Thursday, March 31, 2005

The Rescue Mission

The search for intelligent life in Salem continues...

Stami sneaks into his apartment, “Way too close, Sami get it together before you get caught. At least they can’t find me in here.”

Mimi tells Lucas, “That was the creepiest guy I ever saw.” They decide to check Sami’s apartment. Lucas gets the key. Stami hides in a closet as Lucas and Mimi search. Mimi starts to say something, but Lucas shushes her. He opens the closet door, “OMG!

Abby has snuck out. She meets Chelsea at the scene of the spring dance. Abby tells Chelsea Jennifer, “is completely and disgustingly into Patrick.”

“He’s mine,” says Chelsea, “He kissed me at the Cheatin’ Heart.”

“He didn’t know it was you, Chelsea,” says Abby.

Chelsea asks, “Why do all these middle-aged women want my guy?” He’s the same age they are. How come she wants some middle-aged guy?

Patrick and Billie are there. Patrick says Hope sees Billie is still attracted to Bo. Billie says, “She’s had him long enough. It’s my turn.” Then she swears she will not act on her feelings for Bo.

Phillip’s unending goodbye continues on SNN, Salem Never-ending News. Belle cries.

Bart says they lost the signal. Tony isn’t concerned, “A little dramatic tension is good. This will force John into action to save Phillip.”

A gun cocks in the torture chamber.

Kate panics, the signal is gone. John squints.

Tony and Bart laugh. Tony is imagining John pulling out his perfectly coiffed hair because he lost reception. Tony tells Bart Phillip is dead.

John clicks the computer keys, “If ever there was at time to pray this is it.”

Rex and Bo try to figure things out. Rex is picking up chatter – it’s not good, though. Bo says he feels useless, “but we can just pray. This could tear Shawn and Belle apart for good.”

Belle stares, “He’s been faithful to me, and I haven't been faithful to him.”

Shawn says, “It’s terrible and I know you love him, but it’s not the kind of love that is ‘till death to us part.’”

Broken-record Belle repeats, “If he ends up getting killed, I don’t see how we can be together.”

“Our love is too strong,” says Shawn, “We will get through this. Have faith in our love. Trust me. Trust our love. Trust Phillip’s Strength.”

Rex says, “John has traced the location, the rescue mission is on!”

Lucas saw Sami’s wedding dress and that’s why he said OMG. Stami flashes back. Brandon wishes he could say Kate set them up, but all he knows is he woke up NAKED IN BED with her. He doesn’t know how they got there. But it seems impossible Kate could pull this off. Kate rails against Sami. Sami obsesses. Stami cries.

Lucas philosophizes, “Bad memories are hard. The good ones are even harder. I can’t believe we almost got it right. I don’t want to talk about this dress any more.” He flashes back to happier times with Sami. Lots of filler.

Lucas says, “If I had married Sami, this would have been our home. Now it’s not gonna happen.” Stami bawls in the closet. “I know Rex really wants to marry you,” he tells Mimi, “I know what a great dad he’ll be.”

“Someone else’s dad,” thinks Stami, “You’ll spend the rest of your life alone.”

Abby points out Billie isn’t exactly ready for a nursing home. “She isn’t that hot,” says Chelsea, “When I was Angelica I was hot. I can still feel that kiss.” Abby tells Chelsea Patrick didn’t want her; he wanted who he thought she was.

“He’s mine and I’m not going to let him cheat on me. I’m in love.”

Billie asks what she has to do. She swears on an imaginary stack of Bibles, “I, Billie Holliday Reed swear never to make a move on my ex husband Bo Brady.”

Patrick says, “Milady doth protest too much.”

“Because I’ll always love the guy doesn’t mean I want to ruin what he’s got,” says Billie, “I want to find Georgia and be a family, too. I wish Bo were free, but he is not. I just hope he'll want to spend some time with us. Help me prove it to you. Start dating me.”

Chelsea steams. She’s not about to let this happen, “I’ll find a way to get rid of Billie.”

Patrick asks if she just asked him out. Billie says, “This is the twenty-first century. Women stopped wearing chastity belts a long time ago. Besides, it is April Fools, you know.” How could he forget? That's the day we celebrate all of Salem.

The music starts. Billie suggests they start with a dance.

Chelsea says she has to find a way to stop this.

If Rex can get to one website they can watch the mission unfold in real time. He clicks. The mission comes on TV. Choppers everywhere.

“Please don’t let anything go wrong,” prays Belle.

Kate is excited. John tries to bring her back to earth, “This is dangerous. It’s just a matter of timing and execution so let’s hope for the best. So now that you know what’s at stake, give me the word and we’ll abort.” Kate stares.

Bart asks, “You mean Phillip’s in that big ‘Semper Fi’ in the sky?”

Tony says, “He might as well be, have patience.”

The creeps cover Phillip’s head with a black hood. They point a gun at him. It’s curtains for Phillip.

Lucas asks if Mimi is feeling OK. She says it’s been one of the weirder nights of her life. She tells him about Phillip’s situation. Lucas hopes the rescue works. Kate is going through hell.

“She better get used to it,” thinks Stami.

Mimi says Rex is too good for her. Stami says, “Yeah you killed his baby.”

Mimi says it sounds like Lucas still cares about Sami, “If she were here right now, would you forgive her?” Lucas stares.

Billie and Patrick dance. Chelsea says, “Look at her falling all over Patrick like a total tramp. Please help me figure out a way to get him interested in me.”

More dancing. Billie, of course, envisions Bo. Patrick notices something is wrong, “What’s going on behind those beautiful eyes?”

Kate says, “I can’t make this decision on my own.”

John asks what Phillip would say if Kate talked to him right now.

“He’d want the mission to go forward,” says Kate, “What do we do next?”

“We’re on,” says John.

John contacts the mission. The radio talks back to him, “The eagle lands in 60 seconds.”

Bart is concerned, “It’s too quiet.” He thinks they are planning a sneak attack. Tony watches the security video. “Incoming Blackhawks,” says Bart, “We’re going to be Shocked and Awed. Aren’t you scared, sir?”

The radio crackles, “The eagle has landed. Stage two Perfect Storm.” Rex picks up a video stream. Troops rush in. Do-de-do music plays. Gunfire. Yelling. Chaos.

“Philip, NO,” screams Belle.

Kate can’t tell what’s going on. More chaos. Gunfire. John clicks. Surreal scenes. Maybe instead of an attack, this is just one of John’s drug trips.

Bart and Tony watch the fight. Bart prays, “God, if you let me live through this I'll go to confession every week and I’m not even Catholic.”

Bart calls for Mommy. Suddenly, he notices everything is quiet, “Where is the gunfire?”

“On the telly,” says Tony, “They think they are heading for this bunker.”

Bart realizes the whole thing was a diversion, “You rule, boss!”

“I’d like to watch the surprise ending,” says Tony.

“Where is Phillip,” asks Belle.

“Why can’t they find him,” asks Kate.

“It was a setup,” says John, “They’ve still got him, Kate. I’m sorry.”

Kate breaks down.

At Shawn’s loft, they realize the mission failed. Group cry.

Billie likes Patrick’s dancing. She’s just not too crazy about his questions. He just wants to get to know her better. They start slow dancing.

Abby has to restrain Chelsea, “You’re already lost the guy. Just look at them.”

Billie and Patrick dance, and stare into each other’s eyes.

Lucas says, “I could forgive Sami. She can’t help it. That’s who she is. I was dumb enough to fall in love with her.”

“Mimi thinks he’s better off without her, “Sami is the worst.” She wonders how a good person like Phillip winds up like this and then there’s Sami who leaves her kid in a crisis, “Ohmygosh I know why everything’s going so bad lately — Sami.”

Lucas asks what she means. “She left behind bad karma,” says Mimi. Sami listens. Lucas keeps defending Sami. But he says, “No, we have no chance for a future.”

“That’s too bad,” says Mimi, “You’re a pretty good guy.”

They leave.

Stan comes out, “Moron Meems. I love bringing bad karma to all of you. You turned Lucas against me. Everyone’s going to be heartbroken.”

Chelsea rigs the music. The sound system starts screaming. Billie and Patrick stop dancing. Billie decides she has to get back. Chelsea wants to know whose side Abby is on. Abby doesn’t care as long as Patrick doesn’t hook up with her mom.

Patrick and Billie make a date. Chelsea fries.

John is sorry he got Kate’s hopes up, “Where the hell are those guys?”

“Wherever they are,” says Kate, “they still have my son.”

“Where am I,” asks the bewildered Phillip, “It looks like the same place as before, but it can’t be.”

Tony tells Bart one of his enemies will play hero, “They will try to rescue Phillip. Another trap is set.”

Shawn can’t stand this. He has to do something. He tells Bo he will go find Phillip himself. That one will win the Emmy for the dumbest thought that ever crossed a non-existent mind.

Bo gives Shawn a look that says, “OMG, what have I spawned here?”

FFWO on the delusional Shawn.


“There will be hell to pay,” Mimi tells Jan. “What are you going to do,” asks Jan. “This,” says Mimi. POW!

Nicole tells Brady, “As acting CEO, I order you to get NEKKID.”

Kate waves a vial at John, “No, you couldn’t do this. Not again.” John sweats.

Hope tells Shawn, “It’s insane.” Belle tells him, “Your mom is right. If you try to rescue Phillip, you’ll be killed.” Maybe he plans to use his secret weapon - his motorcycle. He could destroy the world with that.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Better Living Through Chemistry

Will has a picture of Lucas, Sami and him on his computer screen. He cuts Sami out of the picture. Lucas comes out and wants to know what he is doing. “I’m getting rid of pictures of Mom. I don’t want them any more.”

Lucas wants to talk about this, “I decided not to marry your mother but you can’t erase her from your life.”

“She’s not my mom,” says Will, “She’s turned into a totally different person.” Groan.

Fade to Stami, “Tonight, Mimi, it’s your turn.”

Mimi sees the guy on the fire escape with the evil baby. Rex goes to the window. Nothing. Mimi frets.

Bo kisses Hope, “You know how much I love you?”

“Tell me again.”

“I can do better than that,” he says and kisses her again, “You and the boys mean everything to me.”

Hope tells him, “Shawn needed you tonight and you were here. That’s all that matters.”

Shawn and Belle hug. Belle says she and Hope had a long talk, “She made me see that things can be OK for us, too.” Bo and Hope come in. They’re just checking to see if everything is OK. Shawn thanks Bo for the lecture. Another hug. Belle thanks Hope. Another hug. Shawn tells Hope he fells better. Another hug.

Belle tells Shawn, “If Phillip dies, you and I can never have a future together.” I’d never have guessed.

Phillip’s captors rough him up. Tony watches. Bart brings a satellite antenna. He asks Tony, “Why is it so important to do this hostage video live?”

Tony says, “Because John Black has challenged me and I always play to win.”

John struggles with equipment, “As soon as the kidnappers transmit again I’ll track the signal. I’ve got Special Forces standing by and we’ll bring him home to you.”

“I just hope It’s not too late,” says Kate, “What if Phillip is already dead?” John squints.

Bart still doesn’t get it. Tony tells him he has the element of surprise on his side. Everyone thinks he is dead, “They will be responding with the rules of war but I have my own rules.”

Bart says, “Your mind is like a laser. Could you help me figure out how to put this satellite dish together?” For starters, I’d put it outside instead of there in the hallway.

Phillip says if they unlock him, he will lend him a hand. The captors don’t respond. “Just a thought,” says Phillip, “So tell me, what are you guys going to do first, shoot the video or me.” We hear a gun cock. “Right,” says Phillip.

Belle once again reminds Shawn she is married to Phillip. I don’t see why she has to keep reminding him of this. He watched the ceremony from above on his motorcycle seat. Belle says, “Hope, if anything happens to Phillip, how could I go on living my life. I’ve been unfaithful...”

“No,” says Hope, “You weren’t. What happened to Phillip isn’t your fault. He wants you to be happy even if you aren’t with him.”

“I just want’ him to be rescued, says Belle, “But what will he come home to? A wife who will break his heart?”

Shawn reassures her, “Phillip will come home a hero. Everything will be fine.”

John tells Kate he knows she’s worried. He’s had experience with these things. Phillip’s in good hands. He'll be in great hands after John pops a few more pills.

“I know that,” says Kate, “I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

He kisses her, “I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere.”

Kate says, “So much has happened this past year. I can’t believe it. Now, you and me together. But we’re still grieving for Roman and Marlena.” Oh, yeah. They belong to an obscure religious sect that expresses grief by rolling around on the floor together.

John says, “Kate, we’ve talked about this. It’s time to turn the Page. Roman and Marlena would not want us to spend the Days Of Our Lives alone. You are the one responsible for this mission. You dialed me in and I got my focus back.”

Kate asks, “Are you sure you should oversee this mission. You just stopped taking those painkillers.”

He flashes back to scraping the pills off the rug, “If I couldn’t perform I’d get another agent involved. I’m good to go.”

John fiddles with the equipment. He sneaks a pill. Ahhhhhh... Better living through chemistry. Kate looks at him, “John, OMG!”

Lucas and Will have ice cream. Will thinks there is nothing to talk about. His mom screwed it up and that’s it.

Lucas tells him, “It just wasn’t meant to be, Will.”

Will says, “I’m glad I’m living with you now, but I’m still worried about Mom. Where is she?”

“I’m worried too,” says Lucas, “Your mother loves you. She always did.”

“I’m just worried she will do something crazy again,” says the perceptive lad.

Lucas says, “Wherever she is, I hope she’s not causing trouble for anyone.”

That was our cue to check in on Rex and Mimi. Rex tells Mimi he doesn’t see anybody out there.

Stami struggles outside. Mimi hears the racket, and asks Rex to check. He says it’s thunder.

“Mimi will really pay now,” says Stami.

Mimi says, “I know what I saw. There was someone out there.”

Rex thinks it might have been her imagination. Mimi flashes back to her conversation with Stami. Rex’ computer beeps. He’s spying on the government. He goes over and looks. “What? The Marines and the ISA have set up a covert rescue mission to save Phillip. Let’s go tell Belle.” Some covert mission, when every gamer in the world can tune in on it.

Mimi says she will follow later. She runs to the window and looks out.

Stami says, “I’ve got loser Lockhart right where I want her. She doesn’t deserve you, Brady, after all the bad things she said about me.” He flashes back to Mimi telling Stami Sami’s a whore.

Stami’s phone rings. The mystery voice on the other end says, “Did I not make myself clear? I told you to stay out of sight. You went out on your own. Your mistake may have fatal consequences.”

“Was that creepy guy really here,” asks Mimi, “What if he tells Rex about the abortion?”

Mimi fanaticizes she is finally telling Rex, but Super Stami flies in the window and breaks the news, “Rex take my advice and drop her. She doesn’t deserve you. She’s a heartless baby killer.” Rex throws Mimi out.

“Oh, God, I can’t let that happen,” says Mimi.

Stami tells Tony no one saw her.

Tony says, “If you want to destroy your enemies your execution must be perfect. No evidence must be left behind.”

The defiant Stami asks, “What’s it to you. When are you going to tell me your name?” Tony hangs up. Stami picks up the doll. He discovers it is missing one of its booties, “I hope no one finds that.”

Conveniently, Mimi finds the bootie and yells. She runs after Stami.

Rex tells the guys at Shawn’s place what John is up to. Mimi barges in and says her mom has had an emergency. She’ll explain later and has to go. Rex figures out John is heading the mission. Group stare.

“John,” says Kate, “the red light is flashing.” John looks at his communicator and says Shane is trying to get in touch with him. He talks to Shane. He tells Kate the ISA has intercepted
intel, which they are going to broadcast.

Tony and Bart watch Phillip on TV. Bart got the dish to work. Tony says, “Phillip is a classic example of being in the wrong place in the wrong time. I’m going to send him to a far better place than this. Or at least that’s what I hear.” Tony has reservations for another destination when his time is up.

The captor tells Phillip to say goodbye. Phillip scowls.

Will has been checking MSNBC all the time for stories of his mom. Notice that little plug for MSNBC. He asks Lucas if Sami and Brandon were set up by Kate. Lucas doesn’t think that is possible. Will wonders Why Sami isn’t around trying to get REVENGE, “When she gets mad, anything can happen.”

Stami runs, “I screwed up tonight. I can’t let this happen again. I gotta get out of here.” Mimi follows. Mimi sees Stami’s footprints, “Gotcha, now I’m going to find you and stop you from ruining my life.”

Belle wants to call John. Hope says that isn’t a good idea. She’ll interrupt the mission and tip them off that Rex hacked in. Rex clicks the keys. Bo says this thing could be going down very soon. Crashing down?

Belle asks if the nightmare could be over tonight.

“Yeah,” says Bo.

“What if something goes wrong,” asks Pollyanna.

John says, “Now it’s just a waiting game.” Kate asks what if Belle stays with Shawn. John doesn’t know what’s going on with those two, “I’m hoping Belle will have a change of heart.”

Beep Beep Beep. John goes into action.

Bart tells Tony, “The feed is up and running no one should be able to track us.”

Phillip is defiant. His captors tell him to say goodbye and he says, “No!”

Stami runs through a hallway, “I have to lose Mimi.”

Mimi follows, “Lucas lives here. He can help me.” She knocks on Lucas door and says she needs help. She tells him what happened with Stami.

Stami cowers in the hallway and says, “There's only one place I can hide now.”

John swears at the machine, “I’m losing the signal.”

Phillip tells his captors, “If this is the last time I get to speak to my family I’m doing it my way.” The captors tell him to go ahead. Phillip stares into the camera.

“This should be interesting,” says Tony, “Well see if John is up to the challenge.”

John gets the signal back. Phillip appears on the TV. Kate breaks down. So what it comes down to, is John has “intercepted” a signal they are deliberately beaming to him. Brilliant.

Belle cries when she sees Phillip. She can’t look.

Phillip says, “If this is my last message I have something to say to my wife, Isabella Kiriakis.”

Mimi tries to convince Lucas Stami is somewhere in the building. Lucas thinks they should check Sami’s apartment. Lucas knocks. Inside, Stami worries.

Phillip says. “Belle, All I have done here is dream about the next time I would see you. I miss you honey. I miss my whole family. They tell me this is my last goodbye. But I don’t believe it. I love you and I’m coming home to you. No one could love you as much as I do. If I don’t make it home, you stay strong. I’ll love you forever. Just from a better place. Semper Fi, sweetheart.” That sounded like his other goodbye to me.

Belle bawls. Oh, the angst! Pan in on Belle crying her guts out.


Mimi asks Lucas, “If Sami was here right now, what would you say to her? Would you forgive her?” Stami watches.

Patrick asks Billie, “Help you how?” Billie answers, “Start dating me.”

John tells Kate, “You give me the word, and we’ll abort the mission. Phillip won’t be any worse off, but you gotta tell me now.”

Tony tells Bart, “One of them will come here and try to rescue Private Kiriakis... Ah, another trap is set.”

The everything-challenged Shawn tells Bo, “I’ll go rescue Phillip myself.”

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Ménage a Quatre

Stami walks along the dock. S/he takes out a cell phone and calls Tony. He tells him he nailed another assignment. Tony is thrilled. “Who would you like to terrorize next,” asks Stami.

Mimi and Rex sleep. Mimi cuddles the TV remote. She dreams of Stami telling her he will tell Rex about the abortion if she doesn’t. She tosses and turns, “God why is this happening?” She turns on the TV, “Who was that man and how did he know about my abortion? Rex, I’m so scared. I don’t wanna lose you.” Rex wakes up. Mimi stares.

Hope tells Belle she and Bo will work things out, “The bottom line is Shawn still needs his dad.”

Bo says, “Shawn, you keep acting the way you are, you will drive Belle away.” Yeah, and that would be bad. We don't want Shawn driving anything.

Shawn says, “Belle and Phillip’s marriage is over.”

“She is handling this the best way she knows how,” says Bo, “You should be supporting her. She’s doing the right thing.”

“It’s killing her and it tears me up.”

“Be there for her with no tantrums, pressure or demands. Don’t make the same mistake I made and take her love for granted. Do that
, says Bo, “and you’ll be sorry for all the Days of Your Life.”

Roman and Marlena make love. Body parts entwine. Marlena is startled. “What’s up, Doc,” asks Roman.

Marlena says, “I can’t do this to John.”

John and Kate, however, are doing the deed themselves. John is sorry for the way he acted earlier. She is sorry she took the drugs away, but she cares too much about him. John flashes back to finding the pill residue on the floor and popping one, “I’m through with all of it,” he says, “The only thing important to me now is finding Phillip and bringing him home.”

One of Phillip’s creepy captors throws a glass of water in his face, “You have to be presentable.”

“What for,” asks Phillip.

“Your funeral.”

Stami wants to know who is next – Tony says Stami is to do nothing until he hears from him. Tony hangs up. Stami says, “Easy for you to say, I’m stuck in this stupid disguise.” He flashes back to the make up session just in case we’ve forgotten he really is Sami, “All dressed up and no place to go. On the other hand what my benefactor doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”

Bart asks if Tony things Stami will do something stupid. Tony responds, “With Sami Brady, anything is possible.”

Tony watches Marlena and Roman on his cell phone.

Marlena can’t do it. She’s being unfaithful to John.

Kate says, “I feel a little guilty. I know it sounds crazy but maybe we shouldn’t have done this. Roman and Marlena trusted and loved us.”

“They’re gone, Katherine,” says John, “All we have is each other. I know they would want us to be happy.” Kate stares.

Roman says, “It is only natural you would feel that you are being unfaithful. Unlike John and Kate, we know they are still alive.”

Marlena says, “I just felt something...”

“Something surprised you?”

“Yes how did you know?”

“I felt it too. It was like we were never apart,” says Roman.

Mimi says, “I didn’t know you were awake.”

“I am now,” says Rex, a bit peeved. Rex asks why she is afraid she will lose him.

Mimi blames her encounter with Stami. Rex tells her, “He was just a sleazy salesman. What did he say to you?”

“It’s not important.”

”OK I’ll let it go, but you have to let it go too. He can’t hurt you. Not now, not ever,” Rex assures her.

Shawn says, ”I have done nothing but hurt Belle since I got back to Salem. The woman I love married my best friend.”

Bo says, “I still don’t understand how Jan spears got hold of you. Short of her holding you prisoner.”

“Maybe she did hold me prisoner, Says Shawn, “Sometimes I think that would be the only way she could have kept me from Belle.”

Belle tells Hope ever since Shawn got back to Salem he hasn’t been the same. “I wouldn’t have gotten involved with Phillip if I thought Shawn was coming back.”

Hope says no one blames Belle for moving on, “When Bo was With Diane Parker I almost moved on with Larry Welch. But I never stopped loving Bo and he never stopped loving me.”

Hope knows why Belle married Phillip, “A part of you really does love him.”

John tells Kate Marlena would be grateful to her for seeing him through his drug addiction. Kate thinks he is right. Roman and Marlena would want them to be there for each other. Not being one to let any grass grow under his feet, John says, “Let’s get started.”

“Yes”, says Marlena, “that’s it. Like when we were together before and couldn’t get enough of each other.”

He tells her he never stopped loving her. He meant it on the island and he needs her to know that.

She asks about Kate. Well, Marlena is here and Kate isn’t. He says the love he has for Kate isn’t the same as the love he had for Marlena. Stefano ripped them apart. Stephano’s evil plot tore them apart and Tony’s evil plot tossed them together. Makes sense if you’re from Salem.

Marlena says she wouldn’t have made it without him. He says there might be a reason he is there, “A reason that has nothing to do with Tony DiMera.” Good thinking, Roman, tell her anything.

“Roman, Make love to me,” she says, “I need to feel safe and loved.” Hot damn, Roman, it worked.

He asks if she is sure. Oh, yeah, she’s sure.

So, we've got a Ménage a quatre going on here, so to speak. Roman, Marlena, John, Kate.

Bart watches on his cell phone.

“Bartleby,” says Tony, “This is not lust. This is the power of love.”

The creep tells Tony. “Private Kiriakis is ready.” Tony tells him to proceed.

Tony watches as they taser Phillip. Shocking. Bart says when they are through, Kiriakis will cooperate.

“By the time we are through,” says Tony, “He will be dead.”

Rex turns out the light. He tells Mimi things will be better in the morning. “I hope so,” thinks Mimi, “I never want to see that evil face again.”

Stami stalks. Thunder booms.

Shawn tells Bo they should head in. Bo asks if he thinks Jan kept him locked up.

Shawn says she is crazy and he gets flashes of things. He says Jan says this was all a part of his kinky sex life. Bo is immediately uncomfortable. Shawn says he is not into bondage. Bo is into changing the subject.

Shawn has no memory of how he and Jan got together, “There is one thing I know for damn sure. I would never have left Belle for Jan Spears.”

Belle says her love for Phillip isn’t the kind you build a marriage on, “Right now I just want him back alive. Until he is safe, nothing else matters.”

Roman, Marlena, afterglow. He asks if she’s ok. “Yes, for the first time in a long while I feel safe and at peace. This really was like another time, another place. And for right now, we escaped these walls.”

“What an escape it was,” says Roman.

“It doesn’t mean I don’t’ love John,” she says. Roman knows. He still loves Kate. If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.

They vow to not torture themselves, “We’ll just wait until we get back home. Until then we have each other.”

Pan to Kate and John. “What was that drug,” asks John, “Suddenly I am in no pain.” Kate still can’t believe this is happening. She has no regrets. He only regrets the way he treated her. She says, “That wasn't you talking. It was the drugs. We will beat this.”

“For the first time,” says John, “I believe it is true.”

“I believe you will bring my son back to me.”

Boy, Howdy! John has a brainstorm, “I’ve been going about it all wrong. I just had an idea. If it works, Phillip will be home before you know it.”

They continue to fricassee Phillip.

Bart cautions Tony he’s going to kill Phillip. Tony is peeved, “That is exactly my plan.”

Stami lurks, “Just think, Meems, you could have been my sister-in-law if you played your cards right.” S/he flashes back to Mimi’s argument with Sami, “I know my benefactor told me to wait but since when does Sami wait? I know someone who needs his mommy.”

Mimi hears crying.

Hope and Belle hug. Hope says, “I hope they find Phillip and bring him home soon.”

“If he survives,” says Belle, “It will only be to have his heart broken. Kate says I was heartless and evil.”

“No,” says Hope, “Evil is what the DiMera’s are.” They talk about all the past evil DiMera plots, her parents, Bo, Billie, World War III, all that. Hope says she never should nave said what she said to Bo tonight. Belle says Billie or no dead DiMera can come between Ho and Dope.

Bo tells Shawn the business with Jan has never seemed right.

Shawn threatens, “She will pay if she held me prisoner.”

“Don’t get yourself into more trouble. Give your old man another shot at being there for you,” advises Bo.

“Only if you forgive me for the things I said earlier,” Says Shawn. This is getting a little sappy.

They hug. “Thanks Dad,” says Shawn, “I have been pushing Belle too hard but only because I love her so much.”

Bo says, “I have a feeling things will get worse before they get better.” He’s read the script.

“I think I should check on her,” says Shawn

“Good idea,” says Hope, as she busts up their little love-in.

Shawn leaves. Bo and Hope both start to say something.

“What were you going to say,” asks Bo.

“Just this,” says Hope, as he kisses him.

Mimi starts to get up to check out the crying, “Rex, did you hear that?” Rex sleeps. More crying. She sees Stami holding a baby. Oh, the horror!

Bo is impressed.

“I don’t wanna lose you,” says Hope.

“That’s not gonna happen,” says Bo, “I should have been here tonight for my son.”

“You’re here now. It looks like you made a difference. I just wonder if they’ll make it through this,” says Hope.

“If two people love each other enough they will make it though anything,” says Bo.

Hope wonders, “Are you talking about them or us?”

Belle asks how things went.

“Fine,” says Shawn, “I have caused everyone so much pain. Especially you. From now on, no more pressure. I’m just here for you.” HUG.

Roman asks what Marlena is thinking about. She’s wondering what Tony’s next move is.

Kate wants to know what John is talking bout.

“If I can pull this off, Phillip will be in Salem before the week is out.” Provided, of course, John finds more maverick pills on the floor.

Bart asks, “You’re not gonna off this guy are you? You’re messing with the MARINES.”

Tony says Stefano taught him what counts in chess is how you use your pawns, “That boy in there is the most important pawn of all. In fact he is the key to destroying all the so-called real loves of Salem.”

We flip through gripping scenes: Tony, taser, John and Kate, Marlena and Roman, Belle and Shawn, taser.


“As soon as the kidnappers transmit again I’m going to intercept the signal,” says super-sleuth John. Kate asks, “What if the transmission says Phillip is already dead?”

“You went out on your own,” says Tony to Stami, “Now your mistake may have fatal consequences.”

Belle says, “The nightmare could be over tonight.” Bo says, “Yeah, he could be on his way home.” Belle asks, “What if something goes wrong?”

Phillip in the crosshairs.

OK. I see through this whole thing now. John has turned back into Roman Brady, so he’s not cheating on Marlena with Kate. They are bound together by the bonds of holy matrimony. Marlena is really her twin sister Samantha, and the guy we think is Roman ain’t. As we have all known for years, he’s Chris Kostacheck. It does sort of bring up the question, where are John and Marlena? I figure they get kidnapped so much they probably consider that their annual vacation, so they will show up eventually. I also know Samantha’s supposed to be dead, but as we have seen over, and over, and over again on this show, that means absolutely nothing. So there you have it. Roman and Kate are back together, John and Marlena are back together (although a bit indisposed), and we have this new thing going between Samantha and Chris. As my man Kostacheck would say, “Count on it, pard.”

Monday, March 28, 2005

New Stefano?

There is some talk on spoiler sites that Dan Lauria may be the new Stefano DiMera. The original thread appears to have come from NBCSoapBox. The gist I get from this extremely unverified and highly speculative rumor is, with Joseph Mascolo completely unavailable and ratings sagging like grandma’s undergarments, Days needs a shot in the arm. The return of the Phoenix just might do that.

Days Of Our Lives
Look famaliar? Think “Daddy” on The Wonder Years.

A new Stefano might be fun, but remember, these are only Rumorze...

The Ballad Of Bo Brady

Stami paces and morphs down at the dock. He flashes back to telling Chelsea how to make it with Patrick, “If she does what I tell her Billie will never be happy.”

Chelsea watches Billie “put the moves on Patrick.”

Billie thanks Patrick. She really needed a friend. Abby thinks Jennifer is jealous because Patrick hugged Billie. Billie’s going for a walk to clear her head. Patrick thinks she shouldn’t be out there alone. He’ll go with her. Billie thanks Jen for the talk. Man, if that was a talk, I’d hate to see an argument. Patrick reminds Abby they made a deal as he leaves.

Patrick and Billie start walking. They decode to see where the wind takes them. Chelsea knows where it will take them – to Patrick's bed. She vows not to let that happen.

Hope is so relieved Shawn wasn’t hurt. Belle blames herself for the accident. She says when she found him, she told him what she has been telling him (and telling him, and telling him, and telling him). They can’t be together while Phillip is hostage. Hope wants to know if Shawn wrecked his motorcycle deliberately. “OMG, no,” says Belle, “Shawn wouldn’t do that.” Hope thinks he is capable of almost anything.

“Whadya gonna do, Commander, arrest me,” asks the defiant Shawn.

“I can be your friend or your enemy,” says Bo, “What’s it gonna be?”

Shawn doesn’t want to fight. Bo says he loves him and wants to help him. “I’m not a little kid anymore,” says Shawn.

“If you don’t listen,” says Bo, “you’re making a big mistake.”

Hope prays Bo can get through to Shawn. Belle says what’s going on with Billie can’t be helping much either, “You said you and Bo have a lifetime love, but I’m getting the feeling Billie might take Bo away form you.”

Hope sighs, “You’re right, I’m petrified I’m going to lose Bo.”

Shawn says, “I know you’re trying to help. But I already know what you’re going to say - I have to clean up my act.”

Bo says, “This last little wreck... strike three. You’re bike isn’t getting repaired. You drive anything again while you’re license is suspended, I’ll arrest you myself.”

Shawn does his best James Dean, “Give me a break. You don’t give a damn about me. I’ve been going to hell for months and you’ve been running around with Billie Reed. Stop giving me the father of the year act.”

“You’re angry,” says Bo.

“I passed angry months ago. And so did Mom.”

Bo stares.

“I can’t believe you broke curfew again,” says Jennifer, “Do you know how dangerous it is for a young girl to be wandering around the docks?”

Abby is defensive. She says she wasn’t wandering around the docks. She was with Chelsea. She thinks she’s almost an adult.

Jennifer wants an apology. Abby wants an apology, too.

Jennifer says, “Abby, I don't know what I’m going to do with you.”

“How about shutting up and letting me go to bed?”

Jennifer cries. Abby apologizes, “What is it? There is something more, isn’t there? When you thought Dad was alive this summer you didn’t say anything to me. If there is something going on I need to know. We are a family. What is it mom?”

Jennifer sobs, “Abigail, tonight I thought your Dad came home. I thought her was here in this house.”

Stami watches Patrick and Billie come to the dock and thinks, “I know how much Kate wants Billie to be with Bo. I’ll break her heart while I break Billie's. Two for the price of one.”

Patrick tells Billie this is where he found Abby. Billie is upset that Abby would be down in this area at night, “What you did earlier meant a lot to Jennifer. She cares about you.”

Patrick says, “I care about her, as a friend. Jennifer is strong but she has a lot to handle without a husband.”

Billie gets right to the point, “Do you see yourself ever in that position?”

Chelsea stalks. Stami watches, “With any luck we’ll hear something we can use against them.”

“Bo loves you,” says Belle, “and no matter how much time he spends with Billie, he comes home to you. He’s here tonight because he loves you and he loves Shawn. You're not going to lose Bo.”

“I hope you’re right about that, but Bo and Billie were married once.”

Belle says, “When Bo and everyone thought you were dead, when you came back, he followed his heart. You and Bo have been in love practically your entire lives. Do you think you could lose him now?”

“It’s not just Billie,” says, Hope, “I said terrible things to Bo tonight. I meant it then, I’m not sure now.”

Belle says, “What you guys have is like out of a fairy tale. But if you and Bo could break up, what hope does that leave for Shawn and me?”

Shawn tells Bo, “You’ve not only been ignoring me, but you’ve been ignoring Mom and Zack.”

“Yes, but I’ve got a right to be angry with you, too. I expect more out of you Shawn,” says Bo.

“You don’t’ have brain surgery as an excuse, Dad.”

“I’ve been trying to talk to you. Did you tell Belle how you felt about her marrying Philip? No, you just drove your motorcycle through a church window. Blood tests don’t’ lie. You were on drugs when you did that. You were out of control. This irresponsible behavior just goes on. Were you trying to kill yourself tonight,” asks Bo.

“What the hell are you lecturing me about self-control? Take your fatherly concern and shove it.”

“Why would you suggest I could replace Jack,” asks Patrick.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it,” says Billie, “And yes I think you could.”

Patrick flashes back to his promise to Abby, “Me and Jennifer? Never.”

Billie asks, “Is there a mystery woman?”

“No, says Patrick, “there is no one else. Who would want to be with me?”

“I don’t see anything wrong with you.”

“You don’t really know me.”

“I know you’re one of the good guys, Patrick,” says Billie.

“Thanks for the vote of confidence,” says Patrick, “but it’s not true. I’ve done a lot of things in the past that I’m not proud of.

“That’s why they call it the past. So if you’re interested in Jennifer, go for it.”

Patrick says, “I don’t deserve a woman like Jennifer.”

Chelsea watches.

Billie confesses, “I’ve done terrible things myself. I lied to Bo about my daughter.”

Stami comes up behind Chelsea and startles her.

“When’s daddy coming back,” asks Abby.

“I said I had a feeling,” says Jennifer. We checked the whole house. We didn’t find anything except... did you mark these magazine pages?

“This proves Daddy was here. Only he does that.”

“I thought so too,” says Jennifer, “but Patrick convinced me.”

“Patrick wants you for yourself.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

Abby says, “He’s interested in you mom. The question is are you interested in him too?”

Hope tells Belle she can’t lose faith. Belle tells her, “Then you can’t lose faith in you and Bo.”

“It’s not the same thing,” says Hope.

“Yes it is,” insists Belle, “If you gave up what kind of message would that send the rest of us?”

“I have been so angry and hurt,” says Hope, “And I have threatened to leave him if he didn’t put his family first.”

“But he’s upstairs with Shawn now.”

“Yes,” says Hope, “That’s true. And he will be with us at least, until Billie gets in trouble again. Then he’ll go running to her.”

Belle says, “If Georgia is alive she’s his daughter. And there are a lot of men out there who wouldn’t step up to help with her.”

Hope says, “At the end of the day, I need to know he will come home to us.”

Belle philosophizes, “Love is an act of faith. Sometimes you have to be patient. When it comes to love, faith has to work both ways.”

Bo tells Shawn, “I won’t tell you I never got drunk or raced my motorcycle.” I’ll bet he didn’t pull the stained glass stunt, though. “I have made mistakes. Usually when I was being stubborn and pig headed. One of those mistakes is snot being here when you needed me. I always thought since you spent a lot of your childhood without your mom we were more than father and son.”

“Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, eh? You should tell that to Billie.”

Bo is frustrated, “OK I’m your father and I won’t let you self-destruct. I can’t help you unless you drop this angry-young-man act.”

“You are the last person I would ever take advice from,” says the rebel.

Bo tells him, “When you lash out like that you’re proving how much you've lost control. You can’t throw everything away. If Belle wanted you right now what do you have to offer her?”

Billie tells Patrick, “When I gave birth to Georgia, she was stillborn or so we thought. When I came back to Salem I lied and said I was still pregnant so I could get Bo back. Hope and I had an argument and I said she made me miscarry.”

Stami tells Chelsea, “If she would do that to get Bo, imagine what she would do to get Patrick.”

“It’s in the past,” says Patrick.

“That’s not who I am anymore,” says Billie, “Just like you’re not who you were.” That’s not so unusual. There are a lot of people in Salem who aren’t who they were, like John/Roman. “We see you as the guy who helped us get off the island. You are a man I would trust with my life.”

Patrick tells her, “I am not who you think I am. I’m no good for either Jennifer or you.”

Billie is surprised, “When did this become about me. Are you saying you are interested in me?”

“He’s falling right into her trap,” says Stami.

“I’m not interested in Patrick or anyone,” says Jennifer, “Maybe I don’t want to spend the rest of my life alone. You and your brother fill my life but there are things you can’t give me.”

Abby picks right up on that one, “You’re talking about sex. You want to sleep with Patrick. Admit it mom. You want him. What’s going to happen when Dad comes home and sees you together? If he were dead he’d be spinning in his grave right now. Abby runs upstairs.

Patrick says, “Why are you surprised? Who wouldn’t be interested in you?”

“I am the last person you should be interested in. I have a lot of baggage.”

“That makes us a matched set,” says Patrick, “You know, there are some incredible women in Salem, like Jennifer, Hope...”

“What about me,” says Chelsea.

“This has been an interesting walk, but I think I should get back to Bo’s house,” says Billie.

Patrick escorts her.

Chelsea stomps, “She’s after my man all right. The conniving bitch.”

“Yeah, says Stami, “just like her mother, Kate Roberts.”

Chelsea says, “I don’t know her.”

Stami says, “She’s a witch and her satanic spawn Billie is just like her.”

“She’s not going to get away with this.”

“Follow my advice,” says Stami, “and we’ll get both mother and daughter.”

Belle needs Shawn to understand that no matter how much she wants to be with him, she can’t, “If he doesn't start respecting my needs I don’t see how this will work. “

The defiant one says, “Belle still loves me and I love her. This lecture is over with.” He turns to walk away.

Bo says, “You’re afraid of losing Belle. You run now and you will lose her forever.”

FF on the defiant rebel Shawn.


Come listen to my story 'bout a man named Brady
Poor Salem cop and his possessive lady
Then one day he was out to save a life,
He flipped her over - it was his ex-wife
(Billie that is, Miss Reed, Trouble with a capital T)

Well the next thing you know old Bo's a dad again
Billie said Georgia didn't die back then
Ditch that shrew Hope and come away with me
She said Abroad is the place we gotta be
(Europe that is, mystery castles, fake accents)

Well the search turned out fruitless and the plot was really lame
They gave it all up and came on home again.
Billie got plastered and started a bar fight
She cold cocked a cop, Bo was her white knight
(Shining armor that is, all brawn, no brain)

Now Billie lives with Bo and Hope and three's not company
Shawn is driving motorbikes, he's on a wrecking spree
He's flirting with Miss Belle while Phillip risks his life
And Belle's not sure why she's Private Phillip's wife
(Clueless that is, dim bulb, REE-tard)

Now after his last wreck, Shawn can hardly walk
And just like Jed with Jethro, Bo wants a long, long talk
Bo tells Shawn he might just wind up dead
And Shawn ignores the sage advice from his old dad Jed
(Bo that is, Mr. Snarly, Jed Brady)

Well now it's time to say goodbye to Bo and all his kin
They would like to thank you folks for kindly dropping in
You're all invited back again to this insanity
To have a heaping helping of their Salem lunacy
(Daze style that is, suspend reality and Y'all come back again, ya hear?)


“Marlena and Roman must be there for each other,” says Kate. “Let’s get started,” says the eager John.

Marlena tells Roman, “Make love to me.” Roman follows orders.

Bo asks Hope, “What were you going to say?” Hope says, “Just this...” and plants a big kiss on him.

Phillip gets shock treatments. Bart tells Tony, “By the time we’re through, this guy Kiriakis will be more than willing to cooperate. Tony says, “By the time we are through, he will be dead.”

Friday, March 25, 2005

Shawn's Death Wish

Chelsea tells Stami to stay away from her. He calls her Chelsea, and she wonders how Stami knows her name. “Because I’m really Sami Brady, you moron,” thinks Sami, but she tells Chelsea, “I know a lot of things about you sweetheart. This isn’t about me. It’s about you. I can tell you how to get Patrick Lockhart. Are you interested?” Chelsea stares.

Down on the other end of the dock, Patrick tells the rebellious Abby she was being irresponsible for staying out so late. Abby wants everyone to stop treating her like a baby.

Jennifer asks, “Billie when you say you’re not giving up, are you talking about finding Georgia or getting Bo?”

“Now you’re starting to sound just like Hope. I’ll tell you the exact same thing I told Hope. I am NOT trying to take Bo away from her.” says Billie. She reminds Jennifer when they got back from the island, she was leaving town but Bo came to her with the news that Georgia might be alive.

“That’s when everything changed,” says Jennifer, “You started spending so much time with Bo and he was giving all of his attention to you instead of Hope and his sons. Don’t tell me it hasn’t occurred to you it would be nice and cozy for you and Bo and Georgia to be a family, Billie.”

“Of course it’s occurred to me. But I know it’s something I can’t have.” Billie explodes, “OK, so Hope has you convinced I’m panting after Bo like a dog in heat. That’s it. I’m outta here.”

Shawn and Belle sleep. Belle dreams Phillip is home, safe, and she has told Phillip she wants an annulment.

Hope always thought she and Bo would grow old together. He says they will. Hope says, “And what about Belle and Shawn. After tonight I don’t think anything will ever be the same again.” They go back over dialogue with more retread than the tires on Shawn’s motorcycle. If Bo had been with her, he could have stopped Shawn. When she said they were through if Shawn got hurt, “I meant it. Every word.”

Jennifer tells Billie not to go. They cool down. Jennifer thinks if Billie isn’t trying to take Bo, there are no sides to take. She also thinks Billie should stay because if Patrick got back and Billie weren’t there, he would be upset. Billie does a half courtesy and, oh, OK, she’ll stay. Then she picks up an album and the two gals who were just at each other’s throats are giggling like teens as they look through the pictures.

“If you were looking at this album, no wonder you thought you felt Jack’s presence,” says Billie.

“Tonight,” says Jennifer, “I thought Jack was here. That’s crazy, isn’t it?”

“Who can blame you? Jack was a terrific guy. We all miss him very much.”

“He had such a soft spot for you, Billie. I’ll admit it. I was sooooo jealous of you back then.” Billie humpfs.

Shawn has the same dream. Phillip was so understanding. Shawn says if he were in the same position, he’d have done the same thing because the only thing that matters is Belle’s happiness.

“You’re telling me,” says Bo, “You’re giving up on our marriage?”

“I don’t want to,” says Hope, “I just don’t know what else to do. You have let me down so many times. Shawn thinks you care more about Billie and Georgia than you de me and him.”

“He said that?”

“Yeah. I keep trying to tell him it isn’t true, but the truth of the matter is you haven’t been there for your son.” Bo stares.

Chelsea wants to know how Stami would know anything about getting Patrick. Stami says, “Just let me ask you one question, do you want Patrick Lockhart or not?”

“Damn right I do.”

Patrick tells Abby he is more concerned about her mother. She has too much on her mind to have to worry about Abby, too. Abby tells Patrick, “Don’t lecture me. You’re not my father.”

“Well, as long as you bring him up, I know he would want you to make your mom’s life easier. Your mom has been a lot of help to me. I’m just trying to be a friend to her.”

“And just how good a friend do you want to be?” Ooooo. Right between the eyes.

Billie can’t believe Jennifer was Jealous of her. Jennifer knows they weren’t romantically involved, but they were good friends and Jack would open up to Billie in a way he wouldn’t with Jennifer. “What’s wrong,” asks Billie, “with Jack having someone to talk to when he couldn’t lean on you.” Jennifer didn’t like that one. She scowls.

Stami counsels Chelsea, “Rule number one, don’t tip your hand.” Rule number two, wait several years. “Let’s see, who would your competition be? Jennifer Devereaux, Hope Brady, Billie Reed?” Chelsea wants to know how Stami knows that. “Never mind. The question is, which one of those she-wolves is your biggest rival? And how are you going to get rid of her?”

Patrick assures Abby Jennifer is a good friend, nothing more. Abby doesn’t buy it. Patrick wants to know what’s changed. When he moved into the garage apartment, he and Abby got along fine, “Did I do something to hurt you?” She says she still likes him. It devastated her when her dad didn’t come home with her mom. Having Patrick around made her feel safe and protected. His past is shady and Abby and her mom believe Patrick’s lame story, but she doubts Bo, John and Abe do.

“Hey,” says Abby, “that’s interesting.”

“What, that half the people in Salem think I’m a criminal?”

“No,” she says, “that only the male half do.”

Billie is sooo sorry, “That did not come out the way I meant it at all.”

“No, Billie,” says Jen, “I understand the bond you had with Jack. Maybe that’s why it’s so easy for me to put myself in Hope’s shoes when it comes to you.”

“Right. Wicked, dangerous home-wrecking me.” No conniving, bumbling home-wrecking you.

That’s not what Jennifer meant. She whipsaws the conversation over to Shawn. They both feel so bad about that. Bo has to keep choosing between Billie and Georgia vs. Hope and Shawn. Billie swears she isn’t after Bo. Jennifer points out it’s her actions that say she is. Billie should look at things from Hope’s perspective.

“She thinks,” says Billie, “I would do anything, including using my own daughter, to take Bo away from her.”

Jennifer says, “Look me in the eye and tell me she is wrong.” Billie shifts her eyes.

Bo is going to barge in on Shawn and Belle so he can help Shawn get his life back on track. Meanwhile in his dream, Shawn removes layers of Belle’s clothing. “Make love to me,” she says, as she removes her pesky little wedding ring.

Bo and Hope wake them up at an inopportune moment. Bo tells Shawn if he’s OK, they need to talk. The bewildered Shawn wants to know how they got in there. Hope has a key. They tell him the police found his bike and beer bottles. “What’s going on with you, man? You got a death wish?”

Stami thinks Chelsea should concentrate on Billie first, “Jennifer’s still grieving about her husband and Hope’s still married to that jerk Bo Diddley.” He advises her she has to keep Billie away from Patrick. She asks how. “You could say I’m an expert at keeping people apart. Keep Billy away from him and then make your move. You’ll finally get Patrick into bed.” Chelsea smiles.

“That,” says Patrick, “Is the difference between men and women. When a guy screws up, women are more likely to give him the benefit of the doubt.” Until the perfect moment when they can use it against him, slice him into mincemeat and feed him to the sharks. Patrick says he was on Tony’s payroll because Tony was blackmailing him. He doesn’t want to get into why Tony was doing that. He’s no saint and he wants to help Abby avoid making some of the same mistakes.

“How can I do that?”

“For starters, you could start listening to your mom.”

Abby rolls her eyes, “I should have known you were going there. All she does is criticize me and give me the look.”

“They don’t come any better than your mom. She is a caring, loving woman.”

“There’s the proof,” says Abby, “The way you are talking about her proves you are interested in her.”

“Abby, I’m not interested in your mom in that way. And if I were, would that be so terrible?”

“It would be a disaster,” she insists, “My dad is coning back to us.”

Billie says, “For the umpteenth time, all I want is to find Georgia, talk to her, do normal teenage stuff with her the way you do with Abby.” Well, run down to the dock, maybe you’ll find Georgia. Billie has never said she doesn’t love Bo, but all she wants is to find Georgia, “I’ll take all the help I can get. Would you refuse Bo’s help if your child was missing?”

Of course Jennifer wouldn’t, “But let me ask you this. What if you find Georgia? What happens to you and Bo then?”

Shawn insists he doesn’t have a death wish. Unless it is for Bo and Hope at the moment. Bo tells Shawn he needs to do some serious thinking about his life and what he plans to do with it. Hope worries Shawn might be injured. They all want him to go to the hospital. Shawn insists he is fine.

“OK, you’re fine,” says Bo, “but we’re going outside and have a little talk right now.”

“And if I don’t,” asks Shawn.

“Don’t push me, young man,” says the fatherly Bo. They go outside.

“How can I answer that,” asks Billie, “Whatever happens between Bo and me after I find Georgia is up to him.” Too coy, too coy.

“We both know,” says Jennifer, that Bo will choose Hope.” Billie says she is probably right and makes a face at her. Billie doesn’t think she will meet anyone else. All the guys she meets just want casual relationships. “What about Patrick,” asks Jen.

Billie asks, “You are so desperate to get me away from Bo that you’d hook me up with the guy you care about?” Jennifer insists Patrick is just a friend. Haven’t we been here before? Billie tells Jennifer she doesn’t believe her.

Once again, Jennifer says she isn’t interested in Patrick. She is not ready to move on. She thinks Patrick would be perfect for Billie.

If we can see through the overdone fog, it appears the very man in question is continuing his conversation with Abby. He tries to inject just a bit of reality into Abby’s (Abby-normal?) brain. Dead people don’t come back. Abby reminds him she saw her dad’s dead body once and he wasn’t dead then. How could he be dead now? Oh, the logic of 'Days.' She’s certain her dad is coming back and that’s why her mother is off-limits to Patrick. She wants him to promise her he will stay away from her. He swears he will stay away from her. They head for home.

Chelsea asks Stami how she can get Patrick into bed. Stami says, “I once knew a girl who got a guy into bed by drugging him.” Chelsea says she has already been-there-done-that. She drugged Patrick at the Cheatin’ heart. Stami says Sami Brady would be proud of her.

“Isn’t she that woman who was caught in bed with her ex the night before her wedding?”

That was not her fault,” says Stami.

“OK, whatever. Don’t have a cow,” says Chelsea, “I like the advice you’re giving. How do I get in touch with you?”

“I’ll be watching you every step of the way. Just remember, the key to getting Patrick is to eliminate the competition, starting with Billie Reed,” says Stami.

Patrick and Abby arrive home. Abby doesn’t want any lectures. Jennifer is just glad she is home and safe. Jennifer hugs Patrick and thanks him as Abby stares daggers at Patrick.

Jennifer and Abby go off. Patrick asks how Billie is doing. She says she’s better. He wants to be a friend, “So put me to use.”

“OK, but you’d better not regret saying that later,” she says as they hug. Abby watches and smiles. Jennifer stares.

Chelsea watches outside the window, “Damn! She’s making her move on my man. Which means I have to do something fast.”

Back at the dock, Stami gets a phone call, “Yeah, she took the bait. Chelsea’s all primed to go after Billie Reed. It’s all working out the way you wanted, but I can’t help asking why... Hello? Hello?” He hangs up, “Chelsea and Billie Reed? I just don’t get it.” We do, though, don’t we? MWAHAHAHAHA!

Hope tells Belle, “Thank God you were there. If you weren’t my son would be dead right now.”

No, Belle blames herself, “It’s because of me you almost lost Shawn.” Hope stares.

Outside, Bo wants to know what’s going on with Shawn, “It’s up to you. I can be your friend or your enemy. What’s is gonna be?”

Inside, Hope thinks about how she will wait until the perfect moment when she can use this against Bo, slice him into mincemeat and feed him to the sharks.

FFWO on a double shot of Bo and Shawn.


“Abigail,” says Jennifer, “Tonight I thought your Dad came home. I thought he was here in this house.”

Belle asks Hope, “If you and Bo could break up, what hope does that leave for Shawn and me?”

Bo says, “Your mom said you were angry.” Shawn says, “I passed angry months ago, and so did she.”

Billie tells Patrick, “I lied to Bo about our daughter.”

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Drugs - The Pause That Refreshes

Down at the dock Rex brings the ice cream and bumps into Abby and Chelsea. Chelsea makes him drop the ice cream cones.

Stami torments Mimi. She should have told Rex about the baby. She lied to her boyfriend and sinned against God, “If you don’t tell Rex you’ll lose him forever.”

Jennifer frets, “Oh, Abby, when you get home... Who else but Jack would have done this to the magazine?” Patrick and Billie walk in. They show Jennifer the doll. Patrick tells Jennifer about the pictures at Bo and Hope’s house as well as the tape. Jennifer asks who could have done this. “Count Anthony DiMera,” says Billie.

Jack vows to escape. “Oh, such a mouth,” says Tony.

“The Phoenix will not rise again,” says Jack, “You won’t make good on your threats because you’ll be dead.”

Marlena tosses and turns. Roman covers her. She dreams. “John I’m home.” She walks in on John and Kate kissing. She awakes with a start, but Roman is there for her. She tells him about her nightmare.

Roman thinks the TV footage is getting to her, “I am absolutely convinced that Tony edited that film. We still don’t know a damn thing for sure.”

Marlena asks, “But what if it’s true?”

“Then we deal with it when we get back home. But for now we ignore it. I may just have found a way to get out of here,” Roman shows her a book he has selected from the extensive library in their room.

John wants the drugs so he can work through the Pain, “You want to save Phillip don’t you? I just can’t focus when I’m wrapped up in this pain. You gonna give me the drugs or not?” Kate clutches the bag-o-pills.

Jack tells Tony, “You’ve threatened to kill me so many times it means nothing to me. I’m not afraid of you. You have underestimated the power of love.” Jack says Tony has never experienced love, “You’re a lonely, bitter man Tony. When it’s your time to die, you will die alone.”

Bart says he will be there. “Not if he kills you first, Bart. There is one thing I’ve been meaning to do.” Tony asks what that is. Jack lands a haymaker on Tony’s jaw. The Count is down for the count.

Roman has a book about old castles, “They have escape routes. The key is figuring out if there is a passage out of this room.” As Marlena leafs through the book, a paper falls out. It’s a map.

Kate runs and throws the drugs in the fire. “OMG,” says John, “What the hell have you just done? Did you forget about Phillip?”

Kate says, “One day you will thank me for this.” That wouldn’t be today, however.

John says he needed the pills to calm his nerves. He can’t do anything now, “When Phillip comes home is a coffin draped with the American flag, that will prove you are a lousy mother.” Kate slaps him.

Chelsea apologizes for making Rex drop the ice cream. Abby introduces Chelsea. Rex asks if Jennifer knows they are out late. Abby tries to pay for the ice cream. He sees her wallet and asks why the fake ID.

Mimi wants to know why Stami is doing this to her, “I know who put you up to this. When I get through with Jan Spears, she will wish she is dead.”

“I’m not doing any such thing,” says Stami.

The doll won’t shut up, “Mmoommmyy, why don’t you saavve me?” Patrick flashes back to the phone call. He says whoever did this got away. Like a true woman of Salem, the doll just keeps talking. Patrick takes it outside. He makes a call out there, “It’s Lockhart, I need to know what your plans for Billie Reed are.”

Bart says Jack will be sorry he did that. Jack fights as the guards try to grab him. He runs. Bart tries to get Tony to stand. Tony wants to know where Jack is. Tony is really upset, “I WANT HIM ALIVE.”

Roman looks at the map. It’s a map of the castle. An alarm goes off. Someone knocks on the door. It’s Jack. Roman says, “Jack, it’s Roman here, I have Marlena in here with me.” Jack tries the keys.

Marlena jumps up and down, “We’re going home.” Tsk, tsk, so naive.

John tells Kate to get out of his house. He won’t help her if she won’t help him. She insists she did help him. He throws another glass-breaking tantrum and tells her to get out. She goes upstairs instead. He falls and sees pill residue on the floor. He gathers them up and pops one.

Abby says the fake ID isn’t hers. It’s a fake fake ID. The girls run off.

Stami hounds Mimi. She says the Brady’s wouldn't accept Mimi. Mimi points out the Brady’s aren’t exactly perfect, “What about Sami Brady, she’s a selfish greedy whore.” Stami is stunned.

Patrick tells the guy on the phone he wants to know the entire story. The guy on the other end hangs up on Patrick. He takes the doll back inside. It has mysteriously and mercifully shut up. I guess he talked some sense into it. Billie says Tony is dead but he’s still tormenting her. Jennifer worries about Abby, “They already took Jack, are they going to take Abby too?” Patrick leaves to find Abby.

Billie assures Jennifer Patrick is the best. Jen agrees. Billie says, “Jennifer, I’d say you re starting to have feelings for Patrick.”

Jack gets into Roman and Marlena’s room. He locks the door. Group hug. Roman hopes he brought the authorities. “No, it’s just me,” says Jack. They are disappointed. Jack tells them about getting back to Salem, but Tony got him and brought him back. He tells them about Tony’s plan and the Faux Jen.

“OMG, unbelievable,” says Roman.

“I think Patrick is still working for Tony,” says Jack.

“What about the others?”

“Cassie is alive, but she is locked up here.”

The guards and Tony bust in. Tony sneers, “Sorry buy you are not going anywhere. Escort Devereaux to his room and lock him up tight.” Tony grabs the map from Marlena, “Shame you won’t be able to use this. A former captive of my father’s apparently drew it. It looks quite accurate, too. After what Devereaux just pulled you can all stay here and just rot!”

Tony leaves. Marlena bawls.

John gets up. “Aahhhhh...” Drugs - the pause that refreshes. He walks around the room. Kate comes down. She will send for her things later. He asks her not to go, “I’ll help Phillip. You’re right Kate. All that medication has affected me. I know you’re just trying to help me. I’m sorry. I was wrong.”

Kate says, “You need more help than I can give you.”

“You’re already helped more than you’ll ever know. I’m the selfish one. It’s my turn to help you.”

Kate doesn’t think she can do it anymore, “If something happened to you I don’t’ think I could forgive myself.”

John says Kate is the only one he can trust, “Don’t you know how deeply I feel about you?” Kate knows. She caresses him. They stare. They kiss.

Abby tells Chelsea she’s worried Rex caught her with the fake ID. Chelsea says they are OK. Abby needs more excitement. She has the field to play, but Chelsea only cares about Patrick. Abby tells her, “If you really cared about him, you wouldn’t have drugged his drink.”

Patrick finds Abby as Chelsea hides, “I know what you two were up to tonight. Chelsea made you do it didn’t she?”

Stami tells Mimi, “This is about the sin you committed against Rex and God. I am your conscience. If you can’t tell Rex, then I will.” Stami walks off.

Mimi wonders.

Rex gets back with more ice cream, “What did that guy say to you?”

Jennifer says she has grown fond of Patrick but not in a romantic way. She tells Billie she felt Jack’s presence here tonight. Jennifer tries to talk about Bo and Billie. Billie doesn’t want to go there, “He is with Hope - end of story.”

“Not if you share a child,” says Jennifer, “If you find Georgia, will you be able to let him go?”

Patrick bets Chelsea made Abby break the curfew. Abby says it’s not Chelsea’s fault. She just didn’t want to go alone. Patrick takes Abby home. Chelsea, realizing she’s just been left in the dust says, “Dammit.” Stami comes up behind her. He flashes back to the voice on the phone telling him to use Chelsea. He says hello.

“I’ll scream,” says Chelsea.

“OK,” says Stan, “You can do that, but that’s not going to get you Patrick. I can help you. Do you want to know how?”

Mimi says, “That guy said the most horrible things.”

Rex tells her, “I can’t just let him walk away. You’re going to be my wife.”

“I can’t marry you,” says Mimi for the ten thousandth time.

Billie shows Jennifer the lock of hair, “Georgia is alive.” Jennifer says this might be a DiMera setup. Billie says, “My gut and science are telling me Georgia is alive. I am not giving up on her. If you knew Jack was alive could you let go?”

“No. Are we talking about your daughter or Bo,” asks Jennifer.

Jack falls on his bed, “Jennifer if I could only see you.” Presto! He sees a vision of Jennifer. He promises to come back to her. The vision disappears, “NOOOOOOO!

John and Kate continue their kiss. It goes a little farther. Kate takes off her coat. She removes his shirt.

Marlena cries, “I thought we were free. Tony is 10 steps ahead of us again. We’re not going home are we Roman?”

“Doc, I wish I could promise we were.” Tony-TV comes on. They watch Kate and John go at it.

“Well,” says Marlena, “There is my worst nightmare come true. That isn’t a trick, you know.”

“That SOB DiMera,” says Roman.

Marlena evaluates the situation, “It’s clear that John and Kate really have moved on. I think we can be happy they are together, the same as they would be happy if we were together.” Roman stares. They embrace. Roman kisses her – on the forehead. Well, maybe he’ll go in for more.

JR undresses Kate.

In scenes reminiscent of the Phillip-Belle-Shawn-Jan quadrangle, Roman and Marlena wind up in bed. Back and forth we go in the wife-swapping game.

Outside in the hall, Tony boasts, “It took time and a lot of planning but finally I’ve got everyone exactly where I want them.” FFWO on the evil, dastardly Count DiMera.


Hope says, “Thank God you were there.” Belle tells Hope, “It’s because of me that you almost lost Shawn.”

Bo tells Shawn, “I can be your friend or your enemy, what’s it gonna be?”

Billie tells Jennifer, “She thinks I would do anything, including using my own daughter, to take Bo away from her.”

Stami says to Chelsea, “The key to getting Patrick is to eliminate the competition, starting with Billie Reed.”

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

REVENGE Is A Dirty Business

Lexi manages the fire and Abe comes out with tea. He says he can see well enough to do these little things. He kind of stumbles as he carries the tea over to the table. What’s he blind? The doorbell rings. It’s Kate. She tells him about Phillip. Abe wishes he could help. The blind guy and the druggie after Phillip would certainly outdo the US Marines. Abe goes off and Lexi and Kate talk. Kate tells Lexi she is in a terrible situation.

John rummages around for the bag-o-pills. “Oh, she didn’t take them with her, did she?” He smashes a vase against the door. We'll be hearing form the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Crystal now for sure.

Rex and Mimi walk around the dock. Mimi, guess what, has something to tell Rex. Rex says they can adopt even if they can’t have kids. Mimi says there is no reason why he can’t have kids of his own, “I’ll understand if you don’t want to marry me.”

“If Billie or Patrick find me it’s over,” thinks Stami. The search continues. Patrick and Billie bump into each other as Stami runs.

The cop tells Bo and Hope Shawn may have gone over the cliff. Maybe not the cliff, but he’s headed off the deep end for sure. Hope smacks Bo, “This is your fault, Brady.”

Belle skids as she drives Shawn. Shawn doesn’t want to go to the hospital. “Do you want to end up dead,” asks Belle.

Patrick says he told Billie to stay put. Billie argues. “I’m trying to find out who planted that doll. They could lead me straight to Georgia.”

Stami calls crawls out of a dumpster. “REVENGE is a dirty business,” she thinks.

Billie and Patrick argue. Patrick runs off to find Stami, “YOU! HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!”

Shawn promises he won’t die. He apologizes for putting Belle though this. He assures her he will be OK. Belle says, “When your parents find out, who knows what they will do.”

The cop tells Ho and Dope they found some empty beer bottles. Hope smacks Bo again, “Why couldn't you have listened to me just this once? You made your choice. Now I’m making mine.”

Kate tells Lexi about John and the drugs. She shows her the bag-o-pills. “Painkillers,” says Lexi, “What happened? He was determined to kick this.”

Kate tells her John is pressuring her to give him the pills so he can help search for Phillip. Lexi says, “I should have turned him in.”

Kate says she couldn’t turn him in, “He’s been such a good friend to me. I just wish there was some way I could help him.”

Lexi says, “He needs tough love. You need to destroy the drugs.”

Kate asks, “What if I also destroy any chance of saving Phillip?”

Lexi tells her John is trying to bribe her with a promise he can’t keep, “He needs help not another fix.”

“What,” says Abe, “John Black is doing Drugs?”

John searches. The phone rings. “Yeah, it’s me,” he grunts, “I’ve been expecting your call.”

“FREEZE,” says Patrick as Stami jumps into a dumpster. Patrick gets a call. The voice on the other end says, “Stop looking for him.”

“Why should I take orders form you,” asks Patrick.

“Because of the people you care about.”

“I’ve got to get out of here,” thinks Stami.

Patrick watches, "Who the hell are you?"

It’s a busy night at the docks. Rex tells Mimi he still wants to marry her. She loves him, “That's why I’m giving you your out. You deserve a wife who will give you children. Those amazing genes of yours shouldn’t go to waste. If you marry me you will miss out on so much and that’s not fair.”

“You’re right, Mimi,” says Rex, “It’s not fair.”

Billie caresses the doll. Patrick comes back, “Whoever it was got away. Who the hell is doing this?”

Billie answers, “Bo will think it’s you.”

Bo has to go help with Shawn. “None of this would have happened if you would have been there,” Hope says, “I meant what I said. If something happens to Shawn I will never forgive you.”

The cop says Shawn apparently walked away from the accident. People saw him get on his bike hit the gas (glass?) and pile straight into a tree. They thought he was trying to commit suicide.

Belle gets Shawn home. She says he needs to tell his parents. Shawn thinks Bo has probably moved on to looking for Georgia. Belle says Shawn needs to get to bed. He says he’s too wired to get to sleep, “The only way I’m getting to sleep now is if you’re going with me.”

Kate tells Abe the pills are painkillers. John wanted to keep it quiet so they didn't tell Abe. Abe says he’s not turning John in, “If there were a drug out there that could make me see I would take it. We’re both in the same position. It’s gotta be killing John not being able to search for Phillip. If I could find a pill that would make me my old self...” Well, there’s always Viagra.

Lexi knows how difficult this is but she can’t condone giving John more drugs. Kate has to go. Abe cautions her not to be caught with the drugs.

“Give John my best,” says Abe.

“I wonder what she'll do,” asks Lexi.

“I hope she gives him the drugs,” says Abe.

“Don’t worry Shane,” says John, “I’ll be ready to go.” He hangs up, “God help me, I need those pills.”

“Why wouldn’t Bo trust me,” asks Patrick, “I have no way to prove I’m innocent.”

Billie will try to get Bo to listen, “He has a real problem with us being friends.”

“Is Bo jealous of us,” asks Patrick.

Mimi whines, “You deserve to have kids. That’s why I’m letting you go.” She gives back the engagement ring, “You should get your money back.”

Rex isn’t taking the ring back or the proposal, “I said you were right. But you didn’t let me finish. It isn’t fair, but it isn’t your fault.” He takes a knee, “Mimi I proposed to you for better or worse, in sickness or in health. Those weren’t just words. I want to spend the rest of the Days Of Our Lives together. Nothing will change that.”

Sami flashes back to hearing about Mimi’s abortion, “And now she can never have kids. Poor Meems.”

Rex says he is sure. They will love their adopted kids just as much as if they were their own. He can’t wait to be her husband. They kiss as Stami watches, “And now it’s Mimi’s turn to be tortured.”

Hope can’t believe this was deliberate. Bo says it was an accident. They figure he drove off with Belle. Bo tells the cop to keep it off the record.

Hope is going to chase after Shawn. Bo says, “Now that we know Shawn’s OK will you forgive me?” Hope stares.

“Belle will you stay with me? I need you so much tonight,” says Shawn.

“I can’t be with you while I am still married to Phillip.”

Shawn says, “You’re not in love with him and we need each other so much. Just for tonight, don’t turn me away.” Belle stares.

“You want me as much as I want you,” says Shawn.

“If you keep pressuring me I will leave and never come back,” threatens Belle, “You’re hurting. I am too. I want to be with you. Don’t make this any harder. Please understand.”

Shawn says, “I understand and that is why I love you so much and I know when we say our vows it will be forever. I would wait forever if I had to. So all I ask is just one thing. Will you stay with me until I fall asleep? Lay down on the bed with me until I fall asleep.”

Lexi says this will only make John’s addiction more difficult.

Abe says John has to do this and in the end he will beat it, “I just wish I could help John instead of stumbling around this house. We both know it’s not just my eyesight we’re learning to live without.”

Kate gets home to the mess, “OMG, What happened? What’s going on?”

John asks where she has been, “You took the drugs with you when you knew I needed them. Give them to me. I don’t have time to play games, you wanna see your son or not? Shane just called me. The ISA has nothing. They want me to head up the search. I have to neutralize this pain.”

“I understand and I’d do anything to save my son. What happens if I give you the drugs and I lose you both,” asks Kate.

Patrick thinks Bo is jealous. “It’s about to get worse,” says Billie, “This doll could be really bad news for you.”

Rex and Mimi kiss. Stami watches. Rex goes for ice cream at the all-night ice cream parlor.

Stami comes up, “You’re getting married?”

“Yes and my six-foot-two fiancée will be back any minute,” says Mimi.

Stami says, “I have some things to offer, baby cribs and stuff like that. I’m sure you want a big family don’t you?”

“Who are you,” asks Mimi.

“You can’t have any kids can you? And we both know why not,” says Stami.

Stami sneers, “I know all about it. Big secret. You got pregnant and didn’t tell him. Didn’t tell him how you got unpregnant either.”

“What do you want from me?”

“I’m just a friend with a little advice. Nothing’s going to work out. Your happy life is doomed. You’re doomed. Rex comes strolling back with the ice cream, “What the hell?”

Patrick asks, “How could the doll be bad news for me?”

Billie says Bo will want to question Philip about the doll, “Are you sure you have nothing to hide?”

“I can handle anything Bo throws at me.”

That’s not important,” says Lexi.

Abe is morose, “Yes it is, to me and to you if I can’t be a husband to my wife it’s not fair to you. You’re young, beautiful desirable and you deserve more than I can give you right now.” She hugs him. She loves him he loves her that’s all that matters.

John turns the TV on to Phillip’s permanent goodbye. Kate says, “I know what you’re trying to do. I know Phillip’s in danger. I think about him every moment.”

“Are you going to give me the drugs or let your son die?”

Belle and Shawn cuddle. He says this feels so good. She tells him to get some sleep. He apologizes for what happened tonight. He never wanted to hurt her. She doesn’t know what she would do if she lost him. He doesn’t want to pressure her into something she’s not ready for.

Ho and Dope come into Shawn’s apartment. They sneak into the bedroom and see Shawn and Belle together. “He’s definitely OK,” says Bo.

“They look perfect together,” says Hope.

“Just like you and me when we were that age,” says Bo. They go into the living room.

Hope says, “When we were their age nothing could come between us. That was before Billie.”

“Billie’s not a threat to us.”

“You still believe that, too? Things happen, Bo. Things change. We sometimes have no control over them,” says Hope.

“Belle and Shawn will be OK. You and I will be OK. I love you too much to let you go.”

Hope says, “I’m afraid after tonight nothing will be the same for us.” FF on Ho and Dope.


“There is only one thing left to do,” says Jack. Tony asks, “And what is that?” POW, right in the kisser.

Marlena jumps up and down, “We've been rescued! We’re going home!”

John says to Kate, “When Phillip comes home with the American flag draped around his coffin, it will just prove you’re a lousy mother!” POW, right in the kisser.

Billie tells Jennifer, “Patrick’s the best.” Jennifer says, “Yes, I don’t know what I would do without him.” Billie says, “You’re starting to have feelings for Patrick.”

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Shards Of Glass

Kate twirls the bag-o-pills. She can’t let John keep running down the path of self-destruction. John brings up Phillip, “If you trash those drugs you’re signing his death warrant. No threat, just fact. You can either turn me into the cops or you can turn the drugs over to me and I will help Phillip.”

Stami sneaks around the dock. Stami smiles. Stami sees pictures of his victims with targets drawn on them. He flashes back to a makeup session, “I hate you John Black. You are so going to hell. On to Uncle Bo and Aunt Hope.” Stami draws a target on Billie’s picture.

Billie continues to hear voices at the dock, “Georgia, it’s me sweetheart, Mommy’s coming, don’t be scared.” Stami hunkers in the background. “OMG,” says Billie.

“If Shawn gets hurt we are through,” says Hope. Bo says Shawn won’t listen to him if he wouldn’t listen to Hope, “My men are out looking for him. We’ve made it thorough a hell of a lot worse than this, haven’t we?”

Hope says, “Yeah, Stefano, Tony and others tore our family apart. We made it. Now you are choosing to let Billie come between us. Why does she take priority? I don’t’ know what else to do. And I meant what I said, if something happens to Shawn, I will never ever forgive you.”

Shawn wrecks his cycle. Belle yells, “Shawn! NO!” Pan to the broken and disheveled body of the former Shawn Black. “SHAWN,” yells Belle.

Bo asks, “So you’ve decided to end this marriage if something happens to Shawn tonight? God forbid something happens, but if it does how much worse would it be for him and us if we couldn’t be together?”

Hope asks, “What if I had told you I would leave you if you didn’t leave Billie, would you have done that?”

“I wouldn’t have believed you if you said that, and I don’t’ believe you now,” says the defiant Bo.

“What’s happened to you as a father? You need to be there for the boys,” says Hope.

“If the situation were reversed...”

“You’re married to me,” says Hope, “Billie has come between us before; she’s made our life a living hell on purpose. I know you share a child together, but can’t you see how hard this is for me? You have no idea what’s going on in your son’s life do you, admit it.”

Bo asks, “What happened?”

Hope tells him about Shawn and Belle allegedly cheating on Phillip, “Tell me you’re going to be there for me, like you used to be. I can’t count on you anymore.”

“That’s not true,” says Bo. He goes upstairs.

Belle tries to call an ambulance but, of course, no signal on her cell phone. Shawn stirs. She tells him not to move, “SHAWN! NO! OMG! SHAWN! NO!”

“Mommy, save me,” says the irritating little voice. Billie picks up a doll with “Georgia” on the sweater. She turns around, “YOU!”

John is just telling Kate the way it is. He works for the ISA. He is the man she needs to save her son. The only man. He is in pain; his mind is mush. And that’s without the drugs, “The Marines do not have the know-how I do. Let me do this for you, Kate. Let me do it for Phillip, and Belle. I wanna bring my daughter’s husband home safe and sound.” Slloowwlly Kate turns.

“Patrick, what the hell are you doing? You scared me to death,” says Billie. He’s looking for Abby. "What’s up with the doll," he asks. She heard a little girl's voice and it turned out to be the doll. She tells him the doll said, "Mommy why don’t you save me?" She says, “Someone’s trying to set me up.”

Patrick tells her she shouldn’t be out there alone. She reminds him she’s a cop; she can take care of herself. She tells him about the phone call she got earlier. Georgia’s whole life has been miserable because Billie abandoned her as a baby. “I didn’t, you know. They told me she was dead. Tony and Stefano are dead, but the DiMera organization is still going strong. You worked for Tony, you must know something.”

“If I had a clue,” says the apparently clueless Patrick, “I would be doing everything I could to stop them.”

Patrick and Billie try to figure out who is behind this. Patrick says, “It’s somebody pretty screwed up.”

"Yeah," says Billie, "That could be the whole town of Salem."

“If you wind up getting destroyed, you’re Kate’s daughter, and you deserve it,” thinks Stami as she watches. She flashes back to talking to Kate's picture, “You drugged Brandon and me, then you fixed it so Lucas would walk in on us NAKED IN BED together. You are going to pay for it Kate. Your whole family’s going down.”

Flashback to Stami’s phone call with Tony, “Whoever this guy is he’s a genius at ruining people’s lives.” A knock at the door. Stami picks up a box, “Oh, this is so good. Whoever you are you are the evil genius of all time.”

Stami watches Billie and the doll. Flash back to Stami opening the box, which had the doll inside, “HAHA This is great. Billie won’t know what hit her. Billie’s headed right over the edge. Goodbye.”

Billie tells Patrick the DNA tests were a match, “Georgia is alive and I gonna find her. OMG, what if Georgia’s real hair is on this doll? I’m going to have it tested.” Patrick would like to do some legwork for her on this but he’s guessing Bo doesn't want him to get involved.

“I have to tell you something,” says Billie.

Bo comes down carrying a present. Hope thinks Shawn takes after Bo. Bo thinks he takes after his feisty mother, too, “He’s self-sufficient. His life is getting back to normal, and ours will too, very soon.” He gives her the present. He was saving this for Easter, but he wants her to have it now. She opens it. A picture cube. The whole story of the Days Of Their Lives. “I never thought of myself as a family man says Bo, then I fell in love with you. You turned me into someone who could be a pretty darned good father, most of the time. It was your love Hope. It brings out the best in me.” He kisses her, “I’ll always be here for you and the boys.”

“This gift, what you just said, I know you mean that. But this time I’m really afraid our love isn’t strong enough to hold this family together,” says Hope.

“Shawn, stay with me,” whines Belle. She has him move assorted body parts. She’s going to take him to the hospital in her car. He doesn’t want to go. “Do you want to die,” she asks. At the moment, Shawn might think that’s not a bad idea.

Kate can’t let John have the drugs. John runs through the litany of all they have lost, “All we’ve really got is our kids. The future of our family is at stake. You know what you gotta do. I know what I can handle. I’m gonna take a hot shower and get ready to go to work. Think about it.” John goes upstairs.

Kate agonizes, “This is horrible. This is my payback for breaking up Sami and Lucas.” She clutches the Pills, "This is one problem I can’t blame on Sami Brady."

Stami watches. He flashes back. He targets Kate, “Georgia will never be a part of your life. If I can’t live happily ever after with Lucas, at least I can live for REVENGE.”

Billie says her mom is set on getting her and Bo back together. She doesn’t want to break up Ho and Dope’s marriage but, “When I fantasize about finding Georgia, Bo is always with me. I dream about us being together as a family. I’m lying to my mother and to Bo and to Hope. But now I’m being honest with myself. I want to be with Bo, now more than ever.”

Shawn says he isn’t going to die. He will be fine. Belle wants to go to the hospital. Shawn thinks Lexi would go straight to his mom. He doesn’t want to go to jail and this accident would seal it. He can’t have this on his record, “As long as I have you I will be all right.”

“I love you,” she says.

“It’s worth the accident just to hear you say that,” he says.

She helps him up. They struggle to the car.

Hope says, “I know you love me. I have no doubts about that. Our family has been through so much, but especially Shawn. He’s too young to lose his dreams. We’ve failed our son. And Zack could turn out the same if things don’t change. They need to know they can come to you with their problems.”

“I love them,” says Bo, “and if I have failed them I will change. Unless it means I have to sacrifice my daughter. She is in danger and suffering. I’m not going to let that continue. I’ve got people looking for Shawn.”

“It may be too late.”

“For who, Shawn or us?”

Pan out from the bag-o-pills sitting on the TV as we watch Phillips gut-wrenching goodbye. “I can’t let them take your life,” says Kate. She picks up the bag-o-pills. “I have to risk John’s life to save Phillip’s.”

The irritating doll says, “Why does Mommy hate her little girl?” Stami watches, “This is great, but you can’t get any closer to Patrick. You have to wreck Bo and Hope's marriage.”

Patrick hears something. He sets out to find out what it is. Stami cowers.

The spiritually-challenged Kate prays to Roman, “Please Roman, I can’t make this decision on my own. I need to know what you would do.” Kate gathers her things and leaves.

John comes down, clean-shaven and ready for drugs, “What’s it gonna be Katherine?” No one there, “Kate? KATE? NO! NO! NO!
He smashes the vase with his cane and falls in pain.

Rodney: Oh, my, that was dreadful. Rodney McCollum, here, reporting from the Shards of Glass course in John Black’s living room. I simply don’t believe John got the performance out of that swing that he expected. For a complete analysis and replay, I will turn to my colleague, Johnny Miller.

Johnny: Thank you, Rodney. As we look at this replay, notice at just the moment of impact, John moves his head down a bit, which causes him to hit the vase a bit fat. This, of course, means John did not completely get the distance or the shattering effect he had hoped for. And, as we play it again, notice there is almost no left hand involved in the swing. This means he just didn’t get the follow through he was looking for. In spite of all that, though, his brute strength saved the day and he at least got a decent explosion, which I believe had the dramatic effect he was looking for.

Rodney: Thank you, Johnny. You are correct. He did hit the vase very hard, which makes me wonder if the allegations are true. In order to get that kind of performance out of such an awkward swing, one has to ask if there are steroids or, Dear God, worse drugs involved.

Johnny: I certainly wouldn’t want to speculate on that. About all we can say is that glazed look in John’s eyes is now scattered all over his living room. Perhaps the best he can do now is pick up the pieces and move on to his next tantrum

Patrick stalks Stami. Billie stalks Stami. Stami stammers, “OMG! What am I gonna do?”

Hope tells Bo he can’t keep putting Shawn at the bottom of the list. The cop calls. They found Shawn’s bike. Hope is not pleased. She will never forgive Bo.

Belle thinks they should be getting Shawn to a hospital. He goes unconscious. She screams, “SHAWN! WAKE UP! SHAWN!”


Hope tells Bo, “You had your chance to be with your son. You chose to be with Billie instead. You made your choice, now I’m making mine.”

Lexi tells Kate, “John needs help, not another fix.” Abe walks out and asks, “John Black is doing drugs?”

Patrick asks, “Who the hell is doing this?” Billie says, “I don’t know. Bo is going to think it’s you.”

Stami tells Mimi, “The happy life you have planned with Rex Brady is doomed. You are doomed.”

Monday, March 21, 2005

We're Through, Brady

Kate and John struggle up the stairs. Kate says maybe things will be better in the morning – maybe they will find Phillip. John changes his mind, “Who am I kidding? I can’t sleep with this going on.” He turns around and goes back downstairs. He promises Kate they will find Phillip. He’s going to hack into their communications and find out what’s going on, then notify Shane Donovan and organize a search mission. He sends Kate for coffee. This gives him the golden opportunity to pull out his bag-o-pills. He selects a hypo for his evening's enjoyment and jams it into his leg, “Aaahhhhhhhh...”

Bart drags Jack to the back of the house. As he goes, Jack thinks, “Jennifer heard me. But Lockhart kept her outside. He must still be on the DiMera payroll. If she comes in right now, we’re both as good as dead. Whatever you do, Jennifer, don’t open the door.”

Jennifer comes inside, “JACK! He’s alive! He’s here!”

Bo tells Hope she can’t ask him to choose between his sons and his daughter, “We can’t keep having the same conversation.”

“Then,” says Hope, “maybe you should stop making the same [dumb] choices. Why do you always decide Billie needs you more than Shawn, Zack and I do?”

Bo rolls his eyes, “Not again.” Billie smirks in the background.

Shawn and Belle love each other. Belle can’t help it, but “God help me, I do want to be with you, Shawn.” He rolls her over in the clover.

“We’ve waited so long to make love,” he says, “tonight we finally belong to each other.”

Amidst the writhing, she flashes the big rock on her finger. When she sees it, she says, “No. We can’t. I’m still married.”

He asks, “How did things go so wrong?”

“Because we made mistakes.” What you mean “we” Kemo Sabe, he didn’t marry someone he doesn’t love.

Shawn says things got complicated, “But this isn’t complicated. This is love. It’s you and me. And all we’ve wanted is to spend the rest of the Days Of Our Lives together.” Belle is afraid that’s never going to happen.

Billie barges in, “We got new information about Georgia.” They tell hope about the phone call. The guy said Georgia was suffering. She was watching Days Of Our Lives and it wasn’t on tape. So she couldn’t fast forward through the Shawn and Belle crud. They show Hope the drawings and tape. Hope stares.

OK. Jennifer can feel Jack’s presence. Toying with the audience again. She yells for Jack and Abby. She goes upstairs to check. Patrick checks the kitchen.

In the limo Bart says, “Whew, we got outta there just in time. If they ever make Jack-dragging an Olympic event, I’m going for the gold. Come on, Jack, tell me. What was it like with the fake Jennifer? Was it better or worse than with the real Jennifer or has it been so long you just forgot?” Jack’s eyes shift.

Stoner John hacks, “They knew what they were doing. It’s impossible to find the location. Damn, it’s hot in here.” He removes his coat. Kate takes it to hang it up. On the way, she discovers his stash.

She hangs the bag-o-pills in front of his face, “You lied to me. You are still using drugs.”

All Shawn has ever wanted is to live the rest of his life with Belle. Now the thought of not being able to do that scares the hell out of him. It scares Belle, too. “So why isn’t that enough,” asks Shawn.

Billie plays the tape for Hope.

One potato, two potato, three potato, four
My mother is a dirty whore...

Hope says she has never heard anything so cruel. Not to mention lame.

Bo says this is why he couldn’t come over to Shawn’s. Hope asks, “Why? When was the last time you even had a conversation with him?” Bo says the last few times he even tried to have a conversation with Shawn, he didn’t want to talk to Bo. So it wouldn’t have done any good if he were there.

“Well,” says Hope, “we’ll never know. Billie has plenty of other people she could depend on, but you think you're the only one.” Hope brings out the big artillery, “Of course, you did have to leave to get that special necklace for her, didn’t you? You should have been there to stop Shawn from getting on that damn motorcycle. Your son is in danger. Why do you have to baby-sit Billie?”

Billie decides to join the happy little chat, “My daughter has been missing a hell of a lot longer that Shawn. And I will not stand here and let you minimize the pain I am going through. I’m gonna get the hell out of here right now.” Billie storms out.

“Do you realize what you’ve done,” asks Bo.

“Me,” asks Hope.

Jack struggles to ask Bart if Lockhart works for Tony. “You’re going back to the castle,” says Bart, “so I guess there’s no harm in telling you everything now.”

No one’s at the Devereaux house except Patrick and Jennifer. She picks up the Salem Business Journal, “He was here, and this magazine proves it, Patrick.”

Bart says he really doesn’t know if Lockhart is on the DiMera payroll. It’s a mystery. Not to Jack. Bart says Jack should be a little worried with Jack living at his house that he might come down and try to take Jennifer for a test drive. On the other hand, Jack should be grateful Patrick is there to fix toilets and things.”

“Y-y-ou a-and T-t-o-ny g-g-o t-o h-ell,” stutters Jack.

“Hey, the Count has been good to you. He could have picked you up the minute you got to Salem, but he let you spend all that time here.”

“W-w-ith a w-w-o-man w-w-ho w-w-a-sn’t J-j-e-n-nifer.”

“Yeah, that’s the best part,” says Bart, as Jack flashes back to the house where he was reading the Salem Business Journal.

Jennifer says Jack would dog-ear pages of magazines to mark articles he wanted to read later. This is a new copy of the Salem Business Journal and it’s dog-eared, “This proves Jack is alive.”

John tells Kate she has it all wrong. “You lied to me,” says Kate, “You broke your promise, but I’m not going to break mine. I told you I would turn you in and that’s what I am going to do.” John grabs the phone from her and crushes it with his cane.

Shawn tells Belle about true love. His parents have it, even though their marriage is on the verge of collapse. They are still happy and Shawn thinks he and Belle can be, too. “Your mom thinks so,” says Belle, “we had a little woman-to-woman talk.” Shawn wants to know if Hope had any ideas how to make that happen. Belle thinks he should talk to his parents. He thinks he has to make his own stupid mistakes instead of listening to them. It’s time for him to start his own life with a wife and kids someday. He asks if she doesn’t want that, too. “More than anything,” she says, “but not with Phillip gone.”

Shawn says Phillip could be held for a long time, even forever, “And when he comes home, what are you going to say to him?”

“I took vows,” says Belle, “before God.” And the big motorcycle in the sky.

Shawn asks if God really wants them to be apart. He wants to be together and she does, too, “Phillip is not your fault.”

“If Phillip dies over there, I will never be able to be with another man, not even you.”

Bo wants to know how Hope could throw Billie out like that. Hmmm... If I saw things right, she walked out under her own power. Bo is going after her. In one of the great surprises of the century, this starts another argument. Bo is tired of having this conversation, “We’ve had it a hundred times.” One hundred thirty-seven to be exact. He says, “This is not about Billie, this is about my daughter, Georgia. I just found out our daughter is alive and there are people out there messing with us. Can you have just a teeny bit of compassion?”

“I’m fighting for our son and I’m doing it alone,” says Hope, “Why can’t we just hire a PI to search for Georgia?”

Bo works his jaw, “Billie won’t accept that. She wants to be there when we find our daughter.”

“Then let her be there,” screams Hope.

Billie wanders down at the dock. She flashes back to the tape. She hears Georgia calling her.

Bart drinks champagne. Jack works to loosen his ropes.

Patrick tells Jennifer anybody could have dog-eared the magazine. Jennifer says they have not found Jack’s body and she knows she heard his voice tonight. These are the kind of articles Jack reads. Patrick says, “So just for argument's sake, let’s say Jack was here. Why didn’t he let you know?”

Jennifer is confused, “Maybe it’s just wishful thinking.” Patrick thinks so, too.

John needs the drugs. “What you need,” says Kate, “is help. You are in denial.” John denies it. He changes direction. He begs for another chance. Kate says she is going to flush the drugs.

“You get rid of those drugs and it will be the biggest mistake you have ever made in your life.” Kate stares. John seethes.

Jennifer is worried about Abby. Patrick will go look for her. Jennifer will stay and brood. Patrick leaves. Jennifer leafs through the magazine, “Jack... no, Patrick is right. If you were here, why would you have left?”

Jack lunges at Bart. Bart points his gun and says, “Jack, I thought we were friends.”

“Well,” says Jack, “as Tony says, thinking is not one of your strong suits.” Jack vows to escape if they take him back to the castle.

“If you even think of escaping, your family is in mega-danger,” threatens Bart. He drags Jack out of the car. This episode has been a drag for Jack. Please tell me I didn't say that.

Kate says she won’t let John stay on his path of self-destruction. She cares about him too much. John plays the trump card, “Then how much do you care about Phillip? If you flush those drugs, you are signing his death warrant.”

Georgia torments Billie. Just like a teen-ager. “Why don’t you come and save me, Mommy?”

Bo insists Shawn is just blowing off steam, “He’ll be all right.”

“You better hope that’s true. Because if something happens to Shawn tonight, I’ll never forgive you. I mean it. If Shawn gets hurt tonight because you chose to stay with Billie instead of coming with me to help him, we’re through, Brady.” Hope walks off.

Shawn and Belle have it easy. They haven’t had to memorize new lines for weeks. They just keep dragging out the same ole dialogue. Shawn thinks Belle can’t make their happiness dependent on whether or not Phillip comes home. Belle says she has no choice. No brain, no choice. This would haunt her forever. Shawn, like the rest of us, can’t take this any more. He’s gotta get out of there. I swear I can hear The Leader Of The Pack kick in as Shawn’s motorcycle revs up.


OMG. There must have been a stained-glass window right there. FF on Belle staring in horror.


“Whoever you are,” says Stami, “You are the evil-genius of all time.”

Billie tells Patrick, “So I am lying to my mother, to Bo and to Hope.” She says to herself, “I wanna be with Bo now, more than ever.”

“This time,” cries Hope, “Our love isn’t strong enough to hold this family together, Bo.”

Kate says, “I risked John’s life to save Phillip’s.”

John screams, “DAMN YOU, WOMAN,” as he smashes a vase with his cane.

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