EJ, "For months I have been chasing one dead lead after another. But now I have proof."

"Proof," asks EJ.

"Yeah," says Rafe, "For a long time we both knew what you did, but I knew I needed proof. Guess what? I've got it. It's over."

Bet it's not. And it looks like that five-minute conversation Rafe was going to have with Sami will spill over into the next thrilling episode.

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Embrace The Lunacy Boredom

It certainly has been a frustrating week on DOOL. And just as an aside, there once was a time when "boring" and "frustrating" didn't go hand-in-hand. It was hard for me to keep up with the comments over the past few days since many readers chose to vent those frustrations. And a lot of those frustrations come in the form of complaints that fans who follow specific couples never get any relief from the unending instability of the relationships. And this lead to discussion of the fact that TPTB believe happy couples are boring couples, so they have to keep the love triangles and "musical partners" we see on DOOL continuously churning.

Happy couples are boring couples?

Oh, really?

With the understanding that no couple walks around very long in a state of bliss and total happiness without some bumps along the way, it brought a few couples to mind that might contradict that. For example I guess I'd ask were these "happy" couples boring...

Characters played by Tracy and Hepburn?
Lucy and Ricky?
Fred & Wilma?
The Huxtables?
Bonnie & Clyde?
Mr. & Mrs. Smith?
To get more contemporary, how about that couple in Date Night? Happy? Boring? I don't know myself... haven't seen the movie.

How about Doug and Julie?

I suppose we could debate if any of those couples were really happy or really boring, but I left out one pair that, as far as I can tell, were very happy and very non-boring, and it relates to something I read about DOOL years ago.

At that time Sami was with Lucas. The headwriter back then (Reilly, maybe?) said he was going to take them in a new direction. Best I can remember he said he was going to turn them into a modern day Nick and Nora Charles.

If you are unfamiliar with Nick and Nora, they were a married couple in the Thin Man series from the '30s and '40s who ran around solving crimes and trading wisecracks. William Powell played Nick and Myrna Loy was Nora. The movies are dated and may not be your cup of tea, but generally the films are considered classics and are highly rated. Not boring.

When I read they were going to do that with Lucas and Sami, I kind of panicked. I remember thinking, "OMG! If DOOL gets really good, it will kill Prevuze. What will I have to poke fun at?"

Here's a little Nick and Nora just for fun:

No need to be concerned, though. Sami and Lucas a.k.a. Nick and Nora never materialized. Instead we get the same-o same-o (Sami-o Sami-o) recycled story lines with unstable couples who never can get together and be happy.

Now that's boring.

The writers could do better than this. A good old fashioned love triangle / baby switch / buried alive plot now and then would be great, but it sure would be nice if they would branch out and do something they haven't done before. Until such time I guess we'll just have to embrace the lunacy boredom.

Make sure your weekend isn't... boring that is.

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