Tuesday, January 11, 2005

John the Junkie

John protests, he told them why he had the drug vial. They can call Lexi to confirm. Even if he needed help he wouldn't get it from BB, he doesn't trust him. Nicole tried to kill his granddad and Colin Murphy. BB's always going to take the word of this slut over his father. Kate asks him to submit to a drug test. "Oh, go to hell," says JR. "You can drop that holier than thou act Kate, I thought you were a classy babe, but you're just a whore too." BB tells JR to listen to himself. He owes Kate and Nicole an apology.

JR says even though this is his house, if they won't leave he will. "You can all go to hell" He smacks the cabinet with his cane on the way out. That'll show the cabinet.

Nicole says, "Well that went well."

JR staggers down the hall and into a room. He gimps over to the dresser. He gets out his handy dandy junkie kit. Come on JR jam it in your leg for us. He stands the syringe and bottle on the their ends. Oh the pain. He stares at the paraphernalia.

Patrick can't believe Billie told Bo about the trip to keep him informed. He tells hope Bo is with Billie because he chose to be.

Billie tells Bo the jet is refueled, he can leave whenever he wants. She knows this could be dangerous. She has to look for Georgia. Bo has to go take care of his family. After Billie walks away, Bo says, "I'm sorry fancy face, I have to do this."

Shawn says either Mimi gets Belle on the roof so he can talk to her or he will break into her place. Mimi agrees. She asks how Shawn will get up there with out them following. He will take the fire escape. He says he has a headache and leaves. Rex goes upstairs to change. Jan goes to get a drink. Mimi sneaks out.

UB and Belle sleep. Belle hears noises. She gets up and puts on her see-through robe. She goes downstairs and finds Mimi. Mimi just wanted to make sure she's OK. Belle is fine. UB and her have had sex before, but tonight was soooo special. Belle says she knows what Mimi is thinking. She wants Mimi to forget what happened in the bridal room before her wedding. Mimi says Shawn won't let it go. He's on the roof. Belle says she can't go up there on her wedding night. Phil would go ballistic. Mimi says if Belle doesn't go up, Shawn will come here and have another fight with Phil. Mimi tells Belle UB turned up the music so Belle wouldn't hear Shawn yelling for her. Belle says she can't go. Mimi asks if that's because she's afraid of how she will feel when she sees him.

Mimi returns. Rex comes in. Jan is going to check on Shawn. Mimi won't let her. Rex asks what's going on.

Phillip sleeps.

Shawn waits. Belle comes through the door, "What do you want?"

Patrick says he didn't mean to upset Hope. He was just being honest. Hope appreciates that. Bo promised he wouldn't leave and he broke his promise. Now he's promised to come home. She hopes that's true.

Bo says another couple hours won't make any difference. He's staying with Billie.

Toady calls Tony. He tells Tony what Billie and Bo are up to, "Yeah, I know what to do boss. They won't know what hit them."

Nicole says JR is strung out. She asks Kate, "He really got under your skin, didn't he?" Kate stares. BB asks, "Oh, Dad, what's it going to take?"

JR eyes the drugs. He stands before the small syringe and bottle. He staggers toward them. Now the small items tower over him. Oh, the metaphor. JR kicks into unprecedented Smell-the-Fart acting. Double scenes. JR plays druggie while BB says, "I have to get dad help before he kills himself."


Patrick says, "It was Bo's choice to go."

JR says, "Ask Kate why..."

Jan says, "Just wait until Rex finds out about the abortion." Rex walks up and says, "What's this about an abortion?"

Shawn says to Belle, "Before you go, just tell me you love me."


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