Monday, May 31, 2010

Frankly, My Dear, I Don't Give A Damn

Sami bops down the stairs of the DiMera mansion as the doorbell rings. She answers it to find Gabi, who is there looking for Rafe. She tells Sami about Arianna being in trouble.

Brady comes to see Arianna, who is in the interrogation room with EJ. Arianna tells him EJ is her lawyer and Brady goes all 'guy' on her, "You won't accept my help, but you'll take his."

"He believes I'm innocent," says Arianna.

"I wouldn't put too much stock in what EJ believes," says Brady, "He believed Nicole was pregnant."

Nicole tells Baker not to threaten her. Dick turns to go, but Nicole calls him back. She tells him they have to destroy evidence linking him to the crime.

"I'm not an idiot, nor is my partner," says Baker.

"You're right," says Nicole, "You'd have to improve to be idiots. So where are the wallets?" Dick flashes back to grabbing a wallet.

Bo and Hope search under the bed and find the big mystery treasure box. Bo opens it and finds it empty, "It's empty," he says. Coming up with deductions like that is why they pay him the big bucks.

Downstairs, Ciara plays with the wallets.

Daniel is at the hospital on the phone with Father Matt. He gets off, turns and tells Carly he and Chloe are getting married tomorrow. Carly has a cow. Daniel wants to know what's going on.

Chloe is with Vivian in the Kiriakis den. Vivian gushes and offers to help Chloe get Carly out of her life for good.

Victor and Maggie sit and chat in her kitchen. Maggie has been crying over losing Mickey. Since he's married to Vivian, Victor thinks there are probably lots of tears in his future, too. Maggie thinks he should go spend the wedding night with his wife, "Does she know you are here?"

Victor does his best Rhett, "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn."

Vivian tells Chloe Carly will ruin her happiness if she does nothing, "Please, let me ruin it instead."

Carly says she thinks she owes it to Daniel to be honest. And buttinskimous.

Sami tells Gabi Rafe is on assignment. Gabi says he's not returning her calls. Sami offers to call, but Gabi asks her to talk to Roman instead. Sami says, "I would do anything for Rafe, but..."

Gabi interrupts, "OMG, you think Arianna's guilty, don't you?"

EJ leaves Arianna and Brady alone to catch up. Brady sits and says he believes Arianna. Arianna throws a fit, "You doubted me."

Brady says, "I didn't doubt you. I was trying to process the fact that the DNA came back positive. Don't push me away like this."

Arianna has a conniption and says she needs her lawyer and doesn't want to go back to prison, "Leave me alone."

Baker says his partner has the wallets. Nicole tells him to make sure she knows there can't be more attacks. Dick says if his partner wants to mug someone he can't do much about it. Nicole wants to know who she is.

Hope insists Ciara is making up stories again. Bo thinks they can get through this together. He puts his hand on her shoulder and Hope tells him to back off. She wants to concentrate on Ciara.

Ciara packs the wallets into her backpack, "These are my secrets now."

Chloe says she isn't worried about Carly. "I wouldn't handle that bitch alone," says Vivian. Chloe leaves. "You're scared to death," says Vivian, "Thank God for that."

Maggie tells Victor she misses Mickey, just like she did when he was alive and he was never there.

EJ returns and tells Arianna her arraignment is in two hors. He says he's prepared and asks if she is. Arianna isn't prepared. She says she needs something to wear, "If you're going down in flames, you at least have to look good." Brady offers to get her something to wear. Arianna wants Gabi to do it, but Brady insists on being helpful. He leaves and EJ asks if Arianna is OK. She asks what her chances are for bail. He says he's optimistic, "You don't have to convince me of your innocence."

Arianna says she thinks she's been set up. EJ says he wants to focus on another approach, "I've thought of something that might get you off for good." A new lawyer would be a good start.

Dickey tells Nicky it doesn't matter who his partner is. He leaves. Nicole bumps into Chloe and senses something is amiss. It's Salem. When isn't something amiss?" "What's wrong," asks Nicole.

"Everything," whines Chloe, "I think I'm going to lose Daniel."

Daniel tells Carly for the first time since he lost Rebecca he doesn't hurt any more. "That just means you haven't been around Chloe enough," says Carly.

Daniel elaborates, "She has made it possible for me to be happy again, love again, feel again, grope again."

Chloe says, "And that's why it's going to be so hard for me to tell you what I have to, and destroy your life."

Chloe tells Nicole she did something really terrible. Nicole tells her nothing she has done is as bad as what Nicole has done, "That's one of the benefits of being friends with me."

Chloe turns on the Whine-O-Matic machine, "When my secret is out Daniel will never forgive me." Nicole gives her a pep talk, "He's not the kind of guy who would unmarry* you." Chloe thinks that's a good reason to get married right away.

*Unmarry – that's another word for divorce. DOOL writers have trouble with big words.

Daniel tells Carly he's going home to Chloe and also tells her about his plans to get married tomorrow. Carly says she just wants to help him. Daniel don' wan' no stinkin' help from Carly. He leaves. Carly goes into action.

Gabi lectures Sami for thinking Arianna is guilty and says Rafe will punish her for that. He'll come back to her.

EJ says if Arianna can find an alibi for just one of the muggings it would help her case immensely, and he might be able to get the charges dropped. Arianna tells him not to get his hopes up, "Wait! I've got it!"

"I understand Valtrex cures it," says EJ.

Bo wants Ciara home tonight, instead of going to her sleepover. Hope thinks that's a good idea. She says she's tired and wants to turn in early tonight. Ciara runs in and says everything is ready. She points to her backpack, "It's all here."

Carly shows up at Chloe and Dan's place. You have to talk to him tonight. If you don't tell him, I will." The woman's a saint. She goes on to tell her about Daniel's plans to get married tomorrow.

Chloe wonders how Carly knows her wedding date before she does. She tells Carly to give it up. Carly says she wants to, but her conversation with Kate has spurred her on to keep up all this selfless goodness. Chloe says she can't stand Carly, who insists she has Chloe's best interests at heart. Damn, I'd hate to see what she would do if she didn't care so much. "If you don't tell him, I will." Carly rushes out.

Chloe stares, "OMG, Nicole is right. I know what I have to do. I'll borrow Nicole's fake baby bump and... "

Ciara and Hope say goodbye and Bo takes Ciara away. Hope pops pills.

Maggie tells Victor this is the second wedding she's been to since Mickey died and she wonders if she still remembers the sound of his voice, the touch of his hand or what he even looked like since he was never there. Victor says he had the same problem when Isabella died. Maggie remembers the foundation Victor started in her name. Victor gets a call from Vivian. She asks where the hell he is.

Brady wanders up to Nicole. He tells her he's on a mission to pick up stuff for Arianna. Nicole thinks he's upset. He tells her things are bad with Arianna and him. Nicole says she wouldn't take that to heart and assures him Arianna couldn't be angry with him because she loves him, "Arianna will come back to you. She always comes back, like a bad penny."

Arianna tells EJ there was no way she could have attacked Justin. She says she gave Brady's check to Nicole at the Java Café that evening. "That's odd," says EJ, "Based on that, Nicole could have come to your rescue at any time, but she didn't. So she either doesn't remember or she does remember." With reasoning ability like that, EJ will go about as far as a lawyer as he did as a race driver. Arianna tells him this is the first time she's had hope since she's been in jail. EJ reminds her she's only been there a couple hours. "I don't know how to thank you," says Arianna. EJ rushes out.

Nicole continues to try to convince Brady how much Arianna loves him. Brady thinks it can't be easy for Nicole to say that. "It's not easy. I loved you and let you slip away," says Nicole. She tells him she'll be at the Cheatin' Heart later if he needs a pep talk. He leaves. Nicole prays, "Please let Arianna be stupid and stubborn just a little while longer."

Maggie goes to check her email as Vivian demands Victor come home for her wedding night. He threatens to take her bridal veil and strangle her. He hangs up as Vivian calls out to him.

Chloe flops on her couch and starts to make a call. Daniel busts in with flowers, "Father Matt can marry us tomorrow!"

"Is it legal for three people to be married," asks Chloe. She says she thinks that's wonderful, but tells him she's had time to think and she made some calls and found a place in Brookville that does everything, and if they go that route, they can get married right away. She wants to become husband and wife tonight.

Sami calls Rafe, but gets his voicemail greeting, "If you are calling to find out the answer to y = mx + b, please leave a message."

Daniel says he wants Father Matt to marry them and wants Melanie to be there, so they should wait until tomorrow to get married. He leaves to tell Melanie the good news in person. Smoochie woochie.

Carly welcomes Bo back to Bo and Hope's place. Bo has to remind Ciara to be nice to Carly. They discuss Bo's little talk with Hope and says Ciara has been acting out a little more than he knew, but they can take advantage of being with her this evening, "Tonight," says Bo, "we have some time to bond, so we'll dump Ciara and you and I can bond like crazy."

Hope wakes and Hopeless makes an appearance.

Sami shows up at the cop-shop to support Arianna, who tells her with any luck she should get out of there tonight.

Nicole waits at the Cheatin' Heart, "Come on, Brady. Don't leave me hanging." A man walks up to her table. Nicole says, "I am so glad you..." She turns to see EJ, "came."

Maggie thinks it's a wonderful idea when Victor suggests they start the Mickey Horton Scholarship, which would pay all tuition for the bottom five students applying to Salem U who can't pass the law school entrance exam. "Working with students and mentoring... those were a few of his favorite things, along with raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens."

Maggie decides she's kept Victor too long, but Victor says it's the most fun he's had all day, "Besides, it's my wedding night with Vivian. If I left now, I'd probably just drive my car off a cliff instead of going home."

Vivian paces and cries. She flops in a chair and cries. That was her pacing, crying and flopping scene.

Chloe whines, "I don't want to lose you, Daniel. I have to find a way to stop Carly. I know Vivian wants to do something awful but... Oh, God, what am I gonna do?" That was her whining scene. She has lots of those.

Bo says he's going to call Caroline and tell her what happened to Victor. Carly tries to bond with Ciara, and asks about her toys. "Leave them alone," yells Ciara, "They're my secrets."

"If you have secrets," says Carly, "You have to tell your boyfriend about them, or I will butt in and do it for you."

Hopeless calls Baker and tells him they have to make up for lost time, "I want to do some serious damage and I know just the place to go."

Arianna tells Sami she knows Brady isn't too happy about it, but EJ took her case.

Nicole tells EJ to move out of the way so she can see the TV. EJ ignores her, "I know what you did to Arianna, but what I don't know is why."

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Friday, May 28, 2010

No Feed 05/28/10

Well, after all of my brilliant techno-sleuthing that resulted in getting the video feed back, there was no feed this morning. I have read there is a scheduled preemption a week from today so the network can air live coverage of the Salem Slut Pride Parade (and also the big dance which follows, known as the Ho-Down), but I don't think this one was scheduled. I'm speculating the network may have done this because the show was preempted in many areas yesterday to show the President's news conference, but who knows?

I guess if that's true, since they record shows a few weeks in advance, until they catch up we'll see the big Friday cliffhanger on Mondays. That's probably OK. We won't miss too much since on this show the big cliffhanger is always finding out if the viewers will stay awake.

The senate has voted to end the military's "Don't ask, don't tell" policy. Unfortunately, #DOOL hasn't ended its "Don't write don't entertain" policy.

Or maybe TPTB think we're actually going to get out and do something instead of watching TV on Memorial Day in the US? I think that's unlikely since the writers seem to think the viewers have nothing better to do with their lives than watch nothing happen over and over again and then watch flashbacks of what didn't happen.

Anyway, the fact is it's a three-day weekend, so get out and enjoy it and we'll see you bright and early Monday morning.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

He Can't See Past Her Big... Eyes

My video issues continue, so here is the audio report...

Baker wonders what Hopeless will think when she finds out he planted the bogus evidence and decides to hit the road. Nic & Dick get together. He tells her he needs money, and if she doesn't help him, he will blab.

Arianna's public defender thinks Arianna hasn't given her a lot to work with. Arianna decides she needs a lawyer who will listen to her. EJ steps up to the plate. Arianna wonders if she can trust EJ. A few hundred grand in bail money helps convince her.

Brady tells Chloe and Daniel he's happy about their pending wedding. Maggie says she is, too and wishes them many happy years of feeding her gossip mill.

Carly continues to encourage Chloe to get on the truth train with Daniel. Victor advises Daniel not to rush into things with Chloe. Daniel reminds Victor he doesn't exactly have the perfect wife.

Vivian tosses her bouquet. Carly catches it, with unhappy Hope looking on. Carly later tells Vivian she lost the bouquet. Kate and Carly have a laugh over Vivian. Kate thinks Chloe is not to be trusted, but offers to bake brownies for her wedding reception.

Melanie wonders if she and Phillip have worked everything out. Everything except Phillip's workout with Chloe.

Carly tells Justin about Hopeless' friendliness and says she thanks Hope's not quite as friendly today.

Brady tells Victor Arianna isn't the mugger.

Nicole plays Brady like a fiddle and convinces him to hang out at the wedding reception rather than going to see Arianna.

Nathan tells Stephanie he's been offered a research fellowship with Johns Hopkins. Stephanie says she's never met Mr. Hopkins. Nathan asks her to come to Baltimore with him. Then in one of the most violent whipsaws in the history of soaps, decides to chuck the fellowship and stay in Salem.

Melanie, who considered Carly to be lower than Satan a couple of weeks ago has now completed the total bonding process and tells her she doesn't trust Chloe, and doesn't want Daddy Dan marrying her, "He can't see past her big... eyes."

Phillip congratulates Chloe on her engagement and wonders if he will get to do more than kiss the bride. Melanie overhears and Phillip and Chloe bob and weave their way out of it.

Maggie wonders if Victor thinks he should have listened to her. She remembers Mickey, misses him and tells Victor her tears are because of her allergies. Victor thinks the wedding was more like a wake. None of the viewers were, however.

Phillip and Melanie tell Stephanie and Nathan about the VivVic wedding and Daniel and Chloe's new date. Melanie talks to Stephanie and wonders if she's still trying to trick Nathan. Stephanie tells Melanie to get over herself and says Nathan just decided to leave his male lover John Hopkins and come back to her. Melanie questions Nathan about that, and he says he's happy in Salem.

Phillip tells Stephanie Melanie told him Stephanie is trying to get pregnant. Stephanie scoffs.

Bo fills Hope in on the VivVic nuptials. Helpful Ciara notes that Carly caught the bouquet and wonders if Bo and Carly will get married. Bo tells her he believes Ciara didn't use Hope's lipstick. Ciara continues to insist Hope has a treasure box. The little snot accuses her mommy of being a big fat liar. Hope wonders if Bo thinks that, too. Bo assures her she's not fat. Hope decides she and Bo should search under her bed for the treasure box. They find it and leave us hanging with Bo opening it.

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Razor's Edge

I'm traveling and the ole Sat-o-saurus failed me this morning so all I got was an audio backup. Here's a short recap of what I got out of it:

Maggie makes a last ditch effort to get Victor to run away with her to avoid the wedding. Victor considers the possibilities of running off with Maggie. After the ceremony, Maggie scolds him for making sure Vivian didn't enjoy it. Victor reminds her Vivian isn't human.

Nicole notes that most (all?) of Victor's former wives are present and speculates Victor is marrying Vivian because he wants another kid. Kate and Nicole get a good laugh from that one. Nicole takes a picture of all the ex-wives. Vivian objects to being in the photo.

Melanie, Chloe and Maggie wonder why Victor is marrying Vivian. Maggie thinks it's either a plan of Victor's to save his family or Vivian's plan to pull him away from it. She wants Vivian to know when she marries Victor, she's taking on the whole family, and thinks they can accomplish that by staying and watching instead of refusing to go to the ceremony.

Bo tells Brady, Daniel and Phillip he underestimated Victor. Daniel thinks Victor's marrying Vivian is condoning her actions when she tried to kill Melanie.

Bo tries to get closer to Melanie, but she says he's doing that just because he wants to get in good with to her mom. They both decide they are on the right track, though.

Ciara wants to put her present from Bo into her treasure box, just like Hope's. They argue about whether or not Hope has a treasure box.

Victor lays out the ground rules to Vivian. He wants her to stop badmouthing Maggie. He tells her she will be living on the razor's edge and doesn't want to slip. Vivian assures Victor, "I will always (say it with her) be there for you." Victor's response is, "Don't rub it in."

Rafe gets a roommate – none other than Shane Donovan. The authorities have beaten Shane, who has a hard time believing Rafe is on his side. Shane says he's public enemy number one down there and is slated for execution. Rafe convinces him he's with the FBI and brings him up to date on the Brady family. Shane calls the guards and demands to be executed immediately so he doesn't have to hear any more about the Bradys. Since Rafe has associated himself with him, Shane thinks Rafe has jumped from the frying pan into the fire. They make a deal to help each other and Rafe runs through a few advanced algebra formulas to calculate a way to dig out of there.

Phillip notes his mother married the man who tried to kill him and his father is marrying the woman who tried to kill his wife. The viewers, realizing they watch crud like this demand to be put out of their misery along with Shane. Kate insists Victor would take a bullet for Phillip. That doesn't really solve the problem though, because Phillip has so many tungsten artificial parts the bullet would just bounce off.

At the ceremony, Victor says it means a lot to him because the crowd stayed. He says he knows they all want an explanation about why he is doing this, but they don't always get what they want. During the ceremony, Kate flashes back to marrying Victor. Victor notices Stefano didn't come to the wedding with Kate. Kate tells him he has married Medea.

Bo tells Victor his marrying Vivian didn't exactly make him happy. Victor says if his wife deserves to be in jail, so does Carly.

Daniel tells Brady he and Chloe are getting married as soon as possible. Melanie thinks they are rushing into things. Phillip tells her if couples worked things out before they got married, there would be no weddings. Melanie thinks she and Phillip should be honest about everything. Phillip thinks he should stop having flashbacks to you-know-what. Daniel makes the engagement announcement to the gathered crowd, and Chloe doesn't take it well.

Vivian tosses the bouquet. I'm sure it was a very poignant moment when someone caught it, but those things don't show up too well on audio.

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Your Big Fat Greek Wedding

Kate comes into the rumpus room and sits in a chair.


She stands back up and extracts the squeaky toy from her butt. Sami comes in and Kate scolds her about the all the clutter in the room, "The place is a mess."

Sami gets sarcastic, "Squeaky toys, whoopee cushions and dribble glasses – that's my plan for you, Kate." They bicker as Kate tells Sami she's responsible for the mess.

The fun ends when Kate gets a call, "OMG!"

Carly and Chloe are in the waiting area of the hospital. Chloe lectures Carly about cheating on Lawrence. Carly hits her with another threat to tell Daniel about her affair if Chloe doesn't step up to the plate and do it herself.

Daniel walks up, "Tell me what?" before the situation can show even the slightest hint of movement, Daniel's phone rings.

Phillip gets his text message and tries to call the Kiriakis mansion. No one picks up. Maggie comes in and Melanie tells her what she knows. Which, as usual, is nothing. Phillip leaves.

Nicole and Brady talk. Brady gets his text message and bolts. Nicole huffs, "Arianna has been arrested, Victor is sick or maybe dead, Nicole, girl, things are rolling for you." She runs after him, "Brady. Wait!"

Bo is on the phone arranging a babysitter.

Stunned Vivian staggers into the Kiriakis den. She sits and drones, "Oh Victor... I didn't want it to happen this way."

Stefano sits in the pub and reads his paper as "Guillermo" walks up. Stefano says he's actually there to see Will. "Guillermo says he'll go get him. Will sits with him and Stefano sympathizes about his poor algebra marks.

Sami wants to know why Kate is upset. Kate says her hysteria doesn’t have anything to do with her.

Daniel heads for the Kiriakis mansion. Chloe follows. Bo calls Carly and tells her there is something wrong with Victor. He invites her to the morbid little party, hangs up and stares, "Hang in there, Victor."

Sami scolds Kate for drinking this early. Kate says Sydney woke her up at five o'clock, so it seems like it's already cocktail hour. Kate don' like Sami livin' there and Sami don' like livin' there so they're both happy. Sami says she'll be out soon and take her brood with her. Kate asks if that includes Will. They argue about the way Sami is handling Will and Kate says he will probably stay at the mansion.

Stefano says he supports Sami's hard line on Will and his algebra grades. Will is confused that Stefano is supporting Sami. Will badmouths his mom and gives us her history for the past two years, "Then she met Rafe, and he was such a stand up guy and I thought things would be normal again." Hmmm... how do people in Salem define 'normal'?

"Your mother is emotional," says Stefano, "and sometimes lets her emotions get the best of her. That can hurt the people she loves."

"She should be more like you," says Will, "I never see you freak out."

"This freaking out business is a waste of time," says Stefano, "I just torture people and watch them freak out instead. Have you ever heard the saying, 'Don't get mad, get even?'"

Will says, "It works for me."

Bo arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and finds Phillip. No Victor. Daniel and Brady show up. Then Melanie and Maggie. Vivian bustles in and finally the IQ in the room reaches double digits.

Stefano says he's happy Will is staying at the DiMera mansion. Chad joins them. Stefano invites him to sit and they talk about college. Stefano shakes Chad's hand and congratulates him on getting into Wake Forest. Madeline sees the incident, "Get your hands off my son!"

Kate and Sami keep it up. Sami adds her two cents on Stefano and Kate reminds her Will is no longer a child, and perhaps just doesn’t care about Stefano's dark side. Kate makes illusions about Sami and EJ and Sami's little habit of jumping from man to man. She tells her Will needs a role model, like perhaps Stefano. Sami reminds her Stefano's children hate him and Stefano's success is a trail of broken kneecaps.

Kate insists she loves Stefano, "And part of me sill loves Victor, too."

"Which part," asks Sami, "the Louis Vuitton part?"

"It's Channel darling..."

Kate leaves. Sami takes out her phone and returns a message from Caroline, "What? I'll be right there."

Vivian tells people they are all just on time. Victor walks in, "What's all this racket and what are you all doing here?" Diddle-bop music plays in the background to let all of us viewers who don't have the brainpower to realize it know this is a strange and somewhat confusing situation. Strange and confusing seems to define this show.

Sami finds Caroline at the hospital. Caroline updates her on Roman and both decide he's getting better since he's taken to swearing at anyone who comes into the room. Neither can believe Arianna is behind the muggings. Caroline senses other things are wrong with Sami. Sami don' wanna talk about it, so they talk. Sami says she can't believe she got talked into living in Stefano's house. A mind may be a terrible thing to waste, but fortunately one wasn't wasted on Sami.

Madeline tells Chad they have to get out. Stefano tries a gentle approach and Maddie tells him to get lost. Will asks, "You two know each other?"

Nicole arrives in the Kiriakis den. Phillip and Daniel explain they thought something happened to Stefano. Vivian comes clean and says she sent the text messages because she and Victor are getting married today. Victor makes a face as we listen to more of that hinky music.

Chloe and Carly show up, too. Victor takes Vivian aside, "Do you really think this will work out well for you?"

"This is your big fat Greek wedding," chirps Vivian, "Isn't that wonderful?"

Victor tells everyone in the crowd they can all go, "None of you deserves this debacle." He leaves. Vivian stares.

Sami and Caroline sit in the waiting area. Sami tells Caroline she never should have let Will move in with Stefano. Caroline drops an 'I told you so.' Sami tells her about reading Will the riot act for his poor algebra grade. She says she feels out of control and Will thinks Stefano is cool. Caroline tells her to get out now. "I can't," says Sami, "I just can't."

Chad asks how Madeline knows Stefano. She says everyone knows him. Chad presses.

Victor tells Vivian to stay away from him. Yentl Maggie butts in, "Sounds like a marriage made in heaven. What have you done now?"

Outside, Nicole asks Brady if he's staying for the wedding. He says he's leaving and says he knows Nicole was hoping Victor was dead when they all thought something else was going on.

Vivian tells Phillip and Melanie her surprise didn't go as planed. She asks Phillip to stand up for his father at the wedding, which may or may not take place. Phillip lectures her for what she did and asks what is going on, "What exactly do you have on him?"

Bo tells Carly he knew Vivian was evil but didn't know she was stupid. Carly thinks Bo is forcing Victor to marry Vivian and doing it to protect her. She asks him to stop the wedding. Bo agrees, but says, "It's a two part deal – Victor has to neutralize Vivian or I will kill her. If you want, we can go to plan B." Any resemblance between what Bo does and an actual plan is purely coincidental.

Chloe finds Daniel. He tells her she's been great with this little incident considering how Victor has treated her. He says she can go home. She asks him to go with her. Daniel says yes, but says he has to talk to Phillip first.

Nicole admits she hates Victor but says she hates to see Brady miserable, "I leaned on you, now you can lean on me."

Vivian tells Phillip and Melanie after losing Lawrence, she never thought she'd be happy again and thinks they should celebrate with her. Kate shows up and Phillip fills her in on the whole mess, "Victor isn't sick."

"He's in love," says Melanie. Kate chuckles.

Carly says she doesn't want Bo killing anyone, "That's murder!"

Lawrence's ghost interrupts, "You can say that again."

Bo backs off, "Well, I guess dear old dad will get married today." Carly asks if he's staying for the ceremony.

Caroline insists Sami must move out.

Stefano lectures Chad for being impolite to his mother. Madeline tells Stefano not to plead her case. She explains the picture. Chad gets a call and says he has to go because they're measuring for caps and gowns over at the school. Will leaves with him.

"That was unpleasant," says Madeline.

"Calm down," grunts Stefano, "Your son is going to college and there isn't time for me to taint him."

"He's not going," says Madeline, "Have you seen what they charge for tuition at Wake Forest? It's not a college, it's a black hole of money. I'm not sure what I will do but rest assured I will move heaven and earth to keep him away from you."

Daniel says he wants to talk to Phillip to make sure Melanie is safe, "We both love Melanie, and you and I just want to make sure he protects her."

Chloe suggests going home, opening up a bottle of wine and talking. Daniel thinks that's a tough choice. He moves in on her and Chloe flashes back to you-know-what. "I won't let anyone ever hurt you," says Chloe, "I've already done enough damage myself."

Kate asks Vivian if Victor knew about her little surprise. She suggests Vivian should run after him before he gets miles away. Vivian gets indignant and leaves.

Victor says he thinks Maggie will have a field day with this. Maggie launches into her field day. She lectures Victor about marriage, "Does Vivian literally know where the bodies are married."


"So," says Maggie, "this is unbridled lust. This is so wrong."

Victor insists Maggie doesn't know the whole story, but Maggie says she knows he's not in control of the situation, "Don't do it."

Victor asks, "This really bothers you doesn't it?"

"Time isn't infinite," says Maggie, "Don't waste it on all this stuff. Let the games stop, finally." She holds his arm.

Sami says she can't tell Will what to do, "Remember how that worked on me when I was 16?"

"It doesn't work now," says Caroline. She says she thinks Sami handled things well and decides to go say a novena asking for Stefano's downfall in a week or two.

Madeline says she will do what it takes to keep Chad away from Stefano, "If I find you near him I will produce that tape and your life as you know it will be over." Maybe she taped him singing opera in the shower.

Maggie yanks her hand away and decides that was none of her business, "I got carried away." Since it was all none of her business and she has decided she got carried away, she goes right in and piles on with more, "Vivian has it coming – you're going out the window and wait. I will announce you were summoned by the UN to rescue the Greek economy and I will drive you to the airport. I'm offering you a ride."

"Then what," asks Victor, "What a ride it could be."

Kate says she wouldn't miss this for the world. The crowd heads in, but Bo calls Phillip and Daniel back and says he wants to talk, "There is something you don't know about."

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Sampson and Delilah, Bonnie and Clyde, Bill and Hillary

Vivian comes into the Kiriakis den babbling about the wedding. Gruff ole Victor says he's developing indigestion.

Carly comes down into Bo and Hope's living room where Bo has breakfast prepared.

Hope and Ciara are on the way to the house to pick up the present Bo brought Ciara from California. Ciara says she's going to put it in her treasure box. Hope asks, "What treasure box is that?"

"It's a secret," says Ciara, "Like the one you have, Mommy."

Phillip and Melanie are at the Java Café. They talk about Arianna being in jail. Melanie thinks there is no way she committed the crimes and thinks Brady will get her a lawyer and get her out.

Brady visits Arianna in jail. She says she didn't think he'd come, "Of course I would," says Brady, "It's my job to get you out. Me and my grandfather's money." Arianna tells him she could see the doubt on his face when they arrested her. He says it wasn't doubt, but it was shock. Arianna gets all snippy, "You can go now."

"I'm not going anywhere," says Brady.

Nicole stands outside the pub in front of the camera and gives a news report about Roman's attack, "Last night there was another attack but the crafty criminal made a fatal mistake and now Arianna Hernandez is in custody. Phillip comes in and tells her to stop.

Chloe flashes back to her debraification, then she remembers talking to Daniel, when she told him things could wait until tomorrow, She gives her thousand-yard stare and drones, "Tomorrow is today. And tomorrow it will be yesterday, and yesterday it was tomorrow. But today it's yesterday's tomorrow so you know what I always say, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today, but since tomorrow is today, I can keep putting it off. I think." Daniel comes in.

Bo and Carly smooch around. He finds the present he sent Ciara and says he forgot and sent it to his house instead of Victor's. Carly tells him about her conversation with Hope where Hope said she had no ill will toward her.

Ciara tells Hope about her treasure box, which hope doesn't know anything about, "It's under your bed." Hope asks what's in it. Ciara flashes back, "It's treasure that you've taken from other people."

Daniel asks if Chloe is feeling better. She says she's happy about moving up the wedding date. He asks about what she has to tell him, "There's still something on your mind. Do you want to talk about it?"

"No," says Chloe, "Vacuums aren't very interesting."

Phillip wants Nicole to kill the story. Nicole rants, "So this is what happens when Daddy gives his little boy a TV station. We have a responsibility." Melanie butts in and suggests they don't want to tarnish Arianna's good name. Nicole asks, "How much more can we tarnish it when she's a convicted felon?"

"Well," says Melanie, "You're a felon and look how far you've gotten."

"See," says Nicole, "I'm a perfect example of someone who can rise above."

Melanie thinks Nicole would have to keep rising to hit the bottom of the barrel, "You want to use Arianna's situation to get Brady back. I knew you were evil, but I didn't know you were stupid."

Vivian worries about Victor's indigestion, "Can I get you an antacid?"

"How about an axe," growls Victor. Vivian suggests getting him to a doctor. "It won't do any good," he says.

"What will," asks Vivian.

"Do you really have to ask?"

Melanie and Nicole snipe. Melanie reminds her Phillip offered her the news anchor's job before he offered it to Nicole. "Let's see," says Nicole, "bedpans vs. microphones... Yeah, you made a great choice." Nicole leaves. Phillip asks Melanie if she's sure she doesn't want Nicole's job. Melanie says she doesn't think so as they walk off.

Brady insists he knows Arianna is innocent, "Ari, did someone set you up somehow?" He says he wants to help, "Why do you think I'm here?"

"I don't know," whines Arianna, "so do me a favor and don't be."

Nicole calls Baker and reminds him he and his partner can't mug people any more, "Ari's looking guilty as sin." Baker asks how it's going with stealing Brady from her. He says he thinks his partner will go after Nicole when she finds out they framed Arianna. Nicole hangs up.

As she does, Phillip walks up and asks, "Problem?"

Brady tries to reassure Arianna. She thinks she'll take her chances with the public defender instead of Brady's big bucks lawyer. "I'll get you the best," offer's Brady, "Mickey Horton – he's a much better lawyer now that he's dead."

Arianna whines, "They took my ring, so now you are free."

"I don't wanna be free," says Brady, "You're stuck with me." Arianna calls for the guard.

Chloe stammers around. Daniel promises her whatever she has to say won't affect their love. Chloe says she doesn't deserve Daniel. He tells her to stop saying that, "I'm the one who doesn't deserve you. I've done some bad things, but that's the kind of punishment no man should have to endure."

Hope and Ciara arrive at the house. Carly decides it's time to skedaddle. Bo gives Ciara the present he brought home. It's a small replica of an Emmy, which no one in Salem has ever seen. Ciara says she can put it in her treasure box, the one like mommy has. Hope sends her upstairs for her books. Once they're alone, Hope tells him Ciara isn't doing well, "I'm really worried about her."

Victor insists he's not ill, except for in his head since he agreed to marry Vivian. "I expected you to have buyer's remorse," says Vivian, "but we are like Sampson and Delilah, Bonnie and Clyde, Bill and Hillary... Oops, maybe that last one wasn't such a good example. Vivian promises no regrets. Victor reminds her now that they are engaged no one in his family will talk to him.

Nicole says Phillip is her problem, "All the other newscasts will use this story and I think we have to also."

Phillip says, "You can use it, but I will be watching."

"At least we'll have one viewer," says Nicole.

"That's enough to beat DOOL," says Phillip.

Hope asks Bo to talk to Ciara, and leaves.

Back in front of the pub, Nicole gives her report. She tones things down and goes easy on Arianna, "Who among us doesn't have a past?"

"The ones who were born today," yells a bystander.

"Take it from me – the notorious baby stealer," says Nicole, "I believe in Arianna Hernandez." They cut and Phillip thanks her for her perfect delivery. Brady comes up and thanks her too.

Daniel thinks he has let Chloe down because he found out about his daughter while Chloe was grieving over the loss of her imaginary baby. He says he'll try his best to keep his distance from Carly. "It's not Carly's problem," says Chloe, "It's mine. You shouldn't have to stay away from her."

Vivian says she hopes what she and Victor have in common is more than their hatred for Carly, "Why are you marrying me."

"I gave my word," says Victor. Vivian hopes if Victor can't give his love they at least can respect each other. Victor goes for an antacid.

Bo has fixed pizza for lunch. He sits Ciara on the couch, but senses something is wrong. He tells her not to worry, and asks about Mommy's treasure box, "Were you going through Mommy's things?"

Hope stands outside Arianna's jail cell. She asks about the argument Arianna had with Brady the night Roman was attacked. She says she has sympathy for Arianna and has been through similar situations, "Hell hath no fury..."

Chloe tells Daniel she's seeing, hearing and imagining things, "I think I'm losing my mind."

"Small things are really hard to find sometimes," says Daniel.

"All I know," says Chloe, "is I will always love you."

"And I will love you for all the Days Of Our Lives," says Daniel, "Nothing else matters to me. Love bares all things."

"So does Phillip," says Chloe.

Vivian picks the petals off a rose, "He loves me... he loves me not..." She sticks herself with a thorn, "Ouch. The bloom is off that rose. He loves me... He does. It's just that all the stress has gotten to him."


Vivian runs out to see what happened.

"I'm not a woman scorned," whines Arianna, "I'm engaged to a wonderful man."

Hope shows her a picture of the brand and asks if she knows what it means. Arianna says she recognizes it. "This is a symbol that has been associated with the gang you used to run around with," says Hope.

Nicole tells Brady the more he pushes Arianna the more she'll resent it. She advises him to give her time. "How much time," asks Brady.

"About fifteen to twenty years," says Nicole. She turns to go, but Brady stops her and says he appreciates her caring and what she said on air, "I don't know what to expect from you any more. Thank you."

Phillip and Melanie walk by the park bench. He says he and Nicole used to be pretty tight. Melanie says there are all sorts of things she doesn't know about him ... Phillip flashes back to the thing with Chloe that Melanie doesn't know about him.

Daniel and Chloe arrive at the hospital. Daniel leaves her and Carly comes up. She asks her if Chloe told Daniel the truth.

Ciara says she was going through her mom's things. But she says she didn't use the makeup that is missing. Bo says he believes her, and wonders if she can help him figure out who did.

Arianna says she turned state's evidence and because of that, lost contact with her old friends. She's not sure about the symbol. She tells Hope she and Brady were arguing because of Nicole. She insists she's a good person and the whole situation of being in jail and accused of the muggings is ridiculous. Hope wonders if there isn't a reasonable explanation for everything.

Nicole apologizes for lying to Brady about being happy for him and Arianna, "A part of me will always love you."

Phillip and Melanie arrive home. Phillip assures her he and Nicole were just friends. Melanie thinks she married one of the good guys.

Chloe says she tired to tell Daniel, but couldn't. Carly says if Chloe blabs, she can go into the wedding with a clean conscience, "I kept the secret about our daughter from him for years and I can't keep another secret from him. So you have to decide – do you want Daniel to hear this from you or me?"

Hope reminds Arianna she used drugs. Arianna says that was a long time ago and she was never an addict. Hope says the last two men who were targeted were close to Arianna and they hurt her and let her down. She thinks Arianna may have snapped under the pressure, "I believe those attacks were a cry for help and that's why I'm here... To help you."

Ciara wonders if Vivian used the makeup. "Well," says Bo, "That's a possibility. It' looks like we have a junior detective in the room. And you're here, too. So, tell me about this treasure box of Mommy's that you found." A phone message interrupts. Bo looks at it and says, "There is something wrong with Victor."

Melanie and Phillip start to head upstairs, but Phillip's phone interrupts. He looks at the text message, "Something's wrong. It's my dad."

Chloe wonders if Carly doesn't want her life to be ruined because Carly's was. Carly says that's not true, "So, are you going to tell Daniel?"

Daniel walks up, "Tell me what?" Before we can get to the big news, Daniel gets a text message, "It's Victor..."

Brady and Nicole stare at each other. Brady gets his text, "It's from Henderson."

Nicole snarks, "Henderson sends texts? The man still ahs a Victrola."

"It's about Grandfather," says Brady.

Vivian stares.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Salute To The Women Of The Indianapolis 500

Live from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, your intrepid sports reporter Prevuze salutes the women of the Indianapolis 500.

It's the "Year of the Woman" at the Greatest Spectacle in Racing as ABC's Robin Roberts drives the pace car next week to start the Indy 500. It will be the 99th anniversary of the first race, held back in 1911. In years past, women have not even been allowed in the pits at the venerable track, but this year, in many respects, it's all about the women.

When the green flag drops on May 30, the world famous race may see up to five women, and maybe even a sixth surprise qualifier running. We salute those incredible women with a special tip o' the hat to Salem's own Stephanie Johnson, winner and sole champion of the only Dayton 500 Race ever run. Best wishes to them all as they attempt to make history and qualify today.

* * *

Dear Prevuze Advisor:

Do you think a woman really can win this year's Indianapolis 500 Mile race?


P.S. Just for the record, I used to live in Salem but have moved to London. I've done some racing myself and would really like to see Stephanie Johnson win this year's race since I happen to know her pretty well. Actually I know her quite well. In the Biblical sense, in fact, but that's really none of your business, so stop prying and just answer my question please.

Dear Max:

The Indianapolis 500 is so long and so grueling, anything can happen. Any one of the 33 starters has some chance to win, even if remote. Having said that, the victory usually goes to a team with big bucks and top-notch equipment. While five of these women may have the talent to run with the pack, most analysts agree only Danica Patrick has the team and the equipment. She has been just a bit slower than expected in practice and is not considered to be one of the top favorites to win.

If, however, whining, sniveling, having a complete lack of self respect, an affinity for dating uncles and being a few gears short of a transmission meant anything, I'd go with your gal Stephanie.

The Prevuze Advisor

Before I wrap up this report, I'll leave you with a few side notes. First, we want to wish those great race drivers Max and EJ well as they attempt to make this race.*

*That's Max Papis and EJ Viso. Who did you think I was talking about?

Secondly, if you're not aware, we've run into the likes of Ali Sweeney and Peter Reckell here at Indy. I'm not sure they're coming this year, but we'll keep our eyes peeled for them.

Finally, just to show Prevuze' male readers I haven't completely forgotten about them, I'd like to salute the OTHER women here at the Indy 500:

Indy — the one big-time venue where the gals compete on an even footing with the guys... no gimmes... no ladies tees... no handicaps... just straight competition... and sometimes beat their pants off. Hope you have a good weekend. I'm gonna go watch the cars go zoom.

Prevuze - Best sports blog on the Internet®

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Red Dogs

Carly is with Chloe in her apartment. She asks if Chloe cheated on Daniel. Chloe says she doesn't owe anyone any explanations and claims she didn't do anything. Carly accuses her of lying.

Bo is with Daniel at the hospital. They talk about Roman's mugging and Bo tells Daniel they've brought in Arianna for questioning. Bo says he doesn't think she did it, though.

Nicole and Brady are at the police station. She drops some papers and Brady asks what they are. Nicole claims the stuff is just background information she has dug up on Arianna for the news story on the muggings. Hope butts in and wants to see the papers, "Hand them over unless you think it's smart to withhold information during and ongoing police investigation." Nicole hands the papers over and Hope looks through them, "This definitely puts the case in a new light."

"I'm always glad to do the job the SPD should be doing in the first place," says Nicole.

Rafe is with Anna in her hospital room, "Anna... how do you feel."

"My head," moans Anna.

"I'll bet," says Rafe, "But you're a fighter. The doc didn't think you would even wake up. Now tell me, who is responsible for the Syd-napping."

Sami and EJ sit on the couch in the rumpus room. Sami says, "I know you don't always do the right thing, but I'm not exactly Miss Perfect myself. I'm proud you stood up to your father." She moves in and here we go again. Closer... closer... closer... OMG! We're going to have to call on the judges to make this call... YES! The judges have ruled there was actual lip contact. Just a few skin cells touched, but that's enough to take this from an almost-kiss to a... KISS!

The earth rumbles as Ejamis in the audience begin to quiver. They turn to each other and SQUEEEEE their lungs out until...

Stefano clears his throat. Sami and EJ jump like they've been shot.

Gabi is in the interrogation room with Arianna, who claims she is innocent. Gabi worries they could dig up Arianna's past, but Arianna tells her not to worry because all that stuff is in her past and the records have been sealed. Gabi asks, "Did you ever tell Brady?"

Hope asks how Nicole wound up with materials like this. Brady interrupts and says he wants to know about it. Hope Brady, "Do you know about Arianna's past?"

"No," says Brady, "We decided it would be better if we didn't talk about all the guys she's been with."

Hope says she's talking about Arianna's record as a juvenile, "She was involved in robberies."

Stefano suggests Sami and EJ should get a room, "But if you want to play in public... rumpus in the rumpus room, as it were... I just have to get this and I'll be out of your way." He picks up some papers and leaves.

Bo tells Daniel he gathers things didn't go well with Carly. Daniel says Chloe had a problem with her living there, but he assures Bo he has things under control.

Speaking of control, Chloe loses it. She insists she's not lying to anyone. Carly assures her there is nothing between Daniel and her. "If that's the case," says Chloe, "Why are you always here? What do you want?"

Carly says, "All I want is for you to tell Daniel the truth."

EJ apologizes to Sami for Stefano busting in. He says he thinks they should talk about what just happened, "I think it might have gone a little bit further if he hadn't stopped us."

Rafe badgers Anna. The doc comes in and backs him off. He stops the drip and says the poison may have caused brain damage. "How could you tell if there was brain damage," asks Rafe.

"She'd start taking you seriously," says the doc.

Hope lays out Arianna's past, "When she was a juvenile she ran with a crowd called the Red Dogs.

"Oh, yeah," says Brady, "I know all about them. Their beer is great."

"Their MO was like the ones we're investigating now," says Hope. Nicole pretends to stick up for Arianna and says she probably didn't tell Brady about her past because of what he might think. Hope kicks her out.

Arianna tells Gabi that was a long time ago and she was running with the wrong crowd, "My so-called boyfriend was one of the leaders. He decided to cut a deal after he was arrested and blamed me for half the stuff he had done."

"You have way better taste in guys now," says Gabi.

"Right," says Arianna, "It's better to be with a guy who's just a junkie."

Hope and Brady come in and Gabi leaves. Hope shows Arianna her rap sheet, "I Hope you can explain this."

Carly says she doesn't care who Chloe slept with. Chloe thinks Carly is being high and mighty, "You're the one who kept Daniel from his daughter for decades." Carly admits that was wrong and says she wants Daniel and Chloe to get through this. "Go to hell," snorts Chloe.

Carly asks, "Would you rather he found out from you or from me?"

"You wouldn't!"

"One way or another he needs to know."

Chloe says she has wanted to tell Daniel but felt so guilty, "I just can't hurt him." Carly tells her a lie can hurt more than the truth. She insists she's trying to help Chloe and asks if she's going to tell the truth.

"Fine," she agrees, "I'll tell him. But it's your fault, though."

"I don't care who's fault it is," says Carly, "Just tell him." She leaves.

Nicole is outside with Baker. She tells him he did well and they are just a step away from throwing Arianna in the clink. Baker asks, "How about a bonus?"

"You're never going to get a dime from me," says Nicole, "and you're out of the mugging business. Arianna won't look guilty if the crimes keep happening."

Arianna tells Hope and Brady about her boyfriend and her past. She says she didn't mug anyone then or now. Brady reminds Hope, "You haven't Mirandized her yet."

"We use rubber hoses in the interrogation room instead," says Hope, "But it doesn't matter because when the results of the DNA tests come back in her favor all this will go away." Hope leaves.

Arianna says she's sorry Brady had to hear about her past from the cops. Brady wonders why she didn't tell him, but says all this isn't important now, "Just know you can trust me with anything."

Arianna vows, "I will never keep anything from you again."

Brady asks, "Does that include any of that Red Dog Beer you may have left over?" Hugs.

Sami and EJ have an uncomfortable moment. Sami says she really is grateful to EJ. EJ says working together is enjoyable and he doesn't want to jeopardize that. Sami announces she's going to bed. "Sweet dreams," says EJ. Sami leaves.

Stefano walks in applauding, "Well played, son, well played."

Rafe doesn't want the doc to take the stimulant away. The doc says Anna's heart rate has to return to normal. He leaves. Rafe mumbles, "This has DiMera written all over it."

EJ accuses Stefano of interrupting him and Sami on purpose. Stefano says EJ is undermining himself with Sami. He also tells him Anna woke up and wonders why EJ keeps telling him to stay out of his affairs. EJ blows his stack, "I thought this Anna problem was over and dead."

"It was," says Stefano, "But you know everything comes back to life on this show. Circumstances change. Do you want me to take care of this once and for all or not?"

Nicole asks, "How did you make it through med school? Did you sell your brain, too? The muggings have to stop. Show your partner that you-da-man. If you don't make it happen I will."

Hope contemplates the female empowerment symbol as Ciara calls and says she had a bad dream. "That wasn't a bad dream, honey," says Hope, "I really am your mommy." Hope tells her to have Delia put her in Hope's room and they'll be together when she gets home. She hangs up, "My poor baby is still having bad dreams. What am I gonna do?"

Carly arrives at Bo and Hope's house. She and Bo express their undying love for each other and dive in for a heapin' helpin' of it.

Sami lies in bed and tosses and turns. She hears Sydney crying and gets up.

Stefano reminds EJ he's in danger of losing his kids and wants to know if he should make the call or step back.

A cop comes into Anna's room and asks if this is the victim. Rafe says yes and asks how the investigation is going. "We are about to arrest a person of interest."



Anna wakes up, "You can't arrest Rafe. You said you were going to arrest a person of interest and there's nothing interesting about him."

Chloe bawls, paces and swills wine. Daniel comes in all happy-happy and Chloe breaks down, "I need to tell you something about us."

Sami hits the sack again, looks at Sydney's picture and says she's so glad to have her back, "Now maybe Rafe and I will get back together and all my dreams will come true."

Out in the audience, the Safes look over at the Ejamis and stick out their tongues.

Stefano talks on the phone. He smiles, chuckles, hangs up and turns to EJ, "The Anna situation is taken care of. Samantha will never know the truth. She's all yours."

Out in the audience, the Ejamis look over at the Safes and stick out their tongues.

An usher walks up and tries to avert a confrontation, "All right, ladies. Let's settle down and leave the tongue-sticking-out shenanigans to the people kissing up on stage."

Rafe protests as they throw him in the slammer. He insists they've got the wrong guy. The cop tells him, "You had the means, motive and opportunity."

"What was the motive," says Rafe.

"You had a false passport," says the cop, "You were up to something. You are very clever."

"AHA," says Rafe, "If you think I'm clever, that proves you've got the wrong guy. I'm with the FBI. I had a fake passport because we didn't want to tip off the bad guys."

"You are the bad guy," says the cop.

Rafe says he can clear things up quickly, "Just call the state department and the people there will confirm everything."

"We have no diplomatic ties with your country," says the cop, "There is no one to save you. Have a nice life." He leaves.

Chloe and Daniel sit together. Daniel assures her they will get through this, "What is going on?"

Chloe turns on the whining afterburners, "I wanted to tell you but was afraid you wouldn't want to marry me."

"Don't ever be afraid," says Daniel, "I told you — this is my fault."

Chloe takes whining to levels never before experienced by humankind, "You have been so understanding..."

"I won't let you beat yourself up," says Daniel, "I'm grateful to have you in my life, but there is something I have to tell you. I talked to Father Matt and he agreed to move up our wedding date. We can't wait any longer." Daniel takes a knee, "Will you be my wife — as soon as possible?"

Dejected Hope comes back with the DNA results, "The hairs we found at the crime scene were Arianna's." Oh, the angst!

Carly and Bo cuddle on the couch. She says she wants to go somewhere with him. Bo asks where. "Do I really have to tell you," she asks. The clothes start to come off.

Rafe wanders alone in his cell. He takes a piece of chalk and does advanced algebra problems on the wall, then lays on his couch and talks to God, "I need a miracle here, got any ideas?"

"Yes," says the Lord, "There on the wall where you have sigma squared over pi... it should be sigma cubed over pi squared."

Sami lies in her bed, "Rafe..."

EJ thanks Stefano and asks why Stefano hates Sami so much.

"She is a Brady and can't be trusted and is a liar," says Stefano, "Why are you playing these games with her? Put your cards on the table and let her decide if she wants to be with you."

EJ says, "My personal life isn't anything..."

Sami interrupts, "Sorry, I came down for another glass of water. You're only billionaires. You'd have to be trillionaires to be able to afford faucets upstairs."

Chloe stares. Daniel asks what is holding her back, "We can do this."

Chloe smiles and says yes, "I can't wait to marry you. Then when the big bomb drops it will be an even bigger mess."

"So," says Daniel, "What was it you wanted to tell me."

Chloe stammers, "Uh... yeah... it can wait until tomorrow." Smoochies. Chloe stares.

Delia tucks Ciara in and leaves. Ciara gets up and looks under the bed for Hope's stash. She pulls it out, goes through the wallets and looks at Brady's driver's license.

Hope cuffs Arianna, "You are under arrest for the mugging of commander Roman Brady."

Arianna looks at Brady and whines, "You don't believe me now, so you?. I see the look in your eyes." Brady moves toward her, but Arianna rejects him, "Leave me alone, Brady." Hope hauls her off and reads her rights.

Outside, they go past Nicole, who stops Brady, "I am so sorry." Brady stares.

EJ says, "I'm sorry you're having trouble sleeping. If you need anything..."


"It's a big house," says EJ, "but it's crowded. It's probably a good thing if we keep our feelings in check, just like we talked about."

"It's no problem with me," says Sami, "because I'm still in love with Rafe. Goodnight." She leaves.

Rafe tosses and turns. He imagines coming into the DiMera mansion. No one answers the door so he walks in. Everything is dark. He walks into the rumpus room and finds Sami. Where have you been," she asks.

"Searching for the truth."

"Did you find it," asks Sami.

"Yes," says Rafe, "The answer is not sigma squared over pi... it should be sigma cubed over pi squared. I love you and I always will." Kisses. REAL kisses.

Back in his cell, the dream ends and Rafe tosses and turns.

Anna moans and remembers Rafe grilling her. "Who caused you all this pain? Who caused you all this pain? Who caused you all this pain?"


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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Sami finds Will leaving the DiMera mansion for a party. She forbids him to go anywhere this late. "Why not," asks Will.

"You tell me," says Mommie Dearest.

Stefano and EJ argue in the rumpus room. EJ wants to know why Anna didn't check in. Stefano says it was as he expected, "Rafe got to her." Rafe kind of gets to everybody.

Rafe is with the doctor, who tells him Anna may never regain consciousness. Dr. Rafe tells him that is the wrong answer.

Melanie and Stephanie argue over the birth control pills. Melanie demands to see if they are in Stephanie's purse. Stephanie refuses and Melanie grabs for her purse. IT'S A TUGGING, ROLLING, SCRATCHING, HAIR PULLING, PURSE YANKING, FULL BLOWN CAT FIGHT! Enough crap flies out of the purse to start a flea market.

Phillip flashes back to his romp with Chloe, "So Nathan knows. I wonder what else Chloe told him." He starts to leave, but when he opens the door...


Phillip backpedals into the next county, "I swear I didn't mean for it to happen!"

"It happened," booms Daniel, "Now I want answers."

Chloe opens the door for Nathan to leave, "I don't need sex therapy. What I need is for to keep your mouth shut!" Nathan gives her a look and Chloe turns around to find...


Carly asks, "Is something wrong?"

Sami lectures, "Do the words 'advanced algebra' mean anything to you? You have a D average!" Will makes excuses, but Sami wants to talk about it. Studying algebra might help more than talking, in my opinion.

Will says he was getting an A in the class because Rafe was tutoring him, "He made it seem easy."

Rafe lectures the doctor and throws in a few advanced algebra equations for good measure. The doc says there is one thing they might try.

Carly says she's moving back into Bo's place and came by for things. Chloe says they were talking about Lucas and hopes Nathan won't make a big deal about it.

EJ wants to know why Stefano didn't tell him that. Stefano tries to reassure him and says Anna will never talk, "She is alive, but won't talk." EJ doesn't like the way Stefano is so controlling. Stefano says in that case he'll leave him on his own with his problems, "Including your precious Samantha."

Sami and Will argue. Sami plays every parent's trump card, "You're grounded!" She throws in other forms of torture for good measure.

Will has a comeback, "Your life is in the toilet, so you punish me because I'm flunking algebra."

EJ comes out, "What's the problem?"

Sami points at Will, "He is."

At the same time, Will points at Sami, "She is."

The audience points at the writers, "They are."

Stephanie tries to pick up the mountain of bric-a-brac that has spewed out of her purse as Melanie keeps clawing at her. Maxine and Maggie come up and pull them apart. The girls keep up the yelling. "STOP SCREAMING," screams Maggie, "What is going on?"

Melanie asks, "Do you want to tell her or should I, Stephanie?"

Chloe assures Carly she and Nathan are OK. Carly goes to get her things. Chloe freaks and gets on Nathan for almost giving everything away.

Daniel asks Phillip, "How could you do something like that?"

Phillip says he never meant to hurt Melanie. "That's a hell of a way to show her," says Daniel, "Making her have dinner with the woman who tried to kill her."


"What did you think I was talking about," asks Daniel.

EJ goes for the Nobel Peace Prize. Will gets upset and thinks he's siding with Sami. We hear Sydney crying upstairs. EJ sends Sami up to do some mothering, and asks to have a word with Will. He escorts him back into the rumpus room.

Will jumps on it, "Just because we had one decent conversation doesn't mean you are my father."

"But Samantha is your mother," says EJ. EJ reminds him Rafe isn't here.

"I can blame my mom for that," says Will, "But maybe it's your fault instead." We hear Sydney cry again. As usual, Sami's mothering skills aren't so sharp. EJ goes up to help. Will turns and crushes his fist into the chessboard, adding a broken hand to his long list of problems. Stefano comes in and offers to help.

Nathan insists he didn't do anything wrong. Chloe whines, "You think accusing someone of being a sex addict is helping? I only cheated once and it won't happen again."

Nathan thinks there is a pattern and brings up her cheating on Lucas, "You have a problem with commitment."

"No," insists Chloe, "You have the problem because you're still hoping that you have a shot with Melanie."

Stephanie suggests Melanie to tell them how she's still into Nathan, "Or else why would you care what I do with him."

Phillip says he never meant to get Melanie so upset. He says he just said OK to get Vivian to shut up. Daniel is relieved, "I didn't mean to jump all over you."

"I didn't mean to jump all over Chloe," says Phillip.

"I'm off my game," says Daniel, "because I think Chloe is keeping something from me."

"It'll work itself out," says Dr. Phil.

"You know what it is," asks Daniel, "Tell me."

Will tells Stefano he's been grounded because of his D in algebra. EJ watches as Stefano suggests, "Perhaps we can make that D disappear."

The doc says, "There is a strong stimulant that could be administered. It's the new Java Café Triple-caf Jumbo." Rafe orders him to do it.

Melanie steams. Stephanie asks, "Cat got your tongue?"

Melanie has an intelligent comeback for that one, "Bitch!"

Stefano lectures, "Next time you want to start acting out your fantasies you might think about the people who will get hurt." She leaves.

Maxine tells Melanie her shift is over. Maggie wants to talk about it. Melanie says she thinks Stephanie will hurt Nathan. Maggie says, "I want details, and I mean right now. My bridge club meets in an hour and the girls are going to love this."

Phillip says, "I'm not exactly up on what Chloe's thinking."

"Chloe's not exactly up on what Chloe's thinking," says Daniel, "I'm not trying to go behind her back, but she hasn't been herself lately."

"Who has she been," asks Phillip.

"I don't know," says Daniel.

"Whoever it is," says Phillip, "She sure gets around."

Phillip suggests maybe it's that Chloe really loves Daniel and never wants to lose him, "Love can make you do weird things. I'm living proof of that. I married Melanie."

Daniel has an epiphany, "I'm an idiot. I just realized the problem. I gotta change her insecurities about Carly." He leaves. Phillip lets out a sigh of relief.

Nathan continues to say he has no interest in Melanie, but doesn't want her to get hurt. "Then back off," says Chloe, "That will happen if this gets out."

"Whoa," gasps Nathan, "What are you talking about? What does Melanie have to do with this?"

The doc administers the miracle drug, "We have to monitor her very closely." So he leaves. Rafe tells Anna she has to wake up. Anna vegetates.

EJ butts in and asks if Stefano is trying to control things again. Stefano says he was talking about hard work, not strong-arming someone into making the D disappear. EJ turns to Will, "Hard work and perseverance is what will bring you success."

Will asks, "Is that how you got where you are today — hard work and perseverance?" He leaves.

Stefano says he thinks Will isn't too crazy about EJ, "Maybe that's your plan — Seduce the mother by winning over the son." EJ blows up and says Stefano will never convert Will to the DiMera way of life.

Maggie orders Melanie to sit and talk. Melanie tells her Stephanie has plans for Nathan. She says she doesn't want to talk about it and leaves. Maggie huffs.

Chloe removes her foot from her mouth and says she's talking about Daniel. Nathan doesn't buy it. He says he's not going to tell Melanie, however. He tells Chloe to deal with this herself and leaves. Chloe sits and stares, "OMG. At least he has no idea it was Phillip. Maybe things are looking up." Translation: I'm in the toilet, but no one has flushed it yet.

That flushing sound you hear is Carly back at the door., "Now that Nathan is gone, I think we need to talk."

Stefano reminds EJ how wealthy and powerful he is. EJ says he won't lie in order to suck Will into Stefano's orbit. "Since my son won't have anything to do with me I don't have anyone to mentor," says Stefano, "And I can't do that with Giovanni until he is old enough to know the difference between a rock and a pond. So if not you, then William."

"Absolutely not," insists EJ. Sami listens as EJ tells Stefano, "I will not do that to William. You can't corrupt him like you corrupted me."

Nathan meets Stephanie at the Cheatin' Heart. He sits at the table across from her and typically stares at her boobs, "You lost a button."

"You might as well hear it from me," says Stephanie, "Melanie and I fought."

"What about?"

Melanie arrives back at Maggie's place. Phillip greets her with a kiss. She tells him about the fight. "What was it about," asks Phillip.

"It was about Nathan."

Father Matt meets Daniel at the hospital. Daniel says he needs help and tells him Chloe is going through tough times mainly because of things he's done, "I'm lost, father. I really am."

"You must be," says Father Matt, "Every Sunday I notice you can't find the church."

Carly invites herself in. She says she pretended not to hear anything but actually knows why Chloe and Nathan were arguing.

EJ says there will be severe consequences if Stefano tries to counsel Will. Sami listens. Stefano reminds EJ he doesn't have a right to complain after what he has done. Sami interrupts and says she's on EJ's side and doesn't want Stefano near her children, "I don't want Will to wind up being a creepy junior version of you. If you try that, it won't be the diabetes that kills you."

Stefano says he wouldn't think of that, "I will just let your children learn by their father's shining example." He leaves.

"How much of that did you hear," says EJ.

"Enough to know you have my back," says Sami.

"Good," says EJ, "Now I can go to work on getting the rest of you."

Rafe encourages Anna to live, "I promise I will protect you."

Anna wakes up temporarily, "You haven't exactly been doing a great job of that so far."

"Do it for Sydney," he urges, "Do it for Tony." Anna wiggles her finger.

Stephanie says, "Melanie and I were fighting about..." Nathan don' wanna know. He wants to go home with her. Stephanie OK's that and they leave.

Melanie tells Phillip Stephanie is trying to trap Nathan and tells him about the birth control pills. Phillip thinks that doesn't sound like Stephanie. Melanie says she just wants to stay out of it and wouldn't have told him but they have promised to be open and honest.

Carly says, "Nathan suggested sex therapy..."

Chloe gasps, "OMG! It only happened once! I thought Daniel was cheating on me. You can't tell Daniel." Once again, Chloe proves she has an intellect rivaled only by garden tools.

Carly asks, "I can't tell Daniel what?"

T-Man calls Will. Will tells him about being grounded. T-Man tells him about the party and suggests he sneak out. Will hangs up and broods. He remembers playing chess with Stefano, "Maybe Stefano isn't such a bad guy."

Sami and EJ have wine on the couch. Sami does a product placement commercial for Boraxo, which will get wine off of any couch and remove the fabric, too. Sami says she heard what EJ said to his dad, "I want you to know you are not your father's son."

"That could be true," says EJ, " Nobody in Salem really knows who his father is for sure."

Sami says, "You did a good thing by standing up to Stefano. You are a good man." Here we go again... Closer... Closer... Closer... This is getting so ridiculous even the Safes in the audience start screaming for him to kiss her and get it over with.

Rafe calls for Anna. Anna wakes up.

Nathan and Stephanie romp. Stephanie stares at the ceiling and recalls her fight with Melanie. Nathan senses something is wrong. Stephanie assures him nothing is wrong and dives in.

Melanie dishes ice cream and thinks deciding to tell the truth is the best thing they ever did. Phillip jumps all over her and tells her he loves her. "I didn't know being honest was such a turn on," cackles Melanie. Phillip picks her up and heads upstairs.

Father Matt says he's not surprised Chloe is having to deal with stress. Daniel says he has to do something. Father Matt asks if he has a plan. Daniel says yes, but it's extreme and asks for Father Matt's help.

Carly says she thought the sex therapy had to do with the false pregnancy, "You said it was only one time."

Chloe is frantic, "Look, Carly, whatever you think you know..."

Carly gasps, "OMG! did you cheat on Daniel?

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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Long Anticipated Return Of Beauregard Aurelius Brady

Carly comes into Bo and Hope's house. Suddenly, as I live and breathe, who should come up behind her and startle her, none other than Beauregard Aurelius Brady. Carly jumps out of her socks. Bo hugs, and hopes to get her out of a lot more than her socks.

At the hospital, Abe announces the fingerprints found on the flashlight are Arianna's. Brady and Arianna protest and ignore the fact that the mayor is playing cop. Abe says it's no mistake, "The SPD already made its quota of mistakes today."

The boys play poker at the dive. Baker flashes back to Roman's mugging. He zones out and one of the players asks, "Are you in, Dick?" Dick's in.

Stephanie continues to badger Phillip at the Cheatin' Heart. Phillip turns the tables and says things do not seem good with her and Nathan.

Melanie asks Nathan why he doesn't think things are good with Daniel and Chloe. Nathan wants to change the subject. Melanie wants to pester, "If you care about me or Daniel, you'll tell me."

Chloe and Daniel dress after their non-encounter. Daniel wants to know if he did something to upset her. Chloe says no and flashes back. She's going to need a new bra. We've seen Phillip rip that one off so many times it's got to be worn out by now. "Daniel," she whines, "look, you are the kindest person I've ever met, but even you would have a hard time understanding this and I pray you love me enough to forgive me."

Arianna insists she's never seen the flashlight before. Brady wonders if it's Caroline's and she's used it in the pub. Nicole soaks it all in. Abe asks, "Can anyone give you an alibi?" CENSORED.

Bo and Carrie munch on each other. Bo says he was a model patient during the bone marrow transplant with Kimberly, "It would have been different, however, if I were the one donating the bone marrow."

Carly asks if Bo stopped by the hospital. Bo gets macho, "I don't need a checkup — except from you. Bo wants to play doctor. Carly stops the sex machine long enough to tell him Roman was attacked.

Hope's phone wakes her. It's Abe with the news of Roman's mugging. He tells her they have evidence and Hope springs into action.

Brady tells Arianna he'll call Justin. Arianna says she doesn't need a lawyer. Nicole jumps in to help, "That's right, I'm sure someone with Arianna's limited abilities couldn't be doing this."

"No one asked your opinion," snorts Abe, "And clubbing someone isn't exactly a sophisticated crime. Switching babies and then kidnapping the kid — now that takes a little more creativity." They all remember Carly saw someone matching Arianna's description fleeting the scene.

Melanie continues to press Nathan about Chloe. She says Daniel and Chloe fought, but she doesn't know what it was about, "I just want them to be happy." Phillip joins them. Melanie gets a call and says she has to go to the hospital to cover for Judy. She and Phillip leave while Nathan goes back inside the Cheatin' Heart.

Nathan joins Stephanie, who asks if Melanie said something to upset him. "Yeah," says Nathan, "she did."

Chloe continues to dangle her problem in front of Daniel without saying anything of substance. Saying things of substance is not Chloe's strong point. She thinks Daniel wants to push back the wedding date because he doesn't want to marry her. Daniel disagrees, "I love you as much as ever. More."

"I love you, too. So much," says Chloe, "All I feel toward myself is disgust." See, things are looking up. Feeling disgust for Chloe is a normal, natural thing to do, which proves she's not totally insane.

Daniel hugs her, "I wish you could see yourself as I do... A great pair of knockers with an empty attic." He blames himself for all this, "You can talk to me about anything."

"OK." Hugs. And whining.

Carly gives Bo the details on Roman. Roy and Dale head for the hospital.

Hope arrives at the hospital. Brady immediately runs up to her and tells her Arianna did not do this.

Hope asks, "You know this for a fact?"

"Fact," asks Brady, "When did a Salem cop ever let facts get in the way of an investigation?" Hope reminds him Roman was marked and says she has to consider every possibility. She goes into Roman's room and Arianna joins Brady. "Don't worry," Brady reassures her, "Hope is keeping an open mind."

"That explains how all her brain cells escaped," says Arianna. Nicole soaks it all in.

Phillip and Melanie walk by the park bench. Melanie thinks he's awfully quiet. "That's because you do enough talking for everyone," says Phillip. He asks about her conversation with Nathan.

She tells him he shouldn't be jealous and says they were talking about Chloe and her problem with Daniel, "I have to find out what it is for my own peace of mind."

"A piece is all you've got."

Daniel tells Chloe he has to go in to the hospital. He does a smooch 'n go and promises her they will handle things.

After Daniel goes, Chloe contemplates the situation, "We'll handle it as long as you don't find out I slept with Phillip."

Stephanie wonders if Nathan and Melanie were talking about her. Nathan says the conversation was work related. Nathan don' wanna talk about it. So they talk.

Brady tries to reassure Arianna. Nicole offers her two cents worth and reminds them the SPD is good at going after innocent people. At least it's good at something.

Bo rushes into the waiting area looking for Roman. A nurse intercepts him, "Even though this is Salem Hospital and we don't do many things right, we sometimes actually put the patients in rooms, not the waiting area." Bo's eyes meet Hope's. Oh, the angst!

Phillip comes into Maggie's kitchen. He calls Chloe. Chloe answers, "You sound strange. Is something wrong?"

"No," says Phillip, "I am strange." Chloe insists she and Daniel are good and she's not going to tell him because it will never happen again. Phillip asks, "So we have nothing to worry about." Translation: worry.

Chloe drops the bomb, "Except I've told Nathan."

Phillip jumps out of his skin, "Nathan knows about this?"

Hope welcomes Bo back. They talk about Roman's mugging and the symbol.

Bo asks, "So, you think a woman was involved?" Carly reminds them she saw a woman leaving the scene.

Hope asks for a moment alone and tells Bo she has to question Arianna. Bo thanks her for filling him in, "You did a great job while I was away. Down at the station they say I was hardly missed."

"That's because you're never there anyway."

Brady tells Abe he thinks Arianna will need a lawyer. "Well," says Hizonner, "I'm not really in a position to advise you..." So he advises Brady to get Arianna a lawyer.

Nicole tells Arianna she wants to help Brady and asks her if anyone saw her or talked to her. Arianna says she was alone and had her phone turned off, and had just turned it on to call Brady when she heard the ruckus. Arianna suddenly thinks Nicole is accusing her of the crime.

Nicole says she doesn't want to believe Arianna is guilty. They snipe about each other's prison records. Nicole threatens her if she hurts Brady.

Hope wants people down at the station. She says she'd question everyone at the hospital but unfortunately left her set of rubber hoses in the interrogation room at the cop-shop. Brady takes Arianna off. Nicole tells Hope she'll pass any information she gets along to her. Hope brushes her off. She tells Bo she has things under control, makes a little crack about Carly and leaves.

Stephanie says she thinks Nathan is a good guy and she thanks that's sexy. Of course Stephanie thinks anything in pants with two legs is sexy. Actually, two legs are optional.

Melanie arrives at the hospital and finds Daddy Dan, "I didn't know you would be here."

"I got called in for an appendicitis attack. They would have called you and Nathan in, but they wanted this patient to live. And it turns out my patient's appendicitis just turned out to be gas."

"EEEEUUUWWWWW..." Ever get the feeling Melanie may not be cut out to be a nurse?

Melanie just wants Daddy Dan to be happy. Daniel wants to talk about what's bothering her. She asks if Chloe really makes him happy.

Phillip has a conniption, "Nathan knows we slept together?"

"He doesn't know it was you."

"Oh, OK," says Phillip, "Then it's your problem. You know, Nathan has a thing for my wife. What if she starts pondering the possibilities?"

"I wouldn't worry about that," says Chloe, "In order to ponder, you have to be able to think."

Nathan shows up at Chloe's door and she hangs up on Phillip.

Baker calls Nicole. Nicole isn't happy to hear from him, "Why don't you just lose my number, Dick?"

"Loan me $50," asks Baker, "You owe me."

"No," says Nicole, "You owe me." Brady and Arianna walk up.

Melanie starts in, "Now that I have a semi-normalish family, I..."

Daniel interrupts, "I know you mean well, and I also know I have to keep my life together for you. And I'm doing that." He asks about what's going on in her life. Nervous Melanie hems and haws and says she wants advice on how to deal with Daniel's godfather. She says Vivian asked her over to get back into Victor's good graces. Daniel doesn't want that.

Melanie gets a call. She hangs up and says, "Mr. Fedderman needs a bedpan." As she goes she promises Daniel she'll stay away from Vivian. She rushes off. Daniel, also leaves.

Chloe lets Nathan come in. He tells her he and Melanie are still friends and she's been sensing tension between Chloe and Daniel, "I realize not everything has been perfect since you started sleeping around on him." He says people will find out. Chloe wonders if he is going to tell.

Brady asks, "Who owes you what, Nicole?"

"Not that it is any of your business," says Nicky, "but that was a source." Arianna wonders which story she's talking about. Nicole doesn't think that should matter to Arianna since she's headed for jail. Brady suggests he and Arianna go home. Hope comes up and announces Arianna isn't going anywhere.

Chloe tells Nathan trashing her to Daniel won't score points with Melanie. Nathan says he won't tell. He says he's there because he's battling with his conscience. He says he wants to help. Chloe don' need no stinkin' help. He tells Chloe there are options for her, but she won't get to the root without facing her problems. Chloe thinks the root of the problem is Carly.

Nathan asks, "Have you ever considered sex addiction therapy?"

"No," says Chloe, "I don't need help with that. I'm already addicted."

Stephanie and Melanie bump into each other at the hospital. Melanie asks, "How's the headache?"


"Yeah," says Melanie, "You know, the one that made you swear off drinking. You're spending the night with Nathan, aren't you. I Hope you have your birth control pills."

"I do."

"Show me."

Arianna, Brady, Nicole and Hope are at the cop-shop. Hope grills. She asks Arianna if she saw Roman today. Arianna says no. "That answer will decide your fate," says Hope.

Baker stands alone and decides he should leave town, "But I can't leave Dodge without money. That detective will hang my entrails when she finds out I planted evidence."

Hope asks for a DNA sample from Arianna. Arianna asks what if there is a match. "I would have to place you under arrest," says Hope.

Stephanie thinks Melanie is insane. Melanie rants and accuses Stephanie of being up to something. Stephanie insists she's not up to anything. Melanie demands to look in her purse to confirm she has her birth control pills. Stephanie refuses. Melanie grabs the purse and...


Phillip worries about what else Chloe may have told Nathan.

Daniel shows up at Maggie's back door and confronts Phillip, "You bastard, what did you do to Melanie?"

Phillip says, "I did it to Chloe, not Melanie. I didn't mean for it to happen."

Chloe blows a gasket, "SEX THERAPY? Thank you Dr. Ruth." She swings the door open, "Get out and keep your friggin mouth shut."

Nathan gives her a look like he's seen a ghost. "What," asks Chloe. She turns and looks into the hall, and who should be standing there soaking it all in but...


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